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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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rob: friday, january 18th, this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 am a fox news alert. 1000 migrants now on mexico app store step and donald trump is warning congress more needs to be done at home. carley: hundreds more migrants prepared to head north. nancy pelosi and the democrats grounded by donald from. heather: reaction pouring in from both sides of the aisle as the president pulls out all the stops to end the shutdown.
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carley: a music legend, the red, white and blue. heather: gladys knight says about the super bowl. "fox and friends first" on friday. ♪ ♪ hello friday ♪ carley: good morning. we are starting that way. i never heard this song before. we are too old. heather: you come up here, not only are we wearing blue but we have a color-coordinated show today.
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carley: you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. heather: thank you for starting the day with us and we begin with a fox news alert. several thousand thunder and migrants crossing into mexico as they didn't closer to the us border. carley: griff jenkins is at the guatemala mexico border with summit something to push through with no immigration paperwork. what is the latest? >> reporter: it is quite a different scene than it was in october where you saw thousands of migrants crossing the bridge. 1000 migrants of the caravan reached the crossing with mexico from guatemala and these are migrants who registered to wait 5 days to get a temporary work visa without having to force their way across the river. this temporary policy, about one year to get some work and stay in the country but they have to
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wait 5 days on the side of the border. and they told our guatemalan honduran fixer they plant across the river because they don't trust, we spoke with one migrant. here is what he had to say. >> will that stop you from trying to go? you could speak to donald trump directly what would you say to him? >> i say open borders. >> reporter: the registered migrants who want to go legally into mexico have bracelets. we will show a photo the registers where the distrust with the mexican government comes from because when the caravan traveled last october one of the things they feared is being prayed upon by criminal organizations, that they would
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be deported by mexican immigration officials, that is not the case. regardless donald trump stands firm and has a message for these migrants including what you just heard from. here is the president. >> you have more caravans forming and on their way up, thousands and thousands of people. we don't know where they are from, who they are, nothing. without a strong border america is defenseless, vulnerable and unprotected. >> reporter: here is what we are watching for, the numbers expected to swell because two more caravans, one from el salvador and the other from san pedro and it will be interesting to see how much patience there is and interests with migrants who want to come in legally versus those who want across the river. they plant across the river today. todd: there is always that question, when is the breaking point going to happen. you definitely need to watch.
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please stay safe. >> reporter: thank you. carley: democrats calling donald trump's border wall racist. todd: the former border patrol chief under president obama says that language is strengthening cartels. >> the fact is yuma county sheriff talked about his deputies found that recovered 100 bodies of people trying to illegally enter the country. we just heard tragic death of two kids, two children that died at the hands of americans, law enforcement, a coyote, without medical attention and nutrition. not hundreds. they execute thousands of rescues every year of illegal immigrants trying to get into the country and between points of entry.
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the law takes that way. the very people saying the rhetoric out there, is strengthening the cartel's hold on the southern border which is doing harm and exploded the people they say they want to protect. todd: republicans demanding a redo after democrats try to pull a fast vote on in his room spending bill to open the government. chaos erupted when the bills approved without a roll call vote on the floor. >> the eyes have it, the joint resolution is past. >> the gentleman from kentucky did stand and ask for a recorded vote. i didn't hear or see anybody asking for a recorded vote. todd: democrats agreed to reschedule the vote for next week. shannon: the uproar continues after donald trump canceled nancy pelosi's weeklong foreign trip to the visit troops in afghanistan. david front brings the latest on
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how lawmakers are responding on day 28 of the government shutdown. >> a trip by nancy pelosi to visit nato allies became a casualty of the partial government shutdown. donald trump denied pelosi the use of military aircraft for a trip to afghanistan saying, quote, we will reschedule the 7 day excursion when the shutdown is over in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay. i'm sure you would agree postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate. >> congress to fund your soldiers and operations abroad, understand the depth of those operations, the necessity of them and all of that was what this trip was going to do. >> he has been clear she would do nothing to fund the border, she will stay until it gets done. >> reporter: the abrupt cancellation came days after nancy pelosi suggested the president postpone his january 29th state of the union address in light of the shutdown. the gop accusing the speaker of
