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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> as you know i am an immigrant from south korea. i have a unique perspective and to what it means to be an american, to live the american dream. >> laura: i want to have her on. maybe she'll come on tomorrow. phenomenal. what a great story. beautiful, well-spoken, and a credible first. just elected to congress, that's in california's 39th district. a blue state come a red victory. that is all the tab we have. shannon bream any fox news in night team take it next. shannon. >> shannon: i feel like it could be friday. i can catch my breath. there's so much news. well, nice job executing. thank you very much. hello, welcome to "fox news at night.." i am back in washington where we begin with a fox news alert. the white house launching aggressive news in the wake of a midterm election after historic gains in the senate. on a night the democrats took
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control of the house, first at this late hour, the white house suspending sand reporter after days contentious news conference. plenty of reaction across the spectrum on that. plus, reactions pouring in as former attorney general jeff sessions steps down. top democrats are ready taking shots. they knew acting attorney general, he demands that he recuse himself from overseeing the russian investigation. we have covered tree tonight, following the political talking. we start with catherine herridge and what she is hearing at this hour. good evening. >> thank you. tonight we had for the first time from the new acting attorney general, matt whitaker, he is honored to be the in the position, we broke the story first on fox after the white house chief of staff staff asked him for his resignation. i souls course of the ministrations as he is
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well-liked by the president. he is not seen as an fbi or justice department insider. he came up through the ranks with robert mueller. rod rosenstein and others. two nights, he is under scrutiny for an op-ed he wrote last year about a redline he said special counted mother should not have cross. it doesn't take a lawyer even a former prosecutor like myself to conclude that investigating donald trump's finances or his family's finances was completely outside of the realm of the 2016 campaign. that goes be on the scope of the appointments of the special counsel. behind the scenes, he was described to fox news as a quite advocate for the declassification of the russia records. that includes a surveillance renewal preterm campaign, approved by rod rosenstein. the president recently backed away from the desk classification but indicated it is back on track. >> it is amazing how people of the other side just don't want those documents declassified. we are looking into that very carefully. i wanted to wait to after the
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midterms. he is not deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's boss. he now oversees a special concert robert mueller and set of rosenstein. >> shannon: so, tonight we hear that trey gowdy has told bret baier that he has been a dead man walking for months. there's been some speculation. what you know about the timing? >> based on my reporting leading up to the midterms, one of my contacts so that if the republicans could expand the majority in the senate they expected the white house to take very swift action, shaking up the justice department leadership, specifically jeff sessions. they had that sort of comfort zone with the next nominee they were going to be able to get through it seamlessly. >> shannon: with the changes of the house, that would have changed. catherine, what is it me now for the deputy attorney general. that is a name that has been in the headlines for a year or two. >> we been in this blackout. with a special counsel because as you know, the turn he just
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don't announce investigations for prosecution, 60 days out from an election. that is also applied to the inspector general. what is waiting in the wings is there report on the pfizer abuse or surveillance abuse in the deputy attorney general is in the center of that. also, if you just think back a few weeks he has republicans wanted rosenstein on the hill to testify under oath. allegations that he advocated and then invoking the 25th and his conversation with the president. he seemed to save his job and air force one. he refused to come to the hill under oath. the president seemed to call him out on "fox & friends" brady said, i don't understand it was such a good meeting while he is not going there. at the very least the deputy general is under even more pressure than he was before the midterms. >> shannon: with congressman gaudi, he had 37 pages of questions. [laughs] i don't know if he was exaggerating or not but that
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made them act discourage some people. catherine, thank you so much. our chief national correspondent ed henry is not tracking the political followed on the vector tonight on capitol hill. good evening. >> shannon, great to see you. the midterm story can be told through jeff sessions. democrats won the house, they can issue subpoenas and try to get to the bottom of what really happens. president trump of the other hand won big by expanding his majority in the senate. i just heard he has groomed a romany votes to push through the new attorney general he looks better. he said with a news conference that he is happy with most of his cabinet but he could make other big changes. he noted his interior structure, he is doing a great job. he noted that he is looking the questions being raised about the secretaries that were involved in the chair of halliburton. there's been speculation by james mattis not always being in sync with the president. many officials on the inside have poured cold water and the thoughts of him leaving. remember, matthew whitaker is the attorney general the
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president tweeted, he will eventually nominate a more permanent replacement. democrats on the alarms of them being perceived like robert mueller. heater talked about possible impeachment tweeted late today, america's americans must have answers immediately. removing jeff sessions from justice, why's he making this change in who is the authority over the special counsel investigation? we'll be holding people accountable. before the election, jeff sessions might be gone as housekeeping. not to obstruct justice. way back in the summer, lindsey graham told you on this program that he didn't have to be dr. phil to realize that trump and the sessions relationship was simply toxic. >> a healthy relationship gets better. if it doesn't come i would imagine the president is going to look for a new attorney general. plus, what is going on is on sustained mobile. i'm not blaming anybody. i love jeff sessions.
