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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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fears among illegal residents and strengthen community policing. >> sean: is that a manufactured crisis? we'll always be fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham the standing by with a great show, laura. >> laura: hannity by the way it's a crisis to the families who lost their loved ones as it is every day. >> sean: how is that a manufactured crisis? >> laura: i don't know. >> sean: i thought we were concerned about separation. this is permanent separation. >> laura: how about women, spousal abuse? domestic abuse? all the horrific crimes against children? she is are actual violent criminals. not everybody but enough to be a crisis at our border and across the country, when it's one american or legal immigrant it's a part of our extended family. this is crazy. the president is absolutely the correct. >> sean: add the heroin to the list >> laura: bingo. great show. i'm laura ingraham this is the "ingraham angle." very busy washington tonight. the left electronic character
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assassination. that is exposed tonight and the focus of our angle. >> boy that was quick. a few days after we learned the truth about that incident at the lincoln memorial involving some pro life high schoolers a native american activist and handful of black hateful, the media want to put it in the rearview. >> we will see what happens tomorrow but right now people here trying to come to grips with everything that happened and hopefully take a breath and move on. >> laura: well of course the school wants this over. they stupidly fell for that nefarious spin and jumped on their own students. by the way, the school still hasn't recan tract its initial statement of that condemnation. ditto for the diocese, which is shameful. the group i think that has the most to lose includes the bottom
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feeders from the info an want industry. they seized on this as an easy the opportunity to brand young trump supporters as racist. >> everyone that sees that something you look wants to punch that kid. they were like look at that face, i want to punch of that face. >> to surround an indigenes elder and chant build the wall kind of exposes that it has nothing to do with border security it's an issue of race and white supremacy. >> laura: only the video doesn't show the kids shouting build the wall and the elder walked toward the students, they didn't surround them. how did this nothing story become such a media bon fire? twitter furnished us with a big clue. on monday it suspended the account of 2020 fright. now it was that account that first disseminated the edited one minute long video of the confrontation and the meme that
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settle this entire narrative in motion. like quicksilver, the video was viewed more than 2.5 million times. it racked up more than 14,000 retweets. of course major media picked it up, lapped it up. cnn business asked twitter about the identity of the party or parties controlling that account. good for them. it saw a disskrep pen sir between the bio and supposedly a california school teacher and the profile picture, which is that of a brazilian blogger. the profile didn't match the bio. finally, twitter suspended the account climbing that deliberate attempts to manipulate the public conversation on twitter by using misleading account information is a violation of twitter rules. well twitter has some pretty tough rules against abuse and hateful conduct, policies that are unfairly at times applied to some conservatives for just
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speaking their minds. twitter rules state clearly that, quote, you may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or insight other people to do so. we consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate or silence someone else's voice. it goes on. you may not promote violence against or threaten or harass other people on the base of race, ethnicity, gender, go religious affiliation, that's the catholic part. it also forbids the dissemination of hateful imagery on twitter. it's a mouthful but given all that, perhaps not only that account 2020 fright but other twitter accounts need to be suspended. the writer, resa tweeted a photo of nick sandmann and asked, have you ever seen a more punch able face than this kid's?
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now if that's not an insightment to violence, i would like to know what is. it's not fun i, that's for sure. now sandmann's family have been terrorized and subjected to death threats. bound -- bouwouldn't at this h been put out on these kids' heads. kathy griffin posted a tweet begging people to dox the kids at the pro life march just to make it easier to find them. i assume not bring them chocolate chip cookies but to harass them. how is that not using twitter to harass and threaten and, with the prospect of violence in the air, some commentators immediately moved to just all out dehumanize these kids, like cnn's anna navarro, she called the covington students a wipes. miami must be so proud.
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molly o'reilly the editor of the lefty the rag common wheel tweeted you don't let your kid we're a maga hat and ghetto fended when they get taken as a racist. ed beck and father james martin were the worst. they were using these innocent students to advance their own anti-trump animus on twitter. my feelings about the covington boys are unchanged sins the first reporting and boys should not have been permitted to wear maga hats if they were representing the school. what? okay. can't have any political feelings it if you're a student. that's interesting. well buzz feed reporter anne petersen revealed herself when she tweeted this picture of the covington high student next to brett kavanaugh. shocker. one theme of the conversations over the past 24 hours how deeply familiar this look is. it's a look of white anticipate try arc ki, of course.