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playing politics. >> first order of business must be for the government to be open. the speaker thinks we shouldn't have the state of the union. the best thing that could happen would be getting a room together and put the american people first and solve the problem. >> reporter: congress continues to bicker over funding for the southern border wall, 800,000 workers have no idea when they can expect their first paychecks of the year. >> the mainstream media slamming donald trump over his decision to cancel the overseas trip. todd: sean spicer says the house speaker made this personal and petty. >> if anybody has counterpunch as it is donald trump. after two years of watching them operate i'm not sure what democrats thought they were getting into by pulling us that they did. the state of the union is a time
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honored tradition, section 3 of the constitution, the first one was delivered by the first commander in chief, george washington in 1790 and for the speaker of the house to unanimously pool back the invitation and falsely site security reasons that were not true really tells you where the game started. she has been absent from being part of real discussions, she said she's not going to give one penny and move off of that. that is not a negotiation, a legitimate disagreement on policy, made it personal, petty and irresponsible by canceling his invitation to the state of the union. >> they were furious calls from capitol hill and white house offices. todd: fox news alert, anything-year-old faces terrorism charges after authorities say he tried carrying out he will move attack on a deputy. accused of threatening a deputy with a knife, that shot the teen
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in self-defense. authorities say he had ties to isis, plans to kill the beauty in a little wolf attack. natalie corona will be laid to rest today, shot and killed when working a car crash. at the university of the campus of davis for a funeral procession, 6000 operatives from across the us expected to attend. carley: a powerful winter storm living several people that in california. dramatic video showing a rescue crew saving a person trapped in a rising river in la. strong winds toppling trees and knocking out power. heavy rain triggering flash flooding and mudslides across southern california. those downpours causing a boulder to fall onto a car in malibu. somehow the woman inside survived. the east coast is bracing for rain, ice and snow.
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a skier dead, another hurt after getting buried in an avalanche. dozens of rescuers pulling the man from under the snow at a ski resort in new mexico. they were trapped for about 20 minutes. the resort is looking at what triggered the avalanche, anti-avalanche precautions were taken thursday morning but they did not work. todd: hundreds of people spreading the pro-life message today for the 46th annual march for life. several speeches given outside the national mall before activists into the supreme court, the theme of the march is unique from day one. >> 11 minutes after the hour. a new poll shows latino support skyrocketing for donald trump amid the shutdown standoff. is the left's border battle backfiring big time. todd: locked on, they are about
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to make calls, i can't -- ♪ jailhouse rock ♪
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heather: carley: shutdown standoff escalating, donald trump rounding nancy pelosi's delegation for troops in afghanistan following her calls to postpone the state of the union. todd: here to weigh in is republican strategist john thomas. i love when they asked the question it is less work for me to do. was it inappropriate for the democratic leader shutdown negotiations in the first place? >> absolutely and this isn't the first time she has left town. during the holidays when it was the shutdown she went to hawaii and checked out.
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democrats took lobbyist funded junkets to puerto rico. if that wasn't enough, now they want to use our taxpayer dollars to leave for 7 days to ensure the country will not reopen, trump did exactly the right thing and also he made them do a perp walk. they were already on the bus getting ready to go and he basically shamed them. hopefully, maybe just maybe, force them to get back to work. carley: lindsey graham says one sophomoric response does not deserve another. your response to that? >> it is absolutely sophomoric to deny the american people the right to hear the president deliver the state of the union address, that is pathetic. and donald trump has made it clear that americans deserve border security and negotiate, requires people to come to the table. the democrats can cast all the
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stones they want. without sitting down with trump at the table, they keep trying to leave the country the process. todd: this is eating up all the oxygen but there are some numbers that i have to get your opinion on. i don't want to say shocked but definitely surprised. donald trump has a 50% approval rating among latino adults up from 31%. i don't care what paul you are looking at. if there is a 19% increase in something over the course of a month that is huge. why is this happening? >> this is not an outlier. it is beyond the margin of error. there has been a shift in the latino community and the best answer to why is two fold. it was announced at the end of december that latino
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unemployment is at an all-time historic low. secondly, the president is breaking through and penetrating to americans, if you don't get border security, communities are disproportionately affected flooding the country with cheap labor that undercuts latino community, putting the country with criminals, illegal drugs, this is huge for the president and the impact go beyond today's fight. if he's able to hold numbers anywhere like this democrats can kiss their chances at 2020 goodbye. carley: you would think it would have gone the other way but laying out those reasons it does make sense in that regard. thank you for coming on, appreciate it. todd: all eyes on capitol hill but what about the americans bear the brunt of the shutdown?
