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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. midterms tomorrow, we'll see you then. election coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern and we will be here at the usual time at 8:00. sean hannity right now from new york.up >> sean: tucker, great show as always.m welcome to "hannity." it is midterms. hello, guys, how are we doing, all right? [cheers and applause] look at this! we are broadcasting live from cape girardeau, missouri, where president trump and radio legend rush limbaugh, this is hisir home. they are such a take the coming up, the president himself stage right behind me. an exclusivefor live interview, plus, we will have rush limbaugh's speech as it happens. so much is at stake in a few short hours. are you ready? a packed house. americans, you have the power. you have the fate of all 435
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house seats, 35 senate seats and 36 gubernatorial elections. as we speak, the balance of power is literally up for grabs and in just a moment will break down all of the close races. we will also call out the mainstream media and their final negative over-the-top predictable push for all the democratic allies and democratic parties. tonight we have the highlights from the president's final messagee to you, we the people, as he's been pounding the campaign trail, crisscrossing all across the country. america, you have the power. tomorrow you can shock the world again. it's time for our midterm elections breaking news, cape girardeau, missouri, opening monologue. ♪ m two years ago, americans from all over this country went to the polls. they cast their ballots for donald j. trump. virtually all of the political pundits and analysts, so-called journalists, pollsters predicted a huge win for hillary and they
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were all dead wrong. f americans, you shocked the world and ever since the trump agenda has been paying massive dividends. in just two short years, the economy is booming, 4.5 million new jobs, 4.3 million fewer americans on food 4 million americans lifted out of poverty. front -- obama said these jobs are never coming back -- 400,000 new jobs. unemployment claims are at a 49 year low. in just two years, record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic hispanic americans, asian-americans andlo historic unemployment for women in the workplace. these are all records. and for military veterans and a youth unemployment, median household income hitting recordr highs. 4.2% gdp growth in the second quarter, 3.5% in the most recent quarter. this all comes as president trump slashed regulations, promises made, promises kept. it comes after he signed of the single biggest middle-class-
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tax cut in american history. a promise made, a promise kept. he opened up american energy and literally, we are in a path towards energy independence, green lighting the drilling at anwar, the dakota access pipeline, the keystone pipeline, a promise made, a promise kept. negotiating new trade deals in europe, renegotiating nafta. pulled us out of the job killing paris accord. promises made,e, promises kept. into short years, he is lead with peace through strength abroad. he pulled us out of the one-sided ridiculous insanity of the nuclear deal. we are no longer dropping cargo planes of cash on a tarmac for radical models that chant "death to america." addressing the looming crisis in north korea, keeping their promise has so many other presidents have made, he's the only one to keep this promise of moving the embassy to jerusalem. promises made, promises kept. and despite being out of the
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office for two years -- this is the joke of all jokes -- watching obama this weekend, obama had the worst record of any president in modern history, which ii will point out, that he will take credit for trump's success, or he tries. watch this. >> when youic hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it. [cheers and applause] remember who started it. >> sean: um, let's remind you, the voters, who the r actual records are. it's humiliating and embarrassing. eight years of obama, 13 million more americans on food stamps. 8 million more on poverty. the lowest labor participation rate since the '70s, lowest recovery since d '40s. get this, he was the only president in the u.s. history never to experience a 3% gdp growth in a single year of his
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president. and like guy that claimed $9 trillion in debt, that's irresponsible, and unpatriotic. in eight years of obama, he took on moresp debt than every other president before him combined. that was two years ago. today president trump has been making a final pitch to voters and an op ed on fox news and the message is clear. if you want more safety and security and prosperity for the american people from all walks of life, this is about voting republican. the democrats, we know, they have no plan to make your life better, safer, more prosperous. eight years under obama was a disaster. p so instead, what have we been witnessing? democrats have some pretty extreme ulterior motives. i've been sounding the alarm about this for months right here on this show. when democrats tell youhe what their plans are, believe them. maxine waters keep saying, "impeach 45, impeach 45." "reclaiming my time."
