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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  November 24, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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special access, two events with your favorite personalities, are you listening to that justin timberlake? pete: go to to become a founder and sign up in just three days, november 27. don't miss it. rachel: that's right head to fox & for our after the show show. pete: have a great saturday, everybody. david: with migrants reportedly planning to launch on that side our troops and our border patrol agents are preparing on this side why this could be the weekend the waiting ends. the head of the border patrol union brandon jud tells us how it's all going to go down and from a border to bargain shopper s out in force but is it enough to get the markets out of their funk? we're on that and why the guy who used to hit up walmart has a message for guys like senator bernie sanders this holiday weekend former ceo bill simon is here and now that special counsel robert mueller has president trump's answers in
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writing, is this whole saga near ing an end? former clinton independent counsel ken starr is here as well and if you're one of the millions of americans flying home tomorrow you could be in for some nasty weather, but we've got you covered. cavuto live starts right now. david: shoppers storming the malls and the web, hunting for bargains right now. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto, glad you could join us fox business network susan li starts it off on how the sales are shaping up. >> americans are spending, david, maybe not in the traditional sense where you see the early morning hours or getting the first 4 k television s but americans have been picking up their wallets using their plastic but let's take you through the latest numbers that we have adobe analytics which tracks 80 major online retailers tells us that
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sales are up over $3 billion a lot of that is being done online , 54% of the online orders are being done on your mobile phones, so this is now an omnichannel world that we live in. now, it's expected to be a very strong holiday shopping season, i'll throw in black friday, cyber monday and christmas, we are expected to see our first trillion dollar spending season 60% of americans are doing more of that online and when it comes to the average consumer thanks to the tax cuts a strong economy and also confidence in the jobs market consumers will spend $300 more per person this year at $1,500 and change and today on this saturday it is also small business saturday, $13 billion spent last year, 83% of consumer s that do intend to shop this weekend will be doing it at a small business and six in 10 americans are aware of the holiday and so far indications are, david, that we are looking
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at some strong numbers, kohl's says it was record breaking on thursday, walmart says traffic has been steady, macy's strong online all day, and macy's can also thank the strength of that online from the parade as well driving a lot of traffic through to their flagship store on 34th street at harold square here, but you know, shoppers the frenzy is on. back to you. david: even with all of the wind and the cold in the northeast, thank you, susan we'll see you in a moment. while shoppers hit the stores some analysts worry that's not enough to hold off a recession. yes, they're using that word but the white house thinks very differently. fox news correspondent brian is in west palm beach near mar-a-lago where the president is spending his holiday. hi, brian. reporter: good morning, david well we know the president looks at the economy and the stock market as a bell weather for success for his administration. the good news is as you just heard from susan li, americans are spending their money, 54 million americans traveling this thanksgiving holiday the highest number in 13 years black
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friday sales approaching record numbers, the bad news is that the stock market had one of its worst weeks of the year the dow dropping 4.4% the s&p 500 now in correction territory and so now, the wall street journal is reporting that president trump has become more and more unhappy and dissatisfied with secretary the treasury secretary steven mnuchin over these ups and downs and these declines in the stock market. fox and the wall street journal share common ownership and the journal reports trump is blaming steven mnuchin for appointing federal reserve chairman jerome powell, trump has publicly said he's not happy with the fed's decision to hike up interest rates. in fact, the president has said he thinks interest rates are rising too quickly, and are the biggest threat to this economy. this was the president a few weeks ago on fox business talking about powell's interest hikes. president trump: my biggest threat is the fed, because the fed is raising rates too fast
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and it's independent so i don't speak to him but i'm not happy with what he's doing because it's going too fast because you look at the last inflation numbers they're very low. reporter: since powell took office in february of this year, the fed has risen interest rates three times from 1.5% in march to 2.75% in september, higher interest rates means it's more expensive to borrow money and could effect spending and on wednesday, when the fed chairman jerome powell is expected to address the economic club of new york a ton of economists will be looking to see if another hike is in-store in december and last night the president tweeted the reporting on steven mnuchin is not true. the president tweeting, "i am extremely happy and proud of the job being done by u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin. the fake news likes to write stories to the contrary, quoting phony sources or jealous people, but they aren't true. they never like to ask me for a quote, because it would kill their story and now some say way
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more heavily on the market is the trade dispute between china and the united states. those tariffs and according to the wall street journal mnuchin has been on the side of coming up with a quick compromise something that has drawn the president and one last thing, david the president speaking on thanksgiving said that he is interviewing some folks for a couple, maybe a few positions though he did not name which positions in his cabinet he's interviewing for. david: the president knows how to throw out a good tease, that's one of his hallmarks brian good to see you glad you have to be anywhere on thanksgiving your in nice warm weather good to see you. well record number of shoppers showing there is some good, coming out of the economy, despite investors fears. let's talk about this with our guests we have fox business network susan li back with us, along with fox news contributor gary kaminsky and cfra investment analyst lindsay bell. lindsay let me start with you. the numbers look good on retail sales, right? >> oh, absolutely this is
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undoubtedly going to be a very strong holiday shopping season the consumer is feeling confidence, they have more money in their pockets thanks to the tax policy at the end of last year they're out there shopping but there are some cracks starting to show in the economy. the consumer has been really the backbone of this economy for the last couple of years and business investment is slowing that tells us what the fed said so these are some of the things we'll need to watch jobless claims are starting to rise so while we're in a good position now we need to be sanguine. david: to say we're in a good position i think gary is an understatement. we have never in my lifetime had more jobs than people looking for jobs which is what we had this past several months we've got this economy at least compared to the obama years why are investors why do they feel such a lousy world to live in? >> it's called the shape of things to come for me it looks like the norm going forward is
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global growth is going to be worst than expected and we're seeing it now. you've got to remember foreign markets popped out way in advance now you're getting germany which is the engine of europe contracting. japan contracting, more evidence , oil prices. that's not down because just supply it's because of demand. i think global growth is in some areas falling off a cliff but i will say we are the powerhouse of this world and i do give trump credit for the tax cuts and the regulations, but the business cycle, you know, this talk that it's always going to be great, i don't think so. i do not think we're immune. i think we are seeing that right now and look, we go into this week oversold stretched and extended to the downside, thanksgiving normally seasonal strength and we drop between 3 and 5% selling relentless in all of the economically sensitive areas, you know what's holding up best? the money is flowing into proctor and gamble, clorox and
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recession-resistant areas so the markets speaking loud and clear. david: do you think there's going to be a recession? >> definitely a slow down, a recession is another story. i think we'll get recession maybe in asia and europe i'm not sure about here. david: susan what could turn things around? >> well if we could get to the tax cuts reaffirmed that would be great also maybe because we do have president trump meeting with president xi jingping meeting and hopefully that could be upside surprise for the markets. david: lindsay we also have gas prices down and that's one reason people are shopping more is that it's cheaper for them to go outside. there's flip side to that though which is one of the great strengths of our economy right now has been this boom in exploration and finding fracking for oil. they're really hurt by the lowering prices in fact a lot say they're going to shutdown their wells if it gets down to $50 a barrel for oil. >> yeah, certainly look yeah, lower oil prices are really good for the consumer, good for
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airlines and good for the trucking businesses, but it's not good for big oil and there is a level in the oil prices where it's not good for the economy either, so you need oil prices to hold steady at a certain level for the economy to really tug forward. david: gary when you talk about oil prices a lot of people don't care whether the big oil companies are making money or not, but they have to appreciate the fact that we are now pretty much of an independent country or at least we're not as dependent on the oil sheets as we used to be because of this boom in fracking and everything because of the trump adminitration taking the regs off. what happens if they start shutting down wells? >> also by the way the green energy we're heading much more towards there, away from petroleum products, for energy so that's -- david: but again it's the boom in carbon energy that's the secret to our success recently recently. >> look for me the bigger picture is the worry that it's forecasting going forward. the great news is if we just stay right here for the next
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year, at these prices, it's about $50 billion staying in the economy in the consumers pocket not going to the pump and that doesn't include by the way one of the strongest groups in the market right now is airlines one plus one equals two so that's going on so yes that is great news if it stays down the worry is it is forecasting some ick as we move forward. david: is that a technical term >> ick, something to watch very closely. david: must be an acronym for something. thank you gang, thank you very much well the stores are happy folks have started shopping heavily for the holidays there is one store that senator bernie sanders wants everybody to avoid , but is that going to hurt employees more than it helps them? but first the humanitarian crisis in tijuana. what the u.s. plans to do, next, after this. i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees.
