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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 22, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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when my kids ask, "when is the shutdown going to end?" is little addressing that i don't know. [laughter] we are back at noon eastern tomorrow. now here is harris. >> harris: are be any closer? fox news alert, dueling bills reopen the government as a partial government shutdown hits day 32. a new month. federal workers are risking missing a second paycheck. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. senate republicans say they hope to begin debate today on the president's shutdown proposal. democrats have already rejected it, saying it does not go far enough in protecting dreamers. house democrats plan to push ahead with their own bill to reopen the government, but if lawmakers don't reach a deal, federal workers will miss another paycheck this friday. meanwhile, the white house is urging swift action on the president's plan. here is deputy press secretary hogan gidley. >> at the expectations are clear. he wants an open government and
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secure borders. right now the senate works to move on a bill potentially to thursday for a vote. we have a humanitarian crisis along our southern border. we have a national security crisis along that border as well. he put forth a common sense plan that uses things that democrats wanted, included that in the plan, and we want to scare the government. democrats refuse to come to the table at all. >> harris: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has more. the latest? >> good afternoon. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says everyone makes a point, now it's time to make law. here are the key points of the proposal, which the senate is expected to consider. $5.7 billion for a physical barrier along the highest priority locations of the southwest border. three years of protection for the daca recipients, a three year extension of temporary protective status for thousands of others of immigrants living in the u.s., and $12.7 billion in disaster relief for hurricanes, wildfires, and more.
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house speaker nancy pelosi told us a short time ago that she is not impressed. >> when we heard the president was going to make a proposal, we were optimistic that he may be reaching out to open up government so that but then we heard what the particulars were, and it was a nonstarter unfortunately. >> president trump tweeted earlier, "without a wall, or come down that country can never have border or national security. with a powerful wall or steel barrier, crime rate and drugs will go substantially down all over the u.s. the dems know this but want to play political games. must finally be done correctly. no cave." and a new york republican says he hopes this will get things moving. >> the president has made very reasonable compromises here. if the democrats are serious, they will come to the table. i guess what i would hope for right now is that mitch mcconnell can move this in the senate and restart a debate. try and bring democrats over. ideally, pass it in the senate.
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then have it sent to the house. nancy pelosi will pass a different bill, but then at least a set of negotiations can begin. >> on day 32 of this partial government shutdown a california democrat is critical of where things stand. >> using the united states government, the most important government in the world, as a bargaining chip or as a hostage in the negotiation really does create very serious security problems in numerous ways for this entire nation. >> to move the president's proposal in the senate, it requires 60 yes votes. so at least seven democrats will need to go along with republicans in moving the measure along. the house is going its own direction, moving its own spending bills. so this is not going away. it's not going to be resolved anytime soon. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. i want to bring in a republican adam kinzinger of illinois, a member of the house commerce and foreign affairs committees. great to see you today. later on in this program we are going to go live at one of the
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nation's largest airports because we may have reached a tipping point. all along, the tsa was critical. now they are at 10% workforce call in sick situation as of yesterday. how close are we to actually getting a deal on the hill? >> i hope it's soon. i think the president put forward a good, reasonable compromise. if the democrats don't like it, that's fine, that's prerogative. but but something for that's realistic and doesn't start with "no wall." i think it will have to be some middle ground. i think with the president put forward, he wants $25 billion for the wall. he has put forward $5 billion and breathing room for congress to do it stop on the bigger issue of immigration, which we can do. we can get to where 80% of the mega people like what's going on. ultimately, it's going to be up to the democrats if they do a counterproposal or just simply be the party of "no." >> harris: congressman, did we start to feel a bit of daylight last week when we had steny hoyer with bret baier and
