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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 30, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> annual tradition, we rappel >> sandra: a big morning in off buildings with santa. buenos aires as we await the that's janice. go, janice! president's arrival. world leaders are making their >> bill: everybody fox news alert in the art of the deal arrival on the red carpet. cars continues to arrive there from argentina, g20 nearly and we await the family underway. picture, that moment where you we expect headlines for the see the world leaders come next three hours, for the next together along with the u.s. three days. we got one earlier today. it's friday. president for a photo i'm bill hemmer. opportunity. and we will be watching the >> sandra: we'll see where the next few hours takes us. world will be watching to see if that meeting with vladimir i'm sandra smith. the official welcome ceremony set to start one hour from now putin happens ahead of the president's meeting with and trade talks already front president xi later today. and center. the president participating in >> bill: 15 minutes the family a signing ceremony for his photo. we'll see president trump in highly touted nafta replacement saying the new u.s., mexico, the room with the argentina canada agreement will lead to president and others and a working lunch later today and a more growth and opportunity across north america. meeting with the japanese >> president trump: we worked hard on this agreement. leader later today. it has been long and hard. the putin meeting was supposed we've taken a lot of barbs, and to happen tomorrow.
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saturday night will meet with a little abuse. and we got there. it is great for all of our chinese president xi saturday countries. thank you for your close partnership. the tariff-free access that nafta guaranteed for more than night after canceling the meeting with vice president. 70% of canada's total exports is secure. vladimir putin. and that's essential for i look forward to a meaningful summit again as soon as the situation is resolved. businesses, families, jobs, at the moment it's not. entrepreneurs and hard work wisconsin congressman sean being people in every corner of our country. >> bill: an hour ago. duffy, house financial services major scheduling changes for committee among other things. this. president trump canceled a welcome back. meeting with vladimir putin. the start of the g20. new deal with canada and mexico. the escalating tensions between work to do on the trade deal russia and ukraine are alive but we watch the signing earlier today. and kicking. is it a good idea to meet with doug mcelway picks up our coverage live in washington putin or should you blow it off this time? good morning. >> i don't think we should meet >> our younger viewers may not with putin. there has to be consequences for bad acts and what they've remember the name ross perot done with the ukraine. i think the president is right who ran for president in 1992 to step away from that meeting at least for now. >> bill: okay. what about president xi of china? do you believe there is a deal criticizing nafta. to be made in argentina or are he proved correct about nafta we weeks or months away from and president trump said it
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needed to be renegotiated. that, sir? >> it's important that both leaders sit down and talk and a it paid off. deal is possible but i think the three presidents stood at what's important to note is the g20 summit to sign the new everyone saying it's high stakes. this is just a meeting of u.s., mexico, canada agreement. opportunity. if they can cut a deal great, >> president trump: the uscma if they can't president trump is the most balanced trade will walk away and wait until he gets a good deal, not just agreement in history. all of our countries will any deal. that's important to note. benefit greatly. as pasht of our agreement, the we're saying china lie, cheat united states will be able to and steal. if we don't have a better lock in our market access to relationship with china on the canada and mexico and greatly trade front our future is in jeopardy. expand our agricultural exports. they'll be the economic and military power of the world if something we've been wanting to do for many years. we don't stop the theft and >> as i discussed with president trump a few days ago, forced transfer of technology the recent plant closures by and the cyber-warfare they impose against us. general motors, which affects what the president is doing not looking to the next election so thousands of canadian and much as looking to the american american workers and their families, are a heavy blow. future for the next generation. make no mistake, we will stand >> bill: what are you hearing from farmers in wisconsin? up for our workers and fight some of these farmers in your for their families and their state and others are taking a communities. and donald, it is all the more toll here. >> when people said we couldn't reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs renegotiate nafta our dairy on steel and aluminum between
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farmers are happy. our countries. we want to sell milk and >> that little jab at the president from mr. trudeau about tariffs. in fact, tariffs are high on canada. the agenda for saturday night's we produce the most cranberries dinner meeting between in my district in america and president trump and president we now have tariffs from china xi of china. many analysts are down playing on cranberries. that's tough. the prospects of any kind of we have the world's premier trade deal between those two countries. ginseng in marathon county, the recent inclusion of u.s. wisconsin. china buys a lot of ginseng. trade advisor peter navarro to the u.s. delegation at saturday they put tariffs on that, too. this is tough stuff with asia night's dinner. he is a hard liner against but with dairy they're happier chinese steel dumping and china the president cut on nafta. containment. the chinese are aware of that and don't take kindly to his >> bill: i didn't know that about wisconsin. good stuff. i want to take you back to the invitation. the hoped for meeting with president putin is off. deal that's been struck with canada and mexico. the president tweeting while on board the flight to argentina, i don't know if you like it or based on the fact the ships and not. if you listen to justin trudeau sailors have not been returned there seems to be more work to do. this is what we woke up to, to ukraine from russia i'm congressman. listen here. >> president trump: under the canceling by meeting with president vladimir putin. he has not ruled out a future usmca75% of our automobile
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meeting when the content must be manufactured in ukrainian/russian situation is north am ka. it will help stop resolved. >> bill: good stuff setting the auto jobs from going overseas table from washington and bring back auto jobs that >> sandra: former trump have already left. campaign chairman paul manafort many, many jobs are already we're learning will not be in planning to come back. many companies are coming back. the courtroom today as a sentencing date is set for and we're very excited about charges stemming from the that. mueller investigation one day >> bill: at that same press after a guilty plea from the conference justin trudeau said this in turn. president's former attorney michael cohen who admitted he >> as i discussed with lied to congress about a real president trump a few days ago, estate deal in moscow. the recent plant closures by general motors, which affects chief intelligence thousands of canadian and correspondent catherine herridge joins us from american workers and their washington >> the lawyers for the families, are a heavy blow. we will stand up for our president's former campaign chairman paul manafort and workers and fight for their special counsel scair off in families and their communities. court in a half hour. the special counsel alleges the and donald, it is all the more plea deal fell apart because reason why we need to keep they say manafort lied and working to remove the tariffs didn't fully cooperate. on steel and aluminum between his team says the special counsel wants information that our countries. >> bill: they were on first he simply does not have and name basis today. what about the point he is cannot provide. fox news understands that making? >> each side is fighting for special counsel investigators their own workers. pressed manafort on the june president trump is fighting for 2016 trump tower meeting with american workers and trudeau is
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russians who promised dirt on fighting for canadian workers. then candidate hillary clinton and the involvement of the we have a great manufacturing block in the u.s., canada and president's son-in-law, jared mexico. we want to make sure we have kushner. according to emails he free trade. i think what the president has abandoned the meeting early and done is cut a better deal for had no interest in the russians. the american worker making sure the president on manafort it's more fair between the yesterday. three countries. >> president trump: it's very the canadians are upset about sad what has happened to paul that. they were taking a lot of our the way he is being treated. jobs and manufacturing facilities and they wanted to i've never seen anybody treated keep them and we have a better so poorly. deal now and they aren't the question was asked by the pleased with that and want to "new york post" and i said i renegotiate it in the future. haven't offered any pardons. again, this is not perfect. i think they asked or whatever but it is better for us. by the way for us on dairy, would you? i said i'm not taking anything they have a supply management, off the table. a government-run dairy system >> on capitol hill the reaction in canada. divides along political lines. we now can sell great wisconsin >> i think the president is a milk into canada, which makes smart man and i think he our farmers happy. >> bill: you get a deal with understands that it would distract us to say the least mexico and canada and maybe e.u. partners and you put a from a lot of other very important issues. i don't think he will do that squeeze around china. nor do i think he will fire mr. let's see if that strategy works. mueller. sean duffy, the republican from >> it would be a complete abuse wisconsin, thank you. what's next? of power. the power of the pardon is not >> sandra: president trump attending the g20 summit in
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ever been used to protect a argentina. minutes from now he will president and his family. participate in the official welcome ceremony as well as the and again, we've seen from this white house again and again g20 family photo. we'll keep our eye on this for disregard for rule of law. you and bring that to you when it happens. >> we don't expect the manafort you're headed down the highway hearing to last all that long. we expect they will set a sentencing date in the near future and as we get details we'll bring them to you. >> sandra: how is the president's legal team pushing back against the cohen plea. >> bill: the morning a source told fox news they are revisiting the letters to special counsel robert mueller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein from 2017 asking for an investigation of the conduct and sworn testimony to congress by former f.b.i. director james comey. the letters to mueller and when the guy in front slams rosenstein level multiple on his brakes out of nowhere. accusations against comey including his handling of the you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. clinton email case. you've got a good record the inspector general has found and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. comey was insubordinate and went around his established chain of command and procedures. you hear that, karen?
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the letters call for a review liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. of media leaks authorized by comey to kick start the special how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, counsel investigation. we've been waiting for the liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. inspector general doing an independent separate report on liberty mutual insurance. that same issue, sandra. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: thank you for your continued reporting on that. >> bill: thank you. charlie hurt, fox news contributor. how are you on a friday? a lot of theories and stuff we don't know. what has changed fundamentally do you think in 24 hours, charlie? >> sandra: well, i think the biggest change is the fact that if you have cohen, michael cohen out here changing his story, copping to telling falsehoods to the mueller investigation, that is significant. that does, you know, change certainly some of the stories the campaign was issuing at the time about donald trump's dealings with russia at the
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time. but the problem remains this doesn't have anything to do with the initial purpose, the initial scope of the mueller investigation. it also calls into question if mueller is aiming to use somebody like michael cohen or paul manafort as a witness to level charges against the president. you've got truly compromised witnesses here. the other issue, i guess, the other important issue here is the fact that all of this can still play out in the political realm. democrats taking control of the house. they've made it very clear they want to make this an issue for democrats in the house in their investigations. and i can guarantee you, bill, we'll be hearing about all of these details ad nauseam over the next two years. >> bill: maybe more. here is what we woke up to just want to you react to this tweet from the president from
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argentina earlier today. >> i get it. i see our country going into the wrong direction. decide to run for president and continue to run my business. talked about on the campaign trail. put up zero money and zero guarantees and didn't do the project, witch hunt. that tweet from early today following the comment from yesterday. >> president trump: he is a weak person and not a very smart person. he has himself a big prison >> sandra: fox news alert. a high speed chase near the sentence and he is trying to get a much lesser prison u.s./mexico border turns fatal. sentence by making up a story. now here is the thing. a pickup truck speeding away even if he was right it doesn't from an enforcement stop. matter because i was allowed to three people died in the crash. do whatever i wanted during the we have more on this with william la jeunesse. campaign. >> bill: that was his position >> it happened yesterday around initially and today that's his 5:00 p.m. east of san diego. position. >> we'll be hearing a lot about the border patrol got into this high speed chase with a chevy michael cohen and paul manafort pickup. the truck was weaving in and out of traffic at about 100 miles an hour. from democrats and we'll hear two people in the cab, a male pushback from the president.
