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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> laura: with now 53-47 advantage in the stat more republicans. all i want for christmas is more judges and new ag. shannon bream take it from here. much more in that big mississippi senate win for cindy hyde-smith. shannon. >> shannon: you have to talk to senator flake about those judges. thanks. fox news alerts. republican score another midterm win. critical senate seat in gop column. straight ahead, new developments tonight in the high stake show down with gm. the president now talking about tariffs. tonight the plot thickens over
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allege ties between wikileaks julian assange and jerome corsi. welcome to fox news i'm shannon bream in washington. all eyes on mississippi tonight as candidate who fully embraced the president got plenty of support with commander in chief. peter doocy is there live. >> reporter: democrats here thought they had a lot of momentum and with early returns were coming in, there were encouraging messages coming from the espy campaign. it did not work out their way. he wind out conceding to cindy hyde-smith earlier than they had scheduled for the call. he went and told his supporters about it like this. >> minute ago i did call senator
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cindy hyde-smith, no, i congratulated her tonight. she has my prayers that she goes to washington to unite very divided mississippi. >> reporter: because of that call, cindy hyde-smith was able to take the stage sooner she has been planning. she just walked off. normallyspeech like that you're saying thanks to supporters that are listening to you. her speech had some of that. it was mostly saying thanks to president trump for all of the support for the two rallies that he did yesterday and ride on air force one. she's going back to washington at 4:30 in the morning to get back to work. she was appointed by governor phil bryant once senator ted cochran left for health reasons.
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all the controversy and the chaos did not make her any less likely to want to run in 2020. she said that mississippi voters know her and that's why they voted for her. manage really interesting, the governor bryant said while he was introducing her. he said, he thinks that all of the stories, all of the bad press, all of these unearthed hot mic moments she was making jokes about public hanging or jokes about disenfranchising college voters, he said that all of to motivated republicans to go out and vote. they did not want the national press to tell them how they were supposed to vote and they were supposed to live. the result tonight tracked almost exactly with what the hyde-smith campaign has been telling me all night. >> shannon: thank you very much. now let's bring in editor of the
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half time report. good to see you sir. let's talk about the fact that we talked about this on election night. that not only does gop have a wider margin in the senate, but some of the most anti-trump or not friendly with the president voices to the president are gone. >> there's not a lot of pushover. ben sass, not a pushover. the president when it comes to appointments we're talking about replacing the attorney general, susan collins, lindsey graham voiced serious concerns about the way the president taken a strong attack with saudi arabia. he still has to feed the bulldog. >> shannon: does he has more of margin when it comes to judicial nominees? there are plenty federal judges fielding through the season.
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it's tough for them having to worry about senator collins and murkowski. >> i don't want it take anything from susan collins pro-choice views. i have every inspection -- expectation he'll continue to get lot of judges through and remake the federal judiciary. >> shannon: i want to play something we heard from president obama. he was big voice in this misraise. he did recorded calls for mike espy. the president being down there twice yesterday. here's what president obama is saying tonight about current political environment. >> you start getting the politics based on nationalism that's not pride and country but hatred for somebody on the other side of the border. you start getting the kind of
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politics that does not allow for compromise. >> shannon: he got involved in the midterms coming off a term on couple of years before. he's out there. >> you know, it might have worked in mississippi if the republicans were think being nominating a guy names chris mcdaniel. he's way out. he's way out there. they nominated cindy hyde-smith who is moderate and former democrat, >> shannon: full embrace of president trump. >> if you're republican and i can't win in mississippi, you can't win. the republicans chose the better of course. they won a seat. maybe not big margin they would have hoped. a win is a win. >> shannon: pretty convincing. the president won by 20 points
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there. >> mississippi is astonishingly racially divided state. almost all of the democrats -- black voters are democrat, almost all of the white voters now are republicans. almost every election is 60-40 republican to democrat. democrats can feel good that they outperformed. we'll see substantial black turnouted. she under ed in the suburbs little beth. the win is a win. >> shannon: there's still house stuff lingering around out there. thank you for stopping in. tonight, general motors is not backing down to shut down several plants in the president there there consequences. the president seems it's the u.s. that has all the leverage going to that. all of this turning into a key test for president trump's brand of economic nationalism. tonight we go to correspondent christian fisher for more.
