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tv   Countdown to 2019  FOX News  December 31, 2018 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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story", best wishes for a fantastic 2019. and that is "the story" on this new year's eve. you're looking live at the party goers here in new york city. the countdown to 2019 starts now. happy new year, everyone! ♪ >> welcome to countdown 2019. it is on rain or shine. the show must go on in new york and times square i'm bruce here with carlie. >> we're having a great time
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here. an estimated two million people are all huddled together in times square. are you having a good time right now? absolutely. we'll talk to some people in the crowds in a little bit. i was talking to a couple folks in the crowd. i asked them why they want to spend new year's eve in times square. they wanted to kick 2019 off -- >> wait a minute. i thought they came to see my jacket. how about the jacket, huh? there we go. >> that's right. >> that's not all we got for you. griff jenkins is outshining me with the jacket. not to be done, our fabulous slate of reporters all over the city. we have bryan llenas, tyrus coming up. >> and we have tomi in nashville at the wild horse saloon. we have phil keating in miami.
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lawrence jones is making her spot in new orleans. >> my favorite spot to spend new year's eve. i don't know if that is an appropriate story. that's okay. moving on. the weather is definitely one of the biggest stories that we'll be dealing with throughout new year's eve. it is raining, but that's okay. a lot of people are still out here having a blast. i honestly -- doesn't matter to me. >> not at all. the biggest prediction of 2018 is whether i can hold the umbrella for two hours as we rein things in. tyrus is here in times square. are you there, tyrus? >> i'm here. can you hear me? >> yeah. where are you? >> people are excited to be here tonight. we have planes, trains and automobiles from everywhere. oregon, right? arkansas. venezuela.
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and i got so mad about the rain, i looked up and made it snow. we slowed down a little bit. it was snowing in new york. we have a scavenger hunt. go fog find some stuff to go with the cool hats you have on. let me tell you how hard we worked to make this happen. give me your man. producer. knuckles bleeding. fighting in the streets just so we can be here tonight. i'm dressed like i'm hunting in montana because i don't play in the cold weather. so enjoy your sequins jacket. we're in the trenches and we work. enough said. >> yeah, absolutely. i challenge to you to put a hat on by the end of the night. i don't know if it's your style. speaking of style, we have a very lovely lady at a fabulous rooftop bar in new york city. jedidiah.
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how are you doing? >> i'm at haven rooftop new york city. happy new year. having a blast. i'm here with stephanie alvarez. what did you do to prepare for this amazing night? >> here we decorated to make it very 2019. we have liquor, a lot of liquor. >> tell them how much champagne you have. >> about 30 cases of champagne. we're dancing, a dj here. what will happen tonight? >> we're expecting 300 people. a lot of dancing and drinking and champagne. >> and she can carry the drink while talking. >> it's not easy. >> point us to the dj. >> right over there. >> all right. this is haven's rooftop. it's amazing, guys. it's completely lit up.
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lights everywhere. we're going to be able to see the confetti in times square from here. people are coming in. i was told between 300 and 400 people will be packed in. we're going to be dancing. over here on the right, d.j. mike, who is already playing tunes. i'm told he will play retro and top 40. i'm gearing up. check out this scene! 2019 in the background. just to remind us why we're here. champagne on every table. the crowd is getting excited. we're going to be talking to everybody in times square. i'm dancing. have to dance with me. i'm starting it up. griff and carley, i'm starting it up. >> we'll be there with you. >> and estimated 360 million glasses of champagne will be drunk on new year's eve tonight. i have a feeling a lot of them
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will be in your neck of the woods. >> but not all with jedediah. >> yeah, a lot of champagne, guys. a lot. so you want to come here and party? we're waiting for you. >> absolutely. we're going to take you up on that. >> we're coming to the rooftop. jedediah, thanks so much. great to see the spirit of the people in the greatest city on earth, saying i'm coming out here. i have to show this crowd. one more time. are you glad to be here to get this started? ready for the ball? >> that's right. they are. you know what? in order to make a celebration like this happen, you have to remember the nypd who is making sure everybody is safe. they're sacrificing their time with their loved ones to make sure everybody has a happy, safe and loved new year in times square. we have bryan llenas in
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new york. he's covering the security aspect of the new year's eve celebration in times square. bryan, do we have you? >> happy new year, carlie and griff. we're in the middle of it all. you're right. there's thousands of nypd officers lined up throughout times square. they've been out here 15 hours already. we're talking about counter snipers and k-9s and other technologies in place. everybody has been in the tents has been checked and rechecked for hours. as a matter of fact, throughout the night, we'll give you an inside look, exclusive behind-the-scenes as to how the nypd has made this the safest event on the planet. one of those looks was at the new fleet of drones that was supposed to take off tonight for the very first time. take a look. this dgim-10 is the first to fly
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over times square. >> we'll have command posts where they stream everything live. >> tonight the drone is monitoring spectators below. >> god forbid something should happen, we want to locate where the incident started. with the drone being up there, it will help us determine where something might happen and where we need to send resources. >> it's flown by a three-person team. >> a lot of buildings and structures to be aware of. our pilots spending time practicing flying around buildings. >> the nypd has more than a dozen drones helping in the way of documenting collisions or crime scenes and documenting hazardous materials. amazing stuff, a new fleet of drones as we countdown to 2019. carley, griff, the drone won't be in the air because of the
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rain. still a special thanks to all the men and women in blue protecting us into 2019, guys. >> thank you, bryan llenas. keeping watch. thanks to our nypd tonight. they have the toughest job. in the last 24 hours, they were all over the streets getting ready for this. the preparation is tremendous. >> i feel faith here. that is credit to the fabulous police officers that like we said we'll highlight throughout the show. new year's eve is a time of reflection. what is your favorite memory from 2018? >> my favorite memory from 2018 would have been with my family, my daughters, probably surfing. happy new year, madeline and mackenzie. in south carolina surfing and the mountains. what is your favorite moment of 2018? >> i was lucky enough to go to switzerland with my husband. my favorite work memory, i went
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to the texas state far with jillian for "fox and friends." we rode the rides. had fun. ate funnel cakes. acted like kids. this has to be my favorite memory of 2019. we're having such a blast. >> the first time i did this was 2007, turning to 2008. i've done this for ten years straight. it's an honor to be here, particularly with you. that year i went crowd surfing. i don't know about you. you may be getting pressed to go crowd surfing by me. this is -- >> oh, my god. >> you think she should go crowd surfing tonight? >> yeah. >> about three people said yes. that's still a maybe. i don't know. i can't promise that i'm go crowd surfing. my mom would probably kill me if i did. i'm not saying no either. we'll have to wait and see.