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david: sky news is reporting this morning that the migrant caravan is preparing to march to the u.s. border tomorrow, with all those folks seeking asylum but president trump is reiterating he doesn't want them entering. our guest now national border patrol counsel president brandon jud with the very latest. do we have enough personnel, brandon, to deal with as many as 10,000 people invading our border? >> no, absolutely not. if you look at the ports of entry they can only handle between 50-100 applicants per
7:16 am
day, so if you get this, you know, and they're split up you've got about 6,000 in tijuana another 3,000 in california and so if they all rush the ports of entry, we just wouldn't have the personnel to handle it and that's why you have to thank president trump for having the foresight to put the military down on the border in the event that they do in fact rush the ports of entry, so that we will be able to stem that tide and hold these people back from actually breaking the line and coming into the united states. david: but what would happen, even those who were opposed to people entering illegally and i would say that would be most americans, they don't want to see a deadly battle ensue. is there something short of firing live rounds at the people as they come in that we can do to stop them from coming in illegally? >> well certainly, our ports of entry are a lot more hardened
7:17 am
than say the ports of entry between the guatemala and mexican border. we have a lot more infrastructure, we have the facilities, we do in fact have the walls directly east and west of the ports of entry and so we're equipped to handle this. we just didn't have the personnel prior to the military coming on to the border, and so if you look at this, you know i go back to my meeting with the president on monday of this week and i saw somebody who is very concerned for the american public that wants to do everything that he can to secure the border. he got a dumpster fire from the prior administration as far as illegal immigration went and he's doing all that he can to secure the borders which is what the american public wants. david: now at the top of the show, at the top of this segment , i said this was an invasion. that word is in dispute a lot of people suggest it's not so but now even mexicans, the mexicans who are dealing or trying to deal with all of the central
7:18 am
americans who are in tijuana and other places along the border are calling it themselves an invasion and apparently the mexican authorities are dressed out in riot gear now and are attempting help us in stemming the overflow. do you think we have been or should be coordinating our activities with the mexican authorities? >> we are in fact coordinating our efforts with the mexican authorities but what's interesting is they're feeling the same pressure that we've been feeling for years. they're feeling what it is to have an influx of so many people in their cities at one-time and this is something that we've had to deal with for years, go back to arizona in the mid 2000s and the illegal immigration crisis that was taking place back then. 2014 in the rio grande valley sector the immigration crisis taking there and the burden that it put on the taxpayer and the cities and the communities in those areas. the mexican government is starting to fill that.
7:19 am
the citizens in tijuana they're starting to see that and starting to see exactly what illegal immigration causes in those cities and we've been dealing with this for years and again, go back and look at what president trump is doing. he's trying to end this debate once and for all and if it doesn't get ended we're going to continue to talk about it for years to come and it's going to be a point that the republicans are going to be able to use year in and year out. david: in the meantime, brandon you read these pathetic reports coming out of these temporary villages that the have been setup of the children and the mothers sleeping in the streets, the rains are about to come. it's the situation is getting pretty dire. who wouldn't suggest it? who would have presented these desperate people with a false paradigm that they were going to be able to somehow jump over a wall and get free entry into the u.s.? >> i can't thank you enough for bringing up that point. if you look at these political
7:20 am
activist groups, they really do not care about the individuals that are coming up. all they care about is making this political statement, trying to get rid of our borders, when in reality the people they're trying to bring up they're the ones that suffer. we put, they're the people that put these migrants in the hands of smugglers. these dangerous criminals, these dangerous cartels, and yet, they sit in their smug offices or in their smug homes, saying that oh , what i'm doing is trying to help people when in reality they're causing misery for these people and they become the pawns for their political activism and frankly that's disgusting. david: well i would encourage anybody who wants to read more about this to read the sky news reports because the people on the ground document what exactly what you're saying that the situation there is quite desperate. brandon judd, great to see you my friend thank you very much for being here. thank you, david. david: well special counsel robert mueller getting his
7:21 am
answers from president trump at least in writing are there still more questions though to come? or is this a sign that finally it's almost done, ken starr with us next. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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7:25 am
here. >> hey, david good to see you thank you. david: let's talk first about this new news about the investigation of mr. whitaker. could this actually force him out as acting attorney general? >> oh, i don't think so at all. it looks to me, from what i've seen, that this is one of those inadvertent failure to close down the campaign account in time. what will likely happen and i've been through this sort of thing and served as chief of staff to attorney general smith during the reagan years is he will simply pay this back but unless there's any showing of intent which i seriously doubt this will be cleaned up call it a bureaucratic snafoo. david: let's talk about his role as acting ag, and particularly his role overseeing the mueller investigation. exactly how much can he influence that investigation? >> well, under the regulations, david, he can influence major
7:26 am
decisions, major steps. now that's not self-defining that's a judgment call but he cannot, under the regulations, interfere with the independents of the day-to-day operations so let's just say hypothetically, robert mueller was about to consider the indictment of one hypothetical mary roe. he needs to go to the acting attorney general and say here is what i'm intending to do, and this is reason why i'm to do it and under the regulations and these regulations have been in place, since the light years of the clinton administration, that's within his, the attorney general's perogative to say yes or no. david: well let's take another even more specific hypothetical if you will. say mr. witness whitaker finds out that mr. mueller is looking into something with the trump business empire that precedes his running for president. could mr. whitaker say hey wait a minute that's out of bounds
7:27 am
and not what you were hired for? >> yes, he does have that authority, the attorney general has that authority under the regulations. he will need to provide in the fullness of time an explanation to congress as to why he made that decision but he does have that authority. david: wow now the president has as we all know now, written out the answers to mr. mueller. i don't know if they're actually within mr. mueller's hands right now and if he's going over them but what is your thinking about these written answers? is there any danger for the president because clearly, he went over them very carefully with his lawyers to make sure that there weren't any mistakes in there. >> well there's always a danger but obviously, the president is well-served by extremely able lawyers, they i'm sure were extremely careful about this. they know what they're doing and in a way it's a symbolic victory for the president in that he has not been summoned to testify. at least as far as we know, right? maybe there's been an invitation
7:28 am
to testify but written questions , written answers, and so forth are a safe and secure way of providing information to the special counsel, so yes, these answers presumably are in robert mueller's hands so i would expect the classic give and take process, hey your answer to question number three, mr. president, with all due respect, raises a couple of other questions, and it'll be the negotiation back and forth process, i assume, and so it's a sort of stay tuned, but it does suggest you're absolutely right that mr. ruler is very far along in his investigation, at least with respect to the allegation of collusion and again, i've seen nothing i don't think the american people have seen anything to suggest that there was collusion. david: no, zero on that but there have been a lot of indictments for people insiders inside the beltway, for what they did as lobbyists et cetera. there were some russians who