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the president is following this driver and female passenger and closely. he is watching all of these nine immigrants in back. border patrol had to lay a developments very closely. and is developing as he goes spike strip. the truck hits the strip, goes along as he always does a over a dirt embankment ejecting defense. he will defend himself. everyone in back. and the president is correct three dead, eight injured. about this. >> we believe they were all adults at this time. we knew about these -- his all males except one female in business dealings during the election and that's where the political side of this runs the vehicle and the female did into some choppy waters for die on scene. democrats. >> this happened between san the fact that when voters -- diego and the arizona border where there is no fence because of the mountains and the border when republicans nominated him, donald trump and when voters patrol puts in these elected him president they knew checkpoints that you see on the about these deals and they knew map. on the interstate to stop the he had these business deals smugglers from getting north. around the world and took that the crash happened near one of into consideration. those checkpoints. it didn't affect the outcome of this is the second fatal in the last 16 months in the area. the election. so donald trump has been able to work that angle. also yesterday i want to show >> bill: that's what's moving you some video from yuma. in washington argentina, do you think the 100 immigrants there arrested as members of the caravan and meeting with putin goes back on sometime in the next 24 hours? others are moving to the east >> i don't know if it does this because tijuana is so crowded. the build-up in california. particular weekend. i do suspect it will go back on agents say they were mostly at some point. central american families.
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>> bill: thank you, charlie. the single group turning nice to see you. charlie hurt there in themselves into the border washington on a friday morning. patrol again asking for asylum. nice to have you with us today. this meeting was canceled because of the situation with sandra, in this particular area it's very difficult to always ukraine that happened last sunday. you take the ships and sailors catch people at the border, hostage and they're still being unlike yuma. held today. the smugglers, their cargo is unless anything gives there the worth a lot of money. white house and president -- >> sandra: we should start to once they hit the interstate see the images of world leaders they go to l.a., chicago and trying to stop people. arriving at the summit shortly. they stay in the stash houses. the president is expected to arrive at the top of the hour. it's a very complicated we'll wait on some of those business but obviously very deadly as well. back to you. pictures out of argentina. >> sandra: thank you. ex-f.b.i. director james comey >> bill: another alert. going to support claiming a world leaders meeting in argentina moving into place as house subpoena is harassment. we speak as we await the bob goodlatte is standing by. official start of the g20 we'll get his response next. welcoming ceremony. president trump will be in the >> bill: also this truck room in a moment and we'll flipping over killing three continue our coverage as the people during a high speed summit gets underway as chase only miles from mexico. "america's newsroom" rolls on. new details today on how this come on back at the top of the happened. >> sandra: the fight over the hour and we'll have that for you. border wall entering a new phase. where does the battle stand now? we're going to be speaking to whoa!
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we have the power. to choose to include. to raise capital. and be fearless entrepreneurs. to understand different perspectives. we stand behind all our partners working to make a difference. what would you like the power to do? >> bill: fox news alert. former f.b.i. director james comey challenging a subpoena from republicans in the house. he accuses them of partisan >> sandra: fox news alert. harassment for demanding a president trump about to arrive closed door testimony in the f.b.i. actions leading up to at the g20 sessions amid the election of 2016. tension essential with russia the house judiciary committee chair is bob goodlatte, the and a trade fight with china. republican from virginia. welcome back. >> bill: wait until you see you got your work cut out for you. these guys. james comey says he is worried hang on, folks, the president about leaks. cancelling a meeting with should he be worried? vladimir putin. based on the fact the ships and >> well, first of all, we don't sailors have not been returned to the ukraine from russia it will be best for all parties condone leaks. trey gowdy and i are concerned about that. concerned to cancel my since jim comey claims he wants previously scheduled meeting in
6:16 am
transparency we've already argentina with president indicated that we will release vladimir putin. i look forward to a meaningful summit again when the situation the transcript of this under oath private interview the next is resolved. day after it takes place. kevin corke traveling with the president. good morning. we're almost done with this >> good morning. investigation. he is one of the last witnesses. i want to share for the folks at home a new picture that 16 other people have testified we've just gotten here as we continue our coverage of the under oath in the same setting that we're asking him to do it. g20. vladimir putin the president of and his claim that he needs to russia, has arrived here. do it in public is in my this is important because there had been some speculation that opinion a farce. quite frankly, five minutes is the president and president putin talking about president not enough time for an trump and president putin would experienced former prosecutor like trey gowdy or john ultimately meet despite the back and forth about what ratcliffe to follow all the threads that need to be happened between russia and followed, the hundreds of questions that need to be asked. and that needs to be done in a private setting. ukraine. but we're happy for the transparency. there was percolation behind >> bill: if there are hundreds the scenes. right now the u.s. has no of questions, give me one that's on your mind. intentions for a pull aside what do you need to know, sir? between the leader of our >> well, we need to know just country and russia's leader. meanwhile calling it a win for as one example, what jim comey american farmers and in particular u.s. manufacturers was doing during the time the president today, bill, joined his counterparts from between when he wrote a mexico and canada in signing
6:17 am
statement that exonerated hillary clinton and when he the usmca trade agreement that actually issued it in revised form a number of weeks later. replaces nafta that u.s. we need to know what jim comey officials called unfair to american interest. the president said it's a win was doing with regard to the for all parties involved. >> president trump: the usmca ini shallation of the trump is the most modern and balanced russia collusion investigation and why he persisted in trade agreement in history. all of our countries will pursuing surveillance of carter benefit greatly. as part of our agreement the united states will be able to page, united states citizen, lock in our market access to for a full year, when there is no evidence that carter page canada and mexico and greatly did anything that would suggest expand our agricultural exports. something we've been wanting to do for many years. that he was colluding with the russians. >> bill: you don't think you >> the signing is the can get those answers in an open hearing. >> no, you get an answer and culmination, bill, of fierce negotiations played out from have three or four follow-up ottawa and washington down to questions. the interviews have ranged, four to six hours. mexico city. very interesting signing to we rotate one hour for watch today. historic moment for the republican counsel and then one president obviously as well as hour for the democrats to ask his counterparts from canada their questions. and mexico. i want to share this from and when we're done with this twitter. investigation, which is the president was on twitter obviously going to be soon. not long ago hailing this deal we'll release all of these saying this. just signed one of the most
6:18 am
transcripts so the american important and largest trade people can see what was going deals in u.s. and world history. united states, mexico and on in 2016 and leading into canada worked so well together 2017. >> bill: trey gowdy suggested in crafting this great document. you could videotape it. the terrible nafta will soon be is that a compromise? >> we're open to the idea of gone. the usmca will be fantastic, he videotaping it. the fact of the matter is, though, he is trying to run the says, for all. clock on us and that's why we now to that let's just tell you think he has filed this motion about this. canada's justin trudeau, the prime minister there, called to quash. they also -- fusion gps also this deal, bill, a beginning and not an end noting the huge tried that. they were knocked down and tariffs on his country's steel instead he came in, glenn simpson came in and took the and aluminum sectors. >> as i discussed with fifth. what jim comey's intentions are president trump a few days ago, i don't know other than that the recent plant closures by it's pretty clear he doesn't want to come in and answer the general motors, which affects thousands of canadian and detailed questions that we have. >> bill: i'm looking at the american workers and their calendar and you are as well. families are a heavy blow. you're almost out of time. make no mistake we will stand the first week of january the up for our workers and fight gavel switches. >> we have another month. for their families and their of course, when that happens we already have indications from communities. and donald, it's all the more lindsey graham, who is expected reason why we need to keep to be the new chairman of the working to remove the tariffs senate judiciary committee and on steel and aluminum between
6:19 am
ron johnson who is the chairman our countries. >> bill: that from earlier of the senate oversight today. committee they intend to pursue now live to argentina. president trump arriving on the this and know the inspector red carpet. >> sandra: and what a moment general who filed a 400-page this is. report. if you are looking for of course, this is the moment questions for mr. comey you need look no further than the when 20 leading industrialized 400-page report from the and emerging economies come inspector general regarding together. they account for 85% of gdp, matters. and that coupled with the 2/3 of the population of the documents we've examined and world. the witnesses we've talked to this all coming directly off have given us a plethora of the g20 website but world questions that he needs to come leaders, this is a moment. in and answer so we can certainly trade will be front complete this investigation. >> bill: let me slide in a few and center. big discussions about to be had and still questions over who more things. comey's statements from his exactly the president will be attorney. mr. comey should not be could meeting with, vladimir putin still a big question mark. hersed into participating in >> bill: you think about the partisan efforts to undermine stakes and how high they are the legitimacy of an for the economies of the united institution he served for the better part of four years. states and china and whether or no legitimate reason why mr. not these two men can get together and forge a deal comey cannot provide sworn live during these meetings in public testimony on the matters argentina is debatable. under investigation. you took to twitter last night. want to bring in the a-team you said the truth is best served with transparency. with us today. juan williams from the five. what is director comey trying
6:20 am
to hide from the american ed henry from new york city, people with the baseless motion shelby holliday from the "wall to quash? what happens with rod street journal." good morning rosenstein? will you get a satisfactory answer from him over the next to you. let's -- month about the reports that he >> you have 90% of the world's was willing to wear a wire and find out whether that was true or not? gdp. >> i think it's very important >> bill: what does he need to get done here? >> he needs to have a positive that mr. rosenstein answer dinner with the president of questions with regard to that. i know he has put out a china. i think this canada, mexico, statement denying it. u.s. trade deal is big. there were a lot of key players who put it together. and we have a "new york times" go back to the 2016 campaign. report with regard to it. this is a classic trump move but i think the public deserves where he said art of the deal, to have more information about i can renegotiate this. that and there are a few other things that mr. rosenstein could testify about. everyone in his party said you >> bill: you have a lot moving can't renegotiate nafta, buddy, on both fronts. how much can you get done? you can't. this is a pie in the sky thing. >> we're close to the end. these are the last witnesses canada and mexico said -- and that we need to do. they did. the u.s. got a pretty good deal we've examined hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. here. i think it sets the table for searched through them and have the main event, the dinner tomorrow night between thousands of documents that are president trump and president relevant to our investigation xi of china. the world is waiting. and all these witnesses. we're ready to turn that over that's not an exaggeration. i've covered a lot of these
6:21 am
to the senate and we're anxious to see what additional work the g-20s they're snoozers, everyone sits around. inspector general does. this is a big trade deal to set mr. gowdy and i have called for the table. everyone is watching. they need to have some sort of the appointment of a second a deal or truce on the tariff special counsel when you have battle. whether you want to call it a glenn simpson from fusion gps taking the fifth amendment. trade war or what not. if they get some sort of deal others who are reluctant to tomorrow night the president testify. will have a huge summit and >> bill: you sound confident number two the markets will be rocking next week. you'll get your answers. >> sandra: to update you on the thank you, sir. >> thank you. bill. >> sandra: facebook facing g20, 19 member nations plus the backlash after chief operating european union. when you watch that signing officer sheryl sandberg called ceremony this morning, what for an investigation into message did it send not only to billionaire george soros for the g20 members but to the criticizing the company. world? >> i do think that's right. how facebook is responding to it was a table setter for this that this morning. big meeting to come. i think trade is the focus. a deputy u.s. marshal killed so often we talk about foreign trying to serve an arrest warrant. policy and all these different what we know about the suspect things leaders are discussing. with trump at the table it's and how it all unfolded. all about trade. it sends a message that trump is serious about his trade deals and the pledges he made on the campaign trail and by i wanted more from my copd medicine... the way, he is actually able to accomplish some of the things ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. he set out to accomplish.
