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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 19, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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everyone's layaway. he said, santa claus. >> wal-mart would not say how much money he spent. the room has been packed for items. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house where president trump tells fox news he will not stop his acting attorney general from limiting the russian investigation. democrats are suing to block matt whittaker from running the justice department. they're using schoolhouse rock to make their case. a thousand people still unaccounted for in the deadliest wildfire in california. rain maybe on the way. this can slow down search for victim. an elevator in the tallest buildings plummets 80 floors. a pregnant woman among the people trapped inside for hours. we'll hear from them as
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reporting begins now. our reporting begin begins with president trump telling fox news he will not overrule the account acting attorney general math matthew whittaker if he puts restrictions on the russian investigation. three senate democrats filed a lawsuit challenging whittaker's appointment. they argue the president sidesteps the constitution because the senate has not confirmed him. they say anybody who watch schoolhouse rock would realize that. the state of maryland is also filed a lawsuit arguing the president should have chosen the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. they say whittaker's appointment is lawful. in the past whittaker criticized mueller's investigation in the 2016 and talked bow the -- how
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the attorney general could cut funding. whittaker said there was no collusion between the russians and the trump campaign. the president agrees. he didn't know whittaker's stand in advance. the real question here is whittaker in charge as a partisan to protect president trump? john roberts reporting live from the white house. >> reporter: that is the question lot of people have. for the president's part, he's made no effort to hide his contempt for the mueller investigation. he is gone out of his way on many occasions to show the degree of contempt. but so far the president has not seem to make any moves to interfere with the mueller probe. he said he will not interfear with the investigation. we wants it to be wrapped up as soon as possible. however, he told chris wallace on friday that if the attorney general, matt whittaker, were to take steps to reign it in, that
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will be whittaker's decision. listen here. >> it's going to be up to him. i think he's very well aware politically. he's a very smart person. >> you won't overrule if they decides to curtail? >> i will not get involved. all these people say i will end the investigation, they've been saying that now for how long this witch hunt gone on? >> reporter: the president's legal team has written answers ready to give to robert mueller regarding issue of russia and collusion. i'm told those answers will not be submitted today but they could be handed over in the next couple of days. here's president trump on that. >> the questions were asked and answered. it wasn't a big deal. they make it like i had meetings. i got the questions pip -- i responded. i read them once and second time. we made some changes. that's it. >> reporter: the president also seem to indicate that there will be no inperson interview with
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reasonable -- robert mueller. mueller asked for the potential for a follow-up interview in person and they have so far left the door open on that one. >> shepard: john, are we still expecting announcement from white house on cnn reporters trespass? >> reporter: they got an official statement coming down. i learned in the last hour, that the white house after back and forth with jim acosta, they sent him this letter on friday. they decided they will not seek to take away his hard pass. after that temporary restraining order have been issued by judge kelly here in washington d.c., reinstating acosta's pass. the white house said, it's still our intention to pull it. citing his behavior at that press conference earlier this month. they said your behavior at the november 7th press conference
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violated the basic standards and it is in our preliminary judgment to revoke your hard pass. the letter they sent was an effort to satisfy what the judge said was lang of due process. they gave him 5:00 yesterday explaining why he should keep his pass. i'm told that has not been made public, they have decided they are not going to seek to revoke his pass. but the president and the white house is saying they do plan to come up with sort of code of conduct, rules governing these press conferences in the future. >> it's not a big deal. what they said, though, we have to create rules and regulations for conduct and etcetera. we're going to write them up now. it's not a big deal. >> reporter: we should point out for decades these news conferences and interactions between people who cover the
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white house and president have been self-regulated. i couldn't tell you for sure whether they're going do come out codified rules of conduct or rules of engagement with the president. they're talking about it. >> shepard: john roberts reporting from the white house. thanks. president trump says he's decided not to listen to the recording of the murder of the "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. he told fox news host, he daunt want to hear it. >> i don't want to hear the tape. no reason for me to hear the tape. it's a suffering tape. it's a terrible tape. i've been fully briefed on it. there's no reason for me to hear it. i said to the people, should i, you shouldn't. there's no reason. >> shepard: the president said he knows everything in the recording. but the president would not say that the saudi crown prince was behind khashoggi's death.
