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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> good morning. it is thursday, november 29th and this is "fox and friends first". happening on the east coast of fox news alert. a violent ms 13 gang member found embedded in the caravan and that is not all. we just learned about serious health risks being carried by the thousands of migrants waiting to cross the border. the tables could be turning on robert mueller after one of his latest target lawyers up and the new questions of credibility after his team's latest leak.
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>> on the list finally ends two years later, i am never going to get a card. 100%. heather: call it divine intervention. meet the man thanking god for making a split-second decision that saved his life. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ when a lot goes on ♪ a lot of thinking ♪ a lot goes on ♪ a feeling ♪ what is going on ♪ >> live shot from the streets of new york city.
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the lights came on. a couple trees we will show you. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, thank you for starting the day with us. border agents arrested and ms 13 gang member traveling with the migrant caravan as fox news exclusively learned of serious health risks for some of those migrants could bring into the us, griff jenkins is live in tijuana, mexico with more. >> reporter: his name is josé, a 29-year-old honduran man traveling with the migrants in the caravan, he crossed the port of entry where authorities took him into custody and he's is a self admitted member of the ms 13 dangerous gang, customs and
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border protection saying we confirmed his story of his gang involvement and intent on entering the united states but as you mentioned that is not the only concern. serious health risks are traveling in this caravan. we spoke with the spokesperson for tijuana's health department who gave us these numbers they have treated 2267 migrants, 60% with respiratory infections, 3 confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of hiv-aids, 101 cases of lice, four cases of chickenpox and hepatitis is a real concern because of the unsanitary conditions, 6000 crammed in the space intended for 1000 just behind me. one of those migrants from honduras seeking asylum says he feels he was lied to by the organizers from the beginning and is worried they are reaching a breaking point. >> most of these people are
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disappointed and getting frustrated so more and more people are coming. >> they are going to say just rush in. >> reporter: finally it has been raining at times heavily on and off, it is wet, cold, it is going to take a toll even further on this caravan as we continue to monitor it. shannon: wet, cold and clearly dangerous. we appreciate it. in other news another story, we can tell you the names of the three us special ops troops killed on the deadliest day in afghanistan this year. army captain andrew ross, army sergeant first class eric edmonds and air force staff sergeant dylan elgin died after their vehicle hit an explosive. three of american soldiers and
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the contractor were injured near kabul, 12 american heroes have died in afghanistan this year. donald trump will head to argentina today for the annual g 20 summit. is expected to meet with several world leaders including russian president vladimir putin. according to the kremlin they will discuss antiterrorism efforts, syria and north korea denuclearization, donald trump will hold talks with chinese president xi jinping about rising trade tensions. a key witness in the russia probe intending to file criminal complaint against robert mueller as a top democrat demand donald trump sitdown with the special counsel. todd pyro joins us live with the latest development as we look at the president's written answers to mueller. >> the latest twist in the russia probe conservative author jerome corsi with a bombshell that he plans to go after robert mueller and his team in the courts.
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>> special prosecutor is asking me to accept a fraudulent plea which i'm going to have my attorneys file criminal charges on with the department of justice. in my experience made it clear to me the political criminals are running the department of justice and mueller's prosecution, misbehaved and accuse me of being a liar and a fabricator. >> corsi adding i retained an attorney to assist david gray in my defense. in a memo to my attorneys i instructed them to file with acting ag whitaker, criminal complaint against mueller's special counsel and the doj for prosecutorial misconduct in my case yet despite this, adam schiff calling for donald trump to sit down for an in person interview with mueller saying the president's written answers weren't enough. >> there needs to be a live interview with the president because he need to ask questions in real-time.
