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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 3, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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when truth doesn't matter; when people can just lie with abandon, democracy can't work. and that's what's happening. at the highest levels.
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ed: the other issue that voters do care about and both parties are agree on this in all seriousness is healthcare. >> speaking about lying about healthcare. ed: keep your doctor, keep your plan. this president is lying? the last president had trouble with the truth when it came to healthcare. pete: benghazi and president-elect of other things we can talk about. president trump called that out yesterday. watch. >> i heard him talk about telling the truth. he was talking about you have to tell the truth. and, yet, 28 times he said you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. you can keep your plan if you like your plan. they were all lies. lie after lie. broken promise after broken promise. that's what he did. unlike president obama, we live by a different motto. it's called promises, promises kept. [cheers]
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pete: talked about the lies portion of the obama clip. right over his right shoulder was andrew gillum a socialist. it's typed there in florida. ed: votes are count on tuesday. gillum despite being a vowed socialist is winning in florida. katie: because barack obama has gotten back on the stage and campaigning with these candidates, which is something he didn't really do a lot of when he was president as we saw the democratic party depleted under his leadership. it will be an interesting referendum on him as well whether his candidates are on election day as opposed to president trump. katie: now, turning to your headlines, authorities under fire for freeing illegal immigrant. authorities in portland released this man knowing he was wanted for deportation. the sheriff's office claiming they never received a detainer request. the mexican national was arrested in march on
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domestic violence charges. seven months later he admits to dumping his wife's body in a ditch. two people are dead and five others injured when a gunman opened fire and set a floridinside aflorida yoga stud. two people killed student and faculty member at florida state university. >> several people inside fought back and tried to not only save themselves but other people, which is a testament to their courage. katie: the gunman killed himself at the scene and police are looking for a motive. president trump invoke ago game of thrones catchphrase to put iran on notice. >> this is hard for you but winter is coming. katie: sanctions on iran's shipping and oil banking sectors concerns over nuclear program. the president restoring penalties lifted under the 2015 obama era nuclear deal.
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and alec baldwin facing assault charges after allegedly punching a man in a face over a parking spot happened outside his home in new york city. the president reacting to the president's arrest. >> i wish him luck. [laughter] katie: baldwin denies the allegations and is in court november 26th right after thanksgiving. the habitual hot head has regularly gotten into the law including scuffles with paparazzi and screaming matches with reporters. those are your headlines. ed: he said the democrats have spent almost two years to put the real president in jail they have been unsuccessful. the fake president from "saturday night live" will be going to jail. pete: they should do an snl skit on that. ed: chances of that are zero. pete: midterms three days away. next guest breaks down three races that could surprise everyone on november 6th.
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ed: jane fonda, see how hanoi jane is reaching back in history to yes, of course, take a swipe at president trump. ♪ when the roof caved in ♪ and the truth came out ♪
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pete: welcome back. voters head to the polls in three days. in three key states, pundits and the media could be in for big surprises. three blue states. traditionally here to break down the key states that could surprise everyone former campaign polster and president of mclaughlin and associates john mclaughlin. thanks for being here this morning. normally we would be talking about purple states or red states. now we are talking about connecticut, new jersey and minnesota. break down three races. >> bob certif is an outsider
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businessman. he grew up there. he wanted to make sure they turn around. they have 8 years under dan malloy that they have raised taxes, massive tax increases. economy shrank. clear choice between bob certifstefanowski. the other wants to raise taxes and collect tolls. pete: pension system is terrible. people fleeing the state. voters there are looking for a businessman to take control. >> we just went ahead in the poll. poll. sacred heart has us going ahead. quinnipiac. bob is surging on message of cutting taxes. pete: blue wave coming it, may not be coming to connecticut. >> we have to get out tuesday: bob menendez, his supporter be his backer was convicted of bribery charges
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menendez got off. menendez hovering about 50%. another deep blue state democrats take for granted. bob hugin came in and made an issue this man flew to the dominican republic with underaged teenage prostitutes. a lot of women are not going to be able to vote for this guy. pete: has hugin's message been able to poor through? >> he has put up a lot himself. he has the resources. he has been doing this himself. and basically chuck schumer trying to keep the senate is pouring in tens of millions of dollars to try to save menendez at the last minute. pete: money they could be spending elsewhere if they weren't focused on new jersey. >> afraid they are going to lose. hypocrisy of the whole issue of democrats with women. how can you say you support women and ask them to vote for bob menendez right now. pete: double down on the hip sift me too movement and move to the attorney general's race in minnesota.
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keith ellison, a lot of credible allegations against him. is he running for attorney general. he is in a tight race. >> right. with keith ellison there has been polls that have him behind or a little or just maybe a little ahead. they have some come back. but the democrats are pouring in resources there to save him. he is the number two guy at the democratic national committee or was and now he wants to be the leading law enforcement person in minnesota as the attorney general. so, again, the republican doug ward low has been ahead as it's closing. in women voters saying i can't vote for this person. and there has been also besides that there has been some controversial photos and appearances he has made with louis farrakhan. pete: sure. >> after pittsburgh with that tragedy there farrakhan with anti-semitic comments how could you -- pete: wearing shirts open borders indicative of the way democrats view immigration these days. >> he would be the attorney
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general in minnesota. pete: top cop in minnesota. who would have thought we would be looking at connecticut, new jersey and minnesota. polling in other races as well. how do you feel overall about the status of the house right now. >> status of the house depends on turn out on tuesday. 78 competitive house races of which 67 are republican. there is like 35 toss-ups. the vast majority of them are republicans and they are in the margin of error or dead even right now. the president is bathroom storming the country right now precisely to get the trump voter out. midterm election you will only have 90 maybe 100 million voters out at most. there are 63 million trump voters to get out. that's the key t to winning. the president is doing the job. pete: no one can say he didn't go all the way to the finish line. >> thanks, pete. pete: more than half of voters in battleground states think not enough is being done to stop illegal immigration. well the center for immigration studies here to break down the new numbers
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on the border coming up next. plus, are democrats ditching bill clinton? he has not been out there on the trail much. of the buzz from the trail coming up. ♪ oh, i want to get away ♪ i want to fly away ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ twenty-six i n the last decade. allstate is adapting.ade. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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meanwhile, the man accused of sending suspicious packages to prominent democrats will go on trial in new york. cesar sayoc faces up to 48 years in prison this as the fbi finds another similar suspicious package at california mailing facility addressed to billionaire tom styer. no injuries reported in the cases. pete? >> yep, thanks, ed: the president's hard stance on immigration may control who controls the house of representatives. katie: new poll found 54% of voters in battle ground districts found should do more compared to 21% who think we should take less action and 25% who say we are already taking appropriate steps. ed: is the president on the right side of the immigration debate? joining us now with finding, center for immigration studies steven camerota. good morning, steven. >> good morning. ed: question hanging over should they be framed around the strong economy of the president. should they be framed on
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cracking down on illegal immigration, kavanaugh and the caravan as the president has been saying? what say you? >> well, it is certainly true immigration matters to voters. what this latest poll shows particularly in battle ground states most people want the country to do more to control illegal immigration and that's true nationally as well. and a poll also found strong majorities want to try to interdict this caravan of illegal immigrants moving through mexico before it gets to the u.s. border. very few people seem to want them to be released into the united states while we process their asylum claims. so, it does seem that the president is at least hitting on something that particularly voters in these more moderate or battle ground districts really want. they want lots of immigration enforcement. pete: that's baking number. 54% of voters. 84% of republicans feel that way. as democrats face this issue. do they have -- i mean, is it a messaging problem? is it a policy problem? how do they explain their position on dealing with illegal immigration? >> the democratic party over
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the last few decades, it wasn't always like this. but, just to give you an example, president clinton appointed barbara jordan to look at the immigration issue in the 1990s. she chaired a commission. it came out with some pretty forceful things on immigration enforcement. in the 1990s. that democratic party doesn't really exist very much. lots of democratic voters want enforcement. about the democrats see the immigration issue more as a civil rights issue. people can have a right to come to the united states. and it's wrong to make people go home, even when they are here illegally. unless they commit a serious crime. that's essentially the democrats' position. katie: california senator dianne feinstein is on tape from the early 1990s talking about the strain illegal immigration puts on the american system the state and federal level. my question for you, is the white house is arguing look, these caravans are getting a lot of attention and we obviously want to stop them. there is influx of thousands of illegal immigrants across the southern border in mexico every sings gel week. could you tell us how that
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impacts people's view of illegal immigration. >> i don't think the public is aware of that people still have a sense that things are out of control and they are. illegal immigration as best we can tell from the demographic isn't as big as it was maybe 15 years ago. but it still looks like maybe 400,000 new people are settling in the country illegally each year. maybe half of that is people successfully crossing the border illegally, and the new numbers look to be higher than that, then another 200,000 people overstaying temporary visas, the pluck may not know those numbers. they still have a basic sense that illegal immigration is out of control. though it may not be as bad as it was a decade or so ago. ed: like to talk to the 21% or so in your apostle who say we shouldn't take more action. how could you possibly say we can't take more action on illegal immigration real quick? >> i think people sort of have a sense that because the media tends to focus on what are sometimes very
3:28 am
sympathetic cases of someone being deported, they see that as typical. but, most americans know that, for example, we have 500,000 people in the u.s. or more, deportation absconders ordered deported and followed up. the public has a sense we are not doing enough. ed: thank you for coming in this morning. pete: thanks, steven. >> thanks for having me. ed: you saw him on stage with president trump last night. will it give mike braun the boost he needs. pete: one much justice kavanaugh's accusers admitting now she made the whole thing up. now she could be in big time trouble. katie: how 16-year-old could decide who becomes the next president ♪ rock the vote ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪ don't tip the boat over ♪ rock the boat ♪ you're headed down the highway
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♪ >> mike braun is not a career politician. he is a very successful businessman and a patriot who will fight every single day of his life for the people of indiana. the people of indiana are going to send mike braun to the united states senate. [cheers] so we can keep making america great again. pete: that was president trump yesterday in indiana stumping for mike braun. is he a former indiana state representative. he is running for the u.s. senate against joe donnelly and he joins us this morning. sir, thank you very much for joining us. i appreciate it. >> good to be on. pete: the polls show your race neck in neck. the president was there and he is going to be there again. what issues are resonating on the trail for you and how confident are you right now. >> hey, we really feel good because a lot of it has to do with donnelly's record of kind of voting almost 100 percent of the time with
3:34 am
the radical left and cost of healthcare, border security, and people are actually worried that social security and medicare are not going to be there when they need it. ironically jobs and the economy, the thing i know the most about is so good, that it's ranked in there about the same. normally that would be almost double the concern of any other issue. so it's a unique year and we, as conservatives, i think, need to tout that a little more. katie: what has been the turning point in this race? justice kavanaugh and senator donnelly voting against him? is it the economy? is it president trump getting in and really getting his hands dirty and campaigning on your behalf? whats would really crux here that has pulled you so close in the polling? >> the measurable difference would have been the kavanaugh hearings. from the time that senator donnelly was out there talking about voting against it, we could see the dynamics start to change. i think that gave a boost to every race across the
3:35 am
country. especially in the red states where democrats hold those seats. and then from there, we started building on his voting record and the fact that he is getting cory booker to come in and president obama and nobody else and we have got everyone, including the president, the vice president, lindsey graham was in. all kinds of folks are coming in because, indiana is a conservative state. ed: mr. braun on that question you have a libertarian on the race that could tip the balance it's within a point or two. we understand that the indiana democratic party was stealth at first but proved by the donnelly campaign has been running these ads on facebook trying to boost the libertarian at your expense. we see it on the screen there among other things the ad says please share tax man mike braun will say anything to get elected but the fact is that he was a registered democrat for decades and vote god raise your taxes 159 times.
3:36 am
lucy brenton is the true antitax conservative. obviously the libertarian in the race. your chance to respond, sir. >> well, number one. that's a sign of desperation when you are actually, i think they sent two or throw of those mailings out without disclaimers. so they are going to be paying the price for that down the road. but, when do you that that is a sign of a lack of marriage anmessageand terrible . for incumbents to have to do that of course his campaign has been run from the get-go by chuck schumer. if you have seen the kavanaugh hearings. all of those senate races have that rawness to it. again, it goes back to that's all they have got. pete: mr. braun, it could be a problem for you in some lucy brenton is polling at 5% and 7%. that's outside the margin of error. libertarians would normally go for you. how do you overcome this message and resonate with conservatives who might cast a vote for a libertarian? >> well, i think two ways.
3:37 am
the fact that i'm a small government conservative. a lot we believe in parallels that of a libertarian. and the other thing is here in indiana, whenever you really dig into that libertarian vote, ironically, it displits about 50/50. your social issue voters tend to be libertarian and roll democratic. fiscal conservatives. so everything we have seen it doesn't break 100 percent away from me as a conservative. so, we feel good about it. i think when people get in to the voting booth for their vote to really count, they will come my direction. katie: all right. well, we reached out to joe donnelly's campaign and have not heard back from him. we appreciate you, mr. braun, for coming on today. thank you so much. we will be watching for tuesday. >> thanks for having me. pete: i wish donnelly would come on. ed: come on today or tomorrow.