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and our fellow democrats keep saying, maxine, don't tell them. we will do it but don't tell them, keep quiet. keepem it a secret. remember this. >> i'm in this fight. i'm in this fight and i'm not going to move and, as you know, there is a difference in hows some of our leadership talks about how we should handle all of this. h they say, maxine, please don't say impeachment anymore. and when they say that, i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [cheers and applause] >> sean: that's coming from a congresswoman who will likely chair a very powerful house committee if the democrats regain power. and she, adam shifty, adam schiff are bragging about their plans to initiate endless house investigations into thehe so-called russian collusion. we had twost years of this nonsense. the chair of the all-powerful intel committee, watch the liar, shifty schiff. take a look. >> while the republicans walked
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away, the democratic minority has continued. we've been bringing witnesses an end we've been learning more. that work won't stop when we take the majority but we will be abled. to get answers the republicans were unwilling to pursue. records that the republicans wouldn't ask for. the question, though, i don't know whether mueller has been able to answer, because i don't know whether he has been a given license to look into it, where the restaurants laundering money to the trump organization. that will be a very high priority to get an answer to. if they were doing this, it's not only a crime, but it's something provable. something that the russians could hold over the head of the united states. >> sean: it never ends. it's like on a rewind. never ends, a loop. democrats, what do they want? they want unless investigation into a farce but they don't want to investigate taylor berry, the one that paid for phony russian lies that led to, oh, lying to
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fisa court judges and committing obviously a fraud on the court. oh, leaking that information so they can get a special counsel. they don't care about that. they only care about if it's about president trump. they want to impeach, investigate the president. if you are voting for democrats, you are voting to raise your taxes. nancy pelosi, largest tax cut in american history, literally 90% of working americans benefit and you saw what they were willing to do to justice cavett operate you want higher taxes? you otherwise decide about a man that was literally smeared and slandered and chris burge, no due process, no presumption of innocence, they will block all judicial appointments. remember the great prominence, keep your doctor, keep your plan, and pay less? what a lie. it's the biggest lie ever told by any one party. now they are literally trying to campaign on that lie. oh, they want to preserve obamacare forever. that is what is at stake
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tomorrow. they want to bring back the mandate tax that president trump and the republicans killed. they could not care less if your premiums continue to skyrocket. for them, it's about power. look at the issue of immigration. they are told by the center for american progress, don't talk abouter it. oh, change the topic. we t know what they want to come open borders, sanctuary cities, sanctuary state, to abolish i.c.e. once again, they are hiding their agenda from the american people. center for american progress, think taking john podesta, oh, just change the topic as quickly as you possibly can. by the way, democrats, they are literally listening because their radical positions are so unpopular, they can't even run on what they truly believe. that is the modern democratic party. this is your choice tonight. is this what you want? because that is the agenda of nancy pelosi. that is the agent of chuck schumer. you vote for any house democrat, you are voting for pelosi. you bought for any senate
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democrat, you are voting for chuck schumer. everything at this hour tonight is up for grabs. the good news is, you have the power. tonight we are working on three different scenarios, just so you know. scenario one: republicans maintain the majority in the house, gained seats in the senate, and guess what? that is a huge win. republicans, option number two: a split decision. that would be republicans losing the house, gaining seats in the senate.s worst-case scenario, which, you know, we'll lete the fake news over their talk about, republicans losing the house and senate. that would mean wednesday morning, youou hear a speaker elect pelosi. senate majority elected chuck schumer. in the house, there is literally about 36 toss ups that will decide whether or not nancy pelosi getss that gavel back. these are incredibly close, important reasons. look at them on your screen. we also have on, literally states like california, minnesota, new york,
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new jersey, virginia, everywhere in between, all 435 seats matte matter. historically, a sitting president almost always sees losses in the house. look at this number. in 2010, the first midterm of barack hussein obama, democrats lost 63 seats. oh, he was elected two years later. 1994, bill clinton, democrats lost 54 seats, and for the first time in 40 years, leading the way by newt gingrich, republicans took back the house of representatives. both of them, obama and clinton, two years after those disasters midterms, went on to win reelection, two years later. over in the senate, we are watching a handful of very close races that will determine whether or not chuck schumer becomes the majority leader. right now, where we are in missouri, we are right now, republican josh hawley, who will join us, is polling well. he's up against liberal radical leftist incompetent claire
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mccaskill, far left senator who is trying to convince the good people of missouri that she is a moderate. we know that's not true. don't forget, she voted against kavanaugh, she voted against neil gorsuch, she voted against the tax cut for the people of missouri. her campaign caught on tape literally supporting widespread gun restrictions and gun bans. she's not telling the people of missouri that. arizona, i can't even believe we are talking about this race. republican, american hero martha mcsally, multiple tours of duty, six in iraq and afghanistan, 28 years of service, while mike sally was serving her country abroad, her opponent, radical leftist democrat christian cinema organizing events with a radical lawyer for the blind she completing antiwar protests in a pink tutu with a group of witches -- i'm not making that up. she was making the case for, oh, it's okay if americans want to fight with taliban. i w asked this weekend, she stod by that stupidity.
