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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 5, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> chris: probably not, we are going to have runoffs. it >> kennedy: 2:00 a.m., over or under? on the night being done. >> chris: we will have at least one runoff. >> melissa: all all right, hers harris. ♪ >> harris: we are outside. just hours away from what may be the most pivotal midterm election in a generation as we go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner, live from fox square, right outside fox news general headquarters in new york city. behind me is a veteran of the military, eric and his whole family, we want to send a shout out to them, and our military families across the u.s., thanks for watching. the candidates crisscrossing their states and districts to deliver their closing arguments. president trump and former
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president obama have held dueling rallies, watch. >> the health care of millions is on the ballot. a fair shake for working families is on the ballot. perhaps most importantly, the character of our country is on the ballot. >> democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into our country. i don't think so. i don't care what the fake media says, that's an invasion of our country. >> harris: meanwhile, a new "abc news" washington poll shows democrats losing some ground in the lead up to election day. things are tightening, now i had just eight points in a generic house ballot. white house correspondent kevin corke joins us live from cleveland, ohio, where president trump is set to hold the first of its final three
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will rallies, kevin. >> i'm picking up the frequent flyer miles as i tracked the president across the country. state what you will about the buckeye state, it is never dull politically and the president is clearly trying to tip the balance the g.o.p.'s way in a couple of very important races. let me take you inside the numbers and talk about a u.s. senate battle that's getting a lot of attention all across the country. brown out in front right now by seven and a half points according to the latest average. in the governor's battle, within the margin of error. this is a collection from the real clear politics average. as you pointed out, the president has been busy crisscrossing the country, yesterday's rally schedule saw him sweep across the south from georgia to tennessee including an absolutely incredible scene as a crowd of around 12,000 came
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out to hear the president speak. he called tomorrow's election the most consequential midterm in history. >> it will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity we've achieved for our nation or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress. and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our futur future. >> the president back on the road again, he's got ohio, indiana, and missouri and cape girardeau expected to be a raucous event, the last rally before the midterm elections. i had a chance to speak with a white house official a little earlier today, he said don't expect much different in today's remarks in ohio, pretty much what we've seen on the campaign trail thus far but he will localize it just a bit and in particular we expect the president to talk a great deal about manufacturing and bringing
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jobs back here to the beautiful state of ohio. for now, back back to you. >> harris: we know speaker paul ryan reached out to the president in a phone call yesterday asking him to focus on the economy, so you can add that to the list as you mentioned as well. great to see you today, hello to cleveland from new york. fox news chief political anger and anger of "special report" bret baier is sitting to my left ear. >> what is chris wallace thinking? >> harris: he said it was a little windy earlier but look at this. you bring the sunshine all the time. i know the president has been focused on the battleground senate races because they can get up to 52, 53 republicans to keep the senate without majority, you have more of a control of the senate. but what of the house races you are watching tomorrow night? >> there are some bellwethers
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early, polls will close early, an indication of what it's going to be like for democrats going forward. kentucky 6, this race should not be close. but it appears it is and if mcgrath is up for it looks like it's going to be tight down to the wire, that suggests that democrats are doing well in places they maybe shouldn't be. this is a very tight race. virginia has a couple of tight races that also will be early bellwethers. you got pulls closing at 6:00, 7:00, 7:30. we will get the first numbers in right away, we will be able to tell where those early races are going. >> harris: in the house by 8:00, 50% of the polls will have closed, 8:00 p.m. eastern. we will start to get an idea as you say.
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we'll be ready for you. let's talk about governors. wow. florida and georgia have really heated up, we first saw, post the shooting they're really talking about issues and came onto the spectrum there, he's going against somebody in that state who is really well known, what is happening in that race? >> that race is probably one of the tightest we've seen over the last few days, and it's within the margin of error. when you look at the governor's races, we don't cover them as much but we should because they are with them comes the machinery for 2020. let's look at a state like florida, like ohio. if you have the governor of your party controlling that state house, that governorship, you have a better edge when you start heading towards a presidential election.
