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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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dropped, "peace in the water." check it out on amazon and itunes. >> kennedy: download fox nation and think before it later. buy me a box of chocolate and a pair of shoes. i don't mind. most of the issues, but chocolate, too. why not question what you thinkk you, tyrus. we are back in eastern tomorrow. right now, here's harris. >> harris: fox news would come if than 90 minutes from now the senate is expected to hold votes to advance competing bills to and the government shutdown. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. a lot happening this hour. lawmakers are set to consider president trump's proposal and a democratic bill which are both expected to fail at this point. the main sticking point continues to be border wall funding. meanwhile, a group of moderate blue democrats blue dog democrats as they call themselves, are calling for house and senate leadership to hold a bipartisan bicameral summit designed to produce legislation to end the partial government shutdown. "both parties must come together to end the brinkmanship and
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reopen the government, and then follow up with a long-term bipartisan solution that ensures strong, effective border security. we came to congress to represent our constituents." and they are demanding action. we can and should respond accordingly." chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel's life force on capitol hill. is there any sign of movement at this our customer >> no, there are a lot of folks looking for a deal but they will go through t. majority leader mitch mcconnell needs at least seven democrats to support president trump's package and he is selling it. >> members can vote to immediately reopen the entire government with a compromise package that the president will actually sign, or they can hold out for the democratic leaders' dead-end proposal that stands no chance of earning the president's signature and ending the partial shutdown. >> senate democratic leader chuck schumer favors the other plan, the second one senators will vote on today. it would reopen the government
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for two weeks and would not include border wall funding. today, west virginia democrat senator joe manchin told us he is a "yes" on both bills. >> i want to move this forward. it's ridiculous. if people would take the time and go and talk to the federal employees and their states and find out the hardships we put them in, this is all man-made. this is turning into a catastrophe, into an emergency. >> on the house side of the capitol, speaker nancy pelosi's urging senators to support the democrats 'plan. two weeks of government funding for the agencies that have been shut down for 34 days. >> there is no excuse percent republicans not to pass this legislation. we have asked them over and over again to take yes for an answer. so we are very firm and our support on how we secure our borders. let's have that discussion after we open up government. then let us get to work. >> a leading house republican is saying that it's time for democrats to have an intervention with pelosi.
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>> it is absolutely untenable and unreasonable for them not to even come to the table, and i really hope that the democrats will recognize soon the damage that speaker pelosi is doing to their party. that she is doing to this institution, that she is doing to the house of representatives and the united states. >> many lawmakers on both sides sound hopeful that after today's votes likely fail, it will produce serious talks leading to a deal. harris? >> harris: mike, thank you very much. john thune of south dakota, the senate majority whip is not with me now. of course, one of the main things that your job is, the thunder things to do, is with the votes. where are we customer quicken pass in the senate at this at s point? two different types of bills to reopen the government >> let's hope there will be the votes to pass the proposal. it's a fair and reasonable proposal, it's made in good faith.
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he is showing his willingness to compromise and put forward a plan that addresses a lot of -- group and the government, get federal workers paid again. and address of the of the board. we'll see where the vote is this afternoon. i'm hopeful we will cease and democrats that will conclude that the best way to get the government open again is to open this amendment. >> harris: senator soon, i imagine you know there are things changing underside of the political aisle in terms of those who are whipping for policy on your side. senator cory gardner now on a list of three g.o.p. senators who say they will vote for both bills. on the list, if you put up on the screen here, senators gardner, collins, and murkowski. and one democrat, senator joe manchin of west virginia. he is saying he will vote for both. does that reflect if they are moderate or that they cannot commit one way or the other, yes or no come on the wall? because the bills are split that way. one has funding, one doesn't. >> i think every senator obviously has to determine what
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is in the best interest of the people that they represent in their state, harris. again, if you want to have a piece of legislation that reopens the government, and the shutdown, gets federal employees played again, addresses the wall as he provides a parental assistance to those areas hit by disasters, the proposal put forward by the president, and addresses a number of the democrat concerns when it comes to the daca population in the tps population, that's the only bill that does that. with the democrats are putting forward is a short-term continuing resolution that takes us to february 8th but doesn't do any of those other things. to me, we have a clear choice today. people are going to be able to go on the record. we have individual senators, as you said, who have indicated they will vote no matter what form that takes. that's something that, as we get into these this afternoon, we will get a better sense of it. >> harris: why do you think a list of g.o.p. senators is growing? to vote for both just to give the government to reopen customer quote if you're looking at? >> i think there's a frustration overall that this is dragging
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on. obviously it has very human and real personal impacts on people. in the end, i think it's that. and a concern that we are not getting to a solution. i think most of our members want to get to a solution. we are offering that city, and hopefully there will be asked votes for that. >> harris: let's take a look at what some people are dealing with. 54% of them say they couldn't miss more than two paychecks without having trouble paying their bills. actually, when we popped out up on the screen, what you will see is that some people couldn't miss even one pre20% of them said no paychecks and they would have trouble in this scenario. you have all that up, and things are getting dire. what has to happen today if both of these bills fail? >> obviously, a negotiation that gets us to an outcome markets as to a result. you have described, and of course we are only hearing that from people back home, these effects and impacts are very real. 50% of american people live paycheck to paycheck.
