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tv   Modern Warriors A Veterans Day Special  FOX News  November 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. [ chanting "usa" ]. >> i'm an infantry rifle platoon leader. i tend to be pretty violent. i don't lose a wink of sleep over the enemies that we've killed. >> gunfighter born and raised. plain and simp no apologies for it. >> a team of four navy seels
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were onavy s.e.a.l.swere on a m. only one made it ou out, marcus luttrell. he wrote a book about surviving and it's been made into a film. >> we don't train for defeat. >> the president is set to award the medal of honor to a living marine, only two living recipients have received the award for actions in iraq and afghanistan. this is marine corporal dakota meyer. >> it's been said that where there is a brave man, the thickest of the fight, there is the post of honor. today we pay tribute to americans who placed themselves in the thick of the fight. again and again and again. >> it doesn't matter the medals on my chest. we all raised our right hand. >> freedom itself was attacked this morning. >> freedom will be defended.
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>> the more we trained on it, the more we realize thd is going trealized this isgoing to be a . >> anything you do can get you killed, including nothing. >> these are modern warriors. thanks for joining us and welcome to modern warriors, a veterans day special. i'm your host pete hetio seg se. i'm honored to host this event. i'm joined by four special guys four war fighters, four fathers, four patriots and four veterans. and i'm grateful to call all four of these guy as friend. and you're going to get to know them even more over the course of the hour. but they're four of the most accomplished and high profile veterans and war fighters of the 9/11 generation. they gave a lot on the battlefield and they continue to
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give back. i call them gentleman, tw. marcus luttrell wrote a book and did an additional tour in arook. rob o'neill, over a dozen deployments, 400 come brat missions. you know him from the man who put bullets in bin laden's head but a part of the captain phillips rescue. two silver stars, four bronze stars, wrote the book "the operator." >> there's a funny joke about that. i've had army buddies tell him i'm like the forrest gump only i'm not as good looking and i can't run as nas fast >> army ranger combat veteran sean parnell, serve 485 days in
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the hills of afghanistan, one of the most highly decorated platoons in the war. 85% of your guys came home with a purple heart. you were wounded twice, author of the book "platoon." dakota sniper, part of an embedded training team in afghanistan. your life changed on september 8 wt, 2009. i printed out this citation for the medal of honor. during a six-hour firefighter corp meyer turned the tide on the battle saving marine and soldiers were four separate times he charged a kilometer into the taliban. he killed eight taliban, personally evacuated 12 wounded. dakota thanks for being here. all of you guys thank for being
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here. i want to start in the middle of it. in combat. every veteran who puts on the uniform, you don't know what area you're going to be in. you were put in an moment, put in a moment, put in a moment and put in 485 days of a moment. >> i was a young 24-year-old kid. all of my noncommissioned officers, all of the soldiers in the platoon had more combat experience than i did. their boots and experience had more experience in combat than i did but somehow i was supposed to be their leader. i was lucky that i had guys that taught, coached and mentored me every step of the way how best to be a servant leader. we're dropped on the mountain in one of our first combat missions in afghanistan. we're overlooking into pakistan and our job was back then in 2006, close in and destroy the enemy. there was nothing else to our mission. that's what we were trying to do. >> it's a whole other thing once
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you're there. >> i called for a fire mission first thing in the morning own june 10th, got attacked, had 32 guys 0en the ground. nightinfighting was hand-to-han. we were surrounded and outmanned and outgunned by an overwhelming superior force and we fawrgt or asses off trying to get out of there alive. >> you guys were a bit more on the convention nam side. the ground troop day. you didn't expect that ambush to come and you flipped a switch. >> i remember the whole conversation driving in under darkness was about how we're going to come home and hang out together. we were talking about how we couldn't wait to come home, where we're going to drink beer at. the important stuff, right? really it was literally just to tell you like before we entered the village, before we left that morning it was like hey, hopefully we can get back and eat chow at the courthouse hall. that was really the mind-set.
