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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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eric: the nation bidding farewell to president george h.w. bush. he will receive several tributes before he's taken to his final resting place, including a special honor from president trump. it's noon in the east, 9:00 in the west. arthel: president trump said he'll send air force one to
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texas tomorrow to bring the casket to washington, d.c. where he'll lie in state at the capitol rotunda until wed dare, then he'll be laid to rest in texas. tributes continue to pour in for the late president and war hero. here is president george h.w. bush's former vice president on "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo. >> he was the best. he was a great individual and in my opinion a great president. he loved his family. he loved his work. he loved his country. it was such an honor for me to work with him every single day he was president and i was vice president for the american people. arthel: william lajeunesse is live from the george h.w. bush presidential library. reporter: this is also home to
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texas a&m university. last night we had video for you. university students and residents gathered at a pond behind me where i am standing now. they sang "amazing grace,." the flags in houston flying at half-staff today. while president bush wasn't much concerned with his legacy, those here thought it was important to pay homage to the former commander-in-chief. >> i want to pay my respects. the family is feeling the love for the community. the way he loved his family even above the way he loved his country.
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>> i feel honored to be a small part of george w. bush's legacy. duty and country sums it up. reporter: he'll be laid to rest on thursday at the bush library along with his wife barbara and daughter who died at age 3. >> i think he was proud of his political career. it's not a question i ever asked him. i know i heard him say one of the things he was most of proud of was his children came home, his family. i think that maybe was one of the things he was most of proud of in the fact that he was the husband of barbara bush, the
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woman he loved for 73 years. but he wasn't the kind of man who would brag about his accomplishments. reporter: what president bush stood for means different things to didn't people. we heard the last 3 hours, for some of the student here attending the school for public policy say they want to continue in his tradition of public service. eric: for more on the late president's life and legacy. a former speech writer for president george h.w. bush. among the accolades about his generosity and competitiveness and service to his country, what was he like to work for? >> he was extraordinarily kind,
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a great patriot, scholarly with a marvelous resume. he knew the world, he knew the country. with a great vision he often equipped about that vision thing. but he did have a vision. and he knew where he wanted his speeches to go, so he was easy to work with in that sense. never rude, never mean. hated the film flap, phoney baloney quality of politics. the viciousness that enveloped politics today. it was far less present when he was president. i think a lot of people would welcome the possibility that someone like him could be president today. eric: how do we get back to that tone in this country? >> it takes two to tango. i'm not sure there are many
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political leaders in the country with the capacity to be a george h.w. bush. he was one of a kind. he had a spectacular life. he was the all-american kid who lived the all-american life. he was a war hero. he was 17 when pearl harbor happened. he wanted to register. went down to the office, and the draft board said sonny, you are too young, come back when you are 18. and he did. he was almost killed two years later. he comes back from the war, he makes a fortune and goes into politics. he becomes a supreme diplomat and learns the world. then he becomes the cia director and ambassador to the u.n. or first liaison to china for the united states. then ronald reagan, two-term
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vice president. he probably had the greatest resume of any person to become president of the united states. how lucky we were to have him in the late 1980s and early 90s when those volcanic convulsive events did change the world. in fact hundreds of millions of people were freed in eastern europe and bush knew precisely what to do. eric: he said he did not want to dance on the berlin wall. he was humble and gracious in the sense of reserve. a lot of people did not know he was shot down in that avenger. two of his cam rad -- comrades on the plane were killed. we know the story about jfk and the pt-109. but he didn't make a big major deal about that.
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it's not as legendary as jfk's war time story was. >> he hated to brag. his mother instilled in him a legendary modesty. eric: we are watching him being pulled out of the water. it was amazing. >> bush had two hum runs as a kid. he went home and told his mother dorothy. she said now george, none of that how great thou art business. and he never bragged again. and he would never brag about his war record. but he was a great war hero and recognized as such. years later, this is the reason he began as a former president to sky dive. he began skydiving in his 70s,
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and sky dove every fifth year until age 90 because he was honoring the two crewmates in his plane in 1944. he almost died, but he blamed himself unfairly until the final day of his life the fact that they died and he did not. eric: there is that photo of him with babe ruth. the first time you met him in the oval office, what did he say? >> this was the first meeting the writers had with bush in 1989. i had written several books on baseball. he looked at me and said i would rather quote yogi berra than thomas jefferson. eric: a remarkable man who left a remarkable legacy. thank you for joining us.
