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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 28, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> melissa: what you guys don't know is that we peppered sean with questions during the break. it's like a press briefing. >> sean: i've got a podcast and we do that every day. >> melissa: we will be back at noon eastern tomorrow, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert, nancy pelosi facing the first vote in her quest to become speaker of the house again. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. house democrats are getting set to reconvene and take about for party leadership. nancy pelosi's speakership a bid be closely watched after a group of nearly two dozen democrats said they would oppose her. but politico is now reporting that she is so confident in her numbers, she is giving vulnerable members passed a vote against her today. fellow california democrat adam
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shift expects nancy pelosi to get a very strong endorsement and said democrats have to unite despite differences of opinion. watch. >> i think she's going to have a very strong vote of support in the caucus, and what's more, she showed. i certainly understand the intentions of those that are mounting this challenge but at the end of the day, if the challenge doesn't succeed, and we will know today, then we need to come together and move on and get ready for the challenge ahead of us next year. >> harris: move on, he says. mike emanuel, this gets complicated if you ran on the fact that you were going against nancy pelosi. >> exactly right, harris, good afternoon to you. nancy pelosi and her allies think they've done enough of the necessary work for her to be the next house speaker, she met with a lot of the critics who said they would not support her, trying to win back some of them over. a democratic aide tells fox today's ballot will be secret
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ballot with yes or no on the question of pelosi for speaker so those who campaigned against her will indeed be able to vote no. the top three democrats are expected to be pelosi as speaker, pelosi is 78, and they've heard plenty about the need for more opportunities for younger democrats. >> if i am elected today i will immediately put in place a process by which we can help younger members and new members develop the knowledge and the know-how to make themselves effective legislators here in the congress. i am always thinking about the future. >> hakeem jeffries has been elected to be the next democratic caucus chair, and he
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talked about the race for speaker. >> i support leader pelosi, i think every member will have to do what they feel is the best interest of their district. once we get through all of this we are going to need to come together because there are real issues we have to tackle on behalf of the american people and hopefully we will do that sooner rather than later. >> with so many democrats during the campaign cycle running against pelosi for speaker, there's been a lot of concern about whether house democrats could unify. >> harris: it's so interesting with hakeem jeffries of new york, one of those people that was in line four may be speakership to run against her and he ended up being in leadership in another way but obviously in the wings. mike emanuel, thank you very much. let's bring in california congressman eric swalwell, he supports pelosi's bid for speaker, my goodness, doesn't everybody? even the people who said they wouldn't. what do you do if you ran on no,
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i am completely against nancy pelosi because i want to see millennials come in, i want to see some fresh ideas i know you have to backtrack. >> you have an opportunity today in the caucus vote to vote against her but if she is reported by the caucus, you go to the floor and vote for kevin mccarthy or what were nancy pelosi and i think you have a hard time explaining to your constituents why you voted to help the republicans. >> harris: nobody has put it that way that i watched today, that's interesting. no one officially running against her, you put her against a republican and call everybody's bluff in the room. what does that say to young people in your party, like yourself. >> harris, you may not believe that, i watch your show every day and i watched over the last few weeks, you've talked about why hasn't nancy pelosi groomed door men toward -- i see you say that and i'm yelling at the tv,
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she does, i am one of those persons, one of the youngest persons ever put on the intelligence committee, she put me into the leadership team to go years ago, i was the youngest person on the team, hakeem jeffries, she tasked him with coming up with the democratic message and he was on the team that came up with the for the people message and he ran and won, she's done that. i don't think she talks about that enough, she is a very humble person, a shy person, believe it or not, doesn't want to to her own horn but i've seen that happen. >> harris: nancy pelosi doesn't want her to her own horn. i had to move on, alexandria ocasio-cortez is one of those who was pretty this it for us in pushing against what nancy pelosi represented in terms of not being fresh to the party and now even she is defending pelosi against the group of problem solvers among democrats saying no, don't go against nancy pelosi, let's vote together, so on and so forth.
