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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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opportunity to this wrong, he looked down. >> martha: thank you very much. that is the "the story," we will be back here tomorrow. have a good good night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," for a brief and shining moment earlier this week, the national press corps felt a mild pang of conscience for mishandling the covington high school story so thoroughly. that moment has passed, a blip on the screen and the presidents renewing that. that is the preview. first, a border wall battle, republicans and democrats in the congress held votes on two proposals that would end the government shutdown, but in the end it did not. ed henry was there and has
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always has the latest. >> as i've often said, you could try to teach a goat how to climb a tree but you are better off hiring a squirrel. actually i've never said that before until now. that was had by the republican senator john kennedy. you see him there on the left and quoting the republican senator who was trying to explain one plan pushed by chuck schumer there. his point being, we know a squirrel could climb a tree trust as we know a wall or a barrier of any kind will provide some kind of defense, he said the plan would not get the job done on border security because it would open the government without money for any kind of barrier. a half-dozen republicans in the senate including lisa murkowski support of the democratic plan because she said the plan was flawed, she wants to get the government open. she supported it anyway. joe manson was the only democrat who broke for his party, he voted for the republican plan by mitch mcconnell that would open the government, but also
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fund the wall. many democrats had previously back to that. neither plant got at least 60 people 60 votes, we are still stuck. it is like a scene in pulp fiction, he excellently shoots a character named marvin in the backseat, kennedy said federal workers are in are innocent and they are caught in the crossbar tonight. in fact the president told reporters that he respects those for lord employees is now considering a third plan where he would agree to open the government for three weeks i get a down payment on the $5.7 billion for the wall or barrier while they negotiate. he wants the down payment tonight, there are also white house officials saying in private, he is considering the possibility of finally to cure declaring a national emergency. >> tucker: sound like they're getting closer to that. ed henry, thank you. what exactly is the democratic border security proposal?
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we had some time today so we checked in and a word no, it would not. the democratic bill in the senate that i was just telling you about it simply restores previous funding levels for the border patrol and other existing programs. you have to ask yourself when you consider that, was the border secure in december before the shutdown? no, it wasn't and that is where we were having this debate right now. how to be more secure after a bill that doesn't change anything passes? it would be more secure and that is the point of the legislation, the broken status quo. meanwhile in the house, when security committee chairman bennie thompson says, he plans to introduce a bill that contains billions for border security but nothing for a while. it is a brand-new idea he is telling us. he said he can security border with the marvels of technology, he told pbs that cutting edge machines can help us identify those vulnerabilities on the border. his plant expects enthusiasm and support me congressman from tech
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land, nancy pelosi, here is her most recent. watch. >> the positive, technological wall that can be built is what we should be doing. technology to scan the cars coming through the ports of entry and that is to detect gun guns, like an electronic dog. it can detect drugs, other contraband. >> tucker: it is like an electric dog, that is hilarious. we laughed about it before but it is also patronizing. you have to be totally ignorant of what is happening on our southern border to believe that more surveillance is going to solve the problem. we have an awful lot of surveillance technology there already, drones, cameras, sensors, radars, we have it there in part because of the bush administration put it there. that administration spent more than a billion dollars on the
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secure border initiative network. the technology to watch about 5. the need thompson himself that program "grave and expensive disappointment." he was right about that which changed, democrats now support the disappointment. they specialize in a great disappointment. they're pushing one now. at the shortsighted, leaving the politics aside it is not a good idea because our southern border is one of america's most interest vulnerabilities. it is not a talking point, it is literally true and here's why. as of tonight mexico is an attached country, will remain that? maybe not. mexico is a deeply unstable place, not an attack on the mexican people, and acknowledgment of anyone who knows anything about the country will tell you. the national murder rate in mexico was five times ours, since 2006 more than 250,000, a quarter million people have been murdered in mexico. hundreds of politicians and