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>> e-mail us at we have some special things also coming up to include an interview with president trump. >> that's right. that's a must-see interview to say the least. we also have -- we'll send it back down to tyrus in times square. we hear he has an update as well. what's going on? >> man, tell you what's going on, we went from rain to snow, to sleet. no one is going anywhere. my man is here from brazil. so you left the warm brazilian beach party to come here. >> yeah. came here for my girlfriend. >> you're close. >> i want to be closer. >> you're from oregon. >> yes. >> it's cloudy and cold and wet out there anyways. >> yes. >> this is no day at the beach
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for you guys. >> yeah. >> why are you hear? >> here for our fifth anniversary. >> your fifth anniversary? >> yeah. >> so for the fifth anniversary, instead of a fancy new york sky restaurant and party and champagne, he got you a poncho and said stand out in new york. that's dedication. >> well, i watched the ball drop on tv for a long time. time to see it in real life. >> amazing. love does conquer all. i don't know if mine at home will put up with that. she's like too cold. where are you from? >> from >> chicago. >> so this is like summer? >> yeah, for us. >> you're here for the ball drop? >> yeah. we got married. he promised me, so now we're here. >> so when you got married last year, you promised to bring her
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to the ball drop? >> yes. >> promises kept. touching. i have to work on that. and there's no regret. that's what it's about. >> thanks, tyrus. >> thank you so much. absolutely. listen, there's so much more in store coming up for you on the show. we have an astrologer coming up, predictions, crowd surfing. the biggest part of our show coming up on the show with an interview with president trump. >> and pete asked him about, you know, while we're out here, there's a government shutdown. he pressed them on issues. and senator elizabeth warren throwing her hat in the ring. we'll wary about that. pete and kennedy may be sending
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us on a scavenger hunt. >> we'll have to wait for the clues on that. like we said, we're dealing with inclement weather. i don't think that it is as bad in miami where we find -- >> we both had that job. phil, you have the best job down there. it's warm. you're poolside. how are you, buddy? >> i'm so great. happy new year to you cats in times square. no rain. it's hot down here. probably like 78 degrees. nobody is here yet. it's south beach. things get started late night. they go to the wee, wee hours. so we're here at the w south beach here in miami beach. look at the pool set up with the sparkling stars and the tables. that both right there, the one that says "wow", this is a
5:15 pm
cabana. you could have had, griff jenkins, for $14,000. you can hang out here all long. >> wow. >> midnight, benny is the headline dj tonight. he's a big name. he will be here hitting the decks as they say in the edm decks. several bars around here. lights are up. palm trees are beautiful. the weather is spectacular. no one is here yet. as soon as they get here, the drinks will be flowing. >> phil, i got to say, we have some beef. i had that miami gig yesterday. so i'm a little upset that you're back in action in miami. i hear that you may be getting a little wet later on.
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maybe the pool? is that correct? >> if somebody told you that, they probably were mistaken. we'll see what happens. >> that's fake news. >> look at that jacket. griff jenkins and his sweet coat. look at that. >> i love it. >> listen, we have sequins here. phil, you talked about my giant salary. news to me. if i have a big boost in salary, why don't you buy everybody there drinks? tell them it's on my tab. >> i'm going to buy everybody here a drink right now. all of you. free drinks. >> there's like five people. >> i'm sensing that. >> nobody. >> we have much more countdown to 2019 coming up. that's right. we have lawrence jones in nor lens, tomi is in nashville.
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stay tuned. ♪ >> to the viewers at home, a shout-out for making 2018 a fantastic here. >> thanks for making us your favorite news channel. happy new year, everyone! >> see you in 19! happy new year. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what?
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> how are you feeling out there? make some noise! ♪
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>> carley: all right. >> griff: all right. >> carley: that was beebe rexit performing. >> griff: that was just for you. wasn't for anyone. i had it for you. you were down on the rain. beebe, can you come play for carley? >> yeah, i have this massive salary was under aware of. >> griff: yeah. she looks great. i believe we have tomi lahren. >> griff: we do. she's at the wild hours saloon in nashville. i spent the last few years there. happy new year, tomi. >> happy new year, guys. yes, i'm taking over your spot at the wild horse saloon. they're line dancing behind me. everybody is having a great
5:24 pm
time. so happy to be here. >> griff: so what are you going to be doing tonight in terms of line dancing and are you going to have some bands there? >> well, there's some bands. they're playing great country music, which i love and getting some nashville hot chicken. it's going to be a great night. as you know here in nashville, i'm in the best spot in the country. i don't think it gets better than nashville, tennessee. >> carley: i don't know if you noticed, dean cane moseyed over here. we're the only one with superman on their show. >> griff: nobody has this jacket either. that is unbelievable. >> even superman doesn't have this. this is the thing, dean. tomi, thank you down there. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. dean, it's raining tonight. but superman doesn't turn him
5:25 pm
away. >> no. >> griff: you were here last year. how does this compare to last year and a little rain this year? >> you were where tomi is now. >> last year it was 40 degrees. i'll take this wet stuff over that any time of the year. your jacket is amazing, fantastic. she still outshines you. i'm sorry. >> griff: without a doubt. >> carley: thank you so much. >> i have to say hi to my son. elijah, happy new year. sorry i'm not there. >> carley: how are they? >> my son is 18 and elijah and isabella are 17. >> carley: you were hosting "fox and friends" today. >> and tomorrow morning. i won't be up late. >> carley: it's past your bedtime. >> griff: i have to get to this. you have a new movie coming out
5:26 pm
in 2050. >> yeah. valentined day. i don't know if you checked the news. you might. a man married a hologram this year. a woman married a 300-year-old ghost. this film deals with people and machines. i'm not sure if i can say the word. they're sex bots. they're people that you can control and choose what they look like and what attitude they have, whether they're smart or not. so the film deals with that and the ramifications, which could be severe. >> griff: you feel like that is a prediction? >> in 2019, i predict someone will marry a machine. won't be me. >> griff: you heard it here first. >> carley: what a prediction. >> griff: and i predict the government won't stay shut down for all of 2019. >> carley: this is a fun night with partying. but serious news going on in the
5:27 pm
world. how do you feel about the government shut down and everything going on in washington? >> washington is in its own little bubble. i don't think most of america is feeling the effects of the shut down. i think it's political. i think it will end soon. i get the house gets back in session in a couple days. they'll go through it. mostly what the problem is, it's a big fight because they're anti-trump. that's the whole deal. >> griff: and we'll talk about this tomorrow morning on "fox and friends" assuming you don't miss the call. >> i never miss my call. not in the 12 years i've done this. >> griff: listen, i have to ask you this. carley is not sure if she should go crowd serving. >> carley: you're a level-headed guy. should i or not? >> carley, we just met. i'm not that level headed.
5:28 pm
other than the fact that you're husband went to princeton under the same coach as me, i'll give you a reprieve. he doesn't want you to crowd serve. so i'm going to stand with him. i'd like to see you -- >> carley: what are you doing after this? you going anywhere? >> i'm going to bed. i will not see the new year turn over unless i have some sleep problems, which i'm not. i'm tired. i'll be sawing logs. >> griff: dean, carley was asking my and all american new year's, what was the best moment for you in 2018? >> my son graduated from high school. the greatest moment for me. meant that that part of my job was done. so he's a 18-year-old kid now. the last 19 years aim single father so i haven't done a lot of things and i raised a young man. i'm proud of him. we traveled.
