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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 28, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that reps its hour of "fox and friends first". today's the day of the national christmas tree lighting in washington dc and rockefeller center tree down the street from here. see you back here tomorrow, "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> 2000 on the way over here. >> do you plan to go legally or illegally to cross? >> it is the same. jillian: fox news alert, hundreds of migrants waiting for their shot across the border. rob: the list of demands the migrants are demanding are making. we are live in tijuana. jillian: cindy hyde smith the first woman elected to congress. rob: the president just waiting. also this. did you see this? you are going to want to steer
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clear. are you kidding me? the person who wanted me to read this verbatim, move out of the way of this massive animal. jillian: it weighs more than a car. michael jordan. "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. ♪ ♪ so wake me up when he got over ♪ when i am older ♪ all the time ♪ i didn't know i was on ♪ so wake me up -- rob: what a thing, that cattle. jillian: you want to read that sentence again? rob: i would not. enough pundits for one day. cows eat grass. how do you get that big eating grass? jillian: hang on, we will tell
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you more about that story a little later. rob: before we get to the cow you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. rob: migrants at the nation southern border demanding faster asylum proceedings and the end to all deportation. jillian: griff jenkins on the ground in tijuana where officials are pleading for help forth what they call a humanitarian crisis. >> reporter: $30,000 a day according to officials, 5800 migrants in the sports complex, 200 more came overnight. that is why delegates for this area say it isn't sustainable. listen. >> they were promising them the great american dream, aren't coming through. they are noticing is that, they know they will be better back
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home. >> reporter: migrants issuing a list of demands, they want to end the deportations, speed up the asylum process, want the new government to form a commission to help their plight, they want the names of those deported released publicly and 24 hours to human rights attorneys. i talked to one of those migrants and here is what he had to say. >> it is the same. because i don't go to the other side to do something bad. i go to work, and work is work. here, there and anywhere. >> secretary kirstjen neilsen says that's not a valid reason for asylum. >> 90% of those making asylum claims are not making a claim that can be honored under the
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statutory framework in the united states. it is not a valid reason for asylum. if you're coming to get a job that is not claim for asylum. if you are coming to be with family that is not a claim for asylum. >> reporter: these migrants already restless and losing patience but upwards of 2000 coming from two hours way to compound the problem. jillian: thank you. rob: some democrats still calling for open borders despite what looks to be thousands of illegal immigrants or illegal migrants trying to force their way in. jillian: lindsey graham says the president is handling the crisis exactly how he should be. >> i have been in the military most of my adult life. he used the least amount of force possible to protect you and secure the mission of the mission is to protect the border from being overrun so teargas keeps the people apart. that is a good thing. the bottom line is donald trump
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was right to call the caravan out weeks ago. he is right to make sure, people throughout the world are watching the president. if he blinks his credibility on securing the border is dead. he is not going to blink and to my democratic friends, how do you expect the public to work with us to fix a broken immigration system if you support one wave after another. a lot of at stake. the president is not going to bend, not going to back down and i hope the republicans in congress stand behind him. rob: congress hasn't of december 7th, about border security. jillian: cindy hyde smith is the first mississippi woman elected to congress. rob: republicans will control the senate 53-47. >> by no means a filibuster proof majority but mitch mcconnell now has a little more
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wiggle room on the closest of votes which will make things like approving the judicial nominees, here is the race for cindy hyde smith by eight points which is less then donald trump's victory in the 2016 election in mississippi, congratulations on your big win in mississippi. we are very proud of you. >> this victory is about our conservative values, things that mean the most, faith, family and things that i will take to washington dc to represent all mississippians with these values and 8 for it, i assure you, every single day. >> mike espy made it more of a
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race and conceded earlier than expected. >> this is not the result we were hoping for but i am very proud, this historic campaign. and i am so very grateful for the support we received across mississippi. >> democrats hope hyde smith praising the supporter saying, quote, of he invited me to a public hanging i would be on the front row would change the dynamic in that state to originally appointed to serve out the remaining two years of us the left by the retirement of thad cochran. her win last night makes her the first woman in mississippi elected to congress. >> live in washington, thank you. the nation of ukraine is asking for donald trump's help to deliver a message to vladimir putin. >> piece from ukraine. on this occasion.
