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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 26, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's monday, we just had a vacation so we are trying to think a little more broadly about what's happening in this world. here's what we come up with, you had to boil down the democratic party's long-term goals to the most importantt goals, the first would be this, and it's obvious, the federal government are two color the essentials of life for most people. health care, college, housing, food, in some cases a guaranteed basic income. that's the program with the democrats espouse, another word for it might be socialism. the party's other long-term goals is the elimination oft meaningful restrictions on immigration into this country.
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get rid of ice, except most refugees, citizenship to tens of millions of people here illegally, in other words, open borders.iz so those of the democrats main priorities, massive social, welfare state and citizens from the third world. nobody is hiding that. they are saying it out loud. the problem is that those two goals conflict with each other. you can either admit the world's poor into your country or you can give your own people more free stuff, but you can't do both. the math doesn't work. socialism with open borders is impossible. it has never worked and it never will work. anyone who thinks about that for about a minute understands it. so the idea is fatally flawed. the question is, how do you sell a program that can ever actually work? you lie about it, you pretend that was obviously true isn't true at all and you are evil for thinking otherwise.n' and of course that's exactly what they are doing now.
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watch dnc spokesman jim acosta from earlier this month it's called the president for daring to suggest that migrants from the imaginary caravan, should it actually exist, might try to help the u.s. border. >> your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls. >> they weren't actors. it was true. do you think they were actors? they didn't come from hollywood. >> tucker: they're not going to be doing that, says democratic flach jim acosta. turns out that's precisely what they're going to be doing and just did over the weekend. american authorities had to shut down the border crossing in california right next to san diego after about a thousand people try to rush the crossingn watch. [inaudible] >> tucker: so that's what the
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dnc channels told us were never going to happen and course it did happen. it was mexican riot police and u.s. border agents both came under attack from the mob, which threw rocks at them. with no meaningful wall along, the borders they used tear gas to disperse the crowd.o there is fairly recent precedent for doing that. in 2013 a group of about 100 people tried to rush the very same border crossing. american authorities forced them back with pepper spray. barack obama was president at the time. the incident passed with little notice. just five years later there is a new president and an entirely different standard. the left erupted at these pictures of the tear gas and accused the administration of moral atrocities. hawaii senator got so worked up that he suggested american authorities had committed a war crime by using illegal chemical weapons. keep in mind the same so-called chemical weapons are used against unruly american citizens all the time and nobody cares.
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but those weren't american citizens who just saw getting teargassed over the weekend, they were migrants, they were holy men on a sacred pilgrimage north. what happened to them was inexcusable, cue the moral outrage. we >> here we look at children being subjected to teargas, that's the united states causing that, that's outrageous. >> we have seen the images of the children and the women and there has got to be a pragmatic and compassionate answer here that does not involve teargassing children. that is not who america is. >> tucker: that's not what america is declare some random blowhard on cnn who has somehow been deputized to lecture you about what america is. on the left, america is always one thing for sure, in every case, wrong. watch as this msnbc guest suggest that federal border patrol agents must've been lying about being attacked with rocks. >> the question is whether anybody threw rocks. npr was reporting it was relatively peaceful.
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>> tucker: relatively peaceful except for this scene which somehow didn't make it into many news reports. [inaudible] >> tucker: so, well, yes it turns out they were in fact throwing rocks but according to a lot of the analysis you may have seen today it was in a peaceful way, gentle rock throwing. really more tossing than throwing, playful actually. there's a different perspective, from someone who was actually there and in contrast to the people you just saw, is not a professional propagandist. >> i challenge that this was a peaceful protest or the majority of these people were claimingha asylum. arrests. only eight of those were females and there were only a few children involved.
