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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the show is the sworn enemy of lying, and group think, we hope. good night from washington, d.c. last night, we turned the show over 14 second early. now, we giving him three second. sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> sean: it is perfect timing. i have to get my american flag straight. it is in distress. the liberals have no sense of humor. great show, tucker. welcome to "hannity." we have a busy news night. we start with a fox news alert. we begin our hannity watch on the democrats and their radical agenda for america. nancy pelosi has now officially taken back the gavel and the hate trump democrats are gearing up to carry out the agenda they were hiding all during the election and we were warning you about. they want their crumbs back. they want to eliminate i.c.e., open borders, obamacare on steroids. they want a single payer system, endless, endless, endless investigations.
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how does that help you? they want to investigate the president and impeachment, impeachment, impeachment? they wouldn't tell you. here it is day one of the new congress. a democrat representative has already introduced articles of impeachment. they need to read the constitution. it would be a nice intellectual exercise for them. the newly crowned speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, she is refusing to rule out a plan to impeach president trump. >> many democrats are talking about impeachment. you have said it would be sad and divisive for the country. >> it would be. >> to pursue impeach. . are you willing to rule it out? >> we have to wait and see what happens with the mueller report. we shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason. we will have to see how it comes out. >> do you believe the special counsel should honor and observe the department of justice guidance that states a sitting president cannot be indicted?
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>> i do not think that is conclusive, no, i do not. >> so you think it is possible that special counsel mueller could legally indict a sitting president? >> let's just see what mueller does. let's spend our time on getting results for the american people. >> as you well know, there is long standing department of justice guidance that states a sitting president should not be indicted. it is not the law. >> it is not the law. everything indicates that a president can be indicted after he is no longer president. >> after he is no longer president. oh, okay. all these things these trump haters wouldn't tell you during the campaign, now they are revealing it. we were right from the beginning. in addition to impeachment, democrats are preparing new legislation that demands ten years of the president's tax returns. that's so important for your life. you better believe they plan for a big tax cut. necessary probably all imminent. there are no moderates left in the democratic party, scoop jackson, more conservative
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democrats that want to get things done, coming together, bipartisanship, i don't see it. as it gets pushed further and further to the extreme radical left, we have incoming socialist, alexandria ocasio cortez and rashida taleb. they are joining their fellow comrade, bernie sanders, in congress. single payer, medicaid for all, government-funded higher education for all, a green new deal with massive government funding for, quote, renewable clean energy. didn't we try that? they are not just coming for your crumbs. they want the entire meal. let not your heart be troubled. that's the big news tonight. this is all one big show. no bill is going to pass without the approval of the republican senate or the republican president. thanks to the president's hard work for the midterm elections, republicans picked up seats in the senate and they have a solid majority. let me make a prediction, they
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will never, ever, ever, in spite of all their hopes and prayers and dreams and their giddyness and their excitement and the hate trump media saying it, they are never going to get two-thirds of the u.s. senate to vote to convict trump on impeachment. never going to happen. they are wasting america's time and they are stopping progress. still, none of this is stopping house democrats from promoting a spending bill that refuses to fund any part of a wall on our southern border. zero dollars. they were offering $1.6 billion. now, it is zero. president trump is holding the line. he is demanding democrats. why? they don't want a barrier. why it is so important and why do they support it, just four short years ago, they were all sounding like donald trump. >> you can call it a barrier. you can call it whatever you want. essentially, we need protection in our country. we are going to make it good. the people of our country want it. i have never had so much support