3:38 am
katie: we don't buy it. extreme weather, one person is dead and another missing after heavy rain and strong winds force a 50-foot wall to collapse. it happened inside an amazon warehouse in baltimore. slamming overnight with tornadoes hittings tj maxx store. luckily nobody was hurt. another kavanaugh accuser could be in hot water. senator chuck grassley asking federal authorities to investigate more potentially false statements. a woman named jude monroe leyton recently recanting sexual assault allegations made against justice kavanaugh. she told senate investigators that the accusation was just a ploy to get attention. kavanaugh has denied all the allegations against him. actress jane fonda compares president trump to hitler while speaking at the media awards. if you read anything about the rise of third reich and adolf hitler you will see the parallels, attacking the media is the first step in a
3:39 am
move towards fascism. democrats are apparently saying no to bill clinton ahead of the midterms. liberal lawmakers have reportedly stopped asking the former president to campaign for them according to the "new york times." he has appeared at a handful of private fundraisers but has been miss from the public campaign trail. clinton's checkered past is now seen as a liability for democrats. those are your headlines. pete: yep. [laughter] leave that one right there. katie: more on severe weather with rick reichmuth. rick: a lot of severe weather the last few days and another batch of it to watch out for monday across parts of the plains. this is the look at the last 24 hours. tornadoes yesterday across parts of florida that fronts has mostly moved through. you will be dealing with a much better day, cool start to the day. big rain across parts of the mid-atlantic, northeast. couple of tornadoes there as well a new storm that's falling out across parts of the far northern rockies and that's moving into central plains today. that's bringing some rain and also bringing a little bit of snow. temperaturewise, nobody all that bad.
3:40 am
certainly chilly across the far important areas of the northern plains and across the great lakes. still leading to the 50's. temperatures going to plummet across parts of the northeast. take a look at this. it's the marathon tomorrow. remember, guys, we get an extra hour of sleep. clocks roll back if you are running a marathon, i think. katie: and if you are not. rick: temperatures around 50 degrees perfect for running a marathon. one last thing real quick. take a look at this map. this is tuesday. big storm that's going to be brewing around the great lakes and towards the east coast could have impact on the elections. a lot of rain and wind with this storm. pete: are you running the marathon? rick: never in a million years. it's a thing i would never even consider. pete: i agree. so boring. pete: hurt yourself in 26 miles. rick: and boring. pete: could have headphones. rick: i don't have any music i would want to listen to for four hours.
3:41 am
katie: understandable. >> a vote for any democrat is a vote to put the radical democrats in charge of the house, the senate and every congressional committee. ed: he noted chairwoman maxine waters will be overseeing banking and financial issues. we will look at the rest of the potential chair men and women next. pete: tv todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia. todd: the president was here talking about the big issues that matter to the nation and to west virginia. so we're talking to these guys about the issues that matter to them. that's coming up in a few minutes when offic "fox & frien" on a saturday morning returns. and i have friendships and you say i didn't.
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katie: there are only three days remaining over battle of control of the house and the senate. what happens if democrats win back the house? >house? ed: a lot will happen. we will show you which ranking representatives will become chair of key congressional committees and what all of that would mean. here to break down a few of them kelsey, host of the daily signal and podcast daily women. katie: good morning. >> good morning. ed: jeb hensarling, maxine waters would take over there. talk about some of the differences in terms of policy. >> yeah. well, maxine waters is someone who has been called the most corrupt member of congress. and she would be overseeing the nation's financial institutions. she also, of course, has been leading the charge, calling for the impeachment of president trump. and also on the front lines of calling for the targeted harassment of republicans. so, i think she would not only do some very damaging
3:46 am
things to the economy, be getting in the way of rolling back issues like dodd frank, but she wouldn't be setting a good example for civility, which is what we need. katie: yeah. we have seen maxine waters say a lot of things. she is now vowing political pay back so let's listen to her and then we will get your reaction. >> >> i will be the first african-american, the first woman to chair the powerful financial services committee. that's awful wall street. that's all the insurance companies. that's all the banks. what i'm going to do to you is fair. i will do to you what you did to us. katie: wow. sounds like revenge to me, kelsey. >> it does sound like revenge. and to hear that from a leader in congress, i don't think, is healthy on either side. ed: let's talk about the intel committee. because, in the house, devin nunes has been a frequent guest on this program. he has gotten all kinds of grief from the left for allegedly being sort of the president's water boy and they said he wanted to release all the sensitive
3:47 am
information about fisa and all of the rest and the sky was going to fall. and the sky hasn't fallen, instead, it seems like he has revealed a lot of troubling things. >> he has. and i think when it comes to the intelligence committee, we know democrats doubled down on this russia collusion investigation which republicans found no evidence thereof. democrats released the 98-page report calling for leads they don't believe were looked into. so this really would be a committee producing one more manufactured scandal that would put trump on the defense instead of enabling him to move policies forward that would be helpful to all americans. ed: to your point adam schiff would take over the committee. he has been someone who has talked about russia basically nonstop. katie: yes. >> absolutely. and, again, i think this would be a manufactured scandal. it would be a waste, more importantly, of taxpayer dollars because we have already looked into this russia collusion scandal
3:48 am
again, lack thereof from multiple different angles. we are waiting for the most recent results, but the house committee has already looked into this so it would be a waste of time and money for him to lead that again. katie: keith ellison, the president in the final days of this campaign and election cycle has promised another round of tax cuts for the middle class. current house committee ways and means chairman kevin brady has helped the president get that through the first time. his likely democratic replacement would be richard neil. how can republicans function and pass tax reform if they don't have control of this house committee. >> this is a very powerful house committee. specifically one that the trump administration if they are able to hold the house put forward things like tax cut 2.0 which can stimulate the economy and make it perform better than it's even doing right now. the problem is if democrats take control of this committee, they willable a road block in passing any further legislation on the tax reform front.
3:49 am
they also could pose a problem for passing or ratifying nafta 2.0. this committee not many americans know tale has the power to investigate personal tax reforms of any american, including the president of the united states. meaning the president could face investigations from multiple different committees. ed: good point. kelsey, appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. katie: former president obama slamming president trump's decision to deploy troops to our border. >> they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. katie: but guess what? he did the same thing. dan bongino is here to react live next hour. ed: we have it on tape, too. what did the voters think of president trump's rally yesterday? tv's todd piro having breakfast with friends in west virginia. we're going to go to him next ♪ out in the back woods ♪ out in the holler ♪
3:50 am
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pete: president trump taking his message straight to voters in west virginia. katie: what did the voters think? ed: let's ask todd piro ed: let's ask todd piro talking to them live in
3:54 am
shone's cafe. >cafe. todd: it's shonet like bonnet. you were right about everything else. let's begin with rufus. he works the pipeline here in west virginia and you give credit for that pipeline to donald j. trump, why? why? >> i have been in this industry for quite a few years. just before the election, the presidential election i could see that the committee and our industry wacommittee --d industry was going down. today if you are working right now and not working it's because you don't want to work. trump some of these obama was holding back let it go. put these guys back to work. todd: you said the number one issue to you was the drug crisis. you look at the border so important to dealing with the drug crisis. rye? >> drugs is pouring in across the borders. every day there is more and more people coming in this country illegally. and they are not -- they are not coming here for the right reasons. they are coming here bringing the drugs. they are coming in here to cause the crimes. they are coming in here for all of the wrongs reasons. not trying to come here the
3:55 am
way people should come to this country. todd: rufus, thank you for your time. greg, get to you, when it comes to the migrant caravan you say, your words, carrying a flag from other country is an invasion, why? >> correct. if you want to come to this country, come the right way. apply for membership into the country. when thousands of people are coming, carrying their flags from their country, they are wanting to invade the united states as they did coming across to mexico. todd: when it comes to west virginia, you say lifting the coal regulations has been unbelievable for the economy here. why? >> you have a lot more people working now. a lot of coal trucks are -- coal companies are back in business. the rail business. trains go up and down the track over here on a daily basis now, which wasn't the case a couple of years ago. todd: greg, thank you. finally, tom, the mayor of milton where we are here. when you t. comes to border security. >> build the wall. todd: i will let you say it, why? >> build the wall.
3:56 am
keep them out. bring in the opioids, the drugs what have you here and healthcare in this country it needs to be taken care of. i'm a senior myself. fortunately i have insurance here with the city and everything. it's great. todd: mayor tom, thank you very much. we will send it back to you guys in new york. pete: i love it those guys get the same vote that every elite in manhattan does on election day. it's wonderful. katie: makes a difference. ed: they were channeling pete. katie: love to hear it trump economy booming wasn't long ago former president obama and hillary clinton were mocking those jobs. we will take a look back. pete: plus, we have got stuart varney. we have got mike huckabee, the director of the white house national trade council peter navarro, also sebastian gorka all come up. motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning. (laughs) ah...
3:57 am
no, my lips are actually burning. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. see how much you could save at it's too hot. oh, this is too hot, mate.
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[chanting u.s.a.] >> thank you, indiana. >> hello, west virginia, what a place. >> i'm thrilled to be back. pete: president trump boosting g.o.p. support after finishing double-header rallies. katie: the president giving last minute boost. last jobs report 350,000 jobs added. unemployment 49 year low. >> how were those jobs numbers today? >> the economy, he is as good as i have ever seen in the first term and he is not the first term and he is not even halfway through it yet. >> look, the economy is so good. where do you think that started, when did that start? >> lie after lie, unlike
4:01 am
president obama, we live by a different motto. it's called promises made. promises kept. >> go get them, donald. [cheaters] ♪ i tried so hard ♪ i can't rise above it ♪ don't know what it is. pete: i do love bobby knight and you love basketball as well. doesn't get any better than indiana hoosiers. katie: arizona basketball. pete: had you some great squads. ed: last weekend i was teasing them because they went down pretty hard in football to georgia. georgia fans of the show were loving it and boy did i hear from the gator fans. i was just teasing you a little. go gators this weekend. lsu alabama. pete: one we will be watching for sure. ed: great to have you back, katie. katie: great to be here.
4:02 am
thank you very much. pete: she came up from d.c. just like this. ed: monster weekend. we have these midterms. everyone has been talking about them for months and months. they are finally here. the president vowed he was going to go out on the road and take the message directly to the people. he has done that and then some. katie: today he is in montana. florida tomorrow. georgia and tennessee. on monday ohio, indiana and missouri. he has had the most insane schedule of any president on the campaign trail and it is paying off for these candidates as the polls start closing against democrats. pete: that's exactly right. election night 2016 did a rally 11:00 p.m. one of the states before election day. this is a guy that will go all the way to the finish line no doubt. yesterday he was in west virginia and indiana holding two rallies. here a little bit -- if you missed them, here is one minute and three second summary. >> this election will decid decide, whether we build on the prosperity we have unleashed or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress. [crowd boos]
4:03 am
>> and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy. in the last month alone, we added 250,000 jobs. [cheers] and nearly half a million americans returned to the workforce. >> democrats want to raise your taxes, and use socialism to turn america into venezuela. democrats want to invite caravan after caravan. [crowd boos] >> we need to use our precious resources to help low income americans who respect our laws, not caravans who break into our country and break our laws. >> a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. more jobs, less crime. how nice. [cheers] >> how nice. pete: we love that swiping graphic. we need a new graphic. katie: feels like you are flying around the country. that's great. the president emphasizing job numbers. we talked yesterday on "fox & friends" a huge jobs
4:04 am
number coming out. while the president has said this is an election about the caravan and about kavanaugh and about law and order and common sense, he has always included the economy and he has big jobs numbers to run on. this morning, 250,000 jobs added in october. the unemployment rate at 49-year low. wage growth going up over 3%. largest since 2009. and manufacturing jobs a big one. he promised they would come back 32,000 added in october. ed: he is running on jobs and the economy you say? pete: i think so. katie: is he not technically running, ed. all of these other candidates are running. pete: you are saying the midterms are not about donald trump? katie: made the midterms about him. i'm on the ballot kind of. my policies are the policies republicans are running on. ed: absolutely. you have covered the white house and the president says i'm going in the roosevelt room and getting the megaphone. i have a new policy i want to unveil. you would think it would be about the economy and it was about immigration this week. and not saying anything new. katie: illegal immigration is directly tied to the
4:05 am
economy because of the strain it puts on healthcare, the school system. which the president actually opened his remarks with when he made those remarks at the roosevelt room. pete: i'm with her. you can do two things at one time. when people say folks vote with their pocketbook. some folks vote with their pocketbook. a lot of people are voting their culture and their country. they feel like they're losing it issues like immigration and kavanaugh expose what the left are doing. oh, by the way, their jobs are coming back. katie: get into a few more of the details on the sectors here. ed: there is big news in the economy. i'm saying when we play those collision he talks about the caravan as much or more. there is good news for him to tout in the economy. look at the sectors, the jobs created bisek tore. healthcare 36,000. big one is manufacturing. barack obama said these jobs would never come back. 32,000 manufacturing jobs created last month. construction 30,000. transportation and warehousing 25,000. mining 5,000. we had this gentleman rufus in west virginia at the diner with todd last hour. he was talking about those dirty fingernail jobs coming back in states like west
4:06 am
virginia. big senate races there, indiana, montana where jobs are coming back. katie: this is all the result of president trump's deregulation policy. president obama put on a lot of regulations in states like west virginia. on the coal industry. president obama and hillary clinton mocked these american jobs. let's listen to this. >> what we have to do is to make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back. and when somebody says like the person you just mentioned who i'm not going to advertise for, that he is going to bring all those jobs back. how exactly are you going to do that? what are you going to do? what magic wand do you have? >> i'm the only candidate that has a policy to b. how to bring economic policy using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we are going to put
4:07 am
a lot of coal mine miners and companies out of business. ed: i remember covering that moment. we are putting people out of work. wait, you are running for president and proud to put people out of work. katie: proud of it. pete: so revealing. president trump says stop. that doesn't have to happen. we just reported 5,000 mining jobs back in october. 65,000 mining jobs back in the year 2018. 65,000 jobs we were told a magic wand couldn't bring back. we were told they shouldn't come back because the left has made a bargain away from the american worker, away from the union workers who they used to represent and they have gone all in with the environmentalists, the radical leftists who don't care about those jobs anymore. they are more concerned about global climate change. that guy rufus we just heard from he cares about his job and family and raises rising. he is talking about immigration and also talking about these numbers. that woul could be a winning combination. katie: numbers in west
4:08 am
virginia whether joe manchin hold on to his seat. people like rufus are voting for trump candidates not candidates that oppose his agenda. pete: that west virginia race will be very, very interesting. the county todd is in went 25% for trump. katie: state went 45% for president trump. ed: 42 point win for president trump. hillary clinton barely registered in the state. top economist for joe biden when he was vice president. he tweeted it out yesterday, wrote it down. pretty much everything you could wants in a monthly jobs report. payroll gains way better than expected. wage growth continues to strength. this is from a democratic economist that this jobs report on friday had everything you could wish for. katie: that will be interesting to watch as we move forward with this whole thing playing thought this argument. democrats have -- the one thing they have been able to hold on to with the criticism of the trump economy is stagnant wage growth. that is now no longer on the table as an argument.