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senator ben cardin with me? we were both asking, "you already have hundreds of miles of barrier wall, whatever you want to call it. strong line fence, whatever. you say you're not going to tear that down. so what difference would 200 more make in terms of the logic of being against it?" we already know it works in some places. steny hoyer, house majority leader on the democratic side of the house now saying, "yeah, actually it does." >> i hope it's daylight, i hope it's a start. i have seen the border as a guard pilot. it's wide open in certain areas. what a wall does is reduce the amount of areas that all this other technology and people have to cover. it shrinks the border. you are completely right, there are walls down there already. putting some more on makes it more effective to be able to use of the technology to protect the border. it's the right thing to do, and to think the democrats backed themselves into a corner because they are just opposing president trump because he said "wall" in the campaign, and the
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far left base has said, "you can never cave on anything related to the wall." we are in a position where both side doesn't want to budge. the president put forth a good-faith effort to negotiate and we're waiting for the democrats to respond. >> harris: by the become a majority leader mitch mcconnell is on the floor and up. if that makes news, we will bring it to you. here's what he is pitching and what it would do. trade temporary protections for young undocumented immigrants and others for $5.7 billion the president is seeking for that boarded barrier. the legislation would reopen the government through september 30th, while funding a variety of other immigration security measures and spending $12.7 billion on hurricane and wildfire disaster relief. if this thing -- again, senator mcconnell on the senate floor right now -- if this thing were too pass, congress and kinsinger, this puts it back in house. the question is, will nancy pelosi pelosi, speaker of the house, then push for democrats not to reopen the
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government if this actually passes this bill for mcconnell? >> that's a good question. i've been in this position a hundred times. we have the majority, where the senate would send something over another question is, "are you going to put on the floor and let some republicans and democrat support? and i don't think there's anything wrong with it with both sides coming together to say they don't live within it. but at least it's progressing forward. she's going to have a decision to make. i hope the senate can pass it. even if they can't, again, the onus is not on them to say, "okay commute like it. that's your right." and keep the government close. >> harris: does that then spread spread what the american people -- they can only look at this now, after 32 days, of "y'all can't get along. a pox on both your houses." i want to be able to answer this question with you first. when the democrats say they are not really getting real daca and they want more, what do you think they mean? >> i think they mean they want something broader. that's fine, that's what we will debate here in congress. that's with the three years that
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the president's offering is for. it's breathing room. >> harris: opening the government? >> i don't know. there's not a lot of good faith right now, and that's too bad. >> harris: boy. congressman, from the great state of illinois, thank you. we appreciate it. questions i have four guests on the other side of the political aisle, i'm joined by stacy plaskett. how senior whip and member of the oversight committee. thanks for being with us. good to see. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: absolute. i don't know if you could hear your colleague from across the aisle. adam kinzinger, just then. let's start with what the sun is to get done. if they pass, if they can get some hidden democrats to join them and then it comes to the house, we democrats actually vote no and not reopen the government? what would that look like? >> what i think we need to say is what democrats have done already. that is, when we come back in january, taking the same bill that mitch mcconnell had passed with bipartisan support on the
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senate side to reopen the government in december and put that on the floor. that passed in the house and we have asked him now to take that up with a sense go to the president. he refused to do that. that one had ariel fund income and we are now -- >> harris: berry funding for the wall funding. >> we had already given some funding for walls and repairs of wall. we are asking is -- >> harris: so that is a "no." >> what we are asking is that we sit down and have a real discussion about border security. the same way that my colleagues say what we are supposed be doing is having hearings on daca, on deferred action for children, why haven't had that discussion about border walls? why didn't the president, when he had a unified front in the house and the senate, bring this up? bring up having funding for the wall when he had both a republican in the senate on both sides of the house and senate? he did do that when he had the opportunity. he knows very well that this is not the most efficient use of funding. but it's something that he knows