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as i have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control, and for frankly the wall or the barrier. without a wall, you cannot have border security. without a very strong form of barrier, call it what you will. without a wall, you cannot have border security. it won't work. do you see what's just been put out on social media where thousands of people are rushing the border. having a drone fly overhead, and i think nobody knows much more about technology, this type of technology certainly than i do. having drones and various other form of censors, they are all fine. they are not going to stop the problems that this country has. we've never had more people wanting to come to the united states and that has to do with the economy. it has to do with a lot of other things. we are doing great as a country. the better we do, the more
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people want to come in. >> sean: here is the truth we all need to know. this is much more than politics. it is all about politics. it is also a matter of national security. the wall is just not some hallowed campaign tactic. it is something that our own border patrol agents are calling for, that they desperately say they want and need. you don't have to take my word for it. take a step back and listen to them. they are on the front lines. >> i've been a border patrol agent for 21 years. i can personally tell you from the work that i have done on the southwest border that physical barriers, that walls actually work. you hear a lot of talk from the expert -- you hear a lot of talk that there are experts that say that walls don't work. i promise you, if you interview border patrol agents, they will tell you that walls work. >> we are all affected by this shutdown. we have skin in the game. however, it comes down to border security. we are extremely grateful to
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president trump and we fully support what he is doing to take care of our nation's borders, to take care of the future of this united states. it has nothing to do with political parties. you all have got to ask yourself this question, if i come to your home, do you want me to knock on the front door or do you want me to climb through that window? >> i just want to talk about some of the criminals that border patrol agents apprehend on a daley basis, murderers, rapists. people that commit serious crimes. i.c.e. has been doing a great job in deporting the people back to their countries. once we deport these people, these criminal aliens will not stay in their countries. they have been deported and they will come right back into the united states. however, if we had a physical barrier, if we had a wall, we would be able to stop that. >> sean: i have been down to the border 13 times from the rio grand to san diego. i have been in the drug warehouses, helicopter, all-terrain vehicle, horseback. you can laugh but i was. boats, on foot.
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i have watched gang members arrested. we have the video. are the democrats going to listen to the agents? are they going to put the american people first? how many americans need to die because we have open borders and sanctuary city and state policies before democrats take this seriously? how long are we going to witness drug trafficking targeting our kids in small towns and big cities or the human trafficking or the infiltration of gangs and even terrorists that we have identified trying to cross our border illegally and get into this country and cause us harm before the democrats stop playing politics? four years ago, they supported the trump policy. how many billions of dollars must you, the american taxpayer spend in deportation fees, court costs, health care, education, the criminal justice system,
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other social services before we start controlling immigration at our southern border. i have said this many, many times. i am certain, 98%, 99% of those people that want to cross the border into this country, they just want a better life. the things we take for granted, freedom, opportunity, hope for their kids, their grandkids. we just want to do it legally, vet them. big wall, big door. that's why in tonight's hannity watch on the border and the government shutdown, we are calling b.s. on all of these democrats fake attempts to reopen the government. democrats refuse to listen to the border patrol. they refused to listen to a security briefing yesterday with the homeland security secretary, kirstjen nielsen. they refused to negotiate with the president over the holidays. president trump stayed in washington. he didn't go down to mar-a-lago over christmas hoping the democrats would come to the white house and negotiate a deal. nancy pelosi was on a luxurious
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vacation in beautiful hawaii, some 12 hours away, six hours behind the time in d.c. when confronted by nbc news, she said this about leaving town for vacation. >> now, you had said before the shutdown that he was being quite cavalier and maybe the shutdown would give him more time to golf. in the end, it was you that took a holiday. >> i observed the christmas holiday for a few days and that was half the time i would have had with my family. >> was that a cheap shot? >> it is not important. it is totally unimportant. the president may not know this but hawaii is part of the united states of america. maybe he doesn't realize that. >> sean: over this past weekend, we lost a police officer. his name was officer singh. this guy was in california. the sheriff of that county was on this show last night saying the sanctuary policies played a big part in what happened,