5:29 pm
>> griff: what is his that i'm? >> christopher. >> griff: happy new year. your dad is awesome and he's helping us ring in the new year on this rainy night. >> carley: can't beat that. you're a great man. thanks so much. >> see you in the morning. don't get injured. >> griff: i'll try not to. crowd surfing. >> carley: we have so much in store can coming up. we'll show you how we prepared for or new year's show and we'll hear from ainsley earhardt. ♪ >> to all of our fox viewers out there, have a happy new year. >> we hope it's fabulous and keep your resolutions. i don't make one because i don't keep it. ♪ it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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♪ >> carley: this is my favorite song. so a fun fact. while we were planning the show, the producer e-mailed us and said what songs do you want to be a part of it. i was too embarrassed.
5:34 pm
apparently griff loves it. >> griff: well-done, d.j. snake. the song of the year. selena gomez. the best song and the best part of it, every time it comes on, i mortify my daughters. i used it, i'm going to tease something. there could be some dancing coming on at some point. i prepared with taki taki. even though it's a new year's, i'm going to listen to taki taki for most of 2019. >> carley: so you floss dance to taki taki? >> griff: yes, but i'm not going to do now. we're going to do some crowd surfing. >> carley: talk to me about this crowd surfing thing. you've done this for a while. your first year, ten years ago -- >> griff: there. >> carley: griff, you look like a baby. >> griff: look at that young idiot. i don't know.
5:35 pm
i feel like i was 12 years old. i had strong pants on there. >> carley: this has to happen again. we're going to get you up, working with the crowd. again, me, maybe, i don't know. >> griff: what we need to do, carley, can you put on instagram or social media a poll about whether or not you should do it and then we'll take advice from them? >> go to my instagram. i'll put a poll to my story, should i crowd surf yes or not? it's to you guys. hopefully nobody drops me. we need strong men. >> griff: i'm not going -- we got superman. dean cane will save you. i think it's going to be something that we certainly want to do. >> carley: that's right. all right. so one of my favorite people at fox news is ainsley earhardt. i'm so honored to work with her in the mornings.
5:36 pm
she puts a bright smile on early mornings. >> griff: look at ainsley's family. we have everybody. happy new year! >> hi, guys! >> carley: your whole beautiful family. and your little girl. ainsley, where are you celebrating new year's eve? where are you right now? >> happy new year! >> griff: happy new year! that is a party right there, ainsley. we need to be at that party. ainsley and her beautiful family. >> carley: wow! ainsley, can you hear us? >> griff: hey, ainsley -- >> we can barely hear you. this is my husband. and this is our son.
5:37 pm
and these are my family. you should see the spread that we have. this is allison. she reported in new york. and her boyfriend. >> this is my mom. my sister, my mom. these people love fox news. and annie and her husband, james and their children. wave. [inaudible] >> betty is the oldest one in my daughter's school. we're having fun. just being around people we
5:38 pm
love. it's a casual night in our home. happy new year! >> happy new year! >> griff: happy new year! >> carley: many blessings to you guys. >> hope you have the best year ever, right? [cheering]. >> carley: happy new year. isn't that cool? >> carley, i'm praying you have a daughter or son in 2019. it's the best ever. and yeah, i love you all. thank you for supporting fox. i'm so grateful and thank you for all you do. you support me. that means you support her. i'm so grateful and honored. we're going to have a good year next year. love you. >> i'm blessed! >> griff: thank you. happy new year! happy new year, ainsley. we love you, too. you bring so much to this
5:39 pm
channel. that's what it's all about. >> carley: it is. >> griff: family there. >> carley: so cool we got her at home. she carved out time for us. what a beautiful family. there's nobody more genuinely beautiful inside and out than ainsley. so cool to catch up with her. who are we going to next? going to nashville? >> we're going to new orleans with lawrence v. jones, our newest fox news contributor. lawrence, how are you? happy new year! >> happy new year. i know everybody is talking about the best assignment. how can you get good food in any other of these cities other than new orleans? we're here at jackson square right here. we have fans all over us. behind us, jack's brewery. that is where the ball drops. in new orleans, they replace the ball with the flor de lis.
5:40 pm
and then i have my friend will here. we were here earlier today for the parade. that's where i got the fans. will, is your team going to pull it out? you've had some troubles. >> i think so. if we can stop the run, we'll do it. if we can exploit our side on the outside with jordan humphrey and collin johnson, we'll be georgia tomorrow. >> so will is giving you the game plan. i'm staying in the bulldogs hotel. so i have to level the playing field, a little later on after we finish the games, try some binets. i can't bring you any back because you won't get the taste right. i'm going to show you how they're made on the fox news channel. >> griff: oh, man. can't wait for that. he's got it going down there.
5:41 pm
>> carley: there's no better place in new year's eve than in new orleans. >> griff: thanks, lawrence. we have special people joining us. >> carley: look at these lovely folks. this is michael and brit. happy new year! for the record, i've been saying we need more men in sequence on the fox news channel. you're blazing the path in 2019. >> you like it. >> carley: so speaking of party people, you have a fox nation party that you're hosting. >> griff: that's right. coming to you live from studio d. it's the fox nation clubhouse for one night only, a members only affair. working with this fabulous co-host. >> carley: we're joking that we had the good assignments because it's indoors. it's a little rainy. we like you so much to come out and party with us. >> and this is her first time. >> carley: i've never been here. >> griff: what is it look for you? >> i imagined dryer.
5:42 pm
it's breathtaking. you feel so much of an energy with the weather. it's hard not to feel energy without you spoking. i saw kennedy. >> carley: and you were dripping on her. >> griff: it is what it is. he's been dripping on me for 20 years. i love this guy. >> carley: so you have more to show us? >> it's all about the big ball. they've had new year's here since 1904. the first ball drop was in 1907. it was made out of wood and steel. it's come a long way, a lot of bling this year. i caught up with the guys that made it happen. >> love it. >> so thank you for having us. >> of course. what a morning. what an event. >> this is incredible. i didn't real list the ball was that big. >> you think about it, 1.2 billion people watching it. six ton in weight. 12,000 pounds.
5:43 pm
2,688 of these waterford crystals and behind that 32,000 l.e.d.s generating over seven billion different light combinations. that's what you see on tv. each year we replace 192 of those with this year's theme, which is the gift of harmony. the global sentiments. always a reason for harmony and prosperity. >> what can people expect in times square? >> we want people to enjoy themselves. it's the changing of the guard. a brand new year. like opening a chapter of a book for the first time. you can make it happen. positive. >> has there ever been a glitch? >> we do extensive testing. we're testing the hydraulics, the software, the light pattern. this goes on for weeks and months in advance right up to 30 seconds before it drops. >> so it's failsafe? >> we're good to go. >> fingers crossed. >> who gets to throw the switch? >> it's not me this year.
