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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 20, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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have thanksgiving together and clemson beat duke 35-6 proving my mascot theory again. thanks for joining us, have a good tuesday, here is shep. >> shepard: it is 3:00 at the white house, we are waiting to see if president trump talks to reporters as he leaves for thanksgiving in florida. the president is standing by saudi arabia, even after what he called the unacceptable murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. the president says we may never know if the saudi crown prince is in on it. his intelligence agency has concluded the prince ordered the killing. there is word ivanka trump broke federal rules by using private e-mail account for official white house business. her lawyer says this is a lot different than what hillary clinton did. live look at the dow, wall street on track to wipe out all of the gains for the entire
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year. and breaking news now on fox news channel, do not eat romaine lettuce anywhere. if you have it, throw it away. if it is served to you, do not consume it. this is a brand-new warning from the centers for disease control and prevention out in the last five minutes. reporting begins now. >> breaking news, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> shepard: president trump stands with saudi arabia, after the american intelligence community concluded that the saudi crown prince ordered the murder of the "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. today the president insulted the murder victim and sided with the saudis, who said our c.i.a. is wrong. a live look at the white house, where president trump will have an opportunity to address reporters at any moment now, after the statement he issued earlier today. we now know that the saudi hit squad tortured and killed jamal khashoggi inside the saudi
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consulate in turkey. in his lengthy missive, riddleed with exclamation points, mr. trump wrote, we may never know the facts surrounding the murder of mr. jamal khashoggi. in any case, our relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia, the president said that maybe the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman knew about the murder, or maybe he didn't, yet the c.i.a. has concluded not only that he knew, but that he ordered the brutal killing. lawmakers are putting pressure on the white house to punish the saudis, both republicans and democrats. and u.s. allies are doing the same. so the president may not have the last say. we're waiting for the full report from the c.i.a. but today, the president got ahead of his intelligence agencies, in essence, it doesn't matter what intel says, we are standing with the saudi kingdom. john roberts reporting live from the white house. >> we expect the president may stop and talk about the
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assembled media outside the south as he departs for mar-a-lago. he will be asked questions about his statement regarding jamal khashoggi, which appears to side with the u.s. saudi relationship, rather than what we're hearing about the substance of jamal khashoggi's murder. the president saying in a statement, "king salmon and crown prince mohammed bin salman deny planning or execution of the murder of mr. khashoggi. our intelligence agencies are assessing information, it could be the crown prince had knowledge of the tragic event, maybe he did and maybe he didn't. that sounds familiar, that is what he told chris wallace in an interview. the president says he didn't want to risk the relationship with saudi arabia, hundreds of billions in commercial deals at stake, pointing out 17 saudis involved in the murder have been sanctioned by the united states.
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the secretary of state in the last hour backing up the president saying it is a mean and nasty world out there, the president needs to have relationships with countries like saudi arabia. the president also raised questions about khashoggi himself, though, going some distance to impun khashoggi's reputation writing "representatives of saudi arabia say jamal khashoggi was "an enemy of the state," and member of the muslim brotherhood," my decision is in no way based on that, this is unacceptable and horrible crime. he put the information out there in an official presidential statement. the president in that statement, shep, recognized in the congress likely going to do its own investigation and may have some recommendations for him, the president saying he will look at the recommendations, "but only if they are consistent with the absolute security and safety of america," the president also saying saudi arabia remains "a great ally."
