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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 13, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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that's when a man jumps in saving the dog named karma from drowning. think he could swim. describes her as adventurous but very clumsy. jillian: so cute. thank you for watching. rob: there he goes. steve: bye. >> more blot drama i blatt drame sunshine state. >> 30,000 votes magically shown un. >> noble could be this stupid. there must be something nefarious going on here. >> multiple fast-moving wildfires on both sides of endsr the state burn out of control. >> the camp fire has become the deadliest wildfire in california history. >> the 6,000 strong caravan of migrants continues inching closer to our border at this very moment. >> that is an assault on the national integrity of the united states of america. >> new report suggests that democrats are getting ready to fire 85 subpoenas that cover pretty much every
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aspect of the trump presidency. >> they believe they have a mandate from their base to attack the president. >> comic book legend stan lee has died. best known as the creator of the in marvel university. he had such an incredibly interesting life. ♪ you get up ♪ you can always be found ♪ know you're not alone ♪ i'm going to make this place your home. ainsley: you are not alone. it's going to be a great day. we are waking up with you this morning. we are all together as one big fox family. steve: if you leave your home if you live in the northeast pack a slicker. pack your umbrella it is what we used to call in kansas a frog strangler. frogs look up and mouth goes open. brian: and they die? steve: i don't know that that happens but it was a figure of speech.
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brian: is it bragging to say that he phillip phillips sang this song on our show. steve: he did. brian: is it bragging? ainsley: you like to brag about that and like to brag about the fact you made them all famous. this morning i was watching "fox & friends first" with heather and they played imagine dragon song brian wants to know how many people are in the band he probably made them famous and i heard them say it's raining in new york so i packed a umbrella. steve: we have come full circle. very busy day in new york city but now look at the sunshine state in florida. this morning more ballot drama is brewing down south. brian: they worked through the night. i don't know if they're getting anything done. statewide recounting full swing. largest counties are scrambling we put that in bold in the prompter for a reason because they better hurry up. ainsley: they are trying to remove the first pages they haven't started the recount yet that's in broward county.
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they are separating these pages. they have got to do the vote by mail after this. it's going to take a couple of hours. then we are likely going to have a calibration of these machines before the actual tabulation begins. yesterday we had a moment in the afternoon that really caught us by surprise. that is the supervisor here of elections, dr. brenda snipes, who is at the center of this firestorm actually talked to the media and addressed the mistakes that she has made. here is some of what she had to say. >> the lawsuits as they are
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written certainly cast aspersions on my character. i have worked here for about 15 years and i have to say this is the first time that this office or i have been under such attack. so, if we make mistakes, we own mistakes. >> surprising tweet from former governor jeb bush yesterday saying for him there was no question that snipes failed to comply with the law on multiple accounts and called for her to be removed after the recounts. meanwhile on the national level, candidate senator nelson and governor scott just trading barbs at each other, listen to this. >> scott cannot oversee this process in a fair and impartial way. and, thus, he should remove himself from any role in the recount process. >> my goal is that we follow the law. we know brenda snipes mixed illegal ballots with legal ballots. we know they have not let party officials in. the courts have said follow the law.
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>> here's where they stand. they have still got to finish the recount which hasn't started yet. we expect that around 9:00. and the deadline is thursday to get that done. the lawyers here believe that marginal of error is going to be under that quarter of a percent. we will actually have a hand recount. in palm beach county the election supervisor susan booker saying she finds it impossible to get the recount done on time. when you ask the lawyers here what happens if they don't get the recount done on time? that's an open question. we will certainly have legal challenges, guys. brian: palm beach county people they don't even seem to try. they knew they couldn't do it. other thing is it true when they do the hand vote overvote sand under vote not every vote, correct? >> that's correct. here in broward county, brian, there is about 714,000 ballots cast, they believe. of those they estimate some 55,000 may be over and under votes. at that point i will be coming to you live from a warehouse where we will see
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table after table set up of volunteers and lawyers looking over every single one of those over or under votes. meaning they either didn't mark any answer on the question or think marked too many answers on the question and at that point they will try and determine the intent of that voter. that's going to be time-consuming. ultimately we have the deadline of sunday for the official vote to be logged in there. we will see if we make that. ainsley: griff, why the problem in those two counties and not the first time we have seen it in that area when 60-plus counties in florida got it right why weren't these two counties prepared? >> great question. 65 of 67 counties got their act together. these two traditionally have failed to meet deadlines and have had numerous problems and that's why you have people like governor jeb bush calling for snipes' removal. it's important to note that it was governor bush in 2003 that removed snipes' predecessor who was in
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violation of failing to make deadlines. he appointed snipes as a solution to the problem. she now apparently is becoming the problem. steve: griff, thank you very much. by the way, i was looking in the palm beach post and according to coverage this morning, the board of supervisors there, after yesterday's saying we can't make it, now they feel they can make it regarding the senate race. however it, looks as if they probably will miss the deadline, which is thursday at 3:00 with the ag commissioner and the governor races. brian: governor race 36,000 vote difference. we have never even had -- 14,000 with the senate race. 36,000 with the desantis and gillum. we have never had somebody in a recount make up for thousands of votes. i remember with the bush situation it's hundreds with norm coleman and al franken it's hundreds. this is a bridge too far if history is any device. ainsley: mark elias is the
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attorney for bill nelson. he wants to change the goal post and change the laws. keep in mind the election happened last tuesday. on tuesday this was the current law. that if you nailed a ballot or had absentee ballot it had to be in by 7:00 p.m. so they could count it and turn those numbers in 30 minutes after the polls closed at 7:30. if you live outside the u.s., if you are in the military. steve: serving in the military. ainsley: you can still -- those are still coming in and be counted up until this coming sunday, 10 days after the election. bill nelson's attorney is now saying he wants every vote counted. even that overseas rules to be applied to all the ballots. steve: and his attorney said. this breaking noe no floridian should have their right denied because of the mail, post office delays. we are suing to protect all the ballots. count all the votes. also, regarding the exact match law, where the signatures have got to match on the voter registration and on the provisional
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ballot, the judge still has not ruled, but nonetheless, mr. nelson says, you know, if they don't match, so what? ainsley: he said he doesn't want these nonexperts checking. usually i think most people can look at how you registered to vote and your signature and then look at your ballot. if they are not similar, then what they say down in the state of florida those votes are throne out. is he challenging that saying they don't have to look similar. brian: here is what rick scott's camp says. here are lawsuits marc elias could get bill nelson and chuck schumer to pay him for. not vote to now vote online or via snapchat. allow candidates that didn't run but now like to to participate. allow people in southern georgia to vote. they are very close to florida. allow anyone who wasn't registered in 2,000 vote to al gore and have these results counted towards the
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2,000 election results. steve: everything so heavy down there finally a moment of left left levity regarding that rick scott dropped the demand that they impound the voting machines. they were able to drum up three more deputies who will be on location. apparently one will monitor the onsite cameras. another will look at the storage of usb drives. and a third will supervise. so more security down in the ballot room. ainsley: thursday is the dead line for the recount answered wants that date loosened. brian: he wants to go to washington and set up for the picture and pick out an office today. weave will see if he shows up. harris remember her? she talked about the -- how the problem then is a lot like now. >> we are nation of laws, bedrock. no one can wax that out more than you on that subject. the most important subject
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of these elected supervisors of owe elections, i think we have a basic expectation that they're going to operate with courage and integrity. funny you have to say courage when following the law. this is a critical issue that they follow the law as it is written, not as they wants it to be. our election laws are sufficient to handle. this my advice to these supervisors of elections would be that they must follow the law, no matter what they do. half the people are going to be very unhappy with them. only safe harbor is to follow the law. steve: that is key. all eyes are on florida. the deadline official solid 3:00 on thursday. will they make it? stay tuned. brian: yeah, republicans lost a key seat in arizona. they flipped it. so the democrats have now flipped two seats. nevada and arizona. republicans cannot afford to lose this one but they still would have the majority. this would give them 52. ainsley: jeffer flake stepped down. martha mcsally conceded and did a video with her dog. steve: there is some
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speculation that governor ducey may appoint mcsally to take over the seat that is currently being held on a temporary basis. brian: by jon kyl. jillian, who i like a lot better than rob. ainsley: what did he say that made you upset? brian: he didn't want to toss to me. jillian: almost refused. brian: am i right, chris? jillian: all in good one. more from arizona coming up in a few minutes. the camp fire in northern california is thought deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. 42 people killed and nearly 6500 homes destroyed. officials now looking into whether faulty power lines are to blame. president trump approving a expedited disaster as crews work with dry and windy conditions fueling flames around the state. we have more on the wildfires coming up. make sure you stay tuned for that a little more in this hour. that is a look at that headline. now let's go on to this.
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democrat stacey abrams claiming to hope after a judge extends today's deadline to certify votes in today's race for governor. the state must wait until the end of the week to declare a winner between abrams and brian kemp. multiple lawsuits filed on abrams' behalf claiming thousands of ballots may not have been counted properly. kemp leads by nearly 60,000 votes. that's a look at your headline. brian: i don't know what she is doing. but she lost. steve: just a point of clarification. senator nelson's complaint against the state of florida argues rejecting ballots for miss matched signatures in the first place is unconstitutional. brian: that makes sense. steve: migrant caravan packed with 6500 people is getting closer to our border. how will the u.s. handle the huge influx of people all at once? we will talk to a. brian: caravan that doesn't stop. could hillary clinton be erased from the history books? the big move that's about to
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more permanent marker per swipe. try mr. clean magic eraser, for your impossible kitchen and bathroom messes. to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. brian: here we go. let's talk caravan. law enforcement has begun to prepare for the caravan making its way to the southern border. 6500 coming our way. how prepared is law
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enforcement? can they handle the wave of thousands of people as we watch them get closer and closer. we have a border patrol agent here to tell us. manuel pa did la o padilla. what's it going to look like? >> well, what we're -- as law enforcement border patrol and officers at the ports of entry, what we are looking for, brian, is an orderly situation where if people are showing up at our borders, they will not enter illegally one in mass groups. and then secondly, those that are seeking asylum be able to apply for asylum at the ports of entry. that's a designated place in an orderly fashion. the ports of entry have a very core mission of i facilitating trade and travel. they are very, very busy with their day-to-day mission of trade and travel. we have some limitations as
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far as how many people we can process for asylum. so we are working close whether i mexico on shelters, increasing shelters and having a controlled situation. brian: it's not going to be controlled. you already have 1,000 a day coming. now we are going to add 6500. it's going to be chaos. what county soldiers do? >> the soldiers have done a lot of work already. primarily we have been at this for about two weeks. we have phased out the planning, if you will. right now i can tell you, brian, we have hardened the points of entry. ready to actually ready to close them down if need be. and we have also placed some impediments obstacles between the ports of entry. again, what we are shooting for is an orderly situation. we will not tolerate the crowds, the type of chaos that you saw in southern mexico. that is not going to happen.
