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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 29, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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was creative. >> yeah, nice one. >> this is a harsh competition. >> never miss an episode of the "the five." "special report" up next. >> bret: thank you. president trump at direct odds with his administration, the threat assessment anything but ordinary today. plus, all the negatives as the east goes into a deep freeze. and the health care issue isn't dead. as a democratic candidate pushes for universal plan. at the dnc chair will join us alive to react to what many see as our shift to the left for the party when he joins us here on "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier. six intelligent head laid out a stark assessment threat, while at the same time, highlighting a
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divide between the president and the intelligence community over what is a real threat to our nation. the differences came to light before the senate intelligence committee during its annual hearing on worldwide threats. among them, that north korea won't give up all its nukes, that iran is currently not building any nuclear weapons, and that isis is not defeated. leaders also warned that china and russia are in a race for superiority over the united states. catherine herridge was at today's hearing, joins us live with what the nation's intel committee poses really our biggest threats. good evening. >> intelligence officials testified that china and russia pose the greatest risk. the two nations are more aligned today than they have been in decades, and their relationship is likely to grow because of shared interest in adversaries. for the u.s., that means more risk in already complex environments. >> it is increasingly a challenge to prioritize which threats are of greatest importance. >> from russia, to north korea
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and china, the committee heard directly from senior intelligence officials. >> china at large is the most significant counterintelligence threat we face. >> there is still a substantial military capacity that kim jong un wields. >> we have been able to show effectiveness against, primarily in this case, the russians, as we take a look at our midterm elections. >> the director of national intelligence testified that north korea would not abandon its most lethal weapon system, an assessment that seem to break with the white house. >> north korea will seek to retain its wmd capabilities, and it is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons. >> the cia director was also pressed. >> have you seen any change in their behavior? >> i don't think i can point to any specific changes over the last couple years. >> the obama administration nuclear deal has held, but there are concerning indicators. >> the iranians are considering
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taking steps to. >> intelligence officials testified the russian president is an adversary, who would likely harness new strategies to undermine the 2020 election. altered events or candidate's speech could be weaponized. >> are we organized in a way where we could possibly respond fast enough to a catastrophic deep fake attack? >> very quickly it is evolving, a flood of technological change. >> with the white house pulling back from syria, intelligence officials are worried about the ability to reconstitute. >> isis is intent on researching and still coming in thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> the majority leader went further. >> al qaeda, isis, and their affiliates and syria and afghanistan continue to pose serious threats to us here at home. >> much of the testimony came back to china, and its long-term strategy to replace the u.s. as the economic superpower. >> we have economic espionage
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investigations, for example. at that is just one piece of it in virtually every one of our 56 field offices, and the number of those has probably doubled over the last three or 42 years. >> on mass migration from central america, intelligence officials testified that they expect the numbers to rise, but the warning did not address the president's call for a wall on the border with mexico. >> bret: thank you. with the clock ticking on another government shutdown possibly, republicans and democrats prepared to sit down to try to hammer out a deal to try to avoid one. while the two sides agree border security is important, they go into the negotiations with very different ideas on how to get there. chief white house correspondent joins us from the north lawn with the latest. >> good evening to you. president trump warned over the weekend that the three weeks of negotiation would go by very quickly, but at this point, but the only thing people seemed to be able to agree on is that another government shutdown
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would be a bad idea. >> with the conference committee said to begin negotiations tomorrow, democrats of today fired a warning shot across the president's barrel. i don't shudder the government again. >> no more shutdown. president trump touched a hot, hot stove, and hopefully he won't do it again. >> on that point, there seemed to be the first glimmer of bipartisan agreement. >> i don't like shutdowns, i would be open to anything that we could agree on on a bipartisan basis that would make it pretty hard to occur again. >> the white house believes president trump has the high ground in negotiations. according to a poll commissioned by the rnc, voters in ten democratic congressional districts won by president trump in 2016 support the president on border security. and the white house believes democrats in those districts may have a hard time denying the president. the g.o.p. poll shows his approval rating at 49 percent,
