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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 5, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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tomorrow. mid-terms, a lot hanging in the balance. come to sixth avenue and stop by the fox experience. >> go out and vote tomorrow. record enthusiasm. it will be exciting. >> we'll be out there with the radio show and everything else tomorrow. >> bill: fox news alert. at this time tomorrow millions of americans will be voting across the country. heavy hitters were out over the weekend making final pitches. it's monday, the day before. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom," and you -- >> sandra: good morning, bill. good weekend. did you rest up? >> bill: kind of. >> sandra: a couple days coming up. one last day on the campaign trail for president trump. rallies scheduled today in ohio, indiana, and missouri. the president coming off a whirlwind weekend. he and former president obama holding dueling campaign rallies. >> president trump: the contrast in this election could not be more clear.
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republicans produce jobs, democrats produce mobs. this is the greatest political movement in the history of our country, maybe ever. we are going to work, we are going to fight, and we are going to win, win, win. >> you get to vote in what i believe will be the most important election of our lifetime. i know politicians always say that but this time it's really true. >> bill: here we go. among the big ones to watch. senate race in florida. rick scott facing off against democratic incumbent bill nelson. who are they trying to win over in the final hours, peter? >> bill, there is a huge last-minute push on puerto ricans displaced after hurricane maria and wound up
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here in florida. >> you all are here because you know what's at stake. and you know also that our friends how they've been treated on the island. our fellow american citizens. they have not been treated like other states were treated in the aftermath of a hurricane. >> governor scott, who was the governor during the time nelson describes doesn't take that kind of criticism lightly. he says he waived requirements so displaced children could start classes in florida schools and sent equipment to puerto rico to try to help restore utilities after the storm. >> here is bill nelson, he is part of the federal government. he wants to complain about the federal government. he is the federal government. he is responsible for how they act. if he didn't like how the federal government did their job, then he is a reflection on what he has done. he has never done anything.
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he did a couple photo ops and nothing else. >> this is where the march for our lives after the parkland school shooting. governor scott is trying to rally yesterday with the father of parkland victim meadow pollack at an event hosted by the bikers for trump, bill. >> bill: which side won the early vote in florida. what do the numbers say? >> more than five million ballots cast, democrats came from behind yesterday to win the early vote by about 24,000 ballots at the last check. and yesterday there were huge lines all across florida on the last day to vote before tomorrow's election. democratic push included a souls to the polls effort. democratic surrogates tried to take people from the pews in church to the polling place. the republicans' push reminders it is not too late.
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president trump trailed going into election day 2016 but got enough people to win. when governor scott talks about tomorrow's election he doesn't say if he wins. he talks about when he wins and that is as confident a candidate as there is anywhere in the country. >> bill: peter doocy in miami. much more coming up shortly. the florida governor, rick scott, is our guest live in 30 minutes to talk about the final hours of a closely-watched seat to unseat bill nelson. a lot on the line in that one. >> sandra: on to the senate race now in texas incumbent republican ted cruz working to hold off beto o'rourke. the race is a surprise to many. casey stiegel is live from el paso, texas. casey, what are the events scheduled there? >> o'rourke will be staged here tomorrow for election day. there will be a big watch party
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happening just across the street from where we are at the southwest university park baseball stadium here in el paso where they will be watching the returns coming in. similarly, senator ted cruz will be holding his watch party event over in houston. speaking of houston, it is all about early campaigning and last-minute campaigning here. live pictures coming to us from houston at the house of blues where congressman beto o'rourke is holding a campaign event there this morning. many pundits have suggested the outcome of this race could be a close one considering that it's highly unusual here in deep red texas. but i recently sat down with senator cruz and he had this explanation for why he thought his democratic challenger congressman o'rourke has gotten so much traction in this race. >> there is a reason beto is the number one democratic
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fundraiser. if you are a crazed left-wing activist you have the guy in texas running like elizabeth warren wanting to impeach trump. it gets millions of dollars. >> being ambitious in texas, driven not by our fears and who we're supposed to be scared of, which is not helpful in this environment, but what we want to achieve and how we can work together. >> healthcare, immigration and the economy remain the top three issues. textance have identified them as being most important to them heading to the polls tomorrow. >> sandra: early voter turnout in texas, what have we seen? >> well, early voting turnout was huge. texas does not release numbers like democrat and republican party numbers in terms of early voting. so we don't have that for you. but i can say that more than
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15.6 million people were registered to vote in texas for this election cycle. that's up 11% from the last mid-terms. and that's according to the texas secretary of state's office where numbers also show that nearly five million people voted early, which concluded last friday. for context, that's more than early voters for the 2014 mid-terms, more than the 2012 presidential election, and just about 20,000 early voters shy of the 2016 presidential election. so once again, this shows excitement in the air. it shows that voters are engaged and that a lot of people came out to vote early and the polls expected to be jammed tomorrow here across texas. >> sandra: casey stiegel in el paso, texas. >> bill: let's track the president's travels over the final day and tell a story what he is seeing and pushing out there. go back to the results from
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2016 two years ago. first stop in ohio today. big senate and governor's race. president was an eight-point winner. which in ohio is like a landslide if you look at some of these elections going over the past 20 years. indiana, a good senate race there. easy winner by 20 points over hillary clinton two years ago. he caps off a night down here in missouri with a very tight senate race there. an easy winner by almost 20 points over hillary clinton two years ago. this is where he makes his closing argument later on monday night. this is cape gerardo county on the mississippi river. 76% of folks in that county voted for president trump to go to the white house. that's pretty red. let's go to chris wallace, "fox news sunday" anchor. nice to see you sir. look at the map. you think about a strategy. the president said for a long time this is a base election. and that's what decides the ultimate winner on tuesday.
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that right there is a base. >> cape gerardo is a base but he is going to base states. indiana, ohio, not sure that's always very changeable. , missouri turning into a republican base. the senate race in ohio is out of touch for the republicans. brown will win that race but in indiana and in missouri those races are really -- looking at the reports that you just had from casey and from peter, you have two things going on. you have historically close races in a lot of these senate and governor's races and historically big turnout. that's a lethal combination. when the races are all within the margin of error and you have a turnout model that we haven't seen before, honest, we don't know what is going to happen. >> bill: you don't know if the early voting is cannibalized on the vote on election day or if
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the votes are higher than the mid-term of 2014. on the house side. the challenge for republicans. 41 retirements, 23 different districts they're defending a seat where they won two years ago and hillary clinton was the winner on the presidential level. >> just the history since world war ii. first mid-term after a new president is elected, the president's party loses an average of 28 seats. there seems to be a buyer's remorse historically both democrats toward republican presidents and republicans toward democratic presidents and the president's party loses. he is balking that. if it follows the historical trend of 28 seats democrats get the house. they need 23. >> bill: the economy is humming. it is really good right now. you think about these rallies. he was doing this three years ago, chris. he is packing in 10 and 15,000
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people all over the country and doing it three years later. he hasn't lost his voice. how does that happen? >> he is extraordinary. 72-year-old man. i'm beginning to think 72 is more middle aged than ever. house republicans are very upset because the focus has been, by the president and the headlines he is generating, on immigration and paul ryan reportedly yesterday called the president and said in these last 24 hours, please talk about the economy. there is such a big story to tell and it will be very effective in suburban republican districts. suburban women. stop talking about immigration that scares a lot of people in those districts. talk about the economy. you're right. it's a great story. >> bill: he saw something on the caravan and what impact it has. the kavanaugh hearings as well we'll digest. >> i guess that means stop talking.
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i've gotten a vote. >> bill: nice to see you. >> sandra: keep it here on the fox news channel as election results roll in. bill and i will be here as polls open tomorrow morning. bret and martha will pick things up in prime time including the one, the only chris wallace, yes, special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if you're in the area, by the way, this is a live look at the fox square. come on down. our outdoor set is fancy and ready. this will be a big part of the coverage out there. 48th street and 6th avenue will be buzzing all day tomorrow. it already is. tvs, crowds, live election results and some favorite fox news personalities. it is ready. we've been watching them build this for weeks and it is very cool. >> bill: we have the numbers, the geography and figure out what the voters say, right? in a few hours, president trump in indiana one more rally.
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can he give mike braun the edge he needs. >> sandra: dueling campaign rallies. how are their messages resonating? former house speaker newt gingrich weighs in. >> bill: president trump hammering home the message on immigration. he wants the base to turn out. ron johnson joins us live coming up in moments, the senator from wisconsin. >> president trump: democrats want to invite caravan aftercare van of illegal aliens to pour into our country. turn back now because you are not getting in. is our baby. and like any baby, it's loud, stressful and draining. and we love it. i refuse to let migraine keep me from saying... "i am here." aimovig, a preventive treatment for migraine in adults, reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site
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your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> president trump: this is really one of the most important elections. it will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity we've achieved for our nation or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress and take a giant
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wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. >> bill: that from chattanooga, tennessee over the weekend. warning voters that democrats will destroy the recovery if they win control of the congress. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. great to have you back with us. two weeks ago you predicted the republicans would maintain control of the majority in the house. two weeks later do you still feel that way? >> well, i think the range is between a republican majority about 229 and actually a democratic majority of 225. so i think there is a real range there. i do think that the president and the issues have broken for the republicans mostly. and i think as you go from the east across to california, the places the democrats need to perform they aren't performing as well as they need to, i
6:18 am
think, to win the majority. in a couple of places like minnesota we could end up picking up votes that nobody expected we would. so i think that you have a couple seats that are now going to switch, i think, very likely from democrat to republican that people would not have counted on a month ago. every one of those means the democrats have to pick up an extra seat just to make up for lost ground. i think you could go either way. i wouldn't be shocked either way. i think the republicans have a realistic chance of being at probably 220 to 229. >> bill: interesting. paint a broad theme for us as you look at this from afar. what is this vote about when you have a really good economy but questions about a referendum on the past two years of governing in the white house. how would you square it up overall? >> it comes down to which kind of america do we want to be.