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he has to do for those individuals who are asking them to do so. the democrats are proposing is that we spend money wisely. that we do need support for our borders. we know that over 80% of the drugs and contraband the comment to this country do not come from these borders. the come from our ports of entry. so let's get drones, let's build the hundreds of individuals, thousands of jobs that are needed on the board he. >> harris: i'm going to step in, congresswoman. i want to pick up things he said. you said a real discussion. the president actually, if you put politics aside, knows what the rest of the robe also knows in terms of that very important. we are hearing it from border now. the experts that in certain areas it works. your house majority leader steny hoyer said, on fox news last week, that in certain areas various work. it's not the complete picture, it's a barrier system. that is the position, actually, where the president has moved away from that concrete wall and moved toward what you are
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saying. it would seem. he also knew back then when we had bicameral majority that they didn't have the kind of majority that was bulletproof, did they? because they needed 60 democrats in the house to go forward. excuse me, and senate, to go forward. you still need a vote of 60 in order for this to go forward. it's a little disingenuous to say, "why did the president's will to get it done?" there were republicans who were against. because they didn't like the amnesty, as they call the come apart of daca. the question now is -- >> but he didn't even bring it to the senate to have a discussion about it. >> harris: we know the president will only find something that has a barrier in it, consistent with the already 600 plus miles. >> we already gave him $1.6 billion for barrier in the last bill, which has not been expended. while we agree with barriers come we have a disagreement as to what barriers mean. we believe the drones, electronic devices, cameras, and individuals are a much better
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effective. dominic barrier than steel walls are. we would like to have that discussion. we would like to have that debate. >> harris: could you live without? >> i think we are living with both, because we have already given $1.6 billion in the previous appropriations for those barrier walls. we are saying is that it's sufficient at this time. and let's have a discussion about the others. as for daca, the dreamers, as for temporary protective status, i think it's disingenuous for the president, an individual who took away the safety that these individuals had come up to now say that he's putting it back on the table. this would not have been on the table if he had not been the person through executive order to take away about security for those young people who are here in this country. >> harris: it was never really solid, because of his executive order to begin with under former president obama. so you are correct in saying that whatever happens next has to have more of that foundational protection if both sides are going to get a little
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bit of what they want. congresswoman plaskett, i hope you will come back. it's a tough job you got. the american people are just perched to get people back to work. >> thanks for having me come in for having both sides of the argument on the show. i appreciate that. >> harris: always. always on over time. thank you. the president plans to deliver the state of the union address in exactly one week, as scheduled. now we are learning the white house is pursuing a backup plan just in case. chief white house correspondent john roberts' life from the north lawn. in just a little while, john, we had first anticipated a walk-through today. then we learned that a walk through be a week from today. what we do know is that the speech potentially is coming, and it could have two tracks. what are they? >> let's go with the two tracks first. first of all, the first track on the one the white house wants to pursue and the one the president wants to have happen is that the president will come a week from tonight, go up to the capitol building. and in in the house of representatives, he delivers the state of the union address as
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planned. we do not know if that will happen, because we can go monday nancy pelosi's sent a letter to the president asking them to postpone his speech until the government was reopened. or, if not postpone the speech, delivered in writing. her premise was that because of the government shutdown there were security concerns. that the department from insecurity in the u.s. secret service, the lead agency for protecting the state of the union, were potentially understaffed because they had not been funded now for 32 days. the white house and dhs and the u.s. secret service push back on all this, saying there is no security problem here. we do not know if the state of the union will happen next tuesday. we do know that the white house sent a request up to up to the sergeant-at-arms. this is what you were talking about a second ago. on sunday, asking for a walk-through. because last week the sergeant at arms canceled the plan walk-through at the request of speaker pelosi's office. that request went to the sergeant-at-arms on sunday talking about yesterday for a
