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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 4, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ >> we're just days away from one of the most important elections of our lives. >> president trump crisscrosses the country as we go down to the wire to the midterms. >> democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws. republicans believe we must defend our borders. a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. first o>> the economy is so goo. where do you think that started? >> we have to protect florida's future. we need to protect the economic momentum. you've got to have good
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leadership. >> under president trump's leadership, jobs are back. confidence is back. america is back. and we're just getting started. >> if crowds mean anything, we're going to have a great tuesday. [cheers] ♪ never look back ♪ shake that. pete: hope you got one hour of extra sleep this morning we did. two days and 13 hours from the polls. lisa: final countdowpolls.his. katie: countdown is on. steve: feangs countdown clock behind us in the fox square. there is a lot of hoopla around the election. are going to be talking about all of these issues, the economy, hurricane. don't forget our service members serving today on foreign soil serving and in
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some cases dying for us. we never want to forget our service members. katie: service members killed in afghanistan yesterday. we have the right to vote on tuesday. pete: katie, welcome. katie: thank you. pete: the president was in montana and florida. he will be barn storming all the way to the end. today in georgia and tennessee. tomorrow ohio on the day before election day, ohio, indiana, and missouri. ed: that's the second stop to indiana. remember he was just there. he is in to battlegrounds big, big senate battles. >> swinging through a number of states monday. he will probably watch the elections results come in from the white house on tuesday. final big push the president vowed over the summer to be on the campaign trail as much as possible. he has done that and more. so, the candidates are ready to put in their final argument and the president has been backing them outline the way. pete: that's right. prom promises made, promises
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kept. this is the president florida and montana. >> we are just days away from one of the most important elections of our lives. crying chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, the legendary genius max senile waters. if they take power, they will try to wipe away all that we have done. >> democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood into your community. [crowd boos] >> republicans believe we must defend our borders. democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws. >> america now has the best economy in the history of our country. can you believe this? [cheers] >> a vote for republicans is a vote to protect your families, to keep america's economic boom going. >> republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means
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more crime and less jobs. >> every day it's promises made, promises kept. >> if crowds mean anything, we're going to have a great tuesday. that's for sure. [cheers] ed: you have to wonder if there will be a late surge for republicans this is something we saw in 2016. not saying we know it's a repeat. a lot of the polls heading into the final weekend of 2016 suggest it was neck in neck as it is now in a lot of these senate battles. it walls in the presidential race. the president was doing those rallies. he had real momentum. that's what propelled him in states like wisconsin, florida where he was yesterday as well. that lay of the surge that a lot of the polsters missed. katie: we have a new poll out this morning from abc/"the washington post." showing that 65% say that the economy has been good or excellent under president trump. the last time we had optimism this high was january 2001. a long time ago. and democrats are saying now that they may be fighting this economy.
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pete: look inside that poll as well. inside the generic, ballot, ed to your point. in august the gap between democrats and republicans, democrats had a 14 month lead. then it was down to 11 and now down to 7. track that to from caravan, to the kavanaugh to the economy. 71% of registered voters say the good or excellent. if you are the party in power. ed: if you are the party not in power the house, the democrats, do you want this headline from the associated press that is supposed to be down the middle. democrats fight a vibrant economy in bid for the house. so, a, the headline is saying the economy under the president is vibrant. and, b, the democrats are fighting that good economy. that's not where you want to be swimming. because, historically, it's bad, pardon me, for a new president. the first midterms for a new president democrat or republican. the president has talked about this on the trail you typically lose a lot of
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seats. katie: if we drill down on the house numbers. democrats want to take back that majority in the house and put nancy pelosi back in charge. republicans view the economy as positive. by 54%. democrats as 40% from august, that is up significantly from 49% for republican and 42% for democrats. pete: if you think the economy is going well, you are more likely to vote for republicans now, even more so than you were before. and i don't know how -- do you know how you fight the economy, go back to that headline, you can't fight an economy. you can counter message or try to use talking points. suddesuddenly the democrats are concerned about debt and deficit. and then they always try to go back to healthcare costs where obamacare was never good for them and not clear they have a more viable option other than government run healthcare. they run into a lot of road blocks when you are trying to run against a economy that's growing like gang busters. >> the president has been making the argument if you want to preserve the
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economic freedom that you have seen under my presidency, i am on the ballot. when you are voting for republicans, think about the policies that we want to put in place through an overall republican agenda. if democrats are in charge of the house, that agenda will come to a stop. ed: exactly. when we talk about narratives set by the mainstream media. we talked about the ap headline that seemed quite fair vibrant economy right now. look at the way the "new york times" and "the washington post" are framing this midterm election. they have similar headlines. interesting. a nation in turmoil prepares to deliver a verdict on trump. "the washington post," voters set to render fresh verdict on trump. so, two things strike me, one, in the "new york times" headline, a nation in turmoil. is there division? sure. even the ap is saying we have a vibrant economy. that's a good deal number one. and number two, both of these talk about the same word to talk about the president. verdict. verdict for trump, as if it's sort of a criminal.
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pete: nice big and bold. you know why? because they have been putting him on trial since the beginning of his presidency. think about the context of that. they want the voters to religion der a verdict that the fake news media hasn't been able to render for them. they are hoping that this blue wave that's now blue ripple even a red wall will indict this president in the way they haven't been able to. katie: if you look at the word turmoil. it's so dramatic, right? i think this is indictment again of the media bubble with all due respect that new york and washington, d.c. live in. if you go outlines of these places and you talk to people as "fox & friends" talks to people in these diners for breakfast with friends. you know, people actually get along pretty well. they don't necessarily allow their politics to always define their conversation. they are voting on the economy. they are voting on things that matter to them. they don't believe that the country is in turmoil and based on the polling we just went through. they think the economy is doing pretty well. ed: to your point. if you tell people the nation is in turmoil, what do you do? you punish the party in
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power. turmoil. we have got to have change. interesting. because lara trump was on last night. justice with judge jeanine. the media wants to largely say we believe there is turmoil. let's actually talk to some of the people out in the country like lawyer trump has beelara trump.>> one of thei am seeing the president's name is not directly on the ballot. people understanding it is equally as important if you voted for him in 2016 to get out and vote in the midterms for republicans, i'm telling you the turnout everywhere, the enthusiasm, the enthusiasm among women and this is something that the democrats always tout that they have the women's vote. women, after they saw what happened to brett kavanaugh are ready to vote for republicans. i feel really good about things going into tuesday. the enthusiasm is there. pete: i don't normally agree with joe biden. i thought those were great points you raised. he had a rally, i don't think you can call it a rally it was a small
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gathering in ohio. a few hundred for the former vice president. trump supporters feel like the soul, the culture, the country, the social fabric is at stake, that the resistance, that the mobs, the left, the gridlock, the caravans are the future if they don't hold the line. it's not just about the economy and your pocketbook. a lot of people are voting their gut in the election cycle and still with the president. katie: lara trump brought up brett kavanaugh, issues of the caravan coming over. law and order. something the president has been touting on the campaign trail and the issue of do you really want to be character assassinated by the other side if you happen to agredisagree with them. americans are sick of being called racist or me sage chauvinistic because you disagree with them. >them. ed: 98% chance that hillary clinton would be elected the
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next president. similar prediction models this weekend are saying an 86% chance that democrats are taking the house. pete: interesting. ed: what do you think? are we going to have a repeat what we saw in 2016 where the mainstream media and others are shocked why the results? katie: we want to hear from you. second us your thoughts and commence. turning now to your headlines. american hero killed in action identified as utah mayor and father of seven national guardsmen major bret taylor lost his life in insider attack in afghanistan. >> there are really no words to express the loss we feel. the impact he has on the city is so great. it's going to be really hard without him. katie: the north ogden took a leave. he leaves behind a wife and seven children.
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go fund me raised 54,000 of 250,000 of the goal. ed: people need to log on there. i'm going to log on after the show. katie: lawmakers find nothing evidence of sexual misconduct allegations against justice brett kavanaugh. the senate judiciary committee releasing 414 page report last night. the committee still is investigating retired fbi agent monica mcclain who is a friend of kavanaugh accuser dr. christine ford. the report says she urged a witness who change her statement to support dr. ford's claim. pete: all right. big road wins dominating college football saturday including west virginia's last second snap. >> grier, lobs it in the air. oh what a catch. how do you let him get behind the defensive back field? throw as touch touchdown and scores the two point conversion for 42-41 win. you don't let them get behind you. top ranked alabama shuts
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down ls u2 9-0. climpleing the sec west and tide rolls on to face number 6 in the sec title game after they beat kentucky 34-10. katie: college football is here and roaring those are your headlines. ed: absolutely. midterms are here as well two days away. next guest breaks down the four key senate battles you should be watching coming election night right here on the fox news channel. that is next. pete: nancy pelosi, not so fast, why a member of her own party's leadership is no sure thing, even if democrats win the house ♪
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ed: two days until the midterms and all highs on a handful of midterms that could change the balance of power in the senate. breaking down the key races
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to watch polster john thomas. good morning. >> good morning. ed: we have a lot to get to we will get to the house and gubernatorial battles later. let's start with texas. if you want to talk about the so-called blue wave, beto o'rourke is raising so much money over $70 million. ted cruz is on the ropes. then the president goes to texas and has a big rally. things have changed. >> okay. you hit it on the head. hype is exactly the way to describe this. beto has been overbehind by the liberal media that fell in love with the idea that texas could for once turn blue. it ain't going to happen. it was never in play. if you look at the polling averages for the last three months. it has never been less than 4 point spread. i think that's even being generous to the democrat in this race. ed: cruz has been extending the lead. >> exactly. look. what is all this money that beto has raised? and it is incredible that he has raised record amounts. couple points tighter than it normally should be. this race is not in play. it's amazing that the media has fallen in love with a
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candidate who has been able to convince small donors that he is viable. ed: some democrats are mad that he is sitting on all that money when it could go to a state like indiana. >> exactly. ed: joe donnelly voted no on kavanaugh, for example, even though he is trying to say look i vote with president trump a lot. mike braun, we had him on the show yesterday. he running a pretty good campaign. where does it stand. >> it's all about who is surging. mike braun was doing all right. the no vote on kavanaugh played to brawn's favor. kavanaugh is popular in that state. pretty much all g.o.p. candidates have dropped a couple points. donnelly is ahead today. let's not forget. ed: about a point. >> these are marginal of error differences. let's focus margin of error means it could go either way. what it race is going to come down number one, does president trump tick up a point or two nationally in the next couple days which is possible. secondly, it's turnout.
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ed: sure. >> can they turn out their bases? look, president trump is popular in this state. does the president turn out. another big rally in indiana tomorrow. home state of vice president mike pence. does that push braun over the top? >> that's absolutely right. if you look at 2016 when trump made that famous swing in the homestretch through all those states. trump knows thousand turn out the base. ed: late momentum. every six years tough shape polls it out. will it be different this time with josh hawley? >> we will see there was a poll that showed mccaskill up by 1. tough question. look, trump is popular in that state. again, it's about who is going to turn out their base. if we just covered these economic numbers this morning, that's probably going to give a boost to josh. we will see. come down to the wire. all about turning out your base. ed: incumbent only up one point two days before the midterm. >> it's troubling. ed: you are in bad shape. >> it's troubling. claire mccaskill staffers
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have leaked she might be more liberal than she let's herself on to be. ed: she went after so-called democrats. i'm not crazy. the left has been mad. >> you are right. these are tight races. tight races watchingen election night. if we're talking about the economy on election night that bodes well for josh. florida, democrat in trouble. rick scott has had to pour in a lot of his own money in the final days to keep this close. >> marginal of error race. a nail biter. florida a classic toss-up state. what i will tell you this is one of those things where polling is not measuring the trump bump. trump was there rallying yesterday. he can motivate his base. that's what this is about is turning out your base. so goes rick scott and bill nelson so goes the governor's race. ed: i have about 15 seconds. desantis as well as gillum, the democrat.
3:20 am
we are going to get to that later in the show. real quick, how do these tie together? these are two big battles in the. >> gillum if he can turn out record numbers with african-american turnout that in fact could flip this senate race. he had keyed have an impact. >> it okay really, if trump brings out his trump coalition, both of these races go to the republican. ed: john thomas be with you all morning. gubernatorial and house races as well. thanks for teeing it up. democrats planning investigation after investigation of the president. if they win back the house on tuesday. andy mccarthy points out that could do more harm than good. is he here live next. ed: could it be a new low for snl, the show now mocking an exnavy seal. >> dan crenshaw, you may be surprised to hear is he a congressional candidate from texas. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever.
