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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 3, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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vile. while everyone is out there with their hate trump addiction, hannity water is going to look out for what's best for america, you and your family. that's our 2019 pledge. let not your heart be troubled. jason chaffetz and for laura ingraham. aren't you glad you weren't there today? >> to watch nancy pelosi get the gavel was painful. >> sean: all obama's loss, houe seats. clinton, first midterm, lost eight senate seats and 52 house seats. trump picks up senate seats and loses far left house seats in the media acts like it's the biggest midterm victory ever. just the opposite. him picking up seats in the senate is huge. >> jason: if you told me we were going to pick up seats in the senate, i would say i would think republicans would be pretty happy. democrats always say it's a historic. historic is that you didn't meet their mark on what everybody expected you to meet.
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>> sean: i have a very good feeling ultimately and 100 days from now, america is going to see just how radical this new congresses. and they are not going to agree with it. >> jason: we are going to tackle some of the hypocrisy here the first four hours of the democrats controlling the house. sean, thank you so much. >> sean: jason chaffetz, have a good show. >> jason: i am jason chaffetz infer laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. nancy pelosi has taken back the speakers gavel and his promising transparency but we are going to expose what's not sure about that in moments. democrats not wasting any time and filing articles of impeachment against president trump. we will talk exclusively with the ranking member on the house judiciary committee will be at the epicenter of this fight. president trump making a surprise visit to the white house briefing room today, one of the border patrol agents who shared the podium with him joins us later in the show. also the generation that brought you avocado toast is now finding
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seinfeld problematic. is nothing safe? all that coming up but first... >> speaker of the house nancy pelosi, i extend to you this gavel. [applause] >> jason: with that, the power has officially shifted in washington, d.c. nancy pelosi and the democrats are back in control of the house but this time speaker pelosi promises, promises to be as transparent as possible. >> i pledge this congress will be transparent, bipartisan, and unifying. that we will seek to reach across the aisle in this chamber and across divisions across our nation. >> jason: excuse me if i have some trouble believing that statement. considering just last month, nancy pelosi said this during the infamous oval office meeting with president trump.
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>> i don't think we should have a debate in front of the press on this. let us have our conversation and we can meet with the press again. >> jason: she didn't want openness and transparency. she wanted to go behind closed doors. let's not forget she's the same woman who said in this march of 2010 during the height of the obamacare debate, remember what she said? >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversies. >> jason: yeah, transparency. joining me now, the new ranking member of the house judiciary committee, doug collins of georgia. congressman, thank you for joining us. congratulations on this new post a new assignment as the ranking member of house judiciary. you've got a lot on your plate but you are fresh off the floor. you just have votes, including about that the democrats put up, correct, to do with homeland security but not the border wall. what happened? >> they did what they said they
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were going to do. they did not mark road. they know that president isn't going to sign it and the senate won't take it up. it didn't deal with what we need to deal with. taking care of the border wall, security. the question i have for democrats, especially the naval who voted for some of these new members, my question to all of them is why are you putting the value of those at our border trying to overrun our border agents on the weekends in san diego, where you putting their rights ahead of americans rights? why are you putting the lives of americans at risk such that brave officer in california who was killed by somebody who is here illegally unprotected -- and protected by sanctuary city laws which has cost lives again. democrats putting this bill up knowing it won't get signed and knowing that it doesn't put more security front and foremost. the president is right. we have to protect our borders and fix our broken immigration
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system. >> jason: democrats can't define what border security is and it doesn't have any money for the things they say therefore but they really can't articulate. the other thing that affects people in the south who went through this disaster funding, what happens if the republicans had passed out a bill with disaster funding but this bill didn't have any? >> it didn't. it's amazing to me. this is about show. it's about putting a sharply mega people saying we will tell you what we think you want to hear but we will do something completely different. listen to us but don't want us. there is a disaster going on right now the aid in georgia and florida in many places. we are talking generational issues and farmers down there with trees, pecans and others, they take more than a season to grow back and there's nothing in these spending packages to deal with this disaster relief. if the democrats are serious about this, you will see real action and said of this action we are seeing. >> jason: if you are affected by these disasters, you need to know the first vote the democrats took that put zero
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money to fix those problems. it got rid of pay go. there is no more voting on the debt limit. that's not openness and transparency. the ability to vacate the speaker, that's gone. there's a lot we have to get to. standby because moments after the democrats took control of the house today, congressman brad sherman reintroduced articles of impeachment against the president claiming specifically that charge of obstruction of justice. leland vittert joins me now with the story. >> hi, jason. the first time brad sherman, the gentleman from california, introduce these articles of impeachment, it didn't go anywhere. with the new congress, all bills from last session expired. undeterred, he tried again, tweeting "i reintroduced articles of impeachment against real donald trump. i have not change the text from articles i introduced in july 2017. let's take a look at the real book. the house of representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment. it requires a simple majority.
