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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 18, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PST

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audience. i love you, america. i'm greg gutfeld two. [cheering and applause]our family. that won't go down very well. have a good day. [laughter] >> the president getting a firsthand look at the devastation from the california wildfires. this is the death toll from the northern campfire rises to 71. and the number of people unaccounted for rose to more than 1000. that evening i am jon scott, this is "fox report". jon: president from visiting the decimated town of paradise. one of several stops made across the state. the president praised the firefighters have been working around the clock for more than a week. and mourning with families. many of whom have lost everything. >> law enforcement have been beyond anything that anyone could believe. and to see what has happened
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here, no one would have ever thought this could have happened. jon: we have fox team coverage. jonathan hunt is important for malibu. we been with white house correspondent, kevin in paradise. >> good evening, for a present nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people. it certainly includes the folks in california. and that underscores the need to make sure fire like the one that struck this beautiful town of paradise, never happens again. >> hopefully this will be the last of these because this was a really really bad one. and i know gavin is committed we are all committed, i am committed to making sure we get all of this cleaned out and protected. reporter: cleaned out and protected, indeed. white house officials tell us the main focus of the trip is for the president to meet with firefighters and first responders and of course, the families that have been impacted by the wildfires. as well as important just have
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a conversation with california leaders.about the need to do a better job of managing the forests here. >> we are on the same path. we do have to do management, maintenance and we will be working also with environmental groups, they really, i think everyone has seen the light. i don't think we will have this again to this extent. >> eco-experts obviously a major factor in the golden state. the present also had a chance during this trip to take an up close look at the town of paradise.that's where we are. it has clearly been burned beyond recognition. and a fire tsunami, many are here across the state trying to help her they can. just to give you a better perspective, this actually burned about 100,000 acres on the very first day. all the more reason to do what we can all do to make this
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something that should be a thing of the past. jon: traveling with the president in paradise right now, kevin, thank you. meanwhile the situation on the ground throughout california's gram. they continue to search for victims from the deadly camp fire which destroyed most of paradise. this is california congressman john garamendi. >> week the kind of explosive fire that has devastated the town of paradise and 26,000 people, you could have 100, 1000 feet around but that fire is jumping at least 2 to 3 -- at least a mile or two ahead because the wind is blowing the embers. jon: jonathan hunt is in malibu in southern california with the latest there. reporter: the president is on his way to southern california as we speak. whichever neighborhood he chooses to tour, over the 150 square miles of the wellesley
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fire impacted, he will see scenes like this. we are in the neighborhood of malibu on a short dead-end street. right along the street, house after house after house, just like this. burned to the ground. as i walk here through the rubble, we walk straight into one other. again, exactly the same scene. nothing left whatsoever. and you heard kevin and the president talking about the politics of all of this.the politics of climate change. the politics of forest management. i can tell you this from being here for the past week or so. the people who are the victims of this fire, the people who have lost everything, don't care one whit about the politics right now. while they care about is how on earth they begin to put their lives back together. of course, these fires, not the
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only tragedy that we have been through here in southern california. over the past 10 days. and that is another reason for the president heading here to southern california right now. his press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders, revealing last night on fox news, on the hannity show, that the president is also going to meet with some of those impacted by the borderline bar and grill mass shooting. you will remember that happened just about 10 days ago. a gunman walking into college night at the borderline bar and grill. in thousand oaks, the city north and west of la. and gunning down 12 innocent victims. the president, as he has done with the victims of these fires, wants to offer what comfort he can to those who were impacted by that terrible shooting.