6:19 am
you just had black panthers in atlanta, for example, carrying what looked like some automatic weapons for stacey abrams. you want a radical america? you can get one. if she wins she'll be the most radical governor in the country. the governor had made a big bet on bernie sanders style socialism. it exists. saturday, it exists. you guys can pull it up and show it. >> bill: when you think about your old district, georgia 6, northern suburbs of atlanta, why would that be considered such a toss-up? what's moving in those suburban districts all over the country that you think is relevant to this vote tomorrow? >> well look, i think the number one thing that is relevant to the vote tomorrow is the economy. and i think in a lot of districts, that's propping up republicans who might be in trouble on other issues. the people look at it and go
6:20 am
there really are more jobs, wages really are going up. the future looks dramatically better. there is a bias that is i think held the republicans up in both house and senate races where they might have been in much more trouble. off years are hard. we were the majority for the first time in 40 years in bill clinton's first off year election. it is tough to be the incumbent presidential party. the economy is the number one thing holding it up and second is a sense of safety. i think the left continually misunderstands how dangerous things like the ms-13 gang is, how dangerous fentanyl killing people is and there is a real gap in how we see the world. and i think that's why every single democrat in the senate co-sponsored dianne feinstein's bill for open borders, which is totally indefensible and it won't work and they can't actually talk about it.
6:21 am
>> bill: five seconds here. we talked a lot about the house. prediction on the senate. what's the final number tuesday night, wednesday morning? >> 54 or better for republicans. >> bill: we'll talk to you later in the week, mr. speaker. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: congress is up for grabs as both parties battle for control of the house. will it be that blue wave we've heard so much about from democrats or will the gop hold on? up next we hear from the democratic congressional campaign community. a community in mourning after their mayor is killed in afghanistan. >> what can we do to help our fellow man? and love them in spite of maybe some of the difficult circumstances and walls that surround them with evil. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh!
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>> sandra: as we get ready to cross the finish line on the 2018 mid-term elections, democrats hold onto a seven point lead over republicans according to the "wall street journal." will it be the blue wave they're hoping for? let's bring in tyler law, national press secretary for the democratic campaign committee. thank you for coming on this morning. let's throw up the poll and look at the seven-point lead answering the question what party should control the next congress. democrats are holding a seven-point edge there. are we looking at the blue wave that so many in your party have been talking about months leading up to this election? >> thanks for having me on this morning. it is certainly a great poll for democrats. it is important not to overanalyze one over the other but look at the trend lines. this poll is consistent with what we've seen across the board. i can't emphasize enough democrats built a strategy that did not rely on the national
6:26 am
environment. it relied on building a huge battlefield, recruiting candidates with strong records of service and ensuring they have the resources to tell their story. our candidates are anything but generic. we recruited and empowered military veterans, former cia operatives and prosecutors and independent-minded leders who are over performing in districts that trump won by double digits. >> sandra: what do you see as far as your party's chances tomorrow? >> i'm very confident that we'll be able to take back the house and we've never taken anything for granted. but like i said, we built a huge battlefield and the importance of doing that is we created multiple paths to the majority. not just about the suburbs or districts where clinton won. we're competing and winning in districts across the country including where president trump won by a wide margin. we're fighting everywhere and we've spread republicans thin and put them on defense. >> sandra: let's talk about
6:27 am
president trump. this same "wall street journal" poll showed that nearly 3/4 of likely voters said their vote was a signal of support or opposition for the president. so how much of this election is about the president? >> he is certainly a big presence. no one talks about president trump more than president trump. in some ways i think he has been the mood music of the election. but if you actually go across the country and look at what democrats are talking about, the vast majority they're not talking about the president. they're talking about affordable healthcare, increasing wages and protecting social security and medicare. that's the democratic closing message and a winning message. >> sandra: "wall street journal" references the new polling there that the competition is growing tighter and that there is clearly good news and bad news in this for both parties. democrats have continued to run up wide margins among women. it points out but their edge among independent voters has
6:28 am
diminished in recent weeks. what do you say to that? >> like i said rather than looking at one poll and focusing on the trend line we've maintained a large lead with independent voters and college-educated women. looking at the early vote numbers one thing i would point your attention to is we've seen exciting turnout with hispanic voters, african-americans, women certainly but young millennial voters. young voters are excited, they're turning out. that's a very encouraging sign for democrats. >> sandra: a few seconds left. what ultimately if you could wrap this up what does the election come down to the way you and your party see it? >> i think it comes down to a referendum on a deeply unpopular republican agenda. they were given control of washington they tried to take away healthcare, jack up costs and passed a tax scam that increased the deficit and putting social security and medicare on the shopping block and we have incredible candidates with deep records of service running across the
6:29 am
country and running on a positive message to protect your healthcare. >> sandra: some republicans would like the president to talk more about the economy and the impact they've had there. an exciting couple of days, tyler, thanks for coming on "america's newsroom." >> bill: one of the bigger races to watch right now. a rematch in ohio. republican tro*i balderson trying to win his second election in two months. he will join us. the chairman of the homeland security committee is senator ron johnson and he is live next and the races to watch in his home state coming up. >> president trump: if you want more caravans and more crime, because crime comes with it, vote for the democrats. if you want strong borders and safe communities, vote for the republicans. it is very simple. originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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>> sandra: fox news alert a quick check on the big board this morning. 2 1/2 minutes into trading the dow is up 58 points.
6:33 am
searching for direction after what was perceived as a very strong jobs report last friday ahead of the mid-term elections. "wall street journal" this morning. mid-terms pose investing plight. you can't position yourself for events like this. a lot of uncertainty leading up to mid-term elections. investors hanging on and a lot of geopolitical news. the sanctions against iran go back into effect today. all likely to play a role in the stock market. >> bill: a new week. 9:33. president trump back in indiana today. democratic senator joe donnelly locked in a tight race against the republican mike braun, a tough one here. jeff flock is in fort wayne, two trips in four days. what does that tell us, jeff? good morning there. >> good morning. i think the president won this state by almost 20 percentage points two years ago. i think he thinks this is one they can pluck away.
6:34 am
some people think joe donnelly got elected last time because the republican candidate at the time shot himself in the foot. the other reason i think the president is returning, this is a battle of the presidents. former president obama was here yesterday in gary, indiana with joe donnelly and it was a pretty big rally out there, too. the president does not like to be undone, bill. >> bill: jeff, some are calling the election in indiana a bit of a referendum on donald trump. is that how it's shaping up to be? >> you know, in some ways i don't think so. in a lot of states that's the case but i think here joe donnelly has really gone out of his way to portray himself as in some ways a supporter of president trump. he has voted with the president three times for border wall security, funding for that. he also says he voted with the president 62% of the time on issues the president has taken a position on and he has been sending out a picture of the two of them shaking hands.
6:35 am
he says he welcomes president trump and, you know, in some ways that is a departure, i think, from the way it's shaping up in a lot of the other states. >> bill: fort wayne, indiana, jeff flock. >> president trump: is vote for any democrat this november is to really vote to put extreme far-left politicians in charge of congress and to destroy your jobs, slash your incomes, undermine your safety, and put illegal aliens before american citizens. >> sandra: that was president trump hammering on immigration and casting democrats as outside the mainstream. his final mid-term push to florida supporters over the weekend. let's bring in wisconsin senator ron johnson, chairman of the homeland security committee. he joins us now. a busy couple of days. what are you watching this morning? >> good morning, sandra.
6:36 am
i've been traveling all over the state of wisconsin. if democrats succeed in this election it is because they bamboozled the americans one more time with the big lie on healthcare. 2013 president obama was awarded the lie of the year if you like the healthcare plan and like your doctor you can keep them. premiums didn't go down by $2500 per family. every democrat running are talking about how republicans want to take away protections from pre-existing conditions. that couldn't be anything but true. governor walker's wife has diabetes, his mother breast cancer. we want to main thain that protection with people but we want to do it in an architecture where premiums aren't so high. democrats are running on that. we're running on the strong economy. wage growth up 3.1%. in wisconsin unemployment has been under 3% for the last eight months. that's a record. nationally 3.7%. that didn't just happen.
6:37 am
it's because of a change in attitude here in wisconsin. governor walker said wisconsin is open for business. president trump we stopped adding to the regulatory burden and have more competitive tax system. all the progress can go away if democrats take control. >> sandra: i hear you talking about healthcare and the economy. i haven't heard you talk about immigration yet. we led in with the sound from the president over the weekend. when you look at that caravan coming it's not what we want, that's not for us, folks. they have to come in legally. he has been hammering this message whether it was the caravan, birthright citizenship. he has been hammering his message on immigration heading all the way up until tomorrow. has this been a message that is working for your party, senator? >> we've been talking about that as well because what we are we witnessing is a symptom of the assault on our legal system and exploitation of our horribly broken legal immigration system. every couple days we have this
6:38 am
caravan-size group of people that are being apprehended crossing our border illegally. 1400 people per day. 500 at our ports of entry without proper documentation. this is a horribly broken system. democrats don't have a solution. they support sanctuary city. they like catch and release and open borders. some of them support abolishing ice. this is a very appropriate and legitimate issue that president trump is very accurate in bringing out and highlighting. >> sandra: the president went on at the florida rally to say if you want to protect criminal aliens vote democrat. to protect law abiding americans vote republican. do you think he has been hammering on this too much and not putting more focus on the economy like you've heard from some of your fellow republicans wishing he would focus more on that and the growing health of the u.s. economy? >> i was at his rally in here
6:39 am
in wisconsin. he talked about all those things. the mainstream liberal press is making all kinds of false claim. the president is correct, americans are concerned. we certainly have evidence of gang activity, gang members in those caravans and of course, chairman of homeland security we've held oversight. the obama administration knowingly let in ms-13 gang members. it is true. when democrats support sanctuary cities they're supporting that type of criminal activity. and that's what this president is trying to end. >> sandra: what are gop chances of holding onto the senate, senator? >> well, again, i'm hoping that speaker gingrich is correct that we gain some seats. i'm not counting any chickens before they hatch. we're just out here working hard trying to ask every republican concerned about their individual liberty and freedom, the prosperity that president trump and governor
6:40 am
walker have helped create in wisconsin and america, get out there and vote yourself but ask nine to 10 additional people to bring them to the polls. the left is excited and gwynned up and their hatred for donald trump. we should be excited for our patriotism and love of freedom. >> sandra: great to have you on this morning. >> have a great day. >> bill: two of the best on field last night. prime time face-off. tom brady, aaron rodgers. a pretty good one, smitty on paper. i know senator johnson doesn't want to see this. brady had a touchdown, 294 yards in the air. led new england to a 31-17 victory. i know it comes as a shocker to everybody. the sixth straight victory for the patriot. they keep winning again. there is your touchdown. new england a winner. >> sandra: you are awfully polite not to bring up the lsu/alabama game. it would be awkward if i didn't
6:41 am
reference it. >> bill: bama a good team. your offense needs to get going. >> sandra: you're nice about that. fox news alert the iranian president warning of a war situation as the trump administration reveals new details on the sanctions reimposed today on iran. >> bill: also sandra that senate race in florida a dead heat. florida governor rick scott wants to be a senator. he will challenge bill nelson and we'll talk to governor scott live next. >> president trump: almost two years as president, i never received one call from senator nelson. that has to mean something. to me that means a lot. maybe almost everything.
