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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 28, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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here. >> neil: i hope you are wrong on that, but general, usually right on that. general jerry boykin joining us on the situation in venezuela, going from bad to worse. we will have a follow-up tomorrow. here's "the five" ." ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with morgan ortagus, juan williams, jedediah bila, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." fox news alert. nancy pelosi is inviting president trump to deliver the state of the union address in congress on february 5. as you know, this speech was initially slated for tomorrow. pelosi rescinded her invitation due to the partial government shutdown which has now ended. we'll have more on that coming up in a few. first, that 2020 democratic presidential primary already turning into a circus.
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senator kamala harris formally launching her campaign where she took shots at the president and pushed a radical agenda. >> i am running to declare once and for all that health care is a fundamental right and we will deliver that rate with medicare for all. i am running to declare education is a fundamental right, and we will guarantee that right with universal pre-k and debt free college. >> jesse: after calling for a wealth tax, senator elizabeth warren is now publicly shaming the billionaire owner of the washington redskins for buying a new yacht. according to a new report, hillary clinton is telling friends she hasn't closed the door and running again in 2020. but wait, there's more. democrats freaking out over a former starbucks ceo howard schultz saying that he could run for president as an independent.
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liberals fear a third-party candidate can hand from a second term. >> i will run as a centrist independent outside of the two-party system. not only the fact that this president is not qualified to be the president but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the american people. >> jesse: president trump hitting back against schultz on twitter saying he doesn't have the guts to run. greg, a lot to pick through. >> greg: exciting. it's like 2016 all over again. this is going to be hilarious. they are right about schultz. that's the most frightening aspect. because politics has to be binary, have tab republicans and democrats. you put in third variable, he throws everything off and it allows one side to squeak through. we saw that with ross perot. you can fix the balance if you have two independents, like the green party and this party.
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green party, libertarian, right, left, then you are four and it cancels each other out. it's like sports. each team has the same number of teammates. it doesn't matter, as long as they are the same. camelot, okay, that's the first time i've really heard her spea. she doesn't have much charisma, i don't think so. she is like an auto maker who can build have a car. she has that progressive promises that everybody applauds if you are naive. but where's the other half of the car? how do you get it going? how do you pay for this stuff? most progressives, that's their flaw. they can only build half a car, and it's easy as part of build. it's the promises. if you look at liz warren with the outcome it's a purely adolescent belief. hey, there's a rich person. let's take his stuff and sell it. that's not how you do government. that's not how you pay for a government. it's kind of sad that that is
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how primitive she is. >> jesse: ironic, the senator going after the owner of the washington redskins. >> greg: i don't think she was aware of that. >> jesse: he says that kamala harris doesn't have a charisma to deliver. >> jedediah: she has a lot of charisma compared to gillibrand. when you watch their platforms, do you remember when obamacare was a radical idea or when obama in 2008 had the joe the plumber moments. oh, the redistribution of wealth. now the democratic side, you have blatant socialists coming out. medicare for all. >> jesse: free education. >> jedediah: the green new deal. they want stuff to be free, whether you're talking about education or health care but they don't care about the quality. the reason they can't talk about quality is what makes quality better in these industries is the free market which they actively oppose. i think it's really interesting to look at what happened on the left, and one president obama was talking about this
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fundamental transformation of america, so many of us were saying it's going to be a creeping normality little by little of more government in your face and everyone was saying no. he wants obamacare. no, he doesn't. he wants medicare for all and he's instituting obamacare because he knows is going to fall and that's what people like bernie sanders are going to rush in with. the fact that this is become the mainstream of the democratic party should horrify moderate democrats. >> jesse: they don't care about it. juan, what scares you most? schultz getting in or hillary clinton getting back in? >> juan: i think initials. i think if you divide the opposition potentially it strengthens what is really -- we will talk about this in the next block but trump's poll numbers are not great even by the best measures. you have a shrinking number of people who identify as republican. when you say republicans still support trump overwhelmingly, although it's drifted a little bit, it's a smaller group.