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judges, there is a war going on there. it is spread by drug cartels that reach into the highest levels of the mexican governmen government, that is not an exaggeration. the attorney general of the entire mexican state recently pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges, the governor on a state took bribes to let cartels operate freely, which they did. just the other day mexico's previous previous president was credibly accused at trial," by a witness taking $100 million bribe from al troppo. in effect, mexico is becoming a narco state, does not those stomach the most volatile country in the region, nicaragua is in severe trouble. el salvador are largely controlled by gangs, venezuela meanwhile is literally falling apart. a recent brookings institution report predicted, a total collapse of venezuela which could happen any day might create 8 million refugees, free perspective that more refugees
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in the entire syrian war. that is when it upended all of europe. something similar can easily happen here, to arsenate likely will. and yet, the position of democrats and the congress is that everything is fine and you are net if you disagree. nothing needs to be done. that is the definition of reckless, it does work mike worse. it is like letting your kids play in traffic. it would prevent that from happening. democrats have become extremists on the question of borders, you never know that from watching television, the media won't say it. even in the trump administration, some officials seem intent on making nancy pelosi's case for her. republicans, the real extremists here. here's what wilbur ross said today when he was asked about workers who aren't being paid during the shutdown. >> people might have to pay a little bit of interest. the idea is that a check for
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zero is not a valid idea. there have been ads run by number of the public sector credit unions, those have announced very low interest rate loans to bridge people over the gap. >> tucker: more debt? more interest payments? that is a solution, no it does not. those are the last things that most american stomach american's needs, there was an idiotic thing to say. they know a propaganda when they see one. it is a shame and it is also a distraction because it changes the nature, the fundamental nature of this country. our borders remain vulnerable and the stakes are higher than they've ever been asked of the chaos just south of them. leaders who cared about this country are staying up late trying to fix that problem, democratic leaders are trying to make it worse. that is the bottom line truth. an anchor with univision and he joins us tonight. thank you for joining us.
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>> there is actual chaos, i don't need to tell you because you cover the region and latin america. in mexico it is ongoing, south it is going on, nicaragua it is been going on for more than a year. in venezuela, it is boiling over. he says we can have 8 million refugees which would come not only to the united states, but neighboring countries. a lot of them would come here and have come here. why shouldn't we be taking steps to control the border? >> i think we have for the past half a century. the problem here is not border security, the problem is that border enforcement has become the only strategy. not a more cooperative strategy in the u.s. we are suffocating the border by investing billions of dollars and making it one of the most, i would argue, the most guarded region in the entire world. taking the date on the numbers, the presence in the u.s., mexico
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border. it is like when we have between north and south korea and terms of manpower. we are ready to -- >> tucker: i'm laughing, this is cable news. let me just say come if you are interested, look up what you just heard, and valid. >> the manpower we have of the border -- >> tucker: stop, nobody makes an argument against immigrants, and for them. we have over 20 million in our country, we can't ascertain that because they are here illegally. whatever we are doing is not working, my point is what is happening, 8 million people could be displaced and moving north. if you would hundred thousand people forming in tijuana, you couldn't control them. it would swarm the border. that is a real thing that does happen all over the world, it
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happened in latin america! are they racist for doing that? >> they are taking in a spill in refugees come the neighboring countries, around 3 million. 3 million people have already left venezuela and they are neighboring countries. that is really unlikely. >> tucker: it is deeply destabilizing to countries that border venezuela because mass migration -- to a dozen and the people are bad, i would do the same thing. if i get out of venezuela today, i get it! the bordering countries have a right to determine who comes into their country, it affects them. in the face of this, it is happening right now and you and the other lunatics are telling us, just wrong to secure your border. on what grounds are you saying that? >> i've always had this on your show, we agree on this.
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we don't agree on the strategy. you want to keep spending billions of dollars in militarizing the border, we want to spend millions of dollars in trying to feel the border, let's spend more money on the root causes of immigration. the humanitarian crisis we are facing, the new reasons why people are doing that. >> tucker: i can keep up. very quickly, let's isolate one thing. we need to spend money on the root causes. the root cause of what i think is imminent emigration from venezuela to here is the the government. what should we do, which we do about that? seriously. >> first of all i think, the contingents of huntsville have come here illegally, with pieces >> tucker: you said we need to discuss the root problem, that is the root problem. >> that is a good first step.