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the russians will pay a huge price if they attempt it. rob: the president's request comes days after russian forces attacked three ukrainian ships in the crimean see wounding 6 sailors. donald trump told the washington post he may cancel his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin saying, quote, i don't like that aggression. jillian: donald trump and canadian prime mister justin trudeau announced general motors's plan to cut 40,000 jobs, trudeau said they would discuss gm and other trade issues heading into the g 20 summit, donald trump is threatening to cut federal subsidies as the automaker is making plans to start production of plants in the us and canada. rob: paul manafort firing back after sources tell the guardian he met with kim jong un one in
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london before wikileaks release democratic emails that were stolen by russian and officers. manafort says the report is, quote, totally false and libelous. it comes as the judge delays the ruling to unseal alleged, charges against julian assange. the us is not confirmed or denied the charges exist at a report by the new york times reveals paul manafort has been giving donald trump's legal team on the road mueller russia probe. jillian: the most famous christmas tree in the world getting lit tonight. the rockefeller center tree in new york city is a 72 foot norway spruce topped with a 9 foot star made of 3 million crystals. in dc the president and first lady will take part in the 96th annual christmas tree lighting ceremony near the white house. always gets you in the festive mood if you are not already. rob: pretty fair weather for this.
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>> we may get some snowflakes in new york city this morning when i am outside doing the weather. it is cold outside right now, windchill, feels even colder than that. it is feeling like wintertime across the eastern third of the country. the past 24 hours, see those snowflakes across portions of the great lakes and the northeast, we could get in on that action later this morning and a big snowstorm, snowflakes are in the air. looking across the west, our next system, several systems moving to the west coast, a good news situation. they need the moisture but a lot of it will produce potential for flash flooding, mudslides, debris flows and snowpack, several feet of snow across california and rainfall as far south as southern california. we are watching that. that system will make its way across the central us bringing
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snowy winter he whether for the central plains as well as the potential for severe storms across the gulf coast and south later this week. it looks pretty good but you see the clipper system across the northern plains and snowflakes here and there making you feel very christmasy, christmas tree lighting type weather. rob: sounds great. jillian: i didn't know what i was going to say either. rob: we like it like that. jillian: 11 minutes after the hour, the media bashing the trump administration overuse of force at the border. >> the history of unnecessary force. >> a shameful american moment. those pictures are the pictures we saw at the end of the vietnam war. jillian: are they forgetting what happened under the obama
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after a scratch so small rocket you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> they are telling you the essential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees 1000 miles away. >> there have been caravans over the years and they always get disbanded. >> far fewer people than it once did, we could handle them with border patrol and ice agents and other civilians, not the military. jillian: donald trump's critics marking his handling of the
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migrant caravan slamming the use of tear gas at the border. rob: homeland security numbers show that under president obama border agents use to teargas at least 79 times at the border. this appears to be selective outrage by the media. here is the second of director, thanks for coming on this morning. teargas was introduced by border protection under the obama administration in 2010. >> absolutely and used over 400 times by the obama administration compared to how many times the trump administration used it. the selective outrage on the left over tactics this administration is employing, tactics introduced by the obama administration. a liberal administration, ultimate hypocrisy.
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jillian: the numbers we mentioned from 2012-2018, dhs, 79 times under the obama administration, 47 times use from 2017-18 and the use of pepper spray from us customs and border protection. notice 2013, 151, pretty significant number compared to the rest of the year. what is going on with the narrative? >> reporter: democrats are using selective outrage because it is the trump administration and going after this administration for enforcing the border. and continuing to protect our border if you will so like i said, selective outrage, so much, democrats have been gone to say the trump administration is using forms of chemical
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weapons to deter migrants from coming in. when the obama administration used the same tactics more than the trump administration. rob: incredible the response to this has been tremendous because there are pictures and video but let's tell the story here, look at the media coverage regarding the obama administration and the use of the same tactics, teargas at the border. here is the coverage from the big 3 networks when obama and his administration did the same thing, 0 minutes across the border. something to see when you put it that clearly. >> selective outrage and networks going all in on the democratic messaging just to deter and damaged this presidency. the mainstream media will never ever ever talk badly about president obama and will only air selective pieces from when he attacks the president and quite frankly the service to the
2:19 am
american people seeking real news and more importantly not interested in politics being played here. >> >> and you see numbers like that. what do you think of the american people who want that information. >> the mainstream media will never give the president a fair shake because they don't agree with the policies he is implementing. this is an inherent bias against the administration and the work being done through his agenda so i tell the american people often and friends of mine that i see often that are not necessarily politically minded to really look at research where they are doing before believing anything
2:20 am
networks like cnn and msnbc are peddling which are democratic talking points. rob: you have to read and watch everything to get the complete story. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. 19 after the hour. amazon making big moves, the online giant. >> it is not right. and to sleep at night on your own property. >> flag on fire, made a target for supporting the president. (bright electronic music) - [announcer] powerful cleaning. that's what you expect from shark, and our newest robot vacuum is no exception. from floors to carpets, it tackles all kinds of debris, even pet hair, with ease. but what about cleaning above the floor? that's why we created the shark ion robot cleaning system,
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>> 170 families trying to get in 6 months. the washington examiner, families separated at the us-mexico border based on no family relation. the dhs has seen an increase in men showing up at the border with children in an attempt to exploit a loophole to get them into the country easier. rob: illegal immigrants sanctuary in a church being deported. isis rejecting samuel oliver bruno's, the national can -- mexican nationalist spent the last 11 months taking refuge in a church, 30 protesters were arrested after surrounding the immigration and customs enforcement than that was trying to take away. jillian: amazon wants to help you cut costs but not on shipping.