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katie: welcome back. time for quick headlines. republican candidate for senate is demanding an fbi investigation over dirty campaign tricks. josh hawley says this mayoral falsely accuses him of opposing gun rights. democratic incumbent claire mccaskill has denied any involvement. the two are neck in neck in the polls. and north dakota democrats under fire for trying to discourage hunters from voting. in this ad the state party is telling hunters who vote they could lose their out-of-state hunting licenses which is not true. democratic incumbent heidi heitkamp is in a tight race there against kevin cramer. pete: since desperation in
3:25 am
both cases, katie. thank you. the democrats are pledging to launch more probes if they take control. congressman elijah cummings telling the "new york times" this and i quote we want to look at what is happening under this administration because all of this can agree this is not normal. according to them. but, won't this do more harm or couldn't it do more harm than good? here to weigh in fox news contributor and former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york andy mccarthy. thank you for joining us this morning. jerry nadler would become the chairman of the judiciary committee. dems are pledging investigations but it does come with risks what do you see happening if they were to win the house of house of representatives? >> you know, the real question, pete, is does the united states, do the people really want two years of investigations of president trump, his personal businesses, his past and administration? i tend to think they don't especially after we have had two years of this collusion
3:26 am
investigation, it seems to be a dry hole, certainly if there was something there, we would have heard about it by now a little bit of fatigue sets. in the democratic base wants these investigations so they will push their people in congress to have them. if the broader public doesn't want them and they don't hit paydirt, it could be very good for president trump going into 2020 even though it will be misery getting there. pete: not to mention tradeoff not revealing other bills in your committee and pass them and spending them all in investigations it's hard to argue you have done anything substantive with your time in the house? >> yeah. that's exactly right, pete. in the meantime, in the senate, if they are not getting legislation from the house, then can you expect that the two chambers would be at loggerheads if the democrats have the house and the republicans had the senate. at least the senate can kind of assembly line confirm president trump's judicial nominees and his nominees to
3:27 am
these important government administrative agencies could a guy like adam schiff resist going further on the resistance? >> well, he could. but, you know, then they have the problem with their base. their base badly wants these investigations done. and i think this is the problem you see in the democratic party. when we had this dynamic the last time say in 1996, it turned out to be very good for president clinton to be able to run against a republican house. but because cooler heads prevailed in the republican coalition and the democratic coalition, we actually got some good legislation like welfare reform out of it. now, i think the democratic base has drafted very far to the left. it will be very hard for them to work with the president. pete: not a lot of space for cooler heads right about now. >> right. pete: read an op-ed in the national review the president had fleet floated the idea that birthright
3:28 am
citizenship might not be something automatically afforded it by the 14th amendment. you argued in your op-ed it could be and let's read 9th amendment. our viewers understand what this issue is about. that all persons born or naturalized in the united states are subject to the jurisdiction thereof. or subject to the jurisdiction thereof. are citizens of the united states and of the state wherein they reside. so, do you feel like the president has a constitutional basis for changing something like birthright citizenship? >> pete, i don't think he has the lawful basis to do it by executive order but i don't think the 14th amendment was intended or did deprive congress of their power to define the conditions of citizenship and the qualifications for it. the big debate is over what idoes this word jurisdiction mean? a lot of my friends says jurisdiction simply means control over everywhere. in other words, you are in
3:29 am
our country, you are subject to our laws. i think clearly that isn't what it means. that during the debates over the what they talked about and the supreme court quoted this 18 years after the 14th amendment was adopted they talked about complete jurisdiction in a sense of owing allegiance. to give an example, we know if two americans are vacationing in europe and they -- and the wife has a baby while they are in france, that baby is an american citizen. so we don't follow the idea throughout our law that a person is subject to the soil war o of wherever he is bo. you do have this idea of citizenship allegiance. pete: you believe congress has to answer that question not necessarily through executive action? >> i do and i think it may ultimately be that you would have to have another amendment to the constitution. pete, it's funny. we got the 14th amendment because there was a lot of
3:30 am
confusion what the congress was able to do under the 1st amendment. pete: thank you for your time this morning. >> thanks, pete. pete: president trump rally egg for the republican candidate for governor in florida. >> ron desantis, i've known him a long time. he will keep your jobs going way up. he will keep your taxes going way down. pete: our own griff jenkins talked to desantis as he was speaking to the crowd. he joins us with that live next. >> intern for his democratic opponent hurling chocolate milk at college republicans. >> don't pour your coffee on me. >> i will. >> do you understand that fascism is here? >> whoa. yeah. maybe. the melt down now landing her in trouble with the law. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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nothing worth losing sleep over, because we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ >> we have to protect florida's future. we need to protect the economic momentum. are we going to build off the success florida has had, or are we going to put a far left bernie sanders, anti-law enforcement, tax raising radical in the governor's mansion? i don't think so. >> gillum will tax and regulate your jobs into oblivion. pledged his support to end all borders. when you have people campaigning out on your front lawn, remember gillum. pete: republican candidate ron desantis tight race for
3:35 am
governor. he spoke exclusively with griff jenkins. griff, good morning. >> good morning, guys. you know, the president made his second visit to florida here at the pensacola airport here yesterday. it drew more than 3,000 people. it was packed. he brought out all the stars. not only desantis but governor scott as well as vice president pence. evanger hollywood and florida state university legendary bobby bowden. what was on display closely watched governor's race tallahassee mayor andrew gillum and ron desantis. the direction parties are going. gillum progressive medicare for all. desantis on board with the trump agenda. now, you've got gillum leading by over 2.5%. that's certainly a narrow lead in a state where anything can happen. we caught one ron desantis and asked him about that narrow lead as well as what he wants to do when it comes to the top issue. voter told me last night, immigration.
3:36 am
take a listen. >> i feel very good about the turnout. the polling depends on how you view the turnout. and if you think it's a democrat wave that's going to be a better poll. this is not a democrat wave. this is a real serious uptick in republican turnout and that's a huge deal and i think that's going to power us to victory. i will absolutely be on the side of hard working taxpayers in florida. i think if we can stop illegal immigration that's good for rule of law and good for taxpayers. and good for blue collar workers because they will end up seeing higher wages. >> i also asked congressman desantis about ohio would possibly try to keep the governor scott economy rolling, and he said it's all about taxes and that of course, also on the minds of the voters here. we will find out if the trump bump will apply here in the next two days because president trump won by 1%, 49 to 48 in 2016. a lot on the line here in the sunshine state, guys. ed: griff, welcome home by the way. outstanding reporting for us.
3:37 am
pete: true. katie: indeed. turning now to your headlines. u.s. troops are protecting our southern border. laying barbed wire to keep illegal immigrants out. >> i notice all that beautiful barbed wire going up. barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful site. >> the president deploying nearly 1,000 service members to the border but vows up to 15,000 to stop multiple migrant caravans, organizers of the group are blasting mexican officials for directing them through a so-called root of death. that is notorious for kidnapping attempts. meanwhile, nancy pelosi may want to take a step back. democrat is warning her being speaker is not a sure thing if democrats win back the house. >> democrats win and win big, that's probably a much greater chance that she will be the speaker. we would have to have a lot of votes to spare, i think, for her to win that seat.
3:38 am
katie: democratic congressman tim ryan, steny hoyer and jim clyburn are all rumored to be potential candidates for speaker. and "saturday night live" is mocking a war hero running for congress. >> dan crenshaw. [laughter] you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever. katie: former navy seal dan crenshaw lost his right eye after he was hit by ied blast in afghanistan. crenshaw, who has and on "fox & friends" multiple times is running for congress as republican in texas. katie: republican candidate for senate in arizona is showing her american pride ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting. katie: that is martha mcsally singing the national anthem at the utah state game. her opponent took part in the coin toss at the game.
3:39 am
and those are your headlines. ed: you went to the u of a. katie: i went to the university of arizona in tucson. i think our rick reichmuth who is here for weather went to asu. we have a real riflel rivalry gg on. rick: i was. if you know arizona at all those are distinct things northern arizona, and asu. katie: go wildcats. rick: all right, guys. everybody wondering that's going to happen on tuesday. get through today. some time there is weather that will pop up in there. it popped up but i couldn't pop up along with it we will take this for now. big storm across the central part of the country. that is going to pull off towards the east. big storm moved in yesterday around the manhattan, mid-atlan, northeast. that is gone. can you see cooler air settled in there. 41 in raleigh. 45 in atlanta. starting to get a little bit of fall color settled in across parts of the south as well.
3:40 am
here is what tuesday looks like. big storm moving through. really, really windy and rainy especially across parts of the ohio valley. it won't be for anybody a all day washout but there will be rain from time to time. go to local weather, pick your favorite app. and consider what time of day it will be best where the weather will be helpful for you to get out there. pete: rick, america didn't get to watch you do the weather but we did, i did. katie: amazing job. katie: thank you so much. ed: republican congresswoman claudia tenney is fighting to keep her seat. she joins us live next. pete: up on the program. kellyanne conway, former acting ice director tom homan and virginia congressman dave brat all here live coming up ♪ renegade ♪ this is loma linda,
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ed: the man alec baldwin is accused of punching in the face over a parking spot. he says he is still sore but will be okay. baldwin denies the allegation: jimmy buffett releasing a song on monday to take a shot at the president. >> ♪ come tuesday ♪ things will change ♪ come tuesday ♪ buffett was at a free campaign event. i'm not sure if he carried the tune there, katie, there you go. katie: we will see. there you go, ed. unlike the liberal territory of new york city. still popular in upstate new
3:45 am
york where he hand diddly beat hillary clinton in 2016. next guest is betting her career on it latest poll in this toss-up race has incumbent g.o.p. congresswoman claudia tenney within a single digit margin against democratic assembly man anthony brindisi. joining us on a busy morning claudia tenney. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on. katie: we have invited your opponent to come on and discuss his state of the race. we have not heard back yet. we want to start with you. this is a neck in neck race. your district is representative of what is going on all around the country. tell us about the final days of your campaign? >> we have been working really hard. yesterday was a tremendous honor to welcome sarah huckabee sanders into the district. she was received really well. it's exciting to have a really strong woman come and support our campaign. i'm the first woman to represent this district. and interestingly enough, yesterday i stopped by in lyle, new york, which is where the first women in new york state got their right
3:46 am
to vote and exercise their right to vote thanks to welcome susan b. anthony who hails from new york state as well. donald trump, our president came to my hometown city use that, new york. first time a president has been in our district and use that in 7utica. donald trump and eric trump and donald trump jr. coming in tomorrow. they are showing our region how much forgotten men and women. outsider like me put in office and hopefully put us back in again just like the president an outsider who stood for people. i'm a working, own a small business, small business owner. i have 100 rating from national federation of business always have even in my time in the state assembly. it's really important that we bring small business owners together. this has been an incredible two years for a small business community. for the first time in many, many years, in decades, we have season actually an
3:47 am
increase, the tax cuts and jobs act, in spite of what the democrats say have been phenomenal. 98% of the people who live and work in our district either work for or own a small business. the increase in jobs. we now have more people working and more people and more jobs open than we have had -- than we have people available for jobs. it's been a great employee market. and, wages are going to up naturally and organ nicly, which is the way it's supposed to go. unlike the rest of new york state. we are finally seeing a boom just because of the tax cut and jobs act, rolling back unnecessary regulations and it's been an incredible two years and we just can't afford to go back. katie: seems like those crumbs that nancy pelosi has been talking about are working pretty with well for new york's 22nd congressional district. we want to get to polling now. the "new york times" halls you and your opponent brindisi tied at 46%. you talk about the economy. is the economy the top as
3:48 am
you are talking about the ownervoters in your district. you are down 1% in the marginal of error. >> right the "new york times" cinema polling shows a dead heat. republicans are trump supporters. we know that those people are going to come home. they don't like answering calls. everyone is pretty fatigued from poll polling right now. the only reason this race is close is because my opponent is getting more money from california billionaires tom styer who wants to impeach the president and mayor bloomberg and running saying i'm not going to take money from pacs. yet his entire campaign is run by super pacs controlled by nancy pelosi and these super wealthy billionaires from new york city and california. and they are literally trying to buy the race. it's a con job of epic proportion. my opponent has the most left-wing record in the state assembly. that's all we have to go on. he has a lot of rhetoric try
3:49 am
to portray himself as a moderate. he is not. katie: we are down to the wire. good luck on tuesday. we have invited your opponent on. we have not heard back. thank you for coming on. >> appreciate. thank you. katie: andrew gillum now arrestenow arrested after.this t fascism is here? katie: lawrence jones says these attacks are nothing new from the left and he joins us live next. and the midterms already smashing some serious records. we have those numbers as well up ahead ♪ ♪ got a hold on me ♪ new sensation ♪ from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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3:53 am
>> don't pour your coffee on me. >> [bleep] i will. [bleep] >> do you understand that fascism is here? nazis are [bleep] shooting my people. >> you are throwing milk at people. pete: caught on camera intern for democratic gubernatorial candidate andrew gillum hurling milk while cursing at college republicans at florida state university. katie: that student now charged with battery and assault and our next guest says these attacks are nothing new.
3:54 am
ed: lawrence jones editor and chief of campus he joins us now to explain. good morning, lawrence. >> good morning, guys. ed: why does this continue to happen? why do folks particula particuln the left seem to resort to these tactics. >> part of the reason is because conservatives don't fight back. we have been reporting on this at the leadership institute campus for reform for a while. they don't allow conservative speakers on gus. you have to pay millions of dollars, thousands of dollars for security fees. they attack people when they have maga hats on college campuses. they attack pro-life. i mean, these are full blown anarchists antifa, mob mentality, young people and now we are seeing in the mainstream because conservatives weren't smart enough to stop them on the college campuses and now they are getting ready to take over our democracy here. and what i have a message for conservatives. which is enough is enough? are we just going to allow them while saying don't thread on me to continue to throw milk on us?
3:55 am
i speak all across the country, pete, and katie, and ed. and i don't have this happening to me because i have made it very clear, either you are going to sit down and have a conversation at my speech or you are going to leave but you are not going to throw milk at me. pete: good point when the college republicans actually pointed out when the lady poured the milk wearing a communist pin she said you better bleep i am. she is communist. >> there are communist, anarchists, socialists, and the parents are funding. this okay? if you are not paying attention to your college campuses, you should be. because, you are funding this behavior. and, by the way, this is not just the students. this is the professors. we have reported on professors assaulting students, okay? they are busing people to kavanaugh hearings. okay. they are busing people to these campaigns. these people are crazy. katie: lawrence, one quick
3:56 am
question, has the gillum campaign responded to the charges here? she is being held accountable and being charged with assault and battery. have you reached out to the campaign about her behavior. >> we'll reached out to the campaign, no comment yet. we probably won't get a comment because he is too busy in florida making a race race in florida. this guy wants open borders. is he antigun. he is anti-capitalism. he can go get two tickets from the fbi undercover agents. ed: big story on a big race. we will watch it closely, thanks. pete: appreciate it. ed: former acting ice director thomas homan about all these issues and kellyanne conway and maria bartiromo. ecade. ecade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours,
3:57 am
not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy
4:00 am
to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> we are just days away from one of the most important elections of our lives. pete: the in the was in montana and florida. we know he will be barn storming all the way through the end before election day. ed: talking about all these big issues. the economy, healthcare, immigration democrats are encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws. >> republicans believe we must defend our borders. >> a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. very simple. >> trump saying look, the economy is so good where do you think that started?