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>> harris: don't you also have a better edge in terms of the conversation that goes on? you are talking about states that are south and south east and west, which have seen tremendous tragedy, the pulse nightclub, the hurricanes we have this season, you have a relationship that's different i would think at the top of the food chain in the white house. >> especially when it comes to disaster and recovery, it's crucial. usually it doesn't go along party lines on that front but when we are talking politics and the presidential race to come, missouri, iowa, florida, ohio. these are key. >> harris: georgia. >> georgia, too. >> harris: you've got stacy abrams there and brian camp. it's gotten nasty, what's happening?
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>> it seems like stacy abrams is a couple points out, it's another one of these races that can be really tight, goes back and forth. the vice president was down there, the president was down there. >> harris: former president obama, oprah winfrey. >> a lot of luminaries going into that race. the controversy is the secretary of state of georgia who oversees elections and now he is saying that democratic operatives may have hacked some aspect of the electoral process and he's being called on that by abrams, saying it's all just to take away from his controversies. >> harris: you got a really nasty robo call that went out that talked about oprah winfrey and stacy abrams. these are the things you see, unfortunately. it's all going to come down tomorrow. maybe in the future we should focus more on governors. >> governors of the closest
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thing you get to an executive like a president and we will see. this will be fun tomorrow night. there will be a lot of drama throughout the night. >> harris: it always is, i'm so glad to be with you for the first time. thank you for having me on that. made a quick reversal, when someone asked you what you are wearing and you said "what i had on." >> i don't have any options, a blue suit and a red and blue tie. >> harris: thank you for hanging out outside with me, bret baier, everybody. the impact on of the electionsn the hill, congressman, great to see you today. it's electric for people all across the country. and the greatest hope is that we will see people match in intensity the kind of money that reportedly has been spent on this midterm election. close to $5 billion semi reporting and that would make it
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historic, what do you think? >> when you see the money coming in, the michael bloomberg putting in $80 million to flip the house, tom steyer putting in $100 million not to just flip the house but to try to impeach the president. when you see some of these races that you mentioned, andy barr's race in kentucky, i was there on friday. you can see incredible intensity. andy's opponent got 80% of her money from outside of kentucky and she's bragging she wants to be the most progressive person ever to be representing kentucky. you are going to see i think a real increase in turnout on our side. that's why president trump is so important on the trail, to remind people just what is at stake, why we need to keep this economic growth going and if nancy pelosi's speaker, all of that goes away. >> harris: do you feel the president has focused enough on the economic accomplishments he and republicans have brought
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americans? you got the list to add 3.7% unemployment, historic lows for people of color. when you look at the jobs creation that's happening this past friday, the big announcement that far exceeded the number, looking to create in the country, do you think the president has concentrated enough on that are too much on immigration? >> you know everywhere the president because he talks about issues including the economy. everywhere i go in the swing districts, people are excited about what they see in the economy. you see record unemployment numbers, record job creation, you have virtually no unemployment right now. there are more job openings and people looking for work and the families getting back in the workforce, their wages are higher, more money in their paychecks because the tax cuts really did help people at the lower middle income levels. and then nancy pelosi is out
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there saying she wants to take your tax cuts away, people get that and they don't want to lose the money they are seeing in their pocket. and the great economic success they are seeing with not just themselves but their friends and neighbors, might've been their friends son that was sitting on the couch andy's 35 years old and now we can get off the couch and go get a job and be part of the american dream again. >> harris: some of said the foregone conclusion, we will see the same thing that happens for pretty much every party, that holds both chambers in the white house, they will lose one. is it a foregone conclusion that the house will be lost tomorrow? or will it be closer than anyone can imagine? >> there's probably about 20 house seats right now that are 50/50. those governors races are within the margin of error. this will be a very tight election, we've known it all along. i like the trend, that the numbers on the generic ballot are getting better for
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republicans as we get closer to the election because people are focusing on what's really at stake, they like the fact that this economy is humming, finally. we had eight years in a row where our economy had less than 2% growth. we didn't have numbers that bad during the great depression. now we are finally seeing economic growth where people can be a part of the american dream. i think he will come vote in this election and we are going to get record turnout on the republican side to offset their enthusiasm on the other side and we hold the house. >> harris: i like to ask lawmakers this, where will you be watching the events tomorrow? >> i will be watching, i will be voting and talking to a lot of my colleagues in these tough races, encouraging them along the way. they are finishing strong and they have a lot of enthusiasm. i like to say it's how you finish, finish strong and that's where were going to be. it's going to be like drew brees
10:14 am
last night, the mvp. >> harris: i knew you would get him in there. >> g.o.p. holds the house, we gain seats in the senate and keep growing this economy and fighting for the hardworking families of this country who want to keep building on this success. >> harris: congressman scalise from the great state of louisiana, thank you. president trump is stepping up his warnings about the migrant caravans, plural, heading to the united states, despite pleas from some republicans to focus on the economy in the final hours before the election. we will talk about it in a wider manner now, which message gets more voters to the polls? because that's what it's all about. a live report and analysis as you only get it here on "outnumbered overtime." that is fox square and we are live. ♪ ways to lose stubborn belly fat.
