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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 23, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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also it is important to note, the handler volunteers for an amazing organization. >> jessie: another reason why animals are great. >> greg: that is my line! >> jessie: "special report" is up next. >> bret: thank you. good evening, this is a fox news alert, i am bret baier. two pick stories as he trump administration throws with small way to be on getting rid of even a civilian strongman. pedicure at home, president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi continue to feud over the state of the union address. the president telling nancy pelosi, he tends to deliver the speech of the house chamber. she has other ideas as well as it seems, the final say on that particular venue. it is the latest saga and the fallout from the partial government shutdown, now 33 days old. we start tonight with john roberts on the north lawn. >> good evening. the language from nancy pelosi today it was cordial and
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parliamentary, the net effect was to tell president trump, you are not welcome in my house. >> thank you. >> a presidency that has seen its fair share of first, this truly was unprecedented. the speaker of the house canceling her invitation to president trump to deliver the state of the union on january january 29th. >> this shutdown, let's work together. we will welcome you. speak with a income is much as a surprise to the president. >> the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what is going on. >> president trump called the decision a horrible precedent. >> we will have a response to nancy pelosi, what she is doing
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to the american people and what she is doing to our constitution is a disgrace. >> and a letter earlier in the day president trump called out her claims that security concerns were the basis on which to delay the address. he wrote, i was contacted by homeland security in the united states secret service to explain that there would be absolutely no problem regarding security with respect to the event. in her response nancy pelosi appeared to acknowledge that her decision was political, not mentioning security. she said, i'm writing to inform you that the house of representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the president's state of the union address on the house chamber until government has opened. with the address to congress off, at least for the moment, the white house is not actively considering plan b, and address somewhere outside of washington. >> the president will talk to the american people on january 29th, as he does nearly every single day. >> tomorrow all eyes will turn to the senate which is
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attempting to move forward on ending the shutdown. two measures to reopen the government will be considered. one, the president's offer in exchange for money for a border barrier, the other a three week spending measure with no money for the wall. >> we are hopeful that the senate will vote to open up the government. i think they will reject the president's plan. >> a new fox news poll shows that voters blame president trump for the shutdown, while 75% of registered voters also say the shutdown is an emergency or a major problem, 59% also say the situation at the border qualifies as one. >> you would bring crime in our country, so much of a comes through border. honduras is doing nothing for us. guatemala is doing nothing for us. >> sending his letter to nancy pelosi this afternoon, president trump put the ball deep into nancy pelosi's court,
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forcing her to do one of two things. go ahead with the state of the union address next tuesday, or cement in history the first time that a speaker has ever canceled the event. the president believes he has some political mileage. >> bret: may be in by the multi-white house, who knows. michael cohen, his former attorney just postponed his schedule congressional testimony because he said of threats from the presidents. >> he was supposed to appear before the committee on february the seventh, but today has postman said that he was postponing that appearance because of threats that the president and his attorney have made against michael cohen and his family. davis would not elaborate on those threats, but the president has tweeted a couple of times about his father-in-law, suggesting that he has been involved in some malign activities. rudy giuliani went so far as to
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say, he may have some connections to organized crime. president trump said this about his testimony early today. >> he has only been threatened by the truth. he doesn't want to do that probably for me or any of his clients. he has other clients also, i assume. he doesn't want to tell the truth. >> he did say that michael cohen come before the committee at the appropriate time at some future date, with his schedule to go to prison on march 6th, time is running short. the committee chairman elijah cummings said, we will get the testimony and ensure as night becomes day, he will be willing to get michael cohen out of jail for a day. >> bret: john roberts, thank you. turmoil in the streets of venezuela today as protesters demand president nicolas maduro stepped down and president trump is taking the clearest step yet to show his support.