4:01 am
>> i don't remember president obama barn storming like this. politicians have to change their playbook. >> under president trump's leadership, jobs are back, confidence is back america is back, and we are just getting started. >> if crowds mean anything we're going to have a great tuesday. ♪ i don't care ♪ people living in competition ♪ all i want is to have a peace of mind. ed: fox news square. pete: fox news channel has taken over the fox news territory. fox square will be the hq for election. we will share at will. we are glad they are. starting tonight at 5:00 the first broadcast is live -- the five will be live on a sunday night. don't miss it and all through election day both fox news channel and fox
4:02 am
nation. ed: on the left's side you have the election headquarters as you can see it. on the right side fox nation being unveiled. great new site. premium content and by the way i just tweeted out pete hegseth is a part of it i went in that tent there is a picture of pete. i tweeted it out. jacket slung over. there is like an american flag. i haven't seen that yet. ed: i love it does america need more pete hegseth? katie: i think america demands nor pete hegseth that's why he is in head to toe american flag today. pete: election day is coming up. come on a national holiday. katie: wall-to-wall confirm. final touch being madement finishes now for election coverage. every angle monday through wednesday night. ed: right out there from fox square. remember what tim russert did 2,000 election that was deadlocked and he said on that white board florida, florida, florida. this election as well may come down to that battleground there is a lot of key races there. you have the senate battle
4:03 am
between the incumbent democrat bill nelson. the republican governor rick scott running there. and then, of course, the gubernatorial battle between gillum and desantis. the president has been holding rallies. he had one in florida last night. today he is on the road in georgia and tennessee. tomorrow, ohio and indiana as well as missouri. katie: interesting to watch him hit these states multiple times, indiana and missouri, he was there last week. he was swinging there on monday. a final push to try to beat claire mccaskill and joe donnelly in those states to put republicans. in final swing is happening and final argument is being made. >> that's exactly right. she stole my words. president trump's final argument was made in some parts, in some ways last night in pensacola, florida. here is about a minute of what the president said in about an hour. >> we have the best economy that the united states has ever had. in the last month alone we added another 250,000 jobs. >> democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our
4:04 am
laws. a vote for republicans is a vote to protect your families to keep america's economic boom going full speed ahead. the people of florida are going to head to the polls to elect answe an incredible new senator. rick scott. ron is running against really a radical socialist named andrew gillum. [crowd boos] gillum will tax and regulate your jobs into oblivion. he wants to abolish ice. can you believe that? tuesday i need the people of florida to send a message to cryin' chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, maxine waters and the radical democrats by voting for ron desantis and rick scott. if this election is based on crowds, they might as well cancel it because we won.
4:05 am
[cheers] katie: cancel it. pete: this race feels as close of a litmus test. such clear, stark differences between desantis and gillum. social nism full support for the president. that will be one to watch big time. katie: it has been interesting to watch over the past couple of months. socialism come out as an idea that isn't being scrutinized. it isn't happening. and we will see if voters are okay. ed: bernie sanders was this big flash in the pan in 2016. katie: obama was like oh, don't talk about socialism. now it's on the ballot and we will see what happens. ed: absolutely. pete: and open borders on the ballot. we will see. griff jenkins has been speaking to voters in that area down in florida. he joins us live from pensacola, florida. we want to know what the folks think, griff, always. >> yeah, guys. you know, it's ground zero here in the sunshine state. we asked some of the 3,000 plus rally goers last night what exactly is driving your vote. here's what they told us. listen. >> the borders.
4:06 am
taxes, i'm afraid if we go back to losing the house, possibly that they might roll back the tax cuts that are already in place. and just the well-being of the country. >> my biggest thing our america first policy that we have started. we are carrying more about the american people than letting other people in. it's very important that we put ourselves first before we put other countries first. we have plenty of people out here that need our own help that we're not giving help. >> building the wall, number one. rebuilding the military. keep it going. put us back where we need to be again. that's two big things for me. griff: talking about the military, one of those who attended the rally last night 10 year navy veteran stopped by to say hi. we roped him in because i wanted to know what's driving his vote. you own a mortgage company and that's really driving your vote. why? >> because some of of my clients have already expressed to me that they want to hold off on either refinancing or purchasing their home until after the election is completed.
4:07 am
griff: how do you see this election going? >> well, like the vice president said last night, i think the blue wave is going to hit a big red wall. griff: we shall see. both ron desantis and governor scott trail a little bit. desantis by almost 2 and a half points. are you concerned that they are not going to overcome that slight disadvantage? >> i'm not concerned with it at all. i think, you know, statistically or two years ago i think they said hillary clinton had a 98% cans of winning the election. and we all know how that turned out. i think we are in good shape. griff: john, thank you. pete, just a quick note for you. because i was hearing that open with demand for more pete. your wife had a message for me. what was the message from your wife? >> she has a little crush on pete. i'm not really happy about that. pete: tell her we love her. griff: he said, pete. my wife thinks you are okay, griff. but we really like pete. >> she really likes pete. he is all right in my book.
4:08 am
i'm a navy guy he was what, army? army army see i'm taking shots. katie: rivalry going. ed: show up at fox square and get pete out there next saturday and have a pushup contest. pete: tell him thank you for his service for us we appreciate it. griff: i will. ed: people already voting. good to see the spirit out there fun with pete. people getting out to these rallies on all sides. different candidates. and you could see the early voting could make a big difference here because people are turning out already. total number of ballots cast in all reporting jurisdictions around the country. over 33 million people have voted already. 28 states, plus washington, d.c. that has surpassed the 2014 total for early votes. so, obviously, there is still time to early vote and yet it has already surpassed 2014. the midterms. states doubled 2014. have you these numbers? pete: yeah. we had them on the wall. new jersey, nevada, oklahoma, tennessee. texas, i believe massachusetts as well. and one other country.
4:09 am
maryland, another state. but in texas alone. there is the states over there on the right if you know your geography. i can't read that too small. texas alone, more people have early voted, 4.9 million than voted all together in the midterm in 2014. and early voting actually closed in texas now. so you have to wait two days if you want to vote on election day. 200,000 people have already voted already. katie: this has always been the argument for midterm elections, turnout, turnout, turnout for democrats and republicans. the interesting thing about early voting this time around is republicans is beating democrats which is usually not the indicates. we will see hoindicates -- case. we will see how that pays off for them. ed: early voting could help democrats and republicans. the real vote is on tuesday. you have to add it all up. you see nancy pelosi going on colbert's show and cbs basically saying i'm already measuring the drapes. she guaranteed we are going to win. not just her. people in the mainstream media already guaranteeing victory it seems like.
4:10 am
politico, look at this headline. dems barrel toward election day, confident of house takeover. will. pete: let me play the way back machine from politico november 9th, 2016, how did everyone get it so wrong? was the political headline after -- so i just don't understand why the confidence in this when they got it so wrong just two years ago. katie: nate silver at 538 saying republicans need a systematic polling error to win the house or keep the house. you know, let's, again, go back to 2016 when they said that nancy pelosi -- not nancy pelosi, hillary clinton had a 97% chance of winning the presidency. and that quickly turned around into the night when we got the results back. ed: that's why stephen colbert to said to hillary clinton even though is he anti-trump. are you going to do it on hillary clinton's fireworks barge which is still probably sitting out there on the river. katie: had a stockpile because they weren't using them. pete: 538 gave hillary clinton a 71.4% chance of
4:11 am
winning the white house with 302 electoral votes. ed: 538 is also predicting that the republicans will hold the senate. a lot of predictions out there that they're likely to expand the majority with states like north dakota likely to flip to the g.o.p. column. again, we don't know. we will see what happens on tuesday. katie: voters voting that's the point. and, you know, the polling might be right. neither party can take anything for granted which is why the president and democrats are still on the campaign trail last minute. pete: i'm going to pop the popcorn and watch the fox news channel. katie: and maybe champagne for pete. ed: more pete hegseth is what we need. katie: now we are turning to your headlines. 15-year-old boy in florida has been accused of murdering his mother because of a bad grade. police say gregory ramos admitted to strangling his mom in her sleep after the two fought over a d grade. ramos scott in school, authorities say the teen took her body to a church and buried it beneath a fire pit. is he expected to face a
4:12 am
judge this morning. an american soldier killed in action identified as utah mayor and father of seven. major bret taylor died in a reported insider attack in afghanistan. >> really no words to express the loss we feel. >> the impact he has on the city is so great. it's going to be really hard without him. katie: the north ogden mayor took a leave of absence to serve his fourth deployment. a live go fund me account for his family has raised more than $60,000. they have more to go to reach their goal. while like father like is on the children of infamous drug lord el chapo empire as he awaits trial in new york city. guzman are at the helm of the billion-dollar mexican cartel last month the dea adding alfredo to top 10 wanted list. jury selection in he will elle p
4:13 am
poo's trial -- he will cha trial-el chapo's trial. >> plane dumping fuel mid-air. this happened after their flight was delayed for 24 hours in orlando due to mechanical issues. hotel accommodations were offered at that location. ed: thankfully they offered a hotel. nice of them after three days. pete: that looks terrible. all right. remember this rallying cry from democrats? >> i think there is no question that we have got to critically re-examine ice. >> i believe you should get rid of it. >> we must abolish ice. pete: well, now that the election is here, there is no more abolish ice talk right about now. do you think that might not be a winning message down to the final days? former acting ice director thomas homan here to react. pete: balance of power is at stake tuesday. next guest breaks down
4:14 am
scenario for republicans and how they could keep control of the house. you will not want to miss it ♪ ♪ ime. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ - mwith the best ofodi, the prespressure cooking andsps, air frying all in one. with our tendercrisp technology, you can quickly cook food, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. go from fresh to deliciously done in half the time. which means it may become
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yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ ed: two days away from the midterms. democrats are confident they will take back the house. next guest is laying out a scenario where republicans shocked the world. here to break it down senior elections analyst for real clear politics sean trendy. good to see you, sean. >> good to see you. let's start big picture and what they need to do. flip 23 seats to take control of congress. you can see it right there. talk big picture and get into individual races:
4:18 am
toss-ups on republican turf which is why the democrats are feeling confident, right? >> that's right. yes. have you districts like kansas' second or new mexico second pretty red. some of these suburban seats historically red. but democrats are doing okay in the polls. and that's why they are feeling better than they might expect. ed: let's go micro and look at some the key races you think could hold and have sort of a red wall for republicans. virginia 7. dave brat is the incumbent. >> yeah. so that's a district largely based in the richmond, virginia suburbs. it's been historically republican. although virginia suburban knights haven't been terribly republican in the last few years. that's going to be an early race that gives us a key signal whether whether this blue wave is materializing or not. if brat is holding on in virginia 7 we have a good clue that republicans are going to end up overperforming. ed: remember, of course, as you know better than anyone, dave brat took out eric
4:19 am
cantor. that was seen as real strength on the right. sort of an outgrowth of the tea party movement if you will. and it's interesting to now see him playing some defense. that's right. not a great environment four republicans especially in the suburbs. find out how bad it is in the polls close in virginia. ed: dave brat. we will get his reaction what's happening on the ground. turn to georgia. another big race there democrat lucy mcbeth and karen handel the republican who of course won that highly contested a lot of money spent special election early in the trump administration. >> yeah, this is another suburban district. this time in atlanta where the polls are going to close pretty early. as you mentioned, karen hand dell won b by 4 points back in june. if this is a race seems to be breaking away from republicans again it's not a great sign. if she is holding on the
4:20 am
environment might not be as bad as we think this is. ed: this is a seat that republican tom price held before he was nominated to be health and human services secretary. the idea was it was supposed to be a big republican seat. she just barely won but, again, when a new president comes in, typically they have a lot of problems with these special elections and to the president's credit, he worked for handle and he held that seat in 2017. >> and it's a seat where she was badly outspent in that special election yet held on. the district swung from romney to clinton pretty heavily but it still had some republican d.n.a. and that d.n.a., if republicans keep the house is what is going to enable. ed: two big races to watch on the east coast early when you are watching fox news channel on tuesday. sean trende, thanks for breaking it down. >> thanks. ed: one of justice kavanaugh's accusers say may have been made up. how much trouble could she be in we will ask a former prosecutor next. u.s. troops now laying down barbed wire along the
4:21 am
border. what it means for the migrant caravan inching toward the u.s. we have that next. ♪ when the moon hits your eye ♪ ♪ like a big pizza pie, ♪ that's amore. ♪ when the world seems... ♪ applebee's new neighborhood pastas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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4:25 am
kind of discount coupons, pete. pete: that's true. that happened to me the last time i'm in cvs he had they'd happened to me. pete: getting a diploma in diplomas aren't that long i don't know why i said that. katie: they should be. pete: report to find no credible evidence to back allegations against now justice brett kavanaugh. katie: in the meantime doubling down on. another is referred to the doj for admitting she denied. >> we proudly confirmed the newest member of the united states supreme court. justice brett kavanaugh. one of his accusers said it was all a lie that she never met now justice kavanaugh. she made up the story. it was a lie. it's a damn disgrace. >> former prosecutor jenna ellis, policy director for the james johnson family joins us to weigh in.
4:26 am
thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. katie: seen allegations being made. media reported them without velgt and senator grassley in charge of the senate judiciary committee has referred a number of people for prosecution. what about this latest one from friday, a woman named judy munroe leighton. accusing sexual assault and admitted it that she made it up and did it for attention and part of a employee? >ploy. >> this is why the presumption of innocence matters. this is why president trump was so wise and i strongly commend him for standing by justice kavanaugh and supporting the rule of law and the constitution. entirely appropriate for chuck grassley to refer this to the department of justice because false allegations and obstruction of justice in the midst of it really incredibly important confirmation hearing and investigation we have to make sure that this is not just a political ploy and tactic like it was. deterrence ultimately is
4:27 am
really important to making sure that we maintain integrity of these types of investigations and shake sure that our process doesn't ultimately become so political that we're seeing people like this just step in where they really shouldn't. pete: yeah. i mean, it is utterly despicable. judy munroe leighton alleged that a friend o he and a friends raped her in the back of a car. what allegations that they may or may not have known were properly vetted? >> ultimately the accountability is with the voters and hopefully with the turnout on tuesday. everyone will remember what the democrats ultimately stand for which is politics over truth and add here to the rule of law. so, when the senate judiciary committee is looking into this and hopefully with future nominees the process will be far less partisan and political it will ultimately
4:28 am
look at what's on the record. >> these people have been referred to the justice department for prosecution. michael avenatti, julie swetnick and now this woman leighton has been referred. what is the justice department's next step and do you believe that they will follow through with prosecution? >> they will do the investigation. and if they do follow through the irony is that anyone who is going to be charged will get due process and the presumption of innocence, unlike justice kavanaugh. and so, that's really the irony here. they are looking at her false allegations and obstruction of justice under the code two different sections that grassley referred that they could facing fines and punishment up to 5 to 8 years in prison. this is really something that's serious and people need to make sure that participating in the political process but do it openly, do it honestly and don't just get so caught up in this that you are willing to lie about it. >> jenna ellis, thank you so much. appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. >> remember this rallying war cry from democrats?