6:42 am
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>> president trump: bill never calls me and says you know, i would like to get something from florida, for florida. okeechobee, the dam. we're doing that because rick scott was driving us all crazy in the white house. i've been here almost two years and i've never had a call from senator bill nelson saying could you help me. i've never had a call. >> bill: president trump making the case for florida governor rick scott clearly there scott locked in a tight race with the democratic incumbent senator bill nelson. the governor is with me now.
6:46 am
melbourne, florida, is your location today. so closing days, closing hours, closing argument. what do you think decides this election tomorrow? >> well, i think it's clearly this is a pretty easy choice. you've got bill nelson who has never done anything. the president said he never calls him or tries to get anything done for florida. i'm a worker. i'm a business guy. worked on adding 1.6 million jobs. bill nelson hasn't a job. the only job he cares about is his. he supported higher taxes, over 375 times, against trump tax cuts. want to make money in pockets. do you want a doer or talker? i'm a doer and bill nelson is a big talker. >> bill: we invited bill nelson to come on. maybe he takes up our invitation. the invitation is out there. i understand the argument you are making about what could
6:47 am
break in your favor. what concerns you today in the closing hours? >> well, we just have to get the vote out. the panhandle had a horrible hurricane. the president did a great job helping us after that. so we just have to get the vote out up there in the panhandle. typically a good area for us. i'm optimistic. people are coming out to vote. i have four events today. five or six tomorrow. i had four events yesterday. we had big rallies, lots of energy on our side. we'll have a big win. >> bill: a big win. you predict victory. i would predict nothing less from someone who wants to be a senator. bill nelson 47.8. rick scott 46.1. that's when you put all the polls together. you mentioned the panhandle. you also mentioned early voting there. when you crunch the numbers in various parts of the state what does the early voting tell you about florida specifically and then perhaps we'll talk about the parties?
6:48 am
>> there is no blue wave. there was no blue wave in our primary. i don't have the numbers from yesterday, which is the last day of early voting except for the panhandle. we've been leading in the voting. when trump won two years ago he was behind at this point. there is no blue wave. if anything there is a red wave. we're working every minute to get our vote out. we did a big rally here in melbourne. we had quite a few people there. probably 150 people, 200 people there. we said get the vote out. that's how we'll win. the choice is easy. bill, there is no blue wave in florida. >> bill: the economy is strong, we know that. a good governor's race and see how that affects the outcome of your vote. you study the numbers very carefully. what is your sense when florida votes early voting more and more often and more frequently every election cycle. are those new voters or are those people who would have voted anyway on election day
6:49 am
just casting their ballot early? what is your sense of that today? >> well, we have more early voting on our side coming into vote. so if you look at all the numbers, we should have a big win. bill, let's look at the history. in my primary in 2010 there was a pal, i was behind in all the polls in 2014 and won. the polls can't control the enthusiasm. people are excited about our race and they know that i will go up there and actually fight for florida. as president trump said. my job is to bug the living daylights out of him to take care of our state. bill nelson says i shouldn't be talking to the president. that's my job. whether it's getting tyndall rebuilt for the dike money for lake okeechobee or the
6:50 am
president is my partner in a hurricane. bill nelson just doesn't show up. >> bill: we'll see which way it goes. to bill nelson the invitation still remains. thank you, sir, for your time today and we'll see how it goes tomorrow. thank you, governor. >> sandra: president trump rallying the base in tennessee. marsha blackburn fighting for an open senate seat against former governor phil bredesen. we'll take you there live, plus this. >> you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas and not a hit man in a porno movie. >> sandra: that was "saturday night live"'s pete davidson over the weekend facing backlash about congressional candidate ben crenshaw. a navy seal who lost an eye serving our country in afghanistan. our a-team joins us for reaction next. heck yeah it can! it's concentrated detergent plus stain fighters
6:51 am
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>> sandra: a tight race for an open senate seat in tennessee between marsha blackburn and former democratic governor phil bredesen. blackburn leading bredesen by about five points. steve harrigan is live in chattanooga. why is this race, steve, important to the president? >> he made his third visit to tennessee last night to support marsha blackburn. the seat is important to him and this race is a lot closer than expected and that's why he is here pounding away for marsha blackburn. he got a huge crowd last night. 10,000 people. most of them outside waiting for 10 hours to get inside that stadium. the president talked about the strong economy but he got his biggest roar of approval when he mentioned the caravan. >> president trump: democrats want to invite caravan aftercare van of illegal aliens
6:55 am
to pour into our country. i don't think so. i am telling the caravans, the criminals. the smugglers, the trespassers marching toward our border turn back now because you are not getting in. >> president trump said a vote for marsha blackburn is a vote for me making this tennessee senate race a referendum on his presidency, sandra. >> sandra: why is this closer than expected? >> you wouldn't ordinarily think a senate race in tennessee would be close. they haven't sent a democrat to the senate here since 1990 with al gore. president trump won the state by 26 points. but the democrats phil bredesen is a popular former governor, a low key type saying he will work with president trump when it suits tennessee and against him when it does not suit tennessee. you have a contrast in styles here. a low key professor type and the hard core fire brand
6:56 am
conservative on the other in what is going to be the most expensive senate race in tennessee history. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: the country will be watching. >> bill: another tight senate race is arizona. we are ore watching that. martha mcsally trying to hold off democrat kyrsten sinema. the president making a closing argument today to keep control of congress. we count down to the polls opening nationwide. don't go anywhere. come back right after this. y fe, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the polls set to open in less than 24 hours. the candidates making their last-minute push for votes before tomorrow's mid-term elections. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. are you ready? >> sandra: let's go. >> bill: the president making a closing argument today rallies in three states. wrapping up a busy weekend of campaigning and that brings us to today's newsroom news feed. >> watch, watch, watch. it will be interesting over the next week. >> the 2018 mid-term campaign has finally reached the endgame. at stake whether republicans will hold onto control of congress. >> we're counting down the final hours before polls close across the country tuesday night. >> in what is developing into an epic battle for the control of congress. >> democrats believe they have built the biggest battlefield for the house in a decade.
7:01 am
>> both sides are desperate for any advantage. >> president trump: i need your vote for a republican house. i need your vote for a republican senate. >> the character of our nation is on the ballot. >> you all are here because you know what's at stake. >> all the big wiggs in the republican party thought missouri was over. not so fast. >> we're here giving people a reason to go out and vote for something and not just against something. >> but you have to have good leadership and you have to have good policies. that's exactly what i'll bring as governor. >> both sides pulling out the stops in the final run up to election day. >> will the house and senate stay republican? >> it comes amid record voting enthusiasm on both sides of the aisle. >> these races are getting tighter, the toss-up list is increasing. >> have you haven't already gone to the polls, you have to vote on tuesday. please go to it. you'll feel better about the country and feel better about yourself. >> bill: chris wallace for mayor, look at that.
7:02 am
president trump has rallies in three different states today, three different rallies. we start in ohio with kevin corke on the ground there in cleveland. hello, kevin. >> back in the state that spawned one of the great young anchors in america, bill hemmer. good to be back here, my friend. a question, the only question, will the polls be predictive of the outcome or will we see a reduction of 2016 where the polls say one thing and then the voters decide to do something entirely different than that? that's -- the president is banking on that as he makes his way to the buckeye state. he has a three-state stop. all across big 10 country i should point out. the stop in ohio and stops later in indiana and missouri yet to come. yesterday's rally saw the president sweep across the sec country including a stop in the volunteer state of tennessee where mr. trump called tomorrow's election the most
7:03 am
consequential mid-term in u.s. history. >> president trump: it will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've achieved for our nation or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress. and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. >> let's take a look inside the numbers while we have a moment. the real clear politics average in the u.s. senate battle between brown. brown is in front by 7 1/2 points. as for the governor's race the democrats leading in the polls there. cordray in front of mike dewine 47.7 to 43%. although to be fair, typically the averages underperform as far as republican turnout by 6 or 7%. you could be looking at a statistical tie. as for the president's comments today, we were told by white
7:04 am
house officials we should expect more of what we've already seen on the campaign trail. however, there will be some local tidbits. manufacturing is a big story in the buckeye state and expect him to hammer that home. >> bill: you get a vote. well done. kevin corke, thank you, sir. >> sandra: turning to new jersey, democrats launching a last-minute effort for bob menendez who has been slipping in polls recently. republican challenger bob hugin flooding the zone with campaign ads reminding voters of the corruption trial of menendez last year. >> we're at a senior center here in elizabeth, new jersey. we expect to have a news conference take place attended by new jersey's democratic senator cory booker and phil murphy and attending will be the candidate himself, bob menendez. the democratic effort to fend off the republican challenger here appears to be working.