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those are our enemies. she called arizonans crazy, the meth lab of democracy. they are only crazy in a lindsay lohan way. we go to the state of indiana, a toss up tonight between mike braun, democratic incumbent. for schumer want to be joe donnelly. according to reports, not only has funded shadow efforts to find ads for the third-party libertarian libertarian in that race, he can't win with other libertarian in that race. dirty politics at its worst. one more reminder, by the way, a vote for a libertarian in indiana is a vote for donnelly and schumer. in montana, v this is a state tt is now in play. republican matt rosendale gaining ground against schumer democratic incumbent jon tester. inat the latest poll, tester don by 3. 50% of the state voted, it will depend on turnout tomorrow. remember, people ofpe montana, tester voted with schumer 87% of the time. you might as well have schumer in tennessee, a very important race.
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republican candidate marsha blackburn should win. if you are in tennessee, take nothing for granted, anything can happen. nevada, races are always close. republican senator dean heller in a most-hold seat for the republicans. we'll have an actual race in our hands in west virginia. that is news tonight, between incumbent democrat joe manchin, republican patrick morrisey. in florida, let me just be blunt. everything in florida is as usual, too close to call. democratic do nothing schumer democrat bill nelson against the florida governor rick scott who has been there again and again for the people of florida.e in florida, the gubernatorial race also so tight between ron desantisra and corrupt socialist -- by the way -- wouldn't it be great if we could get from an fbi, you know, investigator, free tickets to v "hamilton," free vacations like gillum, the worst crime rate in all of florida. republicans -- by the way, you
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like elton john? [cheers and applause] just checking. we need a massive turnout. it's all about turnout tomorrow. that's all it is. we'll get to the government we deserve. we are keeping our eyes also on a potential shocker, of all places, in new jersey. poles between corruption plagued democrat bob menendez, republican bob union. marine, semper fi, bob. closer than anyone predicted. in the great state of texas, ted cruz has and has maintained a steady lead against bozo o'rourke, even though this democrat has literally almost gotten $100 million to throw at the greatest constitutionalist in the u.s. senate. texas, don't let somebody that doesn't have texas values win texas. ted cruz needs to be back in the u.s. senate. tomorrow's vote will be crucial. democrats across the country benefited -- i'm looking right over there -- all over there -- fake news by the mainstream
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media, the biggest donor to the democratic party, they speak with one voice at this point. they say the most hateful, disgusting, despicable, anti-trump vitriol that this country, frankly, has ever seen. theys have been worse than eve. we have the tape to prove it. take a >> after importance, he will cast it as a complete endorsement of his most undemocratic behavior. if you are 18 and that happens, you stand a very real chance of not living in a western-style democracy forfo part of all of your life. >> he is a racist pig! >> he's talking about what the mike white supremacist ideology. we t are not on a dangerous slippery slope, we are falling. >> if you had a kid that had as, bs on the report card but also happened to be selling meth, you can just talk about
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the good things, you have to talk about the bad things. >> racism, xenophobia, things that i thought were stigmatized, donald trump has taken them out of the closet and are using them to his political advantage. >> donald trump normalized racism. he normalized overtly racist behavior. >> sean: how despicable on "saturday night live," one a so-called comedian making fun of republican congressional candidate dan crenshaw. oh, a hero who lost his eye while serving our great country as a navy seal in afghanistan. by theaf way, all of you on "saturday night live" can go straight to hell, over this. you owe this man a profuse apology. take a look. >> dan craig job >> come on, ma. >> hold on. you may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate from texas, and not a hit man and a porno movie. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever --