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rob: tracy carrasco here with new software to improve patient treatment. >> reporter: amazon's latest push into the healthcare industry and this will bring up privacy concerns. amazon offering a new software that will mine medical records for information. the software will be able to scan digitized records and pull out any data. hospital officials will use this to cut down on costs, medical professionals use this to come up with treatment but other tech companies have been getting into the medical industry as well. google and apple doing this, this is the next big effort, nothing sacred anymore. jillian: free starbucks. >> they have this free coffee for life contest. you have to be a loyalty member to enter but you can get free coffee every single day for the next 30 years so this totals
2:26 am
$56,000 if you are the lucky winners offering this, you can enter now through december 31st, starbucks coming out with a new seasonal drink on their menu, the juniper stage latte. it has an evergreen aroma. sounds like your christmas tree. rob: remember on seinfeld when kramer got the free coffee? thanks. it is 26 after the hour, donald trump ripping into the russia probe getting back up for robert mueller's favorite target, the interview you will see here. rob: nancy pelosi's power put to the test when democrats vote on the next speaker. will this be a slamdunk? democratic strategists is she should be prepared for anything, joining us live next.
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shannon: donald trump tearing to the russia probe saying robert mueller has gone road. a key witness in the investigation tells fox news about a so-called perjury trap. rob: todd pyro joins us with washington's response. >> reporter: you thought the mueller probe faded away for a few weeks, it is back with a vengeance thanks to jerome corsi the 20 know about the clinton wikileaks document, he alleged special counsel investigators accused him of lying under oath only after he, quote, couldn't give them what they wanted. >> the special prosecutors. you off, they do this perjury trap. completely rigged and politically driven. by clinton operatives who have an agenda.
2:31 am
if you can't give them, roger is right, if you can't give them what they are looking for to fill their narrative they charge you with a crime. >> reporter: the president ramping up attacks on the probe with a torrent of tweets including the latest one, quote, the mueller witchhunt is a total disgrace, they are looking at supposedly stalling hillary clinton's emails even though they don't want to look at the dnc server but have no interest in the emails hillary deleted after getting a congressional subpoena, the white house and misting there are no plans to do away with the special counsel. >> the president had robert mueller doing his job for the last two years and could have taken action but hasn't. he has no intention to do anything. >> reporter: this has republicans gauge support for a bill to diffuse a fight with jeff flake who is holding up judicial nominees to keep the probe intact.
2:32 am
rob: roger stone accused of knowing about wikileaks activities prior to the 2016 election. jillian: stone speaking out the fox news saying the russia probe is a distraction. >> political gossip became criminalized. everybody in america wanted to know after assange had these on june and in fox, what exactly it was he had but there is no flow of information. i received no emails. the entire russia collusion delusion is meant to distract us from the fact the obama administration and fbi were using illegal unconstitutional warrants despite donald trump's campaign. there is a need to distract those things so we point to donald trump and russian collusion which doesn't exist to. rob: he is one of the president's harshest critics but it does look like chuck schumer
2:33 am
could be warming up to real border security. >> we offer strong border security. the $1.6 billion for border security negotiated by democrats and republicans is our position. we believe that is the right way to go. we are not negotiating in the press, this is our position. rob: the president wants $5 billion in funding for his wall to avoid government shutdown. a massachusetts town holds an emergency meeting after part smokers flood the street clogging traffic and forcing a number of detours. >> always been a nightmare. hundreds of cars a day, from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night nonstop.