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if you take away a percentage of the people who are opposed to trump to back an independent like schultz who has lots of money, it's big trouble. that's why i think you see michael bloomberg, former mayor of new york, saying that he will not run as an independent. maybe it was greg who mentioned what happened with ross perot in '92. you can go back to people like john anderson or coming forward to people, you know, it strikes me that you see these people, like in 2000. people said if ralph nader had not been there, we would have had a different president. in florida. i must say when i hear you say you don't think kamala harris has charisma or doesn't have a plan, wait a minute. the deficit is exploding under someone who had no way of saying -- >> greg: medicare for all and free education. >> juan: trumps that i'm going to cut taxes, i'm going to drop the deficit. the deficit has exploded them i
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don't hear republicans saying a word. >> greg: no matter what you do, whether you raise taxes or cut them, it doesn't matter. >> juan: it's clear we are losing money on the tax cut. >> jesse: we aren't losing money. the government is losing money. we have more of our money. >> morgan: this howard schultz discussion is fascinating to me. you are talking about ross perot got almost 19% of the vote. i looked this up today. since 1788, we've had 58 presidential elections with a third-party candidate won about 5% of the vote on average. what the democrats are saying is why would you run? you can't win anything, and the electoral college you can't win. i think we may be shaping up for a realigning election. you have, in 1912 with the progressive party actually got more votes than the republican party in that election. could we have a moment between trump's popularity, howard
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schultz running, realign american politics. >> greg: you need four. if you have three, it's going to be a two to one thing. or six. it has to be an even number. >> jesse: right now, schultz is a democrat. he's much more of a democrat and republican. he saying that he's an independent centrist. that's why the democrats are freaking out. >> jedediah: he is also on a book tour. he wants to sell his book and he knows that if he says he's running for president is going to get a lot of attention. juan, the deficit, you can't do anything about the deficit in less you look at entitlement reform. >> juan: you certainly can't do something about revenue. >> jedediah: if you didn't cut those taxes, you wouldn't boost the economy. you would wind up with an economy sinking and you -- democrats want to spend more money on medicare for all which they can't afford at all. >> juan: in other words we can spend money to give millionaires a tax break -- >> jedediah: stop spending money we don't have and cut taxes. >> greg: let's stop spending
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money on people who are sick. we hate sick people. the free market has done more for the sake than any government. >> juan: that's why we have people without health care. >> greg: look it up. diseases have been cured by the free market. >> juan: is why obamacare now is popular with the american people. one final thought on this. one final thought. you know that perot got 19% of the vote. that is something to remember. >> morgan: i said that. >> jesse: one last thing, you don't spend money on a tax cut. that's not how it works. the battle for the border wall is far from over. what the president is saying about another possible shutdown. plus, more on pelosi inviting trump to deliver the state of the union. ♪ ®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it.
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>> juan: nancy pelosi inviting the president to give the state of the union in congress on february 5. hanging over the address is the battle for the border wall. the white house earlier today urging democrats to agree to trump's wall. >> the president doesn't want to go through another shutdown. that's not the goal. the goal is security and protecting the american people. ideally democrats would take these next three weeks to negotiate in good faith, as they have indicated they would and come up with a deal that makes sense. >> juan: the president putting the chance of a deal at "less than 50/50." and he says that another shutdown is "certainly an option." he is not -- mick mulvaney backing the president and his national emergency threat. >> we've been working on this
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for months. we've been hoping to do it through legislation with democrats because that's the right way for the government to function. at the end of the day the president's commitment is to defend the nation and he will do it with or without congress. >> juan: we see a situation where according to "the wall street journal" the president is holding strong with his base. the poll was on the edge of when the decision was made friday to end that shutdown with the journals numbers seem to indicate the president is not doing bad with his base, despite ann coulter and other critics. >> jesse: pelosi's numbers are not looking good. she's the most unpopular politician in washington, d.c. one popular than donald trump. more unpopular than mitch mcconnell. both political parties. the press bury that. that's in the third to last paragraph. the nbc news report on this poll didn't even discuss the fact that nancy is so underwater with her popularity. that's fine. i'm glad she finally invited the
