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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 20, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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order your kit now at >> harris: secretary of state mike pompeo speaking now. we officially intend to see him talk about jamal khashoggi's death. >> dana: president trump standing with saudi arabia after the murder of jamal khashoggi. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." secretary pompeo is at the podium at the state department. let's listen in. >> -- sustained implementation of u.n. sanctions and the interkorean cooperation. i just left a meeting with the turkish foreign minister today. i welcome positive momentum in our relationship following the release of pastor brunson and
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urged reopening additional channels to address issues of mutual concern. we are still greatly concerned about kurty's continue of staff and citizens including a scientist. we also discussed the khashoggi case, achieve a peaceful lasting solution to the syrian conflict. with that, i'm. peu happy to take a few questions. >> secretary, one of the things the president points to in his statement is the $110 billion arms initiative. by the state department's own record in october only $14.5 billion has come through. have you received the rest of the money from that agreement? >> some of these contracts, defense contracts in particular, are complex lengthy contract negotiations. we are working diligently on
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other remainders. we hope the number will end up being even grateder. couldn't tell you when those negotiations will conclude. we are hopeful that each of those commitments that the kingdom of saudi arabia made to the united states to purchase equipment will be finished in a timely fashion. >> mr. secretary, based on the president's statements, moving forward, relations with saudi arabia won't be affected by the killing of jamal khashoggi? how can you differentiate between the kingdom and the consulate? >> so it's a mean, nasty world out there. the middle east in particular. there are important american interests to keep the american people safe, to protect americans. not only americans who are here, but americans who are traveling and working throughout the middle east. it is the president's obligation and state department's duty to
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ensure that we adopt policy that furthers america's national security. so as the president said today, the united states will continue to have a relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia. they are an important partner of ours. we will do that with the kingdom of saudi arabia, its people. that is the commitment that the president made today. it's that straight forward. by the way, this is a long historic commitment and one that is absolutely vital to america's national security. we are determined to ensure that we continue to make sure that we take care of the american people in all of the strategic decisions we make about with whom we work around the world. >> one quick follow-up and then a question on iran. so the america first agenda mean putting u.s. business interests ahead of human rights concerns? then on iran, have you considered any specific action, specific sanctions to pressure iran to release the american citizens who are held there?
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>> i'll take your second question first. we are engaged every day, literally every day tphrbg working to return every u.s. citizen who is either wrongfully detained or a hostage somewhere around the world. that certainly includes all of those being held by the iranian regime. we're determined to get them back. as president trump has made very clear, we are not going to pay a price for their return, but we are prepared to work with all of those who benefit in getting those americans returned to their families and returned here to our country. your other question is best answered by talking about what we have already done. there has been an enormous effort with respect to fact finding pertaining to the death, the murder of jamal khashoggi. lot of u.s. resources have been
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spent. the u.s. took a very strong response. we have sanctioned 17 individuals in connection with that investigation. we are at the same time committed to making sure that we place america's national security interests and all the actions that take place in the context of doing the right thing to make sure that america continues to thrive and grow. when we do that, the world is better off for it, too, and the middle east is better off as well. >> i just wanted to ask, what's the message he's going to be sending as far as what the u.s. government would like to see south korean government do as far as coordinating their interkorean efforts and the denuclearization efforts? >> so, i think there's complete agreement between the south koreans and us with respect to how this should proceed. we now have a working group that formalizes those processes so that we can be sure that we
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don't talk past each other. that we don't take an action or the south koreans don't take an action that the other is unaware of or hasn't had a chance to comment on or provide their thoughts. that's the purpose of the working group that's being led on our side by steven begen. we have made clear to the republic of korea that we do want to make sure that peace on the peninsula and the denuclearization of north korea aren't lagging behind the increase in the amount of interrelationship between the two koreas. we view them as tandem, as moving forward together. we move them as important parallel processes and that working group is assigned to make sure they continue to remain that way. >> secretary pompeo, you mentioned you're gathering all of the facts. the president's statement today mean that fact finding segment is over? and have you seen the assessment he is expected to get today?
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>> i can't comment on intelligence matters. i direct you to the dni or cia to talk about particular intelligence issues. facts will obviously still continue to come to life. i'm confident of that. it's the way the world works. >> will you pursue further actions even if it does show culpable? >> we have been unambiguous. when america has the information it need, it will do the right thing to protect american interests. we have done so every time. >> how can you trust the saudis when they've given you disinformation? >> dana: that was secretary mike pompeo at the state department doing a little press conference there, making some news, especially on saudi arabia and a little on north korea as well. john roberts is live at the white house. john, i wanted to bring you in here because this news dropped just a few minutes ago.