2:34 am
rob: on rob: the pot shop is selling recreational marijuana, the company apologizing saying they are working, the crowds die down once more storing licenses approved. a third one will work near cape cod. take a look at this. hundreds of strangers attend a funeral for a veteran after his obituary goes viral. a newspaper writing, quote, public invited to cemetery to honor vietnam veterans with no known family. the private first class served in vietnam, he was 73 years old. nancy pelosi's power put to the test today. democrats will vote to nominate the next house speaker, the entire house folks january 3rd. nancy pelosi's push to reclaim the gavel might not be the
2:35 am
slamdunk. democratic strategists and former national political director at the dnc. thank you for your time this morning. before breaking down the numbers, what will happen today? >> good support for the caucus, and nonprogressive, so they will do well. >> 22 democrats voiced opposition. and the last few weeks, pictures on the screen, 435, the number you want to look at is 218 votes needed for majority. that has been tested in years past going back to 2015, 1997, and 216 votes and how many will she be able to get? >> nancy pelosi is a vote
2:36 am
counter, she knows her power and she will get the 218 she needs and continue to work to guarantee those numbers are there for her to become speaker of the house. >> part of the problem is no one else has come out to be competition for her. >> i don't think it is that big a problem. it speaks to the volume of her being able to move the caucus and move the house. for the speaker, where is she going to place leadership and how are we going to make sure we are getting younger folks to the house in positions of power? that is what is going to happen as we move forward. heather: you say it doesn't have much to do with no one else coming out to compete but at the
2:37 am
same time you hear democrats say we have a voice, younger in their. if there is no one there to do that there is no one there to do that. >> you have folks who will be part of the caucus and also get their agenda and move their ideas and agenda forward through different committees and that is how it will work out with her being speaker of the house. jillian: are you surprised the party is not identified when it comes to this? >> the democratic party is a big party and we have lots of different voices but you can see as we move through this process those folks that were opposed to nancy becoming the speaker are starting to move closer, becoming more supportive of
2:38 am
nancy pelosi. i think that is a good thing and it will be good for the house as a whole. jillian: we will see what happens. it is 37 minutes after the hour and he is back, barack obama taking shots at donald trump and fox news. >> if you are a fox news viewer you have an entirely different reality than if you are a new york times reader. jillian: that's not all he had to say. chick-fil-a's social stances, voting for it to be brought to campus. carly shimkus with here with how the restaurant's firing back. as the one who is always trapped beneath the duvet i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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the ninja foodi, everything was so fresh in the beginning... but that plug quickly faded. luckily there's new febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. breathe happy with new febreze plug. >> 6 firing back after a
2:42 am
university excluded the company's views? >> carly shimkus here with reaction online. >> right university near princeton new jersey recently asked students which restaurant they want to see on campus which a majority said chick-fil-a but school officials next the idea citing religious views and anti-same-sex marriage stand. chick-fil-a is firing back saying they are not in the business of, they are in the business of serving food, not serving up a political agenda. they say chick-fil-a is focused on food, service and hospitality and welcomes everyone. we have no policy of this, nation against any group and we do not have a political or social agenda. controversy providing folks with food for thought. one facebook user says they don't have an agenda which is more than right university can
2:43 am
say. another person saying the question was about food, not social issues stance. rider university will hold a forum for all students and faculty to express their views on this issue. >> rob learned what else on the shelf is. the elf on the shelf has become a beloved holiday tradition for many families but one comedian has come up with a new idea that will warm the hearts of moms everywhere. >> if you are like me you are tired of the elf on the shelf this season, a new holiday tradition for moms, doesn't matter of moms, is always there in the morning. >> the holiday tradition or that i could support.
2:44 am
cheers to all the moms out there. >> let's check with brian kilmeade on "fox and friends". >> let me tell you what you have in store. the highest-ranking woman in the house with us to talk about border wall funding. senator schumer looking to play ball with democrats, helping other president in the country, marco rubio will talk about what he is hoping to do at the g 20 summit and more of the border crisis we are looking at. and if we can have lettuce or not or is it back to junk food and jerry falwell will be with us from liberty university. here are some things, the christmas season, there are classic songs that shaped a
2:45 am
generation, not only with surfing but christmas. little saint by this band called the beach boys, and releasing others and his favorite christmas songs and you have that in the background. >> we look forward to the show. when we come back house republicans, the tax package before the next lame-duck congress, what is in the bill. >> don't go anywhere. i am not for colds. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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jillian: good morning. the clintons kick off a paid picking tour in canada but the arena was half-empty. the dale mail says 3300 tickets were sold but there were plenty of open seats right before bill and hillary took the stage. the clintons one a speaking tour in 13 cities. former president barack obama takes jabs at donald trump when speaking at a gala in texas. >> a media environment in which you are a fox news viewer, you have an entirely different reality than if you are a new york times reader. not only did i not get indicted but nobody in my ministration got indicted partly because the people who joined us were there for the right reasons. >> reporter: obama was answering a question about tough moment in office. another one.