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i'm certain that's true for those who are federal employees, as well. we've got to get this solved. again, we are offering people an opportunity. if democrats want to reopen the government and in the shutdown and get federal employees paid again, they have an opportunity to do that today. all they have to do. plus, get a few things if they want in terms of priorities for immigration. all they have to do is give the president some money for border security. i think that's a fair trade. the president has been willing to compromise. democrats are not. >> harris: democrats are saying there have been reports that house democrats are looking at a border security, rather than mentioning the wall at all. money for that. i would say, could you even go further and put a date and there were you talk about it? and let the experts, the analysts, tell you what to do on how to spend that money for a quick last word. >> sure, i think we ought to listen to the experts and they will tell you that they need a ball in certain places. that's of the democrats have not been willing to entertain. >> harris: senator thune, thank you very much for joining me today. the best for the nation as you
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guys go forward. new questions about the potential impact of the government shutdown on airline travel. the leaders of three unions representing pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants have released a statement saying they find it "unconscionable that workers are being asked to continue to work without pay." in an airline safety environment that is deteriorating by the day because of this, they worn "all risk-evers industry we can't even calculate the level of risk currently at play. or the point at which the entire system will break. it is unprecedented." nfa spokesperson have told politico that travelers can be assured i nation's airspace system is safe. fox news alert, and the reaction from house speaker nancy pelosi now after president trump has postponed his estate of union address. the president, instead of choosing to deliver it, once the
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government reopen. that's what he's saying after pelosi rescinded the invitation to speak on the house for next week probably the like. pelosi calling it the right thing to do. >> less at the present accepted the fact that the state of the union should be -- it should ben talk about the state of the union on the government does not shut down. it is so unimportant in the lives of the american people in terms of especially those who are victims of this shutdown. hostages to the president's applause line in the campaign speech. >> harris: kevin courtney on the front lawn. kevin costa mexico harris, the back and forth over the seat of the union is sort of a feeding or flexion of the ongoing rancor here at the capitol. and forth we go with no apparent end in sight. the president, as he pointed out less than on twitter, made it clear that he's got to postpone it. at least for now. has addressed to the nation. let me share part of that tweet. i thought was interesting, too, because what he did was listen
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to the speaker. at least in part. he said "okay." "she asked me to give the address, i agree, she then changed her mind because of the shutdown, suggesting a later date. it's her prerogative. i will do the address when the shutdown is over. i am not looking for an alternative venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition, and importance of the house chamber. i look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the near future, but on capitol hill in the bolden speaker said today despite white house reports, she is note president. but she will not make a deal so long as government shutdown. >> is the presence of the united states. you can meet with him anytime he wants to meet. i've never discourage anybody from meeting with the president. >> white house officials, meanwhile, remind us that it was pelosi who said even if the president opens up the government she will not give him
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border security funding that includes money for a barrier or a wall. the president says she is playing politics because she knows when it comes to securing the border that the majority of the american people are on his side. >> the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on. she's a friend of the truth. >> nancy pelosi has become a nightmare for the democratic party. she seems unreasonable, she seems to have a dislike for the president that is hurting the country. this idea of not letting the president speak is really overplaying your hand. >> that's the real question. will this happen now in the future, though my? say a democrat is in the white house and the republicans controlled house. unintended consequence. we'll have to wait and see. no public event scheduled for the president, should he remark on the votes i will promise a short with you. for now, back to you.