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shep. >> john roberts from the white house. ivanka trump, while a government employee as assistant to the president sent hundreds of e-mails from a personal account, even after her father spent many months ark tacking hillary clinton about private e-mails, according to the "washington post." the paper reports the first daughter and presidential advisor, used her personal e-mail to contact white house aides and cabinet members and others. when asked about if, she said she was unaware of the rules. again, her father made hillary clinton's e-mails a driving force in his campaign, he called for hillary clinton to be put in jail, again, and again. of course, there are differences in the two cases. they are numerous. ivanka trump is not accused of using a private e-mail server, she's not accused of deleting any e-mails. she's not accused of sending classified information. but the "washington post" reports similarities were enough to worry some of the president's
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own advisors. house oversight committee under the leadership investigated hillary clinton's e-mail habits. now the incoming chairman indicated it will investigate ivanka trump. back to the chief white house correspondent, john roberts. here we go. >> that is a distinction, that representatives for ivanka trump are making today, shep, as well. the difference between her use and hillary clinton, certainly ri ivanka trump is acknowledging when she joined the white house last year, she continued to use a private e-mail address to do white house business, but her attorney through her spokesman saying ", she did not create a private server in her house or office, never classified information transmitted, the account never transferred or housed at the trump organization, no e-mails were ever deleted and e-mails have been retained in the official account with conformity with
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record preservation rules and laws. this first came to light a year ago, 14 months ago, stories about jared kushner using a joint family account. ijk, to send e-mails related to white house business. at that point, ivanka trump informed the white house coun l council -- counsel she had been moving the same address but not for classified information and she briefed members of congress on this. a lot of people are raising an eye brow to say how was she not aware of the rules regarding private e-mail for government business when her father made such a point of it for so many months during the campaign, a campaign of which she was a frequent afettenattendee. >> shepard: it is quite a thing. president trump wanted to change asylum laws and says since congress has enacted, i will.
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now a federal judge countered, no, you won't, blocked administration from asylum, the ruling, the obvious, congress makes and changes the laws. the president can act as a matter of national security and that is exactly what he's claiming. the caravan, the invasion, the troops, the threat to the nation. the judge said no. the president cannot simply rewrite immigration laws. again, john roberts on a busy day at the white house. >> the administration is pushing back, shep, against the ruleing from san francisco judge john tiger. the judge came forward and said, you can write all the executive actions you want, you can't go against u.s. law and the statement saying, rule barring asylum for immigrants who enter outside of port of entry irreconcilably with the expressed intent of congress, whatever the scope of the president's authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressly
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forbidden. the department of homeland security vigorously disagreed with that in a statement this morning saying "asylum is discretionary benefit given by the executive branch, it is lawful and appropriate that this discretionary benefit not be given to those who violate law from tailored proclamation aim at controlling immigration in the national interest," and judge tiger put in place nationwide restraining order, which will likely mean a lot of migrants in the caravan, who have been waiting outside of the port of entry in california, may make for the nearby hills and try to cross into the border illegally and in that action, coincides with an order given to the pentagon from the white house today, shep, if customs and border protection officers come under attack, the u.s. military backing them up is authorized to use force. so we'll see which way this goes, shep. >> shepard: john roberts, thank you.
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the military is pushing wack on reports the 5800 troops president trump sent to the border should be home by christmas. the army commander overseeing the troops told that to politico. the u.s. army responded with an official statement indicating it may shift some forces to other areas of the border and today new talk on timing. our national security correspondent jennifer reporting live from the pentagon. >> a day after a federal judge halted trump administration from giving asylum, senior official confirms the president is preparing to sign off on additional powers for the 5900 or so u.s. troops sent to the u.s. mexico border in the last month. soon u.s. troops will be allowed to protect custom and border protection personnel according to officials involved in the planning. until now, pentagon lawyers barred troops from using weapons for anything other than self-defense at the border.