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but that familiarity, that ban gnat at this is what is part of what prompts the visceral reaction. this isn't spectacular, it's life in america. that's a long winded tweet. well actually it's life through the eyes of a true hater. someone truly intolerant. this is how white men look, look at them, look at the faces. what are they supposed to look like? isn't that what liberalism is, their own truth, whatever they want to look like is supposed to be okay with them. not if you're a white guy, wearing a maga hat, catholic or nominated by trump. put up a picture of two black men and say the exact same thing that she did about this student and brett kavanaugh replacing the word white with the word black. do you think that twitter would allow that person to remain on their platform? they wouldn't and she shouldn't, ditto for anne petersen, her comment is racist.
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today the view's joy bejar in a moment of the accidental canned card but i will give her real credit revealed what this is all about. >> why do we keep making the same mistake? because we're desperate to get trump out of office. [ laughter ] i think that that's the reason. the press jumps the gun a lot because we have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy that we basically are hoping that you know cohen's got the goods and what have you. so it's wishful thinking. >> laura: and on both cases the buzz feed story and this one. here is our wish. that this type of sadistic online savagery be shut down by twitter and other powerful social media platforms, it's start they start evenly enforcing the rules of conduct against all parties including ones on the left. and that's the angle. >> by the way this just in, we're just learning about this, rob sanders who is the kentucky
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county prosecutor, in kenton county which covers the covington catholic high school area, they're looking at perhaps this terroristic threatening statute in kentucky that involves online threats and threats against schools. and by the way, if you're prosecuted successfully this is a felony. so they're taking it very seriously. the commonwealth attorney as well, multiple threats against this family, their home, and their well-being. so that's tonight. here now with reaction, attorney and rnc harmeet dillon and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. harmeet it's now been two days sins leftists called for violence against these students and for their doxing, a lot of these tweets remain up to this moment in time. now, the right is always policed by twitter.
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why not these folks? thanks for asking me, laura. i've actually dealt with twitter and its terms of service other several occasions, written them demand letters because my clients were taken down for no reason and no explanation, whereas twitter allows despicable conduct, threats of violence, to stay up on its platform when the political cause is right. so what we're discerning from this it is that twitter's terms of service which are a contract are not being applied evenly. that would give twitter users grounds for a suit on various theories under california law and the laws of other states. hopefully one of these days someone will hold them accountable. they're not being held accountable and the government is not doing anything to police the fact they get away with it. they pretty much do whatever they want to do. >> laura: this is ridiculous.
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someone is going to get badly hurt. when people say or killed >> laura: it's the first amendment, free expression, there can be no action against -- no, no, andy i'm all for the first amendment, i think this should be a vigorous debate of the issues. i'm not for clamping down on that type of speech but this is not that type of speech. they're putting their lives in danger. this is a classic left wing rock skiite, alinskyite tactic, trying to make them afraid to speak out, be catholic, conservative, a trump supporter. they are succeeding. a lot of these kids are scared tonight. where are all these people worrying about the kids, 24/7, trump is mean to the kids. these people are mean to the kids. go ahead andy yeah well look, laura, i think harmeet is completely right about the contractual aspect of this. but what you're pointing out right now is a category of
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speech or categories of speech that have never been protected under the first amendment. insightment is not protected. threats are not protected. and i think the only way you ever put a stop to this is if you start to prosecute people and make an example out of them. >> laura: right i just don't see a great deal of energy in that direction. but that is what has to happen. >> laura: people have to demand it. harmeet we've heard from some of the students. i've got to say, it's inspiring to see how they're weathering this, pretty well. these are not political kids, they went to a pro life march were of, longest annual march in the united states. that's what they were doing. okay? they found themselves in this situation. they're 14, 15, 16 year old kids. this is what two of it them said today in a you tube video that was released. let's watch there have been many threats against our lives, against our parents. some of the threats include that
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we should all be locked in the school and it should be burnt to the ground, the school being bombed, school shooting threats. it's really scary i have been dox did on three separate occasions, this has led to a tsunami of hate feel it messages and threats. >> laura: harmeet i'm telling you, we're all worried about school safety, the school shooters, horrific things have happened in our country. but now we have people who are putting their name on this, that call themselves comedians or late night hosts or news organizations that throw gunpowder on already approximately raging fire by giving this legitimacy without any real reporting, we'll get into this in a bit about the native american elder, and what his background is. no curiosity about this. the narrative has to be a kid is wearing a maga hat, he's a white male at a pro life march he's