4:29 am
>> i think there is no question that we have got to critically re-examine ice. >> i believe you should get rid of it. >> you must abolish ice. >> so do they think this might not be a winning message anymore? former acting ice director thomas homan is here to weigh in live and up next. >> terrifying moments in the classroom as a teacher throws punches at a student. what's happening to that teacher coming up next?
4:30 am
4:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ comfort. what we deliver by delivering.
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4:33 am
(burke) seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ >> families need our help and that is not what ice is doing today that's why i believe you should get rid it. >> there is no question that you have got to critically re-examine ice and its role and the way it is being administered and the work it's doing and we need to probably think about starting from scratch. >> in order for us to feel safer in our streets our churches and our homes we must abolish ice. pete: that was many prominent democrats months ago talking about the needs
4:34 am
to abolish ice during the height of the border and immigration debate in this country. let's bring in tom homan former acting ice director and fox news contributor. you heard that rhetoric, mr. director. we heard it the democrats were running on it in the last couple of weeks and months now as the election has gotten closer, they have tightened their lips on that. they are not talking about it. why is that? >> first thing last comment ice has never arrested anybody in a church or school ground. it's just ridiculous. couple things going on here. first, i think they weren't smart enough to figure it out that the american people are smart. abolishing ice equals open borders. they have pulled the curtain back on themselves if you are lucky enough to get by the border patrol, no one is looking for you. you are home free. if you get arrested by a border patrol and see a judge and judge order derdz ordd removed you are home free. american people figured out that equals open borders. they are getting away from that message right now. the second thing they didn't realize and i think they are incompetent.
4:35 am
made them look incompetent rather than congress doing their job and changing the law these don't like, they would much rather abolish a federal law enforcement agency than enforcing the laws they made up and enacted. that's foolish. i don't think this battle is over. when they take back part of the congress. i think they are going to make life very miserable for ice by taking away defunding for detention beds and back to catch and release. hiding the message during the elections cycle. katie: mr. homan, there are lots of questions at the border. caravans coming. thousands of people. the white house has made the argument thousands of people come over every single week. it's interesting to watch democrats run away from this argument. do you think it's because they don't have a solution to these ongoing problems at the border? >> they don't have a lot of solution. all they have is blame. look, when you talk about sanctuary cities. when you talk about abolishing ice. when you support sanctuary cities and want to keep illegal aliens in the united states, but you don't support a law to keep them out, they are enticing this activity. it's because of their failures to close the
4:36 am
loopholes, they are pushing the message of anti-immigration enforcement, enticing people to come to this country, people get to a place such as a sanctuary city where they would be protected from immigration authorities. they are to blame for a lot of these issues. >> mr. homan, the president does not have that big beautiful wall he has been talking about. they are starting to do little pieces of it here and there certainly still pushing for it as he sends thousands of u.s. troops to the border, is he talking about now, at least having some barbed wire to secure the border. watch. >> you watch tonight, i sent the united states military tour borders: and i looked at those young great people and i looked at those generals giving the orders and i looked at the way they worked and i watched that barbed wire being put down. barbed wire. ed: so talk a little bit about what's at stake on tuesday. you mentioned a moment ago the possibility of democrats
4:37 am
taking at least one chamber and the idea they are going to go after ice funding. sir, they are probably also going to do everything they can to stop wall funding as well. >> absolutely. even though voted for a wall. you know, less than a decade ago, right? a lot of the democrats voted for a wall at one point. bottom line is this president is doing everything he can, everything he can to secure our border, and the democrats in congress just aren't helping him. so, you know, so i salute the president. is he doing exactly what he promised to do. he is doing exactly what a president is supposed to do securing our border. so sending the military down there, i think, is the right thing. anything to slow this illegal entry up. because this is just -- it isn't just about the caravan. there is illegal aliens coming across that border every day. is he doing everything can he to secure the border. i salute this president. pete: the president is taking criticism for saying that constantino wire look beautiful. somebody put up triple strand constantino wire it can be beautiful because of what it keeps out and keeps citizens secure.
4:38 am
they will be pointing rifles in the face of illegals coming across the border. if you look at the units on the border. they are engineer units, they are signal units, logistic units, aviation units, military police units, they are hospital units. these are service support. not combat units. they are meant to block and support not be you a -- >> they are doing infrastructure work for the border patrol. men and women in the green uniform that are currently doing logistics, you know, putting up defensive systems, doing logistics and planning, you know, moving supplies from one sector to another moving resource from one seconds to another. radar traffic. the military does that. that puts more men in green on the border to enforce immigration law. the military and the national guard or the military won't be doing law enforcement duty. they are going to make more border patrol agents to do law enforcement duty it makes sense. ed: thomas homan former acting ice director.
4:39 am
a lot at stake tuesday. we appreciate you breaking all that down, sir. >> thank you. katie: turning now to your headlines, a pickup truck runs off the road killing three girl scouts and an adult. a fourth girl is fighting for her life. the driver 21-year-old colton true left the scene in western wisconsin but later turned himself. in the girl scouts were picking up trash along the road. police say true will face homicide charges. and disturbing video of a high school music teacher punching a student. [it started after the teacher kicked the teen out of class for not wearing of the school uniform. the student started yelling racial slurs before the teacher attacked him. the los angeles area teacher was charged with child abuse and the student is expected to be okay. the i'divity san francisco 49ers cheerleader who kneeled during the national anthem has been revealed. according to the daily mail.
4:40 am
morris protested before tuesday's game. she has been with the. envelope tried prevent players from protesting but the player's union stepped. in those are your headlines. cheerleaders now taking up the anthem protest. rick reichmuth is here with your weather. rick: guys, what's going on? it is election -- katie: you are in the shot now. rick: it was me and the tv. here are your temps a lot cooler eastern seaboard this morning. a little warmer across parts of the mississippi river valley that's because we have storms front moving on through there. i will show that you that second. down across florida the front that moved through yesterday, the tail end of that bringing scattered showers across parts of at least southern florida, north florida you are looking pretty good. this is a big storm here. you see some snow across parts of northern areas of wisconsin and then the southern side of this has a lot of rain attached with it. and tomorrow we are talking
4:41 am
about a bulls eye here of pretty significant severe weather. i think we could be talking about a number of tornadoes, so watch that here across parts of this kind of tennessee valley in towards that mid mississippi river valley. we will also see that a little bit farther to the east by the time we get towards tuesday. election day out across the west. you are looking great. it's going to be a great day to get out especially across parts of the four corners and here across obamacare, okla, kansas and nebraska. once you go across eastern parts of minnesota. snow falling, then get in -- around ohio valley. windy conditions and rainy. get out and vote and do it safely, there will be severe weather out there. be paying very close attention if you are away from your home and where you would normally be if severe weather hits you would have a saf plan to get to a safe place as well. ed: we mentioned moment ago virginia congressman dave brat has a tough race in
4:42 am
virginia. he will join us live ahead to talk about that one. pete: if democrats do win back the house on tuesday, they are promising to repeal the president's tax cuts. brian is here to tell us what that could mean for your balance sheet coming up next. the fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> republicans passed a massive tax cut for working families and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for the middle class. >> if they take power, they will try to wipe away all that we've done and at the same time double and triple and quadruple your taxes. ed: what could happen to your taxes and tax cuts if
4:46 am
democrats win the house they plan to take it away. katie: here to react business and finance chair kings college in new york brian brenberg: where are we on second tax cut 2.0. >> we are going nowhere for sure if democrats take the house. i don't know if we are going to go anywhere with it anyway. i think it's part of the president's pitch to remind voters what he has done and why they ought to care about tax cuts. have you heard democrats say repeatedly this has not been good for middle class and low income workers. if you look at the wage gains, they have been fastest in manufacturing, and transportation and blue collar. that's just not true the pitch they are giving just isn't true. pete: if democrats do take the house we know they will try to repeal tax cuts. they certainly won't go for more. what would their fiscal and budgetary priorities be. >> horse trading where they want more and more spending in return for more and more military spending. you won't see anything done with the budget deficit. they will use it basically as a bully pulpit to talk about all of the plans that
4:47 am
they want to implement if they get the white house in 2020. you will hear repeatedly we want to shift more money to low income workers. free tuition, free healthcare. that is the pitch. the left wing of the party rules and that's the message you will see time and again until the 2020 election. ed: moving forward, the president did talk about this tax cut 2.0 and said it is going to be coming before the election. we obviously haven't seen that what can we reasonably expect we have seen all this market turmoil particularly over trade tariffs rumors and speculation there is going to be a deal on the president after the election sits down with the chinese president. what do you think wall street is thinking about all of that and what it means for your wallet. >> they care a lot about growth in 2019. that's been the question. will the economy continue to grow and see that momentum? they will become very concerned if it looks like there is going to be a lot of stalling in washington, d.c. because have you got a lot of fighting between republicans and democrats. they like the deregulation agenda. they like the fact that we have gotten tax cuts. remember, none of this growth was supposed to happen under trump. none of it we were supposed
4:48 am
to have economic catastrophe. ed: that's true. >> we have seen exactly the opposite. the market believed this that policy. confidence went up. and that's why you saw investment. if you see a change in tone in washington. you might see an end to that investment and you will get the job growth, diesel ler rating. wage growth diesel rating. all now that could be at riske if businesses think this policy environment is fundamentally going to change. pete: if confidence goes down. katie: watching democrats and what they have been talking about campaign trail crumsz with the taxes and polling and job numbers we saw on friday going into election day, how does that last-minute economic boost help republicans or not? >> i think voters have to pay attention to this. friday's job numbers were so incredibly positive job creation wage growth. the number of jobs available types of jobs available it's not a given.
4:49 am
there are policy reasons that happen. both of those things can be eroded. this doesn't have to be the normal if we make the wrong policy choices. and that's exactly what's at stake. certainly at the top of the list. thank you, brian, preached it. pete: thanks a lot. katie: one of the most crucial races in the country virginia congressman dave brat fighting to keep his house seat on tuesday. he joins us live up next. ed: nearly two thirds of americans think the economy is in great shape. you just heard that why would this be good news for democrats? that's coming up ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
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4:53 am
♪ katie: back in 2014, he stormed into congress on a red wave backed by the tea party. dave brat ousted eric cantor now congressman dave brat is fighting for his own political life. ed: a big race we want to highlight it. congressman dave brat. good sunday morning. >> happy sunday, how are you. ed: you know the mainstream media wants to right this story al already you were the republican that came in and giant killer and now you may be slayed yourself. how are you going to change that narrative in the last couple days, sir? >> it's hard to change the fake news. they are running $10 million with just total falsehoods. right? every republican. it's not just me. the whole country. we voted to protect pre-existing conditions. the mainstream press won't report the news. right? it's just opinion pieces on the horse rate. we have also protected medicare and social security and then our opponents, right, my opponent wants sanctuary cities, open borders, on the record with quotes. they won't report that.
4:54 am
she wants a socialist healthcare system that will cost $32 trillion, doubling your tax rates. doubling your tax rates. i heard the segment before and she wants to get rid of the tax cuts where we put $2,500 back in the pockets of middle class virginians. and that's the choice. and so i think in the seventh district we have very educated voters. i trust them. they have come through before. i think they see through all the fake ads. $10 million, right, from nancy pelosi. they are trying to buy the seat. it's just been all negative. no positive. we are making huge progress. your last segment on the economy was super, right? there is more job ownings now than neve -- openings than r before. i left teaching because i it was unethical 21 trillion in debt and go out to a labor market terrible. five year stock market. 16 flattened and boom through the roof under republican leadership we are moving forward. this is no time to move
4:55 am
backward. and the contrast between the candidates just could not be greater. pete: the latest poll, in your district, has it tied neck in neck with your democratic opponent more or less within the margin of error. you rode that wave in with the tea party. are tea paper voters not as many today? are they not as motivated? are they trump voters? break down the dynamic here? >> yeah. i think those narratives, you know, the "new york times" and all, they try to put new a cubby hole box. i ran on james mat son and adam smith and judeo-christian tradition, the rule of law and free markets. that's wha what i ran on. republican creed. tea party vote paul ryan came in for me this week. vice president pence came in twice. his wife came in this week. so those old labels, that's what the left tries to do to you. i was an intellectual for 20 years. i had lunch for 100 liberal faculty every week. we got along fine and dandy. i get along with the
4:56 am
democrats. so those aren't helpful. what really is at issue is we are providing results. and the other side is just doing resistance. right? and they don't want to talk about the public policy that a ph.d. in economics has been working on with our majority. they want to talk about political labels. katie: congressman, one man who likes results is president donald trump. he has endorsed you. >> right. katie: congressman dave brat is one of the hardest working and smartest people in washington. he is border. military, vets and second amendment. is he a powerful vote for maga and loves the great state of virginia. dave has my total endorsement. how has he played beneficiary or detraction in your race? >> oh, it's huge. he won my district by 5 points. if republicans show up, i win. and these polls, if you take a look at it right? the ones that the left is showcasing where i'm even aren't good polls, go look at the mainstream polls. even the "new york times"
4:57 am
has me up by a view. ed: congressman brat, we appreciate you coming. in reached out to your democratic opponent. she has not responded yet. love to have ler on tomorrow. congressman brat. more "fox & friends" on the other side.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> we're just days away from one of the most important election of our lives. pete: the president will be barn storming through the end until election day. ed: talking about all of these issues. katie: final argument is being made. >> democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws. republicans believe we must defend our borders. a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. >> this is the most importantoff year election i will ever vote in.