7:29 am
probably will never make it to trial, because they're going to stay in russia, but of all of the information that mr. mueller has collected and there's probably reams and reams of information -- >> yes. david: is it conceivable that the written answers of the president would conflict in any way, from the evidence that mr. mueller has collected? >> well it's conceivable but i don't think that it's likely. again anything can happen, someone can go awry, you can have a witness who says x, and the president says not x, but i think the process especially with able lawyers is being guided in such a way that the president is answering truthfully, i hope and pray, and that those answers in fact are not going to in any way implicate him. you mentioned the indictments very quickly. one of the lessons that has come out again with respect to the mueller investigation is tell the truth, right? indictments for perjury, guilty pleas for perjury and so forth
7:30 am
and that of course was exactly the genesis of what unfolded during the lewinsky phase as i recount in my book, david. david: all right judge starr, great to see you my friend, thank you for being here really appreciate you coming in. >> my pleasure, david. david: thank you and the book by the way is available meanwhile we were just talking about oil prices coming down and gas prices coming down in the united states. well in europe it's the opposite for all of those who spend any time in europe, you might be able to appreciate if not the way in which they're protesting at least what they're protesting about. this is paris, where the protests are getting quite violent. it's all about gas prices being very high over there. now in europe they are about twice what they are here. gas prices in the united states, there's so many extra taxes that they have et cetera, but these are live shots from paris of protests that clearly have gotten out of control.
7:31 am
we don't know whether other groups have taken advantage of the legitimate concerns about the price of gas but it appears that has happened here, as you can see what looks like tear gas , possibly fires in the street, and you can hear the sound in the background. things are nasty. we're going to keep an eye on the situation again these are live shots from paris, it's about 4:31 in the afternoon there, so there's about another hour of daylight in paris. you can actually see flames in the background and that looks to be either a riot truck or perhaps a water truck trying to put out some of those flames, but the situation is very nasty. it all started over gas prices over in europe if you think they're bad here try buying and filling up in europe where they're about twice what they are in the united states. we'll be right back. yeah, you can get a mortgage that avoids pmi, but there's no way to avoid mi... hey! this'll help. rocket mortgage® by quicken loans® makes the complex simple.
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here at snowfest... for your worst sore throat pain, try new vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy. it's powerful relief. ♪ ahhhhhhhhhhhh vaporize sore throat pain with new vicks vapocool drops. david: well democrats calling from more investigations into
7:35 am
the trump adminitration but polsters are warning all of those probes could backfire on democrats if they don't do it based on facts. here to debate all of this is gop strategist noelle, kathy, and former new york congresswoman nan heyward. good to see you ladies thank you for being here on this holiday weekend. kathy first you, axios, the website magazine, however they refer to themselves they put out a list of 85 potential investigations. >> yes. david: that the house could get into. >> just getting started. david: i'm just wondering don't you think americans are going to suffer from kind of investigation fatigue after 85 investigations? >> i don't know. i mean, americans spoke during the elections and they did give the house to the democrats, so it seems like they spoke, they want this administration to be investigated, and what's beautiful is if you're a democrat or a liberal, is that they do control the committees and they control the oversight committee, who can do an
7:36 am
investigation on the mueller investigation, so we have like chapter 1. now we'll have chapter 2. david: so you'll have investigations on top of investigations? >> chapter 2 is coming. david: i think that americans whether it's democrats being investigated or republicans eventually you do reach a point of investigation fatigue don't you? >> absolutely and when americans voted on, i think, kathy and the democrats do think in a lot of places press the case more effectively than the republicans did, and the republicans actually had the better case, it was about healthcare, so this was what the american public was concerned about i think in these marginal districts, especially the swing districts, where they really, they elected people whom they felt would not be partisans they campaigned on being accumenical, and now we're going to have a house leadership and yes, people have warned but he didn't necessarily know that's going to be embroiling the trump adminitration and everybody associated with it, and analyst
7:37 am
investigations that will likely although it will take weeks or months to determine this, not bear any fruit but they will produce more heat. david: even if it does, we've seen, noelle, some fruit from the mueller investigations but they're dealing with people as i just stalked to judge starr about who beltway insiders who did things before they got anywhere near the trump adminitration or russians who are doing stuff on their own, this is stuff happening here. 85 investigations going into 2020. i would think, i'm just thinking that the president is hoping there will be this, because it might help him get re-elected. >> yeah, and you know either way you go i think it's going to be good for trump and i'll tell you why, because the constituent s that elected a democrat house, you know, their number one issue was not mueller investigation. it's healthcare, and there was a gallup poll that came out a couple of days ago where it listed the number one issue on americans minds was immigration,
7:38 am
and underneath that was healthcare. nowhere in the top three were, you know, investigations the mueller investigations, which means that if you're looking at what the people want, and the people voted in the democratic house, they want immigration reform and they want healthcare, which tells me, you know what? go ahead. play these games have these 85 investigations. because guess what? in two years, we're going to flip it back gop. david: we all know the golden ring, kathy for democrats, would be an impeachment or at least enough evidence that's garnered for an impeachment even if the senate which is still held by the republicans are not going to convict them. >> no. david: but remember maxine waters, she repeated that word about 40 times at a fundraiser down in her home state. now she's the head of the committee. david: what's going to happen with the whole impeached issue? is there any move for impeachment? >> well it's not a joke.
7:39 am
david: she's on the committee which probably wouldn't have a reason to impeach the president. she's there and she's in a powerful position. david: will democrats go for impeachment? >> i think it's about 2020 and who controls that news cycle so as long as the deputies control the news cycle and the investigations are more about creating conversations that perhaps would have been had and creating doubt and questions, and that going to drive the administration crazy and trump crazy and that might win 2020. david: honestly, nan, i think that would please the president. i think he would be happy because he does have this kind of view that even if he's being attacked, he can turn that around and use that to strengthen his base. >> right and potentially he can david what i would like to see is the president is very capable of articulating positions that indeed do reflect the compelling interest of the american people. i'd like to see him keep his
7:40 am
high ground on issues that matter most and argue healthcare and argue immigration, and stick to those and let the democrats stay in line with their investigations. that will ill-serve them because that isn't what the american people want. david: noelle quickly? >> well i think this will do great things for fundraising on both sides because the longer they push for the investigation democrats and republicans will raise more money to stop it. david: you know about fundraising. coming up senator bernie sanders doubling down on his stop walmart act during the busiest shopping week of the year, could that jackup prices for shoppers for next year? walmart's former ceo is here to ketalk about it. d usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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david: we want to bring you back to the streets of paris where the city of lights is turning into the city of protest that is a water canon being shot by a water truck at protesters.