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>> harris: kevin corke, thank you very much. i will bring in debbie dingell, of michigan. she is cochair of the house communications committee. i would hope at this point since you and i last talked that we would have moved the ball farther a little bit, but i want to tell everybody that you are working with a republican, congressman fred upton of your state, to do some things for people who are without paychecks right now. i want to start there, and the pressure that is on both sides of the political aisle now to reopen the government. >> first of all, i'm working with more than just fred. i think there are many people on both sides of the aisle to understand how much these public servants are suffering. they are not democrats and republicans, they are people who are trying to do their job. when you reelect essential employees from three tsh fbi to
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secret service come into the coast guard, to the customs and border patrol that a been working 33 days without being paid, the stress that is taking on them is just inexcusable. our governor from michigan and several other governors have been trying to put their finger in and help people, and it turns out that you can't apply -- if you're someone living paycheck to paycheck, there are more people doing that the people realize -- >> harris: we just had a poll showing that. i want to talk now, but let's move it to the state of the union address. and what has transpired in the last few days with this. another fox news poll asked, "should the president -- what should he do both save the union speech?" deliver as usual, 56%. people want to hear from the president. primarily because of some of the issues you laid out and what his vision is going forth. where is conversation in the house right now in terms of what would pass to reopen the government, though my customer if it's just border security and the ball comes about as part of the discussion with that. is that something you think you could pass the house? >> i think what speaker pelosi has said -- and i've heard democrats in public and say.
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let's reopen the government. i think if we get in the room and have a discussion about border security, that you would suit the likely surprise that the amount of money people are willing to put into border security. and it would contain many things. we need the experts in the room. we want more custom and border patrol, if there are places that some kind of barrier should be part of it. without as part of it. drones, technology, all kinds. we need technology that is going to -- >> harris: can i ask you question? and i respect the experts post on the border patrol, dhs, the people who would come forth and say as are presented of garamendi and others have told me on the program are within your party that it's a three-pronged thing. a barrier. people. technology. but the american people have spoken about this. when you look at the polling on who supports the wall, just in terms of some of them saying to the shutdown is worth it. 71% of them say that, for a cbs poll. but just the idea that i should
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be some sort of barrier along with the 600 plus miles that we already have and maybe another couple hundred miles of it. he wouldn't call the american people necessarily experts, but they have voiced their opinion on that. they do back the president on that. so you want to keep them in the conversation, too. when nancy pelosi says "not a dollar for the wall," where does that leave you all? >> i think we are going to get in the repair the fact of the matter is, you can't even put a wall across the total geographic area of the people are talking about. you can't. >> harris: nobody says that you can. >> if you get the experts and you get other chairs and members of this committee with republicans in the room, house and senate, and say -- >> harris: why do you want to do it? >> i want to do it now. [laughs] >> harris: before the government's request marketers want to go get that done? >> i want people to go talk to each other. people are suffering. i know people want to have the conversation. but there are people that say we
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shouldn't be holding these public servants hostage, and i happen to agree with that. but we've got to have this dialogue. compromise isn't a dirty word. you know i think that. but i want to keep this country as safe as anybody else wants to keep this country safe. >> harris: that sound like common ground with the president of the republican's are there. congresswoman dingle, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> harris: fox news what, the senate intelligence committee has subpoenaed former top attorney michael koch testified in mid-february. this come after you postpone his appearance next month, citing what he claimed was ongoing threats to his family by president trump and his legal team. earlier today when asked if cohen would comply with the subpoena, his attorney said they had not decided yet. we will keep you posted. fallout continues after that viral confrontation in washington, d.c., lest we can pray the need american activist involved now is speaking out. what he is saying about that encounter, and his reaction to the kentucky teenager who is also publicly responding.