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fox was among the first to report this month that the pentagon rejected an initial dhs request for the u.s. troops to be used in law enforcement capacity and potentially and potentially have contact with migrants. secretary mattis restricted troop activity to mostly engineering, but now after back and forth with defense department lawyers issue the white house was informed that the president could grant the troops additional authorities. the u.s. troops remain pretty far back from the border, i'm told, and would be a line of defense if local and state, police and national guard were somehow overwhelmed. yesterday lieutenant general jeffrey buchanan, army general overseeing troop deployment, said some troops could begin leaving by this week, forcing u.s. army north and northern command to issue the following clarification. "we may shift some forces to other areas of the border to
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engineering and support missions in california and other areas, no specific timeline for redeployment has been determined. we will provide more details as they become available." it is not clear how many troops will actually be leaving this week. some i'm told are dentists who were sent as part of the troop deployment. i'm told they will be allowed to go home. what i'm told is orders which expire december 15th are likely to be extended, so most 5900 u.s. troops, shep, will not be home for christmas. sheppard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. we're waiting to see if president trump has any comment before he leaves for the holiday. a lot of questions from reporters from ivanka trump e-mails to president stance on saudi arabia after the murder of jamal khashoggi. and the area devastated by deadly wildfire, the big fear now with change in the weather, mudslides. and the dow is diving again, now
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dizziness or confusion. i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. ask your diabetes care specialist about tresiba®. >> shepard: breaking news, the president is speaking right now to reporters at the white house on the south lawn. this is one of those they record it and then the white house pool play its back and we play to you unedited, that is what is coming. the i'm told from the white house pool, the topics include handwriting statement on jamal khashoggi, also about iran, the talk is still underway, it is probably a few minutes away. we'll have the full playback soon. and fox urgent, stocks on track to wipe out all gains so far this year across all four of the major markets, this is a live look at the dow, down 2.2%, it was down 2.5% and 2 -- 665 points within the last five
12:18 pm
minutes. the word of the day is volatility and the direction of the day is down. the fox business network suzanne lee is here. hit right off the bat. >> that is right, we live in algorithmic world. things unwind in a her and he big way. the stock market down 600 points issue at the bottom. the concerns are higher interest rates to come and earnings for big tech giants have rallied in 2018. what does that mean for slowing growth and china trade tensions? when does that bite into the american wallets, american consumer and eventually the american economy, shep? >> shepard: big tech stocks leading the way. >> big tech stocks, the feignings. facebook, all of them. huge market cap, they are big drag, they are such overweight on the markets. fa facebook, amazon, google, apple and netflix. they are in bare market
12:19 pm
territory, down 20% from recent peaks, 20%. you have made many, many double-digit gains so far in 2018, i think a recess of expectations, how much money are they actually making. when you are making 20 and 30% gains still a pretty darn good year. >> shepard: bare market on apple and others to come. wiping out all gains for the year. more to come on that. again, the president is speaking right now at the white house, we'll have the tape turnaround, also talking, i've just been told he's spoken about ivanka trump and her e-mails, different tone, i'm guessing. we'll see you in a moment, stay with us. ll value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ but he has plans today.ain. hey dad.
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12:24 pm
moment, it's not clear whether those people died from the fire or whether they were also shot. this neighborhood is a very rich one, home to many celebritys and wealthy folks who work here in the city. details are sort of sketchy on this, except house fire and someone shot dead in the front yard, expect to hear more on this to come. >> shepard: the fire and now the flood. people in northern california bracing for flash floods and mudslides after the state's deadly sxeft most destructive wildfire on record incinerated entire communities. 79 people are confirmed dead in the small town of paradise and surrounding area. forecasters say heavy rain is on the way, which could help put out the fires, but it could also bring even more devastation to a place that already looks like a post apocalyptic wasteland. take a look at this satellite image. this is from a couple months ago
12:25 pm
in paradise, and look at this. that is the neighborhood now, after the inferno devoured it. claudia cowhen reporting live from a shelter in chico. claudia. >> shepard, fire uvac yaus are making the most at a shelter like this one. donated supplies are helping people staying at the gym here. the folks are getting medical attention and mental health counseling, two more sets of human remains were found yesterday, increasing number of deaths from the camp fire to 79. the number of those unaccounted for has dropped to 700. search crews warn some people may never be found due to the intensity of the flames. with evacuation orders lifted in some areas around paradise, residents are returning to sift through the rubble. the state insurance office says the losses are staggering. >> in 2017 from all fires 12.6
12:26 pm