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>> reporter: what we're seeing g is president trump going all in on his america first economic strategy. china with tariffs and now with general motors. he's threatening to cut all federal subsidies for gm if the company moves forward to stop production at four plants in the united states and cut nearly 15,000 jobs. >> holiday season layoffs from gm, brutal. very disappointing. >> reporter: president trump top economic advisor said his boss feels betrayed. first a bailout in 2008, gm saved from bankruptcy by u.s. taxpayers and then new north american trade agreement. the president said today, the u.s. saved general motors and this is the thanks we get. chuck schumer called the news a gut punch to american workers and politically critical state
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in ohio and michigan. >> president trump promised the people we won't lose one auto plant. warren, michigan. that is one of the plants is slated to close. >> reporter: gm explains the move in necessary to position the company for long term success and maintain and grow american jobs. many of the u.s. workers impacted, will have the opportunity to shift to other gm plants. the statement did not mention the trump administration's tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum. gm reported they would cost the company about a billion dollars this year. president trump is preparing to take his threat of even more tariffs in his trade war with china to the g20 summit in argentina where he'll go head to head with the chinese president xi jinping. it will be the first time the two met since the trade war started. the world would love to see a cease-fire. it's possible. >> he is open to that.
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he is open to that. having said that, some caveats as always certainly conditions have to be met with respect to fairness and reciprocity. >> reporter: if those conditions are not met, u.s. is prepared to slap china with an additional $267 billion worth of tariffs on goods that are not subjected to existing tariffs. that could possibly include apple products. >> shannon: thank you very much. paul manafort plea deal is back in the spotlight. the president calling for special counsel robert mueller's investigation a phony witch hunt which is a gang of angry dems. on capitol hill republican senator jeff take wants to protect muler . -- mueller. he's trying to force the
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republican leadership to put a vote on that. >> reporter: republican arizona senator jeff flake wants his colleagues to inoculate robert mueller from presidential interference. flake needed the blessing of all 100 senators to protect mueller. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blocked flake. flake he'll try again on wednesday. better luck this time? >> i know they've been trying to get the votes for it. we'll see. >> reporter: mcconnell isn't a concerned about mueller's future. he doubt the president will fire the special counsel. this is good this i -- >> this is a solution in search of a problem. [indiscernible] i probably would. >> reporter: flake won't back president trump's judicial nominees unless mueller bill gets a vote.
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now there are only 51 senate republicans. one defection by flake makes it harder to get nominees out of committee and confirm them on the floor. a key test vote for flake comes as early as tomorrow with a procedural vote on president trump's nominee for the federal bench in eastern north carolina. judge thomas favre ruled on controversial voting laws earning him the ire of democrats including chuck schumer. >> i didn't know robert mueller needed protection. i do know the southern end our country meeks protection. >> reporter: republicans trying to get clarity from flake about the stand these taking on the special counsel. >> shannon: thank you very much. senator ben sass key member of the senate judiciary committee regarding protecting the special counsel. he's also keeping close house on
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white house trade policies. senator sass join us now. great to have you with us. tomorrow you got a hearing on nominee that's generating controversy. your gop colleague jeff flake said he's not voting. tonight mitch mcconnell it's in search of a problem that doesn't exist. where do you stand? there are three big bucket issues. judicial nomineings between now and end of the year. judicial nominees that haven't gone through committee. one of the thing that president trump has done phenomenal job on he's picked some really great judges. the coalition he put together in the 2016 election, and the kinds of judges he pledged to nominate. he's done that. we on the judiciary committee set all time record confirming circuit court judges. i think we have 31 pending
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judges on the floor. senator flake's threats doesn't touch those 31. we have lot of votes. this there are bunch of judges that are still trying to get through the judiciary committee. chairman gracia grassley will hr to finance and there's special counsel protection bill. i think that bob mueller's work is important and needs to be protected. i don't think there's a vote on that between now and end of the year. >> shannon: do you think there should be? >> it will not get through the house. one of the most limited resources in washington d.c. is senate floor time. leader mcconnell is very rarely willing to spend time on something that will not become law. >> shannon: let's talk about now gm. there's announcement about closing some plants, potentially 15,000 jobs. they say many could be transferred to other plants. the president not very happy tweeting today about potentially
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taking sub -- subsidies away from them. the truth is, gm got $51 million taxpayer funded, a bailout. is it fair to say they have obligation to the american worker >> let's say to those 15,000 family, this is a tragic week. this is a rough set of news for people to receive. i think we want to grieve with those families. in addition, the long term competitiveness of the auto industry is driven by can you build higher quality and lower cost products than competitors. the number one thing that's happening in the automotive industry -- there's a long term trend theory we'll have to think about the future of work and labor. in addition, the steel tariffs aren't helping. i talked to auto industry
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insiders and executives over the course of the last two days, the steel tariffs have big negative consequences. >> shannon: their interest rates and he said it's hurting his ability to do thing to help american workers. >> i don't see that connection. the long term pressures on interest rates are things like u.s. overspending. fact we're not building towards balanced budgets. the fed is probably the wrong bad guy for this equation. >> shannon: jesse kelly, they said he's back. you say the answer to offensive speech is not less but more. >> twitter is a private company. they're not the government. the first amendment is prohibition of speech.
