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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 9, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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no one actually knows. >> pete: i love that exchange with jonathan karl. >> melissa: there will be a lot of that. thank you to pete hegseth and the rest of the couch. we are back your noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here is harris. >> harris: breaking news, and some play-by-play as it is happening right now. president trump on the heels of his primetime address is ramping up his demand that congress sent him a spending bill that funds is border wall. saying he has the absolute right to declare a national emergency if no deal is reached. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. let's go to the live look. we are waiting president trump now, and vice president pence, to arrive on capitol hill to meet with republican senators. we know that he has just wrapped up a signing of a bill inside the white house, and is set to leave shortly ahead of his third meeting with eight congressional leaders at the white house. this is aimed at ending the partial government shutdown, now in its 19th day. not before the president said he
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has the power to declare a national emergency over the wall. watch. >> we might work a deal. if we don't, i may go that route. i have the absolute right to do a national emergency if i want. >> reporter: what is your threshold? >> president trump: my threshold will be if i can make a deal with people that are unreasonable. >> harris: i can say, secretary nielsen has arrived on capitol hill. the play-by-play as we get it from chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. a lot of activity right where you are. >> no question about that. good afternoon to you. as of that center public and lunch, president trump made clear he is interested in tackling a wide range of immigration issues. take a listen. >> president trump: i would love to see a big immigration bill where we really take care of the situation pritt i know you want to. if your buddy wants to. who wouldn't want to? we have to take care of this problem and it's quicker and easier to do this individually. but we would like to see real immigration reform in this
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country, because we need it. >> a key senate republican says so much of this showdown is personal. >> no fair-minded person believes we will ever be able to secure that border without a physical barrier in some form or fashion. that's a fact. you can write that down, take it home to mama. mrs. pelosi just refuses to admit the obvious, because of her hatred of president trump. >> the day after giving the democrats' response to the president, speaker pelosi and senator schumer did an event with furloughed federal workers. they are hoping pressure would force the g.o.p. to cut a deal. >> my message to president trump and my republican colleagues in congress is simple -- our federal workers just want to do their job. it's time that you do yours. >> the house side of the capital, democrats are putting
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individual funding bills on the floor starting with finance today to fund, for example, the irs. tomorrow they are planning to vote on funding for agriculture and housing and urban development. democrats say after passing those bills while makers can continue discussions about border security. >> the obvious exit here at the white house, they will come to the table and be responsible. to reopen the government, pass funding bills, as the republican senate has. >> the republicans concern is that if you pass all those bills, democrats still won't be interested in border security money. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. republican foxman louie gohmert of texas is here with me now. president trump will tour tomorrow in your state, but is coming to the capital in next few minutes. you and i may inherit that breaking news together and we will handle it as it comes. first of all, your comments on where we are after the president 's address last night with being
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able to make a deal to open the government and get a wall. >> its next ordinary time. historically speaking, we haven't seen this kind of hatred for a president and refusal to do what's good for a country since john quincy adams. even back then, as now, even though they know something is good for the country, because they have walls themselves. they have gated communities. they will not allow that for america. they will not allow us to save american lives. just because of their contempt for this president. it's outrageous. if you've ever a member at a time in american history with, with a shutdown going on, that one party leader would take off on vacation to hawaii? that if such arrogance as well as contempt. it's an extraordinary time. they said they are not negotiating. that they won't let a wild. >> harris: i need to step in for you and i are about to handle this together.
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i want to get your thoughts as the president of the united states arrives on capitol hill. to talk about the wall, and reopening the government. what is about to happen? what do you think will begin to hear and see that has been different? >> my hope is that you have a speaker and a leader in the senate that relies they are starting to be politically hurt by what they are doing and what they are denying to americans. that's only when we are going to finally get some kind of agreement here, because so far they have taken a position that the wall is not an option. the fence is not an option. "we aren't letting you have any barrier." there was already a bill filed when i was ready to file one, that says, basically, "let's pay the people who are currently essential and are working. tsa, faa. those that are working. for heaven sakes, let's get them paid. the pressure will mount to pass
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such a bill, so we can take care of those. if pelosi and schumer continued to not allow any barrier at our border. >> harris: you know what? i'm hearing from you compromise. you are saying that brooks loaded this. you would float the same thing. and we got word -- fox news was of eyes advised of a revamped schedule. financial services, today. agriculture and transportation tomorrow. interior on friday pray before asking the question, president trump is about to ascend to the steps they are on capitol hill. as you were talking with me, we want to draw our attention to what is about to happen now. if there's a way to listen to his comments, we will take you there. for now, we are watching this unfold. my question for you is, do you get those bills done in the house and then reopen? >> not if there is no wall funding. the president has made that clear.
