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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 2, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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for a reason. >> really? >> we don't have enough time but one of these -- i went snorkeling and i screamed because i saw a fish and peter was like, that's the point. but anyway, that's it for us. be here on sunday for our midterm review. "special report" is up next. >> i want to hear more about the diving. [laughs] president trump sprints down ahead of the stretched his mentoring was too big to campaign rallies and more tough talk about immigration. we will take you inside the government's election security plan with an exclusive interview and the biggest arrays and average pay in almost a decade. that highlights a stellar job's report. this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: a good evening and welcome to washington. we are just four days from tuesday's crucial midterm election, are to believe, for days. president trump is right now
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halfway through a campaign doubleheader on this final friday. in addition to dumping four candidates, he's continuing his hard sell on the signature issue for this political season, immigration and border security. he's also writing a positive wave of economic news in the final days of this campaign. chief correspondent john roberts arts is off tonight as he he on does. even critics are saying this is a stellar jobs report. >> no question about that. back in 1992, bill clinton won the presidency on the mantra that the economy was stupid. in fact and the economy was a bad news story and today it's a good news story. does good news motivate voters to the polls on the same without bad news does? president trump certainly hope so. >> president trump: the numbers are about as good as you will ever see. >> president trump departed the white house for campaign rallies in west virginia and indiana
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with another issue to take to voters, another month of strong job creation and the low unemployment. >> i think it may be the greatest economy that our country has ever had and i hope people realize that when they go out on tuesday and they vote or, they do early voting. but i hope people realize that. >> he also kept up the drumbeat on illegal immigration at his first stop, insisting nothing less than america's sovereignty is at stake. >> president trump: caravan after caravan is forming, unvented illegal aliens trying to flood into our country on your dollar, overwhelming our schools, depleting our resource resources, and endangering your community. >> the migrant caravans are nowhere near the united states, yet today a dozen hondurans in the caravan sued president trump for denying them their fifth amendment rights to due process
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saying they have a constitutional right to request requirement asylum. asked about the lawsuit, president trump turned his fire on the honduran government. >> president trump: they let people come up and form their caravans in the country. they are doing nothing. we are paying them hundreds of that money will stop soon. >> the president also clarified a statement that will raise eyebrows yesterday but seem to suggest the u.s. military might use lethal force of the migrants try to force their way across the border. >> president trump: they want to throw rocks at our military, our militaries fights back. i told them to consider it a rifle. >> he said today it's not his intention to have anyone shooting anyone. >> president trump: no, no no no. but if our soldiers or border patrol or i.c.e. are going to be hit in the face with rocks, we will arrest those people. that doesn't mean shoot them, but we will arrest those people quickly and for a long period of
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time. >> there also appeared to be some movement on the china issue today. president trump confirming that he will meet with president xi at the g20 in buenos aires later this month indicating that china will be choosing the trade. >> as you know their economy went way down since we have been doing the skirmish. i spoke with president xi yesterday and they very much want to make the deal. >> while president trump is optimistic about the possibility of making a new trade deal with china, he's also prepared to take a baseball bat to them, threatening tariffs on another $257 billion worth of chinese goods. if they don't play ball. >> bret: john roberts on the north lawn. the jobs report on spoke about was not enough to move stocks. the dow lost 110 and the s&p 500 dropped 17, the nasdaq fell 77. for the week, the dow gained two
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and a third percentage points in the s&p 500 was up to and a half. the nasdaq minister had to end two-thirds. susan lee of the fox business network joins us with more on those numbers. >> more jobs, higher wages and a new 50 year low unemployment rate, strong report in october. companies adding 250,000 jobs which is far more than anticipated, and in spite of hurricane michael's damage influence, the wages were the bright spot. these gains had been a lag point in an otherwise tight labor market with high job creation. in fact, october was such a great month, even an economic advisor jared bernstein said it was everything you could want in at monthly jobs report. and president trump couldn't agree more. >> 250,000 new jobs in october was an incredible number.