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[chanting] >> harris: the native american activist whose confrontation with a catholic high school student when viral is now speaking out about the incident you see playing at priestley. the video shows nathan phillips singing and pulling a drum while standing face-to-face with student nick sandman as to rallies conversion to see lest we nathan phillips says he forgives sandman but because his apology insincere. >> what it says as he has a p.r. firm. so those aren't even his words, if he has a p.r. firm. even though i'm angry, i still have that forgiveness in my heart for those students. that forgiveness even goes to those chaperones and those teachers who should have just said to the students, "this isn't the place." >> harris: i would ask
10:22 am
mr. phillips why he did not walk away, but we will move on. sandman has said he meant no offense, but admitted that in hindsight he wishes he would have walked away and avoided the incident altogether. authorities are giving disturbing new details now on the shooting at a florida bank, where a gunman opened fire killing four people. the 21-year-old suspect surrender to a s.w.a.t. team after more than an hour of negotiation. phil keating's life force in miami, florida, with the latest developments on this. phil? >> hi, harris. one day after that gunman walked into that bank, methodically executed five people, today we do have some new details. but still no clear or really explainable motive for why. the florida police chief and the new florida attorney general among those at this morning's incredibly somber news conference paid the pain being felt in this small florida town of 10,000 is immediately revealed by the chief.
10:23 am
>> knowingly and intentionally, he took the lives of five of our fellow community members. our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, and our coworkers. perhaps most unfortunate is that now we refer to them as victims victims of a senseless crime. >> the 21 year old made his first court appearance this morning, saying not a word. he is charged with five counts of premeditated first-degree murder. the judge denied bond. according to investigators, he walked into this suntrust bank branch with a 9 millimeters pistol and bullet proof vest and rounded up the five people inside. four big employees, one customer, all women. police say that he forced all five of them to the floor face down and then fired kill shots. then he called 911 to report what he had done. that led the armored vehicle to
10:24 am
the bank which rammed a hole in the wall, and he finally surrendered. police say they can't find any connection between xaver and the victims or why he chose that bank. but he a woman in indiana who dated him off and on says she saw it coming, and that xaver sent her a photo of a gun out of the blue last week. >> he just for some reason always hated people, wanted everybody to die. he got kicked out of school for having a dream that he killed everybody in his class. i don't know where it started and i don't know why it happene happened. >> investigators really are mystified at all of this. they say they have no idea why he allegedly chose that bank. they say there was not even attempted bank robbery, and they currently believe this was just a horrific random act. eris? >> harris: phil keating, thank you very much. "the wall street journal" is
10:25 am
reporting major layoffs at buzzfeed. that the digital publishing company that will flash about 50% of its workforce due to financial issues. this report comes days after the special counsel robert mueller disputed both speeds report claiming president trump had directed my cocoa to lie to congress about a moscow tower project. mueller's team said the article by buzzfeed was inaccurate. investigators searching your kentucky home this week in connection with the disappearance of a young mom last seen nearly three weeks ago. surveillance video captured savannah spurlock leaving a lexington bar with two men, both of them questioned, and have been released. still no sign of savannah. we are following the story from our midwest newsroom. matt? >> harris, savannah spurlock is the mother of four children, including 7-week-old twins. the father of those twins tells fox news that he thinks the men savannah was seen with no what
10:26 am
happened here. the surveillance video shows savannah spurlock with two men leaving the pub in lexington called the other bar. on the morning of january 4th. police questioned those men, but so far no arrests. savannah's mother and ex-boyfriend say they do not know who these men are. police say this is a very active high-priority investigation, but so far have not released what they might have discovered in the search of that home and car. a local report indicates that one of the two men on the surveillance video live at this house that was searched. her mother tells fox news that she is living a nightmare. her daughter seldom goes out to bars. that night, she does want to have a drink or two with friends. savannah is described as good-hearted, very reliable young mother who was always in touch. here's a portion of the video released by savannah's aunt. >> waiting as hard. not knowing the answers to questions is hard when you are a stranger and you are passionate
10:27 am
about this story. when you are living it and breathing it. it can be crippling. >> savannah is described about . she has brown hair and the rose tattoo on her left shoulder. harris? >> matt, thank you very much. the president of venezuela has kicked out american diplomats after united states took a stand with his opponent and all those people you see marching in the streets against the socialist policies there. so what will that mean for our with that troubled nation? then a senate committee subpoenas michael cohen as president trump fires back against claims that he threatened that former attorney's family. you will hear from the president's inner circle on all of this. stay tuned all across the country, now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more