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we have made that clear. we have a veto margin in the house and the senate. they are going to have to provide some type of barrier, the way president obama has around his house. we have that for at least part of our border, and if they are not going to do that, the government -- the partial government shutdown -- is not going to stop. >> harris: mo brooks out of alabama puts this forth. you've got your colleagues ther there. what is the talk now? are there any defections? we are seeing some movement among republicans in the senate. lisa murkowski now joining them. that they might vote with democrats to reopen the government without the wall funding yet, and talk about it later. >> my understanding is they don't have the votes in the senate, and the leader mcconnell is not going to bring the bill to the floor without them having the votes to
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pass it. even if they did, we should have a veto-prove margin in both the house and the senate. there were, what, six or seven house members? republicans that voted for a bill last week? you have some, but it's not enough to get the government open. so we ought to at least pay those who are working now. >> harris: congress men from excuse me. the president of the united states, the vice president, they are walking in for this g.o.p. policy lunch. this is their third gathering of lawmakers with the president to talk about the issue of wall funding. >> that's a good deal. they are coming to us. that's a big deal. >> harris: let's listen to the present. >> president trump: i think we are going to win. we need border security. very simple. >> reporter: how long will you let the shutdown last customer >> president trump: whatever it takes. [indistinct question]
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>> president trump: what you should do is take a look at last night and see the results this morning. the people know we need border security. thank you very much. >> reporter: are you talking about -- >> harris: i want to thank congress men go merit of the great state of texas. he has left us, but he will definitely come back and i will talk with him in another time. his last words to us before the president and the vice president walked up, and we heard from president trump, from congressman gomer -- he said "this is a big deal, that he's coming to me on the hill." this is a big deal at this juncture. the importance. and you hear the president saying, "we need border policy." i haven't heard too many different things from different democrats have had on this very program. congressman dan killed dee of michigan saying, "it's a 3-pronged approach." you know he mentioned the word "barrier" before he mention technology and people. they want to bring in california
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congressman eric swalwell. let's talk brass tacks as a democrat getting this done. some of your party, congressman -- and i mentioned kildee from michigan -- are ready to do a deal. what is the sticking point. is that your leadership? >> is whether we are governed by facts or fear. we followed the facts, they show at that, yes, we have undocumented individuals coming across our border. but there is a net outflow of undocumented individuals leaving our country. let's increase border patrol agents, let's deploy technology, let's put fencing and barriers where vulnerabilities are. a sea to shining sea wall, as the president promised mexico would pay for, that's not going to happen. >> harris: that campaign rhetoric has not been such in this conversation. >> he used the word wall four or five times last night. >> harris: but it's been a wall system for months. the president has talked about people and technology. so let's be honest about those people. the border patrol has 2,000 openings. the government, the federal
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government, has a retention problem with border patrol agents. >> that problem is going to get a lot worse when they are not getting paid and their credit ratings are in the tank. they are not paying their rent or their mortgage ins. >> harris: my point is that the issue of trying to pay people and retain them in the border patrol has been across several presidents. it's not just now. this issues of "more people, more people, more people." yeah, the academy's except he more people. be if you keep the ones you have now. >> i agree. >> harris: there is that part. representative will hurd today, a republican out of texas -- i sometimes hear you saying the same thing. the semantics of the deal. can you just make a deal? you know barriers are part of it. 3-pronged. he told me yesterday. barrier, technology, and we have to solve the retention of people problem. >> harris, there is only one person who is truly the problem, and that is the president who backed away from the deal that passed in the senate when mitch mcconnell had republicans and democrats support what we
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just passed in the house. i think you have you have to isolate what the problem is and not have this equivalence here, where we are treated the same way as the president. the momentum is with the people who want to fund border security, not have border theater. >> harris: can i ask you to tell me whether or not you really think democrats will get on board after you pass all those other bills? because now we see the schedule that has come out. it's potential you could get some of those appropriations. but the question has always been, will you really fight it out and come up with something that benefits everybody in the end? if the shutdown and those bills go away? >> harris, it's a great question. i think what you will see his bipartisan votes to reopen the government. we saw that before the shutdown and we will see that now in the shutdown. what you will not see is bipartisan votes after you have a wall. again, if you are looking for "where's the bipartisanship? "it's about having smart border security, but not the wall as the president has described. >> harris: it's not a concrete wall. as a steel slat system.