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>> all this coming as those written answers are coming out. donald trump telling miller that roger stone did not tell him about the clinton wikileaks documents and trump wasn't told about the 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer claiming to have dirt on hillary clinton. the president has something say about all this tweeting the fake news is doing everything in their power not to report it that way, three major players are intimating the angry mueller gang telling witnesses to lie about facts and they will get released, this is our joseph mccarthy era. what about paul manafort? there are reports that he made untruthful statements to mueller about his relationship with a ukrainian associate leading to the end of his plea deal and the president saying a pardon for his embattled former campaign manager is, quote, not off the table. that is a lot to pack into two
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minutes. heather: we will talk more about it coming up. stormy daniels calling out her attorney michael avenatti claiming he filed a defamation lawsuit against donald trump without her permission and telling the daily beast he started a second crowdfunding site for her legal expenses without telling her. he says she started the new campaign to cover legal fees because most of the money has gone to her security. daniels is not decided if avenatti will still represent her. nancy pelosi is a step closer to becoming house speaker, democrats voted behind closed doors to nominate her for the job, the final tally 203-32. some of those democrats oppose her nomination in recent weeks saying they want fresh leadership. nancy pelosi will need 218 votes for the entire house in january,
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to officially regain the title. the senate is set to hold a tense confirmation vote on one of donald trump's judicial nominees today. thomas far as facing stiff resistance from senate democrats who claim he is hostile to union voter rights and other things. meanwhile the senate judiciary committee canceled votes on 2 dozen other nominees. all this going on amid outgoing republican senator jeff flake's pledge to oppose all court pics until he gets a vote on a bill to protect special counsel robert mueller. more on that coming up. in the meantime it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> 3, 2, one, go! >> beautiful! the rockefeller center christmas tree i'll let up and topped with
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a 9 foot star made of 3 million crystals and in washington the president and first lady taking part in the 96th annual national christmas tree lighting, the 28 foot blue spruce decorated with ornaments from every state and territory. is officially christmas time. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour and republicans blocking another bill to protect special counsel robert mueller as donald trump lashes out against the russia probe. what happens next on capitol hill? we will talk about it next. eam, and our shirts from custom ink help bring us together. we just upload our logo, and if we have any questions, customer service is there to help. - [male] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. get started today at
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>> we cannot convert an office like this one without creating a fourth branch of government. fundamentally undermining the principle of separation of powers. it is so core to our liberty. on that basis i object. >> a second attempt by some of
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donald trump's top critics to protect robert mueller's probe is shot down yet again after mike lee takes the senate floor objecting to the bill's unconstitutionality. here to react is boyd matheson. we appreciate it. the first time around, mitch mcconnell blocked this. this time your former boss did. what do you think? >> it is one of those procedural things, they were trying to pass this bill by unanimous consent, with nobody in the room it passes because no one is there to object. it only takes one senator to object on these kinds of resolutions which i'm not surprised. you heard from senator lee this is one of those where in so many areas congress continues to abdicate its power and authority to the executive branch and the courts and this is one area
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where it is almost a solution in search of a problem. there's been no evidence that shows the mueller investigation has been watered down or inhibited or stopped before it concludes. this is one of those where i think the senator is simply trying to make sure we preserve and do not create in the process a fourth branch of government. >> i wanted to ask about that, talking about it not happening so far, sarah sanders said the president had apple opportunity to do this. he has not done it so far. let his actions speak for what he said over and over, he is not going to do but this fourth branch of government, explain that a little more. >> what this would innocent to do, after the advice and consent the senate is supposed to do with the department of justice that the permit of justice reports to the president. setting it up as a fourth branch where it is independent of everything else is bad precedent.
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this is one of those that represent the worst of what happens in washington, we create this fake site and present this false choice. i haven't seen any evidence anywhere that shows the president is ready to shut this thing down or is trying to stop things from happening. everybody needs to exhale a little bit, let this play out. i think mister mueller will get his work done and issue his report and everybody should step forward and move on. >> a lot of those pushing for this move point to some of donald trump's tweets and there have been a lot of them. is when he sent out yesterday, the disgusting fake news is doing everything in their power not to report it that way, three major players are intimating the angry mueller gang of dems is viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts and they will get released. this is our joseph mccarthy era. we had todd pyro reporting the latest, jerome corsi filing of
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criminal complaint saying they are trying to force him to lie. >> we have to separate the rhetoric from the policy and procedures. it is easy to conflate all of those and lump them into one big thing but nothing shows anything has changed, nor has anything come out in terms of collusion or other things mister mueller is supposed to be investigating anyway. everyone has to exhale, step back, this is not a national crisis moment because i think mister mueller will do his job the way he is supposed to. it is the reason he has the job. i don't think any tweet from the president will impact how he does the job and everyone needs to exhale a little bit and there are a lot of pressing issues, we shouldn't be distracted by one that isn't really there. heather: mitch mcconnell said the southern border needs protection, i don't think bob
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mueller needs protection. thank you for joining us. the time is 17 minutes after the top of the hour and google accused of illegally tracking users worldwide. lisa garber here to break down what this means for you and your privacy as she is here live. ♪ place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. shannon: a familiar name, jesse ventura is considering a 2020 white house run and already taking shots at donald trump. the pro wrestler who became governor of minnesota saying if i do it trump will not have a chance, he knows he can never
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out talk a wrestler and he knows i'm the greatest talker wrestling his overhead. the 67-year-old served one term as minnesota government considered running for president in 2016. we will see. the end may be near for rocky. coming off of the release of creed 2, sylvester stallone posting on instagram it breaks my heart, all things must pass and end. rocky will never die because he lives on in you. he started portraying rocky balboa in 1976 but is still running strong. let's talk about google, facing worldwide scrutiny over the way it tracks its users with after several watchdog agencies, accusing the tech side of using manipulative techniques, millions of users.