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the vast majority of people we are dealing with our adult males. one of the groups i watch, several of them were arrested, they passed ten or 15 units walking west to east. numerous uniformed personnel and they were chanting, waving a honduran flag and throwing rocks at the agents. if they were truly asylum-seekers, they would've just walked up with their handse up and surrendered and that did not take place. what i find unconscionable is people would intentionally take children into this situation. what we saw over and over yesterday was the group, the caravan, as we call them, would push women and children towards the front and then begin basically rocking our agents. >> tucker: there you have it, we will let you reach your own conclusions about who's telling the truth about what's happening right now at our southernea border. check the video before you make up your mind but as you ponder it, step back and ask yourself some more fundamental questions. is there a natural limit to this kind of immigration? how many resources does america really have to share with the rest of the world? are we as rich as we assume we are? are you?
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how many poor people can we realistically accept before we are not that rich at all but increasingly resemble the countries from which these people are fleeing? if accepting more poor peoplee really makes a more prosperous, then what exactly has happenede in california over the past 30 years, which despite record levels of immigration, is poorer than ever? it's possible there are good answers to these questions, logical answers. on the other hand, if there aret answers, why is the left trying to prevent you from asking the questions? lawyer and former obama campaign advisor joins us today. thanks a lot for coming on. before we get to the broaderai questions about where the country is going and what we caw absorb, a few questions about what happened over the weekend. i've watched, all day, as americans have defended foreign citizens who attacked american border agents and suggested that somehow the americans are in thn wrong when foreigners waiting for an throw rocks at them. how does that work?? >> you showed some compelling footage.
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i think both sides of this debate need to take a deep breath and think about their position. i agree with you that we have the right to control our border and decide who gets in. on the other side, we also have to use rule of law when we process people who do have the right to apply for political asylum under the laws of our country and have the right to do that while being in a peacefulht place and not under these serious security situations that they face. hold on. >> tucker: let's address the facts of the case for a second. if they were applying for asylum then why did they rush the border crossing? is that what asylum application looks like? >> not all of them are going to meet the standard for asylum. >> tucker: would you say that someone who wave the flag of a foreign country as he rushes your border station is eligibleg for asylum? >> i don't understand why they would be holding the flag when
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the running for that country but that's a good point. >> tucker: what if they try and bum-rush the border agents? doesn't that immediately disqualify them? >> we both agree that they have no right to bum-rush our borderr and we have the right to use force, not lethal force, but a nonlethal force to prevent them from coming across and for those who threw rocks, it was right for our border patrol agents to arrest him and even to use teargas if that's what they needed to do to stop them from coming across. >> tucker: why is everyone lyingat about this? why is the dnc and all the people who work for them, acosto and all the buffoons you see on television, why are they demanding that we not believe our eyes, there's no caravan,vi they are telling us, they would never hop the border, you are racist if you think they are attacking us, why are they lying to us? >> it's not for me to explain what they are saying. what i want to do is to talk about what is a sensible solution to this, which is the compromise that was reached in october between the u.s.
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domestic the refugee agency. they stay in mexico, given housing, they can stay there and they are allowed to apply for political asylum in the u.s. a while in mexico and during that time they will be processed legally and their rights will be adjudicated via our process. and if they don't meet the standard, they can't come in. many of them in the meantime would likely find jobs in mexico or go home. and that's already happened. >> tucker: i want to be really clear, i have total sympathy for someone who wants to come here, i'm glad to be a citizen and i understand what they want to be. but what about our interests? how many people can we absorb -- because no one is even pretending this is going to make us a better or richer company. it's going to make is poorer obviously. automation is making our own jobs go away. how many people can we accept before this country really changes -- it's a serious question. why is nobody asking the question?