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when i encounter people that you don't agree with, the right answer is to talk to them longer and per sway them. right now, when we hear speech when americans are encountering speech they don't like on a college campus, they're acting like the first extinct is to shut them down or deplatform them. that's bad trend in american life. we need to embrace more vigorous debate. >> shannon: when it involves the government, the supreme court is on the side of free speech. i want to ask you about poll results. it has to do with millennials. people 38 and under. i was disturbed. laugh of those surveys believe u.s. is sexist and racist. 84% of americans can't enumerate in the first amendment. >> we're doing bad job of teaching syver -- syver i civi.
8:18 pm
america has limited government because government is about power. government is about coercion. most of the interesting things in life are about neighbor and love and persuasion. the center of the world for americans is supposed all that cities and towns where viewers are living. not warble d.c. washington d.c. is supposed to be a place that's public service. that means people need to know, freedom of speech, press, assembly and protest. >> shannon: that's a nonpartisan issue. we can agree on it. thank you for your time. americans longest war plane three more lives taliban takes responsibility for roadside bomb that killed three u.s. soldiers and severely injured at least three others. we'll talk to general about that. what happens now? we'll take a look at the collapse of paul manafort's plea
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>> shannon: paul manafort is a
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potential blow. he was a key witness for the special counsel's investigation into alleged collusion. >> reporter: tonight prosecutors reportedly believe arthur jerome corsi tipped off roger stone months before wikileaks released thousands of e-mails. that's according to document drafted as part of plea offer to jerome corsi obtained by the "washington post." corsi saying a friend in embassy plans two more -- dumps. corsi said he's rejected offer to plead guilty to a false statement charge. >> this is a political witch hunt.
8:24 pm
because i did not have a contact with assange, yet have figured out that assange had podesta's e-mail. >> reporter: former trump chairman paul manafort also reportedly involved why julian assange. he met with assange on at least three occasions in 2013, 2015 and most importantly in march of 2016. just before he joined the trump campaign. manafort blast the report as false. president trump weighing tweeting the mueller witch hunt is a disgrace. wait until it comes out how they are treating people and ruining lives for them refusing to lie. mueller a conflicted prosecutor. his press secretary questioned in the white house briefing whether a pardon can be in the offer for manafort. >> i'm not worried -- i'm not
8:25 pm
aware of questions about pardon. >> reporter: rudy guiliani didn't rule out the pardon. this wouldn't be come until after the investigation is over. we've been saying that it's close to over for over a year now. >> shannon: we're standing by. thank you. let's break this down. tonight's power panel. welcome to all of you. let's start with jerome corsi for a second. there's document online that supposed to be what they were working on drafting before this plea deal with the mueller team fell apart. it references people not by name but it would seem to suggest we're taking wikileaks and
8:26 pm
julian assange. corsi said he's not going to lie. >> first, i kind of doubt that. he's a fabulous from way back. it's more likely that mueller doubted his, corsi's statement. corsi saying he forgot about this until this new evidence came out. potentially he forces mueller to an indictment of both him and stone which will take longer and he hoped before to go from corsi to get him to cooperate as against stone. now there's a prospect of a trial. >> shannon: if these they end up getting indicted and trouble, do you think it will be a process time? do you think they'll get in trouble on substance? most of what we've seen from the mueller team has been people who said something, wanted to change their statement or said something else and they lied to federal agents. >> i think it's more of process
8:27 pm
style. mueller and his team has been talking to these people for a long time. they ask a lot of questions. you have to be precise. it wouldn't shock me over the interviews, they said something that the mueller team they can use to a false statement charge. we've seen cases where they don't go to the substantive root. they wind up gutting a plea to a false statement. it wouldn't surprise me. >> shannon: guys, today from the, the headline is, manafort plea decision represents setbacks for mueller. it says, the decision to call limb out as a liar takes his testimony off the table removing a valuable asset for the government. the mueller team saying, the guy has been lying since the plea deal. he's not cooperating with us. by identifying him as a liar, does it take away some of the sheen off him as potential witness against the president or the campaign?