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>> i know he's been manipulating the negotiations for half a century. >> tucker: should we send troops there? >> look at the military interventions in the u.s. your timeout nicaragua, that has to do in large part with the history of u.s. intervention. >> tucker: you're kind of undercutting our arguments. you are saying the u.s. has to get involved in these latin countries, we send them a lot of money and it hasn't helped at all. we need to send them more money and they will stop coming here? are you making what argument? >> the reasons for people they are flying is different from central america. >> tucker: why not build a wall and call it a day? >> if you want to talk about
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venezuela, diplomats, american diplomats remaining behind despite grave danger without being paid and i just truly heroic. if you want to talk about venezuela and the reasons for people are fleeing, finding a solution to the conflict would help in the u.s., the trump administration has played a rol role. >> tucker: that is not our country and this is our country. i don't like the idea that you not allowed to do anything about it. >> look how will that has worked in the case of venezuela. all over the world, it is back in the u.s. maybe the trump administration will know it works -- >> tucker: i will get the last word. if the rest of the world is backing it, it has to be bad for us. that is a fair assumption. >> that is where we disagree the most. >> tucker: good job, thank you. after a very brief.
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mack, instantaneous, the press is renewing its defensive against the interest catholic school children in kentucky, they must be suppressed. we will see evidence after the break. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: media's war against the menacing children of covington catholic continues tonight. the moment of regret has been forgotten entirely. yesterday on the today show, they question the terrifying student nick sandmann, he has attacked a grown man nathan phillips by not bowing down or running away.
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>> there is something aggressive standing there, standing your ground. >> tucker: it don't just stand there, it is aggressive. today that same anchor over it and bc interviewed phillips, the native american elder you've been hearing so much about. that anchor had no shortage of material to asking about his numerous false statements come as mr. plantation of his military record or this interview in which he describes a group of passive stationery children as a quote lynch mob. watch. >> the same faces at d.c. were the same faces of the youth that were surrounding the young black woman who is trying to get an education, the scorn and the scowls and the pictures there. the same pictures of when you see pictures of lynchings, the same pictures of folks were doing the lynchings.
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that is put these young people's faces look like. >> tucker: this is becoming a society that speaks almost exclusively in cliches, that is a sign of decline. in the case of the tape we just saw, that was false, totally misleading and slanderous and lies like that were hurt these kids for life. maybe he could have been asked about that, but no, he got the softness interview network television has done since the princess died. watch this. >> he does wish that he had walked away. it was that enough for you? do you think you should have apologized? >> i would be weighed in on the list of people he needs to apologize too. >> did you hear anybody say, build that wall? it isn't audible on the clip, did you hear that? >> you know, i did hear that. i have seen some other on the internet, you can hear them
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saying that. but that wall. >> how did you feel in that moment? do yourself still stomach feel threatened? >> tucker: he writes about media for the hill enjoins us. i know the anchor you just saw was very nice, she is a nice person. that is nauseating, why didn't some producers say, you have to do a real interview at some point? this is a new story, do a news interview. >> after the fact when nathan phillips said, i saw videos for you could hear the students chanting build that wall and they need to go back and reveal all the tapes and then once they come to the conclusion that every other news organization, no one has heard anyone chanting, build that wall. they have to tag it out, nbc news cannot verify what nathan phillips was saying. you're right about that being a sample interview. he was asked by savannah guthrie in the beginning, how are you
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doing? how are you feeling? how can you ask if you're savannah guthrie, the self-awareness to just know that if you asked the 15-year-old kid that was exonerated by all those videos if he should apologize, how do not ask nathan phillips that same question? that is what people at home wants. some consistency. u.s. camp apologize and then you have to ask nathan phillips to apologize as well. >> conservatives spend a lot of time talking about how tough the media is, i don't mind when journalists are tough. we never point out the real crime which is, they go soft on everybody else. everything's soft focus, just disgusting. >> the soft part, you are right about that. "the new york times" to date did a full feature black israelites, they were at no point referencing the homophobic slurs, the racist slurs and juxtapose this with dan leven, "the new york times" reporter who tweeted out, "i'm a new year