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carley: the coast guard wife's message to congress next. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. todd: texas construed medicaid funding from planned parenthood, the court of appeals reversed the lower court injunction on the status request to block $3 million in funding, state officials were pushing to them planned parenthood from medicaid funding after controversial secretly recorded videos into 3015 -- 2015. blocking a citizenship question on the 2020 census, critics claim the question would discourage us immigrants from doing the census hurting their representation in congress. the decision needs to be made by
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june 1st census questions to be finalized. carley: the coast guard becoming the first military branch to go unpaid during the longest government shutdown in history. this is taking a toll on our next guest and her family. krista joins us live, thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you for inviting me, really appreciate it. carley: how are you doing after missing a paycheck? is the best way to explain it is better than some, worse than others. it is affecting us differently because of life and we are trying to navigate uncharted waters the best we can. carley: you have two beautiful children. do they understand what is going on? >> we don't keep it from them but to fully comprehend, no. i don't think so.
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carley: is your husband at home or is he still going to work? >> he goes to work every day. carley: how long before he goes without getting paid before this becomes a problem for you? you have a little bit -- >> we have a little bit of a buffer to help us in this time but if this continues into three paychecks, it will really start to be a burden to figure out how to pay rent and utilities and bills and groceries for your kids and gas to get to work. i'm a full-time student. carley: what are you studying? >> public health. i will order my masters in the fall. carley: the fear of the unknown is always hardest and is not lost on me and our audience that
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you -- your husband is willing to put his life on the line to save someone else and is not getting a paycheck which is so unfair. in this situation who do you blame? >> i don't really blame anyone. i don't think that helps anything. the biggest thing is how do we get from where we are to the place where we can get the people who need to be paid paid. i don't like to place blame. i just want to see it fixed. carley: kirstjen neilsen is working on legislation to get coast guard members paid. does that give you hope? >> there's a lot of legislation we have seen go into the house and senate and we are grateful for that. but it does feel a little like we are not seen and heard as a branch of the military.
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it becomes very personal for us. it is scary during transfer season and what do we do next? carley: we have a few seconds left. i am sure you live in a community where there are a lot of military families. what is more out like right now? >> it is pretty high. everybody's doing the best they can to rally together and support one another in its time of need to. that is all you can do, be there for each other and find the best way to help your fellow persons. carley: military families are resilient and courageous and don't deserve and added worry. thank you for your service and your husband's as well. thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. have a good day. >> you as well. todd: the best to her. 26 after the hour, the trump
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administration rolling out a missile defense strategy in response to growing threats from around the world. what is changing and what message does it send to our enemies? an amazing foreign-policy panel next. carley: they are not horsing around, dramatic takedown by police horses all caught on camera. ♪
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carley: new documents reveal the terror suspect accused of plotting to blow up the white house had previous run ins with the law in high school. he was arrested on reckless driving and drug charges. the fbi busted the 20 when iraq after revealing his plan to an undercover agent. authorities protect off -- tiptop that had become radicalized. listen to this. britain's principle up walking away unhurt after flipping a car
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on its side in a crash. witnesses say the 97-year-old was conscious but shocked and shaken to say the least after his land rover collided with another is uv. two women in the other car were had minor injuries. the cause of the crash is unknown. negotiations will last or the weekend, los angeles teacher strikes. >> we really want to teach you. carley: the head of the teachers union says there has been good and hard work for an agreement with the district after talks restarted thursday. educators are demanding things like higher-paying smaller class sizes. donald trump canceled the us delegation trip to the world economic forum, repairing sarah sanders saying the president made the decision, quote, out of consideration for the 800,000
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american workers not receiving pay to ensure his team can assist as needed. the president recently canceled his own trip to switzerland amid the shutdown. is an to this. going to todd. todd: donald trump announcing a new missile defense strategy to counter growing hostility from around the world. >> we have some very bad players out there, and we are a good player but we can be far worse than anybody. we will ensure enemy missiles find no sanctuary on the skies above. we will not take any chances, we will only take action. >> new satellite images, launching missiles from the ukrainian border. how imminent is the threat from russia, iran, and north korea.
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national security analyst rebecca grant, and military experts and defense priorities, and daniel davis? thanks for being with us. first question to you, those images, satellite images part of a larger effect from the pentagon, that report should worry us. >> this is trump calling out the advanced technology development from russia and china. the main reason it should worry us, a threat to our forces overseas, a lot of the report is about stocking up to push back on those threats. the other reason, we hear talk about missile interceptors sites in the us because the fact is part of the east coast are not well protected against rogue and advancing threats. todd: with that in mind, you say
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diplomacy is our best strategy. do you agree with doctor grant? >> we should be doing research on all the things we can because there is no question there are developments among our adversaries. a couple things i would deck out. number one, talking to people and keeping the temperature low is one of the good ways in the second thing we have control over is our military deterrent capability, our conventional force, things that will keep us safe. and adversary will not fail to lunch missiles, they will launch because if they shoot one there will be 2 or 3 going back in the other direction and that will keep us safe. todd: doctor chang on this topic? >> it is essential when you think about the north koreans, we don't know how it works. the thing you need is missile defense.