8:28 pm
>> yes, definitely. if he was going to be called in trial. all the defense would have to say, look the prosecution, mummeries -- mueller's team said he's a liar. he kept lying to them. mueller and his team they're not stupid people. they knew that. yet, they still moved forward anyway with this very public, shaming, blowing up this plea deal. very fascinating few days involving quite a colorful cast of characters. >> shannon: hearing today there was a report that alleged that manafort met number of times with julian assange. he had contacts with him before joining the trump campaign. he's denying this and saying it's false and said it's libel. he and wikileaks now apparently considering legal action against the guardian which published
8:29 pm
this story. >> well, the first thing, we'll be able to figure this out. you're right, there have been some very remarkable twists and turns to corsi and manafort offer the last few days. the bottom line, though, it looks pretty solid that the russian attempt to meddle with the election has come to a american shores. it seems there's pretty strong reason to believe that among these three, manafort, corsi and stone who knew what was happening. did they speak to the president, we don't know. this one seem explosive when it came out. the guardian has walked back slightly. it's little bit puzzling. the fact that manafort denies it, i don't think tell us much. he is a pretty dishonest fella.
8:30 pm
>> shannon: he has been unequivocal with his denial. tom, i want to does you about there "new york times" report, mueller's legal team has been talking with manafort and finding out that his team has been briefing the president's legal team about his conversations with mueller. does that strike you as unusual? nobody saying it's illegal. >> i don't think i will go so far it's illegal. it is little unusual. there's nothing in this whole saga has has gone according to script. man tort retained some loyalty to the president. i'm sure that the president legal advisors are interested in the questions that mueller is asking manafort. it doesn't shock me. if i want to be careful about how much information you share. the president's lawyers trying to gate road map what mueller knows. possibly preparing for the president for a potentially some day an interview with mueller if
8:31 pm
this were to occur. >> shannon: quick final word to you. >> the thing i'm fascinated by in the developments of the everything that has been said fascinating especially with the manafort piece. i guess i'll leave it there. there are so many roads to go down, shannon. >> shannon: there are endless possibilities for all the key players here. we'll continue to watch with your help, thank you very much. our tensions between russia and ukraine escalating. ukraine warning potential full scale war. plus mexicans say they fear for their children's safety. now the people of tijuana are taking matters in their own hand. (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay?
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>> shannon: justice department filing a motion tonight after asking a district court judge to suspend restraining order against the president new asylum policy. trump administration appealing the decision to the next level. tonight, sighting fears for safety, residents of tijuana have closed down a school next to the sports arena where migrants are camped out. >> reporter: good evening. clearly hind sight is 2020. the decision by roughly thousand central american migrants to rush the border on sunday to gain access was a huge setback for the caravan's cause. first in a criticism of the migrant, mexico scolding them for not respecting mexican laws. tijuana mayor saiding his city can't handle thousands of
8:37 pm
migrants. many in tijuana believes many pose a danger. a school next to the complex has been shut down. the parents association citing concern for their children safety. but their own lock and chain to shut the gates. saying the school would remain closed until further notice. one parent said, this has been building far while. >> it's not something that happened today. it didn't happen yesterday. it didn't happen in week. it happened the day they arrived. we had an alter case with them -- altercation with them. they wanted to use the restroom. we are spared from their situation but it affects us. >> reporter: other parents want the migrants relocated but tonight our crews on the ground captured video of hundreds more arriving in tijuana from other caravans. thousands of additional migrants are expected in the coming days.
8:38 pm
even the migrants themselves agree that what happened on sunday hurt their chances of gaining asylum in the u.s. many are considering their options to the back to central america or take the offer for mexico. president trump is also warned that the migrants try to rush the border again, he would shut the ports of entry. >> shannon: thank you very much. big win for property owners in louisiana today. the u.s. supreme court ordering a lower court to take a new look at a federal agency designation of louisiana timberlands as a critical habitat for endangered frog. decision was unanimous. the case involved a 1500-acre track. jeff justice john rockets -- rockeroberts said they haven't decided if the frog can survive on the land. russia and ukraine are pointing
8:39 pm
fengers at each other. russia seized three ukrainian ships. there are new fears tensions could escalate to a war. we'll talk live right after this break. let's be honest. every insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance. including me, esurance spokesperson dennis quaid. he's a pretty good spokesperson. ehhh. so when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. hey, actor lady whose scene was cut. hi. but you can believe this esurance employee, nancy abraham. seriously, send her an email and ask her yourself. no emails... no emails. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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8:43 pm
ukrainian president is warning full-scale war. there are suggestions send our navy to the sea to the scene of the confrontation between the two countries. let's discuss it with fox news senior analyst. great to have you with us. let's talk about this. ukrainian president said this, i don't want anyone to think this is fun and games. ukraine is under threat full-scale war with russia. >> he's facing an election coming up in 2019. it's a tough election. he may lose it. i'm not suggesting he's holding the stadium this situation. putin's favoritability rating at the lowest since this war began five years ago. he's got huge problems at home and people are getting tired of the troop deployments and drip
8:44 pm
of casualties that are happening. the war is in a different framework in russia now than when they seized crimea. >> shannon: the kremlin strongmen will be watching signs for weakness. >> that's a way putting marker down. secondly, totally agree on sanctions. we should do that in concert with the europeans. would make an announcement quickly, white house has been considering it for weeks.