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we also had a wage increase of 3.1%, like a perfect increase, it's an incredible number but it's a perfect increase. the country is doing -- i think maybe you could say it's doing better than it has ever done. >> virtually every sector was hiring in october, manufacturing was an important focus point in the president, with over 30,000 in a month, health care, construction, and also showing strong jobs ads. after the demographic breakdown, october continuing to show historically low jobless rates for blacks, asians and hispanics. the confidence and finding jobs was encouraging americans to spend with consumer confidence at its highest and 18 years. consumer spending is extremely important to the u.s. economy, making up over two-thirds of it and driving the u.s. economy on
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pace for its best year of economic growth since 2005. that also means the federal reserve will be raising interest rates. economists are concerned it will further drag on the housing and auto loan sector. >> bret: i said earlier, the markets have been spooked about china and of the tariff situation but today it seemed that the markets took a dip because of apple, dropping some 7% today. it kind of a big deal for wall street. >> it is a big deal especially with the biggest company in the world. they missed on guidance but still making record profit in the quarter. >> bret: susan lee in new york. tonight, iran is a bracing for what figures to be a major blow to its already shaky economy. monday the u.s. reimpose is tough sanctions that were eased during the iran a nuclear deal. rich edson tells us what's in store for next week from the state department. >> secretary of state mike pompeo says the administration is targeting the core of iran's
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economy and essentially exiting its participation in the iran nuclear deal. on monday, the u.s. will restore sanctions against iran's oil, and shipping sectors. the sanctions will hit 700 individuals, entities, vessels and aircraft. >> it is aimed at depriving the regime of the revenue it uses to spread death and destruction around the world. our ultimate aim is to compel iran to permanently abandon its well-documented ally activities and behave as a normal country. >> these sanctions will penalize those importing iran's oil except eight as yet named countries. officials say they have given these countries more time because they have worked with the administration reduce their iranian oil imports. they are expected to include japan, south korea and possibly china. senator marco rubio says they are concerned. "sanctions given to keep purchasers of iranian oil, most i alarmingly china give iran a
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financial reprieve and should be eliminated as soon as possible. also more should be done to cut them from the finance system in an entity called swift which helps enables international transactions. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says swift will cut off all sanctioned docs as soon is technically possible. germany and france are still committed to the iran nuclear deal and they say the nuclear agreement "provides for the lifting of international sanctions in order to have a positive impact on trade and economic sanctions with iran but most and partly on the lives of iranian people. they say they are committed to help conduct business with iran as allowed under the nuclear agreement and despite u.s. sanctions. >> bret: rich edson, live at the state department. president trump says he hopes it will be no meddling or tampering during next week's election and he says his administration has spent a lot of time and money to try to prevent that. tonight we go inside the government's plans to keep the
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election secure. here is catherine herridge with a fox news exclusive. >> we haven't seen activity that we can contribute to a foreign nation. >> kirstjen nielsen will see oe the situation room on election night. as far as online efforts using propaganda and information to promote deception and decision-making. >> manson spoke exclusively about the new security measures, one day after she and fbi director christopher wray in the nation intelligence chief breaks the president. >> basic message was elections are the heart of our democracy and it's extraordinarily important that americans have confidence in them. >> the nice national cybersecurity center has monitored conversations of about 90% of registered voters. more than half of all states
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have completed vulnerability assessments. >> if there was an attack on the voting tuesday there would be a u.s. government response at the president's position. there would be a cyber response. is that on the table? >> everything is on the table. >> the intelligence community said they amplify issues that defy voters. last cycle, a russian troll factory rallied online for sponsored boaters. voters. >> we see aggressive actions by multiple countries to influence the way in which americans think and in some cases such as china to perhaps change our policies. >> nielsen notes that government and hackers may not breach voting systems but they still exploit election night. >> so confusion, discord and mistrust by placing stories and
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state-sponsored media that something was wrong. >> election day homeland security says they will also partner with the rnc and dnc. and they will wait for independent assessments from fbi, dhs and the intelligence community. >> bret: up next, should there be no punishment at all for low level drug crimes? one state has an option on the ballot next week. but first, what some of the hour fox affiliates are covering tonight. the mail bomb suspect caesar ago be transferred from new york after sending explosive divide mike devices. cesar sayoc also agreed to not seek immediate release on bail. and alec baldwin has been arrested for allegedly punching someone over a dispute at a parking spot. he was taken into custody this afternoon in manhattan's west
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village neighborhood. a representative did not immediately respond to a message requesting comment and baldwin did not comment outside of the police station. and one of the big stories they are, a san francisco 49ers cheerleader took a knee during the national anthem just before last night's game against the oakland raiders. her image was capture on camera and has gone viral twitter and everywhere comments on social media range from calling her a hero to those outraged with her action. that's today's live look outside the beltway on "special report." we will be right back. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours.