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[laughter] >> sean: honestly, that crossed the line, way beyond it. they owe him a massive apology. dan crenshaw, to his credit, taking the high road. he stopped demanding a phony what it would is be anyway. tonight, he represents everything that is great about the country, everything great about the american people. we are here in missouri and cape girardeau, the people that workr hard, play by the rules, pay their taxes, b raise their kids, obey the laws, and frankly, get left behind by corrupt governments where politicians, they just want their power. finally, government has been working for the forgotten men and women of this country, like the left, by the way, he is not playing the politics of victimization. he won't give into the dorm i got her level attacks of nbc. are you proud of that, tom brokaw? where is tom brokaw speaking out about this? or is anyone a fake news conspiracy tv msnbc? are you going to vilify those
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disgusting remarks. you don't have the courage to speak out? while democrats call every conservative, as i told you, racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist, islamophobic, dirty air, dirty water, throw granny over the cliff and kill children, they do it every two years, every four years. you ask yourself, which latter you want? the side of the decorated, principled war heroes like martha mcsally entity and cringe out? i know the people and cape girardeau are. are you on the side of those who support tax cuts, lowering regulations, support what is now has been an economic boom we have not seen in over ten years? if you want secure borders, you want a wall with a door and to demand that we respect our sovereignty, our borders, that people come in legally, you want to enter policies of sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, you believee in peace through strength, do you value due process, the presumption of innocence, do you love our
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constitution, our american values that made this countryumo great? the people that make this country great? to support those on the left, do nothing but smear, slander, breath merge, name call, political revenge, obstruct the president agenda, they have no plan to make your life better. they attempt day after day, hour after hour, to divide this country anyway they can. today on multiple campaign stops president trump highlighted what is a clear choice and contrast between the parties and division for this future and he made his final pitch, which he will be making right after this show tonight to voters. let's take a look. >> everything we have created and achieved e is at stake on election day, it is. if the radical democrats take power, theye will take a wreckig ball to our economy and to our future. [boos] the democrat agenda is a socialist nightmare for our
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country. the republican agenda is the american dreamub and that is wht we're t doing. we are bringing back the american dream. they want to raise your taxes, the democrats do, restore crippling regulation, shut down your new steel mills, take away your health care, and put illegal aliens before american citizens, that's what they want. [boos] democratss are inviting caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into our country, overwhelming your schools, your hospitals, and your communities. there is only one way to stop this democrat-let assault on american sovereignty. you have to vote republican tomorrow. you have to. i am asking every citizen from every party, every background, and every race, color, and
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created, to reject the democrat politics of anger and division, and to unite behind our proud and righteous destiny as americans altogether. >> sean: in just a few short hours, you have the power to shock the world again. by the way, just think of what is going to be like to watch the corrupt media if you do it again. they will lose their minds. we are in cape girardeau, missouri. judge jeanine, david limbaugh, his hometown, russia is going to be on stage in a little while, and the president, he joined usr a one-on-one interview. election eve, we are in the great show me state. how are you all doing? we are all having a good time? [cheers and applause] look at this crowd, it is packed to the gills. look at everybody. the president should be here shortly. they are revved up, ready to go, and i hope you are already to vote tomorrow.
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quick break. we'll be back. cape girardeau. it "hannity." to stay with us. ♪ i am a family man.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> the greatest political movement of all time in this country. [cheers and applause] and it's an incredible time in america. jobs are soaring, wages are rising, poverty is plummeting, and more americans are working today than ever before in the history of our nation. tuesday is your chance to send a message to the democrat mob and to everyone who has made it their mission to denigrate our movement and to divide our great nation. it's not gonna happen.