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he announces the u.s. recognizing the head of the opposition congress and venezuela is that country's leader. despite the people, he is now without his supporters and is clamping down tonight. state as state department rich s the latest. >> across venezuela, tens of thousands of protesters demanding nicolas maduro get out. >> i felt that people are believing again. >> the president of the opposition led national assembly, earlier this week he began a legal process to try to replace him. today, i swear to formally assume the powers of the national executive as president in charge of venezuela. >> the united states agrees, the trump administration officially recognized him as the interim president of venezuela. president trump says, i will continue to use the full weight of the united states economic and diplomatic power to press
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for the restoration of the in a spill in democracy. we hold him responsible for any threats in a post of the safety of the people. >> he says he is breaking diplomatic relations with the u.s. giving american diplomats 72 hours to leave the country. there is little indication that he plans to leave. >> we hope that nicolas maduro looks up to peaceful transition. >> that he will accept the will of the people. to move this country forward and embrace their new president. >> at the white house when asked whether the u.s. would consider using military force there, president trump refused to roll it out. >> we are not considering anything, all options are on the table. >> the government is best to release to the demonstration, they fired rubber bullets and tear gas, pro-government
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factions also organize counter protests. >> the government that made chavez, the government that has nicolas maduro has achieved significant progress. >> the administration encourages other governments to join the u.s. nicolas maduro has called the opposition, little boys under the control of the trump administration. the united nations says 3 million venezuelans have left their country, escaping rapid inflation, food and medicine shortages, and violence. several allies in the region have 20 administration and recognizing one white out as the interim president of one escuela, the defense minister indicates the country's military is still behind nicholas maduro. >> rich edson, thank you. >> bret: the kentucky high school student whose encounter with the native american elder set off a viral video says he meant no disrespect. the school has reopened after adding more security in the face
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of violent threats. correspondent doug mckelway is in covington, kentucky, tonight. >> classes resumed at the catholic high school today with all entrances and parking lots blocked by police. that is senate majority leader mick mike mitch mcconnell joined other kentucky lawmakers, rand paul, and congressman tom massey and condemning the rush to judgment. >> in a matter of hours the students were tried, convicted and sentenced by the media. >> a presumption of innocence may be hard to reclaim initial social media age for standards are few as the covington student has discovered. >> i've never heard such cruel things wished upon another human being. it ranges from getting locked inside a building and burned alive and sexually assaulted by clergy members. it is awful. >> in his first tv appearance, the student behind the smile
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explained his thinking as the standoff ensued. >> i'm not sure where he wanted to go and if you wanted to walk past me i would've let him go. i wish you would've walked away. i kept my composure. >> the other man in the standoff, nathan phillips said he would like to meet with the covington boys at their school, he told the cincinnati enquirer that he did not apologize and i believe there are intentional falsehoods and his testimony. i have faith that human beings can use a moment like this to find a way to gain understanding from one another. the catholic news service reported today that last saturday, the day after the march, phillips and a group of 20 try to interrupt mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception with drumbeats and chanting. a car described the incident as very upsetting. i miss the controversy, he delivered an ultimatum, retract the attacks within 48 hours, or be sued. >> that includes any major member of the media, any
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celebrity, anybody with a substantial platform on social media. if you have said anything false about these kids, it will extend you with 48 hours. you can get redemption in retract and correct and apologize. >> shortly after that ultimatum, the newly elected democrat of minnesota deleted a tweet in which they accuse the boys of tossing five black men. she posted a tweet late last night, well after the narrative had been discredited >> bret: thank you. lawyers over the trump chairman have responded to allegations from a special counsel that paul manafort lied to federal investigators and violated his plea agreements. his lawyers blame his faulty memory for any misstatements and say, some of the errors were corrected immediately. the matter will be taken up by federal judges friday. federal charge is also renting he might toss out a lawsuit against president trump by adult
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film star, stormy daniels. the suit seeks to tear up a hush money settlements over their alleged affair. the president has asked the judge to dismiss the suit after agreeing to resend the settlement, that included a payment to stormy daniels. the judge says, it seems the president's lawyers achieve their goal of proving there are no grounds for a lawsuit. part of the process for running for president is making amends for past positions, or sort seams for democrats are in the white house. it is all about getting and staying on the good side of the ever more powerful progressive bank of the party. tonight peter doocy takes us inside what appears to be the 2020 apology to her. >> the current president rarely apologizes. >> mr. trump, what you apologize? i said yes, i will apologize spirit to pocahontas! >> democrats who may challenge