5:01 am
very character of our country is on the ballot. >> under president trump's leadership jobs are back. confidence is back. america is back. and we're just getting started. >> if this election is based on crowds, they might as well cancel it because we won. ♪ ♪ i'm just a dead man walking tonight. ed: can't you see the headline trump says cancel election i'm in charge here indicated indicate anti-democracy trump. pete: i just checked, election not yet cancelled. 48 hours from now, actually. ed: exactly 48 hours from now polls will open. pete: across the country on huge races that will affect the balance of power. katie: record numbers of early voting similar to 2014 and the enthusiasm in 2016. pete: both sides bringing out the big guns all the way down to the finish line. president trump going state
5:02 am
by state. multiple rallies each day. the left, they played the hits. they are bringing back barack obama. they are bringing back joe biden and try to rally their bases. ed: breaking it down what it means for you and what's at stake and what it means for your wallet. the economy the tax cuts at stake on the line. kellyanne conway will be here from the white house later on this hour as to what the president thinks is on the line. as you noted he promised at the beginning of this campaign season i'm leaving nothing in the locker room and i'm going to be out on the field. today in georgia and tennessee. tomorrow incorporate something with back through indiana and missouri and ohio to rownsdz out his closing argument for these candidates. is he saying look, i'm on the ballot. our policies are on the ballot. and if democrats win the house or taking even more senate seats you can kiss our agenda goodbye. pete: that's right. a couple things unprecedented. former president barack obama campaigning the way he is. naming his predecessor -- not not his predecessor, by name and taking him on directly. the extent to which this
5:03 am
president said i'm going to go out there and make a case all the way down to the finish line. two races yesterday montana and florida. here's the summary. >> we're just days away from one of the most important elections of our lives. cryin' chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, the legendary genius maxine waters, if they take power, they will try to wipe away all that we have done and at the same time double and triple and quadruple your taxes and we are not going to let it happen. a vote for republicans is a vote to protect your family, to keep america's economic boom going full speed ahead. every day it's promises made, promise promises kept. >> a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means
5:04 am
more time and less jobs. the democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood into your community. republicans believe we must defend our borders. the choice in this election could not be more simple. if crowds mean anything, we're going to have a great tuesday. [cheers] >> that's for sure. ed: look, there was a late surge in 2016 that the polsters did not catch in the last 48, 72 hours. katie: that's where we are right now. ed: key state, wisconsin, key battleground, pennsylvania, florida. where there are big races here. gubernatorial battle, senate battle. this all started with the idea, this notion there was a blue wave and going to wipe out republicans in the house and maybe pick up seats in the senate now it's looking like maybe the republicans are going to hold in the house, we will see. and maybe they are going to extend and have some gains in the senate. katie: we have seen also
5:05 am
senate candidates especially democrat claire mccaskill changing about few things okay the president sending troops to the border to stop that caravan. changing her tune. jobs number on friday 250 250,000 new jobs in october. latest poll shows that 65% say that the economy has been good or excellent under president trump. the last time this optimism was this high it was in january of 2001. ed: a long time ago. pete: that means according to ed george w. bush should get credit for that. katie: or bill clinton. pete: so see that record 65% optimism i'm a democrat in the swing state at the last minute i'm worried about coupled with great job numbers on friday. the president you have to give him credit laser focused encore themes to the very end, kavanaugh, caravan, law and order, common sense, and the
5:06 am
economy and finishing with that exclamation point could be the difference. >> remember what the left said, months ago had you bill maher saying i'm paying for a recession. bill maher said i want us economically so that donald trump can lose. the associated press headline saying democrats now fighting vibrant economy in bid for house. it turned out no recession, instead, a strong, stronger economy and all of a sudden democrats are fighting. why are they fighting good news. pete: every once in a while ed, you nail it. katie: not all the time. pete: now you are fighting the results you didn't want which are good results for the american people. ed: rooted for a recession and didn't get it why is it so good. katie: seeing barack obama on the campaign trail trying to take credit as a good person who believes in redistricting of wealth and socialism taking credit for things he didn't actually earn and saying that it's president trump's economy was actually started by him. while also arguing that things are so bad that we
5:07 am
have to elect democrats. pete: check out the headlines. ed: "the washington post" my hometown now voters set to render fresh verdict on trump. usually you don't use verdict around election. i'm sure they are the only paper use verdict. pete: i'm reading the failing "new york times" divided nation set to deliver trump verdict. that's like a legal term. it certainly seems to be. usually when there is a verdict it means big argument and people decide and they convicted or don't convict. ed: maybe there is something in russia on here. katie: no doubt the media has been trying to make this a referendum on president trump. now because he has been out on the campaign trail for all these candidates but certainly is something that may come to play on tuesday. but former vice president joe biden has something to say about this election and how important it is. >> tuesday is almost here and y'all know in your gut that there is something different about this year's
5:08 am
election. it's bigger than politics. this is the most important offyear election that any one of y'all have ever voted in. that's not hyperbole. the very character of our country is on the ballot on tuesday. pete: sounds great. speaking to a small crowd you might say there. i gave him credit once before on the show and i will do it again. he is right the very character of our country is on the ballot on tuesday. that's how the left feels. they do it through identity politics and characterizing the president as this and his supporters evil people and trump supporters and those who belief in his agenda the fabric of my country, put america first borders and cops and anthem and invest in our military. i believe in that that's what freedom has meant to me. so far left, voting on that. as much as the economy is important, i think a lot of people are voting culture. >> ed: i agree with what you were saying the media wants to put president trump on the ballot even though he is
5:09 am
not. katie: he has put himself on the ballot. it was a great risk to put himself on the ballot. he had he i know for a fact not on the ballot. we want you out there president said no, i am on the ballot. basically, this is a referendum on me and my agenda and he is taking it directly to the people. katie: we have seen the polling come back and when president trump gets involved has gone up. and historically we have to remember that the party in power in the white house judicially sees a loss of seats in the house. that may happen on tuesday, but, based on what we are seeing so far in the closing hours of these races, these campaigns, things are getting much closer as the minutes and hours tick on. pete: you will get the blame either way and maybe a credit either way from the so-called mainstream media. ed: you are not going to get credit. pete: might as well get out there on the field and rally your people. they are throwing everything
5:10 am
including the kitche kitchen sik at you. ed: we asked for your comments leon riots in message that needs to get out when the message that needs to get out, when in the privacy of your booth, vote for the party and person for you. katie: socialism knocking loudly on our doors. all i can say is don't answer that calling. all i can say is vote. pete: undercover trump supporters will turn out en masse and carry the days. the size of the president trump rallies tell the whole true story. kellyanne conway is going to be on our program, ed at 8:30. same argue: undercover trump. tired of the yelling. they are ready to vote. while you might not hear a lot from them. you see them at the rallies. they are not reflected in the polls and the enthusiasm in the early ballot giving republicans more edge than they usually have.
5:11 am
it could be another surprise for all the prognosticators. i don't know it feels like a lot like 2016. katie: sounds like the jobs not mob voters. pete: yes. katie: got it. ed: saying florida, florida, florida. election battleground. university of florida on the football field. we talked about them last weekend. this weekend they had 17 point yesterday. so i want to congratulate then. the problem is missouri had 38 points. our executive producer sean groman he left that out of the headlines this morning. missouri 38, florida 17. pete: that oppressive fan who let's you know when they win but won't talk when they lose? that's what we are dealing with. ed: sorry garret garrett gator . katie: powerful winds blamed for knocking down a 50-foot wall leaving two people beneath. third party contractors and not amazon employees. american soldier killed in action has been identified as utah mayor and father of
5:12 am
seven. major brent taylor killed in an attack in afghanistan. >> just no words to express the loss we feel. >> the impact he has on the city is so great. it's going to be really hard without him. katie: the north ogden mayor took a leave of absence to serve his fourth deployment a go fund me account for his family has raised more than $70,000. if you want to help. go to our website at twitter over 10,000 false accounts. the appearing to come from democrats discouraging people from voting in the midterms according to reuters report. the democratic party alerted twitter before the company removed them. this is a small number compared to millions of bots found trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. and those are your headlines. pete: where are the russians this time around?
5:13 am
katie: they are in the bots. they are everywhere. ed: midterms two days away. next guest is breaking down key senatorial. pete: snl mocking an ex-navy seal wounded in afghanistan. >> dan crenshaw. [laughter] you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever. ♪
5:14 am
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nothing worth losing sleep over, because we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> battles all around the country are neck in neck like the house and senate races, what impact did they have on the president's agenda? what impact do they haven you and your wallet. joining us to break down the key races john thomas. welcome back. >> great to be here.
5:17 am
ed: we keep hearing about georgia and the president has been there vice president pence has been there. you have a pretty interesting race. stacey abrams, looks like she is barely behind brian kemp, a republican. >> yeah. this race has been consistently though advantage kempf. so that's what you have to look at at this point is the averages: turn out. interesting when you look into cross tabs of details kempf is winning overwhelming whether i white women. which actually is a problem for republicans nationally. so kempf, if he can hold together that coalition he can probably succeed. the only caveat this is a margin of error race. comes out to base turnout. abrams has the star power. she rolled out oprah and others. ed: strong turnout. put stacey abrams together with andrew gillum the mayor of tallahassee if they were both to win in the south, you would have these two new faces of the democratic party. but gillum, first, has to get through ron desantis.
5:18 am
>> you are totally right if gillum prevails in florida and right now it is a as itup. i saw a poll this morning that desantis up with likely voters up by 1. this thing is neck in neck. ed: the president was just there last night. >> that's what the president does beautifully turns out the base. this thing will be a nail biter. i think detan sis prevails. watch tall the way. if gillum prevails expect the talk of 2020 primary races in the democratic party to go even further to the left and more about identity politics. the two people that are really rooting for gillum are kamala harris and cory booker. ed: they want to see that. and could not see a starker choice key trump ally and someone who has support from socialist democrats like bernie sanders. so that a lot on the line there we will see how that goes. let's go out west, nevada. we have heard a lot about dean heller, republican senator, a close battleground there. not a lot about the gubernatorial race. that is also within a point. >> lax salt has consistently been up by one.
5:19 am
this is what this race is all about laxalt if you vote for sis lack. nevada will become california. battleground state. laxalt has a history of politics and good name in the state. very expensive contest. again, watching for key coalition. do latinos turn out in presidential levels? if they do sisolak pulls it out. some of paul laxalt a key ally of ronald reagan. a lot of history there. heart of the country, republicans may be hopeful kris kobach is up 1 point. the fact that a republican ally of the president in the middle of the country is barely ahead seems like bad news for republicans. >> it is. ed: he should be up. >> he should be up in a big way. if you look at the underlying numbers, trump at 53% approval in the state. brett kavanaugh is at 53%
5:20 am
approval. it's tight. it just speaks to the larger dynamic nationally. this is a tough year for republicans. this race is -- the narrative is kobach is tough on illegal immigration. he is a law and order candidate and aligned himself with trump. kelly is more about healthcare and education. if we're talking about the caravan, migrant caravan, is that enters the conversation we are having monday night and tuesday morning that may favor kobach. ed: as you say, he is somebody who has been a key supporter of the president. the president as well as justice kavanaugh. a strong approval rating in that state. maybe that helping kobach. john, you will be back next hour talking about the house races. >> thanks. ed: huge crowds attending president trump's rallies. what does that say about enthusiasm? we will talk to kellyanne conway live from the white house straight ahead. two thirds of americans think the economy is in great shape. what is it going to mean for the president and democrats in the midterms? here to weigh in live next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
5:21 am
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> wrlt battalion welcome back a couple quick headlines for you. war hero running for congress. >> dan crenshaw. you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever. pete: or whatever. former navy seal dan crenshaw lost his right eye after he was hit in ied blast in afghanistan. republicans now running for congress in texas. bernie sanders taking some heat when asked about his favorite book during a question and answer session on red it. the senator picked his own book titled where we go from here. one critic wrote this is
5:25 am
honestly a terrible answer. you can do better than, this bernie, clearly my favorite book ed henry's 42 faith. katie, down to you. katie: two days until the midterms, a new poll views economy is doing good. what will this mean on tuesday? here to debate will kayleigh mamcenany and jessica tarlov. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. katie: james carville says famously it's the economy, tuned. are democrats going to be able to make an argument that constituents should be voting against the economy that we're currently in. >> that isn't how we would phrase it and we would try to say it's healthcare, stupid. we still have a 16-point margin there the economic numbers are undoubtedly great for the republican party. that's higher than in 2016 and 2014. if you unpack them a little
5:26 am
bit more, you see that only 25% though think that they are better off than they were before donald trump came into office. and 60% say that they are still about where they were. so i think there is kind of a glimmer in there but, at the end of the day, democrats are messaging on healthcare over 52% of our ads are focused on it, as i said 16 point advantage there. and they are just going to keep hammering that message until we somehow survive tuesday. katie: kayleigh, republicans are making closing arguments, they need to hold onto the house according to the candidates and make sure nancy pelosi doesn't get back to the gavel. what are you seeing in the rnc final days of the closing arguments? >> certainly the economy. and don't reverse the gains we have made. there are very real gains. they are undeniable when you consider wages growing at the fastest pace they have in 10 years. some of the lowest unemployment numbers we have seen in nearly half a decade. i mean, this is incredible success in the trump economy. it's important that our voters know the stakes. your tax cuts, if you like them, they are going away, if nancy pelosi takes back
5:27 am
the gavel. do you like the economic strides we have made completely reverse from the obama years. if you like that, you must vote republican. that is undenialably our argument. katie: jessica, if nancy pelosi takes back the house, she in line to be the next speaker but not everybody is on board with that i want to play this and get your reaction. >> whether or not nancy pelosi becomes leader will depend on the structure of what happens after the election. there are a large number of members who, frankly, are running right now, have said to their constituents they would not vote for her. she would have to have a lot of votes to spare in order, i think, for her to win this seat. katie: we have a long nonts has a long way to go. saying they won't vote for her. if push comes to shove will they vote for nancy pelosi. >> i think enough to get her back to speakership. will it will be closer than anyone would imagine. tim ryan, basically no name
5:28 am
i.d. even took her on a couple years ago. there has got to be someone of higher stature who feels like they would be more reflective of the baits where the party is today or just to say it's been a long time and time for a change. and we need to get some new blood in there i think there will be someone from the congressional black caucus will put themselves up for that it will get dicey though if we do win the house. has a pretty good, you know, reason to say things are going pretty well. we just won again, i got through obamacare which is now over 50% popularity. i have a loft legislative gains. that's what she is saying on the talk show circuit. you heard her with colbert talking about it. >> i think on this we might agree jessica for once. >> what you said about obama two seconds ago. >> politico did analysis of the 43 house candidates like toy win in democratic districts. only five would say they would oppose nancy on the floor. we at the rnc want to say a vote for democrat is a vote for nancy pelosi and we don't think that's a good
5:29 am
thing. katie: thank you. we appreciate it. well, coming up next, we have kellyanne conway from the white house. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? ♪ my love has come along, applebee's new neighborhood pastas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ >> america now has the best economy in the history of our country. can you believe this? right? if crowds mean anything, we're going to have a great tuesday. that's for sure.