billion in insured losses and that was only 6800 single-family homes destroyed. we're approaching 11,000 single-family homes destroyed, this is more deadly, destructive fire and insured losses will be greater. >> his office is educating people about how to avoid getting scammed, for instance by unlicensed contractors, promising quick home rebuild. this recovery will take years and officials say people should be wary of short cuts because they say it could cost more in the long run. now rain threatens to bring another kind of disaster, yes, it will clear out this unhealthy air and put out what is left of the fire. but rain will almost certainly hamper ongoing search and recovery efforts and officials are concerned, that is a heavy downpour could trigger mudslides. >> shepard: reporting from chico, california. ahead, the killing of jamal
12:27 pm
khashoggi, lawmakers from the united states and leaders from abroad calling for the president to do something about it and new information on the government warning. you should throw out your romaine lettuce immediately and eat none of it, there is food poisoning, e.coli outbreak, the c.d.c. warning is brand-new and a live look at the white house, where the president is still speaking, he's just spoken on the four-star general mccraven who the president has called a hillary backer who led the operations and command the operations that took down hussein and bin laden. now the president, moments ago refusing to call him a hero. there is lots of news coming from the white house, we'll play it back for you in a moment. right now. we have the power to make sure everyone has clean water. to provide access to education for all.
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>> shepard: now the breaking details that we've been talking about throughout this hour.
12:32 pm
we've got the warning about two minutes to 3:00 eastern time, two days before thanksgiving, the feds are warning romaine lettuce is not safe to eat in any form. they are being specific. it doesn't matter where or when you bought it, it doesn't matter, chopped, whole, part of a salad or single leaf on your cheeseburger. doesn't matter if you ate and didn't get sick at all, throw it away and do not consume one bit. it is a pointed on the c.d.c. website. at least 32 people in 11 states are very sick with dangerous type of e.coli. jonathan hunt reporting on the latest as we have had. >> the alert was issued an hour ago, date line 2:30 p.m. eastern from the c.d.c., it is stark in warning saying "c.d.c. is advising that u.s. consumers not eat any romaine lettuce and retailers and restaurants not
12:33 pm
serve or sell any. they are also advising that all remain that any consumer has be thrown out, including salad mixes containing any romaine and all shelves or drawers where that romaine might have been stored not just be washed, but also sanitized. the c.d.c. says the remain can lead to e.coli infection and that people across 11 states are recorded as becoming sick in this latest outbreak, with cases from october 8 to october 31. of those, 13 people have been hospitalized with one patient suffering a form of kidney failure. it is important to note, this is entirely separate to the romaine outbreak that lasted from march to june of this year, 210 cases were identified in that outbreak across 36 states and five people died. then the outbreak was traced to yuma, arizona, this warn suggest
12:34 pm
broad because the c.d.c. not not been able to identify where the infected romaine is coming from. so the bottom line here, shep, do not eat any romaine anywhere. get it out of your fridge or off your shelves. wipe those shelves down, with antibacterial wipes and if you have stomach illness symptoms, write down everything you have eaten in the last week, according to the c.d.c., get to a doctor and get all information to public health investigators. this is a serious and urgent alert from the c.d.c. and as we saw in that earlier outbreak this year, the e.coli from infected romaine can kill, so the message plain and simple from the c.d.c., do not take any chances. shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. fall out over the death of jamal khashoggi, republicans, democrats, some u.s. allies
12:35 pm
overseas, all applying enormous pressure on the president to get tougher on saudi arabia. the president said the u.s. would probably release a full report on the "washington post" columnist death by today. we're still waiting for that report. we did get a statement from the president saying that he stands not with our intelligence agencies, but with saudi arabia. benjamin hall with a follow-up live from london. >> hi, shep. for two days, what we've been waiting for is this report from the c.i.a. about whether or not crown prince mohammed bin salman knew about the death of jamal khashoggi in advance, if so, how perhaps the president should move forward. instead we got a statement from president trump, clearly saying he would put national security first and laying out all threats the u.s. face in middle east and how they could work with saudi arabia to counter some of those. this has been the rhetoric from saudi arabia, as well, the importance of the relationship, the issues they work ofighting radical terror and intelligence
12:36 pm
sharing, working in yemen, pushing back iran across the region and more. saudi arabia has not responded to the statement, but earlier today, the foreign minister commented saying "we in the kingdom know that such allegations about the crown prince have no basis in the truth and we catagorically reject them," and president trump repeating the rhetoric in saudi arabia media that jamal khashoggi was an enemy of the state and member of the muslim brotherhood, make its clear his decision was not based on that, but saudi arabia and the u.s. have a deep, shared distrust of the muslim brotherhood. that is one threat president trump aims to work on with saudi arabia. in turkey, details continue to emerge about khashoggi's death. with turkish media releasing what it claims are "from the tape of khashoggi's killing," the leader of the saudi team is thought to be shouting traitor, you will be brought to account.
