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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 7, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> if you have to run from the television, run to the radio. brian kilmeade show from 9:00 to noon, it will be raging. >> if you have to run, you can walk. >> all day with post-game coverage. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 here in new york and new look in washington as democrats gain control of the house, republicans tighten their grip on the senate. two big story lines this morning. i'm bill hemmer welcome to three hours of analysis and news, good morning. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. the balance of power shifting last night. democrats taking control of the house for the first time since 2010. meanwhile in the senate republicans expanding their majority knocking off democratic incumbents in several hotly-contested races. >> the people of missouri said we believe in america, our future and ready to fight for it. i'm ready to go to washington and fight for you. >> people of texas rendered a
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verdict we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. >> i know you want to keep this country moving on the right track. i think the entire country has heard tennessee loud and clear. >> i want to thank all hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory putting your faith in me, and i will not let you down, i promise that. >> we didn't anticipate government incompetence in tallahassee and we won't accept it in d.c. i will not accept it as your new u.s. senator. >> bill: later this morning president trump holds a news conference. you'll see it live on "america's newsroom" at 11:30. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell holds a press conference an hour prior to that at 10:30. he is tweeting saying received so many congratulations from so many on our big victory last
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night including from four nations, friends, that were waiting me out and hoping on trade deals. now we can all get back to work and get things done, end tweet. >> sandra: we're still waiting on some official results from several key races, arizona, montana. the senate races there, as well as governor in georgia. >> bill: complete coverage begins now. we're here in new york to go through the analysis. kristin fisher is live in missouri but we begin with peter doocy live in naples. has bill nelson conceded there, peter? >> no, we haven't heard from him yet since the results came in last night. his campaign manager was quoted late by local outlets, including the orlando sentinel. this is obviously not the result senator nelson's campaign worked hard for. the senator will make a full statement tomorrow, that's today, to thank all those who rallied for his cause. since nelson hasn't quit we
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wait to see if florida is heading for an automatic recount. there has to be one if the margin is half%. overnight it got within half a percent. scott's lead is more than 34,000 ballots over nelson. >> bill: if nelson does not concede, why did governor scott declare victory last night, peter? >> bill, i was getting correspondence from inside the scott war room last night for hours. they were looking at the numbers and they thought they won early and governor scott grew confident enough in the lead that he just took the stage here in naples at his victory party before any of the networks had called the race. and governor scott was not mincing words once he got up there as though there could be any result other than him going to washington as the next senator from florida. he also did not speak about the returns like he was worried about a recount. >> this campaign is behind us, that's where we'll leave it.
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[laughter] the campaigns i've been involved in are divisive and tough and it is way too nasty. but you know what? we've done this for over 200 years and after these campaigns we come together. and that's what we're going to do. >> the polling averages in this state showed scott and governor elect ron desantis trailing democratic opponents going into yesterday. so each of their wins could be considered big upsets and at the end of governor scott's remarks here in naples last night they had a confetti cannon go off. not something you do if you're worried about a recount. >> bill: keep us posted. i know you shall in naples. >> sandra: in missouri josh hawley unseating claire mccaskill handing the gop another seat in the senate. kristin fisher is live in st. louis with the latest from there.
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>> sandra, so much had been made about how tight this race would be. in the end it wasn't even really all that close. republican in this race josh hawley beat the democratic incumbent by nearly six points last night. proof that missouri turned to trump country in 2016 was no fluke. >> i said from the beginning it was about defending our way of life and renung it for a new day. tonight the people of missouri said we believe it's not the past, it's the future. >> this is one of the most expensive senate races in u.s. history. incumbent tried to keep her seat on the ground she was one of the last remaining moderate voices in the senate. it was not enough to offset hawley's message and the president's endorsement of him. senator mccaskill conceding last night. >> i had to be kind of careful, believe it or not. not anymore, i'll be out there fighting with you. i'm not going away. i love this state.
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i will continue to serve. in this audience tonight there are candidates that will stand for election in this state and win and i look forward to helping you, helping nurture the next generation of leaders for the values that we care about and for now it is good night but it is not goodbye. >> until last night, senator mccaskill had only lost one race in her roughly 20 years in politics. now she has lost two and josh hawley is heading to washington to become the youngest member of the u.s. senate. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: josh kraushaar crunches the numbers. where democrats and gained in the suburbs. this is more of a realignment than a blue wave. start there. >> democrats won in places where president trump is not
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particularly popular. they won back the house in the suburbs. but republicans expanded their senate majority. they could have as many as 54 or 55 senate seats. he got republicans to the polls and in these conservative parts of the country they turned out to expand the majority. >> bill: you conclude voters want balance, not resistance. >> the biggest progressive superstars. beto, abrams, gillum all lost. the seats that democrats lost in the house they nominated candidates who were too far to the left of their districts. a lesson for democrats for 2020 you can't pick someone too far to the left if you want to take on president trump and win. >> bill: today you write about it's a good night's for trump's political clout but not good for trump's power. >> democrats control the house. that means a lot of subpoenas, potentially a lot of investigations. i don't think president trump is looking forward to it but he has an expanded majority in the
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senate. all the red state senate races republicans won in almost every single one of them. that's good news for the president. >> bill: think about the kavanaugh vote and the momentum that shifted toward the end of september and into october. think about the three red state democrats who announced they're a no vote on kavanaugh. they all lost. >> i don't think it's a could incidents one of the few red state democrats who won was manchin who supported kavanaugh. the red state senators who voted against him saw themselves go downhill. >> bill: profound lessons for democrats in what way? >> you can't have someone too far to the left. you have to find someone who can appeal to voters in the middle. in the governors races democrats won in kansas, michigan, wisconsin, they won by having moderate candidates who were on the ballot.
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georgia, florida, texas in the senate race they went too far to the left and it hurt their candidates. >> bill: this is a question that will be talked about a lot for days and weeks and probably months to come. did washington, d.c. find a way to move toward a middle ground on some issues? or did the polarization of our nation's capital get greater as of last night? >> bill: good news, the democrats elected a lot of moderates. nancy pelosi will have to deal with her liberal wing of the party but new freshmen more to the center. more gridlock in washington republicans are more conservative in the senates. the democrats have liberal committee chairs calling for investigations. i don't think a lot will get done in congress with a divided congress. >> bill: mitch mcconnell talks in about an hour and 20 minutes. >> he will be very happy. republicans in the senate gained three or four seats. that went beyond mcconnell's wildest expectations. he ran the table in the close
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senate races. in indiana mike braun won by almost double digits. republicans overachieved in the senate. mcconnell has a lot to do with this. >> bill: 11:30 the president comes out. what is his message today? >> likely the president will focus on the senate more than the house. he campaigned in the senate races down the final stretch and made a point i don't have time to campaign for a lot of the house republicans. interesting to see what he says about paul ryan. >> bill: how come? >> does he blame paul ryan for losing the house? they went after each other on the immigration issue. so the question is does he focus on the senate results good for the white house or have a critical word for house leadership? >> bill: good stuff. thank you, josh. so many stories. we go back to sandra with more. >> sandra: we're also awaiting president trump's remarks at the white house. he is set to hold a news conference just a short time from now.
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that will happen at 11:a.m. eastern time to tout what he is calling a mid-term success. we'll have that for you live. the president has fired off a round of tweets this morning on the mid-terms calling last night a big win saying it is time to get back to work so we've got leader mcconnell up at 10:30 eastern this morning. the president following that at 11:30. he will speak from the white house. nancy pelosi, by the way, will be speaking at the noon hour. >> bill: you stayed up late watching it all? >> sandra: great coverage. >> bill: our team did an awesome job, top to bottom. really good stuff here. let's digest and see where we are. >> sandra: a lot of implications. >> bill: a lot of think pieces written over the next couple of days to give us a sense about what america is saying and where we're going. >> sandra: where we're going is 2020 next. >> bill: we're just getting started. that's where we're going. busy mid-terms morning. nancy pelosi offered up her evaluation of a
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democratic-controlled house. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it is about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. [cheering and applause] it is about stopping the gop. >> bill: so what decisions do they make now? is it investigating or legislating? former utah congressman jason chaffetz is in the house and we'll talk to him about all that. >> sandra: president trump calling the mid-term results a tremendous success but where does his agenda go from here? bret baier will join us with his analysis on that as well as what all this means for 2020. looking fresh this morning, by the way. >> he has shown when he elevates an issue and leads, that they follow. they will join with him. he also tried to make a deal on daca almost a year ago, last january. where is that deal? the democrats walked away from the table. so, to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way
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>> the president's agenda isn't going to change regardless of whose party is there. we'll still be an administration focused on lowering taxes, defeengt ice is, remaking the judiciary, fixing the opioid crisis we have. i think we can work with democrats on that. >> bill: outside the west wing sarah sanders realbertaing to what we're trying to digest now in the mid-terms. big democratic takeover in the chamber could serve as a check in the president and house. what about the trump agenda and where does it go now and what are the voters saying? bret baier back from washington, d.c. good work there. talking during a commercial we could shoot at a thousand things. start with what you're starting to digest from last night. >> first of all, i think this will be a fascinating news conference. pretty energetic judging by the president's tweets this morning. already saying tremendous
6:17 am
success but then it escalated quickly there talking about investigations and maybe you need to investigate the house democrats and also that nancy pelosi really deserves to be speaker maybe she'll get some republican votes if she needs them. so the news conference will be fascinating. the president has reason to crow when it comes to the senate. this is historic. where he campaigned in the final days turned out to be a big turnout and win. as opposed to president obama, who campaigned in indiana for joe donnelly, in florida for gillum and nelson and in georgia for stacy abrams. all of those, it appears, are losses. the first three. stacey abrams isn't yet. >> bill: you mentioned the trump tweets. here is just one. take this however you want to talk about campaigning in indiana, missouri and likely making a difference in the rural areas. he says those that worked with
6:18 am
me in this incredible mid-term elections did very well. those that did not say goodbye. yesterday was such a very big win all under the pressure of a nasty and hostile media. that's a shot at republicans in a way who were not on board. >> sure, yeah. this clearly is president trump's party and he is steering it. many presidents at the top of the party are. he is doing it directly. it will be interesting to hear his perspective on that today. the kavanaugh factor. that was such a huge factor in those races of democrats up for reelection in red states. every senator who voted against kavanaugh lost except manchin, who voted for kavanaugh and won. i have think it was a major move in those races particularly in some places like indiana and missouri. >> bill: interesting to see what mitch mcconnell says that about next hour.
6:19 am
voter analysis, we did it differently this year. not just exit polling on the day. we did a rolling coverage for a week's time. this is what we found. on the trump factor, reason for your vote. it is split here, bret. do you express support 26% expressed opposition, higher by 11 points. trump is not a factor 36%. does that tell us much there? is that declarative in a way, or not? >> i don't think so in that particular one. i do think that president trump was a big factor. 63% said he factored into the race. and when it comes to the house versus the senate, it's two different animals. i think you heard lindsey graham last night saying republicans do have a suburban women issue that they need to figure out ahead of 2020. but if you look historically, president obama in 2010 lost 63 house seats and six senate seats. 1994 bill clinton loses 54 house seats and 8 senate seats.