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and what rights do you have? here to weigh in his cyber security expert lisa barber. what is the primary complaint? what is going on? >> it is not just the eu but the us as well as action pending in california because it is very strong. google has been very deceptive, how users can control what they are tracking, keeping and how they are using and selling the data. shannon: how is it deceptive? >> you actually have to toggle off and make that decision and it is difficult, and there are applications connected to what happens if you are logged into your gmail account and all these different places to look.
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shannon: we have a couple statements, and the consumer council, google is processing a credibly detailed and extensive personal data without proper legal grounds in the data with manipulation techniques and google's statement on location tracking, location history turned off by default and you can edit or pause it at any time. and to improve the google experience. >> i don't want to gloss over the fact that when you have it turned on it is easier to view the traffic when looking at all the location data that is used, think of the daily routine. it can put together a comprehensive profile when you do what you are doing. a piece of this is helpful but
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at the same time where is the privacy control and that is what the eu is concerned about. >> do users have a case against google? >> reporter: google should be concerned because in the eu there is general protection regulation between release and may of this year. there is a penalty of 4% of google's annual revenue with this privacy, and in california there regulation has teeth. shannon: what steps to the user take? >> users have to be aware of the controls in the google account. you have to realize, everything connected to the google profile itself. become familiar with your phone
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and laptop, and the privacy policy, becomes aware of how ingrained this is in everyday life. heather: and look at all the individual apps. >> google is so prevalent it is everywhere. heather: thank you for staying with us, good information. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump leaving for the g 20 summit just hours from now is a sitdown with vladimir putin remains up in the air. dan hoffman wants to send a big public message to the russian president. >> there will always be a grinch. heather: christmas controversy. one town forcing the homeowner, thousands of dollars with the holiday display. building a better bank
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heather: investigators searching for answers after finding the body of a missing north carolina teenager. >> this is the outcome we all feared would happen. we find a person or persons responsible and bring them to justice. heather: the fbi says they found the body in a pond ten miles from her home where she was abducted earlier this month. witnesses sam and forced her into the car and drove off. there is a $30,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. jack dorsey back on the hot seat after concerns he may have lied under oath. the federalist reporting lawmakers reviewing his temper testimony after twitter band a conservative commentator this
1:31 am
week. meanwhile the ceo of google is expected to testify over concerns that his company could be biased against conservative users. how about this story? a man is thanking god after a split-second decision saves his life, he has been waiting for a kidney transplant for four years, he and his wife left their thanksgiving getaway to the kansas city home before blizzard hit. when they arrive doctors called and told him they found a match. >> on the list finally and two
1:32 am
years into that i am never going to get a call. 100%. >> here is the thing. if he had not returned that day the kidney could've gone to another patient. he is expected to leave the hospital soon. we wish him well. a touching tribute for police officer and marine veteran hit and killed in the line of duty. a stranger decorating and donating christmas trees to water his memory. john from salt lake city shows us the powerful holiday display. >> as the holidays approach, so many stories will be shared around christmas trees. >> this is an honor. >> this tree decorated in honor of david, inspiring people to tell there is. the display was donated by someone with no connection to
1:33 am
run well. >> the last few days have been a roller coaster of emotion. >> the gesture helping to lead that tremendous grief. >> the outpouring was heartfelt and incredible. >> scores of people shared how they are affected by this tragedy. >> in afghanistan. >> one of those, a man who knows all too well what romwell's friend and family went through. >> my nephew. >> there is no cure for the pain this tragedy has caused. >> remind you what is important in life. >> and these trees offering a glimmer of light and hope. >> unique bonds, i served in the marine corps before i got into law enforcement. >> helping strangers stay together. >> my privilege. heather: the kremlin confirming
1:34 am
vladimir putin will meet with donald trump saturday after the president hinted he may cancel over russia's clash with ukraine. city confront over the brazen attack on one of our allies? here is the station chief and daniel hoffman. and this is what he said, maybe i won't have that meeting, i don't want that aggression at all. should he have a meeting or not? >> russia fired upon and seized three ukrainian vessels in violation of a bilateral treaty between russia and ukraine and at the height of hypocrisy even by russian standards they blamed the government for provocation.