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his nancy pelosi passing out things, is she bargaining to get some of the support, what does that look like? >> i think she realizes there are enough problems around here for all of us to solve and it's going to take all of our hands and all of our minds and hearts to do it. if you want to be a part of the team that's going to help on infrastructure, health care, ending corruption, problem solvers reform around openness and transparency, she's engaged with them on that because i've seen her personally in different leadership meetings talk about that herself. >> harris: it's interesting, when you see somebody so strong with their voices go against her and see them capitulate and back down, you have to question, what happened behind the scenes. let's talk about what january looks like. it's not too lame duck, between the end of the year we've got a lot going on, what does the effort look like now to get
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together with republicans and get things done? i realize democrats are leaving the house now but it's still a bipartisan effort once you get to the senate on big issues. >> collaborate where we can, investigate where we must. the president has said he wants a deal on infrastructure, the dream act, background checks and to make sure we reduce the cost of prescription drugs. democrats share those values, we will pass bills on those issues and hopefully build momentum in the senate and he will have things to sign. on the investigations, he's had presidential immunity for the last two years but now there will be a balance of power against where we've seen different abuses of power but i think we can do both and i look forward to doing that because that's what the american people voted for when they sent to the largest wave of democratic members since watergate. >> harris: when the american public hears that word investigate, no doubt the first thing that comes up as robert mueller, we are seeing that play out, some legal minds saying we
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could be close to the end. it's already been estimated he wouldn't indict the sitting president no matter what the regard would be, so what is the end game, some are asking now. >> do what we can to protect the mueller investigation, the president uses the investigation as a shield and as a sword by lying and tampering and obstructing, which we've seen from people who have been indicted, they are able to shield themselves from mueller getting to the truth and they use the delay that happens when you lie, obstruct, and tamper as a sword to say it's taking too long, we should wind it down. if he would just cooperate with mueller, answer the questions, sit down for interview, he controls the fate of this more than any person that's involved. >> harris: a million documents he turned in answers to an investigation, all the questions that were asked. >> about months late. >> harris: cooperation is cooperation, right? >> they asked to sit down with him and he won't do that, that
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may go to the courts, of course. if you don't have anything to hide and you didn't do anything wrong, most innocent people would just sit down and do the interview. >> harris: i know you say that. we will see what happens. great to see you. another fox news alert, republicans increasing their majority in the senate, cindy hyde-smith won overwhelmingly over democrat mike espy. jonathan live in jackson, mississippi. >> a lot of people thought this would be an election night nail-biter, instead the republican in this race won by a comfortable margin, although some might argue it was a little narrower than you would expect in this solidly red state. she did make some gaffes during the campaign, that were deemed by some as racially insensitive, including a joke about attending a public hanging but ultimately it was her loyalty to president trump and commitment
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to social conservative values that prevailed. >> the reason we won is because mississippi in the know they know my heart and thank you for stepping up, mississippi. >> president trump, who campaigned heavily for hyde-smith in the state tweeted his congratulations, saying "we are all very proud of you. mike espy told supporters he is proud of his campaign. >> we built the largest grassroots organization, we did that through a coalition of voters, white and black, who share the belief that mississippi's future will be brighter than mississippi's past. >> espy congratulated his opponent on her win and offered his prayers and support and efforts to unite what he described as a very divided mississippi.
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-smith pledged to represent all mississippians regardless of who they voted for. harris? >> harris: let's bring in more on this, roger wicker, good to see you on the program. thank you. >> glad to be here, thanks for having me. >> harris: you are watching history be made, the first woman in your state to ascend to where she is now, just a response first today. >> cindy hyde-smith has been a good senator, she was a great statewide official and a state legislator. i think mississippi knows her and they know she's going to be in the mainstream of conservative action here in the united states senate. it gets us to 53-47 which gives us a little cushion, a little leeway. all in all a good victory and glad to have the entire two year behind us. >> harris: no doubt in the last couple of weeks, it's been
10:12 am
tough for her, tougher the stage, people of color in the state who felt like her comments were made were not inclusive of everybody, how do you see her going forward now? does she need to address that in any way? >> i think she probably will, let me just say, there's been a lot of mock outrage about this statement she made. there was nothing at all racial about it. i think the mistake we made was underestimating the degree to which it might be misconstrued as having something to do with our violent history. i didn't see that coming and certainly, with the only race in the country, all the liberal groups could be pouring into our stay. i see how the statement was misconstrued and elevated to sort of a level of hysteria that i really didn't expect.