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while there is was anywhere from 20% to 35%. the wild card? how tight grip nancy pelosi has on her caucus. >> the real question will be, will she allow the bill to come to the floor? if we come to an agreement inside the conference. even if she disagrees with it, but her conference supports it. >> at dinner last night with president trump, vice president pence and the treasury secretary, senator lindsey graham floated the idea of adding an increase in the debt ceiling to any deal on a border barrier. the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is march 1st. >> we are waiting on the loss of the shutdown. if we are going to have a deal that will be good for the country, including the president's priorities, but also things the democrats want to, he will pursue building the wall on his own as commander in chief. >> white house officials say the president and vice president were open and receptive to the idea. the senate majority leader said it is worth considering. >> whatever works, which means avoiding the shutdown and
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avoiding the president feeling he should declare a national emergency. >> chuck schumer, on the other hand, thought it was a terrible idea, reaching for one of his favorite metaphors. >> the debt ceiling, no more hostages. to say, open up the government or i will do this, this, this, or this. so, no, i don't think that's a good idea. >> democrats insist they want to hear from the experts on border security so they can make up their minds on what works best, and while there have been some individual authorizations, so for the conference committee has not asked anyone from customs and border protection, who are the experts on border security, to come up to capitol hill and brief them. >> bret: john roberts ally from the north lawn, thank you. she was backed by oprah and just barely lost georgia's gubernatorial election. and now stacey abrams will deliver the democratic response to president donald trump's state of the union address next week. senate minority leader
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chuck schumer said he called her three weeks ago to ask her to do it. that is tuesday. president trump's former advisor roger stone said he felt fine after pleading not guilty today to charges are filed in the special counsel investigation. heavy security greeted stone as he arrived at court earlier in d.c. today. prosecutors say stone lied about his discussions with the trump campaign over wikileaks and material damaging to hillary clinton released during the 26th in campaign. stone said the case against him is a politically motivated. a mixed day on wall street today. the dow was up 52, the s&p 500 lost 4, the nasdaq slipped 57. joe biden says he is closer to making a decision on a presidential run. the former vice president weighed in on that possibility in an event monday night in florida. attendees say biden says he is looking into it. it doesn't want this to be a fool's errand. he added that his family wants him to run and he plans to announce his decision soon.
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if biden does run in 2020, he could be talking about one of the biggest topics in at least the last three presidential campaigns: health care at least one democratic candidate says she has no problem eliminating all private health care plans, but at what cost? correspondent peter doocy takes a look. >> odds are if you are watching this, you have health insurance through a private company because two-thirds of all americans, 270 million people, are covered by private providers. but if kamala harris is elected president, those providers could disappear, and all 270 million could have their care managed by uncle sam. >> for people out there who like their insurance, they don't get to keep it. >> listen, the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care, and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company. >> everyone would have a government-run plan instead. medicare for all, which goes a lot further than the last
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democrat president's initial page. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. [applause] speak of the republican chairman in the first of the nation caucus state iowa says senator kamala harris, perhaps s talking point fires up the at your home state of liberal california, but this would be disastrous for midwesterners. at this time, it is not just republicans taking apart this policy proposal. >> to replace the entire private system where companies provide health care for their employees would bankrupt us for a very long time. it is just not a practical thing. >> putting everyone on a government run health land has won back support of one democratic who could be big next year, congresswoman ocasio-cortez. >> the real system is that we are trying to have our health care system both ways. we are trying to have half a free market system, half a more public system, and it is and they have commitments that our
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systems are breaking down. >> ocasio-cortez is one of the most progressive candidates in congress, and one of the most popular. >> do you think it is any coincidence that your popularity now in pushing for this, now has front runners for the nomination talking about it? >> i am just glad we are coming together as a party on a solution. >> two more unanswered questions tonight. if private insurance companies are dissolved, what happens to the 500,000 or so people that work for private insurance companies? and, what happens if the part of the government that runs everybody's health plan shutdow shutdown? >> bret: peter doocy live on capitol hill. thanks. let's discuss this and the democratic strategy for the 2020 election with tom perez, chair of the democratic national committee. mr. chairman, thank you for being here. >> always a pleasure. >> bret: is this the page for democrats in 2020? >> i think democrats believe health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few.