6:20 am
now, we may turn out to be what 33 losses here. this is going to be a fairly slim majority for if it's house speaker nancy pelosi. >> bill: 10 seats, maybe 12 at the high-end. >> she is going to have people who have been elected who campaigned against her, democrats in republican-leaning districts. and then on the flip side the senate is going to be emboldened and churning out the judges and justices. i think you will see a smiling senator mcconnell and that's a rare thing. >> bill: last point here. it's kind of a smirk more than anything. don junior sent this out last night. welcome to the #2020 election cycle. i guess it begins now, right? who is the first one to iowa. >> i don't know. i bet he takes another look at it. elizabeth warren obviously is
6:21 am
in. but progressives, to josh's point in your last segment, were 0 for 9. so is the party -- is the democratic party going to go that way? is it going to go the bernie sanders/elizabeth warren way or trying to find a star who somehow can capture at least some of the middle? i think it's a fascinating question and a real conundrum for the democratic party. >> bill: great stuff. terrific coverage to you and martha and the whole team. >> sandra: now that the mid-terms are over. will we see a shake-up in the president's cabinet? former press secretary sean spicer is the headliner today and joins us live next hour. first kellyann conway on the results. >> tells you a lot about my president and my boss. he tends to make trends. he doesn't repeat history, he tends to defy it. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
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>> today is more than about democrats and republicans, it is about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. it's about stopping the gop and mitch mcconnell's assaults on medicare, medicaid. the democratic congress will work with solutions that bring us together because we have all enough of the division. >> sandra: nancy pelosi laying out her vision after the dems take back the house. democratic congressman hakeem jeffries of new york is a member of the house judiciary committee and policy and communications committee. he joins us now. thank you for being here this morning. big night. first your thoughts. >> i think it was a tremendous night, a validation of our effort to develop and articulate a closing argument to the american people that we
6:26 am
were going to stand for the people, not for the wealthy and the well off and well connected and focus on lowering healthcare cost, pocketbook issues, increasing the pay of the american worker and cleaning up corruption in washington, d.c. >> sandra: were you surprised you didn't see more success in the senate? >> i can't speak about the senate. it was a tough map. you had 10 states where you had incumbent democrats running where donald trump had been victorious in 2016. by my count you had incumbent democratic senators in key states like michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, and west virginia surprisingly win reelection. >> sandra: during our fox news coverage of the election last night molly hemingway made this point. >> it is challenging for democrats. a lot of seats they're picking up are the candidates who were moderate, who were appealing to voters precisely because they're moderate to come in and make it an investigation agenda
6:27 am
as opposed to an agenda to help the american people might put those very same seats that they just won to get the majority in jeopardy. >> sandra: how is that going to play out for you now? >> we were very clear in what we said to the american people we would do if they gave us the opportunity to govern. that would be to try to drive down the high cost of prescription drugs, to work across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion to fix our crumbling bridges, roads and tunnels. there is a real opportunity for infratrack tour plan. trump has said it's something we should do for america and he said we should drain the stop. we agree. >> sandra: some suggestion that nancy pelosi is stealing that line of sorts. are you suggesting it is a realistic thing to think that democrats in the house are going to work with the president here on his agenda? >> i think that the american people have said there should be divided government.
6:28 am
when the american people in their infinite wisdom give democrats in the house the ability to govern the majority what they're saying is we should work together. >> sandra: let me give you the latest development from the president via the tweet. sending out a lot of tweets this morning. this on pelosi. in all fairness nancy pelosi deserves to be chosen speaker of the house by the democrats. if they give her a hard time we'll maybe add republican votes. she earned this great honor. what is the strategy there? >> it is not clear to me. what is clear is that the effort to try to weaponize pelosi to stop democrats from taking control of the house of representatives failed miserably. in part because we ran on the issues and we were where the american people were at. the defining issue of this election is healthcare. we'll protect people with preexisting conditions not because they're democrats or republicans but americans. >> sandra: do you want her to lead your party? >> i support nancy pelosi and led us into the majority now not once but twice. we have to make way for
6:29 am
generational change across the ideological spectrum if we're going to continue to be the party of the future of the democrats. >> sandra: what a night it was. thank you very much for waking up early and coming on set this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: results still coming in. race is too close to call. one of them arizona. that senate race. look at this thing. martha mcsally and kyrsten sinema are neck-and-neck. how did the trump-backed candidates do overall yesterday especially on the senate side? why the trump bump was real. >> i'll share some special moments with president trump. i've been with him four times. trump unplugged for 20 minutes on four rides. you will learn a lot of stuff. ride hailing, car sharing, carpooling... ...mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to
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>> sandra: fox news alert. a quick look at the big board this morning. look at this, hemmer, 220 points on the dow the morning
6:33 am
after the election. there was a lot of uncertainty heading into last night and markets don't like uncertainty. there wasn't a lot of buying or selling heading into that. we saw the sharply unchanged market for a couple of days and here we are markets seem to be responding to, as i got many texts from those on wall street last night, it seems that wall streeters who wanted republicans to retain control didn't see a worst case scenario, that's why we would see this up. >> bill: divided government. maybe infrastructure spending and cooked in here. >> sandra: there is a case for that. one might be surprised if you saw the headline. divided government and potential gridlock. then the dow surges triple digits. that's the story this morning. >> bill: i like it when you call me hemmer. >> sandra: hemmer. >> bill: 9:33. here we go. election results now. several crucial races too close to call from georgia, republican candidate brian
6:34 am
kemp, the democrat stacey abrams battling one of the most hotly contested governor's races this year. kemp has the edge. he needs to stay 50% to avoid a runoff. martha mcsally leading sinema. many uncounted ballots are outstanding. jeff paul picks it up from there live in los angeles. what's happening in arizona, jeff. start there. >> we're still waiting to hear which woman in arizona will make history as the first female elected senator in the state. right now it is too close to call. we might not learn anything new from the state's most populous county for at least another day. at the moment republican martha mcsally has a slight edge over democrat kyrsten sinema but the state has yet to count hundreds of thousands of ballots. republican martha mcsally remains optimistic about her chances. >> we are still neck-and-neck right now, which is totally seems ridiculous to a lot of
6:35 am
people but it goes to show you with tens of millions of dollars poured into the campaign. they now how important this is for the country. >> part of the delay comes from late earlys when folks wait until election day to drop off their mail-in ballots in person. election workers have to verify each of the signatures. getting new numbers could take time. >> bill: senate race in montana. what gives there? >> another race that is incredibly close. at the moment has republican matt rosendale leading over tester. tester's team says they're feeling good now because there are so many votes left to be counted in key areas. rosendale's camp echoing a similar sentiment watching areas in the state typically republican strongholds. both candidates speaking last
6:36 am
night. >> there are great workers around the state. will i take time. >> they will be dribbling votes in for quite some time and we wanted to come out and address everybody and come out here and spend time with you. i just don't know how long it is going to take. >> here in california some house races aren't too close to call. democrat reuter leading over incumbent roar backer in the orange county area of california. >> sandra: republicans flipping senate seats to add to their majority in the upper chamber. many of the republican senate candidates who embraced president trump came out winners. take a look. >> thank you, mr. president, for your leadership and for believing in missouri tonight. >> there are a lot of people that helped in this race. a lot of people. i want to thank president trump. >> i want to pay a special tribute to our president. you know, he made a lot of
6:37 am
promises. he promised to never forget real america. and he came here three times. >> sandra: josh holmes is the former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell. good morning to you. first love to get your thoughts this morning at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. what a night it was, josh. >> what a night it was. it was a good night for senate republicans. all of these races that you just covered were all democratic incumbents who won in a presidential election year in 2012 with mitt romney on the battle. they were battle tested incumbents that defied the odds time and time again. what we saw was an effective campaign by senate republicans and those candidates in particular to partner with the president of the united states and the vice president to have a unified message going into this election cycle that broke the back of democratic holds in states like north dakota, missouri, indiana. looking good right now in arizona, florida clearly a huge
6:38 am
win down there for governor scott. so yeah, a big night all around. >> sandra: what is the significance of this for president trump not just talking about his agenda but the influence he had in the days and weeks he campaigned and rallied hard for some of these candidates? >> he still has an enormous wake behind him in terms of his political impact on these states. not only promoting republicans in soeft midwestern and western states but also making a huge impact on democrats. we saw, for example, the confirmation of justice kavanaugh play a huge role in the eventual outcome of the senate races. a grand total of one senate democrat who supported the confirmation. as of right now that's the only democrat who is coming back. so the president clearly cast a huge shadow and had a really successful night on the senate side. >> sandra: we're about to hear from your former boss. the former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell. the leader is about to speak. what do you think we'll hear
6:39 am
from him? >> well look, i think he is very pleased with the results in the senate. maintaining the majority is really important for the country. we saw what we've been able to do with judicial confirmations, supreme court nominations but presidential personnel. to the extent the president wants to make changes you need a senate majority. he has that capability right now. >> sandra: i want to talk about the influence of the kavanaugh confirmation process on this election last night. lindsey graham. we've got the -- here was the result of asking the question what was the importance of the debate over kavanaugh's confirmation vote? 74% responded that it was very important. 52% dems, 43% republicans. this played a huge part, josh, in the way this turned out. >> it played a huge role. you have to remember in the
6:40 am
trump era every news cycle is so quick. there was only like three or four stories over two years that carried the front page of the newspaper for more than four days. kavanaugh was on the front page for over two weeks. it had a huge role, made a huge impression on the american electorate and people based their votes accordingly. you saw in some of the red states it was a killer for these incumbent senate democrats. >> sandra: i want to end with the words of lindsey graham last night reacting. >> the reason we won is i think kavanaugh united our party. the caravan was the affront to our sovereignty, economy was good and president trump worked his butt off to get out the republican vote. i'm feeling really good now. >> sandra: he says he is feeling really good right now. we're about to hear from leader mcconnell a short time from now, less than an hour from now. then the president at 11:30 and nancy pelosi at noon. the president in a recent tweet, josh, tweeting out his
6:41 am
support for pelosi. >> yeah. well look, there will be a lot of things they will have to figure out how to tackle together. it is my hope that pelosi and the new house democrats can figure out a way to be productive here. in the lead-up to the election you can understand being dubious about that because they're mierg the trump administration and investigations. there are big things that need to be done in this country. the president has shown the ability to do that. i know senate republicans are ready to work on important things but hopefully we can depoliticize this and get into a more productive role going forward. >> sandra: the president tweeted out his support of nancy pelosi saying she deserves to be chosen speaker of the house by the dems if they give her a hard time perhaps we'll add some republican votes. she has earned this great honor. it is going to be an interesting morning. we'll hear from all those folks coming up in the next couple hours. josh holmes, great to see you. >> bill: a lot of history made
6:42 am
last night. you don't know how it will go. here is what we have now. voters in colorado the nation's first openly gay governor won. five-term democrat and congressman elevated to a goofsh nor's seat. illinois race, pritzker will become the most wealthy governor in american history. heir to the hyatt hotel fortune. in the house democrats in michigan and minnesota will be the first muslim women and the youngest woman elected to congress ocasio-cortez beat her republican opponent and she is 29 years old. 11 months older than ocasio-cortez from iowa. you put all these candidates out there who knows what will come out? >> sandra: you said it multiple
6:43 am
times heading to last night. there were a thousand stories. it keeps going. >> bill: one big story for republicans. this is a flashing red light now, sandra. these are the suburbs of dallas, houston, washington, d.c. and chicago, illinois where there is weakening support for the republican party. they've gone purple and we'll show you why coming up. >> sandra: a lot of trends came out of last night. democrats will soon thaik over the chairmanships of some of the most powerful committees in the house. so what are their priorities now that they hold the gavel? former oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz joins us next. >> the tale of two democratic party. we want to engage with the white house, on the other hand subpoenas and investigations. you see clear skin. you see me.