4:09 am
we have seen raises rise especially as blue collar raises rise faster than white collar jobs which is exactly the target president trump has to hold on to counties flip from obama to trump. pete: those are the forgotten men and women that he keeps talking about that do vote, that he is hoping will come out on tuesday. democrats want to talk about healthcare. they don't want to talk about immigration. they can't talk about the economy. barack obama is trying to say -- he rebuilt the economy. stagnant, stagnant, stagnant. katie: there we go. ed: barack obama created more jobs in final 21 months than president trump has created on first 21 months. i'm not saying this president inherited it. would you acknowledge he was handed a better economy than barack obama got. pete: here is what i will acknowledge. 4 million new jobs. over 4 million less people on food stamps. ed: that's great. pete: reflection of a president who puts business private sector. ed: handed a good economy
4:10 am
and handed better. katie: stag nantz g.d.p. growth not a good economy. pete: never cracked 3% growth ever. took bailouts to try to do it which isn't sustainable. ed: i want the private sector to grow. it was good. pete: okay now gang busters. katie: i wouldn't say the economy was good under barack obama. especially when the administration was telling people less than 3% g.d.p. growth was the new status quo. they weren't going to bring these jobs back. that regulation was what they were going to continue to do to snuff out jobs in places like west virginia. ed: that was a big mistake for barack obama to say these jobs were never coming back. they are back. katie: they wilthey didn't wantm to come back. pete: no, i don't. i do, i always do. katie: this is pete's white board similar to karl rove. pete: minimal. maybe i will write something big on it the number of mining jobs in my ear was 55,000 not 65,000. although when i wrote it down on my sheet this
4:11 am
morning i swore the bureau of labor statistics said 65,000. katie: we will fact check. ed: positive when the last administration said those jobs will never come back. they are back. katie: exactly. turns now to your headlines, we begin with a fox news alert. a u.s. troop has been killed in insider attack in afghanistan. the american service member was reportedly killed by afghan forces early this morning in kabul. the attacker was immediately shot dead by other afghan forces. another injured service member was wounded and is in stable condition. the incident is under investigation. >> authorities in oregon under fire for freeing illegal immigrants now accused of murdering his wife. ice officials say authorities in portland released this man knowing he was wanted for deportation. the sheriff's office claiming they never received the detainer request. the mexican national was arrested in march under domestic violence charges and now he is admitting to dumping his wife's body in a ditch. two people are dead and five others injured when a gunman
4:12 am
opened fire inside a florida yoga studio. authorities identifying the shooter as scott fear lee. a student and faculty member at florida university. gunman killed himself at the scene and police are still looking for a motive. tallahassee mayor and gubernatorial candidate for mayor andrew gill slum indefinitely suspending his campaign in the wake of the shooting. ed: republican nominee in that race has said crime is out of control in tallahassee. been called a racist for saying things like that. pete: called on andrew gillum for signing anti-police pledge. ed: sure. absolutely. we don't want to inject politics into what is a terrible tragedy. happening the weekend before the election. katie: defending his campaign so obviously politics are involved here. pete: former president obama slamming president trump's
4:13 am
decision to deploy troops to our border. >> they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. pete: i have so much to say about this it's not even funny. guess what? he did the exact same thing as you will remember. dan bongino here live coming up. pete: midterms three days away. what do the polls say about that so-called blue wave? is it crashing? that's coming up next. ♪ i don't want your freedom ♪ i don't want to play around ♪ (burke) fender-biter.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
morning. the first one is what everybody has been talking about the possibility of a blue wave. break it all down for us. >> yeah. that's a scenario where have you -- democrats have a great night. you get independent voters breaking for them, undecideds breaking for democrats. you get huge youth turnout and huge minority turnout and the 31 republican toss-up races that we currently have, which are 50/50 races democrats win 70% of those, that would push them into the 30, 35 seat plus category. and that would be sort of the blue wave scenario. that would also be right now in the senate we have got republicans with 50, democrats with 44. and six toss-up races that would be a scenario where democrats win basically all of those races to get to 50/50 in the senate or maybe lose they win five out of six and there is no change it stays 51-4. katie: we have seen momentum shift in a number of these races towards republican candidates. talk about a middle of the road scenario what you call the blue ripple.
4:18 am
>> yeah. this is a scenario where the democrats don't win the 70%. the toss-ups go more down the middle. the republicans are fighting district by district battles around the country. some are going to win. some are going to lose. flip some democratic seats. that's a scenario where have you basically democrats pick up 24 to 30 seats. right? they still manage to win control of the house but not by much. on the senate side, they are going to end up losing seats. republicans would expand the majority, again, by beating claire mccaskill in missouri, for example, or joe donnelly in indiana or holding on to one of the seats they are defending in either arizona or nevada. so republicans would lose the house by a little bit but also we would have a split decision. they would actually expand their majority in the senate by a seat or two. pete: what happens if republicans have a good night? you call that the red tide? >> yeah. this is the best case scenario for republicans, right? which is, you know, they win -- republican voters come out. trump energizes the base. republican voters come out.
4:19 am
they win -- they hold all their seats in the house that they need to hold. they win a lot of these toss-up races and then, again, they defend their seats in arizona and nevada. and beat claire mccaskill and jon tester and joe donnelly in indiana and maybe even bill nelson down in florida. and that's a scenario where, you know, anything less than 23 seats, 22 seats or less you've got republicans keeping control of the house of representatives, which would be a huge victory for them and expanding majority in the senate. that would be a big night for republicans and best case scenario for them. >> getting down to the wire. president trump is out on the campaign trail. what do you see play out based on the polling you have done real clear politics over the last couple of months? >> katie, the most likely scenario right now is it looks like democrats are in position. democrats are just defending so much turf in the house of representatives. they have 31 toss-up seats as i mentioned and another 26 that lean republican seats so they have a lot of
4:20 am
turf to defend. most likely it looks like the democrats will end up winning the house of representatives. they are favored to win it anyway. but, republicans are going to expand their majority in the senate. it's the opposite scenario. democrats have too much territory to defend. they have too many races under pressure right now. that's what it looks like at this moment. we will see there could be some movement here in the last 48 hours. >> when i'm on the road there a lot of skepticism of polling. have polsters gotten things right and fixed it from 2016? 2016? >> uh, ask me that question in three days, pete. [laughter] >> we will see. it's tough. especially in the house where there is not a lot of polling. pete: thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks. pete: is he a straight shooter. former president obama criticizing president trump's tough stance on immigration. >> a president doesn't get to decide on his own who is an american citizen and who is not. that's not how the constitution of the united states works. pete: dan bongino says it
4:21 am
wasn't long ago that obama tried to influence who could become a u.s. citizen as well. he joins us live to discuss that next. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during sleep number's veterans day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. and now during our veterans day sale, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. buffet is ramping up democratic support in florida by offering a free concert today ♪ wasting away again in margaritaville. >> wasting away, the singer will perform get out the vote party support andrew
4:25 am
gillum. pete: maybe they will get high and forget to vote. katie: or more taxes on your drink. ed: new jersey law just signed this week. so basically hedge his bet so he can run for both office fess is not elected president, he can still run for re-election. pete: the spartacus bill. ed: actually the lgj rule. katie: former president obama attacking president trump over his actions on immigration. >> i'm assuming that they recognize that a president doesn't get to decide on his own who is an american citizen and who is not. [cheers] >> that's not how the constitution of the united states works. pete: that one is rich. didn't former president obama try to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship by implementing daca? ed: yeah, i was in the rose garden when he did that i think he did. here to weigh in is dan bongino former secret
4:26 am
service agent and author of "spy gate." good morning, sir. >> guys, i cannot believe the gull on obama. i mean, is he for real? i know you want to set this up where ask you me a question. ed: go right ahead. >> this is so rich. it's almost like i'm sitting here trying to triage what i want to say first. this is a president by the way who suggested with his pen and his phone that he can just disregard the constitution and influence the citizenship process himself but we're supposed to take advice from him on how it is supposed to work the legal procedure. he does this all the time, guys. he accuses someone else what he did himself to deflect this and engage in gas lighting. i almost admire his guts to do it despite we have him on video doing the same thing. katie: dan, comes changing immigration policy via executive order. he set the tone on that.
4:27 am
he is also saying president trump's move to send the military to the border is a political stunt. we will listen to that and get your reaction. >> they are telling you the existential threat to is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. katie: dan, can you react before pete does, please? >> yeah. i can almost sense the frustration here with obama. no, it's interesting. because the democrats' entire approach to immigration is a political stunt. because they are not serious about it. you know, you can -- it is perfectly fair and legitimate and a good thing in the united states to that we can have an honest debate about the roll of role of immigration in our economy, fair enough. the democrats have been entirely dishonest about this. for obama to suggest that president trump making an effort to secure our border is a stunt while the democrats support open
4:28 am
borders, abolishing ice, they will not get behind a border wall. relatively simple thing. chain migration. all of these policies that can be discussed that the democrats have no plan for, for them to have the gull, again, to suggest that this is somehow a political stunt trying to secure our border, while thousands are proceeding north who we have not yeted, again, is just an act of political malpractice like i have never seen. pete: i am very much triggered by this top ping. part of what the president said was they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for their political stunt. i'm young enough to remember when barack obama announced a surge in afghanistan of american troops into harm's way and then immediately told the enemy when why were going to leave undercutting their mission in the very same breath. felt like a political stunt to me then still does today. he has also sent troops to the border different types as well in a smaller number. as a former commander-in-chief, how do you even let those words drip off your lips? >> well, pete, you have to understand here, we live in
4:29 am
a post fact society now. we have seen this with the immigration debate constantly. constantly. what you just said is factually correct. obama employed military assets as well in the form of the national guard to do this as well. you saw this with the debate about separating children from their parents at the border pursuant to the flores consent decree. obama did the exact same thing. the media conveniently forgot that as a matter of fact, at one point. they were putting out photos of cages that were taken under the obama administration. it's gas lighting at its worse. it's offensive to the debate. and the most tragic part of the whole thing is they accuse president trump of being a liar when the media and them did it themselves. ed: dan, you criticized barack obama when he governed by executive order. you will criticize president trump for doing that now, right? >> well, president trump actually has the power to prohibit any class of aliens from entering the country, ed. you need to check that one out. ed: no, no. he wants to do an executive order to change the 14th amendment.
4:30 am
you would have called out barack obama if he had done that. that. >> that's not changing the 14th amendment. because subject to the jurisdiction thereof means political jurisdiction not territorial jurisdiction. katie: dan, we have to get you back on for a debate about birthright citizenship next time. >> i had want an hour with ed. katie: thanks, dan, appreciate it. jane fonda not one to shy away from controversy. how hanoi jane is taking is taking a swipe at president trump. ed: todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia after the president's visit there. he has a special guest. i recognize that guy. ♪ ♪
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so lionel, what does being able to trade 24/5 mean to you? well, it means i can trade after the market closes. it's true. so all... evening long. ooh, so close. yes, but also all... night through its entirety. come on, all... the time from sunset to sunrise. right. but you can trade... from, from... from darkness to light. ♪ you're not gonna say it are you? >> great president many years ago harry truman. the american public got a little thing to let him know how much they appreciated
4:35 am
it. it was something called like give them hell, harry. i want you to say just very simply this: go get them donald! go get them donald! [chanting go get them donald] ed: he used to lead young men to battle on the basketball court, now he is helping entrepreneurship on the stump. he got a little boost after finishing double header rallies with eboni knight. katie: todd piro in west virginia where trump fired up voters earlier in the day. pete: mike tobin with a message to the hoosier state. >> the president's message here was to support his republican candidate. indiana, of course, is a key toss-up state and getting a lot of attention from the president and that republican candidate he is trying to pump over the top is a guy named mike braun. at this rally here in indiana the president could not resist bringing up the new job numbers.