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the president, as we understand it, and mike pompeo just confirmed, the president had not yet received the assessment from the intelligence community but put out the statement beforehand. is that correct? >> reporter: he certainly seemed to get out ahead of anything that comes out of the intelligence community. he pardoned the thanksgiving turkey. looks like about the same time he was pardoning the saudi crown prince. here's what the president said in a statement that clearly came from his own hand. quote, king salman and crown prince salman deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of jamal khashoggi. it could be very well that the crown prince had no knowledge of this tragic event. maybe he did and maybe he didn't. the president adding, quote, we may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of mr. jamal khashoggi. but in the statement, the president said that he did not want to risk the relationship, the important strategic and
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economic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. the president also pointed to the fact that 17 saudis have already been targeted for u.s. sanctions. saudis believed to be involved in the murder of jamal khashoggi. the president also seemed to go some distance to impugning the -- impugning -- the word i'm grasping for, basically impugning jamal khashoggi. also in the statement saying representatives of saudi arabia say jamal khashoggi was an enemy of the state, that a member of the muslim brotherhood, that my decision is in no way based on that. this is an unacceptable and horrible crime. the president also recognized that congress is probably going to want to look into all of this. but the president saying that he will look at the recommendations from congress, quote, only if they are consistent with the
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absolute security and safety of america. the president saying saudi arabia continues to be, quote, a great ally. so, even though the final assessment from the intelligence community is not in, that is president has already made his determination that salman may or may not have been involved but it likely isn't going to go any further than it is already. >> dana: one of those things where the president has to make a very tough call and then has to communicate it in a way that he thinks will work. he has several different audiences. a president, whenever he is speaking, you're talking to the saudi, certainly, the broader middle east. you're talking to your allies, your military, your cabinet, the american people. you're talking to the businesses. what mike pompeo kept coming back to in his press conference was that the united states president has an obligation to protect the united states, to protect the people of the united states who might be working overseas and you have to take
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that extremely seriously even if you have a situation as complex as this one. i think what mike pompeo was trying to say, yes, it's a tough call. it's not always the one you would make if you didn't have all these other considerations to have to consider. >> reporter: yeah. and the question was actually very pointed and well framed. the question was, are you putting the interest of american corporations above the interests of human rights? and then the secretary of state said, look, we've got to consider what the reality of the situation is here. the middle east is a dangerous place. the united states has to have a very strong ally in the region. saudi arabia is one of those allies. so you have to make the calculation as to what you're going to do based on the relationship you need ahead with such an important strategic ally. it looks, at the moment, that this will be sanctions against the 17 saudis named by the treasury department the other day and likely isn't going to extend to the saudi leadership.
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>> dana: john, do you know if those 17 targeted for sanctions, if it overlaps with the 12 that the saudis have said that they might put on the executioner in's block? >> reporter: i believe it does, yes. i don't remember all of the name, a few of them. i believe there is overlap there. >> dana: let me also ask you this about the president seems to have a very good relationship with gina haskill, the cia director. mike pompeo sent immediately to saudi arabia. gina haskill sent directly to turkey. and then coming back, she's going forward, putting out their assessment. that's what the intelligence community can do. here's our assessment. the president can take it or leave it. it is an interesting decision. not a bad one for the president to say, i'm going to have to make this decision regardless of what this report says because of the decision we have to make as commander in chief. might not be the one that you and i would make but, john, you
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and i don't have those responsibilities. >> reporter: we don't. this is going to put the president in the position, if the cia is expected, comes out, the new york times in an article saying the cia has concluded that mohamed bin salman ordered either the abduction of jamal khashoggi and/or his murder. so if the president does not accept the cia's findings, in terms of the murder of jamal khashoggi, that puts him in the position again of disagreeing with his own intelligence community as he did so many times over whether or not russia was involved in trying into influence the outcome of the election. >> dana: fairly busy news day this tuesday. thank you, john. so how will the murder of khashoggi impact our relations with saudi arabia? we'll talk to a democratic congressman. plus a democratic congressman faces a heated crowd after imposing nancy pelosi's bid to become house speaker again. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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but americans who are traveling and working, doing business in the middle east. it is the president's obligation to ensure that we use our policies that further america's national security. >> dana: secretary of state mike pompeo on the killing of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. joining me now is david sicilini. he's also a member of the judiciary and foreign affairs committee. sir, good do have you here with us today. this news just broke at the top of the hour. i wanted to get your initial thoughts on the president's decision pacically saying that at this point the sanctions are going to have to stand and no further action will be taken. >> well, it seems the president has made that statement before having the review that he had been expecting today. so i think this is very troubling. look. saudi arabia's obviously an important strategic ally in the region. but this is a very, very serious