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>> harris: it's interesting because in your explanation of that you didn't deny the violent history and that might've been something that got missed earlier on. very interesting, very astute of you. let's move on and talk about politics in general because as you pointed out, the other history being made is that pickups in the mid term for the party in power and what that's going to look like in january. >> it's going to be very helpful, as you know we passed tax cuts by the summons of margins, the kavanaugh vote wasa nail-biter right to the very end. 53-47 makes it a lot easier. of course on legislation, that gets to the president's desk, is going to have to be a consensus between nancy pelosi's house and the united states senate. in terms of confirmation,
10:14 am
perhaps a new supreme court justice or two completing our job of filling out the appeals courts. the senate will be doing that by itself because according to the constitution, that's our job. i think we are in a good position to leave a lasting, indelible imprint on good government and a good judiciary going forward. >> harris: it's interesting what's going on on the senate floor right now is jeff flake, you could inherit the confirmations of other types of judges not at that supreme court level if he stands in the way at this point and they call his bluff and he can't get that mueller protection bill to the floor. what are your thoughts on it? >> i wish he would not do this. i think -- it's been shown he doesn't have majority support in the conference for that.
10:15 am
if things do break down, we are still going to do this. fond of the government, avoid shutdown, try to get the president, as much of his program funded before the end of the year as possible and if we have to wait until january in 53-47 divided senate to get those judges confirmed, we certainly can do that. i'd rather get a lot of it done before new year's but the confirmation process can go forward after senator flake has retired with the united states senate. >> harris: senator roger wicker, thanks for joining me. new developments in the russia probe, the president's latest remarks, plus what happened to the latest build to protect the special counsel? and ivanka trump is defending her use of private email at the white house. why she said it is not comparable to what
10:16 am
hillary clinton did. judge andrew napolitano will weigh in. stay close. >> everything has been preserved and archived. there just is no equivalency between the two things.
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>> harris: president trump is telling "the washington post" he has no intention of taking action to stop robert mueller's investigation, but a bipartisan trio of senators tried to force a floor vote on a bill to protect the special counsel in the latest attempt has now been blocked. meanwhile, "the new york times" is reporting that a lawyer for paul manafort has repeatedly briefed the president's attorneys on his client's discussions with the special counsel. fox news confirming they have a joint defense agreement. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more. >> a bill to protect special counsel robert mueller's investigation was blocked a short time ago on the senate floor. >> we've already seen the forced resignation of the attorney general the day after the election. it's clear that something has to be done to protect the investigation. i repeat, this is about the
10:21 am
legislative branch asserting a common sense check and balance on presidential overreach. >> the action on the senate floor was never likely to succeed after the majority leader made clear his objection objections. >> this is a solution in search of a problem, the president is not going to fire robert mueller, nor do i think he should, nor do i think he should not be allowed to finish. we have a lot of things to do to try to finish up this year without taking votes on things that are completely irrelevant. >> fox news has confirmed that lawyers for president trump and paul manafort have what's called a joint defense agreement allowing them to share information. fox news is told that mueller's
10:22 am
investigators have pumped manafort for information about the meeting at trump tower with russians and whether candidate trump knew about the meeting in advance. fox news also was told by special counsel investigators pressed manafort on the role of jared kushner who was at that meeting. a source also said manafort's defense team has singled out andrew weissmann, alleging he pressured manafort, answering the same questions repeatedly looking for different answers. he stepped away from the prosecution after it was revealed that he met with four associate press reporters for evidence. >> harris: thank you very much, i want to bring in judge andrew napolitano, let's start in reverse order of these issues with paul manafort. >> i don't think it's a surprise to the federal prosecutors that trumps lawyers and manafort's
10:23 am
lawyers were talking to each other, they often sips backed that they may be planting something in the mind of the manafort lawyer because that is a way to get it to a trump lawyer. it's highly unusual for manafort having achieved a deal that he wanted to have lied to fbi agents about the substance of their debriefing him and thereby destroying the deal. the problem that confronts the president is the government says manafort lied and manafort says he didn't, the judge has to resolve that before she can sentence him, how is she going to resolve that? with a testimonial hearing, we find out what these alleged lies were and what they had to contradict them. that may be between the trump campaign into the russians. >> harris: is it a problem to have a joint legal agreement?