7:05 am
the latest poll released only hours ago by a university gives menendez a 10-point lead over republican challenger bob hugin. the latest survey from two weeks ago menendez is increasing his lead an additional 8 points. meanwhile, hugin told a reporter this weekend that according to the latest internal polling, he has a slight lead over menendez. this has been a very hard-fought race on both sides with each candidate accusing the other of dirty politics, menendez came under repeated attacks for being admonished by the senate ethics committee after a hung jury in a corruption trial. hugin essentially accused menendez of avoerting with underage prostitutes. allegations never part of the criminal case against the senator. >> when will we as a society begin to believe women and to trust women?
7:06 am
>> what a hypocrite. what about the underage girls who accused you according to the f.b.i. >> menendez recently took to twitter questioning why hugin quit a well-paid position at j.p. morgan in 1999 to take a job at another company, a financial troubled firm. the tweet said, quoting now, bob hugin touts his record for taking a job at a failing company with only six weeks of cash left. isn't it change that with a lucrative job left to take a job that no one else wanted? why did you really leave? and lastly, let's take a quick look at new jersey by the numbers. bob hugin has raised $39 million for his campaign. 36 of which came from his own pocket. as for menendez, he raised a little less than $12 million.
7:07 am
in the state of new jersey there are roughly more than 900,000 democrats than there are registered republicans. sandra, the last time the state of new jersey elected a republican for the u.s. senate was back in 1972. we expect this news conference here with senator bob menendez to get underway in about a half hour. >> sandra: setting things up in new jersey, david lee miller. >> bill: dueling campaign rallies on the trail. president trump and former president obama offering dramatically different messages in the final countdown. you think? america's a-team josh holmes, mary anne marsh and tom bevan, publisher of real clear politics. nice to see you all. i want to start with trump/obama. maybe we should get an idea what you think happens tomorrow. >> in total? i think the structure of this election is difficult. typically a first mid-term
7:08 am
after a decisive presidential election the party in power has a difficult time. this is probably no exception to that in terms of the overall political environment. the problem we have on the house side in terms of republicans is retirements. that's open seats are a challenge for them come tuesday. senate side the map looks different. a lot of red state america out there. they have the prospect of maybe picking up a seat or two. >> bill: make it quicker marianne. >> democrats i feel about taking over the house. i'm more bullish on the senate. if donnelly wins that's a good night in red states. >> sandra: try to make it quick. >> democrats are favored to win the house. unquestionably but, if things go republicans' way it could still be -- they may not win by
7:09 am
-- they may miss the mark. they are favored. we have them at 25, 26. >> bill: the heavy weights from over the weekend. obama and trump and we'll talk about the message. >> these republicans are blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying. >> president trump: we don't want to go back to the obama days of low wages, high unemployment, rising crime, open borders, far-left judges, oppressive regulations, horrible, horrible, horrible trade deals. >> sandra: that was just a sampling, tom, of the face-off we saw from trump and obama over the weekend. >> does anybody think they're changing the minds? two guys are preaching to the choir and singing the greatest hits. rielg up the base. it will be all mid-term elections are base elections. this is the most base election
7:10 am
we've seen. trying to get folks, whoever isn't -- hasn't already gone to the polls trying to get them to the polls for their team. >> sandra: is the former president's message resonating with your party? >> absolutely. i disagree with tom. he is reaching the suburbs, too. obama is campaigning on hope and inclusion. donald trump is campaigning on division and fear. when it comes to obamacare. they've never been more popular. donald trump's popularity is upside down. he hasn't been in any suburb at all. >> bill: he went to miami in friday. 4,000 people in a room at the high level. trump is in indiana in a high school gym getting 72 hundred. >> my people are out in line getting votes. >> i missed the message in the liar, liar, pants on fire from barack obama. there is no president in modern history that has had a worse record in mid-terms than barack obama has. he got slaughtered in 2010 and 2014. so maybe he is trying to make
7:11 am
up ground with somebody else. i think this message like tom said directly towards the base and hoping to mobilize them. >> sandra: he went on to take credit as we have seen from your party, taking credit for the strength in the economy, >> as he should. my god. look, two things. on that whole exchange barack obama is pointing out the fact that donald trump and every republican is lying about coverage on pre-existing conditions. that's a fact. two, we all know here it was the obama administration that dug the country out of the greatest recession we've seen and that has continued and, in fact, barack obama created more jobs in his last 18 months than donald trump has in the first 18 months. those are facts. >> bill: how is the greenroom? >> you are missing the best show on earth back there. >> taking credit for the economy blows my mind. we had eight sluggish years and we're at a point we're adding jobs and raising payroll. at a point where the american people are comfortable with their next paycheck for the first time in nearly a decade.
7:12 am
president trump deserves a lot of credit and the republican majority. it is certainly not barack obama. >> whatever the partisan arguments are, perception is reality. in 2014, 68% of folks in the "wall street journal" poll were dissatisfied with the economy. it flipped around and now over 72. people are feeling good about the economy. the best argument republicans have. they aren't running on it necessarily. trump is running more on immigration and the caravan making that his closing argument. his central message. >> sandra: let's head to texas, beto o'rourke says he does not want outside help. >> i don't want anyone coming in from the outside. i want the people of texas to decide this on their own terms. >> sandra: the real clear politics average right now showing cruz is a 6 1/2% lead
7:13 am
over -- is this over o'rourke, is this a good strategy? >> each campaign needs to run their own campaign. he got himself to this point and within striking distance versus georgia, where stacey abrams had oprah winfrey come in to go to african-american women. so i think everyone has to do different things. there is no one better in texas than beto o'rourke for himself. >> bill: do you think cruz loses tomorrow? >> i don't. a million more registered voters in texas, not just -- cruz -- could all the polls be wrong? it's possible but not likely. on average -- >> i think beto's closing message is. it would be great if everybody i forgot i was a democrat for the next two days. the point you made is right. more republicans than democrats
7:14 am
in the state of texas and ultimately his biggest challenge. >> bill: keep going. >> and i'll add if i can. he is not getting any help from the top of the ticket. >> sandra: let's hear ted cruz on 60 minutes. >> if you look at the dynamics we have numbers on our side. there are a lot more conservatives than liberals. what the o'rourke has had is intensity. the liberals in texas hate president trump. that anger is dangerous and mobilizing. it means they'll show up no matter what. they'll crawl over broken glass to show up. >> bill: my sense is three months ago that was probably a dream but a good dream on behalf of democrats. and today you can see the way the numbers are breaking. democrats come home, republicans are home and it seems more like a pipe dream today. >> the one other piece is how
7:15 am
much money beto o'rourke has made. it's unheard of. there is a lot of california and new york money in that and has benefited a great deal from having a huge spending disparity but it comes down to votes. ted cruz, no matter where you cut it, has more republicans to put in the bucket than o'rourke does. >> bill: more coffee in the greenroom. so we'll talk again in a couple minutes. tom, mary anne, josh. >> sandra: bring it back out here. the congressional battle in the buckeye state. balderson defending a seat he won in a special election. will he get a trump bump? >> bill: trade war with china. could a knew deal with beijing and washington be in the works. a strong speech last night in beijing and charles payne will tell us what was said coming up live next. >> president trump told me he
7:16 am
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7:20 am
♪ >> sandra: rocking on this monday morning. >> bill: we should license that for you. >> we have to tweak the title. not king of pain, it should be king payne. >> sandra: here is the big board, by the way. monday morning a lot of folks watching the markets to see, i don't know, have they priced in any particular outcome of tomorrow's election? "wall street journal" this morning basically saying investors can't prepare for this. it is the unknown. >> it is the unknown. we know that pollsters have been so wrong. it does feel, though, like the gop will keep the senate. i think that puts sort of a back stop to the market. even if we do get a knee jerk reaction wednesday to a split government. they won't be able to unwind
7:21 am
but it nips additional actions like a greater middle class tax cut. >> bill: you can go back to the economy report from friday. these are bullet points. >> i heard your previous panel talk about the jobs and president obama is saying i had as many or more jobs. the composition of the jobs is what people are missing. friday we saw 2,000 retail jobs, 25,000 warehouse jobs. one pays $500 a week, one almost $1,000 a week. the composition of jobs is what is changing. people are getting better constructions jobs. manufacturing jobs, mining jobs, those jobs are swelling and surging. that's where big money is being made. to say well, this guy has 200,000 and this guy has 200 10 misses the point. >> sandra: maybe he is missing the point but he is taking a lot of credit for what we are seeing in our u.s. economy as far as growth right now. he asked the question over the
7:22 am
weekend. how did we get here? >> two opposite policies. my favorite metric when it comes to jobs. employment to population ratio. black americans 55 when obama came in office. now it's 58.7. it has rocketed in less than two years more than it moved in eight years. for hispanics 61.1 when obama came to office. he left at 62. it's 63.3. it has rocketed more in less than two years for hispanics and blacks than it did over eight years for president obama. mind-boggling. >> bill: trade a bit of a headwind now. larry kudlow said there may be movement on this. first here is kudlow. >> we have asked them, maria, about technology transfer stealing, about intellectual property right stealing, about ownership problems. about high tariffs on
7:23 am
agriculture and industrial goods. they cannot steal our technology. that doesn't work for us. >> bill: late last night charles payne is listening to the chinese president in shanghai at a business event and you are tweeting about it and what you picked up is a bit of nod about some optimism about meeting later this month. >> i saw a little olive branch. my wife was upset we were supposed to watch donovan together, i watched the chinese president. he point out six points. he said they would lower tariffs and cut import taxes, increase imports that they respect foreign-related laws particularly with respect to i.p. theft. thought that was amazing. he presented him as the savior of globalism and used the word openness dozens of times. my favorite thing was he laid out a chinese proverb. all flowers at full blossom make for a beautiful spring.
7:24 am
he is the guy who wants to be conciliatory and wants to reconcile this whole thing and to be a global player. the problem, though, there were no specifics. but i think it's the right attitude going into the g20 meeting. >> sandra: wow. charles payne. thank you. >> i have to watch donovan tonight. >> sandra: we'll see more of you later this afternoon. >> bill: arizona, mcsally and sinema locked in a race. what's the difference maker less than 24 hours out? >> sandra: the migrant caravan front and center as a key campaign issue for the president. we're live in mexico as the president turns up the heat. >> president trump: how about that caravan? do you want to let that caravan just pour in? i don't think so. alright, i brought in ensure max protein...