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my point of view the country is not being served. >> it would create a constitutional crisis. this is a prelude to ending or greatly limiting the mueller investigation. help president trump though, close he listens to will refrain from that. >> as for replacement he noticed that some republicans were lost to could fit into his cabinet. perhaps someone like chris kovach who lost the governor's race. there has been speculation about a more elder station like bill barr, his lawyer rudy giuliani who could be seen as being too close to the white house. or lindsey graham, a senator who can be easily confirmed by colleagues in the senate. perhaps tell mike he said he is not interested in the cabinet, chuck grassley likely to take over the finance committee. he is likely to take over the panel or his friends would have the power to oversee the confirmation. as well as, any other
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supreme court nomination. it's a big job. >> shannon: a lot of folks imply they are. and the supreme court in many of the federal court openings up and down. ed henry, thank you very much. along these lines, the prospects of these investigations. the democrats prepared to take the helm of a long list of congressional committees. ten michele has more press on that. from l. >> we will strive for bipartisanship. we believe we have a responsibility to seek a common ground. where we can, where we cannot we must stand our ground. >> it sounded like a qualified call for compromise. minutes after the president tweeted the, nancy pelosi deserves to be chosen as speaker of the house. the likely next chairman of the house oversight committee, elijah cummings signaled a different approach. i want to probe senior administration officials across the government. as well as president trump's decisions to act in his own financial self-interest.
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other possible committee chairman are salivating at these prospect of subpoenas, hearings and investigations of all things trump. >> include in the corruption that is permitted the president, his family members of this administration to reap personal benefits. speak with jerry nadler expected to chair the committee, adam schefter is on tap to have the intelligence committee. he wants to probe further into russian collusion regardless of what the molar investigation finds. >> their laundering money, that'll be a very high priority to get an answer to. >> the financial services committee. >> is seriously low iq person. >> he will say anything. >> maxine waters has repeatedly threatened impeachment proceedings against the president as well as re-regulating even dismantling banks that repeatedly harm customers. yet, nancy pelosi where his stomach remains overreaching. history offers a good lesson.
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>> i remember when we tried it in the late 90s. we tried to impeach president clinton. his numbers went up in arms went down. >> there is not the risk to overreach, a politically majorly assured destruction or the president said to an early warning tweet, the senate has a larger majority, two can play that game. shannon. >> shannon: of devon, thank you. with the justice department under new leadership, at least for now. the president says that he may declassify a slew of documents related to the molar, russian pro. let's talk about that at a lot of news today with her power flannel. tom tigre, former assistant under president george w. bush. fox news contributor and former congressman, jason jay. and harry litman, former united states attorney, you are a very qualified bunch tonight. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> shannon: let's talk about this. a reaction from woman who looks like has a very good shot to be
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in the next speaker. nancy pelosi. attorney general whitaker, matt whitaker, he must be recused of any involvement from the russia investigation as deputy attorney general. he shall not be continue to oversee the investigation unhindered. tom, we'll start with you. your reaction? >> i think today's advance come i have to say this is probably the least surprising personal decision in the history of the republic. we honor this was coming. it was not a question of whether it was a question of when. midterms are in the rearview mirror, he wanted to reset his justice department team and get a cabinet official and attorney general and whom he has a hundred percent confidence doesn't surprise me in the least. what does surprise me, or comments about the incoming acting attorney general. the coals for them to recused from russia, it is meritless. all he has done is in the past. he has written on the topic if there were a basis for recusal. there'd be very few public officials who might actually pass that test.