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and you know eight hours later i'm putting my entire team in a body bag sending them home and i've lost everything. and i mean, you know, that's how fast it goes. you don't expect -- when you're on the special operations side sometimes you're carrying the initiative because you're the one come in. >> mountain fighting is different. we all know that, right? and my job, i was in reconnaissance. i'm not supposed to get in a firefight. we're the eyes on the target and then after we gather all of the intelligence, we send it back before you drop a bomb or before the guys come in we have to get the eyes on and then we wrote down on the side of the mountaiw beautiful it was out there. eight and a half hours it took us to go four miles and once we set up shop on the sides of the mountain -- we were always going down there. the best way i describe the gunfight in my own words is first of all, cele seals, we lor
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job. the best way i can describe it, imagine a football game played on the side of a mountain. we weren't supposed to get rolled up. soft compromises, that never happened. once the enemy showed up and horseshoed an ihorseshoed aroune football game is on. >> people don't understand how good the enemy we faced in afghanistan. >> they're not farmers with pitch fork ares.s. they're really good at what they do. >> if they're good at something i don't say that. they're great gunfighters and great mountai mountaineers. >> you can see what they wear. when you're wearing 90 pounds of gear, these dudes are rolling around with an ak -- they're carrying water.
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yeah. >> does it get different, the 400th time than the first time? >> it does but it shouldn't. because complacency kills. and if you do something right 400 times, the 401st time is going to get you. anything you do can get you killed including nothing. we did the thing on the pakistani border, we ended up getting ambushed. there's no worse feeling than realizing his bullets can reach you but you can't reach him. you might as well not shoot back. being veterans day, hopefully have a budty comin buddy coming. i love pilots. the pilot showed up realizing we're on the ground. it takes a lot to call in close air support. we realized we've got adrenaline going. the first thing the pilot said was just talk to me like i'm a man. and i responded with, i see why
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women find you attractive. >> the scary sounds. >> sniper coming at you. >> oh my gosh. >> you really can't tell where it's coming from. >> it's not even -- you can tell the difference like people get shot at, you can tell a difference when te start worrying. you can hear the shooting but when you hear the hit on the paper. >> when rocks start popping up magically in a row. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> something is not right. >> you know what is also terrible is hearing them scream. i remember being on the hill a couple of times and the enemy is probably from 20 feet away from me and you can hear them screaming at you and you're yelling back at them and you see the 8-inch knives on their belt. there was a time where i was going to order a bayonet charge and then i realized that the army didn't issue bayonets. >> the scariest thing i remember
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is hearing a rocket come in. like hearing the -- it's too late but just hearing it come in not knowing where it's coming from, not knowing where it's going to i hit. the rpgs too, just hearing them come. >> rpg. >> i don't lose a wink of sleep over the enemies that we called in afghanistan. that's the god's honest truth. what stays with me is the screams of my brothers that were wounded in combat and sometimes died on the battlefield that i couldn't help. that to me is the scariest thing. >> talk to me about that brotherhood. it's veterans day. there is a memorial day and we memorialize that properly. but can't help guys like you who have been in the places where you've been to think about the guys you've been with. >> i can tell you who they were by their gait and the way they walked at midnight today 12 years after the fact. >> i know what it is. >> our training hasn't changed from day one week one to the time we get out we're pounded in
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the head. >> people ask what do cow do when you get in combat. i do what i'm trained to do. bf they put a weapon in our hands, that's what we are. that's when they put something in our hand where it becomes muscle memory. we actually start going faster when they wear us out. >> and the more chaos and pain we get, the more comfortable we are. >> the more you hone in on the basics. >> everything slows down for us, the faster it gets, the slower it gets. >> i want to throw the word alone out there for a second. you talk about the brotherhood and camaraderie but at some level at some moment each one of you have been alone even though you brothers were there. >> i never felt alone. i knew that my men were going to have my back. >> the only time i felt alone is when i was alone and i was afraid. i buried myself and i had to get in my head and tell myself where i was, i was in hell man, you
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guys came and got me. i never thought about quitting. we never train for defeat. and the only time i felt alone is when i got out. they rea really separated us. the guys have to go on living their life and it's so fast paced. you called them um, man, i got to go. normally im we would talk for a while. >> i his combat. the only thing i got to worry about is life and death. the only thing i got to worry about. now i got to get to soccer, pay this credit card bill, i g got o go to the grocery store and i hate going to the grocery store. it's more complicated. >> i felt alone two times, as soon as i found all of my teammates dead. that's the loan aniest i've ever been in my life. it can't be real. and the second part is, like marcus said, getting out.