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brian: 30 seconds, chief,. >> our goal is to make sure we have an orderly situation. brian: hold it a second, how are -- i don't know if your ear piece is working. >> how outrageous is that mexico is providing trucks and transportation? >> i can tell you, brian, we are working closely with mexico. we are talking to mexico, so some of the things that you see on tv or on the news, you know, some of that may be happening. i can tell you the communications with mexico continue. brian: right. but what are they doing? they're helping them get here quicker. that's outrageous. sector chief manuel padilla, thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: democrats don't control the house yet but already promising an investigation overload. >> summon mr. whitaker. >> the investigations are sexy. they are interesting. brian: is that really a good strategy for their party? we are going to debate that
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next. tom cruz has the need for speed top gun 2 isn't flying into theaters any time soon. and you won't believe why ♪ danger zone. >> feel the need for speed.
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i am a family man. i am a techie dad.
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. steve: back with a fox news alert camp fire in northern california is the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california state history. ray bolgan is live near an airport in los angeles as windy conditions fuel the flames around the state. ray? >> steve, good morning. we are at the incident command center for the woolsey and camp fires. arrive for a 24-hour shift. in the meantime some of them
3:25 am
are behind us sleeping in tents. one plan is even sleeping on the ground in his sleeping bag. now, 42 people have died up north in the camp fire. they have been found in their homes and cars that they have been trying to escape and last update it was 30% contained and camp fire doesn't expect to have full containment for nearly a week. nearly 6500 homes have been destroyed, including some belonging to fires and their families. >> it's just absolutely heart-breaking to thrive through paradise and seat level of destruction. my family lost their home in the fire. my parents did. my grandmother did. >> here in southern california, the woolsey fire as of update was 93,000 acres and 330% contained. in both dry conditions and steep terrain. california is getting help. president trump has approved
3:26 am
a major disaster declaration tweeting in part wanted to respond quickly in order to alleviate. so incredible suffering going on. i'm with you all the way. meantime cal fire is thanking their partners that have come from 17 states and as far as away as alaska and georgia. steve, back to you. steve: all right. they need the help. ray bogan live in camarillo, california. ainsley: democrats not in control of the house yet, flight already promising investigation overload into the trump administration. watch. >> let's face it the investigations are sexy, they are interesting. >> while we are responsible, we are not scatter shot. we are not doing any investigation for political purpose. >> our very first witness after january 3rd we will -- we will subpoena mr. -- or we will summon, if necessary, subpoena mr. whitaker. >> they have a number of tools at their disposal, including the subpoena power. >> but is that really a good path to success for their party? here to debate this is rnc
3:27 am
spokesperson kayleigh mcenany and jessica tarlov. jessica, i will start with you since you are the democrat. >> yes, i am. ainsley: do you think the american people really that investigation, investigation, investigation. >> they want people in washington to get things done and nancy pelosi was very clear that she wanted to legislate and make sure we could work together to have some accomplishments on the board as we go into 20206789 the house oversight committee has a role. it's even in the title oversight. and elections have consequences as kayleigh, my dear friend has been telling me for a couple years now. american people said they want democrats to take control of the house it is therefore their job to look into these things. if you look at the list of investigations, considering the fact that 64 subpoenas by democrats have been blocked by republicans since trump entered office. reason to looking into the payments to stormy daniels. a "wall street journal" piece how that was in
3:28 am
violation of campaign finance. still profit off their name and businesses even though trump was supposed to divest himself completely. legitimate concerns. if republicans still held the house they would be talking about hillary clinton's emails. ainsley: i want you to weigh in on this i was out and about and talking to friends over the weekend. the only way for civility to happen and even hillary clinton has said this is for democrats to take control or for them to run -- run a strong candidate in 2020 and for them to win? is that a threat when hillary is saying the only way we can have civility is go to the polls and vote for a democrat if you want all of this to end? >> certainly is a threat. democrats are interested in obstructing and incivility and not working on behalf of the american people. and all the facts you need are the fact that they have been behind the scenes expilg a list of investigations. it used to be 1. now axios reports it's 85 targets. they want to investigate but the american people want
3:29 am
them to legislate alongside republicans. you know, ainsley, we have a golden opportunity here. president trump has set up the ability to have bipartisan change. when he talks about infrastructure. when he talks about middle class tax cuts. prison reform. paid family leave. this is something ivanka trump has been heralding. democrats have said they wanted this for a decade or more. we have the opportunity now. we can come together and better the lives of the american people. put aside the investigating, put aside the subpoenas. work for that hard-working mother who wants to stay at home with her kid a little bit longer. paid family leave is possible if nancy pelosi just takes one step towards us. ainsley: jest jessica she axios has 85 targets and we have a long list of those things that they want to change and do. do you think that's going to work though? because when you are talking to your democratic friends, aren't they like enough? we want -- you said you want change, you want things to happen, you want things to go well for this country. but if it's investigation
3:30 am
after investigation after investigation how does that bring our country together and provide unity? >> i don't think it necessarily does if you go for all 85 and that's all that you are doing. we can walk and chew gum. we are very advanced folks even though we are liberals. if you look at someone like kyrsten sinema who congratulations to our new senator from arizona. she voted with president trump 60% of the time. that's certain lay bipartisan type person coming to washington. coming in new elevated role there. there are a number of people who won across the country especially in the middle of the country. president trump won michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. who are very interested in working in a bipartisan fashion. nancy pelosi, if she wins the speakership again has made that her priority. so, i am not interested in two years of only investigations. but i am interested in two years of working together on things we can get done and i totally agree prison reform, infrastructure, those would be great wins and boons for american society and benefit both democrats and republicans. but this idea that because
3:31 am
we're in charge now we should just play nice and back off any investigations when we know there are people still talking about benghazi on the other side who want to haul everyone from fusion gps in. >> you can't compare the loss of four americans in benghazi and wanting to investigate that with the democrat goal of looking into stormy daniels and president trump's tax returns. these are frivolous investigations. let's work together. like better the lives of the american people. the democrats have a choice. but congressman nadler overheard on the train saying hey, let's impeach kavanaugh. that's not what the american people want. >> listen to him on the state of the union on sunday. he was very. >> he was on a talking point spin. ainsley: we have to leave it there. >> next week. ainsley: thanks kayleigh and jessica. americans have the ability to get driver's license but what about illegal immigrants. plan that's gaining steam this morning. should that top official in broward county be removed after chaos down there.
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and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? ♪ >> determine which ones they want to accept and which ones they wanted to reject and after that jumble some of them together oops we got them mixed up. it's an example of the kind of blunders we have seen not just this year but in years prior. when you combine that with broward county election managers saying they didn't know or wouldn't say how many ballots they still have to count days after the election, they need more time. they don't see how they can complete a machine recount by thursday while some counties are either there or very close to it. when you look at all of those things it's easy to see how people outside of florida can look at this and
3:36 am
say nobody can be this stupid there must be something nefarious going on here. steve: that is from a fox affiliate in tampa, florida. brian: can they be that stupid? let's bring in mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. author of new book rare, medium or done well. it's out today. >> thank you very much. it's a nonpolitical book for a time we need a little refreshment after a long political year. brian: take that anthony robbins. we got our own inspiration guy. ainsley: i think we are going to have you on later to talk about the book. i am curious how yo you make the most out of your life. i know you live in the florida in the panhandle now. do you agree with this investigative reporter saying that we can't be this stupid there is something nefnefarious going on. >> not just mere incompetence. continues to happen in the one county in florida heavily democratic that has shown it has incredible levels of corruption as we
3:37 am
saw from even the fall-out from the parkland shooting at the sheriff's office and the fact that elected officials in that county don't even have the competence of some of the people who work for them. this particular election official, brenda snipes, has been under fire before. everybody, i think, knew that the spotlight was going to be on florida and on broward county. and then to have this happen again. i mean, come on. this is not accidental. if it is, then there is a level of incompetence that will make the history books. and that's why i think you just can't keep saying oh, the election is over? not yet. broward county just found some ballots. and maybe they are in the trunk of a car. heck, i'm in nashville today. i think it's very possible i could look under the bed i might find some broward county ballots there. who knows? steve: everybody down in florida is joking about it no doubt about it jeb bush very serious about it. he was governor when she took office. he tweeted out there is no question that broward county supervisor of elections brenda snipes failed to
3:38 am
comply with florida law on multiple counts undermining floridian's confidence in our electoral process. supervisor snipes should be removed from her office following the recounts. governor, you know, there are a number of people who are saying that now who had a chance to do something about it before they actually started counting the votes. >> very big thing to take someone out of office and that could open up a big controversy. i think the fact that they didn't indicates that they really believed that there is no way under heaven that this would ever happen again that broward county would be so brazen to as try swing an election. and do so many different things that violate the constitution of the law. keep in mind bay county, which j just next to me where i live up in the panhandle had a terrible hurricane, cat 4. destroyed a lot of things. they made their elections work. how do you do that less than a month after a hurricane but broward county can't
3:39 am
get -- they can't even find all the ballots and then after the election when they needed a few to make the democrats win, suddenly they showed up. steve: governor, in that county they did, i think you are talking about bay county, they did allow 150 people to vote by email which apparently have against the law. >> there is some question about whether it was against the law due to the fact that these were people who were overseas in military and a provision for that but the fact is that in bay county, they were able to conduct elections. they had the ballots in place the night of the election. counted the ballots. brian: they had 52% turn out. >> didn't have ballots show up in the trunk of someone's car or in a school stuck away in a storage closet as happened in broward county. brian: governor, this is where rick scott's campaign spokesperson said chris harr line. rick scott won the election by the margin mathematically impossible to close in a
3:40 am
recount without fraud so why pursue a recount? in the history of our recount we have never had a recount and overturn a gap between 10 and 14,000. this is an exercise that we already note outcome to. if you back what chris hartline is saying, shouldn't the governor be going to washington today as a senator elect? >> i think he should. i do think he is the senator elect from florida. i understand that if you have an election that is close by florida law, if it's less than .5% there is an automatic recount. that's fine. have a recount. what you can't have though is a recounting in which you start showing up with ballots that weren't there on the night of election. or, when you take ballots that have already been disqualified and you toss them in with the ones that are qualified. that's really, i think, the bigger controversy than whether there is going to be a recount. ainsley: now he wants to change the law after the election and say all those
3:41 am
votes count. we will see. >> look, you can't change the rules after the game is played. one of the big things democrats are going to have to decide is will they become a party that will accept the results of an election? they didn't accept the results of an election in 2016. they have never accepted that donald trump is president. and they are not accepting that you have had elected ron desantis and rick scott in florida. got to let it go. steve: it's all over on thursday at 3:00 in the afternoon unless there is a hand recount. new book called rare, medium, or well done. mike huckabee joining us from nashville. sir, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. great to see you. >> thank you, have a great day. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. >> this is a story we have been following for a while now. missing now alive after being kidnapped after a week ago. officers are following every single lead to bring 13-year-old home. they want to question the man seen in this
3:42 am
surveillance video seen north carolina neighborhood. police found the stolen suv used to kidnap her abandoned in nearby woods. wngszs say she was forced into the vehicle right outside her home. new york could soon allow illegal immigrants to apply for drivers licenses. state officials could pass the controversial bill next year when the new york legislature is entirely under democratic control. governor andrew cuomo is expected to sign it right now 12 states, washington, d.c. and puerto rico allow illegals to apply for driver's licenses. hillary clinton could soon be taken out of the history books. the texas board of education voting today to remove the failed 2016 presidential candidate from its curriculum. officials also voting to get rid of historical helen keller and barry goldwater. the recommendations are partisan. the board insist the reductions will free up more time for teachers. actor tom cruz wants to buzz the tower on his own.