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♪ >> harris: president trump is stepping up his warnings about the migrant caravans, plural, heading towards the united states and the final hours before election day despite paul ryan reportedly
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urging him in a weekend phone call to focus on the economy. but the president in montana says that message alone will not sell. >> our economy is doing great. i can only go for four or 5 minutes with that stuff and then the crowd says "we love you" and they start dwindling off. what i do is talk about some of the problems we have. we have a problem out of the border, a problem with illegal immigration and the problem is that the democrats will not allow us to change the dumbest laws in the history of the world. >> harris: john roberts is live with more and you know, he has a point because historically the elections you and i have covered, people vote when they think there is a crisis or an issue. >> i want to point out, it's ironic that the president said that because this morning he held a teleconference town hall in which he didn't mention immigration but was all about the economy.
10:20 am
but to your point, it's the difference between bad news and good news as a motivating factor. remember back in 1992, bill clinton's big victory. now the economy is roaring along and the president has made the point that voters -- there is good news driving to the people to the polls more than bad news, in 1984 when ronald reagan ran on the mantra of "are you better off now than you were four years ago? president trump is accentuating the negative, urgently warning about the threat from illegal immigration. listen here. >> democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal
10:21 am
aliens to pour into our country. i don't think so. no nation can allow its borders to be overrun, and that's an invasion. i don't care what they say. i don't care what the fake media says, that's an invasion of our country. >> the president is walking and interesting line during this campaign, he's campaigning for the midterms like no president i've seen, nationalizing local races, making the midterms about whether his policies will continue, but in that town hall this morning the president trying to distance himself from the idea that the midterms or a referendum on him. >> tomorrow, whether we consider it or not, the press is very much considering it a referendum on me and us as a movement. >> whether we consider it or not, the press will consider this a referendum on the
10:22 am
president. the president has admitted several times, many times in campaign rallies that even though he is not on the ballot, in many ways he has on the ballot. in many ways he has already said, this is a referendum on him and his policies. >> harris: john roberts, always great to see you, thank you very much. let's bring in georgia congressman doug collins, good to see you today. thanks for being with me. it's electric down in your state, you've got a governors race, a whole lot happening. before tomorrow night let's talk about how the president fits into the conversation. he has campaigned unlike his predecessor who lost 1,000 seats overall, barack obama. he's been on the campaign trail. how is this president a difference maker? >> he's a difference maker because he actually relates to people. he goes out and talks about things and i think that's the biggest issue we've seen, i've been all over the country
10:23 am
campaigning for our folks in many different states end of the president is a difference maker, he is one that excites a lot of our base, he does of course, the other side felt like they got rob since november 2016 but the bottom line is he is willing to put himself out there and make a difference to the american people. that's why he makes a difference. >> harris: i mentioned this to john roberts, in the time we've been covering the elections, it seems like people don't go to the polls to say thank you, you've got this, let's move on. they get motivated when they think there is an issue. brett kavanaugh was an issue and that's about when we started to see the polling change. and when he saw democrats on a generic ballot go from the 13, 14 points start to slide. >> exactly. what the president is doing, we are seeing it down here in georgia. you are seeing states that want to make this a sanctuary state, who say we have to have laws at the border to make sure our laws
10:24 am
are followed. the president is in a unique spot to actually make that difference. he is setting the start line, do you want the liberal agenda, more regulation, more job killing? it's sad when president obama has to basically beg people to remember how bad his economy wa was. this president is making a clear line of distinction, vote for progress, but for the future, but for the republican ticket. you want to go backward, vote for the democrats. >> harris: we were talking about the importance of governors races. i know the whole house -- i don't want to ignore your race but it is interesting to see what's going on with governors. and if we could see a situation where brian kemp stays on and beats stacy abrams, what is the landscape of that race in your state? are you watching? >> we are watching it very closely, the governor's race
10:25 am
here, at the end of the day i think brian will -- >> harris: please forgive me, the president is about to speak. >> something is happening, we will see. i think were going to do very well and you will have three very exciting stops. we will be doing three major speeches in front of big crowds, very big crowds. go ahead. [inaudible question] >> we haven't set anything up yet. that's going to be the right place. i'm going to be in paris for other reasons. we will be meeting at the g20 and probably will have meetings after that, probably plenty of meetings. getting along with russia and china and all of them would be a good thing, i've set it for a long time. i'm not sure we will have a
10:26 am
meeting in paris, probably not. >> we have a lot of ads, they are effective based on the numbers we are seeing. >> [inaudible question] >> your questions are offensive a lot of the time. >> [inaudible question] >> i don't think so but i'm willing to accept that. i think we are going to do very well in the house. if you look over 100 years for whatever reason, the party with the president doesn't do very well. i think we are going to do pretty well. they have never seen the energy we have. the energy this whole party has now is really incredible.