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. >> sandra: the migrant caravan pushing closer to mexico city as the u.s. military prepares for their arrival at the southern border. the first wave already setting up camp in the mexican capital. william la jeunesse is tracking that caravan for us and joins us live in cordobo, mexico. >> the caravan voted last night to go directly to mexico city, not to puebla, the next town over. they'll make a camp for several days. each day the caravan elects to go further and further. the first day was 20 miles.
7:30 am
yesterday 124. today 178 miles by hitchhiking. one reason why yesterday we showed you two catholic nuns who were hustling rides in big rigs, begging the driver's in god's name to open their hearts and trailers to hundreds of migrants into the back of these 18 wheelers. they pushed them, as is custom yesterday. the host town offered food, water and shelter. two men we spoke to explained why. >> i understand why they way they live and they are hungry. i understand everything. >> do you think they should have the right to stay in mexico if they want? >> if they want, yeah. but the mexican economy is not good enough right now to -- well, to sustain these people. >> the border security upgrades that you are seeing in the u.s.
7:31 am
and the caravan are linked. as the u.s. hardens the border making it more difficult to cross the smugglers raise their fees. $10,000 from central america. they can't afford it. they see the caravan as a safe alternative. that's a threat to the business model of the cartels who aren't happy. the caravan offering not just safety but encouragement that gets them as far as they have. now, right now they're 5,000, 5500 in this caravan. there are three others in mexico right now bringing the total closer to 10,000. they are stretched out over 300 to 500 miles all the way to mexico city from the border. basically right now tijuana is 1700 miles away. it still puts the caravan probably two to three weeks away from the u.s. border. there are a lot of variables that could change that. one of them is if they continue to hitch hike successfully. >> sandra: william la jeunesse following the caravan for us. >> bill: white knuckle push,
7:32 am
ohio's 12th congressional district. republicans need to hold seats like these if they want to keep control of the house. troy balderson is our guest. we invited danny o'connor to join us as we hope he picks up that invitation today or tomorrow. thank you for being here. you guys faced each other three months ago. what has changed in three months, if anything? >> not a whole lot, bill. the race is still really close. we are getting out there, our grassroots movement has been very successful. as of this weekend we have made contact with a million people. we're really proud of that. the team that we've assembled here. this weekend has been get out the vote movement. >> sandra: can you say what your chances are sitting here 24 hours out? what do you say? >> good morning, thanks for the question. i feel really good. and just even from going out and about this weekend. i knocked on doors yesterday
7:33 am
for three, three and a half hours and the mood is very uplifting out there. people are excited. that's encouraging for me. i feel good. this will be a very close race still. >> bill: it was close three months ago. i want to take our viewers to the map and show your district and give them a sense what we're talking about in ohio 12. this is columbus, ohio, the suburbs stretches to a rural area in central ohio. there are a lot of different districts just like yours, too. here on the map behind us if we go into ohio 12 in the midwest this is your contest. find it right there. here is columbus, ohio, the rural area out here. i want to know about your opponents 3-1 financial advantage. it seems to be raising. i want to know, too, how this race went just about two years ago where the president picked up hillary clinton by 12 points. how do you think he is playing and how would you characterize the cash advantage for your
7:34 am
opponent? >> bill, the cash advantage has been one of the big issues in this race. the democrats are coming in here trying to buy this seat. there has been -- raised over $7 million. 80% of it has come from outside the state of ohio. most coming from california and new york. and that's been the challenging part for me trying to go against that type of disadvantage with the funds that have raised. as far as president trump throughout this district president trump is very well liked. the economy is roaring and people are excited about that. when i went door-to-door they were talking about the economy and the things that this president has gotten done in the first two years of his presidency. >> sandra: you know, if you were to speak to the election and the influence of president trump and you are talking about the popularity in that district but the state, ohio, his popularity approval ratings at 45%, so how much of a trump bump do you think that you will
7:35 am
actually get? >> you know, the president was here for me during the special election a week out. i feel that was very beneficial. so in the 12th congressional district it will be beneficial to have a bump from the president. vice president pence has been here three times. he was here last week. people are very supportive of the vice president also. i'm grateful to have both of them here and outside in the rural areas the president is very favorable. >> bill: do you think the country is changing in districts like yours? in a typical election we would not even consider this to be a tight race republicans and democrats. yet it appears to be that way. what explains that? >> you know, i do think the country is changing a little bit. bill. but i think it's changing because of the president. but as i keep telling people and other media outlets here you are electing troy
7:36 am
balderson, he will be there to work for you and be your congressman. i'm going to work with the president on his economic agenda because to me that's the most important thing are jobs. that has been my campaign focus and always been my campaign focus when i was running for the state legislature and now for the u.s. congress. and that's what i'm focusing on and what i want to continue to focus on. that's what's important is people having jobs. >> sandra: congressman, what do you want the message for your party to be looking at a national level for the republican party, what do you want the message to be? >> i want the message to be that we are out here and we're working very hard. the republicans want what's best for america and part of that is having jobs, having the economic growth that we're having here in this country right now. when people have jobs, they do better. they feel good about themselves, they feel accomplished and that's the important piece and i think republicans need to push that economic agenda moving forward.
7:37 am
>> bill: troy balderson, thank you. we'll see what happens tomorrow in ohio congressional district number 12. one to watch. thank you, sir. >> sandra: thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: arizona senate race neck-and-neck. mcsally and sinema are in a statistical dead heat. both candidates are at 46% among likely voters. we're live in phoenix this morning. alicia. >> the final hours of this campaign means pancake breakfasts, one of the candidates ran a half marathon. they went to the arizona state university homecoming game and there is door knocking. >> martha mcsally, how are you? nice to meet you. >> martha mcsally, who likes to point out she won her 2014 race is in a race to keep this seat in gop hands which hasn't had since the mid 90s. she took a shot at her opponent
7:38 am
for running a half marathon on sunday. >> we're taking the race seriously and fight for every last vote. i won my first race by 167 votes. i'm going to sprint to the finish until the polls close on election night to make sure that we secure this seat. >> kyrsten sinema has been in front of voters as well. saturday she did the coin toss at the asu game while mcsally sang the national anthem. for sinema to win she needs young voters to show up. >> they have to vote. your vote is actually your voice. if you choose not to vote, then you are letting someone else make decisions about your life and yu future. i don't want anyone else making decision for me. >> in the most updated numbers we received on friday on early voting returns republicans lead. democrats argue, though, if you combine their numbers with the unaffiliated they come out ahead. we'll have to see.
7:39 am
emergency voting centers were opened saturday and again today for those who can't make it on tuesday. we are expecting updated early ballot returns, sandra, later on today but i will tell you a lot of the older, more conservative voters here have a history of all going to the polls on tuesday, not so much always participating in the early voting. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: nancy pelosi predicting her party will win control of the house. but memories of 2016 linger. governor john sununu will join us for some analysis coming up shortly here. >> sandra: plus president trump going all in to keep the senate with a major push in the final days of the campaign. so will he make the difference for his party? our a-team joins us straight ahead.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> president trump: i think we'll do well in the house. as you know, my primary focus has been on the senate and i think we're doing really well in the senate.
7:44 am
if you look at early returns, the early returns are very positive. so with so many people in congress, with so many people in the house, it's very hard to make those stops but i have made a number. i think we'll do well in the house. i think we'll do really well in the senate and there is something going on out there. >> sandra: we're back with our a-team. hopefully they saved it for tv. josh holmes and mary anne marsh and tom bevan. an optimistic president trump heading into tomorrow. >> the biggest challenge a party in power has in mid-terms is try to replicate of the intensity of the minority party. we've seen it played out. democrats are turning out hand over fist. the question is whether republicans can match that intensity. if only person in the republican party, the only person that can help match that is president trump and he has been in montana, indiana, missouri, arizona, nevada, west virginia. everywhere.
7:45 am
>> what choice did he have? he couldn't go into a lot of house districts. the ones are in suburbs where donald trump is not popular and he would have hurt the republicans more than helped them. in this case you can go into conservative areas to try to help republicans in senate races and exactly what he has done. >> can trump generate coattails? obama campaigned just as hard around the country in 2010 and got wiped out. he had no coattails for his party. we'll find out whether trump does with republicans. >> bill: do you remember in 2010 what kind of crowds he had? >> i don't. i think he generated decent crowds. >> the reason i asked. three years ago trump was pulling in numbers and still doing it everywhere he picks to go. >> we mentioned this in the first segment. the intensity level is off the charts. we have seen republicans energized and we've seen the turnout levels. this will be a massive election. closer to a presidential than your traditional mid-term. and you can argue that round or
7:46 am
square it benefits democrats or trump is energizing republicans and turn out and will do well in the senate if that's the case. >> these rallies are different than the average president. it's a show. people are there to enjoy it. it's not moving republicans numbers it moves democrats against their party in a lot of ways. so it is having a double effect that in fact republicans are benefiting from. >> josh is right. i think trump is helping democrats as much as any effect he is having on republicans by his message. >> sandra: all right. a lot of people talking about this, dan crenshaw, the texas republican congressional candidate wears an eye patch. "saturday night live" took him on jokingly over the weekend. watch. >> you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas and not a hit man in a porno movie. i'm sorry. i know he loss it his war or whatever.