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6:24 am
>> bill: you can't have a meeting if they have sailors held hostage on behalf of ukraine. >> somebody should say something. >> bill: the cem -- the president backed out of the meeting. today the kremlin is saying that they will have some sort of -- maybe it happens in the glucerna®. unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. room you're looking at now. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, >> right, a signal has to be past anything that stands in its way. sent to putin whether it's president trump or someone. ...well almost anything. it's a golden opportunity for president trump who has his leave no room behind with xfi pods. critics. >> bill: we won't meet and talk. >> if you have a conversation simple. easy. awesome. on the sidelines you have to click or visit a retail store today. release the sailors from ukraine. they've been sentenced to a couple months in jail by a russian court. it is a kangaroo court. this is ridiculous. and president trump before he was president slammed president obama over the russians taking crimea and what not and you have to stand up on the world
6:25 am
stage. i think the president hasn't gotten enough credit for sanctioning russia and taking >> sandra: facebook under fire tough moves against russia again after its chief operating previously and helping ukraine with military aid for example. officer sheryl sandberg asked he doesn't get credit. the kind of aid barack obama staffers to research george did not provide to ukraine but soros's financial interests. given what happened in helsinki the request came days after the this president should stand up billionaire attacked facebook during a speech at the world to president putin at this summit. economic forum. jackie heinrich is live with >> sandra: an update, the president of the g20. more on this. the president of argentina >> sandra, according to the shaking hands and greeting "new york times" facebook world leaders as they step onto the stage. confirmed that sheryl sandberg as we await we'll watch them one-by-one take that stage asked her communications term before they take that family if george soros -- two weeks photo, shelby. as we look on we wonder where ago sandberg denied knowledge the next couple of days will about a separate push -- effort take us. >> yeah. this is like the red carpet for to push negative stories about soros. it is all causing questions the g20. everyone showing up and about just how much facebook's everyone looks happy. second in command was involved different from some other in the campaign against the summits we've seen in the past year or two. liberal billionaire. back to russia, i do think that the request from her came after it is a signal that president soros blasted tech companies in trump is not sitting down with the speech at the world vladimir putin. that in and of itself is a economic forum in switzerland saying the companies could statement he is making to russia.
6:26 am
threaten democracy and impact he has been friendly with human behavior. the speech coming at a time vladimir putin in the past. when facebook was under the this is a very different tone microscope for disseminating see striking. that communicates something russian propaganda. the earlier denial was related about the ukrainian situation and some of the things putin to a separate push to circulate has been doing. but you cannot ignore what's going on at home either with negative stories about soros the russia investigation. that put facebook in hot water. >> to your point, bill, after the president said i'm not according to the times facebook going to meet with putin, i saw commissioned a campaign style the kremlin putting out opposition research effort by statements no, we're still defineers public affairs aimed to discredit critics of the going to. the point being they were on defense and almost begging. company later fired defineers after a times investigation. >> bill: they want the meeting. sandra. >> that shows president trump may have the upper hand but he >> sandra: jackie, defineers has to seize that opportunity. was hireed to dole out public use the upper hand to say knock this off. >> bill: what is your sense, information to reporters about soros's funding. something we continue to learn you know, you guys covered many more on the story. a lot of interest in this story. presidents from the white house when you get outside the bubble. jackie, did you have any final is it a good thing? thoughts? >> yeah, this is all after a do you get refreshed and away from the trappings of washington, d.c. or do you watch the events that we times investigation revealed watched yesterday for a period that they were hired to dole of three hours here on our out information about reporters program with michael cohen a surprise appearance in lower to -- about soros's funding of
6:27 am
manhattan before a judge and when you go to a meeting like this and how do these foreign leaders look at you then when american advocacy groups drew they know you are up against scrutiny. sandberg denied she had much these legal head winds back at knowledge about the specifics home? and having an audit about >> some of the president's senior advisors it's one of his facebook's policies affected biggest frustration and why he minority users and employees. calls it a witch hunt. we reached out to facebook this not just politics. he is frustrated on the world morning so far we haven't gotten a response but we're stage, the president, other leaders see him as wounded. waiting comment from both sides this morning. other leaders see him as having >> sandra: jackie heinrich, this cloud over his head. thank you very much. >> bill: migrants at the you can argue whether he and some of his folks created some of the cloud. u.s./mexico boarding lan whether it's michael cohen, muching a hunger strike against general flynn and others, the u.s. government as tijuana didn't tell the truth. if you sit down with the f.b.i. faces increasing strain from you ought to tell the truth. the growing number of migrants. maybe the cloud wouldn't be so we'll let you know what's happening. >> sandra: the battle to keep big. how this investigation started with a look at russian -- the government open, it is heating up as the president alleged russian interference in the 2016 campaign and now we're stands firmly on funding for that border wall saying the looking at a real estate fight over that could trigger a transaction that didn't happen partial government shutdown. will it? and somehow many in the texas attorney general ken paxton will join us next. mainstream media say it will bring down donald trump. >> there is a comment about you can understand why shutting down the border. president trump is frustrated
6:28 am
that impacts the economy and why it started as one thing and the lives of hundreds of ended up something else as we thousands if not millions of see in many special counsel people that are reliant on that trade and commerce. investigations. >> the difference that i see is the degree to which social a city with one of the highest increases media and technology connects the president as he goes of women-owned businesses in the u.s. overseas and tries to get out it's really this constant juxtaposition of the bubble. the president has been tweeting even on the plane and now in when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, argentina about local things, books he wants to sell, many by how do they plan for their financial wellness? us at fox news and he is i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. engaged and very much aware of so i have to manage my time wisely. the kind of coverage, the headlines in today's paper about michael cohen's guilty plea and the connections being plan your financial life with prudential. made to the what ed referred to bring your challenges. the real estate deal. building a trump tower in moscow whether there would be a $50 million penthouse made available to vladimir putin. all of that is in his head and believe me it's in the head of the people that he is meeting with. >> bill: how much do we really think has changed since yesterday? there are countless theories.
6:29 am
what has fundamentally changed that we can say for certain about this mueller matter? >> we know for certain michael cohen is cooperating with mueller and mueller takes him seriously enough. a signal mueller believes cohen and will continue to work with him. a lot of legal experts say mueller is sending a signal to trump that he knows something about this deal and possibly about other things michael cohen has told mueller that we aren't privileged to and a signal to trump that mueller understands some of the lies that have been told to congress and possibly some of the lies that president trump wrote down in those answers to him. president trump was asked about the trump tower deal. initially it was weird. rudy giuliani said michael cohen was lying and later walked that back and said michael cohen is saying what president trump said in the answer. >> bill: the answers that the president provided were consistent is what giuliani said. >> one thing to what you're saying.
6:30 am
i spoke to rudy giuliani last night and told me directly the president's answers are not in conflict. you see the president there and we lost it. he insists rudy giuliani there is no conflict in what the president said and what cohen said in terms of timing and what not. so look, despite what the president may have said in public before the key is what did he tell bob mueller in the written answers. the president's legal team is insisting to us that they're fine and not worried about the answers he gave mueller. what we don't know is what bob mueller thinks about those answers. >> what we do know is that all of this rash of activity in the last week both by mueller and the surprise appearance and guilty plea by flynn and the comments that president trump has been making on twitter have all come after mueller got the answers from trump. and it makes you think oh, well gee, mueller was waiting to see what trump said and now he sprung a trap potentially a
6:31 am
perjury trap. i meant cohen. >> sandra: take in this moment for a second as you saw the president arriving there on the world stage, the g20 summit happening in argentina right now. this is a moment where these world leaders will come together and talk about all >> sandra: all right. we're getting a live look at things that affect their some of the world leaders countries and affect the global economy making up 85% of global arriving for the g20 summit. we're expecting the president gdp. the president has taken to the to be arriving at the top of stage there now and we're waiting for the family photo op where we'll see 28 world leaders take to the stage there. the hour at a center in big questions about the interaction we might see on the argentina, the site of the g20 stage in a few minutes and summit. this is that big grand moment we'll be watching for that, right, ed? where we'll see all the world >> no doubt about it. how will he interact with putin. leaders come together. not just because of the will there be a meeting or at situation in the ukraine but least a brush with vladimir because of this investigation. putin and president trump? react to some juan just said these are all questions right about well, they got the now. but this is certainly the written answers and maybe mueller sprung a trap on the moment we're arriving there in president. argentina. maybe an unfortunate phrasing but that's what the trump team >> bill: the family photo as they call it is in 30 minutes. has been saying all along they when president trump has a meet think is a witch hunt.