7:44 am
you can see the fires some of the waters being used to put out those fires but it appears moments earlier we saw them being aimed towards protesters themselves as a kind of a weapon this is a big confrontation and the issue is gas prices, which are very high. you think they're high here they're twice as much over in europe mostly due to taxes to fund a much larger government that they have over there than we do here, percentage wise, but again, it's for whatever caused this protest to begin clearly it is escalated out of control as you can see police huddling behind that water truck with a water canon on it to try to figure out where to go from here and you can hear in the background, you can hear the voices of protesters. again, whenever you see a shot like this you have to realize it's a sliver of the whole city, but it is a very important sliver today. we'll keep you updated as the hours go on, right here on fox. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders targeting walmart during
7:45 am
the busiest shopping week of the year saying the wealthy walton family can afford to pay its workers $15 an hour joining me now is former walmart ceo bill simon. bill good to see you happy holiday weekend. i've got to tell you that the name of this organization that bernie sanders has put himself behind says it all. stop walmart. i don't think they want walmart to go on, right? >> well, good morning, david thanks for having me. it's really hard to decide where to start on this one. this is so straight out of 2008 playbook, that it's really even hard to react to. you know, they're trying to move federal minimum wage up that's 7.25 if you offered somebody 7.25 an hour right now nobody would take the job. the markets determining that starting wages are going up and i think that's a good thing because it's an indicator that the economy is strong and growing, so to come out and to attack walmart yet again with
7:46 am
some old rhetoric that's really designed to sort of send a political message to his base is really not appropriate right now david: we should mention by the way that walmart did raise the minimum wage from $9 to $11 an hour and they said they did that precisely because tax cuts, the tax cuts that spurred on the economy, that gave a lot of corporations in the country extra juice and it also sparked them to hand out bonuses from $500 up to $1,000 so the point is that the economy, the free market, if you will, was taking care of raising the minimum wage without bernie sanders. >> yeah, that's exactly right. you know, they did get a bit of a break on taxes and passed some of it through but the primary driver of the wage increase has been the market. i mean, unemployment is below 4% its never been a better time in this country to be a worker. you have a lot of options and a lot of choices. there's hundreds of thousands of job openings, if you don't like
7:47 am
the job you're in you can move, & companies are having to pay people a higher wage in order to get them to come. i think walmart right now is average hourly wage of over $17 an hour, so they're paying what it takes to keep their stores full and doing a good job of it. david: now bill we just have the headlines it appears the past couple days have been good ones for walmart and other retailers and yet there are clouds on the horizon. a lot of it has to do with the shrinking of the world economy, that effects companies like walmart, and any other international country in the u.s. , so what are your views what do you think is coming down the line? >> well i think the u.s. consumer is in a really great place right now. it looks like we're going to have one of the best holiday shopping seasons we've had in years and black friday and thursday were really really brisk and busy and i think we expect it to continue through the weekend and have a great cyber monday so we're going to have a good christmas selling season. as we get into next year, 2019 barring some major shock to the system i think the consumer
7:48 am
stays robust. i think they do and the consumer drives a lot of our economic growth in the u.s. , so expect it to continue through at least the first part of 2019 and then when the politicians as they start running for president, who knows what's going to happen. david: do you have any fear a lot of people think that the rising interest rates could actually halt the economy dead cold and maybe even lead us into recession. do you see any sign of a recession on the horizon? >> i think interest rates will make it more challenging tariffs make it a little bit more challenging as we have that unresolved issue but the bouyancy in the economy and the economic growth that we've been able to deliver, if we can keep the workforce fueled and growth fueled i don't see a recession in 2019. david: bill simon former walmart chief great to see you looks like some nice foliage behind you happy thanksgiving bill to you and your family. >> thanks david same to you. david: thank you. well president trump getting bashed for saying he won't cut ties with saudi arabia over the murder of jamal khashoggi.
7:49 am
meet a four star general who says president trump is right. it's a feeling that's hard to describe... ♪ ...and even harder to forget. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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7:52 am
david: this is video of paris earlier, now this is not just a corner you can see this is for those people that don't go to paris or don't know it this is the fifth avenue of paris. it's probably the most important avenue one of the most important avenues in the world so this is not just a far corner of paris that is being hit by these protests over gas prices, as you can see, the water trucks serving two purposes, one is put out the fires that are being set along major boulevards in paris but also being used as weapons against protesters and some of those protests have actually
7:53 am
gone right up there you see a protester throwing a stone at that icon of paris and these are huge protests going on right now we want to bring in general jack keane, we wanted to talk about saudi arabia but general if you don't mind i'll ask you about what's happening in paris first. what do you think about this? >> well you have a bunch of spoiled people who have a 35 hour work week, their unions have a lock on the government, they all have defined pension plans, and macron for some strange reason is raising taxes on gasoline, more to limit the use of vehicles in terms of its impact on the environment and as a source of revenue is what i've been told but nonetheless i really don't have much sympathy for the french. i think they are kind of spoiled to be honest with you, by comparison to americans they have one of the lowest productivity as a workforce in europe and nothing compares to
7:54 am
the united states. david: well i couldn't agree with you more about the backward policies of their economic policies and the fact that it does spoil and in many ways there are people who are protesting the size of government and that's part of what this is about, the gas protests, so we'll keep an eye, a close eye on that over the next couple of hearse to see how that spins out but i want to focus on our interest in what's happening with our relations with saudi arabia of course it all came into question with the murder of jamal khashoggi, the washington cost columnist, and mike pompeo spoke earlier in the week about how that should or shouldn't effect our relations with saudi arabia and i want to play that sound bite from mike pompeo secretary of state and get back to you on that, general >> so it's a mean, nasty world out there. the middle east in particular, there are important american interests to keep the american people safe, to protect americans. it is the president's obligation
7:55 am
, indeed the state departments duty as well to ensure that we adopt policies that further the americas national security so if the president said today the united states will continue to have a relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia. david: very frank talk from mike pompeo general suggesting we have to sometimes in this world chew the lesser of two evils what do you think? >> well i agree with him. i know him pretty well and i have a lot of respect for him i just don't think we handled this very well. i don't know of a single foreign policy or national security expert or analyst or somebody that's been involved in this area for years whose advocating terminating the relationship over this horrific murder but the real issue is how do we go forward with the future relationship? i think this is we're at the intersection of national interest and american values, and i don't agree with us walking away from america's values here. what i would have liked to have seen and there's still opportunity to do this, is say to the saudis that in going
7:56 am
forward, we're going to condition our relationship on your behavior and we have some concerns. we want to reestablish trust. we want full disclosure. we want the ability. we want to see a policy from the regime as to how it will handle dissonance and critics in the future, and yes, our relationship is important to us, but we're not going to walk away from our values here and i still think we could maintain a relationship, stand up for our values, and without mentioning the king, or without mentioning mbs, because we still don't have conclusive evidence that they were involved in this, although it's in plausible to think that they're not to be frank about it but we could still condemn the regime because after all, the intelligence service, number two , who authorized this killing to take place or at least a kidnapping, he was acting in accordance with the regime's policies, culture, and the environment that existed, and
7:57 am
they certainly thought they were complying with the regimes intent and therefore, we have every right to condemn the regime. david: yeah, jack keane, general jack keane, thank you so much very interesting take on all of this. coming up migrants from the caravan reportedly planning to head to the u.s. border this weekend will a judge's ruling employee bold en them to cross that border, that's next. e, a town where almost half the population is self-employed. lobster fisherman is the lifeblood of this town. by 2030, half of america may take after stonington, self-employed and without employer benefits. we haven't had any sort of benefit plans and we're trying to figure that out now. if i had had a little advice back then, i'd be in a different boat today, for sure.