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jon: thank you. president trump speaking to reporters today before leaving the help white house to tour the damage. he says he's ready to submit written answers to robert mueller. ellison barber is live with the latest. reporter: good evening. the president has not submitted the answers just yet. he says it will happen this coming week. he claims that he personally answered all 140+ questions. >> it is a lot of the things we asked for and somethings there are some big things left off. i think we will probably get them too. but it is a complete list. 142 items. that is a lot of items. i write the answers, my lawyers don't write answers, i write answers. i was asked a series of questions. i answer them very easily. very easily. reporter: receptor the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, this morning and have not heard back from him. the president maintains that the russia probe is a which
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appeared jeff sessions out and named matt whitaker acting attorney general.democrats and republicans say that whitaker is problematic in part because he is criticized the council and the pastor there also questions about the legality of the appointment. that it violates the appointment because of the constitution. democrats say that the present named whitaker as acting ag because he wants to derail the russia probe. the white house is that whitaker has years of experience and the doj deals with things well beyond the russia probe. jon: there's been talk in congress about some kind of legislation that would protect robert mueller. to expect any kind of a vote? >> democrats and some republicans would really like for that to happen. legislation was passed in committee this past spring. a bipartisan group of lawmakers say now is the time for a full senate vote. according arizona senator jeff flake, a republican, who is a member of the senate judiciary committee says that he will not vote to confirm any judicial nominee until legislation protecting special counsel robert mueller, is taken to the
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floor. he is getting support from democrats with that idea. but again, both left and right are saying they do think a vote should happen on that. take a listen. >> i think there is nothing lost by doing that. possibly much gained. and it clears the air. >> whitaker has expressed hostility toward this probe. he has suggested ways to diminish it. to starve it of funding for example. why in the world, we would be -- and allow it to behappen wou be beyond me. reporter: has says if it hold up judges is not a good idea. and mcconnell says this is not necessary. jon: ellison barber, thank you. lord is expected to finish a hand recount this weekend to decide the contested senate race between republican governor rick scott and democratic incumbent, bill
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nelson. the scott campaign sounded confident about the end result. >> this is set for tuesday, right? >> that is correct. >> and to understanding, that will be certified and scheduled on tuesday? >> we believe it will. we believe that tuesday the election results will be certified and governor scott, senator elect scott will be heading to washington. jon: peter doocy is in florida with more on that. reporter: jon there was quite a commotion her late this afternoon as the search more than 2000 missing early ballots began without the election supervisor, brenda sipes telling anybody that her team was about to start handling boxes and boxes of the early ballots and wheeling them out of a locked cage. republicans i've spoken to a very concerned that they are being transparent about what's happening inside.
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democrats tried to press her all day to explain how 2000+ ballots just went poof! and she's puzzled as anybody. >> the ballots are in the building. the ballots are in the building. someone must have put it in the stack where it didn't belong. and we will count what we can and we will go back and recount. the ballots are in this building. there will be nowhere else for them to be. they are misfiled. reporter: the hand recount only helps bill nelson get 274 votes closer to rick scott in broward, far short of the 12,000+ that he needs. plus, there is no indication that they plan to concede but is something that the gubernatorial candidate, andrew gillum just did. he tweeted this. i want to congratulate ron desantis on becoming the next
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governor of the great state of florida. my wife and i could not be prouder of the way he ran his race.we could not be more thankful to my running mate and his wife. andrew gillum had been pushing people to keep going to election facilities until 5:00 today. that was the deadline to go and fix a ballot if the supervisor sent a letter that there was a problem with your signature. not matching the ballot versus their records. that ended just a little more than one hour ago. a few minutes afterwards, is when andrew gillum finally called it quits. jon: peter doocy, thank you. meanwhile the state of georgia officially has certified republican brian kemp is the next governor. the contested race coming to an end after a court ordered review of absentee provisional and other uncounted ballots. here is the governor elect. >> we have laws on the books that prevent elections from being stolen from anyone. i received the most votes of anybody that has ever run for governor in the state of
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georgia. and i'm proud of that. and i said earlier, stacey abrams ran one heck of a campaign. it is a tough business, politics. but the fact of the matter is election is now over. jon: stacey abrams acknowledged fred and that she could not defeat him. she promises to file a federal lawsuit challenging gross mismanagement of georgia elections. president trump stumping for nancy pelosi? >> i would help nancy pelosi if she needs to vote. i will perform a wonderful service for her. i like her! can you believe it? i like nancy pelosi. jon: will she need help from the president or the gop to become speaker of the house? plus the u.s. intelligence community reportedly making a conclusion in the death of colonist, jamal khashoggi. what president trump has to say about the findings. and the migrant caravan is closer than ever to the united
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we will do a cash but we are not the releases. if they think they will be releasing our country like in the old days, like for years and years, they catch and release. we are not releasing. they don't get released. >> that is president trump will happen to migrants went to the united states. as a migrant caravan is getting closer to the southern border. the first group from caravan reaching tijuana mexico. they want asylum in the united states. thousands more expected to join them soon. william longeness is live in tijuana with more. william? reporter: this is where the caravan originally wanted to make camp. the beach. the locals said no. i also want to show you, you can see where the border patrol has now put the razor wire. not just on the top, but also on the backside. so people cannot just jump in. they get torn up pretty bad. also want to take you here in the top there was a protest here last night again by the locals showing that they really