6:44 am
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6:47 am
>> we also intend to make sure that the oversight role that the republicans so completely abdicated, we once again the congress once again undertakes and does so responsibly. >> bill: that's adam schiff vowing to scrutinize the trump administration now that he is on deck to become the intelligence committee chairman. jason chaffetz knows a lot about this committees. in his last laugh he knew about all this. what do you think of adam schiff and nancy pelosi speaker likely. >> i don't know how they get past all these people that have said they would never vote for her. while they talk about being bipartisan and what nancy pelosi puts out a nice sound bite are you kidding me? they'll be an investigative machine. people like adam schiff will try to pepper the white house to get documents, information, investigation here on a daily basis. >> bill: jerry nadler could be
6:48 am
head of judiciary, elijah cummings in government reform. maxine waters financial services and schiff intel. put those four together and what do you forecast for the next two years >> a daily drumbeat of investigations and scandal. the national media will be on their side. it will be on the front page of the "new york times" and "washington post". when i was chairman and we were peppering the white house for information you barely got page 17. nevertheless. you have subpoenas out there. republicans would issue subpoenas on a republican white house and nothing would happen. i don't know what they think the democrats will happen when they do this. >> bill: the mayor of philadelphia. a moderate. he has a very direct message for democrats. he said this. >> legislate, legislate, legislate. don't investigate, investigate, investigate. you got some targeted investigations but get things done. i believe we can pass an
6:49 am
immigration bill the president would sign and get through the senate and an infrastructure bill. two very important things for america. >> bill: legislate, don't investigate. >> they can't help themselves. they have a desire to investigate. they can't believe that donald trump is the president. they will go after everything from impeachment to pharmaceuticals to how is the president profiting from his hotel? i think right at the top of their list is they want to get their hands on the president's tax returns. >> bill: the tweet from the president on this very same topic here. he writes if the democrats think they'll waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house level we will likewise be forced to investigate them for the leaks of information on the senate level. two can play that game. turn this around. is he the perfect republican president to actually work in divided government? >> i think he is a deal maker. i think donald trump does want to work with the democrats and remember those episodes where schumer and pelosi didn't show
6:50 am
up at the table during the budget negotiation. the president offered on immigration and there is no democratic bill they can point to that they would have passed. i think the president is willing to play ball and play game and we'll see how it goes. they will still do all these investigations. that is part of their leverage. >> bill: we'll see his attitude this morning. jason chaffetz: >> sandra: we continue to look at election results in texas. senator ted cruz wins reelection after a battle with the democratic rising star. we'll have live reaction next. >> this election was a battle of ideas. it was a contest for who we are and what we believe. it was a contest and the people of texas decided this race. i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪
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>> sandra: turning now to texas and the senate race. incumbent republican ted cruz fending off a tough and well-funded challenge by beto o'rourke. casey stiegel is with us from el paso, texas. >> this shaped up to be the most expensive u.s. senate race in history. record fundraising, congressman beto o'rourke brought in more money than ted cruz but not enough to eke out a win last night. at his victory party in houston big celebrations when senator ted cruz spoke to his supporters saying that he is grateful texans who saw him as
6:55 am
the candidate who will continue to fight for their best interests. >> this was an election about hope and about the future and the people of texas rendered a verdict that we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. [cheering and applause] >> now, we were inside the stadium in el paso where o'rourke supporters gathered when news reports aired inside calling the race for cruz there were some audible boos from the crowd. in his concession speak o'rourke continued spreading a message of gratitude and hope. >> i'm as inspired and hopeful as i have ever been in my life. and tonight's loss does nothing to diminish the way that i feel about texas or this country. [cheering and applause] >> one final record that was broken here, nearly 53% of registered voters in the state of texas cast a ballot in this election.
6:56 am
the last time more than 50% of the electorate voted in a mid-term was 1994, when democratic governor ann richards lost to a person we now know as george w. bush. sandra. >> sandra: casey stiegel. thank you. >> bill: fox news alert. waiting on president trump, he will speak in 90 minutes. how will he frame the mid-term results? we'll talk to former white house press secretary sean spicer about that live coming up. also 30 minutes away from a press conference with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we'll have both events coming up momentarily live here on "america's newsroom." come on back. to address my fell, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va,
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7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the american people have spoken and there is a shift in the balance of power in washington welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. 90 minutes from now we'll hear from the president and get his take on the results of the mid-terms of last night. right now the house belongs to democrats. first time since 2010. as for the senate, republicans expanding their majority. that brings us to today's newsroom news feed. >> fox news decision desk can now begin to project winners and losers in crucial elections across the country. >> developing into a very interesting evening. >> we're ready to make one of the biggest falls of the nights. democrats will take control of
7:01 am
the house of representatives for the first time in eight years. >> this is always going to be a hard night for republicans to hold onto the house. >> thanks to you, we owned the ground. thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in america. >> this is going to be a very different washington >> we can call now that the texas race will go to ted cruz. >> god bless texas! >> that also gives us the ability to call the senate for republicans. they will retain the senate. >> we have a rare opportunity, i think, to really make things happen in d.c. >> i'm ready to go to washington and fight for you. >> west virginia made history tonight. >> let's get to work. >> each side got ribbons to take home. maybe that's what the american people wanted. >> what we saw tonight we saw a preference by americans for divided government and the reminder ought to be really clear for voters. a republican senate, democratic house and away we go. >> sandra: a lot of questions
7:02 am
still looming this morning. we start first with kevin corke who is live on the north lawn of the white house. kevin, good morning. >> good morning. quite a night it was. as you pointed out the president will address the nation, a press conference coming up at 11:30 eastern time. we'll have live coverage on fox news channel. keep in mind last night as you said there, the democrats earning more than two dozen victories to get control of the house. the president is calling the mid-terms a success. don't take my word for it. let my share a bit of what the president had to say about last night's outcome on twitter. to any of the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit for this mid-term election. remember two words, fake news. his rallies seem to have propelled a number of republicans in battleground races to victory. you saw him campaign hold rallies for each of the
7:03 am
following. kramer, hawley, blackburn, scott, winning. mcsally and rosendale also winning at this hour. the president is willing to work across the aisle to get things done for the american people. >> the president already has shown in the first couple of years that he is willing to meet the democrats. we just two weeks ago had historic bipartisan legislation on the opioid and drug crisis. every democrat in the house voted for the law the president signed into law. every democrat in the senate voted for it. when he elevates an issue and leads, that they follow. >> kellyann conway again live coverage at 11:30 with the press conference. for now back to you. >> sandra: we look forward to that. kevin corke at the white house. >> bill: want to bring in sean spicer, former press secretary
7:04 am
for the trump administration. we've been going around the table for the last hour and five minutes. you go ahead and react. >> i don't like the fact we lost the house. considering what we were facing historically i'm happy. historically we should have lost five seats in the senate. we picked up probably four. that's big news. the president inserted himself in the election and it paid off big time. what could have happened in the house could have been a lot worse than it was. one of the things that we're not talking about is there were some bad campaigns. i give them credit, they ran some really good candidates, democrats did. and they had a lot of money. we had a lot of folks who had political atrophy. they didn't recognize the race they had. they sat back and rested on their laurels they thought they had safe seats and they lost. i think that when you look at what the rnc did, what america first did, we went all in. the president went all in with
7:05 am
the rallies. where we lost was the dark money side where you have all the big money coming in from people like michael bloomberg but then you need individual campaigns getting vast amounts of money they hadn't seen before. i talked to one congressman elect last night saying he had never seen anything like it in his lifetime. there was so much money flooding into these individual races, it was huge. there was a green wave of money that went into last night. >> sandra: america is waking up to the new reality to a divided government. >> i think for the agenda it stops. dead in its tracks. two issues. one, it was crucial he maintain the senate. he has a buffer. he will continue to get through judicial and other nominees essential to staffing the government and to moving the things forward from an executive action and order and administrative standpoint. legislatively nancy pelosi has no incentive to work with the
7:06 am
president to get anything done. they're thinking about 2020 today. i think the bigger race that i this will be fascinating is the race for speaker and majority leader, majority whip. they are going to be having a food fight when it comes to deciding. there were so many freshmen democrats pledged not to vote for her. either their first vote is to go back on their word. this is the ultimate troll. throwing shade. the idea is nancy pelosi is the best gift that republicans ever got. as we head into 2020 she has created the political flow. for the last couple of years we've had a majority on paper but haven't had a super majority in the senate. certain things couldn't get done in the way they did. by losing the house the president has a political foil to say my agenda stops because of those folks. i need to be reelected and we need to reelect a republican house. >> bill: you hang here. i think you can handle it.
7:07 am
this is a flashing red light, sean, from the election last night and something that will be a very significant story as you talk about 2020 going forward. i have to show you a few districts here in the house and just show you how they came out. down here in the southwest. this is east dallas and that's the flip for democrats. this is western houston and a flip for democrats. midwest, this is suburban chicago. that's a victory for democrats. suburban. a heavey white, highly educated wealthy section of america that has been doing really well under the trump economy of the last two years. this is georgia six, right now hasn't been called. there is a tough battle to send
7:08 am
onto the seat from the democrat. this the newt gingrich's old seat. suburban american that has been red for a long time and today they're purple if not deeper. >> i think we have to make sure we double back messaging matters and campaigns matter. dallas, we lost 137,000, 137,000 ballot deficit there. you look at texas. greg abbott won big. pete sessions lost, cruz came in somewhere in between. the bottom line is our candidates need to know up and down the ballot no matter how safe their seat once was they need to fight for every vote. communicate effectively the results the president and republican congress are having. we have a 3.7% unemployment rate. economic growth has gone above 3%. we need to go out and sell much more effectively how our policies are benefiting everyday americans. >> sandra: all right. cabinet shake-up.
7:09 am
will there be one? the "washington post" writes this. some embattled officials including jeff sessions expected to be fired or actively pushed out by trump after months of bitter recriminations. other cabinet officials including defense secretary mattis, zinke and homeland security secretary kristjen nielsen face uncertain futures. >> i think the session things anybody who read the twitter feed should be well aware of. two things have prevented him from dismissing sessions, the mueller probe and most of his first term we had a get-even senate. senator mccain was ill and unable to vote. the prospect of getting a new attorney general in would have been impossible. now that he has grown his majority in the senate. it is much easier. >> easier to fire sessions and nominate someone else. you are suggesting he won't do that. >> i am. this will be the time those of
7:10 am
those things. the mueller probe seems to have wound up and the majority is in the senate making the prospect of getting a new attorney general in easier. that one is an obvious one based on reading what the president said about his relationship with the attorney general verbally and his twitter feed. i don't buy that. secretary mattis is someone i know the president has tremendous respect for and clearly has an agenda he wants to bring to the department of defense and do a lot of reforms. he have committed to public service. i don't think he is going anywhere. zinke, the president has been proud of. there might be one or two people but i don't see that constituting a shake-up. >> sandra: the president said administrations may change and we're prob life in that category. >> you have ambassador nikki haley, the sessions thing is a given. i don't think the word shake-up.