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just stomach times reporter, are you in your 20s or younger at went to the christian school? i like to hear that on the impact of your life?" >> do think is going it with an agenda? you can paint any institution if you solicit enough people is a horrible place. this reporter is going to then present the story that is going to be seen as objective to readers who won't know better and to take down the catholic institution, expose christian schools. i don't the whole hyperbole care stomach cable news then, this is disgusting for reporting to do this. >> tucker: i agree with that. thank you very much. you don't want to be a young man in america right now and that again is not hyperbole, look at the numbers. the education system and now their entire sectors are going
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with a tax on toxic masculinity whether evil smiles. i do parents respond? do have a son? what you do exactly? the senior contributor to the federalist gum excellent and she joins us tonight. this is a real question for those of us who have boys, how do you respond to a culture that hates them for being boys? >> we have three girls we had our first son last fall. we are new to the whole boy thing, it is a huge question on my mind at this point because it became very apparent to me last year when i was pregnant and starting to think about these things, our culture is in a very different messages about being a girl at a boy in america. my daughters are constantly told they can be whatever they want to be in whoever they want to be which i applaud. i feel like the message is being sent towards my son is much more negative and narrow, he's being warned even though he is a size of a doll, toxic masculinity is
5:25 pm
an issue. to meet this is so ridiculous that we are pigeonholing boys into this category, everybody is terrible and girls, we are somehow able to recognize everyone as an individual. >> tucker: the effects or failure, suicide, drug addiction. you can see it in the numbers. this is actually a crisis, for real. what do you do? >> it is important in terms of boys and making sure their positive male role models, especially fathers, engaged fathers as much as possible. if not forever reason, people in the community that the boys can look up to for demonstrating positive leadership, role models that behavior is whether it is being a scholar or teacher, a warrior, or any other of the array of things to make sure the boys know they are wonderful ways to be a man, masculinity is not toxic and there is no reason
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to be ashamed. >> tucker: the way you are assigned a crime. good luck. good luck raising your boy. what he is lucky to have three sisters. thank you. big tech is becoming much more like big brother every day. china is leading the way on that. mark steyn thought this through what will our country look like in a hundred years from now? he joins us after the break. ♪
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i'm a fighter. always have been. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration, amd,
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i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. also, in a great-tasting chewable. ♪ >> tucker: modern technology is supposed to make our lives easier and freer, increasingly though some suspect the gadgets we use every day are becoming tools to control us. a recent piece in wired magazine is worth reading, captures this phenomenon. it describes what is happening in china right now under its social rating system. the lead of the piece, "a friends of mine who runs a television company in los angeles recently noticed an intern, and inspiring filmmaker
5:31 pm
was walking to work. we offer to arrange a swifter moat to transportation, she declined. he asked why and she explained that she needed the steps on her fitbit to sign into her social media account, if she fell below the right number of steps, it would lower her health and fitness rating and that is part of her social rating which is monitored by the government of china. a low social rating prevents her from working or traveling abroad." that is what is going on there. author and columnist mark steyn joins us tonight. i'm not paranoid by temperament, but it seems like this regime in the world's most populous country might be getting more attention than it does in this country. it is getting no attention and that makes me nervous. why do you think our press is ignoring us? >> i think you are right to be
5:32 pm
nervous. two centuries ago, and democracy in america have this question, theoretically in europe the king wilted absolute powder to mike power. he might show up at your door and give you a hard time about something, for the rest of the time you've gone on with your life undisturbed by his absolute power. he wondered what would happen if the administrative state involved to the point where it could control every aspect of social life and individual existence. with three companies, amazon, google, youtube, facebook, we are now seeing dangerous signs in china, and europe, and in the united states of the alliance between big government and big
5:33 pm