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divided about whether the like the migrants here or not. the mayor actually supports the local people here. he doesn't want them here. the reason why? it will be here probably a long time. according to the government, six months to 18 months. the number today, 2600 expected to double to more than 6000. they are also realizing the migrants are there in a rock and a hard spot. they don't have a lot of options pay they can no longer just walk over the border, claim asylum and be accepted. in fact, there feeling misled by some of the caravan leaders that they were not told more. >> he says he doesn't believe any longer about the political asylum. they were lied and they came down here. now they happen to realize that the people who are already applied, they are getting returned back to their country. reporter: they are seen that the border is more difficult to cross and the thought. this is a land by the president
2:19 am
trying to send a message to others in central america that are watching this play out. >> that they have such fear and problems and they hate their country, why do they see all the flags being waived? guatemala, honduras, el salvador. we are seeing flags all over the place. why are they waving flags? this is nothing to do with asylum. this has to do with getting into our country illegally. reporter: so now the police have made several respites of a drunk disorderly sum for fighting. there is marked organized, in march against discrimination. the question will be, will it be on the beach where a port of entry? jon: william longeness, in tijuana, thank you. not far to the north of where william is, president trump has just landed at naval air base i'm sorry naval base ventura
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county. he is there to examine the aftermath of the fire that has been burning in southern california. he was in northern california checking out the effects of the camp fire earlier today. he is now travel to southern california, he will be looking at the fire that has burned there and it has been a pretty grim day for the president. having to tour all of the spectacular and horrible damage. from the fire. more than a thousand people still listed as missing. as a result of those fires in california. we'll keep an eye on the travel of the president as he heads toward southern california in this particular region. meantime in texas, residents along the state border with mexico lashing out after customs and border protection announced two new border wall projects would begin in the region next february. madeleine rivera is in the rio grande valley with more.
2:21 am
>> all this vegetation over here will be eliminated. >> as executive director of -- she is preparing for the inevitable. government contractors will be on the preserve building along the road that divides the property. >> 18 foot vertical concrete slab wall. on top of that, 18 foot steel bollards. >> one was stretch six miles. the other an additional eight miles per two projects totaled $312 million. brought on by president trump repeatedly calls for increased border security. >> here we are in the rio grande river. >> she doesn't believe this is about securing the board approved the river which separates the u.s. from mexico and a mile south of this they expect a construction site to requester creating a landing and staging area. instead of defending the actual border which is here. >> on the other hand, security experts say, there's a reason
2:22 am
why the locations were chosen. >> is probably predicated upon intelligence based on flow, rest, traffic. >> customs and border protection see the rio grande is the busiest sector in the country. -- 1192 pounds of cocaine. >> this is 47 to 53 percent of all the little crushes in the know states for about six years. >> someone that works only river says is been a drop in activity since the first wall has been built. >> the will is a component but not the total answer request-- meet with landowners and listen to concerns to see how they can incorporate that to the design of the wall. jon: thank you. all hands on deck as they try to look for a thousand people unaccounted for in california.
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2:28 am
>> the real victims, the people of paradise, decimation like i've never seen in my life. just yesterday we saw a woman keeping her 11-day-old baby warm in the walmart parking lot with a hairdryer. they met a woman in her fourth stage of chemo with two of her children with her in one of the shelters. she doesn't know if two children made out. it is truly unparalleled devastation that is very difficult to understand. jon: for look at weather conditions that they are facing california, adam klotz is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> unfortunately there still plenty of areas with a high fire dangers are still in place with some of the conditions that allow it to be so. this is satellite and radar in the last six hours. it is bone dry and will stay dry the next couple of days. relative humidity is very low. start to see the darker colors, thus getting down to 25 percent and 10 percent relative humidity. it means there is no moisture in the air with obviously that
2:29 am
would help fight the fires. as a result there still locations where the fire danger is high where buyers could spread or new fires could still start. we are looking at areas around paradise where the camp fire is paid a large area they are still playing very close attention to with red flag warning. even if you're not right next to where the fires are, the smoke has become very bad. air-quality alerts now stretching to the south and central portions of central california as well. get into some of these areas and it is indicating levels with particles in the air unsafe for children. unsafe for the elderly. anyone with respiratory issues and even healthy adult that spends long periods of time outside, is just not a good situation because there is so much in the air that it happened to settle right where it is there. because of the typography of the state. you've got sierra nevada is off to the east. then write along the coast you have got some of the coastal mountains. you get all of the smoke from the wildfires with nowhere to
2:30 am
go. it kind of stuck there, sitting there waiting for perhaps either strong wind or rain to eventually knock it out of the area. occasionally reducing the heavy smoke sneaked onto the coast kind of through some of these valleys getting towards san francisco. we saw that you say where they had very heavy smoke inhalation. futurecast, this is what we might begin to see some positive changes. it does take a while. i am running you all the way here into the middle of the week. from now throughout the rest of the week and unfortunately that fire danger is high. monday and tuesday still dry. but attempting into late wednesday, we have a system that we working its way on shore. all of the air-quality alerts are expected to disappear when this moves on shore late tuesday into wednesday. likely rain for this area wednesday and thursday. finally there is something to look forward to as far as whether that will help still several days off. jon: it will be welcome. adam, thank you. chris wallace sitting down with president trump in an exclusive interview discussing possible reasons for california's rise in devastating wildfires.