6:32 am
and greet with the hosts we'll a trap. they were trying to set the bring it to you as well. president up rather than the countries have a lot of getting the truth. rather than saying what really issues on the table especially happened on the real estate deal and what happened with the at this time. comey firing and this and that? whether it's the matters with all along this has been an russia dealing with ukraine, the president calling the effort to catch him in a meeting off yesterday. perjury trap. but a moment ago the kremlin we know the justice department put out a statement they'll guidelines suggest the precedent is you can't indict a have a brief impromptu meeting president. so at the end of this it's between president trump and highly unlikely the president vladimir putin. whether that happens is that a would be indicted even if they found something wrong. the question to me. pull-aside, a two-minute conversation, more than just a michael cohen, one of the handshake? things he said he didn't just we'll see. there will be a lot of news out brief individual number one of this regarding russia, about the real estate deal but regarding china, and already the news about the new deal family members of the president. i think that may be something that was signed between canada that mueller is zeroing in on. >> bill: if that's the case and mexico rewriting the rules we're looking at 2019, 2020. on nafta that takes us back 20, >> it may go on a lot longer. 25 years. so a lot of news expected from >> bill: there is putin. argentina. >> sandra: a lot of meetings the first time we've seen him on camera in argentina. for the g20 over the course of we'll see what comes of that. a year but this is the big one just trying to -- another -- saudi arabia. the white house said there won't be a meeting between the that -- trade will be a big
6:33 am
topic in the meeting with president and mbs in the meeting in argentina. president xi. you know the pushback on behalf nafta to be signed, already did. and the biggest by far will be of capitol hill. whether or not that meeting republicans and democratic happens with vladimir putin. senators alike are saying the so we await all of that. money the u.s. is giving saudi >> bill: we do. arabia to fight the war in in the meantime to the border yemen should be extracted. we go. some of the migrants staged a a major sticking point for the white house when you think hunger strike at the about mike pompeo and james u.s./mexico border saying they mattis going to brief the have a right to enter the u.s. senators behind closed doors to to seek asylum. meanwhile that city, tijuana, say look, saudi arabia may not is buckling under the human be the greatest friend but you strain that is put on it. are dealing with a tough griff jenkins back on the border in that city in tijuana, neighborhood. there is the japanese president as well. mexico. you are dealing with a tough good morning. >> good morning. neighborhood and they are the rain here in the last 24 helping the u.s. with efforts hours has made dire conditions in baghdad, to help stabilize that government and they are even worse. look behind me and you can see helping in the region to push back on iran. >> that's the big part. all the clothes and tents the president has cited that belongings drenched. it is in the low 50s here. again and again. theresa may there. she is dealing with the fallout the trash that has begun to from brexit and coming up with a plan. there are a lot of -- a lot of accumulate, belongings as well as medicine and drops here. world leaders who have big some sort of pills. remember, we reported yesterday problems back home. on the health risks here with >> bill: what's remarkable, juan, you referred to this. 60% suffering from respiratory. the times we've covered these look at the very extremely meetings and nothing comes from
6:34 am
difficult conditions that these migrants, 6,000 or so are them. living under right now. it's a communique written before the thing started. this is an entirely different that is why the mayor of ballgame and i believe, as we tijuana says that when it comes reflect on president trump's to blame, he places it exactly first trip to nato, that's on the organizers for bringing really when we understood how them here. he was going to conduct his own listen. >> those are really criminals because they are dealing with personal relationship with world leaders. he is going to poke the bear. lives. they are dealing with people. that's a federal crime. again and again and again. and so there will be headlines if you ask me do you know who they are? from this in a way that we are i don't know. but just look at the films. not typically seeing. look at them and you will find >> sandra: from canada on air who are they? force one he saw the canadian >> when you consider what happened on sunday when these migrants charged that border, having -- the president said i'm not playing with this it cost them $129 million anymore and blew up the thing. >> fascinating to watch body pesos, $6 million of trade. language. >> i like to watch the position. and trying to keep this very this is very much like a unsanitary camp going i asked saturday night prom and everybody's position has been the mayor who is footing the pre-determined as it stands. bill and here is what he said. >> the name is on the floor, right? >> think about when they announced the trade deal. >> tijuana is footing the bill.
6:35 am
>> it cost how much? >> approximately $25,000 a day the canadian and mexican and every day. our economy is not that great. u.s. deal. it is not enough. the president was up front. >> bill: if there is any mexico, federal government has to take over. commentary. he has meetings after this with >> that's why he hopes the incoming president who will be the japanese leader and others. inaugurated tomorrow will help nato he said nice building, who finally. the hunger strike started in built this? how much did that cost? the rain yesterday. that was the first shot he it would be a march. they shut it down quickly. fired at these nato members to we'll find out what happened today. no time for a hunger strike in say you got to pony up more the conditions they're already money for your own defense. under. bill. >> bill: griff jenkins from the >> the u.s. dues are paying for border. that expensive building at nato. >> sandra: texas attorney general ken paxton joins us >> u.s. dues are also paying with more on this. for world stability and peace you just heard the words there post world war ii. he feels like it's a real of the mayor saying mexico has to take over. estate deal. what does happen next? i understand that. we should insist that nato >> well, obviously i think members pay up their fair share. mexico made a huge mistake >> bill: many of them are starting to do it. letting these people cross their southern border. all these relationships are they will have to deal with more fascinating in ways we that in the future. have never seen. i agree with the mayor of >> it's the trump factor. tijuana. he has a problem and expend >> bill: it rolls on.
6:36 am
resources he doesn't have. get a quick break and we'll be there is no time limit on it. back in a moment and cover this these people are stuck in a and a lot more here on really bad situation and so is "america's newsroom." the mayor of tijuana and the people of tijuana. every road in the world >> sandra: what will finally give? is now an information superhighway. (phone ringing) the hunger strike? tijuana is strained at this and the car has become an accessory to the smartphone. point. something has to give. ride hailing, car sharing, carpooling... we're watching this situation mobility services are proliferating. just get worse. >> i think it's with mexico. and there's a new generation the mexican government needs to who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. step in. they're the ones that let these it all means massive disruption to the car industry, people cross the border and now they're responsible for taking cities, businesses and investors. care of them. i believe it's up to the i'm martyn briggs for bank of america merrill lynch. mexican government to step up and take care of these people. >> sandra: there is the battle over funding the border wall. that is certainly heating up. it's proven quality sleep. and there is a big question the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, whether or not democrats will intelligently senses your movement and work with republicans and the president on this issue. automatically adjusts... where do you see that going? so you can get a running start on the holidays. >> well certainly i'm hopeful and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number they'll work with him. i've been hoping that ever 360 smart beds. since the election that finally limited time only. after this election we can come but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient together and start negotiating some kind of compromise that originally discovered... the democrats can be happy with in jellyfish.
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and the republicans be happy in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown with. this is an important issue in a to improve short-term memory. border state and to the entire prevagen. healthier brain. better life. country. >> sandra: democrats, would they rather shut down the government than get something but when i started seeing i knew aboutthings,emors. done on this issue? that's the big question as we i didn't know what was happening... move forward and watch this so i kept it in. play out. he started believing things that weren't true. >> i certainly hope that's not i knew something was wrong... true. they have an opportunity here. but i didn't say a word. there is an opportunity, as we during the course of their disease have a democratic congress around 50% of people with parkinson's coming into being, they have an opportunity to step up and work may experience hallucinations or delusions. with the president and get but now, doctors are prescribing nuplazid. something done on this. otherwise, you know, we all the only fda approved medicine... suffer. there is really no point in not proven to significantly reduce trying to negotiate some type hallucinations and delusions of compromise. >> sandra: you know, we related to parkinson's. don't take nuplazid if you are allergic to its ingredients. continue to see these images coming out of there. these ones that are showing on nuplazid can increase the risk of death the screen right now, tijuana, in elderly people with dementia-related psychosis where we just heard griff and is not for treating symptoms jenkins reporting. the resources there continue to unrelated to parkinson's disease. nuplazid can cause changes in heart rhythm run low. we've got thousands of migrants and should not be taken if you have certain crowding that city there. what do you think the american abnormal heart rhythms or take other drugs that are known to cause changes in heart rhythm. people -- their views have been tell your doctor about any changes changing on this. in medicines you're taking. these images, they certainly play out in how you see this the most common side effects are
6:38 am
swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. whole situation unfolding. what do you think the tolerance we spoke up and it made all the difference. of the american people is for ask your parkinson's specialist this? >> well look, it's a about nuplazid. complicated issue. i feel for these people. your insurance rates skyrocket you could fix it with a pen. i think the mayor of tijuana hit it on the head when he how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? blamed the organizers for for drivers with accident forgiveness, basically using these people as pawns. liberty mutual won't raise their rates now they're stuck in the middle because of their first accident. and it's a complicated issue. switch and you could save $782 if we allow them in it creates on home and auto insurance. incentive for that to happen over and over again. call for a free quote today. that is not the process that our country is set up. so i do feel sorry for these liberty mutual insurance. people and i feel sorry for them because of the organizers and i feel bad that mexico allowed this to happen. >> sandra: what do you make of the white house response to the current situation? >> you know, the responsibility of the president is to protect the border, to secure the borders to make sure that we're not allowing criminals in. we have legal immigration. i am completely for legal immigration. we need workers in texas. it needs to be done the right way. we have no idea who these people are.