4:36 am
a quarter million jobs added. the president said is he looking forward to debating one of the lefties. his words in bringing up the employment figures. we have created 4.5 million new jobs since the election. nobody would have believed that the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in more than 50 years. [cheers] and more americans are working today than ever before. >> now the republican challenger is supporting mike braun is a businessman served in the indiana legislature. keep healthcare costs in control. is he up against the incumbent democrat senator joe donnelly who campaigned as a moderate. says he votes with the president more than half the time. even supports funding the border wall. he voted against the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. that prompted mike braun and the president to call him a liberal out of touch with
4:37 am
indiana voters. he has stops in pensacola, florida and belgrade, montana. guys, back to you in new york. pete: appreciate it we go to our own todd piro live in west virginia right now with senate candidate patrick morrisey there at the diner. todd, good morning. >> good morning to you. you are correct. republican candidate for senate patrick morrisey is here. sir, good to have you. >> great to be here, thank you. todd: what is it like to have the president come to west virginia and campaign for you so close to election day? >> look, i think it's phenomenal. this president knows that he is going to get a conservative fighter in the u.s. senate. and i have been able to work closely with this president on so many issues that are helping turn west virginia around, helping make our country great. so i think the president came in, he laid out why there's a clear difference between myself and senator manchin. fortunately senator manchin is a dishonest washington liberal. i think you saw the president point all that out today and yesterday that's going to be a big boost for
4:38 am
our campaign. todd: that said joe manchin did vote for brett kavanaugh for the supreme court. a very popular decision here in west virginia. how do you overcome that? >> i think the president talked about it yesterday. the president said that joe is never there when you need him. and, in fact, the vote occurred, the decision was made and then joe piled on. and voters want leadership. they don't want someone who is just going to waffle all the time. people know my record. i have actually taken the lead, the point on so many issues whether it's fighting the power plant to help protect our miners or really working fighting opioid epidemic more aggressively than anyone. i think voters know that they are going to go into the polls. i think the president gives us a huge turnout lift. todd: we did invite senator joe manchin to be with us on "fox & friends" we have not heard back yet. >> thank you very much. folks who want to know more patrick we are going to win and help this president and make sure that impeach, obstruct,
4:39 am
resist caucus doesn't take power. todd: we have heard from patrick morrisey now we are going to hear from tinker. tinker said todd i only want to talk about positive things. we are going to talk about the economy. what do you think of the job president trump is doing with the economy. >> i think he is doing good. todd: why? >> everything seems to be going up. todd: including 401(k)s, stock markets and all of that good stuff? >> yeah. people finding jobs. todd: you are pretty positive right now. >> yeah. todd: positive tinker. scott bias. you can tell that is his name because that is on his shirt. scott, you say we need to build the wall. why? >> part of the problem, in this area the opioids is huge. it's a big problem. been magistrate before and running for magistrate again. the drugs come from mexico. so we need to do something about that. todd: understood. thank you all for your time. thank you, sir, for taking the time out of your campaign schedule. this is a hotly contested race. we have seen the poll goes back and forth, back and forth. going to be interesting to see what happens come tuesday, guys, back to you.
4:40 am
pete: todd, thank you. we will try to get ed some of todd's positivity. todd: folks in new york say they need to give ed henry more of tinker's positivity. i think america would agree. ed: thank you, todd. pete: just trying to give you facts. just down the middle. katie: thanks, ed. ed: democrats throwing their own party, yes, under the bus. >> the crazy democrats are people who walk in restaurants and scream at elected officials faces. >> i support ice funding president trump's border wall. ed: wait, now they're behind the president. are they starting to feel the heat? we will debate that next. pete: have you seen the star studded get out the votes ads like this one. now there is a new psa making fun of them. >> lady gadd go ganchts will smith. >> many americans like us don't know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do. -when insurance needs translating,
4:41 am
get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor.
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4:44 am
pete: couple quick headlines for you, a political dummy hanging from a tree in tennessee is sparking outrage. doll wearing a dunst cap and g.o.p. marcia crossed out referring to congressman and senate candidate marsha blackburn followed by quote stop the hate. police are looking for those responsible. and kids as young as 16 could vote in the nation's capital soon. more good ideas coming out of d.c. think it would give younger residents a voice in politics. of course, the 26th amendment lets citizens 18 and up vote that doesn't ban states and municipalities from lowering that age. the city council votes on it later this month. tell us what you think. do you want your 16-year-old
4:45 am
voting? let us know, ed? ed: all right, meanwhile, democrats in tough races across the country have taken on a unique new strategy, criticizing democrats instead of the president. >> the crazy democrats are people who walk in restaurants and scream in elected officials' faces. i don't do those things. i am not somebody who thinks that we should ever be uncivil. >> the radical left wants to eliminate ice. >> i support ice. funding president trump's border wall. ed: they are not the only ones. is this a sign democrats are feeling the heat in the midterms? here to debate chairman of the conservative union matt schlapp and former advisor to presidents clinton and obama. >> good morning. ed: seems democrats are saying all of a sudden president trump is right, that the left has gone way too far with the resist movement. >> you are talking about strategy. it's not a new strategy. i think anyone who is a
4:46 am
candidate tries to set out and point out what's unique about their particular race. and it's not throwing people under the bus. it's saying what's unique about me? and i think, unfortunately, what's happening in politics in general, is that we talk about people. we name-call. and i think it's just gotten nasty all across the border. so it's not a new strategy. it's just what can i too to win? ed: well, sure. it's been nasty. matt, i want to bring you in, where was claire mccaskill when ted cruz and his wife were being run out of a restaurant? where was claire mccaskill when there were gang rape allegations without any evidence at all? >> that's right. ed: lodged against brett kavanaugh. where was claire mccaskill. >> i just came back from kansas last night. we had kansas city cpac. people are really fired up in missouri about claire mccaskill because she does this every six years. she goes back to missouri and acts like she is a moderate. do you know what? she has a 4% rating with the american conservative union. there is nothing moderate about her record. when it came to brett
4:47 am
kavanaugh she was really one of the first democrats in a tough race to say i won't support brett kavanaugh. she didn't even hear him out and listen to the entire process before she came out opposed to him. what joe donnelly and claire mccaskill realizes is that their on stoition brett kavanaugh and their support of schumer in this crazy agenda is not popular back home. ed: susan, let's turn to the house. nancy pelosi would be the speaker if democrats take the house and there would have to be a vote. here is how confident she was on the colbert show the other night. watch. >> let me say, this up until today, i would have said if the election were held today, we would win. now i'm saying we will win. he haded what he struck me about that susan, is stephen colbert very anti-trump called her out and said where are you going to do this celebration on the fireworks barge that hillary clinton rent the thought 2016? he is not buying it.
4:48 am
>> i may not buy it this is not a new place for her. you celebrate because you see where things are leaning. she has been a very good strategist and i believe it is going to go the democratic way. and i think she is right to celebrate. she is a formidable leader and certainly there will be a vote. but she is a formidable leader. she has been there before and she will have the support she needs. and it's a woman's time. ed: matt, there are some democrats as you know said they won't vote for nancy pelosi. we will see if they change their tune more conservative or moderate democrats. i was struck by a politico story saying that nancy pelosi in the final days is dolling out money to democrats who don't have tough races as if she wants to sort of buy their votes so she can become speaker. >> yes. that's definitely happening. look, there is 40 democratic candidates who have said they won't vote for her if they get the majority back in the house. if there is going to be no blue wave on tuesday what's going to happen in the house is the democrats are going to win in districts that hillary clinton won in 2016.
4:49 am
they are going to get back some of their own territory. the question is how much of that they get. if nancy pelosi is to get that big gavel, if they get the majority and if she is to be their leader, ed, it's going to be because she cut some deal with those 40 candidates who wouldn't vote for her. that means she is going to sign up for impeachment of kavanaugh and impeachment of the president. it's the only way she will hang in there i still predict republicans have a chance to hold the majority. >> it's going to be a blue wave. it's going to be a blue wave. get ready. >> it's not a blue wave when you are winning blue seats. >> it will be a blue wave. ed: find out tuesday night. watch it here on the fox news channel. susan, matt, thank you. >> >> thank you. ed: reverend franklin graham, stuart varney and mike huckabee. all coming up: president trump has a message for alec baldwin after his latest arrest. we have that carley shimkus is here with the biggest trending stories online. a special midterm election.
4:50 am
welcome. >> good morning, how are you? >> hey, katie, how are you doing? katie: all right. good. let's do this. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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4:53 am
if you've read anything about the rise of the third reich and adolf hitler you will see the parallel. attacking the media is the first step see says in aacina move towards fascism. katie: carley shimkus joins us today. >> thank you. jane fonda attacking the president. another day. what do you expect? it is a little bit surprising when celebrities sort of stoop to this level
4:54 am
because they kind of prove the president's point in that he takes so many unfair shots. i mean, every president faces criticism but the hysteria around president trump is next level. and i think one of the reasons they do that is because people talk about it we are talking about it right now. a lot of people online talk about it and that is the way people make news now. and i think we have some of those tweets. one twitter user says this is getting really old. speaking to how people attack the president like this. they have done it in the past. they will do it again. and then another twitter user says she has run out of originality kind of like hollywood in general. ed: speaking of hollywood, alec baldwin loves to play the president and attack him in that character on "saturday night live." he is in some trouble of his own. the president responded. let's get president -- you can talk about it. >> no, no. that's fine. you were doing so good. yeah. so he was arrested, charged with assault. katie: alec baldwin. >> yeah, alec baldwin was.
4:55 am
over this parking lot dispute where he punched a guy in the jaw. ed: took his parking spot. >> that is according to police. alec baldwin is going to be twitter saying he did not get arrested because he punched somebody in the face over a parking spot. so he is disputing it. katie: did he say why he was arrested? arrested? >> no. he hasn't said why yet. but president trump did talk about this. he responded and let's take a listen to what he had to say. it's kind of surprising. >> mr. president, alec baldwin was just arrested for punching somebody out during a parking dispute. any reaction to his arrest? >> i wish him luck. >> i wish him luck. i would have put money on the fact that the president would have tweeted about. this i kind of like that he isn't responding. he is not taking the bait. and. katie: election discipline going on. >> yeah. he has a lot on his mind going on right now. so, debra on twitter says do you think snl will do a skit about that oh, good tweet. and ty says he is just practicing what the left preaches.
4:56 am
katie: speaking, carley, what the left preaches, a bunch of celebrities are yet again out with another. sa that looks like all the other psas they put out. >> looks like the red carpeting. taylor swift gotten political. oprah winfrey talking about the elections. comedy central is making light of all those star-studded political ads with this parody, let's take a look. >> how will i know if i should vote? if celebrities don't tell me too. >> some are calling this the most important election of their lives. they aren't famous. >> who tucker. >> lady gaga? >> should i vote? many americans like us don't know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do. >> that's pretty if you pleasey and surprising coming from comedy central, too. pete: good stuff. carley, thank you very much. katie: thanks, carley. ed: come up, stuart varney live next hour talking jobs. katie: plus mike huckabee and reverend franklin graham both here live coming up. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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[chanting u.s.a.] >> thank you, indiana. thank you very much. >> hello, west virginia. what a pleasure. >> i'm thrilled to be back. >> pete: president trump boosting g.o.p. support after finishing double headers rallies. katie: today he is in montana tomorrow georgia and tennessee. the president is getting a huge last-minute boost going into elections day. the big jobs report came out. ed: look at sectors, the big one is manufacturing. barack obama said these jobs would never come back. 32,000 manufacturing jobs created last month. >> how were those jobs numbers today? [cheers] >> you have a lot more people working now. coal companies are back in business. >> look, the economy is so good. where do you think that started? when did that start? >> lie after lie, unlike president obama, we live by a different motto. it's called promises made, promises kept.
5:01 am
>> go get them, donald. [cheers] >> isn't it ♪ i get a little bit bigger ♪ i will admit. ed: it is time. it's midterms. pete: it sure is. i'm triggered guy multiple things this morning. we get coffee every morning. i prefer dunkin' but today starbucks. already have the christmas cups. we just had halloween. katie: i agree thanksgiving deserves its moment. ed: war on christmas. now war on thanksgiving? pete: doesn't say anything about christmas it appears to be a holiday cup. ainsley: thanksgiving has to come first, knock we have to remember the pilgrims almost starved because of communism at the beginning of the country. ed: who is being negative now. pete: positive about thanksgiving. too early for christmas.
5:02 am
ed: a lot of news breaking overnight. pete: president trump boothsing support after finishing double header rallies in indiana. ed: president saying vote republican if they want to keep this economy roaring. katie: mike tobin with the president's message to the hoosiers. mike? >> well, good morning, pete, katie, and ed u the president is paying a lot of attention to indiana because the senate race here is a very important toss-up. the republican challenger is a guy named mike braun, a wealthy businessman who runs as a political outsider. he has been neck in neck with the incumbent democrat senator joe donnelly. president trump rallied the base out here to vote for braun and give him more support in the senate. the president's argument was boo idea because ojob numbers. >> history of our country. in the last month alone, we added another 250,000 jobs and nearly 600,000 americans returned to the workforce.