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>> we have different views of where america is. you paint america to be this feeble state that can barely deal with a couple thousand people.ri >> tucker: i think we are still a wealthiest, strongest country in the world we also have p accepted many immigrants. everyone here in less you aree native american, you are anwa immigrant. >> tucker: what's the number? 320 million people. i've got a bunch of kids. i plan to die in this country and a kind of want to know what it's going to look like and i want a voice in that. so what can i expect? how may people do we let them before it's enough? >> we are letting in far fewer this year and last year -- >> tucker: what's a good number? >> we have an immigration problem. we have too many people here that are here unlawfully. we need to deal with that problem but we can't completely cut off immigration. we have to have immigration, protect our borders but not close our borders. >> tucker: i want somebody to tell me, 50 years from now
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here's what america will look like.. but no one wants to have that conversation. you know why. >> that debate needs to takeke place in congress. congress has passed an immigration law that makes thesc decisions. numbers and it decides how many people we are going to let in. >> tucker: no one else is doing it, i want it on the show. no one will engage with me. >> i'm engaging with you. >> tucker: thank you, great to see you.e thanks a lot for coming on. i'm really struck by weighting the foreign flag and throwing the rocks. i think it's true in some cases people want to, they want to be part of america and they t are good people and i absolutelyan believe but if someone is waving a foreign flag on our border and throwing rocks, isn't that person instantly disqualified from consideration? >> you would hope so.dom that's what people are
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calling this an invasion. how was it not invasion when you have thousands of peoplero bum-rush in our border, waiting another country's flags and throwing rocks at our law enforcement agents. that's absolutely ridiculous to consider that we are evenn talking about this right now. >> tucker: how much would you have to hate your own country to make excuses for that kind of behavior? >> how much do they really hate their country if they are waving their own american flags?he you're talking about the liberal -- >> tucker: if i could blamee one group, it's not the migrants looking for higher wages. i get it. excuses for inexcusable behavior. >> when you're constantly going on the news and are constantly vilifying the good people and are glamorizing bad people who are committing atrocious acts, more people are going to do that and that's one of the magnets that are drawing people here and that's why we face such a problem on the border. this debate is going to continue to rage until the democrats finally say we want border i security, border security is what the vast majority of the
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american public want. we want it too, let's get itut done. >> tucker: i was think about the guys who are tasked withaw carrying out our laws that congress passes, by the way, the buffoons yelling this are the ones who could change it if they wanted. what it must be like to be a border patrol agent, an i.c.e. agent and to turn on the tv and watch some chin tugger call you a nazi. >> it's horrible, it's demoralizing. it makes you second guess where this country is going. i love this country, one of the reasons why i am a border patrol agent. one of the reasons i put on aou uniform and go out and control the border, it's to keep this country safe and to have people calling me a nazi for enforcing the laws the democrats passed. this policy by which we deployed this teargas, that's an obama policy. that policy was written under the obama administration and implemented under the obama administration, yet you don't hear people talking about that. they just want to embarrasss president trump. >> tucker: how can that be true? i saw today the senatort from
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hawaii, brian compared to a war hawaii, brian compared it to a war crime. >> that's rhetoric, that's politics. we continually get politicized in this country. our law enforcement is constantly being politicized. tucker, you will be the first person to say it. if a law enforcement agent orr officer does something wrong, that person should be held accountable. the problem is we are holding our law enforcement officers and agencies accountable for note doing anything wrong just because you don't like them or you don't like the mission they perform. >> tucker: you see these demagogues standing up and saying if you dare carry out the law that i passed you are in violation of some of god's law or something, it's totally insane. >> exactly. that's why it becomes so difficult to recruit. >> tucker: it's the same with cops.s we need cops, we need border patrol agents, who would want to be one? >> people are not thinking through the implications.ou no they are not. >> tucker: great to see you. even hillary clinton appears toi
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have begun to realize that open borders are not sustainable, certainly in this democracy. others on the left may be realizing it too. one of the smartest people in d that group joins us next. b plus, george papadopoulos going to jail today, his wife joins us to explain how sending her husband to jail makes america a lot safer. we will be right back. ♪ back. ♪ ready to get your feast on? you better be 'cause it's red lobster's new create your own ultimate feast event! pick 4 of 10 favorites to create the ultimate feast you've been dreaming of. will you choose creamy lobster mac & cheese, tender, wild-caught snow crab... crispy jumbo coconut shrimp, hey, we never said choosing was easy... just delicious. so hurry in to create your own ultimate feast before it's gone. and be the party hero. get ten percent off when you order red lobster to go. but only for a limited time. so a and as if thatyour brwasn't bad enough,tals it.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: hillary clinton typically says very predictable