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i say we need to give matt whitaker a chance, let him come in and let the president put his new team in place. i'm confident that he will follow all applicable guidelines as far as recusal goes on russia or other issues. >> shannon: chase and i know that you thought the attorney general, former attorney general, jeff sessions was not doing an effective job for the president. he was working on a lot of high priorities and getting things done within the doj. that recusal, that was the point for you? >> look jeff sessions is a patriot. he was a good republican and i applaud him for his service. the problem i have with him as attorney general, he simply didn't do his job. he lost the competence of the president and he lost the confidence of the united states congress. we were asking for documents, a subpoena documents, remember when they promised to give us the facts and furious documents? the department of justice stills never given congress the fast and furious documents.
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the department of justice under jeff sessions was very similar to eric culver and loretta lynch. i can tell the difference. he lost the confidence of congress. he was unable to turn on the department. the department was in chaos based on the attorney general's report. it was time for a change. donald trump is the president and he did the right thing. >> shannon: now with matt whitaker acting as attorney, he actually does have an action that he could take with regards to mueller. issues of funding, cutting back so that it puts handcuffs on the investigation. by law, if there are new broadening scopes that change the investigation, that would have to go past them. plus, he could call for accounting on any investigative stuff that molar is taken with regards this investigation. to think it will change in her matt whitaker versus how he handled it? >> obviously jeff sessions didn't handle it so it is whether it will change under matt whitaker as contrasted with rod rosenstein.
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yes, would be the short answer. everything you said is now as we said here within his latitude, i think it is unlikely. most people think it is unlikely that he would try to fire or fix getty investigation. he has many, many actions he can take and in particular he can try to curb the probe. he is on record as saying, agree with the president. it would cross the redline to go into finances. he also's oversight now. he is the acting attorney general of the other cases. you can understand the nervousness democrats. he is clearly someone who is more skeptical and worried about mueller's power and was rod rosenstein. he is a trump artisan. i think people can't justifiably
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expect possible -- short of actual pulling the plug. pretty big changes. >> shannon: the president said, listen, i have the power to shut things down. i'm not doing that. this is what current congressman assumed to be retired, trey gowdy said on special report tonight about what he thinks he will ultimately do. >> i think mueller will issue a report on what russia did. it should unify america and then he's going to disappoint cnn and on my democratic friends by saying there is no evidence. that is what i think he's going to do. i think it will happen before the end of the year. i don't know that. >> shannon: of course, matt whitaker will have some saber what what happens to that report. that information, how it is disseminated. quick reaction? >> i think it is a very significant game changer that he is now going to be in charge of the russia investigation. i agree. it is unlikely, virtually zero that he actually goes so far as to terminate mueller. he will let it play out.
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i do think mueller, the conclusion is in the not-too-distant future. i don't know if i agree with trey gowdy that by the end of the year, i don't think it is too far. >> i think trey gowdy as usual is absolutely right. if the inspector general's also coming up with a report about potential pfizer abuse. nobody has talked about that. he will come out with the report and i do hope that the president appoints john radcliffe, the congressman out of texas as the next attorney general. that would be the right move. >> shannon: harry, your thoughts on the potential mueller report? >> first on congressman trey gowdy, nobody knows what bob mueller is going to do except bob mueller and matt whitaker. only point of what happens to the report, it is really important. he will have the latitude to not issue it. it will be up to him. as you know, team trump has said that they prefer that it not come out. it is hard to imagine it will
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never see the light of day but he will have the authority to keep it bottled up if he wants. >> shannon: tonight we have an acting attorney general, matt whitaker and the deputy rod rosenstein who many folks have thought would be on his way out. he remands there as well. gentlemen, thank you all for weighing in. good to hear from you. >> thank you. >> shannon: the top story, a remarkably tense of. the president addressed the midterm elections, he went to a lot of other places. we are about to play several moments. first among them come and exchange between the president and and a cnn reporter acosta. here it is. >> if you don't mind mr. president. >> honestly, i think you should let me run the country and you were in cnn. if you did it well, your ratings would go up. peter, go ahead. that's enough. that's enough. >> mr. president. >> that's enough. you are a rude, terrible person.