5:03 am
nobody would believe it. >> incumbent democrat joe donnelly has run as a moderate. analysts say he has to run as a moderate in a state that voted so heavily in favor of president trump. now, donnelly said he voted with the president 62% of the time. donnelly voted against the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. that prompted both mike braun and the president to say is he a liberal in sync with schumer. out of sing sync with voters. guys, back to you. katie: mike, thank you very much. ed: ever president before a big midterm likes to get out on the road. i have never seen a president of either party. pete: every president does. sometimes they hedge their bets or only go here. is he going everywhere. ed: he has been to some of these places twice, florida, indiana, state big senate races. big senate and gubernatorial battles. he promises, look, it's not
5:04 am
even at the beginning of these races. they go back to 2016 when he said hillary clinton doesn't have the stamina to be president. i'm going to be working night and day. is he doing that on the economy, on immigration, on a range of issues. politically as well. he is not just sitting in the rose garden saying here is what i think. he is getting his hands dirty. he is hitting the road nonstop. katie: going right up to the wire on election day. a number of rallies planned for monday. he is certainly going to be touting over the next couple of days that amazing jobs report came on-friday. 250,000 new jobs added. unemployment 49-year low and fastest wage growth which is key since 2009 with an additional 32,000 manufacturing jobs added last month. so, huge numbers coming at the tail end of this contested midterm election. ed: to this president's credit, jared bernstein a liberal economist who worked for joe biden in the white house tweeted out yesterday this has, quote, pretty much everything you could want in a monthly report. he went through not just on jobs about i think as katie noted last hour, wages, that
5:05 am
wages are rising. that's been a big talking point for democrats. you are creating jobs but wages are not coming up. each democrats now acknowledging wages are going up. pete: jobs are come back prominent democrats said would never come back to include 5,000 mining jobs in october alone. 32,000 manufacturing jobs. that's a thousand a day. that's a big number in these key states that voted for him. it takes that unemployment rate that was high for too long back down. why know that overall it's 3.7. if you break it down by demographics, the unemployment rate is at historic lows, almost across the board for whites 3.3, blacks 6.2. 3.2 hispanics3.2 for asians, 4.r hispanics. what do you have to lose for voting for me it's hard not to step back and say he has delivered. katie: something republicans have argued in the remaining days. this good economy is not affecting just one group or the other.
5:06 am
it's uplifting everybody. something they want when they are trying to get votes from every sector. pete: touting the tax cuts 1%. no, they actually ended up helping. katie: all the boats in the harbor are being lifted. ed: can't forget our friends in carolina and florida had devastating hurricanes to deal with in the last month or. so normally that effects the job numbers. hurts the economy. instead this economy is pretty resilient for those number of jobs to be created despite out storms. the "new york times" this morning sort of giving the president some credit and then, of course, not. they say republicans have a humming economy. this is the "new york times." saying the republicans having a humming economy to tout but the president's rhetoric is muddying the message. in normal political times a glowing report on the nation's economy just before election day, they say would be a gift to the party in power and uniform talking point for its candidates. entering the final weekend before tuesday's before midterm vote the "times" says president trump's message of nativist fear has been the dominant theme of the last days threatens to
5:07 am
overshadow the good economic news. i don't have anything to say. i want to hand the ball to pete. pete: now i know ed where you got the talking points. katie: native itist fear. >> they want to distract how good this economy is. katie: they want to make it about race. pete: they want to make it about race and identity politics. i refuse to believe you can't do more than two things at one time. can't tout an economy that's gang busters and stuart varney was on before and he is talking about trend lines and trends matter. that number has skyrocketed since president trump was elected. and i also think our news cycle is so fast that you can talk about these job numbers and four or five days later they are in the mind of a voter going into the ballot box. that's personally why i don't like early voting. i think election day should be a national holiday so everyone has a chance. to say what if these jobs numbers come out and you said man, president trump really is delivering but i already voted that's my own personal thing. katie: time line is important here too. the caravan has been coming for a cu couple weeks now.
5:08 am
jobs number came out on friday. i'm not sure if they expect president trump ignore thousand of people vowing to come into the country while at the same time touting these numbers. he can do both. speaking of illegal immigration. president obama says that president trump is trying to determine and doesn't get to determine who becomes a citizen. [laughter] >> i'm assuming that they recognize that a president doesn't get to decide on his own who is an american citizen and who is not. [cheers and applause] that's not how the constitution of the united states works. ed: interesting, because in the rose garden in 2012 in the middle of the presidential campaign when as president barack obama came out to that rose garden and said magic wand, i'm going to keep the daca folks here. these young people, young men and women who are children of illegal immigrants who are here and some have served in the military, some in school. they are going to stay. pete: if you listened to him you would have thought all of them served in the
5:09 am
military. that's the way he framed it. ed: they are not becoming citizens. going to get them on a path and stay here legally basically and basically he was saying, president obama, that i decide who is here legally and not. and now he is trying to say that president trump is choosing whiners and losers somehow. dan bongino called out this obvious hypocrisy. watch. >> the gull on obama. i mean, is he for real? he accuses someone else of someone else what he did himself in an effort to deflect and engage in gas lighting. you have a president by the way who suggested with his pen and phone that he could disregard the constitution and influence the citizenship process himself. but we're supposed to take advice from him on how it's supposed to work according to like the legal procedure? this is insane. katie: it's just crazy. barack obama admitted, multiple times to the left, who was pressuring him to do something like this that he couldn't do it and then he went and signed daca and said it was going to stay. and he was going to here illegally by parents
5:10 am
had a path to citizenship. ed: had rally for democrats like did he in florida yesterday doesn't seem to do interviews, barack obama, afterwards where maybe we could ask a question. pete: that's right. ed: last campaign that donald trump didn't have a magic wapsd and could not bring manufacturing jobs back? guess what? president obama they are back. pete: had no idea what he could or would say to that you are exactly right. he and the "new york times" now all they want to do in the face of what president trump is doing is call you racist or him racist or call you nativist as they did in that "new york times" piece when what president trump is simply say something countries have borders. we have laws. we should have citizens and just because you want to run across our border doesn't make you one. and that doesn't make you a racist or him a racist that means our laws should matter. if you are going to call out the constitution as the former president did, you better do it correctly and with an understanding maybe your executive orders weren't all that constitutional back in the day. katie: barack obama is on the left side of the political aisle that believes everyone should receive amnesty if you get your foot in the door and
5:11 am
come here legally. president trump's is have you got to get in line. ed: president trump wants to use executive orders on immigration. pete: what he has done so far has been way within the bounds of constitutionality compared what-to-what he told obama. katie: we will get to this debate i'm sure later in the show. right now we have to get to your headlines, u.s. troops killed in insider attack in afghanistan. the american service member was reportedly killed by afghan forces earlier this morning in kabul. the attacker was immediately shot dead by other afghan forces. another injured service member was wounded and? stable condition. the incident is now under investigation. two people are dead and five others injured when a gunman opened fire inside a florida yoga studio. authorities identifying the shooter as scott beerily. the two people killed were a student and faculty member at florida state university. the gunman killed himself at the scene. police are looking for a motive. the scene. police are looking for a motive. tallahassee mayor and democratic gubernatorial candidate andrew gillum is
5:12 am
indefinitely suspending his campaign in the wake of that shooting. and over to indiana now. indiana lawmakers are now pushing for cameras outside of school buses to protect students. the cameras would take pictures of drivers who pass when the stop arm is out and kids are crossing the street. that way police can ticket them. it comes after an indiana driver ignored one this week, striking four kids and killing three of them. horrible, bus drivers tell lawmakers that vehicles often illegally pass them. and the marine corps commandment delivers a heart felt message as they celebrate their 243rd birthday next week. >> simpler fidelis support the corps the country and each other. katie: highlighting every marine's sacrifice through their blood, sweat and tears. it's a reminder that all marines go through the same hardships to get the job done. and that is your headline. ed: semper fi and happy birthday. katie: indeed, happy birthday.
5:13 am
ed: one of kavanaugh's accusers is admitting the whole thing was made up. she says it was basically a stunt. she could be in some big trouble now. we will get into it. pete: made up. plus, coming up, we have mike huckabee, stuart varney, the reverend franklin graham here on this saturday edition of "fox & friends." three days from election day. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ slow ride ♪ take it easy ♪
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5:17 am
is in our nation's capital with the latest. >> chuck grassley is going after another woman who he claims falsely accused brett kavanaugh of rape. grassley has referred judy monroe layton to the justice department for investigation of potentially criminal false statements and she now faces serious legal trouble. she claimed to be the author of an anonymous allegation known as the jane doe letter originally sent to senator kamala harris but she later admitted during questioning that she was not the author nor had she ever met justice kavanaugh. now the chairman of the committee putting out a statement on twitter that reads in part, quote: under questioning by committee investigators, ms. ron mow leyton admitted contrary to her prior claims that she hadn't been sexually aassaulted by judge kavanaugh and was not the author of the original jane doe letter. grassley munro-leighton
5:18 am
raping them several times each in the backseat of the car. she had used the claims as a tactic to bring attention to the issue of sexual assault. grassley has made a similar referral concerning kavanaugh accuser julie swetnick and her lawyer michael avenatti. you may have heard of him, guys. ed: yeah we have heard of him. appreciate that report. avenatti has been called out -- first of all it's despicable people made stuff up and repeated in various media. pete: very little fact checking. ed: or no fact checking. pete: yeah and no fact checking. ed: hats off to chuck grassley. he got grief during those hearings. he heard from dr. ford and all voices h he led fair hearings and fair to justice kavanaugh. he is going after the bad guys and going after the folks who lied to his committee. most of the time they move on. they don't do that is he holding people accountable. katie: you have to remember during this investigation everybody wanted an fbi investigation. this proves, again that lying to congress carries the same weight as lying to
5:19 am
an fbi investigator this makes my blood boil. this is not only a smear against justice kavanaugh and his family as we have seen repeatedly. this does a huge disservice to women who are actual victims of sexual assault. puts more scrutiny on their story. rightfully so based on what we saw with all the false accusations that came out. i hope she is brought to justice for this. this is absolutely disgusting. they owe everybody an apology. ed: where is the apology from chuck schumer? pete: it won't be coming. you can email it to us, chuck, at if you want. the reality is they want to ignore this issue. they ran on the idea of believe all women. i think you should believe any accusation as well until it's proved to be false. katie: i think you should take every accusation seriously. you should not believe every accusation. pete: thank goodness our country held strong at that moment. ed: said believe all women no matter what. katie: many in the media owe
5:20 am
justice kavanaugh, his wife and children and real equipment survivors of sexual assault. pete: it this will get a small mention in the back times of the "new york times." ed: they are saying they are going to impeach him. how are they going to impeach him with always these false accusations. incredible. katie: this wasn't a -- a day of trick or treating parentcandy testing positive for meth. pete: stuart varney is fired up. is he here to weigh in live. welcome. ♪ invincible ♪ untraceable ♪ unstoppable ♪ unthinkable ♪ they knock me down ♪averlife
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. couple of quibbling headlines from the supreme court. the trial will be moving forward regarding the 2020 court. the trial will be moving forward regarding the 2020 census. a dozen states suing the trump administration over what i would deem a common sense decision to add a citizenship question to the federal head count. plus, another big case on the docket. this world war i memorial in maryland. the justices will decide if that cross right there violates the constitution's separation of church and state which of course is not in the constitution. that's another matter. the high court is refusing to block kids from suing the government over climate change. 21 young americans want federal policies enacted to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. katie: with their smart phone. ed: jobs report far exceeding job expectations 250,000 new jobs added. the president touting that news, obviously. >> more americans are working today -- think of this, than ever before. more americans today, right now. this hour are working than ever before in the history of our country.
5:25 am
how good is that? [cheers] how do you lose that debate? [laughter] katie: with the midterms just days away what kind of an impact will the economy have on voters? pete: here to bake pra it down is stuart varney from the fox business network. >> thank you for having me. under president trump america has returned to prosperity first time in a decade the money is flowing, people have scope going up in the world. the jobs are plentiful. and all because -- i think it will have a big impact on the election. don't we vote our pocketbook, our wallet, our job? isn't that what we basically vote about? and that's what i think first time in a decade we have had what i would call prosperity. look, president trump cut taxes, deregulated, got the economy to grow. we are at about 3.5, 4% growth rate right now. that's double the rate of the obama years. we have got full employment. absolutely full employment. and let me fill out what the
5:26 am
president was saying there in that speech. there are now 156,562,000 americans with a job. that's an all-time high. that is the 12th record under president trump. that is called full employment. ed: that is great. here what happens i want to know because pete gets triggered he gets upset if you say anything positive about barack obama. when barack obama came to office he was losing 600, 700,000 jobs a month. in financial free fall, correct? by the end of his administration, in his final 21 months he created more jobs than president trump has created in his first 21 months. katie: are you saying he started this? ed: no, i'm saying president trump has done an amazing job on the economy. listen close. you have got to learn this stuff. president trump has done a great job on the economy, cutting taxes, regulations, it's roaring. you are absolutely right. all i'm saying is wasn't the table set by barack obama? >> no. ed: why can't republicans admit that. >> no. it was not set by president obama. the policies pursued by president obama were tax,
5:27 am
spend, going in to debt and regulate. ed: hang on, how much debt has president trump added? >> wait a minute, that created in the last six months of the obama -- the last six months we had a growth rate of just about 1.5%. within two years, we have more than doubled that. the trend, ed, is. pete: your analogy, you can set the table but you can't put the steak on the plate. >> that's good. pete: that's what president trump has done. the rocket economy you talk about all the time. >> just wait until this holiday period. you will have a rip roaring booming holiday sales period. the likes of which you have not seen. katie: that's the big question. we are at a high note now. we have seen the stock market at record highs for months minus some of the things that happened in october. where do we go from here? can we get even higher as the president has said what happens if republicans lose the house on tuesday? will democrats put some fear into the economy? >> the table is set for rip roaring holiday period. can't take that away. >> if republicans win are if
5:28 am
democrats win. >> no matter what happens in the midterms, you are going to have a fantastic holiday season a fourth quarter with probably 4% growth. now, let's take your question. if the republicans keep control of the house, extend their lead in the senate, if that happens, you have more tax cuts, you have more growth and the economic boom continues. that's what you are going to have. if the democrats take control of the house i don't know whether they will or not, you will put a cap on the boom because you won't get more stimulus. you won't get more tax cuts. what you will get is toxic politics out the wazoo with all kinds of investigations and impeachment. that's what you are going to get. ed: is wazoo an economic term. >> it is now. ed: jumped into spending when i asked to jobs under president obama jumped to spending did he raise taxes obama. did he increase spending. i have got news for you president trump has increased spending. hang on, i'm giving you credit. president trump has taken people off food stamps. wages are coming up. i'm giving you all of that but president trump is
5:29 am
spending money like mad and adding to the debt. why are you not calling him out on that? >> because the debt is going up but not as much as we thought it would and that's because taxes on businesses are lower. you just wait until -- wait, early part of next year, those 1 percenters, people who make real good money and live in the high tax states, new jersey, new york, connecticut, whatever, they won't get those big tax refunds that they used to get and you will get an inflow of money to the treasury like have you not seen in a long time. those tax cuts will pay for themselves. the deficit will get under control. ed: we have it on tape. we have got it on tape. >> fine with me. katie: president trump calling his cabinet two weeks ago and tell each one of them to cut 5% of their budget. we will see if that goes anywhere. ed: washington don't cut it. they don't cut it. >> give me growth and prosperity. that's america. katie: thank you so much. fox business monday through friday. tune in monday for his show.