1:35 am
i am glad we have additional ground-based interceptors in alaska. we will need them. todd: your area of expertise the north korea situation, mike pompeo will be meeting with kim jong un's right-hand man after mike pence called out the rogue regime for not taking necessary steps to denuclearize. i'm no expert in this, just a common person but to me it appears north korea is slow rolling us and a lot we do this the more they get to keep their nukes. do you agree with that assessment? >> absolutely because since the summit in june of last year the north koreans have been stalling and more important thing is behind the scenes they have been improving missile facilities to build nuclear weapons and increasing production of fissile material. they have been making a lot of advances even though there have been no tests or detonations. we have to be concerned and stop the with more pressure.
1:36 am
todd: your assessment, lieutenant colonel davis? >> certainly no question north korea is continuing, the -- no agreement required them to stop these things. i challenge the comment that there's nothing going on. there's a lot going on between north korea and south korea and everything that moves the situation away from war and towards peace and reconciliation benefits the entire region. todd: doctor graham breaks the tie between doctor chang and lieutenant colonel davis. >> this crime family, he is here to set up a second summit. my take, the most important military fact, no missile tests for the last 15 months. we will see progress. todd: i hope to have you on soon as we can report there are developments we can all view as thumbs up. thank you for being here, sincerely appreciate it.
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36 after the hour. rosie o'donnell, so we're to go from this -- scholarly discussion to rosie. she is playing judge and jury, latest dig at donald trump isn't going so well in the court of public opinion. a food fight of epic proportions, burger king going after the big mac. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running.
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1:41 am
jewish americans who find that deeply offensive. >> that is a regrettable way of expressing that. i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans. carley: really? the minnesota congresswoman adding she was criticizing, quote, the israeli regime. todd: rosie o'donnell making an outrageous production about the fate of donald trump in the 2020 election telling dmz when asked if she thinks he will win reelection, quote, i certainly do not. i think he will be arrested, adding, quote, we will write the wrong of the tier any of donald trump. she has been a vocal critic of the president, leading many protests against him. carley: the u.s. treasury, a new report claiming time us trade officials are easing up on china. rob: tracy carrasco with how the
1:42 am
trump administration is setting the record straight on trade talks. >> reporter: we did see wall street reacting positively to a wall street journal report. here are the closing numbers, the dow up by 162, the s&p up by 19, nasdaq up by 49. this after a report said the us could consider lowering tariffs on chinese goods as both countries continue trade negotiations, that idea floated by treasury secretary steve mnuchin according to the article but there was some pushback from robert lightheiser, us trade representative but a spokesperson confirming neither secretary steve mnuchin nor ambassador lightheiser have made any recommendations with respect to tariffs. a chinese negotiator is expected to be back in washington dc at the end of january to continue with these discussions. futures are pointing higher,
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continuing on yesterday's gains. todd: equally as series, the big mac looking over its shoulder. >> reporter: big mac, watch out. burger king, new big king xl coming for you. this is a new burger that outsiders the competition. it looks similar to the big mac but the big king has 175% more beef than the big mac according to burger king and it doesn't have that third bun you find in the big mac. if you want to put both of these to the test, see which one you like better, do it quickly because the big king xl is only available for a limited time. todd: can i do a little -- a little inside baseball quickly. who is going to do the toss, i want to take this one. i toss over to you with my comments about the big mac. carly goes is that it?
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carley: the big mac looking over your shoulder? todd: sorry it wasn't good enough for you. carley: you are perfect, work on it. todd: time, 43 after the hour. the government shutdown putting the us at greater risk for cyberattack? how susceptible are we during this federal freeze. carley: tim cook once you to be able to delete your personal data forever and for free. cannot really happen? kurt the cyber guy is here with big tech headlines everyone is talking about. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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>> i did not know this was a real song. it is not a joke. it was actually -- what i do every day. the ceo of twitter questioning whether he called for murder, jack dorsey answering the huffington post reporter saying that would be a violent threat. we are in constant communication with all governments around the world so we certainly talk about it. the twitter ceo coming under fire for how the platform handles harassment, uses accusing twitter of taking little to no action. >> the internet will be available behind bars. south carolina giving tablets to inmates to stop them from using smuggled cell phones, they are able to watch an occasional
1:49 am
program and free movies and music. the idea will be piloted in several prisons before going to state lines. >> cybersecurity experts say the us is at risk of a massive online attack. >> joining us to discuss how the shutdown is affecting the country's tech infrastructure is the cyber guy, kurt, thank you for being on with us this morning. >> we love what happens when we finally wake up to the idea that in this country, real core people that are at the defense of cybersecurity are the ones who should be paid more already and now they are not getting a paycheck and what is happening is there is a thing called the
1:50 am
brain drain going on in the us government and that is when corporate structures come in and at this moment have an idea of saying they are not getting paid, this might be the perfect time to take away from the department of homeland security and the cyber security area. the key talent that could work for the company because how could they be happy right now? 45% of people in some parts of the cyber security area of the country are furloughed at the moment. essential protection is said to be there but that support for potential protection is not there right now. todd: tim cook calling on the ftc letting consumers track and delete their personal data. when you say that, that is so nice of them. you say there's a business advantage reason behind this. why? >> right move on his part to be an advocate for privacy.