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>> he should stop using that phrase, then. >> harris: a reinforced situation like a fence line. a lot of that needs restoring along that 600 miles. what would you have going forward? do you want the terrell all that down and start over again? you know the barriers work in some places. >> harris, the president is the problem, here. he is truly the problem prayed he cannot articulate for us where he wants a wall. he just blanket lee says "we need a wall." he has backed away from a deal that has already been struck. if we just sat back for a second, the president should not be going to the border. he should cross the border and go to b's central american countries where migrants are fleeing violence at economic hardship, so we can understand what we can do so that they stay in their countries. so that they are not afraid of their lives. how can we have a marshall plan with them so we can make investments there and not have to build higher and higher walls in our border. >> harris: there might be some who would call for you to read the 2006 2006 legislation thats
10:14 am
passed when democrats have the majority, that calls for wall funding. strong fence line, whatever you want to do. and we can change the semantics and the topics of things. but we don't have too change the substance breed i'm optimistic that you can do it. men and women on the hill. and not make it about one person, but make it about everybody. >> you are giving equivalence again to him, harris, where we had mitch mcconnell -- republicans, democrats and the senate. the majority of the members now in the house are voting for it. he is the one who is isolated. you have to make it about him because he is the problem. i hate saying it because he's the president of the united states, but he is the problem here. >> harris: congressman swallow, think of for joining me today. >> my pleasure. >> harris: go to work, as they always do. we are keeping an eye on that meeting, by the way, between president trump and her public and senators on capitol hill. lawmakers could come to the cameras as it ends to talk about the next step and shutdown negotiations. we are watching that camera that we have perched. we will bring it lives if and when that happens, this hour.
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fox news deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is expected to leave the justice department once a new attorney general is confirmed. nominee william barr actually began meeting with lawmakers ahead of his confirmation hearings next week. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge's live in washington. catherine, you see the video, and we know that he has been meeting with lawmakers. >> that's right, harris. good afternoon. just. justice department officials told fox news earlier today the deputy attorney general wants to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming attorney general, william barr. who, as you mention, is on the hill today and his confirmation hearings are next week. this morning the white house characterized rod rosenstein's departure as civil. >> i've been in meetings with the president and deputy attorney general here at the white house, and the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and the president have a good report. they have a good relationship. he's not being pushed out, nobody's asking him to leave. if he leaves is on his own accord. there are many things the department of justice does that have zero to do with the mueller
10:20 am
investigation. >> sources close to rosenstein, seen here leaving his home in suburban washington this morning, so he always he has done the doctor to use prayed not without controversy paid last month, they singled out rosenstein for failing to come to the hill to answer questions under oath. his role in the surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign. after the former top lawyer for the fbi, james baker, backed up media accounts that rosenstein was seriously discussing recording the president and invoking the 25th amendment in may of 2017 after they fired director james comey. a source says that his comments were misunderstood and sarcastic. as you mention this morning, the nominee for attorney general, william barr, is on capitol hill for a series of senate meetings before next week's confirmation hearing. the incoming chairman of the powerful senate judiciary committee told fox he will do a deep dive on the issue of fisa abuse allegations once he takes the gavel, adding rosenstein
10:21 am
will be part of it. senator graham also pressed barr on how he will handle any special counsel report. >> are you committed to making sure mr. mueller can finish his job? "yes." "when the report is handled, i will handed over to you." "what do you intend to do with the?" "go through the process of what i can share with the congress and the public, airing on the side of transparency." >> two main takeaways. next week we have the confirmation hearings for william barr. we will learn a lot more about his position on the robert mueller probe directly from him. also, that senator graham is not letting go of this fisa surveillance allegation. he's going to pick it up after the fisa confirmation, harris. >> harris: you talk about those hearings and a development now that senator coons is saying they are more important than ever. i will get into that with my next guest. catherine, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> harris: robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel and former federal prosecutors with me now. let me ask you about that first.