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article one, section three, the senate shall have the sole power to trial impeachment and no person shall be convicted without concurrent of two-thirds of the members present. according to an op-ed, that sherman wrote in 2017, he thinks the easiest provable crime is obstruction. here's what he said. "we have the sworn testimony of a credible witness and trump's own words on videotape, lester holt, audiotape "the new york times." it's time now for the house judiciary committee to begin hearings on impeachment." democrats might now control the house but it appears mr. sherman's dreams that hearings are perhaps in a word premature. >> many democrats are talking about impeachment. you have said it would be sad and divisive for the country. to pursue impeachment. are you willing to rule it out? >> we have to wait and see what happens with the mueller report. we shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason and we should
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avoid impeachment for political reasons. we'll have to see how it comes. >> that was a bipartisan olive branch for this bigger, it was a short one. she said indicting a sitting president is an open discussion in terms of law. office he does a lot of people who disagree with that. >> jason: thank you. i want to bring in commerce in collins, new ranking member of the house judiciary committee. he will be right in the midst of all these fights. it congressman, no doubt brad sherman would like to impeach the president. what are you and the republicans going to do about it. >> we are going to fight back. this is ridiculous. they have been trying to impeach this president from almost day one. if they could have filed articles of impeachment in november of '16 after he won the election, they would have done it then. they've given no opportunity to this president. they've taken him at every turn to say we are going to disagree and find everything wrong. they have introduced all those impeachment based on things he said, words of the democrats,
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meaning to people. donald trump has said what he was going to do. he brought jobs, took away regulations, five to give the border safe and keep our standing across the world strong. with they don't like is someone who succeeds. they don't like a president who actually does what he says he is going to do. all regimented there was run to the front, file has bills we can get the text and the tweets and the news release saying i'm the first in this congress to try to impeach donald trump. how about we actually look at what actually is going on and follow the rule of law? why don't we do, find out if anything is there, as the speaker said. instead of saying i've got the solution. no. let's get over the photo up. let's work in san diego in your own state of california about what's going on at the border and fix it. >> jason: no kidding. you don't hear democrats tweeting about police officers who get gunned down by people here illegally. you don't see them doing that. how are you going to deal with this craziness?
