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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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glamorous hollywood star tying the knot. their marriage did not last long -- they divorced 274 days later in october 1954. but they remained friends. when monroe died in 1962, dimaggio arranged for her funeral. until his death he sent rosa several times a week to her grave. >> bill: on this day. >> sandra: on this day. that's it for us. we will see you tomorrow. to be 25 starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. we are waiting president trump, who write and i was on his way to new orleans will he will speak at the american farm bureau's annual convention. that speech comes as the longest government shut down in our nations history just hit day 24. this is to is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis, national security analyst and newly-minted fox news contributor morgan ortagus. i love that, you give her a high five! democratic strategist from the upper side of that high five,
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fox news contributor is welcome to leslie marshall. in the center seat, cohost of fox & friends, fox news radio host as well, brian kilmeade. and an author. you may not be newly-minted, but... you know! >> melissa: he is mentee nonetheless! minty fresh! >> brian: like scope. fantastic. >> harris: lets at the news. the president speaking to reporters before leaving the white house a short time ago. he is still calling on democrats to come to the table and make a deal to reopen the government, even though close allies of the president have urged him to declare a national emergency to build the border wall. watch. >> i'm not looking to call a national emergency. it's so simple, we shouldn't have to. we should get on with our lives. the democrats are stopping us, they are stopping a lot of great people from getting paid. all they have to do is say, "we want border security." that automatically means a wall or a barrier. >> harris: republican senator lindsey graham suggesting democrats are being hypocritical on the issue of the border wall.
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>> every democrat that i have worked with, for about ten years now, has agreed to funding for barrier/walls on. on obama 'swatch come on bush's watch. all. all of a sudden, it's a bad thing under trump's watch. it's perplexing how you expect this to end when you tell the president of the united states, "you get $1 for a wall." in the past, they had appropriate billions for the wall. what is he supposed to do, just given? he's not going to give in. >> harris: senator tim kaine double down on opposition to funding a border wall, claiming democrats are ready and willing to fund border security. >> what we don't want to do is waste taxpayer money on a vanity project that is ineffective, that the president said mexico would pay for. but spending massive amounts on border security to keep us safe -- dems do it over and over again, and it's been republicans blocking it. >> harris: look up at your
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screen right now if these numbers. an abc "washington post" poll shows that, while mort doherty of americans do not approve of building a border wall, the numbers are moving in the president's favor. 42% of americans supporting a border wall, up from 34% a year ago. brian kilmeade, why do you think that is? why is the needle moving toward the president? >> brian: a couple things come here us. thanks, everybody for having me on. a couple things -- walls, fences, barriers, slats. if you say wall, 2,000 miles, solid brick, that's not going to work. do you support a barrier? various barriers throughout the southern border? that would be even higher. i think the president has done a good job illustrating the problem. number two, the world is happening. caravans are real. being slain by an illegal immigrant israel. the drug numbers, people dying every day, that's real. these are stories that all play into the southern border. he doesn't have to come up with things. >> harris: melissa, i want it with you for just a second
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before we continue going around the couch. some of the journalism happening over the weekend. i invite everybody to look at npr, as they were interviewing border patrol agents. some of them saying, as brian has suggested, that there is part of the equation that includes a barrier. that's a word that we keep hearing. you have been hitting the semantics of the conversation. where do you think are now? >> melissa: i think the president has moved away. he talks very significantly -- it would probably be helpful to the situation, resolving it come if you took the word "wall" of his vocabulary. he won't, because he won't like that. but he has mentioned "fence" more often then he does "well," now. it's a combination of things. it would get that? there are slats, fences. you need security, you need drones, people down at the border. if you have slats in one spot, the people know, and border patrol knows where to go. it may drive people around the fence. so then you can put border patrol at that side.