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potential walk-through. yesterday was a holiday, and they couldn't do one then. so we are not sure if there will be the one. but we expect that request is going to have to pelosi's office and she will have to sign off on whether it happens. >> harris: you know, it's interesting to watch the back-and-forth on the venues now. because we are anticipating that they would be that. does that have, historically, any meaning? where it is? >> well, yeah. the constitution requires the president to report to congress from time to time about the state of the union. that can be on a speech to congress, or in writing. it doesn't have to happen every year. it just happens whenever the speaker of the house decides when he or she wants to invite the president up to give the speech. if the president gives a speech at a different venue, does not constitute a report to congress customer victories out on that. which brings the tobacco plant. the second track the white house is prepping a backup plan. the plan is to go to the capital
10:16 am
next tuesday, but there is a backup plan for them to give a speech at some location outside of washington, d.c. this question as to whether that would constitute a state of the union address. >> harris: juicing. or he could do both, he could do the letter, and off-site, too. we are watching the ball move but we are looking to see if they can reopen the government. your last thought? >> here's one thing i can tell you really quickly. the sergeant at arms 'staff was told last week and again today, to prepare for the state of the union that is if it's going to happen. just in case. the department of homeland security and the u.s. secret service can't stop their plans for preparing for the state of union. so the only person who has to decide whether or not this is going to happen is nancy pelosi. >> harris: wow. okay. thank you, john roberts. bringing back every day as we can. appreciate it. president trump's attorney rudy giuliani is no walking back some comments he made about concessions regarding the trump tower moscow project. this controversy over that now,
10:17 am
disputed buzz feeder port. we'll get into it. present trump's treating that a group of high school students were smeared by the media after their interaction with news of american activists at a d.c. march went online. is there a rush to judgment about that video? howard kurtz is up ahead. stay close. ♪ >> several media platforms blatantly lied about the events regarding the controversy in d.c. it affects us as community and individuals greatly. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> harris: and here's the latest on a situation that has been heating up. kentucky's covington catholic high school forced to close today due to threats following an upper over some viral video would use see on the right side of your screen. those clips showed an incident between students and and a native american activist at the march for life in washington on friday. president trump tweeted that the students were smeared by the media. meanwhile, native american activists are holding a peace vigil today. doug mckelway's life for us and covington, kentucky, with the latest on this. doug? >> iris, this is really one of those rare instances of a perfect storm of circumstances. you had a bunch of social justice warriors representing a
10:22 am
variety of causes at the march for life, running into a bunch of catholic youths wearing "make america great again" hats. it fit a perfect narrative. and here is the narrative we saw emerging, at least in the initial stages. a smirking maga-wearing white boy confronts a native american elder. it goes viral. the covington dioceses condemned the kids and has yet to retract that condemnation. they came back to covington after the march for life, stepped off the bus into a firestorm of hatred that forced the closure of their school today. >> there have been many threats against our lives, against our parents. some of these such include that we should all be locked in the school and it should be burned to the ground. the school being bombed. school shooting threats. it's really scary. >> at a peace vigil this morning to thoughts of the covington diocese, native americans and
10:23 am
many of gather here today, occasionally disrupted from heated words by the bystanders pay for the most part, very peaceful trade this dr. script initially delivered on freddie. >> we are still here as indigenous people. we are still treated with disrespect. resolve to fight for our basic human rights in this country, this land of the free. i just hope that america and the world will see that it's time that we all unite as one people, one mind, one heart. >> while the "smirking mix he had been," that kid involved in the standoff, issued a statement through his lawyer. it says, "by part, i believed by remaining motionless and calm i was hoping to diffuse the situation. i realized everyone had cameras and perhaps a group of adults was trying to provoke a group of
10:24 am
teenagers into a larger conflict." it has now also come to light that the initial publication was delivered by a group of african-american youth representing the black hebrew israelites. they taunted the covington kids because of their "make america great again" has. it's widely believed, calling them a homophobic square slayers. crackers born to its social parents. they went on more than that. the native american entered into the mixture of us to begin his drum beating. many are urging these youths to file suit. we are looking at one tweet here that indicates that may be coming. it's a treat -- i don't know who delivered it, but it says, "it's not about border security. it's about white supremacy. prayers for nathan phillips and the teens taught to hate. >> well, robert barnes, a lawyer in los angeles, saw that tweet and responded with his own. "this is a libelous live. retract or get sued." i spoke via text to robert barnes last night. he says he's going to keep that
10:25 am