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things but recently she said something unexpected and interesting. in an interview with the guardian, hillary clinton warned that mass immigration into europe may need to slow down because it is driving a rise in political extremism and volatility. and she's onto onto something. when governments adamantly refused to listen to the public, the public may start looking for alternatives. many on the left are attacking hillary clinton for her flash of insight. one person who is not is angela nickel.el maybe the most interesting piece in the last six months, called the left case against open borders and she joins us tonight. angela, thank you for coming on. i will say i have no idea what the rest of your politics are but i thought this was such a smart and brave piece, i can imagine what kind ofay reaction you got to it but tell me if i'm mischaracterizing it. you're making the case that open
9:21 pm
borders may harm low-wage workers in the country whose borders are open, is that a fair statement of what you're saying? >> yes. i think it's kind of a disaster for working people on both sides. countries that have a lot of problems with immigration simply can't keep their professional class and thenen the countries that migrants tend to move to, low-wage migrants and it's not their fault, we shouldn't blame the migrants but we really need to start putting pressure on businesses and employers. the conversation has all been around vice in the border but the truth is if you don't put a lot of pressure on thehe employers, the migration situation is going to continue to be in a state of crisis. >> tucker: i agree with that and one of the most bewildering things in the last couple of years is watching not people in the actual left, but the sort of american liberal left taking the side of tyson's chicken or some other big employer in effect.
9:22 pm
when did that happen? when did that change take place? >> i'm not exactly sure when it happened but like a lot of these things, there is this kind of bubble around the media class who change a position on something overnight and then the rest of the world wakes up and finds that this moral taboo has been erected kind of overnight. but as i said in the piece,as billionaire funded free-market think tanks have been churning out open borders ideology for years now and it's a shame that people who should be offering an alternative that places the lot of workers at its center but also the relationship between the kind of almost imperial relationship between the big world dominated economies and others.
9:23 pm
right now we are seeing this really tragic situation on the border and the thing is, i defend in the piece, america's right to have borders in a sovereignut nation but trump was supposed to be the america first guy in the truth is that a lot of times with american foreign policy, america is not respecting the sovereignty of other nations, whether it's through military intervention in the middle east or economic intervention in latin america and we are seeing the consequences of that now but it's just a very shallow debate. >> tucker: i can't believe i'm agreeing with you but i am. i respect your brightness, i'm sure you took a lot of heat for this but i hope that it starts a much needed conversation.. on the left. angela nagel, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: author and columnist mark steyn joins us. you heard someone on thehe actual american left make the
9:24 pm
point that we've been talking about for a couple of years now, that the people who are telling you they are on the side of civil rights are actually on the side of someth creepy global corporation that wants to reduce your rights, why has nobody said this until her? >> i think it's because the so-called globalists actually have prioritized their own virtue signaling overt the interest of the masses. i find it interesting as one irishman to an irish lady that angela nagel spent most of her life in ireland, which has always had open borders with england. and she quotes in the piece karl marx, pointing out that when irish -- large numbers of irishman went to england, it suited the bosses because it depressed wages and it also set -- it also created two groups of the working class so that the english working class resented the irish working class and the irish working class
9:25 pm
resented the english working class so it was in the boss' interest. and that's now actually the situation that the democrats are inflicting on america. i saw geraldo today and he was going on about how the president needs to be more compassionate. we need more compassion with immigration.wa compassion, compassion, compassion. to quote her piece, i don't see what the hell is so compassionate about there being more somali doctors in chicago than there are in the whole of somalia, which is a nation of 18 million people. what's compassionate about developing companies of their best and brightest so if you want to see a doctor in somalia you are screwed because all of the somali doctors are in chicago. >> tucker: why does nobody make that point! how are we helping if one-third of the population of el salvador lives here, why are we surprised when el salvador is a mess? >> again, to do with the elitist
9:26 pm
worldview. if you look at progressive elites 60 years ago, their domestic staff were mostly black and that makes the progressives feel a little uncomfortable now. makes the barbara streisand class feel a little uncomfortable. so they actually now prefer to have hispanic, latin american whatever immigrants as their domestic class. but basically this kind of mass immigration depresses workers wages in developing countries and operates -- in developed countries it depresses wages and in the developing world it's a massive -- it works in nobody's advantage except for the big corporations and leftist elites. >> tucker: that is so nicely put. you are one of the crispest summarizers i've ever met. george papadopoulos went to jail today.