6:39 am
the president is claiming some are criminals. we get criminals crossing our border all the time. we keep track of the statistics. it's a serious issue that has i am a techie dad.n. to be resolved. >> sandra: he has a lot on his i believe the best technology should feel effortless. plate right now. down in argentina for the g20 like magic. summit. but this is an issue that will be front and center especially at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools over the funding of the border that simplify your experience. wall and potential government shutdown. thank you for joining us this my name is mike, morning. we'll have more on this funding i'm in product development at comcast. fight. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. our headliner house majority whip steve scalise has strong viewpoints and will join us next hour. >> bill: here we go. u.s. supreme court. the first look at the official class picture that features bret kavanaugh. some images that were recorded a bit earlier today. the latest u.s. supreme court justice in a close-up shot there. there you have it. all nine. they look happy, right, sandra? >> bill: g20 summit underway in >> sandra: yeah, after the recent health scare i guess you argentina. will we see movement on china
6:40 am
could call it with ruth bader with trade? will it move the markets or are ginsberg there she is and what a moment that is. we getting ready for a long >> bill: yes. there you have it. just coming in from the high haul? charles payne, good morning to you. court in washington, d.c. what do you think? is there movement or not? >> the niceties are pretty good sonia sotomayor, you want me to go through all of it or shall going into the meeting, right? it is not just the comment that we stop now? i think we can stop. >> sandra: a moment to take in -- fox news broke that this after everything that's morning. fox business, rather. but there is also a piece a happened. thursday night football on fox. good editorial in the china the saints suffered a big loss to the dallas do you boys 13-10. daily, the unofficial official mouthpiece of the chinese government want a deal and like cowboys defense stopped a america to meet them halfway. 10-game-winning streak for the saints. we are getting everyone saying the right things. >> bill: big victory for dallas. i think the saints scored 180 the market is cautiously optimistic, i think. points two weeks ago. because it is president trump, someone who really does back up 10 in dallas. his words, they know all of the good defense on dehalf of the things that he is saying he would do are not idle threats. cowboys. >> sandra: all about the >> bill: how do you think the defense? >> bill: i was expecting them white house has played this? >> i think they've played it
6:41 am
to carry on. well. the only thing i would have president trump doing high done differently is done some sort of prime time talk at the stakes wheeling and dealing now. this isn't settled yet. very beginning of it and say is there a deal to be made with this is what we're trying to achieve to the american public. and then, you know, maybe a china? congressman sean duffy reacts coming up next. plus this. follow-up after china deliberately targeted our farmers to say listen, you know >> sandra: amazing new video what? obviously there could be a certain amount of pain. from california. a sheriff's deputy reports his by the same token i'm fighting own close call with the for main street, not wall deadliest wildfire in state street here, so as you hear history. wall street chime in and continue to talk about consumer - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi, prices, know they are talking the pressure cooker that crisps. about their bottom lines. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying ultimately americans do know one thing. all in one. you have to have a job before with tendercrisp technology, you can care about how much food will be juicy on the inside, something costs. and i think that's what he is crispy on the outside. fighting for here. (upbeat drumming) >> sandra: as far as the optics the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. of that signing ceremony this morning and the president tweeting this just a short time ago just signed one of the most important and largest trade deals in u.s. and world history, the u.s., mexico and canada worked so well together
6:42 am
crafting this great document. terrible nafta deal will soon be gone. the usmca will be fantastic for all. by the way, did you see this as a good thing and did we get a good deal? >> i think we got a good deal. a lot of things that brought it into the 21st century. i think the american workers got a good deal. it was something the president promised. also we should take -- be also know that remember how act -- the ninja foodi, essential for pine trees, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. the canadian representative gave harsh words for the like an "unjection™". americans. a lot of people didn't think xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill the deal would happen and they for adults with moderate to severe ra pulled it out. for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. and so it's just a negotiating style perhaps the world is not xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. used to. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, another thing we haven't been accustomed to in this country including tuberculosis. are results. people said don't mess with
6:43 am
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6:45 am
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>> sandra: growing tensions in ukraine where russian men are now banned from entering the country amid fears of a russian invasion. ukraine imposing martial law earlier this week after russia seized three of its ships off the coast of crimea. we have the latest on this. >> as the rhetoric heats up between russia and ukraine following the fire fight over the weekend off the coast of crimea the ukrainian government is banning all russian men 16 to 60 from entering the country. the main focus for this ban will be on the 1200 mile land border between russia and eastern ukraine. although the new restriction applies to all ports of entry. ukrainian president tweeted today that the ban is being put into place to prevent the russians from forming private armies in ukraine.
6:50 am
in 2014 separatists used a similar tactic to fight the ukrainian army and it stopped all flights from ukraine to russia. a spokesperson said moscow has no plans to retaliate for similar restrike uns for ukrainian citizens. they said russia is not interested in war with ukraine. both countries do appear to be preparing for a major military confrontation. sandra, these latest developments do come as 24 ukrainian sailors remain held in russia after they were captured on sunday and the latest information we're getting is three of those sailors, all of them captains, have been transferred from a jail in crimea to a jail outside of moscow pending trial. sandra. >> sandra: trey, thank you. >> bill: back home. republicans floating a new plan to pay for a border wall. democrats holding the line on spending levels raising the chance of a government shutdown. let's go to our headliner and pleased to have with us house majority whip steve scalise.
6:51 am
thank you for coming back here. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> bill: from what we understand $5 billion give or take maybe not over a year's time but over two years. is that something that will pass? >> what president trump has talked about he needs $5 billion right now to secure the border. it is a full border security package including building the wall, including technology, making sure that our border patrol agents have the tools they need. you just saw in the last few days they're being attacked an assaulted by some of the people in the caravan and the president needs to secure the border. it is important for all americans we get this done. >> sandra: senator chuck schumer making his thoughts on this very clear on the senate floor yesterday. listen. >> he hasn't even spent the 1.3 billion congress allocated last year in the fiscal year 2018 budget for border security.
6:52 am
fences, drones, technology, this isn't actually about border security. this is the president trying to manufacture a shutdown to fire up his base. >> sandra: can you respond to that for us, congressman? >> well, chuck schumer is still burned from the last time he shut the government down and it didn't work for him then. it won't work for him now. people know and see this threat at the border. look at this caravan. there are already more than 600 known convicted criminals in the caravan. they just arrested another ms-13 gang member two days ago as part of the caravan and president trump said i need the money to fully secure the board. the first 1.5 billion is being spent. that's just a small portion of what it takes to secure the entire american border. if chuck schumer wants to take the position he is willing to shut the government down because he doesn't want to secure america's border people see what's happening now and know what is at stake and he will lose the shutdown like the last one.
6:53 am
we don't want a shutdown. we want to make sure we can secure america's border. president trump laid out a concrete plan that makes a lot of sense to get this done. let's go and see a bipartisan agreement to secure america's border especially at a time when we see the assault coming from known criminals and keep this in mind. every single day on average our department of homeland security stops 10 known terrorists from entering this country. every single day. we need to secure the border. president trump has laid out a plan to do it. if chuck schumer doesn't want that to happen, if he wants to shut the government down over whether or not to secure the border that's a failed position. >> sandra: do you think there will be a government shutdown? >> the negotiations are ongoing. we still have a few more days to get this done. i hoefp we do get it done. at the end of the day we need to secure america's border and keep battling until we finally get the agreement to make that happen. >> bill: two more topics. james comey is fighting back and some of your republican lawmakers want to get james comey in before them one more
6:54 am
time. and you are running up against the calendar because you'll toss the gavel over the first week of january. james comey said today my legal team filed court papers to get transparency from house republicans let the american people watch. bob goodlatte was with us last hour and said the following as to whether or not the comey testimony will happen. watch. >> we're open to the idea of videotaping it. the fact of the matter is, though, he is trying to run the clock on us. >> bill: trying to run the clock, sir? >> i agree with chairman goodlatte. we've laid out a number of different options for comey to come in. you don't get to decide whether or not you want to comply with a compelling order to come and testify before congress. ironically, in his tweet he mentions transparency. the whole idea of getting him to come and testify is be transparent with the american people not through leaks which comey is good at but being sworn in under oath and testifying and telling the
6:55 am
truth to the american people what's going on. is it a witch hunt, targeted? what is really happening? it's not through him trying to leak stuff and write books it's swearing him in under oath and getting an honest conversation and getting facts to the american people. >> sandra: finally the president is at this g20 summit at the moment. we don't know yet what all will come out of this. we know he has a meeting with president xi but we do not know if this meeting with vladimir putin will be happening. the latest from the white house the president has called this off. would you like to see the president meet with putin? >> well, regardless of whether he meets with him or not clearly there is a lot of diplomacy going on. what russia is trying to do with our friends in the ukraine is wrong and we're standing up against it. i'm glad president trump is standing up to russia and standing with our friends in the ukraine. we didn't see that from previous administration. i'm glad we're seeing it now. let's bring more the weight of other countries in the world against what russia's aggression is doing. it has to stop.
6:56 am
let's back the ukrainians and i think the president will do that whether he meets in person or whether secretary pompeo and others are going to make this more effective at the u.n. and bring more countries to bear. >> bill: >> bill: nice to see you. thank you. >> sandra: the escalating crisis in ukraine looming over the g20 summit. is the russian leader testing the president's resolve? our a-team will be back for that. >> bill: headlines from facebook doing major damage control. bombshell report says that sheryl sandberg, one of the leading executives went looking for dirt on george soros. why would the social media giant target him? we're looking for answers next coming up right here after this.
6:57 am
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7:01 am
test after the ukraine incident. the a-team is back. juan williams, ed henry and shelby holliday. the president is being put to the test here. what do you think is going to come of this challenge, ed? >> i think this kind of a do over for him after helsinki. he took a lot of flak from his own party that he should have stronger to putin. putin has acted more recklessly on the world stage with what is happening in ukraine. i think given what's happened in the russia investigation as well. it wasn't a coincidence right after the michael cohen development, come on, the timing within minutes the white house is announcing from air force one never mind, that meeting with putin not happening. now putin as we said earlier is in a defensive posture which is not usual for putin. he is begging for this meeting. the president has an opportunity to give him that meeting briefer maybe than it would be before.