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he saw one announced candidate, one potential candidate in mayor bloomberg debate, where 90% of the way there. what democrats are going to debate is how do we get that last 10%? we believe that if you have a pre-existing condition, you shouldn't lose your health care. we've got to bring down the exorbitant cost of prescription drugs, and the good news for democrats is that the other side -- and this shouldn't be good news, but it is the reality -- republicans want to take us from 90% coverage and down. and you see the effort in texas to undo the affordable care act. we are having a conversation about how do we get to 90% to 100%? they want to take us from 90% to far less, they want to put coverage for pre-existing conditions and the need to lower the cost of prescription drugs at great risk. >> bret: republicans have a lot of plants that haven't materialized, but as you know, democrats have evolved on this issue, especially in recent months. take a listen to this montage.
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>> placing an unsustainable burden on taxpayers. we can fix this in a way that is sensible, that is centrist. i have rejected a whole bunch of provisions that the left wanted. >> democrats are just running on good old ideas like a higher minimum wage, they are running on a good new ideas like medicare for all. >> i feel very strongly about this, we need to have medicare for all. >> medicare for all would save the american people, very large amount of money. >> health care was on the ballot, and health care won. >> bret: the kaiser family foundation does a lot of poles on health care. when you ask, do you want guaranteed health insurance as a right? 71% say yes, sure. eliminate all health insurance premiums, out-of-pocket costs. favorite 67%. eliminate private health insurance cavities? 58% oppose. it threatened the current medicare program in any way? 60% oppose. what kamala harris was talking about last night at that
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town hall, essentially eliminates private health insurance. you are talking a lot of people kind of like their private health insurance. >> what speaker pelosi correctly said his health care was on the ballot and health care won. what won is the fact that if you have a pre-existing condition, you shouldn't lose your health care. at the fact that we need to bring down the exorbitant cost f prescription drugs. we need to make sure that you can go to a doctor and get preventative health care. we need to get from 90% to 100%. >> bret: you won on 2018 on this issue in a lot of different races, but clearly within your party, there is a major, philosophical debate about the way to go forward and health care. is it fair to say that? >> there is no philosophical debate about the notion that health care should be a right for all, not a privilege for a few. the democratic party will have a debate about how to get from a 90% coverage to 100% coverage. there are some who advocate for
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medicare for all, there are some who advocate for a market-based approach. how do we get from 90% to 100%. >> bret: mayor bloomberg was in new hampshire and asked this question about health care, he was also asked about the green new deal. take a listen. >> i am a little bit tired of listening to things that are a pie-in-the-sky, that we are never going to pass, never going to afford. i think it is just disingenuous to promote those things. a spigot that is not correct, that is not american. what's next? what industry are we going to abolish next? the coffee industry? >> bret: considering and independent run. i want to ask you, there is a ton of reaction about schulte getting on this race. is that a real threat to your potential candidate? >> i have respect for schultz, i hope he gets in the democratic party. we will treat him very fairly.