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>> sean: nitrous president trump at his ohio rally earlier today making his closing arguments before what is a historic midterm election tomorrow. i hope you like the fact that you have the power. we are alive tonight in cape girardeau, missouri, big senate race here. josh hawley will check in with hers. the president is arriving without wow. we will check in with him in a moment. joining us as author and attorney, he is cape girardeau's own david limbaugh. and, oh, perfect timing. "sweet child of mine." and judge jeanine is here. how are you? let's give it up. look at this. [cheers and applause] okay, so what are we going to see tomorrow? we know what the predictions are, as far as i'm concerned, polls are meaningless. >> they are meaningless. look, we are living in very unusual times, and you say the balance of power is at stake. it's razor-thin. unexpected turnout could change
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anything. here's the bottom line, sean, if you like the economy we are in, going through the roof. if you like the fact that you can get a job, you are not a position where even if you have a job, they will give you a raise because they don't want to go somewhere else, this is the america that you want. >> sean: by the way, "saturday night live" did a horrible job on you. [laughter] what they did to that navy seal american hero. >> oh, terrible. >> sean: i'm holding myself back. david, this is your hometown, you are a star in this town, your brother is a star in this town, your daughter is now a star in this town. >>ow judge jeanine is exactly right. it's a stark choice. we have made so much progress in makingng america great again, restoring its prosperity and strength, and the democrats talk about device and rise, sean, if they were met, they are going to try to be divisiveness for the 6
10:30 pm
years with their investigation -- >> sean: there is not one thing that is going to improve the lives of people in cape girardeau or anywhere. >> nothing. it's all about slandering trump. they say he's a threat to democracy, they still haven't accepted the public's will in electing him. >> you know what? this is a man who is relentless in his promise keeping. you know, as you look around here, promise made, promise kept. he moved to the embassy to jerusalem and the economy, the strongest economic growth in history. everything is better! this is the america we want! people need to understand that if they don't go out, it ain't happening. >> sean: this what is happening, let me describe the scene. they are firing out hats and t-shirts. i mean, this is literally like a rock concert. the funny thing is, it was pouring rain. i went out and met a lot of people before the show, david,
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they all had soaking wet hats, they were out there since this morning, and the crowd outside is bigger than the one inside, about 10,000 people. >> witness was first scheduled to happen, some 60,000 people applied for 7500 seats. people are excited, i agree with theeo judge, we are going to th. notth going to be a blue wave. not even going to be a blue puddle. we will win this. >> sean: this is where people have ton: understand what they o tomorrow w matters. it's all about turnout. you want the country you want, get out and vote. >> absolutely. these are the people of america, not the right and the left, these are the real people out here at four in the morning, some of them. >> sean: the people that work hard, lead by the rules, pay their taxes, obey the laws, oh, the irredeemable deplorables that clingde to their god, guns, and religion. >> we are still here, this is
10:32 pm
still america. we don't threaten their freedom, they frighten our freedom. >> sean: how funny was it that watching obama? that was great. y'all having a good time? what a crowd. when we come back, the, the president of the united states from cape girardeau. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders
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♪ >> republicans have created the best economy in the history of our country. best economyingle>> in the history of our great country. [cheers and applause] and it's the hottest jobs market on the planet earth. but everything we have achieved is at stake tomorrow, everythin everything, because we can take it apart just as fast as we built it but i don't think that is going to happen, based on
10:37 pm
what i'm saying all over the place. ♪ >> sean: we are in cape girardeau, missouri. missouri obviously a very important state, josh hawley going up against liberal democrat senator, kind of chuck schumer also-like democrat, claire mccaskill prayed with the president gets here, we'll go right to him. in the meantime, joined by sean spicer, dan bongino, and matt schlapp. it's a little more quiet in here. good to see you guys. sean, you were there and you were on the road with the president the whole time. 2016. i look at these crowds, i was out a lot on the road then, too, it seems almost identical, polls are polls but the only poll that matters is tomorrow. >> that is right for you to sean, everybody is leaving everybody on the field. this president went all out on 2016.
10:38 pm
he ran through the tape the day before the election come out there in michigan, wisconsin, doing everything he could come around doing everything. he is doing the same to keep a republican majority, the same people that brought him to the white house, he wants to make sure return to congress. he's out there flipping these blue states read. i think josh hawley is going to do it, i think we will have mike brown from indiana. patrick morrisey from west virginia. look, everybody has leftia everything on the field. the president is doing everything he can. the reason we are competitive in the senate, normally a president out of power loses up to five seats. the reason there is no blue wave in the senate state -- is because this president has gotten involved and left it on the field. the rnc left it on the field.he america first left it on the field, we have made this competitive because this president is engaging like never before. we will pick up seats in the senate, which is unprecedented, because this president inserted himself. we'll keep the house competitive
10:39 pm