10:27 am
whether it's the great economy or the immigration, our strong stand and they're very weak stand, they have open borders which to me means nothing but crime, i don't know but i can tell you that there's a lot of energy. we will see what it is. were going to see what happens. i have a feeling that others will want to get things done and right now before the election -- after the election i would imagine other people will want to get things done. we will see. >> [inaudible question] >> all you have to do is go around and take a look at what's happened over the years and you will see. a lot of people, a lot of people in my opinion and based on proof, that try to get in illegally and actually vote illegally. we want to let them know that there will be prosecution at the highest level.
10:28 am
>> [inaudible question] >> it's very interesting, we have the toughest sanctions ever imposed but on oil we want to go a little bit slower because i don't want to drive the oil prices -- this has nothing to do with iran, i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world up so i am not looking to be great hero and bring it down to zero immediately. i could get the iran oil down to immediately but it would cause a shock to the market. if you notice, oil prices are going down pretty substantially despite the fact that already half of their capacity is gone. i don't want to do that. i saw some people say why aren't you tougher on that? number one, the sanctions are very tough, number two, i don't want to lift the oil prices worldwide by clamping down 100%. it will be gradual. >> [inaudible question]
10:29 am
>> administrations make changes after midterms, we will be probably right in that category, too, it's very customary. no timeline. for the most part i love my cabinet, we have some really talented people. look at the deals we are making on trade, we've done so many different things including foreign affairs. we've done record-setting work. i don't know that we get the credit for it, but that's okay. i will announce before the end of the week the u.n. ambassador. i will announce before the end of the week. >> [inaudible question] >> why would i do that? is that the new rumor? now. i was surprised by that question, i hadn't heard that one. i think he's done a very good job, i think he sent a very good job. >> [inaudible question] >> i haven't seen it yet but i
10:30 am
will take a look, i'm going to look at any reports. i would not be happy with that at all but i will take a look. he's done a very good job. thank you all. >> harris: watching live, the president of the united states as he gets ready to board air force one. he's leaving bay sanders to start off with his first of three rallies, as we know. we had at kevin corke on earlier this hour reporting from ohio so we know that is where the president is heading. i want to bring back, because we have an opportunity now, georgia congressman doug collins, vice chairman of the house republican conference. okay, we may have just lost him. let's talk a little bit about where the president was moments ago. a lot of questions as we might imagine ahead of the midterm elections tomorrow, november november 6th. he says over 100 years, the party affiliated with the president doesn't do very well
10:31 am
but the energy is incredible among republican voters. he says he doesn't know if it's a great economy, the united states relatively weak stand on illegal immigration, which he's been talking about so much with the caravans headed north toward our border with mexico. but then he was also asked whether or not he intended to meet with russian president vladimir putin. he said may be in paris, probably not, but yes at the g g20. that was something reporters were eager to ask him about. the president live on his way to the first of three rallies. the trump administration re-imposing sanctions on iran and he talked about that, too. he said look, i may be putting sanctions that are tough with regards to oil but i'm going to do it slowly because i don't want to raise those prices too much. will that movement get iran back to the negotiating table? a live report on that coming up. i am live in fox square, keep watching.