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"washington post" reports that the cia officials have concluded. mbs did order his murder. benjamin hall reporting from london. >> reporter: five times president trump has spoken to mohammed bin salman. he said he knew nothing about his murder. tomorrow's report from the cia could be ground breaking there more serious decisions to be made. but the question one will be looking is was mohammed bin salman was involved? it's been over a month since secretary pompeo visited look for answers. the "washington post" is claiming that the cia has concluded the crown prince ordered the killing. the white house and the state department, however, say they haven't yet reached conclusion. that being said, others have.
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>> he's irrational. he's unhinged. i think he's done lot of damage to the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and i have no intention of working with him ever again. >> i think that'll see sanctions as weakness been the president should can the off the arm sale. >> reporter: there have been such reprecautions. four days after the u.s. treasury placed sanction of the 17 sa17 saudis. now, germany also saying its going to halt arm sales to saudi arabia including previously approved sales. according to the "washington post," there's other evidence that points to the royal family. khashoggi received a phone call from the crown prince's brother who is the saudi ambassador. he encouraged him to go to the
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istanbul. tell your boss the operation is complete. there are lot of fingers pointing towards the royal family. until we get that report, nothing is sure. that will be ground-breaking if that happened. we'll -- there will be major changes. >> shepard: in northern california more than 10,000 homes are gone. a thousand people still unaccounted for. some of those who escaped the flames are now living in tents with temperatures forecast in the 30s this week. first fox surge and dow has tumbled over a slump in tech companies. at one point in the last hour, it was down more than 500 points and apple now in bear market territory. we'll watch it until the final bell as reporting continues on this monday afternoon. let's check it out! n, nice.
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means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> shepard: 77 people confirmed dead. in california deadliest and most destructive wildfire. everyday searches have been finding more human remains in the northern california town of paradise. after sixing through the ash -- sifting through ashes, search cruse have been spray painting markses on them -- markings on them. reporting live from chico.
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>> reporter: this disaster recovery center at the chico mall has been buzzing with activity. this is a one stop shop where survivors of the wildfire can apply forked from aid -- federal aid and get insurance and replace their driver's license. they can also provide a dna sadge to help speed up the identification process for burned remains. fire officials say the number of people unaccounted for has dropped to 993. down from almost 1300. officials say those numbers will fluctuate as they remove duplicate names. in the burned out neighborhood nearly 500 volunteers and search crews as well as cadaver dogs are stepping up their efforts before wet weather arrives tomorrow night making it harder to uncover remains. >> the weather that's expected it will impact operations. especially during the recovery,
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working with the sheriff's department, first responders, we have additional resources out there, really trying to work ahead of these storms. >> reporter: despite the coming rain and cold temperatures, scores of evacuees at the chico wal-mart are refusing to leave. most of the free food and other resources that were there last week have been phased out. some victims say they don't want to be uprooted again. others don't want to risk contracting norovirus. it spread through several evacuation centers. officials here in chico now face the challenge of maintaining safety and security while managing a huge influx of suddenly homeless people. in terms of federal aid, it is flowing more than $3.5 million already in the hands of 12,000 households that have registered with fema here in butte county. those numbers will grow. >> shepard: to the south, crews say they're making progress on
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fires just outside los angeles. rain expected there later this week. even though that can be helpful for the firefighters, the forecasters say it could bring a whole new set of problems. >> reporter: we do expect some rain perhaps this week but even if it doesn't come this week, it will come this winter. that is a danger. we're on a bluff in malibu above the pacific ocean right now. looming over us santa monica mountains. take a look at today. you can see plainly how much vegetation has been scorched right across the hillside there. the danger is that with that vegetation gone, the soil the topsoil loses its anchor. so then if you get the rain, that soil begins sliding up the hillside, it picks up rocks, and you can get the kind of deadly mudslides that we saw for instance in santa barbara last
12:17 pm
year in the wake of the devastating wildfires there. that's what people are scared about. meantime, the city of malibu is trying to become a functioning city once again. we took a drive down some of the streets nearby today. on every street there are scores of power workers trying to get this city back, trying to get up all the power lines that were brought down, trying restore basic facilities. the city of malibu has been opened up again to residents. they are start fog come back in. the devastating reality for lot of them, they will come back to scenes like this. the realization that there is nothing left to come back to. hundreds of homes were destroyed in this fashion, we've been showing them to you for some 10 days now. it is going to be anything but a happy thanksgiving for so many people here in malibu and other areas that were victims of the
12:18 pm
woolsey fire north and west of l.a. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, so had reporting live from malibu. florida is finally finished. nearly two week after election day, the state has completed its recount and figured out who won. but elsewhere in the deep south, a big race remains. plus stocks down sharply this afternoon session. apple is falling hard reports on both fronts next. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk?