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president back. she's a terrible host. you don't invite someone and then disinvited them. you are coming to the party or you are not. i like the pageantry of the state of the union. i like seeing the supreme court justices. i like seeing pelosi in the background. making faces. i like to see the special guests. it's a good thing it's finally back on and i'm looking forward to going down to d.c., greg. >> greg: no. you think it's like an episode of "the love boat." special guests. you get to see everybody. it's miserable. d.c. sucks. i hate everything about it. sorry, juan, did you want me to go ahead and talk. this borders soap opera, one thing we know, it has zilch to do with policy because the dems have spent more and done more with a border in the past than now. we know that they are putting trump hate before immigration policy. i have an analogy. it's like when you are really into a band that you really like until you find out that joy behar likes the band, so now you
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hate the band. that's the democrats with immigration policy. they were all for everything is -- everything trump was for but now that he is bored, they are against it. i think there will be another shutdown. >> juan: the president is holding out as a point of leverage the idea that he might declare a national emergency. you have senator rubio, senator blunt yesterday on the sunday shows the same they don't like it because conservatives think it would set a precedent for future presidents to declare national emergencies anytime they want. >> morgan: you saw more republican senators vote for the democrat version of the bill to reopen the house, reopen the government last friday. if you've also seen in both chambers bills that have been submitted to prevent shutdowns from happening at all. we want to go to the heart of the matter, we are talking about last year's fiscal year spending that we are still arguing over. we haven't even gotten to this year yet.
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we have a whole nother fight on all of that. i think this sort of stuff should be done in the regular order. in august, they canceled the senate recess in order to get all these things through. they got 75 percent done. they didn't get it all done. i don't think any of these members of congress to get paid. they shouldn't get home. when they have these fights, it's affecting real people. real friends of mine and that federal government, with children, who are going without paychecks. i don't think it's fair whenever they can't act like adults that real people have to suffer. >> juan: jedediah, what is your bet on whether we have another shutdown? >> jedediah: the shutdown is ridiculous. i don't think he's going to be left with a choice but to do a national emergency. i don't think they're going to give them a wall. they are hanging tight. he already gave the tps and daca protections. humanitarian aid in his proposal. i think is going to get to a point where he's going to have to say there's a humanitarian crisis of the border. you have these caravan members.
2:19 pm
something has to be done. the plan that i put forth will put money towards more border security agents, more lawyers. it wasn't just about a wall. but i think he was concerned about these federal workers not getting paid. you saw three bills motivated, even of the shutdown continued, get these federal workers. democrats want the drama of trump, you've got to cave otherwise all of this is on your back. i think he knows that and i think is going to be forced into declaring a national emergency and then he's going to get challenged in court. >> juan: that's what i was about to say. you have to say what's the difference between the last two years or the last 30 days. now there is an emergency. sounds like the democrats would have a strong argument that -- >> jedediah: the problem is there has been an emergency. you are right. it's not new. it has national attention now because of the caravans but it's been a situation for a long time. it's getting worse. if someone doesn't do something
2:20 pm
about it, when is a good time? >> morgan: jedediah's rights. nothing is going to happen in the next two years to make the democrats become more pragmatic in terms of negotiating with the president around this. he should give it his best shot. try to negotiate but if not, declare a national emergency, fight it out in the courts and move on to something else if they can get anything done. >> greg: i am not going to d.c. seriously, we should talk and the brake about this so they don't spring it on us tomorrow. i'm not taking the train. i don't want to take the train. >> juan: i tell you what. it will be a caravan. you be at the front of the caravan. >> greg: that is a caravan i am really against. >> juan: up next, freshman congresswoman facing new scrutiny for her past efforts to win leniency for men accused of trying to join isis. stay with us on "the five" ." i switched to liberty mutual