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> bret: the u.s. supreme court has denied a trump administration request to delay next week's trial on a proposed citizenship question in the 202,010 census. several civil rights groups are challenging that plan. the administration says officials should not be subjected to questions about motivation. senate judiciary commission chuck grassley is going after another woman who then mike accused then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of rate. grassley has referred judy munro layton to the justice department
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for investigation of potential criminal false statements. she claimed to be the author of an anonymous allegation originally sent to kamala harris. she later admittance admitted t the author and had never met cavanaugh kavanaugh. grassley has made similar referrals to julie slotnick. this would radically change the way drug crimes were treated in that state. correspondent doug kennedy shows us how. >> and historically we've seen that the present doesn't work. >> keith bigler has been treating addicts both in and out of prison for 25 years and he says incarceration often gets in the way a real recovery. >> addicts really need some form of treatment if they are going to stay clean. >> correct. the threat of punishment is good for a lot of people in society, an overwhelming majority but when it comes to addicts they
3:19 pm
don't think like average people think. >> right now ohio prisons are 30% over capacity and that's one reason why be clear is facing this. >> ohio issue one would also prohibit sending people to prison for noncriminal parole violations. it would set aside a large percentage of projected $100 million savings for addiction treatment. it's a proposal that would provide a lot of pushback. >> it's not only law-enforcement but judiciary across the state. >> paul piper is a former state supreme court judge and current executive director of the ohio judicial conference. >> he says judges and prosecutors oppose question one because it provides too much carry it and not enough stick.
3:20 pm
>> so question one to you basically removes punishment? >> it removes punishment completely. the first two offenses, no jail, no prison. >> so opponents say addicts cannot get clean without punishment or the threat of punishment, what do you say? >> to canon and they do. >> he says prison and the threat of prison can actually make many addicts rebel from treatment. in columbus, ohio, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> bret: up next, we look lookt two of the most highly contested senate races this election season. but first beyond our borders. russia and cuba are bowing to be expand beyond current ties. they are also calling for the u.s. to end its blockade of cuba. the two leaders met today in moscow. hamas says protests along the gaza israel border fence have been scaled down to give diplomatic efforts a chance.
3:21 pm
only a few thousand palestinians rallied at the front tier today. more than 160 palestinians have been killed in the demonstration since the begin in march. residents in kabul, afghanistan are dealing with the aftereffects of a massive fire that destroyed hundreds of stores overnight at the city's largest market for home goods and electronic appliances. no casualties but the losses were estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars. that's just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. what's in your wallet? the new lincoln mkc.mix. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier.
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♪ >> bret: this is the final weekend before the november midterm elections and there are still are lots of questions about which party will end up with control of the house and the senate. tonight we look at two of the big rest mike races in the senate. first up, correspondent peter doocy where incumbent claire mccaskill is fighting for her political survival. >> even though missouri is more than a thousand miles from mexico, the caravan is central to josh hawley's campaign to unseat democratic senator claire mccaskill. >> we are this show me state so, if you are really serious about border security, show me. >> she's already starting to talk tough about border crossers. >> they have to pay a penalty and a price for not abiding by the rules. we can't just wave away lawmakers. >> that will help her prove her
3:26 pm
point and reverse her support for the keep families together act. >> i have to say this. if you take your name off dianne feinstein's open borders bill. >> are bigger focus is health care. she is warning voters about a lawsuit challenging obamacare filed by holly in his official role as attorney general that says in part, thanks to missouri's attorney general and my opponent for u.s. senate, josh hawley, missourians are worried once again that they could be denied health insurance because they've been sick before. holly shakes off the claim about the lawsuit. >> she is a liberal left democrat who is more interested in barack obama's political legacy then in the patience of misery. that has to change. >> roy blunt sees holly as a reliable vote for their side and a way to offset the influence of more predictable republicans. >> the more leeway we have to do, just a little more. and frankly i remember, it loses
3:27 pm
a little leverage when you add members. >> president trump is making missouri a priority for making at the last stop of his cycle, something holly helps will with the enormous base of farmers who are fans of the trade deal. >> to see them get that deal would be huge. >> a presidents rally here on election eve will be his second stop in missouri in four days. he was just here last night and told the crowd to pretend that holly is one point down as a way to encourage turnout in a race that a fox news poll finds to be tied to. >> bret: peter doocy in missouri tonight, thanks. president trump will hold a rally in indianapolis next hour. he's there to support mike braun. mike tobin is in indianapolis tonight. >> the party's big guns are descending on the hoosier state
3:28 pm
to push their big guy over the finish line. barack obama arrived for joe donnelly and the first of two rallies are minutes away. >> it's meant a lot from the get-go. i think indiana if we don't win it, it will probably be a rough night. >> i hope you are on the supreme court. that's exactly who you should be. >> with a great deal of popularity following the kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and let me tell you, if you are tied these folks on the left right now, they will pull you in a ditch and not to ditch indiana doesn't need to be in. >> a rising star in the 2020 presidential candidate, cory booker, the first african-american senator from new jersey hit the campaign trail enfin emphasizing donel's posture as an american. >> he's an american and i hoosier.