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me and marcus had a thing, he put it best. i go to marcus house on the weekend, two or three times a month and it's like the regroup. that's our base. we talk about it, get back. that's kind of like the base. and then whenever i leave there or he leaves, we both look and say we're about to go out on a mission, right? >> the military trains you to shoot move together and then in combat you die together and then you come back and everybody goes their own direction. >.it can be challenging. >> i'm so tired of this dude. >> the kids -- i'm ready to go back to combat. >> more kus is talkin marcus ise difference of being afraid and having fear. fear is going to make you think more clearly. being afraid you might panic. but being in places where i felt fear, i remember looking at my guys being impressed, my god,
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these guys are cool. >> so true. >> they're probably afraid too but they're doing their job. i'm not going to let it overtake me. i want to be like them. it doesn't matter -- if you portray calm, doesn't matter if you feel it inside, people will be calm around you. if you portray panic, same thing. i want to be cool like him. >> funny like that. i had a guy in my platoon from russia, a guy from ha haiti. most of these guys weren't citizens when they came to defend the country. i thought that all of the time i i want to be as cool as the guy from russia. you know what i mean? >> i think this, i want to be as cool as pete, i want to be as cool as all of y'all. >> normally you can't get me to shut up. >> i have to do my job which is take us to commercial break here on fox news channel. on the other side i promise you more of this kind of conversation.
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also what's special about this table, these are four guys who didn't do it for the glory on the battlefield but have sense by recognized. i'm going the talk about what it means to be thrust into the national spotlight and how that changes you as an american.
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known to be in control. under intense enemy fire, meyer managed to find and recover the bodies of four fallen servicemen and whelped save the lives of 36 american and afghan troops. at the age of 2 23 dakota meyere became the first living marine to receive the medal of honor. >> welcome back to "modern warriors, a veterans day special" on the knox news channel. what it's like to be not another level of veteran. i think you're probably the clearest example of that in that you were -- one moment you're a corporal in a valley, the next moment you're stand in the white house and barack obama is putting a medal of honor around your neck. >> yeah. >> you're young. >> i was 23 whenever i
5:21 pm
couldn't -- i was the first living marine since vietnam. it's not like the marine corps knew what to do. it was a lot of trial and error. and you know, i guess there's a lot of good to it but it adds a whole other dynamic of transitioning out. of having the world, the nation criticizing and having their -- having to live in the court of public opinion about how you live your life, right? so it provides unique challenges. but on the back side it's provided me a platform to be able to go it out and give a ve to the guys who were on the ground. that's how i try to live my life. >> marcus you were thrust into the spotlight whether you wanted to or not. >> i was still in it when the book came out. i just got hurt again in iraq. but i have been protected on
5:22 pm
high ground. the book is a debrief. and two weeks after i was on the "today" show. catapulted out. i've had to go on tv, media training, the book, all of that. it was unbelievable. and i didn't want it at first but then you're an independent operator, i still am not too long ago. i carry myself like i'm going to walk into their mother or father and if they see me on tv acting like a fool, i never tbo forget that. >> we get home, thanks for your service, where did you serve. you were in afghanistan. thank god you were in afghanistan. iraq was so dangerous. and my guys would come back, i just got shot in the head last week. a young lieutenant who came out medically retired, i had to figure out a way to tell their story. i wrote the book to honor them, you know. >> i've heard you say many times we went on that mission
5:23 pm
believing we wouldn't come home. you said it could have been any guy that went through that door, it ended up being you. you were one of the last guy to tell your story frankly but it has been told and since a lot of eyes have been looking at you, what's that like? >> i turned that corner because of the brave guy in front of me. he went to one and i had to go to the other based on the tactics. but my story is out there, whether i like it or not i've given a platform to give recognition to other people. obviously the first person is the pilot who decided to crash land the first helicopter in the front yard in the blank of an eye. >> marcus right here. >> what's funny, he did. he pitted against the wall and said a junior pilot would have tried to power up and that would have killed everybody because it would have rolled. they took the time to figure out how to open the door in those super secret burrs.