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♪ >> jedediah: welcome back. democrat freshman congressman lawn home are engulfed in a new controversy for past efforts to convince a judge to show leniency toward a group of minnesota men accused of trying to join isis. omar writing "best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion. we must alter our attitude and approach of which really want to affect change. we should refocus our efforts on inclusion and rehabilitation." this isn't the first time omar's comments have been scrutinized. she also falsely smear the covington high school students, accused the usa of staging a coup in venezuela, and deleted an offensive tweet about israel. all right, jesse. i am trying to figure out what it takes to be able to say that she's radical. this is crazy what she is saying. people who admittedly said they were going to go to syria. one guy said i was not going
2:26 pm
there to pass out medical kits or food. i was going to fight and kill on behalf of the islamic state. she is out there -- this is not crazy what she is saying? >> jesse: if minnesota wants to send radical kooks to congress, that's their right. we've had terrible people in congress. addicts, abusers, molesters, felons. this woman is a legitimate code pink activist. she is saying we need to fight terrorism with compassion, sympathy, and inclusion. is she on the house intel committee? that would be really scary. i think pelosi has a huge problem on our hands. they're going to run ads against her next year, and she said lindsey graham was being sexually black males. she said horrible things about israel. she is a problem, but she's not my problem. >> jedediah: why don't you have democrats in the party that have their sanity that want to appeal to independent voters an
2:27 pm
appeal to normal people who recognize compassion toward people who are actively wanting to support isis is a bad idea. why aren't they out there saying, holding her accountable and saying this is not reflective of the party? >> juan: wait a second. sounds to me like you guys have never heard of steve king or louie gohmert or any of these guys on the right. >> greg: do they support isis? this is not supporting isis -- >> juan: she's not supporting isis. >> jedediah: increase the amount of time -- >> juan: this is an important conversation she's making an important contribution by saying if you really want to deal with fanatics, you have to understand how they think. she is saying these people felt they were not being included, that they could not be part of the system. she said we need restorative justice. you don't want more of them to come. we have all on this sets at a lot of this ideology is like a cancer. it metastasized us and spreads. you can't stop it just by use of
2:28 pm
violence or death penalties. >> greg: yes, you can. trump just did it. what is restorative justice? >> juan: it is saying here's how you can become part of the community. make a contribution. your life is valuable. you should not be involved in trying -- >> greg: here is the issue. if a group of people and their ideology dictates that everything about your culture is evil, i don't think any amount of restorative justice is going to work. the thing that bugs me about this is two things. she is defending the worst kind of misogyny probably in modern history, responsible for thousands of gang rapes and sex slavery. she has lost the moral authority to defend anyone --
2:29 pm
read up on isis. she is defending people that were supporting gain rape and sexual slavery. we were trained to stay away from calling out her floss because if you did, you would have been labeled misogynist and islamaphobic. when she rose to the ranks, everybody had to do the golf clap. so progressive. how wonderful. but we don't learn about her troubling beliefs. she was aided and abetted by a compliant media who protected her. i'm not going to say anything bad about her. congratulations. >> jedediah: she has a $200,000 book deal. >> jesse: how much did you say that was? >> greg: support isis. >> jedediah: that's your ticket. it's not only that they hadn't called her out but they elevated her. you see her on tv all the time, getting a platform to talk about her beliefs. nobody seems to be paying attention to what she's actually saying. is this woman -- issue also going to decide she wants to run
2:30 pm
for president? >> morgan: they have a very serious problem with anti-semitism. her tweets about israel, you can look them up. what she said about venezuela last week, talking about that it was a coup. she took the side of the chinese and the russians. the things she is saying, basic research that her staff could do. there is candidate, a muslim candidate who was the first republican to win a congressional primary supported mainly by people in the jewish faith and the republican party who gave a ton of money to him. there are people on the republican side running for this but she's the one who's been elevated and then given this big platform. until democrats start to realize -- just tonight, there's a bill going through the senate that marco rubio has been pushing. it is anti-sanctions against israel. schumer was able to get rid of the vote because it was during the shutdown. these hunters are going to be on record and they are afraid of the base which is becoming increasingly anti-israel,