3:16 pm
i tend to agree, again, mayor bloomberg i think it was said, i have studied independent runs, and what an independent runway due in 2020 is simply split the anti-trump boat and help donald trump get reelected. howard schultz himself said i'm only going to run if there is a real pathway to victory. >> bret: mark cuban tweeted out today, if 21 months before an election you don't believe your candidate's platform is strong enough to win an electio election, with independent candidates, you might want to rethink who you support. a saint, why you scared of howard schultz? >> bret: i welcome anyone who wants to get into the democratic primary for president, that is why we have built a process that is fair and transparent. we are going to have double-digit candidates in all likelihood and that is why we have set forth a very, very open process so that we will do it on two nights in a row if necessary, we will draw a lot so it is totally fair, and of
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howard schultz or michael bloomberg or any other one of the potential candidates decides to run, we will make sure they have a fair shake. here's what they will all be talking about, how do we get from 90% coverage to 100% coverage on health care? that is the difference between republicans and democrats. we believe that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few, and they have voted 60 times on the republican side to repeal the affordable care act. >> bret: by the way, is fox in the mix for those debates? >> absolutely, we are having discussions with fox. >> bret: thank you very much. i want to ask you two tougher questions about some threads, what critics call anti-semitism in the democratic party. representative from michigan is coming under criticism for her interactions, members of a facebook committee where members demonize jews, a long article
3:18 pm
about that with specifics in "the daily caller." was it because of concerns about anti-semitism? >> we had a host of concerns, and we wanted to make sure that we were clear in our values, and the democratic party, our platform has been very clear about israel, it's been very clear about both israel and the palestinian people. a 2-stata solution is the way to go. a two-state solution negotiated directly by the parties, that is what we have to do, and frankly, i think this administration, through their wedge actions, their divide and conquer actions, has made that possibility of a two two-state solution more remote. >> bret: one of your predecessors as dnc chair released a statement saying, while i still firmly believe in its values and missions, i cannot associate with the national march, its leaders and
3:19 pm
principals refused to completely repudiate anti-semitism and all. i cannot walk a shoulder to shoulder with leaders who lock arms with outspoken paddlers of hate. we have seen the concerns about louis farrakhan and others. i'm asking you kind of straight, is there a concern in your party about this threat? >> we've been very clear in the democratic party about inclusion, about fighting anti-semitism. we were very clear, it was not hard after charlottesville to condemn what took place. unfortunately for the president of the united states, it was hard. we have been very clear, as is several rights lawyer, i have spent my career making sure civil rights exist for everyone. i am proud to be part of that, that is the mantra of the democratic party. you look at the face of the democrats in congress, they reflect america, and not only in congress, but in state houses across this country. >> bret: the last thing, we are just beginning here.
3:20 pm
we are seeing the early people get into this race, and a lot of attention. this is going to be a long road, but i guess you are optimistic about what you are saying about the attention that it is getting early. >> we are going to get a robust field. i welcome a large field. i think it is a first-class problem to have. i think it is not a problem at all, it is an opportunity. the thing that is clear to me is our candidates are going to focus on the issues. we are not going to be talk talg about hand size, we are going to be talking about health care. always good to be with you. >> bret: thanks. just how global the temperatures go as the bitter cold take hold in the northeast? and later, the situation in syria, fox news days on the ground where defense forces are working hand-in-hand with u.s. troops to oust isis. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes.
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3:25 pm
along with the frigid temperatures comes wind, snow, and ice. senior correspondent mike tobin it reports from a frozen chicago tonight where the cold is definitely taking hold. >> wisconsin, michigan, and illinois are under states of emergency, giving governors the power to activate the national guard in advance of possibly record-setting cold descending on the north and central united states, with the cities like chicago set to be the epicenter of this life-threatening weather event. >> the temperatures today, tomorrow, thursday are not to be taken lightly. these are actually a public health risk. >> a particular risk in this brutal cold is the homeless population. out of tent city just southwest of chicago sloop, governor says he will not take advantage of the warming buses or warming centers the city has made available. he will stay in his tent. >> it is crowded, most of the time they've got bugs.