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got to be guilty of something and we're going to find out about it. i find this to be absolutely reprehensible and someone's got to go to jail or someone is going to die if a kid gets hurt or there's a shooting or something happens to their family, the news media, that irrelevant responsibly spread this story it around and viciously in some cases spread this story around will have blood on its hands. there are defamation lawsuits against the news media. they have don't have immunity. their lack of curiosity and repeated publication of known false information in this matter exposes them to liability. >> laura: hold on, i have to get andy bankrupting these people is important, too. >> laura: really quick andy. sa van that guthrie in an interview that will run tomorrow, we actually asks nick sandmann the main kid who i had a chance to talk to today, she
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asked him, do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology? do you city this as your own fault in any way? she has that very concerned look on her face, oh come on you're better than that satisfy van that well you know look. this goes toe what you were just saying. the fact that they had the maga hat on means they must be guilty of something. no, no, the maga hat is the guilt. >> laura: right because what's now prevalent here is that we're about narrative here. we're not about objective reality. and the fact that they're wearing that hat feeds into a narrative that basically you are condemned by wearing it. and you know to the extent if they said they were expressing all of this hateful rhetoric when in fact the videos disprove that, it doesn't matter. because to them the hat symbolizes the hateful rhetoric. so what difference does it make
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whether it was actually said or not? >> laura: the best part is the school and diocese and liberal trump hating catholic priests jumped on these kids, too. this is amazing. i could do the whole show, cancel all the other topics picks. this says so much about where we are in the country, with political speech, and the left is being revealed day after day. both of you thank you so much on the legal aspect of this. our next guest says between the buzz feed report and the covington brush fire this is the right time to address this. victor davis hanson joins me now. victor this is more than a pile on, okay? this is like, tammy bruce said this today on my pod cast, she was phenomenal, she said laura this is a type of vitto tule reputational murder that's taking place. look at that kid's face. nick sandmann, not there, on the
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today show, i mean he looks like, you know, he's been through hell and high water. but what does this tell us about whether this is ever going to end? how do we stop this for good? remember in the class if i can western when they storm the jail and try the lynch the innocent man, they either succeed or fail when the sheriff comes out with the double barrel shotgun, facebook and twitter are on the side of the mob. they're not going to be sense sword, there is no down side. very hard to sue people for defamation of character or conspiracy to commit violence. we don't see it very often. more importantly, people don't get fired, laura. look at one of the authorize of the buzz feed. he had been fired, mr. solomon, again and again and again, leo polled, excuse me. there were no consequences. when it was released that these were young innocent kids, they're not gonna be very ready to fight back and they had maga hats on and they were white and
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they were catholic and that was a turkey shoot for all of these bullies, when you look at the upside, when you combine the electronic mechanism with the hate trump, the result is there's two values, represent pet difficulty and extremism. there was a dog race at the starting block who could get out first and virtue signal i was the first one to attack these kids. and then the next was who can be the most extreme? i said beat them up, shoot them, burn them up, put them in a wood chipper there, there was a raise it to the bottom >> laura: the media has not learned anything there is no down side, laura. why would they? >> i love hearing alexander sharp ton, tawana, browley with alexander sharp ton, duke rape case, hands up don't shoot, it goes on and on and on and then you had buzz feed and now this
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you see what's happened is when you have silicon valley and the great fortunes in america, whether the bloomberg or apple or google, all of that great money and foundations and hollywood and the media and the universities, this story starts out, it's a forced multiplying effect and it permeates ourless entirely society. when you look at the other side we don't have those resources. when trump, our conservative ranks are bifurcated, there were people on the never trump side that joined in because they felt this is the magic key that will unlock my analysis of trump. >> laura: right. right i'm going to get in on it, too, and prove to everybody, these kids had maga hats and i was right all along. >> laura: it was a venn diagram, victor, we're out of time, of the never trumpers and the accusers of these kids, the vile, vile, but there was an interesting intersection, and you're absolutely right, people
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like robbie george of princeton whose work i expect but he was a never trumper, he initially jumped on this kid, catholic professor, but he at least pulled it back. some of these other people haven't pulled it back because they hate trump, they are absolutely raging with hatred at donald trump and they don't care what collateral damage that they leave on the roadside the down side is more than the upside. >> laura: yeah, i agree. victor thank you the down side has to be more than the upside. thank you. >> laura: you're absolutely right. people have to pay for what happened here. we have some breaking news on what else, native american activist nathan phillips was up to last safety. you will not believe what the media didn't tell you about him, and that's next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there.