promise and many more to come. harris, back to you. >> harris: doug mckelway reporting live and setting us up with the facts. thank you very much. i want to bring enough someone special on this. fox news media analyst howard kurtz, host of "media buzz." i lean on your as we talk about how this story was reported. a "gq" writer says he regrets, howie, a now deleted tweet in which he called for the doxxing of the covington catholic high school students. these are young boys, who their personal information this the "gq" writer would want everywhere. making them even more of a target. those children are now home with their families, or just home. out of school today for their own protection. how do you think this came to be, that we got it so wrong, some members of the media? >> first of all, there have been a fraud of apologies by their rush to
10:26 am
judgment. there was a deleted tweet that the kids should be punched in the face. you have a "new york times" contributor saying, "i was a complete dolt to put up these obnoxious tweets." what happened was everybody rushed to judgment after seeing this one video that made it appear that may be the kids were getting in the face of this native american guy who was banging the drum. but other videos and more interviews, because nobody waits anymore. people have to click them and give their hot take. it made clear that the kids were trying to keep the peace. it shows you what a toxic stew the social media and particularly a place like twitter have become. where hatred can be unleashed at a moment's notice. and some 11th grade kid who nobody had ever heard of can get vilified, and that we death threats and the close being >> at some left this is happened in the kentucky area. it's happening all over you look at this blood feud report with regard to the president.
10:27 am
when members of the media get it so wrong, and we all make mistakes, but this thing heated up, caught fire. jamie lee curtis, who everybody should still be talking about the resurgence of "halloween the movie," now is out with her apology about how she jumped to conclusions on instagram. this thing got lit. >> the common element here on the boat's feed store unsubstantiated peace based on two on the sources, the video, a giant echo chamber, blessed everywhere. so robert miller's office put out the very unusual denial. the covington case, everybody is an instant expert. you look at one video, one tweet, everybody's got to weigh in. that's how you get clicks and attention. but i think it's a really embarrassing moment, particularly for journalists whose job it is to check the facts, that's why you're seeing so many of these apologies. >> harris: i don't want to over blow, some of it can be locked. some of it's because you and i are gently over the age of 29. but you and i didn't click on that. there are a lot of good
10:28 am
journalists out there who didn't click on that. and i don't seem to think that that is generational, by the way. it's perspective and also experience. as you say, when things get ginned up over video that you cannot independently verify, we know to back away from that. what is the great equalizer going forward? i know you touched on it, but i want to add that again. how do we write this ship? because people are losing trust in the media fast. every day. >> i did feel like i knew enough about it to weigh in on twitter. sometimes the hardest thing to do in this fast forward culture is to wait, to not tweet comments about blog. to have put something out before you have a chance to get more perspective. its tribal warfare aspect here, harris. would it look like the kids wearing the hats where the instigators and the villains, the left went everywhere over i it. we learn more information, it looked like the kids were smeared, as president trump sai said. the right felt vindicated. but i think if people could wait
10:29 am
a little bit and tone it down, we could -- if not stop these kind of viral episodes where people's repetitions are being hurt, even their parents were attacked, i think you tone it down a little bit. but that takes some restraint. >> harris: this call for doxxing is really dangerous. putting people's personal information out there can be deadly new dress. how we curse, great to see you. thanks for bringing it down with me today. the personal attorney, rudy giuliani, is walking about the comments he made in sunday's "new york times" in which he said the president was involved in the trump tower deal until the day he won the pros 2016 presidential election. he now says those comments were hypothetical and not based on conversations he actually had with the president. here's his quote. "president trump add various conversations with michael cohen about the trump tower proposal. consult the effort and did of january 2016, and as far as president trump notes, and ended there." and ended then, i should say. senator lindsey graham is wielding his power as the newly
10:30 am
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♪ >> harris: update real quick on switzerland where the world economic forum is currently underway. the annual meeting featuring more than 60 heads of state from around the globe. but the event is missing some key leaders, including our own president trump who is in washington, of course, working on the guild and the partial government shutdown. u.k. prime minister theresa may and french president emmanuel macron are also not attending the form due to domestic issues. we know what's going on with theresa may and brexit. travelers across the nation now facing a growing risk of delays at the partial government shutdown drags on. day 32.