3:26 pm
>> wins that hold pockets of arctic air have destabilized, allowing the super cool air to slip south d united states. the result? temperatures are predicted to drop into the negative 20s, wind accompanying the weather has the potential to create windshields of negative 50, negative 60 degrees. enough to allow frostbite to said and in a matter of minutes. >> it puts citizens at risk from the cold, their hearts stopping because their body gets so cold, that kind of a problem. >> nationwide, more than 1700 flights were canceled, 8,000 delay due to the weather. when temperatures drop below 0, salt and chemicals that melt road ice are no longer effective, so even after plowing, roads are expected to be icy and dangerous. road crews are activated as far south as georgia where the weather is expected to reach beard also where the super bowl is being played on sunday. >> it is obviously very important because a lot of people are going to be in town this week. we want to keep them safe.
3:27 pm
>> chicago is now under a windchill advisory that will transfer to a warning at the end of this broadcast, meaning life-threatening conditions are imminent. the overnight lows will threaten a record set back in 1985 of negative 27 degrees. the wind makes things worse. we want to get a break until thursday. >> bret: wow, mike tobin out in chile chicago. the fbi cannot determine what led stephen pavlik to go on the worst shooting rampage in u.s. history. that is the conclusion reached in a report released today by the agency. the fbi says he acted alone in carrying out the attack in las vegas that killed 58 people at an outdoor concert in 2017. however, after months of studies, the reason for the shooting remains a mystery, according to the report. up next, the state department pulls the strings out from venezuela's disputed leader as pressure ramps up for nicolas maduro to step down from power.
3:28 pm
first, let's hear from our fox affiliates around the country. fox 26 in houston, where five narcotics officers are recovering from injuries they suffered while serving a warrant on home on monday afternoon. four of the officers were shot, a fifth sustained a knee injury in a shoot-out at the home. two suspects, 58-year-old woman and a 59-year-old man were killed at that home. fox 5 in new york, where the defense rested in its gaze after just a half-hour in the trial of el troppo peered at the lawyer for the mexican drug lord called one witness and put one document into the record today before resting his case. the witness was an fbi agent. he could face life in prison if convicted. and this is a look from fox 2, 1 of our big stories down there, pg and he officially filed for bankruptcy. the u.s.'s largest electric company is facing billions of
3:29 pm
dollars in potential damages from wildfires in california. at the wildfire immediately put a halt to those wildfire lawsuis and consolidates them in bankruptcy court. that is tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink into your own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (vo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever. in chile chicago.
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3:33 pm
venezuela to the opposition leader. at the u.s. along with at least 20 other countries look to oust nicolas maduro from power. but estate correspondent reports, he still has some very powerful allies that could make a transition of power incredibly difficult. >> the nicolas maduro regime is launching an opposition into opponent, trying to freeze his accounts and prevent him from leaving the country's. >> a citizen has practically led and organized all this action that has lead but venezuela and detriment. >> john bolton tweeted the united states denounces the threats and that, "there will be serious consequences for those who use attempt to subvert democracy." the disputed president is pressing him, as the united states princes maduro to yield power peered at the state department announced he now controls venezuelan accounts at u.s. insured banks, including the federal reserve bank of new york.