10:22 am
a member of the senate judiciary committee and coauthor of the special counsel independence and integrity act, senator coons, says he is concerned about where the investigation goes now and will be looking especially hard at barr's hearing. >> that is why it's appropriate for them to leave once a new attorney general is sworn in, to make the announcement prior to the hearing. that was the appropriate course. by the way, the country owes a debt of gratitude to rod rosenstein. he is a friend, but he's also someone that the country, i think, has come to respect in his position. he presided over the recusal of an attorney general, the firing and hiring of an fbi director, and also come the most important to come of the appointment counsel. all of those things, he held together during tumultuous times at the deferment of justice. it's a significant event, but in the ordinary course, it would be expected that a new attorney general would have a new deputy. particularly so, given the fact
10:23 am
that rod rosenstein was the acting attorney general in charge of the mueller investigation during all of this time. it's a little bit of an awkward situation to have rod rosenstein continue when the new attorney general, who will not be recused, will be ultimately then responsible for supervision of the mueller investigation. >> harris: so, basically, a man taking a man's job. >> right. >> harris: how does this change the investigation? >> no surprise, i don't really think it's going to alter it in any significant way. i think -- you know, you heard from senator graham that the expectation of what senators from both parties will be expecting to hear is that mr. barr will, in fact, allow the mueller investigation to wind down to an appropriate conclusion. you would expect, as we have discussed previously, that there will be a report at the end of that investigation. finally, you heard senator graham trying to secure a commitment. "what are your intentions with regard to whether that report
10:24 am
will be made public?" there is a process, but expect. expectation of erring on the side of transparency -- that it will be transmitted to congress, and whether in redacted form or otherwise, it's expected it would be released to the public. i think that's what you can expect to happen. i think that would have happened whether he was in the position as deputy, and irrespective of mr. barr being confirmed as attorney general. i think that's with the congress expects. i'm sure they will attempt to secure that commitment when we hear from him during the hearings next week. speed went all right, so, democrats on the house judiciary committee are reportedly threatening to subpoena acting attorney general matthew whitaker today. to testify about whether his relationship with president trump has influences oversight of the mueller probe. he has been in charge of the probe for a very short period of time. >> right. >> harris: now we know that rod rosenstein is leaving, and william barr -- who was unanimously liked by democrats and republicans last go round
10:25 am
under hw bush, former president -- could maybe get confirmed pretty quickly. maybe not. i want to get your thoughts on that, too. but matthew whitaker now the focus. why? >> i don't really understand that. it doesn't seem to me to make a lot of sense, since it, for all practical purposes, i believe rod rosenstein continued despite the desiccation. there is nothing that has altered the course of the investigation during the relatively brief amount of time that matt whitaker served as the acting attorney general. >> harris: since november. >> right. so what are we talking about? really, nothing. i think all this will be superseded by events, and once mr. barr is confirmed, we will move onto other things. >> harris: was one question you would ask william barr next week? >> i think that's the property to ask. would you expect to be of the continuation of the investigation. will it remain unimpeded custom work what are your intentions? i'm sure he will answer. there is a process in place of
10:26 am
the department to deal with that, as a result of regulations that were promulgated during the clinton administration. that process will be followed. he will receive a recommendatio recommendation. i think the expectation will be that that report will be delivered to congress. if it's delivered to congress, i think in one fashion or another it will be released to the american people american people. dispute went all right. robert ray, always good to have you. >> always good to be with you harris. it was a pleasure. >> harris: happy new year. >> and to you. >> harris: of emotions running high on both sides of the political aisle as the president steps of his demands for border security. thousands of migrants from south america way to cross into the united states. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live at the u.s.-mexico border in california, with quite a story. jonathan? >> harris, good afternoon to you. those thousands of migrants from both sides of america are essentially into shelters here. across the board in tijuana. they were watching with great interest last night in those
10:27 am
shelters, as president trump addressed what he called a humanitarian and security crisis. for the most part, those migrants did not like what they heard. listen here. >> translator: i don't know what he means by saying we are a danger to this country, when most are migrants working over there. >> translator: i hope his heart softens to give us a chance, because we are not going to steal from him. we want to work. to help us continue building the country. >> here on this, the u.s. side of the border, residents in nearby cities like san diego live with the reality of immigration. both legal and illegal, every day. the debate over immigration was on full display at a meeting at the san diego county board of supervisors last night. whether the discussion was about whether the county should do mo,
10:28 am
thousands of them, who are in the san diego area. they have gone through the first stage of the asylum process and are now waiting there to see if they get final approval. in the meantime, they need food, water, and shelter. residents spoke out and many views were on display. listen here. >> we are usa, we need to help our people first. i think they need to be helped, but to ask the county for money -- if they want to do it, open up their homes to these people to come into their homes. >> to see that the counties putting in some effort to provide some compassion and humanity to those who are here seeking refuge, it's refreshing. >> there it is. the immigration debate nationally, in a local nutshell, if you like it, harris. america first, or compassion for those less fortunate than the ones of us who are lucky enough to already live in the united states?