10:35 am
the tsa is reporting an increase in the number of airport security screeners calling out sick, to reach a point of 10% of that workforce. on it is laura ingle at new york city's laguardia airport. one of the busiest in the nation. laura? >> hi, harris. here at terminal b, we have seen passengers coming and going all day long with pretty typical wait times as they go through screenings. i will step aside and let you see what's going on behind me. other than those boxes there, being transported, you can see the line is pretty much nonexistent. right now passengers throughout the airport are looking at around 3-11 tran wait times from what we've been told. we've got numbers from the transportation security at administration about how many workers called out yesterday. 7.5% of the workforce, compared to 3.3% from the same weekday last year. that after 10% how that of who we can. those numbers are going up. according to the tsa, many of
10:36 am
their work or save the financial hardship of missing a paycheck is what is making it difficult or impossible for them to report to work. agents are also facing missing another paycheck if the partial government shutdown doesn't end this week. these callouts have prompted the tsa to reportedly sent extra screeners to airports across the country. including here at laguardia, newark, new jersey, and at hartsfield-jackson atlanta. with reports that other airports will soon be getting some extra help as well, many say that will be needed. fewer agents on duty because the tsa to call dell not close one of its security checkpoints at baltimore washington airport over the weekend. a checkpoint at houston's bush intercontinental airport had to close due to a lack of tsa personnel. the president of the union that represents tsa workers issued a statement that reads in part, "our officers are devoted public servants who just want compensation for the admirable work that they do." tsa workers in some areas have had to rely and food stamps,
10:37 am
local charities to get food on the table for their families. we are told that morale is extremely low. workers are worried, some equating to find other jobs they can get themselves a paycheck. while many passengers have been offering gifts and money as they have been going through to the tsa agents, those agents cannot accept anything from the general public. it continues to be a struggle that goes on. harris? >> harris: when he talked about the politics pulling out in washington right now, the tsa component has been talked about as being a potential tipping point. everybody safety, of course, is the main thing. laura ingle reporting live from laguardia. thank you very much very much. senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham reportedly laid out what he plans to investigate as the newly-appointed head of that committee. according to the hill, that includes several obama-era scandals. among them, the handling of kelly clinton's email server and fisa warrant applications targeting former campaign aide carter page. democrats are going after this, seeing the committee should focus on current issues.