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>> always have before and i've had a chance to talk to the chairman. i said you find places where we can work together, were going to work together. if you go off on the tangents and we continue down a path and you bring a the committee simpy wants to chase rabbits after this president and canoe to overstep its bounds, then were going to have a fight and it's going to be a fight every day. we're going to do it civilly. were going to do by the book and were going to do to the point where they have two bring it. if they bring it, they're going to get a fight. >> jason: congressman collins, congratulations on your new appointment and that ranking member of judiciary an end i'm sure will be covering it excessively. thank you for joining us. the vote for speaker is pretty important, and what is shocking is that some of the democrats at their very first vote of the 116th congress chose to basically say we don't care. it's as if they couldn't see it coming. congressman jim cooper and congresswoman lisa slotkin voting present. they couldn't even pick anybody. they couldn't make up their minds and congressman jeff
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andrew, one of the last based on his name to vote, he stood up and said no. he literally stood up and said no. you don't want a speaker? who are you voting for? actual profiles encourage, people. this is a terrible embarrassment. you don't even know who you want to be the speaker of the house. it's been a busy day and night in washington coming here to make sense of it all is david bossie, former trump 2016 deputy campaign manager, coauthor of the new book and now fox news contributor. chris hahn, former ages i'm sure chuck schumer. thank you, gentlemen, both for being here. brad sherman, first order of business, drop articles of impeachment. is that the right move for the right message to america that they want to be transparent and fix the country and that's, i mean, where you at on this? >> i think speaker pelosi said it clearly. there's not going to be an impeachment of this president until the mueller report shows or might be a reason to impeach
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him. if that comes down, we will deal with it. you and i both know that when the republicans took over in 2011, there were people running to the front of the house to try to impeach president obama, with far less impeachable offenses under his belt and this president. >> jason: no, that section not what happened. >> the american people elected this congress to provide meaningful oversight and checks and balances on this president. it is something we should embrace. if there congressman that was on before you had done his job and done a meaningful check on this president, he might be the chairman of the judiciary committee and not the irrelevant ranking member that he is now. >> jason: what's your take on this, dave? >> first of all, this is going to be a circus. the democrats there now control the house are going to have to be held hostage to the base of their party which got them into the majority. that face wants this president
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impeached. though -- the radical left of the democrat party wants to imps president. they hate this president more than they love the country. i say it all the time and it's true. these members of congress have no compunction for the facts. they don't care about the mueller report, chris. i hate to break it to you. doesn't matter with the mueller report says. they are going to try to impeach this president anyway. this president needs to stand up and do the job for the american people and these ranking members in congress have to fight everything all day just as henry waxman did, just as others did. >> let me assure you. let me assure you of this and assure the president of this tonight. unlike paul ryan, who was a slave to the extremists in his party, nancy pelosi is her leader. if there is nothing to impeach the president, there will be nothing to fear. paul ryan would fold like a
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cheap suit. nancy pelosi will eat her caucus. >> jason: that's why they've already dropped articles of impeachment. it didn't even take an hour. >> willie gomer dropped articles of impeachment on the first day in 2011. you know this. you were there. >> paul ryan led a house caucus that did an amazing job for the last two years. >> you could the economy, the standing across the world, national security, we are back. this trump economy is on fire and it's going to stay. >> jason: >> i looked at my stk portfolio today, not good. >> where were the issues today about nancy pelosi taking over the gavel in the house and the dow dropping 660 points? they still want to blame it on
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the president. >> it has nothing to do with the shutdown. come on. >> if the president talking about -- >> they don't know -- >> going into afghanistan to stop terrorism. >> the markets dropped because nancy pelosi took control of the house -- >> jason: hold on. serious question, chris. house democrats passed a bill tonight with no money for the border wall. no border security and you can define our border security is because the house democrats can't do it. nancy pelosi can't do it and your buddy chuck schumer, he can't do it either. >> jason, i love you. the democrats passed the bill that the senate passed by acclamation. a wall is not border security. its technology. we should just put a video doorbell there. we would do better and save some money. >> would you advocate taking down the existing wall? why don't democrats have the guts to stand behind -- know, put a bill on the floor to
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tear down the wall and seal many votes you get. >> jason, i know you. you are smarter than that statement. >> jason: no! >> we are not going to have a wall sea to shining sea. >> jason: nobody ever said they could do that or they wanted to do it. >> that's a ridiculous thing. you know it. >> what's ridiculous -- [all speaking] >> when they had control for two years. >> weren't democrats supposed to pay for it? >> how many more kate steinles do we have to have? how many officers murdered on christmas day? the blood is on the hands of the democrats in congress. that's a fact. >> you know what, dave? the blood is on the hands of kirstjen nielsen hood $1.4 billion for border security that she has yet spent in the budget. spending her money better. >> jason: come on. that's a terribly irresponsible
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irresponsible -- why not do -- what is wrong with doing what we saw at the white house today and doing with the border patrol wants? go look at the border patrol agents and tell them they are wrong. >> spent some time at the border. >> i have. >> you would understand a little bit better. >> i have. >> the coast guard, going without paychecks because of this president because of his temper tantrum, not passing a bill, signing a bill he said he would sign when the senate passed it. >> jason: no. you are so fundamentally absolutely totally wrong. you have gone further to the left. >> i am telling the truth. >> you are telling your truth, the facts don't matter. >> i'm telling the absolute truth. >> mike pence and the chief of staff went to the hill, that's why mitch mcconnell but that bill on the floor of the senate because they had assurances from the white house they would sign it. now the coast guard which guards our border is going without pay.