10:29 am
can those two concepts coexist? harris? >> harris: that's exactly what they are talking about on capitol hill right now. led by the president of the united states, who has gone to the hill. we have got it at the border and in washington now, that's not a topic. hopefully we can solve it. jonathan, thank you very much. new reports show that the military wants to dial down its plans for a troop withdrawal from afghanistan. we will take a look at the issue as i talk with retired army colonel, one who served in afghanistan, about whether this is the correct move. stay with me. ♪ ey for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value.
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10:34 am
backed off his original plan to withdraw all u.s. troops from s. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> harris, when the president began talking about pulling troops out of the middle east, many where he was undermining his special envoy to afghanistan, who the pentagon believes is the best option for getting the taliban to the peace table and ending the 17-year u.s. engagement there. the man who was born in afghanistan and serves as u.s. ambassador there and in iraq at the height of those wars just left for a two week trip to afghanistan, pakistan, india, and china. he met with taliban officials three times in qatar late last year. he will not be going to qatar on this trip, according to the state department. last week, president trump signaled his impatience with the war, blaming his former defense secretary jim mattis. >> what has he done for me? how has he done in afghanistan? not too good. as you know, president obama fired him, and essentially, so
10:35 am
did i. >> mattis resigned. the top commander in afghanistan, general scott miller, recently expressed support for peace talks with the taliban. >> policy reviews going on in the capital, peace talks out there. regional players, pressing for peace. the taliban, talking about the -- >> asked if talk in washington about the potential withdrawal of 4,000 to 7,000 troops in afghanistan hurts the efforts to broker peace with the taliban, a u.s. defense official replied "whether or not the u.s. withdraws a portion of their forces won't change the difficult pressure the taliban feel on a regular basis." last year, the u.s. military dropped more bombs in afghanistan than any time in the past decade. 30 taliban and ices fighters were killed in various u.s. air strikes in recent days. the u.s. has spent roughly $1 trillion on the war in
10:36 am
afghanistan. it's harris? >> harris: thank you very much, jennifer. i want to bring in a retired colonel from the army. think of being with me. what is our mission currently in afghanistan? >> that's a really good question, because i don't think anyone really knows what it is. the united states did have a good mission when they originally sent in in 2001. that was to eliminate the taliban support for al qaeda and to devastate that organization, which was accomplished, militarily, by the middle of 2002. after that it changed into various times of government-building and nation-building. the humanitarian things, all kinds of other things. right now there is no clear military mission that that group could accomplish, and the president's right to say that they need to be withdrawn. >> harris: why the mission creep? i know in the military that's what it's called. >> there is this unfounded belief that, if we withdraw from
10:37 am
afghanistan, they will be a new 9/11. i have heard many people recently here in this town talk about how they are going to spring up again if we leave. the fact of the matter is, our presence there does not keep us safe here. contrary to what many believe, as i can tell you, i was there. there was 140,000 nato troops in about 300,000 afghan troops in 2010 and 2011. even with all those, there was still vast tracts of a country that were off limits u.s. paid the fact is we have about one-tenth of it, and are not as many combat troops. so we are not keeping it safe there. we didn't do it then, we are going to do it now. our withdrawal will not add to our security because we keep ourselves safe no matter where threats originate from around the world. by the global, reconnaissance efforts. >> harris: very interesting. how difficult is it with those already very small numbers of our military to handle what jennifer griffin just reported? last year, more bombs dropped in
10:38 am
afghanistan by the united states than in any other time in the last decade. >> right. what didn't get mentioned there, certainly by the military officials, is that in 2009 when general mcchrystal said that we were in danger of losing, he cited a number of 25 potential taliban numbers. after the surge and all the things in between, the last commander said there is approximately 60,000. so it doesn't matter how many bombs were dropped, how did troops we leave. they will never stop because there's going to be no shortage of replacements for everyone we take out. >> harris: real quickly come i want to try and get to syria. but i have to ask this -- what did we think we could accomplish in afghanistan that russia couldn't accomplish? we are not the only country who has gone there and tried to make a difference, and kind of deal with the taliban, if you will. >> right. for as much as we heap criticism on russia for having left, at least they recognized something that wasn't going to succeed. i just really hope that the president sticks with his guns, because he's the only people who
10:39 am
has had the courage who don't like to say we to leave. that policy is good for america. >> harris: real quickly, no you have it russia and iran involved in syria. another place the president says now, with a proper look at that over timing and how many people we bring out, he wants to leave syria, as well. you're less quick word? >> that's completely the right answer. we absorb an enormous strategic risk, of having conflict with our allies. nato, with russian forces, all which could explode into something better our countries. those troops do nothing, even on a tactical level, much less strategic for megan interest. they need to come out. >> harris: that is very interesting. lieutenant colonel daniel davis. i appreciate your time, i hope you will come back to the program paid thank you. >> always my pleasure, thank you. >> harris: president trump is meeting with center republicans on the capitol hill right now. new reactions to his primetime addresses coming in, as well. did he move the needle at all on border security? ari fleischer is up next. ♪ look at me now,