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> shepard: live look at the dow starting the week trading down. the dow well off the session lows though. it was down more than 500 points. now it's 330 off, 1.3%. nasdaq is much worse. down 2.5%. apple has led the plunge. it canceled orders from suppliers for iphones in lower sales projections. apple dropped to bear market territory this afternoon. that set you have a domino effect and market dropped right with it. >> reporter: i like to further discuss that downward trend. you're seeing the nasdaq down because of technology stock. the biggest lagger now is boeing.
12:23 pm
the boeing has been trending lower is ongoing investigation into a deadly crash that killed over 180 people. there's some executives that knew about the sensors in the plane. they're looking in that. you have lot of investors that are getting out of risky investments like boeing and technology moving over to safer bets. another reason we're seeing market downturn, there's a few factors that are playing that role. you can't say exactly which one it is. you have trade uncertainty that continues over the weekend. there was a meeting apec meeting. there was no agreement between united states and china. this is the first time this happened. there's lot of pressure g20 summit where president trump will be meeting with china leaders to discuss the train concerns. we could see trade tariffs continue to increase higher. then add to that market downturn, you got slow in growth. have we hit the top of the earning cycle. , can companies continue to keep
12:24 pm
growing. the fact that you're seeing a technology drop as investors are moving out the risk over there. >> shepard: apple leading that. i know they had to cut some suppliers. can you explain that? >> reporter: there was one -- there was a report coming out from the "wall street journal" today, some of their new iphones are seeing a lower demand. then last week, there was a report that came out from one of their major suppliers, they are a key player more an -- supplier of apple. they had a lower shipment. in the near future what you're seeing is this concern that we've hit saturation. everybody seem to have an apple iphone or an android. now it's becoming more and more difficult for anally to climb high miles pe -- higher. you hit this trillion dollars market cap. you have this concerns. how are we going to move forward with apple? are we continue to buy
12:25 pm
iphones? that's weighing heavily. >> shepard: reporting live from new york. republicans taking both the senate seat and the governor's mansion in the state of florida. recounts wrapped up over the weekend. ahead of elections in broward county, she announced she'll resign in the new year. critics slammed the way the county handled the recount. phil keating reporting live from ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: democratic senator bill nelson could have kept this long election recount battle going in the court. when the secretary of state posted the final results just afternoon yesterday, that was enough. what turned out to be the closest florida senate race, republican governor rick scott heads to washington ending former astronaut nelson three-term political career. at this time yesterday, nelson released this video tape concession. >> well, things worked out little differently than grace and i hoped, let me say i by no
12:26 pm
measure feel defeated. that's because i've had the privilege of serving the people of florida and our country from most for my life. >> reporter: scott spoke to morning on fox and friends. >> i'm excited about the win. i'm excited about going to d.c. and i look forward -- i got a specific plan, 10. point plan. starts with term limits. >> reporter: all big winners were all people demanding brenda snipes to be removed. this year, the nation again watched broward mess it up. even missing the deadline to up load the recount results by two minutes. she writes, although i have enjoyed this work over the election cycles both large and small, i'm ready to pass the torch. there were two republican senators representing the state
12:27 pm
of florida back in the 1870s. this race was so close, out of 8 million votes cast, scott beats nelson by just 10,000. >> shepard: live from ft. lauderdale. as you reported here, the florida governor's race also wrapped up over the weekend. peter duecy reporting from life from tallahassee. >> reporter: congressman who soon become the governor was confident throughout and ron desantis said they never worried he might have jumped the gun by declared victory on election night before the margin in this race narrowed to machine recount territory. >> only thing better than being elected governor is being elected twice in two weeks. it was a close race. i won even with some of the votes that were turned occupy in broward. my margin was significant enough. we knew the machine recount was not going to change it.