3:43 am
the top gun star will fly a plane in the upcoming sequel. >> feel the need, the need for speed. >> paramount studios says he will take to the skies. he will not fly a fighter jet. the sequel is set to be released in 2020. that's a look at your headlines. second it back to you. ainsley: that is great. we shot a story down in texas with a guy who trains all these stunt guys. he says he is so fun to work with he shows up way early, stays late. steve: can he fly a plane? ainsley: i guarantee he will be able to. steve: all right, jillian, thank you very much. ainsley: acting attorney general matt whitaker fates ago new court challenge. one state says his job belongs to rod rosenstein. judge napolitano is on the case. steve: all rise. here comes the judge ♪ the party won't be ready ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
steve: later today matt whitaker facing a court challenge. declare his appointment as attorney general unlawful. claiming the position actually belongs to rod rosenstein. ainsley: here to weigh in on this is judge andrew napolitano. judge, what do you think? >> good morning, guys. i think it was unlawful appointment because there are two statutes that governor who can become acting attorney general. and while they have different procedures, they both have two requirements and one is at the time that you become acting attorney general, you have a physician of the justice department a appointed by the president and b, confirmed by the senate. steve: right. >> congress was very careful when it wrote these laws it didn't want somebody running the 90,000 employees in the justice department and the thousands of criminal investigations and prosecutions that go on every day who had not been
3:48 am
vetted by the senate. mr. whitaker now acting attorney general whitaker, we will find out later today if he is still acting attorney general find out more in a minute was not in a position in the doj where he was appointed by the president or confirmed by the senate. just hired by jeff sessions. chief of staff. the state of maryland is in litigation doj affordable care act. parts of the affordable care act the doj has refused to defend including pre-existing conditions. which the president is now in favor and most of the country is and once matt whitaker came in, and made decisions in that litigation. the state of maryland is about to sty a federal judge he can't make these decisions because he was unlawfully appointed, therefore, you should remove him and under the law the next person would be rod rosenstein. steve: isn't that going to be automatically challenged? >> of course it will be. if he is removed, then the doj will challenge to the fourth circuit and eventually get to the supreme court.
3:49 am
has the attorney general of the united states ever been removed by a federal judge because the appointment was illegal? no. this would be a first. but i believe that the maryland argument is the correct one. this person is not legal little qualified to be attorney general under the statutes the congress has written. brian: the "wall street journal" today says the justice department can d. a review and they backed the whitcher appointment. they said it's constitutional. >> well, look, i realize there are arguments on both sides and i also realize that firing jeff sessions is very destabilizing to the doj. now, getting rid of the person that succeeded him will be even more destabilizing. we are almost at the point of a saturday night massacre in the nixon administration. we didn't know who was running the doj or the fbi and you can't have musical chairs, committee, but you have to have a lawfully appointed person in there because he is sixth in line to the presidency. the power that he has with respect to criminal prosecutions is awesome. he must have undergone
3:50 am
senate vetting. ainsley: acting one he won't be able to be the ag. will when will the president appoint the ag. >> soon, i hope. ainsley: that will solve the problem it? >> won't solve the problem until the new ag is appointed by the senate. is the behavior and are the decisions made by mat whitaker lawful and valid. brian: in my view, yes. brian: i forgot to go law school. >> brian, go giants. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile. take a look at this. proves are powerful. american flag found intact amid the devastating california wildfires. now the police officers who found it want to find the owner. those officers join us live next. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea
3:51 am
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steve: wildfires in california continue to tear through the state in the ashes of a fire in the northern part of the state was found that american flag. now the police department would like to get the flag back to its owners. they have to figure out who it belongs to though. joining us from elk grove police department are the officers who found the flags officer julius louis and officer katie colley. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: officer colley, take us back to when you were driving through that neighborhood, what was it like and how did you see it? >> we were assigned to the city of paradise for a mutual aid request. and we were on calls for service and we were driving down a small street that had
3:55 am
all of the houses had been burned. every house on the street. we were checking on one residence when my partner, officer lewis across the street noticed a flag pole standing with the flag attached to it. steve: officer lewis, when you saw that, did you just think wow, that's some sort of a sign, everything is burned beyond recognition here except the one flag. >> yeah. it was it definitely caught my attention. it was amazing to see. the house in the back drop was completely burned to the ground. yet the flag was still there. so i actually took a photo of it sitting in the vehicle because i just sat there looking at it. steve: no kidding. now, officer coolly, tell us about how you would like to make sure that whoever that flag -- you took it down. it's in the possession of the police department. you would like to get that back to the rightful owners. how do you figure out how it
3:56 am
belongs to? >> once the situation stabilized in paradise and things calmed down a little bit, we will try to work with the city there and public records or however we can do that and try to locate the owners. we documented the address and we will try to find out who its rightful owner is. steve: all right. officer lewis, before you leave us, tell us how bad it is out there. we see these unbelievable images and everybody is fighting the fires as hard as they can. >> it really is something that pictures and video can't really explain it. like being there, it was really eerie. felt like something kind of like armageddon. but special and somber at the same time. it was a sobering experience. unbelievable. steve: some people have lost everything. so many lives lost as all. officer lewis and cooley, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you.
3:57 am
steve: tom of the hour, florida recount is bringing back memories of what happened in that state back in 2001. army vet says his vote in that elections was stolen. he will join us live to explain. for the good. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart racing. the heart breaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say "i am here." that's why, we created aimovig.. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. one dose, once a month. aimovig is proven to reduce the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site and constipation. these are your days
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4:00 am
it's going to make them more resistant to the acid erosion so that your teeth are not bothering you and you feel good about your smile. it's pro enamel. it's good for your enamel. it's a positive thing. steve: this morning, more ballot drama is brewing down south. >> this is not accidental. if it is level in history. >> nothing more than a trick to think evil republicans are not counting every vote. >> the camp fire in northern california now the deadliest and most struck detective wildfire in state history his ny 6500 homes have been destroyed. >> we have hardened the ports of entry where people are showing up at our borders. they will not enter illegally. >> democrats not even in control of the house yet.
4:01 am
already promising an investigation overload into the trump administration. >> they want to investigate but the american people want them to legislate. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> actor tom cruz wants to buzz the tower on his own. top gun star will fly a plane in the upcoming sequel ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ brian: jillian that story is so apropos because whe tom cruz came into his stardom as did vesselsster stallone what did they, they insisted on doing the stunts themselves. stallone learned to box. punched in the face, ribs broken. those were the days when actors got hurt on their own. ainsley: jillian did a story
4:02 am
for top gun tom cruise wants to learn to do it. he does his own stunts. brian: didn't he hang on the wing of a plane? ainsley: yes, he did. steve: he wants it to look real and be real. ainsley: he has a reputation of when he is in a crowd he goes and shakes hands with everyone. gives everyone autographs when they come to a movie premier. doesn't leave until he is finished doing that and everyone who supports his career. does his own stunts. comes super early and stays late. hard worker. brian: 50's to do that i would be all green screen. steve: welcome to hour two of inside the actor's studio. [laughter] ainsley: let's talk about what's happening down in florida the recount. this morning more ballot drama brewing in the sunshine state. steve: statewide recount something in full swing almost everywhere. officials in florida's largest counties are scrambling to meet thursday's deadline. brian: griff jenkins does his own stunts. stay indoors. broward county office of
4:03 am
elections where we find griff. griff, last night they didn't even count they just pulled apart staple stamsz,s. >> they haven't started the recount and tabulation. look in the window, they say they are going to get it done. a little bit of breaking news here. where they are in this separation they are at the letter y. the end of the alphabet on the electoral day votes. they have one more group to do. that's the vote by mail. they say there is 189,000 of those. and that separation will take until tonight before they begin the actual recount. the director of planning and development here joe del sandro told me it will only take 15 total hours when they do the actual recount. they spent time on the front end to save time on the back end. that's why it's only going to take 15 hours for the actual tabulation and they will meet that deadline according to their projections of the voting recount. yesterday we did have a very interesting moment when the election supervisor here,
4:04 am
dr. brenda snipes came out, addressed us in the room here with the media about accusations of failing to comply with florida law on multiple counts. here is what she had to say. >> >> lawsuits as they are written certainly cast cast aspersions on my character. i have worked here about 15 years. i have to say this is the first time that this office or i have been under such attack. if we make mistakes, we own mistakes. >> meanwhile, the candidate, senator nelson and governor scott just going after each other. listen to this. >> scott cannot oversee this process in a fair and impartial way. and, thus, he should remove himself from any role in the recount process. >> my goal is that we follow the law. we know brenda snipes mixed illegal ballots with legal ballots. we know they have not let
4:05 am
party officials. in the courts have said follow the law. , in neighboring palm beach county the supervisor there saying she finds it impossible to meet thursday's deadline. either way the attorneys believe we are headed for a hand recount that will be headed for thursday. guys? steve: thank you very much, griff. when they are looking at some of these contested ballots. they are trying to figure out voter intent. apparently they are noticing a trend, according to the palm beach post, apparently some voters who are voting for governor were choosing between ron desantis and darcy richardson running on the reform party. apparently they confused ref, they saw refuse reform party and thought it was ree for republican. they scribbled it out and circled something. so some of them are abundantly clear what the person was trying to do but some of them try to figure out what was the person who had the marker thinking when they marked it.