2:31 pm
cruising the hostel. i think there is simmering anti-semitism in the base of the democratic party. >> juan: i think that's wishful thinking. democrats, most jews in the country are democrats. we have problem in the democratic party that was evident terms of the women's march that absolutely was a problem. but i'm telling you this woman was elected in the state of minnesota, has a track record in minnesota, and those voters selected her. >> jedediah: but she also has a track record of saying grossly incorrect, horrible things. then she deletes tweets and has to walk them back. >> juan: you should meet the rest of congress. >> jedediah: she smeared an entire group of kids doing their research. i think the democrats need to pay more attention to what she's been doing. moving on, the first lady scores of big win after a fake news smear. see it coming up next. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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>> greg: not going to d.c.! all right, the british paper the daily telegraph issued a humiliating apology on saturday at admitting an article titled "the mystery of melania" was full of fake news about the first lady. they took it back and paid her substantial damages. there is no point in recounting the story's lies. it's the same stuff you heard many times before, part of a larger industry built on unknown sources and bitter buys. it shows you the kind of year the media is having, and it's only been three weeks. you have the buzzfeed debacle, the covington smear, layoffs at clickbait mills like buzzfeed and "huffington post." cnn mocked for pretending they stumbled onto rodders tones arrested now you have this brutal telegraph humbling. these events have one thing in common: accountability. it's new and it's good for everyone, especially you because you may not know how false the
2:37 pm
melania coverages, but you can bet she does. that's the point. you never know what fake news is until it's about you. ask anyone who's ever been the subject of a story. unless their vacuous actors pumping a socially conscious film, it's never good. it's why love him or hate him, trump's war with fake news makes the past two years worth it. his disruption has exposed the hidden levers and so many dark guards from trade to immigration to copy editing and fact-checking. if only one result from the trump era is that the media thinks twice before destroying someone for fun and profit, then i call it a win. wouldn't you? everything a person here has been the subject of a story. how close was the story to the facts? >> jedediah: i was the subject of several but when i left a particular show, i remember seeing something in the daily mail and reading it and being
2:38 pm
like false, false. 80% of it was false. they put just enough truth in there, a tiny nugget of truth and they count on you not doing anything. i didn't do anything about it because i was advised you going to draw attention to it. the truth is you let it sit out there and it drives you crazy. you are like, this is not me. it's a false perception. if anybody reads it, you don't want them to think about -- >> greg: its forever. to jed's point, it's why trump is refreshing that he's actually willing to chase this like a dog and catch the car. >> jesse: wright, this is like wikipedia is more accurate that some of this. i think americans need to realize something. journalists are not that right. these people, they didn't graduate first in their class from harvard. they live in small apartments in new york and d.c. they don't have a lot of money.
2:39 pm
>> greg: most of us. [laughs] >> jesse: they are boring people at parties. if you line them up between bankers and advertising executives and lawyers, they rank dead last on intelligence. think about it. they get stuff wrong all the time. >> greg: you are the king of generalizations. [laughter] they called the white house correspondents' dinner nerd prom because it's filled with nerds. they aren't that intelligent but they act superior and they hate donald trump. they are riddled with errors and their stories. all of the errors make republicans look bad. why is it that they never make mistakes that make democrats look bad? it's always on the other side. >> jedediah: they make mistakes that make them look good. >> greg: juan, when i asked -- in the break, have you been the subject of the story and you were like ha! and you are a journalist. it's happened to you. >> juan: i better inform my
2:40 pm
wife and a bunch of people. [laughs] i must say that to me when you see what happened with "the daily telegraph," apparently more than a million dollars plus for legal fees. they were wrong. i must say a lot of this comes from "fire and fury." i think there are several books. there's a book out this week about trump. a lot of this doesn't seem like it's myth. a lot of it comes from inside the trump camp. >> jesse: they had basic facts wrong. >> juan: there's a bigger story here about this president. you are saying to the audience just ignore everything that's negative about trump. >> jesse: that's the problem. the media gets so many things wrong about republicans. when they do get something right in its real news, no one believes them. they have no track record. >> juan: go back and see how much attention donald trump got from the cnns and msnbcs of the world. let me say when he goes after