10:38 am
joining me now, nuke winter. former chief counsel to senator dianne feinstein. greg muncy atta, former counsel to the senate judiciary committee. greg, i will start with you. is this where the judiciary had to be focused at this point? >> think you come harris. senator graham, as chairman of the judiciary committee, one of the prerogatives of that role is to set the agenda and set parities. he has made it clear that he wants to have one of his parities to be oversight of the justice department and the fbi. there are many questions about decisions made in those institutions. both since the president was elected, and in the lead up to the election. it's entirely appropriate for him to take a look at it. just because he is setting them to the comments on the part of the investigation prints a bipartisan matter. democrats will be in the room and have the opportunity to ask their questions, to criticize those appropriate. if they are concerned that their priorities aren't being followed by the senate judiciary committee, democrats can take solace in the fact that their
10:39 am
party controls the house judiciary committee which will be setting its own oversight agenda. >> harris: and what do you say about that? >> i think it's a political exercise by chairman graham that has a lot more to do with his own reelection campaign. he's up for reelection in the next election more than it does than the oversight by the committee. these are past actions by officials in the fbi who are gone. james comey, the director at the time. andrew mccabe, the deputy director. they are long gone from the fbi. it's really not any oversight at all. just a political exercise. >> harris: i would ask you this just as a follow-up, neil. given the lack of trust of the american people, through polling, but if you ask them on the streets, what they think right now after those peter strzok and lisa page emails at the fbi, for instance. learning that a major doj player was married to a woman who worked for tps fusion, which came up in in the anti-trump dossier. when you look at that lack of
10:40 am
trust, isn't it worth it to just say, "let's take a look at some of the things that we've been down." >> i think it hurts the american people's trust in her institutions more than it helps. it is obviously political and they just dismiss it all. >> harris: isn't everything political though, must be vented? >> [laughs] we have political oversight. we have political issues dominic officials that we are like. it's a good thing. we don't want the administration of justice to be disconnected from politics and the american people. >> harris: let me ask another way. is there something important that the market people still need to know about the other clinton email scandal? >> i think there are things we still don't know and if you're comfortable with. i think if senator graham conducts the investigation in a mature and deliberate way, that can only help. by the way, if he turns and it is something that seems partisan and lacking in substance, that will only hurt and mentor republicans. there is kind of a natural check on this, for chairman of every committee. when they take on investigation,
10:41 am
it needs to be serious. otherwise they are going to embarrass themselves. >> harris: think you both for being with me today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: new details involving the murder of "washington post" columnist jamaal khashoggi. what the turkish foreign minister is now saying they are planning to do with his murder case. stay close. ♪ if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. and they'll do all the va paperwork for you. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions
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♪ >> harris: winter weather being blamed for at least five deaths now across the midwest. breaking records and parts of new england with freezing temperatures. way below freezing. though cold, causing hundreds of flight delays and cancellations in boston yesterday on mlk day, and now we start this whole new week. the governor of rhode island has declared a state of emergency for one county after gas service was cut to thousands of people. that region remains under a
10:46 am
windchill advisory through tomorrow morning. temperatures in the single digits. turkey about stress foreign minister says his countries now plan to not launch an internatl visitation into the murder of "washington post" columnist and saudi critic, jamaal khashoggi. he was last seen, and we know he died, last october inside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul. benjamin hall has the latest now from london. my big question is, how did the international component to play in customer quickly looking at? >> harris, for some time now the khashoggi story has gone rather quite. in turkey there has been pressured to keep it alive. this is the next step, this international tribunal to really bring it back into the public sphere. while this international tribunal would do is get to the bottom of who's accountable. not just in the saudi or current dr. seuss court, but the international community. it would effectively be the last word and who is ultimately divided. pointing to the saudi crown prince if he was response will.