4:06 am
brian: if you screw up a ballot it shouldn't count. take a second, look at the ballot and in florida. steve: ask for a new ballot. brian: how stupid is it that they put the senate race to the bottom to the left and the governor's race up here. so they didn't -- they had an a typical ballot to begin with in broward county. >> that's why people didn't seat senate race. they voted for the governor and not the senator. steve: underneath the instructions that a lot of people didn't realize it but that falls on the board of supervisors for that county. their the ones that lay out the ballot. ainsley: now they want to change the rules there were rules set in place. if you wanted be a tennessee ballot you had to get it in by 7:00 on tuesday. if you didn't, it doesn't count. marc elias is saying we want all of them to count. that sounds great. you can't change the rules after the game is played. steve: the law is in florida if you are serving overseas or if you are overseas. ainsley: then it counts after. steve: you can send it in
4:07 am
and they will accept it up to 10 days which would be a couple more days on the clock. now what they arin are suggestig is let's go ahead and have that apply to all mail-in ballots not the ones overseas. ainsley: that's fine for the next election you can't change the law. marc elias attorney for bill nelson down by 12,000 to 13,000 votes. his attorney says breaking. no floridian should have their rightful vote denied because of mail/post office delays. we are suing to protect these ballots. #count all the votes. steve: right. exactly. also they're still waiting on a judge to figure out whether or not the nelson people are challenging the exact match law where their signature on the provisional ballot has to match signature on voter registration. mr. elias also says he doesn't like the fact that nonexperts are judging whether or not it is a match. he has said we have seen states have significant match laws struck down as unconstitutional. is he suggesting probably
4:08 am
unconstitutional in florida as well. ainsley: i think part of the fun of voting and having your voice heard is finding out on election night. we all stay up really late to see what these votes, when they come in and when these races are called, if you aren't -- or you are still counting votes after 10 days, i understanding if it's super close you have to do that and it is down there. if you are still counting votes and they change it for going forward, we are still counting ballots 10 days after, it takes the fun out of election night, too. brian: i'm willing to take the fun out to get it right though, ainsley. ainsley: i understand if it's really close you have to do it. steve: ultimately though, the reason the to the scott people had a problem because they felt they have insinuated a whole bunch of extra ballots come in after the voting stopped. there have been all sorts of stories. yesterday the judges, when they threw out mr. scott's request to impound the machines, he said, you know, you guys are talking about all this voter fraud. if you have any evidence of voter fraud, let's see it here is rush limbaugh on all of this.
4:09 am
>> count every vote is a dog whistle for we need to find more votes. not votes that have been cast. the effort here is to look like rick scott and desantis and the republicans are trying to not count ballots. that's the purpose of this. count every vote is not really a requirement. it is meant for the media to use that as a psychological message to the great unwashed that somebody is trying to not count every vote. and, of course, who is standing for it and calling for it? why our good friends the democrats. , when in fact, it's all cock caa. nothing more than a trick to think dastardly evil republicans are not counting every vote. ainsley: it is curious why 65 counties got it right and these two counties that they
4:10 am
are democratic counties, right? >> yep. steve: yes. ainsley: he is saying they are not happy with the votes and so they want to find new votes. brian: look, for example, the headline in the "new york times." almost like they are cheerleading for whatever candidate wants the recount. for example, here's -- it it does say news analysis maggie abraham and peters have this story. g.o.p. fears over senate drive push to discredit recount. so you can't actually want a justification with scott with a 14,000 vote lead once 60,000. you can't do that if full legitimate purposes the g.o.p. has to discredit you. they have an objective there. steve: "the washington post" headline republicans fan unfounded worries voter fraud in close races as you see in the middle. screen right huffington post republicans are casting doubted on normal election processes for the sake of
4:11 am
winning. brian: really with the brian kemp georgia situation? judges extending until friday even though he has 50,000 vote lead in the governor's race? ainsley: mathematically she can't win. steve: get to figure it out at the local level and that's what they are doing. brian: in arizona do you see republicans protesting. martha mcsally had a lead on election day, suddenly turned into 36,000 leads deficit and last night she conceded. steve: because of the incoming provisional ballots. and arizona it made a difference. will it make any difference in florida? don't know. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: we continue to follow the story out in california. tragic wildfire still burning. fox news alert. camp fire in northern california is now the deadliest and most struck detective wildfire in state history. 42 people killed and nearly 6500 homes have been destroyed. officials now looking into whether faulty power lines are to blame. president trump approving an
4:12 am
expedited disaster declaration as crews work against dry and windy conditions. fueling flames over the state. we have a live report on the wildfires later this hour. opening arguments start today in the trial for mexican drug lord el chapo. he is facing 17 charges, including drug trafficking, murder conspiracy, and money laundering. the trial could take four months and is expected to shed light on his jail breaks. the use of submarines to ship drugs and his iconic gold plated ak 47. el chapo will be escorted by armed guards to and from court in new york city: 400-pound american flag. look at this. major bret taylor's gold star wife says it's a comfort. >> to see that banner flying is something of a deep honor and just a remembrance of this wonderful land that we live in.
4:13 am
also, it's quite a humbling reminder that unfortunately our family is not the first to go through this. ainsley: taylor was shot and killed in afghanistan while on leave from his post as the mayor of north ogden, utah. more than 150 volunteers hiked nearly two miles up a canyon trail to fly the flag in taylor's honor. you look at that that image is beautiful. ainsley: gives you chills. >> he left behind seven children. ainsley: how is it flying? attached to the side of the cliff? steve: holding on to it. it is 150 feet long. brian: thanks, jillian. new florida recount is bringing back memories of what happened in 2,000. one army vet says his vote in that election was stolen. and brenda snipes covered it up. the same brenda snipes. he joins us live to explain. ainsley: one woman goes out of her marriage with a bang ♪ we're going to explain what she did. ♪ whole family. her dad and brother had the
4:14 am
idea. brian: how much do you know about this, ainsley? ♪ wait a minute ♪ bang, bang ♪ there goes your heart ♪ i know you want it ♪ bang bang ♪ beat on my heart ♪ and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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4:18 am
steve: days of in florida as the rye count is underway. it seems eerily reminiscent of the 2,000 presidential recount. our next guest says brenda snipes stole his vote: thank you for joining us today from jacksonville. >> great to be with you this morning, steve. steve: thank you. steve: during the 2,000 presidential election you voted absentee ballot you sent it back via u.p.s. so you would have a date stamp and what happened to your vote? >> >> well, u.p.s. records prove it was delivered on time. however, broward county fraud lepghtly stamped it as received on november 16th. nine days after the election deadline. steve: why did they do that? >> i have no idea.
4:19 am
>> in fact i never each knew about it a call from the chris drew seven months after the elections. he told me that my name was on a list of thousands of florida voters whose ballots had not been counted. >> steve: i don't get why they wouldn't count testimony it was there on election day. somebody by the name of benson received it i don't get why they did that ultimately you feel though that your vote was stolen, don't you? >> i was stunned by the revelation when chris drew called me. so the next couple of years i tried to figure out what happened. unfortunately the broward county supervisor of election's office forwarded me a return. they delayed and stonewalled for 18 months until the statute of limitations expired. steve: and then they said you are right, there was a
4:20 am
problem. you feel brenda snipes the board of supervisors should be removed from this job after the recount. >> meriam olifant was the supervisor of elections back then. she was removed by former governor jeb bush for incompetence and mismanagement. it's been going on for decades and it needs to stop. i don't think rick scott can remove her because his lands are tied. jeb bush said it right in a tweet. she needs to be removed from office after the recount. steve: a lot of people are saying that let's see what happens. dave lowery retired colonel, 30 year army vet. sir, thank you very much for your service. >> could i make one more point real quick, steve? steve: super fast. >> american voters, if you use absentee ballot or mail-in ballot please don't use regular mail. use a system that has a
4:21 am
tracking. use certified mail it tracks it. steve: so you know exactly when it it was delivered. great point. >> that's how i won my case. steve: dave, thank you very much for putting that in. >> thanks, steve. steve: we're going to step aside. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. (chime) - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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he-to-serve the u.s.a. that is your news by the numbers. ainsley: good job. brian: weekend full of meetings with world leaders in france. president trump returned home with a message for our european allies. pay the united states for protection or protect yourself. ainsley: in a series of tweets massive amounts of money spent on protecting other countries and we get nothing but trade deficits and losses. it is time that these very rich countries either pay the united states for its great military protection or protect themselves and trade must be made free and fair. here to react is retired u.s. marine corps bomb technician joey jones who lost both of his legs while serving our amazing country
4:26 am
over in afghanistan. thank you for your service and for joining us, joey. what was your reaction to the president's tweet? >> thank you and good morning. i like it. i'm glad that we finally have a president that's is challenging some of these antiquated arrangements we have. provided a few exceptions, most of the arrangements we have are as much to our own strategic advantage as they are to the host country. for example in japan we actually pay to be there. they don't pay us. we pay them to use the bases we have there. but, there is no secret that afghanistan is as much a pivotal strategic place as the south of france or the pacific islands were 60, 70 years ago. so we need to relook at these things and take a look at why we are where we are. it's no secret that our wars are now fought in the minds of people that are radical terrorists as much as it ever was in southern europe or in some of these other places so. to say we shouldn't be there.