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him are kicking off campaign season by saying, sorry. >> i am deeply sorry. >> i apologize. >> this cycle most motivated voters are the most progressive, contenders whose records clashed with progressive priorities are singling, they have changed. joe biden whose history include supporting the 9094 crime bill. >> i've been in this fight for a long time. it goes not just to voting rights, the criminal justice system. i haven't always been right. >> long record also includes a stint as a chairman, he says he regrets not objecting to the way colleagues have strongly challenged clarence thomas. >> i wish i could've done more. >> bernie sanders who got more than 13 million primary votes in 2016 is also apologizing for not knowing some campaign staffers were accused of misconduct. >> what they experienced was
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unacceptable and certainly not when a progressive campaign or any campaign should be about. >> she is sorry to come her previous combinations of same-sex marriage. >> in my past i believed things that were wrong. >> not every possible contender is ready to say sorry for specific stakes, including michael bloomberg who spent years as an independence. >> i can send appear and tell you that every decision was perfect. >> there is no telling how primary voters will react to the latest round of regret among potential trump challengers. recent history shows it is possible to would make a nomination by explaining away a moderate record, if you are a republican. >> i fought against long odds in a deep blue state. >> there is an expression and pop culture, love means never having to say you're sorry. this is politics these candidates are saying sorry because they want you to love
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them. >> bret: peter, thank you. up next, a drone forces another major airport to suspend flights. we will take a look at a growing problem. first, here's what some of our affiliates around the country are covering. police have a suspect in custody in the sexual assault of a incapacitated woman who gave birth to a baby, lacey dna testing of a nurse employed at the long-term care facility led to the arrest of this man. between 9-year-old victim had been in incapacitated from the age of three and gave birth. box 13 and tampa were police say five people were fatally shot inside a bank today. the suspect is in custody according to authorities. initial negotiations failed, a s.w.a.t. team entered the bank to continue talking and the suspect eventually surrendered. this is a lab look at denver from fox 31, public school teachers voted overwhelmingly to go on strike. they want to increase in pay and
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more money for continuing education. they could walk as soon as monday, school officials say classes will go on as scheduled. that is tonight's lab look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ n believe this, real esurance employee nancy abraham. look her up online. esurance, it's surprisingly painless. and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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♪ >> bret: it was show and tell time in russia today when the military unveiled a new missile and released at specifications. the russians had the land-based cruise missile can conform to the range nuclear treaty, the u.s. disagrees and has announced plans to abandon the inf treaty. a face-to-face meeting between a u.s. ally and an american arrival in moscow today, they called each other dear friends as they met to bargain over influencing parts of syria. president trump's decision to withdraw troops from the war-torn country has left them wanting more. corresponded trade gangs reports from our newsroom. >> vladimir putin and turkish president erdogan met in moscow to discuss the future control of northern syria head of the u.s. troop withdrawal. >> with the military offensive against u.s. back kurdish fighters, they began with a
3:21 pm
single order from the country's president, international concern on major bloodshed among the kurdish population. for now turkey is demanding a 2a giving its troops access to a potential flash point with kurdish forces. with turkey, russia, iran, and syria, the united states united states was noticeably absent today and he talks about the zone and other key regional issues. >> that is a serious contribution to peace in the region. the syrian peace process, these were meetings that really held global interest. >> the meeting today comes as russia's foreign ministry is warning israel, one of america's closest allies against conducting strikes in iranian positions in syria. earlier this week the israeli air force reportedly bombed a series of targets provoking in
3:22 pm
iranian rockets being fired towards israel's ski resort near the syrian border. in response, the israelis bombed more iranian positions. >> the practice of arbitrary strikes on a sovereign state in this case, we are talking about syria should be ruled out. speak with tension increasing between the turks and the kurds between israelis and the iranians and syria, the region is bracing for an escalation in violence. >> bret: thank you. up next, as a partial government shutdown had a direct impact on you or your family? we will take a look. first, beyond our borders. the officer at facebook says the world's largest social network needs to earn back public trust. she said at the world economic forum and switzerland, the companies investing billions of dollars a year to improve the security of its network. striking spanish taxi drivers are blocking access to a trade exhibition center in madrid were
3:23 pm
a major tourist fair is being held, riot police have been deployed. pope francis is the fear of migration is making us crazy, he is on a trip to central america. he was responding to reporters who asked about the controversy over president trump's border wall. the pope has in the past called for "bridges, not false." just some of the other stores beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour, if president trump and nancy pelosi cannot agree to the date, time, or place for the address, it is no wonder they can't agree on how to reopen the government. as the two sides jockey for position, irs workers, fbi, tsa employees among others prepare for another missed a paycheck, jillian torn her reports for those federal workers in the hundreds of thousands, there is not the partial about the shutdown. >> from u.s. business or national security, even law enforcement is a partial shutdown is stretching beyond the federal government. the fi agent association, 14,000 members and city shutdown isn't just impacting individual employees. >> the failure to fund the fbi undermines essential operations such as those designated to
