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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 22, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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your sacrifices, many of them on the song and we notice and we salute you every day. you put your lives on the line from all of us and you spend time away from your homeland and all of your friends and family and we thank you so much. thanks for everything you do. happy thanksgiving. >> president trump keeps up his war of words with the top justice on the supreme court, it's i the most unusual thanksgivingt. for thousandser displaced by the northern california wildfire and an early look at the democratic field for the 2020 presidential campaign, this is "special report." ♪ >> mike: good evening, happy thanksgiving. president trump is taking no holiday from his twitter habit tonight, he's continuing his criticism of the federal judiciary in general and john roberts in particular, itth
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comes on thanksgiving when the president expressed his thanks for the troops. >> good to be with you and happy thanksgiving, the president spending this thanksgiving evening having a little thanksgiving dinner and a spending time with his family. something he began the day by thanking those who were not quite as lucky. >> president trump: that looks pretty good, that looks great. i don't want one. but they look veryte good. i would gain about 5 pounds if i ate that. >> it's a time-honored thanksgiving tradition, extending the gratitude of the american people to those who serve andse protect. president trump doing so today both in person and by phone. >> president trump: we want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices you make to defend our nation whileyo you're away from your families and loved ones. >> a visible outpouring of
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appreciation for mack mr. trump but still in stark contrast to his predecessors. president bush paid a surprise visit to u.s. troops in iraq, president obama met with groups both in 2010 and in 2014. mr. trump's comparative absence has drawn sharp criticism from some, even sparking speculation that he simply doesn't want to go. defense secretary jim mattis rejected that notion, adding that security is always a concern. the president is the commander-in-chief and he decides where he needs tore go. there are times i don't want him in certain locations. while the president did hint today as well as earlier in the week that he doesn't intend to visit troops abroad, there is no ambiguity on his feelings with border security. he authorized american troops on the u.s.-mexico border to use lethal force if necessary against an approaching group of
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migrants. if it means protecting american safety and sovereignty. >> president trump: t if they have to, they're going to use lethal force, i've given the okay. i hope they don't have to, they're dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals. i'm not going to let the military be taken advantage of, i have no choice. >> the president was active on twitter, including a pair of missives aimed at chief justice john roberts in the ninth circuit court of appeals, with which theat administration feels they have politically motivated legal challenges including border security and asylum policies. >> president trump: i know that chief justice roberts, john roberts has been speaking a little bit about it. i think we have to use some common sense. if this ninth circuit, everyone knows it's totally out of control, it's a disgrace.
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essentially they are legislating, they are saying what tohe do. >> it's important to point this out, plenty of reasons the president will follow through on his threat to shut down the whole you may recall it was back on monday that the port of entry was shut down for several hours amid security concerns. >> mike: kevin corke with the president, many thanks. republicans try to tie up loose ends before they lose control of the house are planning to go out with a political bang. correspondent lauren blanchard tells us they are summoning two of the top justice department officials from the obama administration for one last grilling. >> thanksgiving surprise, the houseci judiciary committee serving up subpoenas to former fbi director james comey and former attorney general loretta lynch. the committee wants to question them on their decisions at the fbi and doj during the 2016 presidential election.
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comey tweeted this morning confirming this a pita saying "i will resist a closed-door thing because i've seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion." lets invite a hearing and invite everyone to see." adding "mr. comey embraces and welcomes a hearing open to the public." it represents an abuse of process, a divergence from house rules and its presumption of transparency. republicans have wanted to talk to comey and lynch to determine if there was any anti-trump bias that affected their agencies when ite came to the clinton email case and the trump-russia collusion case. comey has offered to testify as long as it was public, a sentiment shared by many democrats. others have questioned the last-minute nature of these subpoenas. >> the idea that there is at this 11th hour subpoena of things that have been litigated,
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been vetted, we know what happened. it seems like a big stretch. >> republicans including the chairman, have insisted on closed-door. >> n is not appropriate for i mr. comey to attempt to turn this into some kind of a public performance on his part, may be to sell more books? i'm'm not sure what exactly his motivation is. >> the timing comes as the g.o.p.'s house judiciary comes to an end. jerry nadler of new york has reportedly calledd in subpoenas unfortunate and that they came out of theth blue. the former fbi director has been asked to appear on december 3rd before the closed session. he has also been asked to appear next month. >> mike: interesting days on thee m hill. thanks a lot. many residents of california are spending this thanksgiving withg people they did not know even a month ago.