5:44 pm
we're working on some finer details. >> i'm available. >> thank you so much. good luck. >> happy new year. >> happy new year indeed. >> so cool. >> a lot of bling in this year's ball. next year they should take some inspiration from the jacket. >> griff: if it keeps coming down, we may be coming inside. >> warm, beverages, a lot of people there we'll see you soon. >> carley: i want to ask you more about the party, this is all about fox nation, which you're heavily featured in. tell us about fox nation, this is a perk of being a maybe? >> absolutely. a lot of opportunities. we've been to san diego, another event planned in early spring. i'm not going to get too ahead of myself. we want to reach out to all
5:45 pm
viewers. i have a show with tyrus, the big guy. he's on the other end of this group of people. so we give each other a hard time. i like to think i win if he's listening. he will disagree. >> carley: the lady always wins. >> there's a lot of great programming on the app. >> people should go to and get the exclusive content with britt and tyrus and more. >> carley: you have more contributors that you may not see as much on the channel. >> you guys look so good. we don't want to ruin your outfits, your hair and makeup by keeping you out in the rain too long. so back inside. thank you. >> thank you. >> griff: the jacket is for the fans. >> you're soaking wet, michael. >> the best shoes. look at the shoes. >> love it. >> carley: takes a lot of work
5:46 pm
to get ready for this new year's eve show. we're going to show you a little bit about our preparation next. >> griff: boot camp is on its way. ♪ ♪ >> it has been a great 2018 for those of us a "fox news sunday." we got the chance to interview french president macron, vladimir putin, donald trump. we want to wish all of you the very happiest of new year's. truly successful 2019. we want you to rest assured that at "fox news sunday" we'll be covering all the breaking news and talking to the biggest new makers. happy new year. ♪
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>> i feel we have come a long way in 2018. >> so much is happening. >> a lot happened in the news. a lot of good things happened as well. one of them is that we're all here in times square enjoying this marginal to bad weather. >> the rain is coming down. there's some people that are in the spirit. i have to give a quick shutout to nicky. loves the jacket. thanks. we're doing our best with what we've got. that's a little bit of rain. you know, we were prepared for this for the one and only, the best host of all of new year's eve. you know what that is? >> i was relieved that would be the one and only kennedy. >> kennedy put us through the drill to get ready or pete couldn't have it any other way.
5:52 pm
take a look at this. >> welcome to the fox news all american new year's eve host boot camp. we're doing mic drills. interviewing the machines. 5, 6, 7, 8. what is your major malfunction? >> my arm is tired. >> i will rip it off your arm. >> the fox news host boot camp is the most rigorous in the business. that is why i love it. >> what was the first times square ball drop? 1907. how many people will ring in new year's on times square? >> one million. >> mr. headset, how much does the new year's ball weigh? >> ma'am, i don't know. >> you drop and give me 2019. >> yes, ma'am. >> one, two.
5:53 pm
a long way to go, boy. >> i think i'm getting the hang of this. >> i'm a little worried about pete though. >> i'm beginning to know that hosting new year's eve is one of the hardest things's done. i'm a combat veteran. >> they need you on that square. new year's eve host, are you ready? >> yes! >> that's not enough. i need more. i said new year's eve host, are you ready? >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah! i'm ready! >> he's ready. >> he's ready. >> too much. sit too >> too much? >> too much. >> you're ready? >> no, no. this group hit a lot of bumps in the road. i'm confident with my help they'll pull it together. it will be amazing. you tune in. happy new year!
5:54 pm
>> griff: look who is joining us, the one and only, kennedy. you didn't tell me i had to hold a umbrella. >> that's why i wanted the arms strong. >> it's killing me. >> you're like a shaky grandma. you're almost there, buddy. >> she knew this was coming. if not for her, carley would be wet. >> i have you to thank for the fact that i'm kind of dry. >> kind of. >> kennedy what is your favorite thing about hosting new year's eve? >> you never know what's going to happen. everybody is prepared for the unexpected. crowds from all over the world in one place. this is the main thing on people's bucket list to share it with so many people is incredible. it's the highlight of the year. it's an honor and privilege to
5:55 pm
host with you guys. >> griff: i feel like my chief job will be umbrella holder, which i'm happy to do for you. she made me do a few pushups in the trailer. >> carley: that's not right. >> griff: still wasn't prepared and ready to go. she hit me with pop culture questions. >> we have a trivia quiz and three big interviews. can we tease the -- >> griff: of course. we're talking to the president of the united states. for ten minutes. the president talked to one place today. he told us that. the fox news channel. you'll see it live. the all-american new year's. that's why we're sporting these bad damages. we have old glory protecting us from the elements. >> griff: amazing. new recruits swearing in nor boot camp. they won't have umbrellas. we might make them do pushups. >> do you think -- carley has a poll on instagram where she
5:56 pm
should go crowd serving. >> 100%. >> carley: what do you think? >> let griff to the work. you're the brains. >> we're all equal now. you better do it. >> carley: we have something cool coming up next. we have an astrologer making a 2019 prediction. don't miss it. >> griff: stay tuned. when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. but you can believe this, real esurance employee nancy abraham. look her up online. esurance, it's surprisingly painless.
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6:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> carley: welcome to the party! this is countdown to 2019. i'm carlie here with griff. we're having so much fun. >> griff: happy new year to you and happy new year to all of our
6:01 pm
viewers. i cover a lot of hurricanes. i wanted you to get a feel for the inclement weather. it's not stopped any one from turning out. >> carley: you don't need the umbrella. i was going to take it to myself. i'm only kidding. we have full fox news team coverage. >> griff: i'm connected to your jacket here. the million people strong that turned out in times scare, it's not dampened their party. >> carley: are you guys happy to be here? [cheers & applause] >> griff: are you filming us over there? what is your name? >> hunter jones. >> griff: where are you from? >> las vegas. >> griff: is this your first time? >> one of my bucket lists. it's amazing. i've seen it in movies, tvs.
6:02 pm
it's awesome here. >> carley: this is your friend? >> dylan. >> carley: do you have any new year's resolutions? >> yes. i want to travel. go to times square for new year's eve and then dublin for st. patrick's day. >> carley: what a great vacation. you can see the party is rocking and rolling in times square. we had full team coverage earlier. people throughout the city. >> griff: look at all the city. we have tyrus. we have bryan llenas taking care of our security in nypd. we have jenna there at the haven rooftop. >> carley: across country now, we have miami, phil keating in miami. tomi lahren in nashville and lawrence jones in new orleans. >> griff: that's lawrence
6:03 pm
jamming on the guitar. >> carley: that is somebody jamming on the guitar. sounds good to me. we have tyrus standing by in times square. he's talking to some folks. what you got, tyrus? >> you don't think -- you know you have tyrus. rain, sleet or snow. no umbrella. we got this. standing in the middle of the rain with all of my new friends. this guy, you staying awake? we're going to have fun? old school singing in the rain. tyrus going to play war games instead. where are you from? >> carley: tyrus, you sound angry. >> why are you here tonight? >> this has been a year, for five years you dreamed of this?