7:58 am
7:59 am
whoooo. tripadvisor makes finding your perfect hotel... relaxing! just enter your destination and dates. tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites...
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to find the hotel you want for the lowest price. dates. deals. done! >> sky news is is reporting that migrants in the caravan are planning to march to the u.s. border and plan to ask for mercy and so what is the plan. >> rumors about the caravan rushing the border have been rampant for weeks now and
8:01 am
earlier this week, the busiest along the border closed northern bound lanes because of the rumors that some of the immigrants in the caravan were going to rush the border. sky news is reporting that there is talk that some of the 6,000 members of the caravan are thinking about heading towards the border this weekend. why this weekend? well, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order on the executive order that initially the trump administration put in saying that all these immigrants that wanted to apply for asylum must go to a legal border crossing. well, a judge nixed that temporarily at least. and the thought is that perhaps some of the immigrants are going to make their way to the border. troops have been deployed to the border, 5900 of them have been putting up concertina wire, the razor wire to support the border patrol if they're overwhelmed. the chief of staff of the white
8:02 am
house, john kelly authorized lethal force for the troops to use it if they need it. in the memo saying, quote, a show or use of force, including lethal force where necessary, crowd control, temporary detention, and cursory search. a memo went on to say that the deployed military personnel shall not without further direction from you conduct traditional civilian law enforcement activity such as arrest, search and seizure in connection with the enforcement. laws. so, general jim mattis explained that these troops, they do have-- they are not armed. they are here at the border, they're putting down the wire and they are not actually even supposed to make any arrests. if they do detain an immigrant, they are to hand over that immigrant over to local police so they do not violate federal law. earlier this week, on thanksgiving day, president trump said that he is actually willing to shut down the entire border if this caravan situation doesn't get handled quickly. >> it gets to a level where we
8:03 am
are going to lose control or people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. the whole border, i mean the whole border and mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the united states where they make so many cars at great benefit to them. >> the mayor of tijuana where the majority of the caravan is right now, more than 5,000 people, many of them women and children, saying that they're fleeing poverty and violence, are in tijuana and the mayor there has declared a humanitarian crisis saying they can't simply-- they don't know what to do with all of those folks and frankly, david, they could be there for months, given the lines that are at these border crossings and the asylum process. it could be months and these people don't have anywhere to go, they can't go back to honduras and are not allowed in the united states. and that's why the mayor is concerned and all of this prompted the president to say he's willing perhaps to shut down the government if they
8:04 am
don't give him the 5 billion for the border wall. we've heard him make that thr t threat. >> as that migrant caravan come closer, with us now, the attorney to join us. what are the rules on claiming asylum. >> the rules on claiming asylum is a case by case basis or exceptions of the law. the law does weigh on someone coming in an undesignated area as a factor. this is tricky for trump because he did propose new rules through the department of homeland security. now we're giving you the authority to deny asylum if you come through an undesignated
8:05 am
area, but this is an area that was already really fleshed out through statute, fleshed out even by the united states supreme court in some manners that says, you know, you can't reregulate an area that we've already, you know, legislated. david: but what gets me about the judge's ruling, it doesn't deal with the real world. the real world is that we have 5,000 people in tijuana, we have thousands of people at other points along the border, and those-- our forces along the border are overwhelmed. the judge who made his ruling is not dealing with a process of border areas and an entire border with mexico that's overwhelmed now with a situation that has to be addressed immediately. we can't wait for the weeks and weeks and weeks it would take for congress to come up with a new law on asylum. you have a couple of weeks. temporary restraining order so they will have a formal order the week before christmas, but things could change, right. they're heating up. we've seen it in mexico.
8:06 am
precedent coming from greece and watching them how they're handling their situation which is putting so much pressure on their government and courts. they're arguing it out. trump is doing his job by initiating foresight in trying to control this matter. he isn't getting a lot of help from the courts, but he's along the right path. if he would have proposed the rules change in homeland security prior to rather than simultaneously with this new-- >> again, there's no way that you can look into the future and tell what's going to happen. we are faced now, the united states is faced with an emergency on the border. congress, as we know, is not going to get anything done at least into the next year, if at all, something has to be done now and i don't think this judge-- this judge's decision has nothing to do with the process of containing this situation. >> again, you're talking about the 9th circuit, right? we were anticipating something would come out of this circuit by the makeup of the court, but this doesn't bind his hands in
8:07 am
any way. the president has indicated, i can close the borders, i can stall, i can do a lot of things to prevent this from happening. he's doing his job, right? he has to protect america. he has to then protect the people that seek asylum here, which we certainly won't be able to do if we get an incredible influx, but you know, he also does have to do it with the confines of the law and this is a balancing act for this president the whole way through. i think he's getting better at it and i think he will address this issue successfully. but i don't know about, you know, he doesn't generally win in this particular circuit. david: lisa, thank you very much for coming in, good to see you. we want to take you back to the streets of paris. this is happening right along the champs-elysees right in the heart of the iconic district of paris where you see big fires. these are live shots, i believe now. it's dark or getting dark at 5 p.m. in the evening on the streets of paris. just down the road from the arc
8:08 am
de triomphe, massive, massive protests and as you can see, a massive fire building along with the protests. for the moment the police seem helpless to put this fire out. it started over gas prices, which as we remind you, are twice over there what we pay over here, as high as our gas prices are. we'll bring you the latest again right here on the situation in paris, as we continue on fox news. stay with us. one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? i've always been amazed and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin.