7:02 am
maybe a hallway conversation but stick a finger in his chest and say enough is enough. >> bill: sarah sanders said the russian witch hunt hoax is doing very well. unfortunately it probably does undermine our relationship with russia. the reason for our canceled meeting is ukraine. hopefully it will be resolved soon so productive conversations can begin. it probably does undermine our relationship with russia. >> it likely does. as ed pointed out it seems to have an impact on president trump's meeting with vladimir putin. what else has the relationship? michael cohen testified to congress and told lies that russia knew were lies and this document that he wrote that was public was very clear if you were involved in the deal, if you were involved in president vladimir putin's press operation over there, the michael cohen wasn't being truthful. things like that also go into the balancing game between vladimir putin and donald trump and ed was talking about leverage. leverage is everything when you
7:03 am
talk about vladimir putin. that's how this man rolls and what his currency is. he loves having the upper hand. >> what is curious to me is the world stage. clearly the president thought he could, in fact, create an alliance between the u.s. and russia and do much better with putin than previous leaders had done. but what putin has done in syria, putin's continued relationship with iran, the kind of difficulty that we face about the khashoggi murder, perpetrated by msb or -- all of that has russia involved. and the question is at what point does trump say to putin, this has to stop? he has yet to say it. >> he still has leverage. we have sanctions if place against russia, we have a lot of leverage and ability to tell russia no. >> sandra: we have to get to
7:04 am
this topic on facebook. doing damage control. now a report oust that sheryl sandberg, one of the executives went looking for dirt on george soros and now facebook has responded to that bombshell report saying this, mr. soros is a prominent investor and we looked into his investments and trading activity related to facebook. that research was underway when cheryl sent an email asking if he had shorted facebook stock. she never directed from freedom on facebook but takes full responsibility for any activity that happened on her watch. what do you make of that? >> none of us know all the details. what it tells me how the mighty have fallen. i remember not too distant past where facebook was this behemoth -- a positive one, i guess. with the idea that maybe mark zuckerberg will run for president or sheryl sandberg will be president. lean in, the book, the best
7:05 am
seller, transparency. you find out there wasn't a lot of transparency in how they handled election ads in 2016. a big "new york times" piece before this a couple weeks back talking about them digging up dirt on rivals. do companies do that? sure, i'm not stupid about that. my point is that facebook was supposed to be the next new thing that was a positive force in this country. i think they are digging out of a lot of bad stuff. >> for a while it was a positive force. they're under a lot of pressure and sheryl sandberg doesn't show any signs of ending any time soon. >> a lot of talk about whether or not she stays. the head of communications of facebook is gone. a lot of anti-semitism attached to the attack on soros and could really damage facebook. >> sandra: thank you, a-team. >> bill: hotel hacking, one of the biggest chains in the world
7:06 am
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7:09 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on a major data breach.
7:10 am
marriott hotels its starwood program database has been hacked and potentially 500 million guests are at risk. hillary vaughn is live in los angeles for the story. what can you tell us? >> marriott says the breach affects guests that made reservations at a starwood hotel before september 10th at this year. marriott said an outsider got their hands on guest information tied to the reservation. starwood and marriott merged under the marriott brand. the breach affects just the starwood hotel place representing the westin, sheraton, st. regis and other properties. marriott released the statement apologizing for failing to protect about half a billion guests' private information saying we fell short of what our guests deserve and doing everything we can to support our guests and using lessons learned to be better moving
7:11 am
forward. marriott says hackers got access to personal information, attached the reservation, names, mailing addresses, emails and phone numbers but passport numbers, your stay preferences in the star wood profile. arrival and departure information and financial information by credit card numbers and expiration dates encrypted in the system. they don't know how someone got into the database. they haven't ruled out if it was an inside job or what type of attack it was, if someone accidentally gave the hackers access. >> sandra: hillary vaughn on this data breach. a lot of people affected by that. >> bill: we expect to see the president meeting with the japanese prime minister in argentina. he has arrived and the g20 agenda is large. will the u.s. strike a deal with china? will vladimir putin and president trump get together? the latest on that summit out of argentina coming up momentarily at the top of the
7:12 am
hour on "america's newsroom."
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on the ongoing g20 summit as we're currently awaiting president trump's meeting with japanese prime minister. earlier this morning the president, along with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and the mexican president signed a new trade deal known as the u.s., mexico, canada
7:16 am
agreement replacing the old nafta deal. each country's legislature must also approve that agreement. and president trump pushing back against the mueller investigation after his former personal attorney michael cohen pleads guilty on a charge that he lied to congress. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." friday morning i'm sandra smith. >> bill: nice to see you. i'm bill hemmer. the president's legal team bringing up 2017 letter sent to bob mueller and ro*d rosenstein. those letters calling for an investigation of former f.b.i. director james comey. coming on the heels of cohen's admission that he made false statements about a plan to build trump tower in moscow. here is alan dershowitz on that. >> here is the problem for the president. mueller will write a report. it will be based on the testimony of people who have lied and who have not been cross-examineed. it is devastating only if it's
7:17 am
unrebutted. it is essential for the president's team to demand that the justice department not allow the release of the mueller report until they've had a chance to review it. >> sandra: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington good morning. >> thank you, sandra. new information in the last hour from inside the federal court here in washington the judge setting a target date for sentencing of march 5 for the former campaign chairman paul manafort. there are outstanding issues about allegations leveled by the special counsel about manafort the president's former campaign chairman. his legal team arrived this morning for the short hearing. the special counsel has until december 7th to explain to the court via written submissions why they believe manafort breached the plea agreement. special counsel alleges the plea deal fell apart because they say manafort lied and did not fully cooperate. manafort's team says the special counsel wants information their client does not have and cannot provide.
7:18 am
we understand special counsel investigators pressed manafort on the june 2016 trump tower meeting with russians who promised dirt on then candidate hillary clinton and specifically the involvement of the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. according to emails kushner abandoned the meeting early and had no interest in the russians. >> president trump: it is very sad what happened to paul how he is being treated. the question was asked me by the "new york post" and i said no, i have not offered any pardons and i think they asked or whatever, would you? i said i'm not taking anything off the table. >> in light of michael cohen's plea of lying to congress a source close to the president's legal team tells fox they're revisiting these letters they sent to the special counsel robert mueller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in 2017 asking for an investigation of the conduct and the sworn testimony
7:19 am
provided to congress by former f.b.i. director james comey. the letters to mueller and rosenstein level multiple allegations against comey including his handling of the clinton email case. the inspector general has already found comey was insubordinate when he went around his boss loretta lynch and call for a review of media links to kick start the special counsel investigation. michael horowitz has an ongoing separate leak investigation which also looks at the issue of whether comey mishandled classified information. the legal team's bottom line. they want to see universal treatment when it comes to misleading or lying to congress. sandra. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you for that. >> bill: president trump facing numerous issues at the g20 summit now underway. the ongoing trade war with chinese. expected to meet with the chinese president saturday
7:20 am
night. the rising tension with russia over the matter involving ukraine which the president has cited as the reason to cancel the meeting with vladimir putin. that sets the table for rich edson watching this from the state department. >> the trump administration says it has sent a strong message to russia by canceling this meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. though russian state media now reports the two will meet briefly at the g20 summit. to that the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the russian witch hunt hoax which is hopefully nearing an end is doing well. it undermines our relationship with russia. however, the reason for our canceled meeting is ukraine. hopefully that will be resolved soon so productive conversations can begin. they say russia should return the three warships and crews in russian custody. russia attacked and seized them last weekend. the russian government blames
7:21 am
anti-russian sentiment in the u.s. for the canceled meeting. >> provocation created by kiev, the real reason for canceling the meeting officially we heard that. is this the reality? we have to search for the answers in the domestic political situation in the united states. >> president trump is scheduled to have dinner at the g20 tomorrow night with the chinese president. the administration has tar g*eted hundreds of billionss of chinese imports with tariffs and objects to chinese trade practices and stealing of intellectual property. the u.s. and china are also at odds over the south china sea where china is putting in military structures. >> sandra: what we can expect out of the g20 summit. hugo gurdon "the washington examiner" editorial director. has anything stood out to you so far? >> i think, sandra, that president trump has also had a
7:22 am
good morning in argentina. he has had two things go well for him today. the first is that he signed the new trade agreement with mexico and canada, both originally reluctant parties but both falling into line and president trudeau, who was particularly reluctant, sitting down next to president trump and signing that. i think the bigger achievement was the snub of president putin. very explicitly it was about ukraine. one of the things that going into this g20 meeting that was more important than anything else is that president trump didn't do what he did in helsinki where he looked completely in president putin's pocket and beyond weak and had to reverse that. by denying russia a formal meeting at the g20 president trump does something to adjust the relationship between the two and i think that the united states is realizing, the administration is realizing this aggression by russia is a
7:23 am
sign of weakness and an opportunity for president trump to assert dominance in this relation ship. >> sandra: president trump said i don't like that russian aggression. we'll see what happens there and whether a meeting or even a very informal meeting takes place. we don't know yet. but there was this moment as we've been looking back at some of the visuals over the past hour of the world leaders arriving. this is the crown prince taking his seat after the photo op with -- next to vladimir putin. and perhaps we'll show that again while we talk about this, hugo. there was certainly a handshake and embrace there. i don't know if you were able to see that live when it happened but certainly some noticed. >> i think it's very interesting. the crown prince came to the g20 and his highest priority was to see how he was received in the wake of the murder of jamal khashoggi. the fact that he sat next to
7:24 am
president putin, that there was a handshake, is a little signal to the united states and to president trump. i think it was important that no formal meeting was set up between president trump and the crown prince. the white house and president trump have played this diplomatic game since the murder of khashoggi pretty badly. president trump has not separated that murder from the middle east strategy. he is worried that if he is too critical of saudi arabia and of the crown prince it might undermine the middle east strategy against iran where saudi arabia is an integral part of this. i think probably the white house is realizing it can do both. be critical and at the same time not undermine this. i think it's been important he doesn't have this formal meeting with the crown prince. the crown prince is pushing back slightly by the warmer smiles with president putin. >> sandra: yeah, beyond the handshake there was the smiles and the slapping of the
7:25 am
handshake there. certainly that was a moment that we'll look back at and wonder where the meetings go. the meeting with president xi of china. is this -- are you optimistic that a deal will get done? markets have been somewhat optimistic there could eventually be a deal done. will it be what both sides want? >> well, if there is a deal. it won't get done in the next several days. there is a long process. but one of the things that the dinner will, i think, do with president -- the dinner between the president of the united states and the president of china, is that it will indicate that relations are warmer than they were two months ago when vice president pence blasted china for the lying and cheating and stealing on trade and other matters. i think that the wobbly stock markets, the closure of the gm plants which to some extent is blamed on the tariff war between china and the united states on aluminum and steel, you know, president trump wants
7:26 am
a win out of this. there are certain other things that are going wrong and he would like to get this deal. i think that there has been a distinct change in the last two months from he blasted china and the signs are promising and the markets are watching very closely. >> sandra: we're all left wondering as we await the next meetings here, which by the way we're told the president the next time we will see him is the next couple of hours here as these meetings take place. does anything really come of the g20 summits? >> well, you know, i think that the interesting thing about these summits is that the communiques and those sort of things and the formal official stuff is much less important. but there is the signing of the trade deal, the non-meeting with putin, the snub, in fact, of putin which is very explicit
7:27 am
and the non-meeting with msb. these meetings are important and an opportunity for each one of those leaders to sort of position themselves vis-a-vis the others. i think it has been a good morning for president trump. >> sandra: the next meeting with the president, the bilateral meeting with the japanese prime minister. we await that potentially this hour. hugo gurdon. thank you. >> bill: 12 minutes past the hour now. the current political climate leading to new guidelines for federal employees. why our guest says the new rules show our politics have become insane. >> sandra: a chinese scientist claims to have altered the genes in an embryo. it is a breakthrough in the fight to cure crippling diseases or the equivalent of opening pandora's box? >> the world has expressed outrage at the first attempt to genetically modify babies in this manner because most mainstream scientists think we don't know enough about its safety. t
7:28 am
to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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7:31 am
>> sandra: new government guidelines warning federal employees avoid speaking about impeachment or using the term resistance while on the job. some ethics advocates say that likely crosses a legal line. marc thiessen is a fox news contributor and fellow for the american enterprise institute. good morning. what do you make of this new
7:32 am
guidance? >> the fact that it's controversial shows how insane our politics have become. in 1939 there was the hatch act which bans political activities with the exception of a small group of people by federal workers in the workplace. upheld by the supreme court twice. amended by congress in 1993 and 2012. signed into law by president obama. the law says when you're in the workplace you can't engage in political activity. you have to behave in a nonpartisan way. what the office of special counsel has done and applied in a bipartisan way. the office of special counsel has repry mended kellyanne conway and it's not an office going after trump opponents. what they did is issued a guidance that says, i quote, when on duty in the federal workplace or invoking official authority employees have to
7:33 am
avoid political activity includes advocating for impeachment or advocating resistance. it says quote underscores this only affects conduct that takes place on duty and that employees are free to engage in political activities when away from the federal workplace and off duty. what is controversial about that? why would anyone oppose it? >> sandra: in addition to advocating for or against impeachment of a candidate for federal ofls you aren't supposed to do that. but also terms like resistance and #resist would be construed as political activity, marc. >> yes. because it is. you can't -- if you work in the executive branch, the head of the executive branch is the president of the united states. whether it's barack obama or donald trump. you can't come to work and resist your boss and his agenda. that's not your job. there are political -- in government there are two types
7:34 am
of workers, a political pointy. you come with a republican and democrat demonstration. if you want to do that that's fine. when you are a federal worker, you work for whoever is in office, whether they're republican or democrat and you are supposed to serve them faithfully. you are working for the taxpayers including the ones who voted for donald trump. if you can't do that. if you can't behave in a nonpartisan way quit, leave. >> sandra: to the latest piece. geneed iting is here. an enormous threat as you write as a chinese scientist has claimed to have created the first genetically altered babies. people say it's too premature. you ask the question should we be doing this at all? >> absolutely. it's a really fork in the road for us as humanity. if you think about this.