3:29 pm
>> the most recent poll showed donnelly pulling ahead by seven points but the poles have been so back-and-forth that the real clear politics average joe's donnelly's lead at less than a point. the race is close because the candidates are similar. donnelly emphasizes guarantees for pre-existing conditions. braun emphasizes keeping costs down. analysts say donnelly needs to run in the middle to survive in a state that went 19 points in front of trump. and, who voted with president trump 62% of the time. >> i will work with any president but i don't work for any president. i work for the people of indiana. >> republicans are bringing out the indiana star power, mike pence. the indiana governor will be the president's warm-up act. legendary basketball coach bobby knight of indiana, will rally troops with the shared goal of putting mike braun over the top.
3:30 pm
back to you. >> bret: mike tobin in indianapolis. pro-life groups are once again condemning facebook for what they say is censorship of their message. senior political correspondent mike emanuel today on what facebook data and keeps doing. >> just days ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, a prominent pro-life group says it's being censored by social media giant facebook for ads like this one. >> thankful we have pro-life champion marsha blackburn running for senate. blackburn voted to ban barbaric partial-birth abortions. marshall blackburn values life. >> facebook pulled the ad down, reproved it yesterday, and hours later did the same thing to another ad for montana senate candidate matt rosendale. it has happened with several add six times over the past few months. >> and they are censoring our
3:31 pm
ads. >> facebook insist they don't have policies that prohibit pro-life speech and a spokesperson apologize for what the company calls a mistake. "neither of these ads violate these books policies. it also happened to ads had, that received life may saving medical care after being born prematurely. this is the controversy involving facebook over the past two years. from the spread of misinformation by the russians to the mishandling of data and accusations of stifling conservative speech. >> this is a concern that i have and try to root out in the company, making sure that we don't have any bias in the work that we do. >> facebook source says this error was as a result of automated systems, but those areas need and never seem to happen with liberal groups. >> bret: a couple notes for your calendar. sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern, martha maccallum and i will
3:32 pm
preview the tuesday elections, analyzing key races across the country and we will share what we are looking for on election night with the hosts of analysts and reporters. speaking of the big night, tuesday coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern and will go well into the night. we will have reporters spread well all over the country, a cast of thousands basically bringing a full coverage of all the results as we get them. president trump is highlighting a pair of campaign rallies and former president obama gets into the act across the country. we will look at the star power for the final weekend before the midterms, and the issues, when we come back. ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory.
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>> president trump: caravan after caravan is forming unvented illegal aliens, trying to flood into our country on your dollar, overwhelming our schools, depleting your
3:37 pm
resources, and endangering your communities. >> they are telling you the existential threat to america as a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. they are even taking our brave troops away from their families. >> bret: there's the a back-and-forth on the campaign trail. the president is finishing this campaign blitz in west virginia, indianapolis, montana, pensacola, florida tomorrow, georgia, tennessee tomorrow, ohio, indiana, and missouri on monday. he's also riding a wave of good economic moves. >> president trump: america has the best economic history and our country and we want to keep it that way. in the last month alone, we added, and this just came out a
3:38 pm
few hours ago, 250,000 jobs. [cheers and applause] that's in the month of october, by the way. for one month. and nearly half a million americans returned to the workforce. we created 4.5 million new jobs since the election. >> bret: so that october jobs report was stellar and even critics of the president say it was pretty good. 250,000 jobs, 3.7 3.7 3.7 presw for the rate, a real bump in consumer confidence an average of all of hourly earnings are up which is a big deal as well. with all of that, let's bring in our panel. josh crush hour, mollie hemingway, and charles lane. okay josh, we haven't heard that much, a ton, about the economy on the trail. the jobs number is clearly a
3:39 pm
closing argument for some republicans. >> that's part of the problem from the white house, you don't hear the president talking that much about the economy as he is about immigration. in the red states, missouri, indiana, west virginia, immigration is a pretty potent issue. but when you look at the house map and you look at how many seats could end up flipping in suburban areas that are just a little uncomfortable with the anti-immigration or anti-illegal immigration rhetoric. there are a lot of strategists wondering why president trump is not talking about the good economic news and focusing on immigration. >> as they noted, people notice when the economy is bad. i think the main significance of the economy being so good and it has been good for a while now is it has temper that desire to throw the bums out or completely change the management of the country. a lot of it is directly tied to republican policies, whether it's tax cuts or regulatory
3:40 pm
pullback or any of the other things that the trump administration and republicans in congress have done. and are particularly noteworthy i think is the increase in hourly wages. often times we had good economic news where it seems to benefit the wealthy and not necessarily trickle down. this is good for employees and people throughout the economic. >> bret: speaking of the immigration issue, the incumbent democrat speaking about supporting president trump. >> stopped them at the border. >> then what do you do? >> if the president has to use every tool at his disposal and i 100% back him up on that. whether it's turning him back because we are not equipped to handle that many asylum claims into our system -- >> if you are for it, prove it. take your name off dianne feinstein's open borders bill. claire mccaskill is sponsoring a bill and has been for months. so put your money where their yr