4:27 am
these countries need to understand when these advantages dry up such as intelligence gathering or trade opportunities, we lose reason to want to be there. brian: joey, i'm outraged what macron did over the weekend. sitting there making a speech telling us that nationalism is the opposite of patriotism? don't worry about us and nationalism. we're bailing them out that's what i learn over 100 years world war i followed up by world war ii. number two he is sitting there were thing to put a european force together. go ahead and do it. why would that be a threat to us? the problem is they can't do that they don't want to spend any money on their defense. >> let me tell macron something, it's not just rhetoric it's true. not because of the power of the military or riches or system of government. because we are the only place in the world would we all look different and we all love each other anyway. when someone falls down we pick them back up. the things we believe in
4:28 am
this country hard to do but we are doing it freedom is inherently dangerous but worth it before you point a finger at outside and anything along the lines of calling us a villain, you need to understand that we exist because y'all couldn't get it right. we exist because of monarchies and totalitarian governments in europe. wics sition because we believe in being free regardless of what you look like, where you pray, how love or where you eat. we exist because we choose to. that's something that's very special and should continue learning from that before pointing fingers at us. ainsley: because of men and women like you, joey. this is what the president pointed out. emmanuel macron suggests building own army to protect europe against the u.s., china and russia. it was germany in world wars 1 and 2. how did that work out for france? they were standing to learn german in paris. brian: starting to. >> starting to learn german in france before the u.s. came along. pay for nato or not. >> integral part of why we
4:29 am
are here today. we pulled our part. we rescued france from nazis we have a tight relationship over hundreds of years. to say have a president and now their country challenging that doesn't make a lot of sense. i think macron needs to understanding we have been a partner and one that france inharnghtly needs. brian: by the way, win the revolutionary war without france. we get it big picture got 26% approval rating. he thought he could pick up a few points by beating up on president trump. for me it blows up in his face. joey jones, thanks so much. ainsley: thanks joey. >> than you are welcome. ainsley: deadly wildfires carve a path of destruction out in california. we are live on the ground coming up next. brian: what is the white house saying about the massive recount underway in florida right now? we're going to ask senior communication advisor mercedes schlapp that and then we assume she will answer ♪ good morning ♪
4:30 am
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
just a matter of hours hundreds of firefighters will arrive to get their morning briefing as they start a 24-hour shift. in the meantime, some of them are here sleeping in tenths. one man is even sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. now investigators in northern california are looking whether parking pg and e power lines display caused the camp fire which,
4:34 am
as you mentioned has now become the deadliest and most destructive in california history. 42 people have died. they have been found in their homes and cars as they were trying to escape. at last update it was 30% contained and cal fire doesn't expect to have full containment for another week. nearly 6500 homes have been destroyed including those of firefighters and their families. in just absolutely heart breaking to drive through paradise and seat level of destruction my family lost their homes in the fire, my parents did. my grandmother did. >> here in southern california. the woolsey fire last update was 93,000 acres and 30% contained. firefighters estimate more than 400 buildings have been destroyed. in both fires, crews are working against dry, windy conditions and steep terrain. but california is getting help. president trump has approved a major disaster declaration tweeting, in part, wanting
4:35 am
to respond quickly in order to alleviate some of the incredible suffering going on. i am with you all the way. meantime, cal fire is partners that have arrived from 17 states, including as far as away as alaska and georgia. steve, brian, and ainsley, back it you. steve: it's all hands on deck. thank you very much from california. ainsley: take a look at this video exhausted firefighters napping on the ground after work second degree 4-hour shifts. steve: taken last year in california now going viral as people share applications for the firefighters battling the blazes around the state. >> yep. meteorologist janice dean is live in studio. tracking those fires. hey, janice. janice: it's hard to see that. steve: your husband is a firefighter. janice: he is. he a new york city firefighter but the firefighters that are doing the work out there in california, they are risking their lives. it's a different beast when you are battling wildfires that in some cases have no control. so our hearts and prayers tout all those wonderful
4:36 am
firefighters who are risking their lives to save others in this incredibly dangerous situation. let's take a look at the fire weather outlook today. another day of critical to extreme fire danger across southern california. that's where we have our santa ana winds. right now we are seeing wind gusts around 17 miles per hour for van nuys. starting to see wind gusts 10 to 15 miles per hour coming through those valleys and canyons, unfortunately. we could see wind gusts 70 miles per hour again today. the threat is going to be -- for this afternoon. overnight tonight they will start to die down. look, we have no rain in the forecast here. conditions are dry. relative humidity is very low. unfortunately those wildfires are going to continue to burn out of control. especially in southern california. there's the pattern past 12 hours across the area. no rain in the forecast. where we are seeing the rain
4:37 am
across the southeast, the ohio valley and the northeast. this is where we could see the potential for wintery weather but throughout the workweek. ainsley: back to you guys. steve: if they only had our rain on the other coast. brian: nonstop here. 36 minutes after the hour. jillian, you have other news, including that migrant caravan. >> that's right. the migrant care van with over 3500 people is inching closer tout u.s. border. the group reaching the city of gwatney la harrahs by manuel joined us earlier to explain how troops and border agents are preparing. >> what we are shooting for is an orderly situation. we will not tolerate the crowds, the type of chaos that you saw in southern mexico. that is not going to happen. ed. jillian: some midterm raceshaved
4:38 am
thought stopping the field of democratic hopefuls for 2020. failed congressional candidate richard who lost his 2018 bid in west virginia announcing he is running for president. and this week vocal anti-trumper democratic congressman eric swalwell has this to say. >> i know you were in iowa this weekend. are you running for president? >> very well received there. they want new energy. new ideas and a new confidence and that really, i think, emboldens me to make a decision soon. >> more than three dozen democrats have floated the idea of taking on president trump in 2020. a look at your headlines. steve: look at that. ainsley: looks like the republicans of years ago. steve: only double. brian: mercedes schlapp knows all about what it's like to have 24 people run for the white house because your husband runs cpac. this morning the president tweeted out just about
4:39 am
macron and. so blow back from his trip overseas. how would you characterize from the insider perspective how that went? >> well, it was clearly a successful trip. the president along with macron had a productive meeting. they spoke about trade. they spoke about nato. as we know, the president has talked about many times the importance of sharing the burden of paying for nato. and the u.s. has always paid more than these other nations. and so he has sent a strong message to our european allies and we have seen some changes and some positive shifts coming from our allies to pay more to nato. we need their support. steve: we do. mercedes, let's talk a little bit about what's happening here in the united states down in florida. awful eyes are on the counting, the recounting. does the white house have confidence that what is happening down south is fair? >> well, we have confidence that rick scott will be the next florida senator.
4:40 am
he is leading now by 12,000 votes. and that's going to be a hard gap to close. and so i think we have already seen with the broward county supervisors that there have been voting irregularities for nearly two decades. so, again, they have missed that court deadline and i think we're going to get to a point where we are going to see rick scott coming over to washington to be the next florida senator. brian: today? >> this is a process. they have to finish up the process. but i think there has been a lot of criticism with how broward county has handled these ballots. and it's, look, i remember the days. my husband was down there. i was down there in florida during the bush v. gore recount. that was a lot closer. this is 12,000 votes we are talking about. that's a big gap to close. ainsley: whose responsibility is it now to fix what's going on down there? it's shocking that 65 counties can get it right and these two counties continuously get it wrong? >> no kidding. that is a state function
4:41 am
that's why you have the secretary of state who would handle that in these states. steve: one of the things the president tweeted out yesterday, i think it was something about fraud or, you know, suspicious ballots showing up. has there been any evidence of that? >> you know, again, i think this is primarily a state responsibility. the federal government does provide support i know through the secretary of homeland security they spend a lot of time working on election security making sure our infrastructure would be safe so there wouldn't be any outside meddling. there is always concern about voter fraud. so i think the key is obviously that in conjunction with state working with the federal government to make sure this doesn't happen. we always have to keep an eye on it because one the greatest rights that we have and privileges is that of voting. we need to ensure voter integrity at the state local and federal level. brian: look at the win by
4:42 am
kyrsten sinema in arizona to grab a seat from republicans as legitimate? >> yes. i mean, i think at this point what we are see something that, again, there is a huge gap there in terms of senate elect sinema basically gaining ground and really making sure that gap had widened. so at this point it looks like arizona, she seems to have won that race. and, again, one of the things president trump has talked about is bipartisan and working with democrats. steve: all right. and it looks like mr. whitaker, the acting ag could face a court challenge today because he was appointed illegally. the white house stands behind him 100 percent, right? >> no question. the president and department of justice leadership whitaker, matt whitaker he has a full and legal authority under the vacancy reform act of 1998 where if it's someone that's been a senior official as well as has been there for more than 90 days could serve as
4:43 am
acting attorney general. steve: all right, mercedes schlapp joining us from the north lawn. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. ainsley: good to see you. steve: from the white house to your house. mrs. doocy and i are continuing our book tour. we are going to stop by one more book tours this weekend. signing copies. taking pictures down in florida. we are going to be at books a million in orange park mall friday at 7:00 p.m. barnes and noble colonial park mall in orlando saturday afternoon and on sunday barnes and noble palm beach gardens. we know a lot of the are you buying it as a holiday gift. if you are not buying in florida go ahead and buy it wherever you buy books. great recipes for thanksgiving. ainsley: great gift. brian: extended tour by popular demand. he said he was done and they pulled you back in. ainsley: number one on the "new york times" best seller list. steve: thanks to all of you. anyway. brian: violence erupting in
4:44 am
the middle east overnight as tensions between israel and hamas reach a boiling point. we are live in israel. is war next? (engine roaring) (horn honking) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360 (tm) technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. ( ♪ ) the new 2019 ford edge. oh! oh! ( ♪ ) ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study,
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. hamas threatening to launch more rockets into israel this morning as tensions boil over in the middle east. ainsley: the violence starting after a boched israeli special forces raid in gaza. brian: trey joining us now more from israel. apartment building hit by deadly airstrike. trey, what's the latest? >> well, good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. here in israel after dozens of rockets have been fired in the past few hours and overnight hundreds were fired into southern israel. israeli military is ramping up their response inside gaza in an effort to deter hamas, the group currently in control of the gaza strip. amid those strikes, the israelis have responded to
4:48 am
in the past 24 hours. israelis have struck crucial gaza infrastructure including a number of hamas media buildings and multiple apartment buildings inside the gaza strip. a number of buildings here in israel were also hit including a bakefully sderot and here an apartment building, can you see this building completely destroyed by a rocket fired from the gaza strip. a lot of people were in this building at the time and unfortunately one man did lose his life in this attack happening early this morning. you can see all around here there is shrapnel that has hit the walls of the buildings just next door to this one. we did go inside the building earlier today. the fox news crew inside the building. we saw blood on the floor and we also saw a number of large pieces of shrapnel. some of those pieces hitting humans here in southern israel. now, in response, brian, ainsley, and steve, these attacks being fired from gaza the military is using rrlg strikes.