7:11 am
>> bill: given. >> i do. all the excuses people have given the president why it can't seem to be off the table. it may not be tomorrow or next week but there is -- >> bill: what is he telling his staff now before >> i have think he is excited. he is proud of the job they did last night and the effect he had on the election and rightly so. >> bill: we could go an hour with you. thanks for being the headliner. >> sandra: indiana voters handing republican mike braun a solid victory. he thanked his supporters including the president after beating senator john donnelly by 10 points. mike tobin reporting live from indianapolis this morning. mike. >> democrats no longer hold any statewide seats in the hoosier state. republicans control both houses in state government, the governor's mansion and both senate seats. a spokesman for the republican party said hoosier voters don't str to worry about their
7:12 am
senators canceling each other's vote. it won't be business as usual in washington at the top of his priorities getting healthcare costs under control. some kind of security at the border and he says the biggest threat to the nation is the absence of fiscal integrity. someone needs to balance the budget. >> people that have been there, you know, obviously don't have those skills to get it done. i'm hoping with the president's leadership, with more recruits like myself, we just simply start tackling these problems. >> senator joe donnelly called and congratulated mike braun on the win and says he hopes he makes hoosier voters proud. back to you. >> sandra: mike tobin in indianapolis, thank you. >> bill: fox news alert. rolling along. a few moments from now mitch mcconnell will be in front of microphones and talk to reporters on capitol hill. republicans expanding their majority last night. mcconnell has to be in a good mood today. we'll take you there live.
7:13 am
>> sandra: and the power of trump. how the president's full-court press in the campaign's final days helped pushed some republican candidates over the top. >> they want leaders who are going to be there to work with the president. and i want you to know, i am going to be one of those leaders. i want to say a special thank you to the president.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
>> sandra: we've been reporting this morning that florida senator elect governor rick scott still hadn't gotten a phone call from senator bill nelson. bill nelson has issued a brief statement this morning saying we are proceeding to a recount in the florida senate race. he had not publicly addressed the results of this race up until this moment. that's what we've heard from him. scott has now responded to that statement calling for a recount saying this race is over. it's a sad way for bill nelson to end his career. he is desperately trying to hold onto something that no longer exists. so that -- >> bill: if you do the math it's about a 33,000 vote difference, i do believe, between the two. desantis had a bigger margin of victory, not by a whole lot in
7:18 am
the governor's race. scott's was a little less on the margin there but looks about 33,000. >> sandra: it was possible that that would head for an automatic recount based on the margins. now nelson is calling for that. >> bill: we'll watch that after governor scott came out with his family last night declaring victory. watch that in florida. 18 past. let's go back to last night and see how some of the candidates reacted after their races were called. >> thank you, mr. president, for your leadership. thank you for believing in missouri, tonight the people of missouri have delivered. [cheering and applause] >> i want to pay a special tribute to our president. he made a lot of promises. he promised to never forget real america. and he came here three times. >> i would like to thank our president for standing by me when --
7:19 am
[applause] mr. president, i look forward to working with you. >> bill: republican winners last night tipping their hats to the white house and the president. what did the results say about the president's influence. let's ask america's a-team. marie harf, brad blakeman, robert wolf former economic advisor to president obama. >> sandra: first time on the a-team. >> bill: a lot of formers here. go ahead and tell us what you think about the reaction you're getting from the candidates. >> it is appreciation to a president who was willing to put it all on the line for a republican victory in the senate. he did it on purpose. he understood what history meant as far as the house. it was more beneficial for his time to concentrate on the senate. the senate is now solidly
7:20 am
republican hands. and the democrats are hanging by a thread in the house. it is much easier to pick up votes in the house than it is in the senate. and i think the president will put an olive branch out to democrats. >> sandra: you can say he is doing that already. >> i don't know how to decipher some of those tweets. we'll see what happens. whether former democrat donald trump is willing to work with whoever the next speaker of the house is. in the house there are some interesting dynamics worth paying attention to for 2020. the places democrats picked up seats in the rust belt, michigan, in metropolitan conservative-leaning cities like oklahoma city, like charleston. those were flips that democrats weren't sure we were going to get but they managed to get very good victories in places we haven't competed in a long time. they expanded the house map by recruiting good candidates but focusing on areas that i think have shifted under president trump.
7:21 am
these metropolitan areas that are conservative leaning but don't like him. as we go into 2020 not just those races, seven governorships democrats picked up in states. we didn't win my home state of ohio but picked up some other one. >> bill: ohio rolled red. the governor, three closely-watched congressional races. i didn't see the senate. they rolled red. the hill rights this on screen. the red wave promised by trump which attracted mockery earlier this year showed up in states such as indiana, missouri, north dakota where democratic senate candidates were swamped, end quote. >> i guess you saved the best for last as part of the a-team now. i would respectfully disagree with brad. i think that president trump was very tactical. 10 senate elections where he won all those states and he went to those states and they did well in those states. as a democrat that wasn't surprising. >> sandra: what does it say about the president?
7:22 am
>> in the states he plays well he plays very well. i could give you the opposite. we won pennsylvania, michigan, we won west virginia. so there was a lot. we flipped seven governorships, including we now have three of the four blue wall. we have michigan, we have pennsylvania, and we have wisconsin. i don't see anyone talking about wisconsin. >> bill: is this shaping up like a split decision? can republicans claim a lot of victories and democrats claim some, too? >> trump defied history and had a fantastic night. since the civil war we've lost an average of 33 house seats and two senate seats. we expanded our majority in the senate and they're hanging by a thread in the house. >> bill: you are saying democrats should be disappointed. >> they should be disappointed. if i'm trump i look at the electoral map today. the electoral map looks very good. >> you said the average was 33. we may win 37. 37 is greater than 33.
7:23 am
we may have beat the average. >> bill: the margin will be 10. >> sandra: the big question, though, robert and moorey we'll start with you. what do democrats do now that they have control of the house. lindsey graham had some advice for democrats last night. >> well, if they want to impeach president trump i would give them some advice. i've been there, done that with clinton. didn't work out for us. i would think twice about it. it will blow up in their face. >> sandra: so what's the plan, marie? >> i think the house can do two things at the same time. they can put legislative ideas and pass things on the table whether it's healthcare, criminal justice reform, immigration. democrats have to put forward a positive pro-active policy agenda. they can at the same time bring some accountability and oversight to this administration through investigating things that should be investigated. >> sandra: what does that mean? >> i didn't use the impeachment
7:24 am
word. there needs to be accountability for this president. he hasn't had any. >> i say it differently. there is no such thing as an anti-trump platform. people go in to vote for something. now that we have the majority in the house we have to be for something. we have to figure out where we can work with him and we have to figure out where we can -- >> bill: interesting answer. voter analysis wasn't quite a third, a third, a third whether or not you support, oppose or no factor but it's close to it. i just want to squeeze this in. nancy pelosi said this early in the week about the house investigations. we have to be strategic, not scatter shot. it has to be for the purpose of getting the truth as to how they are conducting their agencies, end quote. you just heard this message from the left. you have to be able to run on something. what will they be able to could -- could be el together or will it be resistance? >> resistance. revenge is too sweet for these guys. they overplayed their hand in
7:25 am
this election cycle with kavanaugh, their antics on kavanaugh and immigration. i think it's too enticing for pelosi, a polarizing figure to come back in and not let the inmates run the asylum with the type of people they will put in the committeeships. i think they will overplay their hand again. >> sandra: because we had you on before election night, robert. nobody is talking about the governorship races. gop triumphs in florida, leaves democrats terrified of 2020. republicans appear to have swept the statewide races making florida a foreboding prospect for democrats hoping to vote trump out in 2020. >> i think to bill's point earlier, i think they did incredibly well in ohio and they did incredibly well in florida. as democrats we should be concerned. but there was a bill passed that now is allowing 1.4 million new people to vote. it was built in florida. those who are no longer
7:26 am
criminals and out of jail will be able to vote and that's a whole new election. >> a fellon bill that passed. about the house. abigail spang berger, chrissy hoolihan, max ro*ez, jason chou and others all have something in common. they're all veterans that won in swing states. that was the reason the democrats won. >> bill: after trump won two years ago democratic leadership got together and said we have to find good resumes and they did it. a lot of these people served in iraq and afghanistan. a lot of these democrat candidates lived in washington, d.c. for the past 10 years before moving home. it was a pretty effective strategy in the end. >> no doubt. we have a lot to learn in expanding our base. that's the message i'm taking home as a republican. by the way, let's see if these
7:27 am
heroes turn into hacks. because once they get to washington -- >> bill: we'll see about that. thank you. >> sandra: any moment now mitch mcconnell set to hold a news conference. his party tightening its grip in the upper chamber. we will have that four and go to it live when it begins. >> bill: also how the markets feel. how do investors feel about the results? the dow is up triple digits at the morning. charles payne will crunch some numbers on what we should know coming up shortly.
7:28 am
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thousands of veterans get the money they need for their family and home... thank you, admiral. by helping them use the valuable va home loan benefit they've earned with their service. thank you, admiral. it let's you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's high home values, that could mean a lot more money to pay debts and get ahead. thank you, admiral. it's an honor to help you get the peace of mind every veteran and their family deserves. call 1-844-383-1571. >> bill: 10:31. 61 minutes into trading. markets rising as investors are bullish on the u.s. stock market. charles payne, it's making money for someone. don't know if it's us or not. >> it's a pretty good day. listen, let's not forget the late spurt yesterday that was interesting. we closed at the high of the
7:32 am
day up 200 points. i think the market anticipated this outcome. i think the margin of victory in the senate for some of those seats that flipped pretty remarkable. braun, hawley, kramer. there was always whispers it could be different. watching last night the futures and the returns as they came in, all eyes on florida initially it looked like whoa, big time blue wave. now futures were down 110 points. as the numbers changed they were down 50, 10, look, maybe nelson wins, maybe desantis wins. dow futures go positive. dow futures go higher. the market was ticking every time you had a major change with the returns, the market was reacting to it. >> sandra: best case scenario for wall street and the markets would have been republicans retaining control of the house. >> oh absolutely. that would have been -- we
7:33 am
would be up maybe 500 points on the dow right now. be that as it may, president trump's economic agends that's already in place cannot be reversed and again, you know, like we've been talking about, there are some suggestions that maybe other than resist that the democrats maybe will want to get some things done. nancy pelosi is under a lot of pressure. think about all of the people in the democratic party that were supposed to win last night. all the would be superstars. they all lost. the real superstars conor lamb, joe cunningham, anti-pelosi. they want to get things done. they don't want to go for impeachment. it is a different breed. i don't know if she can waste her time on nonsense. >> bill: talk about infrastructure. i don't know if it's doable or not. markets would love that kind of spending. mitch mcconnell is coming up. i may have to interrupt you >> yesterday infrastructure materials, in the last five days the number one performer. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell has
7:34 am
just walked out. let's listen. >> it is indeed a good morning for senate republicans. over the course of the last -- first last night and then this morning i talked to leader pelosi. we discussed ways we might be able to find a way forward. she and i actually have had some -- have had an opportunity to work together for a number of years when we were both on the appropriations committee. she had the foreign operations subcommittee and so did i. so we're not unfamiliar with each other and we'll probably have a lot more dealings with each other in the future. in looking at the race, i want to thank the president. he was extremely helpful to us in states where he is in excellent shape. he worked very hard and drew large crowds and i think it clearly had a positive impact on the outcome. so with that let me throw it
7:35 am
open and see what you would like to talk about. yes, ma'am. >> do you agree with the president's campaign rhetoric that the caravan is an invasion and birthright citizenship should be dealt with at the presidential level? >> i'll be happy to give you my own views on whatever you would like to talk about. i generally don't do a running commentary of the presidents observation on the campaign trail. it is an interesting legal question and it would be solved in the courts ultimately. >> the president said in the white house driveway last week he would be willing to work with and compromise with nancy pelosi. what do you believe are now the top legislative priorities with divided rule? >> first, we have to finish this session and we have a number of items. we have to finish the farm bill, funding the government. the one issue that leader pelosi and i discussed this morning is where there could be
7:36 am
a possible bipartisan agreement would be something on infrastructure. there will be a lot of other things. i'm not putting you all down. but when we do things together it almost never makes any news. even in this current situation where we have republicans control of all three branches. i have a long list here of things we did on a bipartisan basis from water infrastructure, the best appropriations process in 20 years, airport infrastructure, fda authorization, on and on and on. there are plenty of things we worked together on and i have to tell constituents who think we all hate each other that the senate is a pretty collegial place and even though we had big differences over things like taxes and judges, there were plenty of other things we did together and no reason that would stop simply because the house now becomes democratic.