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you shouldn't be working for cnn. >> are you putting americans against one another? >> kind of question is that? he is a comedian here. it is a racist question. it is such a hostile media. it is so sad. when you get bored, would you please tell me. >> shannon: the trump administration has suspended jim acosta for access to the white house until further notic notice. specifically a moment they say a white house intern tried to take the microphone from him. white house press secretary sarah sanders had in a statement, president trump believes in a free press and expects tough questions. we will however never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just for you to do her job at the white house intern. this conduct is unacceptable. cnn sad, sarah sanders lied. she provided fraudulent accusations and incited the incident never happens.
8:19 pm
this decision is a threat to our democracy in the country deserves better. jim acosta has her full support. we will put that video for you. you can see it yourself. we will also be joined by two white house correspondents who were at the press conference today. >> when you report fake news which is what cnn does a lot. you are the enemy of the people. >> shannon: jeff mason witnessed the incident. they are live after the break. ♪ -omar, look. [ thunder rumbles ] omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ] and then, i'm gonna pike my hips back into downward dog.
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>> shannon: the white house correspondent association is reacting to the term administration decision to pulsate and reporter jim acosta's credentials. not give him access to the white house. it strongly objects a trump administration decision to use secret service security is a tool to punish a reporter with whom has a difficult relationship. revoking access to the white house complex is a reaction out of line to the reported offense is unacceptable. let's bring in two journalists who were the room today. jeff mason and sobran jetty. like you both for being here tonight. we are going to play this video and let people watch as this
8:24 pm
went on between the president and jim acosta. you see the white house intern as well. we will watch. you don't have the audio there. she is the young woman. here it is in slow motion. she is trying to get the microphone. she is trying to ask a question. she is obvious they try to do what she thinks is right. his hand does touch her. she reaches end. jeff, you were right there. tell us what you experienced in the middle. >> i don't have much to add besides what you can see in that video. i was sitting right next to jim today. along with a bunch of reporters. we were in that press conference and watch what happened. we are all paying attention to what we want to ask. and to the content of the press conference in addition to what the president is saying. i don't have a whole lot more to say. that video sort of shows what
8:25 pm
happens. jim held onto the microphone, the intern went in to grab the microphone and that is what happens. >> shannon: okay. we want to play a little bit of an interchange between the president and april ryan who stood up to ask a question while you try to ask a question. it was a little dicey. here's how moment. >> sat down please i didn't call you. i didn't call you. i will give you a voter suppression, take a look at these cnn polls paid how inaccurate they were. that is called voter suppression. >> thank you. i'm not responding. excuse me, i'm not responding to you. i'm talking to this gentleman. would you please sit down? >> shannon: april ryan, clearly is very motivated and passionate. but she wanted to discuss, she is very passionate. this is just so different that what we have seen from the past. the president said come i haven't called on you. you don't get to stand up and ask a question. >> that has happened in the
8:26 pm
past. some kind to the to the events of april ryan, she was actually responding. this happens frequently in the press briefing room i simply just wait until the situation resolves itself and then i will jump right in whenever i am needed. >> shannon: he talked about the midterms but we got some other things. there was another clip that i wanted to play from another reporter. this is a subject of using the word nationalist. >> on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist. some people thought of that as a balding white nationalist. >> that is such a racist question. >> reporter: some people say the republican party is seen as that. what do you make of that? >> excuse me, that is so insulting to me. it is a very terrible thing that you just said. >> that is an issue that he has been asked about before. it has come up, i think it came
8:27 pm
up in the oval office. right after he started using the term nationalist. it is a question that he's been confronted with before. she wanted to us that questions in the press conference. she is a great reporter. >> shannon: he went into more of an explanation. the use of the word nationalist versus globalist. he said, i care about this country. we want to help the world do things but i wanted to care this country first. for a lot of people, you use the word nationalist and for some of them a trigger something else. >> he does. it is devoid of historical context. nationalist come if you study history it means defense of the nation-state. it's a rejection of globalist values. he likes to talk about that. that moment he was frustrated on largely because he was frustrated broadly with you accusations of hearing over and over again come on cable news. there is an obvious distinction between being an american