5:33 am
>> president trump's midterm campaign tour took a big stop in montana and then florida yesterday. pete: alison barber is there live hoping to boost republican matt rosendale over jon testner a right base. ellison, good morning. >> good morning to all of you, so, incumbent senator jon tester here in missouri. is he campaigning with more local figures. we haven't seen any big named d.c. politicians. vice presidents as we have seen in some of the other competitive races this election cycle. the man hoping to take test's seat matt rosendale is he taking a bit of a different approach. is he getting a lot of help from president trump. >> you folks know jon tester has had 12 years to fix the problems for the veterans administration and he has failed us. he tried to destroy admiral ronny jackson. remember, this tester voted against your tax cuts.
5:34 am
tester voted against kate's law. >> montana has one of the highest per capita percentages of veterans. veteran issues are a big deal in this senate race. tester is the ranking member on the senate veteran affairs committee. >> i will veterans the day i go to the grave why because they fought for me. today it might be a different narrative tomorrow. >> tester is about 4 points ahead of rosendale according to the real clear politics average. the president has now campaigned in montana this election cycle four times. the president is hoping because he has a fairly high approval rating in this stated it typic solid above 50% in most polls and worn this state in 2016 by about 20 points. is he hoping that he can move the needle in favor of rosendale. whether or not yesterday's rally helped for that remains to be seen. but that's certainly what president trump and rosendale are hoping. pete, ed, katie? ed: ellison barber still
5:35 am
waiting for the sun to come up over missoula. pete: let's bring in kellyanne conway live in d.c. this morning. >> good morning. pete: the presidents you know going across the state big crowds lots of enthusiasm. does that tell you anything about the electorate two days before the polls open? >> indeed. let's recall 2016. same situation. same dynamic. everywhere that mr. trump, then candidate trump would go, thousands of people would follow him. they would wait sometimes in the rain for hours. and the media would always ask the same question yes, kellyanne crowds will they vote? no they just stood in the rain for three hours to get into the rally and left outside. many of them have already voted. for all the talk about the enthusiasm on the democratic side, that's typical for the party out of power. very typical. what's a typical is to have a president who is able to command these crowds and be so active out on the trail.
5:36 am
and to make the case, to make the case and ask for individual candidates. contrast the message that president trump is making when he goes to montana, when he goes to florida. i will be with him tomorrow for his last day as i was in 2016. probably go right into election day past midnight. but, he is making the ask for these individual candidates. president barack obama is out there talking about himself. so, in that way, it sounds like 2016 all over again. president obama, the only democrat we can find that likes the trump economy because is he trying to take credit for it. out there saying i, i, i, i, i. candidates like mccaskill and candidates like tester in montana certainly heidi heitkamp in north dakota. joe donnelly a little bit in indiana, they don't want these out-of-touch liberals standing with them. they are not inviting bernie sanders there, alexandria ocasio-cortez; they are not inviting, most of them are not inviting past presidents or the two-time loser that woman who lost in 2016 and
5:37 am
2008. ed: hillary clinton. >> not inviting them seeing how out of touch their party is want read a great op-ed 230r78er governor of pennsylvania. ed reynolds. he warns the democratic party two days before election day you are moving too far to the left. stampede to abolish ice. voting against tax cuts he is warning the democratic party that he served in at the highest echelons to not go so far to the left. i think the left ward lurch along with the trump economy is going to be winning formula for tuesday. katie: talking about voter enthusiasm. we talked about a lot how women think this election cycle much like 2016. the media saying that women are going to be voting for democrats. but, if you look at the "new york times," they are not just talking about women. going after women who vote for donald trump. i want to read a quote from a recent article there. it says some of mr. trump's female backers initially support him only reluctantly or do so now in spite of reservations about his body
5:38 am
language and erratic behavior. many believe the president when he reminds them during each of his hour-long pep rallies that the world they largely know, christian conservative white is at stake on tuesday. so, if you are a woman supporting trump, you are a racist. >> that's completely ridiculous as you know. look, women put a lot into their voter consideration. they are not single issue voters. we are not single issue thinkers. we can do the math. we see the economy. in fact, the economy for women is the best it's been in decades literally. do you know there has only been 11 times, 11 months since 1970 that we have had growth over 4% and half of them happen under donald trump. women see that growth is above 4%, unemployment is below 4%. best unemployment figures among women in 65-plus years. the deregulations help so many small business owning women and aspiring small business owning women to go ahead and form those businesses to expand them to
5:39 am
higher, not to contract but to expand. and women know even beyond the economy what this president has done in terms of law and order and respecting our military and our veterans, border security is national security. i have noticed, also, that the democrats aren't talking much about abortion this time and that's because they tried that for so long tried it with the quee 2016. some women said excuse me, you have to talk to me on all the issues. women in the suburbs, for all the talk about not liking tone they know the difference between what offends them and affects them. what affects them is booming economy, law and order and respecting military and veterans for the first time in years. ed: you mentioned democrats don't want to talk about abortion. they don't seem to want to talk about economy. the ap has headline out today saying they don't want to talk about a positive economy. the job numbers as you mentioned. quickly dive deeper on what you just mentioned. jobs report on friday. 250,000 jobs added. unemployment at 49-year low.
5:40 am
wage growth fastest since 2009. 32,000 manufacturing jobs added in october. obviously, you mentioned barack obama, he said those manufacturing jobs would not come back. they have come back. but i wonder why in mid october, late in this campaign, did the president then, if all of this is working so well, say that he was going to get a second tax cut by the election? here we are with the election and he didn't get that second tax cut. >> the congress isn't in session. ed: he promised it was coming. >> what the president is saying is they are working on it looking at another tax cut for the middle class, and why? because all the naysayers and critics said it would never work. have you over 8 million americans received bonuses or raises or both because of the tax cut. we are repatriating trillions of dollars of wealth parked illegally over seas. look at apple. they created 20,000 new jobs in the u.s. and repatriating billions of dollars. that couldn't have happened under annual obama economy where we were told the new normal was 2% or less in growth. there is nothing normal
5:41 am
about that. in fact, abnormal. i go all across this country as well. the people who really run up to me are a lot of the seniors saying thank you for not touching medicare and thank you, also, for protecting our retirement savings and the blue collar workers. we lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs under president obama's administration. president trump's administration a net 440,000 manufacturing jobs. a net 100,000 plus in mining. 350,000 construction jobs. all these industries that we were told flat on their backs, outsourced their jobs overseas. opening those factories again and that matters to people. the president is very serious about continuing to lower the tax burden on many americans owho pay their fair share, get up and work every day. but he is also committed to job mobility. people before were looking for a job under president obama. now, they are looking for a different job because they have got job security and job mobility. it's just an economic boom. folks, we can't go backwards. i think that's the message on the issues. you can't go backwards and
5:42 am
the metrics don't lie. one more thing, one statistic nobody is talking about. only eight times in modern history has the party in power gained a senate seat. so, picking up a few seats for the republican party on tuesday would be historic. and the fact that nobody is even talking about losing seats is pretty rackable. pete: kellyanne, one more minute. we have seen a lot of firsts in this administration. i don't know i have ever seen policy announced on a movie poster. that's what the president did. announcing new sanctions on iran coming tomorrow. what will those sanctions mean? >> so the sanctions are very severe. this goes along with what the president is doing by putting sanctions on anybody he believes their malfeasance and they are anti-american policies are harming us and our allies. iof course, when you talk about iran. you also can't missed other point which is everything this president has done to try to undue the iran nuclear deal. i know john kerry is offended, big deal. what the president is doing is he is saying that the u.s. and our security and our greatest ally in the middle east, israel, will
5:43 am
not stand while iran is developing nuclear power and every time the president is told you can't do that you can't sanction this one. you can't pull out of the paris accords. you can't lower taxes from 35% to 21% on our employers. you can't move the embassy to jerusalem,recognize jesus as the capital of israel as israelis do. you can't, you can't, you can't. he does it, and all good things happens. these sanctions as the vice president mentioned in his speech this weekends said i won't get ahead of our national security team and the president. buff he is also doing that at this time people say don't do it before the election. he does it because it's the right thing to do and he has iran on notice. ed: kellyanne conway, as you noted you were there at the beginning of the trump revolution. you will be there with the president in the final count down to the midterms. >> the man is presiding over the greatest economic boom and people shouldn't forget that. pete: preparing for the migrant caravan. we are live on the ground in mexico coming up next.
5:44 am
ed: intern for andrew gillum throwing milk at college republicans. in trouble with the law. >> don't pour your coffee on me. >> i will [bleep]. do you understand that fascism is here? allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you. katie: american troops laying barbed wire down along the southern border as they await the caravan. pete: inching closer to the u.s. despite repeated warnings to turn back. ed: our own william la jeunesse live in veracruz, mexico. >> i'm having audio issues here i'm going to start anyways. we at a truck stop in vary could you say, mexico. the migrants are hoping to do 116 miles today. that would be a record. the caravan itself around 4,000, give or take. some have dropped out. others have joined. in mexico now has four caravans in this country, totaling about 12,000 people
5:48 am
stretching from the guatemala border to mexico city. you mentioned border security. obviously the border patrol wants to secure the ports of entry. the pedestrian bridge. the way most people cross. that's why you see the constantino wire. also the car lanes, right? so in a place like san heed degree that's as wide as a football field is long bringing in helicopters allow them to dropping agents in. large groupings approaching that's another added security measure. now, as for the san diego sector, which is where this group is likely the large end up in tijuana, it's largely fenced except when you go east into the san heeheedro mountains. cleveland national forest that's going to be challenge for border patrol in that area. as for here, the governor of both veracruz and the mayor of ca cardba wanted to hire buses told in violation of
5:49 am
own human statutes. no word where they are going to approach the border because they have fragmented so much. some have gone faster. some slower. some headed to mexico. still many in california. probably the short as two weeks if some take the train. send it back to you guys, this is developing story. following it from here. katie: president trump's approval rating among african-americans now at an all-time high. our next guest says republicans yet again do right by black americans. ed: midterms already smashing serious records. we have the numbers on early voting. they will shock you straight ahead ♪ ♪
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ pete: welcome back. a new poll out this week shows president trump's
5:53 am
approval rating among black voters at a record high. 40%. this as black unemployment reaches near all-time lows. touting the president's success in a new op-ed our next guest writes republicans yet again do right by black americans. joining me now to discuss fox news contributor and contributing editor for national review deroy murdock. >> my pleasure. pete: the president said what do you have to lose by voting for me would you imagine that he would get this kind of support two years into his president. >> this support level among blacks is incredible for republican. overall level is 50% among blacks. it's been creeping up. i think that's the result of the benefits of republican leadership. i mean, we have had the tax cuts, deregulation, the more positive pro-business tone in washington. and as a result, you are seeing good things for black folks. unemployment is near a record low. 1.2 million more black americans are at work since the election, since president trump got in. pete: even the "new york times" today is saying no, all of his hour-long pep
5:54 am
rallies are focused on keeping america white and christian and, you know, but, yet, black voters support him, why? he is a racist? >> well, yeah. they call him racist. and, yet, last week he had this young black leaders summit at the white house. 400 young black leaders organized by turning point u.s.a. if he hates blacks why does he keep bringing them to the white house. i find that puzzles. had a meeting six weeks into his presidency. the white house opened up an office to benefit the hbc users as they are called. they actually thanked the white house in their magazine for creating year around pell grants something beneficial to students of historically black colleges and yfortsdz. pete: you also point out something that may be symbolic, president obama had 8 years to do this and he didn't. trump made dr. martin luther king's burial site a national park. >> he did. if he hates black he could have avoided that nobody would have noticed. obama had 8 years to do this and he didn't. in fact when he signed this he had dr. alveda king,
5:55 am
dr. martin luther king's king niece next to him to put that historical designation on important historical site. pete: what series of issues do you think for black voters are drawing them to the president so much? >> i think, number one, economic growth. going back to work, having their friends and neighbors go back to work is very important. another thing the administration has done is focused on criminal justice reform. unfortunately, a lot of black folks in prison. many for nonviolent crimes. and president trump and jared kushner have been working with congress to try to do something about that. which would be a huge step forward. there is something called opportunity zones, where i think it's about 9,000 communities coast to coast will get tax incentives to try to bring economic development back. this is something very positive that will have a very good benefit for many black neighborhoods. pete: briefly, in a phrase, what could this number mean for 2018 and then for the president in 2020? >> if the g.o.p. and trump have 40% job approval. if half those folks vote g.o.p. or half don't show up, this is very bad news for democrats. blacks are such a large part of the democratic base.
5:56 am
if they don't show up or got other way they are in very serious trouble. pete: go to to read and it i'm sure we will hear more from you. deroy, thank you. >> thank you. pete: president trump drumming up support for a pair of key races in florida. his closing arguments to voters. we'll bring them to you. plus, a new poll out days before the midterm election shows people view the economy as very good under president trump. how will that impact voters as they head to the polls? we're going to have maria bartiromo break it down for us here live. don't go anywhere for the final hour of this "fox & friends" sunday edition ♪ ... >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ president trump: we're just days away from one of the most important elections of our lives pete: the president will be barn storming all the way through the end before election day. >> final swing is happening
6:00 am
final argument is being made. president trump: democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws , republicans believe we must defend our borders. a republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. first of all -- i think the left luhch along with the trump economy is the winning formula. >> i'm afraid if we go back to losing the house they might rollback the tax cuts. >> my biggest thing is our america first policy that we've started. >> america is back and we're just getting started. if this election is based on crowds, they might as well cancel it, because we won. >> ♪ ♪
6:01 am
pete: this is a great song. right now this couch is technically america's election head quarter, temporarily but for real on election night. >> katie: starting tonight as well actually. ed: the five rolling it out live , 5 p.m. eastern today, right out there, fox nation on the side is rolling out all kinds of special book signings, what not go to our website to check it out and pete hegseth is front and center. >> katie: i hear the people are already there. ed: he has like the jacket over his shoulder the american flag. pete: we're here, we're proud we're ready to go. maybe that's how a lot of trump voters feel right now. ed: that's right and we feel the energy and we've had a monster show today and it still rolls on because we're 48 hours away, polls will be offing in a lot of states around the country, these mid-terms are talking about it forever it is game on finally the president rallying his troops, if you will, in the sunshine state last night. he promised at the beginning of this election cycle he would leave nothing in the locker room
6:02 am
and be out on the field. you go back to 2016 he said hillary clinton doesn't have the stamina, i've got the stamina he's been doing it when it comes to the economy, to national security but also, katie on the campaign trail. >> katie: the governors race and senate race in florida have been tight up to this point we're also seeing early voting numbers all over the country republicans outvoting democrats in democrats in the early voting totals and usually democrats are the ones that beat republicans so the president has been encouraging people to vote. he was actually at a rally last week saying how many people voted early and evidence raised their hand so it was very interesting to watch. ed: the people said what are you doing here, get out. pete: his consultants are like why am i here if they've all voted already so he was down in pensacola, florida not everyone has voted yet and he was there to rally the troops yesterday here is 1 minute 14 seconds of what he said. president trump: we have the best economy that the united states has ever had. in the last month a loaf we've
6:03 am
added another 250,000 jobs. democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws. a vote for republicans is a vote to protect your families, to keep america's economic boom going full speed ahead. the people of florida are going to head to the polls to elect an incredible new senator. you're governor, rick scott, and ron is running against really a radical socialistic named andrew gillam. >> booooo. president trump: gillam will tax and regulate your jobs. tuesday, i need the people of florida to send a message to crying chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, maxine waters, and the radical democrats by voting for ron desantis and rick scott.