2:31 am
>> one says the argument is climate change, it is drier, hotter and that is contributing. >> maybe contributes a little bit. depraved probably have this mismanagement.when i was working in a certain stage, was a witch, the governor said we are testing appeared with cleaner areas and we actually set the fires to see. lose almost nothing. they can put it out right away. then we leave areas unmaintained, you lose 100,000 acres before you even know it. if-- you need forest management. jon: be sure to catch the entire interview tomorrow at 2:00 and 7 pm eastern on fox news channel. or check local listings to see when it airs on your local fox station. meanwhile president trump is doubling down a pledge to help nancy pelosi overcome some democratic opposition as she looks to win back her old job as speaker of the house. >> the president of your country is doing a great job. but he is being harassed.
2:32 am
presidential a way her own parties harassing her. that doesn't -- [inaudible] if she needs any votes, i will give her the votes. jon: join is now, the whitehorse correspondent for the hill. politics can make for some strange bedfellows. republicans just spent months before the elections pierrot the republican president offered to help her win the speaker chair back? >> i think one way of looking at this is that the president likes to keep his opponents off balance. in what he's done after losing control of the house, after the midterm elections, basically say democrats, we can have it one or two ways. we can work together, i can dangle some goodies out there
2:33 am
like infrastructure or even votes for pelosi for speaker. and we can work together. or you we can clash. i think he still tried to sort through the wreckage of the midterm elections and come to some kind of strategy in dealing with the new democratic majority in the house. >> he is the dealmaker in chief. and he wants to practice the art of the deal here. sounds like. >> that is one way of looking at it. but it is still, there is not, doesn't appear to be complete strategy because on the other hand, you have the president really forcing the democrats hand into launching investigations against him. first, by firing or ousting attorney general, jeff sessions and replacing him with matt whitaker. someone has been very critical of the russian investigation and somebody democrats really want to investigate for that reason. they are forcing democrats has to come against them even as he dangles this possible bipartisan nirvana in the next
2:34 am
year. jon: in the meantime nancy pelosi has not been exactly helpful to the president. she is talking about investigating andrew wheeler, his choice to be acting attorney general. >> that's right. and the democrats really want to investigate a wide array of things the trump administration and even some of the presidents business practices. so they are facing a lot of pressure from their base. to be aggressive with this president and not hand him any sort of big win before the 2020 elections. if both sides are really tried to fill out one another, how this will work in the new year but it will be very complicated situation to work through with the presidential election looming in the near future. jon: as part of a statement that nancy pelosi issued earlier today regarding the president cpa nominee. she says, president trump's nomination of andrew wheeler to head epa perpetuates the unprecedented culture of
2:35 am
corruption, cronyism and abuse of taxpayer money at the heart of the administration. democrats are ready to oppose the administrations dirty energy agenda. and will continue to work for the people to clean up corruption to ensure our government works for everyone. this is the woman of whom the president said in the soundbite that we played the top, he said he likes nancy pelosi. >> right. we have seen the president to completely change on this by the way. before the election, i was out on the road on many of these valleys he was holding. and the number one bogeyman in his speech was nancy pelosi. basically telling voters if you don't elect this republican to the house, nancy pelosi will be speaker and she will basically run the country into oblivion. and that he is saying he wants to work with her. but again, the support of him, he keeps people off balance. andy surprise a lot of people last year when he struck that budget deal with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer.