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10:32 am
allegations from robert mueller's team that he repeatedly lied to investigators and broke a plea deal. but man affords attorney 's rejecting the terms that he vied. manafort pleaded guilty of obstruction of justice among overcharges last september. we will keep you posted it goes forth in court. fox news alert now, as the senate intelligence committee has issued a subpoena for michael cohen. compelling him to appear before the panel in mid-february. after the attorney decided to delay his appearance before a house committee due to what he called ongoing threats from the president in his legal team. cohen's attorney called on lawmakers to take action. watch it. >> the house of representatives now has an obligation, a resolution of censure when the president of the united states indisputably intimidates and obstructs justice to prevent a witness from testifying is an order. so it was a federal investigation of rudy giuliani for witness tampering, calling out a man's father-in-law and
10:33 am
wife in order to intimidate the witness is not fair game. >> harris: catherine heritages live in washington with more on this. catherine, good to see. >> think you come harris, and good afternoon. the subpoena from the intelligence committee is significant because it may be the only left on the hill that continues to have bipartisan support. their work has had a singular focus on russian interference in the intelligence applications rather than the politics. the senate committee led by republican chairman richard burton, ranking democrat mark warner she didn't subpoena this morning according to cohen's attorney. as you mentioned yesterday, the team canceled testimony in the house for the first week of february. the democratic chairman of the house oversight committee said no witness should be threatened or intimidated, if that's what happened. he said his committee will get answers from the president's former personal attorney. >> i promise you that we will hear from mr. cohen. we will make those determinations soon, and we will
10:34 am
let you know how we plan to proceed. but we will get there, we will get the testimony. as sure as night becomes day and day becomes night. >> overspending on twitter before the senate subpoena with the public, trump called him a bad lawyer who will not be testifying. he's using the crooked lawyer of the content to no longer preset in. "gee, how did that happen?" he also said threats are not credible. >> he says he's been threatened by you and mr. giuliani. >> i would say he's been threatened by the truth. he has only been threatened by the truth. he doesn't want to do that probably from your other of his clients. he has other clients also, i assume. he does want to tell the truth from me or other of his clients. speak of the senate subpoena says the targeted in mid-february. the timing really does matter because it's coming just two weeks before cohen is set to
10:35 am
begin that three year prison sentence, harris. >> harris: march 6. catherine, thank you very much. your enemy ten out from on this is lara trump, senior advisor for the trump 2020 campaign. also, the wife of eric trump, the president's son. good to see you come i haven't seen you in the new year. happy new year. thanks for being here. let's start with michael cohen. the one thing that i would say would be helpful for some evidence and all the scum of these threats. what is the talk within the inner circle of the president about this? >> you heard from the president, this is so ridiculous. i think it's very evident to so many people now, harris, that michael cohen is a desperate man. he has -- he holds no water as far as anything concerned with the truth goes. he perjured himself in the past. maybe he doesn't want to go out and testify again because maybe that's going to happen to him another time. he probably is scared of the truth because he knows, just like the president doesn't like we all do, that there is nothing there. everything is baseless as it
10:36 am
surrounds michael cohen. it is sort of sad to see this come about and fortunately it's not the present. >> harris: on the president himself when i sat down with him a few weeks ago, when i asked him why he would bring a man like this into your inner circle and would have so much power's are officially recording it. he said he made a mistake. it was over some real estate deal they had done on a committee, so on and so forth. but we just heard from the senate intel committee vice chair mark warner now on the l. democrat from virginia. he was telling a producers when asked about this michael cohen situation, what you want to hear from michael cohen? and warner said "he liked the committee, he has an enormous number of answered questions about trump tower, and a variety of other items that we would be interested in." what is your reaction? >> well, i'm not sure would anyone think michael cohen has. again, he has been very truthful with much of the past. maybe he has lied about things. i don't really know. but what i can tell you is that he really is a little bit hard
10:37 am
to take these days. i think that most people on both sides of the aisle don't give him a lot of credibility. >> harris: >> harris: no. >> i'll be curious to hear what he has to say, and that he the president would as well. >> harris: you know, i want to talk about just where we are in the investigation and bob mueller and michael cohen meant as part of it. he goes to prison on march 6th. he moved the date from figure seven, and other senate intel has stepped in and said "no, you will be heard from and it'll be the middle of february." we do know is that there was a potential to mitigate his sentencing, perhaps. and what does this do for that? >> i'm very interested to see. i think it's probably looking for anything he can at this point, michael cohen, to lessen his sentence. maybe he thinks this could possibly be helpful for him. if he has got anything that people want to hear, maybe they will say he cooperated with us and let's lessen his jail sentence. i don't really know. as far as i have known about