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9:31 pm
the mortal threat of a operatives hiding in the bushes. is there a single person in the united states of america who believes that? and if they don't believeit tha, if they know it's a lie, because obviously it is, what is the point of putting george papadopoulos behind bars or any of these people? many are being ruined, their lives destroyed by the investigation, is it achieving anything? is it part of a partisan vendetta? what is the point? simona papadopoulos joins us tonight. your husband is now behind bars, i want to make sure we are absolutely clear on this, is there evidence that he worked for the russian government to subvert our democracy? >> thanks for inviting me. tonight i feel a lot of emotions.ti mostlyl i feel defeated and scared. scared not only for the 14 days of jail time, but mostly because
9:32 pm
it is completely groundless and based on contact with the russian officials. i always stress and have been very vocalta about the plea agreement. he walked today into the jail with a lot of courage and resilience. but at the same time i feel this decision is very unfair. not talking about the decision of the judge, about the incriminating things fabricated by mueller. we know today, evidence just came out recently about zero level of involvement in the russia collusiono scheme. so i don't understand, honestly how misremembering the date of the meeting with a professor could lead to his jail in wisconsin where i walked in in a
9:33 pm
very stressfulke way. i feel he did. this is a democracy as a whole is undermined. i think this should never happen to any citizen. being destroyed and assassinated in this way because today there is the stigma on the reputation for being a traitor. he never betrayed anyone. he simply didn't believe information that mueller was trying to extort from him so talk about his points, it is my strong belief, it looks to me an awkward situation that put on his life and also my life. i profoundly believed in him and him a personal witness of the case. i know he is not a russian
9:34 pm
agent. i've known this man for five years and c i can't understand w the meeting with this professor could lead to incarcerations today. >> tucker: he volunteered to help the trump campaign. there may have been his real crime. we should care if an innocent man goes to jail, even for two weeks, and nobody cares and weus should care. >> exactly. i agree completely. >> tucker: thanks for joining us. >> thank you so >> tucker: there are so many details and threats, but i want to go back to the core issue. is there any evidence of that, but if there isn't, why are so many people seeing their lives
9:35 pm
destroyed? >> there isn't in the terms off the russian collusion mythology. 18 months ago, 25 or $30 million ago, we came up with carter page as a possible suspect, he hasn't been indicted or mr. papadopoulos or now we are going after jerome corsi and roger stone because they might have been playing fast and loose with the truth. that's like saying pj barnum exaggerated. i could call it a circus, but it's a tragic circus. and what you get the impression is what you cannot get in quality indictments you are trying to justify with a quantity of indictments, you are indicting everybody. remember that this thing didn't start off well. what starts off badly ends up this whole idea of the special counsel came because james comey had leaked confidential and may be classified documents. that prompted his friend rod rosenstein, who was very much involved in a fisa warrant that was not truly candid to
9:36 pm
surveil carter page and then their mutual friend robert mueller was selected and he almost immediately pickedmu a number of partisans and the media gushed and called them the dream team, the all-stars, the army. two of them had given funds -- had defended hillary clinton-associated clients and we know what mr. strzok and miss paige did. out of that nexus we were told there were going to find people who had tampered with the election and the final irony is that although all of these misdemeanors, there were felonies right under his nose. because christopher steele was a foreign national and he could be indicted very easily and he could be extradited. unlike the russians, we have a presidential candidate hireded through a firewall, christopher steele to find dirt on her opponent and he did so and he used russian sources, which were also foreign nationals and then they used the auspices of the
9:37 pm