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♪ >> harris: so, it's happening. the president meeting with senate republicans on capitol hill and, as the g.o.p. policy lunches going on, there is a new reaction to his primetime speech last night. he made his case for the border wall. the president did not declare a state of emergency, but did say today that he has the absolute power to do so. then, would act without congress by executive fiat. democrats are accusing the president of fearmongering. >> i think the president did a terrific job at laying out both what the nature of the crisis, but humanity humanitarian natil secured crisis -- you saw chuck schumer nancy pelosi and ross and i try to see in what's happening here. this could be resolved in a 45-minute meeting. i think the american people want it resolved. >> i think he made a speech
10:45 am
that's inconsistent with reality. i think it's something we could hear at a rally, not something that we should hear from an oval office presentation. >> harris: fox contributor ari fleischer, who served as press secretary in the george w. bush white house, is with us now. are you, how can democrats argue that this is not a humanitarian crisis when video had showed -- and they were pounding their fists into their hands "look at what's happening to the people coming of the caravans, and what will happen when they get there. open the border so they can come in." how can it be both? >> how can you argue that has tens of millions people work in the shadows want to be legalized, but it's not a mentoring crisis was to mark that these tens of millions have arrived or the many years and continue to arrive today? yes, it's a mentoring crisis. it's also a governmental crisis because it shows how broken washington is. and people just don't know how to compromise any more. that's the saddest thing about
10:46 am
this. it's so simple. walls make so much sense if you put them in, where the experts say they should go. they've never been a big deal are controversial in the past. it's only controversial now because of the democratic hatred for donald trump. >> harris: was the primetime address the right venue, that bully pulpit to get this conversation going, by the president? >> harris, not only for the reason of making his case on the integration of the wall was at the right place and right time and right venue to do it. i want to see more of the president to use the powers of his office for the art of persuasion, instead of the art of assertion. so often with the present does is limit his ability to grow his base because he's only talking on twitter to the people who already agree with him. twitter is insufficient. it's too brief. when he needs to do to bring more people to see things through his eyes is engage in the power of persuasion. give longer speeches, give fact-based speeches, give speeches with emotion in them. but that is something i really haven't seen much of in his
10:47 am
presidency. i hope this is a start of doing it on a regular basis and doing more of it. it would be good for the president. >> harris: it's interesting you put it this way. that's what we call them "followers" on twitter. they are already in their camp. they are following you, they made that choice. they like and with little red hearts whatever you say. in this incident last night, he did have the bully pulpit. where there any missed opportunities he would like to see him pick up on while he's capitol hill today? >> i think the real thing, if i were the white house, i would emphasize that zero is not a compromise. we are willing to compromise his nancy pelosi. they want to spend a zero on the wall. the republicans in the senate want to spend about $5 billion on the wall. you compromise. you come out at $2.5 billion. thus the obvious compromise. i think donald trump -- >> harris: he tried that. the vice president tried that. >> keep doing it. you have to keep making the case, and he could have done in the speech last night, as well. that we are willing to compromise, we will need the
10:48 am
democrats halfway. zero is not a compromise. it's never going to be the solution. i think you have to keep it up at that level. ultimately, the sun and the house leaders will get together and forge a compromise. because what they used to know how to do, they use to -- they don't exceed that going on. both sides will see who loses ground the most and we will wait waited until someone loses. the only people who get her that we are the american people in the federal workers. compromise. build a wall where the customs and border patrol people say it's necessary. split the financial difference in half. speed when you need a new t-shirt or a hat. "make compromise great again." >> [laughs] >> harris: we all need that. civility, that's how you get it. you meet in the middle parade ari fleischer, thanks for being on the program. happy new year. >> think you come harris. same to you. >> harris: i would democrats weighing in at the 2020 presidential campaign begins, saying they want a candidate who has the best chance of being president trump. but some worry a woman cannot beat him after hillary clinton's
10:49 am
experience. the panel weighs in on that. and, yes, there is a woman on it. we will talk. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. at humana, we believe great things are ahead of you when you start with healthy. and part of staying healthy means choosing the right medicare plan. humana can help. with original medicare, you're covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits when you're sick. but keep in mind you'll have to pay a deductible for each. a medicare supplement plan can cover your deductibles and co-insurance, but you may pay higher premiums than you do with other plans. and prescription drug coverage isn't included.