7:35 am
two different things. gene therapy and gene editing. genetic editing. gene therapy is a really promising part of medicine where doctors can go in and repair faulty dna to fight cancer or genetic diseases and when you make those changes, those changes stay in the body of the patient. genetic engineering is something else. it's when they take a new life in a petri dish and change its genetic code entirely and they're passed on from generation to generation. once you unleash it. if you make a mistake or do something wrong, it is all of their children and children's children who could be affected by this. playing with humanity's genetic code is extremely problematic and really could be the end of the american dream. if you think about it, if you can alter the genes to fight disease, you can alter genes to create super humans. the same technique that can be used to fight muscular
7:36 am
dystrophy could be used to give people super strength or super speed. fighting the same technique to fight dementia could give people enhanced memory and cognition. only the wealthy can afford that. two classes of people. the genetically enhanced elites and unenhanced poor and what our country is built on will be dead. >> sandra: a great piece for anybody interested in reading it. you say it's the bottom line. we shouldn't be playing god. genetic research, when you used to create made to order super children. we have crossed a moral line from where there could be no return. >> bill: facebook under fire. a top company executive told the staff to research george soros but about what. what the social network was looking for. some migrants in mexico are complaining how the speed their
7:37 am
claims are being processed by the u.s. government. >> the leaders in mexico care very much about this issue. they want to make sure mexico isn't a thoroughfare for people passing through these northern triangle states, guatemala, honduras and el salvador trying to get to the united states. rel with a rotating soft brush. while deep cleaning carpets, two brush rolls pick up large particles with ease, make quick work of stuck-on dust, giving hard floors a polished look, and fearlessly devour piles. shark duoclean technology, designed to do more on carpets and floors, available in corded and cord-free vacuums, and only available from shark.
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7:41 am
executive sheryl sandberg telling staffers to research george soros and his financial interests. that request coming after soros bashed the social media giant calling it a menace. >> facebook confirmed sheryl sandberg asked her communications team to determine if soros would profit from attacks against the social media giant. two weeks ago she denied knowledge about a separate effort to push negative stories about soros. it is causing questions about just how much facebook's second in command was involved in a campaign against the liberal billionaire. the request came after soros blasted tech companies in switzerland saying the companies could threat en democracy and impact human behavior. the speech coming at a time when facebook was under the microscope for disseminating russian propaganda. sandberg's early year denial
7:42 am
was about a push that put facebook in hot water. they hired a public relations firm to dole out information to reporters about soros's funding of groups critical of facebook. "the new york times" revealed the relationship calling it opposition research aimed to discredit critics of the company. facebook severed the relationship following the times investigation after their work with the company drew criticism in wake of anti-semitic campaigns against soros. sandberg wrote i want to emphasize it was not anyone's intention to get into an anti-semitic -- the idea our work has been interpreted as anti-semitic is abhorrent and deeply personal. she announced an audit into how facebook policies affect minority users and also employers. we're waiting to hear back this morning from soros.
7:43 am
>> bill: thank you, jackie. >> sandra: former f.b.i. director james comey challenging his subpoena from house republicans seeking a closed door testimony why he is asking a judge to call it off. >> bill: also the wall could prompt a government shutdown this month. what will it take to get both sides on board? former u.s. congressman jason chaffetz has seven very direct questions and he is live next. >> the president is the only person who holds the ultimate responsibility for a government shutdown. it would be a shame if the country suffered because of a trump temper tantrum.
7:44 am
in baltimore, a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power to create better futures for us all.
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we have the power still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables >> sandra: fox news alert. a group of migrants in mexico launching a hunger strike hoping to pressure the u.s. and mexico to speed the asylum process. here is texas attorney general ken paxton earlier.
7:47 am
>> i think mexico made a huge mistake letting these people cross their southern border. they have to deal with that in the future. the mayor of tijuana has a problem. he has to expend resources he doesn't have and there is no time limit on it. these people are stuck in a really bad situation and so is the mayor of tijuana and the people of tijuana. >> sandra: jeff paul is in tijuana, mexico with more. >> it was a rough night for thousands of migrants here at the main shelter in tijuana. as you see, many of them now moving from the inside of that shelter living out in the street in tents where it's much dryer. it rained all day yesterday, through the night and into the morning and making conditions that much worse. as a result now many if you take a look at some of the video boarding buses last night to go to a new shelter. it's about a half an hour away and offers much more space and a little covering for the
7:48 am
elements. a big part of this move has to deal with health. so many migrants packed together in such a tight space, sickness is becoming an issue. local health officials tell us 60% suffer from some sort of respiratory infection and migrants worry it might only get worse. >> you hear children coughing, for example. you hear they start crying because they can't take it. they start coughing and coughing and coughing and if you think about it, we adults cannot even take it sometime and with children it is much more difficult. >> we were with a group of migrants yesterday about a dozen or so trying to march towards the immigration offices in mexico to protest. they were stopped by mexican federal police who told them they had orders to not let them go further. as a result the group sat down and are now undergoing a hunger strike to bring attention to what they are going through. we're also hearing that resources out here at least from the city side they're
7:49 am
cutting off food provided by the government to sort of entice these groups and these people to go to the new shelter. wealth -- we'll see how many people move or give up on the dream of the united states and head back home to central america, sandra. >> sandra: jeff paul in tijuana, mexico for us. thank you. >> the only position that cannot garner 60 votes is the president's position. he is adamant about having a partial shutdown. he keeps repeating over and over again that he wants a shutdown. and make no mistake about it, he is the only reason that there would be a shutdown. >> bill: senator chuck schumer slamming the president's fund to shut down the government overboarder funding. lawmakers have not agreed on border security.
7:50 am
jason chaffetz has seven questions democrats who claim to be in support of border security need to answer. that's the headline. >> what do you actually support? i was on the immigration subcommittee when the democrats had the house and senate and the presidency. they did not introduce a single bill. we didn't have a hearing or address a single bill during that time. you hear chuck schumer and others complain about it. give me an example of one piece of legislation that you think can actually pass the body. there are other things that need to be addressed. why not the wall? if you are opposed to the wall do you want to tear down the current wall? if you say that a border wall doesn't work, do you think that maybe we should tear down the current wall? those are the types of things that we need to ask the democrats because i think they like the issue, i don't think they actually want to solve the problem. >> bill: do you think there is a deal to be had? we're reading overnight this $5 billion the president wants, he
7:51 am
has it in the house, the senate might be able to do it over a two-year period. is that a compromise that's possible? >> yeah, i do. look, the president needs this money. we're demonstrating right now in realtime that a border wall does work. and that's one of the questions to the democrats. if you really truly do believe in securing the border, then how do you propose to do it if you are opposed to a wall? that's a question the democrats have never answered. can they get to a compromise? perhaps. $5 billion out of $4 trillion that's going to be spent over the next 12 months is not a big ask from the president. >> bill: in your previous life of head of oversight committee you know all about these subpoenas and well in touch with what's happening with james comey. he wants an open hearing in congress. i don't know if he will get it or not. the two sides are going back and forth. bob goodlatte was making the case about transparency.