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11:25 pm
veteran of the vietnam war. >> the school and diocese have apologized philips a vietnam veteran. >> laura: noting that he was in the marines during the war but never served in vietnam. so he was a vietnam era vet. still important but nevertheless correction in order. there are also other stories coming to light. just this past saturday phillips and his group of act visits attempted to storm, check this video out, washington, d.c. basilica the national shrine during an evening mass. there they are. a good, they haven't changed the drum, a guard telling the catholic news agency, it was really upsetting. there was about 20 people trying to get in. we had to lock the doors and everything. apparently they locked the par rishers in inside. given phillips media remarks and his commentary about their education, is it fair to ask whether there is andrus at this catholic bias at play?
11:26 pm
here to discuss, president of the catholic league, bill donahue, anti christian, anti catholic, the commentary and i want to read something to you, bill, this is a quote from mr. phillips, sunday to the detroit free press. the black israelites, the nuts that were screaming at the monument, at the lincoln memorial, they were saying some harsh things but some of it was true, too, the young white american kids were being taught in their catholic schools their doctrine, their truth. when they found out there's more truth out there than what they're being taught they were offended, insulted, scared and that's how they responded. the seeing thing contempt for the catholic faith as expressed by him, he's sins kind of cleaned up his rhetoric but what do you think about that? >> well it wasn't the white kids who called the indians savages, it was the black thugs. yet this guy didn't go after the blacks, did he? no, he went after the catholic
11:27 pm
church. he tried to storm the church. that's what the nazis did in germany. they went into the synagogues to disrupt the services, go if you try to disrupt the religious service it's against the law in washington, d.c., it's also a hate crime. there were three groups here, only one was not involved in anything racist and that was the white kids. the indians were there taunting the kid. the indians were there storming the church. the blacks made comments about blacks, which were racist, whites which were racist. they attacked puerto reek cans and catholics, they called the indians savages and yet somehow the only group which did nothing to provoke any of this it is the one being blamed by the media. >> laura: the media ran over what the black israelites said, insist babies, a lot of it didn't make sense, however it was just the most cruel horrific
11:28 pm
again this is what they do, and this is their big act. but mr. phillips himself, i mean he keeps kind of passing himself off as a vietnam vet but when you talk to vietnam vets who served in vietnam and they're very sensitive. i spoke to one in particular, i wish he could come on the show, maybe he will tomorrow, who was not happy about that. it's a big difference. and marines take it very seriously, not to disrespect any service, but marines take that particular phraseology very seriously, go which i did not know until today the other thing i'm not going to join the pity parade. this guy is a vietnam era vet, guess what? so am i. i'm a senior citizen, he's not. yet he's regarded at frail, elder. this guy is an activist thug. he knew what he was doing, he was badgering the i did can. he wanted that kid to say something vile. he never did and he held
11:29 pm
restraint. shame on the diocese of covington for not standing by him and so many other people. i have no problem with people like robbie george who made an absolutely the wonderful apology, and others. >> laura: he shouldn't have jumped on him in the beginning. bobby is a good guy. what about ed beck, james martin? these are leftist receivers who ref velocity in anything that can reflect badly on the president. they are so political. i suggest that they stick on the gospel and stay out of politics, they're driving people out of this catholic church it's tedious and most catholics i know don't like it one bit. bill you're the greatest thank you very much both of those guys are guilty, much worse than you indicated. >> laura: the supreme court today gave the trump administration a small victory at plowing president trump's executive order banning transgenders from actively being
11:30 pm
