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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 17, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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audience. i love you, america. i'm greg gutfeld two. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the migrant caravan arriving at the border and tensions rise as they try to gain access to our country either legally by claiming asylum or crossing illegally. one migrant, a honduran named henry saline as told reporters he told reporters he plans to overwhelm border agents. he says it will be all against one, one against all. all of central america against
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one, and all against trump and trump against all. joining me now con there are columnist, the author of "resistance is futile." i think even jim acosta said mr. president, they won't be climbing walls, that's not going to happen. but we see this video, they are climbing the walls. what's going on? >> oddly the things they have been doing the past 50 years. that's why one presidential candidate ran promising to build a wall. that's why people voted for him. we see we need a wall. in the absence of a wall, i pushr wish wyatt least had attorney general jeff sessions. jesse: these are people straddling the wall and taunting the people on the other side.
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if anybody looks at that picture, you climb, you climb down, it's like fun for these people. >> israel was having a big problem with invaders -- no, intil traitors, coming in from africa. according to the "new york times" they got it down to zero illegal immigrants crossing into their country. the old show me a wall, i'll show you a ladder. the israelis didn't believe that so they built a wall and it's working. jesse: any time you hear the democrats, you hear, walls don't work. then you see walls all over the rest of the world working to stop people from coming in here. >> it's the craziest thing.
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the left saying wheels don't work. >> they worked for thousands of years. >> they are driving the cars all over the place. you have troops at the border. you have mattis at the border who says we don't do stunts. they continue to come up, some of the people who reached tijuana got there first. they are a little bit more athletic. but the caravan is coming. what do you see happening when the clash occurs and you have the actual 7,000, 8,000, 9,000 strong caravan actually get together border. what do you see happening then? >> there will be 10,000 acl turks lawyers there to hand them their forms of what they are supposed to say to request asylum and finding them an attorney showing them how to
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collect government benefits. this has been going on for 50 years. this is why voters wanted a wall. we have an omnibus bill coming up, and trump threatened to veto it if he doesn't get funding for his wall. there is nobody in the white house to tell him you don't need congress to build your wall, you are the commander-in-chief, just build it. we could use somebody more sessions-like as attorney general. this is literally an existential issue. we hear about an existential crisis for syria, afghanistan, israel. this is our country. can we please protect our country? >> they say global warming is an existential crisis. that's a long way out there. let's move on. kamala harris, the young senator
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in california. she compared i.c.e. agents to the kkk. listen toth exchange on capitol hill. >> are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at i.c.e. is being used enforce the laws and do you see any parallels? >> i do not see any parallels. >> i'm talking about perception. >> i do not see a parallel between ways constitutionally man dated as it relates to enforcing the law. >> are you aware there is a perception? >> to put i.c.e. in the same category as the kkk? is that what you are asking me? >> i am very specific about what i'm asking you. are you aware there is a perception that i.c.e. is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and
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intimidation particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from mexico and central america? are you aware of that perception. >> i do not see a parallel between the power and authorities i.c.e. has to do its job and agents and officers who do it professionally and excellently with lots of compassion. jesse: that was president trump's until knee to head ice -- trump's nominee to head i.c.e. saying democrats are crazy. no, there is a perception democrats are crazy. what's she doing. >> there is a perception created by you, kamala and your fellow democrats. it's disgusting, i hot to be outraged. but it makes me laugh. this is the left in the trump era. they have lost their minds.
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that's why they can't effectively oppose trump. everything has to be nazi, white supremacist, kkk. all they do, what does that even mean? there are no nazis. no, trump is not hitler though yes killing 6 million jews and tweeting a lot very similar in the eyes of a liberal. an immigration website is trump's perception on immigration without the dramatical website. the media is referring to the website as white nationalist. this is the left calling our side a poopy head. jesse: the klu klux klan terrorized the south for many years and was responsible for
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hanging african-american people and burning crosses. they were eventually eradicated. going after drug traffickers, going after criminal aliens that have broken our laws and trying to get them deported out of this country. there is no parallel at all. >> also to prevent them from undermining the wages of african-americans. those are the people in america, the one dem kraffic group who are being hurt the most of. they have the audacity to bring up the klan. the klan was an outgrowth of the democratic party. they often had overlapping membership.
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there were republicans who went down to the south to make sure more people were voting. jesse: avenatti, if it's true and he did punch a woman in the face, it's probably one of the most of despicable things you can do. presumed innocent. we'll give him due process. but it is kind of ironic that he's now iing don't believe women. i was set up. this is the exact opposite of what he was saying in august and september. >> true, but i would not put him in the same camp with kavanaugh. no evidence, no, and you are right. i ran into a tmz cameraman on the street an asked me why hasn't trump tweeted anything about michael avenatti. i said because a girl got beaten up.