5:24 pm
what if we couldn't open the door, which is true. they got us out. the mechanics that made the things work and the analysts. a lot of them don't want the recognition but there's so many people out there doing their part. it's a team. open when something goes bad with one of our boys, we're all coming. >> we're coming. >> you don't have to worry about us. you have to know what comes with me, who cares about me and who loves me. when you find out somebody is willing to die for you and bleed for you, that's the gift i got, and loyalty. >> can i throw something out. i had not anticipated saying. there are no living medal of honor recipients from the iraq war. not one. >> i did not. >> when you consider how long we were there and how tough the fighting was. just something to throw out there. >> hopefully, you know, we make that right. >> for a while it felt political. it was the war people didn't want to talk about. >> i think or politicians need to know they have a moral obligation to win anywhere they send troops.
5:25 pm
if not you're going to have an entire generation of troops come back ask what the hell did i bleed the ground red in afghanistan for if we were going to cede it back to the taliban. >> i'm a big believer in it doesn't matter how we got here, we're here. >> right. >> so iraq is a war, we should have gone in, fine. >> so they put the rules out in the battlefield instead of talking about. >> you want to lose a war quickly, get lawyers and politicians involved. >> and reelected come in, saying i want to end this. you can't drag us out of here in one day. that's not how it works. >> on the other side of the break and later on in this program we're going to talk about the military today. we're going to talk about rules of engagement, what it's like to be a warrior when the politicians get involved. if you love this conversation, if you want more of it, you can go to fox sf we're going to have some outtakes. if you think this is good, wait for the outtakance the
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>> live from america's space headquarters, i'm anita vogel. wild fires are burning up both sides of california. the most destructive in-state history leveling the entire city of paradise in northern california. this is the will is a fire burning in southern california. it has scorch 80000 acres and is about 10% contained. the fires have killed at least 25 people in dozen more are missing. a recount of florida underway to determine the winners of three seats including the watches for governor and senator. in the senate race, rick scott holds a razor thin lead over bill nelson. in the governor's race, rhonda santos has a slight lead over milan. the recount must be completed by thursday.
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now back to modern warriors, veterans day special >> let's talk about transition to civilian life. he said some of the most difficult parts of combat are coming home. >> it's everything from how to dress from the interview to
5:32 pm
mentors. there is interest in helping the transition. >> my initial reaction is that hats. >> i'm a navy seal so you're entitled. >> know you're not. >> when i got out i thought the world owed me something. i penned a comment, this is before i got the metal. i just had this you owe me, until i got rid of that attitude and started working with toyota and the u.s. chamber of commerce to help the transition part. i got out as a sniper. there's not too many jobs as snipers. but, i had to figure out how to translate that. i was good at microsoft excel. and office on powerpoint and briefings. you take all of those and you apply that to anything else.
5:33 pm
if i can do it in the environment i'm in. >> how do you get through the initial? when you go through what you went through, there has to be something guys don't make it out of. >> you have to put your belief in upstairs. when you come back it's important to ask yourself, how do i live a life of meaning. by continuing to serve something greater than myself. continuing to serve the men and women of this country. that's why i helped found the american warrior initiative. people they take payroll deductions of this company that has employees and say were going to take the payroll deduction and 100% is going to go to the men and women who serve. they find their sense of purpose through. >> but how do you recapture your own. seals go out and do what you did and then you come here and it's.
5:34 pm
>> it's through serving others. >> 's urban camouflage. >> is the discipline of a sniper, not the rifle. you have that you can apply it to anything. >> part of it is telling men and women who come home, you still have a mission. get up and you are still in the fight. you're a civilian now but you're still in the fight. >> you need to come out of the military like it's not a problem. >> but it is a problem. we see veterans commit suicide every day. >> but how do you deal with the stresses of that piece of it. >> the boring modern life you come home to. >> the answer to that question
5:35 pm
is that you have to help soldiers or our troops understand there is still something greater than themselves. there still a mission and you're still in the fight. >> i have my two daughters, that's why i wake up every day. everything i do falls into what is it going to do to help them. how is it going to benefit them or how's it going to harm them. that's how every decision is made. every decision i make is based on how my going to build it for my kids. and to serve the public. i remember landing in alaska it started snowing and inside of me there were cars everywhere off the side of the road. it took me three and half hours to get home because i stopped and checked every car. that's the way you get back. >> the military teaches you how to live, how to survive, how to get a job.