because of this president and the results he'ss getting. >> sean: this is the amazing thing -- matt, i will go to you. the amazing thing, two of the worst midterm losses, that happened in 1994, republicans took control of the house of representatives or the first time in 40 years with newt gingrich, 64 seats with obama in 2010, and i am listening to these idiots in the media, oh, if something happens it's all trump, this is unprecedented. it's not, actually he's facing the headwinds and really looking good in the senate but it's going to come down to turn out, it always does in the midterm election. >> sometimes, sean, it's not looking at the head two head polls, is looking at the other dynamics. when you have had those big waves in the past, you just brought up two red waves, i remember 1994, one of the reasons i'm in washington, d.c. that was when republican enthusiasm was very, very high
10:40 pm
end liberals and democrats, they were so discouraged, b so there were's asymmetry between the parties on the coalitions and their enthusiasm. what happened after the kavanaugh hearings and because of the president's relentless campaigning is our sides enthusiasm now equates to their sides enthusiasm. you know #resistance is trying to destroy anything that supports him. in the meantime, the battle has been joined. there cannot be any blue wave. we will have a historic night in the senate. i think because of what the president has done, we are very competitive in the house, we could hold onto this majority. i think it's a coin flip. if it comes down to one thing, does the trump folder in 2016 votemp tomorrow? >> sean: that is the most important thing. it always comes down to turnout in these midterm elections, you know, you look at it and it is
10:41 pm
so tight, dan bongino. it's funny because you follow nate silver, 538, he thought it was almost an 80% chance, trump will loose in 2016, now he is saying 87% chance the democrats take the house, 50% chance to take the senate, all about them. then he writes this present he's like, well, it could be between 15 and 50. it's b the biggest cya and i'm laughing and i don't know -- we'll find out a lot more by the end of tomorrow, early on wednesday morning, whether or not polls of the error of trump mean anything. >> that was a bold production by nate silver. they could pick up anywhere from 0 to 435 seats. that is a great job, need to. really pinned it down. >> sean: really going out on a limb. >> [laughs] two things, though. i want people to pay attention to, i agree with matt. i think there's a good possibility we hold the house, i think we definitely pad our lead in the senate.
10:42 pm
democrats have largely self-selected and live in big cities where they rack up winds of 90-10%. that does not matter, when you win 51-49, 90-10, doesn't matter. these swinging districts, what are the chances of us losing them all? i think we will perform pretty well because a lot of suburban working families are tired of being called russian bots and racists for the last year. secondly, rasmussen had a great article out today, sean. they said republicans are far less likely to tell pollstersan who they vote for.el a margin of 20 percentage points over democrats. there is a big thunderbolt. there is a darn good chance we hold the house. >> sean: very interesting, a friend of mine come a long time pollster out of georgia, he is saying, this is a very different environment. they are not even polling land lines anymore. there is an over percentage, oversampling of democrats, oversampling of young people.
10:43 pm
2004, the exit polls, sean spicer, john kerry was the president. two years ago when the exit polls came out at 5:15 eastern time, i looked at it, donald trump lost florida, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. he won them all. that was the day of the election. the media was giddy because thei were reading this information thinking it asar gospel truth ad it's not. >> i talked about this in my podcast today, that the lessons -- no one learned the lessons of 2016. you look at the intensity of the president's rally, the number of people coming out there, waiting in line for hours on end to hear him these are people that understand what is at stake. i think that -- the idea that people are getting on these calls that pollsters are making a standing there for 25, 30 minutes going through a 2 litany of question, they are not being represented. i think tomorrow night we will see that come through again, we will pick up seats in the
10:44 pm
senate, which defies the logic of a blue wave, and i think we will keep the house. it may not be pretty, it may not be decided tomorrow night but i think for all of the talk -- you see these folks in the media backing up their predictions, saying they never believed there was a blue wave by the reality is, for all of these folks who doubled down that it had to be against trump, if it wasn't for trump, we wouldn't be in the game that we are now. this is the problem. they want to make this against him but theth reality is, the oy reason we are in the game, historically, is because he is so invested in maintaining a house and senate majority. >> sean: people also need to know that in southern californi southern california, five districts, six districts that matter the most in terms of tipping the balance of power. minnesota plays a big role, michigan, illinois, new york and new jersey, all 435 seats in play. when we come back, he's in the building, the president of the united states will join us right here from cape girardeau,
10:45 pm
missouri. it is our election eve addition of "hannity." ♪ addition proposition 11 solves two issues.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are in cape girardeau, missouri. we have a massive crowd outside. the president walking in the building. he will stop by here. for he has a big rally. cape girardeau, the home of radio legend rush limbaugh. he'll be introducing the president. we go down to the crowd where jean joe jeanine pirro standing by. we have done for a lot of broadcast together, and literally for an hour, i have not spent this much. we were out there, having fun, taking pictures, it is almost like a rock concert atmosphere
10:50 pm