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there is a whole host of things. if you're logical about it, we need them. i think americans get that. but when you say "welcome" it brings it back to a political fight. >> harris: it is that political talking point that both sides are using now. both democrats and republicans. here is senator chris coons, a democrat for marilyn come on the border >> i personally don't think a portable is in and of itself immoral. if we could reach a resolution for our country's broken immigration system and find a path forward, we all agree on investing and border security. in new technologies and approaches that would actually make us safer. >> harris: it was interesting, because that aired yesterday before you said what he said. but he kind of said what you said, too. [laughs] there seems to be, leslie, some room for agreement. can they get there? >> leslie: i don't think so. not right now. at some point, they will have to see it. they be affected by the polls. you said, there are more people supporting it, but a majority people still don't want the ball. they are pulling the president and the g.o.p., and not democrats. democrats have to be careful,
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too, because the tide can change. what senator coons said, i agree with 100%. i don't believe it's immoral. i think it's not effective. it to your point about copperheads of come in pennsylvania, it plane came in with a drug shipment. we found a tunnel in california that goes from the united states to mexico. these are not addressed by the wall or drones. to you important, to the semantics, it's not just the semantics -- although that comes into play. it's whether there is an entire border wall. an entire wall, over the entire border, versus -- >> harris: he said it wasn't possible, though. let me just jump in with the video that we saw. because you didn't even have to see where the president went. you could see a video that was be role in some of the coverage of the rio grande. they are putting up a map for me, thank you, guys. the rio grande area, where he went. in mcallen texas. you can't put a wall up there. nobody has thought we don't like it would ever be the case. but i get it, morgan.
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when the president was on the campaign trail, the wall was that word that he used. galvanized this idea of that kind of protection. in reality, it wouldn't happen anyway. >> morgan: i think the president is starting with last week to take back the messaging on this. >> harris: can you take back two years of messaging? >> morgan: know, in terms of as it relates to the shutdown. meaning he is being much more pragmatic on that. one of the things i would have dinner the weekend is just sit there and tweet out every picture of every member of congress that's in puerto rico. >> harris: he didn't tweet about that. >> morgan: this is something alexandria ocasio-cortez should care about. let's talk about who pays for that. how many lobbyists are there? how many pacs are there? i have a good friend who's an fbi agent. over the weekend, two babies, one of the way. his wife doesn't work because she is taking care of the three kids. or, two. two it, and one on the way. he thought he could get more reserve time to pay for it while the government to shut down.
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meanwhile, you have people in puerto rico on the beach having cocktails. that's where i think i have a problem with his. the s&p global ratings are saying that if this goes on for another two weeks -- we are going to lose $6 billion in the economy. that's more than the ball. >> harris: you are saying they could have just cut the check for $5.7 billion. can i just slide this end? i want your thoughts on this. you come too, brian. you got the trip down to puerto rico not long ago. we were talking about a situation that was so dire for them. is this an economic decision among democrats to go help out? i'm really curious. because i know what the need is on the ground still in puerto rico. maybe something like this pops up. as an opportunity for that. i don't know. >> leslie: realistically, it's two fold. is economic, checked out the people puerto rico? yes. but the puerto ricans want -- the commonwealth, if you will, of puerto rico wants to be a state. obviously, these people can vot vote. they vote more so democratic,
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and the democratics are looking to be in reinforce that sector. >> harris: i know i said your name probably will have to wait until the next topic. >> brian: i will stick around! [laughter] >> harris: president trump is heading back at two big reports over the weekend that he pushed to conceal the contents of his committed occasions with russian president vladimir putin on one page. full of the page. that, after he fired fbi director james comey. fbi officials launched a counterintelligence probe into whether the president was working on behalf of russia. now the president is going after what he calls "corrupt former fbi officials." details and analysis, and debate ahead. >> i think this is great that you even asked that question. because it's a whole big fat hoax. ♪ homeownwho need cash. with home values rising all across the country, now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by $600 a month.