10:38 am
michael cohen, he doesn't know a lot about anything. there was nothing -- >> harris: the president says he was bad lawyer. >> there was nothing nefarious that ever happened as it relates to trump tower, to russia, to any of these things. and everyone on the democrat side is salivating, hoping that there is something that michael has. i don't think he has anything predispute when he got the world's attention with recordings of the president. i do go from there. i want to mention something to you and get your response to it. there has been, as you know, a lot of blowback on some words that you had to say with regard to the shutdown and the people who were working without paychecks. some of them have been deemed unessential. so they aren't even on the job. which is hard to come too, because you hope you can protect your job at being there. it's stressful. he can raise your credit limit if you miss a mortgage payment. it can make your life hard in terms of getting clearances if you work for the government and need one in the future. what did you mean to say when you said that people were hurting a little bit customer just a little bit of pain? >> first of all, this is a
10:39 am
classic example, harris, of exactly what happens with the mainstream media. if anyone bothered to watch the entirety of this interview i did -- >> harris: i watched the whole thing. >> i think it's very clear that i'm incredibly empathetic toward anyone right now who is struggling without a paycheck. without several paychecks, who have families come out of. bills to pay. i think that it has got to be incredibly tough for them. but my whole point was that the president is standing strong on his position because this is really about the future of our country. about fixing that immigration system. >> harris: you issued a statement. he felt like you needed to do that. what was the statement and what do you think you corrected? >> i just want people to know out there that the mainstream media is very disingenuous. they took a couple of words that i said out of what was a completely legitimate and acceptable statement that i had to say about -- by the way, i think the workers. they really are sacrificing right now. we understand that. i think america needs understand
10:40 am
that. >> harris: they should be think for their sacrifice. >> they really should. for the mainstream media to take one little blurb out of what i said, misconstrued and mr. president what i had to say, it's completely unacceptable. it's by the president calls them fake news these days. it's the same thing. i have a lot of respect for anyone who is a government worker. who has not been paid, who is trying to make ends meet right now. the fact that anyone would portray me in any of your other light, i found it upsetting for it i want to set the record straight, it's not in my character to do something like that. it is hard to see all these people attack me over something that was misconstrued. >> harris: it also reflects just how much people are hurting in a wide stance, and their points of view right now. thank you for issuing that response as well. on camera, and in person in person. >> sure. >> harris: lara tom, thank you. the white house is setting a stage for a second summit
10:41 am
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>> harris: the white house is confirming president trump has responded to north korea's leader, kim jong un's come a letter that was hand-delivered to him last week. meanwhile, kim jong un no space president trump or his "unusual determination and will to settle their nuclear arms dispute with a second summit." also saying he would move step-by-step to achieve his goal in negotiations with the u.s. however, just last week was president pence admitted that not much progress has been made toward denuclearization. bringing in now general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst and retired four-star general. great to see, think you're being here. when kim jong un talks about what his goal in negotiations are, what is that? >> that's interesting, and i'm delighted you are asking that. here's what he wants -- he wants
10:46 am
all u.s. troops out of south korea. he wants major sanction relief. sub some indication of that at the summit. he wants nuclear weapons that the united states has in the region removed from the region, and he also wants the armistice to end. in other words, the north korea's south korean war to end and a peace treaty to be signed. that's kind of what he is interested in. i think the immediate goal he has, harris, is sanction relief. of course, that is the pattern that our previous presidents all were involved in with him. or his grandfather, or his father. and that was, "we promise to denuclearize, but you have to remove the sanctions." and that has happened every time. >> harris: i know that we have spoken before, and others have told me, too, that it's a good thing to keep the communication lines going. when does the communication line, though, get frustrated by
10:47 am
the fact that we are legitimizing him on a world stage? >> i think we are past. we did legitimize them on the world stage at the last summit. i would have preferred the president not to go to this summit until such time -- this one. >> harris: 's article about a secular? >> that's i'm talking about. the sum of its coming now. i would prefer if you use it as leverage to gain concessions. but he's already committed to the summit. here's one of issues -- and i'm hoping that -- i take the president as word. he says there is more going on between north korea and the united states than what is being reported in the media. >> harris: what could that be? >> likely, if there is something positive, we have been trying to get an inventory of their weapons and their ballistic missiles right from the first meeting. and they have never provided that. that is a possibility. if that has occurred, that's a major step forward. we know where a lot of their weapons and missiles are, but we don't know where all of them are. but if we looked at an inventory