5:30 am
>> i'm worried pet ed: i'm worried pete is all sizzle no steak. katie: bill clinton asked to stay off the campaign trail. mike huckabee is here to react next. ed: todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia and boy, are they excited to talk about it ♪ i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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katie: president trump tweeting moments ago: heading to montana and florida today. everyone excited about the jobs numbers 250,000 new jobs in october. also wages rising wow. trump tweeting five times wow: maybe mic hub becan tell us thousand say that five times fast. >> good morning. >> i'm shocked the president
5:35 am
is up tweeting this morning. my goodness. what an unusual thing for him to be doing in the morning. pete: i know. i can't believe it he is talking jobs numbers hitting the trail through tuesday. have you big races you think folks should be focused on if we want to get a hint what tuesday night might look like. >> i think the florida races for senate and governor are key races. purple state. shocking to me that andrew gillum is even polling near ron desantis in that race. it's just intirs. so that race is really a bellwether race. i think also the senate race between nelson and a very outstanding governor rick scott is another race to watch what are people think going they don't elect rick scott who has done fantastic job of changing the economy of florida. what are they thinking if they would put andrew gillum who says he would raise taxes a state people go to because taxes are low.
5:36 am
pete: why is that race so close? >> honestly, i can't figure it out. and i think a lot of it is the press has given a nice tongue bath to an dry gillum. they have ignored the scandals. they have completely glossed over the things that really should concern voters they have not talked about the politics. they have presented him charisma figure beto o'rourke in texas another race to keep an eye on. the arizona senate race. there are several key races that shouldn't be that close but they are. and the question is how have the democrats been able to sort of conceal their true intentions if they get elected? that's what i think americans need to be concerned about. but here's what i'm thinking. i think a lot of people are going to go into the voting booth on tuesday. they have put up their signs and worn their silly pink hats. they screamed at people in restaurants. they have threatened to move to canada. deep down they look at their situation and they say by golly, i'm doing a heck of a lot better under president trump than i was before
5:37 am
401(k) is rocketing forward. you know, i have got more money in my pocket. the job prospects are good. i just can't believe those people go into the voting booth and vote against themselves. that's what they are doing. they may not like donald trump. i get that but they better like their own situation in life and i think some of them are going to say that they are voting against the republicans but when they go in the privacy of that booth, they are going to vote for their own best interest. pete: governor, how much impact do you have the economy will have. we have had economist on the couch all morning economist ed henry poo pooing the amount of credit president trump can take for this. will voters see this as a trump recovery and vote that way? >> well, if they don't, who do they attribute it to? they had 8 years under obama and, ed, i heard what you said and i won't even argue that point. i think you may have some valid points. but here's the bigger issue. ed: he conceded. >> hispanics, all time low unemployment.
5:38 am
if you are a person of color, how do you vote for democrats to send you back to high levels of double digit unemployment when the president has helped create an economy that's put you to work? if you are a miner, how do you want to go back to, you know, getting an unemployment check rather than a paycheck? if you are a person who has been a manufacturing employee, why would you want to go back on the unemployment rolls? if you are a person, for example, who is a woman, a woman employee is better off now than any woman many employee has ever been. you look at all the factors, and there is not a single sector of the economy that isn't charging forward. now, you can say well, it was all president obama, but, you know what? all i know is that it wasn't this good when he was president. it's been this good from the day donald trump was elected. the stock market took off like a rocket. it's never come back down fully to earth. and you have to say that this president has been a powerful moving force in it.
5:39 am
katie: speaking of blast from the past and democrats. it seems like democrats are now shunning former president bill clinton on the campaign trail. they are not inviting him to come speak on their behalf. why do you think that is? >> well, i think there are a lot of reasons, one of which is the me too movement has pretty well destroyed his credibility. for the first time, people are going to believe women they have to believe juanita broaddrick who is very credible. i know her. have you got to believe kathleen willey and paula jones you have to believe a lot of women. that leaves bill clinton on the sidelines. you have a race in arkansas clark tucker is running against a wonderful congressman french hill who has been terrific. former treasury department official, stout and strong in every way. clark tucker is a very nice young man. he went to high school high school with my daughter. they were classmates and friends. he comes from a great family. they were very close to the clintons. he, of all the people in the country, would have the natural reason to bring bill clinton in to campaign for him in arkansas. he hasn't done it. he has kept his distance.
5:40 am
intentionally. katie: distancing themselves from hillary clinton not asking bill clinton the former president come on the campaign trail have to do with her as well? >> you know, i'm not sure. would you want to bring hillary in with all that high energy that she has? maybe she has got some fireworks left over from the 2016 election. katie: oh, burn. >> balloons and all sorts of stuff. i mean, you know, maybe they are missing a great opportunity. because there is a whole warehouse full of celebration supplies that hillary could bring to the party. ed: governor, thanks for the straight talk and thank you mostly for siding with me over pete. i appreciate it. pete: not true. >> i didn't quite do that i'm just giving you the benefit of the doubt. that's as far as i go. katie: thank you so much. >> have great day. katie: authorities in oregon under fire for freeing illegal immigrants accused of murdering his wife. ice officials say authorities in portland released this man knowing he was wanted for deportation. the sheriff's office claiming they never received
5:41 am
detainer q the was arrested in march under domestic violence charges now admitted to dumping his wife's body in a ditch. two parents hospitalized after unknowingly eating meth laced halloween candy. gummies that resembled sour patch kids. parents told police the bag appeared fully sealed. and are you ready to spice up your life? ♪ every boy and girl ♪ people of the world ♪ katie: my favorite story of the day. the spice girls are expected to announce a reunion tour next week. they are planning to perform across the u.k. in 2019. according to the sun victoria beckham opting out of the tour to focus on her fashion line, boo. it's unclear if the girl gang will come to the united states. i hope that they do. pete: you are a big fan. >> i had all the barbies i still have the vhs spice girl movies.
5:42 am
they always tease us with this and then they don't actually do it. ed: rick, who is your favorite spice girl? i can i can i couldn't name one. katie: that's unfortunate. rick: i'm not above pop music for some reason i missed that one. i need more information about those meth ceandz. pete: why, rick? rick: there is a much bigger story we need to follow up tomorrow in the headlines. extra hour to research that story because get more sleep tonight which is going to feel really good when you are working morning television but tomorrow night it will get dark really really early. be prepared for that temperaturewise right now looking good. almost everywhere, no major cold batch of air coming in because of that, no big snow coming in along with this either. here is one storm we saw that modify through parts of florida overnight. good news. you are clearing up behind that still some rain, especially across parts of new england, flooding overnight in pennsylvania with heavy storms. this moves out of here. throughout the day today. by tonight, the cooler air
5:43 am
comes in though. you will be by tomorrow morning solidly into the low 40's. real quick, tuesday. big storm guys. this could be really windy and really rainy with some severe weather across a lot of the eastern part of the country which has big implication, potentially, around the election. people need to be planning on how they are going to dodge that. pete: might impact turnout a little bit. katie: vote early. ed: and often. not often just once. ed: what should people of faith be considering when they head to the polls on tuesday. we are going to ask reverend franklin graham he's up live next. ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
katie: midterms are days away and knot lost on voters. pete: majority of is a religion voters believe the mid terms are very important. katie: what should be considering head to will polls on tuesday. pete: joining us is reverend
5:47 am
franklin gravel. fofranklin -- evangelical. for people of faith heading to the ballot box where should their mind be. >> first of all, as evangelicals, we believe that jesus christ is god's son, that he died for our sins on a cross. and that god raised him to life. life. this is what we believe. and as evangelicals we want to tell this to the world. we want everyone to understand and know this. now when it comes politically, there are evangelicals have r. split on a lot of issues. i would want to remind all the evangelicals and christians, people of faith to pray before you vote. and ask god to give you wisdom as you cast that ballot because the stakes are very high. i think 2016, our 2016 was the most important, maybe most important presidential election in our lifetime and for midterms this is probably the most important midterm election in my lifetime. and we need to be very careful. there is a lot at stake. the courts, the economic growth of our country, which
5:48 am
helps all of us, regardless of our faith. we are all benefiting from a strong economy. and so i would certainly ask people to consider what's at stake and to pray before you vote. katie: reverend, president trump had an overwhelming number of evangelical supporters in 2016 to get him over the finish line against hillary clinton. now an "l.a. times" op-ed says the evangelicals may be re-thinking their support for the president. what's your take on that? >> well, first of all, i think that was an opinion piece that is somebody's opinion. and i think the media wants to try to put a divide with the evangelicals to try to divide this community, if they can. so they are putting thoughts and doubts in people's minds. and i just don't think that's true. it's, again, an opinion piece. pete: you are hearing in churches and others is not that. that there isn't a growing doubt amongst evangelicals. >> again, the evangelical community is not united
5:49 am
politically. there are differences of opinions. and those have always been there. and i just don't see this wave of doubt coming in to the picture at this point. i really don't. i think most people that voted for president trump, i think probably everyone that voted for him the last election would vote for him again today. and, they are going to do everything they can to try to keep him supported in congress the way he needs to be supported to continue the economic growth and also, his protection of christian values is very important. andrew brunson just got released from turkey out of prison. that would have never happened under somebody else. but president trump, he just made it -- he made it his agenda. he was going to get him back. he is also trying to make a deal with the north koreans. no, no president in my lifetime has tried to make a deal with the north koreans. this is extremely important. and he has put those sanctions back on iran where they should be. all of this is positive stuff.
5:50 am
he needs congress who will back him and support him. i hope christian also look at all of this and then pray and ask god before they vote. katie: reverend franklin graham thank you so much for your input. evangelicals like many other americans will be voting on tuesday. we will be watching and i'm sure you will too. thank you for your time. pete: thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. indicate cat the trump economy is booming it wasn't long ago that former president clinton and obama were mocking jobs. pete: what do voters think of president trump's rally yesterday. todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia. they will bring their voices to you in about two minutes ♪ living in america ♪ eye to eye ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ ed: well, we told you president trump was rallying his voters in west virginia yesterday. now tv's todd piro is there live talking to voters as well. good morning, todd, what are they saying? >> hey, good morning, ed, let's get right to them. cindy watched the rally. big fan of president trump, why? >> is he bringing american jobs back. we have seen increase of coal in our area. this area needs industry. the coal industry was dying. he has revived it. bringing jobs back to our area. todd: you are one of these trump supporters that is voting for joe marchen, the democrat, why? >> joe has represented our state quite well in the past few years. when we had our coal mining tragedy. he stood by our coal miners, he has worked well with our state. is he a home state boy where morrisey has gone from state to state trying to get a political office unfortunately he found it here in west virginia. todd: cindy, thank you for your time. kim san educator.
5:55 am
kim, you say the economy here, specifically the gas pipeline industry is booming, why do you say that? >> well, when our -- when the obama administration came in and did their war on coal a few years ago, we had to do something so the gas industry has has stepped in and stepped up and it's really boosting our economy around here. todd: understood. kim, thank you very much. now it's time to talk to the judge. all rise for judge al. judge al serious topic though you say you see way too many drug cases come before your bench and you say one of the ways to stop the drug crisis is to enforce and get really really tough at the border. why do you say that? >> well, that's where most of it comes in. it comes from mexico. that's the pathway up here. also shipped in from china and into mexico and comes up here. we get a lot of our drug dealers coming in from detroit, columbus and that area and it's heroin,
5:56 am
cocaine, meth, that's five days a week, basically that's what i deal with. todd: that's a lot to take. just quickly, when you look at the situation, is there an end in sight. >> you will never irradicate all of it i believe it starts with education at very young level. there is some people i don't care how much money you spend on them, because of their habits, the way they want to live, they goal right back to it. we have a lot of -- i started the first drug court in west virginia. and they are very popular now across the country. todd: right. >> those people even if they successfully complete it. if they don't want to change their lifestyle they goal right back. todd: the judge rests his case. that is it from here. back to you in new york. ed: appreciate that all rise reference to aaron judge. the intensifying three days until the midterms. we break down the top races you should be paying close attention to we will be covering all day.