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not only did i never worked for russia, i think it's a disgrace that you even ask that question. because it's a whole big, fat hoax. >> melissa: but democratic senator elizabeth warren says the report is raising big questions. >> i have been waiting for a long time for mueller to kind of move forward. i think we are seeing these independent actions, even independent of mueller, which is the lead up and some of the rationale about why this investigation started and why so many americans like myself have been concerned for so long. >> melissa: sounds like mark warner to me. but, anyway... [laughs] john roberts 11's latest. john? >> elizabeth warren, mark warner. politicians under the category of w. the president, when he was on with judge jeanine on 9:00 saturday night here on the fox news channel, he said it was ludicrous, the allegation that he was involved with russia somehow. and there should be an fbi investigation of it. but he did not definitively say
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no, which led to his critics -- like mark warner and others -- saying, "well, listen, he had the opportunity to say no and he didn't." sue saw the president was on his way up to the helicopter today, issuing back flat out now. at the same time, pointing to the people who were leading the investigation at the time he fired james comey, which sparked this discussion. listen here. >> the people that started that investigation are mccabe, who is a proven liar and was fired from the fbi, or lisa page, who was forced to leave the fbi, and her lover, peter strzok. we got their text messages, and what they said in those text messages was shocking. when he talked about bias. also, call me. >> while some democrats including mark warner of virginia say the discussion among fbi leaders as to whether the president was acting, it
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increases the appearance of the investigation bring a lot to continue. former governor chris christie says the whole thing plays in the president's favor. listen here. >> it backs up as narrative. his narrative is that fbi agents were acting in a rogue manner, overstepping the normal course of business, because they had something against him. that story is an extraordinary story, that they would open a counterintelligence investigation against the president of the united states. i think it backs of some of the narrative the president has been talking about. >> the president also dismissed a "washington post" article over the weekend that said he kept translators 'notes from his jul, germany with vladimir putin. suggesting that there was some reason why he was keeping those notes from his aides. the president talked about that today, saying "no big deal, i have these one-on-one meetings of the time." by the way, it wasn't just the
9:17 am
president and vladimir putin with their translators. rex tillerson was there, as well. so, somebody else knows what went on in that room. >> melissa: john roberts, thank you for all of that. we will get to that with the translator of "the washington post" and the second. brian, i want to start with what was in "the new york times." i think the take away point from this seems to be it means that this investigation was begun as a counterintelligence investigation as opposed to a criminal probe. >> brian: but that's not where it ended it. >> melissa: but that's also open-ended, and can't just kind of go on endlessly and give all sorts of powers. >> the way they describe it as a sense of panic within the fbi. they noticed that the rnc platform change. they noticed the president called to russia, "hey, russia, if you're listening, get those emails that hillary clinton mysteriously lost." and then the lesser old interview habits, in which he says, "yeah, this whole thing with russia is a big hoax." but they don't bring up is the second half of the lester holst
9:18 am
interview, when he says answer to the question. he doesn't talk about james comey, to end the investigation. he says, "they might even like some of the investigation, but i have to do the right thing for the american people." you would think they were doing such a conference of look, that they might've played the bite, all the way out. in the fifth paragraph, it says "no evidence has emerged publicly that he was secretly in contact with or took direction from the russian officials." i look at this as a best of, all the things you suspect. the worst of donald trump. rather than something new. >> melissa: you are a counterintelligence security expert. how did it read to you? >> morgan: i think we are seeing clearly here is, during the obama administration, you had a sitting presidency that was spying on an opposition campaign. why do they do that? they said publicly that it's been through carter page, or
9:19 am
they said in the fisa documents four times that they believe this dossier. andrew mccarthy of fox news pointed out that the fbi and this investigation is basically finally admitting that trump had been their target all along. that's what they're saying here. for me, i never understood the policy differences that the president had with president obama at the time. what has never been answered is why the fbi come why they were so obsessed looking specifically into president trump. assuming that there was a connection. that's something that has never been released. i don't know if it will be in this mueller investigation or not, but it was clear that all of these disgraced fbi officials that have resigned or quit since this began had an agenda for fm day one to invest get the president and we are still looking for why. speech he wouldn't they say it, with good reason? maybe if they were looking right at the president from day one, is that the smoking gun if you look at r side, that they were suspicious of him? so they looked into him? >> leslie: we knew and they
9:20 am
