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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 18, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> tuesday, december 18th, this is "fox and friends first". having a 4:00 am a fox news alert, responding to shots fired call struck and killed by an oncoming train, breaking details from chicago overnight. >> at some point someone has to stand up in the face of the fear of fox news and mean tweets and speak the truth. >> it is all our fault, fresh out of hot seat james comey
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taking aim at donald trump and us at fox news, what he has to say about michael flynn's exclusive allegations. plus the great holiday nightmare of 2018 is over. an update to a christmas catastrophe and the decorations, "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> the trumpets they go ♪ the trumpets they go ♪ ♪ trumpets they go ♪ >> that should get you started tuesday morning. is this the one song he doesn't mention his own name 18 times, we will get back to you but you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning.
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thanks for starting the day with us but we begin with a fox news alert, horrible news, two police officers killed by a train in chicago. they were on the tracks looking for shooting suspect when they were killed instantly. >> these brave young men identified a potential threat to their community and put the safety of others above their own. >> police say they found a weapon and are questioning a person of interest. they serve less than 3 years on the force and leave behind wives and young children. a horrible horrible story. hours before michael flynn at sentencing, new documents revealed giving insight into what led to his guilty plea. it comes as james comey lashes out after a second hearing on capitol hill. griff jenkins live with the fallout. >> another marathon closed-door session with house republicans
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seeking clarity from a witness who had been evasive the first time but the fbi director came out swinging afterwards in the hallway. >> at some point someone has to stand up in the face of the fear of fox news, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets. stand up for the values of this country and not blink away into retirement but stand up and speak the truth. >> that provoked a response from sarah sanders tweeting republicans should stand up to comey and his tremendous corruption from the fake hillary clinton investigation to lying and leaking to f isam abuse. the president of the country a service by firing him and the shameless fraud he is. democrats said the testimony offered nothing new yesterday but republicans said it is more evidence of partisanship. >> we are seeing an
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out-of-control corrupt and i repeat that corrupt fbi director who was on a mission and forgot his number one mission was to protect national security. >> this is the president's national security adviser michael flynn will be sentenced for lying to the fbi in documents that led to his ultimate guilty plea, two forms were released by the special counsel's office. and those we learned among the agents coming accent to the white house to interview flynn was discussed fbi agent peter stzrok. flynn was discouraged from having an attorney present and was not informed, prosecutors rejecting the notion at the sentencing today. flynn is not expected to receive jail time because of what they are calling extensive cooperation. >> like so much out of dc these
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days there's something else to the store we are trying to get to the bottom of. we will see in dc this morning, thank you. the doj reluctant to reveal the memo following its interview with michael flynn. sarah carter says that is because it shows a clear-cut case of entrapment. >> if you look at the 300 to itself, the lie is at the top of the 302 because they said they notified him of the nature of this interview and that is inaccurate. they never notified him of the nature of this interview because they asked him not to bring an attorney and they were looking at him for possible criminal purposes. they were trying in a sense to entrap him because they knew what the conversation was he had and they were going to him. i think the judge is going to be looking at all of this and there's another fbi agent here. everyone talked about peter stzrok and was michael flynn had to say but nobody has spoken to
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the other fbi agent. >> once flynn is sentenced he will be one of 3 high profile sentences handed down from the mueller probe. christopher steele says he will help hillary clinton challenge the legal validity of the 2016 election, the bombshell admission from the same who produce the dnc from the dossier, the washington times are putting steelhead a law firm in place to look at the results. hoping to try the trump -- trump campaign to russia and election interference, the unverified steel dossier was used as the basis to investigate members of trump's campaign. the doj revealed the next senate intelligence staff are at the center of the league investigation, newly released documents show the role in leaking the highly classified materials, wolf was never charged and later pled guilty to lying to the fbi. the sensitive document allowed the government to spy on former trump aid carter page.