12:37 pm
the rest of the tape is filled with brawling and torture. "if you boil the white house statement down to its essence, president trump just asserted if you do enough business with the u.s., you are free to murder journalists," quite a lot of anger among the journalist community. certainly today, president trump saying for him, national security is the first and foremost concern and relationship with saudi arabia is the key to that in the middle east. shep. >> shepard: benjamin hall. the president just finished speaking to reporters about the khashoggi case. he talked about general mcraven and talked about his new department -- head of department of justice, so there is a lot of news coming. the white house pool will now get that tool a playback machine
12:38 pm
and we'll play it back on air. the president just left on marine one headed for this plane to go to the palm beaches for the holiday. should this white house playback begin during the commercial, we will interrupt the commercial for the playback. now that. newday usa has helped thousands of veterans get the money they need for their family and home... thank you, admiral. by helping them use the valuable va home loan benefit they've earned with their service. thank you, admiral. it let's you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's high home values, that could mean a lot more money to pay debts and get ahead. thank you, admiral. it's an honor to help you get the peace of mind every veteran and their family deserves. call 1-844-383-1571.
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>> shepard: we'll break in should the white house tape playback begin and it is about to, 10 seconds from now. the president speaking with reporters before takeoff for thanksgiving. president trump: we're going to the southern white house, we have a lot of work we'll be doing in florida. we had great -- some really great election results, as you know. georgia just came in, that was a big success. florida was tremendous success with both the governor, desantis and the senator rick scott. as you know, ohio was a great victory, we had a lot of great
12:40 pm
victories, we're very happy about that. we put out a statement on saudi arabia, which i guess most of you have seen. and we'll see how that all works out. it's a complex issue, it's a shame, but it is what it is. >> mr. president -- >> do you -- >> do you -- president trump: it is america first to me, it is all about america first. we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of orders and let russia and china everybody have them. for me, very simple, america first. saudi arabia, if we broke with them, i think your oil prices would go through the roof. i've kept them down, they have helped me keep them down. we have low oil prices, relatively like to see it go down even lower, i think it is a very simple equation for me. i'm about make america great again and about america first.