10:24 am
i don't think so, we see this in business all the time, real estate attorneys get together. >> not only is it not a problem, it is a regular occurrence when there is more than two defendants in a criminal case. and it's very common, so common that sometimes it's not even written down. the better practice is to write it down and have a contract, we don't know they have a written agreement or if it's just to handshake but when you have a common interest, finding out what the government is up to, knowing what the government's questions will be before they asked them, there's nothing in the rules to prevent you from conferring with the codefendant's lawyers. >> harris: and not on tort at all, we see it in other areas. the guilty plea is 175 pages, what were you looking for? >> i wanted to make certain the following statement i'm going to make is accurate, and it is. when manafort pleaded guilty this time around to a series of
10:25 am
federal crimes, the feds also induced him to plead guilty to state crimes committed against banks in new jersey, virginia, new york, and california. that means if president trump were to pardon paul manafort, his pardon is limited to the federal crimes, it cannot affect the state crimes. he hasn't been charged but he already pleaded guilty in this 175 page document. >> harris: if he can get out of that agreement, the plea deal he made, none of that applies. >> i don't think the states would be interested in prosecuting him when he's in federal prison for 10-15 years. >> harris: i want to get to a balk at trump defending her private email use, telling abc news there's no connection between her situation in hillary clinton's email scandal. >> all of my emails are on the white house server, there is no intent to circumvent, my emails
10:26 am
have not been deleted, nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential within the them. so there's no connection between the two things. >> harris: two things answered there, the email's essay on the white house server and no deletions. >> if what she says is true, i would have no reason to doubt it, then her conclusion is correct. this is radically different and there is no violation of the la law. where the issue may come up is did she discuss and did she read, write, or converse about anything that was classified. is the president's calendar classified? the answer is yes. i don't know what's in there but if any of it is classified, she could be exposed to charge. >> harris: the president's calendar is classified? them media finds out what is on that calendar every day. >> they choose to tell what they
10:27 am
would like us to know. >> harris: is out of reach? >> the government always overreaches -- often overreaches and declares something to be classified that is not confidential at all. >> harris: judge napolitano, thank you. mike pompeo taking questions from reporters after he and defense secretary mattis brief senators on u.s.-saudi relation relations. what came out of that briefing? plus, president trump pushing congress to find that border wall, setting up a showdown over a spending bill to keep the government up and running. senator mike brown will join me next, don't miss it. ♪ ia, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out,
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10:32 am
security of congress rejects his demands for $5 million for the wall system. but later he told politico he is standing firm on that. democrats say they won't agree to more than $1.6 billion and if the government shuts down it would be on president trump. kristin fisher live from the white house. >> harris, with just nine days to go until the deadline to avoid a government shutdown, republicans and democrats are still billions of dollars apart on a funding compromise for the border wall. democrats say they are willing to give president trump about $1.6 billion for border security but president trump says he wants $5 billion and yesterday when politico asked him, is that number firm, he said yes. that came after he met with house republicans here at the white house earlier in the day, in a separate interview he seemed to be in a bit more of a deal making mood he told "the washington post," if we don't get it, will i get it done
10:33 am
another way? i might get it done another way, there are other potential ways i can do it. you saw what we did with the military coming in with the barbed wire and fencing. there is definitely a bit of mixed messaging here and it is certainly a negotiating tactic heading in the next friday's deadline. >> if there's any shutdown it is on president trump's back, the republicans are in control of the presidency, the house, and the senate. a shutdown is on their back. six to the $1.6 billion. >> ultimately the president and the senate democrats are going to have to come to an agreement as well. >> another issue that may be on the negotiating table is daca. when asked about it yesterday, president trump did not seem open to a daca-border wall compromise and instead said he would be totally willing to shut
10:34 am
the government down if necessary, harris. >> harris: let's bring in senator mike brown on the armed services committee and i want to first get your reaction on -- the story is coming, the news is coming together, what are you thinking? >> with regard to which issue? >> harris: let's talk first if we can about -- excuse me for one second. let's talk first if we can about the border wall funding and where you stand in that because democrats are saying $1.6 billion, the president is saying $5 billion. >> sure, we know the democrats last february, we had a bill that provided $25 billion, not only authorized, towards funding the wall and 45 democrats voted for that but that was in conjunction with a deal that would also have addressed the daca kids and this is when i think has some merit moving ahead in the future.