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they are among the thousands who cannot be because of the massively destructive wildfire that hasas become the deadliestn the states history. correspondent jeff paulson in chico california tonight. >>ch search and recovery efforts in the town of paradise with crowds and crews working around the clock, down here in the community of chico there's a different sort of operation underway, one that involves a focus on healing. >> no one envisioned this thanksgiving. >> it's been a roller coaster ride. >> they've lost everything. her house, one ofof the more thn 13,000 that burned to the ground during the campfire but she somehow staying thankful. >> it warms my heart, it will for the rest of my life. the goodness thatth came.
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>> that goodness coming from hundreds of strangers who spent their thanksgiving cooking and serving two people. some driving more than 16 hours6 tohi help this thanksgiving possible, others coming right offf the fire lines to help. >> i'm grateful to be able to serve, it's humbling and it's an honor. >> even celebrity chefs are lending their cooking skills. >> it's who we are. i think thanksgiving is when the best of america shows up. >> in a community with so many hurting, food can be the best medicine. >> just reach out and take care of your neighbor and show support. we need to act like it and show it to one another. >> despite the thanksgiving
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holiday, 800 police officers and firefighters spent the day sifting through wreckage. more than 80 people killed in the campfire and hundreds still considered unaccounted for. >> mike: you have toik love the compassion of those volunteers. thanks a lot. president trump is once again defending the decision to not punish saudi arabia over the death of a saudi journalist and now he would seem to have some backup for one of his justifications. correspondent benjamin hall fills us in. >> improved iranian rockets are now capable of hitting u.s. bases across the middle east it according to a top iranian general. the threat is one of the reasons president trump chose to maintain close ties with saudi arabia in the aftermath of the khashoggi murder. as if on cue, the irradiance seemem to validate his claim sayingio if americans in the region moved, they would strike. if the president tweeted at citing secretary pompeo a saying "it's a mean and nasty world out there, the middle east in particular. this is a long and historic
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commitment and one that is absolutely vital in americans national security." he followed up by talking at length about khashoggi, the kingdom and the killing. >> president trump: they vehemently denied and we have hundreds of thousands of jobs,s do people really want me to give up hundreds of thousands of jobs -- if we want by this standard we wouldn't be able to have anybody as an ally. >> khashoggi's killing has had repercussions, denmark and finland announced it would be holding exports of military equipment to saudi arabia. they followed germany in doing so. saudi arabia has now spoken out for the first time since president trump's statement appearing on the bbc. and the foreign minister denied the involvement of the royal family and warned for their criticism a redline. the c crown prince could meet turkey's president erdogan.
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this will be the first time that two leaders have met since. the khashoggi case is far from over, a growing foreign policy rift within the republican party. while many people do feel the president's outcome was the right one, they wish it had been a little bit more nuanced. >> mike: president trump's up upcoming meeting with his chinese counterpart could be more contentious than planned. that's partially because increasing tension between the u.s. and china over trade. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us national security is becoming a major issue in the relationship. >> for the first time in 25 years, the asia-pacific summit ended without a formal joint statement among the 21 liters, china was apparently the holdout over trade disagreements. >> china it has taken advantage of the united states for many
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years. thoser. days are over. >> the chinese president addressed a strategic dilemma. >> mankind has reached a crossroads. which direction should we choos choose? cooperation or confrontation? >> attention is focused on the upcoming g20 summit next week in argentina. president trump and xi are expected to meet. >> president trump: china wants to make a deal, p they set a list of things they are willing to do which was a large list and is just not acceptable. >> china in my opinion is the biggest national security threat long-term that this country will face. >> bob anderson the former assistant fbi director specializing in hacking, spying and economic espionage said the bureau is badly outnumbered by
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china. >> think of it as their fbi without any rules. there is 35,000 men and women in the fbi, there is 400,000 in the mss. >> the justice department indicted a member of the mss for targeting aviation technology. if they took the unusual step of singling out a chinese state-owned company after a 20 month investigation. the fbi now has chinese economic espionage cases in all 50 states. while it's hard to quantify thee cost, the damage could run to as high as 600 billion annually. anderson said it doesn't stop there. >> specifically with china and russia, there have been alliances between them. you have to look at that with a wary eye because if you put two that magnitude with the amount of intelligence organizations they have against our country, it's unbelievably
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significantic. >> in response they provided fox news with a document that said it stigmatizes china by accusing them of intellectual theft. >> mike: up next, it is never too early to start talking about the 2020 presidential campaign. wewe will look at the democratic field when we come back. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering.on fox five in san diego with the passing ofan the oldest u.s. military survivor of the attack on pearl harbor. ray chavez died in his sleep wednesday. he had visited washington back in may where he was honored by president trump during memorial day services. he was 106. fox 5 in new york where frigid temperatures and blustery winds buffeted by standards at the thanksgiving day parade. they were able to take off on
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one of the coldest thanksgivings in decades, it was 21 degrees at the start of the parade. this is a live look at a much warmer orlando from fox 35, one of the big stories there and across the country tonight, shopper is getting a jump-start on those black friday sales. many stores are open right now, don't go yet. major savings on big items, that's tonight'se live look on tonight's beltwayor after the special report, we'll be right back. when you have pain, you want relief fast.