11:19 am
event. this is the murder of a journalist who was lured into a consulate office and brutally killed. our intelligence agencies are reporting there is reason to believe that it came from the crown prince himself. it was executed at his direction or with his knowledge. and our foreign policy has to also reflect our values. the united states has important moral leadership in the world. i think it's very important that we have an independent investigation by the u.n. or some other appropriate to find out what happened, to hold the people accountable who did this, to impose real punishment on saudi arabia if, in fact, the crown prince was involved in this. our moral issue really matters and our long term national security interests have to reflect our moral leadership in the world. >> dana: secretary of state mike pompeo at length trying to explain that there are security concerns, that the united states president has to make maybe a different calculation than others because he holds the
11:20 am
responsibility to keep others safe and not just americans, but perhaps those working overseas and our allies. does that -- you're on the foreign relations committee. does that wash with you. >> yeah, no i think we have to be very insistent that as we promote national security interests around the world, that we do it in a way that reflects our values and recognizes that we benefit from a world that is stable, where human rights are respected, where a free press is respected. the united states needs to continue to assert its moral leadership and strongly condemn and get to the bottom of who's responsible for the murder of a journalist. >> dana: human rights is in our interest for our national security. thank you, congressman cicilline. we'd love to have you back. >> my pleasure. >> dana: we will get republican reaction to mike pompeo's response to the khashoggi murder from adam kinsinger. and a new threat for areas
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already devastated by the california wild fires. i am a family man.
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11:25 am
after my heavy negotiated trip to saudi arabia last year, the kingdom agreed to invest $450 billion in the united states. our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information. it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event. maybe he didn't and maybe he didn't. they have worked closely with us and have been responsive to my requests to keep oil prices at reasonable levels. so important for the world. congressman adam kinsinger sits on the house foreign affairs committee, a veteran as well. i wonder if you could give your initial thoughts, since this statement came out about 20 minutes ago. >> i don't like the statement. i like the result. i wish the statement would have been about a page and a half of how terrible this act is and how bad it is and how as americans we believe in the freedom of press and human rights and human dignity. but i think the results were correct. the interesting thing in this whole debate, there are folks that want to strategically realign our relationship with
11:26 am
saudi arabia. they claim it's because of this incident. if you look at the people calling for this, their opposition of saudi arabia didn't start two months ago. i started basically when they got in politics. so there's something else driving this. then you look at russia, iran. you look at what they're doing in syria. half million dead, russia seemingly every day kills journalists in moscow. they killed two people in the united kingdom, all at the direction of putin. to come in and say now because this one journalist, as terrible as it is, was killed, we have to basically disown saudi arabia is not thinking strategically on foreign policy, to say the least. >> dana: it is obviously a complex decision that the president of the united states has to have a different calculation than anybody else because this whole responsibility for the safety of the american people rests with him. i wanted to read to you a tweet from john brennan though. you can imagine he was quite critical. said since mr. trump excels in
11:27 am
dishonesty, it is up to congress to declassify the findings on jamal khashoggi's death. no one in saudi arabia should escape accountability for such a heinous act. how would that go down at the foreign relations committee as democrats take over the majority in january? >> i mean, they'll probably try to do it. they're gonna try to do it because they want to use this to embarrass the president. i wish he didn't say he either knew or didn't know. i don't like that part of the statement. the president at least is acknowledging the crown prince likely knew about it, probably actually ordered it. i don't know what's gonna change that by declassifying the cia report. we've gotten too much -- by the way, this is my party and the other party. too much we're using intel, declassifications, things like that as a political tool and not what it's been there for, which is to protect national security interests of the united states. the president made the right decision here. i'm afraid that there are going to be people, frankly on the far left and definitely in the
11:28 am
democratic party, to use this to try to discredit and embarrass his foreign policy. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about this. mike pompeo made some other news regarding interpol. >> you've seen interpol is electing a new president. it's an important organization. we strongly endorse kim jong yang serving as acting president. we encourage all negotiation who are part of interpol to choose a leader with credibility, integrity that reflects one of the world's most critical law enforcement bod dis. we believe mr. kim will be just that. >> dana: what secretary pompeo didn't say there, congressman, is that the u.s. is opposing the russian nominee to lead the interpol citing russian abuses. again, right decision? >> absolutely. i mean, mike pompeo obviously friend of mine, great guy. this is a no brainer. russia is basically like the fox guarding the hen house. they should not have a russian in charge of interpol.