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arthel? arthel: the u.s. and china pulling the brakes on their trade dispute agreeing to a 90-day truce. president trump and xi jinping met for a high-takes dinner. >> people like me who have been concerned about the president's stated trade policy can take some encouragement about what happened in the last couple days. arthel: ellison barber is live at the white house with more. reporter: this is a ceasefire with a time limit. the the two countries will try to reach an agreement within 90 days. president trump and president xi jinping said this meeting was what they considered to be a highly successful one.
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sarah sanders said the president agreed jarting january' 1 he'll leave the tariffs at a 10% rate and not raise it to 25%. she said chain today agreed to purchase energy, trail and other product -- stwril and other product from the united states. the structural changes to forces technology changes. cyber intrusions and cyber theft. both parties agree they will endeavor to have this transaction completed within the next 90 days. if at the end of the 90 days, if they are not able to reach an agreement, the 10% tariffs will be raised to 25%. >> they have a decade of history of cheating on trade deals. the tariffs are a temporary tool
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to reach a negotiation and what we are doing with trade policy. i'm hopeful. it's not clear to me yet that the president has done this right. >> everything the president promised he has delivered on. this will be helpful to people in the economy at home. reporter: presiden the presidenp expressed concern about fentanyl coming from china to the united states. arthel: we'll bring in gordon chang, the asia analyst. gordon, always good to have you. we have a lot to cover. first i want to get your overview. is this the right move? is this a good deal for the u.s.? a win for the president or a slide rule by china. >> if anyone won yesterday, i think it was the chinese.
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the chinese on march 1 when this deal ends will have more leverage than the united states. the chinese economy is really fragile. the chinese wanted to get through the next couple months. during this 90-day period the chinese will be continuing to steal intellectual property without the added costs. i'm concerned about this. we have overwhelming leverage over beijing so i am not that concerned. but this was not a good day for us. arthel: for the next 9 some days, the two sides will discuss the technology transfer, cyber intrusion, cyber theft, intellectual property theft. how might the discussions go and what will it take to seal the deal? >> this will be difficult. what we want is the chinese to make structural changes to not
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only their economy, but effectively their political system as well. this is a state-dominated system. xi jinping is driving china back to a maoist and stalinist type of economy. we had a 100-day action plan after the mar-a-lago meeting between president and xi jinping. if that's a template, what happened last time, we are in trouble. this an important time for u.s. manufactures. during the january and february period they make decisions for the next year. they will make 90% of those commitments. where they are based, whether china or elsewhere is critical to us. we have to be sure we disentangle the supply chains from china. we don't have an effective
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remedy if beijing is still in control. arthel: if the deal is inked, how will we know in china is living up to its end of the bargain. >> there is know a agreement, no joint statement. that is a little bit disappointing. we have our version of what was agreed. they have their version and they don't necessarily overlap. arthel: i want to move on to something the president talked to was reporters on air force one on his way back to argentina. he was asked about the possibility of a second summit with kim jong-un. he said i think we'll do one into january and february. we are getting along very well. we have a good remember with kim. according to reports, the u.s. won't require kim jong-un to give a complete list of his nuclear weapons and locations
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before this second meeting. he has to submit a concrete plan should this happen. is this the right order? >> i hope it is. after the june summit, the north koreans have been stalling and moving backwards. president trump has generously let up the pressure hoping kim will feel secure enough to give up his weapons. the president said he's giving him a one-shot time to do the right thing. kim hasn't done the right thing. arthel: should the president do that? >> i don't think he should. the trump administration says there is a lot of the progress occurring in the background. but we don't see evidence of that. also it will help the south korean president to undermine our policies. arthel: how so.
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>> moon is deeply anti-american. he's trying to get the sanctions lifted, he's trying to show everyone that south korea and north korea can work together. this under mients our ability to maintain maximum pressure. this is not a good story for us. i would hope if there is a second summit in january and february that we actually get a concrete plan from the north koreans to give up their weapons and that plan is verifiable and con tell plates the -- con tell plate -- andcontemplates the coe denuclearization of north korea. eric: a dozen tornadoes have touched down in one state. and millions of americans were told they are under threat again. we'll have the latest forecast on what to expect.