7:37 am
>> other than infrastructure what big issues are there? >> well, we'll see. that will all be discussed. >> will you insist on getting $5 billion for the president's border wall in this upcoming spending bill? >> we'll try to help the president achieve what he would like to do with regard to the wall and border security. that will have to be done on some kind of bipartisan discussion. >> any observations on the kavanaugh effect? >> very helpful. i think the republicans, core voters in the states that were critical to us, were highly offended by the tactics and it was like an adrenalin shot. we were worried about lack of intensity on our side and i think the kavanaugh fight certainly provided that and was extremely helpful. it is noteworthy that the one democrat in a red state who
7:38 am
survived voted for kavanaugh, joe manchin. >> you credited the president for his work for democrats in red states. he also lost the house. what kind of impact you think the president's rhetoric in the last couple of weeks had on your party particularly with women voters and suburban voters in some of those key races? >> i'm going to try not to have us waste our time on sort of routine questions about what the president may say at any given moment. what i'm here to talk about is the senate. we had a very good day. proud of what happened. the president was very helpful to us. >> if you look at the exit polls, one of the most important issues to voters was healthcare. do you take away from that the message that any effort to repeal aca at this point is dead? >> i think it's pretty obvious
7:39 am
the democratic house is not going to be interested in that. there are serious problems with obamacare, serious problems that need to get fixed. they raised the phony issue of whether or not we were for or against pre-existing conditions. it may have worked some places. fortunately in our races even though they tried to define healthcare on that issue, i think all of our candidates who subsequently won were able to make clear to the voters that everybody we knew was in favor of covering pre-existing conditions including the candidates like hawley and braun and other. the rhetoric doesn't solve the problem. there are serious problems with obamacare and we need to address it on a bipartisan basis. >> both leader pelosi and the president fighting high prescription drug prices. is that something the senate could work with pelosi on? >> i can't imagine that won't be on the agenda.
7:40 am
>> is there anything that the senate republicans could do to help president trump in the event that democrats in the house attempt to seize his tax return? >> i'm sorry, i'm having a hard time hearing. >> what would senate republicans do in the event that the house democrats tried to obtain president trump's tax records? >> well, you know, the whole issue of presidential harassment is interesting. i remember when we tried it in the late 90s. we impeached president clinton, his numbers went up and ours went down. we underperformed in the next election. so the democrats in the house will have to decide just how much presidential harassment they think is good strategy. i'm not so sure it will work for them. >> so just to go back to that, do you -- are you recommending that for house democrats that the oversight that they have said that they are going to do might backfire on them?
7:41 am
>> they're not interested in my recommendations. i'm just making a historical observation. the business of presidential harassment which we were deeply engaged in in the late 90s improved the president's approval rating and tanked ours. my observation is that might not be a smart strategy but it is up to them to decide how they want to handle that. all the way in the back. >> is there anything that you will be doing in the coming months to increase the number of women who are being recruited on the republican side to run for office? >> it's been a frustration. i think i've mentioned to you before that we've had plenty of women candidates. a lot of them have not won. marsha blackburn one. we are hopeful that martha mcsally will win. i'm going to be trying to convince one of our women to go on the judiciary committee. something i've tried and failed in the last couple of congresss. yeah, i mean, we need to do a
7:42 am
better job of recruiting women candidates and getting them elected. hopefully we'll have two new women republican senators here shortly. >> talking about that house oversight is likely to come. the president tweeted this morning saying that if the house continues with their investigations, that we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for the leaks of classified information on the level, two can play at that game. can you respond to that? >> well, i would like to focus on finishing up this session. we've got work left to do and we'll see what happens next year. >> have you had discussions with the president about any of this? >> yeah. >> on this session can you rule out a government shutdown? >> hopefully -- look, we need to work this out. we had the most successful
7:43 am
appropriations process already in 75% of the government got funded before the end of september. we all know we need to work together toward the end to finish that up. and we are going to do the best we can to try to achieve the president's priorities and hopefully we will not be headed down that path. >> what do you think of doing a daca fix either lame duck? daca fix. >> oh my goodness. i can't imagine with all the things that we have to do here to wrap up this congress that we would revisit immigration. but who knows? >> what about next year? >> it is on the agenda every year because we have serious immigration issues. i would remind all of you the democrats had total control of the government in 2009 and 2010 and never dealt with the immigration issue. so it seems that no matter who is up or who is down, we have
7:44 am
not been able to come to some kind of conclusion about what to do on immigration. the one thing i thought we all agreed on was this border security issue. most democrats voted for it 10 years ago. but we've had a challenge on that as well as evidenced by the president's desire to build a wall and the reluctance on the other side to support it. so i can't imagine we'll do anything beyond trying to deal with this funding issue on the wall here at the end of the session. >> the president had made a real issue out of this going into the mid-terms about the migrant caravan and the crisis it was causing at the border. would you want to put immigration at the top of the list and agree with the characterization that it was a crisis from the migrant caravan that's coming? >> well, that's an executive branch issue about what -- how to deploy security forces to
7:45 am
deal with that. i'm sure the president will handle it skillfully. >> do you believe there is a crisis? >> it's not a legislative issue. it's a question of how you want to deal with the security at the border. the president has wide latitude to do that and he is taking advantage of the opportunities he has. >> democrats do engage in oversight of the trump administration, how will that impede your ability to work on a bipartisan session with nancy pelosi? >> i'm having a hard time hearing you. >> if democrats engage in aggressive oversight of the trump administration would that impede your ability to work with a possible speaker pelosi on things like infrastructure? >> i don't think so. >> on healthcare, if the judge the texas rules to strike down all of obamacare how will republicans respond? >> well look, the healthcare
7:46 am
system is still a pretty big mess and it is now going to have to be addressed on a bipartisan basis because the democrats will control the house. and i don't think anybody is satisfied with the status quo. and the american people have given us divided government, which they've given us most of the time since world war ii. they seem to like divided government. the message is figure out what you can do together and do it. i think healthcare is still acrisis -- a crisis and needs to be fixed. >> to expand the russia probe is this an effort to undermine the president and is there a chance to get out in front of the special counsel? >> the senate intelligence committee has been looking at that issue and we expect them to report at some point in the future. and i look forward -- so far they have operated on a pretty bipartisan basis and i look forward to hearing what they have to say.
7:47 am
>> have you spoken to governor scott or congresswoman mcsally about their races and how do you feel about this? >> governor scott and i traded calls last night. i will be talking to him shortly. and i have not spoken to martha mcsally, although we traded calls, too. they were pretty late at night. i decided to go to bed and talk to her this morning. >> you will have an extra cushion in the senate. what will it enable you to do? what is the practical effect of all this? >> my top priority, i made it very clear, it is the judiciary, the two supreme court appointments. 29 circuit judges. 84 judges and we aren't through doing those this year. the president i think has done an excellent job in picking young men and women who believe
7:48 am
the job of a judge is to follow the law and we intend to keep confirming as many as we possibly can for as long as we're in a position to do it. so it will still be my top priority in setting the agenda here in the senate. next congress as well. >> will you revisit your margin on the new congress and your comments about entitlements in the last couple weeks? >> the democrats have made it clearly they're not interested in dealing with entitlements and they're in a position to say no. so i don't think that will be on the agenda. >> ear marks? >> i have no idea. we have a conference rule related to ear marks on the senate side. i can't imagine that will change. >> 10% middle class tax cut be on your agenda next congress?
7:49 am
>> well, any effort on the tax side would clearly have to be negotiated now in a bipartisan basis. and we'll just have to see what -- i assume nancy will be speaker. we'll have to do it together. we wouldn't have the possibility of doing it on a party line basis like we did in this congress. >> on some of the changes in the administration in the cabinet that are expected, can you give your view of what the confirmation battleground might look like? are you confident if there was a vacancy let's say at the department of justice, would you easily do that, would it eat up valuable time? >> well, i think we'll have probably more time for nominations in the next congress than we've had in this one because the areas of
7:50 am
legislative agreement will be more limited, i think, obviously, between a democratic house and a republican senate. i don't think we'll have any trouble finding time to do nominations. how controversial they are depends upon who it is and the president makes that decision and then we have to react to it. but he has signaled there is likely to be a number of changes and we'll process them. >> would you be comfortable with sessions being replaced? >> it is not up to me to tell the president who to put in his cabinet. they serve at his pleasure and if he makes changes, we'll be dealing with whoever is sent up. >> presidential election, the democrats will be announcing and testing the waters in a couple months. >> really? [laughter] >> what effect do you believe it will have? >> it will be fun to watch the
7:51 am
democratic presidential as pir ants, of which we have a number in the senate. and chuck may have some attendance problems from time to time. but it will be interesting to watch. >> do you plan on running for reelection yourself? >> i do. >> have you confident that president trump will support your reelection? >> i wouldn't be surprised. anyone else? thanks a lot, everybody. >> bill: a whole lot there. a lot of headlines. >> sandra: he came out with a smile on his face and acknowledged the fact that senate picked up -- made some gains last night. he also said he met with nancy pelosi this morning as the president has been tweeting about her future now that democrats have control of the house. and he talked about priorities for democrats. what did you make of what you heard there? >> bill: well, he thanked the president first of all. i also heard about the agenda.