tech. big government plus big tech does equal, big brother 24/7. >> tucker: which of the ways -- presumably like everything these things start in subtle ways, the fitbit example from the people's republic of china doesn't seem at first blush, authoritarian, they are not forcing that, they want you to be fit. cardio is really important and if you want health insurance, you'll get your steps. that is authoritarian. >> yes it does. i think it is worth thinking about how quickly our thinking has evolved on this. if you remember after 9/11, the left made a huge foss because president bush was supposedly monetary what library books people checked out from the public libraries. not a lot of people actually check out books and public libraries, the system is dying. as we objected to that just 15
5:34 pm
years ago, we are now completely okay with the fact that everybody wears an electronic ankle bracelet that lets people know where you are on the planet, any hour of the day. that is the thing we used to call the telephone. the telephone now tracks your movements in the three companies but all the principal repositories of that, for example amazon the cia and the nsa. google's design of a knowledge and access to knowledge compliance with the chinese policy bureau. in europe, angela merkel meeting with facebook to decide how the bounds of free speech that facebook will permit during its election seasons. the left and what is left of the
5:35 pm
noninternet media are absolutely silent on this and the threat it represents. >> tucker: when the governor of new york says, if you dare to oppose me you can't do business in the state of new york, you can't bake. why wouldn't that be universal? >> i think that is right, we axley talk about amazon for example, they started off as an online book competitor with borders and then put borders at a business. it is not becoming essentially a retail outlet, a one-stop retail outlet for the world. we talked a couple of weeks ago about the way that these companies, developing an alternative to money. people think, it seems a sensibly quite sensible, let's give up checkbooks and paper money, essentially what that means is that every time you spent $4 on a cup of coffee at starbucks, the state actually knows where you are in that
5:36 pm
transaction that is leading us. we now live in an age where big brother is following you and unlike george orwell, we have largely accepted that. >> tucker: why were they wrong? they'll be the topic next week. mark steyn, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: lester criminal justice policies change dramatically after a new d.a. took office, he was backed by george soros, a massive scale back law enforcement in the cit city. he stopped seeking cash bill for even some felonies, they deliberately opposed shorter prison sentences. it does the prosecutors were fired. what happened? cause and effect? the most murders in a decade. we spoke recently with the president of philadelphia's police, and here's what he told us. thank you very much for joining us tonight.
5:37 pm
philadelphia got a new district attorney as we just said with the backing up george soros. he made changes to the way that crimes are prosecuted in philadelphia. what was the result? >> the result, this time last year the crime was through the roof, over the last year there's been 6500 less cases on the criminal justice center. crime is up, 4,000 felons on the streets running the city of philadelphia. everybody's pointing the finger to police officers, to the police commissioner the effect of the matter is that we are doing a job, he is estimated the philadelphia district attorney's office. he is a great disdain for law enforcement. he let go many prosecutors his first weekend, 30 want to be exact. there's a 30% turnover rate, all that while we are trying to protect the community. >> tucker: and ideologues
5:38 pm
comes in with left-wing backing and gets the criminal justice system, crime rises on the police got blamed for it? is that what you are saying? >> everybody's pointed the fingers, what is the police going to do? effect of fact of the matter is, we have out there arresting people on a daily basis and they walk out the back of police stations. he is cutting deals with attorneys, he is cutting deals -- a couple weeks back, a felon who had 14 priors, he goes into a store and shoots the owner with an ak-47 and he cuts a deal with that dominic victim. that is happening so many times. the judge in the city of philadelphia are getting wind of it and they are starting to come and double check and triple check these deals. >> tucker: what is the motive here to the extent that we know? why would an attorney want to
5:39 pm
let felons out of prison and give letter sentences to people who commit violent gun crime? why? >> he was previously a defense attorney, he filed before taking office and i think he is turning the office into a defenders association. i think you forgot the oath that he had taken to uphold the law and enforce the law in a city. he was prior a defense attorney and sue the city in the philadelphia police department over 70 times during his tenure. on top of that, he now has a do not call list where he has ten officers, a few hundred officers on this list and i don't know how -- he is not explaining how officers get on that list or get off that list, why calls are being put on that list. he is running his own show them it's like a carnival act. >> tucker: what is the effect on the city? in poor neighborhoods? >> it does not come everybody is catching wind now.