11:29 am
they are among the biggest international law violators. they murder people all the time. putting russia in charge of interpol would not just be stupid, it would take away the whole credibility of the organization and should be stopped. >> dana: congressman adam kinzinger, happy thanks giving to you. >> you too. >> dana: we'll be right back. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service. but the va home loan benefit is a big one.
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dates. deals. done! >> dana: fox news alert. a federal judge blocked the trump asylum ban on migrants who cross the southern border illegally. department of justice and homeland security insisting the president was well within his authority to institute new asylum rules as homeland security now says more than 500 criminals are in the caravan. william la jeunesse is live in tijuana. >> reporter: this is a set back for the administration as it attempts to deter this exodus. it is a gift to this caravan as well as others that will follow.
11:34 am
you see this ten over here? this is where you put your name if you want to enter legally. eventually your name will come up. then you go over to this line over here. these are the 50 people who today will be chosen to go into the united states as an asylum seeker. the judge said this process is too restrictive saying, i'm going to quote, asylum seekers will be put at increased risk of violence and other harms at the border and many will be deprived of their asylum claims. well, what does it mean for thousands in this caravan and those in the pipeline? mine means they get to cut in line, apprehended and likely released. dhs said the judge is wrong quoting, as the supreme court affirmed this summer, congress has given the president broad authority to limit or even stop the entry of alien i.n.s. to our
11:35 am
country. this immigrant we interviewed from cameroon said he is waiting in line because he heard the president. >> everyone who wants to come into america has to come in legally. i should go in legally and not jump the fence like others are doing. >> reporter: despite the president's attempts not withstanding, there are illegal immigrants now coming into the country increasing at this church. ice is dropping off people because it has nowhere to put them. >> went in from taking in ten families to 20, 30. the most we've had is 60. that's about two to three peopler with family. talking 120 to 150 people here. >> reporter: so dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen will be here in san diego today for a news conference. also to boost morale of troops. i will tell you when i say border agents, it's frustrating
11:36 am
because they catch these people. obviously, they're going to be released. that is disappointing. despite all the border security, it doesn't do much when someone literally crosses a river and claims asylum. dana? >> dana: thank you very much. let's bring in dave brown former senior adviser to senator patty murray. let me first go to you, lani. it's one thing when you want to make a policy change, but then there's a statute. as i understand it, the statute specifically says whether or not entry by a port of entry. you can't just carve up a statute and expect for the court to go along with it. >> yeah. this is part of the challenge, dana, that the statute does illustrate or does specifically say what the conditions are. now, it is the case that the vast majority of the people who seek asylum generally don't qualify under the technical definition of what asylum provides for, which is a credible fear of persecution due to any number of protected
11:37 am
classifications. so in this situation, i think what the administration is trying to do is create some workable process to get people into a formal request for asylum. but, look, the number of people coming in, the number of people trying to do it at this point is really quite overwhelming. that's the fact that the administration is trying to deal with. >> dana: the administration, federal government, is saying, look, the president of the united states has this authority and that they anticipate that this will probably be like the muslim ban, overturned later on. do you see that happening? >> so a couple thing. part of what the judge has to look at is the likelihood of parties to prevail on the merits. in this case he concluded that they would. lanhee is right in how he framed this. ina addresses this question on the nose. in terms of the statute, pretty clear, saying an alien, wherever he or she enters in the u.s., whether it's at a port of call or r elderly crosses under that
11:38 am
statute can apply for asylum. what you have here is the classic conflict between the executive branch and legislative branch. according to this judge, as i read this order, it's up to congress and the administration to find a political solution and path forward. probably that means a new law. >> dana: lanhee, let me just ask you from a policy perspective, the law probably then needs to change. we're heading into a new congress with a split government. that doesn't mean something can't happen. often good things can happen when you have divided government. what would your approach be here to get this done? >> i'm skeptical that there will be an opportunity even on an issue this pressing to get anything done. the only thing you need to do is turn on this net work and look and see what's happening at the border to realize this is a pregs problem. if congress does not address it, there will continue to be a lack ro of clarity on it. >> dana: it's not good for the
11:39 am
people that are there waiting and putting all the pressure there in tijuana, suffering on their way up. dave and lanhee, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: 79 people are dead and about 700 still unaccounted for in the horrific wild fires in northern california. rescue crews sifting through rubble. now there are new threats of flash flooding and mud slides as heavy rain moves in. claudia cowan is live in chico, california. claudia? >> reporter: and, dana, a good winter storm is generally great news for california, but not here, not now. forecasted several inches of rain falling here over the next few days has search crews racing against time because that will almost certainly turn the ground and ash into mud, hampering the on going search for human remains. officials also worry it could trigger mud slides. some residents in paradise are being allowed to visit their