6:04 pm
>> yes. >> is it all you thought it would be? >> a little more than i bargained for. it will be worth it in the end. >> making dreams come true. ready to play a game? ask you some questions? don't embarrass me. you've been prepped, vetted. have i given you any answers? >> no. >> okay. what british royal marriage in may of 2018? a, prince williams, b, prince harry or c, king george? >> b, prince harry. >> let's go to the judge card here. you're correct. nice job. all right. that was easy. keep it going. okay. you should know this. what is the highest grossing movie of 2018? is it a, avengers infiniti wars,
6:05 pm
be. black panther and jumangi? >> he brought up the royal wedding. did you watch that? >> griff: not only did i watch it, you like at tyrus' signal there. we're doing what we can with the challenges we got. look at the royal wedding. not only did harry and megan get married, they made a baby. pregnant, too, in the same year. marriage and a baby. >> carley: sometimes the bad news gets the most coverage. a lot happened in 2018 as well. and we have a very special guest coming up right now. she's more than just a guest. she's the one and only jenna looking gorgeous at a rooftop in new york city. >> griff: jenna, are you wearing
6:06 pm
sequins? i like sequins. >> thank you so much. we are at haven rooftop having an amazing time. they got fox news on the tv. they know what is up. i'm here with surge. come on. in he's been a bartender for 6 1/2 years. he's going to teach me how to make a cocktail. >> we're going to make solstice. sounds fancy. how do we do it? >> first, we have the glass, which is champagne flute. >> okay. champagne flute. >> and ice in there. >> ice ice, baby! >> now ingredients. >> what do we have? >> strawberry puree. >> going do be sweet. >> yes. >> and peach schnapps. i like that.
6:07 pm
and tito's vodka. simple syrup. >> he has the little trick how he maneuvers the bottles. >> and the lime juice. >> key. woo! >> now what? >> now we're going to shake it hard. >> have to shake it. >> all right. have to show me how to do that. look at him go. >> of course. >> i can do it. now what happens? >> now we're going to put the cocktail in the glass. >> strain it in. >> wow. looks beautiful, guys. everybody is standing around the bar. looks amazing. >> now we're going to top it
6:08 pm
off. >> griff: can you bring that drink over? >> literally just water. >> carley: so jealous. >> garnish. >> i got it. look at complete. >> that's right. >> griff: thank you. well-done. you're hired. >> carley: i want one so bad. >> griff: bring that drink out to us. good job. love it. >> carley: that was fantastic. >> griff: she got in there. we may need a drink after we get our future. we're bringing in constance, our astrologer. happy new year. >> happy new year. you guys are troupers. >> so are you. thanks for joining us. >> carley: you have 20 years of experience. >> 25. >> carley: 25 years in the united states. you studied in greece. you have predictions you'd like to share with us about the united states. let's started there.
6:09 pm
>> well a lot of people don't know there's a chart for the united states. july 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m. my umbrella -- >> griff: we want to see you. if we have predictions, we have to see your pretty face. this year is pivotal. >> yes. >> pivotal. the predictions for the united states are no full-out war. good. >> griff: that's good. >> the prediction for the stock market, which is another chart, is very bouncy. no news. it will continue bouncy but no crash. thanks will pick up in march. the economy in general, the numbers are good. however, people feel at loose
6:10 pm
ends. they don't feel that they can make a difference, that they can have a comfortable living stan dashed. this creates fear, anger and confusion. a readjusting economically that will not be completed in 2019, but starting. one more thing. unfortunately the opioid crisis will continue. with a lot of casualties. i foresee because of neptune, this will be new treatments, brain wave research, herbal and meditation mindfulness that can lead a lot of people out of the darkness. something to look forward to. >> griff: thank you. it will stop rain something. >> carley: oh, yeah. climate change. erratic but it will stop
6:11 pm
raining. >> griff: stop raining. >> i agree. >> griff: thanks so much. >> carley: thank you. >> want to hear about yourselves? >> carley: we have 15 seconds. >> i'd like to say my resolution. to everybody, spend time with the trees. the trees love you. look at the big picture. the big picture. we're all connected. the most important choose hope. >> griff: hope. very, very good. >> carley: let's spend more time in the trees. we live in the city. thanks, constance. >> griff: thank you so much. happy new year! >> happy new year. >> carley: happy new year. >> happy new year. >> griff: very exciting. great job, great job. thank you as always. a good point. we don't spend enough time with trees. >> carley: that's right. and a special package coming up for you right now. it's the best of president trump.
6:12 pm
stay tuned for this. >> we're going to start winning a again. we're winning now. we're winning with our military. we're winning on trade. our steel industry is roaring back. nafta is a phenomenal deal for mexico. horrible deal for the united states. we're replacing the horrible nafta deal. one of the stupidest made. we've gotten rid of more regulations than any president but i'm getting rid of these ridiculous rules and regulations. we want to take away your regulations. we've taken the toughest action to crack down on china's abusive trade practices. >> we have placed tremendous tariffs on china. i have tremendous respect for president xi. chairman kim and i just signed a joint statement in which he talked about complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> i'll get that piece of dandruff off.
6:13 pm
we have to make him perfect. >> in today's meeting, i talked about russian interference in our elections. >> i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion. >> very important we go through this ridiculous witch hunt. >> we have a lot of phony stuff like the russian witch hunt garbage. >> shouldn't have been a mueller investigation. there was no collusion, never had been. you would have known about it a long time ago if there was. hello! be helpful. >> it's my honor and privilege that i will announce judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> we need a few force. we'll call it the space force. >> space force. >> you'll have the space force. >> space force. >> we're toughening up our
6:14 pm
border like none before. >> we're building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. >> we're building a wall on the southern border. >> we will build the wall. >> believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> the democrats will not allow us to change the dumbest laws in the history of the world on immigration. >> the fact is, you don't have the votes in the house. >> nancy, i do. >> if we don't get what we want one way or the other, whether it's through you, the military or whatever, i will shut down the government. >> we disagree. >> i'm proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. >> fake news. >> fake news. >> the fake news. >> we got little credit from the fake news media. >> stupid question. honestly, the children asked me better questions. >> i think you should let me run the country, you reason cnn and if you did it well, your
6:15 pm
ratings -- >> if i may ask you -- >> your parents are being very nice right now. i can't believe it. they don't want to embarrass themselves in front of you. >> i love this guy right here. i love this guy right here. >> amen. really nice. >> i just want to thank you. you're outstanding people. god bless america. thank you very much. >> griff: well, what a year it was. unbelievable. kanye at the white house. look who decided to join us, the president himself. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. so excited to be here. i've been fold there's over five million people from my rally tonight. i want to thank you -- >> five million? >> only one, mr. president. >> that's great. five million people. my secret service team told me
6:16 pm
that. i have to tell you the fake news will tell you they're all here. it's not true. so glad that i could be here. we have a microphone? >> carley: we do. certainly do. >> thank you so much. very excited to be here. an amazing turnout. what a crowd. i've done everything i can to make sure that 2019 enters legally. legally. we've got our best people on it. because we've get rumors that, you know, father time is working on a great deal and baby new year's might be an anchor baby. we're looking about that. >> carley: i have a very important question to ask. >> yes, please. >> carley: it's new year's eve. >> it is. >> carley: any new year's resolutions? >> i have so many. i'm going to have better insult names for my enemies and haters. it's incredible. i'm going to do more tweeting.