6:04 am
if this election is based on crowds, they might as well cancel it, because we won. >> [applause] ed: so many hot races but really there is really not a better choice than the florida gubernatorial race where you have the key trump allie in ron desantis and andrew gillam, people throw around all kinds of accusations in these races but yes, he has supported socialistic policies yes he wants to raise taxes in a state like florida which is allergic to taxes, people stay away from taxes and move there. pete: and abolish i.c.e., same thing. ed: if democrats can't get the blue wave going in florida they've got real problems if the president can't have that red wall you were talking about earlier in florida in both the gubernatorial and senate races he'll have problems going into 2020. he needs florida in 2020. >> katie: the president is the one that said this red wave is coming, he's going to be in georgia, tennessee, tomorrow ohio, indiana, and missouri, he was there last week in hoping of
6:05 am
chasing out claire mccaskill in missouri, joe donnelly in indiana, he thinks those races can be switched over to republican red seats, so we'll see. peter strzok pete: very close and what we're all wondering is the polls got it wrong in 2016 will they get it wrong in 2018? so we asked kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, on the program last hour this is what she had to say. >> to have a president who is able to command these crowds and be so active out in the trail and to make the case and they ask for those individual candidates 2016, same situation, same dynamic. everywhere then mr. trump, candidate trump would go nowses of people would follow and wait sometimes in the rain for hours and the media ask the same question. will they vote? no they just sit in the rain for three hours to get inside the rally and be left outside, but no they're not going to show up and vote. many have already voted. ed: two years ago this weekend
6:06 am
to her point the prediction model said hillary clinton, 98% chance of being the next president of the united states. obviously didn't happen this weekend, prediction models say 86% roughly that the democrats are going to take back the house , so have people not learned a lesson of 2016? we'll see. pete: you look at how over 90% of so-called mainstream media coverage has been negative against this president it almost feels like they put even larger blinders on their eyes and being side swiped again could be possible. >> katie: griff jenkins doesn't have minders on and he caught up with voters in pensacola. he joins us live now, griff? griff: hi, guys. pete: what's up, buddy. griff: i just lost connection but this is ground zero and ed as you mentioned there couldn't be a more stark difference between the two people running for governor here, you have gill am, whose clearly a progressive guy, and you've got ron desantis the conservative in
6:07 am
the mold of president trump. we asked ron desantis last night what he thought about trailing in the polls he's got about a 2.5% disadvantage, but here is what he told us at the rally last night. >> polls don't vote. voters vote and we have a lead over the democrats right now by like 60,000 votes. we've never had a lead in early voting like this in absentee so i think we're going to go into election day up. griff: and you know when we talked really, it doesn't get any better than this to be talking to the voters in florida , but it was the issues like immigration that was on their minds as well as taxes and of course the economy overall. we talked to some of those voter s here is what they had to say. >> i just love what trump is doing really helping our nation out and i couldn't be happier. >> i think immigration is the biggest issue but a healthy economy is also a positive
6:08 am
perspective, but many folks throughout the country can look to especially how donald trump has led this country so far. >> i worry about the taxes that could just go way up in florida if gillum is elected. >> it is about jobs. harley-davidson is doing well, people are buying newer bikes and i just want to keep the trump train going. griff: early voting ends today in florida but all the candidate s barnstorming we reached out to mayor gillum, so we can bring that to you perhaps tomorrow guys. ed: griff by the way i want to be a gentlemen, a lot of people don't know you and i are in the same fox news washington d.c. fantasy football league and you've been traveling a lot i'm facing off with you this weekend and you have an empty spot for your running back. if i didn't tell you, you would lose a lot of points but i know
6:09 am
you've been traveling i feel so bad i want to be a gentleman go pick your running back before 1:00 p.m. eastern. okay buddy? griff: thank you i'll do that right away i appreciate that and may the best man win. ed: it's going to be but okay. >> katie: whether it's sports or elections as we're covering here today, the total number of ballots for early voting is breaking amazing records 33 million plus early ballots have been already cast, 28 states with washington d.c. surpassing their 2014 total early voting records, in states that have at least doubled their 2014 early vote, delaware, maryland, massachusetts, nevada, interesting senate race there, new jersey, men menendez, and oklahoma and of course texas with ted cruz. ed: a viewer just sent me a list of the breakdown of where republicans are doing well and in early voting they have particular edges in states like texas, montana, missouri, where
6:10 am
they're trying to pick off democratic incumbents so that is more sign that heidi heitkamp is likely to lose but it's interesting as to whether early voting is a barometer or not. we'll see, but there are states. pete: just think about that moment where early voting opened in a lot of these states right off the heels of kavanaugh, right during some of the stuff on the caravan, now you've got the jobs and economy numbers and there's a lot of reasons for republicans to be running to the polls and we might be seeing them. >> katie: we do know that early voting doesn't always determine election outcomes, i believe in florida in 2016 democrats beat republicans in early voting but president trump ended up winning that state over hillary clinton so as we've been saying all morning yesterday voters will vote tuesday and that's the big election that matters. pete: you'll be watching on the fox news channel i know you will be. >> katie: turning to your headlines, a 15 year old florida boy is charged with murdering his mother over a bad grade. police say gregory ramos got into a fight with his mom
6:11 am
because he got a d in class. he told police he strangled his mother and took her body to a church and buried it under a fire pit he is expected to face a judge this morning and an american soldier, killed in action, identified as utah mayor and father of seven, major brent taylor died in a reported insider attack in afghanistan. >> just really no words to express the loss we feel. >> the ic fat he has on the city is so great. it's going to be really hard without him. >> katie: the mayor took a leave of absence to serve his fourth deployment and a gofundme account for his family has raised more than $82,000. if you want to help, go to our website at fox & >> its gop up over $10,000 in the last hour. katie: lawmakers find no evidence of sexual misconduct allegations against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. the senate judiciary committee released a 414-page report last
6:12 am
night however the committee is still investigating the retired fbi agent, and a friend of the accuser and the report says she urged her witness to change her testimony and statement to support dr. ford's claims. those are your headlines. pete: and big games dominating college football saturday including west virginia's last second magic. >> what a catch! pete: how do you get a guy get behind your defense? throwing a touchdown and scores the two point conversion to go ahead 42-41 in their win over texas, plus alabama shuts out third ranked lsu 29-0 clenching the sec west, they are a powerhouse and the tide roll on to face number 6, georgia an sec title game after they beat kentucky. ed?
6:13 am
ed: missouri just barely squeek ed by florida 38-17 sorry gator nation i know you were mad at me last weekend but our executive producer likes to talk about florida, he likes to talk about florida when they win. good luck gator nation. president trump doubling down on border security as u.s. troops prepare for that migrant caravan our next guest tells us why immigration is so big in the mid-terms. pete: and an intern for democrat andrew gillum hurling chocolate milk at college republicans the meltdown now landing her in trouble with the law. >> don't pour your coffee on me >> i will! >> do you understand that far itch is here? but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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6:17 am
illegal aliens to flood into your community. >> booo. president trump: we have a problem with illegal immigration the democrats will not allow us to change the dumbest laws in the history of the world on immigration. pete: as president trump doubling and tripling down on one of the mid-terms most hot button issues, border security and immigration, and our next guest predicts it'll be the tipping point in the election outcome. >> katie: here to explain attorney and u.s. civil rights commissioner thank you so much for being here. >> good morning. >> katie: so the first question is theres a lot of criticism over the last couple of days of president people saying he should be focusing on the economy but he's also focusing on this caravan of illegal immigration. tell us why it's relevant on tuesday? >> well for the last couple of election cycles immigration has been one of the chief topics on the minds so the president has to be commented for making this an issue in the campaign for far too long, we've had politicians cowardly politicians who have
6:18 am
not addressed the issue, sometimes on both sides of the aisle but its had profound effects on the electorate with issues of the general notions of serve ron sovereignty, and the rule of law but when dealing with the crime and unemployment and with respect to the impact of illegal immigration on unemployment, we've had hearings at the civil rights commission about the effective legal immigration on black unemployment and it's extraordinary. every single witness regardless of where they stood on the political spectrum agreed that illegal immigration has a profound effect on the wage and unemployment levels of skilled workers but most importantly black americans and if you look at the effect in terms of raw numbers the labor force participation rate among blacks, particularly black males have plummetted as a result of commissions from low-skilled immigration and then if you look at the crime rates, they're through the roof.
6:19 am
professor john lot who has done a study on this, the crime rates going up and not just the number of crimes but the nature of the crimes. in arizona for example, john lot has indicated that up to 250% more crimes are committed by illegal aliens than ordinary citizens. pete: peter why does president trump understand those policy implosion cases and frankly the political aspect to it but he ran against 16 other republicans in 2016 that didn't think this is the issue that should be front and center so what does he understand about this issue that so many other people miss? >> yeah, i think president trump a unique politician in history. you get one of these politicians once in a generation at best, and i've met with him a couple of times and i remember the first time i met with him he raised the issue of illegal immigration, he understands the impact of illegal immigration on the black community in fact it's one of the discussions we had and it's not just the black community. all you have to do is walk around wherever you are and someone is going to mention to you after a period of time if
6:20 am
you've talked to them about politics the effect of illegal immigration on whatever discrete subject or discrete interest that they may have, and the president, he has radar with respect to that but i do think he's got the courage to bring it up because i've talked to a lot of politicians who don't have the courage and want to sweep it under the rug. >> katie: illegal immigration certainly effects all sectors of the economy. peter we appreciate it thank you pete: moving on we've got an exclusive interview with florida governor rick scott. >> katie: plus nearly two-thirds of the americans think the economy is in great shape. maria bartiromo is here to weigh in, up next. >> ♪ ♪ a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade.