1:51 am
that is ats competitive advantage. in las vegas at the consumer electronics show, bringing up a 14 story billboard to emphasize what is on your iphone stays on your iphone, that is not the case for the big competitors in the big companies of silicon valley, facebook and google, those companies as you know are really good and actually glorified surveillance was. they are taking our data, giving us great convenience, handing over parts of the privacy, what did i sign on to? what apple is doing and tim cook saying we won't mess with you in the of that fashion but what we are going to do is say wake up here in the us. at this moment we have 0 regulation in silicon valley. we have computer nerds sitting behind computers raking in the cash to say i'm going to license whatever i want and they are
1:52 am
doing it because nobody here in this country is doing what they are doing another part of the world such as the eu and the european union. what they are doing is very crafty and smart privacy protection laws that we should look at what is working inside of those laws and implement those in our country at some point really good. carley: a viral tenure challenge where people are posting pictures of themselves ten years from now. >> what you look like 10 years from now? you should see todd's picture, side-by-side on facebook. facebook saying that is not their idea. it was someone else on their service that posted this idea and there you are. carley: that is not my wife. todd: was that a good wow or a bad? >> i was looking at both sets. you both look like little babies and those pictures.
1:53 am
like a fine wine, you just look better with age. we have no more wine left. the fact is we have this challenge going on on facebook and it seems good and well. one wired journalist came up with the idea what if they are using that data for something else? the reality is they could be using that so age recognition is part of technology social media companies try to get their hands around. it means if i know that you look like this today and you looked like this ten years ago, what are you going to look like ten years from now? that can tell a lot about you. companies like facebook and google love to know more and more about you, they could start telling you things that might
1:54 am
help with wrinkles or find out what you're doing based on -- heather: are all walking market opportunities. carley: who knows? thanks. time now is 53 minutes after the hour. music legend lending her voice to the red, white and blue, the and them debate after she is picked to singapore super bowl. todd: the cops want you to get drunk on their dime. there is nothing wrong with what i just read. there is real. the proposal what has volunteers lining up. ♪ maybe i'm not ♪ i'm not known unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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todd: gladys knight proud to sing the national anthem at the super bowl. >> i hope that this and that will touch people in a different way. i hope you will be exposed deeply that it will take them to a higher place. that is what i feel when i sing the song. todd: night speaking out after she was questioned about the nfl treatment of colin kaepernick who sparked the protests against the and some. in a statement later tells friday, quote, it is unfortunate the national anthem has been dragged into this debate, fighting for justice, should each standalone, and added i'm here today and on sunday, february 3rd to give the anthem
1:59 am
back its voice. carley: the law enforcement community nationwide thinking a nurse for saving a north carolina trooper's life. he was shot during a traffic stop. >> bullet shots in the windshield, bleeding from the face and are you okay? i know in my heart he will be. carley: she tried to stop the bleeding as they waited for paramedics to arrive, the trooper's family thanking her for standing by trooper daniel carol who is now at home recovering. rob: he is not currently but he is a big softy. meet wally. the emotional support alligator. afford a half foot reptile is a regulator at this facility in florida. 's owner says he's just like a dog. carley: a pennsylvania police department flooded with
2:00 am
responses after asking volunteers to get extremely drunk. asking for 3 people to help officers train for a variety tests writing, quote, be willing to drink hard liquor. todd: finally the ugly. horses help corral a suspect running for deputies in florida, night vision video showing the animals running after the man, one kicking to the ground, he was arrested a short time later, the man, not the horse, facing several charges. todd: those horses were not forcing around, "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: friday, january 18th, fox news alert. first wave of honduran migrants arriving at mexico app store step and donald trump says the us needs to be prepared. jillian: hundreds more migrants move north. rob: shutdown stalemate, the president pulling rank


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