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because the murderer was involved in the criminal justice system and was never deported. speaker pelosi, the president was in the white house waiting to negotiate, you were thousand of miles away, lapping it up, life of luxury, playing politics with border security. americans died over the course of that weekend. an american hero, police officer, with a five-month-old son, is no longer on this earth providing for his child. this is now day one of the pelosi shutdown. she obviously doesn't care about daca. the president is willing to negotiate daca and willing to talk about dreamers. he is willing to put the safety and security of american people first. is she now doing -- what she is now doing, is this in america's best interest, your best interest, your family's best interest? it seems like people only care about destroying and hating president trump and everyone around him. hating trump is now their
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singular focus of every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day. pelosi is not the only adversary on capitol hill. on wednesday, democratic congressman, hank johnson, actually compared president trump, and all of his supporters to nazis. today, sirius xm patriots, kerry picket asked johnson about those hate-filled remarks and he doubles down. >> what i did was compare the times that we live in to the times that existed at the time hitler gained power. i mentioned the fact that he gained power through democratic elections, the same way trump did, our right to speak, freedom of the press, due process, equal protection of the law, all of those things are threatened by the current climate of right wing extremism. >> sean: now, remember, this is the same genius congressman that openly worried that the island
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of guam was going to capsize and tip over if too many u.s. military personnel were stationed on the island. they were going to tip the island over. that actually happened. he actually said that. that's your democratic party now in control of the u.s. house of representatives and, of course, democrats aren't the only people working against the president. even incoming senator, mitt romney, he wanted trump's endorsement, now criticizing trump in an op ed causing many of his republican colleagues to resoundly slam the freshman senator. he caught up with romney today and asked him about his rough start on capitol hill. take a look. >> reporter: the president endorsed you and now you have made this op ed. how is that not considered a stab in the back? >> it is certainly an opportunity for us to work together on things where we agree. i said prior to the primary in an op ed i wrote in the utah papers, i would work with the president on places we agree and where we disagreed, i would
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point that out. that's the great nature of this representative democracy. where we agree, we come together. where there are disagreements, we express those openly and honestly. that allows people to have trust in one another. i look forward to have a trusting relationship with the president and others despite differences from time to time. >> sean: 2020 is just around the country. romney is going to need to ask him, what's better for the country, the president' progrowth agenda, lower taxes and less regulation, we are now energy independent. we are now making more oil than saudi arabia and russia. we are, for the first time in decades, energy independent. does he want original supreme court justices, border security or the hate trump media to like him or hate trump democrats or the hate trump deep state hell bent on destroying the not only the president but a dual elected
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president and his administration. elizabeth warren has announced her presidential bid after saying she wasn't going to run in march. i thought democrats hate lying or not remembering correctly. take a look. >> i hear the president going after you from time to time referring to you as pocahontas. does that get under your skin when he does that? do you want to run for president in 2020? >> i am not running for president in 2020. >> i thought trump haters didn't likelyi lying. the president wasted no time for calling her out for her fraudulent claims of native-american heritage mocking her infamous dna test and her life of lies. some on the left are coming after the 2020 hopeful over the depo debac debacle. in the "huffington post," her insult to native americans
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matters most. they slam her for refusing to stop saying her family is part native. andrew cuomo beginning his third term using his inaugural address to slam president trump, of course. >> from voting reforms to roe v. wade for new york, to protecting a woman's right to choose, to better gun laws, to health care protection, to legalizing marijuana, to protecting the labor movement, to a green new deal, to real criminal justice reform, we will make history. new york will move forward, not by building a wall, my friends but by building new bridges and building new airports and creating new middle class jobs.