without a guitar. without a band. you've been to a lot of these events. for a midterm, it's a phenomenon to watch this night after night, more people outside in the pouring rain for ten hours toda today. >> sean, that is exactly the point. because as i am out here listening to everyone, you realize these people are so psyched. we have never seen moreu people vote before a midterm election p as early as they are voting now. the energy in this crowd is unbelievable. i've talked to people who have been here for 12 hours already. it doesn't matter. these are good, hardworking americans who know what they want,, who know that donald trup is making a a difference for th. they are willing to stake their day and night on it, and the rain, andn the cold, and they ae psyched. if this is any reflection of what is going on in this country, as you and i know, i think it is, i think it may be a good day but it is, as you have
10:51 pm
said, going to be razor-thin. >> sean: i will tell you, florida, too close to call. senate seats looking good with marsha blackburn, can't c take t for granted. the race in josh hawley is crucial to weathered the republicans have a successful night in terms of keeping the senate, the same with indiana, joe donnelly. of the libertarian wasn't in that race, he would lose by ten points. i'm hoping people understand that is putting the boat. then you go to jon tester, all, all of a sudden, the libertarian pulls out, now his opponent as approved by 3. then of course nevada, always a close estate but dean heller holding onto a slim lead. the only thing that is surprisingly are the mixed bowls in arizona. kiersten cinema, who said it's okay to battle with a telegram,s arizonans are crazy, and a lindsay lohan way, and the meth lab ofha democracy, and i'm thinking, how doeslo she even -- how does she even register an
10:52 pm
estate state as patriotic as arizona? >> as arizona. i agree with you, sean, as you talk about this, what people need to remember is president donald trump and the people on the right have been called every name in the book, all of us, you and me, deplorable, horrible people come up will vulgarity. this is what people need to remember. if you want to see maxine waters, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi for the next two years, in your face, don't go out and vote. if you want to continue with their winning streak of donald trump and winning with an economy that is through the roof, w we don't have a choice. it's clear. you got to get out and vote. you cance feel the energy here,y the way, sean, it's really palpable right now. he's got to be close. >> sean: he is, actually, he's working his way back here. it's hard to get back here where we are. i hope we canre get outut here before the show. with interesting, this is the
10:53 pm
home of rush limbaugh, radio icon, 30 years, frankly, he's changed the dynamics in terms of media in a way that -- mary matlin once said, i don't know what the country would be like if we didn't have rush on the air, now fox has been on the air -- my 23rd year here. it is pretty amazing. what difference, considering all the media slants one away. >> and sean, if it weren't for people like you and fox and rush limbaugh, i mean, the mainstream media would be controlling our thoughts, what we say, and how we say it. thank god for people like rush who come out and say things that make sense to everyday working people, that fight the other side, that make it clear that the left isn't always on the side of those people who really want to pay their dues and simply want to live i free and take care of their family. so if it weren't for people like
10:54 pm
that, then we wouldn't have the opportunity that we have right now to recognize this excesses. >> sean: judge jeanine, i hate to do this but when the president of the united states walks in, this is yours, sir. how are you? you are not even tired, are you? >> president trump: i'm not that tired. i'm excited because we an incredible day in ohio, an incredible time in indiana, and now we are with you. >> sean: you left a nothing on the field, 11 stops, 11 cities. >> president trump: i feel very guilty about interrupting judge jeanine. i don't like doing that. >> sean: [laughs] she willnt give you an earful about it probablyut soon. the closing arguments seem to be the same. i started my show tonight and i said, this is where we were two years ago, the record of obama -- by the way, the biggest joke i saw this weekend was him saying, a guy that said, you did not build that. i started this. i was like, no. >> president trump: frankly, if their agenda kept going forward, meaning of the other side had won max, we would be down 4.2 or six or seven, we wod be coming down, it was very bad
10:55 pm
when i took it over and if we didn't open it up and cut regulations, the whole obama thinggu would have collapsed. >> sean: 4.5 million jobs in less than two years, 4.3 million americans off of food stamps, 4 million americans out of poverty. a path towards energy independence. you spent three and as. half billion on the border wall, and i know that you are disappointed, you want the rest. >> president trump: you see. it but now you have the incredible military forces out there, and they are putting up a barbed wire fences, we have a barbed wire wall, and you see what they aree doing, highest level. we are making it very strong, we are making it very -- the whole thing, in terms of the military plus the back wall, the barbed wire, plus we have a lot of digging going on, a lot of trenching. people aren't going to come into our country without going through the legal process. you't can't do that. >> sean: we want you to come, just come legally. >> president trump: the whole plan of the democrats,
10:56 pm
700 billion -- 700 billion for the military,y, the next year or 716, totally rebuilt the military. they fight like you have never seem to make sure we want to build the wall. i got $1.6 billion, another $1.6 billion, and the third $1.6 billion, big, large pieces but i would like to build it at one time. their whole plan is to try to make sure that we do not build the wall, that is our whole thing. the number is peanuts compared to what we did with the military. >> sean: $70,000 per illegal immigrant in this country that we pay? that is -- >> president trump: we lose $100 billion a year on illegal immigration. we lose that in one year. if you spent the money to build a wall, it's a tiny fraction of one year. we will build it. that is -- we are very strong, we have the worst laws anywherer in our country, catch and release, visa lottery, all of these laws of the disaster. we have the worst loss, got to get them changed, the democrats will give them both.