3:34 pm
>> what we are trying to do is cut off the money to the regime that should not be in power, and make sure that he has access to funds and access to the assets of the country, and to protect these assets for the people of venezuela. >> it is also an attempt to convince officials to abandon maduro. for his part, maduro announced he plans to strengthen the nation's armed militia in response to growing tension with the united states. about two dozen countries have joined the united states in recognizing him as a venezuela's interim president. china, russia, and others back maduro. >> we expect the attempts by cuba, russia, and to some extent china, to prop up maduro's security and financing will lead to additional efforts to exploit the situation in exchange for access, mostly to venezuelan oil. >> russia has invested billions in venezuela, and remains
3:35 pm
critical of u.s. sanctions against maduro. less than a week after withdrawing some of its staff from venezuela, the state department raised its travel advisory today, warning americans not to go there because of civil unrest, crime, and the arbitrary arrest of u.s. citizens. >> bret: at the state department, thank you. the director of national intelligence warned today that even though isis may have faced territorial defeat in syria, the terror group remains a dangerous, with thousands of fighters still in that area. while president trump has called for calling u.s. troops out of syria, correspondent benjamin hall is on the ground there, with a look at just how much the kurds rely on american support. >> pummeled by modern u.s. weaponry, the caliphate has been reduced to a single town. now it is surrounded by members of the syrian defense force, predominately kurds. isis had years to dig into the
3:36 pm
city. crisscrossing it with tunnels and planting ids. that starts the battle, which was incredibly destructive. most buildings are either flattened or have the marks of war. it took about a month to liberate, but the battle is still raging 10 miles behind me. commander tells a fox news isis now holds just over one square mile of land with about 1500 to 2,000 fighters. he points out known isis petitions. each one his logs, related to the fighters and u.s. partners, then target peered u.s. forces are here, you catch them moving around in basis. in a humvee, we push on into the final village of the . the final line of battle weary man. this is it, the very last isis village. and no journalists have been here before. at their peak, they controlled around 40,000 square miles. that is roughly an area the size
3:37 pm
of kentucky. they had 65,000 fighters, and they ruled over a million people. today, all of that is gone. all that's left is what you see behind me. many people here point out that the kurds have been a long and trusted allies to the u.s., and the urge president trump not to abandon them, and make the same mistake as president obama, who they say left iraq before the job was done and handed the country to iran. benjamin hall, fox news. >> bret: up next, where a potentially deadly virus is spreading that could have been prevented. we will bring you that story. first, beyond our borders tonight. pakistan court upheld his acquittal of a christian woman is sentenced to death for blasphemy in a blow to radical islamists there who demanded her execution. the woman can now join her daughters who were granted asylum in canada. pakistan's blasphemy law is often used to intimidate followers of minority religions, a charge of insulting islam can
3:38 pm
bring the death penalty there. meanwhile, theresa may's plan to overhaul the deal to exit the european union is not open for renegotiation. that is the word from the e.u. president as british parliament voted today to do just that. theresa may says she will follow parliament laws and to seek a legally binding changes to the brexit agreement. adjust some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back. woman: my reputation was trashed online,
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3:43 pm
him with an unknown chemical. health officials in washington state have declared a state of emergency after confirming 36 cases of measles, with nearly a dozen more suspected cases. that is not the only state in dealing with this potentially td exposing the disease to other patients. >> things were to get a lot worse and we have more cases, one of the things we are discussing is maybe vaccinating children younger than 12 months. to speak of this outbreak is happening in 1 of 15 hot spots for measles identified in a medical study and based on areah low immunization rates. across the u.s., 91% of kindergartners are immunized. in clark county, just 84% have had their shot for measles, mumps, and rubella. washington is 1 of 18 states allowing parents to opt out of immunizations for personal reasons. now those parents are worried. >> i called my nutrition and she
3:44 pm
said, keep him away from large crowds. which is fine, but even going out to dinner, i second-guess everywhere we go. >> immunization rates started to drop after a later debunked british study linked immunizations to autism. and now it is a tough to opt their kids out of getting the shot. >> bret: thank you. later, an intelligence committee at odds with their president. is it a problem, or much ado about nothing? the panel weighs in on the big testimony today after the break. the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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3:49 pm
interesting, though threat assessment, the intelligence leaders for the trump administration talking about threats from around the world. sometimes, varying with the trump president's description. let's bring in the panel, chief political correspondent and mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." struck by the election focus, there was a lot on election interference. chris wray saying not only did russia try in 2018, but they believe that russia and china are going to step it up in 2020. >> i think perhaps the scariest sentence in the whole report was the one that said china and russia are more aligned than at any point in the mid-1950s. that is not good at all. you are right about the election interference. on the other hand, i think we have been expecting this for at least for two years now. one of the things i thought was really striking about this