7:52 am
it was very non-committal to anything. he said we'll see. on kavanaugh he said it was like an adrenalin shot. at the end of september, october, he mentioned that joe manchin was the only one who voted for kavanaugh and survived his race. obamacare, serious problems. presidential harassment might not be a smart strategy. our a-team is back in studio. >> sandra: lindsey graham made a similar suggestion giving advice to democrats on that note. he did note specifically during the 90s, i'm referencing history that republicans impeached president clinton, mcconnell went on to say clinton's numbers went up and republican numbers went down. a bit of advice? >> republicans in congress investigated barack obama and hillary clinton a lot. robert and i both worked for barack obama, i remember this well. they didn't impeach him. i do believe those investigations of hillary and
7:53 am
of the obama administration really hurt at times the administration both from a policy percent pekt irving getting things done and political inspector. they believe they hurt hillary clinton's chances and helped republicans. democrats have a couple histories to look at. i don't think they should be obstructionists. they should put forth a policy message. mcconnell was asked, what bob mueller finds. none of us know what he will find. none of us know what his report will look like and setting aside what the house does, this is what's to watch for the next six months. whether bob mueller talks to the president. >> sandra: he referenced the mueller probe as a witch hunt by the president. >> there is fatigue by the american people. there is no there there. we all know washington very well. i have to say if there was something there there we would have heard about it by now and
7:54 am
leaks about it by now. let's get it over with and by the way, it was a shot over the democrats' bow when he used words like eir m.o. to date. will they learn from it or double doyears ago in 1998 after bill clinton was impeached by the house, denied by the senate. he had a good reelection and that's what mcconnell referencing. >> mcconnell has two years of strength. a good night for him. he didn't really commit to anything. that's not surprising to me. it is one day in. with respect to the whole impeach trump, you know, i think it's good there is a check and balance and the democrats won the house. there should always be a check and balance. i'm at the point let washington work and if something comes out with mueller, then something comes out. >> bill: to all of you the question about the agenda we'll
7:55 am
see. he is not committing to anything and why would he? he has to wait until we get more information about the conversation with nancy pelosi. what card will she play? >> it shows good faith on his part. he could have come out and tried to jam her and say this is what i'm going to do. quite the contrary. i think the olive branch is extended. they are willing to listen. it is up to democrats to either accept it or reject it. >> republicans have to put forward a pro-active policy agenda as well. will they take another crack at repeal and replace obamacare or comprehensive immigration reform? we're one day in. how do we know it would go nowhere. we have to solve immigration and obamacare. they have to govern, too. it is not just on the house of representatives. >> bill: do we think that the border wall now is officially dead? >> i think build the wall, repealing aca, those are out for the foreseeable future. they're trying to do one thing to give the president a win.
7:56 am
infrastructure. that's the one win. >> the wall will be kept alive and incremental. he is not giving up on the wall. it may be extended in time. the wall isn't going away. >> sandra: thank you to our a-team. we heard from leader mcconnell. next we hear from the president. he is expected to hold a news conference at 11:30 a.m. eastern time at the white house. we'll go to it live when he begins speaking. that is about 34 minutes away approximately. we look forward to that. stay with us.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. we're awaiting the president. he is expected to hold a news conference live from the white house just a short time from now following last night's split decision in the mid-term election. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." hour three, everybody. i'm sandra smith. it was a late night probably some folks are waking up. >> bill: right on that. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. have another cup of coffee as the blue wave not as big as many expected. democrats did pick enough seats to take control of the house. republicans expanding their solid majority in the senate. kellyann conway focused on the positive earlier today. she said this. >> in the last 80 years the party in power has only picked up eight senate seats. last night the president through his leadership and engagement on the ground for these candidates again and
8:01 am
again has produced at least three new senate seats. over the last 80 years, three, possibly five, as the count still goes on. that is truly historic. >> sandra: we've got more from chief white house correspondent john roberts. he have is at the white house this morning. what can we expect to hear from the president when he begins speaking a short time from now? >> good morning. a lot to talk about. the president beginning the day by appearing mag nanomouse tweeting nice things by nancy pelosi saying in all fairness nancy pelosi deserves to be chosen speaker of the house by the democrats. if they give her a hard time perhaps we'll add republican votes. she has earned this great honor. of course, the president tweets that knowing that nancy pelosi is pursuing a left wing agenda and doesn't have support from a large slice of her caucus. listen to what sean spicer told you two earlier. >> this is like the ultimate troll. this was throwing shade in the way i've never seen. the idea is that nancy pelosi is the best gift that
8:02 am
republicans ever got. as we head into 2020 she has created the political flood. >> the president is saying he doesn't want to work with democrats. the white house counsel's office also preparing for a blizzard of subpoenas. the president tweeting about that this morning as well saying quote, if the democrats think they will waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all the leaks of classified information and much else at the senate level. two can play that game. the president taking credit for big wins in the senate and governor's races. mike braun, josh hawley, kevin kramer, marsha blackburn, rick scott headed for a recount. 11th hour rallies helped push them over the top. >> the president has put everybody in a great position to talk about this historic economy and there are a number
8:03 am
of candidates who seemed allergic to the president on the republican side. they didn't want him to campaign for them. they lost last night. >> it is likely house democrats and the white house will be able to work together on nuts and bolts issues. may be able to find common ground on issues like drug pricing and infrastructure. it would seem that all the president's big ticket agenda items like immigration reform, the wall, tax reform, they are all dead in the water and democrats will try to tie him up in knots through until november 2020 trying to position themselves well. where the president is in a good position this morning, sandra, is on filling out vacancies in the judiciary, perhaps even another supreme court nominee because he has increased his margins in the senate. also a lot of talk how much longer some cabinet officials will be around here. a lot to get from him in 25 minutes. >> sandra: very interesting. we await the president soon. john roberts. thank you. >> bill: fox news alert take
8:04 am
you down to florida. the senate race could be headed for a recount. rick scott holding a slim lead over the democrat bill nelson. check it out on the screen. the math puts it around 33,000 votes. florida law mandates a recount if the margin is less than half% and that's where it stands now. governor scott claimed victory last night. >> there are a lot of people pour over all those inaccurate polls. [cheering and applause] but i have no interest in looking backwards. i will look to the future. and we have a bright future in front of us. >> bill: we have an interesting story in florida. peter doocy is live in naples. how is senator nelson reacting? what do we have so far? >> bill, this morning just a few minutes after i found out that senator bill nelson never called governor scott to concede or to say anything, we
8:05 am
found out why. nelson finally addressed the returns from last night with a very short statement. it says we are proceeding to a recount. there can be a recount if first and second place are within a half percent which they are now. nelson hired an election lawyer named marki lie as. it is up to the florida secretary of state to decide if there should be a recount. that will happen after unofficial returns are received by their office on saturday at noon. and that's when we'll have a better idea whether or not scott's 34,000 vote lead will hold. but a spokesman for scott named chris heart line doesn't want to wait. he says this race is over. it is a sad way for bill nelson to end his career. he is desperately trying to hold onto something that no longer exists. the scott campaign actually thought last night was an early night for them. they were surprised the race wasn't called for their side sooner and governor scott took the stage to talk about heading to d.c. before anybody actually
8:06 am
called the race for him. >> this campaign is behind us. that's where we'll leave it. the campaigns i've been involved in are divisive and tough and it really is way too nasty. but you know what? we've done this for over 200 years and after these campaigns we come together and that's what we are going to do. >> governor scott's confidence comes because his campaign's internal polling matched up closely with the returns that came in last night and as for senator nelson, we still haven't seen or heard from him but it doesn't sound like he is ready to give up. >> bill: on the other big statewide race for governor. that was close, too. desantis was declared the winner. are you hearing about a challenge in that race now, peter? >> we're not. that is because, as the desantis team was having the same issue that the scott team
8:07 am
was having last night wondering where the democratic could possibly come up with extra votes to win, why the races haven't been called. andrew gillum called and conceded. we aren't hearing the same kind of chatter about any recount. the margin there was enough for the democrats to call. congressman desantis and desantis right now is not having the same issue in terms of looking for a lawyer that the senate candidates are having. >> bill: a busy day. peter doocy live in naples. >> sandra: president trump calling republican wins in the senate a tremendous success despite republicans losing control of the house. the president's campaign blitz in the days leading up to the election helped propel many gop senate candidates to victory faced with a split congress the trump administration hoping lawmakers will work to legislate rather than investigate. here is what house press secretary sarah sanders had to say. >> we have a president that is willing to work across the aisle to get things done.
8:08 am
they shouldn't waste time investigating but focus on what the people put them there to do. the president would love to work with them and hopefully they'll come to the table and willing to do that and not continue to be the party of resist and obstruct but want to work with the president to solve some of the big problems we've been leading on over the last two years. >> sandra: hugo gurdon joins us now. good morning to you. i'm sure you have thoughts on so many things this morning. but first with democrats controlling the house, what new challenges does the president face? >> well, the president faces the challenge that his administration will be facing a blizzard of subpoenas, there is no doubt it seems to me that the democrats are going to amp that up and spend a couple of years trying to expose what they regard as corrupt administration. i think that they will probably overreach as i think they've even overreached in opposition over the last two years and it will backfire. one of the things that's notable is voters decided they
8:09 am
wanted to have divided, split government. you have to remember they did this in 2010 with barack obama, they gave him a 63-seat shell acting and did it with the republican revolution in 1994 against bill clinton. on those occasions two years later the incumbent presidents were reelected. one of the things that one needs to remember about the mid-terms. although the house has flipped it has nothing about president trump's chances two years from now. >> sandra: you probably heard mcconnell's comments. he called it a good morning for the senate. he laid out some of the things he was thinking this morning including thanking the president but he went on to say he did meet with nancy pelosi this morning. we're all left wondering while sarah sanders and the president say they're willing to work with democrats, are democrats in the house willing to work with the president? >> i think it's very unlikely. it is not that difficult to be
8:10 am
mag nanomouse when you've increased your majority in the senate. mitch mcconnell can reach out. nancy pelosi hoped for a bigger majority and hoped the senate who move in the democratic direction. it didn't. i don't suppose that there is very much they'll cooperate on. it has been mentioned there might be some cooperation on infrastructure. it seems to me with legislative gridlock the big action is going to be on nominations and here is a fascinating thing. every democratic senate candidate in a red state lost when they voted against brett kavanaugh for the supreme court. john tester will be the final one who goes. it looks like he will lose. the only democrat in the senate who voted for kavanaugh in a red state was joe manchin and he won. that's a real -- it shows that the voters were angry with the way that brett kavanaugh was treated and the democrats got punished for going against him.
8:11 am
with the increased majority of republicans in the senate and the fact there is legislative grit lock there will be a big focus on pushing for judges, 50 or 60 before the end of this year and another two years of -- it doesn't really matter now what susan collins and other centrist republicans might think. those who -- the republicans who won seats last night and increased the majority are pro-life republicans and it could mean much easier confirmations of the president's nominees coming forward. >> sandra: we wake up to a new reality this morning. hugo gurdon, nice to speak with you. >> bill: we'll talk to andy barr, a republican from kentucky. his race was being watched for a week leading up to last night. what does he believe the key to victory was for him? we'll talk about that and a bellwether district coming up when he joins us live. >> sandra: where does president trump's agenda go from here?