knew when they were looking to come as mueller has been tasked with, the interference by the russians with our election and our process. the american process, our democracy. i think there was a legitimate concern about the fbi. i don't think it was just political partisanship and hatred for this incoming president. i think when they looked at it they said, "is this going to interfere with the inquiry that we have come into how much russia did or may continue to do in the future?" and i think you were looking to connect those dots. harris? >> harris: i'm actually going to tie this into the next topic. the white house is now pushing back against "the washington post" reported that the president went to great lengths to hide details of his conversations with russian president vladimir putin, including, reportedly come on at least one occasion taking possession of his own interpreter about schmidt's notes. the white house says the details of these meetings were not hidden. the counselor to kellyanne conway said the president had reason to be
9:21 am
protective sensitive information. >> that was a time when there were tremendous leaks, including when he would have meetings in the oval office. i can recall early on two calls with foreign leaders. i believe mexico and australia. the contents of which were leaked almost immediately. there was great suspicion that people were obviously leaking this. >> harris: democrats are in a saying they may call the president's interpreter to testify before congress. committee chairman adam schiff treated this -- "last year we sought to obtain the interpreter's notes of the private meeting between trump and putin. republicans on our committee voted us down. willie jonas now? should we find out whether our president is really putting america first? "brian, do we have any doubt that these translator notes might have gone from the president? that he may have taken them awa away? >> brian: we don't. we haven't had an exultation. kellyanne conway hasn't talked to the president about that. this morning come on
9:22 am
"fox & friends" -- we are going down a very tough road for the future, if you have to get the nose of the interpreter and interview the interpreters. they are there to interpret, not to analyze. all the sudden you're going to put them on the national stage to tell everybody what they believe the president met when he was talking about president president xi or president modi, or about a mere prudent? i think it's terrible. also, there's little bit of a pattern. what is the thing we have in common with president xi, kim jong un, modi, and vladimir putin? the president likes to do things one on one. he always has. they always met behind closed doors. it hasn't been a problem. the problem is vladimir putin, if you want to identify a pattern. >> harris: okay. and i ask about those notes because republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin was defending the president, morgan, saying that -- and i believe he was referring to the grabbing of those translator notes -- saying
9:23 am
that the president was really trying to prevent leaks that were rife in his administration. >> morgan: that wouldn't surprise me at all, considering kellyanne conway said this morning what we had at the time. listen, if this person comes before congress, this translator, no world leader is ever going to feel confident having a private conversation with an american president. you might as well put everything on the television cameras. because those conversations have to be confidential. what is different here, as "the washington post" pointed out, as there appears to be five different meetings with president putin that there is no official record for. typically, that would be -- >> harris: is that problematic? >> morgan: i those would be classed by the multiple levels. people within the intelligence committee or somewhere within the white house keep feeling compelled to leak these notes. i think we need to understand why there aren't classified notes on this, and -- i'm sure the president, his secretary of state, as national security
9:24 am
advisor, are getting debriefed after these after these. >> harris: bottom line, does it warrant an investigation? >> morgan: i don't think it warrants an investigation. i think the president and his advisors could easily claim this to us. if you can't have a private conversation with the president of the united states, no matter who is -- charm, or the next president -- nobody's going to meet with them. >> harris: leslie come early on in the administration what we talked about leaking from the white house, member the phone calls he was having with leaders who are leaking, too? it wasn't just translator notes and all that. we didn't have that drill down on the details. democrats are looking for what, here? >> leslie: democrats are looking for answers. but i have to say, i think they are doing the wrong thing with this. because i don't think the investigation is going to yield anything. >> harris: you don't like it warrants an investigation? >> leslie: i think it's political theater, which the democrats have been very critical of republicans when they were doing investigation after investigation. i don't think that the people who elected so many democrats coming into the house to take power want. i don't figure it will yield anything. i do think it -- i don't agree
9:25 am
with you, morgan. i think it's problematic, when you have five meetings over a two-year period and we have nothing. especially with vladimir putin, because of the russian meddling and the ongoing investigation by robert mueller. >> harris: when brian says -- because i wake us to talk this out together, it almost sounds like you are saying similar things -- when you say there is a trend in its when with russi, you're right. >> brian: leaders, too. >> harris: but you said specific leadership a listen to what leslie assange. >> brian: what i'm trying to say is this is the way president trump likes to do things. as chris christie said with george stephanopoulos, this is a president who sits on the podium and says "i am the one who do o it. i'm uniquely qualified." so why wouldn't he say "come over here, i have to talk to your?" why wouldn't he ask present you to get a trade deal together, at mar-a-lago, without everyone else around? >> melissa: elijah cummings said something similar. i would just quote some of "fortune" magazine's statistics.