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>> sean: maybe cuomo should spend more time focusing on his own state, now home to one of the most corrupt and inefficient governments in the country with new yorkers leaving the state in droves moving to tax havens like texas and florida, a disgrace. a lot more than that. tonight's hannity watch on the deep state. our own katherine heritage reporting, house republicans shuttering the fbi and justice department factions during the 2016 campaign as they hand over power. their final findings reveal fbi divisions over the clinton case over rod rosenstein's comments about recording the president. chairman doughty and goodlet called for a second special counsel to investigate decisions made by the doj and the disp disparite way these investigations were conducted. they were invoking the 25th
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amendment and talking about removing the president they didn't want elected in the first place from office. a claim rod rosenstein has adamantly denied. senator lindsey graham is picking up where they left off. brand new book just out today "the case against the democratic house impeaching trump." harvard professor, alan dershowitz. i have this book, his signed copy to me. he is going to be taking part in an online signing. you can go to it and watch it and fight out more about the book at i'm going over for a few minutes to say hi. >> thank you very much. >> sean: all i have to do is go online. >> i will sign the book right in front of them to them. >> sean: if the signature is different. >> it is the same. i know how to write my name. i have signed over 1 million
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copies of books over the years. >> sean: congratulations. >> thank you. >> sean: let's talk about this. i'm looking out for the country right now. i don't see anything that's going on with the democrats that's going to help working men and women, help make us more safe and secure, make the lives better for young americans, opportunity for them. all i hear about is hate trump, hate trump, hate trump. >> i voted for democrats in congress, because i want to see checks and balances operating. i want to see the democrats use their election to help america and to bring people together. we need border security, obviously and we need it in a way that satisfies due process. >> sean: the democrats five years ago supported a wall. are they hypocrites? >> i think that's hypocritical. the idea of focusing on the wall. israel has a security barrier. does it work? >> it works effectively.
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i don't see any problem with that as long as that is not the only solution we have. as you said, 99%, 98% of people want to come to this country like our parents and grandparents came to this country. >> my grandmother was held in detention for a day. >> sean: what for? >> she was held in detention, because her future husband, who was meeting her, the boat was a day early. he was a day late. she had 20 cents in her pocket and they kept her in detention overnight. my grandmother was a prisoner. >> sean: my grandparents were rich. they had $10 in their pocket. amazing people. we all stand on their shoulders. dan bongino, best selling author of "spygate." former secret service agent. i don't know how many more people have to die. we have an opioid epidemic. many of those drugs have funneled up through our southern
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border into small towns and big cities. you know from your law enforcement background. you see the human trafficking. i'm sympathetic as professor dershowitz is. i don't care how many people come into the country. i don't. can we check you out and can you also not be a burden to the american taxpayer? >> sean, what's troubling about this is two particular things. one is the conversation always seems to resolve when it comes to liberal democrats, around the consequences of illegal immigration on the illegal immigrant. the consequences for the american people are almost never discussed. did you notice you mentioned that hero, this patriot, officer singh. did you see the picture of his family? they will never, ever, the young child will never know his father. the spouse, this beautiful young lady, will never see her husband again. what about those consequences? >> sean: he is an immigrant. >> he came in legally. >> he is everything right about this. >> sean: i had the local sheriff and police chief on last night.
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the police chief could barely speak. >> this is the discontinuing that you, me, and professor dershowitz, i am sure you feel the same way, legal and illegal immigrants, the democrats constantly conflate the two. we are not talking about legal immigrants. my wife is one. you are everything right about the country. we are talking about people who openly violate our laws and this officer singh, the death of this american hero, is a consequence of that. >> sean: sanctuary cities, professor, we had this guy in custody. if we followed federal law and states didn't aid and abet criminal activity and breaking the law, this man may very well be alive today. >> everybody las to follow the law. the great tragedy is that the vast majority of americans agree on what they want as immigration policy. they want to see good people brought into the country and they want to make sure illegal immigrants don't come in and
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don't get ahead of the line in front of legal immigrants. everybody agrees. the democrats and republicans are each playing politics. >> sean: how are the republicans playing politics? the president is offering daca dreamers a deal. >> i think the wall has become too much of a symbol of what immigration is going to be about. >> sean: they supported it. >> both sides have to support more, a reasonable compromise. >> sean: is the president not meeting them with daca? >> i worry about the democrats win and they are going to try to impeach the president. it will be terrible for america. >> sean: right after this program, you are going to be online at what? >> >> sean: when we come back, joe concha and rachel duffy will join us and an exclusive
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interview with our secretary of state about borders, iran and syria and everything as it involves national security. mike pompeo, see you after the show. cha.