4:49 am
spoke to an official inside gaza the group will be responding to any future strikes by the israelis. the israelis telling us in the city of ashkelon they are prepared in case the decide to ramp things up. we will see what develops. steve: trey, thank you very much. brian: two days ago talking about some type of peace and easing the barriers and it now. this 11 manipulates before the top of the hour. french president emmanuel macron blasting nationalism in the swipe at president trump and this country. stuart varney is from europe. we won't get specific. he says when it comes to nationalism macron has it all wrong steward here next hour. steve: new poll says a majority of democrats believe republicans are racist, bigoted and sexist. tammy bruce says can you blame the media for that she as you can see is coming up next. ♪ ♪fully i know you'r ♪ i know you're working for the cia ♪ why can't we be friends
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♪ ainsley: how do our political parties see each other? according to new online poll, 61% of democrats say that republicans are racist, bigoted and sexist. while 31% of republicans feel the same way about democrats. and this was done before the midterm election. so what does it say about the future of our country? here to react is tammy bruce fox news contributor independent voices. why is that? that makes me sad. >> look, this is what we have been fighting. the larger media conversation is constantly demonizing, right? you see this. framework through broadcast media, cable media as well, the newspapers. it is the extreme. it's about presenting the worst case scenario about certainly republicans and then, of course, there is
4:54 am
coverage of the attacks and the mobs on the democrat side. but the problem is, of course, the communication framework. and these are online polls and i contend and i have been saying this for over a year that americans are not as divided as the media is telling us we are. ainsley: i don't think it's true. >> i don't think it is. it's a more exciting argument beings o, of course, gs people nervous and want to watch television. it's dangerous. americans see what's going on in reasonable framework. look, the republicans have to try to match and push back on this argument about who they are. look, i'm a democrat. i come from the left, i work now with conservatives and republicans all the time. nothing could be further from the truth. it all comes down to the argument of you don't want to just judge people based on what they say. you have to judge them based on what they do. when you look as an example of what president obama did in the country 3.7 million
4:55 am
women as an example fell into poverty. you had the highest poverty rate in, i think it was like 65 years. the bottom line is, while you could like president obama as a person and admire him, but then you have to look at the result of their work. ainsley: he could run saying i'm for women but if you look at the statistics that's not necessarily so. >> exactly right. when you are hiring someone to do a job. if you are looking for a brother-in-law or son-in-law, maybe it's a different standard. but you are looking for someone who does the job. president trump, on the other hand, is constantly attacked, right, when it comes to women and conservatives on the issues of race. and, yet, here we have got remarkable numbers for women. you have lowest unemployment rate in our history, at least in the last 65 or 75 years. you have got 1,000 women a day, i believe, establishing their own businesses. my group, the independent women's voice started up a website called better off now to collect the statistics and the facts about what's happening in the economy for people of
4:56 am
color, for women. and it is an extraordinary renaissance. it is a genuine reformation when it comes to the quality of our lives. the money that we have, the number of penal wh of people mof food stamp and more control over their lives because of the economy of president trump that has lifted up women in a way that we haven't seen in an extraordinarily long period of time. ainsley: words. deeds not words, right? >> exactly. ainsley: thank you, tammy. >> my pleasure. ainsley: one the recounts just got delayed again. we are live in broward county to tell you about that coming up next. plus mike rowe and dana loesch are both here live in the next hour.
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♪ ainsley: this morning more ballot drama brewing in the sunshine state. >> they haven't even started the actual recount and tabulation. fear not, they say they are boeing to get it done.
5:00 am
>> i think we'll get to a point where we see rick scott coming over to washington to be the next florida senator. >> the camp fire in northern california the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. >> nearly 6500 homes have been destroyed. 42 people have died. brian: president trump returned home for a message for our european allies. pay the united states for your protection or protect yourself. >> the president is finally challenging antiquated arrangements we have. ainsley: democrats not in control of house already promising investigation overload into the trump administration. >> they are going to investigate but american people want them to legislate. ainsley: midterm races are called. that is not stopping the field of hopefuls. more than 3 dozen democrats are floating the idea of taking on president trump in 2020. ♪ steve: live from new york city, it is "fox & friends" for a very rainy day here in new york city.
5:01 am
turn the camera behind the cameras. as you can see we have a whole bunch kids from massapequa. brian: the high school is here. 42 kids went through the pouring rain. hopped on the train at 5:00 in the morning. we're rotating them through. ainsley: that is awesome. steve: give yourselves a round of applause. ainsley: we need more noise than that. brian: learn in life to clap for yourself. steve: when dave walked by the teleprompter is all loaded up and we're going to florida. brian: the voting recount in florida is delayed. get this. officials across the state are scrambling. steve: that's right. the deadline is thursday at 3:00. we learn broward county's machine recount won't start until tomorrow. it was supposed to start in 59 minutes. ainsley: where we find griff jenkins. he is live with the new problems they're dealing with down there. hey, griff, what is the latest?
5:02 am
reporter: good morning. let me take you right into the tabulation room here at broward county elections headquarters. they finished vote by mail group, separating the first page. they have to do that it will take 189,000 ballots. probably this afternoon or this evening. actual recount begins sometime late tonight or tomorrow. officials say that takes 15 hours. but they will get it done by thursday's deadline. on top of the news yesterday the election supervisor here brenda snipes defending she made several errors. take a listen. >> the lawsuits as written aspersions on my character. i worked here 15 years this, is the first time this office or i have been under such attack. so if we make mistakes we own mistakes. reporter: yesterday governor jeb bush calling for snipes 'removal after the recounts by
5:03 am
twitter. candidates themselves, senator nelson, governor scott attacking each other. listen to this. >> scott cannot oversee this process in a fair and impartial way. thus he should remove himself from any role in the recount process. >> my goal is that we follow the law. we know brenda snipes mixed illegal ballots with legal ballots. we know they have not let party officials in. the courts said follow the law. reporter: we're far from done, if they meet the thursday deadline in the recount, lawyers expect it will go to a hand recount because of the quarter point march begin of error. this story has a lot more, guys. brian: thanks, griff. undervotes and overvotes not every single ballot. there has never been turning election by 14,000 votes. just a few hundred votes. never in our history. steve: rare to do recounts, really rare to do three at once.
5:04 am
they're doing the governor's race. they're doing the senate race. they're doing the ag race. in palm beach county, you know what? our machines are too old. we don't think we'll be able to get done. we think we can get the senate race done by thursday but we don't know about ag commissioner -- ainsley: enough of all this. please fix the machines. they say they're antiwaited. brian: 10 years old. ainsley: pay the money. get the money somehow fix the machines so the whole country doesn't wait like this every time there is election in broward county. we asked the white house, mercedes schlapp. communications team from the white house. she said she is confident that governor scott will become senator scott. >> we have confidence that rick scott will be the next florida senator. he is leading by 12,000 votes. that is going to be a hard gap to close. so i think we've already seen with broward county supervisor that there has been voting irregularities for nearly two
5:05 am
decades. one of the greatest rights and privileges voting. we need to insure voting integrity at state, local, federal level. brian: fix this thing. they have two years to do it after this with the presidential thing on the line. remember in 2000 the president -- we didn't have it for weeks. that was 500 votes. this is, if you're governor scott you can understand his frustration from 80,000 vote advantage to 14,000. steve: he is still not declared the winner. he declared himself the winner. he said mr. nelson, senator nelson is a sore loser. what will be awkward later today, we heard apparently he, mr. scott, the positive intending to go to the new member orientation in washington, d.c. that is where they take the pictures. that is where they talk about things. they vote on leadership tomorrow. he is planning on doing that. but at same time, you know, bill nelson still has an office for the u.s. senate. he, neither one of them have --
5:06 am
ainsley: maybe they should both though. a shame the winner will not be there with his or her classmates. brian: because he will not know the floor plan. orientation rolls once. he wouldn't know how to get anywhere. ainsley: rules are, absentee ballot, write-in ballot has to be 7:00 on the voting day. last tuesday on the sixth. they count all those. all those have to be tallied 30 minutes after the polls closed. those are the rules established before the election. now you have nelson's attorney, marc elias saying hold on, the election was last tuesday, but we want to change the rules now that everyone has gone to the polls. steve: regarding overseas ballots. if you're serving overseas, whatever, you mail in a ballot, according to florida law, have 10 days after the election where it will count. ainsley: because you're fighting overseas -- yes. steve: nelson's attorneys are saying what you should do is
5:07 am
just have that apply to all the mail-in ballots which would be a change in the law. brian: let's change the law. why not just change the rules after you're using. ainsley: read what marc elias tweeted. brian: out loud? steve: please do. brian: breaking, no floridian should have their rightful vote denied because of mail/post office delays. we're seeing to protect the ballots. count all the votes. steve: challenging the exact match law, the signature on provisional ballot has to match voter registration. ainsley: that sounds like common sense. steve: elias doesn't like non-experts judging the writing of person. he suggested that law has ben thrown out. ainsley: that other signatures. steve: this doesn't mat that. what do we do with it? ainsley: positive scott responded. funny. brian: here are more lawsuits that bill nelson can get them to
5:08 am
pay in for. many people would like to vote on-line, via snapchat. allow candidates who didn't run now would like to participate. allow people in southern georgia to vote. they're very close to that. anyone wasn't registered in florida 2000 vote for al for and have those count towards the 2,000 election results. steve: mike huckabee said you have rules going into the election. you can't change them after the election. >> i can't change the rules after the game is played. one of the big thing democrats will have to decide is, will they become a party that will accept the results of an election? they didn't accept the results of an election in 2016. they have never accepted that donald trump is president. and they're not accepting that you know, you've had elected ron desantis and rick scott in florida. steve: all right. so the margin is still over 10,000 in mr. scott's behalf. according to what we have heard. by the end of the day, maybe
5:09 am
we'll know more. brian: ron desantis has over 36,000. to think you will role this through the machine and think it will change dramatically defines everything we've seen with recounts. ainsley: or the overseas votes for our men and women fighting overseas. steve: up to the folks in florida. it is bizarre. ainsley: bizarre new votes counted -- brian: everyone check their trunk one last time. so we get them all out. ainsley: check the parking garage, check the trunk, check the schools. steve: east coast and west coast, fox news alert. the camp fire in northern california is now being referred to as the most deadly and destructive wildfire in california history. brian: 44 people are dead statewide as the president approves a disaster declaration. ainsley: so sad. jonathan hunt, live in malibu, california, with a look at the aftermath of the woolsey fire. jonathan? >> ainsley, steve, brian, good
5:10 am
morning to you all, thousands of families remain evacuated from their hopes here in southern california, specifically in the city of malibu where we are right now. likely to be allowed back in, i would say sometime in the next 24 to 36 hours. this is what so many people are going to find when they do come back. that everything they have built and worked for over their lives is gone. utterly destroyed bit ferocity of the flames. there are similar scenes of course up in northern california where the camp fire has been so intense and now as you mentioned is officially the deadliest fire on record. up north 42 people have been killed. more than 100 still remain unaccounted for. so clearly the fear is the death toll could rise further. the town of paradise has effectively been wiped out. listen here to the fire chief.