8:28 pm
nationalist and a white nationalist. i think you're tickly to and he views. it is a consistent division there been american nationals for a long time. >> shannon: any support of white nationalism coming with you that multiple times. where do we go from here? do they this is temporary? >> it is hard to say. that will be something that is worked out between cnn and the white house. it was definitely a contentious news conference today. the fact that it led to that is very unfortunate. >> shannon: do you guys feel an obligation as reporters were part of the white house press corps to say anything more definitive and has defense? we have the correspondent speaking out. >> the on the merit, we've we've all evaluated edits. white house correspondents association is speaking out. it is up to seen in the white house to resolve this. >> i know it is like when other
8:29 pm
people try to speak for the association. i would also echo what he said. >> shannon: within 24 hours they will be major news development for the story. >> and many others. >> shannon: we will see. thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: as you may know, the democrats are retaking control of the house. minority leader nancy pelosi is said to reclaim. the cables underway although roughly 300 democrats spoke out against her during their campaign. they are distancing themselves from her. there was a dozen democratic incumbents who said they plan to oppose her leadership it as well. we will see. and for what will be the g.o.p. minority in the house, jim jordan from ohio announcing today that he will challenge kevin mccarthy from california for the house minority leadership position. everyone is time at the house but what about some historic moves in the senate. for that we go to leave and better. >>
8:30 pm
we will start with the republican pick up in the subnets. florida, a very close. missouri, josh hawley pulls it out by healthy margin. north dakota was a romp for the republican. indiana, you can see it. a total of four pickups. by that an historical perspective for a president's first term, midterms. democrats lost six senate seats under barack obama. eight they are under bill clinton. harry truman and his first term lost 12 seats. a fact not lost on president rouhani. >> well beyond us. i think it was a great victory. some of the news this morning was that it was a great victory. if you look at it from the standpoint of gridlock, i believe there will be much less gridlock because of the way this is going. >> let's look at the house republicans lost at least 27 races, some still undecided.
8:31 pm
president obama's first term, the democrats lost 63 seats after 9/11. republicans gained eight under george w. bush. under bill clinton in 1994 lost 54 seats. the races that were lost by the republicans, democratic pickups could be key. there were 12. they said they wouldn't vote for nancy pelosi as speaker. connor lamb, one of them in pennsylvania. jason crow out of colorado. let's take a look at the race here in virginia. this was a trump abbey district as we look here in the southeas southeast. there seven fair, abigail spann berger taking on dave brat. take a look at the results in this district. she says she is not going to vote for nancy pelosi. she won by a little bit more than a point. the math here is important. while democrats have a majority now in the house, the entire house votes on speaker.
8:32 pm
nancy pelosi can only afford to lose a handful of defections. but of all people, today president trump offered to help nancy pelosi get the votes. >> there is nothing sarcastic about it. it was meant with very good intentions. she deserves it. she has fought hard and long. she is a very capable person. >> last night ahead a conversation with president trump and how we could work together. one of the issues was the agenda, the voting infrastructure of america. i hope that we can achieve that. >> whether or not president trump comes through with a deal, one thing is working in nancy pelosi's favor to win back her own job. she is universally field, evidence so far nobody. nobody has stepped forward to challenge her. >> shannon: an excellent point. thank you very much. when we return, the battle over border well-funded will bow to heat up. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: the trump administration is finalizing an exemption that allows some employers with religious or moral objections to optative providing no cost birth control for female employees. the new regulation apply mostly to nonprofits and small businesses, major companies whose stock is sold to investors are not eligible for this opt out. under obamacare most employers must cover birth control at no charge as a preventative service for women. some have objected to some of the methods in which they view as triggering an abortion in violation of religious convictions. as we enter a congressional session, he says he is going to focus on one of president trump's top priorities. >> we will try to help the president. will try to help them achieve what he would like to do in terms of the wall and border security. that will obvious they have to done on some bipartisan discussion.