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arthel: major developments in the mueller investigation. president trump's lead attorney rudy giuliani slamming the special counsel after michael cohen pled guilty to lying to congress. julianreporter: roger stone, the republican operative who may be next on special counsel robert mueller's list says he was not a conduit between wikileaks and the trump campaign. he said he had gotten some information about a dump much damaging emails about the clinton foundation that could be coming during the presidential election. but he had never spoken with julian assange or related information from wikileaks to trump. >> i engaged in politics. my purpose was to take a tip i
9:23 am
thought to be solid, and after that follow the wikileaks twitter feed and set an alert for julian assange. that's called politics. reporter: special counsel mueller, his team, are expected to reveal what they call lies by former trump campaign advisor paul manafort. investigators say he broke his plea deal and may face more charges. manafort's lawyers dispute that. they say he did not lie. >> it means paul manafort was double-dealing. he was going through the pretense of cooperating and he was supplying information to the
9:24 am
trump defense team. and he dangles a pardon for manafort which only adds to the body of evidence that the president is engage in obstruction of justice. reporter:' the president said he hasn't taken anything such as a pardon off the table because manafort has been treated so poorly. james comey agreed to testify in private as long as a transcript was released within 24 hours. eric: let's bring in robert bianci. we have breaking news, james comey will testify. how significant is that? >> a court is not going to get involved in congress' business.
9:25 am
it's called the political question doctrine. congress has the right to conduct its business the way it sees fit. this judge said you are not saying the inquiry is inappropriate. what authority do i have to get in the middle of what congress does. it looks like they struck a compromise. comey was concerned that it will be leaked. and only portions of the statements would come out. republicans have agreed with him that 24 hours after you testify a transcript will be released and you can speak to the media. eric: what do you think he would say in the way he dealt with this investigation. >> people look at these things from the prism of politics as opposed to the law. even though you may trip over a law and do something that is not necessarily correct. it does not mean with
9:26 am
prosecutorial discretion, they want to prove a case' beyond a reasonable doubt. this is exactly where this is going to come down and exactly what comey did. his reasoning giving the statement is another issue. eric: do you think they will pick apart his reasoning? >> i think so. at the time everybody was elated by mr. comey from the republican side and trump campaign because he gave that unbelievable statement i believe was inappropriate. that was something that should have been left with the attorney general, not the person who is doing the investigation. they will look at the things you missed. they will make an argument he tried to white wash this investigation. looming in the background is this tarmac meeting with loretta
9:27 am
lynch and clinton that left a bad taste in people's mouths. >> you have michael cohen admitting that, then manafort, the prosecutors accusing him of lying. you have the trump tower project in development in moscow during the campaign. the president says there is nothing wrong with that. do you think there is? was it part of trying to get sanctions off the russian bank and they didn't want anybody to know. >> there were certain things going on during the course of that deal that could implicate crimes operating with a sanctioned bank. after you get elected but before you are sworn in dealing with the russians with regard to policy issues, watch flynn on this because he has been deadly silent. he's been silent and he knows a lot about the internal workings between america and russia.
9:28 am
eric: what do you think about flynn? >> just like the clinton email scandal. if they cannot make a strong solid connection beyond the information they are getting from michael cohen. with the trump tower meeting, they found emails that this was about getting dirt for hillary clinton. same thing with regard to all these other issues. there seems to be people lying by the and prove what they said was not accurate. the question becomes, that doesn't establish a link of collusion. but when you are dealing with the trump tower meeting and corsi and stone and wikileaks and assange. prosecutors say if you are lying there must be a reason you are lying. the question comes are you lying because of political damage? eric: he said he does haven't any contact with them but people
9:29 am
are lying. we'll see. bob, good to see you. arthel: tensions escalating between the u.s. and iran after tehran test fired a missile. secretary of state mike pompeo says that missile is capable of carrying multiple warheads. how the u.s. and the united nations are responding. plus a deeper look at the 41st president of the united states. george h.w. bush revealing his own thoughts and feeling in the audio diary he kept while at the white house.