10:57 pm
we need democratic votes, we don't have enough republicans unless we elect a lot of republicans tomorrow. i will say that we are doing really well on illegal immigration, considering we have the worst flaws you've ever seen. we are will moving thousands of ms-13 out of the country, they e being put into jails, and they are being sent out of the country, and frankly, and a lot of their ways, i like out of the country more because putting them into jail, let them solve it but we have moved thousands of ms-13 gang members, move them out of the country. >> sean: we have close races in florida, you went down, watching you last night in florida.a. indiana, you take the libertarian outcome a joe donnellyli loses by 10. montana now, the republican rosendale up by 3. in the state, josh hawley up by 3. in nevada, dean heller holding on by 3 or 4. arizona, i don't know how a woman that supports americans fighting with the taliban even gets 5% of the vote but it's apparently a tight race with martha mcsally, a war hero. >> president trump: i think
10:58 pm
martha is great, she's a hero, one of the best fighter pilots. she was really good. i spoke to some of the people that went with her and were with her, they said she was tremendous as a pilot. i don't know how she could possibly lose, the other one, she is just terrible. you talk about border walls, the other one doesn't want any border walls, she doesn't want any production, nothing. i think martha is going to do well and north dakota is going to do well. florida is a very, very close race, and it's inconceivable because -- >> sean: it's always close in florida. it wasn't that close for you. >> president trump: we did great. but bill nelson is a terrible senator. >> sean: it was funny, you called me the other night and said, p i've neverre talked toib him. >> president trump: is never once called me saying, can i have something for the people of florida? two years, almost two years. whereas i a masse, rick scott, all he does is call. >> sean: rolls up his sleeves. >> president trump: look at the great job he did with the hurricanes. they had a big problem, taking care of the lake. but bill nelson, the current
10:59 pm
senator, never calls. hopefully, for the good of the people of florida, and also, i have to say, ron desantis has to be governor. you can't let a man that ran tallahassee into the ground, highest murder rate they have ever had, corrupt crime rate in -- it's a disaster. you can't let him be the governor of florida. that would be a disaster. ron desantis, harvard, yale, go-to guy, hard worker, i think he is going to be a great governor but it's a very close race. >> sean: you want to make a closing argument -- is interesting because i watch the media, they are trying to define this as the trump midterm. they kind of forgot to -- >> president trump: unless we win. >> sean: then they will go to russia. back to russia. [laughs] it was funny, bill clinton lost about 54 seats in the house, obama lost 60 some oddities of the house. i love how nate silver, said you had a 20% chance of winning,
11:00 pm
then you read the article, it says, it could be anywhere between 15 and 60. i could predict that, i don't have to do any poles to find that out. it is the american people that decide, it's getting out in my terms. >> president trump: there is something going on. thousands and thousands of people can't get into this arena. i just left indiana, thousands and thousands of people outside, can't get -- there is something going on, - and electricity that like 2016. >> sean: mr. president, on the way here, it was pouring all day here. for hours. i went out for an hour, i'm sweating more than -- almost like marco rubio that day. i like marco, don't misunderstand me. i m went out there an hour befoe the show, and the crowd is electric. every had i signed -- wasn't a "hannity" hat, i wish i had a penny for every one of the make america great hats i signed today, every hat was soaking wet. thereso is a bigger crowd outsie thenre


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