in the military. this policy was called dehumanizing, while the doj is arguing it due to lower courts issuing nationwide injunctions our military had been forced to maintain a pryor policy that poses a risk to military effectiveness for over a year. retired jerry boykin and kristen beck a transgender retired navy se seal. a recent study the found 61% of respondents do not approve of transgender people in the military. what are those 6 of 1% missing given their own experience? i just don't understand the lee that the at this and effectiveness part. i don't know if the 61% actually
11:31 pm
understand what the military does. we're a peace keeping force. we do many more things. if you want to talk about lethality, i served 27 years in the navy seals, i was very effective at my job. >> laura: when you served you had not changed your gender or gone through treatment though, correct? yes, that's correct. there's many transgender people just like me that just want to serve. it doesn't mean that we have to suddenly start wearing dresses. there's transmen, also. female to mail. so there's an immense amount of knowledge and information from 18 countries around the world who have had transgender people serving in their military's, now for decades. they've never had a problem. so i don't understand how -- the home of the free, we're talking about liberty, why do we have such a problem when 18 other countries already have it. >> laura: transgender people who
11:32 pm
have served in the military say we want to be part of the greatest fighting force ever. they're patriotic people. they want to serve the country as kristen said. the injunction doesn't necessarily mean that all transgender people can't serve. there's a long list of, most people probably can't serve but for instance service members who have been stable for three years in their biological section prior to joining the military can serve. service members diagnosed did with gender disfore i can't and will other things. >> laura: that's right laura. i would be remiss if i didn't start by saying chris step served honorably and in fact served with valor >> laura: absolutely. who doesn't love the navy seals, i do? i applaud her and thank her for her service. however she served as a male, and she did not go through her tans formation until she was out of the navy.
11:33 pm
now, what the -- this report allows, and what the supreme court decision today determined was that those who came out when mr. obama said you can come out if you're transgender, they are allowed to stay in the military. anybody that has absolutely come out from, and admitted that they are transgender are now able to go, to stay in the service until they separate either by retirement or by some other, maybe an injury or something like that >> laura: chris step, do you see any reason whatsoever, that this should be an issue of morale or the fighting effectiveness of unit to unit? you're a navy seal. i know a few seals, unbelievably tough, .0001% of the population or fewer can actually do it.
11:34 pm
upper body strength, physical strength that's required is stunning. i have nothing but incredible respect for what you did. but thank you >> laura: but if you are in transformation how could you meet these standards, especially if you were in the process of transformation? you couldn't be on other drugs and be part of it, go in other words yes, i mean there's definitely going to be some things we need to overcome, some hurdles. but this is the same hurdles we had to face in the 1950's when there was integration of african americans into the armed forces. >> laura: but that doesn't go to physical strength i'm just using an example. there will be herd and we will overcome those hurdles. i think i might have lost a little strength. i think i can only bench press 250, maybe 280 now, i think i went down 20 or 30 pounds. >> laura: that's unbelievable. wow! general my prediction will
11:35 pm
be fully overturned, that's my prediction but, we'll see. by the way an nfl player denied one final shot at the super bowl, he will join us, ben watson, next. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. i can't say it's the highlight dadof fatherhood.... but i'd rather be here with my little man than not be here because of migraine. i have three words for migraine... "i am here." aimovig, a preventive treatment for migraine in adults, reduces the number of monthly migraine days.
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let's do the thing that you do. let's clear a path. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything... that pushes us forward and keeps us going. let's do the work. ♪ ♪ . >> laura: the nation as a whole and certainly.who dat nation are still stunned after the saints lost sunday, the nfc championship game due to a plate antly missed call or two.