3:41 pm
mouth is and take your name off. we want the republicans call it the open border bill, it's actually not called that but it is a bill that every democrat signed onto and it has this thing that says you can't arrest anyone within 100 miles of the border, for anything if they are an illegal alien. >> my reaction to a lot of the things a president has been saying over the last week as he is playing on people's fears, particularly with respect to this caravan which will probably peter out long before it gets to the border. having said that, he's not doing it by accident, he's doing it because of fears exist. claire mccaskill's interview with you epitomizes that perfectly. i believe joe donnelly is saying similar things in indiana and he understands that in red states he has the democrats on the defensive. with respect to that bill, it illustrates the democrats and ability so far to come up with a popular message regarding
3:42 pm
immigration that speaks about the issue in a way that's both positive toward immigration and capable of gaining a majority. instead you have people like claire mccaskill running away from the national party and the washington-based party and they are message. if there is any hope or saving grace for that within it for the democrats, it has to do with josh's point about the suburbs. i think the red-hot stuff that the president is presenting on immigration may be turning off moderate republicans and women in those suburban districts that they need to hold. >> bret: we will see and we will see how much the economy and the spinal jobs report moves people one way or the other. i want to put up the power rankings. in the senate, we have it really the same as we've had it. 50 republicans and 45 democrats. this takes a look at the races, the liens and the likely this, we have five toss-up races there and that will designed decide e
3:43 pm
power there. now we have it down to 29. you need to 18 for the majority, and you need a few more to pick up about 17 to get that, if you count the likely is. all right, race by race, josh? >> one of the house races i'm looking closely at is the sixth district of kentucky. it's a trump district, but the democrat who is a celebrated military veteran, amy mcgrath, is running neck and neck with andy barr. they are watching the race closely and it closes early so we will know the results pretty quickly. >> i chose pennsylvania 16. this is the kind of race that if democrats win this it will point to them having a very good night. this is a district that trump won by 20, and so depending on how that goes it might be an indicator of the whole evening.
3:44 pm
>> those house polls are tough. it doesn't seem like it really sticks. all these polls are 1-2 points and could really swing each one of these races. >> since everyone is using number six, i have the sixth district two. but peter roskam has been there since 2006 and republicans have held the seat since 1972, through all the blue waves that went to and fro in that time. but he's in the race of his life against democrat sean kasten and this is one of those races that really epitomizes because it went for hillary clinton. this district went for hillary by seven points last time around. a lot of republicans retired rather than run in districts where hillary one. if he can't pull it off there, i think he's going to show there is a long night ahead for republicans because it's typical of these bellwether, now purple
3:45 pm
suburban districts that the republicans have to hold it they will have any hope of keeping the majority. >> bret: all right panel, thank you. hundreds of races to call. next up, iran sanctions facebook sensors of censorship and who wins or loses. ♪ esurance and save up to 10%? which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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on november 5th, the united states was lifted as part of the nuclear deal on iran's shipbuilding, shipping and banking sectors. these tinctures hit as core areas of iran's economy. they were necessary for the changes we seek on the part of the regime. >> if they have focused their plans on placing the great iranian nation under economic problems so that the people will be fed up and bow down before america. we must stay together and bring the u.s. to its knees on both the social and economic issues. >> bret: iran sanctions going back in place on monday. the president tweeting out a picture saying, they are coming, in "game of thrones" style, which had twitter heads exploding all over the place. back with the panel. chuck? >> you just don't know what to say about the when tour is coming reference there. but the real difference is, it's
3:50 pm
been coming because it's been mike pompeo's plan all along. they had to get out of the new deal and really cracked down on iran show that the obama policy was the misguided way to work with iran's other behavior in the region, besides just the nuclear thing. by the way, this is one reason that the administration tried so lightly around the issue of jamaal khashoggi. because they believe they need to keep the kingdom of saudi arabia on their side as a bulwark against iran. and this demonstrates why that murder had to be handled so gingerly because they knew that november 5th was coming up. or in their view had to be handled gingerly. >> bret: was pointed out that they did not find that tweet so nicely. >> i think it is worth saying, the administration has done a pretty good job of handling that departure process. they want to make sure you are
3:51 pm
decreasing the amount of oil on the market without spiking the cost per barrel so iran can benefit as if nothing can happe happen. there are some waivers without having it be tons of profit. i think marco rubio was concerned about the waivers but i don't think he needed to be. and, that's something that people need to stay on top of. >> >> phil bryant us and wants taxpayers to pay for abortions for babies with down syndrome. phil broadus and is just too extreme for tennessee. thankfully we have pro-life champion marsha blackburn. >> that was yanked off facebook and said they had to pull it down. this is happening or has happened several times.