6:17 pm
there's not enough. >> griff: we need to know where you stand. >> i'm going to be so clear. the democrats are no help. >> griff: it's new year's. we have to come together. do you have a soft spot for the press tonight? >> not tonight. they called this rain, from what i understand. the fake news and the lame stream media have caused the rain? >> griff: you're blaming this on the fake news media? >> griff: what about the democrats. >> yes. terrible people. >> carley: make a prediction. 2019, are you going to build the wall? >> 2,000 miles long and a trump hotel and the windows will face the american side only a. i'm going to win 2020 election in 2019 because i'm going to get rid of the electoral college and
6:18 pm
replace it with trump college. >> griff: and i hear elizabeth warren is running. >> she is. >> griff: your good friend john demonico play as role in, this how do we find him? >> you can find me online at or johnnyd23 on twitter. >> griff: thanks very much. >> thank you. happy new year. thanks for having me. happy 2019. >> griff: happy new year. there you heard it, carlie. the president making predictions already for 2019. he says he's going to tweet more. i'm not sure what the world will do with that, whether we can handle it. >> carley: that was fun. the real president of the united states is coming up later on in our show. he was gracious enough to do an
6:19 pm
interview with pete. that's coming up later. can't miss that one. that is a must-see opportunity for our viewers out there. >> griff: we have more coming up. a possible scavenger hunt. possible carley doing crowd surfing. we have this crowd back here. still with me? >> carley: the crowd is still here. >> griff: look at that. >> carley: saw the tuned. >> griff: we'll be back with a lot more. ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa
6:20 pm
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6:22 pm
♪ >> griff: two hours and 37 minutes to countdown until the ball in times square drops for 2018. it will be a new year in the wet and cold new york city.
6:23 pm
hey, listen, you know what? didn't stop people from coming out. about a million fools in this weather. they're happy to be here. >> carley: yes, including us. the two biggest fools of all. we're looking ahead. an interesting things happened in 2018. it's a two-ward phrase. >> griff: a great thing. >> carley: the floss dance. if you were born after the year 2005, it's engrained in your dna. you know how to do this dance. it confuses me. you have daughters. you may be better. but ninja is one of the best floss dancers out there. >> griff: this is the originator. jimmy kimmel was doing it, ellen. >> carley: and ninja is here
6:24 pm
right now leading the revellers in the floss dance. let's take a look. >> as we all know, the floss. we're trying to get a million people right now here together. can you give everyone some pointers? what's the strategy? >> if you don't know what the floss is, i'm sorry. it's real simple. have you flossed before? like your teeth? going in and out, in and out. that's it. we're going to try to get a million people to dance in times square. >> masters of flossing here. ready to floss? show us what you got. >> show us what you got. >> less get some floss music on. getting ready. >> so wet. >> so awesome. >> count down? >> 3, 2, 1.
6:25 pm
♪ >> floss, baby. you know, come on. see the crowd. get it going. let's go. show me what you got. show me the move. i want to see some moving. i'm not seeing enough movement. ♪ our incredible artists. thank you for tuning in. >> awesome job, everyone. thanks, ninja and r-8. you have a live stream. >> i do. i want a big picture. >> griff: that is unbelievable there. that's the ninja doing it. showing people how to do it. let me get you to hold this. i think i got it down. i learned this from my daughters. let's get over here. see this crowd. can you floss at all? hold on. they're going to show me how to
6:26 pm
do it. don't trip on my wires. this -- that's how you floss. you got it? they got it. bringing it in. >> carley: work those hips. >> griff: going to make a youtube moment. i'm not going to enjoy that. but i want to bring in a special guest right now that is fox's own harris faulkner. harris has -- >> hey! >> griff: harris, have i ruined my journalism career? how was my floss? >> journalism is about balance. what i love about you, griff, you have the balance of the hardcore news and you can also learn to floss. you have the moves, mick jagger. >> carley: harris, do you know how to floss. >> i do. i have expert flossers. we let those that know how to do it best. i took the level up challenge
6:27 pm
with ciara. i'm not going to floss. my girls are. can you see them okay? >> griff: they look so great. happy new year. >> carley: hit it. >> griff: my husband, tony, will hit it. go, ton. all right. that's danica on the right. she's 9. that's bella behind. she's 12. and these girls can floss. dani, show them your dance moves. what? >> griff: so good. >> carley: all right. >> go bella, go bella! give us another dance move. >> yeah! >> floss, baby, floss! floss up. floss. >> griff: man, they're so good, harris. >> carley: they have style. >> griff: thank you. happy new year.
6:28 pm
tell everybody happy new year. >> carley: happy new year, girls! >> griff: happy new year. harris, we love the glasses. they're absolutely awesome. >> my aunt judy sent me them. we're spending it with the four of us with a fireplace, watching you guys, the free in the background. god bless everybody watching. thank you for including us in your fun. >> carley: so happy to have you. >> griff: thanks for joining us. >> carley: stay warm, stay dry and happy new year. many blessings in 2019. >> happy new year, guys. >> carley: her daughters knocked it out of the park. the floss is liked the 2018 version of patting yourself on the head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. >> griff: my daughters that told me, mackenzie, said you have to
6:29 pm
go faster. they were fast. >> carley: yeah. i want you to try it one more time. >> griff: one more time to make sure you get it right. i have to turn on this. i don't know why. i don't know if i'm doing it right. >> carley: i don't think you're doing it right a little bit. it goes like this. >> griff: hold on. see what you got. >> carley: i don't have anything. >> griff: bring the floss. carley! >> carley: i'm not doing it. i tried to look up how to youtube it. my brain doesn't work like that. >> griff: we have great dances over the years. >> carley: ninja, let me up. >> you wreck the macarena? >> carley: yes, i do. >> griff: you get the macarena down. >> carley: can you to if running man? >> griff: i can't -- here we go. let's see. look at that. >> carley: i can -- the running man. >> griff: keep going.
6:30 pm
we're getting a good shot right there. >> carley: all right. i can do the ymca. i can do the chicken as well. >> griff: i'll tell you who is great dancer but not his beat, that's bryan llenas out here in the rain with us. >> carley: can you floss, bryan? >> i cannot floss. i can't wait to go home and dry off. i'm so excited i don't have a tv. it's entertaining to hear you guys. i can dance later. i'll show you how to salsa. speaking of dancing, these folks have been out here dancing, trying to stay warm. look out here. the nypd has been out here for hours. since 4:00 a.m. more than 7,000 uniformed police officers that are out here protecting times square, the center of it all. part of a massive security plan.