8:38 pm
>> shannon: does the move stand a chance? leslie parshall is here to weigh in. welcome. >> shannon: some government funding for some key places going to run outcome december 7th. leslie, do they risk is shut down? >> they risk is shut down and i think it is a really ridiculous to even look at this. when you look at not only polls but an election. it shows at the contrary is very divided. it is very divided on emigration, certainly divided on this wall. what we need is not a wall not a war that we can afford but comprehensive immigration reform which this ball doesn't address. i think it is really foolish for republicans to do this is a shot before they lose the majority. >> shannon: the president was asked about this and that wide ranging news conference. here's what he said. >> are you prepared to go on a shut down strategy since this might be your last, best chance? >> not necessarily. i speak to democrats all the
8:39 pm
time. they agreed that a wall as necessary. i will as necessary. we are building the wall. we started. >> shannon: mark, the president talked a lot about working with potentially speaker, nancy pelosi and other democrats on infrastructure, immigration, everything else. do you think it will come to fruition? >> i think it could. it really depends on the democrats. the president today made very clear that he wants to cut deal deals. quite frankly the test is what they do democrats want to cut deals with him. the test of that will be whether they are willing to cut a deal that involves a wall which is not objectionable as people might think it is not worth the money. there is nothing wall, inherently well with wrong wit. it is a major priority for the president. are they willing to trade that? it could be something having to do with taco, with how we do within immigration. something completely unrelated submitted with infrastructure.
8:40 pm
they have to make a decision whether they are going to use their newfound power to make deals with donald trump or to continue to try to destroy him. you can to both. you cannot be a governing majority and also the resistance at the same time. it doesn't work. nancy pelosi has a real challenge because i think she wants to cut deals because she will be speaker for two years before there is a transition. she wants some legislative accomplishments. she needs trust for that. she is a caucus that doesn't want to work with him. they want to destroy him. jerry nadler caught talking about all the investigations he will do. you have maxine waters. the committee chairman, she has to bring her caucus around the idea that we're not just resistance anymore. we are the governing geordie. >> shannon: leslie, how do they throw that needle? the president was asked about this today and he talked about, with or you can be under investigation, have subpoenas but also be sitting down to make
8:41 pm
these deals and infrastructure. he basically said, no. either investigate me or work with me. he does want to see both from the house. does that mean nothing gets don done? >> i think there are things that you're going to get done. one of the things that i saw that was interesting. historically, female politicians are more successful with working at a party that is different than their own. reaching across the aisle and getting things done. nancy pelosi is a female if she ends up being how speaker, she has the time of the president before. he seems very confident today. the democrats want to cut deals but they also have to cut deals that are not just right for the american people but for the consensual rents in this country that gave them the majority last night. the majority of democrats don't want the wall. they want immigration reform. they want border security. they don't believe a wall is the way to go. i agree with you. that doesn't necessarily mean giving him a wall.
8:42 pm
>> it does. honestly. part of negotiating is giving up something, you don't want to give in exchange for getting. there are lots of things he democrats can take a stand on that they find inherently unacceptable. there's nothing wrong with the wall. mostly democratic leaders voted for a while. donald trump come if you look today the bigs. conservatives have when he came into office was that he was going to start cutting deals with chuck schumer. let's not forget, till a few years ago donald trump was a democrat. he is not an end to the log, he is a dealmaker. he agrees with democrats on a lot of things, trade, minimum wage. what happens was the democrats wanted to resistance mode and they pushed him into the arms of the right. they wanted to resist him. now they have a majority in that they deal with each other. donald trump is more than willing to cut deals. they have to meet them partway. >> shannon: chuck schumer and nancy pelosi had a meeting with the president at the
8:43 pm
white house, they thought they came out of it was some kind of deal. that didn't actually happen. they say they are little bit leery of getting these things. we will see, thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking news on some of the tightest midterm races. i a few races are stoked to close to call. after this break. ' ♪ dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing) motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning. (laughs) ah... no, my lips are actually burning. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. see how much you could save at it's too hot. oh, this is too hot, mate.
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>> shannon: there are still some outstanding midterm races.
