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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 6, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> melissa: thank you to bret and martha. >> bret: you can donate a pizza to long lines. america is hungry for democracy. ♪ >> melissa: here's harris. >> harris: they are still sitting next to me but we will move on. a fox news alert, decision day, yes. we are hours away from knowing which party will control congress next year. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. after countless rallies, endorsements, debates, attack ads, election day is finally here, millions of americans casting their ballots and what may be the most consequential midterm and memory. democrats say they believe they will take that house will republicans say they believe they will take the senate.
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president trump and barack obama making their final pitches, watch. >> health care is on the ballot. you vote, you might save a life. but most importantly, who we are is on the ballot. >> i need you to get your family, get your friends, get your neighbors. get your coworkers and go out and vote for a republican house and a republican senate and republicans at every level of government. >> harris: let's go to florida, everybody. peter doocy is there, home to a hotly contested senate race that is come down to the wire. >> harris, the parking lot in this precinct is packed, people are having to circle around the parking lot to find a spot to go inside. this is the same location where governor rick scott voted a few days ago and a big part of his closing argument is something president trump revealed the
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other day, bill nelson hasn't called him once in two years. and this isn't the only race where a personal beef the president has had with the candidate is a better issue. in montana, the president claimed jon tester unfairly went public with unsubstantiated claims, he went to montana four times for his republican challenger, matt rosendale. virginia is unique because that's a place president trump won with the highest margin in 2016, patrick worley is running against someone who will vote for everything president trump wants to do. but that isn't the only state with a democratic incumbent, they think they are going to win despite being off the radar compared to other contests. in arizona republicans are hoping to hang onto the seats vacated by jeff flake, who is
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retiring. martha mcsally is following president trump's lead and putting a caravan and border security front and center wheres the democrats favor sending immigration judges instead of troops to intercept migrants. in nevada, obamacare is a huge issue. jackie rosen supports protecting it, expanding it, she is challenging senator dean keller voted to repeal it. heller is looking for red votes everywhere else. >> harris: thank you very much in florida today. meanwhile, democrats are pinning their hopes on the house, where control of the lower chamber onn the hill is currently in control of republicans, as you know. bicameral he they are in charge. mike emanuel is live, we are everywhere today, he's in washington looking at some of the closest races across the nation. mike? >> many suburban districts from
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new jersey to california will decide if democrats regain the majority. democrats need the 23 seats in order to make that happen. heart races to watch, northern virginia, the tenth district. barbara comstock is facing a tough fight from democrat jennifer whiston. in virginia, republican congressman is in a competitive or race with retired cia operative that's another one to watch. democrats see it as a possible pickup opportunity. then there is illinois 14, republican congressman facing lauren underwood, a nurse saying hultgren has not done enough to protect those with pre-existing conditions. those leading the democrat's campaign sound upbeat. >> i'm confident democrats will
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win the majority of the u.s. house of representatives. we've anchored our strategy this year around what is the largest battlefield we've seen in over a decade. 111 districts across america, we are investing in over 80 districts across the country. >> retiring house speaker paul ryan is not on the ballot but ryan has campaigned in recent weeks in 12 states and 50 cities trying to help his colleagues in the toughest races. republicans are selling the strong economy. >> there've been so many people left behind in this stagnant economy over the last eight years and it's time to turn it around. we've done that and i think voters are going to give us credit for that and that's why we are going to win the majority. the choice is clear, it's a choice between prosperity and higher taxes. i think americans will choose prosperity. >> with 41 house republicans retiring or running for other office, the g.o.p. has had to play a lot more defense.