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the clock is ticking as the government shutdown is looming over capitol hill this morning. congress and donald trump need to agree on a federal budget by friday. lauren blanchard has the latest on the shutdown showdown in dc. >> not only is congress jittery as the shutdown looms but so are the markets as americans are waiting to see if the house and senate can come up with a plan to avoid a government shutdown by the end of the week. they are looking at christmas in dc. the markets closing bell marking the end of another dizzying day on wall street, stocks dropping to their lowest levels in more than a year, the dow plunged 500 points coming as uncertainty mounts in washington. the white house and lawmakers are in a standoff over the federal budget, the president insisting on $5 billion to build the border wall. >> senator schumer better start being the grinch during this week we are facing a shutdown.
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>> will get him a shutdown but when i get them the wall. >> democrats opposed to the wall indicating they could vote for continuing resolutions that would fund the government through september and provide $1.6 billion for border security plus the federal reserve is set to announce its fourth rate hike of the year on wednesday adding to the market uncertainty. the other issue when it comes to making a deal to avoid a shutdown many house members aren't even here. the house is in recess until wednesday night meaning they will have just 2 days to come up with something before the deadline friday night. in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. >> days after a texas judge ruled obamacare unconstitutional democrats are firing back, 17 democratic state attorneys general file the motion yesterday laying the groundwork
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to appeal. the group wants obamacare to remain active as the case goes through the appeal process, the judge ruled the law is unconstitutional because congress repealed the individual mandate. the attorneys general won a response from the judge by friday. donald trump announcing aid payments for american farmers to help the agricultural industry impacted by trade with china and other foreign countries, the president tweeting and part, quote, our economy is stronger than ever, we stand with our farmers, this is the second round of payment as part of a $12 billion relief package. 2018 coming to a close, voters getting mixed reviews for the year but remain hopeful for the future. a fox news poll showing 53% of registered voters say this was a good year up 10 points from last year, 28% say it was a bad year, 19% unsure that the majority of americans are hopeful about the direction of the country. 44% are not.
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new orleans saints taking on the carolina panthers on monday night football. >> it's the gas that land gets it. >> he is good at the running back position. saints running back scoring a touchdown late in the game, a 12-9 when on the road. not the offensive explosion people expected, this marks the panders 6 straight loss after a hot start to the season and that is the reason heather is not here, i am guessing. her beloved panders lost. 10 minutes after the hour, passing prison reform donald trump ready to reach across the aisle and give ex-inmates a second chance. >> and at reasonable sentencing reforms to ensure fairness while keeping dangerous criminals off the streets to be tough on crime but also smart on crime. >> the president's promise one step closer to reality but could
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that republican be the one to actually derail the bipartisan initiative? and here we go. jesus takes a wheel. a fan crying pretty over how much she dislikes the new sunday night football theme song but people are blown away by the champion singer's response. are you happy with the puns? i did my best for you? "fox and friends first" comes right back after this.
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>> welcome back, the senate could vote on criminal justice reform as soon as today afternoon legislation took a bipartisan step to the president's desk but even with the white house endorsement 12 republicans voted against the bill with one in particular threatening to derail the final vote. what comes next?
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joining us is kimberly, thanks for being here. this comes down to senator cotten or senator kennedy despite the bipartisan support. what is it they want? >> just to break it down the first step is a bill that will help prisoners participate in faith-based programs for them to successfully reenter society. i do like senator cotten urged the administration to make sure they cross all the teas, we don't want another amateur rollout as we saw with the affordable care act, we want some clarity. they want to clarify what it means for sex offenders and those involved in human trafficking. >> specifically there are three things from senator cotton and
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kennedy, their proposed amendments on screen right now, exclude violent felons and sex offenders from time credit program, notify victims before prisoner is released early and monitor if prisoners are released early if those prisoners then commit more crimes. these seem fairly logical to me? why were they not in the original bill? >> i don't understand it. they are very logical. to quote our president our whole nation's benefit is former inmates able to reenter society as productive and law-abiding citizens, the first time in a long time we had a build up introduced with overwhelming support that is bipartisan and i think they all bring valid points to the table, we need to look at it before we roll this out. >> for those who say if you commit a crime you need to do the time? why is prison reform so important in such a way that those individuals may not have to do all the time they were
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sentenced to? >> this is a true first step in creating a fair justice system. by reforming mandatory minimums which created discriminatory outcomes in the past and overcrowding and costs it does help the nation to take a look at what it has done in the past especially african-americans, that is why donald trump is bringing this to the table. i hope they get it together and the admin mince goes through because they are very important. 37% of inmates in the state level and 38% on the federal level, when released, they are within 5 years, that is huge. we need to cut that number in half and give people a chance. i worked with women that come out of incarcerations who may not profit and a lot of times miss the mark when applying for jobs above minimum wage because they need the training and skills. rob: gets done by the end of the year, thanks for getting up early on tuesday. 17 after the hour.