federal government, the cia, the fbi, and the state department to see those unproven allegations in the election climate and we also we note use that dossier.ns out of all that we don't get anything. i think in conclusion, president trump should just declassify these documents thats have been requested by the congressional committees, give a speech and say i want to restore specialtity of the counsel. i want to get a nonpartisan attorney and i want to give about 90 days about whether there was one thing, collusionto and if you can't, no problem, but if you can, we will see where it goes and i think christopher steele has a lot of legal exposure. >> tucker: certainly start with the classifying the steps of the rest of us can -- thank you very much. >> i think it would be wise to do so and the ethical thing to do as well. >> tucker: i agree with that completely. b thanks. a few months ago we talked to a
9:38 pm
radio show host that told us that twitter would eventually silence him. it has happened. why has twitter silenced him? our investigation into that is next. ♪
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>> tucker: just a few months ago big tech blacklisted alex jones from every major tech platform all at once. no one really said anything about it because alex jones, ew, we are not allowed to like him. i think it's okay that he's deflect formed. of course the tech oligarchs were emboldened. if they could silence one person, why not silence more? of course, now they are. jesse kelly is a two-time congressional candidate, hosts n radio show in houston. just a few months ago he came on the show and predicted that twitter wouldd eventually censor him. you wrote this piece that i thought was really compelling
9:43 pm
about alex jones and you said i don't agree withea alex jones' views, but that's not the point, the point, as you articulated was, if you can silence this guy because you don't like what hent says, why can't they silence you or me? >> that is the point, and they are coming for you and me next. >> tucker: kelly turned out to be right. just this past sunday, yesterday, twitter shut down his account and they did not explain why. tonight we are trying to find out what happened. jesse kelly joins us live. you knew this was coming, you presciently predicted it. why did twitter take you off its platform? >> nobody knows. twitter kicked me off the platform because i was a mainstream voice on the right that spoke the truth. that's all anybody knows. they've given me no explanation as they told congress they would give explanation. all they sent was an email thatn says you are permanently banned and you can't appeal it for repeated rules violations. i don't violate the rules.erer
9:44 pm
i don't harass people on there, i don't do any of those ugly things that some people do. twitter was going to become what they are. all of a sudden my account vanished like a hillary clinton email. >> tucker: did you call them? let me just say if you are in your business or my business, that's not a small thing. that's one of the ways you communicate with your listeners, one of the ways you disseminate your ideas, the main what you do. did you call twitter to find out, did you have any contact at all? >> no number at all, they completely banished me, so i'm not even able to login and email twitter support. a friend of mine sent me a couple email addresses fortw people that supposedly work at twitter but i'm sure they're not going to answer any of those. they did exactly what i said they would do. they came for alex jones first because he's a nut job and they would react. they got him and i knew they were coming for me. they will come for you too.
9:45 pm
>> tucker: so when they did come for alex jones the idea was you can have him because he'sd embarrassing and no one really said anything about it, in my opinion a very cowardly and stupid do you think if conservativesin are not even conservatives, people who dissent from the conventional view of everything we are now required to believe at gunpoint,t, if the rest of us start to complain do think we can push back against censorship? >> i think we can and i think that's where the real power is. it's not a big deal that i got kicked off twitter. it hurts twitter worse than they hurt me because they finally kicked off somebody who woke everybody on the right up. people are now starting to realize what twitter has become. it's a blank piece of paper that somehow woke up one day i decided they were the artist, they were in control of what you put on that piece of paper and that's not where their power lies. so if they continue along this path it's going to be nothing but two feminists screaming at each other because one of them accidentally found at boyfriend.
