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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 9, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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them without telling us what the numbers are. there's so much wrongdoing in broward county it puts into question everything they're doing. right now they need to let the cameras in and the observers in and tell us exactly what the numbers are or we'll never know all they did. >> well, florida's getting a lot of attention. don't ignore arizona. the democrat late last night took a lead and it's razor thin in arizona. a lot of the votes in maricops county yet to be counted.
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that's still to be decided. matt, thank you so much. calling you again, okay? shades of butterfly ballots, sandra. the chad ringing in our heads from 18 years ago. it's going to be a long file in florida. >> sandra: what a week it's been. stunning video released of a horrific shooting inside a california bar wednesday night. now one day later we're learning more about the victims in the deadly maz of massacre. nine have been identified one is sergeant ron helus. here's the mayor reflecting on the lives lost. >> the dawn will break and in mourning we will be more loving, more compassion, more unified
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and more full of hope. >> sandra: jonathan hunt is live in california. >> the comments from the mayor you just heard were made at one of several vigils held in the area last night. to honor and remember the victims and to offer support to the families of those victims. we now have the names of almost all of them. they include a man whose mother says he survived the october 2017 las vegas massacre at a country music concert only to be murdered here at a country music bar. listen here to that distraught mother. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends and came home. he doesn't come home last night and i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control and i hope to
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god nobody else sends me any more prayers. >> the gunman has been named by investigators as 28-year-old ian david long. a u.s. marine corps veteran and served combat deployment in afghanistan from late 2010 to middle 2011. he apparently suffered from mental health issues and police had in fact been called to his house in nearby newbury park. a mental health team was called but decided no other action was necessary. investigators spent several hours yesterday going through his house trying to find any include as to his motives and they say they will not give up until they find some answers for the families of the 12 who died
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at his hands. >> jonathan hunt, thank you. the tragedy hitting home. elena housley died in the shoot. she was just 18 years old. housley releasing a statement saying our hearts are broken. she was an incredible young with woman with so much life ahead of her and are devastated her life was cut short in this manner. horrible news. >> hits close to home and to adam and the rest of his family. i know the grieving is a lot now. we're sending you our best strength we can out in california. >> love, thoughts and prayers to all of them. adam's been a colleague a long time. president trump on the front lawn of the white house on his way to paris. there's a ton of news to cover and he's taken a lot of questions over a variety of topics and we'll bring it to you and plus, have a listen. >> i have a lot of confidence in
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bob mueller. i'm going meet with the interim attorney general, mr. whittaker next week and have him assure me he'll let mr. mueller do his jock -- job and if there's interference you'll hear about it. >> sandra: the potential russia investigation effect and mike huckabee is on deck. >> and an out of control wildfire has devastated these communities in california and a live update on the ground as what happens today as the sun comes up. >> you can see flames shooting up all over -- all over. it's horrible. >> we could see the whole ridge. the whole ridge was ablaze. just makes you sick. nothing but fire.
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>> fox news alert, president trump is getting ready it take off for paris right now but
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first he stopped and spoke to reporters. he is still in fact speaking to reporters on a variety of topics. we're hearing so far he talked a lot about immigration and mid term elections and his pick of whittaker. he said it's a shame whoever i put out there they go after. he's a strong person and will be fair. we'll get tape playback for you and show that to you when we get it. the president still speaking to reporters ahead of his departure along with the first lady to paris. >> i am not alarmed at all about mueller being interfered with. i think mr. whittaker was a good pick. i think he'll be as fair and impartial as eric holder and loretta lynch were. i'm hear to tell you and -- here to tell you mr. mueller will be able to do his job and hopefully
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the investigation will come to a conclusion soon. >> bill: acting attorney general matt whittaker taking over. mike huckabee, good day to you in florida fox news contributor i know you're looking for votes in your yard or places unknown at the moment. here's the wrap on whittaker. he wrote a piece for cnn and in part he said it is time for rosenstein the acting attorney general for the purposes of this investigation for mueller to limit the scope of the investigation to the four corners of appointing special counsel. if had he doesn't the mueller investigation will start to look like a political fishing expedition. what's your view on this early days? >> well, first of all what he said was true. mueller was appointed to look into russia not everything under the sun. it was about russia. if you find something about russia, then deal with it.
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if he doesn't find something about russia in this endless and expensive investigation or witch hunt whatever you want to call it. the democrats are going nuts with the fact he was appointed but he can under the law serve for 210 days without senate confirmation. i doubt he's the permanent replacement. my guess is the president will find somebody with maybe a higher profile, could even be lindsey graham, might be a great choice. but this interim place holder attorney general certainly is capable and legally qualified to do this job for up to 210 days. >> bill: two more points here and many on the left are saying it's unconstitutional you'd need senate confirmation. that's where they're coming from and there's a move from congress to go ahead and make sure the mueller probe does not go away and cannot be removed. what do you think that goes in
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congress? >> well, that's fine. jeff blake must have been in the elevator again yesterday and somebody spooked him. he'll be out in a few weeks and that will be fine. but there's been no indication at all the president was about to end this. in fact he's given every indication he'll let it go on despite the fact it's divisive, expensive, it has led so far to absolutely not one scintilla of evidence pointing to collusion the president has had with any russian. it has opened up however, bill, some serious revelations there were people in the obama white house that manipulated information in order to get the fisa warrant. i just hope the mueller investigation is as fair in going after that whole issue of russia and not just in relationship to president trump. >> bill: jeff sessions said in nearly my 16 years in the
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department it's been an incredible honor to work with people who consistently exceed expectations. that's the standard we hold ourselves to. we have a lot of breaking news governor. thank you for coming on. look forward to seeing you. >> sandra: the trump administration taking bold action against the caravan of illegal immigrants heading the u.s. and the president addressing the move with reporter as he de parts to paris. we'll get that to you as we get it and thomas holman joins us. >> bill: and some victims from the mass shooting in california have been identified. in a moment we'll talk to the mayor to the city and how his community is doing 36 hours later. >> cody was the big brother my kids need. he was so excited to have his first sister and now --
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victims killed in the horrific shooting in california, the community coming together to grief and move on. this coming after we're learning more about the gunman who was on the radar of authorities. >> his name was cody coffman. my first born son. only him and i know how much i miss him -- oh, god, this so hard. i love you so much. heavenly father, please.
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>> sandra: thousand oaks mayor joins us now. that's something we never want to dream of or see as parents. >> we certainly don't and it's affected us in thousand oaks. even in my own household my children had acquaintances with victims in the bar last night. >> sandra: what can you tell us about the victims. nine have been identified including the sergeant who was the first to respond on the scene and was killed. >> as everybody knows in america, when police officers and firefighters go to work every day in the back of their mind they know they may not come home to their families and that's exactly what happened to this hero yesterday. in fact talking to his wife on the phone when the call came in, mentioned to her, honey, i got to go we got a call and minutes
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later he put himself in harm's way to protect others and most certainly saved several lives. >> sandra: we've had members of police and law enforcement on since this occurred and they said that's what we do every single day and why we thank them every day and 18-year-old alaina housley the family of a fox reporter. the shooter was known to authorities. they appeared at his house and appeared irate and was on the radar of authorities as a former marine as well. i'm sure we're going to learn more in the coming days and weeks, mayor. >> it's really unfortunate, obviously there was a time in this young man's life when he was serving our country honorably and with many men and women we send to combat they
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develop mental health issues and in this particular case apparently it got to the case where it seriously impacted his judgment and led to the tragic loss of several lives including his. it's important to remember not just the sergeant and the victims but the assailant has a family and i'm sure they're grieving as much as everybody else for just a tragedy. a tragedy in our community. >> sandra: we heard from so many and we were able to speak with the young people inside the bar that night. we heard from them saying this is thousand oaks, california. we never dreamed of this happening here. how do you come together as a community? how do you heal, mayor? >> as i mentioned yesterday, we had two prayer vigils last knit. one at the -- last night one at the civic center and had well over 2,000 people of community
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leaders and clergy and another one at our local catholic churches. i'm just so proud of our community. as i said yesterday, thousand oaks was one of the safest cities in the country the day before yesterday and remains today. as we recognize, there's nothing anybody can do when somebody has intent on hurting innocent people. in this particular case as happened across our country it turned out that we had a similar mass shooting in thousand oaks. we're a city of 130,000 people. while we're a relatively large city for california, we're not so large we don't know our neighbors and friends and we're putting our arms around one another and we'll be here to support that family and at the same time we have two major brush fires burning the city and we're a third evacuated and they're putting the families of the victims of the shooting in
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their thoughts and prayers. >> sandra: they're in our thoughts and prayers. mayor, thank you for coming on this morning. our best to you and your community. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: 28 past the hour. another alert more election drama. from arizona the senate race is still too close to call. this is razor thin margin and we're live on the ground to tell you what's happening in arizona. >> sandra: meanwhile, nancy pelosi said she's confident she'll be next house speaker but can she win over the more progressive members of her party. we'll ask congressman david cicilline next. >> bill: and a post-election battle, a couple of them. senate governor races face the real possibility of a nasty and long legal fight. >> so this is a pattern at a minimum incompetence and it's embarrassing to the state. voters deserve better.