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but probably a lot of conservatives did have a slight smile curl their lips on this. i do want to -- jesse: cnn is not going to book him. msnbc is not going to book him. the democratic party in vermont, they canceled his appearance. >> this will leave a huge hole in the msnbc schedule. for months you could not turn on tv without him. i want to give credit to tmz which apparently paid off every doorman in the greater los angeles area. their reporting is pretty specific. with him running into the building afterwards saying "she hit me first." that's a new one. that's going to be your defense? jesse: tmz, they are wired all over that city. they have got everybody on lockdown. it's an amazing organization.
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i can't believe they beat everybody to the punch. sneaky snipes. broward county. sneaky snipes is overseeing this thing. they had all this recount. she purposely missed the deadline. when they finished the count, scott the republican was up. so she added a few votes at the end, so that delegitimizes the recount. so the democrats added a few votes. but she thinks she is doing a great job. >> i happen to be on site in florida for some real reporting and was talking to a couple of people who spent a few hours there look at the ballot. one thing you should always know. all of the reporting on the biggest story of the year has to be done by random republicans willing to donate their time? i love these news organizations sitting back saying they say there is cheating, but they have
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no evidence. i have an idea. do you have any reporters you can send? they call up southern poverty law center and say an expert told us there is never vote fraud. you can take it from the southern poverty law center. what they are doing as is often the case, the overvotes and under votes, this is where a person, you can cancel out your own ballot. okay, you didn't vote for anyone because you voted for both. jesse: i saw a picture of a ballot in broward county. someone checked the vote for nelson, then they checked the box for scott. first of all, i have to say, i know you are a florida resident sometimes during the year. but you people down there. it's not that hard. what are you guys doing? >> keep this in find whenever
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you hear people talking about what idiots republicans are. at least our voters know how to fill out a ballot. the under votes are where they examine a ballot where the voter didn't vote for a candidate at all. the nelson-scott election, i would guess andrew gillum was running. he's like florida's obama. a lot of african-americans went in and voted for the black candidate and left. but gillum got more votes than nelson. what they did, and i think they are trying to do, they did it in the minnesota election that elected cheater al franken. they would say, they voted for obama, surely they meant to vote for franken. we'll count that as a vote for
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franken. jesse: they think they know the intention, and the will of the voter. esp divine whatever intention was. i have got to run. it was great talk to you. coming up, a tormented monica lewinsky reveals never-before heard details of her affair with bill clinton. an epic outburst in the skies when a woman is denied her wine. watch this.
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by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. jesse: the battle forel gravel is on. nancy pelosi when asked about other democrats challenging her for speaker had this to say. >> come on in, the water is warm. joining me, the founder of turning point usa, charlie kirk. i hear democrats say how powerful and successful speaker pelosi is. when she had the gavel last time she almost lost it back
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immediately. she overreached and went far left on things like obamacare. how do you know that won't happen again? >> what we do know about speaker pelosi, she championed legislation to make college more affordable. jesse: is college more affordable because of nancy pelosi? >> yes, there is more access to grant for college scholarships. but will she reach? will people come after the job? yes. jesse: charlie, do you think nancy is looking at who's voting against her? if you voted against nancy you will probably get shut out of any leadership position. >> she rules with an ire d with
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an iron fist. she is in a conundrum here. the democrat party consists of people who think nancy pelosi is too moderate. and people who think that nancy pelosi is too far to the left. and this is going to be a big challenge. you have the alexandria ocasio-cortez who basically wants to give everything away for free. then those who are trying to bring back the blue dog democrats. the more she is on tv the better. jesse: the republicans like her and she raises a lot of money for the right. one of the first things she did was stage a sit-in a poe test about green stuff. she is running around with drum circles in the capital and dancing around and high fiving people. this is the first thing she did when she came to washington was to protest when she came outside
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of pelosi's office. >> she is delivering on her campaign promises. she promised she would support more leadership. the reality of nancy pelosi is she has been doing it for so long, she knows how to make the deals and create the coalition. i think that new conversation about leadership is important. but what speaker pelosi is significant and it should be important to talk about. she is a significant woman of power that will serve her well. jesse: i think congresswoman fudge will have the top spot. i hope she gets it because trump will have a field day with that nickname. listen to what pelosi said to al sharpton. >> thank you for helping take back america. people are calling and writing,
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thank you for saving america. i give those thanks to you. thank you for saving america. reverend sharpton, thank you for shaving america. jesse: if sharpton saved america, we are doomed. >> he insulted over 400 young black conservatives rebrought to the white house and said some horrible things about him. if she thinks he saved anything. the irs called reverend al. you still owe some money. if these are the cast of characters and clown show the democrats want to parade around. 2020 is still around the corner. i hope nancy pelosi wins because it will help republicans. jesse: pelosi could wave good-bye to the majority.