5:11 am
>> it is just absolutely heartbreaking to drive through paradise and see the level of destruction. my family lost their home in the fire. my parents did. my grand mother did. reporter: now as you mentioned president trump has approved a major disaster declaration for california. that came after he had previously tweeted over the weekend that the california fires were the result of what he called the gross mismanagement of forest lands. that brought him a storm of criticism from officials and firefighters alike here in california, who called his comments ill timed and insensitive. president trump very much changing his tune now, responding to those firefighters saying they are all doing incredible work. ainsley, steve, brian, back to you. steve: jonathan hunt live in malibu.
5:12 am
brian: 11 minutes after the hour. jill wan we have other breaking news. we go overseas for that. jillian: threatening to launch more rockets into israel as tensions boil over in the middle east. [shouting] jillian: hamas says they will escalate attacks if israel keeps targeting in the gaza strip. israeli special forces raided gaza. at least six people are dead. we'll have a live report from israel in just a few moments. few minutes ago vice president mike pence landing in singapore. the vp meeting with several world leaders before attending a key international summit in place of president trump. he is expected to put china's feet to the fire regarding trade an reassure america's allies during his visit to the indough pacific region. live look from capitol hill where congress will soon get back to work. lawmakers meet in washington
5:13 am
squaring off one last time before republicans take over the house. they are hoping to deliver president trump's border wall promise to avoid a government shut down next month. the democrats are trying to stop matthew whitaker from interfering in the russia probe. those are the headlines. steve: thank you, jillian. president macron calling nationalism not patriotism. stuart varney is from europe, when it comes to nationalism, macron has it all wrong. ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one. with tendercrisp technology,
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get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. ♪ >> translator: patriot system the exact opposite of nationalism. national system a betrayal of patriotism. by saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes great and what is session. it is moral values. steve: we've been reporting for you about french president macron taking swipes at president trump in france on sunday but our next guest who is from europe says when it comes to nationalism macron got it all
5:18 am
wrong. here is stuart varney. >> word he used is rubbish. here to explain, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network, hey, stuart. >> i don't want to get bogged down in definitions. to me, patriotism is the love of one owes country, the national system respect and defense of one's interests. they're not contradictory, they're complimentary. president macron, he is a globalist. he is part of this european experiment in globalism where individual countries are not allowed to make laws for themselves, not allowed to represent their tried country's interest. oh, no, you have to surrender the interest and give it up to the globals and elites in europe. that experiment is falling to pieces. macron -- brian: 26, to 30% approval rating. that's it. >> europe is falling to pieces. this globalist experiment just isn't working. president trump is the exact
5:19 am
opposite. he is a nationalist. self-admitted nationalist, he puts america's interests first. what is wrong with that? brian: european union and u.s. are trying to get a new trade agreement. germany is giving in. see what is we want. sees the benefits in doing it. france is standing in our way. they're sitting there, he is trying to get his pop parity up by beating up on president trump. >> i believe president trump just tweeted on the subject of america and france, here it is. ainsley: on trade france makes excellent wine but so does the u.s. the problem is, that france makes it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines into france and charges big tariffs whereas the u.s. makes it easy for french wines and charges very small tariffs. not fair. must change. >> macron is the holdout of the globalists, now that angela merkel is leaving the scene so to speak. all you're left with is macron. as the president points out there, it is unfair.
5:20 am
that area the wine trade, that is grossly unfair. steve: there are some areas people are unfamiliar, have been historically with our trade deals. when you rip it it apart, why did they get a good deal and we get such a bad deal? >> president trump is saying america first. he would defend the america's interests. the globalists are on the other side of the fence. their argument is collapsing. open borders. we pay for their defense. global free-trade agreements. they're all collapsing. president trump who is making the running with his nationalistic, that is the wrong word to use, his nationalism that promotes america. what's wrong? brian: we don't need a brushback pitch. i was highly insulted by all the insinuations over the weekend. >> agree, 100%. we'll shake on that, lad. brian: we're doing a simulcast on radio. >> we have indeed.
5:21 am
ainsley: democrats lining up the top priority when they take control of the house. gun control. >> priority for us. >> we have a chance to say loud and clear the gun lobby is no longer in charge of our gun laws in this country. ainsley: dana loesch will react next. ! ! new sesame-ginger shrimp is here, too. but hurry in, endless shrimp ends november eighteenth.
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ brian: some quick headlines now. republican martha mcsally conceding the arizona senate race to a democrat. kyrsten sinema. >> i just called kyrsten sinema an congratulated her on becoming arizona's first female senator after a hard-fought battle. i wish her all success as she represents arizona in the senate. brian: latest tally puts sinema ahead by 38,000 votes. she will replace retiring jeff flake. in maine, election results come
5:25 am
down to computer algorithm. will determine if a democrat unseats a republican in the state's second district this is the first federal race in the nation to use a ranked choice voting civil. the system lets voters rank the top candidate one through six. whoever gets the majority wins. steve: seems kind of complicated. democrats won back the house in midterm elections, wasted no time in declareing their top priority. it is, gun control. >> common sense background checks to prevent guns boeing into the wrong hands. >> we will certainly pursue sensible gun control legislation as one of our priority. >> we have a chance to say loud and clear that the gun lobby is no longer in charge of our gun laws. ainsley: here to react nra spokesperson, dana loesch. what is your reaction when you hear all of this? >> oh, ainsley, brian, steve,
5:26 am
good morning to you all. when i hear nancy pelosi say, i hear someone who is talking about the failed gun control laws in her state and she discusses expanding them nationally as though that is going to be the magical ingredient that makes those work. as we've seen time and time again, it doesn't in fact help. it doesn't make it work. they can talk about pushing forward anti-gun legislation in the house but let's think of all of the two-way i can victories law-abiding gun owners won in the past elections. law-abiding gun owners spent significantly less dollars than the anti-gun movement which is mostly funded by people like michael bloomberg. we don't have a really rich sugar daddy, lack of better way to put it. our rights, our self-defense and second amendment rights are protected. as a result of that, look at the result, house candidates, 80% of nra endorsed won races. 85% of nra-endorsed candidates
5:27 am
won races statewide. we extended the senate majority. we have divided houses, divided state legislatures across the country. it goes to show nancy pelosi is really not in tune what americans want. when you look at gun control movement, ground zero from florida, those expectations didn't materialize in the results. she will have a hard fight ahead of her because gun owners will not allow it. steve: one of the things fox news did on election day we surveyed over 100,000 people coast to coast, and 61% of the voters said they wanted stricter gun laws, 61%. 8% wanted less strict laws. what does that tell you about where america's head is right now? >> i think that there is also a lot of confusion to that point, steve, in terms of what we actually do have the laws that we do have, the laws we don't. for instance a lot of people don't realize apparently we have background checks. we have existing background checks. when you talk about universal
5:28 am
background checks, unfortunately when you look at tragedies taken place previously in california, universal background checks whether were in place, didn't prevent any of those things. a lot of flaws and errors in terms of administratively into the system at that level, state by state level. the thing is, look you have to enforce the laws that we have. that actually isn't being done consistently. that is one of the common denominators in every single one of these tragedies. you have missed opportunities to prevent people who should not be having access from having access and further more, you have procedures not followed consistently across the board. and this is, as i said, the common denominator in every single one of these tragedies. law-abiding people should not always pay the price for the actions of criminals. it makes no sense to disarm moms and dads across the country, men and women across the country, to make them more susceptible to threat because a criminal will
5:29 am
abuse the law, break the law and get illegal access. brian: dana, thanks so much. appreciate it. we'll see what is on the top their agenda. there is a talk of 85 difficult subpoenas that could be coming -- steve: investigations. brian: investigations which will start with subpoenas. ainsley: look who is in the green room? it is mike rowe, he brought his mama with him. author of a new book. hi, mom. one woman goes out of her marriage with a bang. the explanation coming up. ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at when did you see the sign?
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♪ steve: all right. let's talk a little bit about the booming economy right now. the u.s. unemployment rate is at 3.7%. it is the lowest it has been in nearly 50 years. ainsley: so, as the amount of people working in the united states is is growing will their confidence and pride grow as well? brian: you know him for importance of hard work through shows like dirty jobs. he has many things going on in social media. very important to find out who raised mike rowe, that his mom, peggy rowe. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. brian: congratulations on the new book. >> i can't wait to talk to but the book and letters that you write, mike. we wanted to start with news of the day. the unemployment numbers are down. the importance of getting jobs, why is that so important for our country? >> it is our identity, you know. what we do is always been the
5:34 am
centerpiece who we are. for the last 10 years my foundation has been focused on opportunity that actually exists. there is this narrative, we discussed it a thousand times, the reason people are not working because opportunity is dead. that is not the case. we have nearly seven million jobs. steve: if you want a job, there is a job waiting for you. >> 75% don't require a four year degree. they require training. my foundation has been focused on that. my grandfather was responsible for bringing her into the world, at least in part was a electrical contractor. i had a front row seat growing up because of work ethic and that built our country. ainsley: your grandfather? >> yes, that is your dad, mom. that is nana right there. brian: brings us to full introduction. this is peggy rowe is right here. how did you get the son to write the forward on the book?