3:28 pm
combat crimes against children, gang crimes and terrorism. >> while justice department prosecutors to the crime solvers to a virtual standstill. dna testing in some cases it is not being timely performed, some trial subpoenas are not being served. crime investigations and panels are slowing down, perpetrators remain at large. the shutdown is also slowing the security apparatus, the coast guard, the only branch of the military not receiving pay says enough is enough. >> members of the armed forces should not be accepted to shoulder this burden. >> numbers from the tsa have experts predicting chaos. unscheduled absences among screeners are double what they were at this time last year with employees using sick leave and reporting they are unable to work due to financial stress. in cyberspace, top agencies were in the u.s. government is now more vulnerable to foreign hacks, terrorism and cyber criminals than ever before. when it comes to american
3:29 pm
business, the hardest hit agencies are the irs, a whopping 42% of staff being furloughed. it may not be america's favorite government agency, experts report this could result in a rebate for millions of taxpayers. the commerce department with a 30% of its furloughed workers have led publication, the companies rely on make decisions. figures for new home sales, housing construction, gdp, inflation, and personal income and spending. all these problems with the paper trail have real-life consequences. this california wine bar left wrangling with the loan process that stalled indefinitely. >> we will probably not order all of our surprise, we don't know if it will be one month or six. you can see the trickle effect. >> denied the white house is asking for a list of government
3:30 pm
programs that will be impacted if the shutdown continues its march. the staff, mick mulvaney and the government agencies providing their input to president trump by no later than friday. that is two days. >> bret: thank you. strong earnings report from several big companies shield a positive day on wall street. the dow gained 171, the s&p 500 pulled up stakes and the nasdaq finishes i had at five. democratic congressman sheila jackson lee of texas is stepping down from two major roles as she fights off criticism of her handling of a sexual assault claimed by a former aide. she is giving up the chairmanship of a key house subcommittee, she is also resigning as chairwoman of the black caucus foundation. the move follows pressure from her colleagues over a lawsuit from a former employee who says she fired her after she complained about a sexual assault by foundation employee. the office denies any retaliation or mistreatment of
3:31 pm
that woman. it is illegal equivalent of a hail mary pass to new orleans and advance or swing the nfl over the pass interference call in last sunday's playoff game. the saints lost, the fans wanted more judgment and to replay the game or pick it up from the point of the foul. they cite a legal rule that allows the commissioner to make such a move in the case of what is termed, extraordinarily unfair acts. the major american airport grants to a halt after pilots report from coming within feet of a drone. the penalties for flying drones near airports are step, the ffa says it gets reports of more than 100 illegal drones every single month. respondent david lee miller reports from new jersey. >> it is back to business at the airport, after two pilots 9 miles out coming in for landing reported seeing a drone flying in violation of federal law at 3500 feet.
3:32 pm
for 30 minutes, all landings were suspended. aircraft and other airports were heading to the airport were halted. it could have been much worse. days before christmas, multiple drone sightings at gatwick airport outside of london resulted in more than a thousand flight cancellations and caused airlines an estimated $60 million. in the u.s., incidents involving drones and aircraft's are on the rise, from february 2014 through april of last year, the ffa says they were more than 6,000 drone sightings near airports. among them, november 2018, 15 miles from boston's logan airport, a delta flight encountered a drone. july 2018, san francisco international, a drone is plotted on the tarmac. april 2018, the honolulu airport, pilots report two drones. the university of dayton which simulated a midair collision
3:33 pm
between eight drone and a commercial aircraft from the consequences could be catastrophic. >> the drone is not only plastic, it has metal parts and there and those are stronger and have the ability once a penetrate within the initial wingspan of the outer structure, they have the ability to penetrate further into the aircraft. >> the trump administration is launching a pilot program to manage drone air traffic. it is a joint effort by nasa and the faa. >> bret: david lee miller, thank you. when we come back, who knows what will happen on the state of the union address? the latest only president versus the speaker of the house and in this partial government shutdown, the panel is next. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance
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♪ >> the state of the union speech has been canceled by
3:38 pm
nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. we were planning on doing a really important speech. >> the government is closed. i wrote him a second time to sa say, the government is shut dow down. let's pull together, we can welcome you to the capital to give the address. >> the incredible country that we all love, is a horrible mark. we will do something in the alternative. >> the president was saying, i'm going forward with the invitation and i will deliver the state of the union address in the house chamber next tuesday. that didn't get far, the response from the house speaker. if you look at her latest fox news poll, people in america seem to be on the state of the union speech. 56%. to skip altogether, 33%.