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harris? >> harris: you've given us a lot to chew on, mike emanuel. joined now by chris stirewalt. all right, let's start with that hunger we have at lunchtime, what's it like when the president sells vegetables but the republicans are trying to sell fruit? i say that because the president says it's not enough to just talk about a moving economy, you got to mix and some of the issues that bring out the . >> republicans are very interested in holding on the house, they want to hold onto the house. >> harris: can they do it? >> they can, absolutely. they've got 1:5 five chance, 1:5 ain't nothing. when you look at how he's campaigned, he's focused on these red states, talked about the caravan, open borders, he's talked about that stuff. scare your base, get them to the polls, i think the white house
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may be writing the house off. >> harris: then you got republicans who say no, absolutely not. i was watching cory lewandowski and he said the president isn't writing anybody off. just so people know, when the president focuses on a battleground state that he won by 30 points, or even when he didn't like arizona, when he looks at where he's won, who wouldn't want to focus on that? about where these house raises are, they are suburbs where we know people don't like that ton. >> democrats are united and that's a big problem for republicans. the warring wings of their party are united by the disdain for the president. obama was talking about in that clip, the character of the country is at stake, vote against donald trump. they have embrace to this as much as any republican did in 2010. the question is, how united will
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republicans be? will the affluent, college educated suburbanites to stick around? will these independents and blue-collar democrat leaning voters who voted for donald trump, will they come out and reformat coalition? >> harris: is my team pops up the map that we showed a moment to go, because i want to break this down, polls start to close at 6:00 and by 8:00 p.m. you'll have 50% of the places where people vote on house races, the polls will have closed. so you've got places like kentucky 6, virginia 10. talk to me as you look across the nation, what we might see. >> we love eastern kentucky. i don't just love eastern kentucky because i'm from west virginia, but it's an eastern time zone and their polls close at 6:00. we have a key health race right there, incumbent republican andy barr, amy mcgrath, veteran,
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well-funded, we will be looking at that race and saying okay, how are things shaking out? we will know so much more. >> harris: what will we potentially know? we are canvassing 125,000 people before, during, after, we are going to get the kind of data that is not really incumbent upon how somebody felt when they were coming out of the booth. >> the reason the fox news voter analysis is superior to what anyone else has done, we are so excited about this. as people early vote more and more, how are you going to exit poll? >> harris: that's a great point. talk to me about what's happening with amy mcgrath, a democrat that really can check the republican boxes. >> that's a great district to learn from, university of
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kentucky, affluent voters who are part of the republican coalition. you have eastern kentucky, the coal country, the hard hats, blue-collar trump voting republicans, it as each constituent. we will get our first taste of how each of those constituent groups are voting. are republicans of sticking together? >> harris: we've been so focused on the senate but there's a lot to note. virginia has four districts, let's talk about virginia ten which is an affluent suburban area. >> is a former resident of northern virginia, they are rich and they think taxpayers of the united states for continuing to submit that money to washington. three of the five wealthiest
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counties in the united states are in the washington metro area. this is the place where donald trump is very popular, republicans are trying to hold onto the seat. if they can pull that off, if barbara comstock and somehow hold on, that will be a very good time for the republicans. >> harris: did enforcement, did enough money come in earlier? i'm curious about that. if you flip it and democrats don't take that, that tells us something about their bellwether, too. >> if democrats can't win there, they were in huge trouble, that's a district they should win, it should be gone by now. for barbara comstock it's just a change in composition of her district. it's just changed over time and trump is very unpopular with the suburbanites. >> harris: any other house races you want to get into right now? it seems close.
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>> it seems close but the expected outcome, i will put it this way. the expected outcome is that democrats will win about 35 seats. the assumption is that democrats will probably get enough to win of the majority. as you see these terms start to come in, are we seeing them over perform or underperform? are they on track to do that? that's the baseline. >> harris: i want to throw to close things out, one is consumer confidence. you're feeling better about spending your money, a few weeks away from holiday season, does that play a role? >> january, the presidents average approval was 17 points under. he's improved markedly over the course of this year and a ton of that is about the economy. >> harris: how can you have so many economic accomplishments with that number?