9:26 am
i don't think people realize how much money the president has lost by virtue of being in the office, and by his brand being politicized. $400 million since taking office, according to forbes. a lot of that from licensing losses, $50 million on his properties around the world. the location is that there's a deal between these guys for him to make money in the future, to have a tower in russia, this and that. his brand has been so politicized that he has lost a lot of money by virtue of being office. i just wonder, factually, when people make those charges about money, look at sources like forbes and do the math. >> harris: leslie? >> leslie: i have seen reports that he has lost money, reports that he's made money. i would trust forbes. i would think, quite frankly, anybody of the will lose money. they should. they should be focused on running the country. i don't think how much money he has made -- comes back to this issue. >> melissa: speech he was the in
9:27 am
question ark when is saying he's making deals with russia. it's generally about making money. trying to have the tower. the point is, by virtue of being president, he has lost money. >> morgan: if we are going to open up a can of worms looking at presidential meetings, i would like to know what the obama administration was doing to work against israel at that last vote at the u.n. i would like to know with the obama initiation was saying to the iranians. if we start to open a presidential meetings because we disagree with policy, there's a whole lot as it relates to iran and israel that the obama administration needs to be held accountable for. >> harris: all right. two new faces, and what's looking to become a very crowded democratic field for 2020. why the president says he likes his chances as he takes a swipe at a familiar foe. and, big hearings kick off tomorrow for the president's nominee for attorney general. the criticism coming from democrats now in the senate, top democrats calling for the president to withdraw the nomination of william barr. >> i still believe come after the revelations about mr. barr's
9:28 am
unsolicited memo, president trump ought to withdraw his nomination. ♪ come here, babe.
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. ♪ [applause] >> melissa: we are getting a sneak peek of the testimony president trump's nominee for attorney general had a willing buyers congress tomorrow it could be contentious. as we all remember, the harsh partisan battle over judge brett kavanaugh's nomination for supreme court. they are threatening to press william barr over his past criticism over the moon would probe. here is top democrat dick durbin, who sits on the judiciary committee. >> he's a good lawyer, no question come up with incomes to this delicate political situation, the power of the presidency, whether this investigation is warranted, bill barr had better give us an ironclad, rock-bottom assurance in terms of his independence and his willingness to step back and let mueller finish his job.