10:47 am
they haven't said to the believers behind it, but behind closed doors there has been that insinuation. turkey has repeatedly asserted that the order to kill khashoggi was issued at the highest levels of the saudi government. and that those saudi hit men did not act on their own. they also say that saudi arabia hasn't shared any information with them despite a joint investigation. on sunday, secretary of state mike pompeo said that the u.s. was still trying to gather facts to uncover those involved in the killing but said the relationship with saudi arabia could be maintained so that lindsey graham seem to counter e begin. >> it's concluded that the relationships in saudi arabia and the united states cannot move forward until mds has been dealt with. >> in another kind of angle, a german weapons maker now plans to sue the different government for stopping all arms exports to saudi arabia following the killing. the economic mystery says that as a result of that band,
10:48 am
weapons worth $2.3 billion have been affected by the export suspension. the international community as well as the u.s. governments have been very choked on my torn on this. you have those, president trump included, sing the relationship with saudi arabia is important. others say it doesn't matter about the relationship. those are possible must be held accountable. at the moment we have two sides working on this. this international investigation grade we may well get to the bottom of it, but it doesn't seem like the two sides -- >> harris: both lawmakers on each side of the outcome of why can't they do both? benjamin hall, thank you very much. as democrats look ahead to 2020, many of their white house hopefuls appear to be making a big move to the left. does that play into president trump's hand? the power panel goes over time. ♪
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> hi everyone, i'm dana perino. the white house is full steam at the plans for the state of the union. no word from speaker pelosi's office yet. what happens next? plus, are you sick of the high cost of prescription drugs close to my are taking a closer look at what's behind some of the prices on what's been done about it. a recent op-ed says the united states should change course with china and begin cutting some of our economic ties. heck we do that? we will ask the author that
10:53 am
article. next, on "the daily briefing" ." >> medicare should be there for every single person in this country. i believe that it's time for medicare for all of the united states of america. that there is no reason that in this wealthiest nation on earth anybody should go without health care in our country. >> harris: well, as the 2020 primary heats up -- yes, i said to come in still still early 2019 -- democrats appear to be lurching far to the left. the associated press has pointed out that among two dozen possible contenders, virtually all have embraced universal health care while some behind free college, job guarantee programs, a $15 minimum wage, and abolishing ice. president trump and his g.o.p. allies are betting that voters will ultimately reject those proposals as too extreme. deputy editor of "the wall street journal"'s editorial page. and pulitzer prize winning reporter judy miller is here as
10:54 am
well. judy, i want to start with you. a lurch to the left -- who goes with them in the electorate? >> well, that's a very good question. [laughs] smart democrats. >> harris: i studied! [laughter] >> smart democrats who want to win an election might contemplate before they choose a candidate. right now we seem to be in the full "governmania" ." that's back to the left side of the party as fast as we can go, which produced wonderful results the last time around. the democrats do not seem to learn a lesson. they are saying the mood is different, the time is different, americans are ready. i don't see any indication of that. >> harris: so while the free stuff? we are seeing it here with mayor de blasio, who somehow kind of tinkered with the idea of him jumping in as he gives away free stuff. universal health care is on his list. >> that's a good question. why is this happening so quickly? they didn't have a caucus
10:55 am
meeting, it was not in the convention. this was not all part of the platform in 2016. >> harris: wears a coming from? >> it's coming from social media. julian castro, who we were just showing coming out in favor of medicare for all, was a proponent of two years of coeducation. he was torched on social media saying, "two years, what are you talking about? we want four years." >> harris: who is saying that? >> that democrats are in this act of self-delusion where they equate social media with political reality. because they all believe in it, that the rest of the country is going to adopt it. >> harris: it so interesting we just said. i wrote it down. "social media, doesn't equal social programs?" >> it does in the mind of certain young democrats, and it certainly does among younger americans. the support for free medical care and free tuition among younger americans is very, very strong. but $32 trillion a year for medicare for all in this country
10:56 am
might actually be a sobering reminder of the costs. >> harris: real quickly, we are leaning on the millennial component of this. but one of the oldest generations for this is bernie sanders. >> he was the proponent of all of this. he propelled the. >> harris: he is not a millennial. [laughter] >> for sure. he gave democrats the idea that this was very popular, and now they have just swept up the party in the belief that the general electorate is going to adopt them. i don't see it. >> harris: thank you both. i'll be right back now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, now's the time to call newday usa. go to or call 1-800-420-9803
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>> harris: thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime" today. i am harris faulkner. "the daily briefing" begins now. >> dana: senate republicans take new steps to end the shut down as the president prepares for the state of the union. but there is still no agreement on when or where it will take place. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ the senate is back in session today, where senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing a new measure to end the shutdown. meanwhile, congress remains in a holding pattern as the white house pushes ahead with plans for the president's upcoming state of the union address. we have team fox chord with laurel and go on the shutdown troubles for the tsa. first, let's go to peter doocy. he is lives, it looks like and i'll be down in the basement on capitol hill. peter? >> we are in the basement,


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