8:12 am
our next guest says it's full steam ahead in the senate. but working with house dems could pose a considerable challenge. >> he wants that wall but immigration is a very large and complicated, complex issue. the president has also said he is willing to make a deal on daca.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
make a statement about the election and take questions from reporters. wefm owe have it for you live. stand by. we're waiting on that at 11:30 eastern time right here. >> the president's agenda isn't going to change regardless of whose party is there. we'll still be an administration focused on lower taxes and creating jobs and infrastructure and immigration is a place where we have to spend some time. >> sandra: that was white house press secretary sarah sanders last night. the president's agenda will not change with democrats taking control of the house. so will congress get anything done? "the washington examiner" columnist byron york wrote a piece. for trump, challenge of governing with dem house by full speed ahead with gop senate. good morning to you, byron. what will the president be able to get done now with split government? >> well, first of all, he can do all of the things that he
8:17 am
has already been doing using his executive authority. the executive orders. it has been very effective for him and the question of judicial nominations, which are handled by the senate where the republicans have a new and stronger majority. the president can keep doing that and by the way, the one issue that has united the president's base supporters with those republican establishment types who are kind of skeptical of the president, the one issue that has brought them all together is judicial nominations. they all support what the president has done and it will be full speed ahead on that. in terms of the president actually proposing a bill starting in the house, that is not going to happen with a democratic house. so they will have to find a few things that they can perhaps do together. but i think it's more likely that the president, who is saying nice things about nancy pelosi this morning, will end up using her as a foil and a
8:18 am
campaign target when he runs for reelection. >> sandra: perhaps you could set up for us what we may be about to hear from president trump. the white house announced this morning that the president would be speaking live at 11:30 a.m. eastern time from the white house. we just heard from the majority leader. we know he met with nancy pelosi this morning and there is already discussions underway over what is next and how the president will proceed and what happens to his agenda moving forward. what do you think his strategy will be when he comes out to speak a few minutes from now? >> don't be shocked if the president proclaims the results are great. we'll hear something like that and focus on the senate. remember, his campaigning in the last days, last few weeks of the campaign was really heavily focused on senate states and he can come out and reasonably say it worked. as far as the house is concerned, we've been talking all morning about some sort of
8:19 am
possible infrastructure bill, something like that they could work on. remember, the house and senate just passed and the president signed an opioid bill that had huge bipartisan support. the president can talk about doing things like that with the democrats to help the american people. talk about subpoenas and fighting each other and head butting. that will come later. >> sandra: looking back on some of the things we've heard from the president and his team. the president himself calling last night a tremendous success. sarah sanders saying this is a huge moment, a huge victory for this president. kellyann conway, the fact that we aren't talking about a shell acting tells you a lot about our president. when he does speak a short time from now he may be taking a victory lap but it will set the stage for how things go from here, byron. >> absolutely. it is true. a lot worse. it could have been a lot worse
8:20 am
for the president. his losses in the house were kind of in the middle of the range. they weren't anything like the 63 house seats that barack obama lost in 2010 or the 52 house seats that bill clinton lost in 1994. he came out better on that end and he also picked up these seats in the senate. so the president can say that this is good news for him to some degree. having lost the house. you have to remember he lost the house. and that cannot be good news. on the other hand, all that talk about a blue wave, all the talk about the american people rising up as one to repudiate donald trump. that just didn't happen. >> sandra: as our viewers can see folks are starting to gather in the east room of the white house. we await the president a few moments if now. byron york, great to have you on this morning. >> bill: good stuff there. the white house in a moment awaiting the president. he will be in the east room in a matter of minutes. we'll have it live.
8:21 am
in a moment here at this hour arizona is too close to call. check it out. martha mcsally trying to hold off a challenge from kyrsten sinema. a live report from the ground in phoenix. also one of the winners is republican andy barr. what broke his way in the state of kentucky? he will tell us live next. >> the strength of the president is showing up to packed houses, historic rallies and overflow crowds. there is just no substitute for his engagement. element of surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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8:25 am
congressional race there. both sides spent a lot of money. andy barr is the winner. congratulations and thank you for your time. the president is early we might have to interrupt you. what do you think is happening? why do you think you won last night? >> i have the privilege of
8:26 am
representing a diverse congressional district. a reflection of the diversity of our country. a liberal urban core in lexington and conservative rural voters in the outskirts of the district. we listened to everyone. as my opponent was saying on that segment we do listen to everyone, including people who don't always agree with my votes. that's the hallmark of our representation, representation of a very politically divided congressional district. at the end of the day i think what carried us to victory and reelection was that we focused on getting results. getting results on a booming economy, getting results on tackling the opioid epidemic. reforming the v.a.. we focused on the achievements and accomplishments we were able to deliver to the people
8:27 am
over the last several years. >> bill: the money that both sides spent is extraordinary. her campaign $4 million. your campaign $6 million. seventh most expensive across the country. the most expensive probably in kentucky history. you probably agree with that by a long shot. you had the president come in for you in october. i know you think that gave you a boost. what do you think about that visit and also the kavanaugh hearing in early october? >> well, the president's visit did give us a boost. that motivated a lot of our supporters, especially in the rural areas. the president came to madison county, kentucky, a rural part of the district, and clearly with our 7,000 vote pickup there, that demonstrates that the people in my district are very happy with the direction of the country in terms of the progress. now, obviously the country is very divided politically but i think it's very important that
8:28 am
the pundits and also the leadership -- the new leadership in the house not misread the outcome of this election. i don't think the american people voted for dysfunction. i don't think the american people voted for obstruction. they voted for us to come and work together to continue to deliver results. and to solve problems together. that's what my focus will be in the coming congress working with the new leadership. and as democrats get together, my colleagues, i would encourage them to elect a speaker -- elect leadership that will not be an obstruction to the white house, who will not produce gridlock but instead reach across the aisle, work with the minority, the new republican minority and also work with this president to solve problems. whether it's immigration, border security, continuing to fight the opioid epidemic or infrastructure. there is a lot we can accomplish in a bipartisan way working with this president as
8:29 am
opposed to just fighting this president. that's what the american people want. >> bill: we'll see which way it goes. the winner in lexington, kentucky. thank you, sir. >> sandra: we're awaiting the president. he is about to hold a news conference at the white house reacting to the mid-term election results. we'll bring you there live to the white house as soon as he begins speaking. >> bill: also you just heard andy barr talk about it. democrats did not win the seat of paul ryan. wisconsin one. the former aide and successor is steil. he is our guest coming up live next. >> the voters of the first congressional district. thank you for the opportunity, the trust and confidence you have placed in me and the ideas and policies that are going to give us the opportunity to succeed.
8:30 am
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>> bill: awaiting the president at the white house.
8:33 am
we see the reporters in the east room and we shall see the president for his first public comments other than online for the results of last night. >> sandra: he has made many. he talked about nancy pelosi tweeting out his support for her saying she has earned the great honor to be chosen speaker of the house by democrats. interesting move from him this morning. the news conference would take place post election. what will the president say about his strategy going forward? based on that announcement saying it was a great success, the mid-terms, he may take a bit of a victory lap in a few moments. >> bill: the word from john roberts, we can see you, can you hear us? >> absolutely. i do hear you. this will be the first chance we've had to hear from the president as you mentioned in person since the loss of the house last night and some gains in the senate. i think the president is trying to portray this as a net positive and to some degree it is a positive from the
8:34 am
standpoint increasing his margins in the senate helps him with confirmation for a lot of federal judgeships see trying to get through should anyone decide to retire before 2020. i'm sure democrats will do everything they can to convince them to not do that. it puts them in a good position to get those confirmations through. the fact that mike dewine won in ohio and desantis won florida helps the president in 2020 elections. he has republican governors to work the states for him and two big battlegrounds. the question going forward is what is the relationship going to be like between the house and the white house? the white house does believe that they will be able to work together with the house on some nuts and bolts issues, running government, maybe do something on drug pricing, infrastructure. they believe there will be subpoenas. i think there is every chance
8:35 am
here that the democrats will try to tie the president in knots all the way through the next two years and two months just try to set themselves up well for november of 2020. so you will hear the president come out here and say this was a positive for him. we'll see if he blames anybody for the house losses and we'll hear what he expects for the way forward. of course, there are a lot of other thorny issues to come up as well. the mueller investigation, that will be renewed in the house judiciary committee. will they be subpoenaing the president's tax returns. all kinds of things to ask the president this morning, bill and sandra. no question this could go on for a long time. the last one in the east room as my former colleague pointed out went 1 hour and 17 minutes. here we go. >> sandra: well it is a big morning. it will be the first public remarks from the president. john, have you gotten any indication that the president
8:36 am
has had any meetings this morning? leader mcconnell said he met with nancy pelosi. any idea if the president has had any such meetings? >> he hasn't had any meetings with any officials. he made a lot of phone calls last night and called nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and leader mcconnell. called a lot of the people that won in the hotly contested states. but as far as we know he has been meeting with his team prepping for the press conference. when he steps up to the podium in the next few minutes and running seven minutes late, that will be the first opportunity that we have had to hear from him on what his thinking is between the time that he went to bed and the time that he woke up today other than some tweets. one of the tweets i found most interesting. you talked to sean spicer earlier was the one saying nancy pelosi should be speaker of the house, she deserves it and worked hard for it. how far in his cheek did the president have his tongue when he wrote that? that's why so many democrats don't want her to be speaker of
8:37 am
the house because she thinks she will be the perfect foil for the president for the next however long she is speaker. >> bill: tax issue mitch mcconnell said presidential harassment might not be a smart strategy. >> it backfired on them when they impeached president clinton. if that's the drumbeat the democrats plan to follow for the next couple of years, if history is any guide it may not suit them well in 2020. we'll see. >> bill: stand by. want to squeeze in another guest. bryan steil from congressional district one in wisconsin who is the seat of the former speaker of the house paul ryan. congratulations. you ran on the economy. is that why you won? >> i ran on a pro-growth agenda. it's the president's agenda, house republican's agenda. how to take a step forward and make economic growth in wisconsin and across our nation?