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that's despicable. those men and women deserve better. they fight for our country. >> this president has stood with the men and women in the military across the world greater than barack obama ever did. please. get off your soapbox. you don't want to solve any of the problems. this president has done more for the military, the men and women in uniform including border patrol than barack obama ever dreamed of doing. >> prove it, dave. he should open the government pay the coast guard. the coast guard is a first line of border security in this country and the president is denying them their pay. >> you've got to remember. you've got to remember trump did intervene and did get paid to the coast guard but you still can't do what all the democrats can't do. they cannot define border security because one key element is the border wall and that's why the almost unanimously the border patrol is saying we want an impediment to come across the border.
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why is it that the border patrol -- [all speaking] >> jason, in 2013, there was a gang of eight bill that passed the senate. it was a bipartisan bill. >> piece of trash that could not pass. >> pathway to citizenship. john boehner would not take that bill up in the house of representatives. >> jason: you still can't define what border security. what is border security? >> i believe we should have proper technology at the border, not a physical structure but we should use drones. >> what is wrong with a physical structure? >> so we know what's coming across and we can respond to it with border patrol agents. we don't need a wall from sea to shining sea. we don't need it. >> we need a wall where we need a wall. the problem is you don't want a wall anywhere. the american people deserve protection from these folks who want to come in here and bring drugs, human trafficking, and murder and violence to
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americans. that's what we see every single day, and the blood is on the hands of the democrats. >> jason: we are going to wrap up here but -- fundamental problem. >> i agree we need security and i agree we should have the proper security. i don't believe we need -- >> those are words. they are words. >> latter beats wall. >> we are tired of words. that's what teamwork people are tired of. they are tired of washington, d.c., -- guys like you who just -- >> mexico pays for it. >> this president gets it done, chris. you'd just talk about it. >> jason: i've never seen a party be successful that wants to abolish i.c.e., support sanctuary cities, doesn't like the wall, doesn't want to support the federal workers. >> chain migration, the lottery system. this president wants to fix it and is willing to make a deal on the daca kids. there is many people who don't agree with that but he is
7:21 pm
willing to do it. nancy pelosi and crying chuck schumer won't even make a deal with those kids, the poor children. can't you support the poor children? >> david, david, david, i only went to one trump rally. i know that you went to many. i remember him saying mexico would pay for the wall. now he's shutting down the government because congress is not paying for the wall. >> jason: we have to go. we have to go. chris, do this in person next time because i love having this discussion with you. i know that you believe what you say but i still think the democrats failed to define what border security is, and it's disingenuous to say you're in favor of border security without being able to define it. gentlemen, thank you. a week after police arrested eight illegal immigrants in connection with the murder of a california policeman, we are learning about several more disturbing stories in just the last week of illegals killing americans. a national border patrol council
7:22 pm
member who met with president trump today will join me on why it's one of the many reasons we need a wall. back and muscle pain. aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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>> i have never had so much support as i have been the last week over my stance for border security, for border control, and for frankly the wall or the barrier. i have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. i've never had this much support, and we have done some things that as you know have been very popular. >> jason: president trump making a surprise appearance today in the white house briefing room, his first since taking office. alongside the leadership of the
7:26 pm
national border patrol council. in moments, we will talk live with hector garza who shared the podium today. first we go to a trace gallagher and the west coast newsroom as we are learning about several new cases of illegals allegedly killing americans. highlighting the need for the border wall. >> good evening. let's begin with a case out of california that made national headlines. 33-year-old illegal immigrant and gang member gustavo perez arriaga is now charged with shooting and killing newman police officer ronil singh after being stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence. he had also been arrested for drunk driving in 2011 and 2014. in most states, those arrests would have led to i.c.e. being notified of his illegal status. under california sanctuary law, local police are prevented from cooperating with federal immigration agents. officer singh leaves behind a wife and 5-month-old son and we just learned that