5:35 am
that is big coup. he is famous. >> i know he is, but he is still my son. he does what i tell him to do. ainsley: what was he like? >> would you like a book? steve: we love it. you are 100% employed promoting his book, about my mother. >> yes it is. it is about my mother. that growing up with a mother who was always in charge. always in charge. steve: what does that mean, always in charge? >> she made all the decisions, all the decisions. she told me which political party i was in. when i was little. steve: which party were you in? >> don't tell them. don't tell them. >> now i think for myself. ainsley: how important is that to be a strong mother? what did you learn from her? >> she was honest, first and foremost. like i say she was always in charge. she made all the decisions. we didn't do anything unless it was okay with my mother. she was a crazy, wacky, baseball
5:36 am
fan. the baltimore orioles, they were at the top of her list. she loved baseball. brian: one time she actually saw orioles jersey and took off her shirt and tried it on? >> in the busy aisle of macy's department store, she tooked her blouse off and tried on an orioles jersey. that is the sort of thing my mother did. brian: mike, did you do something similar. >> i will do it right now, brian. my mother writes stories all her life. she sends them to me. i never really thought about it, in the terms of a book. the truth is, for the last 80 years she has been writing multiple books. ainsley: a beautiful writer. >> she talked about losing a big blue purse in the walmart parking lot, the calamity ensued and. ainsley: you could barely get through it. >> it is funniest thing i ever read. 70 million people read the
5:37 am
stories. ainsley: she talked about father's hearing aids. >> the hearing aids are going off. he is diving in trying to find the purse. it is pandemonium. publishers if you could get her to write a bunch stores like that you have a best-seller. she writes off on the book. i'm not even it. >> you're in two chapters. >> i am in two chapters. i have that is going for foe which is awesome. steve: i like the fact she went to the irm ma writers workshop. >> your language. >> i hung out with younger people. we might have had a drink at night. i learned new words. not -- this is really wholesome book. >> not like that conversation.
5:38 am
it is aggressively g-rated book. honest, guys the reason we're here, the reason we're making the tour is, there is all the trouble in the world. i mean the headlines are what the headlines are and when i read this for the first time i was like, this is the most aggressive piece of good news i have ever seen. it is, part irma bombbeck, part russell baker, if you remember him. it is nostalgia. this idea no matter how you vote, who you are, you have a mother, had one, a grandmother, if you're missing any of that in your daily life, good grief. brian: we're caught up in the national stories. we're made up of local personal family stories. >> can he talk? he can talk until the cows come home earnings. brian: was he always like that? >> no. as a child he was very shy. steve: what happened? he got a cable show. he started talking. >> i was worried he would grow up to be a recluse.
5:39 am
i really worried about him until he got into middle school i guess. he blossomed. came out of his shell. ainsley: how many children do you have? >> three. i have to say you guys are beautiful. you really are. brian: thank you. >> i feel very frumpy sitting here. brian: no. would you like to be on the couch talking about a book, all the stories you kept within your family, now the whole country sees what is it like? >> it is exhilarating. it also terrifying. it is terrifying to be on live television. ainsley: you're doing a great job. what do you think about your son's career? i'm sure you're proud of him? >> most of the time. brian: most of the time. >> quite often i am. brian: brief period on cnn, that must have been hard on the family? >> no. the hard part was dirty jobs, when he did those unspeakable jobs. somebody gets up, excuse me every day and does. he is proud of those people. he respects them. and that makes me proud.
5:40 am
steve: now he made it his life's goal to make sure people understand there are jobs out there, you don't have to go to college. you can learn how to weld. you can learn how to do all sorts of stuff. learn about electricity like the guy who lived next door to you. >> master it. ainsley: what do you love about your mom? >> i like the fact she will be 81 years old next month. all her life she wanted to do something. she finally got a chance to do it, all she had to do was what publishers asked to do to write a specific type of book, which she did, she went away wrote the exact opposite. i read it. and it just was terrific. and nobody would publish it. so we printed 10,000 copies. they sold out in two weeks. now we have simon & schuster. we have our friends over at forefront. she will be a best-selling author. no doubt about it. the reviews for the thing are crazy. look, i'm shamelessly hawking my mother's book. but if we can get it on the best-seller list, i think i can
5:41 am
cross you off my christmas list. brian: absolutely. no doubt about it. >> you know how it works, brian. >> that is what i'm most proud of. she did it the way she wanted to do it. steve: very sinatra. >> right. and elvis. ainsley: and her mother. brian: she lived the life she wanted to live. now chronicling the life she lived. >> i grew up with basically two sets of parents, my mom and dad who were unspeakably terrific and right next door, my grandparents. so everything that they said by way of example was, was unfolding next door by way of reality. and so, you know, we talk a lot about dads and moms obviously but the importance of grandparents in our lives, it is just, you can't overstate it. steve: i love the fact you said there is so much serious news out there. we talk about it all day long. nice to have an escape.
5:42 am
folks, check out the book. it is about to become a "new york times" best-seller. it is called "all about my mother." >> if you like to laugh, you will love the book. >> thanks, guys. brian: you haven't done this before. we have to toss to jillian. jillian: peggy, you were fabulous by the way. let's get you caught up on this news now. acting attorney general matt whitaker's appointment facing a court challenge. the state of maryland claims the president's pick to temporarily run the doj isn't legal. mercedes schlapp joined us earlier from the white house. she says the law is on the whitaker's side. >> the president and department of justice leadership has confidence of matt whitaker. he has the full authority under the vacancy reform act of 1998. jillian: maryland wants a judge
5:43 am
to declare deputy ag rod rosenstein as acting attorney general. the air traffic controller who went aisle lept for 40 minutes at a busy airport is out of a job. faa officials revealing that the employee working by herself in las vegas is no longer employed by the agency. a pilot of an incoming plane struggled to communicate with her as she slurred her word and became unresponsive. it is unclear why she was incapacitated. a marriage ends with a blast. take a look at this. a texas woman celebrating divorce after 14 years of marriage by blowing up her wedding dress. she and her family rigged 20-pounds of explosives to the dress. it was heard and felt up to 15 miles away. that is an interesting one. those are the headlines. back to you. brian: sometimes thinks are great. steve: fox news alert. violence erupting in the middle east overnight as tensions between israel anham mass reach a i will boiling point again. we're live in israel next.
5:44 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. hamas threatening to launch more rockets into israel as tensions boil over in the middle east. steve: the violence starting after a botched israeli special forces raid in gaza. we are live from an israeli apartment building hit with a rocket. trey? reporter: brian, steve, ainsley, good morning. as we speak just a few miles south rockets are being fired into southern israel after a barrage of rockets into israel from gaza last night. the israeli military is ramping up the strikes inside of the gaza strip. they're trying to send a message to the group in control of gaza, hamas, trying to bring them back to the negotiating table when it comes to a potential cease-fire, this time in a way that sends a forceful message. over the past 24 hours the israeli air force struck number
5:48 am
of targets inside of gaza. including two apartment buildings. many structures here in israel have been hit, including a bakery in the town of sterot. including this building. it was hit by a rocket. it exploded upon impact, killing one man inside, injuring dozen. fox news entered the building earlier today. we saw blood spattered across the walls and floors. there were a number of marks in the concrete walls blasted through by the very rocket. this is one of many buildings in southern israel, ainsley, brian, steve, that is hit by rocket fire. we hear sirens in the distance. we get the alert the all this as egyptian negotiators are scheduled to come into the region in an effort to bring hamas and israelis back to the table. to develop a cease-fire agreement that row dues violence erupting in the region.
5:49 am
brian, ainsley,. steve: steve trey is live in israel. thank you, trey. brian: a crazy today. ainsley: florida scrambles to meet the recount. the question is, do we need to fix the election system? our next guest has a possible solution. brian: with your permission, i want to talk to sandra smith to see what is on her story. >> one week later lot of election news rolling on this morning. democrats flipping a red seat blue in arizona. martha mcsally conceding to sir ten cinema. -first andersen ma. since democrats won control of the house what exactly does the agenda look like? steve scalise joins us live in the studio on that. ken starr the headline. our a-team is gearing up. a big tuesday morning in "america's newsroom." join bill and me in just a few moments.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪ steve: right now in the state of florida officials are scrambling to the recount deadline which is thursday at 3:00. our next guest says americans deserve a fair election process and the solution to prevent this from happening again but how do you do that? ainsley: let's ask the expert. here is explain is former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell. good morning to you. we were talking with mercedes schlapp from the communications office in the white house. she was asking who is responsible for this. she said it is secretary of state. you have experience in ohio. is that the person they will look to fix this problem down in florida? >> i think they will look to the secretary of state to be in the lead but the attorney general of florida has a role. as does the governor.
5:54 am
look, the bottom line is that we cannot allow an election to be corrupted behind -- by hiding behind the veil of gross incompetence. so that means that there is some steps that we have to take. one, we have to clean up, florida has to clean up as our other states are doing their voters roles. we have to make sure that folks who are deceased or taken off the rolls, folks moved from the state or taken off the rolls in the state that they have left. we in fact have to make sure that there are standards of transparency and they must be enforced. and, thirdly, it is very important that there are penalties to folks and personnel that violate these rules. because, you know, my dad used to always say, if you reward bad behavior all you're going to get is more bad behavior.
5:55 am
brian: ken, you know about broward county. you sued them, right? you could have called this ahead of time. >> well, look, but that, that's the point. you have to have eyes on the process. transparency, as i told many people, you, brian the other week, those who want to do evil love the darkness. we have a response alt to make sure that our our system in a bipartisan way has eyeballs on all of the process at every step of the process. that is so, so important. and this, this notion, that you can have chronic, massive incompetence that is excused, that corrupts a process. that lowers confidence in the results, and it breeds distrust. steve: ken, real quickly, give us one thing, florida, in
5:56 am
particular broward county perhaps should do to fix it? >> transparency. transparency, transparency. and get rid of folks who violate the standards. three strikes, and you're out. that is baseball. and that's criminal justice system. three strikes and you're out. broward county, this person has had many strikes. brian: ken blackwell, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you. more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter.
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5:59 am
>> andrew jackson now in paper back. i'm going to florida to follow steve. i'll be at vero beach at noon at the book center saturday, later on saturday at fort myers at 5:30. a double-header. >> i'll be in florida, too.
6:00 am
>> that's where you want to go. >> find out where i'll be online. for janice, you just have to follow her. steve will be in florida, too. see you later. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning. here is the dramatic and escalating situation in california. the camp fire has killed 42. it has the deadliest and most destructive blaze in that state's history. what a story here. bill hemmer, it's tuesday, as we roll on here. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president trump signing off an a major disaster declaration for the state as crews battle massive wildfires on both ends. that northern california fire now 30% contained with rescue efforts giving way to recovery as survivors sort through what's left of their homes. the town of paradise, one of the hardest hit areas. >> it is just absolutely heartbreaking to drive through paradise and


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