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♪ >> mike: the focus of many political junkies now >> mike: the focus of many political junkies now that the midterms are largely over is on "20/20" in the democratic presidential race that promises to be crowded and contentious. peter doocy tells us where things stand right now with some of the people still on the outside looking in. >> in 2020, will democrats try to beat a billionaire from new york with a billionaire from new york? >> we've just got to get guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> michael bloomberg once a republican and an independent, just spent more than $100 million helping others win in the midterms and pledged moro than $1.8 billion to johns hopkins, the biggest university donation effort to boost financial aids. for he also took aim at
8:20 pm
president trump writing by winning the house, democrats can now serve as a bulwark against the white house which has shown no respect for the rule of law and no interest in bringing the country together. another billionaire outsider, tom steyer who will soon start hosting town halls shifting toward the environment and the economy. >> we need to redefine what it means to be free in a 21st century to make sure we all have the same chance to earn our fair share of america's prosperity. >> it's not just billionaires, several lawmakers are already hiring staff or visiting early states. eric swalwell and john delaney, from the senate, kamala harris and cory booker who plan to campaign for the democratic candidate in mississippi's special election, plus senator kirsten gillibrand, elizabeth warren,za and their colleague who just won big in a red state, senator sherrod brow
8:21 pm
brown. among former officeholders is said to be thinking of challenging trump, joe biden, deval patrick, eric holder, then there is the soon to be congressman who just raised more money and a quarter than any democratic senate candidate ever ever, beto o'rourke. i >> if it sounds like you might be open to it, possibly quest >> i haven't made a decision. >> if bernie sanders is going to jump in, he is going to have to register as a democrat. he got more than 13 million primary votes but he's officially an independent and the dnc changed the rule so only people with a d next to their name can play in their primary. >> mike: one thing many democrats would like to change before the 2020 election is how americans pick their president. tells usded molly line about the latest efforts to get
8:22 pm
rid of the electoral college. >> in recent years, the loudest critics decrying the electoral college have been democrats, particularly after hillary clinton won the popular vote but lost the election in 2016. the second democrat since al gore to suffered such a blow. now they aim to change the winner-take-all allocation. >> the existing system doesn't benefit small states, it benefits battleground states. if national popular vote would benefit the largest estates. >> the lawsuit targets red and blue states, specifically texas, south carolina, massachusetts, and california. plaintiffs include both democrat and republican voters. if lawrence explains. >> the solution were looking for would benefit everybe voter in every state that has an opportunity to swing an election
8:23 pm
to a presidential candidate. >> the group argues proportional allocation would encourage candidates to campaign across the country. votes cast would not be discarded simply because a boater is not in the majority. for instance, in texas nearly 4 million votes were cast for matt clinton but all 38 electoral college votes went to trump. in massachusetts, trump did not collect any of the states 11 electoral votes, though more than 1 million voters voted for him. massachusetts secretary of state william galvin is fighting theet suit. >> many people from my party are frustrated from the fact of the popular vote winner is not the person sitting in the white house but i think casting moreg uncertainty into the process by having this irrational system of percentages in a weighted boat doesn't make any sense. >> the plaintiffs hope to see the case reached the supreme court prior to the 2020 presidential election. >> mike: molly line in
8:24 pm
massachusetts.ed up next, why some veterans are having some tough times making ends meet because the government is falling behind. first, beyond our borders. the european union and britain have agreed on a draft declaration for brexit. representatives from all 28 e.u. countries are set to meet tomorrow. the u.k. and e.u. are agreeing on a 585 page document sealing the terms of britain's departure. nissan motor company fired carlos cohen as chairman today, it ends his nearly two decayed long reign at the japanese automaker. the leaning tower of pisa is not leaning so much anymore. after two decades to straighten it out, the famed tuscan bell tower has recovered about an inch and a half and is in better structural health than predicte predicted. a 12th century tower open to the publicpe in 2001 after being
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♪ ♪ >> mike:el welcome back to washington, i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. finances are tight for many veterans and their families this holiday, that's because the veterans affairs department is
8:29 pm