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president trump spoke this evening with the officer's family end. mexico native was deported from the u.s. in 2015 after a drug conviction. now after illegally reentering the u.s., the 27-year-old is charged with raping a young girl in alabama. in north carolina, a 17-year-old illegal immigrant from mexico in jail for murder was released after just seven months. the jail called it a clerical error and he was revoked but was still a free man for over 30 hours. meantime, i.c.e. has placed to detain an illegal immigrant from jamaica who admitted to shooting and killing a 12-year-old boy in connecticut. he said he mistook the boy for his older cousin. finally, back to the golden state. illegal immigrant gustavo garcia ruiz was arrested in central california last month for being under the influence of drugs. when i.c.e. learned he was in
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jail, they placed an immigration detainer asking deputies to notify them before releasing him. but under california's sanctuary law, he was instead released. days later, garcia ruiz allegedly committed 11 crimes, including killing a stranger and shooting at others before he was killed during a high-speed police chase. here's the got kicked. garcia ruiz is a known convicted violent criminal, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon repeatedly deported. in california, none of that can be used to notify immigration agents. jason. >> jason: trace, thank you. joining me now is one of the border patrol agents who share the podium with trump today. hector garza, he is vice president of the national border patrol council, also with me as immigration attorney allen orr. gentlemen, first i want to take the opportunity to listen to hector. not a regular day at the office but speaking with the president
7:29 pm
today. >> i want to talk about some of those criminals border patrol agents apprehend. murderers, rapists, people who commit serious crimes. these aliens have been released from jail. they will come right back into the united states. if we had a physical barrier, a wall, we would be able to stop it. >> jason: quite a moment. thank you for joining us. alan, i appreciate. you have been on. i know you believe wholeheartedly in what you believe but what's wrong with what hector said? he is sitting right next to you. what's wrong with what he said and pushing and advocating for border wall? >> the border wall doesn't fix any of the problems that were enumerated in the statement before. not really. most of the problems are related to drugs and alcohol which is a totally different show. we are talking of an immigration, they she was these individual's had been deported and had returned to the united states before. the problem may be in that deporting them in the first place because when you deport
7:30 pm
criminals, back to the home area, it causes caravans and pushes people towards the border. >> jason: that logic escapes me. we shouldn't deport them? part of the issue they are dealing with, hector, on the border and i've been on the border with you is the fact that it is fairly easy to come across. we don't have enough agents to have every single 3 meters or so covered. >> is very clear we don't have enough physical barriers. it's clear we don't have enough manpower. we see these criminals coming right back. i mentioned it during the press conference with president trump that a lot of these criminals were being deported by i.c.e. ms-13 and very serious criminals. they come right back across the border. if we had the wall, the physical barrier, they wouldn't be able to do it that easy. we would be able to apprehend them. these issues in california, that's exactly what we are talking about. those crimes can be prevented here in the united states. >> jason: we have talked about
7:31 pm
it. if these people are to the country, the crimes are committed and those people are still alive. >> it's a fallacy of causation. we have gang members. we have crime here. >> jason: no doubt. but i fundamentally don't understand why you don't see it. if 70 comes here illegally, if they've gotten here illegally, they wouldn't of committed the crime. >> that's not necessarily true. that's a false valid argument. the issue we have is we are assuming those people who are now being rearrested or being deported and coming back are coming back across the border walking and that's just not true. two-thirds of the people are undocumented. a wall isn't going to fix it. we need to shift -- >> jason: you don't think it fixes a little bit? >> no. what a wall does is a temporary barrier. it doesn't fix the problem. it only makes the weight larger. solving the problem is drawing the people here. if you have a criminal, why don't we release people out of
7:32 pm
the jails into communities that are harboring criminals? >> jason: they've got to serve their time and go back to their home country. hector, how long have you been on the border patrol? >> 18 years. what amazes me, with all due respect to alan, we have these talking heads in the media talking about border security ad they've never spent a single day working on the border. we've had some people that have never been to the border. it baffles me. they are talking, they come on fox news. they speak on the hill and so many of these people have never worked as a border patrol agent. >> jason: there was a cnn analyst or commentator that said you and the people standing on the podium were political ponds. how do you react? >> we are not. border patrol agents are the experts. we are the ones who go off there every day and try to protect the borders and protect the country. we're the ones apprehending and arresting a lot of these criminal aliens that have very serious criminal records.