5:40 pm
it is not just the victims of these crimes, that is very important because he is not letting them know anything. now it is the community that are seen people run rampant in the neighborhoods, shoot at each other whether it is poor, affluent, doesn't matter. it is across the city of philadelphia. these are people that you let out, we are all for reform and we are open-minded, the fact of the matter is, when you let 4,000 felons out on the streets, they are not going back and getting jobs anywhere that make any sense. they are back out doing what they do to put them in jail. that is hurting the community. >> tucker: the enemies of civilization, thank you very much for telling us what is going on in philadelphia. i appreciate it. >> you got it. >> tucker: thanks. time for final exam, can he beat the experts? how is your short-term memory? find out after the break. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: the world has gone crazy obviously, we've a safe space for you. we caught a final exam, the gambler experts faced off against one another to determine who is paid the closest attention to the news this week. the reigning champion is fox
5:45 pm
correspondent, lauren blanchard. her challenger, sean duffy of wisconsin who defeated his own wife, also a contributor and her friend last week, lauren had the week up for training. to feel rested and ready? >> i hope it will give me an advantage of these are two returning champions. >> tucker: you know the rules but i will restate them. hands on buzzers, i asked the questions on the first one to buzz and answers the question. you must wait until i finish asking the question until you answer, you can answer once technology by saying your name. every correct answer gets you one point, you lose a question and a point is retracted from your board. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> tucker: question one, this is a multiple-choice question. amazon's newest delivery system is a four wheeled robot that will bring your package to the door, that is what america needs. what is the robot say name?
5:46 pm
>> a discount. it is a little blue box. >> tucker: is it scott? ♪ the size of a cooler, they roll on sidewalks. they are designed to navigate around people and pets. >> tucker: unbelievable. it looks better than a clay pigeon. thought experiment. question two, if you thought life couldn't get better than it is now, you are wrong. which fast food chain is now selling a scented candle that will make your whole house smell like gravy? >> kfc. they have the yule log and now this. >> tucker: the thing what your answers, they are very definitive. is she right? >> capitalism at work, kfc
5:47 pm
announcing a gravy scented candle to fill your home with that incredible aroma of kfc gravy. >> i have studied very hard all week. i read a lot of news. >> i know idea. >> tucker: this is a very tough one, we will see if you know this. >> is this multiple-choice? >> tucker: this is multiple-choice. another mandate from the game. animal question. here it is. the craziest video of this week shows an angry animal chasing a group of snowboarders on a mountain in colorado. what kind of animal, a moose, a mountain lion, a blackberry? >> it would be a moose. >> tucker: a moose? i would've guessed a mountain lion. is it a moose? >> a moose is on the loose and charges at skiers and
5:48 pm
snowboarders. look at this video! the giant animal chasing a group in aspen, colorado. they say it followed them for half a mile. [laughs] >> tucker: they will kill your dog by the way. they are the most dangerous. keep your dog away. question for marco, this is a tough one. there was a rare, cosmetic, not marijuana-related, cosmic as an sky come a few nights ago and seen around the world. a super moon pass through the earth's shadow during a eclipse. it turned it a deep red. that was the name of this cosmic event? >> it is a super blood wolf moon. doesn't sound intense? >> tucker: was it? >> the super blood wolfman. is that correct? ♪
5:49 pm
>> incredible images of last nights total eclipse, known as the super blood wolfman. the rear cosmic event happened as a super moon pass through the earth's atmosphere turned the moon a rusty, brick red. >> you think the astronomy community has stayed in germanic, they are pretty groovy. >> tucker: final question, we will wrap things up with one more multiple-choice. you can score a moral victory. if you're one of those people who can put on your iphone, even for a moment, you are lucky. the new invention lets users do two things at once with the phone that is physically connected to there. a fork, a hair dryer, coffee cup. >> it is a spoon and a fork. you can put it onto the case and scoop and eat. >> tucker: i don't know if you're reading the questions are not. is that true? what is the answer?
5:50 pm
>> a new phone case comes with a spoon and a fork attachment. >> i like that. you don't even have to go hunting with a spoon or a fork. >> tucker: congressman i still think you're the smartest member of congress. >> you are awesome. i'm not worthy. >> tucker: if you get flattened by this 18-wheeler, you don't need to be embarrassed. there is no chance. so the smartest in congress. you are a start. drink your coffee with joy. >> it doesn't say much for congress. [laughter] >> tucker: that is that, thank you most. this week's final exam, play close attention to the news this week and tune in next thursday and see you can beat our experts. we will be right back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe
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♪ >> tucker: first they came for your plastic bags, then they came for the plastic straws. sense a theme here? if it is an organic polymer and it makes our life easier, california is against it. the latest example, the city of berkeley targeting the single-use plastic and paper cups. having solved every other problem in town. the city council passed an ordinance that would require all businesses to charge customers $0.25 for the privilege of using a disposable cup. greg gutfeld uses disposable cups, also holds the "greg gutfeld show," he joins us tonight.