way behind on education related reimbursement payments to america's heroes. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us the culprit isn't a person but a machine. >> a 50-year-old computer system at the department of veterans affairs department of veterans affairs is shortchanging post-9/11ve veterans. that's's registered in undergraduate and graduate school programs are facing mounting unpaid housing bills, many on capitol hill predicted in july. >> the trump administration promise to clean up the culture of bureaucratic incompetence inside the va and based on this testimony today, and other hearings we've had, i don't think they've made a lick of difference. >> that from a republican during a heated house veterans affairs subcommitteeee meeting last week as lawmakers try to understand why veterans were not receiving their housing subsidies along with theirdi tuitions. >> that system is complex, that
8:30 pm
engine is old. >> 8125 students have waited longer than two months. they could be missing in the range of 1500 to $6,000 or more and expected payments. nearly 60,000 total claims remain. in october alone, about 1,000 students under financial hardship called a va for immediate help. > some of these guys are goig to have real hardships, maybe even personal family crises. >> we gave them everything they asked for so it is frustrating to be here. >> how many veterans have outstanding payments greater than 30 days? >> we have a little over 10,000. >> the va says none of the students were made homeless as a result the glitch, as news reports suggested. the agency is working hard, those vets are being moved to the top of the queue for immediate action.
8:31 pm
>> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. >> mike: the agency needs to do a better job of processing als. theth study found in such cases had a higher risk for improper payments with an error rate of 45%. that resulted in estimated underpayments of $750,000 and over payments of about 649,000 to a total of 230 veterans. the report blames the complexity of the claims. president trump reaches out to the troops this thanksgiving and he's also firing back at the nation's top judge, we'll talk about it with the panel when we come back ked- and now you know. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration.
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we've shown some light on the ninth circuit. i know chief justice john roberts has been speaking a little bit about it and i think i have a lot of respect for i them, i like him and i respect him, but i think we have to use some common sense. this ninth circuit, everyone knows it's totally out of control. what they are doing, what they are saying, the opinions are very unfair to law enforcement. they can't believe the decisions being made by these judges. >> mike: president trump expressing frustration with parts of the federal judiciary on thanksgiving day as he looks at the immigration laws. the president hinting at the possibility that the commander-in-chief could go visit the troops sometime soon. >> president trump: i'll see you back when you're in the united states, maybe i'llta even see you over there. you never know what's going to happen. i know what you have to do and i've seen it in a lot of different forms. very few people could do it. it takes special people to do i
8:37 pm
it. >> mike: calling the troops and visiting with some coast guard folks in person, let's bring in our panel. michael warren, senior writer at the weekly standard. tom rogan commentary writer for the "washington examiner." your thoughts at the commander in chief, he's not been to a war zone yet, is he going soon? >> i think we will see that before christmas but potentially even the next couple of weeks. one of the interesting things for the president is you see, we've obviously seen chief justice roberts, the separation of powers and constitutional powers. the president earlier today was speaking to a naval officer, talking about nuclear physics oddly.. it was very striking to see end of this is where i think you see president trump having a good rapport with the military brass, the four-star generals as well as the enlisted personnel. he does have a deference to
8:38 pm
their expertise. i think he likes the fact that the job is to close with and destroy the enemy personally but at the same time, i think it is to the president's credit -- he's at his best in a way with the military in the sense that he defers to better judgment but he also has a respect for it and he is willing to listen. that earlierer discussion with e nuclear physics guy, there was a disagreement but he was okay, i sort of agree with you -- you don't see that with other peopl people. i think thenk opportunity for te white house coming offba the midterms is to say the president as george w. bush was to a degree>>. >>bu i remember george w. bush going to war zones in the holidays, president obama going, your thoughts on this. >> it's puzzling he hasn't gone already, by this point in his presidency of barack obama had gone to a rack once and afghanistan once, just a couple
8:39 pm
of weeks on december third of 2010, is not clear why trump hasn't gone yet. jim mattis.. has said he is advised not to go to certain places, it suggests that perhaps things are may be worse in afghanistan than the public understands. it's just not big enough for the president to visit. >> it gets to a complication with any trip for the president to a combat zone. the president himselflf has sta stated, he sort of was pulled kicking and screaming by his advisors to continue our engagement innt afghanistan. he is frustrated with the way it has gone, the same in syria fighting isis i think he wants to be done and out of there. would visiting the troops send a mixed message?