7:33 pm
if we don't stop them, they are going to commit very serious crimes. >> if you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. if someone could reevaluate what everyone is doing. i respect what you're doing at the border. i told her that. there's better, smarter ways. by really addressing the issues, the security issues, the overstates and then moving towards a broader view. part of the problem is -- >> jason: abolishing i.c.e.? >> when people say abolishing i.c.e., they mean reforming i.c.e. >> jason: no, they mean abolished. >> ic has not been around that long. a lot of the stuff started, the wall, the construction of the wall started after september 11. i.c.e. started after december december 11th. it's about reforming i.c.e. no one believes there should be
7:34 pm
an open border or the individuals were going to do harm should be here. >> jason: you said you don't believe in an open border but you don't believe in a wall and that's where the disconnect is. >> in laredo, texas, parts of the border, president trump ordered the concertina wire to be installed. that by itself reduce the apprehensions. it reduced the people that got away and increase the effectiveness. it helps us and that's just concertina wire, temporary wire. imagine what a wall can do. it can help border patrol agents and it's a matter of officer safety and the safety of the american public. >> jason: i've got to tell you. i know you are sincere. i have the greatest respect for you. you're a great person in the limited time i've interacted with you but i have to believe in a guy who's been at the border for 18 years, put his life on the line is not terrorist to be blood or trying to sneak into this country. some of them are good decent people.
7:35 pm
may be. 17,000 criminals coming up north. i have to tell you it's a huge problem. thank you. we hope you continue to come back and join us on the show. up next, less than four hours on the job and every single house democrat votes to leave town. putting the ball in the senate's court to make that next move on the shutdown showdown. senator mike lee from utah joins me on the next steps to end the bitter border battle. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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>> jason: moments ago, the newly democratic-controlled house of representatives overwhelmingly approved an interim spending bill that funds the department of homeland security at its current level through february. the bill does not include any new money for the the wall. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will not call a vote on the bill. >> i made it clear to the speaker we are not interested in having show boats here in the senate. we are interested in bringing up something the house has passed, 60 senators will support, and the president will sign. >> jason: is that the best idea? here is utah senator mike lee. he is also author of "written out of history," thank you for joining us. mike and i are friends. the senator and i both having represented the state of utah. his mitch mcconnell right?
7:40 pm
i was a bit critical of the majority leader for not voting on the house bill that did pass with border wall funding of $5 billion. what's the right answer? >> i would rather vote. if the question is should we vote or not, i say let's cast a vote. sometimes there's a good reason to cast a vote even if you're not sure that it's going to pass. sometimes setting the record for who was where on that vote is helpful. it moves the legislative process forward. i think it would help us end to shut down faster. >> jason: i concur because i really think -- what's frustrating is you don't see was actually on the record here. how are you going to get past this impasse? nancy pelosi has been working on her hula and now she's the speaker in the house is adjourned until tuesday. they are not even coming back until tuesday. >> if you don't want to fight fires, don't become a firefighter. if you don't want to take difficult votes, don't become a legislator. >> jason: nancy pelosi says no money for the wall. are the republicans going to
7:41 pm
hold the line? >> democrats are being categorically unreasonable. we have 650 miles of border fence. 650 miles. other democrats and were going to tear it down? no. are they saying there is something inherently evil about the would be 651st mile? no. we are talking about a number that's infinitesimally small. we are not talking about 1% or one half of 1% of the budget. it's necessary to keep our country safe. we need to do it. >> jason: are there enough democrats? at some point there would be some breaking point. i think most americans don't know we are in a shutdown because with don't feel the effects. the normal pitch points of veterans, military, it's all open and running. i don't know if america is noticing it. i know it's hard on federal workers who expect and deserve their paychecks. are there democrats will get to this point? >> i think there are.