10:35 am
so i think there's some room to negotiate on that. i think that democrats will probably stand fairly strong on a lower amount unless they get something in return but i don't think any of us want to shut down the government. there will be some negotiating, some back and forth on it but i think we will know in the next ten days what the final outcome with regard to the border security issues will be for this year. >> harris: i know it was reported yesterday that there was some discussion between the president and lawmakers on this issue and trying to get that money into the spending bill and it's more than just for a wall, it's a wall system. i want to point that out, for people to who don't understand it's border patrol and i.c.e. in areas where you can't build a wall. are you close to getting what you had before with those 45 democrats? >> until we have some sort of indication from the white house that they have an interest in
10:36 am
pursuing the whole amount. and of the chairman of the armed services, we will be a cosponsor on a bill that will fund the $25 billion over ten years but he's also got the pay force included in that as well. i know he's got the bill written now and i think he's looking for cosponsors at this time. i agreed to cosponsor that with him. there are some other alternatives out there that might make the president's job moving forward with this year's appropriations process a little bit simpler. >> harris: i apologize, at the beginning of our conversation i was making some notes on another situation that is breaking, senator lindsey graham is now saying he's upset in a briefing you had with secretary of state mike pompeo and defense secretary james mattis on the killing of khashoggi in saudi arabia, that the cia director was not invited to that briefing. what he saying now, this is what i was just taking notes on, senator graham is saying he won't vote on a spending bill.
10:37 am
you and i are getting ready to talk about the border wall and i was finding out senator graham may not actually want to even vote on that unless there is a briefing by leadership of the cia, what do you say? >> i was in that briefing and we did have the secretary of defense and secretary of state both there. gina haskell was also -- at least we expected that she would be there as well, she was not there. several men members did express disappointment in that and we felt she could have added to the conversation but we also understand there may have been extenuating circumstances we are not aware of as to why she's not there. most certainly senator graham is an individual who does have the opportunity in the air of the president and he will make his case known. we did have a very good briefing today on the situation in saudi arabia and in yemen. it had to do with the vote we are expected to take the first
10:38 am
step on, a resolution basically challenging the war powers act in the yemen area and our support for saudi arabia. i think they did a very good job of explaining their movement forward, trying diplomatic means to get all the sides into a discussion coming up in the first week in december in europe and the fact that we are supporting saudi arabia on this has brought them to the negotiating table and i think that's a very positive move, not the time to be withdrawing support because i think a number of our members have expressed frustration over the killing of mr. khashoggi and this is one way they could offer that frustration. i don't think this is the right tool to use. >> harris: i had on the program last week the democrat representative brad sherman and he said exactly what you're saying, there are these bigger issues, if you will, in terms of geopolitics, not bigger or more important than a life, obviously.
10:39 am
he was saying that the situation in yemen and the humanitarian crisis that's been created there, there might be some things that need to be talked about and negotiated with the khashoggi killing information in the middle of all of this and now you've set it and explained it so well. so everybody kind of gets a context of this, this is not taking deals or economy over a life, there are other things in play. >> that's correct and i would venture to say that the vast majority of the members of the republican and democrat alike would like to have another vehicle available to us to expressed our real frustration in with what is occurred with the killing of mr. khashoggi, our frustration if this goes to the upper levels of saudi government. we want to make that very clear, we don't want to lose our relationship with saudi arabia but their behavior is simply not acceptable. >> harris: great to see you, appreciate your time.
10:40 am
president trump is going after general motors after the automaker announced it will close factories and lay off thousands of workers. will the president follow through on a promise to cut gm subsidies? stay close.
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go to, or call 1-877-423-5739. >> harris: quickly, you are right. there are about 200 nypd officers on our plaza right now, i see some of you tweeting about it. we have a huge tree lighting ceremony tonight and that's going to be gorgeous here in the center of the city. aren't we honored by that? we are. okay, we will move on, no twitter can light up on other stuff. president trump is threatening to cut federal subsidies to general motors after the carmaker announced it would slash 14,000 jobs and shut down five plants in north america. the president tweeted this...