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the classic christmas song sparking controversy this season. ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ >> one radio station playing it on repeat. reaction pouring in this morning. ♪
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>> donald trump will host a roundtable discussion aimed at keeping kids safe. the school safety commission
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expected to rollback school discipline policies put forward by the obama administration. the measure supposedly encouraged schools to stop unfairly disciplining minority students. today the surgeon general with parents and doctors about the new dangers of new types of the cigarettes. this comes after the national institute of health found 3 million high school students currently using the devices. e-cigarette use doubling among high school seniors in one year. you know it by now. it is a holiday classic but the pc police have decided to declare war on this year. ♪ on second thought ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i've got to go ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ the evening has been ♪ >> so very nice ♪ ♪ i will hold your hands
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♪ >> one kentucky radio station is taking the christmas controversy ahead, carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online. what is going on? >> as radio stations decide to ditch baby it's cold outside from their playlist, one radio station in kentucky taking a stand, they play it on repeat during a 2 hour marathon on sunday. 103.5 fm promoted the publicity stunt on facebook saying baby it's cold outside, we like it and are not afraid to play it for the next couple hours. it is probably not because so many people were fired up that the song was being removed they are fighting back in the move sparking nationwide reaction. lisa on facebook says hooray for w a k why, thank you for playing this holiday classic and standing strong in kentucky.
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another person on facebook says whoever said there's something wrong with this song has nothing better to do with their time and edith chiming in saying thank you for standing up to this nonsense. anyone offended by the song hasn't seen the movie. radio stations decided to remove the song after people said it flew in the face of the me too movement but a lot of people fighting back, looks like baby it's cold outside is here to say. heather: i don't know one person who says the song needs to go. everyone is like fine song. >> a station in san francisco brought the song back because so many people were upset they removed it in the first place. todd: we were up at 4:00 am. does that mean we are successful? >> they say the early bird catches the worm. of so we're in pretty good shape. inc. magazine recently sparked a
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wave of reaction after tweeting the world's most successful people start their day at 4:00 am but people are hitting the snooze button on this news. check out this reaction. when i start my day at 4:00 am somewhere in the world, another person saying my definition of success is not having to get up at 4:00 am every single day and caroline saying i have to get up at 4:00 am three times a weekend i'm not successful. caroline being honest. a good time to get things done because there aren't many distractions. also because "fox and friends first" is on in the morning at 4:00. todd: i fell asleep. >> that is where the silence was coming in. todd: long national nightmare is over.
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>> decorations outside the holland tunnel in new jersey officially been changed. after one man complained calling them in ocd nightmare. the port authority a few hours ago removing the wreath and the triangular christmas tree placing it over the a which is what corey once it. he tweeting the changes were great, congratulations to them for changing the decorations and thanking budweiser for shining a light on this christmas controversy as well. todd: does this make you proud to be for our state? >> it sure does. always write in the world. todd: 2 dozen democrats now considering challenging donald trump in 2020. our next guest, gop strategist ford o'connell says the president is likely to win reelection no matter who emerges as the nominee. may be unable to kneel on the sidelines during the national and many more if he is not playing but former teammate found another way.