11:39 pm
in the aftermath the nfl admitted it messed up. >> just getting off the phone with the legal office. they blew the call. it was simple, they blew the call. it should never have not been a call. not only was it interference, it was helmet to helmet. they couldn't believe it. >> laura: but for the saints and players and fans that admission is a little consolation. raymond arroyo fox news contractor and a member of the who dat nation. i can't believe i said. that colorful responses from the new orleans residents, the entire who dat nation is still in mourning. >> laura: if you say that one more time. unlike other places, this isn't a team to us, laura. it's really a part of our way of life n new orleans there are four things, faith, family, food and football. >> laura: texas same deal well in the fourth quarter of this championship game when the rams cornerback literally rammed saint receiver with his
11:40 pm
helmet. everyone assumed two calls were coming. they never came. they've copied with the grief in unbelievable ways. signs popped up all over the city. one says saints got robbed, another nfl blew it. sins it's new orleans why not protest with food, a bakery is selling a no ref cookie with an image of red referee with a slash through his face. on our local papers they're copying the headline revving unbelievable, they've made it into a t-shirt. there's now a petition with near lit 700,000 signatures asking for the nfl to invalidate the rams victory and demand a replay of the championship game this sunday given the house i owe fish yating. the new orleans city council is weighing n. demanding answers from the nfl. the owners of the saints
11:41 pm
demanding clarity here. she doesn't want other people to go through this. the governor of louisiana asking bill goodell to go through this >> laura: patrick goodell it? >> no, bill goodell, what is it? roger goodell, we're both wrong. >> laura: i can't hear. i don't like goodell, sorry i don't care for him either. very quickly there are two lawsuits being filed. >> laura: these are stupid. loss of enjoyment of life and distrust of the game. they want the nfl to pay up and we're trying to cope with the suffering. >> laura: they'll lose hundreds of millions of dollars, the next year your contract goes up with the super bowl. joining us now is someone who understands that's pain in a particular way, an "ingraham angle" exclusive is ben watson,
11:42 pm
tightened for the saints who is retiring i'm so sad this year. i know this is tough what you experience did as you watched the referees totally ignore these infractions, you didn't play because you were injured which we are really upset about. but what now ben? what now? what do we take from this? well first of all you've got to console all your kids because they're trying to figure out what happened. we have a thing that we have as athletes and that this is an imperfect game played by imperfect people. obviously referees are i am perfect humans who are refereeing. i have no words. there are no words that can console myself or my family or who dat nation or fat ball fans. as the nfl as a league we try to put forth something that we can be proud of. these sorts of things happen. the sad thing is there's no remedy. in no way to take anything away from the rams, it was a hard fought game.
11:43 pm
when you have a non-call when things are in the clutch when it's time to be decided it doesn't fit well. that's not how either team wants to win or lose. >> laura: ben what do you think about the rules changes that are being debated. i listened to almost nothing but shorts talk radio over the last 48 hours. i was so upset about a lot during this game, there were a lot of things that could have gone differently. i don't think the saints played their best game. drew please is my favorite quarterback, i don't think he played his best game and i think he knows it. the 57 yard fieldgoal was unbelievable, the rams kick, that was incredible. now a rules change? is that where we're going? we're going to review every play? >> well i think, you know the league is constantly evolving. over the course of my 15 year career i've seen rules changed. some go that happened in a game and then the next year the competition committee comes together and creates a rule to fix that. those things happen because it's
11:44 pm
an imperfect game. when it comes to this i think there will be a huge discussion in february by the competition committee about how do we prevent this sort of thing from happening. how abouting we be sitting here and not celebrating the two teams that are in there but talking about missed calls by referees who are the best at what they do? it may be something as i say simple but as important as being able to review a pass interference call that happened and also one that didn't happen. a lot of times pass interference calls happen that shouldn't be called as well. there needs to be something done. again that doesn't console us, doesn't make us feel better, but we understand that life goes on and many times life isn't fair. >> laura: no. it isn't. jason whitlock, i know you know jason. he was speaking today about the saints and the reaction. let's watch the saints are not victims, not in my opinion. victims are targeted. the referee who failed the call
11:45 pm
the penalty on this pass had no intentions of harming the new orleans saints. in fact, his motivation was to protect the integrity of the outcome. he have failed to act because he didn't want a judgment call by the refs to decide the game. >> laura: jason right? well he's right to a certain extent. referees are told in the end of very important games, talking about play off games with super bowl implicationmplications, re don't want to determine the outcome. them the to let the players play. when there's something as obvious as that. three referees standing there that's a time when a flag needs to come out there, needs to be a call made. i don't know -- i'm not saying the referees intent was malicious but i can say that he did not do his job there. when you look at the game, we had, look as a player, you want to win the game on your own terms, we had a chance in overtime. we got the ball first in overtime. we weren't able to drive down
11:46 pm
the field. there were opportunities for us to win the game. looking back there will be rule changes but it won't help us now. >> laura: i've seen the pictures of your kids, my question is, are they playing football? which one right now wants to play in a bad, bad way? come back, play super bowl when he's older, avenge this loss? yeah my seven year old. it just clicked for him this year, the younger ones don't really get it yet. but my seven year old we were outside throwing the football when he got home from school today. he's the one that took it the hardest. he's always talking about playing football. i think we'll wait for him. if it's up to his mom and me he would go play baseball or golf or something with guaranteed contracts. >> laura: come on. i've seen the plan, we have to get the watson kids on the field. benefits great to see you. you've had an unbelievable career and you've been such an
11:47 pm
inspiration to young people across this country. i've been following your career for so many years. i know you hear this a lot. what you've it done for the community, with your family and who you are as a man, forget a player, we salute you and thank you. that's much more important than any super bowl who dat. appreciate it. who dat. >> laura: take care. from city squares to college campuses, american history being systematically eradicated? is that an exaggeration? it's not. it's happening at notre dame. next. 't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah
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♪ ♪ . >> laura: covering up our history? well, that's what the university of notre dame is doing right now. in a shocking announcement the school says it will cover these murals. i just saw them in september. dating back to the late 1800's that depict christopher columbus. the university president says students and faculty have been complaining for years, poor babies, claiming the murals don't show the darker side of the story. catherine let's start with you. did the school give opposing views an opportunity to make their arguments against the covering up of art?