9:33 am
>> new judiciary committee chairman, republican lindsey graham, believes democratic fears against barr overblown. barr says he has a high regarding formula. >> based on what you know for a cause, do you trust mr. mueller to be fair to the president and the country? will you make sure he can finish his job if you get the report? will he be as transparent as possible? i have asked of those questions, and i am very comfortable with his answers. >> melissa: in the meantime, william barr releasing excerpts of his testimony on the issue of the special counsel. he writes, "i believe it is in the best interest of everyone, the president, congress, and most important leave the american people, that this matter be resolved by allowing the special counsel. i will not permit the personal interests or any other improper consideration to interfere with this or any other investigation. is that satisfying, leslie costa
9:34 am
mark >> leslie: know. i would expect them to say that. he wants to get confirmed, and he will be confirmed, by the way. obviously the president is not going to pull him. he's not going to go, "oh, i stepped on." there's a concern among democrats, and among people. independence and her republicans as well, that he is biased. 19 pages that he sent to the department of justice in june, in which he said -- >> melissa: lawyers lie. >> leslie: i will give you that. fatally misconceived because the market seems like too much bias. that's a concern for me. not even from a partisan level. like i said, it doesn't matter. the votes are there. he's going to be conferred. >> melissa: andy mccarthy and others have made the point about it -- fatally misconstrued, saying that was about a portion of what they are looking at. the idea that it can't be obstruction when he is carrying out the duties that are his as president. but that was only a portion of the probe, and overall he feels like, as you said now, it should
9:35 am
go forward. >> brian: william barr will probably the most valuable player and confident, experienced player in the administration entirely. to get him, wanting to do that again, they are extremely lucky. he's going to stuff it with competent people who know how washington works. a little more traditional. i don't think if he recuse themselves it will be a folly. when you're in the private sector, and he was, my goodness. there is no way. you should treat the sky with respect. asking good questions, wait for them to actually answer. don't pontificate. we can go back to business as usual. you are right to challenge, in this electric atmosphere, but still. >> harris: i don't know if you would see it as a challenge. i spoke with robert ray on my show last week, and of course, he took over for kenneth starr at the end of the clinton investigations. what he said is that there is a responsibility to ask him a questions about the mueller investigation. a good attorney would see that and put it in a statement.
9:36 am
what did you see today? an attorney who kind of assumed it and was ready for that question. rachel told me, no, it's a port and then again on the record. he said that's what all good attorney's dominic do. >> morgan: are married to one! >> harris: because of the recent criticism. matthew whitaker, part of what they should be writing is the answer so to some of those questions. ray said republicans and democrat should ask them. >> morgan: tomorrow should be a snooze fest. barr is totally qualified. he simply qualified. i think he was at the 20 candidates on the judiciary committee, senator harris, booker potentially, they can't just let the guy through. they will have to make waves. but i don't predict this will be anything like the cavanaugh hearing. what's the alternative? the acting attorney general, who democrat said is totally qualified to run the agency, when they know that the mueller report is going to on the next few months. the best thing for everybody -- republicans, democrats, and the american public -- is to have
9:37 am
some incredibly experienced like barr at the table. anything you see tomorrow is pure posturing for 2020. it does not relate to his achievements at all. >> harris: leslie, real quickly, how much differences make for democrats to know their predecessors -- well, some of them may have been around -- but their predecessors, when barr was confirmed unanimously, fought on both sides of the i appear that he was the right person for the job? >> leslie: i think a lot of democrats still feel that way, but they have these concerns. as you said, he has to speak on the record. they will. remember, they also have a responsibility. seriously. left and right, you have a responsibility when you are a minority leader in the senate or majority leader in the senate. or a minority or majority leader in the house. ask the question. that's what's expected from your constituency and by your party. >> brian: senator schumer said he should just be withdrawn. >> leslie: that's the political rhetoric. he knows it's not going to happen. >> brian: wouldn't you expect more from a leader than that?
9:38 am
>> leslie: i think that's part of what he's doing, leading the charge for his party. what his constituents want to hear. i think that it's fair, because they are saying, "look, we have problems with your wording and your criticism of mueller and this investigation. and now you're going to head up the doj?" and the questions have to be asked in his opening speech, what we are going here later. >> melissa: more democrats throwing their hats in the ring in 2020, with some fresh faces entering the fray. the president trump slams them. the highest potential rival, whether the expected large field of primary candidates will help or hurt the party, and who theyt stand the best chance against president trump. we will debate next. ♪ ma in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now.