5:57 am
katie: all day. plus director of the national white house trade council peter navarro and dr. sebastian gorka all here coming up ♪ ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a huge drag.
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president trump: thank you, pete: president trump boosting gop support after finishing gop support after finishing the big jobs report that came out. ed: look at the sectors the big one is manufacturing. barack obama said these jobs would never come back. 32000 manufacturing jobs created last month. president trump: how were those jobs numbers today? >> [applause] >> there are now 156 million americans with a job. that is called full employment. >> you have a lot more people
6:01 am
working now. the coal companies are back in business. >> the economy is so good! >> [applause] >> where do you think thatç started? president trump: lie after lie, unlike president obama, we live by a different motto. it's called promises made, promises kept. >> go get them, donald! [applause] >> ♪ ♪ ed: the mid-term election. pete: apparently they're starting to practice for the marathon. the new york city marathon is tomorrow i did not know that you practiced the day before. >> got to do a little warmup. >> i did not do the full marathon but maybe if enough people convince to do the full one at some point in my life. pete: and ed, likes to talk
6:02 am
about fasts one of the facts is that neither ed nor i are rubbing a msrathon any time soon ed: we should do it. pete: no that's not true. ed: it is talking about the big race coming up there's one big race on tuesday, races all around the country we've been talking about it for months and this president said he was going to be front and center and he wanted to nationalize the election but he was going to work wirelessly to try and save the gop majority in the house and senate. looks like he may increase the gop majority with his help but the house is still very much up for grabs. pete: this is razor thin all the way down to the wire until tusker it's as close as it could possibly be 51-49 a good day for democrats would mean that number stays the same, a good day for republicans you could see 56 republican senators possibly and here is the toss up races and katie you're familiar with these , nevada, home state of arizona, missouri, indiana and two big races in florida. as we saw president trump and vice president mike pence in
6:03 am
arizona last week on be half of martha mccaul it, condoleeza rice came outlast night endorsing mcsally so we have a lot that we're looking at currently the house as well as the senate right now, 235 seats are held by republicans, 193 are held by democrats, there are seven vacancies, there are about
6:04 am
... president trump: in the last
6:05 am
month alone we added 250,000 jobs and fearly half a million americans returned to the workforce. democrats want to raise your taxes and use socialism to turn america into venezuela. democrats want to invite caravan . we need to use our precious resources to help low income americans who respect our laws, not caravans, who break into our country, and break our laws. a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. more jobs, less crime. how nice! >> [applause] president trump: how nice. >> [applause] >> jobs jobs jobs and as the president mentioned those jobs numbers want to go over one more time from that report on friday, 250,000 jobs added in october, and the unemployment rate is now at a 49-year low, and that's the fastest wage growth since 2009 and the sectors here, 32000
6:06 am
manufacturing jobs added in october, more specifics on those industries, health care of 36,000 new jobs, manufacturing 32000, construction which is good for the overall economy, 30,000, and transport warehous ing 25,000 and mining which is a very interesting one, especially in places like west virginia where the president has spent a lot of time going after joe manchin, 5,000. ed: and montana where he's going today. pete: a lot of voters in those states feel like democrats had written off the jobs, they were the jobs of yesterday except this year alone there have been 65,000 mining jobs that have come back to this country, 1000 manufacturing jobs created a day in october, those are things we were told because we've got video tape of former democratic candidates talking about how this economy that's here today, it was never coming back. listen. >> what we have to do is to make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now, because some of those jobs of the past are just not going
6:07 am
to come back,ç and when someboy says like the person you just mentioned who i'm not going to advertise for, that he's going to bring all these jobs back. well how is that, what are you going to do? what magic and do you have? >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. ed: some pretty embarrassing moments for democrats right there. that was awful. she was trying to dig out of that for almost the rest of the 2016 campaign about saying she wanted to take some jobs away, but i think it was very fair of katie a moment ago to note something important which is this is the fastest wage growth we've had since 2009 you said when barack obama was president, so wage growth was strong you were saying. >> [laughter] i was not saying.
6:08 am
however, stuart varney who was on the show earlier from fox business wanted to rebut ed's point about obama and the economy. >>stuart: it was not said by president obama. the policies set were tax spend, going to debt and regulate. if republicans keep control of the house, extend their lead in the senate if that happened you'll have more tax cuts, you'll have more growth, and the economic boom continues. that's what you're going to have if the democrats take control of the house, i don't know whether they will or not, you're going to put a cap on the boom because you won't get more stimulus. you won't get more tax cuts. what you'll get is toxic politic s, with all kinds of investigations and impeachment. ed: and what stuartç is absolutely right about is that nancy pelosi has said they take back the house, they're going to try, at least to eliminate the trump tax cuts. >> taking the crumbs back. now they're taking them back. ed: because they're so big.
6:09 am
pete: you've been trying to give credit to barack obama all morning long, for the economy and i said it last hour i'll say it again. if you claim that obama set the table, then president trump put a big old stake on the plate. ed: sure. i'm saying they both get credit. pete: pro-growth, pro-business policies, pro-government policies it's growth versus bail outs, you have a businessman putting businesses first as opposed to government and regulations first. ed: i agree. i think that's a losing argument katie made a great point that waste grown has not been this good since 09 when obama was president. i think democrats don't have it any more that the trump economy isn't working any more. ed: i agree with katie. >> thank you, ed i appreciate that. pete: politically it's hard for democrats to try reverse engineer that somehow they get credit for the success when it's clear. ed: i agree with that. >> we've been hearing all morning from you guys on twitter , someone wiseç mom 113
6:10 am
says: october surprise for dems , trump and the gop's policies are working don't give up either house or senate to the demonstratesing, don't give nancy pelosi back her gavel. ed: don't give her the gavel or the crumbs. e-mail now, trump's economy is on fire! obama handcuffed the economy with regulations and then wanted you to believe that jobs just weren't there. it's trump's economy. >> i think she disagrees with your assessment this is all obama. ed: i believe that may have been judge. i said he set the table. >> so you're agreeing with him that he started this? pete: maybe. friends at fox what do you think three days out from the mid-terms which way will these great job numbers cut in the ballot box. >> tell us where you're from too so we can see. turning now to your headlines we begin with a fox news alert a u.s. troop has been killed in an insider attack in afghanistan the american service member was reportedly killed by afghan forces earl your this morning in kabul. the attacker wasç immediately
6:11 am
shot dead by other afghan forces and another injured service member was wounded and is in stable condition the incident is under investigation. and turning to extreme weather, two people are now dead after heavy rain and strong winds forced a 50-foot wall to collapse, both of them found underneath rubble inside an amazon warehouse in baltimore. severe weather slamming parts of maryland overnight with a tornado, reportedly hitting a tj maxx store. luckily nobody was hurt. and the man accused of saiding suspicious packages to prom it dent democrats will go on trial in new york. caesar sayoc faces 48 years in prison the fbi found another similar suspicious package at a california mailing facility addressed to tom steer. no injuries were reported. and mark wahlberg is lending a helping hand to honor our nations heros the actor encouraging fans to help repair a vandalized vietnamç war memorial in boston, criminals throwing bricks and ripping american flags but no arrests have been made. he tweeted a link to his
6:12 am
gofundme account which already has raised more than 13,000 of the $25,000 goal. and those are your headlines. pretty unfortunate that he has to raise that kind of money to repair the memorial but we're very happy. pete: well done. appreciate it. well we've been talking about it all morning long. the fight to the senate intensifying with three days until the mid-terms. we break down the top three races that you should be watching. ed: jane fonda not one to shy away from controversy, how she's reaching back in history to take a pretty nasty swipe at the president. we'll have that coming up. >> ♪ ♪
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
pete: welcome back. well the fight for the control of the senate intensifying with just three days until the mid-terms. ed: this as the president continues the blitz to boost republican support. >> mike tobin is live with a breakdown to keep an i've on mike over to you.
6:16 am
>> president trump overnight here in indiana, he's already up and tweeting about the rally here in indiana last night, tweet reads as follows: indiana rally and coach bobby knight who was here were incredible last night packed house in honor of mike braun for senate, mike well be a great senator don't forget to vote and braun is the republican challenger running with joe donnelly who runs as a moderate but voted against a confirmation of justice brett kavanaugh. the president rallied the base here hoping to send him a republican in the senate so another state getting attention from the president is montana. president trump is looking to push republican matt rosendale into the senate seat and bump john tester. he is a senator who released allegations that trump's pick for the secretary of veterans affairs had been overprescribing drugs and was drinking and fostered a hostile work environment leading to a withdrawal of that pick. a retribution for that and missouri also getting multiple
6:17 am
visits from the president where democratic senator's claire mccaskill's seat is a toss up and they hope a minimum wage referendum with motivate progressives through the polls and president trump is stumping for the republican state attorney general josh howley, polls show him leading but within the margin of error in addition to montana today the president will head to florida where governor rick scott is looking to take the senate seat away from the democratic incumbent there, bill nelson. guys back to you. !9-muju bringing that pete: thanks mike appreciate it. well i.c.e. wanted to deport him , but instead, an illegal immigrant was released and now he's accused accused of mud, plus the trump economy adding a quarter of a million jobs, so will this success translate at the polls we're going to ask director of the white house national trade council, peter navarro coming up next. >> ♪ right now!
6:18 am
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are you in good hands?
6:21 am
pete: so quick headlines for you the u.s. and turkey move to warm relations now that pastor andrew brunson is free bothç nations o remove sanctions imposed during a diplomatic standoff over brunson's detainment he was released and returned to the states last month after being held for two years on trumped up terrorism and espionage charges and president trump is planning to host a meeting plus dinner with the chinese president. the two leaders are expected to meet in december after the g20 leader summit trade is expected to be a big part of that discussion. ed: already. well good news for the economy and the trump adminitration just three days before the mid-term elections. ed: the labor department
6:22 am
reporting 250,000 jobs added in october that beat expectations while the unemployment rate is holding at a nearly 50-year low. >> here to react white house national trade council peter navarro. thank you so much for being here >> good to talk to you katie. >> so the big question is how do these jobs numbers effect the outcome of the election on tuesday? >> well the headline of the wall street journal today was wages rise, hiring accelerates i can't think of aç better closig argument and main street will love that. for me going back to the campaign, president trump promised that he would rebuild this economy and he promised he would cut taxes and deregulate, unleash the energy sector and re negotiate all these trade deals, buy american, all of these things are working synergistically to put americans back to work particularly americans who work with their hands. mining, manufacturing, we've created close to half a million manufacturing jobs since
6:23 am
election day and that's incredible. the thing that warms my heart the most though i'll tell you this. again going back to the campaign we used to talk about the discouraged workers, the people who were sitting on the couch with the shades drawn who were just beaten down just beaten down by the obama administration this president, donald j. trumpç has put over a million of those back into the workforce that's a miracle so in terms of closing arguments, this economy is hitting on all cylinders, and it's squarely, because of the promises made, promises kept and an economic plan that is very broad based and traffic. ed: peter to your point i've been noting this point that jaro d bernstein who was the top economist for vice president biden put out a tweet saying this had everything you could ever want in a monthly jobs report in terms of wages and jobs and all the things you just laid out but as you know the markets and just the broader economy concerned still about your trade and the tariffs and
6:24 am
how that's all going to work out pete just read that headline about the meeting coming up with the president of china. bottom line this week there was a report that as you know moved markets suggesting the president 's instructed his cabinet to get ready for a big deal at the end of november.ç there's going to be a big trade deal and that was sort of shot down. where are we on that? separate fact from fiction. >> so i think we need to look broadly at our trade strategy. if you if you think about what the president has done from taking office, he's talked very tough on trade, and then criticized for that early, but what we've seen is by talking tough on trade he's been able to get people to the bargaining table and we've been able to negotiate successfully two of the worst trade deals in history if you look at the south korean deal we're able to get immediate result on that. if you look at the nafta deal,
6:25 am
6:26 am
no impact as we saw today on our jobs growth so we're going to be fine, regardless of what happens down in argentina but look, we all want to have prosperity and safety with china , and i'm just saying that it's a more difficult negotiation than korea, or canada or mexico or europe or japan, and think about that. we're renegotiating with all of those countries and the continent of europe because they treat us unfairly, and the president, president donald j. trump is doing a beautiful thing as he's standing up for the american worker. he has realigned the republican party to become the party of the
6:27 am
working class and that's why as a closing argument this headline , wages rise, basically, and hiring accelerates, that's going to play well on main street at the polls on tuesday. >> yeah, we've already seen early voting coming out, so it will be something to watch for sure. pete: peter navarro thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. ed: up next, we're not stopping a lot more politics, charlie hurt, and mark pence, darryl hall here to discuss in our power panel the mid-terms, now just three days away. pete: plus hanoy jane is reaching back in history to take a crude swipe at president trump and what did the voters think of the president trump rally yesterday? todd piro is having breakfast with friends in west virginia. >> ♪ ♪
6:28 am
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fifteen minutes could save you whooo! want to take your next vacation to new heights? tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours, attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! like new york! from bus tours, to breathtaking adventures, tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip... monumental! read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor president trump: we've created 4.5 million new jobs since the
6:32 am
election. nobody would have believed that. the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in more than 50 years. [applause] president trump: and more americans are working today, than ever before. america now has the best economy in the history of our country. ed: there he is president trump touting the booming economy on the heels of october's simply massive jobs report, beat expectations. this as the president does rall ies before election day when talking about it all morning how will the president's last minute election blitz impact the mid-term vote? let's bring in our power panel charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, morgan ortega, and former advisor to the clintons. mark penn, as a democrat on this panel, this report on friday, could there be anything better for the president heading into a big mid-term than to have a report that says jobs accelerating, wages going up?