12:28 pm
it didn't. >> reporter: democrat andrew gillum has been urging supporters to vote until 5:00 p.m. saturday. he wound up conceding after that 5:00 p.m. saturday deadline. he knew there was never going to be enough ballots outstanding to catapult him in first place. he said he wanted to make sure every single vote was counted and when the tallahassee mayor left the race on saturday, he posted a pre-recorded video with a lot of talk about strengthening his movement. >> this is about creating kind of changes in the state that really allows for the voices of everyday people to show up again in our government and our state and our community. we know that this fight contin continues. >> reporter: there's already a ton of chatter here in florida among political operatives about what andrew gillum might do next. lot them have eyes on 2020 but a
12:29 pm
potential challenge to senator marco rubio. >> shepard: one final senate seat is still up for grabs. it's the one from the state of mississippi. voters there heading back to the polls for runoff election. >> reporter: that's right. the last senate race, eight days away in mississippi. big guns are out for both sides for the republicans, cindy hyde smith. in means president trump heading back to mississippi. he'll hold two rallies for her in mississippi on monday, kamala harris she is stomping for the democrat mike espy. this is a special election to fill last two years of cochran seat. it's also a runoff election. none of the four original candidates hit that 50% mark. this election has gotten
12:30 pm
attention for missteps by the republicans. cindy hyde smith, wouldn't it be good having liberals have harder time voting. she also made reference to attending a public hanging. her campaign saying this was taken out of context but the democrat, espy saying this comment was re reprehensible. >> shepard: american veterans group fighting for better nursing homes following a disturbing investigation. president trump goes after the commander of the raid that killed osama bin laden. plus man who admits he murdered his own pregnant wife and daughters finally learns his
12:31 pm
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with just one pill. >> shepard: half dozen veterans groups are calling for the v.a. to make major changes in its nursing homes. that's after an investigation into those facilities which the head of one veterans group says it's nothing short of horrifying. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. >> reporter: series of investigative pieces found some veterans in v.a. nursing homes in massachusetts, california and florida, were receiving sub standard care including pain left untreated, malnutrition and bed sores. one went missing from the v.a. facility and ended up dead. nurses were sleeping on the job and not emptying bedpan. the alleged neglect >> the the attention to the vfw. last week at a straight hearing, having to do with g.i. benefits, outgoing republican congressman
12:36 pm
mike coffman had a scathing critique of the v.a. under president trump. >> the trump administration promised to clean up the culture of bureaucrat i can inside the v.a. based on this testimony today and other hearings, i don't think they've made a difference. >> reporter: the v.a. oversees 133 nursing homes that searches 46,000 veterans. >> shepard: jennifer, how is the v.a. responded to this? >> reporter: they are pushing back on many of these allegations and to the v.a.'s credit, as long as it learn the name of two nurses v.a. nursing home found sleeping on the job, they fired them. the v.a. reached out immediately and met them and assured the v.a. was taking the issue seriously. v.a. spokesman issued a statement saided on average sicker patients that is private sector nursing home.
12:37 pm
the latest rating shows that 11 v.a. facilities roughly 8%, of the v.a.'s nursing homes received one star rating overall according to the v.a. spokesman. nonetheless massachusetts has two v.a. nursing homes one in brockton and one in bedford that received those one star rating. lawmakers from massachusetts are demanding the v.a. release a report drawn up by the long term care institute to examine the state of nursing homes. v.a. accused media organizations boston globe and u.s.a. today, of cherry picking handful of anecdotes. >> shepard: jennifer griffin report from the pentagon. the president is facing backlash after slamming the navy seal who led the raid who killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: this is someone which impressive resume. bill mcraven served 37 years
12:38 pm
in the navy including special operations command where he led 27 operations that killed osama bin laden. he is also been an open critic of president trump's attacks on the media. mccraveen saying those attacks are the greatest threat to democracy. chris wallace asked the president about that statement on fox news sunday, the commander in chief dismissed the retired four star admiral and the work he did on bin laden raid >> he's a hillary clinton backer and obama backer. it would have been nicer if we gotten osama bin laden lot sooner. living in pakistan, beautiful in pakistan, which they considered a nice mansion, living in pakistan right next to the military academy, everybody in pakistan knew he was there. >> reporter: the president facing growing backlash on the
12:39 pm
style and substance. correction needed to his comments that mccraven should have found bin laden sooner. cia did the finder. they moved within days of president obama giving the order. navy seal who so the bin laden is also coming out to defend mcraven. he was born to lead this mission i'll follow him anywhere. if only people heard the real speech. the mission to get bin laden was bipartisan. we all wanted to get him as soon as we could. for has part, mcraven is standing by his criticism president's treatment of the press. clinton campaign did consider tapping him as her running mate. today the president is doubling down on criticisms of mcraven.