2:36 am
essentially pushing the republicans aside. that is when they really surprise republican leaders in the house that they will have even less leverage next year. so i think a lot of the concern the president's supporters are worried about is that he will stray from them and try to work together and cut major deals with democrats. >> it doesn't sound like there's a lot of organized opposition to nancy pelosi. marcia fudge is one who has floated a trial balloon about running against her peers as she will decide in the next couple of days. this is what she had to say. >> she has been a great leader. for us, she's been a wonderful speaker. minority leader, just think we need some change. we ran unchanged and i think we should get change. >> could this be one of those situations? we know that the two of them met you say. could this be a situation where marcia fudge says okay nancy, i will not challenge you but i need you know, a little payback. >> that is where it seems like this is moving where the
2:37 am
progressive opposition to pelosi and some others in the caucus, excuse me, are trying to get some concessions from her. maybe try to expand the power of some of the younger members who are really hungry to climb the leadership ladder in the house which is of course, dominated by nancy pelosi, and -- both over 70 years old and have been in the positions a long time. these elections, you really need someone to come forward quickly in order to have a chance of succeeding and the fact that nancy pelosi does not have a challenge in the race, it does not bode well for her opponents. even as she struggles to get those votes that she needs to get over the 218 vote threshold. jon: jordan fabian from the hill, thank you. a quick correction from earlier with the president. our correspondent ellison barber misspoke. she said the president had answered 142 questions. however, the number was
2:38 am
actually in reference to a question regarding chinese tariffs. it is unknown at the time how many questions from mr. mueller, the president actually answered. we apologize for the error. u.s. intelligence officials reportedly concluding that the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman ordered the killing of columnist jamal khashoggi. that according to u.s. official. the saudi government denies the accusation. with saudi arabia top table i have is of the crown prince had absolutely nothing to do with the killing. >> we are taking a look at it. we also have a great ally in saudi arabia. they give us a lot of jobs, they give us a lot of business and a lot of economic development. as president i had to take a lot of things into consideration. jon: kitty logan is in london with more. reporter: the state department says there's no conclusion yet about who ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi. earlier reports indicated a possible link to the saudi
2:39 am
crown prince. jamal khashoggi was killed after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul last month. an early report in the "washington post" said the cia believed the saudi crown prince himself, ordered the murder. this is apparently based on intelligence on calls made around the time of the killing. the state department says, these reports are not accurate. the president was briefed on the list of elements as he flew to california. he had previously said he believed the saudi crown prince, was not involved. jamal khashoggi entered the continent on october 2 to collect documents for his upcoming wedding. the saudi government had admitted he was killed there saying, it happened by accident. they denied what happened to him. the saudi authorities now blame the killing a group of men. five of those facing the death penalty. the u.s. government has also imposed sanctions on killers. yesterday funeral prayers were held for him in saudi arabia and turkey.
2:40 am
his body has still not been found. he was a fierce critic of the government in saudi arabia. and he lived in the us. the saudi government has of course, always denied any involvement in the killing but it has placed u.s. saudi relations at the strain and the two countries do have many ties as we know. jon: kitty logan, thank you. el chapo is on trial in new york city. he faces life in prison. coming up, fascinating details on how the accused drug lord was captured. >> they spoke english, they knew the u.s. inside and out. they knew the roads, they knew how to maneuver in the u.s. and how to maneuver in the u.s. and that is something that (music throughout)
2:41 am
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chapo guzman got underway this week. he faces life behind bars on charges accusing him of running a mexican cartel page of the trial his defense team reportedly said that he was a pawn and that his power was exaggerated. federal prosecutors refute the claim. they say el chapo made billions of dollars trafficking cocaine to the us. in partnership with colombian cartels. meantime we learn new details about what it took to bring into the u.s. to face justice. catherine has the details. >> came from a wonderful family of law enforcement. i never thought i would enter into a world of drug trafficking. you have to constantly hide, constantly remember our allies. >> sitting here with wigs and glasses and how are you living your everyday life? >> several times just because of the security issue, that
2:46 am
i've been faced with, like i said, i have been hunted. >> who is hunting you? >> the mexican cartel. >> stepping slightly out of the shadows olivia, and maria grew up with police officers.there speaking up for the first time about their lives on the run and had written a book called cartel wives. the women are married to identical twin brothers. pedro and margarito. they rose from being drug dealers in the windy city to running the drug empire of el chapo in the us. in 2012 they were each sentenced to 14 years in prison for smuggling 71 tons of cocaine and heroin and $2 billion in cash. the floors brothers were flipped by the dea and are key to bringing el chapo to u.s. justice. >> are husbands of the principal witnesses. at trial. >> yes. they were the first to ever get el chapo on a recorded conversation. >> they spoke english, they knew the s inside and out.