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this is a county that cannot count votes as well as a county that just got wiped out by a hurricane.
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>> i'm considering every single legal option available. no group of liberal activists or lawyers from d.c. will be able to steal this election from the voters of this great state. i'm proud to be the next senator of the great state of florida. >> bill: rick scott the florida governor striking a defiant tone as the election appears headed for a recount and in arizona martha mcsally is ahead giving the democrats hope. and we have the latest from phoenix this morning. good morning, dan. >> reporter: hi, bill. it was a huge day for kyrsten
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sinema and she extended her lead in the all-important maricopa county and with more than 1.8 million votes cast, she now leads by 9,610 votes. that's about one half of one percent of the vote but look at the numbers in maricopa where two-thirds of the voters led. she led by 6,000 votes on election night and now up 27,000 votes that's about 2.5%. analysts say if that continues the democrats will take jeff blake's seat but martha mcsally is far from giving up. her campaign released a statement saying with 500,000 votes to be counts -- counted she'll be elected. and others say we're working diligently to ensure the count
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proceeds in a fair, transparent and timely manner voters can trust. the process is far from over. there's still around 490,000 votes to be count. we may not have a winner until next week and there's a lawsuit filed by the republican party on how the process of signatures not matching so a lot going on in arizona on the election but more votes to be counted. >> bill: thank you, dan. dan springer's live in phoenix today. sandra. >> sandra: democrats expanding their majority in the house as more close races get called. the minority leader nancy pelosi saying she's ready to take back the reins. >> what's your level of confidence you'll be speaker of the house? >> 100%. >> do you have reservations whether or not you want this in your life at this point? >> no, none whatever. it's an urgency i can't resist.
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>> sandra: joining me now is david cicilline. congressman, thank you for your time this morning. what did you make of nancy pelosi's level of confidence there? >> look, we have taken the house back by 31 seats and it may go up as high as 38. leader pelosi is the candidate for declared speaker and will become our speaker in january. >> sandra: is that a good thing? >> yes, look, nancy pelosi led us to victory in taking back the house and was an effective speaker and knows how to keep the caucus together and people recognize she has been a great leader for our caucus and will get us to keep us together to move forward on the issues we all campaigned on. driving down health care costs, rebuilding the infrastructure of our country, raising family incomes and taking on the corrupt influence of money in our politics.
6:37 am
we ran on an agenda. we have to deliver on those thing. she'll lead our caucus to make sure we do that. >> sandra: we're hearing on calls of investigation and calls for more. now that your party regain the house, what is the plan? work with the president or is your party targeting the president? >> look, we've always tried to work with republicans the whole time i've been in congress. the reality is we have to move forward on the agenda we ran on and the agenda and we have constitutional responsibilities an oversight responsibilities. one thing that's disappointed me is we pressed the chairman and we have a 500-page memo of the instances where we asked for oversight hearing. it doesn't matter the president we have oversight responsibilities and should fulfill them and we should move forward on the agenda, raising
6:38 am
family incomes, creating good paying jobs and we have to do our oversight responsibilities which have not been done in the last two years. that means learning thing about circumstances brought to us. we can do both and should do both. >> sandra: i don't mean to interrupt you but going through some of your recent calls including for more oversight of the president and saying it's your duty. i know you have spoken out on the resignation of jeff sessions an called it disturbing and calling on president's tax returns to be released. i want to run this sound of mitch mcconnell with his warning to democrats and ask you about your moves and calls. listen. >> in the late '90s, we had control of the house and senate. we impeached bill clinton. his approval rating went up and ours went down. so my suggestion to the new
6:39 am
democratic is the business of presidential harassment may not work out politically. >> sandra: fair warning, we just got notice we'll hear the president in seconds. do you have concern about going overboard as far as what you'll do now with control? >> no, we were elected to move forward on a proactive agenda and provide a meaningful check on the administration and fulfill our responsibilities to do oversight. i think mr. mcconnell knows that. we'll do that in a serious and responsible way but we have a constitutional responsibility to do oversight of this president or any president. >> sandra: we have to get to the president. congressman cicilline thank you for coming on the program. >> my pleasure. >> bill: fox news alert, the president and first lady en route to paris leaving any minute now but before leaving the white house he took a lot of questions i'm looking at the topics read out to me, immigration, the mueller probe, the florida recount, barack
6:40 am
obama, chris christie, jim acosta, daca, the current battle in arizona. this is going to roll out for about i'd guess about 15 minutes based on the guidance we've been given. >> sandra: he and the first lady on their way to paris and he just made the comments a short time ago. as bill mentioned, he hit on a lot of topics. let's listen. >> we're heading off to europe. it should be a beautiful period of time. the 100th anniversary of the ending of world war i. we have many countries' leadership will there especially since they heard the united states will be there. we're looking forward to that. it will be a great commemorative service. i think it will be something special. i've seen what they have planned and i think it will be something very very special. i just signed the proclamation on asylum.
6:41 am
very important. people can come in but they have to come in through the ports of entry and that to me is a very important thing. again, i reiterate we need democrats votes. they have to pass new immigration laws because they're flooding our country. we're not letting them in but they're trying to flood our country. we need the wall. we're building the wall but we need it all built at one time and quickly. it's very important. we need democrat support for new immigration laws to bring us up to date. the laws are obsolete and incompetent. the worse laws anywhere in the world and it's because we don't have the democrats vote. we need that so we'll have no trouble whatsoever at the border. we want people to come into our country but they have to come in legally. they have to come in legally. we want people to come in through the merit system so they
6:42 am
can work for all these great companies i have coming in to our country. we have many car companies and tech companies coming in. we have hundreds of companies moving back to the united states. we need people. you sigh -- see the unemployment numbers are at record lows. we need people but they have to come in legally and have to have merit and come in through a system of merit. we have everything worked out. we need some votes from the democrats. we need support from the democrats and hopefully they see what's going on and the reason this is happening is because we've created such a successful country economically that everybody is flooding in to our country or want to but we're stopping them at the border. that's why we have our great military there.
6:43 am
matt whittaker. i don't know matt whittaker. he worked for jeff sessions and was always extremely highly thought of and still is but i didn't know matt whittaker. he worked for attorney general sessions. he was very very highly thought of and still is highly thought of but this only comes up because anybody that works for me they do a number on them but matt whittaker is a very smart man. he's a very respected man in the law enforcement community. very respected, at the top of the line. and actually the choice was greeted with raves initially and still is in some circles. it's a shame that no matter who i put in they go after them. it's very sad, i have to say. but he's acting. i think he'll do a very good job and we'll see what happens but i will say this, matt whittaker's
6:44 am
a very highly respected man and i didn't have any problem with matt whittaker when he worked with mat sessions. he's respected by law enforcement and is a strong law enforcement personality and person. i didn't speak to matt whittaker about it. he has a great reputation and that's what i wanted. i also wanted to do something which, frankly, i could have put someone easily from the outside. i didn't want to do that. when sessions left what i did simply was take the man who worked for sessions. again, he worked for jeff sessions. he's a highly respected man especially by law enforcement and i think he's going to do a great job. he's there in an acting position. he's probably from what i hear a
6:45 am
very strong person and strong personality and i think that's wh what's they need. [inaudible] >> you mean mr. kellyanne conway? he's just trying to get publicity for himself. why don't you do this, why don't you ask kellyanne that question, all right? she might know him better than me. i really don't know the guy. [inaudible] >> when you make a comment, first of all, when you make comments i see everybody on television all these lawyers and law enforcement people making comment after comment. they never ask to get recused. they make comments. the fact you go on fox or cnn or
6:46 am
msnbc or anybody and make a comment, you'd have nobody left to choose. you'd have abs -- absolutely nobody left and i see people on shows and am i to say he is not qualified to serve in government? i'm watching many people going" different shows saying many different things. it doesn't mean they're not qualified. in all fairness to matt whittaker who i didn't know other than through reputation. his reputation is excellent. but in all fairness to him he did some shows so do many of the people you're talking about and everybody that you're talking about a permanent position. i think everybody looking at a permanent position in any department has done many shows. does that mean we can't hire anybody? we have to hire somebody in a shell? i don't think so.
6:47 am
[inaudible] >> you have to speak up. say it again. well, it could be because if you look at broward and palm beach to a lesser extent, if you look at broward county, they have had a horrible history. and if you look at the person in this case a woman involved, she has had a horrible history and all of a sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere and rick scott who won by a comfortable margin but close every couple hours it goes down a little bit and then you see the people and they were involved with that fraud of the fake dossier, the pho phony dossier and were involved or worked with the gps fusion people who had committed -- you look at what they've done.