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9:34 am
from his audio diary. he recorded his own thoughts and feelings while he was in the white house. how about that. jackie hunter live in the newsroom with more on this fascinating inside. >> good morning to the new video released as a series from president bush's foundation double tall for their very own perspective and viewers are the messages he left for his loved ones to hold onto after his passing. drawing on the diary he kept for 57 years. the memories he talks about are illustrated were videos, private moments with a compound in countless photos with his children and grandchildren. he shares his thoughts on getting older and are wrestling with the melancholy of facing the end of the life he so loved in accepting his own mortality. >> i want to rejoice in your big reason i want to be there for you if you did a bad bounce the my synergy developed disease indeed get wrapped. when i say be very mean in the
9:35 am
game, in the lineup. really involved in your life even though i might be miles away. reporter: a tweet from his son jeb bush reveals there'll be more more videos to come. he treated will be releasing a video series of excerpts from his diary and letters spaced on his book, all the best. this reflection on a genus from september 1998, hashtag remembering 41. the book in 2014 reveals letters and writings from the president from 194-12-2010. the story is told largely through personal letters including went to the present then fiancée barbara written in 1943 when you served in u.s. navy and world war ii. also a letter written to his parents. the book touches on bush's time as a member of congress and ambassador, director of the cia, vice president and president and letters to his children are especially poignant and honest revealing his innermost thoughts on being a father and husband the first video diary clip is a
9:36 am
sign not and dedicating the project to his children. eric: what a special gift for all of us. thank you. arthel: lebron pushing back against the u.s. after allegations tehran carried out a ballistic missile test. secretary of state mike pompeo condemning the act saying is this violation of the u.n. resolution. trading says live with those details. >> iran can not being capable of hitting parts of europe and part of the middle east. tension between washington and tehran. secretary of state mike pompeo does a the missile is capable of carrying multiple warheads. and a violation of u.n. security council resolution. western intelligence sources confirmed to fox news that occurred over the weekend in the missile is the same version i ran displayed during a military parade in september of this
9:37 am
year. the death comes days after u.s. representatives brian hook released evidence that iran spring postal program. in risk of escalation in the region if we fail to act. >> today a spokesperson for the iranian foreign ministry said in a statement the missile test did not violate any u.n. resolution and u.s. defense offensive in nature. new actions come after the trumpet in the version we impose sanctions last month and pulled out the iran nuclear deal earlier this year putting more pressure on python rouhani and me ayatollah khomeini. where they stand on iranian aggression. over the weekend to your national security advisor john bolton said this type of behavior cannot be tolerated.
9:38 am
arthel: treating stomach thank you appeared drained to how mexican officials are responding to a dangerous condition that the shelter that was operating that triple capacity. this is the fight over the funding of the border wall could be soon coming to a head. plus we'll have our exclusive investigation of the jimmy hoffa case calling on the government to release all the fbi files and retest the blood that we found in a house in detroit were admitted killer says he shot him. all part of her fox nation special riddle, the search for jimmy hoffa appeared >> jimmy hoffa is missing. >> with the main jimmy hoffa is missing. >> the place went absolutely wild. we have people with shovels out digging. >> at the question if the body will ever be found. >> how many shots were fired?
9:39 am
>> two. >> he gave me directions to the house and describe the layout. >> fox news had the answers. >> i was around during the disappearance. >> they've hit a dead end in the jimmy hoffa investigation. >> did you think he was going to get killed? >> i felt it in my bones. eric: you can login at fox nation, and listen to the interviews on riddle the podcast for the podcast available on fox news n. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar,
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eric: the southern border about the poor sanitary conditions that a force he wanted to shut down the sports complex they were using as a shelter for 6000 of the central american migrants. officials now moving those
9:44 am
families to a former concert venue that happens to be further from the border. meanwhile growing cost for the u.s. and mexico to work more closely on the asylum process at house judiciary chairman congressman bob goodlatte spoke exclusively to maria bartiromo this morning on "sunday morning futures." >> this is not a situation that is any better for mexico than it is the united states are they ought to work to work it out. eric: live in tijuana, mexico with the very latest. hi, jeff. >> federales and immigration officers along the tijuana border is standing by and watching to see if there'll be another another march and demonstration similar to the one we saw one week ago. despite yesterday talks of another march, the situation has been fairly quiet. posted the movement within the migrant caravan happening last night when officials shut down the original shelter the once housed an estimated 6000 people. everyone has been cleared out in her either way living on the
9:45 am
outside of the street near the old shelter or they move to the newer shelter. a much bigger space and migrants who have made the move say despite all that's happened here trying to stay positive. >> we have great hope that things change. we hope and that nothing bad will happen to us and everything will turn out well. if not i estimate presidents help us. we are not here. >> mexico's newest president officially inaugurated yesterday considered a leftist who ran on a platform so many out here awaiting a tanning die to see how his president he could impact their cause. he is someone who helps the poor and has said he wants to work with canada and the united take on some sort of a solution. eric: maybe then there will be one. our cell. arthel: era, this is all coming as washington faces a potential partial shut down over funding
9:46 am
for the border walls now saying he would consider extending the deadline of december 7th to fund the government in light of the death of former president george h.w. bush. senior political reporter in federal policy at the center for public integrity. it looks like president george h.w. bush is working his magic of compromise posthumously. >> there is a little appetite among democrats and republicans in congress to be in the midst of a budget battle while george h.w. bush's body is lying in state in the very capitol rotunda that they're going to be walking past all this week the state general coming in as well. this is something that appears almost certain there's going to be a punting a least a week or two down the road. been a constant mosh but it will be a week instead of to instead of two weeks even though the second might be a little more logical and buy them more time.