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a report in "axios" about 85 potential investigations of the trump administration. everything from the comey firing to the travel ban, tax returns, family businesses. they are reopening the russia investigation. do you think that will be a positive for the democrats? >> yes. the president has gone basically unchecked since he won the election. jesse: unchecked? >> 64 subpoenas for information that have been rejected. there are rules of the game that he doesn't play by that every president in our history has. having some democrats saying let the american people know something about you that you refuse to give them. that will be good for the democrats and general americans.
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jesse: i want to play some sound from adam schiff. let's hear what he said about investigations. >> investigations are sexy, they are interesting. you bring witnesses and people tune in. jesse: sexy investigations is what the democrats are all about. >> the idea of unchecked. you had these judges from hawaii blocking everything he does on immigration. number two, unchecked? this is the most transparent president in american history because the media monitors him more than any other president. you have journalists who follow every single move he makes. the idea that he's against unchecked is ridiculous. not to mention the amount of freedom of information requests they have been burdening this white house with is
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unbelievable. mr. schiff finish the investigation into what the fbi did and didn't do leading into president trump's election. i'll bet he shuts it down on day one. >> i think having a more balanced government will be a good thing. the media's job is to give the american people the most of information about their leaders. this is a good thing, and president trump said that if congress tries to investigate him he'll take up war posture. he better get ready, because they are coming for him. jesse: if they were going to ask for my tax returns i would say let's open another investigation about crooked hillary. hillary may be getting back in the game. let's hear from the voters have to say.
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now back to. "watters' world." >> how much you want hillary clinton to run for president in 2020? go. jesse: the democrats have month
11:31 pm
heir-apparent in 2020. bernie, beto and biden are leading. the author of the "new york times" best seller andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans which is now out in paperback. let's take on hillary for a second. no charisma. she is aging. she is fainting. the voters are probably going to have allocator arms. they are not going to vote for a loser. >> i believe she is going to be a player. if a democrat wins, i look for her to have a prominent spot. she can't keep up. jesse: are you saying she
11:32 pm
doesn't have the strength or stamp florida? >> no question. i don't think they will have the heart to go back to her. jesse: biden is leading the pack by a significant margin. he would have to leach off the obama donor list. he's kinds of a well nick my opinion. do you think he has a shot? >> the biggest bol lot is this guy joe biden. now is his time. we saw the first four years. when you don't give the script and you let him go. no discipline. the working class thing is a bit of an act. i think he gets carried away with himself. i think he'll be destroyed and eaten up by president trump. ' the fern who is going to beat president trump is the western who won't go directly at him.
11:33 pm
jesse: that brings us to o'rourke. if he was running he would play nice in the democratic primary. he's so untested. yes he could raise a lot of money from small donors. but on a national level, do you think he's got a shot? >> he's got the charisma, charm and likability. he has 36 to $50 million. personally not charmed, but we can respect people who are good on cara and comfortable in their own skin. but he's too far to the left. he could have taken ted cruz if he was moderate. jesse: he said kneeling for the anthem was patriotic in texas. sanders has 19% in this poll. but i believe his moment was last name.
11:34 pm
the brokers in the democratic party won't let him take the nomination. he doesn't want to be a democrat. he was asked, are you part of the democratic party, he said no. jesse: look at his hair. he's not happy, he's too old. he's a socialist. jesse: let's go to elizabeth warren. i think she is toast. >> regional candidate at best. smart but i don't think by any chance she goes to middle america. the one that's interesting is kamala harris. she has to talk more. too quiet. jesse: i don't think she is likeable. there is something like you said o'rourke was charming. i don't see her as charming. >> we are only seeing the attack mode.
11:35 pm
the person that can beat truck. it won't be who can outtough trump. you don't go at him and point out the thing he does well. he doesn't like being the bully. if you don't let him avenge. he's got a good story, he turned around the economy, that's the combination that will keep the trump people down. he doesn't like punching first. jesse: he's a counter puncher. up next, diamond and silk on sneaky snipes and avenatti. today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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11:40 pm
terrible she became suicidal. >> i remember look out the window thinking the only way to fix this was to kill myself, to jump out the window. and i felt terrible. i was scared. and i just -- i was mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. and, you know, i -- i was in love with bill at the time. i felt really responsible. jesse: here to react, diamond and silk. it was a powerful exposition by monica lewinsky. she is still reeling from that apparently. how do you think about how that whole thing went down and now
11:41 pm
it's resurfacing. >> i think she was taken advantage of by a powerful older man, bill clinton. i'm so happy to see her and hear her tell her story. you have to get that out to set yourself free. i'm happy she is able to tell her story. but her story do need to be told. >> tell her story and her truth about it. jess require was a tough time in the 90s for the country. everybody struggled with that and it divide the nation. if you look back at that now, if that happened today about the #metoo movement it would have gone a different way. let's get to michael avenatti, the lawyer representing stormy daniels skyrocketed to fame with that. now allegedly has punched a woman in the face. he was booked on charges.