6:33 am
>> well look these are incredible numbers by any standard, and just let me give you a couple of numbers from the harvard harris poll done before these numbers. 71% said the economy is very strong. by 2:1 they give credit to president trump over president obama for the economy, even democrats gave trump more credit than obama, but, and here is the big but, the two top issues are healthcare and immigration going into the ballot box here on election day, so the president has not driven through the economy as the most important issue, and that's why we're likely headed for a split decision, come tuesday. ed: interesting, charlie what do you say about that, because on one hand, yes the economy is booming, but on the other hand, why are republicans struggling? i get they have retirements and historically the incumbent president has a tough time in the first mid-terms that they face but in this economic climate it seems like republican s should be doing even
6:34 am
better right now. >> well it is true and i guess the thing is that when the economy is good and you don't have problems, that often is less translatable into directly into politics, whereas when the economy is bad you want to throw it out but for a guy like donald trump who likes to talk about, he likes to to the big things, he likes to brag about things, he actually has a lot to brag about. i mean, these numbers are real. this economy really is humming the way that he says that it is, and the other thing that i think is admirable about the president is his willingness to spend political capital. he has political capital and he's willing to go out on the road, hit these big campaign rallies, and also, not just talk about the economy, but make the election about something in addition to that, specifically illegal immigration. ed: okay but on that question charlie let's bring in morgan. there's been some question about
6:35 am
whether the president put too much emphasis on the caravan for example, new york times headline republicans have a hum humming economy to tout they admit but trump rhetoric muddies the message, a glowing report on the nations economy just before election day would be a gift to the party in power and a uniform talking point for its candidates but entering the final weekend before tuesday's mid-term vote president trump's message of fear has become the dominant theme of the campaigns last days threatening to over shadow the good economic news so they may have gotten a bit overboard of course with fear, not necessarily a fair shot there morgan but what do you say about this immigration versus economy focus? >> well listen i think it's not either/or. the president did not create this caravan or other ones potentially coming behind it but is something he's had to deal with. keep in mind over the past two weeks he's been called every name in the book not just by democrats but by everyone in the mainstream media and i think that the caravan really is just
6:36 am
more symbolic of for many republican voters of the frustration of multiple years of republicans being in power and nothing having been done to solve the immigration crisis. what we really need to do i think is look much more holistic ally at central america. we haven't really paid attention to it since the reagan years. you have a series of failed states there and we need to get to the root of the problem because clear clear the aid we've been sending for decades isn't working. i think that we need to look at perhaps what we've been doing in iraq and afghanistan and how we have supported the military, the intelligence have done a lot of capacity building it's time for radical ideas as it relates to central america because what we're doing right now is clearly not working for these people. ed: mark you mentioned a moment ago that immigration is high on the list for voters but so is healthcare and where does it come down because republicans rode healthcare to victory in 2010, the 2014 mid-terms now it seems like determines are trying to get the upper hand on that
6:37 am
issue. >> well i think democrats have the upper hand on health care. i think that the issue the democrats have put the most effort into is that republicans are against preexisting conditions and throwing people off of healthcare who have preexisting conditions, and they've been pretty effective at that, that's why healthcare is number one the republicans never came back with another plan and that's been the big opening i think that is flipping the house because its connell:ly the top issue here, and the more the president talks about sending troops to the border, and not sending people, you know, off their couches to work, i think the more healthcare and immigration becomes a dominant issue. ed: let's quickly get around the horn here charlie what say you about health care. >> certainly republicans dropped the ball for years promising to repeal and replace obamacare and then when they get the opportunity to do it they don't have an actual plan to do that. ed: quick prediction from you i'll start with morgan little it s first. what say you about the house and
6:38 am
the senate? >> i think it's going to be an incredibly long election night everybody should stay tuned to fox news because i don't think we'll know this early and it'll go well into the night and while the house and senate are important, ed we should be looking at the governorships. there are 12 of 13 republican governors running for re- election that are ahead but about seven to nine open seats where it's tied, neck to neck. the house and senate is important but these are way more important for the president going into 2020. ed: morgan's background is in diplomacy so that as a very diplomatic answer. so your background is in raw politics what happens in the house and center senate. >> look if the polling is reit you'll see the house go to the democrats by about 10 and you'll see the republicans increase their senate majority by about two and they split decision is really what comes out of this thing otherwise the polling was wrong. ed: we'll have to see, charlie? >> if it is a split decision i think that that is a rejection of the sort of the hot rhetoric,
6:39 am
the hot politics that we're in but it's not a rejection of donald trump and his policies, when in president obama's first term, he lost 63,000 seats, and i haven't heard anybody predicting anything like that this time. ed: it all comes down i think morgan said you'll have to watch fox all night we'll be here to cover it. >> all night baby, mark, morgan , we appreciate the diplomatic answers as well. >> thank you. ed: katie over to you. >> thanks ed turning to your headlines authorities in oregon are under fire for freeing an illegal immigrant accused of murdering his wife. i.c.e. officials say authorities in portland released this man, knowing he was wanted for deportation. the sheriff's office claiming they never received a detainer request. the mexican national was arrested in march on domestic violence charges, seven months later he admits to dumping his wife's body in a ditch. alec baldwin is facing assault charges after allegedly punching a man in the face over a parking spot. it happened outside his new york
6:40 am
city home. the president reacting to the actor's arrest. president trump: i wish him luck >> [laughter] >> baldwin is denying the allegations, the hot head has regularly gotten into trouble with the law, including scuffles with the paparazzi and screaming matches with reporters. and actress jane fonda compares president trump to hitler, according to the hollywood reporter fonda said, "if you've ever read anything about the rise of the third in hitler, you will see the parallel, attacking the media is the first step in the move towards fascism" and fonda making those comments during the women's media awards in new york. those are your headlines. great comparison. ed: controversy after all these years. >> we've got weather. rick richmuth? rick: we also get an hour of sleep tonight. an extra hour of sleep and we lose sun light tomorrow which is really depressing don't you always find that first night after daylight saving time? >> at least we have the extra
6:41 am
hour. pete: i kind of like that, because i don't have to go to bed early then. rick: when you work morning tv it's not a bad thing. anyway also there's a marathon tomorrow morning here in new york city temperature wise from what i hear if you're running a marathon 50 degrees is exactly what you want and dry conditions so i think that's good. we've had one big storm this is the last 24 hours, or last 12 hours, big storm moved through florida. we have dried out here cooled things down a lot still heavy rain across parts of new england and the next system dropping towards the central plains that'll be a quick one. there's another storm behind that, and that's going to be our tuesday storm, this is the map overall, across the pacific northwest, a little bit of rain, the southwest arizona, no problems at all but a really large storm that we're going to be talking about across the center or the great lakes, towards parts of places like ohio valley, a lot of wind with it, a lot of rain, possibly a little snow behind it, and across parts of the south parts of florida a little bit of severe weather as well. pete: what's your message to people who don't show up because
6:42 am
of wind and rain to vote? rick: i think you got to make it happen. pete: shame on you. >> you have to get your umbrella. rick: yes and get out and vote. pete: thanks, rick. ed: former president obama slam ming president trump's decision to send troops to the border. >> even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. ed: but didn't obama do something similar with the national guard? i seem to remember that and so does dr. sebastian gorka. pete: plus television's todd piro is having breakfast in west virginia after president trump's rally voters will react, straight ahead. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ when the moon hits your eye ♪
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and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. >> president trump on a last minute campaign blitz for republican candidates in west virginia. pete: so what did the voters
6:46 am
think? todd piro is live in west virginia to find out. todd good morning. todd: good work guys you know that all right thanks so much we'll talk to david, starting off david schweikert a vietnam veteran, thank you, sir for your service used to be a democrat changed to republican. thoughts on joe manchin? >> i think joe manchin's a good advocate for the state but i think right now, he's kind of riding the fence. he doesn't make a decision until the last second and i think that's his downfall. todd: thoughts on patrick moriss ey? he's know the from this state but he does support trump 100% and he backs trump and i think that's probably the candidate that gets elected. todd: you told me about a recent trip for coal country that you look but you saw something else what did you see? >> well on route 16 east of charleston there's a city that's actually just a coal mine and the mine is huge and across the
6:47 am
highway is their loading station and before trump got erected there wasn't nicole there, the coal disappeared as long as obama was in office and now the coal is 100 feet high there's five towers up there, and the coal is clear to the top, and they're loading 100 car trains almost every day of coal, moving up through the river valley so the coal productions up. todd: was it there three years ago under the obama administration? >> no and there's a power plant there that they closed down and it was a coal fired power plant so i don't think it'll ever reopen. todd: i want to make sure we get lynn here. still a registered democrat who says she didn't leave the democratic party the party left her. why do you say that? >> well i'm ashamed of things that i'm seeing right now, the divisiveness, the hateful things they are doing and saying, it really is and i'm really kind of ashamed of the party right now.
6:48 am
todd: you say you're voting for patrick morissey, because we can't count on joe manchin. why do you say that? >> well the things we've seen in washington just like dave alluded to, he waits until the last minute, you don't nowhere he's going or it's kind of scary and we have to know whose going to back our president. todd: do you worry he's a puppet of schumer? >> sort of pretty much, pelosi, schumer, yes. todd: last question quickly when it comes to the economy in west virginia you give president trump the credit. why? >> well the things that we've seen since he's been in office, there's so much more positive, people are looking to add to their staff, people are looking to grow their businesses, it's just a much more positive attitude. todd: lynn, david thank you very much, back on to you guys in new york city we'll see you from another diner coming up soon but york city we'll see you from where will it be? where will it be who knows? ed: it could be anywhere, we would love to go to a diner with him or have him here on the couch sunday. pete: let's do it.
6:49 am
ed: senator joe manchin won't to come on? todd: former president obama slamming president trump's decision to send troops to our border. >> they are even taking our brave troops away from their families, for a political stunt. pete: but didn't obama do something a bit similar? dr. sebastian gorka live here to react on that. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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6:52 am
>> they're telling you that the threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. they're even taking our brave
6:53 am
troops away from their families for a political stunt. >> well, former president obama slamming president trump's decision to deploy troops to our border. pete: here to react fox news national security strategist and author of the book, why we bite, dr. sebastian gorka. doctor we'll just let you go on that one. >> [laughter] just three things, very quickly. this is the man whose so proud of our brave troops who for eight years treated the military as a petri dish of social engineering for his transgender policies, give me a break. secondly, he did the same thing eight years ago in 2010. he deployed more than a thousand troops to the border to the u.s. mexico border and then lastly, this is the man whose going to lecture us on how to use military force? president obama, the man who sat in the oval office, with his secure tablet on which he had his threat disposition matrix,
6:54 am
where he chose which terrorist to kill abroad including american citizens, who were killed without due process, this is the man whose going to lecture donald trump? i don't think so. mr. obama go back to your library. pete: not to mention the rise of isis and when he said we we're going to surge in afghanistan and told the enemy we're leaving at the same time so would he ever recognize that double standard? >> yeah, great, pete what about iraq? what about the fact that we left iraq and exactly what was predicted by the people who are following the development of al qaeda occurred and a small branch o fill yacht, aecidia and iraq becomes the islamic state so i don't think donald trump needs to take any advice from mr. obama on national security, thank you. >> dr. gorka, the trump adminitration is re-implementing sanctions that were taken off after the president got out of the iran deal. president trump tweeted a photo
6:55 am
saying sanctions are coming. can you tell us a little bit about what this means going forward with our relationship with the iranian regime? >> when i was in the white house, we had a phrase to express the president's objective with whether it's north korea, iran, or russia or other problem states and that was "behavior modification." iran remains the greatest threat to stability in the middle east, a threat to our closest friends, such as israel, a threat to jordan and others. this package of sanctions is an attempt, a very robust attempt to make sure that behavior modification occurs, as opposed to giving $140 billion to the muellers who wish every friday, every friday, katie and yes, you can check it, everybody else, it's true, every friday, they call for the destruction of not only israel, but also america, so behavior modification is what it's about and it's very high time that
6:56 am
this happened. one last thing. we have to have the swift banking sanctions put in place, so i hope the treasury secretary is listening. that's one thing that's missing. the swift iran cannot be allowed to use that. pete: and then in europe and they can skirt these sanctions. >> right exactly. exactly. ed: dr. sebastian gorka, author of "why we fight" thanks for coming in. pete: thank you, sir. >> thanks, guys. pete: we got more fox & friends in just a couple minutes, don't leave us. >> ♪ ♪ today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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>> ♪ ♪ pete: so four hours down, four more to go tomorrow and i'm guessing we'll be covering the
7:00 am
president. ed: we'll be live from pensacola , florida, where he will be, not the whole team but folks on the ground. big show tomorrow. pete: are you joining us thomas well? >> yes i will. ed: go to fox & for the after the show show. see you tomorrow. neil: this is it three days out and both parties all in. this president, the last president, and all of those to be the next president, all in it to win it and make history doing it it is all on the line and we are all over the country with mike tobin in indiana where president trump will soon beheaded out as barack obama heads in and peter doocey and where a certain candidates numbers are suddenly headed higher and then home depot co- founder on why the economy is still stupid, democratic congressman, why he thinks the president pounding this caravan thing is stupid. then a republican who has a


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