5:36 pm
there's a way to get an education. >> everybody has mention stuff you have done, whether is the lone survivor foundation, how much of it is about being with other vets. >> it's all about that. it's my selfish way of giving back. everybody will were getting out wanted to go about to their business. i wanted to bring people together. i know how strong we were together. that's why keep them around me. >> were going to start next we come back of what it's like to be military today. things like rules of engagement to morale things like lesson learned since 9/11. on the other side of the break were going to jump in.
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>> is one of the most decorated navy seals in history, rob o'neill held a leadership role in over 400 combat missions. include in the attempts to rescue the lone survivor. on may 2, 2011 o'neill, an operator answered the compound of osama bin laden and fired the shot that killed him. >> welcome back to our veterans day special. i'm here with dakota meyer, sean, rob o'neill the mark. some of these commercial breaks will be on fox for extended cuts. even more candid conversations and you seem tonight.
5:42 pm
were talking about the state of the military. on veterans day it's natural to reflect on the guy still serving. i threw it on the table what's most interesting. robbie said rules of engagement and the extent to which politicians set rules that are unattainable. >> the problem is a lot of senior officers. one of the issues is they never want to tell their boss something they don't want to hear. and they get their next metal or ribbons they make more rules. one of my last gunfights into the trees were trying to call her health fires and were asking permission from 500 miles away. there were not say were saying they are women or children in the cave but were saying were saying that we don't know. >> the same thing happened in my scenario. my teammates, the last thing i heard was he tried to call and supporter tilli artillery missin
5:43 pm
this village. there is nobody good at this point in the battle. it was denied because it was too close to the village. afterwards, the last thing he said was if you don't give me these rounds now were going to die. the response was, try your best. >> that's unbelievable. >> those are the rules of engagement afterwards. i read what the rules put in place. think about this. for us to drop coordinates into a village, we had to have cleared the entire village and confirm there are no civilians. >> you couldn't do it. >> this is an important point. i feel like i've seen both avenues. i was young platoon leader in afghanistan and we have free reign to do it what we needed to
5:44 pm
do. we are get rounds in less than 30 seconds. in our little base in afghanistan in 2006 and seven called more artillery's thing iraq and afghanistan combined. we did not kill one single civilian. the point is, when the responsibility is on the war fighter trained to make these calls, civilians don't die. civilians die when you muddy the water in the people on the front line don't know if you can shoot or not. >> tier one operators one of my best friends got in a gunfight on the main house, shot through and the woman jumped in front of a terrorist and he shot her. i'm rolling up on him and he said i just shot a woman, i'm going to be good. and i said you're thinking about going to prison right now.
5:45 pm
>> let's worry about that into the night. >> the mission changed with the political climate. >> the trust in our training, they don't trust themselves. everyone's trying to hold onto it make an example in the short amount of time we have. they want to start and finish it before we get out, meanwhile were still in it. >> it's a big part because of rules engagement have changed. >> part of it why they changed is because the media wasn't there. they found themselves getting their heads cut off and i don't want to know how bad the american military is. >> if you want to put in policies than stand there next to me. if you're going to make a call
5:46 pm
there should be nobody he's not getting there but shot at making the calls. >> will save that for the after show. >> what are your thoughts about this generation. will be back. - at afor the financialt's time world to stop acting the same old way. you need a partner that is willing to break free from conventional thinking. we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more.
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>> marking three of his fellow navy seals were in search for high-ranking tallow man leader afghanistan. when taliban fighters ambushed. after an intense gunbattle that killed the seal teammate in a failed rescue mission that left all dead, he was left as the lone survivor. >> welcome to modern warriors, veterans day special. it's veterans day. all branches recognize that, all errors and services. a lot of people who wear the uniform never went to combat. you didn't sell more than most. as you reflect on the different eras and wars and different enemies, what does veterans day mean to you?
