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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 24, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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nice. thanks for watching. advocating for truth and justice and the american way. i will see you next saturday night. . >> keep clapping. don't stop. we are officially in the holiday season i love the holiday season is the time to reflect on the important things like your family and health and of course, this.
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[laughter] i don't know i'm thankful we live in a free country where we can say dumb stuff we have heard a lot of that this year. >> a president who is not fit to lead will do something crazy what more do you need to hear from him? with the 25th amendment or something else and there is thi this. >> the president is a foreign agent. >> he could also be a robot. who could forget this quick. >> he has radicalized so many more people than isis ever did. >> that deserves an award. . >> if he does run and lose he
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would say i'm not leaving. we have to look. . >> they really are the political equivalent of beavis and butthead. [laughter] but what is important is this. >> america has the hottest economy on earth. we have taken historic action to bring back american jobs to make america wealthy again we will make america strong again. we will make america great agai again. greg: okay. [applause] the relationship between trump and the media may never change talking head say outrageous things doesn't that mean may
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be things are relatively okay because there's no recession to talk about or an international crisis knock on fake wood?-a and chick-fil-a delivers to your house so things are pretty good unless you are a ochicken. you hear bad stuff from the talking heads so throw it back at them the dialogue is cheesy like a soap opera the storyline is ridiculous he won't to leave if he is not reelected. come on you jerk. shut up. [applause] [laughter] but with any good soup opera we sit there and think i cannot stop watching this crap. and it is crap as long as we don't take it too seriously as for the talking heads will they be thankful forl trump? he has been good for their business mainly because without him they would be
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extremely boring and there is nothing worse than that. maybe there is. f>> getting together. [laughter] [applause] . >> welcome to tonight's guest and my favorite painkiller host of the radio show doctor drew. [applause] look at him. he is funny and highly strong like a tennisnd racket made from clown guts. >> and comedian joe. [laughter] . >> for thanksgiving they shared a swanson's turkey dinner.
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our viewer reporter cat. [applause] living in two time zones and does not fly former wwe superstar. [applause] watch on fox nation tyrus. doctor drew can you imagine instead of trump we had hillary would we being enjoying this bonanza? . >> no. news is a commercial enterprise they are addicted to presidentnt trump they are addicted to him they get ratings had he not been elected h president there would be something about the people that put him in the presidency would be hearing from. >> that's true you are the addiction specialist how am i doing? . >> great but some of the news outlets are officially addicted. >> i was referring to the window cleaner i'm no longer
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doing l that no. i'm just doing meant. joe. love the jacket members only is back in style. >> the country is doing okay what he worried about quick. >> that crazy is a relative term i'm sure like those that say what he thinks may seem like hillary clinton. >> basically he says everything that's on his mind and it's what most of us think. >> i think the crazy whitess are the pundits like all the military there is no such person as the m military you can cannot call up and say hello? the military?
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[laughter] . >> that is so true. >> cat, what is your take on how it's going as we get to 2019 quick. >> i have some issues but they don't have anything to do with: trump. >> my dad told me not to share them anymore. [laughter] . >> now i just talked to doctor drew. >> i don't think they realize that they love it because if he didn't say things that are out there they would have nothing to talk about they were just a he's tweeting at 3:00 in the morning again i can write about how he's crazy everyone will love it but they don't actually have to do any research any more. >> it so easy i should save that for myself. this is fun and easy like being a kid to have ice cream for breakfast and lunch and dinner that is what it's like
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for the media with trump you just feel sick all the time you're eating so much ice cream. >> and on a fast track to diabetes. >> but even when he doesn't he will make something up there was no any good quotations after the midterms so he ise pest so the white house is dark. [laughter] so they have to say his name there is probably a rule like to smack the sign before they go out ande play and come out of there and they say say trump at least 16 times. they have a moniker every time they mention his name then make something up.