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>> and bringing you back to the streets of paris. live shots, i mean, this is very dramatic footage and again, these are live shots, you can hear what sounds like shots. it may be the shots from those cannons, those gas cannons that they use. and it's worth mentioning, as the united states is taking a lot of heat from folks around
8:12 am
the world saying how violent our discourse has come between the right and left, look at the streets of paris and this is just on the issue of gas prices. when gas prices go high-- thankfully gas prices have been pretty low in the past couple of weeks in the united states, relatively speaking, but we generally don't burn fires along fifth avenue. this is the champs-elysees in paris. this is not a really small section of paris, this is right in the heart of where all the tourists are, the financial heart of the capital, if you will. they're burning fires, they're sending out troops, they're sending in the water cannons. this is quite something. i want to bring back, as we continue to show these pictures on the left side of your screen here, let's bring back our business panel. we have susan lee in house with us right now. and gary next to her and lindsey bell. gary, it's kind of interesting that, you know, you hear all kinds of stuff these days about american-- it's true our discourse has
8:13 am
fallen on the foul side rather than the fair side, but you don't see this going on here. >> well, the video's worth 100,000 words, as we're looking at this right nowment and look, the people, what are they complaining about? they've got to pay for those vacations and social programs and this is what you get. you know, macron, i think, is polling right now at about 25, 26%, looks like it may go into the teens and this is going to get worse about of it gets better. i gather there's going to have to be changes on this pretty quickly, if he knows what's good for him. david: susan, i must say i'm kind of on the side of gary and general keane not having a lot of sympathy for the french who have extraordinary labor laws that allow them to take-- everybody has a three-day weekend. which would be nice. it would be very nice, but on the other hand-- >> three months off for the summer. >> there's the arc de triomphe there. it speaks to the larger point of the economy around the world,
8:14 am
particularly in europe right now shrinking and they're trying to make ends meet with their huge government spending by raising taxes even more on gasoline. they're already paying twice what we are so you can understand the frustration and even people who aren't on the streets of paris right now protesting, but this slowdown, this economic slowdown is affecting us here. that's one of the reason that the stock market has been misbehaving. >> it's macro economics of the world we live in. europe isn't growing and how can you raids prices on gas and people aren't finding jobs and make money to pay for higher gas prices. it affects us in the united states and looking as the worst week since 2011 and growth in china as well. david: and lindsey, i wonder what it brings out in the political field. macron, the current president is barely in double digits in terms
8:15 am
of popularity. waiting in the wings, i'm sure, are a whel l-- whole lot of people from the far right and far left and britain is going through their own problems with brexit. there's a chance that the socialists might come in and take over. this is also weighing on the markets, is it not, the fear that some extremisextremist, onr the other may take over and make matters worse. >> you have seen the market reaction to italy and the brexit. and they lowered their global growth going into next year and part of that was the euro zone where they cut the numbers there. germany just reported the most recent quarter of gdp was in negative territory. so you're seeing a slowdown in the exporting countries and it's just probably a matter of time before it impacts the u.s. >> let me tell you the problem. they still have negative rates over there and they're still
8:16 am
printing money and now, europe, i think all of europe is contracting. what other ammo are they going to have as they move forward? they are taxed big time. they just need to change the structure of europe and that's not going to happen. so-- . >> they've got to change, but the way that they're thinking of changing is by fueling government even more and that's fueling the fires on the streets of paris. >> a lot-- look, the power should be in the people's hands. unfortunately it's in the government's hands. the spending there, the taxes there. it's always been a problem and again, i have to repeat this. ment they still have negative rates in printing money. the easiest monetary policy in history and they're contracting in most of europe going forward. this is a real big problem. >> there's going to be government turnover. you saw that with angela merkel who says they will be stepping down and won't be seeking reelection. the german chancellor. we know that macron, his popularity rating is dreadful, i think below 40% and then in the
8:17 am
u.k., we have theresa may, prime minister, might be out on a nonconfidence vote. so, you know, you see these pictures. you see what's happening on the streets of paris and i think it's indicativeness of some of unhappiness with government. david: even if the president is able to get some agreement out of president xi, the chinese president, in argentina in a week, the event taking place, could events in europe make it impossible for us to an i void. even if we get an agreement with china maybe we'll still go through the market contractions we've been seeing? >> no, i think the china thing, if we get an agreement, something that's actually going to stick and be positive for both countries and the global economy in general, then i think you can see a huge pop in the market regardless what's happening in europe because there's bigger implications there. we import over, you know, almost 600 billion dollars. >> do you think we are going to get something? >> that's a different question.
8:18 am
yes, i don't think we're going to get anything. >> i think they're going to hold off, the administration is going to hold off and 25% of tariffs. and we're not going further than 25 and i think it has upside potential in the market. david: there's no detante. and on the streets of paris, i can't emphasize enough, this is not in a dark corner of paris, this is on the major thoroughways of paris on the champs-elysees, right down the street from the arc de triomphe. there's protests over gas prices, but one suspects that's just the tip of the iceberg. we'll keep you updated on what happens in paris as the night falls and the fires rise up on the champs-elysees. here at home, millions of
8:19 am
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> so you know this drill. millions of airline travelers trying to get home from their thanksgiving holiday and the busiest day at the airport will
8:23 am
be tomorrow. jackie henrik is at laguardia with the latest how travelers are doing. i know we're expecting some bad weather, right? >> yeah, david, for the most part the storm held off until after turkey dinner, but it's threatening to pack a powerful punch as we head into the busiest travel day, tomorrow, with millions of people headed home. an estimated 53.4 million people travelling 50 miles or more according to triple-a. highest since 2005 and increase of 2 1/2 million since last year. and the rate has been steadily claiming the past ten years. and many are driving and flying, the safety administration adding officers and 80 screening k-9s across the country. here at the port authority is recommending taking public transportation to the airport so the roads don't get clogged. the airlines are 95% full.
8:24 am
if the storm brewing in the midwest hits as hard as projected to, a lot of people are going to be holiday stranded. low pressure ramping up in the plains is advisories from wye wyoming to missouri. some places could see white-out conditions. >> i've already told everybody, everybody, that they need to go ahead and get the bad weather and the snow, you all can have 24 inches, but when i get back on december 10th. nothing. >> 100% when travelling with seven children. >> it does surprise the top ten travel destinations are balmy and warm this time of year with eight of the ten in 50's or higher right now, but all of those people have to travel home tomorrow so let's hope that everybody got their fill before the storm really hits david. david: jackie from laguardia. thank you so much, i appreciate it. well, you think the midterms are ov you better think again as senate race in just two days could
8:25 am
determine if republicans gain another seat or not. and the mayor of an america's biggest city pushing socialism. well, venezuela tried it. do we really want that here? that's next. ♪ a moment of joy. a source of inspiration. an act of kindness. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> well, the midterm election, believe it or not, is not over. mississippi is holding a runoff for a senate seat on tuesday. our garrett tenney has the latest. >> mississippi hasn't elected a democrat to the senate since in the 82. some democrats are feeling more hopeful than ever that that streak is about to end. this race has gone from solidly republican to lean republican, after republican senate cindy hyde smith caught on camera she liked one of her supporters that he'd in the front row if he invited her to a public hanging. and she went on the attack and
8:29 am
blamed her opponent, mike espy. >> for anyone that was offended from my-- by my comments, i certainly apologize. there was no ill-will, no intent whatsoever in my statement. i also recognize that this comment was twisted and it was turned into a weapon to be used against me, a political weapon used to are nothing, but personal and mrirl gain by my opponent. >> no one twisted your comments because the comments were-- it came out of your mouth and i don't know what's in your heart, but we all know what came out of your mouth. >> on election day, hyde smith was less than a point of him. mcdaniels received 150,000 votes. and it's all about turnout.