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>> sean: time for our hannity watch investigation on the hate trump media. the liberal mainstream media pundits couldn't contain their giddyness over nancy pelosi becoming speaker of the house and the democrats regaining the house. that is like chris matthews having that obama throw up his leg thing. >> it is hard to imagine how much worse things could get for the president. >> his party will no longer have total control of the government. he will no longer have a majority in the house.
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democrats are salivating at the idea they could eat his lunch. >> no matter how many times donald trump tweets, it is not going to change where pelosi is? >> nancy pelosi, who is a historic figure, is going to reclaim her position as speaker, the most powerful woman in american politics. >> she is very openly, aggressively, consciously, trying to send messages of women of all party ns in a nonpartisan way that it is okay to be a powerful woman. >> let us just take this moment and feel good about it and know that maybe things will get tough again tomorrow. i have a little better feeling about things right now as of this moment. >> sean: i feel so much better. that wasn't enough. liberal morning joe is back from vacation, calling for the 25th amendment to be invoked against president trump. take a look.
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>> if we had a house and a senate that took their job seriously, there would be people going up to the white house this morning saying, mr. president, questions abound whether you are fit for this office. if this continues, we are going to ask your cabinet to take a vote on whether you are fit for office and invoke the 25th amendment. >> sean: we get to vote if people are fit to do a tv show. i'm just asking. here with reaction, the hill's joe concha. rachel compost duffy. you see her often on "fox & friends." all predictability. this runs deeper, joe. i have jill abramson's comments, which i thought were pretty mazing, that the news part of "the new york times" is anti-trump but it is more than that. i am saying it is every major newspaper and every network and every so-called cable network.
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we are like an island on this show. it is every second, minute, hour, every day. it is not news anymore. none of it is news anymore. it is activism, call it whatever you want. i'm a talk show host. they never identify themselves as such. i think it is an information crisis like we have never had in this country before. >> yes, that's true. there was a pullout last year where a majority of americans can't name even one neutral news source. the majority can't say i could go there and find what i need. that's remarkable you say there is an information crisis. that montage showed me, you called it activist. i think it is acting, bad acting. i see these pundits. rachel used to be on a show called "the real world." you had each season, each cast trying to be more sensational than the other season.
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>> sean: trump is really, really awful, awful bad. it's like a kids' game. >> it is play acting. it is stage acting, sean, to make a point. >> sean: they hate him. this hatred is real. they wake up hating him every morning and they want to screw him and they want impeachment. they want the 25th amendment and they don't really care about the american people or what's good for the country. they never report on the good things he has done. a quick chance to respond. >> "the new york times," they fired their public editor and said, we'll depend on readers' comments. the paper of record is the paper that seeks to provide comfort food to only people in american cities, only half the country. that's a big problem. one stat from gallup. this goes back to the point we were talking about before. 66% of those polled saying that news organizations are being too
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dramatic and too sensational to attract more readers and viewers. 27% disagree. two-thirds of people think all of this is being sensationalized to bring in people through click bait or the stuff we see on cable news. i know you say it is hatred. i think that's half of it. half of it is also just to bring in folks by being hyper bolic and over the top. i believe that. >> sean: rachel, you know what the interesting irony is in all this, is that they need donald trump. you take away donald trump, they have got nothing. what are they going to do? there is nobody -- in a fascinating way, he is the most fascinating public figure we have ever had, highly entertaining and extraordinarily successful in being the great disrupt to disruptor, iconic class who actually keeps his promises. >> absolutely. i watched the coverage. i was not surprised to see nancy celebrating. her and the democrats should be
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celebrating. i saw the media just giddy and salivating and just over the top fawning, it is unseemly but it is also just as fitting. they worked just as hard as nancy pelosi to give her that gavel. they worked hard with negative headlines, with the suppression of news, of very good news that donald trump had, energy independence, blue collar recovery, minorities doing better than ever. all of these things happened and they suppressed that news in order to get this victory. >> sean: does it help the country, does any of what they are doing in the media help the country? rachel? >> absolutely not. the media is served -- the country is served when we have media that just reports the facts. right now, the one-sidedness of what has happened, the stuff that abramson brought up herself out of her own organization, she even says the american people are losing trust in the media.