5:55 pm
greg, this signifies, laws like this, the victory over the more prosaic problems that most cities face, like bad robes or crappy schools, berkeley has already fixed those. >> they always do the same thin thing. they never try to figure out who this might help or hurt. because who uses paper cups? generally working-class is going to get a cup of coffee on the street, they never examine the consequences of their actions because none of their actions would be adopted. because there's a terrible! there is no proof that this theft -- it is that -- will help the planet. you look at recycling, for example, none of -- most of the recycling, separating in bins, now we find out most of the bins and up in landfills because nobody is actually buying it. think of all of the time could have been better spent drinking. inside, we're staying sitting i absolutely hated. i am for recycling, as you know
5:56 pm
if you watch "the vibe come," you hear my talking points over and over again, but it is economical. recycling is expensive, and it doesn't contribute to a better planet. neither does taxing the working class. so it can make you feel better. again, this is another virtue signal, tucker. >> tucker: it is a symbolic action that does no good. isn't it also incredibly frivolous? if you have a child, and i think our leaders should care about us as we care about our children, a child addicted to drugs and failing out of school, fragment any seventh grade, the real problem is i don't like the shoe laces, isn't that missing the point? >> these are easy things to tackle. there is a weird inclination to ban things. they mistake banning for productive action, when in fact it limits more freedom. let's look at the plastic straw. did they think about what they did to the disabled?
5:57 pm
the disabled need plastic straws, and they didn't think about that. because they thought it is colluding, there is an interesting, 95% of all the plastic waste in the oceans comes from ten rivers, eight are in asia, two in africa. america is not polluting these oceans, it is other countries. yet, we are doing this, harming the society that need these plastic products. i actually gave you some hard news! >> tucker: you did, and i'm trying to digest it. if that is true, and i'm taking her claims on faith -- >> i made it out. >> tucker: i don't have the google machine in front of me, why wouldn't we say something to the countries that are actually polluting the environment? why can't we be mad about that? >> because that is no fun. it is no fun, tucker. we have to be in this left-wing universe, especially in the media, we are the oppressors. no matter what. we are at fault, we have to pay these indulgences. when you find out it is china or the philippines, even brazil is
5:58 pm
more polluting plastics in the ocean and we are, then it is no use. you can't use it politically against the united states, so why bother? it was back to the root cause, which is self hatred. i don't hate myself, i would like to opt out of the system. >> tucker: i hate you enough for you. >> you do! you got us both covered. greg gutfeld, thanks for being with us tonight. >> tucker: more tech news, twitter recently cut down a parity account, called beto's blog, from the democratic front runner beto o'rourke. we don't know if they've complained about the twitter account, but the entries were spine tingling lay embarrassing. the kind of crap you were out in freshman year after breaking up with your girlfriend after discovering marijuana. "i've been stuck lately in and out of a funk my last day of work was january 2nd, it has
5:59 pm
been more than 20 years since i was last not working. maybe if i get moving on the road, meet people, learn what is going on, where they live, have some adventure, don't know, not known, i will clear my space, break out of the loops i have in stock -- by the way, no periods in that sentence, just commas. last in august of 2017, green chili cheeseburger. the table over asked if i was beto. are my favorite, found crab claws may be left by a bird, walked out on a peer, took pictures, leaned over, scooped up water and washed my face. tipped up beer cans that someone had left." so on like that, hilarious stuff, but you can see why beto wanted that crap away. those are actual quotes from beto's real online account.
6:00 pm
we were back tomorrow night, they show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we have a surprise for you tonight. one night only, 9:00 p.m., sean hannity live from new york is next. >> sean: tucker, great to see you, great show as always. welcome to "hannity" ." the crisis at our southern border is real, dangerous, and serious. on monday, border patrol agents apprehended over 100 100 centrl americans attempting to climb over a section of the border wall. this in huma, arizona, and meanwhile, radical far left socialists have taken control of the democratic party. they use the support border security, now it is about free markets, private industry, the american dream vilified by many members on the left. andy hate-trump media, along with their friends in hollywood, literally want to block you -- t hard to believe, the


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