2:41 pm
buzzfeed for their problems or "huffington post" or goes after "the new york post" because they are laying off people, i say man, that's low. in other words, you are going to hit journalists were being fired. >> jesse: those same journalists love getting people fired. they want you fired, juan. they want me fired. they revel in it. >> greg: with "the huffington post" does is repurpose articles that were done -- media matters puts out something and then "huffington post" puts it out. screwing over people to the right of them and getting them fired. i have no sympathy. i wrote for "huffington post" for ten years i think. i tend to forget that. it was a long time. here's the bigger thing, morgan. it used to be rare that joe blow would be a target of the media. but now we are in this area where anyone tangentially related to trump, voting for trump, supporting trump, wearing a red hat of the washington monument, no one is
2:42 pm
safe. it's important that we really -- >> morgan: the whole covington thing, i almost tweeted, just watching the video, i almost waited inside one of these kids doing? i stopped and i'm glad i did and they waited a day and looked at the news. then you say wait a minute, there's a bigger story here. you talk about media accountability writ large, juan is right. in the republican primary, it was estimated in the general election in the 2016 campaign that trump got probably too million dollars in free media. i think what's happening -- i think it's guilt that they realize that they let him call into these tv shows on a daily basis. they showed -- every network shown all of the rallies live. they do these things and though i think these other networks and journalistic outfits feel a little bit of culpability, so they have overextended. >> jedediah: andrew breitbart was talking about the war with the media before it was cool. everyone was talking about
2:43 pm
elections and politicians and he was saying that the problem is the media. that's where your fight is and he was 100% right. >> greg: we are not done yet. harry potter. who is that? the guy in my garden. taking a shot at patriots quarterback tom brady. ok look, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar. -jamie, this is your house?
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♪ >> morgan: the new england patriots from their star quarterback tom brady are no stranger to criticism. this time it's coming from a little bit of an unusual place. after daniel radcliffe, who was that? he played harry potter, and he's taking a swipe at brady while promoting a new movie. >> who are you rooting for? >> the whole world is rooting against the patriots. >> should tom brady retire? >> no. but he should just stop winning things. take that maga hat out of your locker. that was a moment when we were all like come on, dude. we want to be awesome and behind you. don't put that in there. >> morgan: the hatton question
2:48 pm
is a 2015 gift president trump gave to patriots owner robert kraft a hand after brady. greg, i feel like everyone should be rooting against brady because he's a cheater, not because of the maga hat. >> greg: being as though we both went to serra high school, i'm going to let it slide. observations. the problem with the british celebrities is the bigness of the united states. when they look at the united states, they have an insecurity complex. what did he say? he wished brady would stop winning things. it's very british celebrity. they prefer to be small. back to almost what i said yesterday. the smear is widening. it's not about trump or republicans. it's anyone who has an affiliation or sympathy. we have a cultural witch hunt going on. you have that hat on the locker? witch hunt? >> jesse: where did you get that? >> greg: warlock hunt. that sounds gross, but anyway. >> morgan: do you think people
2:49 pm
shouldn't be friends with people who wear maga hats? >> juan: to me, you got to be open-minded about it and say okay but i must say i don't understand that you guys don't see that this hat is loaded with meaning for people in terms of being associated with donald trump. >> greg: what about a malcolm x have to? >> juan: if you want to say that, fine. we know what malcolm x stood for and we know what donald trump stands for. >> greg: are you saying the same? >> juan: definitely not. if it's grabbing women or talking about mexicans as rapists. >> greg: job history, the biggest -- >> juan: the racism, misogyny. people think what are you doing with this hat? >> greg: so you are smearing everybody wearing a hat? >> morgan: i root for the eagles but other than that i choose my quarterbacks based on who was the cutest. that's who i want to root for. it is very sporty spice of me. can we have a super bowl without
2:50 pm
people getting political or do you think super bowl parties, it's going to be maga hat versus obama have? >> jedediah: for some reason liberals are uncomfortable with the fact that somebody disagrees. i don't know why it bothers him that somebody has a maga hats. who cares. it's not your hatch. you don't have to worry it. he didn't drive me crazy to walk around new york city and dresses -- a million obama hats. the liberal mentality is a collectivist mentality and i think a lot of times they are rubbed the wrong way, not all, but many are rubbed the wrong way by somebody who disagrees, who doesn't see the world the same way. they can't understand it. we are in a world where everything is political. we saw with the nfl became super political. people are tired because when it became super political, people started turning the channel and it was brought back in when the political opponent was back out. >> juan: change the channel on mookie betts when he says he's