6:31 pm
if you look up, over 1,200 security cameras that the nypd is using to keep eyes on everything down here with nearly a million people in sometimes square. there's buildings all around us. you know who is up there? a team of counter snipers. we spent time with them here at the nypd. take a look. >> we're basically there to protect the people and the police officers down. we're their eyes and ears from the skies. >> detective ray is and nypd counter sniper, one of many protecting times square new year's eve celebrations from the rooftops. >> how many new year's eaves have you done in new york? >> well over 15. >> a team of you guys. you're talking a 360 degree view of times square? >> yes. we cover every angle possible. one is looking through the glass.
6:32 pm
observing. the other guys are ready with the rifle. >> it's a lot of real estate to cover. there's 35 hotels with over 17,000 rooms in the times square area and over 100 other buildings. >> red flag would be a window open and activity in a room that doesn't look right. notices a party atmosphere. something suspicious going on. >> griff: counter sniper detective ray, was also a marine for 27 years. we thank him and so many others out here in the rain protecting us for their service. by the wayed, the counter snipers and their teams, they're trained to is work in all types of weather conditions, especially rain. so we can all rest well knowing they have this fully under control. carley, griff? >> griff: thank you. thank goodness they're out
6:33 pm
there. hats off to the nypd. great coverage, bryan. great coverage. tremendous feat to cover a crowd this sign. as bryan mentioned, they train in all conditions. fortunate to have them. >> carley: the true heros. glad to the nypd keeping us safe, sacrificing time with their families so we can all have a great time here in times square. >> griff: we got two hours and 26 minutes to go before the ball in the rain. it's not stopping any time soon. we have a big night ahead. >> carley: might as well ditch the umbrella. next we're going to tomi lahren who is partying in nashville and lawrence jones in new orleans. >> griff: in the big easy. ♪
6:34 pm
♪ okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. quiet. i'm blasting my quads. janice, look. i'm in a meeting. -janice, look. -[ chuckles ] -look, look. -i'm looking. it's easy. you just answer some simple questions online, and you get coverage options to choose from. you're ruining my workout. cycling is my passion.
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learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. ♪ >> carley: welcome back to the countdown to 2019. party! >> griff: 2 hours and 22 minutes and 38 seconds. 2019 is coming in and it's probably not only going to come in with me but carley crowd serving. this is a wet crowd back here in between the lulls. we're going to prep them up possibly for a crowd surf.
6:38 pm
we asked your instagram followers. >> carley: i posted a poll. 100% of you say yes, you would. i was talking to our producer. i said i don't know if this is possible. the crowd doesn't -- i feel like somebody will drop me. he said you're just trying to get out of it. >> griff: you are. basically you've been petting my jacket all night. >> carley: it's true. >> griff: i can go white, blue, white. let's check in. hey, crowd, are you prepared to have her crowd surf? >> yeah! >> carley: a sprinkling of yes, sirs. it's not convinced me. >> griff: it can catch on like wild fire. may be catching on in nashville, tennessee where tomi lahren is at the wild horse saloon. the folks are tremendous down there tomi what are you doing? some cooking there?
6:39 pm
>> we are cooking. your jacket would be a huge hit in nashville. i'm telling you straight up. they would love it here. i'm the luckiest of all you guys. i have a pork chop in front of me. i also have the chief at the wild horse. not only a pork chop but glazed with what? >> single barrel jack daniels. >> not just any jack daniels. special jack daniels. tell me about it. >> our team traveled to lynchburg, tennessee. we had the pleasure of picking out our own barrel. so we're going to create recipes this year on our menu and cocktail menu. going to feature some of that single barrel. >> that's what you did with the pork chop. glaze and jack daniels. >> we're featuring this on the menu. the pork chop is brined in sweet tea.
6:40 pm
>> very southern. sweet tea and jack daniels. my friends in new york and miami and new orleans, a lot of these folks are not in the safe. they don't know about southern cooking. what makes southern cooking different? >> there's a lot of deep-rooted traditions that have been carried on and passed generation and generation. so you'll see that, that you can travel regionally but a lot of those traditions stay the same. repieces will be different. fried chicken, barbecue, all the staples stay the same. >> i have to tell you guys, i live in los angeles. the food is not as good as here in nashville. there's no exception. sweet potatoes, like people in new york, are familiar with them. the one thing they don't know about is collard greens. people in the east, the midwest, they know what collard greens. can you explain that? >> we take the greens, the tops from turnips. they can be bitter and not very pleasant. we braze them in some beer.
6:41 pm
they have to braze for a long time. low temperature. we just look them cook. >> in beer? >> in beer. >> okay. >> beer and sugar and takes away the bitterness. after that brazes awhile, the greens get tender and break apart and not so bitter to the taste. >> and then we have a pork chop glazed in january daniels at the wild horse saloon. happy 2019! >> griff: oh, man, looks so good. tell the chef that i'm hungry already. i've eaten everything at the wild house. it's fantastic. >> carley: the food was awesome. >> griff: i'm from tennessee. tennesseans know how to eat. i'll tell you what. >> carley: before we get too fat and the crowd surfing is more of an issue, we have an update on my instagram poll.
6:42 pm
>> griff: good. >> carley: we're at 87%. 13% no. >> griff: this could be you, carlie. this could be you. we're going to have to get this wet crowd fired up for that. you don't have to stay up serving. the mood is a go with the crowd who is already soaking wet. it's not like -- >> carley: also, i like your pants in 2007. you were rocking green pants. >> griff: i felt like wearing them. that spawned the crowd surfing. you have a great jacket here. it wants to go crowd surfing. let's go thumbs up. keep voting. it's not like we're going to make you floss dance. >> carley: lawrence jones is in new orleans. that's where we'll find him. we have an update. what you got? >> hey, guys.
6:43 pm
happy new year! i'm on the river with my friend, katie. one of my favorite drinks is the hurricane. you only get it the right way in new orleans. katie will walk me through how to make the hurricane and give us some history on where it all came from. let's do it. >> all right. the first you take a hurricane glass and fill it with ice. >> ice. tell me about the history of this. where does this come from? >> it started in the prohibition, louisiana can't get scotch or whiskey. we could just get cases and cases of rum. >> you weren't going to let them hold you back. >> no. >> so we would have to buy 50 cases of rum to one case of whiskey. we had a contest to make the best drink. so bunch of bartenders decided to make cocktails. we made the world famous hurricane, which is our pat o'brien's amber rum and our hurricane mix. >> you mix it all together now.