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9:42 am
>> harris: the 2020 primaries taking shape. during the commercial, leslie marshall said "did not start the day after the midterms?" [laughter] former hud secretary julian
9:43 am
castro through has had in the ring over the weekend. congressman gabbard of hawaii said she will run, with a formal announcement coming this week. most read news reports on saturday new york senator kirsten gillibrand told a closed-door meeting that she will run for president. senator elizabeth warren made her first visit to new hampshire, making her debut in iowa as a likely candidate the week before. meanwhile, president trump went over dominic after another potential competitor -- former vice president joe biden -- when he called into judge jeanine pirro. >> he ran two or three times, i never got above 1%. then obama came on and took him off the trash heap and he became a vice president. and now he's probably bleeding. he is weak. we will see what happens with him. >> harris: leslie, how popular is joe biden among democrats, considering how often he hasn't been able to advance? >> leslie: after that interview, even more popular.
9:44 am
[laughter] no, he is very popular. i have said before, i said -- >> harris: 's winning popular? because he hasn't been able to do it. what's changing? >> leslie: i think his personality is the type of personality that could go head-to-head with the president's personality. >> i agree. >> leslie: honestly come of the field, which we want customer democrats that is. to make trump a one term president. i think joe biden is the guy. i think the fact that the president specifically has called him out means that out of this large and ever-growing field he might be the guy. >> harris: i asked about the winning portion because i want to know what had changed. sometimes when you run multiple times, people are like "wait a minute, isn't there someone else?" what's different? donald trump. >> melissa: donald trump is different. i think he has a right personality to go head-to-head with the president. i think the things that have handicapped him in the past are
9:45 am
the gap. but we are in a different kind of time, where gaffes don't hurt you as much as not being able to fight. i've said it before. i think joe biden is trumpian in a way, that they have the same kind of style. going head-to-head. i feel like he has the best chance, but i believe there are so many people on the left, folks who get excited about, tht should be a big, huge field. but he probably has the best chance. >> harris: morgan, i thought about this. i know a lot has been said about likability and recognizability and how you want to be high in both those categories and focus groups and what not. but, authenticity is the game, too. people say they feel -- and i say they feel, i should say. reportedly, in polls. that they know joe biden. there may be a gaffe coming that may surprise them, but joe biden, they feel like they know. they feel like they know president trump. >> morgan: i'm going to go out on a limb, here. i don't think there's any way that joe biden is the democratic nominee. it doesn't mean i don't think he's qualified pretty clearly he
9:46 am
is, he is certainly qualified. he's very likable. i like them, personally. i just don't think this is where the energy of the democratic party is at all. let's just wait and see until he announces. what bernie sanders and the bernie brose do, what elizabeth warren does dan. trumbull get near him, because i think warren and sanders are going to go after him. anybody else who is -- >> brian: guess who else agrees with your customer and president obama. he's going to endorse him and pass. you know what he said in hawaii? they need fresh blood. he also -- he said "you can't beat hillary clinton." now you know something about joe biden that nobody else knows. they are friends come up the media knows he can handle the job. >> he picked a message vice president. i would think he knows a lot more about him and his management style. >> leslie: new blood doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't run. it also could be a slam to chuck schumer and i suppose he and others who have been on the block. >> brian: it seems like it's going to support beto.
9:47 am
>> harris: before move on, chelsea gabbard, some of the officers got in. castro. >> brian: 's gotta military background. alexa go as he pleases up close and principled personal. she takes on her own party pretty regularly. >> leslie: lgbtq background, bad words about that whole community, certainly very negative reaction left and right regarding syria. i think she has a lot of problems. we were talking about it. was it i say? i don't know what party she is part of. if you listen to her, it's very confusing sometimes. i think that will be confusing for voters, as well. >> harris: this is not confusing. we will move on. the reaction from the pentagon after officials were support dell micro poorly shocked from requests from the white house late last year after offering strikes on iran. former top senator says the u.s. should always be prepared. watch it. >> i think what was done, in asking for military options for the president, it will always make the decision in the end is rational. ♪ alright, i brought in
9:48 am
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>> melissa: the president has just touched down in new orleans, and we are waiting remarks from him at the farm bureau convention that is going on now through wednesday. this is a group that has been caught in the middle of this battle with china. for example, 60% of u.s.