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>> it's not all about the money, people care about things beyond income, and one of the other problems is we are next year going to be in the longest, if this continues, the longest single period of economic expansion in american history and people get used to it and become accustomed to it. >> harris: the other thing i was going to mention is the kavanaugh battle. >> it intensified but it also intensified the democrats. >> harris: the fire is on stire, people. chris stirewalt. >> happy election day. >> harris: so exciting. voters are deciding with our next governor will be an bret baier has told me he doesn't think we pay enough attention to governor. georgia, one of the most watched showdowns, we will talk about it next. ♪
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♪ >> harris: we are so close now, just a few hours away from the first polls closing in the high-stakes midterm election. america is voting in 36 governor races across the nation. one of the most watched as the show down happening in georgia. live from a polling place in
10:18 am
atlanta, how is it looking? >> this is the biggest voter turnout i have seen in my many years in georgia. it's been raining on and off here but that's not keeping people away from the polls. many of these people standing in line have been here for more than an hour before a variable to cast their ballots. in other parts we are told the wait time can be as long as 2-3 hours. this is a continuation of the unprecedented numbers we saw during early voting, more than 2 million people casting ballots, doubling the previous records set for voting in the midterm election back in 2014. brian cam, the republican running for governor is overseeing elections. georgia democrats say the move is a political stunt. >> i think it's a desperate attempt to try to say something happened that didn't, to try to
10:19 am
put doubt in people's minds that justify his bad behavior in the past. and it's wrong and he needs to be held accountable for it and the best way right now is to vote him out. >> democrats are expressing concerns of voter suppression while republicans talk about election security. both parties have brought out big names to support their candidates, former president barack obama barack obama and oprah winfrey for democrats, president trump d vice president mike pence. georgia is not alone in having a tight governor's race. in florida, a democrat hopes to become that state's first african-american governor, running against ron desantis, a loyal supporter of president trump. and in wisconsin, governor walker, a 2016 presidential contender faces a tough battle to win a third term
10:20 am
against democratic challenger tony evers, the state superintendent of public infrastructure. >> harris: very exciting, thank you very much. meanwhile, republicans are doing every thing they can to hang onto their congressional majorities tonight. historically the president's party loses seats in their first midterm, including president obama who described democrat losses in 2010 as as a shellacking. bringing in ronna mcdaniel, it is electric. i don't know if you can hear, it's always good for everybody when america votes. that's what we are supposed to do on election day. talk to me about a couple of races in places you are focused on. we will start with the senate. >> i was with the president last night in missouri, the energy he brought to cape girardeau with that last rally i think was something that's going to be significant in helping josh hawley win. we are looking at missouri,
10:21 am
indiana, tennessee, those are strong states. florida, west virginia, and montana will be states to watch tonight. it is going to be tight all over the country, it's going to depend on turnout. democrats are turning out far beyond typical midterm turnout. so are republicans. for us to keep these majorities and expand them, which would be defying the trend not just in the house but in the senate, the senate you usually lose 2-3 seats. it's going to depend on everybody getting out to vote, call your friends, call your family. everybody needs to get out to vote today. >> harris: heidi heitkamp, interesting. he's been on she's been on air force one invited by president trump. what's happening there that the republican in that race has made its own neck and neck? >> camping cream kevin kramer was the congressman
10:22 am
in north dakota, he represents the president. he voted to support the tax cut cuts, he would've voted to support brett kavanaugh and heidi heitkamp, when she goes to north dakota and governs with chuck schumer and the democrat party 88% of a time and i think north dakota ends are saying enough is enough. i think she will be retired tonight and kevin kramer will be the new senator from north dakota. >> harris: one of the reasons why i love interviewing you is because you break it down and you're very transparent on these issues and you remind everybody, nothing is perfect. what's an area or to that you are particularly concerned about tonight are watching very closely? >> obviously we will be watching the house. i saw your previous interview, andy barr will be an important race, we will watch in virginia, new jersey, pennsylvania. with the redistricting we will have a tough time holding on
10:23 am
some of their seats there. the 44 retirements in the house has put a lot of seats at risk. the house will be tough. on the senate side, if we win north dakota and tennessee you'll be moving further west. indiana and missouri will be key and florida i think will go late into the night and it's going to depend on voter turnout in that state, i think we could have a recount in florida. >> harris: what is your strategy early on? you mentioned those north of 40 retiring and running for different seats. representative martha mcsally wants to be a senator. is that a calculation you make at the rnc level with these candidates, who would be best to see that happen, what area should we leave people in the congressional battle and not elevate them to the senate level? >> we don't get involved in the recruitment at the rnc level, we focus on the election day because it's important to be a neutral player during the primary so we can bring people together for the general
10:24 am