8:47 pm
what happens next? the florida secretary of state is re-ruling a recount. republican challenger, current governor, rick scott says the race is over. he won it. so, we will stand by. brian kemp declare victory for the georgia conference by about 63,000 votes over stacy a rance who is refusing to concede in suggesting she will fight for a runoff. and it is official, governor walker will not have a third term he was defeated by tony others by about 30,000 votes. let's take a look at the race. it is still too close to call. alicia acuna has more what is happening in arizona. >> good evening shannon, the arizona secretary of state office has 6,000 plus ballots have yet to be counted. as for the candidates, martha mcsally and democrat congressman, kyrsten sinema. we haven't really heard from them since the polls closed on tuesday evening. they have done a little thinking
8:48 pm
of their supporters on twitter but that is it. we are here at the recorder and elections office. it is the largest in the state of arizona, it is one of the largest voting districts jurisdictions in the country. i can show you what is being done here by the folks. these are independent, republicans and democrats. they are going over some of the ballots that went through the tabulator's after whatever reasons they weren't able to redo ballots properly. these folks, they go through and check to make sure -- 's with the problem is. sometimes there was immunity, or rain. there was little war. they can put it back to the machine. sometimes there are other problems per the off to agree. if there are even more problems and they aren't clear exactly what happened with the ballot, it moves onto a second board. this is all about voter security and pallet security. this will continue. they have 70,000 of those ballots still have to go through this process. it could take a pits.
8:49 pm
according to the secretary of state's office, they may not have a final count on till thursday, possibly even friday evening. >> shannon: that will keep you very busy. alecia thank you very much. they have failed to win a slew of ballot measures, even in blue states like washington. the first carbon tax, the new green deal went down 56-44% in arizona, a clean energy manager would have forced power companies to get it from renewable sources, that went down 70-30. other progressive ideas like universal home care for seniors and main which has the nation's oldest population and rent-controlled population, the most expensive housing. just how accurate was this year's polling and do they learn anything from 2016? we will examine the outcomes in the polls as they match, after the break. ♪ i'm going to start with some balayage clip-ins,
8:50 pm
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>> shannon: we are still waiting some official election results, but with most of them and some of the race is that were pulling back and neck turned out to not be so close after all. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening. >> shannon, the missouri senate race was built is be one of the closest in the country. just edgy for the election the
8:54 pm
politics had it averaged dead even at 46. they showed them that they missed the mark. josh hawley ended up beating democratic incumbent senator, claire mccaskill by six points. >> the state drives me crazy but i love it. i really do. i mean, i even love the red counties. if there were a lot of them. >> the people of missouri, they want a senator who actually stands with the people of missouri represent our values and our voice. it will fight for us in washington, d.c. i will. >> and indiana the numbers were even farther up. democratic senator, joe donnelly and republican mike braun for deadlock heading into tuesday. when the race was called, bron had beaten donnelly by seven and a half points. >> i called to let him know that i'll do everything i can to make sure there is a smooth transition. >> when i started this, not many people believed in it.
8:55 pm
many thought it was a fool's errand. >> he is off to washington. given the volatile state of politics and large numbers of voters deciding at the last minute, some pollsters say their job is getting more difficult. >> have less confidence and polling numbers that i have ever had. i would not use polling to predict or project. i would simply use it to explain what is happening and why. >> while pulling on specific races seems to be hit and missed, it appears the big picture polls tend to have better outcomes. >> did a national poll for fox news, our last national poll showed the democratic generic margin in the house races to be seven points. that is exactly where the national vote is coming in. overall, polling was pretty much right on. >> after looking at preliminary vote totals and battleground states, "the washington post" found on average state polls were off by a little over 4%. not great, but at least better
8:56 pm
than in 2016. >> shannon: room for improvement. thank you very much. so grateful he spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. stick around for tucker. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon, he
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♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there is an awful lot going on right now. the president fired one of his earliest supporters in washington, former senator, now attorney general, now former attorney general jeff sessions. we will focus on that in just a minute. but first, the big story, the smoke is clearing tonight from the most expensive midterm elections in american history. the outlines are just becoming visible. the result, it turns out, are confusing. it wasn't exactly a draw, but both sides can claim victory, and of course, they are. in the house, republicans did slightly worse than average in a midterm election. in the senate, they did a little better. some races played out as


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