12:41 pm
>> are you telling us human rights are too expensive? president trump: that what? i'm not saying that at all. if you look at iran, look at iran, what they are doing. they are a terrorist nation right now. although i must tell you, they are a lot better right now than they were when i took office. when i took office they were heading in a very, very bad direction. at some point, things very positive could happen with iran. we need a counter balness balance and israel needs help, also f. we abandon saudi arabia, it would be a terrible mistake. [speaking over each other] -- president trump: i really can't understand what you are saying, sorry. >> the "washington post" in a statement put out a statement and said you are putting your personal interest, your commercial interests --
12:42 pm
president trump: i have nothing to do, just so you understand, i don't make deals with saudi arabia, i don't have money from saudi arabia, i have nothing to do with saudi arabia, i couldn't care less. i will tell you and as most of you know, being president has cost me a fortune and that is okay with me, i knew that a long time ago. being president has cost me a fortune, tremendous fortune like you have never seen before. some day i will tell you what that is, i do that a long time ago, i don't do deals. all i do is focus on this country and making great deals for this country. i don't focus on making great deals for myself, i don't care anymore. saudi arabia has nothing to do with me. what does have to do with me is putting america first. wait, wait, wait. they're buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country. if i say we don't want to take your business, we're going to cut it off. they will get the equipment,
12:43 pm
military equipment from russia and china. russia and china would be very, very happy because right now we're doing very well against china, we're doing very well against everybody, including russia, i'm going to keep it that way. i'm not going to tell a country that spending hundreds of billions of dollars and helped me do one thing very importantly, keep oil prices down, so they are not going to $100 and $150 per barrel, right now we have oil prices in great shape. i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. i think the statement, wait a minute. i think the statement was pretty obvious what i said, it is about america first. president trump: say it again. >> inappropriate for your daughter's personal e-mail --
12:44 pm
president trump: just so you understand, ivanka trump did some e-mails, they were not classified like hillary clinton. they were not deleted like hillary clinton, who deleted 33, she wasn't doing anything to hide her e-mails. i looked at it briefly today and the presidential record, they are all in presidential records, there was no hiding. there was no deleting like hillary clinton did. there was no service in the basement, like hillary clinton had. you're talking about a whole different, all fake news. what ivanka trump did, all in the presidential record, everything is there. there was no deletion, no nothing. what it is, is a false story. hillary clinton deleted 33,000 e-mails, she had a server in the basement, that is the real story. [talking over each other] >> the fact your asylum policy has been put on hold.
12:45 pm
president trump: which policy? you go to the ninth circuit, it is a disgrace and i will put in a major complaint because you cannot win if you are us, case in the ninth circuit. it is disgrace when people file, every case gets filed in the ninth sish circuit. that is not law, that is not what this country stands for. every case, we get beaten and end up having to go to the supreme court, like the travel ban, and we won. the ninth circuit, we'll have to look at that, every case, no matter where, they file it practically, i mean practically for all intents and purposes, file in the ninth circuit. this was an obama judge. it will not happen like this anymore. everybody that wants to sue the united states, they file their case in almost -- they file their case in the ninth circuit, it means automatic loss, no matter what you do, no matter
12:46 pm
how good your case is. the ninth circuit is something we have to take a look at because it is not fair. people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly circuit and file their case and you people know better than anybody what is happening tis disgrace in my opinion, it is a disgrace what happens with the ninth circuit. we will win that case in the supreme court of the united states. report [reporters speaking over each other] -- >> hero and -- president trump: go ahead. i can't hear your question. your voice is not -- i don't know admiral mcraven. what? they are all finished, written answers are finished. >> have they bye-bye submitted? president trump: i don't know, they will.
12:47 pm
they will. the written answers to the witch hunt that has been going on forever, no collusion, no nothing, they have been finished, finished them yesterday. the lawyers have them. i assume they will turn them in today or soon. [reporters speaking over each other] president trump: i'm going to a war zone. what? >> are you happy with the case that you are on? president trump: yeah, the sanctions on iran are very strong, very powerful. they are sanctions, i think have had tremendous impact, more sanctions are going on. we have a lot of tremendous support and iran is not the same country it was when i became president, it's a much different country and hopefully some point we'll be able to make a fair deal and help iran and help the people of iran. [reporters speaking over each other] -- >> should julian assange be able to go free?