11:42 pm
here is what said when he came out of the jail. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will trike a woman i have been an advocate for women's rights my entire career, and i will continue to be an advocate. i am not going to be intimidated from stopping what i am doing. i am looking forward to a full investigation at which point i am confident that i will be fully exonerated. i also want to thank everyone for their support that has reached out. you know my character. jesse: he's innocent until proven guilty, that's the way we do things in america. but if he is guilty and he punched some woman. allegedly he told tmz she hit me first. she hit me fist is not a good
11:43 pm
presidential campaign slogan. i think this guy is toast and will probably go bankrupt. >> you may not pay what you owe, but you will reap what you sow. he said believe all women. that's why a lot of americans are believing the woman. he said he'll run for president. if he do run for president, he knows he can't beat a woman. jesse: he's running from the irs and it looks like his life is crumbling down upon him. it's very, very sad. sneaky snipes. the woman overseeing the broward county election. it's a mess. everybody knows it. she had the gal t d had the galo say things were going smoothly. >> this election was one of the most of highly anticipated elections we have had in 20
11:44 pm
years or more. >> every county in until is finished. she is still counting. what do you think? >> i think she has a vacuous mindset. this is a rehearsal for the art of the steal in 2020. this ways they are trying to do. shame on her for charting this whole fiasco and to have us all questioning the integrity of an election. when desantis is sworn in as governor, they need to prosecute her. >> it represents what's going on in florida the end. jesse: go check them out. they are on tour. up next, the tough questions for a change that i'm going to be answering. "watters' world" gets quizzed on fox nation. right back. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. jesse: we are stepping out of. "watters' world" and into tom shillue's world. he's going to put me to the test
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on his quiz show. tom: you are the master of putting people on the spot. but i am going to put you on the spot. i'm going to ask you questions that have nothing to do with the politics of the day. let's dive right in. question number one. gus, the central park polar bear was the first animal to ever be treated with characteristics alis, prozac or ritalin. jesse: i'm going to go with for fun, cialis. he suffered from depression. to cheer him up they would give
11:50 pm
him sold christmas trees and feed him small children who wandered off from his parents. jesse that brings your score to zero. ready for question number two? question two. who is the on athlete to ever hit an mlb home run and score an nfl touchdown in the same week. you have 10 seconds. jesse: i'm going to go with bo jackson. it might be sanders. >> let's look. it could have been bo. >> he was a jack of all trades. he was defensive back for the
11:51 pm
nfl and he had a major league baseball career that lasted 9 years just like me. jeff howard was an under rated stooge. let's get that rating up. jesse's score is zero. question number three. in a recent interview on australian television whose run to fame did jon bonjovi describe as horrific? jesse: i am going to go with b kardashians. tom: i thought you would say michael moore. the answer is, the kardashians. he's on the board. the kardashians are frighteningly successful. their combined net worth is $1.5
11:52 pm
billion. jesse: that doesn't sound horrific to me. here is yes question number four. what is the dot over the letter "i" and the letter j. called. is it a titt lerks, a canker or a glph? jesse: can i phone a friend? let's go:tittle. tom: that little dot over the letters i and j is called titt lerks or a super script dot. jesse, that brings your score to, 2-2.
11:53 pm
this is your final question. here we go. if cats are feline and dog. s are canine, what are bears? jesse: ursine. the answer is, ursi nerks. bovine is cows. and busta rhymes, it's puzzling. i love the classic hip hop. jesse: i love the classic hip hop. 3 out of 5 ain't bad. tom: the classic rock star
11:54 pm
meatloaf said something similar. tom: we put you o on the spot ad surprisingly you crushed it. now, you go, jesse. jesse: you launch in november on the 27th, fox nation. you can catch the quits show every day at 7:00 p.m. live. and quits will be available on an out of control outburst in the air when last call comes early for one passenger. >> [bleep] done. a wee guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor,
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[♪] jesse: time for "last call." a story about a passenger on an air inders yeah flight being given her last call too early. the irate business class past passenger unloaded on the crew after they cut her off. >> done. you won't give me a wee bottle of wine. money grubbing [bleep]. that's right. give me a bottle of the wine. otherwise [bleep] jesse: get that woman some wine. she was taken into custody after landing in london. with the holidays coming up,
12:00 am
good luck to you travelers out there. it will be rough. >> remember, i'm watters judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the florida race for governor is over. democrats andrew gillum concedes. president trump visits parts of california devastated by the wildfires. hello and welcome to justice live from d.c. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. and thanks to you for making justice number one last weekend. and for having made "liars, leakers, and liberals" number one only best sellers list. i'll be joined live by the governor-elect ron desantis.


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