3:39 pm
the speaker's letter after the president said he was going forward, the extension on january 3rd, a mutually agreed-upon date. at that time there was no thought that the government would still be shut down, my further correspondence said we should work together to find a mutually agreeable date when the government has reopened. i am writing to inform you that the house of representatives will not consider a resolution authorizing the president's state of the union address in the house chamber until the government has opened. where is this going? let's bring in our panel. jonah goldberg at the national review, susan page, the bureau chief in mollie hemingway, the senior editor at the federalist. we debated how big a deal this was, this back and forth. there are a lot of things happening around the world, but it is pretty unique. >> is not a great spectacle. i think donald trump was right to call nancy pelosi's bluff.
3:40 pm
nancy pelosi doesn't want him there, she should stand up and say so. i have a hard time believing 110% of the american people say they are severely affected by the shutdown according to this poll that even a fraction of those people are really heartbroken that they may not see the state of the union address. this is something that washington cares about a great deal, it will substitute just fine if he gives it from somewhere else. i can't stand the state of union address, so i'm glad to see it taken down a peg. it is a sign of the partisan breakdown in washington. >> bret: you are a truth there, you want the whole thing -- >> i am. woodrow wilson is the worst president in american history, want to leave it there. >> bret: susan, beyond this back and forth, if they can get the address right, there is no
3:41 pm
progress on dealing with the shutdown. >> like anything else this year, one of the things that we see unfolding now is the way that these two powerful people represent their parties are going to operate for the next two years. i think it doesn't give you much hope for legislative action or on a path to open the governmen government. it is 33 days, the president is taking it on the chin and polls consistently show him down from december. and yet you don't even see urgent negotiations going on. >> bret: most responsible for the government shutdown, you are right, president trump's 51% in congress are 34%. that matches other polls, what describes the emergency problem in the shutdown? that gets the most attention from people in her latest poll. here are some of the frustration in the house and senate.
3:42 pm
>> i'm not saying that that is the right answer. i'm not saying that that is the best we can do. i'm not saying that that is for the conversation ends. i am asking my friends, what is the conversation began? >> this is the first time in history that i congress has ended in a government shutdown. that is what you left us with. >> we are looking weak to the rest of the world. we are looking foolish to the rest of the world. >> looking at some of these poll numbers is so interesting, the one that has 51% of the country blaming trump for the shutdown. considering that he said he would take full credit for it but he thought were security and enforcement of our nation at law are so important that he is willing to do that, it is only 51%. that speaks a lot. nancy pelosi says she couldn't even imagine that the government would be shut down, she has done absolutely nothing to open a back up. she has offered $1 for border
3:43 pm
security. that is not a serious person right now. >> bret: there is a break it seems, you have others talking about border security a lot. there is an offer on the table, $5.7 billion, but it can't include a barrier or wall they say. >> even though they are used to good effect in various places along the border. >> there doesn't seem to be a crack. >> people -- it is how you would expect adults to be. you offer this so we will offer this. again, when nancy pelosi is offering $1, that is what she thinks is a powerful bed and to do all these antics, we talk about the state of the union not being -- we might not like it. it is also an institution. particularly it is a modern institution. the first speaker to get rid of this norm, to get rid of this thing and then to complain about other people when you are the
3:44 pm
one who is destroying modern institutions, it undercuts something. >> i love the state of the unio union. you've all congress, the diplomatic court, members of the supreme court, you press, invited guests up in the galleries, i think it is a wonderful statement about their government, our unity. it is wonderful and i love hearing what presidents have to say, what priorities they set. the theatrics of congress applauding, i disagree, i am pro speech. >> the president of united states is not a king, i felt this way under obama and i feel it under trump. we treated as if he is the one running the government, that is not the case. i think nancy pelosi is violating norms, donald trump comes in bragging about how he is a disruptor, other people
3:45 pm
react in destructive ways as well. i think that one of the things you talk to democrats on the hill about, they are negotiating. that is absolutely true. the they have offered some perfy good tactics. nancy pelosi is locked into this idea, they don't want to credit this idea that you shutdown the government to get what you want. >> they are talking past each other. >> bret: the hostage message was very prominent on capitol hill today. some people like polls as a snapshot of time and other people hate them. we will show you what ours shows. fox five, building the wall, the breakdown. 43% on both of the wall, more agents, 73%. 10% says this is severe, the
3:46 pm
breakdown obviously from the 800,000 employees, they are feeling it directly. president trump's job approval, we have it at 43 approve. this track set up a little bit higher. satisfied with the direction of the country, 38% are not in the right direction from where it was. >> it is always interesting to know what makes people dissatisfied. is it the covington high school kids get totally trashed by the media and lied about and seen that happen? >> bret: right, we don't have a visual on the poll. >> we don't know why they are not happy with the direction, it could be any number of reasons. >> bret: panel, stand by of next the trump administration weight in deep with the venezuelan turmoil. ♪ come here, babe.