1:35 am
and before we do so the president should issue a public rebuke and there is no better place than the g 20 summit. heather: what should the us do in response? >> there are a variety of options open to us, we can sanction russia and continue deploying nato contingents to enforce free transit in strategic waters with lethal maritime assistance and material and equipment. heather: what is that? >> we could short naval defenses. the trump administration took a concrete measure by providing antitank weapons to ukraine and we might be able to augment
1:36 am
their naval capability to enhance their deterrence against the russians. last thing i would say is we need to argue our points in the public sphere as well as highlight that vladimir putin is causing great problems for his own economy by mounting aggression i his neighbor. heather: what about us troops? >> in this case certainly it is worthy of discussion of whether we want to put any boots on the ground in ukraine. we have training trainers assisted ukraine because of antitank systems but maybe a nato contingent is the right way to go, certainly some discussion in this case. heather: in terms of other countries that the summit house and they get involved or how will they get involved? i would like to see the united states take the lead.
1:37 am
ukrainian sovereignty is worth defending and something for which we should draw a red line and enforce it. the united states has traditionally taken the lead against soviet and russian aggression and we should be able to bring our key allies along particularly the uk, germany, france and our nato allies like poland who are concerned about russian aggression. heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate your insight as always. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and a shady deal with iran, but thinks he could be the best to take down donald trump in 2020. carly shimkus, the hints john kerry just dropped. lds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different.
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unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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heather: he helped broker a shady deal with iran, but thinks he could be the best candidate to take down donald trump in 2020. >> i said i'm not going to eliminate or take anything off the table. i haven't been running around the most obvious states. i think about it, i said that point blank. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with reaction to the potential run from former secretary of state john kerry. >> he may be interested in throwing his hat back in the ring, issues like climate change and foreign-policy are too important for him not to consider it, adding his name to a large pool of people including bernie sanders, joe biden and
1:42 am
o'rourke, this becoming a major talker on social media, when twitter user wants is name off the table. another twitter user says pretty much everyone is running for president in 2020. liz chiming in saying appreciate the help but let's get someone new. donald trump encouraged john kerry to run, suggesting on twitter he would be easy to beat. he suggested several names for them. heather: let's talk about white house christmas decorations because i think they are beautiful. i don't think they are anything to criticize but that row of bright red trees is a declaration people criticize and the first lady addressed the criticism recently. >> 21st century, everybody has a different taste. i think they look fantastic. everybody will come over and realize they look even more beautiful and you are welcome to visit the white house.
1:43 am
heather: some people call that row of trees the hallway of yuletide murders because they are red in color. for the most part people enjoy the decorations. jeff saying they look perfect and another twitter user saying our first lady shows her elegance, poise and character. >> people saying it is another example of no matter what happens they will have a criticism. let's talk about larry fitzgerald honoring john mccain. >> he has a special pair of cleats he will where this weekend honoring john mccain and pat tillman. this is part of my cleats, my cause that the nfl runs every year. as you know larry fitzgerald and john mccain were close friends, with fitzgerald speaking at his memorial service.
1:44 am
megan mccain thanking him saying this is so special, my father would have loved this, thank you for your continued love and friendship. fitzgerald getting a lot of praise on social media, people calling him a class act. he is using a special pair of cleats to honor special people. heather: good-looking cleats too. thank you so much. coming up, sliding sales, dick's sporting-goods's gun and backfired big time. donald trump ready to reach across the aisle on some key issues. >> democrats will come to us with a plan for infrastructure, plan for healthcare and we will negotiate. heather: with nancy pelosi potentially back at the wheel will anything get done? brandon strock a says don't count on it, he's here next.