9:52 am
soybeans are bought by china and obviously that has been a big challenge for those farmers as this trade war with china drags on. we will be looking for comments there, and we will bring them to you when they happen. >> followed continues from a ball bombshell report that john bolton and the national security council asked the pentagon last september to provide military options to strike iran. the request reportedly came after militants last year fired multiple mortars into baghdad's diplomatic quarter, which is home to the u.s. embassy. the national security team conducted a series of meetings to discuss a's forceful u.s. response, which left some in the pentagon reportedly "shocked and dismayed." former senator joe biden says the national security council's actions make sense. listen here. >> think about it. iranian backed militias from extremists, fired mortars in the
9:53 am
vicinity of our embassy in baghdad and our consulate in basra, iraq. it was a hostile act. if you let a country like iran get away with it, they will to begin. i think what was done and asking for military options for the president, it will always make the decision and the income was rational. >> morgan: that was actually senator lieberman, who i have met with several times. you and i are the national security nerds come here come at fox. we get into those things. i sort of laughed at this report of the president was shocked and dismayed. i don't think it's possible. i think this is another frivolous leak. part of the job of the national security advisor is to provide a number of options to the presen present. they were harassing and intimidating airships in the persian gulf. >> brian: the president is saying, "why are we letting this happen customer should nibble them out of the water?" and secretary mattis sit at the time, "you want to do that."
9:54 am
and he asked why. you press that is a leader. in not providing options for the present, he would be doing his job. doesn't mean he has to hit. but when something happens, shouldn't you have plans? judging by the severity of the actions? today it makes total sense pray this is a nonstory. >> morgan: melissa, do you think these leaks happens in blue because everybody's convinced that john bolton would like to go to war with iran? quite frankly, the president has changed the strategy quite significant from the obama administration, as it relates to iran. >> melissa: i think one of the problems is -- on a larger level -- the president upsets the order of things everywhere he goes. that is what made him so popular with the people who love him, and that is what makes him scary to the people who don't love hi him. when somebody says to him something like "that's not the way it's done, you just don't do this," that makes him persevere more and want to know the answer. in a wad of situations, i guess if you have a basic faith in
9:55 am
where he's going, you like that. if you don't, it's terrifying. >> harris: i just want to draw your attention now back to the life picture which we are sharing a screen with now. in just a few seconds, we anticipate that the president of the united states is going to exit air force one and come down those stairs. that may happen in the next few seconds. i wanted to draw our attention to this. as melissa mentioned, he's there to present at the farm bureau's 100 annual convention. look, there is president. chances are he will talk about the trade deals that he is trying to bring forth right now. steel, and so many other products in effect, they are. but the farmers have really felt it. soybeans, so on and so forth. in the midsection of the country, they had cried out as the president was pressing forth in his dealings on trade. though they were starting to feel a pinch early on. money put aside for them now has gotten stuck in this column to government shutdown.
9:56 am
will these dollars come, is the big question. in time to recce some of these farming communities. the president they are getting into the motorcade. he is into in new orleans. boy, do they have a lot to celebrate after the playoffs. i'm sure he will get the nfl playoff wind by the saints. we will follow this as it happens. stay close refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. and they'll do all the va paperwork for you.
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10:00 am
>> melissa: thinks to brian kilmeade. >> brian: thanks for having me. >> melissa: that's all you've got close to mark's final thought? >> brian: my final thought is the president never stops. he's going to new orleans comings going back to clemson, we cover it all. >> melissa: thanks to christ, as well. we are back here on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow, but for now, here's harris. >> harris: and we have the president of the united states on the ground in new orleans right now. he is said to speak to thousands of the nation's farmers. the government shutdown stretches into day 24, and so far we are told not to expect a deal insight at this point. we are "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. right now, the president -- this come from moments good. we covered it live. it hasn't even been three and half minutes yet. in new orleans come over he will address the american farm bureau's 100 annual convention. this, as some farmers are reportedly struggling after the partial shutdown stops checks meant to soften the blow of


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