7:42 pm
most democrats i talk to are not themselves that offended by the idea of spending money on a fence to protect our border. most of them acknowledge this is not a big deal. i don't know why they are spending so much political capital on making sure that we can't make the american people safe with a fence. >> jason: i have to ask you, you are the senior senator from utah. the incoming junior senator from utah put out an op-ed that was pretty scathing of the president. what was your take? >> he did. i want to say his predecessor, my former colleague senator orrin hatch was kind to me when i came in. he didn't tell me how to do my job and i intend to extend the same courtesy to my new colleague, senator romney. i disagree with his op-ed. it wasn't the right approach. i respect the fact he wants to work with the president and support him where he agrees with him. i don't think it's necessarily helpful to come in and attack
7:43 pm
his character right at the get-go. right at the beginning of his legislative career. >> jason: i found the timing curious and i was critical of him because i don't think a dude -- you are supposed to represent the state of utah and i don't think mitt romney putting out this op-ed actually did anything. he was elected to solve problems. that's what he's known for. he has created a problem i didn't solve a problem. >> think that's right and everyone is entitled to a mulligan's my dad used to say. maybe he will want to pick his mulligan on this one. i had my concerns about this president that i've been very pleased with what he's done in office. he's made the american people safer. he's made our economy stronger, and he has fought big government. that's what we elected him to do. >> jason: this is the president putting out a tweet about elizabeth warren, kind of clever. if you look at the bottom. 1/2020, obviously taking a stab
7:44 pm
at senator warren. obviously with the 2020 election, how much of a distraction is it going to be? so many colleagues look in the mirror and don't see themselves as a senator. they see the next president of the united states. >> they say when a senator looks in the mirror, he or she sees the president. it doesn't have that effect on me but apparently people have that reaction. there's no questions going to be a three-ring surface but we are familiar with circuses like thi this. i sought a few years ago when all of my republican colleagues and half my democratic colleagues were running for president of the same time. >> jason: senator, you've got your hands full. i think the shutdown it's obviously on the top of everybody's mind. i don't understand how the democrats on day one, four hours into office, they decide in the house we're going to go into recess. we are not coming back until tuesday, and they sent over a buildout of the senate that doesn't have even a dime for border wall funding. >> it is silly and petulant on
7:45 pm
my call upon them to reconsider. reconsider the fact that in the past, for 20 years, congress has been calling on our federal government to make sure we protect our border. this is a step necessary to do that. they have voted for more funding than this in the past, they need to give this funding now. >> jason: they are authorizing bills. the senate authorized this fence and now they won't fund it and it's totally disingenuous to not step up to the line and define what border security is. senator, thank you so much for joining us. coming up, is nothing safe from the wrath of millennials? find out why a seinfeld classic is the latest offender to the generations that made eating tide pods popular. up next. >> the tradition of festiva's begins with the airing of grievances. i have a lot of problems with the people. now you are going hear about it. ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions...
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...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day.
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>> these guys make the best soup in the city. do you know what they call him, soup nazi. >> do you want bread? $3. no soup for you. >> jason: no soup for you and no fun for millennials. yes, it's true the avocado toast eating generation is upset with one of the greatest television sitcoms of all time, seinfeld. a new article published by bussell revealing the soup nazi tops the list is the most offensive jokes on a show about nothing. here to weigh in is morgan ortagus, national security analyst, and jennifer holdsworth, this is a lighthearted thing. no big weighty questions. i have to get you to weigh in. jennifer, let's start with you.
7:50 pm
soup nazi. are we really defending the millennials out there? >> no, i don't think so. i don't think we can really count on bustle for the hard-hitting news of the day. i think it's a complete nonissue, nobody is offended. there is even a famous rapper named wally who raps about seinfeld because he loves it so much. he is great with a new generation of millennials. i think this is much to do about nothing. he was a great show for the '90s and everybody is nostalgic for it. you can get it on netflix. you can get "friends" on netfli netflix. let's move on and talk about real stuff. >> jason: "friends" also took this issue. i'm kind of a huge "friends" fan. seinfeld. are you offended by this? >> no. the stock market, the chinese economy. you and i are talking about seinfeld. >> jason: this is where millennials -- >> i love seinfeld. i don't think it's millennials.