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hi, i'm dana perino. we are following the movement on capitol hill before the president meets with leaders from both parties at the white house. plus, potential candidates of
10:53 am
the democrats 2020 feel and not wasting any time to respond to the president's address. in a closing chapter on a story we've been following. matthew charles, the first man to be freed from prison under the president's first act. we will see you. ♪ >> harris: i would democratic voters in the spotlight is a 2020 campaign season kicks off. they say they want a candidate who has the best chance of defeating president trump. some worry a female candidate can get it done one voter telling p.r., "i think there's a lot of men out there that would never vote for a woman. i hate to say that, but i think that. especially woman that is strong, very opinionated. i think a lot of men think she is pushy." power panel, gianno caldwell, a fox news political analyst. a former candidate for dnc chair, and a fox news contributor. >> we hear! [laughs] >> harris: all right! what's what's up with that?
10:54 am
a woman can't wear on, can't win? >> shakur! there is sexism and misogyny in the world! >> harris: but we're talking about democrats. >> we know this could be true. certainly, when i ran for dnc chair, i said very clearly that we need to deal with the misogyny in our own party. the reality is, democrats have will not won the men vote in decades. the coalition that whoever our nominee is going to have to put together is going to have to be able to carve out some of those male voters, but really, it's going to be a much broader coalition than that. the reality is, whether it's elizabeth warren or any of the other women willing to be on that stage, women govern better. women study shows they are more clematis, they bring more resources back to the district. they cross the aisle more. the idea of having a woman in the white house is actually going to get us past the partisanship you were just talking about with ari from into that place of compromise.
10:55 am
>> harris: i can't wait to hear about alanis. >> it's interesting, in 2016 on the night of the election we sat on there for two or three hours watching. >> oh, god. do not remind me! [laughter] speak of the thought going into it, the influence a president trump thing women wouldn't support him. there is so much sexism and misogyny going on. he won 52% of women. when people make that argument -- >> that's not correct. 52% of white women. >> thank you for correcting me. >> hillary clinton won the women's vote. >> i think that breaks down the narrative that is not necessarily true. if you put a woman who is honest up, you think about some but he was michelle obama, who is well-lived in the democratic party. even some republicans like her as well. i think that would change the landscape. the fact of the matter is come in 2016, a flawed candidate was put up and that's the reason we had the result we did. >> harris: let's flip it. because right now on their
10:56 am
public inside, there is women subbing it. they may not choose to run against a sitting president and the party, but there are some future voices there. marsha blackburn, tennessee. the first woman from her estate to be in the senate. real quickly. >> yeah, i think that's great and that we need more republican women. i think that's outstanding. i think people like ronna mcdaniel, rnc -- >> nikki haley, y'all! that's what i hear. >> harris: you've got to go. thank you. more in a moment.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> melissa:. >> harris: stay put as we continue coverage with the president meeting on republicans on policy of the border. i'm harris, here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert, president trump meeting with senate republicans on the heels of last night address to the nation. hello, i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> dana: another big meeting with congressional leaders at the white house an hour from now, the battle over border wall funding continues. 19th day of a partial government shutdown. >> president trump: we're having very good times in our country, we're doing very well, exempt for the border. i believe the democrats and the republicans are working together. i think that something will happen, i hope. otherwise i'll go about it in a different manner. >> the president needs to come


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