7:52 am
sound bite number one, here is what he said. >> since jim comey claims he wants transparency we've already indicated we will release the transcript of this under oath private interview the next day after it takes place. we're almost done with this investigation. he is one of the last witnesses. 16 other people have testified under oath in the same setting that we're asking him to do it. >> bill: he also went on to say he has hundreds of questions and he gave a few of them to us a bit earlier today. the problem is the calendar. republicans only have the majority in this committee for a few more weeks. you can make the argument a few more days if you count the number of days congress is in session. what gives on this do you believe? >> well, james comey said he doesn't do sneaky stuff and he says he doesn't leak. we know both of those things are not true. the house is quite tardy in compelling mr. comey to come appear before the committee. they should have done this a couple months ago in order to
7:53 am
not do what comey wants to do now, which is run out the clock. it is all about clock management. that's why comey is going to court trying to delay it. we know the democrats have no interest in getting to the truth and no interest in pursuing this. so it is about clock management and -- but you don't get to choose how you testify before congress. just like you don't get to choose unless you are hillary clinton, how you are going to testify or answer questions from the f.b.i. it's not like an optional choose which one is most convenient for you. but that's the way comey wants it. >> bill: it appears to me he is negotiating publicly, right? >> look, he tries to play the transparency card but what he is really trying to avoid is having to answer an hour's worth of questions from a guy like gowdy or goodlatte. in congress you get five minutes from the republicans and take a deep breath while
7:54 am
democrats ask you energy. what happens in the transcribed interview each side gets one hour and no end to that. an hour for republicans, an hour for democrats and it just goes on. does it go 12 hours or two hours? they have to get through all the questions and you can't say no. you have to answer the questions. >> bill: one more question for you. the tweet from comey from yet. he says today my legal team filed court papers against transparency from house republicans. let the american people watch. you used to do this stuff. how would you resolve it? >> hey, if you want to videotape it, mr. comey wants to work with the democrats and ask for unanimous consent to broadcast, how they would do a transcribed interview, my guess is fox and others would cover it. you get an hour and one person gets to ask those questions and then you get to go to the next hour. they can try to waive all those rules but comey is trying to have it two different ways and
7:55 am
it's not adding up. he is just trying to get to january is what he is trying to do. >> bill: we'll see if that happens. nice to have you on our program. >> sandra: president trump calling for the end of the mueller investigation after his former attorney, michael cohen pled guilty for lying to congress. what does it mean for the mueller probe and for the president? >> the only thing that changes, brian, really is political, not legal. during the campaign the trump campaign conveyed the message that the now president had nothing to do with russia, no deals. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one so in as little as 30 minutes it will be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and on your table. the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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7:59 am
the japanese prime minister abe on the schedule for two minutes from now. they're a little bit behind schedule. when it happens we'll get it to you and comments from the president in argentina. a big meeting underway, g20. loads of issues on the table. we'll go through all of them today and over the weekend on fox. >> sandra: president trump calling for an end to the mueller probe after his former personal attorney michael cohen pleaded guilt eye to lying to congress about work he did on a trump real estate project in russia. let's bring in stacy plaskett from the government reform committee. thank you for coming on the program this morning. the president maintains that this is a quote total witch hunt. he is accusing the special counsel of ignoring crimes committed by the other side as he wrote in a pair of tweets after he landed in argentina yesterday. we're all left wondering where it goes next. what can you tell us?
8:00 am
>> well, you know, as a member of the oversight and government reform committee we've been watching the special counsel mueller do his work. we think he has done this in a methodical manner. he was given broad discretion, the discretion was related to the russia entanglement in our elections. that specifically is where he is keeping to. we've seen with different individuals who were involved in president trump's campaign, as well as his early administration, have been entangled in this and it is our job as members of the oversight and government reform committee to do our job, our constitutional job, provide oversight over government operations as well as this administration. and so i think i was a member of the ashcroft justice department under president bush where mueller was the f.b.i. director at that time and i think he has done a fantastic job thus far. >> sandra: many of those lawmakers who have supported this process said let it play out.
8:01 am
senator kennedy has been one of them. he is saying this has gone on too long. 17 months, let's be transparent with the american people on where the investigation stands and he said this yesterday. >> my biggest concern in terms of the mueller investigation let's get it all wrapped up. it looks to me like there is some movement in terms of -- i don't want to tell mr. mueller how to do his job. he doesn't need my counsel on that. he seems quite able. but we do need to wrap it up. it's been 17 months now and the american people are entitled to know what happened and who, if anybody, broke the law. >> sandra: he respectfully says i don't want to tell mueller how to do his job but the american deserves answers on where it stands two years in. >> sure. i know this is a long period of time for a news cycle but this is really not a long period of time in terms of the special
8:02 am
prosecutor investigation as we have seen take special counsels taking much longer in terms of the number of convictions mueller has received thus far from individuals taking plea deals, pleading guilty to things they were found guilty of. >> sandra: as far as yesterday's news with michael cohen showing up at the surprise appearance at a new york courthouse yesterday pleading guilty to the charge misleading congress. how does that change the course of the investigation, before i move on? >> you know, i think it doesn't change the course of the investigation. i think mueller will do what he needs to do. there are members of congress who are interested in speaking with mr. cohen again since it appears that the testimony that he gave us previously was, in fact, false. i'm sure the appropriate committees, particularly intelligence, justice, as well as oversight and government reform we'll be hearing from him again. >> sandra: i want to ask you about this news. you have announced there have
8:03 am
been three fema grants totaling $72 million to rebuild the u.s. virgin islands after obvious major damage from hurricanes maria and irma. >> we're grateful congress stepped up to the plate and supported the virgin islands and puerto rico as well as florida and texas and other places that have been hit by disaster. particularly in the virgin islands we were concerned rebuilding our infrastructure. we lost both of our hospitals, and schools. our students were out of school for a year. part ofist was because of the underfunding the virgin island received from the federal government in the past that made our infrastructure precarious and fragile before the storms. we are grateful this congress as well as the administration have decided to step up to the plate and create a much more resilient environment for us with our infrastructure so we can withstand, god forbid.
8:04 am
another hurricane or natural disaster. >> sandra: our best to you still recovering from the hurricanes. >> bill: the president in argentina. we're keeping an eye on that. one of the few places you'll see many senior defense officials in one place talking about peace through strength is tomorrow at the reagan defense forum in california. we have a preview on what this special program is all about coming up next. this isn't just any moving day.
8:05 am
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8:08 am
>> president trump: i'm not surprised at all. i just want to say that we have many things we'll be talking about. in particular protection, military type. also trade. we're doing a lot of business with japan in trade. the deficit is coming down. it is a massive deficit between japan and the united states. and it is coming down. [speaking non-english language] >> president trump: japan is buying large amounts of our fighter jets, our f-35s and others and we appreciate it very much. but they are really working
8:09 am
with me on trying to balance our deficit because we do have a deficit that is pretty substantial with japan. we hope we'll be balancing it very quickly. [president abe speaking] >> president trump: we're two countries that are doing very well in many different ways. military, working together, having to do with north korea and other factors, really, has been very strong. our partnership has been quite extraordinary. and we will be together for a long time. i think probably there is no time in our history where we're closer. i'll be going to a tremendous
8:10 am
event in japan. i was honored to be invited. [president abe speaking] [speaking non-english language] >> once again i would like to congratulate you on your
8:11 am
historic victory in the mid-term election in the united states. [speaking non-english language] >> as of now as you rightly mentioned the alliance between japan and the united states has become more robust than ever and the mere fact that we are having another round of meetings on the margins of this g20 is actually the symbol of the robustness of our alliance. [speaking japanese] >> so every time when we see each other we always have a very candid discussion and today i look forward to having
8:12 am
another candid discussion with you including north korea, japan and u.s. economic relations improving our trade relations and other important topics. >> president trump: thank you very much. thank you all very much. appreciate it. thank you. >> bill: interesting back and forth. always good to pop on in there. we'll be doing that for i guess the next two or three days trying to see. sarah sanders, secretary kelly, mike pompeo, john bolton dropping on in. >> president trump: we won't be meeting with president putin with respect to what took place between the ships and the sailors. that was the sole reason. thank you very much, everybody. we'll be meeting with china, as you know, yes, we'll be meeting tomorrow and we've already spoken. we're working very hard. if we can make a deal, that
8:13 am
will be good. i think they want to and we would like to. we'll see. we'll be meeting with president xi in a little while. for the most part tomorrow would be our big meeting. but in the meantime people are working. our staff is working and we have a lot of very talented people working. larry kudlow's representatives are dealing with them on a constant basis. there are some good signs. we'll see what happens. thank you, good question. thank you very much. everybody. >> bill: an important point to hear that ukraine is the reason they aren't meeting with putin. sarah sanders had sent out the statement earlier today too. >> sandra: confirming that meeting is still off while the meeting with china is still happening tomorrow, he did confirm that and called the partnership with japan extraordinary. more from the president in a bit. >> bill: we want to squeeze this in. john heubusch has been standing by with the ronald reagan association.
8:14 am
in a minute or so give our viewers a sense of how significant this event is coming up. >> well, bill, you know, a number of the issues you just heard the president speak to at the g20 and that will be spilling forth all weekend as you know from ukraine to china, etc. those are the very same issues that president trump's defense experts are gathered here at the reagan library to address. while he is covering that in realtime over there, we'll be here doing very much the same. >> bill: looking forward to seeing you out there, sir. thank you for your time. it was short. thank you for coming by here. just a reminder to our viewers, bret, jennifer griffin and myself will moderate a lot of these things over the weekend. there is james mattis on saturday afternoon. you'll see all of it at fox nation. and some on fox news throughout the day on saturday. check it out. it's a great program. >> sandra: really looking forward to that and you'll make
8:15 am
your way out there and have some big panels. >> bill: yes, h.r. mcmaster and others talking about the hot spots in the world. chris wallace has a great list of guests. we'll all be out there in simi valley. all the issues we're talking about, ukraine, china, russia and come in parallel live over the weekend. >> sandra: that ends it for us this week. we'll see you back here monday morning. thank you for joining us. we'll be watching over the thank you. i outnumbered now >> melissa: fox news alert, we just heard from president trump meeting with again later this hour along with the prime minister of india. this is the white house weighs in on decision to cancel a former meeting with russian president vladimir putin. this is "outnumbered," , and i melissa francis. i feel better than i sound.
8:16 am
here it's it is harris faulkner. fox news contributor, katie pavlik. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. enjoining us on the couch today, david avella. he has outnumbered. thanks for joining us. so much to get you today. >> david: much to get into today. i look forward to it. >> melissa: you've got the g20, and all the particle wrinkling. we're glad you're here. let's get to it. as we await the
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