11:52 pm
you know f. hi laura, thank you for having me. it was interesting to see how the native american perspective was of course embraced, but it was seemingly impossible to seem to have a conservative viewpoint on this issue. especially with the idea of covering up or nick erasing history. an important part of learning where we need to go in the future. we need to acknowledge the evil things that may have happened, no matter how unfortunate. >> laura: pretty much all of history includes really scary and bad and evil things. and yet they're not wrong. >> laura: jonathan, same thing happened at dartmouth college, the hovey grill murals, it was kind of a bit of a charactaricaf a song about dartmouth. there was a huge fight over the murals.
11:53 pm
they ultimately covered them. then opened them up and then moved them off campus. this is going back to the 80's. so this whole thing about covering murals, moving murals, continues. why is this liberal to cover art? you know what it's not covering art. the university said they're going to reproduce them in hd and people will be able to see them. they'll be in proper context >> laura: they had pham threats, i was there in september. i thought they were beautiful. they had palm threats explaining the murals it's not appropriate. i the hope things have changed. they were done in the 1800's, i hope things have changed a little bit sins the late 1800's. to cover them up and say that's not where we are any more is absolutely the right step. the art is still going to be available. these things need to be put away in hue see ups, in places where this is where we were, this is not where we are. as long as they're constantly
11:54 pm
displayed it says this is where we are. >> laura: this is what the new york post pointed out today. noter came will cover problemat problematic columbus tap hes sis. this is the kind of the thing the irani the iranian regime does. only in the usacademe it's done in the name of progress and liberality. i think about the taliban destroying things which can never be produced. i'm not comparing the murals but you can find offense in everything. i'm sure there are people who look at the dome and see our lady on the dome and if you don't believe, the catholic faith, you might be offended by it. right? there she is. i bet you could probably get 300 students some where who say that our lady offends them and they need it change the name of the university. you see where this goes? art is almost meant to offend. i thought that was a cool thing
11:55 pm
columbus referred to native americans as things that would make great servants. >> laura: should we take down the washington monument? that's just the thing analyzing things is not dangerous. >> laura: analyzing, absolutely. more debate is great. i do believe that this is where we're headed i mean at notre dame, there's a hall right next-door to the dome called washington hall. so how far will we drop the bar in terms of having a standard for what must be sense sword? that's the true problem here is sensor ship. to have history you need both sides, the good and the bad. to pursue that evil should not be condoned. if you don't know what the evil is or if people are shielded from that evil then what's the point of having historical dialogue in the first place. >> laura: we want more speech, not less.
11:56 pm
have another mural expressing another point of view. it is not historical, it's not liberal. great conversation. thank you. a big show of support for president trump's wall, we'll tell you who it is coming from next. around the clock. and with a $0 copay, that's something to groove about. ♪let's groove tonight. toujeo® is used to control high blood sugar in adults .. during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash, or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles, or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines
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♪ spatiotemporal the last bite, candace >> candace owens at turning point usa held the first black
12:00 am
set rally in la, black exit, a movement that aims to encourage minorities to abandon the democratic party. here's what they were chanting at the weekend rally. >> build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! >> shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it here. shannon: fox news alert, showdown over the state of the union on capitol hill and democratic leadership appears divided over whether to let the president address a joint session of congress as the speaker originally invited him to do. they will put democrats on the spot with not one but two opportunities in the senate to reopen the government. the left and the right comparing the


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