6:21 am
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pete: the quick headlines. ed: president trump is beginning campaigning his son don jr. might beat him tomorrow. he plans to headline six rallies in one day for house republican candidates, and his father will stay busy beyond the mid-terms. the president will head to paris for the day which remembers the end of world war one, and this year marks the 100th anniversary since they signed an agreement ending the war in november 11, 1918. pete: just two days until the mid-terms a new poll revealing most americans view the economy as good making the most, taking the most optimistic attitudes in nearly two decades. katie: what will this mean for democrats on tuesday? maria bartiromo is the host of sunday morning futures and joins us now the perfect person to ask
6:25 am
about the economy. maria: the bottom line is the economy is not just good it's very good and it's improving every day. we just got new jobs numbers out on friday, showing 250,000 new jobs were created in the month of october. the unemployment rate now at a 49-year low, i mean, when you have more money in your pocket and you're feeling better about your prospects for a job, your families prospects for a job you would think that you would vote to keep these policies going, so two days to go, and the republicans are finally zeroing in on some of their best accomplish ams and that is the economy. ed: democrats nancy pelosi have not shied away from saying they want to take the crumbs back. she called it crumbs but on one hand calls it crumbs and on the other hand thinks it's so big she wants to take it down. what would happen to the economy if the tax cuts were erased? maria: make no mistake one of the key reasons you're looking at the stock market up 30% since the election still even with the recent volatility one of the key reasons you're seeing needle really move in terms of economic
6:26 am
growth 4.2% economic growth in the second quarter, 3.5% growth in the third quarter one of the key reasons is the economic policies the fact that president trump rolled back regulations and basically animal spirits began to move again, where companies were investing their money knowing that times are going to get better and the fact that they lowered taxes on every income level, so if you roll that back, that will, number one , send markets lower likely, and it may very well stop the economic growth that we've seen that this president has put in place. pete: the president has also been talking about illegal immigration and our previous guest came on and made a pretty compelling case that even that ties to the economy and impact on americans so if you're putting american citizens first in addition to addressing illegal immigration, that can also help people's prospects. maria: 100%, pete because when you just, it's common sense you think about illegals coming in, where are they going? they need healthcare, and jobs and all of the benefits that go along with being an american citizen, so that will take jobs away from american citizens, and
6:27 am
i think just from the fairness basis, people don't like to see some people get in front of the line. we all want immigration, that's who america is, right? but we want legal immigration, and there's a structure with which to get into this country, and become an american citizen and i think both sides of the aisle would like to see this done legally but if you've got lots of illegals coming in, eventually they will get settled into the economy, they will need resources, they will need the food stamps or the jobs or the healthcare that goes along with being an american citizen so it absolutely is an economic issue. >> katie: let's talk about your show. what's going on? maria: this morning we've got first of all representative tim ryan on the house appropriations committee and he is democrat. he once wanted nancy pelosi's seat, he wanted to be speaker of the party and now i'm hearing he's going to go and run for president in 2020 against president trump. steve scalise will give us obviously the lay of the land for the house, ron desantis
6:28 am
fighting the fight of his life in florida, how is it even possible that he's trailing gillum which has these policies like medicare for all, abolish i.c.e. and then an exclusive interview with the prince from saudi arabia today marks one year since he was in prison by the crown prince, and he's going to talk to us about the murder and a lot of other things. >> katie: big show on sunday. well an in turn for democrat andrew gillum hurling milk at college republicans. >> don't pour your coffee on me >> i will! do you understand that fascism is here? >> katie: that meltdown landing her in big trouble with the law. ed: from the kavanaugh hearings to the migrant caravan a lot is happening in the weeks leading up to the mid-terms our panel is here to discuss what you care about most, next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
6:29 am
we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> the most disgusting things i've seen in over 20 years in politics. >> i will not be intimidated to withdraw from this process. >> the nomination of brett m kavanaugh is confirmed. >> that caravan showing no signs of slowing down. president trump: that's called an invasion of our country. >> by the end of this week we will deploy over 5,200 soldiers to the southwest border. he's energized the radical right in our country. pete: at the center, a president with traditional norm of stability. >> the only people that are responsible for these heinous acts are the people who carried them out. >> 250,000 jobs created in october. >> there is so much optimism with the economy going so well. democrats even give trump credit for improving the economy. pete: man it's hard to keep up with the news these days a lot happening in the weeks leading up to the mid-terms so what issues will have the biggest
6:34 am
impact as voters head to the polls? our panel is here to weigh in dr. jeanie z iano, is a political science professor at i ona college and richard st. paul is an attorney and a veteran of our armed forces as well, sir thank you very much. >> thank you. pete: and noelle, i'll start with you so you look at the trend lines, the only poll that really matters is tuesday but what issues have really gotten voters motivated in this cycle? >> there's a lot of issues that have gotten republican voters motivated in my opinion. as a national fundraiser, i have seen that it's going back to the basics for the trump voter and that was immigration. if you guys will remember when he came down off the escalator the main thing that he wanted to beat all of those qualified candidates was immigration and look, right now, the timing of the caravans coming in, it's taking people back to the basics
6:35 am
if there's anything, if there's anything that gets the trump voter motivated, it's immigration because you want to build that wall and right now, it's setting it up for the issue to be relevant right now so i think out of all of the issues, kavanaugh, north korea, everything going on i think this issue is going to bring it home for the republicans. pete: doctor, i have to say except for a spike when the kavanaugh hearings went on immigration has been the consistent motivator for republicans what are you seeing what's motivating voters? >> i agree, i think immigration is incredibly motivating for the trump base, and i think you look at the democratic side, i think the motivating factor and we see this consistently in the ads has been healthcare particularly pre -existing conditions and that's why i think there was a time not that long ago when we talked about the fact that the energy seemed to be on the left but that changed completely and both sides are really energized to get out which means the real test here is who reaches that
6:36 am
moderate independent middle and pulls them over, and what's motivating them is the real question here and i think that what we're looking at in terms of motivating them differs if you talk about house races versus the senate. pete: richard where is that moderate undecided voter in this cycle because it feels like both sides are focusing on turning out base voters. is there a message that would resonate with an undecided voter right now? >> absolutely look everyone is correct. immigration is a hot button issue for both democrats and republicans. healthcare is an issue that's very important preexisting conditions those are all very important issues but if you're an undecided voter you're looking at are we better off in this country today than we were two years ago so looking at things like the economy, where is the country going in the future, you're going to look at healthcare whether i'll have healthcare, pre-existing conditions are covered, and you'll look at immigration and think about immigration in a sense that can we pass meaningful immigration reform that will protect our borders so
6:37 am
that's when you're a voter undecided on tuesday you'll look at what is the state of the union today and will it get better in the future. pete: part of what surprises me a little bit about everyone's answer there isn't as much talk about the economy and i hear it every once in a while but it does come back to core cultural civic issues often oftentimes but when we hear this common phrase people vote with their pocket book, is that always what they're voting on and the economy? >> well i think that the economy obviously is on the republican side, you know trump did what he promised. he lowered taxes, and the biggest thing he did, which i think, is responsible for a lot of the good economy, was less regulations. a lot of those regulations that he got away, did away with, really helped the economy, but i think what motivates trump's base and we need trump's base in order to have that red wave, is immigration. not the economy even though the economy is doing good and we're
6:38 am
touting as republicans we to the the economy but to pull a voter a trump voter over the edge because remember pennsylvania, a lot of these states that were blue turned red because the working men and women voted for trump and they're motivated a lot of times by immigration. pete: both of you briefly two days out what happens especially in the house? >> in the house i think democrats are going to get what they need they only need 23 historically they should get well above that they'll be in the upper 20s low to mid 30s and get that. republicans not only keep the senate but they will pick-up a seat or two in the senate and i would just say about the economy great job numbers on friday. historically the economy not an issue in mid-term elections. it's usually a referendum on the president and the state of the country as richard mentioned. pete: richard could the republicans hold the house? >> i think there's a good possibility they can. it's up in the air and again i think i agree with jeanie, is that if the democrats do take control it'll be 29-30 but not
6:39 am
this blue wave. or tsunami. pete: there ain't no sue tsunami thank you very much for your time. katie? up to you. >> katie: turning to your headlines u.s. troops are protecting our southern border by laying down bashed wire to keep illegal immigrants out. president trump: i notice all of that beautiful barbed wire going up, used properly it can be a beautiful sight. katie: the president deployed nearly 1,000 service members to the border but vows up to 15,000 to stop multiple caravans. organizers of the groups are blasting mexican officials for directing them through a so-called route of death. it's know for tuesday for kidnap ping attempts and georgia democrats are under investigation for possible cybercrimes. republican gubernatorial candidate and georgia secretary of state brian kemp says his office is looking into a failed hacking attempt on the states voter registration system. kemp says the system is secure and no personal data was compromised. he's running a tight race
6:40 am
against democrat stacey abrams. and an intern for democratic gubernatorial candidate andrew gillum is arrested after being caught throwing milk while cursing at college republicans at florida state university. >> don't pour your coffee on me >> i will! >> do you understand that fascism is here? >> you're throwing mitting milk at people. lawrence joaned joined us earlier and says these attacks are nothing new. >> they attack people when they have college campuses and attack pro-life. i mean these are full blown antifa, mob mentality, young people, and now we're seeing in the mainstream. >> katie: that student now charged with assault and battery and thanksgiving is still weeks away but apparently people are happier than ever and earlier as they deck the halls for christmas. the journal of environmental psychology reports decorating
6:41 am
early triggers the warm and fuzzy feelings from your childhood. the study also finds people who decorate outside their homes are considered more friendly than the grinches who don't. and those are your headlines. over to you, rick richmuth for some weather. rick: what about your apartment? i can't really do much with my apartment outside so guys here is what we're looking at today clear across the east much cooler than yesterday, down across florida that front just kind of settled down here and stalled we'll have cloudy conditions a little bit of showers and big storms here moving across the central part of the country right now a little bit of snow towards the far northern side of that front. tomorrow, want to tell you big severe weather threat right here this bullseye central mississippi river valley parts of the tennessee valley, monday night, into tuesday, we could be looking at some overnight tornadoes those are particularly dangerous often and deadly, keep in mind that means we could be waking up tuesday morning election morning, with some damage from tornadoes here. tuesday election day some severe weather also, right across parts of the ohio valley and towards
6:42 am
the mid atlantic so plan ahead and be prepared for storms while you plan your time to get outside. guys? pete: just moments ago peter doo cy spoke with florida governor rick scott running for senate on tuesday he joins us live with that interview coming up next. ed: we're breaking down the key races we've been doing it hour by hour, as the polls close on election day we've got the house and the senate and the gubernatorial races all coming up. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game.
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super poligrip.
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it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. mitzi: with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. pete: rick scott leaving the florida governor's mansion hyped hoping to secure a seat in congress. >> katie: scott is locked in a tight senate race with bill nelson. ed: our own peter doocy out on the trail, good morning, peter. reporter: good morning there are two big nationally-watched races
6:46 am
here in florida one of them the rick scott versus bill nelson race the other one the governors race republican ron desantis versus democrat and andrew gillum and i just asked rick scott about the intrigue at the top of the ticket. >> well you're not going to keep people safe if you destroy i.c.e., you won't be able to put money in education if you destroy the economy which is what taxes will do so ron desantis will continue what we've done, reduce taxes, $10 million in eight years, pay down debt, over $10 billion in eight years, reduce regulation, over 5,000 regulation in eight years that's why the economy is good. reporter: is there any concern some folks who are still displaced by the hurricane recently are not going to be able to get out to vote? you notice in that shot, the governor of florida was standing behind a bakery county, like 7.5 million people to vote in the state but he was going for one vote at a time and he told me the number one issue that
6:47 am
people coming in are so worried about ahead of tuesday is this. >> i think what it comes down to the economy, people want a good economy. people want to live their dream. that's what this family is, they're living their dream, everybody has a different dream. that's the biggest thing. they're appreciative of the trump tax cuts, and helping families all across the state, so i think that's a big deal. they want their government to be responsive. reporter: and millions of people have already voted here, in florida, but the governor is reaching out to one person at a time trying to get them to turn out if they haven't already before tuesday, so that he can move from tallahassee to washington d.c. ed: peter doocy thanks forgetting that interview and working around the clock. >> katie: he's here again bring him on live. ask him another question. pete: he already got it. he's even working doocy, working the cash register.
6:48 am
i don't think peter can vote there. reporter: what do you guys want to know? ed: ask him whether he collected any money at the cash register. >> katie: but seriously early voting republicans are beating democrats it's a turnaround from 2016 during the presidential election it's a national election so would be great to know what he has to say about that. reporter: governor i hate to interrupt the voter outreach but we do have a question from new york very quickly. republicans are doing so well in early voting here why is that? >> people care. they pes reshowing up, they know that this is a real choice and in my case my opponent bill nelson didn't show up to work, he wants to raise your taxes he doesn't want to secure the border. it's an easy choice for everybody. he's a good talker but he doesn't do anything. reporter: governor rick scott thank you very much good luck tuesday. thank you. pete: thanks peter. live television. up next, we're breaking down the key races to watch hour by hour as the polls lesson election day
6:49 am
stay with us.
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6:52 am
ed: about 48 hours ago we're breaking down election night hour by hour joining me now with the key races to watch as the polls close, john thomas gop strategist and polster good to have you back. everyone is going to be watching fox news channel obviously and what i want to go through is people are wondering, when should i pay attention, and so we go through the closing here and let's go hour by hour. 7:00 you've got georgia, where there's a huge governors race and you also have indiana senate , people need to watch that what kind of bell weather? >> georgia we'll watch to see if oprah can turn out the coalition to turn this thing. ed: or stacey abrams. and then indiana joe donnelly senate race. >> and that's where kavanaugh
6:53 am
is population. ed: absolutely 8:00 p.m. eastern , the florida governor race, the florida senate race. >> of course we'll watch florida very closely it's a question of can gillum run on a socialistic platform and win in florida and if so watch for 202t ed: president wants to win both those races but obviously missouri senate we'll get the polls closing 8:00 eastern. claire mccaskill is a bell weather. it is she's had a couple missteps late in the game but we'll watch this right as it closes. ed: let's get to 9:00 p.m. eastern out in texas the senate race. >> it's going to be called real early don't stay up at night. ed: arizona senate we spent a lot of time on the democratic senate seats that could flip republican, arizona senate, worrisome for republicans this could flip republican to democrat. >> yeah, it could. we're going to be watching this closely particularly in early vote are latinos turning out. ed: 10 p.m. eastern we've got nevada senate race. >> yeah, we're watching that right now, it looks like
6:54 am
advantage republican but we'll keep watching. these are margin of error races. ed: and the utah house, republican sort of rising star. >> and not only could she potentially lose, but this should be a republican seat. we still give it a lean republican. ed: let's go to 11 p.m. eastern, that's when we're watching the west coast starting with a big house race in washington state. >> that's another bell weather race we'll watch that, of course california, and this could be the fate of the house. if it's a nail biter the rest of the map, california and washington are going to decide this thing all eyes will be on orange county, california and these republican-held incumbent seats can those republicans hold on. ed: there are about eight or nine house races in california the democrats thought they would flip. we'll see republicans seem to be upholding the line. >> democrats are counting on this blue wave so far we're not seeing it in orange county, california. ed: john thomas great stuff all morning we appreciate it. there is your viewing guide more fox & friends moments away.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
president trump: america now has the best economy in the history of our country. can you believe that? [applause] president trump: right? if crowds mean anything, we're going to have a great tuesday. >> [applause] president trump: that's for sure ed: that was the president in florida last night obviously florida is sort of ground zero we say this practically every two years. there are a lot of other battlegrounds but it's clear that the president who is in montana as well as florida yesterday, hitting the road and look, yes, florida is central, but georgia and tennessee today, you've got the gubernatorial battle, in georgia, tennessee senate race where it looks like the republicans are pulling ahead and tomorrow the president going to battleground ohio, indiana you've got that senate race and missouri, claire mccaskill always seems to escape after a tight race. katie: she does. we'll see. pete: would you look forward to election in just oh, -- >> katie: 50 hours. 48 hours plus two hours. pete: what are you looking for?
6:59 am
>> katie: i think it'll be interesting to see if these republican early voting numbers turn into republican victory, republicans historically don't vote as early as democrats do the one thing we haven't been discussing as well is the 2020 race and president trump is in all these battleground states in ohio but also a reflection of 2020 and democrats have already talked about running against him once we get the election results on tuesday it's off to the races pete: oh, yeah we're three days away from the 2020 election starting i'll be looking at the polling numbers and whether or not they have corrected the mistakes they made whether they gauged republican and democratic enthusiasm and whether we could rely on them at all in the trump era where a lot of voters say i don't trust your poll. that'll be interesting to see. ed: florida, florida, florida if the president can pull scott as well as ron desantis across the finish line he's in good step for 2020. >> katie: keep it tuned to fox news channel. ed: 5 is live kicks it all off thanks for joining us and we'll see you in the after the show show now. fox &
7:00 am
maria: good sunday morning, anticipation is building, two days ahead of a historical election, we have an exclusive line of guests breaking down the issues most important to you the american voter. i'm maria bartiromo thanks for joining me this is sunday morning futures and democracy in action as republicans and democrats sprint to the finish line ahead and after a long and bitter campaign season. we will speak to leaders from both sides of the house about what is at stake, majority whip steve scalise is coming up, and the man whose challenged nancy pelosi for the democratic leadership position, in the 201m ryan is here and we're also watching the nail


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