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what it is doing is empowering a lot of sources of media. >> i think that nancy pelosi was treated the same way hillary clinton was in the 2016 election. that tells me the influence of the media isn't what it used to be. >> sean: mike pompeo next. thank you both.
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you can call it a barrier. you can call it whatever you want. essentially, we need protection in our country. we are going to make it good. the people of our country want it. i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control and for frankly the wall or the barrier. i have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in in terms of people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. i have never had this much support. we have done some things that, as you know, have been very popular. >> that was president trump speaking earlier today during his surprise appearance at the white house press briefing. hannity watch on the government shutdown, border security, we continue with secretary of state, mike pompeo. mr. secretary, good to see you. i see this as a massive national security issue.
6:39 pm
it deals with relations, obviously with mexico. it is about drugs being brought into the country. human trafficking, criminals, gang members, some people that have ties to terror. why shouldn't we all view this as a national security issue. >> thanks for having me on tonight, sean. we should. we should all be very serious about this. i have been the c.i.a. director. i am now the secretary of state. this has enormous national security implications. border security is an important part of american sovereignty in keeping americans safe. there is a central role to make sure we know who is coming in and what is coming in to our country. president trump is doing the right thing in making sure we understand what's moving across that border and we do so with enough border security so we have confidence and we can do this on behalf of the american people. >> sean: we have been able to apprehend 3700 people we have identified as having ties to terror.
6:40 pm
>> there are lots of risks associated. the narcotics risks has enormous implications for people inside the united states. there are lots of things that come across the southern border that we need to get control of. president trump is determined to make that happen. it includes the risks that we have kristerrorists come across border. we talk about denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we have issue was china and the middle east. new alliances, opportunities, hopefully emerging, certainly with israel and the iranian deal being drawn back. where do you see on the world stage -- where is america different now? i don't think the president gets a lot of credit to are a lot of progress around the world. >> sean, we have made fundamental changes in american foreign policy that enormously benefit the american people. i could tick through the same list of places that you spoke
6:41 pm
about. the previous administration had decided that the world's largest state sponsor of terror was a partner in the middle east, iran. we have fundamentally flipped that. we know that is a real threat to the world and to america. we have developed relationship was arab countries in israel and brought them together to develop a coalition to keep america safe from things in the middle east. you spoke with north korea. lots of work is left to be done. i'm confident in the next short period of time, president trump and chairman kim will get the chance to meet again and truly create a much better, safer america, with less threat of not only nuclear weapons being launched at us but nuclear proliferation as well. these are real risks and real changes from the previous administrations policies. >> sean: let's talk specifically about north korea. the president has been hinting and saying there is going to be another meeting with kim jong-un. will that be bad and will nair be a potential at that meeting of the denuclearization of the
6:42 pm
entire peninsula? missiles aren't being fired. remains have been sent back. hostages have been released. a lot of progress. ? where you might close that deal? >> i will be surprised if we get all the way home in this meeting, although it would be fantastic if we did. i don't want to tell you exactly what our negotiating strategy is. suffice it to say, i think we have set the conditions that we can make real progress when chairman kim and president trump meet and take down the threat to the united states and to the world that has been frankly holding america hostage for so long in north korea. it will be good for south korea, japan, and all of the world. >> sean: putting aside the khashoggi incident, there seemed to be an emerging alliance between the iranian, that would be the united states, israel, saudis, jordanians and the emrats against the iranians.