6:48 am
you look at the dishonesty -- look, bad things have gone on in broward county. really bad things. she's been to court. she's had a lot of problems. she's lost. i will say he easily won but every hour it seems to go down. people need to look at it cautiously. [inaudible] >> i haven't ruled out anything. i'm thinking about the world. right now i'm thinking about the world. i'm not thinking about sit-downs or not sit-downs. there's no collusion. this is set up by the democrats just like they set up other things when you look at what's going on in florida. when you look at what's going on in lots of different locations. the russian investigation is a hoax.
6:49 am
it's a phony hoax. i didn't speak to russians. fact is i was a much better candidate than hillary clinton, i worked harder and went to the right places, she went to the wrong places because she didn't know what she was doing. i did a great job and was a great candidate. she was a bad candidate. i went to wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. she didn't do a good job. it has nothing to do with russians. it's a russian hoax. [inaudible] >> michelle obama got paid a lot of money to write a book and they always insist you come up with controversy. i'll give you some back. i'll never forgive him for what he did to our united states military by not funding it properly. it was depleted. everything was old and tired and i came in and i had to fix it and i'm in the process of
6:50 am
spending tremendous amounts of money so i'll never forgive him for what he did to our military. i'll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways i'll talk about in the future. what he did as he talked about safety. what he did to our military made this country unsafe for you and you and you. [inaudible] >> well, we're looking at other people. i did not see chris christie yesterday. i heard he was in the white house. he's a friend of mine and a good man. when he got out of the presidential race the next day he supported me. he has good taste. he proved one thing, he has good taste but when he got out he immediately supported me. i like chris christie but i have not talked to him about it. he was in the white house yesterday but i have not -- [inaudible]
6:51 am
>> i think jim acosta is a very unprofessional man. he does this with everybody. he gets paid to do that. he gets paid to burst in. he's a very unprofessional guy whether it was me or ronald reagan or anybody else, he would have done the same thing. look, i don't think he's a smart person but he's got a loud voice -- do you mind if i answer the question? and as far as i'm concerned, i haven't made that decision but it could be others also. when you're in the white house, this is a very sacred place to me. it's a very special place. you have to treat the white house with respect. you have to treat the presidency with respect. if you've ever seen him dealing with sarah huckabee sanders it's a disgrace and same win -- with april ryan. you talk about somebody whose a loser.
6:52 am
she doesn't know what she's doing and get the controversy and gets the contractor pay raise with i think cnn but she's very nasty and she shouldn't be. you've got to treat the white house and the office of the presidency with respect. i see her nodding very positively so i'll ask her, you know. you have to speak up. you have a helicopter raging back there. for all the people that don't know why, my hearing is great but you have a helicopter raging back there. do you remember ronald reagan? what? what, i can't hear you. i always thought he was hard of hearing. he wasn't. >> what will happen when you meet with putin? >> we'll meet at the g20. i don't know we'll see each other in paris but there may be a lunch for the leaders. nothing, we have a good relationship. having a good relationship with
6:53 am
russia and china and every other country is a good thing not a bad thing but we have a very good relationship. [inaudible] >> no, if there's any complaints, i'll look in to it. [inaudible] >> well, it was a political decision made by a judge. i think it's a disgrace. 48,000 jobs. i approved it. it's ready to start and they went and they'll end up going to the ninth circuit usual. we're slowly putting new judge in the ninth circuit. everything goes to the ninth circuit. now, daca, that was good news yesterday because you never win in the ninth when you're in this half of the equation but you rarely win in the ninth circuit.
6:54 am
the good news is by rejecting daca in the ninth circuit yesterday, finally, we've been waiting for that. we get to the supreme court and we want to be in the supreme court on daca. president obama said he had no right to sign it. he had no right but it was upheld in the ninth circuit as usual. if you take president obama's statement, he knew he couldn't sign it. so the whole thing is a terrible thing what's happening with the courts. the daca will now hopefully go to the supreme court where it will be given a fair decision. we'll be making a decision -- i have so many people and we're looking at heather and numerous people. we have plenty of time. nikki is staying until the end of the year and we're working with nikki also and have good people that want the job. i'll make the decision over the next few weeks but by the end of the year.
6:55 am
[inaudible] >> i have some very very good people but there's no rush. it had to go through a senate process which takes a long time but we'll pick somebody that's great. we'll pick somebody very good and again i think it's very -- matt whittaker is a highly respected man but i didn't know him but he's a highly respected man. [inaudible] >> reporter: matt whittaker has not gone through the senate process. >> neither has mueller. he's doing the report and you're saying whittaker hasn't but whittaker has -- wait a minute, he was a really distinguished u.s. attorney in iowa and was approved by everybody because to be u.s. attorney that's top of the line. he was a highly respected.
6:56 am
the ambassador to china, jerry brandstadt told me what a great choice he is he's one of the most respected people in all of iowa. he was the governor. look, mueller was doing the report he wasn't senate confirmed. whitaker was senate confirmed at the highest level as u.s. attorney for iowa. mueller with a bit senate confirmed. why wasn't he senate confirmed? he should have been? because of all the conflicts they want to bring him before the senate because he's very conflicted. because of those conflicts they didn't want to bring him before the senate but don't tell me about whitaker because mueller
6:57 am
was not senate confirmed. whitaker was. [inaudible] >> whether they get a couple more house seats doesn't matter. but you notice the votes never go the other way? they hire lawyers and the votes don't ever seem to go the republican way -- i don't hear, i don't know. you tell me it's always the democrats and gps fusion and crooked stuff. look at what happened. how many fbi are gone and justice department people are gone that i found out? there's a lot of bad stuff going on in this country and we're finding out and i'm getting to the bottom of it and i've done a job. how many people have been fired from the fbi? you have comey, mccabe, strzok and there's a lot of crooked
6:58 am
stuff going on but it's interesting. it always seems to go the way of the democrats. now in arizona all of a sudden out of the wilderness they find a lot of votes and the other candidate is just winning by a hair. what's going on in florida is a disgrace. go down and see what happened over the last period of time, 10 years. take a look at broward county. take a look at the total dishonesty of what happened with respect to broward county. broward county/election. there's a lot of dishonesty. [inaudible] >> they take video of acosta? what are you talking about? nobody was manipulated, give me a break. that's dishonest reporting.
6:59 am
i watched that and heard that last night. they made it close up, they showed it close up and he was not nice to that young woman. i don't hold him to that because it wasn't overly horrible but when you say doctor, you're -- doctored that's dishonest. that was a close-up view. that's not doctoring. [inaudible]. >> i wish her well. she said something inappropriate during the campaign and apologized for it. i wouldn't say she's exactly on my side but i wish her well and hope she gets better and hope she serves in the supreme court for many many years. [inaudible]. >> terrible. he's a very sick puppy. he's a sick guy. not too many people knew about
7:00 am
it but now they're looking they're starting to see he had a lot of problems. a lot of trouble and we're very much into that. i funded a lot of money towards mental health for that reason and we're continuing to do it and continuing to look at the laws. we want to make sure -- look, it's a problem. it's a disastrous problem. it makes you sick to look at it but he was a very very mentally ill person. [inaudible] >> he was a war veteran and a marine and in the war and served time and saw some pretty bad things and a lot of people say he had ptsd. that's a tough deal. we're spending, as you know, i've given tremendous funding to the vets for the ptsd and for general health for ptsd. it's a big problem. people come back and it's a horrible thing, they come back
7:01 am
and are never the same. [inaudible] >> well, i don't like abusing any privilege but when i see something we should do, i always do that, yeah. i believe you should. when it's a worthy situation i do believe it. [inaudible] >> it's up to him. >> reporter: do you want him to rein in robert mueller. >> what a stupid question that is. what a stupid question. i watch you a lot and you ask a lot of stupid questions. [inaudible] >> well, because other things have come up. we'll be signing it soon. >> reporter: is it a political stunt? >> no, we're signing it and it will probably work its way up to the supreme court.
7:02 am
first-right citizenship probably works up to the supreme court. it will be signed and we wanted a perfect document and because of the delays in the election and whatever else is going on in broward county, remember the word, broward county -- when you look at the past and all of a sudden they're finding votes you mean after the election they're finding votes and then you look at her past when she's already been convicted and now they're finding votes and have you this guy who represented hillary clinton in a lot of very shady things? i think what you ought to do is get smart. good luck folks. see you in new york. >> bill: that was something else. man, oh, man. lets start with immigration. we need a system based on merit and i'll need democratic votes to get them as well. a lot of questions about the mueller probe, sandra. with regards to the acting a.g.