11:40 am
burned out homes but in most cases there's nothing to salvage. >> look at this. used to be two nice houses. well built by me. only thing sticking up is the melted refrigerator. i don't have enough time on this planet to ever have it again. that's pretty hard to take. >> reporter: there are stories of hope like jonathan clark, who has been searching the shelters looking for his brother and his little boy, finally finding them and face timing their mother together. >> hi. what's up? >> just giving you some good news here. >> what? >> i'm so glad you're okay. >> reporter: in many ways, scenes like shelters like this are heart warming. donation are pouring in to help the 200 or so fire evacuees
11:41 am
staying here. all over town there are signs vowing to rebuild in the midst of so much sadness and loss. hash tag paradise strong is trending. >> dana: as it should. claudia cowan, thank you. nancy pelosi's facing opposition as 16 democrats sign a letter for new leadership. will it derail her bid to become speaker once again. the zip code you're born into can determine your future. your school. your job. your dreams. your problems. (indistinct shouting) but at the y, we create opportunities for everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from. for a better us, donate to your local y today. but he has plans today.ain. for a better us, hey dad. so he took aleve.
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>> president trump set to leave the white house and head to florida for the thanksgiving holidays. we'll see if he stops on the lawn to talk to reporters as he often does. from the murder of jamal khashoggi to the reports that his daughter used personal e-mail for business. >> dana: nancy pelosi's facing opposition in her bid to become speaker of the house again with a group of democrats signing a letter calling for new leadership. kathleen rice writing an op ed saying as democrats look back at how we won the house majority, don't forget what got us here. a promise of change, a focus on
11:46 am
the future. joining me now is shelby holiday wall street journal senior video reporter here with us on this thanksgiving week. you've been following this story. nancy pelosi. she's not going down without a fight. >> it's not a done deal. she hasn't locked up the bid. she's protecting herself as though she will be speaker. she's very confident. she's giving press conferences, talking about how she's sure she will be speaker. she's making phone calls. her allies are trying to get some detractors on board. it's all about the mass. there are 340 representatives. what she could do is take some of these 15 to 20 democrats who oppose her simply to sit on the sideline. you can vote pass your vote won't count toward the total. >> dana: you can say back home, i didn't vote for her. marcia fudge said this on monday about pelosi.
11:47 am
she said she's going to decide after thanksgiving whether to oppose her. we talked about success plans. i'd like to know what her plans are for retirement. she did not share them, but i think that's something our caucus is interested in finding out. i think this is very interesting. in some ways speaker pelosi, she could be basically the caretaker speaker until they figure out who is going to be the next leader. >> lot of democrats want to see that. because right now there's no clear alternative even though marcia fudge said she may throw her name in the hat. lot of people who could support her. few bargaining chips. she can also promise democrats, roles on certain committees or roles in writing legislation. she could get people behind her. she has a lot of bargaining power. >> dana: you brought the letter of the 16 democrats who signed this letter. aren't most of them seeking
11:48 am
seats so they don't have to worry about that becoming an issue for them. >> there's all the criticism that many are men. so, alexandra cortez said, hey, opposing pelosi isn't enough. there's no vision behind this. it doesn't represent all of the women behind it, the different classes coming in. there's like a hash tag five white men that people are knocking saying the people who oppose pelosi don't represent them. democrat she said nancy pelosi deserves credit for taking all the slings and arrows over this election season. republicans making her public enemy number one. she showed that she is still able to lead. >> that's a great point. she's a huge fund-raiser. even though katherine rice is saying we won on the promise of change, nancy pelosi is credited for the blue wave come into
11:49 am
power. lot of democrats feel she does deserve to be speaker. >> dana: i have time for one more. i'm not going to ask about nancy pelosi. we share roots. colorado girls. you're going home to denver. >> we're just going to eat. >> dana: you're going outside. soon as you get back, we'll have you back on the show. >> happy thanksgiving. >> dana: you, too. fox news alert. checking in on wall street. stocks dropping sharply again today and the dow is down about 548 points now. here with me now, christina from the fox business network. she always claim explains it. >> what we are seeing is a down day. at one point it dropped down to
11:50 am
600 points. the reason is technology being a major factor. you had these reports. pretty much eluding to the decrease in shipment. they haven't necessarily said it's going to be apple that is the causist, but there's all kinds of talk saying that the demand for i phones has decreased. so that's caused the apple stocks to drop. it's pretty much weighted down the entire tech sector. we turn to oil. oil is also falling. it's on track for its biggest loss in three years. $53.30. it's climbed higher since we went high with this board. this is weighing on the energy sector as a whole. that's also contributing to the market rut that we're in at the moment. if you're wondering what's happening over the last while, you have earnings coming out, constantly coming out, retail being one of them. target, kohl's. they had earnings beat. problem is lot of traders believe we hit that peak.