3:50 pm
report was that a lot of it just wasn't very surprising, given the news. when the report comes out and says that north korea wants to build nuclear weapons, and wants to build the missile delivery systems to attack the united states or somewhere else, the shocking thing would've been if they weren't. there is a lot of news in here that we really already knew. >> bret: to give it context, the trump administration may point back to north korea and say, listen, they haven't fired missiles over japan, we're still talking, and they haven't tested any new expanded are they developing more stuff? that is what the intel people say. >> that is quite different than him tweeting north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. i thought it was quite a serious warning. they said that north korea would not give up its nuclear weapons. so, that is setting the stage for the upcoming meeting between the president and kim jong un. it is going to be a lot harder than maybe donald trump thought to get north korea to make to
3:51 pm
get the deal he wants. i think you heard the intelligence committee say this before. remember right after helsinki when they all came to the briefing that they all came to the white house to say how seriously they took a russian and other countries efforts to intervene in elections? they have been clinging the alarm bells for quite a while. >> i read the report as well, and i thought it was interesting how frequently russia and china were linked together as the same threat. it would've been nice to see what percentage comes from china, what percentage from russia, because it is hard to determine which one is the greater threat. but historically speaking, what the u.s. has always tried to do is make sure that russia and china are not in cahoots together. it is way sometimes you are friendlier to china and russia knowing that when they work together, that is a combined adversary that is very, very difficult. >> we have economic espionage investigations, for example. that is just one piece of it in virtually every one of our 56 field offices. and a number of those have
3:52 pm
probably doubled over the last three or four years. almost all of them lead back to china. >> bret: which is pretty substantial. >> that is really striking, and it is one of the things, that contrary to a lot of the headlines, there was not a lot of difference with the president's position on that. so, i mean, there was an emphasis on the intel chiefs coming out and disagreeing with the president on all these fronts, and yes, there was some of that -- >> bret: here is one that was clear. the isis depiction and how it was talked about is a lot different. >> we have won against isis. we have beaten them, and we have beaten them badly. >> the group has returned to his guerrilla warfare tactics and
3:53 pm
threaten adversaries worldwide. isis is intent on researching and threatens thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> al qaeda, isis, and there affiliates in syria and afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat. to speak at one of those areas where the president is speaking about what the orders were for the penta pentagon. they were told to make sure that isis doesn't control all the land it has come a 40,000 square miles. in fact, as we saw tonight, it is down to one count of its around it. now if people want to change what the determination is for a while why we are there, they are more than welcome to do that. congress is more than welcome to make a case of why we should be in syria for up to 18 years, and make the case that that involvement makes sense and that expense of money and lives is something that is in the u.s.'s interests. but as far as the question is what we achieved what we set out to do, there is no question we did defeat isis as a landholder. >> bret: there is not a lot of
3:54 pm
nuance in the president's twitter feed when he says these things. >> but -- >> bret: that there is a lot of detail in those testimonies. >> but when it comes from holding miles from 40,000 miles to one talent that is surrounded by fighters, that is our objective, that is what we did, and is this creep of mission for decades or more that has changed the idea of what it takes to achieve victory. >> bret: yes. we didn't have time to talk about venezuela, but cuba, russia, china propping up, maduro, another focus as well. thank you very much. when we come back we will go with whether the long lines were really worth it. well, you should definitely see how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale!
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3:59 pm
funeral for joseph walker, an air force veteran whose family could not be reached. they weren't sure anybody would show up. the post went viral over the weekend, and people came out there in droves monday to honor him. thousands came to show their support, including air force from fort hood, and the line of traffic you can see for miles. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story with martha maccallum" starts right now. >> martha: well done, thank you very much. good evening, everybody. what are the political lessons of the midterms? voters are not happy with what politicians have done for them on health care. democrats are laying down their plan, and it may be hard to win and the nomination did not offer the full extreme. health care for all, single player, government center. president obama was criticized
4:00 pm
for saying that ultimately, that would be the goal. then he made a promise on obamacare that he could not kee keep. now rising star kamala harris is going there on the full govern