7:47 am
[laughter] >> sandra: so far been a lot of criticism to that moment. dan crenshaw has responded to that via the tweet. good rule in life. i try hard not to offend and try harder not to be offended. that being said i hope nbc recognize vets don't deserve to see their wounds as punch lines for bad jokes. >> horrible taste. they should apologize. this is one of the classiest responses i've seen. crenshaw deserves a lot of credit for not continuing to feed the outrage machine here. basically he said in a subsequent interview i wish they could be funny about it. this is not funny. i do think nbc should apologize. >> bill: here is crenshaw earlier today. >> i don't want to demand an apology that is hollow and empty. in today's culture and politics we tend to throw rocks at each other back and forth demanding
7:48 am
apologies for every upset done to us. now they certainly crossed the line but their apology won't mean anything to me. >> sandra: he wounded his eye in his third tour in afghanistan as a navy seal. did this joke go too far? >> of course it did. the one thing dan crenshaw is owed from all of us is our eternal gratitude and appreciation for not only his service but sacrifice. he is being the bigger person here and it says a lot about him. >> look, i can't believe "saturday night live" didn't issue an apology already. still to this moment they haven't and neither has pete davidson. that should have been a no-brainer. it complicates -- democrats are running a lot of military veterans this time around and pete davidson is part of the liberal elite and the fact they're willing to mock that i think it's not a great look in the country. >> bill: that whole last line
7:49 am
about or whatever. it's over the line. >> it is absolutely. it shouldn't be difficult to apologize for, either. it is clearly a mistake. you would think they wouldn't hesitate it went over the line. clearly i guess keenan thompson speaks for all of them but they should issue an apology. >> bill: quickly, where are we wednesday morning? crystal ball tells you what, tom? real clear politics, you guys are crunching numbers and doing it for six months. >> the crystal ball says dems win the house, republicans keep their majority in the senate and maybe expand it. on either ends of those republicans could have a good night and keep the house. also the blue wave scenario very much in play. >> you are still playing with the map. >> bill: you think so? i think you're right. >> seven seats in the house in the margin of error. a lot of turnout yet to be seen. i agree it will be a late night
7:50 am
on tuesday. >> sandra: you guys are good, thank you. >> bill: going down to the wire we go. in a moment the fierce fight for a florida senate seat getting a lot of attention and why the race could end up being the most expensive we've seen in political history. >> sandra: the u.s. ratcheting up pressure on iran. are the newly imposed sanctions tough enough on tehran? >> the regime has a choice. it can do a 180 degree turn from its course of action and act like a normal country or can see its economy crumble. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
7:51 am
7:52 am
and all thro' the house.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: fox news alert. the trump administration announcing new details on the iran sanctions. the president calls the penalties the toughest ever. rich edson live from the state department with the story from there. >> good morning. the administration says this is the official end of u.s. participation in the iran nuclear agreement as the united states restores the sanctions that it once lifted as part of that deal. secretary of state mike pompeo, treasury secretary steve mnuchin unveiled specifics this morning. the u.s. has never hit iran with more sanctions in a single day. 50 iranian banks, 200 individuals and ships working in iranian shipping and energy. and airline, more than 65 planes.
7:55 am
>> i promise you, that doing business iran in defiance of our sanctions will be a much more painful business decision than pulling out of iran and being connected to iran entirely. >> iranian president rouhani says iran will sell its oil and break these sanctions. iranian foreign minister says the u.s. is defying international law, targeting ordinary people, and bullying and destroying the global order. though he also told usa today iran is open to talks with the united states if the trump administration changes its approach to the nuclear deal. there is also criticism from conservatives the administration has granted eight countries waivers to continue buying iran's oil without penalties for six more months. the top oil customers like china, india, south korea and turkey. it is working the with the
7:56 am
countries to -- irans exports have fallen a million barrels a day since may. three civilian nuclear projects also in iran. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: president trump making his case for republicans just one day out from mid-terms. the president shining a spotlight on immigration. republicans want him to focus on the booming u.s. economy. which one is better for the final pitch to voters? brit hume is here live to weigh in.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. we're officially in the homestretch to tomorrow's mid-terms. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. president trump is back on the trail yet again today. three rallies now. this after a few rallies over the weekend in montana, georgia, tennessee. today ohio, indiana, missouri, control of the house and the senate is now on the line. >> president trump: this is really one of the most important elections. it will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've achieved for our nation or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress. and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. >> bill: president trump keeping up the blitz today. i mention he'd owe, indiana, missouri. to the north lawn where john roberts is there with more on
8:01 am
the strategy in the final streefp. >> good morning. the president starting out his day today participating in a teleconference town hall meeting to get out the vote tomorrow among people who were not there and did the early voting. then he takes off on the closing days of 2016. rallies in cleveland, fort wayne, indiana and missouri. the president won't be back at the white house until well after midnight tonight. the president continues to keep what he calls the threat from illegal immigration high on the campaign radar but also touting friday's big economic numbers putting him in a face-off with president obama over who gets credit for it. first president trump in chattanooga, tennessee last night and president obama in gary, indiana. >> president trump: who thought we would have in just a short -- not even two years the greatest economy we've ever had in the history of the country? >> when you hear the
8:02 am
republicans bragging about how good the economy is. where do you think it started? somebody had to clean it up. that's what a progressive agenda did. >> this campaign in many ways mirrors the 2002 mid-term campaign which former presidents bush and clinton campaigned heavily at least in the closing days to get out the vote. president trump has put more effort into the mid-terms than any president in memory traveling almost every day in the past month and the white house not surprised that president obama has come out with the intensity he has in the past week with so much at stake. but surprised about one thing. listen here. >> i think the biggest surprise is they would actually tried to tout the eight years they had a success. i can't think of one thing they had that was successful in those eight years that you would want to brag about. we spent the last two years undoing and trying to fix a lot of the problems that were created by the previous administration. >> a lot of enthusiasm for the mid-term elections in ways we
8:03 am
don't usually see in the mid-term process. a lot of that i think is because of what's at stake and the way that president trump has been getting people out. the rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel wanted to shake sure they squeeze every vote they can out of the republican party urging people to get out tomorrow and vote. she said 200 votes could make the difference in some of these races because they are so close. >> bill: wow, that's not a lot of wiggle room. thank you, john rob frerts the north lawn. >> sandra: with so much at stake with control of congress president trump's agenda is on the line, too. he is campaigning non-stop with some calling the mid-terms a referendum on his presidency. says he has been urged to talk up the economy. >> president trump: he has the greatest economy. why is he talking about the border? you can only say so many times that we just created 250,000 jobs last month, right? we should talk about problems we want to straighten out.
8:04 am
when we're fixing a problem or fixed the problem there is no reason to go on about it for 445 minutes. >> sandra: with the economy so strong is the president putting his focus on something different? brit hume, looking forward to coverage tomorrow night. when you hear the president still pushing immigration, is this the right strategy when you are now hearing reportedly some republicans, paul ryan, calling up the president to focus on the economy? >> the dilemma he has does positive agenda work better than scaring people? he and his party get credit for the economy. motivated voters are people who are angry and disappointed. satisfied voters may not vote at all. you have that dilemma. of course, the president's skill set is better trying to
8:05 am
worry people about immigration. one issue that wasn't front and center in the campaign until the caravan came along and he swoopd on that like a man with a helicopter and has been on it ever since. so i think it's a good question. we'll find out the answer tomorrow whether he should have talked more about the economy. you heard in the two sound bites he talks quite a bit about the economy. >> sandra: he has been focusing on that and has three stops today. he does not seem to tire. so much energy. he continues to put out there. >> i marvel. >> sandra: unbelievable. sarah sanders was talking about the election outcome and the way they see things at this moment. >> i think we'll see what happens tomorrow. we think we have a great story to tell. the president is making that case. you'll see him do that again three times later today. and if people are voting on policy and things like the economy i think we're in a great position moving forward. >> sandra: is this election
8:06 am
seen as a referendum on trump's presidency? >> i think so. i think this is the trump mid-term. however it turns out. i've seen presidents go out and campaign really hard in mid-term elections in an effort to protect their party. particularly i remember bill clinton doing it in 1994 and i remember the republicans had what they called a contract with america which they all ran on as a set of votes they promised to take if they got control of the house and clinton really did work hard. not quite as hard as trump has. clinton had energy but it was a total failure. they lost the house. the first time in 40 years. not a long record of it succeeding. so i'm tempted to say i'm not sure how much difference his campaigning will make. i'm haunted by what happened in 2016 when the president went out and campaigned and drew huge crowds and i was saying based on my years of coverage i've seen candidates get huge crowds before. crowds are a poor way to
8:07 am
determine the outcome of an election. boy, was i wrong. and so i think we all have to keep in mind the possibility that when trump is out there on the trail doing all this and drawing the crowds it may mean something. >> sandra: loorking at the stock market this week. we have so much at stake. stock market is up -- "wall street journal" this morning saying how do you even price anything after what happened in 2016? how can you plan or depend on anything here? what heading into tomorrow, what are you watching and what is your feeling heading into tomorrow? >> early races we'll see in places like connecticut and new jersey which will give us some sense of the mood of the electorate. both connecticut and new jersey have had governors who have been -- governor and senator in new jersey who have been very unpopular and it looks like those are very, very blue states. and if you see significant
8:08 am
republican showings in the governor's race in connecticut and senate race in new jersey, we'll know a lot. and i will watch for that. what i worry about at my age are these long nights where we don't know how it will come out until 1:30 in the morning and all sitting on the set waiting for results to come in from hither and yon. i hope we won't go through that. >> sandra: a pleasure to watch your coverage on the fox news channel starting tomorrow night. brit hume you'll be at 6:00 p.m. bret and martha. great to see you. >> bill: eight past now. thousands of american soldiers mobilizing along the southern border as the military gets ready for a caravan of asylum seekers. rick leventhal down in texas where u.s. troops have set up a temporary camp of operations. rick, what's happening? >> we're right next to the rio bravo international bridge. a crossing, one of the many
8:09 am
legal crossings in southeast texas, a busy location now. the base camp right next door that some of these active duty soldiers from built. flatbeds and heavy equipment and put up wire around this base that they built here. a lot of heavy equipment back there and other materials that they are moving and using to help support the customs and border protection agents here in southeast texas. this is already the busiest stretch of southern border for illegal entries in the nation with or without a caravan on the way. we spoke with some of the guys here, military police from fort riley, kansas. >> is it strange to be deployed inside the u.s. for you guys? >> it is a little strange. it is nice because usually we're defending somebody else's homeland. for a change it's our own. a little change of pace is kind of nice. >> yesterday we saw why the border agents are welcoming the military's help when a group of dozens of migrants from
8:10 am
honduras showed up on the bridge and asked for asylum. another legal crossing. they were not taking the legal crossing but walking underneath it. men and women, a dozen kids. given water. one received medical attention. border agents collected their shoe lasts, belts and personal items and loaded them in vans to take to the processing center. agents say they get 100 migrants a day at that one location alone, bill. about 900 arrests were made in the rio grande valley on saturday. more than 20,000 in october alone. this is something they're very used to seeing and the help is welcome here. >> bill: thank you, rick, on the border there. sandra. >> sandra: as voters head out to the polls tomorrow morning, what trends should we all be looking for. two members of the fox news decision desk will join us live to tell us what the keys will be for tomorrow night. >> bill: when the polls are closed and votes counted after the mid-terms who will control
8:11 am
congress? should democrats tamp down talk of a blue wave? have a look at that coming up. va home loan for veterans. uy it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332.