7:03 am
he doesn't know matthew whitaker but insists highly respected and has been in that role under jeff sessions and then we get to the florida recount and he mentioned broward county repeatedly talking about bad things and rick scott easily won and the last thing is michelle obama has a book that will be public on tuesday and she's going on a nationwide tour and we'll get to our panel coming up shortly. a lot to digest. >> sandra: he and the first lady are beparting to paris, france and he took questions an a lot of them. that was a wide-ranging q&a with reporters on the ground and what stuck out was his comments on the election situation in florida. he said really bad things, horrible history broward county. all of a sudden they're finding votes. bad things have gone down in broward. bad things. people need to look at it. he dug deep on the issues. we'll talk about that in a
7:04 am
second. welcome to a brand new hour of shoe. i'm sandra sandra smith. >> bill: two we races in florida undecided one for senate and governor. in arizona a close senate race. in georgia you have the governor's race that could be up in the air as well. brian camp is in a battle there with stacy abrams. we'll wrap it up in the "newsroom news feed." >> the midterm voting is over but the counting is not. >> ballots are still being counted days after voting ends and a handful of critical undecided races. >> including in florida where we appear to be heading for a recount. >> the people of florida deserve fairness and transparency and the supervisors to give it to us. >> scott holds the lead by half
7:05 am
than a percentage point and that means a mandatory recount. >> it's in the automatic recount threshold under half a percent. >> we want every counted. we didn't go across the street talking to folks in blue counties an red counties and purple counties for them not have their say. >> in georgia you need an outright majority or there's a run-off. >> there's enough votes to possibly force a run-off. >> we're looking at the polarizing climate. it was a tough election but we've won and now we have to move on. >> the election shows how divided georgia is. >> we are about to get a very important update on the vote count in arizona. >> the numbers are updating almost every hour. >> they're still counting votes in the race and mcsally versus se -- sinema. >> the spread is 17,000 plus.
7:06 am
>> and this is long from over. to the lawyers maybe even the guys with magnifying glasses. >> sandra: we start out in georgia with the governor's race. steve herrigan is live. stacy abrams is refusing to concede. >> saying they'll fight to make sure every vote is counted. the staff saying they believe there's enough ballots to force the election into a run-off. they launched the first of what could be several lawsuits and say it's too early for brian kemp to declare himself governor. >> his spokesperson said he was the victor. his office issued that. and then this morning he gets up at a press conference and think we're all supposed to believe we're moving on and this is a resolution.
7:07 am
>> reporter: brian kemp got 50.3% of the vote and has a 60,000 vote lead. if that percentage slips below 50%, that would force a run-off election next month. >> sandra: there's been charges of voter suppression against the republican brian kemp. >> >> reporter: he's taken a lot of criticism. they said he should have taken himself out of position of secretary of state. kemp has dismissed the criticism as nothing but pure politics. >> election integrity is beyond doubt and the process i know, look, it's a polarizing climate and it was a tough election but we won and now we have to move on. >> reporter: his vote shows how split the state of georgia is. kemp won big in rural georgia.
7:08 am
some counties by a 9-10 margin and the votes, the 25,000 absentee and provisional ballots could still be counted into next week. sandra back to you. >> sandra: let's bring in america's a-team. mike henry and chief national co correspondent and judy miller. you're chomping at the bit. >> bill: you're like the older brother i never had. >> act your age not your shoe size. >> bill: welcome back. you're working on your day off. welcome. where do we start? in georgia i'm struck by and reading the quote in the research the campaign manager for abrams said there's at least 25,000 outstanding votes. hundreds if not thousands more we're learning about and discovering each day. >> discovering? we're finding ballots in georgia
7:09 am
and florida. we voted on tuesday, brother. we had early voting before that. this is absurd in both these states we're finding votes. i believe every vote should be counted and whether it helps the democrats or republicans but let's find the ballots and count the votes. >> bill: the big rub is florida lost states you are required -- there's hours on the clock where you have rules to follow and that's not been the case. >> this is also shining a light on the boards of election which have in many cases under staffed and under funded. it's a complex system you have to get all this machinery out to different precincts and there's questions whether there's ballots in a box or machinery. it doesn't takeaway from the fact every vote should be counted and it makes people less certain their votes will be countied and undermines --
7:10 am
counted and undermine the legitimacy. >> we go through this after every election cycle and always focuses on who? florida, georgia. states like that. let's fix this. this is a political problem. we don't need the russians interfering in our election. we've had 18 years to figure it out. >> bill: let's hear from rick scott. >> we have left wing activist and democratic d.c. lawyers down here for one purpose to steal this election. they found 78,000 new votes since election day in broward county and 15,000 more votes in palm beach. we don't know how many more votes they'll come up with but it appears they'll keep finding as many votes as it takes to win the election. >> bill: in the year 2000 we
7:11 am
start add 1200 and it went to 527 in the end? that was the bushel. >> it sounds like republican talk and d.c. lawyers but let's talk about the d.c. lawyer, mark alias the big democratic attorney helping the incumbent. he was the gentleman who paid fusion gps to get the dirty dossier. look, he's done -- he was involved in the dossier. i'm not slamming his integrity or hasn't done other good work but in the last couple years but he's been involved in the dossier which has questions about his authenticity and now
7:12 am
he's jumping in the florida senate rate? it's just interesting. >> there's a difference between counting ballots that were actually cast by voters of florida and should be counted and finding fake votes. it's unclear what he's saying. >> bill: the problem is there's a track record in broward county. she was reprimanded for destroying ballots. apparently some of this has happened already this week and without oversight. >> and if you notice how nervous rick scott is without broward because broward goes 70% democratic. if they suddenly discover more ballots, it could be the election so of course he'll issue a strong statement whether or not it's washington -- >> sandra: meanwhile, speaking of democrats, alexandria ocasio-cortez said she's having a hard time with something.
7:13 am
let me know when we have it. she says i have three months without a salary before i'm a member of congress. how do i get an apartment? those little things are very real. >> i think her supporters like it. this is who she is. she comes from the bronx and she's young. the youngest member of congress. i think she's not alone. she may not be the only one talking about it but lots of congress people say giving the cost of living there -- >> bill: a year and a half ago she was tending bar in brooklyn. >> the fact is washington, d.c. is the most expensive county in the world to live in in america now so i think what she's talking about is all the money in washington. all the wealth in washington. all of the power and a little
7:14 am
simple person like her from new york can't find a place to live. it's a brilliant political land. >> on the other hand her resume can we talk about being from the bronx, when you read deeper, she had formative years in west che chester, new york and some of the shoots during the campaign she had these multi-thousand dollar outfits that could pay rent in washington. i live in washington and it is expensive but she's been all over the map on this. >> bill: overall as the midterms settle in, what's your evaluation? >> my evaluation is the president did a heck of a lot better than the mainstream media will admit. the democrats took the house and they'll make his life difficult but when you look at a, in the house the democrats picked up
7:15 am
way less than bill clinton or barack obama lost in their first midterms in the house is better for this president than was told and in the senate, we have to see what happens in florida and arizona. >> bill: i think there was a great piece in the wall street journal yesterday saying it's like an elementary soccer team where everybody goes away with some sort of medal. you get a little and you get a little. >> after election night you're going home and you have a split government and americans were breathe sigh of relief and investors did and both sides were cheering with a great night. >> bill: thank you. tsunami of stand by. >> stand by. we're learning more about the gunman who massacred 12 people inside the bar packed with
7:16 am
college students. ian long was no stranger to law enforcement. there were fears the mean veteran may have suffered from ptsd but assessment cleared him and there was a traffic collision three years ago. nine of the victims gunned down at the borderline bar have been identified as the community of thousand oaks mourns their loss, the families are going public and speaking about their loved ones. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends and came home. he doesn't come home last night. i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control and i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers. i want gun control. no more guns! >> bill: it's going to take time for thousand oaks to move forward as we hear from more. this is one of the scenes we saw
7:17 am
yesterday among the victims, sergeant ron helus responded from his patrol car and shot in the doorway of the bar. the sheriff said his friend died a hero and his presence saved lived inside. >> sandra: a hero for sure. michelle obama letting loose in a brand new book and why she says she'll never forgive president trump and what she's now saying about the night she learned trump would replace her husband. >> bill: and the caravan coming to the u.s. and we'll talk about the border security crackdown and president trump talked about it a moment ago. >> sandra: and holy cow, have you seen oil prices? they're going down bringing major relief to consumers. will opec and russia force prices higher? we'll see. 10 days in a row oil price have
7:18 am
fallen. >> they've come down because of me. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
7:19 am
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7:22 am
strangling the industry. it's a true american success story. it means the greatest paying jobs in the country -- >> sandra: everybody is wondering if this will lower gas prices. >> slowly.