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3:51 pm
forward and to embrace their due president. >> i've given the order to the foreign minister of the republic to initiate a total and absolute revision of the government of united states of america. >> all options, always. >> bret: the trump administration recognizing the head of the opposition party as the leader of venezuela. this as protests continue on the streets, they are porting seven people have been killed in protests today in venezuela. we are back with the panel. a significant move when our country says, your president is not your presidents. it is this other guy. >> it is very significant. the issue of international relations, we are not isolated. canada, other countries in south america, brazil, they are agreeing that the disputed president has to go. like vice president pence said e will try to do it peacefully and
3:52 pm
there are no signs of thoughts. >> bret: he has a history of cracking down and we expect that to continue. >> i am sure we are all clicking in our boots that they have cut off relationships with us. this is a big deal. one of the big problems is the military, the leadership is completely corrupt and bought off by the regime. even if they would like to split, the problem is that they may be complicit in all sorts crimes against humanity, they are tied up with keeping the regime going. the truth of it is, he is losing the support of people who were staying behind and to event his base and if he loses those, it is a people power thing. it is a credential question for us, morally i think we are completely right. our support for the opposition, does that make it harder for the opposition were easier? i just don't know the answer. >> bret: this is an important moment. when the iron protests were
3:53 pm
happening, the green revolution, the obama administration chose not to weigh in on that. this is this administration putting the foot and insane, this guy is not legitimate we're standing with the opposition. >> stick of the state of the unions, it was munro's seventh union when he issued that doctrine for foreign actors don't get involved in this hemisphere. when you're making the decision to be involved in somebody else's civil conflict, generally speaking you want to only get involved with it affects your national interest. there is no question that this socialist government has destroyed the lives of its people. there is a humanitarian crisis, economic crisis in our political crisis. it is something that does affect us and it can also be the thing, if we get involved militarily, it could affect us even more. there is already a refugee crisis with people trying to flee. if we support a civil war, it could make that refugee crisis
3:54 pm
even worse. we have to think prudently about how to involve ourselves. >> bret: the president did hand on that, all things are on the table. you heard senator rubio talking about that. >> the president did say that but i would be surprised if we take military action. especially given the reluctance to get involved militarily around the world, he has been trying to withdraw. we have a lot of tools here, we have a lot of economic sanctions that we could impose against venezuela. some cost to ourselves with the sanction oil for instance, we have tools that the president can use. >> bret: more tools as the u.s. energy, we have the ability to produce her own oil and gas might have stepped up. one question, whether venezuela turns to russia or china as a rescue line. >> another reason to talk about the munro doctrine, that great
3:55 pm
state of the union delivered on paper. [laughs] we don't want them to have any kind of checked on there. the cubans are playing there for very long time and that is something to keep an eye on. >> bret: the state of the union took it on the chin tonight. we come back, a winter wonderland gets an unexpected visit. ♪ . . .
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
was good and thought we would show you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid secretary of state mike pompeo big interview sits down with martha maccallum in our next hour and it's right now. hi, martha. >> martha: thank you, bret. good to see you. good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and "the story" tonight this january in america you won't see this. you won't see a big grand entrance. >> the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. [applause] >> there will be no standing and clapping, no sitting and not clapping. >> they say the union speech has been cancelled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on. >> so how did we get here? the not going to be a state of the union address? because republicans and democrats can't decide how much to spend to make sure that we have a secure