2:50 am
rob: house republicans are unveiling another round of tax cuts aimed at the middle class. what is in this bill and how will that impact your wallet? here to break down is the associate professor brian bloomberg. the most important thing is the extension of the tax cuts for the middle class is not in this new bill. >> we talked about tax cuts in september most of the year, you would make the individual tax cuts at the end of 20/25 permanent. that is not happening, the big centerpiece is not in this bill. rob: what is the point? >> a lot of provisions republicans want to extend, changes in depreciation, small things like biofuels and other industries and something about retirement savings, disaster relief but the thing we are talking about our individual tax
2:51 am
cuts that expire in 2025. democrats hammered republican saying they should make these permanent, they are not doing it now. it is a long bill, 287 pages. rob: let's look at what is in this new bill, this will revive a number of expired tax provisions addressing glitches in the first round of attacks to advance the irs, provide new tax breaks, and a lot of the ones you just mentioned the democrats pounced on republicans, those cuts did not go on forever like they did for corporations. why was that? was it money? >> they went after republicans, you're giving tax cuts to businesses but not doing the same for individuals. i thought republicans would say you don't like that let's vote
2:52 am
on it now and make individual cuts permanent as well but they seem to have backed off. i'm not sure why they have done that except it might have been a big fight with democrats but my point is democrats will get on board this weekend. and the gop tax-cut. and and to raise taxes for higher end learning individuals. they don't want to play ball. rob: if they extended for the middle class how do democrats vote against it if they were to go back to that original tax-cut? >> that make sense from a republican standpoint. what democrats say is you want to extend it for the middle
2:53 am
class, raise it for corporations and the rich, republicans don't want to have that conversation and it is disingenuous as well. democrats complained about this not being a permanent cut, we won't vote on that. what do you really want here? the bill, economically is not a big mover. it won't change things for the country or except most taxpayers. rob: let's talk about the economy. the markets have been interesting. the s&p is down 0.1%, you see a bit of a plunge, going so hot for so long. >> a lot of uncertainty. the stock markets always look to the future and say what will happen next year? there are a lot of questions for next year. one of the biggest is interest rates. what is the federal reserve going to do with interest rates? we heard the president talk about this, i'm not happy -- the funny thing is he has a lot of
2:54 am
people in the market who are saying the same thing. i think the fed is getting ahead of itself so if the federal reserve can call people down next year, talking about interest rate increases, the stock market coming back a little bit. the big uncertainties trade, how will that affect middle america manufacturing businesses? we will see this week the president move toward a deal with china if he gets something meaningful, that will have a huge positive effect on the stock market. rob: we will see what happens with interest rates and the concern over inflation. >> the big uncertainty, markets don't like that. rob: holy cow, steer clear of this massive animal. look at the size of this cow. as tall as michael jordan standing on four legs, as heavy
2:55 am
as a car and causing pandemonium online, stay tuned. ♪ so shark invented duo clean. while deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free. . .
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super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin. we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin and out cleans the other free and clear detergent. dermatologist recommended. it's got to be tide. ♪ jillian: a veteran wakes up and finds this his trump 2020 flag burned and in pieces on the front porch. >> there is fear in my mind. it's not right. i should be able to come and go as i want. we should be able to sleep at night on our own property so there is fear. jillian: gus klein says
2:59 am
someone ripped it off his flag pole at his home and set it on fire. police are investigating. >> veterans outraged after a rap group known as the diplomats wore military medals on stage. ribbons, jackets and patches at a performance in new york city. case of stolen valor there not happy are the veterans. jillian: time for the good r. the good, the bad, and the ugly. tree farm in michigan sending hundreds of christmas trees to military families. 600 trees being sent to families k56r7 lejeune. rob: throwing fireworks, flares even molotov cocktails into stands. somehow nobody was hurt. jillian: finally the ugly, yes we will milk this one for all its worth. have you heard about this yet? an you ha utterly.
3:00 am
no laughing stock. nearly as tall as michael jordan no. cow-incidence that the mooing animal will not be sold. rob: i think i got nauseous from all the pun. jillian: you'll be okay. rob: bye. ♪ ♪ i want to cut to the feeling ♪ ♪ bine bine i cannot see rudolph, right? steve: got to be to be one of them. ainsley: reindeer outside? steve: i thought dasher. ism, speaking of christmas lights outside our world headquarters here at 48th. tonight at


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