7:23 am
>> sandra: they've been coming down. the average is $2.73 at the pump and that is down from $2.91 one month ago. that's almost a 20 cent drop. >> reporter: down 20%. it always goes down slower than they go up. but it's good for the consumer. it will be range-bound there. the bigger picture is the idea we control our destiny when it comes to this and it's really important. obviously again it means jobs and economic security. it was going into the hands people we don't want it to be. >> bill: we control our own destiny. >> oil and gas extraction and unemployment is 1.2%. in june of 2000 it was 11.5%. anybody anyone in that sector who wants a job has a job.
7:24 am
>> sandra: anyone thinking about gas prices they were thinking, oh, boy, i own exxon and chevron and the energy names are taking a big hit. >> chevron just posted an amazing report. those are names you hold on to because they pay big dividends an oil bounces around and the stock goes back up and in the meantime you get paid. >> bill: the keystone pipeline there's been a judge's ruling and the president was asked about this before he left for paris and said this. >> it was a political decision made by a judge. it's a disgrace. 48,000 jobs. i approved it. it's ready to start and they went and i guess it will end up going to the ninth circuit as usual. we're slowly putting new judges in the ninth circuit. everything goes to the ninth circuit. everything. >> it means the senate and being able to continue to put
7:25 am
better-minded judge is political activism from the judge. i'll tell what you the judge said. they didn't just blame it on climate change. they said there's no way to account what happens to the viability of the project if oil prices go down and said the effects of greenhouse gases. >> sandra: they didn't do their due diligence. >> they administration failed present fact and right-haright-hand -- reasoned explanations why we need a pipeline that creates 48,000 jobs and safer than rails and why we would need a pipeline to bring the energy down to refiners in louisiana and texas. you know, there wasn't a reasoned explanation. this is a political decision. >> sandra: very interesting. oil down 10 straight days, by the way. >> amazing. >> sandra: we'll be watching that. thank you. >> bill: the caravan of illegal migrants heading for the
7:26 am
u.s. and illegal border crossing are overloading our country and we'll talk with the plan and tom holman is our guest next. >> we want them to come in to our country but legally. we want people to come in through the merit system so that they can work for all these great companies that i have coming in to our country.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> i just signed the proclamation on asylum. very important. people can come in but they have to come in through the ports of entry and that to me is a very important thing. i reiterate we need democrat votes. they have to pass new immigration laws because they're flooding our country. we're not letting them in but they're trying to flood the
7:31 am
country. >> sandra: taking action as a migrant caravan from central america gets closer to the border and sign proclamation from seeking asylum. william la jeunesse is in mexico city. >> reporter: it's a huge curveball and let me explain why. the vast majority of women and children enter illegally not at a port of entry and claim asylum. the president is shutting off that channel saying it's not acceptable instead you'll see expeditious removal. you won't come to a shelter or get ankle braces and be released. we're at a sports complex at mexico city. some have left today going to i tijuan. and there's some dissension here
7:32 am
and there's migrant families here and another 3,000 to 4,000 according to in the state or federal government on the way. we spoke to three men earlier and they do not know about the president's proclamation but some attorneys were aware and said it's not going to be easy. >> i'm ready to follow the rules. i'm going to get to the border and request asylum or get in with my family and if there's a chance to stay, well. if they deport me at least i take a chance. >> we're telling them it's going to be difficult. we're telling them this administration is not amenable to asylum right now and even though many of them are looking to make claims they'll be up against a very tough system at the moment due to orders from above. >> reporter: that means the people here have a decision to make. do they take the offer from mexico on the table, stay a year and get a work permit and stay
7:33 am
here legally or take their chances at the border. the majority we talked to said listen, we're halfway there. we're going give it a shot. i don't think they fully understand -- i know they don't, what they'll get at the u.s. border in terms of this new rule and the military being there as well. i will tell you if all these 10,000 people show up at tijuan there's already a bottleneck. they can't handle them and they can't handle it from a humanitarian point of view. >> and we'll have a fox news contributor and former i.c.e. director. this is your area of expertise. what do you think the strategy on behalf of the president is? >> first, i want to comment the lady in the red coat i couldn't see her name but she made a comment they will not file legitimate claims for asylum. 91% of the folks claiming asylum lose their case.
7:34 am
so their frivolous or fruj -- fraudulent that get removed. 91% is a huge number of fraudulent claims. most the people, the vast majority don't qualify for asylum. second of all, the president's make good move. can't disrespect the laws of the country and then ask for relief. coming through the port of entry there's reasons why it makes sense. one, if they go through port of entry they're safe and surrounded by law enforcement and coming from mexico and don't have to worry about gangs or people ripping them off or robbing them and take the money from criminal organizations. they get paid to smuggle them across the border. now you don't need them and you go to the port of entry and you take money from the gang organizations an drug cartels
7:35 am
working through these areas. it helps all across the field and when you go through the port of entry it allows them to concentrate on other issues on the border like drugs, other illegal aliens and people that want to do harm to the country. it makes sense all the way around. >> sandra: i want to address the asylum claims and the number has spiked in recent years. the number of asylum in 2016, 180,000 plus. 2017, 330,000. address that for us. >> there you go. the world's not falling apart. first of all, let's make clear they to qualify for asylum you have to prove you're escaping fear and persecution because of race, religion, political affiliation. these people are escaping poverty. you have done lots of interviews and they want to come get a job and better life and i feel bad for the plight of these people
7:36 am
but poverty isn't a reason to claim siasylum. the numbers have increased because under the past administration you can claim gang violence and other things outside the rules and you get ali alile sile um. this president -- asylum. this president believes in the rule of law and the reason the numbers are high is because people are taking advantage. 91% were not qualified when they see an immigration judge. numbers speak to the storm of fraudulent applications. >> bill: we have a lot of going on, i'm sure you understand. how long before the first lawsuit is dropped on this order? >> probably 24 hours. he follow the same law on what they called the travel ban the supreme court held up and using the same authority and rules of law. i'm sure they'll file because they file everything against this president. this will be nothing different. >> bill: thanks for coming in.
7:37 am
>> sandra: thanks, tom. and the president taking his america first agenda overseas and meeting with world leaders as they mark 100 years since the armistice that ended world war i. greg palkot is live in paris. >> reporter: that's right. president trump should be here in the next several hours taking a bit of a break from the political wars in washington to deal with the end of a truly tragic one. french president macron has been marking the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. 16 million people were killed. today he was with prime minister may outside of paris at the battlefield and now at the ark de triumphe and they'll gather for a solemn ceremony.
7:38 am
remember trump was a guest of macron for a bastille day military parade and the president was i am -- impressed with the military. their friendship seems to have cooled off a bit. there's also been talk about a one-on-one between the president and russian president and there may be a chat. it's reported there's a leaders lunch and leaders dinner. no doubt time for chatter maybe about our post midterm. this is mostly about the bravery and the loss of soldiers of all countries of 116,000 u.s. soldiers killed in world war i. the president is set to visit two american cemeteries on saturday and sunday and will say some words and pay respects before he leaves. one final note, the president is taking a path on a leaders'
7:39 am
forum on sunday in paris organized by french president macron touting the benefit of globalism and the dangers of nationalism. go figure. back to you. >> sandra: the president and the first lady making their way now. >> bill: michelle obama now speaking out in a brand new book that will be available tuesday. she is blasting president trump. we got some reaction from that from the white house so our a-team's coming up and we'll take that up moment ir. >> sandra: and the president standing by on his decision on matthew whitaker. allan dershowitz next. >> every president deserves an attorney general he wan cork -- can work with.
7:40 am
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7:44 am
>> she got paid a lot of money. i'll give you controversy back. i'll never forgive what he did by not funding the military. it was depleted. everything was old and tired and i had to fix it. >> bill: he asked about michelle obama and side-step the answer and went after her husband. the former first lady blafsting the president. and shelby holiday and mark hen henry. what if that person went after our girls and president trump is putting my family's safety at risk and for this i'll never forgive him. >> i don't blame her. i think she's a sympathetic
7:45 am
figure and she has every right to be angry as a human being. and this is something all sides forget in the political debates. they are real human beings in some cases an president trump was attacking barack obama and has a wife and daughters and i tie it to our colleague tucker carlson. people love to attack tucker and take it to the next level and go to his home and try to terrorize his family. how dare they do that. i don't blame michelle obama for the attacks she and her husband faced and i don't blame tucker for being fired up for the nastiness. >> i think the book is also about more than just president trump though that's what we'll hear about for the next few weeks and michelle obama has massive events planned in chicago with oprah and l.a.