3:52 pm
facebook said in a statement that neither of the ads violate facebook's policies and should i have never been rejected. the ad has been restored, and the pro-life folks are saying it's only happening to pro-life ads. >> facebook and twitter and these social media platforms are really bad at figuring out the difference between a violent threat and political speech. and, they hired some people, it's trying to figure out what's news, and, and actually help them make decision. >> this has to be lightning. winner or loser? >> the winner is the american worker because wages are up 3.1% year on year.
3:53 pm
my loser was mayor bill de blasio of new york who completely fumbled by his own admission now, a memorial from the victims of a terror attack in new york. eight people, whose names he forgot to read and had to come back and do it over and apologize. >> a little more lightning? >> i just want to commend rabbi myers who suffered that horrible tragedy in his synagogue last week. he shown an amazing amount of leadership and diplomacy and generosity when other people were politicizing something that shouldn't have been politicized. my loser is angela merkel who had been praised in recent years as a leader of the free world and put in opposition to president trump. she announced that she will no longer seek leadership positions in the next race. she seems to be on the decline and her party suffered a lot of losses as well in the last election. >> the winner is oprah, she sounded awfully like a
3:54 pm
presidential candidate. the loser, the university of maryland. they handled that tragedy where a 19-year-old football player died under the coaches watch. they initially kept him and they fired him. this is a black eye on the maryland family. >> bret: panel, thank you. when we come back, "notable quotable's." muscle. all day strong. all day long. wat t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers
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brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> bret: it's friday, and you know what that means. notable quotable's. >> at the synagogue this morning, calls were received that there was an active shooter inside the building. >> president trump: we must stand with our jewish brothers and sisters to defeat anti-semitism and vanquish the forces of hate. >> you can't do that with an executive order. >> president trump: we need a constitutional amendment for birthright citizens. the fake news is in fact, and i hate to say this, but in fact the enemy of the people.
3:59 pm
>> . >> at the press is not the enemy of the people. >> by the end of this week, we will deploy over 5,200 soldiers to the southwest border. >> if they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. >> we don't do stunts on this department, thank you. >> there is no one who will talk more about donald trump than donald trump. >> president trump: i'm pretty good at estimating crowd size. >> if you want to run again? >> out the crazy democrats are the people who walk in restaurants and scream and elected official's faces. >> president trump: at the word racist is used about every republican that is winning. >> i didn't fight for democrats or republicans, i fought for americans. >> i heard oprah is in town tonight. i'm kind of a big deal, too. who voted? then what am i doing here tonight? goodbye everyone. >> bret: one week right there. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this
4:00 pm
"special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts in just seconds. and by the way we have the show at 8:00 p.m. on sunday. martha and i will be there and we will be laying down all the stuff coming up on tuesday. >> martha: it's kind of like the election pep rally, before the big game. [laughs] so we have three days, four days, before the elections and tonight we have two presidents in the middle of it all. battling it out and a blitz to win voter support on the left side of your screen which is where in moments we will see president obama in georgia. he's campaigning for gubernatorial candidate stacy abram. this is a very hot race, what we are watching very closely. then on the right-hand side of your screen, another huge race run inmate indianapolis as president trump makes stop number two of the day in