9:46 pm
>> tucker: am i misunderstanding this or do the social media platforms have a congressional exemption that allows them not to be held legally responsible for things that are set on their platform, in other words, they are not media companies and it can't be sued as media companies can be sued? but now they are acting like media companies, how does that work? >> how it works as they have the best of both worlds. you have it exactly right, they are treated like media platforms, meaning they are just an open site where people can post what they want as long as they are not inciting violence, only they are acting like a thik progress, they are acting like "the new york times" because these radical voices on the left never get censored, even farrakhan, that complete scumbag that has a tweet still up comparing them to termites, he still has an account but i post things about velveeta and mine gets banned. >> tucker: thank you for that, i appreciate it. >> appreciate you, tucker. >> tucker: a federalre judge has thrown up the government's ban on a barbaric practice imported here from other countries, whatv
9:47 pm
exactly is going on? that's after the break. ♪ ( ♪ )
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♪ >> tucker: eight adults accused of mutilating children are going free after a judge struck down the law they allegedly broke. last year two doctors and mcchicken and several other adults were charged with carrying out female genital mutilation on girls as young as seven. now a federal judge named bernard friedman has ruled while the federal government can forcs you to buy health insurance, it cannot ban the girls from being trafficed across state lines to be mutilated. so the alleged child cutters get to go free. an author and an anti-fgm activist and she joins us tonight. thanks a lot for coming on.
9:52 pm
i'm wondering, as i have inn conversations with you in the past, where the outcry over this is. i haven't seen this reported anywhere, really. >> first of all, thank you so much for having me, thank you sr much for shining a light on this once again. there is an outcry on one side, there's not outcry on the other. i just spokenn to a lawyer. we at the foundation we are in discussions with a law firm that spontaneously decided to appeal this and it's not the only law firm but it's the one we are in discussions with. we need the department of justice to act and to act right now. because if the department of justice appeals, we can go forward and at least challenge the ruling of this judge. so let's just put the legal stuff aside. that's a process, it's a long it's hard.
9:53 pm
but i understand what you are after very much because it's the exact same sense of outrage and emotion that i have where you have all these women in feminist organizations that are challenging white privilege and racism and so on, how is it okay in the united states of america to be cutting the genitals of little black girls? how is that not racist? how is it possible that it's declared unconstitutional to protect little children? many of them, of course, children of color. i don't know why children whose genitals are cut. >> tucker: it's all most hard to talk about it. you've spent so much time on this issue, it's so personal to you, when you make that point to feminist groups, what did they say toto you? >> they go into identity politics. we live in this crazy age of political correctness, identity politics.
9:54 pm
it's all about trump, it's hard to get -- i've been to congress, i've been to the senate, i've tried to talk to people about legislation on this issue and what you see is the people who are supposed to be protecting little children are terrified of being described as racist, as trying to impose whatever the american culture is on others. what happened to protecting little children? we are talking about children five, six, seven, eight years old. we have all these states, 24, 25 of these states that will not pass legislation, we can't get a majority because they are afraid of being labeled racist. >> tucker: it's grotesque. >> how is it not racist? >> tucker: i'm just thinking as you are speaking that we should devote time regularly on the show on anyone who should stand in the way -- 7-year-old cannot give consent. thank you.
9:55 pm
>> it's a general human rights issue.e >> tucker: it is a human rights issue. most people are not aware of it. we appreciate it, thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you, tucker. >> tucker: an amazing their on political attitudes tells you what you already suspected. you will have to wait until after the commercial to find out what it says. ♪ (speaking in italian) prenderro dieci biscotti... eeee twelvé bomboloni... i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot!
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♪ [ laughing ] a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. ♪ progressive helps keep you out there. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: every day and night on television, liberals tell you that they abhor stereotypes because they are good people and obviously you are not a good person, but do they mean it? a new survey by the card game company cards against humanity has this result. in the survey, 39% of democrats say it is wrong to a negatively
10:00 pm
stereotype people on where they were born and yet that group also said that southerners are more racist because they are from the south. self-awareness, not on the quiz apparently. we will be back tomorrow with the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink, sean hannity. >> sean: hope you had a great thanksgiving. busy night, welcome to "hannity," tonight america'sa sovereignty is facing a monumental challenge. over the weekend you witnessed hundreds of so-called asylum-seekers washing along our southern border. they attempted to make an illegal crossing by force, hurling rocks, bottles, and other projectiles at our u.s. border patrol agents and they were rebuffed with nonlethal tear gas. this is the crisis we have been warning you about and it's about to get much worse. many on the left are demonizing border patrol agents. why? for protecting themselves and our country against what is blatant lawlessness.


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