election. absolutely, martha left that all-important arizona district, there's a great candidate in that district but it is a 50/50 state and that will be a battleground seat to keep the majority in the house and i know martha took that into consideration when she left what she wanted to run for senate. she would be such a great senator for arizona, i can't imagine arizona choosing somebody who said that arizona is the meth lab of democracy, over a combat pilot like martha mcsally but that is a tight, tight race and it will come down again to voter turnout. >> harris: a few weeks ago and that state, something that was kind of a surprise on the horizon on the democrat side was just yesterday she was saying yeah, i do support the president taking troops to the border. i guess that's something you see as you get closer. >> we are seeing where democrats are being successful is saying
10:25 am
they support the president, a lot of these democrats -- that's their playbook. we saw it with conor lam in pennsylvania. the democrat party nationally is obstruct, resist, don't work with the president but they have a playbook and some of these states, go say whatever you need to say to get elected. it will be interesting because if they get to washington they will not work with this president, they will be in lockstep with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. the ones who are really close are the ones running with the president, which is interesting. >> harris: it is going to be a fabulous night, where are you watching from? is there a watch party? >> i will be at the white house with the president. i'm usually in sweatpants with ice cream watching election results in the war room but i will be at the white house keeping in close contact with the rnc staff as we watch these returns come in and relay them to the president. >> harris: sounds great, good to see you. we will talk to you on the flip
10:26 am
side. as we keep an eye on today's votes, a democrat calls for resistance facing his biggest test yet. reaction from a key member of the house democrat leadership team. keep watching. ♪ 's he tweets. the talking heads. what you hear and what you see are two different things. you hear about how "we're a nation divided." yet, from where we sit, we see no such thing. we see half a million people - today alone - stitching together some supposedly very divided states. red states. blue states. and every shade of purple in between. we see people working across party lines. state lines. yes, even airlines. all looking for for that uncommon, common ground.
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♪ >> harris: show down, claire mccaskill is battling for her her's senate seat. it is closely aligned himself with president trump president trump but mccaskill has fallen in step with the president more than many of her fellow democrats. kristin fisher with a look at that, you are in st. louis. >> yeah, we are just outside st. louis here. before i get into what we are seeing at these polling places, i want to correct something i said last night at this rally with president trump and the republican senate candidate in
10:31 am
this race, josh hawley about an hour into the president's remarks last night, we still hadn't heard from arsene josh hawley and it was loud inside this rally and i thought i heard president trump say josh hawley was leaving. but what he really said was that josh hawley is leading in the polls. i wanted to apologize for my mistake and set the record straight especially since to complicate matters even further, president trump is now tweeting that there is a rumor put out by the democrats that josh hawley left the arena last night early, he met me at the plane when i arrived. and stayed until the very end, i said good-bye to him and left before he did. deception. that rally was the second time in four days president trump has come to missouri to try to help him beat claire mccaskill in the closing days of this race. he's been trying to paint her as carbon copy of hillary clinton
10:32 am
while she's been trying to distance herself from her own party, even going so far as to call some of them "crazy democrats." this is a state that president won by nearly 20 points and she knows if she wants to win a third term she will need some of the people that voted for him in 2016 to vote for her in 2018. she just voted at this polling place right outside st. louis. hawley just voted an hour away from here in columbia, missouri. for months they have been talking about how this is going to be one of the closest races in the country, in a state where there is no early voting. it comes down to who comes out today and votes. >> harris: they've had this day marked on their calendar, many of them for two years and have been working nonstop to win back control of congress to put a check on president trump.
10:33 am
with us, a key member of the democrats house leadership team, cochair of the house democratic policy and communications committee. first time on the program, great to have you today. talk with me about the strategy if you will in places like missouri. >> every individual member of the house has to run their own race, new york is a very different state than michigan and ohio, ohio is a very different state than california. we united around a core set of values. protect people with pre-existing conditions, lower health care costs. >> harris: the reason i ask that, we were hearing the report on the senate side, overall tonight republicans are looking to do something they know will make history. that is if they retain and pick up seats in the senate and don't
10:34 am
lose the house, maybe it's close closer than it has in the past for any other president. >> midterm elections are traditionally referendums on the president. the american people i think fundamentally, if they feel it's been overreached even too far to the right or too far to the lef left, many of us believe that's exactly what will take place tonight. hopefully we can get something done on behalf of the american people and solve problems. not democratic problems are republican problems, but american problems. >> harris: let's focus on new jersey and the new york metro. are you surprised at how competitive they are for democrats? >> it's very interesting, we have four races that are super competitive currently held by republicans that democrats have a real shot to win.