11:51 am
peak earnings mean an increase of slowing growth. then the talk about the fed increasing interest rates and the strong u.s. dollar. that could make loans much more expensive. then trade. is this going to be rectified? last but not least text tiles. those are some of the reasons you're seeing a selloff today. >> dana: this is important for parents. a consumer group is out with a recommendation for toys and notes some are dangerous. what would those be? >> they come out with this every year. they're saying overall, this is a nonprofit. there's been 40 recalls of toys. it's hard to keep track when you're recalling 2.7 million units in a year. i highlighted five of what i thought were the most common ones parents should keep an eye out. this is slime. some slime products have toxic boron. then these hatching toy, hatchy mammals. hatch mammals. i have never used one. they break off into tiny pieces
11:52 am
and children can pick up those pieces and swallow them. balloons. always toss them. it's the number one choking hazard among children. smart toys which can be hacked. makeup. i brought this up because there was a problem last year at claire's with high levels of asbestos. >> dana: christina, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: so high winds expected in new york city on thursday could ground some balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. forecast straight ahead. and the happy reunion when an army captain stationed in afghanistan surprises his son, a clemson football player, during a game. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 54,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses,
11:53 am
plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. call newday usa right now. call 1-855-510-4063.
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>> they are also the first stores to sell marijuana for recreational use. and third, two private equity owners of toys 'r us will hand over a $20 million hardship fund to benefit workers who lost their jobs without severance when the toy company liquidated back in june. residents are sifting through the remains after the horrific fires out west. there is a new threat of flash flooding and mud slides. here is the fox weather center. adam. >> dana, heavy rain is on the way. we know they needed rain for a long time, but maybe not as heavy as we're talking about.
11:58 am
once the rain picks up tomorrow, there is your time stamp in the corner, we run through wednesday with heavy downpours. the heavy rain will be in northern california, around the camp fire. all the vegetation is now gone. you get heavy rainfall as we continue to look at this, these are your forecasted rainfall numbers. you get the deep purple color, that is 8 to 10 to 12 inches of rain coming in a couple days. no vegetation, mud slides will probably be an issue, flash flooding, not the rain the folks needed, dan dana. >> i read 53,000 people will be traveling this week. >> the week and weekend ahead. actually things are looking good. >> clear. >> clear across the country getting into today. tomorrow, we begin to see a
11:59 am
little shift, maybe that rain i was talking about on the west coast is it. it is frigid, frigid on the east coast. >> tell me about that, record-setting cold. >> record-setting cold. if we top off at 27 degrees, that would be the third coldest thanksgiving high ever. winds maybe up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. >> will that affect the parade? >> if you get 30 mile an hour gusts, you won't have the balloons, that is border line. >> my mom is coming and she wants to see the balloons. >> i do, too. >> it was a special reunion for clemson walk-on running back ty lucas. watch this. [cheering] >> his father, cody lucas surprised him after being in afghanistan for nine months.
12:00 pm
he's served two tours, they will have thanksgiving together and clemson beat duke 35-6 proving my mascot theory again. thanks for joining us, have a good tuesday, here is shep. >> shepard: it is 3:00 at the white house, we are waiting to see if president trump talks to reporters as he leaves for thanksgiving in florida. the president is standing by saudi arabia, even after what he called the unacceptable murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. the president says we may never know if the saudi crown prince is in on it. his intelligence agency has concluded the prince ordered the killing. there is word ivanka trump broke federal rules by using private e-mail account for official white house business. her lawyer says this is a lot different than what hillary clinton did. live look at the dow, wall street on track to wipe out all of the gains for the


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