8:40 pm
i think those are the kinds of things a public relations conscious president is thinking about, it's interesting to hear him tease that. i'm skeptical he's going to follow through. >> mike: what do you make of the back-and-forth of the president and thet chief justie of the supreme court. >> he's certainly not the first president to grumble about a court ruling going against him, i think what's different here is the public way that he is going about it. and the personal way he's taking it. he's talking about this judge was appointed by a democrat, appointed by obama -- i think that's where you're getting justice roberts feeling like personality orep independence of the judiciary. ideally, we are that presidents guy on the bench.
8:41 pm
neil gorsuch, the president's first major's accomplishment getting on the supreme court vary on in his supreme court's tenure ruled against the president on immigration issues. you often see this where these judges rule against them. the president seems to take it too personally. >> this president has upset so many norms and expectations that we had for the presidency before he took office and one of those is in challenging institutions that his predecessors would never have so publicly challenged. the courtsts are one of them, te federal reserve is another example. he is criticize the federal reserve and the chairman of the fed personally for racing and rg interest rates. if he risks shakingnt confidenc. >> m clearly i think analyticaly you look at the traditional role of the judiciary in terms of the constitutional binding separate but equal. chief justice robertser had to
8:42 pm
stand up for the court,or we all know that there are political ideologies behind different judges but the principal, there must be equal justice under the law, the chief justice has to stand up for that. it was quite striking today, president trump very presidential in an unusual sense for the president and in a sense quite normal in the sense that he is having a disagreement but he also said chiefai justice roberts, i, respect the guy. there wasuy no animosity that yu normally see and sometimes i think with trump, he's out of the yacht tweeting and he comes back into that moment and he thinks aboutut it. as long as someone has the respect you're the president, doesn't make it personal, if you do that with the president i think.... more. >> mike: i want to get to house judiciary republicans calling former loretta lynch and james comey briefly. >> you have an opened and closed session, some of it for a
8:43 pm
classified because of foreign allies. i think comey has a point that there is some political agenda here, just do both, open and closed. >> i'm a big fan of jim comey having a a public hearing insted of a closed-door interview. >> if it's close, there will be leaks from republicans and democrats, o nobody will agree n what is said. i think that's the problem, getting clarity of what you're looking for. >> mike: should they have done this before the midterms? >> yes, i think, so. i think jim comey doesn't do himselfor any favors by getting out ahead of his lawyers statement making this tweet her here. i think ultimately it makes them look petty. the lawyers statement should speak forme itself. >> mike: next up, the democrats prepared to fight it out for the 2020 nomination. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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♪ ♪ >> what we represent is anotherf touch billionaire, we need to fewer centrist democrats and more people who are comfortable talking about things like medicare for all. that's not what bloomberg stande for. >> i think a ticket that looks
8:48 pm
like michael bloomberg who certainly has the funds to self finance with a vp like kamala harris. that would be a ticket that would be a pretty tough to get, you would have a self funder and a woman who has a really good record. >> mike: we recognize were getting through the 2018 midterms but it's never too early to start talking about 2020. take a look at the cnn poll in october looking at the top five. vice president joe biden, senator sanders, senator harris, senator warren, andrr senator booker. i believe booker was tied with former secretary of state john kerry. we'll see how this all shakes out. back now with our panel, michael, alex, tom, your thoughts on "20/20" democrats. >> we were talking on the break,
8:49 pm
the challenge for democrats is in terms of having a candidate to come against trump, obviously thee president's -- if you havea candidate who is seen as too far left was talking about a lot of things republicans say, it's not just the rich were going to pay forot it. how do you find a balance between a moderate and someone who a can appeal to the identity politics class as rendered by alexandria ocasio-cortez which is verynd real. that is the challenge from my perspective, i think joe biden would be theirhe best bet and tn you think kamala harris, cory bookern, i think democrats are going to have a challenge in terms of skewing that line. >> there are the wild cards like tom steyer who has deep pockets, take a look at this.