7:46 am
>> bill: it's the barclays center in brooklyn and the forum in california. >> we haven't heard
7:47 am
auto aa she writes about donald trump following hillary clinton around the stage and trying to diminish her presence. her message is i can lurt you and get -- hurt you and get away with it. >> some of the stuff i think you're reading into things. if that's the way she felt. >> bill: the words in the book are in darkened print. i can hurt you and get away with it. >> that's the way a lot of women felt. i was watching with a group of people and remember looking around at the women and watching the television. i think everyone i was with had
7:48 am
that same feeling. why is he stalking her and hovering over her. it was a powerful moments and one of the most powerful moments in the book. >> sandra: meanwhile, nancy pelosi is 100% confident she'll be the leader. >> what is your level of confidence you'll be speaker of the house? >> total. >> 100%? >> yeah. >> you don't think you'll have to deal with unusual opposition? >> if i do that's politics. this is not a day at the beach. without getting into the making a problem around here i feel confident where i am and i feel encouraged and overwhelming support in my caucus. >> here comes pelosi. >> she was asked whether she'd be speaker or not and said do you want know sing my praises,
7:49 am
i'm a master legislator. there's one reason why she'll get it, i believe. money. she handed it out and delivered. >> there's no obvious successor and some people pledge not to vote for her we'll see if they put their money where their mouth is. >> she has to hold the fractious party together and they're chomping at the bit to stay power. she has to make sure they state on the straight and narrow. >> sandra: and get ocasio-cortez an apartment. >> the president has the same kind of thing. the democrats have to find somebody to beat them. >> bill: thank you. great to have you back. >> sandra: and out of control wildfires raging this hour in california. thousands of people told to
7:50 am
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>> sandra: the sports world honoring the victims of the horrific mass shooting in california this week.
7:54 am
jarrod mack is here to explain. >> last night all the los angeles professional sports teams shared sympathies on social media every team. the kings host the minnesota wild and the players on both teams wore special patches on their jerseys. one word it set "enough" luke robetai robetaile saying we need to do more. proceeds go to the ventura victim family foundation and a blood drive was set outside the sports center. we have our largest communal gathering and they serve as opportunities to unite and bring out nationalism, patriotism, apolitical behavior about something which has become a political issue. the los angeles rams train four
7:55 am
miles away from thousand oaks. the rams took to twitter yesterday sharing a statement as well. something echoed by all throughout the los angeles sports community whether it's the rams or the quarterback goff and heartbroken was the word. >> bill: they said we're heartbroken by the shooting that took place in our community of thousand oaks and our thoughts and victims with the families. >> and he took to twitter. >> lebron said my thoughts with the families of those who lost loved one. >> you see more and more of it. the pittsburgh penguins were in town to play the capitals. the capitals raised over $38,000 that night in a 50/50 ralph and
7:56 am
the winner said take my donation as well. sometimes it brings people together. >> sandra: we're all heartbroken as we continue to learn more from the families of loved ones. >> bill: what do you say? thank you, jared. where is the race headed next? chris wallace joins us on the growing political battle in the midterms. yes, it's not over yet.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert bombshell development in the florida midterms as rick scott files a lawsuit accusing democrats of trying to steal the election. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: he leads the race by a narrow margin but the advantage shrinking by the day with some counties still counting ballots. president trump weighing in from the white house as he gets ready to leave for paris this is what he said about 90 minutes ago. >> there's a lot of bad stuff going on in this country and we're finding out and i'm getting to the bottom of it and i've done a job. it always seems to go the way of the democrats. what's going on in florida is a disgrace. take a look at the total
8:01 am
dishonesty of what happened with respect to broward county. broward county/election. there's a lot of dishonesty. >> sandra: chris wallace is the anchor of "fox news sunday." chris. >> the president is clearly upset and it all reminds us of 18 years ago with the 2000 election. you can certainly understand. who knows what's actually going on but you can understand republican concern on election night when we all said good-bye to each other. rick scott, the term limited running for a senate had a lead of 50,000 plus votes. as of now it's about 15,000 and broward and palm beach county keep saying there are more votes to count and one of the things that governor scott says is tell us how many votes are out there even if you can't count them yet. tell us how many votes are out
8:02 am
there. what's the universe and so far he says he's not getting word from election officials in broward or palm beach county about what the universe of total votes out there is. >> sandra: meanwhile, here's rick scott from the presser last night. >> there's 67 counties in florida. only these two counties are involved in these shenanigans. it's rank incompetence. that's clearly true but we'd be naive to not realize they could be trying to overrule the will of the voters of florida. >> sandra: what do you think about that? >> well, governor scott didn't offer any evidence there's actual vote fraud going on but it's obviously an issue of concern when there continue to be these new votes countied. he -- counted and said there were 600,000 and now it's over 700,000 and as the votes are counted his lead is shrunk and
8:03 am
shrunk dramatically by two-thirds. it looks like there's going to be an automatic recount and there's nothing wrong with that. the state law says if the margin is less than half a percent you have to have an automatic recount but it seems to be going dramatically in one direction. in a sense even more dramatically between gillam and de santis because he thought the results were so definitive he conceded to de santis and now he's unconceding as the margin has shrunk saying every vote must be counted. that certainly sounds like 2000. >> sandra: the chairman of the american conservative union mark schlapp was on in the 9:00 hour and had say. >> the republicans are winning on election night next thing you know they find ballots which is
8:04 am
what happened in broward county. they found ballots and started counting them. they never told us how many they still have to count so that leads someone who is cynical and i'm cynical because i've watched the races get stolen, if you don't know how many you're counting it's easy to make up the difference. >> sandra: meanwhile, here's the response from chuck schumer and he writes in a democracy no one can prevent the lawful counting of votes. we will not allow him or anyone else to steal this election, chris. >> i've got to say, it's déjà vu all over again as yogi berra said. it sounds like 2000 every vote must be counted but concerned about ballots people didn't know about. nobody is alleged fraud because they don't have evidence of that but it's curious that in a couple of counties the total
8:05 am
universe of votes out there before they're counted, 600,000, 700,000? people aren't saying and people on the republican side are legitimately concerned how many votes are there out there. we may get more clarity tomorrow because by tomorrow, by saturday all the counties have to report what their vote count is so the state election commission. if you think it will be over saturday i we're headed to the courts. there's important races the senator from florida and governor from florida in doubt. >> sandra: rick scott used that word. he accused democrats of conducting a coordinated effort to steal elections in a campaign of possible rampant fraud. these are the words he used, chris. >> at this point we don't have evidence to support that. we certainly have suspicions.
8:06 am
but it's not like somebody can sit and say this didn't happen and they're making it up. as i say, this is going to end up in the courts and it's going to be long and messy and the only thing we can be thankful for at least it isn't for president of the united states. >> sandra: and one can assume it will come up on "fox news sunday" we'll be watching this weekend. >> thank you. >> bill: good to hang with you this week, by the way. he loved his experience in new york city. >> sandra: we loved having him on set. >> bill: sarcasm in there, chris. a moment ago -- is this on board air force one? a tweet from the president they ran a great race in georgia and writes he won. it's time to move on. how about that? >> sandra: okay. >> bill: not even air force one can stop you from the twitter feed. >> sandra: he tweets aboard air force one all the time.
8:07 am
he's on his way to paris with the first lady. meanwhile -- >> bill: president trump sign proclamation from seeking asylum from my -- mike >> we need democrat votes to change immigration. we want people to come in to our country but they have to come in legally. >> bill: white house correspondent kevin corke. how concerned are they this can end up in the court yet again? >> reporter: it's a good question. i don't think they're terribly concerned because the belief is the travel ban ruling codify the president's authority in law and if it ends up in the court of law they're confident the
8:08 am
president has the authority to make this proclamation and change policy along the border. let me share a bit of what the president and white house released with the immigration proclamation is concerned. he's using the authority granted to him by the national at act to manage and protect the integrity of our immigration system and this declares migrants seeking asylum must present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. you heard a lot about that. you heard illegal i'll ens will no longer -- aliens will no longer get fraudulent asylum. it goes on to say migrants seeking alile um -- asyl asylum will have to present themselves at a port of entry. >> i signed the proclamation. they can come in but through the
8:09 am
ports of entry. >> reporter: critics argue this flies in the face of convention as it relates to asylum seeking across the globe and assume it will end up in the court of law. >> bill: on to paris with the president and first lady set for france. >> reporter: they were aboard air force one making their way to beautiful paris to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. the occasion is not expected to involve a formal interaction with russia's president, vladamir putin. people have been asking about that and the president said that will likely not happen until later this month at the g20. >> we're heading off to europe. it should be a beautiful period of time. the 100th anniversary of the ending of world war i. we have many countries and the leadership of many countries there especially since they heard the united states will be
8:10 am
there. we look forward to that. >> reporter: looking forward to it and we're looking forward to coverage with john roberts and greg palkot already on the ground in paris. we'll have coverage four this weekend. >> bill: thank you, kevin corke nice to see you from the north lawn. >> sandra: fox news alert. investigators trying to figure out what sent a marine veteran on the bloody rampage to that bar packed with college students ian david long killing 12 people before killing himself. the mayor of thousand oaks, california spoke with us in the last hour. >> it's affected us in thousand oaks. even my own children had acquaintances with people at the bar that night and some of the vi victims. thousand oaks was one of the safest cities in the country the day before yesterday and remains today. >> sandra: jonathan hunt is live in thousand oaks, california.