6:44 pm
seems like it's getting full fast. what do i do to stop it? >> you add 4 ounces of the pat o'brien run and 4 ounces of hurricane mix. >> where does the glaze come from? the rum or the juice? >> we make our own rum. it's super unique. >> i'm going to let you mix it up. you do this every day. i am new to, this is this new orleans style or what? >> amazing. >> look at this texan coming to new orleans and making it happen. we have a lot of stuff for your guys. we're going to make some binets. also fan fest going across from us. we're going to let you have some reaction to this fan contest that we're going to do later on. back to you guys in new york. >> i'm so jealous of you,
6:45 pm
lawrence. drinking hurricanes. my roommate in college, when i went to ole miss was from new orleans. we spent many of times during mardi gras, you drink the hurricanes. [speaking french]. >> carley: how about that? >> griff: we're just by gary here. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> carley: he has a lot of magic. he's is a magician. tell me -- you're part of the brotherhood of -- >> of american and international magicians. >> carley: pretty official. you have tricks that you're going to show us? >> i thought we would do some mentalism today. we have a lot of noise. i'll tell you to read minds. instead of me reading your mind, you read my mind. i have an envelope here. i'll keep it dry. i'm going to write down a thought on the back of the envelope. the two of you, i'll talk through how you can guess what i
6:46 pm
write down. take a breath in. let it out, clear out your thoughts. griff, that was quick. they're all gone. >> griff: that's it? >> they're gone. every thought? >> griff: i'm not thinking about anything? >> you're thinking about something. there's a song in your head. you're thinking about it all night. taylor swift. "bad blood?" >> yes. >> griff: kidding me? >> carley: did you peek? >> i'll write this down. i'll write down a number. okay. don't think of what it is yet. i'll tell you exactly when to do it. a number between 1 and 100. carlie, you go first. what number? >> carley: 7. >> and griff? >> griff: 41. >> why would you choose 41? >> you're positive. >> i did not write down 41. the number was outside both of those numbers. you can say it out loud.
6:47 pm
>> griff: 43. >> so close. >> almost on target. >> griff: it's the rain. >> that's fine. you're not a mind reading. but i am. that's why inside this envelope. write down a prediction not just the 43 but you said 41. >> griff: 41. >> you were off by two. my prediction says that griff will be closest -- >> griff: wow! >> carley: a little fake. >> on the back side i wrote that he will be off by two, 43 to 41. >> carley: how is that possible? >> griff: thank you, gary. where can people get more? >> i have a show opening up right now in january. it's called "nothing here is real." you get tickets at my website. >> carley: you did a great job. >> thank you.
6:48 pm
>> carley: so much in store for you next. we're headed down to miami. >> griff: phil keating is partying down there. >> carley: oh, yeah. ♪
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
♪ >> griff: are you excited for 2019 or what? because we are. so are all of those people in times square. about 2 hours to go i'm getting excited. i have to tell you. >> carley: 2019 -- >> griff: no, no. i'm excited about you crowd surfing. >> carley: i still haven't said yes. i have about ten more minutes to make my decision. >> griff: it will be close. let's go down to miami right now. check in with phil keating.
6:52 pm
maybe he thoughts on whether carley should crowd surf. i bet people are showing up. >> it is happening. it's electric down here. people are here. i'm joined by my good friend here at the w hotel south beach. we have an all-star line-up of djs. >> we have benny here and so many more. >> how much goes into this new year's party? >> we start preparing in september. >> and you have how many employees tonight? >> about 80 security, 25 servers. >> for people that don't know benny and not familiar with him, what is he known as? a house dj?
6:53 pm
>> yeah. awesome. >> keep it going. things are getting busier as we get the night going. >> griff: looking good, phil. looking good. >> carley: ringing in the new year in miami. a sweet gig. i know from first hand experience. >> griff: phil has such the greatest gig with the world weather. talk about warming, we had a heart warming moment a short while ago. we had the opportunity to help to make a wish foundation make a young man's dreams come true. >> carley: we want to show you that special moment right now. take a look. every year the make a wish foundation makes thousands of wishes come true. we have the special privilege of turning one into a reality. >> griff: it's a magical family. mark, elena and the man of the
6:54 pm
hour, max. happy new year. >> hi. >> carley: max, we're so happy to have you here. i'm sure that a lot of the people watching at home want to know about you. we spent some time with you. you're a special kid. you have a disease that affects your bones. can you tell about that? >> i break a lot. >> carley: you suffered about 40 fractures in your life. but you've done such an incredible job living despite that. you have a wonderful outlook. you have a special dream that we're about to turn into a reality. >> griff: coming here, your wish was to sing a special song in times square. how did you think that wish up? why do you want to sing here tonight? >> because i think it has a great message and i want everybody -- i want there to be no war and i want everybody to live in peace. >> griff: what song is that?
6:55 pm
>> "imagine" by john lennon. >> carley: it does have a fabulous message. we talked about why you became a singer. you wanted to strengthen your lungs. do i understand that correctly? >> yes. >> carley: fantastic. >> griff: not only did you strengthen your lungs and brittle bone disease is getting better. but you've started surfing. is that right? >> yeah. >> griff: you like surfing? >> yeah. >> carley: surfing or singing better? >> griff: yeah. there's one about singing in the rain. >> i don't know one about that one. >> griff: max, we're very excited to have you hear, make a wish foundation. gave about 16,000 plus dreams
6:56 pm
last year, over 300,000 since they began in 1980. special to have you here. you going to let the rain get in your way? >> carley: no way. you're such an inspiration. a little rain won't stop your dream, this is your big moment. ready to sing "imagine" in times square new year's eve? >> yes. >> griff: let's do it. >> carley: let's hit it. ♪ ♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ it's easy if you try ♪ no hell below us
6:57 pm
♪ above us is only sky ♪ imagine all the people living for today ♪ ♪ imagine there's no countries ♪ ♪ it isn't hard to do ♪ nothing to kill or die for ♪ and no religion, too ♪ imagine all the people ♪ living for today
6:58 pm
♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ i hope some day jewel join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one ♪ >> carley: if that doesn't give you chills, i don't know what does. >> griff: wow. >> carley: i was so excited to be a part of that moment. and max is a special kid. it's moment and success stories and heart warming stories like that that make the world go round. >> griff: and you talk about wishes coming true. max really continue be more happy. he didn't know it was raining. he had a tuxedo on. his voice just speaks volumes how excited he was to be here.
6:59 pm
>> carley: we're so happy to be a part of that moment for him and turning back to some more nonsense news is this crowd surfing that griff wants me to be a part of. i think we have an update on the polls. >> griff: let's see the poll. 87% say -- >> carley: 13 say no. >> griff: ready? >> carley: do i have to say yes or no? >> griff: america is waiting. ready over there? yeah, take that off. okay. here we go. i'm going to put that there. sorry about that. camera is in the way. ♪ okay. this is it. she's now crowd surfing. how is that? how is it? ♪
7:00 pm
crowd surfing. fantastic! i think i just connected my cable here. so i'm just going to let carley take it away as we get her closer and closer to the two-hour mark. look at that. how is it? this is "all american new year" with pete hegseth and lisa month bomb golly. -- montgomery. ♪ ♪ >> lisa: welcome to the all american new year. the party is just getting started in the cross roads of the


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