10:35 am
many of them are in the new york suburbs on the new jersey side, one of them is in the philadelphia suburbs on the south jersey side and i think it speaks to the notion that suburban, college-educated women are going to be a key demographic to watch tonight. >> harris: the kavanaugh battle and the effect it has had for particularly democrats, some surprises you may have seen along the way. with women coming out and supporting both republicans and democrats on that issue. it seems like democrats were taking may be a foregone conclusion, taking that women's vote in their back pocket. >> far be it for me to comment on senate strategy one way or the other. >> harris: let's look at the house, the kavanaugh battle is affecting everybody but the wider discussion about what went on on the hill is -- it cuts
10:36 am
across women all over. >> we had to deal with issues as it relates to what's happening in our society. that will continue to be important, that spans multiple administrations. we are going to focus on kitchen table pocketbook issues and fight for the people, not for the well off the well-connected. i think what's very important, watching that kentucky race will be interesting. that's a tough race for any democrat to win, mcgrath has been a phenomenal candidate but the virginia races are going to be critical. if we win multiple races, we will -- >> harris: if you lose multiple races, too.
10:37 am
can democrats work with the president in the house? >> i worked on bipartisan legislation with my good friend doug collins, a conservative republican from rural georgia, i'm a progressive democrat, we came together on legislation, successfully in society. i think we've seen cooperation in this congress. >> harris: prison reform wouldn't be a shocker, health care would be. >> we've said we need to fight to lower the high cost of prescription drugs. that's something donald trump is also suggested, let's figure out a way to get that done. >> harris: thank you very much. be sure to tune into fox news channel tonight, special live coverage of these critical elections.
10:38 am
bret baier, martha maccallum, you saw them right here. we will have all the breaking developments, it all starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. look at which ways of certain races are leading which ones have been called. football on fox, you're going to love how we do this. president trump admitting he regrets his tone at time. does the heated rhetoric to fuel his debate? shawn spicer is up next, stay close. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar...
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♪ >> harris: just hours before voters start heading to the polls, president trump said he regrets his tone at times but two weeks ago the president rejected the idea that he would tone down his rhetoric.
10:43 am
here he is yesterday. >> i would like to have a much softer tone, i feel to a certain extent i have no choice but maybe i do. >> harris: sean spicer is here, former white house press secretary end of the senior advisor and spokesman for america first action. great to see you today. i sometimes get a little confused about a focus on tone rather than words, but where do you put it? you did messaging for this president. >> first of all, i didn't do it. he does messaging, i did implementation. >> harris: i don't know what you were allowed to do. >> i think the president has shown as a candidate and a president, he has a very unique ability to tap into what resonates well with the american people. what words he uses, when he uses them in the tone he does. he may go back and look at what he could've done better but you notice, what he said as i'd like
10:44 am
to do that. he knows the american people want someone who is going to go out there and explained to them why he's doing what he's doing, what his priorities are about your point, i think there's a balance. he knows he's getting results, we've seen it in the job numbers and continue to see it in foreign policy, our national security, diplomatic affairs. it's always tough to get that balance because he can say it, i like all the results but here's a couple style points i'd like to change where is a lot of other politicians get the style points down but they don't deliver for the american people. >> harris: why say it on the eve of the midterm election? republicans could take the senate which would make history. >> history suggests the president should lose an average of five seats in the senate. instead of losing seats we are talking about being up seats, we've talked about the house
10:45 am
losing 38 seats on average, we are not talking those kind of numbers at this point. the interesting thing is if it wasn't for this president, if it wasn't for the enthusiasm people have for him and his agenda i don't think we'd be in the game to the extent we are today. i think it's tough to say, because without the tone -- it's very hard to look at something and say if only about this, this would be better. the president succeeded when no one thought he could. he beat 17 amazing candidates to become the republican nominee. it's part of who he is and so i get every once in a while we want to go back and refine some of the edges but part of who he is and the reason he's been so successful is partially because of his style. >> harris: you are in that position of being a tone check at one point and i wonder how difficult it is when the expectation of many of the people who voted for the
10:46 am