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phone, and call the number on your screen. the call is free. and licensed humana sales agents are standing by. so call now. ♪ >> harris: on the eve of the midterm elections, we just saw the president headed to ohio. one of the things reporters asked about him -- or asked him about, rather, was iran. dan henniker is here, "wall street journal" deputy editor and fox news contributor. the president says on sanctions, he doesn't want to cause a shock to the market, by pushing iranian crude imports to zero to quickly. it will be gradual. he said the prices of come down for us, he doesn't want that to pop. >> it's a bad thing if oil
10:37 am
prices pop, gasoline prices rise. >> harris: right before the holiday season. >> indeed. i think that's one of the reasons for the countries that were exempted, japan, south korea, china, india, turkey, they will continue to be able to import iranian oil, i think the idea is to give them time to ratchet down their imports of iranian oil to bring the exports down to zero as the president suggested. >> harris: what is changing right now with iran that's an indicator that this could bring them back to the negotiating table? >> it is having a depressive effect on their economy, it's already under a lot of pressure and especially from their own people, i think that's one of the reasons the sanctions announcement said there would be the ability to use the swift program, the european program for financial exchanges, so the iranian people themselves were not directly affected by that. want to make it clear to the iranian people that we are not
10:38 am
targeting them, we are targeting the pushing out of terrorist incidents. >> harris: talk to me about the deal we pulled out of, we've got europe willing to do business with iran. what does this do with our relationships with those western countries in europe? >> that is an extremely interesting question. the europeans opposed pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. some european companies have complied with the sanctions, they are not as ardent about it as a european government but just in the past week, denmark announced there was a terrorist iranian plot on danish oil trying to target some iranian dissidents as they've done in france and germany. and they said we want the european union to do something about this and now the europeans are under pressure to impose their own sanctions. so i'm not sure they will be as
10:39 am
adamantly opposed to what we are doing right now. >> harris: how do you deal with a country you already gave all the cash to? that's difficult as well. last thoughts? >> they are using that cash to increase their ballistic missile program, as secretary of state mike pompeo said, the terms of the negotiation, stop inciting terrorist forces across the middle east. it will be a hard negotiation but i think the sanctions are the way to start. >> harris: dan henniker, thank you for joining me on the eve of the midterms. >> good to be with you, harris. >> harris: president trump is insisting the midterm elections are not about him. the power panel will talk about it next. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer.
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♪ >> harris: the excitement is building hours before voters had to the polls. president trump insisting midterms are not all about him but in previous rallies the president has urged voters to vote as if he were on the ballot. here's what he had to say yesterday. >> i don't view this -- you can, i see headlines in "the new york times" that it's really about me and it's not really but i will accept that. i think we are going to do very well in the senate, i think we will do well in the house. i can't campaign for all those house members but i can go out in the magan help senators, i think i made a difference. that's a big difference. >> harris: jehmu greene is a former candidate for dnc chair, david developed is the gopac chairman. you hear the president there
10:45 am
talking about making a difference. what do you say about it? >> he has certainly had a profound impact on this election. but i think the interesting thing is he probably had more of an impact on the opposition. and that is because we are seeing a record number of barrier breaking candidates from the communities that have been hit hardest from this president who are running for office. but it's so interesting, how fascinating he is in talking out of both sides of his mouth. 2006, 2010, those were rebukes of president clinton, president bush, and president obama respectively. 2018 will certainly be a referendum on him and it's shaping up to be a rebuke of him and the republicans inability to hold them accountable. >> harris: the accusation of talking out of both sides of his mouth, what do you say about that? >> the biggest deciding factor
10:46 am
in midterm election since 1950 has been the economy. when the economy has been as strong as this economy is right now, the majority party has held their own. in four different elections. the majority party picked up seats and one election. more people are working, more employers have to compete for employees which means wages go up, pay goes up. the economy has been the single biggest factor since 1950. >> harris: if that's the case, he is on the ballot in a strong and positive way. but you hurt them today, he's talking on the tarmac on his way to ohio a few minutes ago, that's not enough. that's not enough for sell to get people to the polls. >> look at the crowds the president is attracting as he goes around the country. >> harris: you can see ohio coming up. >> politicians don't get that type of crowd. we are seeing this year at these political rallies. we are going to find out tomorrow but maybe this will
10:47 am
finally be the year the media wakes up and says we'll look at every poll and say this is what's going to happen, maybe we start doing some investigating. >> it's not about polling, if you look at the early voting turnout numbers you've got an increase of something like 750% of young voters turning out in this election. >> harris: you think that benefits specifically your party? >> absolutely, democrats had a deficit in the midterms because our voters don't turn out. but young people and people of color are turning out in record numbers. >> harris: when you don't have a job and you haven't had one for a while and suddenly this economy is creating jobs, good jobs -- that's irrespective of politics. do you look to the people who gave you the job? >> i think it's important, and something voters are paying attention to, president obama created more jobs in his last 21 months in office then president trump has created in his first 21 months.