5:51 pm
in the field of battle, sitting on your couch, at a parade? what are you reflecting on? >> i'm think about the guys we lost and those who did make it home. a time to reflect. to me every day is veterans day and memorial day. every single day. i wake up every day and is the first thing i will think about and the last thing i think about when i go to bed. >> this is what it meant. >> also, i'm not saying feel bad for me,. >> they want the marines admitting this is what it's all about right here. >> what do you mean when it's not really our day? >> it's for this civilians and to recognize that as a holiday and to recognize and to show the appreciation. >> it almost seems like veterans day's where political correctness has not come in and
5:52 pm
ruined it. >> we can all be veterans. >> this is an important mission because those who enjoy freedom in this country have never been further way than people that protect it. >> civilian military. >> it's a real thing. only 4% of the people in this country serve. it's part of our job as the warrior class to come back and educate people on what it means to defend freedom and teach them about the cost. i think that veterans day is part of it. >> here's what we can all do better at this table. anytime you watch nfl football sunday, there are always rock in their super bowl rings and proud of their accomplishments. but, warriors are reluctant to wear their metals. >> eyewear the only metal i need to wear. at the end of the day, what's going to fix it is what would come back and lead at by our actions and lives we live every
5:53 pm
day. it doesn't matter the metals on my chest. it's just opportunities but in front of us. just because someone served and never seen combat, it doesn't make their service or my service more than them. where he shot bin laden so his services more than mine or yours. we all raise our right hand and willing to do whatever the country needed us to do. if we live a life that is worthy of the sacrifice that everybody has made, the men and women who die, we will go out and leave. >> of i look back at the world war ii guys, the careering were back guys and look back. you look back at other wars and say i would not want have been in that one. >> we have a reunion every year of navy seals. iran into a guy about my grandfather's age and he had a seal team had on. and i said when was hell week and he said june 6, 1944. he said there was an omaha beach.
5:54 pm
>> and i thought, thank you sir. >> we want to thank everyone out there who's a veteran for their service to our country. and military families, first responders, police officers, firefighters who protect on the home front. we'll take a quick break. i want to ask each one what that plague means to them. we will be back. you in good han? did you ever notice that the very first bite you in good han? of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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welcome back to our veterans day special
5:58 pm
we've mentioned fox nation a couple of times tonight. if you scribe to fox nation on on veterans day, fox nation will donate $5 to th support the families of the fallen. before midnight tonight. they talk a lot about the flag i want to end briefly by giving you all a chance to say what the flag and what freedom means to you >> i took four years of my life and i woke up every day with the first thing in the morning going off with the flag being raised. every night u was brought down, stopping what i did wherever i was to honor that. it was what i swore allegiance to when i raised my right hand and it's what i put my teammates under whenever they came home. the flag is everything. it represents the good, everything that is great about this country. and honestly it's a beacon of hope across the world. >> amen. >> that flag represents the most exceptional nation that the
5:59 pm
world has ever known and it also represents -- you know, we wear the best military on the face of the planet wears that flaggen our shoulder every day. and so, k i would die for that flag, it means everything to me. when i see it waving in the sky i get an immense sense of pride. >> red, white and blue is white is purity, red is valor, blue is justice. what you'll notice is you've said the pledge of allegiance at school every day. take a look at the flag. it's right there with you every single day watching over you. it's there. >> and in any given direction when you look at it, it's a different color, different shape. when you have a country made up of a melting pot of everybody, it ain't going to fall. where are you going to go. i keeps feeding itself. it's its own machine. it's truly magnificent. >> well said.
6:00 pm
marcus, rob, sean and dakota, it's ban pleasure to laugh and to learn and i know our audience out there across america appreciates the opportunity to spend this time with you. good night from this table of "modern warriors." thank you for joining us. steve: well that didn't last long. straight after the midterms president trump extended an al live branch to the democrats saying he was ready to make a deal. nancy pelosi agreed. look where we are this weekend. it's back to russia, russia, obstruction, investigation. on top of that we have election shenanigans in florida, wildfires in california and the president of france using the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war to attack president trump. i'm steve hilton. we've got all of those stories and more covered with our fantastic guest to night. tammy bruce in new york and here with me sara carter and


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