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8:14 am
>> sandra: fueling speculation on capitol hill the party could move to impeach the president. the former independent counsel in the clinton administration ken the starr doubts that will happen. >> in your opinion, has trump
8:15 am
done anything that is impeachable? >> not even close. because i know of no evidence. i don't know what bob mueller does. but i know of no evidence that would suggest that he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. >> sandra: let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. good morning to you, judge. >> always a pleasure. >> sandra: ken starr. you have not seen trump do anything close to an impeachable offense. do you agree? >> the question is do the house democrats agree with him. i don't think that they do. the reason i make that statement is congressman nadler who represents this part of manhattan where we're sitting now is slated to become the share of the house judiciary committee if the democrats take the house tomorrow night. he has already said they'll not only begin impeachment proceedings against the president. but he will begin impeachment proceedings against justice kavanaugh. theory being he lied in his
8:16 am
confirmation hearing. they are not taking ken starr's advice which is very prudent advice. you should not begin impeachment proceedings unless there a a clear and widely held political belief the person is utterly unworthy of holding office. you may not like trump's personality or tweets or his tone, does that make him unworthy for office under is law? a lot of democrats think it does and they will pursue this. >> sandra: ken starr said something similar. listen. >> you can hate the way he tweets or whatever. you can disagree with his policies. be very careful before you move the country toward impeachment. it is inherently divisive. >> i'm reluctant to criticize him because we've been friends
8:17 am
for so long. he has to confront that with a potential obstruction of justice which the democrats are likely to look at. >> sandra: how democrats plan to make trump's life a living hell. >> this is the house oversight committee. >> sandra: they write this. as democrats gear up to regain control of the house of representatives, it has stirred speculation about whether the party will move to impeach president donald trump. this piece goes on to say they plan to launch an investigative blitz against the white house and russian interests if they regain control. >> there will be three investigations. i get this from listening to democrats. not on the campaign trail. this doesn't sell with voters. house judiciary committee we just talked about impeachment of the president. house intelligence committee will reopen the investigation of the 87 contacts between the trump campaign and russian agents that the present house
8:18 am
intelligence committee chose not to address. house oversight committee ready for this? what monies does the president receive from foreign diplomats saying in his hotels? what's the significance of that? trump organization and donald j. trump tax returns they'll attempt to get. i don't know where it will go. cause the white house a lot of problems starting in january if the democrats win tomorrow night. >> sandra: you know a lot of the way this goes, judge? >> i'm hearing a lot of this. again, this is not on the campaign trail but i hear the chatter from democratic friends. congressman nadler gave a public interview on all this a month ago where he laid out the case for impeachment of the president and impeachment of justice kavanaugh. >> sandra: you make an interesting point off the top. democrats have cautiously successfully avoid campaigning on or mentioning the potential impeachment of president trump. that wasn't the case a little while ago. >> their pollsters told them it
8:19 am
is too incendiary and the publics won't buy it. chatter below the surface but crickets in the campaign on this issue. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: 19 past the hour. i'm watching the polls closing. at this hour tomorrow millions will be voting. storms are blowing across the country. the georgia governor's race is virtually tied. candidates are getting ready for the possibility of a runoff. we'll size that up for you live next.
8:20 am
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8:24 am
a real planning for how to create good paying jobs and put money back in the pockets of hard working georgians. >> with the leadership of the governor taxes were cut in georgia last year and with your help i'll do it again next year. >> bill: southern georgia we go. jonathan serrie is live. what are the candidates doing on the final day, jonathan? >> well, brian kemp is flying around the state holding airport rallies. we expect him to come in here any minute. stacey abrams is holding a bus tour of the state. kemp is concentrating on social conservatives and hope the sunday rally with president trump breaks the statistical tie. at the rally president trump warned of economic calamity if kemp's opponent wins the governorship. >> president trump: she supports a socialist takeover of healthcare. you will never be able to see
8:25 am
your doctor. you put stacey in there and you'll have georgia turn into venezuela. i don't think the people of georgia like that. >> stacey abrams base will be in more urban areas like atlanta and savannah where her bus tour began this morning. she is making the case progressive policies will benefit rural georgia to expand medicaid to stop the trend of hospitals closing. >> as secretary of state in georgia brian kemp oversees elections in the state. yesterday his office issued a press release accusing the democratic party of attempting to hack into the voter system. they say the breach was unsuccessful but they are launching this investigation. brian kemp walking in right now. mr. kemp, do you mind if i ask
8:26 am
you a quick question on live tv? your campaign is accusing the democratic party of trying to hack into the voter registration system. what evidence do you have of that? >> we have an open investigation, as you know, that we opened up here recently. our team is meeting right now with f.b.i. and homeland security so when we get out of that meeting we'll have more information and put it out then. >> democrats say it's the 11th hour political posturing. how do you respond? >> they've been posturing politically the whole campaign with all these ridiculous lawsuits. we've been through this before. we're handling this like we handle any other cybersecurity incident. we called homeland security, the f.b.i. and gbi and letting them look at the information and we'll have more information later. >> thank you, mr. kemp. brian kemp arriving for a rally in georgia. the democratic party of georgia says the allegations are 100%
8:27 am
false. again calling them political posturing. we'll see how it all plays out in the race on tuesday and as an aside, early voting has shattered all previous records for a mid-term in the state of georgia. more than two million people casting early ballots in this race. >> bill: thank you, jonathan serrie live there. >> sandra: polls showing democrats with a slight edge between bill nelson and his republican challenger rick scott. what will make the difference in that race? >> bill: balance of power hanging in the balance could change after tuesday. are the keys to watch for tonight? the keys to watch. two members of our fox news decision team will tell us all about it coming up. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during sleep number's veterans day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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8:30 am
choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> sandra: a bruising battle playing out in florida that could determine which party controls the senates. polls now show democratic
8:31 am
senator bill nelson with a slight lead over governor rick scott. peter doocy is live from miami monday morning kicking things off there. >> there is a ton of attention and energy in this state on the gubernatorial race, the top of the ticket. right now in orlando republican candidate ron desantis is speaking. he has been facing a huge challenge from the democrat, progressive democrat andrew gillum and a strategy we've been watching bill nelson use is to show up at events with huge crowds for gillum and then try to get out people to remind them that just under the gubernatorial on the ballot he is running for a fourth term. something else that the nelson campaign is doing on social media, they are trying to tout all these endorsements that they've got. so his campaign account posted this. not one major florida newspaper endorsed rick scott for senate.
8:32 am
newspapers say bill nelson is the right choice for florida. nelson is appealing directly to puerto rican voters, specifically those displaced by hurricane maria and living in florida now sympathizing for substandard treatment while governor rick scott was running the show here. i asked scott if he was surprised a democratic campaign so focused on healthcare was looking to last-minute attacks about maria. he says he is not. >> he is a nervous career politician. he knows he will lose. he doesn't deserve to win. he hasn't done his job for 42 years and throw everything up against the wall to see if he can win. i tell people the choice is simple. i work, he doesn't. >> president trump just tweeted this. remember, florida, i've been president of the united states for almost two years. during that time senator bill nelson didn't call me once. rick scott called constantly requesting dollars plus for florida. did a great job on hurricanes.
8:33 am
vote scott. there were long lines to vote in florida yesterday. democrats were trying to make up for an early voting deficit by engineering a massive souls to the polls effort. they dispatched democratic surrogates to surges and guided people from the pews to the polling places. there are still a few counties in red parts of the state reporting results this morning and party officials that i've spoken to say they think that once all the early totals are in it will be very, very close before people actually can go to vote on tuesday. >> sandra: thanks for setting it up. peter doocy in miami. >> bill: hours before the polls close we set our sights in senate races in five areas, missouri, tennessee, texas, florida, arizona. two members of our team, daron shaw from the university of texas at austin and chris anderson and president of robin's research. how are we doing? did you get sleep this weekend? crunching numbers. >> running on fumes.
8:34 am
>> bill: we asked you guys to pick a few races that tell a story for what we can expect tomorrow. daron, you chose three. texas senate, arizona senate and florida governor. tie these together. >> take them in reverse order since we came off the report from the florida governor's race. the implications for 2020 where you have potentially a democrat replacing republicans, gillum wins, the democratic operation in florida becomes that much more impressive and that much tougher for trump to retain a centerpiece of his electoral collision. these are big deals. the race between a trumper and desantis and a never trum per of progressive hard core democrat in gillum, african-american that's a juicy match-up with huge implications. i like that one. i like the texas race.
8:35 am
o'rourke trying to be the first democrat to win since 1994. potentially a vp or a hot presidential pick heading into 2020 if he wins. that would be interesting. and then what was the other senate race? arizona. the key match-up, if republicans hold in arizona it blocks the democratic pathway to taking over the senate. >> bill: chris, you are watching the missouri race on the senate side and the tennessee race on the senate side. tie those two together. >> the reason that i wanted to talk about these is i think they're a great examples of why the highest probability outcome in this election is something highly unusual which is the senate moving one way and the house moving the other. the last time that happened in a mid-term was 1982. and tennessee, missouri both states that the president won by 19 points, both seats that are held by democrats right now and they need to defend. it is a real challenge.