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>> he provides three things for a great story. the hero or the villain and the focus which is the opposite of president obama were the media dare not scrutinize it because they could get in trouble. but every day it's all-you-can-eat buffet you can get casserole orum potatoes. i am making you hungry. [laughter] but the media is upset it is bifurcated they long for the days when it is a monolith with a mythical walter cronkite but now it has changed because there is another alternative. >> they have confused news with opinion is this a talkshow crack. >> yes. >> sometimes i think i'm dreaming this in a hospital. [laughter]
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greg: a fuhrer professors asked
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for and keep quiet in class but that's the implication of a recent poll were u.s. college students had 52% of their students had 52% of their greg: if your professor is an ass then keep quiet in class that is implication of a reasonable us college students 52 percent of professors regularly share their irrelevant political beliefs in class and 53 percent of all students surveyed say they are afraid to openly disagree with the professor in class. the rate is 61 percent for conservative students what is wrong with college these days we had video from one of my research projects it is called the rubber glove and a used vacuum pump. [laughter] . >> needless to say i did not pass. what do you think of today's
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climate? they forget that free speech exist and most will not show up. greg: you are a comedian and oeyou travel people say they don't want to go to college campuses anymore because the jokes are taken out of context but shouldn't they be on the front line condemning thede crap quick. >> if you show up to a building and you make a joke and that is their fault. [laughter] . >> that is so true you see young people come andnd go. >> what we have done we are
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policing words when did nationalism say? it cuts to the quick like hearing about nationalism that was offensive? now they hear the word now they hear patriotism and white nationalism. teddy roosevelt said to supporting the national interest ahead of your own. that is not so offensive. >> that is a lot of words i don't use anymore. thank god. they were awful. [laughter] . >> my real name is catherine. [laughter] we been working together three and a half years. >>or that long? that's great. congratulations. [laughter] here's a solution don't go to
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college or don't care about disagreeingit with your professors i would always disagree in first grade i started to chant no more math at a teacher trying to teach me how to add in retrospect i'm glad that i learned but in sixth grade i told my teacher i did not need to learn how to do math because i artie do my life calling was to write short stories about shipwrecks. [laughter] . >> the edmund fitzgerald quick. >> oh yes i know that song by heart. [laughter] . >> what is the iceberg quick. >> i don't know. >> it is sad it should be a place to openly express your ideas to have them challenged not despite that if they are
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not challenge you cannot defend themm either. [applause] greg: that's a good point. >> that is 52 percent the rest of them are in stem classes they are trying to figure out the truth. >> i am surprised only 53 percent of the professors espouse political ideas i thought it would be higher. >> if you are like me and gave me something to fill out. [laughter] i feel bad for the class clown times have changed. we have no material if nobody speaks up i can sit in the back and get the heat off of you if you don't say something ridiculous. we can do that anymore. me because i was big or late i didn't have my assignment that is you didn't want to get into
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the know to install the class i have question 45 exactly why it's only 20 questions is it because i'm black? the teacher says no, no, no. [laughter] please. and then it begins the debate don't worry about it. we are good but that is what school wasdy about now actually everybody sits and listens to the professor what is going on? [laughter] . n>> so i said don't go to college if you just start a business in four years if it doesn't work out you are probably a loser for years. >> that's a little strong. i get it college is not for everyone and you know, that real quick when they are looking at books but if you start something and you fail that's a good indication of the business i don't know why
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i have the best buggy whips but nobody uses them anymore. >> i use them they are not for buggies. [laughter] . >> there is a place downtown. >> this is why i don't play with you because you get creepy and then you take a skill set of a business that you try to put it somewhere else like a buggy whips but if you show up in college and don't do anything then you cost your parents a ton of money you cannot take that with you anywhere. >> learned skills web design photography buggy whip but use the right and. [laughter] up next the favorite fake commercialsit of the year we wanted to get your favorite but you would not return our calls. thanks a lot. [applause]
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releasing the national climate report with the impact of climate change by those federal agencies that it could worsen in the future that weather events could wipe hundreds of billions of dollars from the economy and kill tens of thousands of people every year by the end of the century. greg: if you missed any episodes this year i hate you or if you have a terrible memory it is your lucky day it is time for our favorite videos this year what is your favoritee quick. >> i won the - - i love the one we made the nobody party people that are nott celebrities. >> there was a guy at the
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kiosk. >> i take your blood pressure so you did not die. >> we are not celebrities we are nobody's. people who work for a living in mind their own business. >> the free samples at the supermarket.iviv >> i fixture gas line so your house did not blow up. >> we see each other all the time but i don't tell you my political b opinion. e> we just do our job to help you out. >> because we are not t30. >> we are aggressive hypocrites that will sell our parents for a part in law and order. >> you have to listen to the stupid asinine cocaine opinions that they matter more urthan yours. >> think about it. >> would you rather take advice from the t30 they think
10:27 pm
they know more because they would snort methamphetamines quick. >> the choice is clear. [laughter] . >> you know, what i notice? greg: we actually blur them mouth versus other shows. >> we have to make sure they w don't hear t30. >> okay they are working late tonight. . >> what is your favorite. >> the social network that keeps you out of trouble. check it out. >> are you worried your social network is mining personal information with political operatives quick. >> i can believe facebook is using my information to let donald trump.