10:48 am
so they are smart, they can see how this economy was built on the backs of the obama administration. >> if that were the case, hillary clinton would've been president obama's third term. if they love the economy so much. >> harris: democrats are vowing to investigate the president if they take back the house. power panel stays. ♪ for their family and home... thank you, admiral. by helping them use the valuable va home loan benefit they've earned with their service. thank you, admiral. it let's you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's high home values, that could mean a lot more money to pay debts and get ahead. thank you, admiral. it's an honor to help you get the peace of mind every veteran and their family deserves. call 1-844-383-1571.
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>> harris: some democrats are vowing to launch investigations into president trump if they retake the house tomorrow night will sum has even suggested they could try to impeach him. >> i think what you seen the democrats are talking about is the only message they have, that's one of obstruction. america has some real problems we have to deal with. another reason that when people are going to the ballot boxes tomorrow, they need to look at what type of america they want to have. a party that has solutions, somebody that's leading or a group that only wants to obstruct and tear people down which is exactly what you are seeing come out of the democrats right now. >> harris: the power panel stays. is she right, is that what you guys all want?
10:53 am
you don't speak for all democrats but you wanted to as a dnc chair. >> i scratch my head over it but i have a lead in right now and i don't want to mess it up. the republicans were the original resistance, under president obama. and to hear them talking about obstruction -- i think even if you love this president, and many americans do, you also have a feeling in your gut that there needs to be accountability. and that accountability lies in the greatest thing our founding fathers did which was give us checks and balances, separation of powers and if you believe in that, that's why you're going to vote democrat tomorrow. >> harris: is it about the balance of power and having bicameral on capitol hill? >> they are unloading their wallets to make sure there's a
10:54 am
democratic majority to impeach the president. democratic house candidates talk about it, we are going to impeach the president. nancy pelosi is going to have to figure out how she keeps -- maybe she decides to go with the base of her party and try to impeach the president which is why the u.s. senate elections become even more important. if we get to 56 it will be the most republicans we've ever had in the u.s. senate since there's been 100 members and it will be the most time we've had us state where both senators are republican. >> harris: that's interesting, too. that would be historic. even if they pick up and get to 52 or 53. who wants to see this talk of impeachment? a couple months ago, people in your party were saying we've got to govern, we have to get into those house seats and try to do something we haven't been able to do for the last two years. >> and that's exactly why you saw in most of these races across the country, health care
10:55 am
was the number one issue and that's why you see a lot of democrats saying we might finally have a chance to push an infrastructure package. yes, governing is absolutely important. they should be driven by the -- >> harris: is their common ground with the president on the issue of health care? he was the first one who stood up and said no, we will keep pre-existing conditions i do saw a little bit of a republican scramble to get our plans out there. >> it's a great question. you hope there are some areas of compromise, whether it be infrastructure, being able to find some solutions on health care, but we have to make sure a democratic majority doesn't reverse the success we've made in creating jobs, which again is the biggest driver of midterm election factors. >> harris: welcome to fox square and thank you both for being with me. more "outnumbered overtime" nex next.
10:56 am
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>> harris: that's how we do it here at fox square. this has been a pleasure to come to you live. we can withstand all sorts of things because it is built from
11:00 am
100% american steel. there's a table under me with all fox merch. we will be live again here for election day and election night. thanks for watching. it's been a pleasure. here's dana. >> dana: voters fired up for the midterms. over 35 million americans already casting their ballots less than 24 hours before the polls open. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump now on his way to ohio for a rally in cleveland. the first of three today, as both sides deliver closing arguments in the battle to control congress. chris stirewalt, standing by with the big picture. plus peter doocy in florida, casey stegal in


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