8:30 am
hyde-smith hopes there will be a turnout and espy has been bringing them in, kamala harris and cory booker. sleeting to have a pair of rally, if republicans can hold onto the seat they will have 53 seats in the senate, but if mike espy is able to pull it out it will be the second time in as many years that the democrats have won a senate seat in the deep south after doug jones did that last year in alabama. david: thank you very much. from the deep south to the northeast, new york city's democrat mayor bill deblasio raising eyebrows by saying the national's financial capital has socialistic ptendencies in ever corner of the city, mayor deblasio saying, quote, i think there's a socialistic impulse
8:31 am
which i hear every day in every kind of community that they would like things to be planned in accordance to their needs, and i would, too. steve forbes probably disagrees because he has very deep capitalist impulses and he joins us now. what do you think? >> well, he is a socialist, we call him bolshevic bill or sandista bill, and he came back to new york. and he believes in socialists. and look at the snow, new york has had snow before, but he botched up the cleanup of it. and that's what you get with that kind of government. and by the way, he did his honeymoon in cuba when you weren't allowed to travel there.
8:32 am
yeah, he's a socialist, if you want to turn it into a wreck, have them own the buildings. >> i wonder if that includes wall street and fifth avenue and places that depend on capitalism. >> or the numerous immigrants who come to the city and come to the town and put up with it and have the chance to improve it, as lincoln put it, improve your lot in life. >> he's putting his mouth or our money where his mouth is. i say our, because i'm a new york resident, but he has increased the new york city budget 30% and yet, people say the streets, and i'm witness to this as i'm sure you are, the streets are dirtier, the subways don't work-- they never worked great, but working worse now than they used to. you have more homeless on the streets, so where is all the money going? >> well, where did the money come from in the first place? the people he wants to destroy
8:33 am
with socialism, communism. where it goes, unaffordable pensions, goes to a bloat and absolute waste, but the infrastructure of the city, the streets as you alluded to are what you'd find in a strapped third world city, not new york city and he'll blame this, blame that, blame eastern, but himself. david: you mentioned a great point, which is that they just instituted a new millionaire tax in new york. if you make more than a million you pay an extra 8%. and again, i'm not crying over millionaires, but the point is, a lot of people have the freedom to move out and new york is not alone in this. san francisco, other cities are doing similar sort of things. so, when the rich move out, as a result of socialistic mayors like deblasio, what happens to the cities? they suddenly, as their money is more dependent on millionaires and when those millionaires leave, the cities lose, right? >> well, they always take prosperity for granted.
8:34 am
they think because it's prosperous today it will be prosperous today and forever and spend today's money. especially with high technology, it's very easy, very easy to move your brains elsewhere and do your work elsewhere with a hand held, with a desk top. more and more people do it. new jersey, not very great, but better than new york city and you can go across the river. 78, i live near 78, route 78 in new jersey, it's packed in the morning. people coming from pennsylvania, where they have 3% income tax, avoiding new jersey's 10%, new york city's 10, 12, 13% and you'll see more of that and people with their hand helds, we don't need to do the commute. what do you do then, bolshevic bill. david: and bernie sanders, stripping away property rights and those answers, and he would
8:35 am
do those drug companies charging too much. he'd rip off their patent rights, intellectual property, it's not the same as-- >> stripped away from other people. >> and bernie sanders criticizes the chinese for our intellectual property and wants to do the same at home. then you don't get the new research and medical devices to make our lives longer and better quality. it is thiefery. rent control, why is it in manhattan? you have to have ten people in one apartment if you get a job in this town. chicago, one thing they did it right, housing, they've got it for every market there. david: our business team did call mayor deblasio earlier in this week to no avail. we'll keep trying. steve, i want to bring you overseas for a second, in a region of the world where they
8:36 am
have been trying socialism practically on an annual basis with limited results. you see the results here on the streets of paris, which is-- this is the champs-elysees, by the way, folks, equivalent i guess in manhattan would be fifth avenue, beverly hills style area in los angeles. i mean, you name it, this is really the epicenter of where the wealth and capitalistic wealth in france is. now, ironically, the rioting is over the growth of the government because they're against gas prices which are about to go up because more taxation in order to fuel bigger government, steve. >> yeah, macron, amazingly has pro free enterprise. david: president macron. >> he hasn't taken the big step and that is start with the income tax and just slash it. brussels and the european union will rise up in arms and say you can't do it. yes he can, do it. when you see france grow again, by golly it solves a lot of
8:37 am
problems. instead of the little things, little tax here and little tax there, try to get rid of the exit tax. go to the fuel emerge as a big figure and france will rise again as a country that matters economically. david: there are people waiting in the wings waiting for macron to go down and a number are socialists to grow the government and raise taxes. in england, a socialist waiting in the wings in case theresa may, her government falls. do you think that europe is more likely to go left or right as the establishment begins to fall as looks what's happening in paris right now? >> it's not left or right, it's whether they go over a cliff. corbin the guy who heads the labor party in great britain. utter a disaster. macron goes down in france, utter disaster, who knows what's going to happen in germany.
8:38 am
those are of inflicted wounds. in germany four years after world war ii, gerhardt, and in britain thatcher, reduce the burden on people, less tax rates and by golly they look like heroes, they would be heroes. i don't understand why don't they look at history and go with what works? hello, guys. david: we're looking at history right now, live shots from paris as the fires in the streets of the champs-elysees continue. we're going to continue to follow this right here on fox news. steve forbes, thank you so much. >> david, thank you. david: well, president trump is expect today talk trade. face-to-face with china's leader at next week's g20 summit. is it time to get even sufftoug or time to strike some kind of deal. we'll deal with that next.