7:51 pm
i think millennials -- i am a grandma millennial. i was born in '82 and i think it goes to '95, '96. i am going to states the generation behind us, not the millennials. >> jason: fair enough. you were born in '82. >> i am an old lady. >> jason: you can't do the math to get to my age. i want to go to "bird box," most watched original netflix movie ever, giving birth to a brand-new challenge. you have to spend 24 hours blindfolded like sandra bullock's character in the film. walking dangerously to driving. don't ever do that. don't be an idiot. netflix even putting out a statement in all caps which means they really, really mean it. they put out a statement that said please do not hurt yourself with this "bird box" challenge. i don't know if you have seen "bird box." >> this is what happens at the end of family time over christmas whenever the booze ran
7:52 pm
out. people start blindfolded themselves because they are stir crazy and they really want their family to go home. if i see you in a parking lot and you are doing this, i'm going to trip you. i'm going to make fun of you. >> jason: if you see me walking anywhere with a blindfold. >> i am probably going to call the capitol police. >> jason: have you tried this? have you seen the show? pico i have not seen the movie. probably 1 of 5 people who haven't seen it yet. i do plan on watching it. although i understand kim kardashian and chrissy tag and had a little bit of our kerfuffle on twitter today over "bird box." it is permeating the national conversation. >> jason: we have some footage. we have footage. let's watch. >> turned slightly to your right. go forward. go forward. safety.
7:53 pm
>> come this way. >> careful. there's a wall in front of us. >> jason: idiots. idiot sincerely where that comes to mind. >> you know how the democratic challengers think they have to be like aoc and make macaroni and cheese in front of instagram. this is what they should do for the primary. they should all put this on a do the "bird box" challenge. >> jason: elizabeth warren. >> maybe she would be more relatable. >> is a democrat, i supported. >> me too. >> jason: one more thing to worry go, the british army is having a tough time recruiting so they launched a new ad campaign targeting millennials. this is how they supposedly do it. phone zombies, snowflakes, zombie addicts. the british army major general telling sky news "we are proud to look beyond the stereotypes and spot the potential in young people from compassion to self police."
7:54 pm
i'm not sure what that quote means but somehow that's where the next british soldier is coming from. >> on a serious note, i think they are neglecting the fact that a lot of millennials are fighting in the military in a lot of countries right now. i was born in 1981, right on the cusp. i tend to identify with generation x more than millennials. i think anything that gets more people to join the armed forces is a good thing. if somebody can see more potential in themselves through these ads, then more power to them. >> jason: shouldn't we be checking to see if they can do sit-ups as opposed to... whether or not they are watching "bird box" or they are snowflakes. >> i have a new slogan. the few, the proud, the snowflakes. that has a nice ring to it. i think i am a better recruiter for the u.s. military. i am a navy reserve officer.
7:55 pm
>> jason: thank you for your service to your country. away from your family and loved ones. >> not doing the challenge. >> jason: thank you for being here. we'll be right back with your last bite. chicken?! chicken.
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chicken! that's right, candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken!
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>> jason: it's time for the last bite. earlier tonight i took on defending champion lauren blanchard on tucker carlson's final exam. how did that turn out? the "the ingraham angle" team is questioning my knowledge and quick reflexes. have a look. >> what kind of drink did she get? what is his name? >> president obama. >> tucker: speed is of the essence. >> cannot get a lesson on buzzer -- >> tucker: take a practice buzz. practice buys. >> it's working. >> jason: i have never been known for my catlike reflexes. >> tucker: what kind of animal is the georgia mascot? holy smokes. lauren blanchard. congressman, i don't judge you
8:00 pm
for a second. >> jason: i got spanked. this is the mug i did not win. that's all the time we have. i am jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham. pick up my new book "the deep state." it's time for shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. >> shannon: showing up and taking the quiz challenge, you get points for that. >> jason: that's all i did. that's what it takes. i didn't even hit the buzzer. i got skunked. >> shannon: i will get you a mug. i know someone. i will hook you up. all right, jason, great show. we begin with a fox news alert. making history, nancy pelosi taking the speaker's gavel again today and with the democratic control of the house, she says she welcomes the new dawn of bipartisanship in our nation's capital. tonight, top democrats calling for bipartisan ship too. they want republicans to help them investigate the president. it's all happening amid the part


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