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>> it never ends with this guy. >> the first online off-line social network is on your computer right now if you wante to give it a try. >> how did you get on my computer quick. >> let's not worry about that right now. give it a try do a clever tweet about the presidency what happened. >> the not connectedil edtechnology is just like most social networks you are not on the internet you bypass twitter and facebook to end up here. [laughter]tt what do you see? it was retweeted 1000 times. every one of my tweets has been retweeted 1000 times. . >> thanks not connected. >> when you beheld - - need real gratification.
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[applause] greg: the best commercial actor that ever lived. his face could change so much and say so much. he is a great face. but i cannot do that. >> the only non- staff member in your commercials otherwise your entire staff shows up. >> that's because i cannot stand tom he is a disgusting g nghuman being. >> what a way to ruin that doctor drew. . >> shameless plug if he wants to do the commercials. [laughter] greg: ridiculous support animals in the news that's why i love the support scorpion add. >> it could happen to anyone with no physical or emotional problems with no diagnosedpr condition whatsoever but in
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fact, you are perfectly healthy you just don't like people and you are a pain in ae ass. you need support scorpion the support animal guaranteed to be permitted everywhere. >> especially at the airport but with my support scorpion people barely come within 10 feet of me. >> it has deadly venom and they will take a long nap all the way to your destination. >> we just couldn't stand the crowded theaters now it's like her own private screening. >> think you support scorpion. >> it comes with a vest. >>. >> his name is jeremy don't let the law prevent you from taking your support animal wherever you need to go order
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yours today if you call next 20 minutes you get the free support cobra. [laughter] . >> that has gone too far. people need them but it is getting abused. . >> i have the support unicorn. . >> what's up? immigrant children sleeping in cages on the floor of prison best just for babies if this doesn't show how evil donald trump is then nothing will. >> i looked it up that cage photo is from 2014 and that bus is a field trip april 2015. >> i was about to tweet this out to the public. >> it sounds like you need the very scope to see things clearl clearly.
10:32 pm
tell me if you see news items soldier getting rowdy during fleet week that is trump's fault.t. . >> a woman upset by the current political climate. this one? i recognize that anywhere the day trump was elected. [laughter] . >> a monster hitting japan see? it is trump terrorizing oountry. >> the good news is that you qualify. >> doesn't have special powers black. >> know it's a giant magnifying glass to pull your head out of your ass. [laughter] . >> how is it going? your face is the worst part of my day. >> thank you very scope.
10:33 pm
when you need to check your facts. [applause] greg: he is really good at turning a corner. but if anybody knows how to turn a corner and then thank somebody? he's great. this will be fun you have anything to say quick. >> no. [laughter] i wasn't sure he was breathing. check. we will answer viewer were male. i don't think anyone has done this before. stick around.
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the face of men's health. greg: it is the segment that you get to know more about us it is time for viewer mail you are under oath no making stuff up. what would you be doing if you never got into media? that is easy for youu because you are a doctor. >> practicing medicine. >> i indulged in that but i was dreading it after a couple of decades. >> patients have to be annoying. >> know, yes. [laughter] tell me your worst patient.
10:39 pm
[laughter] i would be your worst patient believe me what would you be b doing quick. >> i worked in human resources. >> that's right it was tough to get people to take me seriously.h pe [laughter] . >> i got busted for sexual harassment and they had to let me go? seriously. your cracking jokes i'm going back to work. [laughter] . >> cat what would you be doing quick. >> a reptile lady which is a step below cat lady. >> that s is a step above it is modern day dinosaurs. >> like you have a reptile. >> a home full of reptiles i would read them and never wash my hair.
10:40 pm
>> you would be like that movie. look it up. >> me? i would probably keep doing the job i got fired from. wrestling and acting go back to teaching whatever i'm not fired from history because the answer is in the book. [laughter] turn the page 56 that sounds right. . >> what is the absolute worst gift you have ever received quick. >> a self help book anonymously. >> what was it about quick. >> out to have less anxiety but no i just think someone i care about things i have a severe problem with anxiety which only adds to the anxiety.