12:40 pm
>> shepard: reporting from washington. breaking today, 16 house democrats are promising to vote against nancy pelosi for speaker. this group of 16 released a letter today all of them signed it. calling her a historic figure but writing, the time has come for new leadership. nancy pelosi was the first woman speaker of the house and said, she intends to get the gavel back. john bussy is here. he's fox news contributor. what are we seeing here? >> we're see lag we expect -- we're seeing what we expected to of happen. some candidates said if you elect me, i will not vote for nancy pelosi for speaker. there's some people already incumbents in the house who felt it's time for a change. she's been head of the majority and minority democrats in the house for a lot of years.
12:41 pm
concerned about her being kind of a lightning rod for the president and easy person to go heavy. >> shepard: the person said i'll help her get elected. >> sarcasm. maybe too left for america. some people think going into 2020. the question is, if not pelosi, then who? it's not lot of people raising their hand to say i'm ready to depose nancy pelosi. martha fudge is anything -- thinking about it. she was the chairperson of the democratic national convention in philadelphia in 2016. whether or not she'll get enough traction to depose pelosi who is a bureaucratic infighter. hard to say. >> shepard: very good wrangler of the truth and raiser of money. >> lots of help for getting people elected this last round. lot of people kind of owe her favors. what can happen, you could have
12:42 pm
some of these members finally acquiesce. some say i will vote present and not vote against her i will vote present. some may vote against her in the caucus. that will happen on the 28th on november but not on the house floor vote which will happen january 3rd. you may get a deal, maybe nancy pelosi says, one more term and then i'm out. vote for me under those conditions. it's a possibility. >> shepard: there's possibility number of things can happen between now and then. >> she's thinking about 2020. lot of these candidates ran up the middle in these purple states. you want to capitalize own that incredible new blue wave that happened. she may not work in favor of that in 2020. >> shepard: great to see you. stay with me here. you're on an elevator in a skyscraper right? the cable that holds the
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>> shepard: a man who admitted that he murdered he pregnant wife and two young daughter will spend rest of his life in prison. police in colorado say christopher watts kills he wife and kids outside strengthen dumped the girls bodies inside oil tankers. the judge who handed down the sentence today said this is perhaps, the most inhumane and vicious crime he's handled of thousands of cases he's seen. >> reporter: multiple life sentences to be served consecutively. the district attorney said he did not pursue the death penalty against christopher watts because his dead wife family
12:48 pm
asked him not to. he killed his wife shannan and two young daughters. they vanished from their homes in frederick, colorado. today he sat shaking and crying at times during his sentencing hearing. shannan brother wrote a letter in court. >> i can't even think of the right words to describe the words and hate i feel. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't cry for my family. they were my whole world. all i do is ask myself why. why would do you this? >> reporter: frederick police say watts told him he was having an affair and wanted separation from his wife. watts admitted initially lying claiming he only strangled his wife after she killed the children. watts led police to an oil field where investigators found shannan buried in a grave and
12:49 pm
daughters stuffed in oil barrels. christopher watts parents gave statements in court today. they said did not want leniency. >> shepard: live from denver. now that elevator that plummeted more than 80 floors in a chicago skyscraper. the people inside trapped for hours. >> reporter: it happened on michigan avenue in the building formal known as john hancock tower. six people were riding down from the signature lounge on the 95th floor. they took the express elevator. they say it started moving way too fast for comfort. it got bumpy like a flight to chicago. they didn't realize, they were falling and falling some 84 floors. one passenger said when the car finally started slowing down, he heard a loud noise and dirt, dust and debris started falling.