8:11 am
he's talking about bringing his community back together after the horrific event. >> reporter: yeah, that is clearly going to take some time to do for everybody to heal here in thousand oaks. we're also getting a disturbing glimpse of what it was like inside the borderline bar and grill when the shooting happened. take a listen now and watch the cell phone video shot inside as the shooter came in. watch here. it's tough to watch but gives you a real glimpse of the fear and panic among the 150 to 200 customers inside the bar at the time when 28-year-old ian david long walked in clad entirely in black we're told and started shooting randomly at anybody who
8:12 am
crossed his path. ian long was a veteran of the u.s. marine corps and served a combat deployment in afghanistan and apparently suffered some mental health issues. that of course does not explain what triggered his rampage but fbi investigators say they will do everything they can to get some answers for the victims' families. listen here. >> i'll assure you we will follow all the leads developed through witness interviews and evidence recovery and forensic efforts and any social media we recover and will be sure to paint a picture of the state of mind of the subject and do our best to identify motivation. >> reporter: now, we now know the names of most of the 12 victims they include by the way,
8:13 am
one man who survived the las vegas massacre in october 2017 at a country music concert but died wednesday night here at a country music bar. sandra. >> sandra: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: an update on the condition of ruth bader ginsburg details in a moment and back to the wildfires in california and we'll take you live. these are live pictures from thousand oaks, california where the shooting happened as well and we're getting records malibu is being evacuated. we're live near the fire line as the images continue to come in to us in new york. check that out. >> sandra: and some critic believe acting a.g. matthew whitaker has no business overseeing the mueller investigation. president trump strongly disagrees. what does alan dershowitz think about that? he'll tell us next. >> mueller was appointed to look into russia not everything under the sun.
8:14 am
it was about russia. if you find something about russia, deal with it. if he doesn't, end this.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> bill: another alert. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg she has been discharged from the hospital and is now working from home. how about that. she's 85 as you know admitted to the hospital yesterday morning and fractured three ribs in a
8:18 am
fall wednesday night in her office so she is now on the mend. that's fantastic news for a strong, strong woman. >> sandra: glad to hear she's doing better. >> i think he'll do a very good job and we'll see what happens but i'll say this, matt whitaker is a highly respected man and you didn't have any problem with matt whittaker when he worked for jeff sessions. >> sandra: president trump is standing by attorney general whitaker and many are calling for him to recuse himself from the russia investigation. let's bring in alan dershowitz former harvard emeritus. you heard the conversation the country's having and the critic and the support of the president. where do you stand here? >> well, a number of attorney generals i know and i have a lot of respect for but this
8:19 am
pettition is somewhat hypocritical because they want the investigation to be done by rod rosenstein. he's more subject to recusal than whitaker. rosenstein is a witness and the one who wrote the letter and may have been his idea initially to fire comey and that's the investigation and you have a man overseeing the investigation who is a witness and possible subject and yet none of the str state attorney generals are calling for his recusal. you have to look at whitaker and rosenstein and ask yourself whether rosenstein should be involved in the investigation at all. the matter of whitaker is controversial and subject to dispute but i think rosenstein's
8:20 am
recough -- recusal is not a merit. >> sandra: in the op-ed he wrote any investigation into president trump's finances or finances of his family would go to rob rosenstein as appointment for special counsel and here's what was written. acting a.g. whitaker is hostility to the investigation disqualifies him from overseeing robert mueller. we are calling on whitaker to recuse himself immediately, #protectmueller. where does this go? >> rosenstein has expressed real hostility to president trump and he may be subject to removal from office under the 25th
8:21 am
amendment. look, you have to pass the shoe on the other foot test. if the argument you're making is against whittaker are more strongly applicable to rosenstein you can't just make the arguments against whitaker. you have to make them equally strongly against rosenstein. unless you do that, it shows a real partisanship and political thumb on the scale. i would hope the state attorneys general would think hard whether rosenstein under their criteria should be reused and i think he should be. >> sandra: good to have you back on the program. thank you. >> bill: the military arriving on the border gearing up to support border patrol. we'll get an inside look at the critical mitch and another undecided senate race in arizona. the votes are coming in. are we heading for another recount in the southwest? >> we know there's urgency out
8:22 am
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8:26 am
they have set up a massive temporary base camp in texas in the rio grand valley it's the hub for the mission in the region. the place where every asset passes through on its way to assist u.s. customs and border protection. >> we're making sure the equipment comes for them to do that mission and it's ready to go through maintenance and service and when the soldiers come they have chow to eat. >> reporter: the dod said the military is there to assist
8:27 am
border patrol whether it's beefing up the ports of entry or using razor wire. >> bill: there's efforts on the mission. >> reporter: in border communities the mayor of laredo, texas said it will hurt their local economy. the commissioners in the rio grand valley denounced the mi militarizition of the border showing it hurts tourism and local businesses an local residents held protests saying it's not the answer. >> it's uncalled for. there's not a necessity. all it does is send a negative message about this country and i hate to say that. >> reporter: now, it is important to note the opposition wants to clarify it is not against the men and women of the u.s. military, bill, rather they are against them being deployed
8:28 am
down at our border. >> bill: from dallas, thank you, casey. >> sandra: fox news alert, massive wildfires raging in california. thousands of people already forced out of their homes. we'll take you live to the scene next. >> bill: and house republicans reshuffling their deck as the balance of pourer shift to democrats and mark walker is one of those up for a new leadership post and we'll talk about that and the results of tuesday night and what they mean coming up. >> i worked when we were in the minority before and we had a bigger obstacle to overcome the majority. our first goal is to move america forward. the next goal is to win the majority back.
8:29 am
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phone, and call the number on your screen. the call is free. and licensed humana sales agents are standing by. so call now. >> sandra: midterms not over yet in phoenix and kyrsten sinema with the lead over martha mcsally. >> reporter: sandra, might still be a week or so before every
8:32 am
last vote is counted but yesterday was a huge day for democrat, sinema as she overtook the deficit coming out of election night and now leads the statewide tally by 9600 votes. that's one half of one percent of the votes counted. the biggest news out of maricopa county, the largest in arizona. she led by 8,000 votes on election night and has now stretched that lead to 2.5%. over one republican has won a statewide race without winning in maricopa county that was for a special superintendent race. martha mcsally still believes she can pull it out a campaign statement said with half a million votes to be counted we feel confident as votes get counted from across the state, martha mcsally will be elected senator. nearly all the remaining ballots are in maricopa county so democrats would have flipped the
8:33 am
seat vacated by jeff flake. the republican party has sued counties on verifying ballots when there's not a perfect signature match. maricopa and three other counties are calling voters to confirm their votes. other counties only do that to election day and throw out the late ballots with a signature issue. the head of elections told me yesterday he's always worked to make sure every vote counts regardless of how it's done elsewhere. >> like in the other 3,000 counties in the united states, we run our operation and we run our operation and we're constitutionally elected officers. i wanted to get every voter's signature validated if i could to get every ballot counted, if i could. >> reporter: we're hearing the lawsuit is scheduled later today for maricopa county. meanwhile the vote count continues through the weekend. sandra. >> sandra: we'll see where all that goes.