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[bellringing] heather: a big comeback on wall street as the dow spike 600 points. tracy carrasco joins us with what sparked the surge. >> reporter: we saw stocks surging following the fed chairman's comments about interest rates, they are close to neutral. close to neutral interest rate means inflation is stable, the economy is on a sustainable path and traders took this to mean maybe we will not see as many
1:49 am
interest rate hikes in 2019. this is an about-face from comments in october when he said we are a long way from neutral. we saw gains on the dow of 617 points, the s&p jumped up by 61 deck -- points, the tech heavy nasdaq is up, the only thing that might derail this rally, the upcoming g 20 summit in argentina, donald trump set to meet with the chinese president to talk with trade. heather: several big issues will come up. let's talk about dick's sporting-goods, warning about a gun policy, a backlash. >> reporter: sales at dick's sporting-goods dropped as the store faces\following tighter gun sale restriction. you can see sales revenue down 4.5%. back in february dick's raised, usp 21 to purchase a gun and
1:50 am
they stopped selling assault rifles following the school shooting in parkland, florida. dick's saying they would consider stop selling hunting equipment and supplies in order to switch that out with higher profit products. heather: thank you for joining us as always. let's talk about donald trump offering to work with democrats as they prepared to take control of the house. >> we have a much easier path because the democrats will come to us with a plan for infrastructure, a plan for healthcare, a plan for whatever they are working on 2 and we will negotiate. we to the art democrats interested in anything but resistance? brandon struck is the founder of the hashtag walkaway campaign in joins us again, thanks for being with us. what about that? donald trump's art of the deal,
1:51 am
he is a dealmaker at heart but has to have the other side of the aisle willing to negotiate. i democrats willing to do that? >> sadly no, i don't think they are willing to do that. it is like a broken record, resist, resist, resist, doesn't matter, he is offering let's have bipartisan support on certain issues for all americans. democrats once to resist because it is about demonizing this administration. heather: let's talk about immigration, ways he has been willing to work across the aisle, a compromise bill, offered the asee a path to citizenship, to negotiate on board a ship -- border wall funding. >> immigration is an issue democrats are off the rails and stay completely off the rails. heather: they weren't off the rails when president obama was in office. >> it has been politicized. i think a lot of this stems back
1:52 am
to the narrative on the left about this where race has been weapon eyes to. it is not about safety and security which is what conservatives are pushing for. that is all this president wants, safety and security, that is what conservatives once. liberals and democrats framed this as racist, as bigoted to have border security. we have more immigrant population than any other country, america is a notoriously generous country but it, down to demonizing the administration. heather: i want to pull this up. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, a couple things they had to say. >> let me tell you something. >> a compromise with the devil but not a compromise with the democrats. >> negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. it is next to impossible.
1:53 am
>> a compromise with the devil, negotiating with fellow. >> opportunities where we are right now, we have a president who isn't even really a staunch conservative republican. this is for all intents and republicans. >> republicans were worried about that before he took office that he would work too closely with democrats. >> it is a sad wasted time in this era. this is a time americans could be coming together. we have a president who represents both sides. if one side would acknowledge there is a guy in office who wants what is best for everybody, this is a good time for all americans, they are wasting the chance. heather: a lot of celebrities and athletes who have been so outspoken about the president i wish they would meet with him because they could lead and we can bring the country together. >> they think more about their public image more than doing what is best for america.
1:54 am
heather: great stuff. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. a town waging a war on christmas over one man's incredible display. >> a bunch of grinches and they will always be a grinch. it is my religious right, my first amendment right. heather: this real-life clark griswold being billed $2000 a day to keep the lights on. ♪
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heather: a christmas controversy. a new jersey town demanding a couple pay $2000 a day for this, is incredible white show at their home. >> a bunch of grinches, you can never make them happy. it is my religious right, first amendment right. heather: a lot of lights and his neighbors say his annual christmas light displays drying so many people there neighborhood is becoming unsafe. the town demanding he pay for extra police security. he started a fundraiser to cover the cost but he refuses to turn off the lights. i think they look pretty cool but i don't live in the neighborhood. in other news, 16 us postal workers are staring at jail tim
1:59 am
cocaine in atlanta. federal agents poses drug dealers, nabbed the male workers after reporting their deals, each worker will serve 3 to 9 years behind bars. the good, the bad, the ugly. up first, the good. fox news is the most watched network on cable for the 29th straight month, media research says fox averages 1.5 million viewers every day, nearly 21/2 million during prime time and a big thank you to all our viewers. the bad. a cyclist narrowly escaping this oncoming train, chilling moment the biker goes across a crossing in the netherlands as the speeding train barely misses him. the agency posting the video to show the dangers of unguarded crossings.
2:00 am
finally the ugly. police searching for an amazon driver who hit a parked car and took off. the man making a delivery outside home in tampa, florida after smashing the parked car, checked out the damage before scurrying back to his vehicle and then driving off. that wraps up his hour of "fox and friends first". have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> it is thursday, november 29th. ms 13 gang member just nabbed by border patrol. jillian: what we just learned about the alarming new health risks carried by some of the migrants. >> testimony was laughed at, they yawned that is, they would not accept what i told them that i never met asad. >> the table could be turning on robert mueller as a target lawyers up. rob: it could backfire in a big


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