6:43 pm
do you see a historic opportunity where these alliances could lead to a peace that nobody could even have been thinking about ten years ago? >> sean, undoubtedly. we have set the conditions in the middle east where these countries are now working together across multiple fronts. you saw the president's announcement with our withdrawal from syria. we are still going to be able to effectively with those partners counter the threat from isis in the region. we will do it without those 2000 soldiers on the grown. we haven't changed our policy about continuing to make sure there is no isis resurgence. we are going to do it in a way that's smarter and better. we can do that because of the alliances that president trump has built. >> sean: let's talk about china in the sense that they have had a massive military buildup. your state department issued a warning to americans traveling to china that, in fact, they could issue exit bans preventing americans from leaving. what's the status? >> sean, we didn't change the level of the warning there in china. we did change some of the language. we do our best here to
6:44 pm
constantly review things that might happen to americans that are traveling abroad. we saw what happened with the american there in russia. our job is to always have american it's safe while traveling. we wanted to let them know that there have been morris risks in terms of folks traveling there and not being permitted to return. i am hopeful we got the language just right so americans will understand the risk and still travel there when it is appropriate. >> sean: let's talk about the latest in terms of the relationship with russia, obviously a hostile regime and a hostile actor in vladmir putin. not only the united states but other countries have experienced their cyberwarfare and desire to create chaos in those countries, if you can address that and their support of the iranians and their influence in syria. do you see an iranian, russian, syrian alliance that would worry
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you? >> i am concerned about that. the russian behavior has not been good. this administration has been very serious responding to that, whether it was the strike that the president has taken in syria. those were in syria but the russians were all around it. our effort with respect to what the russians did in scorpol and the sanctions on russian oligarchs that have threatened american and american interests. we are trying to find spaces where we can work with them. trying to find opportunities where the russian and american interests overlap so we can work together. it has been tough. vladmir putin has not cooperated. we are still trying to find a place to do that. >> sean: the president has some critics as it relates to saying that he wants to withdraw from syria and afghanistan. is there a timetable or will it be based on the situation on the ground? >> the president has always been
6:46 pm
very clear that he wanted to get our soldiers back home. in syria, he has made that decision. we are working in that direction. that decision is done. we will withdraw from syria. the timeline will be consistent with what we can do to make sure that our soldiers are safe and that we continue the counter ice sis campaign, that we do all that we can to keep the coalition against iran together. those are also things the president has made very clear he is going to do when he visited iraq. goodness. a week ago, he made very clear that those were things that were also important. we will manage those threats to america but we will do so without a couple thousand folks on the ground in syria. >> i wouldn't even venture to guess how many frequent flier miles you have as a result of just one year? we have been friends a long time. i know how hard you are working and how much success is happening on the world stage. secretary pompeo, thanks for joining us. >> sean, thank you very much. have a good evening. >> sean: he has done amazing work on the world stage and think of all the areas of the world they are working on.
6:47 pm
all right. when we come back, we don't have a hannity watch. jesse and jessica are back. they are going to weigh in on pelosi taking the gavel, democratic party moving to the far left extreme and we'll see whose world it is straight ahead. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz... the first and only treatment of its kind offering people with moderate to severe psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin?
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ask your doctor about taltz.