8:36 am
we're seeing this red state focus, i would say, from trump in his closing days, which probably will mean that the republicans hold onto the senate. but i think it could be actually having the opposite affect nationally where the president is viewed unfavorably by majority of voters and the house is a national election. >> bill: you guys are choking me up. >> tennessee is one that -- >> critical seat. >> bill: you guys are crunching numbers all weekend. early voting tells you what? can you draw anything from that? >> i think you can. i'm a skeptic when it comes to early voting interpretation. we know the early vote tends to cannibalize the election day vote. it is true until it isn't. the early voting numbers like texas indicate enormous number of people with no vote history. if you look at the voter files they haven't been voting in
8:37 am
primary or general election participation. that is interesting. republican consultants are know are conceding that for instance in the texas case that o'rourke will probably win the lion's share of the people who haven't been to the polls before. >> bill: what are you seeing in early voting? picking anything out in florida or anything like that? >> i tend to agree with what daron said. a little bit of analysis we've been able to do. there is a sizeable chunk of early voters without vote history, which means they haven't voted in past mid-terms which also means they would not be picked up in a lot of polls. i would say that there is a higher probability of a real democratic wave than of the republicans holding the house. because of these voters that -- the polls nationally have kleerld favored democrats in the house. i think there is a chance that there is a sizeable segment of
8:38 am
new voters that weren't even picked up. >> bill: interesting. the voter analysis is new for us this year. in broad strokes here the sample is a lot larger than we've ever had and you are starting days before the vote as opposed to on the day itself. you will get 128,000 maybe as opposed to 25,000 in the past. you can see for our viewers at home 85,000 interviews at the low end. you'll get a lot of results from 47 different states. >> the answer is yes. >> bill: does it give us a better chance of who is voting and why as opposed to what we've seen before? >> the exit poll has been solid for years and years. bust chris put this very well in the past. our methodology is watching up with the way voters actually behave. if voters are casting ballots early the past methodology has been to do a cursory sample to estimate what early voters are doing. we can't do that anymore.
8:39 am
we need a sample of everybody and asking people who voted early and asking people voting on election day what they're doing and why. them owe have a better estimate of early voting and how they break what issues animate them and also have non-voters in the sample. for the first time exit polls by definition can't pick up people not at the polls. we'll be able to make those comparisons. we're excited. >> bill: best in the business right here. good luck, gentlemen. we'll see you guys on floor, too, i believe. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: you've heard quite a few predictions this morning democrats will retake the house. but some are skeptical of that bracing for another surprising election. john sununu is here to weigh in next. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen?
8:40 am
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8:43 am
many suspicious of favorable ind indicators and spooked by the 2016 election results. let's bring in john sununu. the reason for democrats to be concerned even though there are so many calls for them to flip the house? >> they're looking at polls. i've looked at the demographics in the polls for the last few months. they started out with a huge bias towards democrats loading it up with democrats, women and young people. the pollsters have tried to make adjustments over the last few weeks. but the result of their polls all seem to be based on how timid or serious they are in those adjustments. there is not a poll out there i believe in right now. >> sandra: here is "politico" on the democratic concerns despite some of the positive indicators out there for their party. haunted by memories of 2016 liberals around the country are
8:44 am
writhing with anxiety and suspicious of favorable polls and making election night contingency plans in case their worst fears come true. some report literal nightmares about a democratic wipe-out. governor. >> well, i don't think it will be a democratic wipe-out. i'm sticking with my prediction the republicans by a very small number are able to hold onto the house and make gains of three or four in the senate. >> sandra: are you saying it's possible or your prediction? >> no, i think that's possible. i look at what a lot of the predictors out there are basing the democrats taking the house over. there are about a dozen to 15 house races that are toss-ups that they are generally counting in the democratic side. and i think if the demographics are as bad as i think they are, those toss-ups, a lot of those toss-ups could turn republican and make it a republican hold in the house. >> sandra: one of the latest
8:45 am
"washington post" polls showing half of respondents, 50% say they support democratic candidates to 46% supporting republicans candidates. and then there is this from -- >> let me comment on that. let's take that one first. historically if republicans are within five on that generic they're able to hold the house. and so that shows four. and so it underscores what i've been trying to say. >> sandra: perhaps that's what the hill is saying here, too. they say the same polls predicting the blue wave called for a hillary clinton win in 2016, governor. many of the same forecasted a clinton win and it's given republicans hope they can retain the speaker's gavel. fair point. >> that's exactly what we're talking about. i'm the first to admit i have looked hard at these polls and i can't make head or tail of
8:46 am
the numbers. so right now i'm going with my gut talking to people in the supermarket and the streets and the diners and dunkin' donuts. i'm telling you, the blue wave doesn't seem to be as real as the democrats were hoping it was. but it is a pollster's nightmare out there and we'll all be sitting down on wednesday analyzing whether they were closed or missed by a mile as they did in 16. >> sandra: the same "politico" article has an analyst talking about the shock of donald trump's upset victory in 2016, which was missed by most forecasts still hangs over many in the party. you wonder if many in the party, the democrats, are heading into this with that sort of skepticism. so what you are saying is we don't know a whole lot tomorrow but you sound optimistic for the republican party. >> i do. my gut says they'll hold onto the house and pick up three or four in the senate. >> sandra: former governor john sununu. by the way, what key races will
8:47 am
you be watching? what are your big indicators? >> certainly one of the biggest is the first district here in new hampshire where everybody is predicting a democratic huge victory there. i think it will be much closer than anyone thinks and i think eddie edwards has a chance of winning that republican seat. if eddie wins that seat it's a bad night for democrats across the country. >> sandra: three stops for the president today. he continues with the energy, enthusiasm. getting out the republican vote. making his case to vote republican. brit hume was on with it earlier and summed it up best as far as expectations for tomorrow. >> i'm haunted, as i suspect all of us are what happened in 2016 and the president campaigned and drew the huge crowds and i was saying i have seen candidates get huge crowds before. crowds are a poor way to determine the outcome of an election. boy, was i wrong. >> sandra: aren't we all
8:48 am
reminded of that as we head into tomorrow. >> it is going to be an interesting and a long evening tomorrow night. we're all going to be glueed to fox watching the results. >> sandra: john sununu, thank you, good to see you. >> bill: 12 minutes before the hour. democrats trying to put the seat in arizona, likely to come down to the wire. we're live in arizona on that coming up next. , car sharing, carpooling... ...mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors. ♪ ♪
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8:52 am
joining them on the campaign trail. why they're shunning the party's former superstar and if it's the right move. >> "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. see you then. >> bill: see you in a couple minutes. democrats looking to make history in arizona trying to flip the seat of jeff flake from red to blue. it's in a dead heat between sinema and mcsally. we're live in arizona. >> the battle in the desert is so tight. a real possibility we won't know the winner on tuesday evening. martha mcsally going door-to-door looking for any last hold outs who are still on the fence who to support. so much is riding on this race. the gop trying to maintain control of a seat they've had since 1996. over the weekend the president retweeted one from october saying martha mcsally is a
8:53 am
great warrior. the president was here last month rallying support and this morning on fox news his former press secretary expressed optimism. >> republican then -- enthusiasm is getting jacked up. >> democrats see a path to victory, too. here is chris van hall en talking to chris wallace. >> we have too many close races. it is all about turnout. the early vote in states like nevada and arizona has been very strong. it does appear young voters are coming out. and it looks like the president's effort to distract voters from the real issues they care about like healthcare and like the republican efforts to take away protections for pre-existing conditions is not working. >> maricopa county, one of the
8:54 am
largest voting jurisdictions in the country. the county recorder said in terms of early ballots returned it is nothing short of remarkable. >> bill: did they give you a percentage compared to the last 2014 mid-term? >> they had some numbers on friday and they weren't even including friday and they were 40%. he said they will blow everything out of the water at this point in comparison to 2014. some people are even talking about in comparison to 2016. >> bill: wow. that would be something else. thanks. good to have you in phoenix, arizona. thank you. >> sandra: president trump and former president obama held some dueling rallies all weekend long. both hoping their message will move voters out tomorrow. who has the winning hand? welcome to the place where people go
8:55 am
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>> bill: it's fox square, smitty. do you see that? that's the aerial. you heard that song, lee greenwood? president trump got us a presence tennessee over the weekend when he showed up, to perform "god bless the usa," which is a standard song at all the chump rallies. here's how it went. check it out. >> where do you begin? where do you begin? where do you begin? i didn't know lee greenwood would be here. that was the surprise. that was a surprise. wow. >> bill: lee greenwood expected to. tonight at another rally in missouri. cape girardeau. what you got? >> sandra: martha mcsally sing the national anthem at the
8:59 am
arizona state homecoming football game. watch. ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> sandra: she got of a lot of attention for that. social media was reacting. she got a lot of attention. she's got in this tough battle with kyrsten sinema. she did the coin toss. >> bill: they lost the game. both candidates were there. >> sandra: beautiful. >> bill: i agree. i'm just saying. >> sandra: that's going to be a long couple days, buddy. the >> bill: good times. get your rest. >> sandra: you've got a personal prediction going on? >> bill: i'm working on it. you? >> sandra: i think the whole country feels like that right now. a long way to go. >> bill: this time tomorrow, it'll be 12:00 and east coast,
9:00 am
9:00 in the west coast. you will have tens of millions people all over the country voting. get out there and get it done. we have got a monday. is >> sandra: shaping up to be a busy couple days. fix for joining us today, we will see you back tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, right now less than 24 hours until the polls open in the high-stakes midterm election. president trump, former president obama offering competing visions in their closing arguments to voters as they crisscross the country in the final stretch. this is "outnumbered." harris is very excited. i'm melissa francis. here today is harris faulkner. she's very excited. fox news angles and cohost of "benson and harv," marie harf. here is kennedy, can be yourself. joining us today, the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. you're not getting enough tv time here. >> chris: let me just say, i'm always the person the


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