10:45 am
the president also blames the layoffs on the federal reserve and higher interest rates but now stocks are soaring after the fed chair apparently saw the tweet or heard the message or something and saw that suggestion, rate hikes may slow, now we are finding out. susan lee is here from fox business, great to see you. i'm half-joking, but hey, did the fed pay attention? >> i think that's what a lot of people are asking today, was jerome powell listening today? this is what we call a rip in the afternoon session for stockmarkets, we've been calling for a santa claus rally, a rally into the last month of year. this is what the market has been looking for. the reason the markets have been following his people are concerned about higher interest
10:46 am
rates. also the company profits as well, when you go to pay out more in interest you have less on your bottom line. i think this is a holiday gift for stock investments. >> harris: let's talk about another tweet from the president, steel dynamics announced it will build a brand-new steel mill in the southwest. steel jobs are coming back just like i predicted, congratulations steel dynamics. >> more jobs, yes, something the president has promised, promises made, promises kept. there's been disappointment when it comes to car and auto jobs, we know gm is cutting 14,000 jobs in north america, right before christmas, most of those in the u.s., five factories will be affected. 25% white-collar executive jobs to go and namely in ohio, when president trump was campaigning, he said these jobs will stay, that there will be more in the
10:47 am
future. he's very upset about what's happening in the state of ohio. i was looking at some of the numbers for gm, i think they took $50 million so far when it comes to the environmental agency and how much they subsidized but there is cut off point, once you sell 200,000 of these vehicles that subsidy ends. general motors has been lobbying to extend that, something that was barely kept in the new tax policy. >> harris: is it true that jobs will go to china and that they sell more cars in china but they make more money here because cars cost more? >> they do sell more vehicles in china, having said that, it's been a tough year in china as well since tariffs has gone up and u.s.-made cars. i remember, we had this graphic but i wanted to show you. we have a new tweet from president trump this morning
10:48 am
threatening auto tariffs once again because of the gm layoffs and i was looking at what other countries around the world are taxing u.s.-made cars for their country and china is 40 percent for u.s. automobiles compared to 2.5% here. >> harris: if you are the ceo at gm, is she listening? hillary clinton targeting president trump on a new speaking tour last night. is she laying the groundwork for another presidential bid? the power panel. ♪ ew with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino. senators on both sides of the aisle are unsatisfied with the briefing they just received on capitol hill from mike pompeo and james mattis. we will tell you why. plus, we are waiting to hear of nancy pelosi has the votes she needs to become speaker once again. ukraine's president says rush i would pay a huge price if it invades them. in more on "the daily briefing" "the daily briefing." >> harris: hillary clinton went after president trump as she and former president bill clinton kicked off an international speaking tour in canada last night. clinton repeatedly taking aim at the president amid growing
10:53 am
speculation that she could run for the white house for a third time. saying quote "he said today that is got and opinion is a lot smarter than people's brains. you can't make this stuff up, a dozen times, your head is spinning. brad woodhouse, and a former dnc communications director, lisa boothe, senior fellow for the independent women's voice and a fox news contributor. brad, three is a charm? three is too much, what? >> i don't know if she's going to run for president. >> harris: would you vote for her? >> if she was a nominee of my partner party i would certainly vote for her, i supported her last time. i don't know if she will run, she is certainly entitled to speak her mind, the criticism she and president clinton are leveling at president trump is not that much different than the judgment of voters had three weeks ago, the voters i think share some of the concerns of the clintons are out lying in
10:54 am
this tour. 13 cities. what always amazes me is how spohn up the right wing noise machine gets about hillary clinton. she lost, you think people would've moved on. the lock them up crowd -- >> harris: she is the one who wrote a book about what happened. she lost. >> mitt romney did a documentary. >> harris: can we get to something brad just said? on the house side i assume is what you're talking about, certainly not on the senate side. >> republicans were expected to lose around 31 seats so democrats had a good night, it wasn't like anything that republicans experienced in 2010, that's a referendum. democrats had a great night, who knows what 2020 brings. we would love to move past hillary clinton, she keeps popping up. hillary clinton will never be
10:55 am
president for three reasons. one, i wrote a column about this for she's inauthentic, david axelrod has spoken to this. she is not likable, this came up during the 2008 democrat campaign. and she's out of touch. president trump said -- that's exactly right. >> i am not flocking for hillary clinton to be president of the united states but this idea that she should go away -- mitt romney lost whites, he's an united states senate. >> harris: on the house -- >> the largest sweep of democrats since watergate. >> harris: who called hillary clinton and to help them? >> that's for every democrat. >> harris: was that a zero? >> that was not a zero, she did campaign. it was a low number.
10:56 am
as other candidates that have lost the presidency didn't go away. john mccain returned. i think she brings a wealth of experience, public service. >> harris: you have nancy pelosi for that. >> certainly, and she's going to be speaker of the house. >> to the fact that you said people can't move on, it's because she's going out and giving speeches and creating new fodder. >> harris: look at the excitement at this table. i will bring you back, stay tuned.
10:57 am
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>> harris: welsh it's been a pleasure to serve you this hour. we've had a lot to talk about. the conversation continues on social media outnumbered overtime on all social platforms. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo briefing the full senate on u.s. relations with saudi arabia while at the same time, more drama unfolding over the mueller investigation. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." a bipartisan group of senators pushing for a stronger response to the killing of jamal khashoggi. secretary speaking to reporters after his closed door meeting with lawmakers. >> i do believe i have read every piece of intelligence unless it's come in over the


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