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>> sean: time for our report hannity watch on the government shutdown. moments ago, house democrats passed a partial spending bill without any funding for the border wall that they supported funding for four years ago. the bill is, of course, going nowhere in the senate. moments ago, dual elected speaker pelosi made this confession. she would give the president $1 towards the wall. take a look. >> what is the situation where
6:51 pm
you would accept even a $1 of wall funding to reopen this government? >> $1, yeah, $1. >> sean: here with reaction is the co-host of the five, watters world. jesse watters, fox news contributor, jessica walters. happy new year. nancy thinks she is feeling it today, feeling great. >> she had a pretty good day, come on. >> sean: here is the point. democrats supported a wall before. we have all of them saying they support a wall, funding a wall but we have a dead cop. it gets a little serious. we have other dead americans. we have drugs, literally, targeting every town and every city in the country crossing that border. we have human trafficking across the border and trysts that we
6:52 pm
have stopped crossing our border that are trying to, gang members trying to cross the border and she is talking about $1. direct your answer to the family of officer singh who died this weekend with a five-month-old son at home who was killed by somebody that would have been deported if the laws were obeyed and we didn't have sanctuary cities and states. tell that family how you feel about that remark? >> i feel that it is terrible. everyone in the country. >> sean: nancy's remark is terrible? >> had he remark about the $1 has nothing to do with what happened to office sever singh. >> sean: sanctuary cities and states, the sheriff said on this program last night, in part caused what happened. we have them in custody and we don't deport them. they are aiding and abetting lawbreaking. do you support that? >> no but i do support a system in which people who are in this country illegally and they broke the law to get here feel that
6:53 pm
they can come out and they can work with law enforcement. >> sean: they commit more crimes. >> they do not commit more crimes. >> the whole thing about you have to have a sanctuary policy, because people snitch and you don't want to lock up the snitchers. if you drop a dime on another illegal and you are an illegal, they are not going to lock you up but leave you alone. the minute she grabbed the gavel, she came unraveled. trump came out and stole her thunder and basically called her a liar. they say, walls do work, nancy, everywhere they are erected. >> the story of today is nancy pelosi and not donald trump. it pissed him off she was getting all the attention. he thought, i'll walk down the hallway and try to take the attention. >> sean: is it true we have had criminal illegal immigrants that we had in custody that weren't handed over to isis, the law provides for and they have killed americans?
6:54 pm
>> yes. >> sean: and we have drugs crossing the border and human trafficking is happening? >> terrible things happen. >> sean: gangs and tryerrorists are trying to get into this country. at what point do they take the responsibility? >> the border isn't open. >> how does a guy get to california and murder the cop? >> are you guys kidding me? you are making an argument that how many thousands of miles. how long is the border, 2500 miles? >> sean: more than that. >> that entire thing is open. >> sean: no, it is not open. the president has spend $3.5 billion building the wall. >> he is almost done and he said he needed up $25 million. he makes up the number as he goes. >> sean: when the government, jesse, of this country, contributes, aids, and abets lawbreaking and doesn't follow federal law and deport people who have committed other crimes beyond being here illegally do
6:55 pm
they bear responsibility? >> you have blood on your hands if you are not going to enforce the border and men and women are dying in this country. pel losi talks about cost. do you know how much $5 billion is out of the federal budget. .1%. let me translate for nancy. she spent money on cash for clunker, solyndra. a wall works. the obama website that cost $1 billion didn't. >> excuse me. we had a government shutdown when the republicans were in charge over $3.8 billion for health care, which every single american needs. >> every single american needs safety too. >> in 2018, off of the health care issue. >> sean: obama lost 69 seats, house and senate. trump picked up senate seats. >> a big are proportion of house seats than the gop has in either of those elections. >> sean: you don't really care about daca and dreamers, because trump offered you that deal.
6:56 pm
>> trump's deal always comes with the wall. nancy pelosi, congratulations. today was a democrats day even if i lost. >> sean: stay with me, watters world. >> 2019 is already bad.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ >> sean: you made it. you survived day one of the democratic house. tomorrow night, mark meadows will join us. here is our promise, pledge, and
7:00 pm
vile. while everyone is out there with their hate trump addiction, hannity water is going to look out for what's best for america, you and your family. that's our 2019 pledge. let not your heart be troubled. jason chaffetz and for laura ingraham. aren't you glad you weren't there today? >> to watch nancy pelosi get the gavel was painful. >> sean: all obama's loss, houe seats. clinton, first midterm, lost eight senate seats and 52 house seats. trump picks up senate seats and loses far left house seats in the media acts like it's the biggest midterm victory ever. just the opposite. him picking up seats in the senate is huge. >> jason: if you told me we were going to pick up seats in the senate, i would say i would think republicans would be pretty happy. democrats always say it's a historic. historic is that you didn't meet their mark