8:45 pm
that is more lethal aid to the ukrainians. we've given them the anti-tank weapon. i would also think about going into the black sea with france and probably the u.k. and possibly germany, not lot of ships but a few ships. every once in a while to show the russians that we're not going to be pushed around here. also to prop up the ukrainians. >> shannon: we have terrible news out of afghanistan. roadside bomb killed three of our u.s. service members. senator elizabeth warren tweeting this, three u.s. service members were killed in afghanistan today as we grieve with their families. we must ask how many more must die to realize that no amount u.s. military will fix
8:46 pm
afghanistan. it's time to bring our troops home. the president expressed lot of worry and hesitation about us being in afghanistan. >> it is true. it's very frustrating. 17 years. we squandered so many opportunities to turn this around during the bush administration and we went to war in afghanistan. all that said, the trump team i think what they have, without stating it, what they are doing, they upped the ante in terms of the number of troops there to help train the afghan security forces. what they said is, we'll stay unconditionally. that never existed during the obama administration. they're saying that, they want the taliban to recognize resolve here and they want to force the taliban to come to the table and discuss a political solution. that is really their strategy.
8:47 pm
whether that will work or not remains to be seen. the taliban has tremendous patience. it's been 17 years since they ran the country. >> shannon: thank you very much. good to have you. new battle over religious freedom and lgbt rights in arizona. two christian artist said they've been ordered to create a cake for same sex wedding. those artist are here live to discuss the case next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling,
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>> shannon: two christian artist in arizona are being ordered to create an order for -- arizona supreme court announced they will hear their case in january. thank you all for being with us tonight. i want to start with asking you have you be approached about a situation or by a couple that you felt like you couldn't do the work for their wedding. why did you challenge the law anyway? >> we decided to challenge this
8:52 pm
law because everyday that we are wanting to create art consistent who we are is the day we're facing potential jail time and fines. that was a risk we could not take. we believe strongly in the right of artist to create freely. >> shannon: kristen, you were helping them with this. this is a phoenix ordinance. they want the court system to give them a blank check to refuse service to any same sex couple that is requesting custom wedding products. >> where do i start? i think first of all, what needs to be pointed out, briann in and joe anna makes decision on art to create. the critical distinction. in terms of comparing this to racism or anything else, that's a bankrupt analogy. zientsed to shut down the debate
8:53 pm
and thankfully has rejected that analogy and the same sex marriage decision and the moster piece cake sho -- master piece e shop. >> shannon: in the appellate ruling in arizona, the judge said, posting language on a website telling potential customers business will discriminate based on sexual orientation is part of the act of sexual orientation discrimination itself. amoun-- they may post a statemet endorsing their belief that marriage is between a man and woman. you can talk about not serving peopling he does say you can talk about your belief in traditional marriage versus same sex marriage. >> let me say we serve all
8:54 pm
people. i want to stay that. that does not solve the problem. we are grateful that the court recognized that phoenix was belong to pass the law saying we cannot express our beliefs about marriage. >> shannon: kristen, you are argue this case at the supreme court. the cake baker's case. where do you draw the line, hair stylest, florist -- >> the first amendment protectings anything. it has to protect the author's pen and the painter's brush. that's exactly what at issue here. phoenix position is so extreme, they're saying you can force someone to write a message that violates their core conviction. that's the heart of the first amendment. >> shannon: kristen, we're going to keep up on your case
8:55 pm
january 22nd is the date. keep us up to date. the world will be watching and we'll see you at the supreme court as well. thank you all. today is giving tuesday. there are so many extraordinary groups how out >> there's one lik i like tolu about. world health a humanitarian group reaching out to those in need all around the world. food, clothing, mosquito nets, emergency medical care. they go into remote places. they do transportation, they hand out bible. they are key players helping young women escape from tracking. it is a huge problem. so many great causes. etweeted few others. if you want to check out their website, they're doing good all around the globe. christmas for all they do and the difference they make in people's lives. they expect nothing in return.
8:56 pm
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