12:48 pm
president trump: -- daughter works for facebook, i just found out today, if you look at what facebook has been doing, they have explaining to do. they are democratic -- schumer's daughter worked for facebook, nobody knew that until now. go ahead. i don't know anything about him, don't know much about him, i really don't. go ahead. say it. >> what do you want -- president trump: i want pakistan to help us, no longer paying 1.3 billion to pakistan, we're paying them nothing, that is what they have done to help us, nothing. i cut the payments off a long time ago, not paying pakistan because they are not helping us at all. we'll see where it all goes. i hope to have a good relationship with pakistan, but right now we are paying pakistan nothing, i cut them off. they were getting 1.3 billion a
12:49 pm
year, they are not getting anything now. [reporters speaking over each other] >>-- holidays with your family -- president trump: don't worry about thanksgiving, these are tough people, they know what they are doing. you are so worried about the thanksgiving holiday for them. they are so proud to be representing our country on the border, where if you look at what is upon haing, mexico, the people from tijuana are saying, these are tough people, they are fighting us, they are in fist fights all over the place. these are tough people coming in. now i understand they have 500 people that have been designated as -- let's put it in a nice word, criminals, these are people coming in, no? you don't have people coming in. the order today is not we can get around that easily. ninth circuit, very unfair when everybody files their case in the ninth circuit, they file it
12:50 pm
for a reason. as far as the troops, they are proud to be on the border, they are proud to be defending our nation. it is not letting people in, it is called catch and detain. not catch and release, like it has been for many years. they called it catch and release, they don't call it that anymore. our soldiers are doing incredible job. look at the walls they are building and all the barricades they are putting up, they've done a great job. >> you have reaction -- >> michael avenatti being arrested for domestic violence? president trump: no, i wish him the best of luck. >> you and larry kudlow not heading to recession? president trump: we are doing great. unemployment is at record low, look at the different statistics, tech stocks have some problems, that will come back. i think we will do very well. i'd like to see the feds with
12:51 pm
lower interest rate, i think the rate is too high. i think we have more fed problem than anyone else. doing well with china, china wants to make a deal badly. they may not say that to you. i have another 250 billion worth of tariffs to put on if we don't make a deal and believe me, i will put them on. china has been ripping off our country for many, many years and they don't rip us off with me. we made a great deal with canada and mexico. i appreciate the help that mexico is giving us at the border, you see people are not coming through. all of the fist fights and fighting that you see are done on the mexico side. they are not coming in here. i appreciate what mexico is doing. can do more, but i appreciate what they are doing. >>-- president trump: they were preserved, the lawyer told me they are historically preserved.
12:52 pm
[indiscernible] -- president trump: they didn't make a determination. just like i said, i think maybe he did, maybe he didn't. they did not make that assessment. the c.i.a. looked at it, studied it, they have nothing definitive. the fact is, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. if you look at iran, what they have done, bad actor. look at syria with assad, hundreds of thousands of people killed, we are with saudi arabia. staying with saudi arabia. by the way, so everybody, i have no business whatsoever with saudi arabia, couldn't care less. [indiscernible] -- president trump: no, no. no, no. this is about america first. they are paying us $400 billion plus to purchase and invest in our country, that is probably
12:53 pm
the biggest amount ever paid to the united states. this is over a long period of time. it means hundreds of thousands of jobs, billions of dollars of investment and product and if you think i'm going to let russia have that money or those things, if you think i will let china make the military equipment, hey, china and russia would love to make 100 billion dollars worth of military equipment from saudi arabia. we have the contracts. they wanted those contracts. that would be a big, fat beautiful gift to russia and china. they will not get that gift, just so you understand. it is about make america great again, it's about america first. we'll stay with saudi arabia. the other thing, saudi arabia probably the second biggest oil producer. they have worked with us very well. we've kept oil prices down. if you want to see oil prices go to $150 per barrel, like russia
12:54 pm
would love to see that, all you have to do is break up our relationship with saudi arabia. [indiscernible] -- president trump: what? i don't know that he will be there, if he is, i would. [indiscernible] -- >> concerned about her -- president trump: cindy hyde smith is a fantastic woman, done great job short period of time. she made a statement, i know she feels badly about it, and it was just sort of said in jest, she said, she is tremendous woman and it is a shame that she has to go through this. i think she will do very well. i really believe she will do well. i've gotten to know her well. she's a person that of los the people of mississippi. she loves the people of this country. she's going to be a great senator. i will do two events in
12:55 pm
mississippi on monday. one near -- let's see, one near jackson, doing one in the gulf coast, and we're going to do one in tupulo. i think tupulo is definite. cindy hyde smith is tremendous woman who loves the people of mississippi in our country and i think she is going to win. [indiscernible] -- president trump: ivanka trump can handle herself. ivanka trump can handle herself. they are in historical record, no deletion whatsoever. hillary clinton deleted 33,000 e-mails, she had a server in the basement, ivanka trump didn't. the calls were not classified, unlike hillary clinton, which were classified. it is all fake news.