8:38 am
working hard, grassroots campaign. talking to voters. that was able to carry the day here in wisconsin. >> bill: many people thought this would be a close election. it really wasn't in the end. why was that? >> yeah. we were up against large sums of out of state money. we ran hard and a grassroots campaign. we were out every day talking to voters and out talking to the voters directly. it is clear people want to take a step forward, don't want to take a step back to the failed economic policies of the past. i think our hard work here in southeastern wisconsin paid off. >> bill: your mentor is paul ryan. i know about the relationship you two struck up. you pick up his mantel in the first week of january. when you do that, how do you believe democrats will manage the majority in the house? >> we'll see how that plays out. i'm focused on trying to get results. what we need to do more in washington is less partisan bickering and more getting results on behalf of the american people. i look forward to working
8:39 am
alongside president trump to get results on behalf of the american people to keep growing the economy. >> bill: so when you hear about the talk of investigations, is that a smart strategy? >> kind of dysfunction is exactly what people don't want to see. they don't want to see a wrench thrown in the wheels of government. they want to see people getting things done. that's a risk we'll face. i'm optimistic that we can keep delivering results in washington under the leadership of president trump. >> bill: quickly how do you think donald trump plays in your district? how do you think brett kavanaugh played in your district? >> president trump and the policies that we're putting forward are really positive. we're seeing real strong economic growth. people want to see us continue that growth to see more high-wage jobs and see higher wages in particular. so the more we're focused on those policies the better off we all are. >> bill: thank you for your
8:40 am
time. it was quick but we're getting ready for the white house press conference. thank you for coming in today and congratulations to you. >> sandra: we've been watching the markets this morning reacting to the outcome of the election last night. dow surging nearly 300 points. there is something that they like about what happened. democrats regaining control of the house and senate. republicans gaining some control there. split government, some suggestions that gridlock is leading to the gains that we're seeing in the u.s. stock market this morning. maybe a bit of a relief rally. there has been so much uncertainty leading into this week until last night's big moment, bill, that perhaps some are happy it's over with. >> bill: you saw the money spent in lexington, kentucky. all the ads on tv forever every day, every hour. squeeze in a quick commercial break and we'll come back and bring you the press conference at the white house. let's get this in on the other side and we'll see the president. e good.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
>> sandra: here we go. we're await ing the president. his first remarks since the election. democrats now control the house. republicans gained some seats in the senate. the president is expected the walk out here any moment from now and take a bit of a victory lap. he tweeted this morning he would be holding this press conference and said he would be talking about the success of the mid-term elections. you can expect him to talk about a whole lot more possibly what happens next. working with democrats. his agenda, how this affects it. so we're awaiting the president to step out any moment if now. he is running a little late. the white house said he would be speaking at 11:30. he is about 15 minutes behind schedule. >> bill: john roberts said the last press conference he had went an hour and 17 minutes. bill mcgurn joins us from commentary from the "wall street journal." what are you talking about on the eighth
8:45 am
floor, sixth floor of the building? >> trying to make sense of what happened last night. see what it means for the future. >> sandra: what did you come up with? >> different people have different takes. there is something for everyone. the losses in the house were more or less within the historical range of losses. the senate is quite extraordinary. i think you have to go back to jfk to find a president who in the senate picked up more than two seats. i think jfk picked up four in 1962. one of the things we haven't discussed. the loser last night was chuck schumer. his goal of being majority leader seems to be further and further out of reach. >> sandra: interesting. "the washington examiner" arguing this morning that the president is in good 2020 position. here we go. we're talking about 2020 already. they write assuming the absence
8:46 am
like a war or economic collapse, the mid-terms have perfectly positioned trump to win in 2020, bill. what do you think of that? >> there is a big case for that. a lot depends on where the democrats in the house go. they can't really get legislation -- they can get their legislation through but then they would have to get it through the senate. the question is will they make a deal? on paper there are a lot of deals even on immigration that both sides have an interest in reaching. my suspicion is that the democrats that are in the resist mode and i don't think they'll want to do that. that's certainly true in the senate when you watched the first primary of the 2020 season, which was the kavanaugh hearings and we had the grandstanding from my senator, the pride of new jersey, cory booker, spartacus. now we have bob menendez. a lot of those guys -- a lot of people running in the senate on the democratic side aren't interested in a compromise. they are interested in making
8:47 am
their points and appealing to the part of the democratic base that is most enthusiastic. >> bill: when you look at the electorate and see how things broke in a lot of these house races, we always come back to the suburbs. that district in atlanta is changing. the suburbs west of chicago, they are about as purple as you can get, bill. you go down to texas, the suburbs of dallas and houston, the suburban vote is real and different and a challenge for the gop. >> i'm a suburban voter in new jersey and you see that. president trump has some problems with women voters and college-educated women voters especially in the suburbs. the sort of suburb split with the urban areas, that began before trump. in my state, new jersey, the area i live in morris county used to be very republican and
8:48 am
it has been becoming more blue. i wonder how much of that is replicated across. you look at california. it's amazing that any republicans still exist in these places, right? if you go back to the 2000 map of the presidential election, you do it by county, you see the blue spots are very urban. maybe it's creeping to the suburbs. the republican is more rural and further out. that's a challenge for the republicans. >> sandra: bill mcgurn. hang on with us. we await the president at the white house. he should be stepping out any moment. bret baier after a busy night last night joins us live from washington here as we await the president. bret, what do you expect from him? >> well, i think judging by his tweets this morning he is in a good mood and he is probably going to talk about the wins. he is probably going to talk about his stops in the final days of the campaign and how he believes, and i think
8:49 am
rightfully so, that those campaigns benefited from that. you heard senator mcconnell talk about that as well. i imagine that he is in a pushback mode to all this talk about the investigations that are upcoming from a democratic house and that this is not going to -- he won't just roll over. i think president trump is a counter puncher and you will start seeing those punches today. >> sandra: lindsey graham last night was talking about the tone of the president and he suggested that the president has already started the discussion about a better tone. you will remember, brett, in that interview with the president where he looked back at his first two years of his presidency and suggests that maybe he has a bit of regret about some of the things he said, the tone perhaps of his -- do you think the president is setting the stage for a different tone? >> that would be a big change.
8:50 am
i think that the president does negotiate and does talk to all sides when he is dealing with world leaders or people of the other party. but when someone comes at him or they talk about coming at him with investigations or some negative perception, his first inclination just in his history has been to push back very hard. we'll see what those question develops. if he comes out in a different tone and says it's wonderful to see 100 new women both democrats and republicans in congress and there is a much different donald trump in this press conference, you will point back to that interview and say this is a different tone. >> bill: thank you, bret and bill. stand by one second. we'll pause for a moment and bring in the rest of our fox stations across the country. you're under the two-minute warning. we'll bring in fox stations across the country as we watch
8:51 am
the press conference. public comments other than online from the president is upcoming in a matter of moments here. so we shall pause. and then we'll reset things here on the fox news channel on cable. >> bill: this is fox news coverage of president trump's reaction of the mid-term elections some are ongoing in the races too close to call. i'm bill hemmer along with my colleague sandra smith. bill mcgurn bret baier. we expect a press conference that will go an hour and an enthusiastic president. >> sandra: he has been taking a victory lap or two on twitter this morning. i can barely count the number of tweets he sent out. the president has been very vocal about what he sees as a
8:52 am
major success for his party in the mid-term elections last night. so he has decided to hold a news conference announced by the white house this morning. expected to start at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. it is running a few minutes behind but we expect to see the president walk out shortly. >> bill: one thing we haven't talked about is the victory of mitt romney in utah. we don't know how the relationship will go with the president. we know the speech he gave two years ago lambasting him for just about everything and every product that was labeled trump. in addition if rick scott holds onto the florida race -- the senate race in florida, these are two businessmen who have experience at the gubernatorial level who are going to the u.s. senate. i would think they would be two very interesting players in the very near future. >> very different relationships with president trump in their histories. rick scott closer in dealing with them in a number of different disasters, the hurricanes in florida directly.
8:53 am
mitt romney improved his relationship after he was considered for secretary of state and talked with the president since. it will be interesting to see those two men. there are still some senate races that have not been called officially. montana, john tester has just retaken the lead with a few votes there as we continue to count there against matt rosendale, the republican in montana and arizona. martha mcsally and kyrsten sinema. two senate races still out there and the recall being called for in florida. >> sandra: you look at the past couple of weeks and days, the rallies the president held. he worked hard all the way up until election day. >> i agree. that was sort of unprecedented in this campaign. i think it paid off in the senate. the question is whether he alienated voters in the
8:54 am
marginal suburban districts. it is hard to argue it did not pay off in the senate races, joe donnelly, if you look at it the guys that voted against brett kavanaugh generally had a rough night because they were trying to present themselves as moderates. i have think the president's campaigning there made that very difficult for them. >> bill: mitch mcconnell was out an hour ago. he thanked the president and we've seen that repeated throughout the day. when asked about an agenda he said we'll see. keeping his cards close depending on what the house does and what their agenda is. on obamacare there are serious problems. on the trump taxes presidential harassment might not be a smart strategy. he was referencing the bill clinton matter in 190. with regard to brett kavanaugh. he called it an adrenalin shot. what we're seeing in a lot of these races in the senate races but in the kentucky battle on the house side in lexington a
8:55 am
moment ago. andy barr said kavanaugh gave him a bump. mccaskill voted against it, she lost. and joe manchin in west virginia went for it. the only democratic senator and won his election last night and mitch mcconnell referenced that as well. >> you'll look back at the brett kavanaugh nomination and the process and the kind of analysis of what the democrats were trying to do at the end of that process as being a real game change. a real shift. especially in the red states where democrats were up for reelection. i thought it was interesting to hear senate mcconnell talk about presidential harassment. something tells me that phrase will be used many more times if the investigations really kick into gear on the house side. yesterday the former pennsylvania governor said he hopes that a house democratic
8:56 am
congress, the house of representatives will legislate, legislate, legislate and not investigate, investigate, investigate. >> sandra: as far as working with democrats, that will be the big question and see what kind of tone the president sets a few moments from now, bret. kellyann conway was talking about this earlier. she said the president has already shown he is willing to meet with democrats. she referenced the bipartisan legislation on the opioid crisis. you wonder what sort of stage he is going to set a few minutes from now for working with democrats going forward. >> i think there is a possibility on something like infrasfruk -- structure and outreach on immigration. when the white house said the democrats walked away from the deal that's everything we hear on capitol hill. there could be a daca deal in the making with the so-called dreamers. i think once you start ticking down, there aren't too many big
8:57 am
pieces of legislation that there are probably deals on and you wonder whether the investigation part of this will change the president's reaction to the leadership in the house. >> bill: to both of you. ronna mcdaniel is head of the rnc and she has joined us many times throughout this election season. she knows her numbers and the quote that she gave is that the blue wave was not a tsunami, it turned into a ripple. bill mcgurn reflect on this. i think democrats came out to vote yesterday and turned out in big numbers in texas and nevada. but the republican vote turned out to be much stronger than many had anticipated. hold that commentary. here is the president live from the east room. >> president trump: it was a big day yesterday, an incredible
8:58 am
day. and last night to the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the house. from the mid-term year. we did this in spite of a very dramatic fund-raising disadvantage driven by democrats, wealthy donors, and special interests. and very hostile media coverage to put it mildly. the media coverage that a new record in a new standard. we also had a staggering number of house retirements. so it is a little tough. these are seats that could've been held pretty easily. and we had newcomers going in. and a lot of them worked very hard. but it is very difficult when you have that many retirements. we held a large number of campaign rallies with large, large numbers of people going to
8:59 am
everyone. to the best of my knowledge we did not have a vacant or an empty seat. i'm sure that you would have reported it if you spotted one. including 30 rallies in the last 60 days. and we saw the candidates that i supported, achieving tremendous success last night. as an example of the 11 candidates that we campaigned with during the last week. 9-1 last night. this vigorous campaign in south of the blue wave that they talked about. i don't know if there ever was such a thing. but could have been if we did not do the campaigning. probably could have been. and the history probably will see what we did in the final couple of weeks in terms of getting some tremendous people over the finish line. they really are tremendous people. but many of them were not known. but they will be known.
9:00 am
this election marks the largest senate games for a presidents party in a first midterm election since at least president kennedy's in 1962. there have been only four midterm elections since 1934 in which a presidents party has gained even a single senate sea seat. as of now, we picked up it looks like three. it could be four. perhaps it could be two. but we picked up a lot. and most likely the number will be three. you people probably know that better than i do at this point. because you have looked at the more recent numbers. 55 is the largest number of republican senators in the last 100 years. in the last 80 years, a sitting president's party has only gained a cumulative


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