2:47 am
they knew the roads, they knew how to maneuver in the us. and that is something he and his team did not know how to do. >> our husbands, they ran their business like a fortune 500 company. >> they have safehouses, have couriers, transportation systems. >> they had tractor-trailers with compartments that would be able to move drugs from la to chicago and the money back down to mexico. they used to work at mcdonald's and they picked up a system where their stash workers would not cross paths with many counters. >> i think is the largest that world has ever seen. >> that is jack riley, in action during his 33 year career at the dea. the just retired deputy administrator spent years hunting el chapo. >> i hate the guy. >> was a personal for you? >> some years ago when i was
2:48 am
sucking it out with what was going on, he put a bounty on my head. >> he put a hit on you? >> yes i was upset because it was only 100,000. but he put a bounty to have several cut my head it is personal with me. right now i gotta tell you i like where i sit. i kind of like where he is sitting too. i saw that guy kill thousands of people. in mexico. i was there. >> what would you say to the family whose lives were destroyed by those drugs? >> we are very remorseful for the dumb adjustment because our husbands, they denounce that life. and they tried to take something so negative and they tried to dismantle what they had helped build and that was bringing el chapo to a u.s. courtroom. i understand, am a mother. i love my children and i could be one of them also. but at the end of the day, what our husbands did they put a dent in this.>> we did our part and we have denounced this
2:49 am
life. >> fox news. jon: joaquin "el chapo" guzman is accused of trafficking cocaine but there is another epidemic gripping the nation. opioids. one state takes an unusual step to combat the problem. that is ahead. plus, are you enraged by endless robo calls? well, help is on the way! that story coming up.♪ ♪ [music] ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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is what's next for you. jon: florida is taking the two
2:52 am
2:53 am
largest drugstore chains to court. the state is suing walgreens and cvs. claiming added to the state and national opioid crisis. by overselling painkillers and not doing enough to stop illegal sales. florida attorney general pam bondi says the companies failed to stop suspicious orders over opioids. and dispense unreasonable quantities of opioids from the pharmacies. a cvs spokesperson says lawsuit is quote - without merit. walgreens declined comment on the suit. consumers rejoice! an attack plan is in the works to combat billions of those illegal robo calls that have turned mobile phones into
2:54 am
weapons of mass frustration. jackie heinrich is here to tell us about it. reporter: it was welcome news for many. it would dramatically increase penalties for scammers and also improve methods to block fake calls. this is high time something is done with calls reaching epidemic levels. this app was introduced yesterday by two senators have passed this act would run the authority of the federal can medications commission. finding up to $10,000 per call. the bill comes as data analyzer first orion released staggering new numbers estimated from 2017 through 2018, the rate of scam calls jumped more than 25 percent. they say now nearly half of all calls to mobile phones will be fraudulent in 2019 unless the industry adopts and implements more effective call protection solutions. one of the most popular methods
2:55 am
is neighborhood spoofing. any scammer discusses their phone number as a local number trying to get self unused pick up the phone. what they do, they are likely to get repeat robo calls there are few ways to prevent that. >> if it is a 2125 figure it is new york. it might be someone i work with. >> i get the same focal 11:00 at night from the same phone number every single day. >> how do you feel about that? >> really annoying! >> you get the impression it is someone you know or think you should know or a local business that you may be doing business with calling you. you put yourself in a do not call registry because if it is a scammer they don't care about the list. >> they been trying to go after robocall companies for some time but current laws are pretty lax. the act would require service providers get technology to prevent these calls. jon: welcome news, thank you. celebrating a major milestone. a big-money auction event for the worlds most famous mouse. that is still to come on the "fox report". >> we are talking some of the
2:56 am
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♪ [music] jon: a collection of rare mickey mouse posters will be up for grabs in an online auction at sotheby's. seven piece of artwork dating back to the 30s and 40s. they are expected to bring in more than $165,000 altogether. the auction, as did they celebrate mickey's 90th birthday. that is "fox report" this that is "fox report" this
2:59 am
[national anthem]
3:00 am
. a very big problem and we have to solve this problem. and i know that we're going to work together. i have no doubt. >> the president to met with firefighterrance first responder and of course the families who have been impacted by the wildfires. >> i cannot impress on all of the folks here how grateful i am. >> we're going to get it done. >. florida is expected to finish up a hand recount to decide the contested senate race between scott and nelson. the serge for more than 2,000 missing early ballots began without brenda snipes telling anybody. >> the ballots are in the building but they are misfiled. [bleep] oh


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