8:50 pm
>> i grew up believing the point of our country is to be free, everyone can make a good life to ourselves. over time i saw big corporations s by our democracy and set the rules for the sake of our profits, not for the common goo good. corporate lobbyists riggeds the system leaving the majority of americans walled off from theiro dreams. we need to turn this around, we need to redefine what it means to be free in a 21st century. to make sure we all have the same chancee to earn our fair share of america's prosperity. >> mike: your thoughts on self funder's and a bunch of democrats on the hill considering a run. >> a number of wealthy democrats like him, bloomberg, howard schultzre eyeing this race. we are all watching for smoke any of those guys, it's not clear if any of them are going to jump in. it depends if somebody like beto
8:51 pm
o'rourke catches fire among the base. >> mike: you have folks like eric swalwell, ready good on tv --- he is talking about how you can win iowa. >> show up and listen. i'm thebl son of two republican, my brothers are cops. i worked as a prosecutor and law enforcement, ila understand what a lot of them care about. i think donald trump stumbled onto a lot of these issues, people who feel like they are disconnected, weren'tsc seen, weren't heard but he's not delivering for them. i d don't think you have to inst those people you have toop tell them how you're going to deliver for them. >> mike: your thoughts? you're looking at a crowded field. a lot of folks are trying to get early testing the waters. >> bernie sanders came in second, he's only up 13%. that shows you, joe biden the previous democratic vice president i don't think he's going h to run, i think he would have a tough time winning.
8:52 pm
i actually would not sleep on tom steyer. if there's going to be a billionaire that democrats embrace it's going to be him and he's been pretty savvy. he was running this whole impeach the president effort, he was sending out emails trying to compile a list that was never going anywhere butbu it did give him a nice email list of motivated democrats who want to vote -- he's got them all in their ears. that's somebody who's walked the progressive line in a way that mike bloomberg former republican hasn't. howard schultz hasn't in the way that the left wing which is where all the energy is. >> mike: do you guys have a most intriguing candidate? >> i'm watching kamala harris, she's overhyped but i was in california and what people there say is people really like her the farther you get away from
8:53 pm
california. she's laying the groundwork in iowa, in new hampshire, she has a good fund-raising game. >> is not clear whether beto o'rourke can run but he can raise a lot of money. >> amy klobuchar, i'm going to go with that. >> mike: when we come back, thanksgiving tradition.
8:54 pm
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♪ ♪ >> mike: it's thanksgiving so we thought we would talk some thanksgiving tradition with our panelists. >> it's all about the food in my house, we will split it up. the turkey, the gravy, my mom and my wife made everything else, even my 4-year-old helped
8:58 pm
with the pie. after this we will be making irish cream to handout. for christmas gifts and things, it's all about food. >> good food, fire outside, drinking and then maybe santa claus drops by for the kids. >> growing up in the u.k., my dad was in the state department, there it was abundant drinking is fitting. my, grandfather, 93-year-old former pacific marine, i think the spirit of family and community, very important in times likeer this. i think it will be better at dinner tables to have more debates about politics you have to get along, your family. >> mike: shout out to my wife, 23 people, she makes it look very easy. a lot of appetizers, my mother-in-law brings the mushroom pie, my favorite aunt bringing the apple pie, briefly
8:59 pm
what arehi you thankful for this thanksgivingng? >> my mother and my father. >> my kids, my wife. >> my kids, my wife, my parents, my in-laws, everyone. >> mike: we think of our troops who are in harm's a way,e think of the firefighters who have been so heroic out in places like california. we think of all the professionals, seen and unseen. >> 18 and 19-year-old marines. i thought it was nice smooth t move. >> i don't work for him but i thought it was very impressive. >> mike: happy thanksgiving, thanks for spending it with us. that's it for special report tonight, i mike emanuel in washington come out very thankful for many blessings in my life. up next, a rehearing of "modern
9:00 pm
warriors" a veterans day special. good night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." we've had a lot of spirited debates on this show over the last couple of years. tonight, we'll revisit some of our best. nothing defines politics in 2018 like the rise and inevitable presidential runal of the creepy porn lawyer, we will revisit his appearance on this program. but first, migration into the u.s. has been a central issue in american politics durings the trump administration.


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