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>> the man suspected of supplying the gun used in a deadly christmas market shooting facing terror charges. according to reports out of france the suspect is a relative of cherif chekatt who killed 5 people in france lately, shot and killed by police following a massive manhunt. his parents and brothers were questioned, his father says his son supported isis. the woman who climbed the statue of liberty on july 4th found guilty. >> america! todd: sorry if you're trying to sleep. teresa yelling after her arrest, she appeared with embattled attorney michael avenatti who is part of her legal team.
1:31 am
in july several officers had to rescue prompting a massive evacuation of 4300 people from the base of lady liberty, protesting family separations at the border, she could face 18 months in prison when sentenced in march. a vote coming as the us envoy to afghanistan meets with taliban officials. and we have never been closer to achieving peace than we are right now. talks in the uae aimed at ending the 17 year war in afghanistan. telegram and willing to directly negotiate with the country's government. and one of the file un meetings, residing at the end of the year, one of the greatest accomplishments she says is her work toward peace with north korea, she said she and the president worked together to get
1:32 am
things done. >> the president and i had a great relationship. we respected each other. i wanted to serve the president and the american people the best of my ability. i have done that until december 31st. todd: the president announced a former colleague of us at fox news, heather nauert, as haley's replacement. 2 dozen democrats lining up to make a run for the white house, some big names at the top of the list, can the president send them off for a second term? our next guest is yes. republican strategist ford o'connell joining us to explain why. thanks for getting up with us. we appreciate it. many people on the right and left say the president hasn't had a good last couple weeks. that won't matter in 2020. >> trump's biggest worry is that a particular candidate or
1:33 am
democratic ticket with russia investigation, but whether the economy indoors a recession in 2020. if it doesn't he won't be reelected. incumbent presidents don't lose, since 1900 they won 15 times lost 5. if you get general ford out of the equation, they are 15-4 and can probably win a cy young award and the electoral map in 2020 is going to be similar to the electoral map in 2016 and that means if the democratic ticket sweep the midwest or take arizona away from trump, trump is going to win. todd: what does he knew to get reelected? >> increase his voter appeal, make inroads with suburban voters and minority voters, come in on the democratic advantage on healthcare. obviously healthcare is a strong decision for the democrats, and issue the public trust the democrats the most on. what he needs to make the case particularly with the court ruling in texas is i want to work with democrats to keep the
1:34 am
costs down. focus on cost, not so much ensuring everyone. that is the number one thing voters care about with respect to healthcare. todd: donald trump will be the republican nominee. there is buzz other people might challenge him but on the democratic side half the party, 9 trillion people are running for the democratic nomination, could be close to 35, barely enough room on the screen to fit them in. you say it is not necessarily going to be name recognition that kicks the person who runs in 2020. it could be something else. why do you say that? >> in 2006, last time democrats had a presidential nomination, the names at the top in 2006 were clinton, edwards and gore because of name id.