12:56 pm
[indiscernible] -- >> any holiday pardons? president trump: i love the pardons for the turkeys. >> any people? president trump: i haven't thought of it. [indiscernible] -- president trump: no, i think what assad has done is horrible, really horrible. >> question about the -- [indiscernible] -- president trump: it's called person of the year, right? no longer man of the year, right? i don't know, that is up to time magazine. i've been there before. i can't imagine anybody else other than trump, can you imagine anybody else other than trump? have a good time, everybody. thank you. >> shepard: that was the president a short time ago before he took off for as he
12:57 pm
calls it, southern white house, i think it is. his house in palm beach. he's shchoppered to the jet andn his way. when asked off the bat about jamal khashoggi, the president today sided with the saudis against his own intelligence agencies on this matter. when asked about it, he changed the subject to iran and said abandoning saudi arabia would be a terrible mistake in the context of the iran proxy. then he changed to speaking of the saudis, they are buying hundreds of billions of dollars from the united states, deals that are not deputy, by the way. russia and china would be happy, oil prices are low. then he said later in the news conference or discussion by the choppers, you want to break up our relationship with the saudi arabia government, you will be sorry. the point is intelligence agencies determined that the
12:58 pm
crown pribs and day-to-day runner of the kingdom, our ally, murdered a guy who has american children and who worked for the "wall street journal." the question is, i mean "washington post." the question is what are you going to do about it? the answer from the president at least is nothing. associate editor of "wall street journal," fox news channel share ownership at parent company level. allys and people in congress, both sides doesn't matter. >> already saying it. president maintained this position. they are doing business with us. they are important to us. >> shepard: money over moral? >> yeah, they are important in the region. who knows, they may have done it, may not have done it, that is language they are using. the c.i.a. has concluded this action was taken on orders from the crown prince. >> shepard: call your boss and tell him the operation is
12:59 pm
complete. yeah. >> so it puts them at odds with the c.i.a. he's fighting the other fight, criticized mcraven, general mcraven. he's at odds with a lot of institutions at this point. he will find in congress, adam schiff, will look at this issue, lindsey graham, the republican, has said, i don't want to do any business with the crown prince. there is criticism from republicans about the manner in which saudi arabia has handled this entire thing. if the president feels the business relationship with saudi arabia and desire for the u.s. to be strongest ally and not china or russia, trumps other issues, murder of khashoggi. >> shepard: more to come on this, john. thank you. final bell about to ring on wall street. another blood bath. >> it was. >> shepard: an end to this? >> concern about the economy.
1:00 pm
u.s. economy firing on all pistons, u.s. economy showing weakness. >> shepard: off 520 more than 660. the new continues on fox news channel, "your world with neil cavuto." >> neil: you're looking live at san diego, california, homeland secretary kirstjen nielson is about to hold a news conference on migrant caravan and border security. you just heard president trump express concern over the ninth circuit ruling against his asylum ban. maybe we'll hear more when it happens, we're there. closing bell ringing moments ago. another brutal session for wall street. dow plunging 600 points finishing down 553 points. tech stops remain under pressure. apple taking a big hit. the dow is in the red. i'm in for neil cavuto, this is