12:50 pm
they didn't know what floor they were on. they found out one of the elevator cables snapped luckily the other cables eventually caught but wow, not for several horrifying seconds. >> shepard: how did they get out? >> reporter: because this is an express elevator it only stops at the top and bottom. it's in a blind shaft. meaning there's no doors or windows to access the elevator. firefighters didn't know what floor it was on. the passengers did have cell phone so they were in communication with first responders. the passengers didn't know where they were either. firefighters drilled a lowly and spotted a car between the 11th and 12th floors. next they went to a parking garage and busted this 5-foot hole through a brick wall. they forced open the door and pulled out the passengers. here's the chicago fire department. >> we do train for elevator
12:51 pm
rescues. we have truck companies all throughout the city that assist in elevators that are stuck throughout the city. >> reporter: wow. the whole operation took maybe three hours and 15 minutes. 3:00 in the morning, two tourist, two northwestern law students and a pregnant woman were reunited with other friends who taken a different elevator from the 95th floor down to the bottom. >> shepard: thanks. the u.s.-led coal leg in syria is denying reports it killed dozens of civilians by carrying out air strikes. what the coalition claimed happened instead. ed as a our reporting continues. your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> shepard: united states-led coalition in syria is denying new reports that air strikes over the weekend killed dozens of civilians in eastern part of that country. >> reporter: as the u.s.-led coalition against isis continues to target the pockets of this terror group in syria, dozens of civilians were killed in an air strike over the weekend. u.s.-led coalition is a group
12:56 pm
dozen countries working to support ground operations in syria. that coalition is denying any civilians died. 43 people including 12 women and 17 children were killed. american officials confirmed the air strike occurred and added that the coalition took part in 19 legitimate air strikes over the weekend to support a ground operation against isis. since september 191 have been killed. observatory adding that most civilian death come from collateral damage. u.s.-led coalition against isis released statement amid reports of civilian casualties saying we never thought this spike will be easy. as the u.s. government and military continues to fight against isis on the ground in syria, thousands of u.s. troops
12:57 pm
do currently exist and work on the ground as advisors in syria. president trump and the administration made clear that they have no intention of pulling these troops out of the region until iranian-backed troops decide to leave. >> shepard: live tonight from jerusalem. hiding road for turkey? triple-a reports at least 54 million americans will take to the roads, rails, water and sky between wednesday and sunday. that's the highest number since 2005. of course the weather will play a big part and whether it all goes smoothly in the northeast it's going to be cold. meteorologist adam is live. >> you're right. it's going to be cold in the northeast. across the country as far as travel weather things are look pretty good. i know some folks maybe taking a
12:58 pm
short weaker week and -- week. there's one system that's moving across the northeast. that's behind this, there's cold air. that's where temperature will drop. if you're traveling tomorrow because of this system, it's still lingering a little bit. you see yellow there indicator. which means slowing down a bit. across the country, flights everything is looking green. that does shift little bit on wednesday. still mostly green across the country. much needed round of rain hitting the west coast where they've been battling wildfires. not great for travel as you begin to see yellow indicators across cities all across the west. that is because the system will be rolling on shore. beginning wednesday but then lingering into thanksgiving, here it is rounds and rounds of rain across northern california stretching to southern california. they have been battling wildfires. it is going to slow down some travel. this is really the only big system we're paying attention to. it will bring some rain beginning really wet season
12:59 pm
there as you're looking at spots getting up to two inches in some places where those wildfires hit the worst. that could mean, unfortunately, some damages as far as possibly mudslides because all of that ground is now been burnt. certainly rain on the way will be good news for those folksed as a it continues to fill in and getting big downpours. your thanksgiving day forecast as a whole, besides the rain on the west coast, rest of the country, things are looking clear. it's going to be frigid. we're talking about daytime high in new york city freezing 32 degrees. it is going to be a cold one. at least clear and good for travel. >> shepard: daytime high of freezing. thanks adam. after our reporting here we'll have fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minute long newscast online, it streams live on facebook watch home page.
1:00 pm
once it's concluded, we'll see you any time on demand. we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. >> charles: another tech wreck as apple continues to drag down technology shares. the dow diving 500 points before cutting its losses finishing down 400 points. when will the selling stop? welcome, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this your world. suppliers getting nervous as we head into the holidays. chris parts november on what's got everyone worried. >> as markets go up they eventually have to go down. you saw the dow close in negative territory. nasdaq closing for the second day down in a row. what is moving these markets. what's moving the dow more particularly is three particular stocks, boeing, visa and ale