1:35 am
now the democrats, they are going to go to iowa and new hampshire but they will go to california and texas and other nontraditional states in terms of their rotation and essentially will be the candidate who can make the best case for the grassroots and we don't know who that could be. one thing i will guarantee is it will turn into a no holds barred of democrats slamming each other and donald trump at every turn. todd: one democrat seems to be the media darling not getting slammed a lot, beto o'rourke. what does he figure into this? will he be the nominee? vp? nothing? >> he wants to run. and politics you never know when you're moment will come. he is the darling that i don't think we are seeing progressives, not beto, i could see him winding up on the vp ticket if at all. that says if democrats, the question is how much democrats really want to beat donald trump. if they want to beat donald trump their best bet right now
1:36 am
is someone like joe biden, beto o'rourke, young progress or joe biden and andrew gillam. in 2018 what we saw is moderate democrats did well in the midwest. one surrogate they wanted over and over was joe biden but the best thing about the whole thing for donald trump is the democrats are not going to take my advice, likely to go with their hearts and put forward a progressive and when that happens trump will be reelected. todd: iowa voters agree with you saying joe biden should be the nominee but we will see. it will be tough if they pick a progressive to appeal to so much of our country other than the coast. thanks for getting up, appreciate it. 36 after the hour. 2018 filled with many memorable
1:37 am
moments in politics, some of the best. >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020. you said that, not me. todd: some of the worst. >> the closest i will have in my life to and i am spartacus moment. todd: breaking down the best and worst coming up next. ♪
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>> in a push in nebraska to legalize medical marijuana. senators launching a petition to put the issue on the ballot in 2020. they need to collect 12,000 signatures of registered voters statewide, separate medical cannabis bill is expected to be introduced in the legislature next month. 33 states and washington dc have legalized the use of the drug. speaking of which new york state could be going up in smoke, democrat governor andrew cuomo
1:41 am
prioritizing marijuana legislation. >> legalize the use of recreational marijuana. todd: cuomo, once called marijuana a gateway drug, but now he claims legalizing pot will bring in tax money and end, quote, unjust committal convictions. recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and washington dc. 2018 has been a year for politics in the year coming to a close, we are breaking down the best and worst messaging from both sides of the aisle. joining us to walk us through, the president of the district media group and fellow at the heritage foundation, beverly hallberg. thanks for being here. the number one, stayed in one word, brett kavanaugh. >> this has destroyed my family and my good name. this whole two week effort has been a calculated and
1:42 am
orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pent-up anger about donald trump and the 2016 election. todd: beyond powerful. >> absolutely. remember this is when he had his first say at the hearing and think about being attacked over and over again, for him to stand up not just for his own character and his own record but to stand up for his family when he talked about his wife and daughter, it really resonated with people because some of the passion and anger he had was justified and it was a turning point to hear him in his own words how passionate he was. todd: not just brett cavanagh standing up for himself, lindsey graham, a memorable moment as well. >> if you wanted an fbi investigation you could have come to us. you want to destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020.
1:43 am
you said that, not me. you got nothing to apologize for. todd: soft-spoken genteel southerner firing back. >> in so many ways the unlikely hero leading the charge in all this, moderate republican who often does side with democrats but in this case called out for what it is, what americans saw it as which is leftist tactics to get their own agenda across and not caring if they ruin somebody's life in the process i was surprised when lindsey graham came out with this passionate speech and in many ways it was a turning point for senator susan collins to vote for brett kavanaugh. todd: another serious moment with humor, crenshaw on snl. >> i am sorry, thank you, appreciate you saying that. >> apology accepted.
1:44 am
>> do you know her? >> the back story, he probably regrets about crenshaw's look describing him as a pirate and apologizing on the weekends update desk. pete davidson's ex-fiancé, area on a grande a. >> this can serve as a lesson for political divides, the importance of coming together, you had pete davidson who realized his mistake and willing to apologize and the person who is representing him saying i forgive you. i look at this, to hope that people with their political divides can come together. heather: we are going to start with the bad with one word, spartacus.
1:45 am
>> i'm going to release the email on racial profiling and i understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the senate of senator cornyn believes i violated senate rules, i accept the consequences. the closest i will never have too and i am spartacus moment. >> did you see the movie? >> all of us wonder why he said this and i'm pretty sure he wishes he could take it back and here's what was most shocking, not only did he break senate rules and release of information he was not supposed to but everybody saw this for what it is, trying to make a 2020 presidential run and he thought this was going to be the way to stand his ground and separate himself from -- it backfired immensely. heather: todd: on the bad side, alexandria ocasio-cortez explains unemployment, get educated. >> the w talked about is part of
1:46 am
the problem because we look at these figures and say unemployment is low, everything is fine. and employment is low because everyone has two jobs. unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids. todd: i am confused. >> all she has to do with a google search to understand the issue and get more facts, whether it is talking about unemployment, talking about her own salary and how she doesn't get paid enough or not understanding what the 3 branches of government are, she's the gift that keeps on giving to the gop and we will see a lot more gaffes in the next couple years. todd: this is always fun taking a look at the year back, let's hope next year when we are doing this is all rainbow and butterflies. >> lots to choose from. todd: time, 46 after the hour. are you planning to fly in the next week, a new morning from tsa.