president, we got that. we want to concentrate on the words and the deeds and everything else. >> at the end of the day i think people are most focused on the results, are they living better, putting more money in their pocket, are they safer? just today, the rnc has announced they've done 72 million voter contacts, they are out there talking to people on the ground and i think the results the president has achieved are what they are talking about and what's resonating with folks. i get it, every once in a while you may look back and say, could we have changed to this tweet? i've seen this president up close, i know how caring and empathetic he can be. i think it would be great if more people could see that side of him. >> harris: can he win like that? that's the point, you heard about their reporting on speaker paul ryan over the weekend,
10:47 am
mr. president, talk about the economy. >> it's this president who has won over and over again, who has succeeded and gotten results, passed legislation, reduced taxes, handle north korea in a way that has prevented another missile being fired. at some point people have to question whether the focus should be on results or safety or prosperity or whether we completely focus on the style into the tone. >> harris: great to see you. it's exciting, right? thank you, sean spicer. president trump's warning to voters about democrats ahead of today's midterm, will it have an effect? the power panel comes on deck next. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate
10:48 am
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, we've got an awesome show for you. our political guru will share his scorecard with us, plus, can republicans hold onto the senate tonight? we will tell you what it means, also live reports from key
10:52 am
states, arizona, texas, indiana, georgia, tennessee. ♪ >> harris: president trump is making his closing argument to voters. he wrote "america faces a critical choice, whether to build on the extraordinary prosperity or whether to allow democrats to take control and take a giant wrecking ball to your economy and your future." leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host. how did he do in the closing argument? did he nail it? >> talking about millions of new jobs, manufacturing jobs, this piece in north korea. jobs, jobs, jobs, the economy, tax cuts for the working class.
10:53 am
the president has a great record to run on right now and he's doing it, he's embracing it. >> harris: i have not heard anybody say "peace in north korea." >> they were weeks from war. >> it was a good speech to his base, a good speech to get republicans to get out there. the problem is, the reality is democrats agreed to come in and have a $20 trillion economy. we have to look at the willingness of businesses. >> harris: what is the democrat argument on the economy? >> we've seen polls showing left and right, they don't want to lose medicare, they don't want to lose social security. it's not just seniors and certainly not just democrats. they want to keep certain programs in place but the more social issues then fiscal issues
10:54 am
that democrats want to put forward. >> harris: we heard the president in recent days talk about health care, whereas just a few weeks ago mitch mcconnell said "we are not talking about health care." what's happening? >> the president talked about lowering the cost of prescription drugs, a lot of obstructionists in congress, namely democrats, didn't want to do this. >> harris: just a few minutes ago, he said, we could work with him on the hillside with that. >> i think democrats have to be careful, if they have a slim majority, they've got to shelve this idea of the resistance and get to work with trump. people want results, they want something done about health care, and the president has had to go years of results and results speak louder. >> i would agree with you that they had to get something done, otherwise every two years it's going to be vote them out, vote
10:55 am
them out, house or the senate for that matter. i think it will be a larger majority. i think congressman jeffries is right on health care, this is another issue where you see both left and right, people want to be able to have coverage, if they have pre-existing conditions, they want costs to be lower. >> harris: republicans rolled out their plans last week which kept pre-existing conditions, you see all these ads across the country, it's finally the election. let's talk about the electricity in the air on both sides of the aisle. >> there is energy for sure and i think part of it -- >> harris: what are you watching tonight? >> to me it's all about the senate. the democrats, even if they win the house, they will have a slim enough majority that the brief post to vote for the senate. 2010, it was all about
10:56 am
health care. it's about the administration forcing this on the american people. this year it's a lot about playing to people's worst fears and i don't think it's working, by and large. >> california is 49th, in a very red area normally, that district in california, and i think beto o'rourke will take texas, look at those crowds. >> harris: thank you, we will be right back. here ya go, hon. hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato.
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>> harris: all right. so it's here. i'll see you at 6 p.m. eastern. martha and bret will handle the coverage from there. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: the day finally has come. millions of americans casting ballots in one of the most expensive midterm elections in history. it will have major implications for president trump's ageneral dash while giving us insight into a divided nation. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." every seat in the house of representatives up for grabs as control of the senate hangs on a few key states. corey gardner is here to tell us whether the republicans will keep control of the senate or even add seats. we have casey stegal in texas.


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