8:39 am
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. >> well, president trump preparing for trade talks with chinese president xi jinping. is he going to strike a deal. author of the coming collapse, great to see you, gordon. wall street wants some kind of deal. you can see what happens with the gyrations. a lot had to do with china and the collapse of worldwide trade or the slowdown of trade us representative lighthauser, came out with a devastating report of chinese stealing of our technology a lot of it to their military. can we afford to give in instead of staying tough? >> the answer is no. of course, david, everyone wants a deal. everyone wants to see cooperative relations, but you've got to remember, september, 2015, that same xi
8:43 am
jinping stood in the rose garden next to prime minister and agreed they would not hack the other state for commercial purposes. china never stopped hacking our companies for that so it's actually gotten worse and that was the report, and the report from the nsa last week. clearly the chinese have been ramping up the theft of u.s. property since the middle of last year. david: we should mention where our technology is primarily because we're a free market economy is primarily in the private sector. when they steal technology, it goes directly to the military, does it not. to reinforce their hardware. in some cases i'm told that the technology of their military may be exceeding ours. >> yes, and it's certainly true. xi jinping, we've seen a retreat of the private sector, the advance of the state sector, so
8:44 am
all of that technology goes to the state and ends up in the hands of the military and this is one of the reasons why it's very difficult for xi jinping to agree with the united states because his vision is a strong state. our vision is no one steals intellectual property. these are mutually inconsistent at this point. david: i know the argument they are not a democracy, a communist dictatorship and he's coalesced his power more of a dictator than his predecessors. nevertheless, he has to pleased somebody, i'm sure a group of generals waiting in the wings, you better do something to get this economy kicking again because it's slowing down dramatically and i imagine he's getting some pressure to make a deal with the u.s.? >> he's getting a lot of pressure precisely because of what you said. he's been able to accumulate power. when you accumulate power, you have nobody else to blame. when things go right like last
8:45 am
year. and when it goes-- he faces an election every day. david: what do you mean by that? >> he could lose power. if things don't go right, they're not going to wait five years they'll go after him right away. what he's done during six years in power is deinstitutionalize their party. he's thrown out the rules. and this is no holds bar fighting. he owns the struggle with the united states. if he doesn't prevail, doesn't get 100%, he's out. so he's not going to compromise and that means it's going to be hard to get a real deal. we might have a mock deal, but not a real one. david: that's not good news for wall street. >> no, they're not going to like this at all. unfortunately in the interest of the american consumer, the american worker as the united states is very different from the interests of stock investors. david: gordon chang.
8:46 am
thank you very much. nancy pelosi fighting to get enough votes for the speaker of the house. now, nine more no votes may be, we'll have that next. [ phone rings ] what?!
8:47 am
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>> the nancy pelosi's house speaker bid dealt another blow after nine more democrats vowed to withhold their votes unless certain conditions are met. no democrat has come out to run against her. so why not? and joining me with kathy, and former new york congresswoman nan heyworth. is nancy pelosi going to do anything, is she going to have to do something to get the nine democrats on her side and
8:50 am
compromise? >> she's got the votes, she's going to be speaker, i don't know why they're doing it. david: no surprises in the wings? >> not at all. and she has a lot of power. david: she does. >> she's going to control everything, not sure why they're doing this. david: that's the incredible thing about nancy pelosi. even some of her detractors like president trump nobody knows how to pull the levers of power inside the beltway better than she does. >> she illustrates the power of money and she has her own convictions, the reason she can wield so much power because she's controlling so much money and what all of our taxpayers should bear in mind, the democrats want to bring back earmarks and she's using the promise of taxpayer dollars allocated to districts, you know, all of these holdouts, i would submit to you, kathy, they want to be wooed as well.
8:51 am
they know that marcia fudge and brian higgins, they want promises, too. >> she has the power sources and centers, the unions. >> yeah. david: they give a lot to the democratic party. she's got the unions behind her and she has the celebrities behind her, not so important for republicans anymore, but for democrats, the celebrities are pretty big deal. >> yeah, and it seems like what nancy wants, nancy gets within her party and you know, back to kathy's point, something that's very interesting, i think these people, the nine people that are resisting her and staying with it, a lot of people ran, if you'll remember, for their seats, they ran, you know, against nancy pelosi. so, they kind of ran by separating their campaigns from nancy pelosi, are saying that they want a new speaker if they get in control. so, i think that they're trying to also stay true to their campaign message and stay true
8:52 am
to the type of campaign that they ran, you know. >> right, right. david: kathy. >> their constituents. david: we just talked with steve forbes, i don't know if you saw it about mayor deblasio and he's been a socialist for years. >> right. david: but the question whether the democratic party, and whether nancy pelosi, if she does become speaker, gives favor to that side of the democratic party, is she going to have to-- because she's been trying to straddle a lot of different fences here. >> right, right. david: will she have to declare herself on the issue of that socialistic tendency. >> she's liberal, but not that liberal. no one-- my sources don't believe she's going to go that left, that extreme. david: but can she avoid it? there will be some issues. >> she has to avoid it. david: talking about bernie sanders where he's going to push for essentially socialized medicine. >> right. david: she's going to have to declare on some of these issues. >> but she has avoided it this far and made it this far and has
8:53 am
the support of the caucus. she doesn't necessarily have to and she's going to control all the committees so at the end of the day what nancy says will go. perhaps going to meet her and get away from that stance. david: maybe that's why they're focusing on the investigation having to avoid to declare on socialistic. nan, the loneliest job i'm told in washington d.c. to be a republican inside of the house. [laughter] >> because when you have all the attention on the democrats, when they have complete control of all the committees, and probably they will, i don't know if they're going to have 85 dinner committee investigations, but they may come close to that. how do republicans-- and are we just not going to hear about congressional republicans for the next two years? >> no, i think there will be-- david, running into the 2010 election which i was privileged in the house on at that big red wave. one of the reasons we got there because the republican conference held together. they were a solid block in
8:54 am
opposition to policies that they opposed and it is very likely that speaker pelosi, especially with the influences she has to deal with in her conference. because it's not a smooth task for them. they are more fractured now than they were years back, but they will be a solid block in opposition and they still have the senate to, you know, to help magnify their voices. and noel, as a fundraiser, what you do besides fox news, you guys have to raise money based on something. frankly, i don't know what that something is if the attention is on the democrats the next two years in the house. >> is may be what the democrats' message is going to be. i think they have still yet to define their message. so the republican party can still raise money on right now a good economy, job growth.
8:55 am
so, we still have things that we can build upon. right now, as i said in the earlier segment, one of the main things on people's minds is immigration. so we can certainly raise money on immigration alone. and like i said, while the democrats are trying to decide if they're going to go towards the left or try to go back and into moderate territory, this is a great chance for the republican party to get even stronger and start looking for more people that they can pull into their party while there's so much division in the democratic party. david: do you think they get the house back in 2020? >> actually, if they continue on with impeach trump, impeach trump, people will be weary of it and tired of it. and give them the ball and they didn't do anything for impeach, but-- >> if the districts they're not going to vote for nancy pelosi, and those three dozen members are starting out at a disadvantage.
8:56 am
david: ladies, we have to leave this very peaceful discussion between people who don't always agree with each other. to show you some of what's going on in paris right now where it's anything, but peaceful. this is over high gas prices, or at least that's the trigger. you never know what else is behind these protests. they are a massive. this thises-- this is called a massive police presence. this is the major thoroughfare, champs-elysees, by the arc de triomphe. you can see the water cannons on the crowds. less to extinguish fires than on the crowd themselves. we will be right back. laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> thank you so much for joining us. neil, the man, the legend is back next week to put things in order here.
9:00 am
i'm going to see you, i hope you tune in every weekday on a new show i've got bulls and bears on the fox business network at 5 p.m. you can watch on monday, no doubt we'll be talking about some of the wonderful deals on cyber monday, but thank you very much for joining us. have a great thanksgiving weekend, what's left of it. fox news continues. leland: chaos on the streets of paris and anger at president emanuel macron over rising fuel taxes. the very latest on the increasingly tense standoff in the city of lights. >> and this man says that he's talking about a plea deal with robert mueller's team in the russia probe. so who is jerome corsi and what about the president's long time friend roger stone. leland: and bolstering the border this weekend. the president's push t


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