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how they spread some christmas cheer, helping those in need this holiday season. ♪ ♪ you came along ♪ you saved my life ♪ i once to thank you baby today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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1:51 am
january 6th. that number is up from last year, that is an additional 126,000 passengers flying every single day. they say they expect 2.5 million people every single day so it is a large number of people traveling this holiday season. the busiest day thursday the 20th, the 21st and the summer 26th, the day after christmas but the latest travel they, christmas day and january 5th. plan accordingly and be patient. todd: not dealing with that anymore, the best thing about moving home. lincoln, the car company, going retro. >> bringing back lincoln continental with coach doors, the back doors that open from the rear. that was made popular in the 1960s with the lincoln continental so they are bringing it back to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the lincoln
1:52 am
continental in 1939, very limited-edition, they are only releasing 80 of these, estimated cost $100,000, very expensive but there will be more released in model year 2020. iconic car making a come back. todd: officers emotional plea going viral this morning, the unidentified person posting on facebook after pulling over a teen going 100 miles an hour saying the driver nearly caused a christmas tragedy and, quote, part of your soul disappears every time you have to tell parents their kid is dead. slow down please. you are not invincible, i promise. car crashes the leading cause of death for teens. country music star carrie underwood says let's be nice after a fan attacks her in a sunday night football song.
1:53 am
♪ sunday night ♪ todd: on twitter a sports illustrated producer wrote she hated the new song. carrie responded writing let's be positive, let's be nice to each other, let's do something nice for someone else, smile at a stranger. today is precious, don't waste it. sending love and cheer to you all, hashtag love wins. the fan apologized saying it is a theme song. time, 53 after the hour. uc berkeley students don't like what people with different viewpoints have to say. wait until you hear how they are policing hate speech now. he took a knee during the national anthem. now taking a stand for colin kaepernick. how nfl safety eric reed is paying tribute to unemployed friends ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ 00 ♪ and don't it feel good
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♪ hey ♪ don't it feel good ♪ today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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♪ todd: great song. in the middle of the night you get to see that.
1:58 am
and some protester paying homage to colin kaepernick with a new cleat on monday night football, you can see colin kaepernick, carolina panthers safety eric reed writing the shoes are a tribute to the history of protests. read as neil during the national anthem several times this season and joined colin kaepernick in the protest when they were teammates in 2016. scientists using artificial intelligence to sniff out online hate speech. researchers at uc berkeley developing a detection system called the online hate index, combining ai, machine learning and people to find offenses speech. social media platforms can use this index to decide what they will allow or not allow on their sites. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. the border patrol agent getting
1:59 am
into the holiday spirit donating gifts to those in need. agents in arizona teaming up with toys for tots and the salvation army to collect toys for 100 kids. officials said they donated 9000 pounds of food to a local food bank. next the bad. check this out. stormy weather causing a snowman brawl outside of business in oregon. high wind making it look like two inflatable holiday displays were duking it out. in case you wonder, the snowman in the red hat coming out on top. in case you are wondering that is what jillian and rob look like battling it out before the show. the ugly. this is no way to decorate a tree. a car hanging from the branches in the uk. a drunk driver lost control before slamming into a telephone pole, landing in the tree.
2:00 am
fortunately no serious injuries were reported. you never want to drink and drive. "fox and friends first" continues with rob and jillian making it a great day. >> another day of hillary clinton's emails and the steel dossier. i find it frustrating to answer questions about things that are far less important than the values this country is built upon. rob: fired fbi director james comey quite frustrated after being grilled on capitol hill. jillian: what we heard about the interview he ordered with michael flynn who is sentenced in hours. deal or no deal? congress pushing for short-term funding pick. rob: the president sticking to his guns saying he wants his wall. >> like a dream. it is not real. it doesn't feel real, doesn't seem real in my body and my mind. rob: he was shot 13 times in iraqi and is now college graduate.


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