2:51 pm
not going to the white house? >> greg: we separate the political and personal. >> jesse: i am a huge will ferrell fan and he hates republicans. >> greg: he probably hates you. >> jesse: he hates me, yes. i put all of my will ferrell clips in the water swirl package. i was able to separate. my mom loves me, routes for me. i have a maga hat. she separates. >> juan: i think tom brady's wife was very clear in saying we do not back trump. >> morgan: i think she told him not to talk politics. >> jedediah: she did say that. >> morgan: before we go, we have big news. president trump has accepted nancy pelosi's invitation, and greg is going to have to go to d.c. >> greg: no! >> morgan: delivering the state of the union next tuesday. "one more thing" is next. what makes this simple salad
2:52 pm
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♪ >> time now for "one more thing." some workout tips. jesse's work out. wow. that's real. what is it, 70 pounds? i'm just warming up with those buddies. so workout at the gym. do not work out at the office, all right? have you seen these exercise balls? world estate please. people sit on them at their des desk. okay. tried to do a little, you know -- see how it works. it doesn't work well, people are falling off these things all over at fox news. they were unsafe and i don't like them. so let's get rid of them. workout at the gym, not at the office. >> i smell a lawsuit. >> against me? i apologize.
2:57 pm
>> time for -- i know, guys. i'm killing you with it. i'm slowly destroying your brain. you know, porcupines, they love bananas. baby porcupines love bananas even more. check out this baby porcupines eating a banana. i don't think i've ever seen somebody or something of a banana more than this baby porcupine. look at that giant knows that porcupine has. look at the way he just eats that. when i watch a porcupine eat a banana all i can say to myself is, animals are great. ♪ animals are great normal animals are great ♪ >> that was a pretty good one. >> there's frigid weather heading this way in new york, new england, but especially in the midwest and right now off the coast of dana point in southern california the temperatures are closer to summertime and there's a very special rainbow there to warm
2:58 pm
your heart, take a look. that's a humpback whale and her calf and they are rainbows. a drone recorded this colorful show saturday, the whales are migrating from central america from dana point to feed on the bridge. by the way, whale touring companies in the area say they have seen 42 humpbacks so far this january compared to only four a year ago. >> blowing rainbows. that sounds like a euphemism. >> as your teeth are chattering over the next few days, remember the warmth and beauty of this scene off dana point. >> so cute. i'm not going to make a joke. it's too wholesome. >> i have some good news. a mixed breed, a 5-year-old mixed breed has found her forever home. happy puppy in ohio. the humane society shared the news on facebook. cassie gained popularity after making an appearance in a commercial for a car dealership posing as a super good girl on
2:59 pm
local tv stations and her new owner saw the commercial, was drawn to her, so she has been adopted into her forever home and i believe she has been adopted before it brought back, which made me very sad so i am so happy that she has found a forever home. >> forever homes. >> my one more thing is about something that could only happen to men in a road rage accident. shocking video, if you haven't seen this today coming out of massachusetts. watch this as this man climbs on the hood of a speeding suv on the highway. 65-year-old man and 37-year-old fitzgerald, they got in a car accident on the turnpike. fitzgerald tried to leave the scene. this guy jumps on the hood of the car. i mean, it's a hot mess. he stayed on there for two or 3 miles. and the driver got up to 70 miles an hour. this is why i said this would only happen to men. women would only do the nomadic not do that. >> you are a sexist.
3:00 pm
>> luckily to motorists help to bring the dangerous situation to an end by boxing the suv end and the rest is history. i will be gone with shannon bream tonight at at 11a clock hour. stay up late. >> the guy had a ponytail. [laughter] >> p27 is up next. >> bret: thanks. the 2020 presidential race shaping up this monday. the internal fight over the future of the democratic party. the trump administration ramps up pressure on venezuela and a message on the white house notepad raises eyebrows as nicolas maduro prepares his army for a real fight. and temperatures across the midwest are plummeting into record lows that could be life-threatening and the extreme freeze isn't going anywhere soon. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. democrats have set for months they want to win back the white house in 2022 kicked presid


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