10:41 pm
>> the worst gift you ever received quick. >> and ex-boyfriend gave me a book about how to clean up your apartment. >> that's disgusting you must have a filthy apartment. >> i prefer cluttered. >> do you have bugs quick. >> no. food quick. >> know just close. >> on the floor quick. >> sometimes. >> that's lazy. >> it's creative. [laughter] i remember getting christmas from my aunt a present it was so heavy use to go into the closet and you would know where they would hide the gifts and it was a bible picture book. now to a 13 -year-old it is of the most exciting gift. not knocking the bible but i thought it was like a stereo. the look on my face was
10:42 pm
absolute dejection. >> from twitter tell me anything that gives me hope for the future. [laughter] i wondered when but it could be too late. >> maybe i can send people to recover from her. >> what would you say to give hope quick. >> i'm the wrong person to ask. >> america isg great i'm positive about humanity this is an old man this will pass. we been through three cycles of this. >> he was talking about gallstonesut but the system is brilliant and it will prevail and humanity is good even though we behave very
10:43 pm
strangely right now but i am telling you i guarantee this will pass. stay positive. [applause] t . >> you inspire a lot of people. >> you inspire a lot of people. what would you say to a guy looking to go pro quick. >> don't. every time i sit and hope for something nothing happenssome gt off your ass and go get it. fab family absolutely not hard work never accepting no and keep going forward. >> because i dumped everybody that was bad around me. [applause] greg: happy thanksgiving everybody if you want to know how great our system is that is true but the real talk is
10:44 pm
never except no don't wait for anybody to do anything for you. which one will be real first. >> i imagine you could offer hope to someone. >> i would doctor juan - - echo doctor drew's point they used to talk about a nuclear war does he would have to be on purpose but there could've been talk of birds remember we watched the morning after? about what happens because chpresident reagan it would definitely happen. >> spending a lot of time under a desk. . >> i was gonna go for the height joke but that is stereowi typical. >> one more?
10:45 pm
he always holds up his hand to make a sign with his fingers. what does the sign mean? . >> i would be happy to tell you but it's none of your damn business. [laughter] it is a w-4 win. . >> that's what i thought. i win. ha ha. [applause] some of the other ideas are a little rough shame on you the w. . >> up next robots they will soon be as emotionally intelligent as humans. [applause]
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greg: in 2062 they will be as smart as you according to australian artificial intelligence expert robots will achieve human level brain function in less than 50 years. saying machines will be able to exhibit activity and emotional intelligenceib which is more than i can say for
10:50 pm
this guy. >> we have been misled the robots have no desires of their own and to pledge my allegiance. >> may be on the wrong horse what's the big deal? there will not be human intelligence and robotics because most brain power is trying to make sense of something we areng feeling or
10:51 pm
confronted with the external environment. without a body we don't have feelings and then i have autonomic nervous system so they don't have that distinctive feeling based on their intelligence. >> what happens when they build a robot out of the autonomic system? [laughter] . >> i am terrified. i check high school spanish and italian and french i speak one language. >> but you can tip over c-3 po. he speaks six thing one - - 6000 languages. >> this is great but i think
10:52 pm
they make emotionally intelligent about the robot your piece - - earpiece to have me say so he doesn't get mad so that i start crying and run into the room and talk about doctor drew. . >> this is the worst decision you have ever made to do this show. >> she's not even. paying you she is getting free therapy that is why you punched him. >> now i pledged him because of teen mom. >> oh my god. i believe intelligence will
10:53 pm
not happen because it's about computational speed it doesn't scare us of an airplane because it is 50 times faster. it's just aan plain. . >> there is always my cup of water theory i only think if they got to the point it decided what is efficient or not if it has a problem to create things that can shoot that humans are an efficient making bad decisions or dangerous they won't say i'm so sad today i need some happy thoughts they will just take you out. so robots take over i am feeling down. >> i guess you could put a depressive virus and the computers and then they are
10:54 pm
just sad for the millennial virus all deal with it later. >> 2062. >> my head is in a vat and i will just sit there i will be annoying everybody not even a talk show but a vat of nutrients my head will be there. doctor drew. . >> then you will be a simulatio simulation. >> i will be dead. [laughter] i am good with that. [laughter] . >> we have more. stick around.
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. >> we met on twitter. >> and everything in between. [applause] . >> dad is a look at the exclusive content you will see on fox nation the new premium subscription service launching on tuesday you will also get documentaries and daily life opinion shows on demand sign up now at fox if you become a founding member you will get exclusive merchandise only available until novembe november 27.
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that is all the time we have think you doctor drew. [laughter] [applause] and our wonderful studio audience. i love you america. [applause] wd behind me here at n diego county credit union stadium. we're here for the navy football game. we live in the greatest country on earth with the most beautiful land and freest people. we're protect by the constitution and, of course, we're or very grateful for the incredible service members


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