8:34 am
>> bill: republican lawmakers back in d.c. are work their way towards leadership jobs in the new house minority. congressman kevin mccarthy and jim jordy made it clear they'd like to be the new house minority leader. we go to north carolina and the republican running unopposed. thank you for your time today. good to have you on the program. when you run unopposed i guess there's no recount. we have a lot of going on now. >> we do. >> bill: what is your sense about coming off tuesday night among your colleagues? what are you thinking and losing some 30 seats to democrats? >> for most of us for 80% to 85% of us, this will be brand new. most of the republicans that have been elected were after the 2010 when nancy pelosi were speaker. none of us like to be in the minority but i will tell you this, it wasn't frankly the blue wave that we were told, 30
8:35 am
something seats compared to 65, 63 seats in 2010 and 30 something during the clinton investigation. we have work to do. we have to work on the relationships to continue to carry out the agenda. >> bill: what is your sense how nancy pelosi will approach it? do you believe the next two years will be productive or not, sir? >> if measured based on the path we have not seen anything from ms. pelosi she'll want to be a new bipartisan transition. i don't see it happening. it doesn't mean i'll be opposed to working on things like additional middle-class tax reform or structure. there's no pattern of behavior to support that. >> bill: moments ago mitch mcconnell was talking about a divided government in america. >> i always said divided government is not unusual. we've had divided government more often than not since world war ii. so what are the american people
8:36 am
saying when they elect divided government? i think they're saying why don't you look for the things you can agree on and do those. >> bill: would you expect that? your last answer indicated that but this is washington. >> it is washington. you always want to be hopeful and look to the future but as realists we also have to base our decisions based on past decisions an past words and for the minority leader potential speaker there's no word that will happen we'll see what happens over the next few weeks. listen, we're willing to work with anybody when it comes to meeting the needs specifically for me and north carolinians. >>
8:37 am
>> bill: a quote constantly playing defense we need to work as a team to use our messaging tools to drive our agenda. i imagine you don't disagree with that? >> no, we've been talk about that as far as setting a path or tone when it comes to messaging. too times we found ourselves reactionary opposed to proactive. republicans have to do a better job in building the relationships to build the conduit to take our policies to our under privileged communities. how many times i have heard republicans don't care. republicans do care but it's time we proved it. >> bill: what is your sense about the ongoing battle for the senate? arizona's battle and we'll see which way it goes. you may have a long and nasty fight in florida, sir. >> we may. i was raised in santa rosa
8:38 am
county, florida. it looks like the broward blunder will happen again. it's amazing, bill, to me that folks in some counties some without power can count their ballots but once again broward has a problem. >> bill: did you say broward blender? >> yes. if there's a pattern i think it would be accurate. >> bill: thank you for your time. the republican from north carolina, mark walker. thank you for coming in today. >> sandra: california dealing with multiple wildfires, fast-moving fires burning in parts of southern and northern california forcing thousands from their homes. officials describing what they see as mass devastation. claudia cohen is live in paradise, california. claudia. >> reporter: that's right. standing in the rubble of what was somebody's home and a life time of memories and hundreds of other homes have suffered a
8:39 am
similar fate in paradise about two hours north of sacramento after the camp fire exploded here early yesterday morning prompting a massive evacuation. people raised out with what they could and the smoke and ash turning skies dark adding to chaos and when roads got congested people abandoned their cars and ran from flames. the local hospital is gone. 27,000 people were told to leave and evacuation orders have spread to chico a large college town. fire has grown to 500,000 acres and a bigger disaster looms in los angeles and ventura county. the fire jumped the 101 freeway that runs along the coast prompting an evacuation of malibu. 13,000 residents being told there's an imminent threat and get out now. and the hill fire, more than
8:40 am
10,000 acres and the fires have taken out scores of homes and buildings. exact numbers aren't known because it all happened in the last 24 hours. first responders getting around to estimating the cause later and while there's been several injuries including the firefighters, thankfully no confirmed reports of any fatalities. california has not had any significant rainfall now for many many months. dangerous fire conditions remain with strong gusty winds, low humidity, high temperatures and now three major wildfires burning in california and a long road ahead for people who have lost everything. >> sandra: claudia cowan thank you. >> bill: there's word bob mueller may be ready to give his report and how far he is in the investigation. >> i did a great job.
8:41 am
i was a grate candidate. she was a bad candidate. i went to wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. she didn't do a good job. this has nothing to do with russians. it's a russian hoax.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> bill: so a federal judge defying request from joaquin guzman's attorneys to hug his wife the judge saying it's a rule for high offenders. el chapo has pleaded not guilty to oversee drug cartel and money laundering and conspiracy to commit murder. >> i haven't ruled out anything or thought about it. i'm thinking about the world. i'm not thinking about sit downs or not sit downs. there was no collusion. it's a whole hoax. this was a thing set up by the democrats. >> sandra: that was president
8:45 am
trump earlier this morning on his way to paris. now that the midterm elections are over the white house reportedly preparing for what comes from from special counsel's robert mueller's investigation. eric tucker joins us now. what happens next? good morning, eric. >> good morning. i should preface this by saying there's a great degree of tea-leaf reading but there's indications we're near the end stages of the investigation. we know for instance the president has received written questions from mueller his lawyers are in the process of reviewing to respond to and a grand jury is continuing to hear testimony and that would suggest there's at least one more indictment coming. >> sandra: in your latest piece in the a.p. you talked about mueller keeping a low profile
8:46 am
with election day this past tuesday but now you're seeing hints of public developments ahead. they're moving forward in key questions in this. what are you seeing? >> i anticipate we'll see am at some point soon the completion of the written report and i imagine the report will address, as you said, the critical questions on the collusion and obstruction front. it's not clear when we'll see that or how public that will be but it's clearly the next major phase of the investigation. mueller had been working quietly on that. i think it's clear that will be within the coming weeks or months for sure. >> sandra: here more sound from president trump since it's the latest we heard from him on this complaining robert mueller was not confirmed through the senate either when asked why whitaker
8:47 am
was not. watch. >> neither has mueller, excuse me. you talk about the senate process. mueller is doing the report. he gone through the senate process. he should have been senate confirmed. because of all the conflicts they didn't want to bring him before the senate but don't tell me about whitaker because mueller was not senate confirmed. whitaker was. >> sandra: how do you address that? >> i'm actually not aware of any legal requirement that would have required bob mueller to be confirmed by the senate or appointed to special counsel. there haven't been too many examples of special counsel when you look to fitzpatrick appointed to investigate he wasn't senate confirmed though
8:48 am
he was a u.s. attorney and robert mueller has been senate confirmed as a fbi director for 12 years. it's also similarly not clear matt whitaker needs a senate confirmation. >> sandra: what is next in all this as far as what we're hearing from lawmakers, eric. here is senator jeff flake on legislation to protect mueller. he sent out a tweet. when the senate convenes next week chris coomes will act for to vote on the senate floor after the firing of the a.g. it's more important than ever to protect the special counsel, eric. >> there's no question there's alarm he use the special investigation sceptically and
8:49 am
challenged the scope of the mueller investigation. when you look at that taken together and in fairness these are comments before he joined the justice department but they're raising concerns there could be a way in which matt whitaker in his role as acting attorney general could do things that would affect the mueller investigation. we have no reason to think that would or will happen but that's the backdrop in which these concerns are unfolding. >> sandra: eric tucker, interesting piece in the a.p. as far as the indictment and final report and the white house bracing for what is next with mueller. thank you for coming on the program this morning. >> bill: up next, melissa will take us to the long weekend. >> happy friday and back to the future in florida, bill. with echos of the 2000 presidential election and those hanging chads. seems recounts will be coming in the race for governor and senator and things are getting
8:50 am
ugly with accusations of fraud and funny business getting tossed around. >> sandra: the president making a change to the asylum. >> it's a slow news friday. >> that and our guy in the middle top of the hour, bill. >> bill: we have breaking news. word of a potential cease fire between ham has -- hamas and israel and the scene of more protests. we'll check that out next. i am a family man.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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8:53 am
>> sandra: fox news alert quick look at the dow. it's off 226 points on this
8:54 am
friday morning but note all the major averages are still firmly here for the week. so looking like they'll finish the week in the green, today something they don't like maybe it's a drop in the oil prices, talking about the fed or reading interest rates later some of that may be factor in but context is everything. >> bill: wait until the afternoon. >> sandra: anything can happen. >> bill: stand by. to the middle east. a cease fire between hamas and israel has been reached after months of negotiations. what are the terms of the agreement? what have we learned? >> reporter: hi, bill. we can report at this hour israel and hamas reached a cease-fire agreement we learned that from a senior official who provided fox news with the agreement. it has two parts a short-term
8:55 am
and long-term deal and you'll see more medical starts and a fishing zone will be extended from nine to 12 miles and one objective met earlier this week, israel allowing the transfer of money from the government of qatar allowing officials in gaza to be paid salaries and additionally increased electricity for residents on the gaza strip behind me. looking at the long-term portion of the deal, a six-month window, according to the official who provided the information to fox news from inside gaza and you'll be looking at the continuation of salary transfers from the israeli government and solving some electricity problems for the gaza residents and looking at the sewage and water issues for gaza residents. israel has agreed to take care of many of those issues and we're reporting that exclusively on fox news.
8:56 am
along the israel-gaza border the protests erupted but they were less violent than in the past and a few rounds of ammunition fired at protesters but there have been prior escalations so there's movement on the ceasefire and questions remain whether the ceasefire will remain intact and whether hamas will keep up their end of the bargain and calling for a blockade on the strips. >> sandra: more on the controversy brewing in florida. rick scott filing suit accusing democrats of stripping -- trying to steal the election. >> you go to wednesday morning after the election and rick scott is up 64,000 votes and
8:57 am
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>> bill: all right, kid. >> sandra: is that it? ten seconds to go. what a week of this is been. bill hemmer, go rest up, buddy. we will see you back here monday morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, the midterms may be over, but the show down is just beginning for the period over to high stakes races. now florida governor and senate candidate, rick scott, is filing lawsuits accusing top election officials in two heavily democratic counties of trying to steal the election as a result tighten up there. a mandatory recount appears imminent in that contest, and in florida's gubernatorial race between republican ron desantis and democrat andrew gillum. this is to is "outnumbered." i melissa francis. here today's harris faulkner


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