10:48 am
list, we would have spell him -- we would be able to make a judgment about it as to its accuracy. when you give me the list of what we want. you want the weapons and missiles inventory. what else do we want? >> the core issue is disarm, dismantle nuclear weapons, and biological and chemical weapons. also either move the ballistic missiles out of the country or disarm them and destroy them. >> harris: he wants all u.s. troops out of south korea. is there anything on his list you think we would give him? >> i think we will eventually give him the treaty. >> harris: o. and the armistice question mexico and to end the war. >> harris: that's good for everybody. >> the reason we haven't done that is because the next shoe to drop would be shy and don't like china's pressure and south korea's pressure to move the troops out, because the armistice has ended. >> harris: general keane, we will bring you back. figure very much. we are awaiting two votes in the senate. dueling bills to end the partial
10:49 am
government shutdown. both are expected to fail. we are watching the action that you see on the senate floor. can lawmakers break the stalemate customer to the power panel will slide in as the news breaks on this. stay close
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> hi everyone, i'm dana perino we have votes in this hour to help and the government should hamper the president on l-uppercase-letter right now talking to senators, an indication of just how important this boat is. i will talk to minority leader kevin mccarthy and shawn spicer about what's next. former dnc chairwoman donna brazile will give us her take on the 2020 field of democratic presidential candidates. all on the daily briefing. >> harris: and in breaking news fashion now we do know that those votes are coming up. the senate expected to vote to advance dueling bills to end the partial government shutdown. president trump's proposal and the democrats bill that includes no wall funding, vice president pence now meeting with republican senators ahead of that vote. bring in now jenna, director public policy for the james dobson family institute. jason nichols, democratic political analyst. during the commercial break, you both agreed that this may not come out to any solution today, and we will be stuck for a while. why do you say that?
10:54 am
>> i think mick mulvaney has already said that he is planning for this to go on until april. i don't think it's going to end. speed want to be clear, the white house, the top administration has asked what would be most impactful if this went on for several weeks. >> i just don't see either side coming together. they want different things. president trump has made it clear that he is not going to back down, even though we saw him back down on the state of the union. i saw a general practice for them. i think is going to stick to his guns. nancy pelosi is showing her position, as is chuck schumer. this thing won't end anytime soon. >> i think i would agree with jason that this probably -- >> really? [laughter] >> just because congress needs to recognize their actual priorities and their vested interest in the american people first. not political or party power. if congress actually looks at what their obligation is, the
10:55 am
declaration reminds us that we the people, our rights come from god, our creator, not our government. if they are actually looking to prioritize the american people, prioritize the american family and look at having daughters like kate stanley who are out on public peers, if they look at having husbands and fathers like renouncing who are moving this country, and have this safe. they will have common sense security measures so we have the merkin families can be safe and secure. speed want to be doable, democratic of michigan, it was on a fume is good. i asked when she wants to talk about border security and she said "right now." she can see in some areas were very soulful. i don't think they are all that far apart, but leadership is playing games with the seat of the union and other things. i put on both parties for the president has moved. he has moved toward weeding after government reopens. can they move toward each other? >> i think that's what president trump is trying to do here. >> its absolute nobodies trying
10:56 am
to do. he's trying to stick to the idea of a portable. he needs to agree to pathway to citizenship. he said that was the too much, too hard a bargain. >> but he offered daca. >> harris: so, what you're telling me is that we are stuck. but we have two senate bills coming up. maybe potential. >> may be potential. [laughter] speed when i'm at hearing it from either one of you, though! figure come out of your back. i got some news to bring you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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if that happens and they don't come expect coalition of ten to 15 bipartisan senators we are told to take the floor and how to end the shutdown. here is "the daily briefing." >> dana: the senate just minutes away of voting on a pair of competing bills to open the government. the chances of succeeding, good. hello, everyone, dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the proposal for mitch mcconnell and republicans include funding for president trump's border wall. the bill from chuck schumer and democrats does not. all this making unlikely that either one can reach 60 votes. the government shutdown now on day 34. >> chief congressional correspondent live on capitol hill, mike, an hour where we learn where everybody


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