9:47 am
it almost seems like a done deal at this point that there is some delay. eric: when the debate resumes how divided and contentious will the fight over funding transporter lobby? he might delay is still a delay in the have to deal with it. it really does come down to the border wall in a major way. this is a promise donald trump been on the campaign trail. something is talked about during his entire presidential administration at the forefront of his agenda appeared as a result this is the one singular issue that is tied to all others in the funding of some major, major department that need money or else the government shutdown happens. some agencies are funded. the department of justice, homeland security, date, commerce among others or the one that are not quite have enough money to operate in full if we run out of money in the next couple weeks. the six are very high and you don't have democrats and republicans really finding any commonality right now about how much money for the wall for
9:48 am
border security is put into this particular document. eric: to that point, the president says they need $5 billion in taxpayer money to pay for his wall. republican lawmakers say we can spread out over two years. democrats say it doesn't matter over two years the price tag is just too high. meanwhile, chuck schumer asking the president to take 1.6 billion. will the president ultimately accept a compromise? as you said he had that campaign promise to keep. >> emulated out. billions of dollars, several billion dollars in separation. whether the president is going to be willing to take something that would split the difference, and 2 million, 3 million remains unseen. sort of like the movie groundhog day were things i'd does just comes up over and over again. the same scenario in the wall has been part of the discussion
9:49 am
when we had previous potential or actual government shutdown. ultimately it's up to congress to come up with a plan that may ultimately come to the president to decide whether it's going to be something that is good enough for him to go forward with whatever deal congress is able to craft. arthel: whatever happened to mexico paying for the wall? >> mexico's not paying for the wall and it seems like something republicans in congress and the president himself has moved beyond at least rhetorically. you don't hear him talk about it a whole lot and on the ground in terms of dollars and tens there is no indication whatsoever that mexico is going to be offering up any material money to go ahead and fund border security in the way of donald trump had laid on the campaign trail. train to maybe there will be a compromise because christmas around the corner and never wants to wrap it up. >> the lasting lawmakers want is during christmas week here in washington on the budget put it on cnn/.
9:50 am
there is a practical incentive particularly for lawmakers who are lame ducks, who have retired and just want to get out of here and be done with this file as quickly as they can. that may be an incentive. eric: we'll keep watching. dave leventhal, thank you for a match. train to the midwest was slammed overnight. several saying now storms are making their way across the country. just look at that. our extreme weather forecast straight ahead. strength of alev. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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train to severe storms have been ramming the midwest. investigating a dozen reported tornadoes in central illinois last night. more dangerous thunderstorms are now taking aim at the southeast to adam klotz life in the extreme weather center with the forecast. >> big storms across the southeast in several places across the country worth paying attention to. dealing with big storms and heavy rain. this has been an absolute downpour for folks as much as five inches of an hour while the standing water for roadways and flooding. minor cases across portions across the rest of your sunday. randy through the overnight hours at the mid-atlantic pushing further than the
9:55 am
northeast in seeing rain snow across the upper level of the system. on the backside of the system a little bit of a winter weather. snow storms moving across the midwest and other planes. that is what you see here in the spot we pay attention to. this will live a little bit quicker throughout the rest of your sunday. looking a winter storm warning across the upper midwest into an it is going to be i see. it's going to be snow in the system will be on the move throughout the rest of the day didn't eventually into your monday forecast. future radar among the frontal boundary begins to weaken and dry out a bit. i don't think this becomes a huge snow maker the works its way to the east coast but what it does do is bring cold weather with that. there is the frontal boundary allowing all this happened. back behind a temperature forecasted highs into the 20s in some cases the 30s.
9:56 am
folks enjoying warmer weather in the eastern half of the country 55 degrees as the hyatt new york today. you see all the cold air beginning to funnel that way. winter is still here. >> it is. be careful with the driving. arthel: thanks, adam. that does it for us. we will be back your 4:00 eastern. train to will have all the news then. i'd like to wish a happy hanukkah to all those who are celebrating. just not this you might take something for your heart...
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10:00 am do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands. arthel: from her nation's capitol to the state of texas, funeral preparation underway to honor president george h.w. bush. leland: this as people turn out from the bush family home in texas, summer home in maine in the presidential library in texas to pay their respects to the 41st president of the united states. live pictures of the flags at half staff at the library in college station. you can see the crowds they


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