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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 31, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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diner, not the hotel. i'll be in buck head. be there and eat there and i most likely will pay for most of your meal. why are you laughing, marshall? >> see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: good morning. millions are facing brutally cold weather outside. at least eighth deaths blamed on this storm. you should see it outside. good morning. good to be inside. i'm bill hemmer, welcome back, julie. >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith today. the coldest temperatures in a generation. closing schools, grounding flights and forcing the postal service to have to cancel deliveries. windchills plunging to double digits. for casters saying stay inside. >> i think the word cold is not a proper way to define it.
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it's unbelievably cold. the windchill is just super brutal. there is not enough layers for this kind of cold unless you are prepared to go to the arctic. >> windchill is probably the worst of it. >> it's hard to take a breath in. it's affecting my lungs a little bit. >> bill: mike tobin has the shot of the day live in chicago. show us, mike. >> for starters i want to give a shout-out to rockford, illinois. the all-time cold weather temperature. negative 30 last night. the record stood since 1982 with negative 27. let's take a look around. not to undermine the seriousness but when you have this relatively warm water in lake michigan you get the mist coming off. a rainbow forming. this is breathtaking. if you look off to your left now, you can see the city of the big shoulder there. the skyline and it really is
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stunning to look at. in all these severe condition. 19 degrees the latest report we got on my phone. ice sculpture that formed in a tree. the mist that came off lake michigan and i would have loved when i was a kid and like it now. it has formed a cave here underneath this tree. this is just amazing what you are getting with all of this severe weather out here. it's across the region. let me toss to a bunch of people from minnesota who know to tough out these cold temperatures. >> layers, invest money in really good stuff and wear good layers. >> that's pretty freezing. nothing that i haven't been through before but it's all good, part of living in minnesota. we like it cold up here. >> flight cancellations out of o'hare, 2500 flights have been canceled. about 7,000 delayed. if you are traveling, good luck. look at your phone before that.
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the bad news for everyone out there is the cold is still going to last for a little while throughout the day. we won't reach 0 according to the predictions until 8:00 p.m. before that happens we're expected to get snow. >> bill: it is remarkable to watch that, mike. take good care out there to you and your crew and the millions who are feeling it with you. thanks, mike. mike tobin in chicago. >> julie: an impassioned debate over late term abortions. president trump sounding off on the issue. rhode island is the latest state to propose a bill. the virginia governor taking backlash. >> third trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of the mother with the consent of the physician. this particular example, if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable.
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the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> julie: we're live from washington with the latest. >> good morning. julie. northam is a pediatric neurologist and his comments have a switch push back. this is infant side and even president trump weighed in last night. do you remember when i said hillary clinton was willing to rip the baby out of the womb? that's what they're doing and it's terrible. northam said it is when the fetus isn't viable. >> when we look at late term abortions happen the vast majority of abortions happen quite early in pregnancy. if they happen later it is almost exclusively because a
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woman's health is at risk. >> the abortion debate reignited with a virginia bill that seeks to ease restrictions on late term abortions. >> third trimester goes to 40 weeks. >> to the end of the third trimester? >> i don't think we have a limit in the bill. >> the bill was defeated but its drafters garner heavy criticism when they admitted women could seek abortions through labor and delivery. it is a similar bill to one passed last week in new york and part of a growing trend that kicked off last year in left-leaning leather a-- new mexico, massachusetts and rhode island have all considered new laws to strengthen abortion rights. a recent poll finds only 15% of americans nationwide believe abortion should be available at any time during a pregnancy. on the other side of this issue we've got indiana, kentucky, north dakota and louisiana among the states that are currently seeking to restrict
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abortion access. ultimately, julie, the issue may rise to the supreme court. even if conservatives solid five-vote majority thanks to justice kavanaugh there are signs they may not be ready to revisit roe versus wade just yet. >> julie: thank you very much. >> the president will make a significant announcement in the state of the union next week with respect to the status of the caliphate, the real estate, grounds from which eyeis had been operating in syria when the administration came in. >> bill: mike pompeo with sean hannity giving the suggestion what the president may say next tuesday in his state of the union address. ron johnson serves on the foreign relations committee. good morning. i thought it was interesting. back to pompeo a moment for the end of that comment and listen carefully here. watch. >> we also know that in spite of enormous progress we've made and success we've had the threat from radical islamic terrorism is real and we need
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to do all we can to make sure there isn't a resurgence of isis or all the other variants continue to be under pressure. this administration is committed to that. >> bill: do you sense a change in the battle over isis in syria? >> i hope they will base their policy on conditions on the ground. we met with the co-chairperson of the syrian defense council and they represent about four million syrians. this is the group of kurds, 2 1/2 mill kurds and 1 1/2 million christians. the people who are our allies who did a lot of the fighting to defeat isis and took away most of the caliphate territory. they're fully aware of the fact there are pockets of sleeper cells, of isis and they just view it as crucial that america maintain a presence. our presence alone even if we
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aren't that engaged in fighting but are there for support and intelligence, air support, that type of thing is just crucial to maintaining stability for those four million syrians trying to lead a more peaceful, democratic life. >> bill: let's see what the headline is tuesday night. senator, on the intel leaders who were on the hill this week. they seemed to express concerns about north korea and iran in ways that we have not heard from the commander-in-chief. chuck schumer jumped all over this saying it's past time for leaders to stage an intervention with real donald trump. the president fired back on that on twitter. he said the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of iran. they're wrong. continued, intelligence should go back to school. explain the disconnect here. >> i came into public life after more than 30 years in the private sector.
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even though i was very well read, followed the world and national events, when you come into public life you face all these issues particularly in foreign policy where every country is steeped in history and tradition. there is an awful lot to learn. you have a steep learning curve. so i've relied on my staff and briefings from experts throughout the administration and throughout government to bring me up to speed. and that would be my recommendation for anybody particularly coming from the private sector recognize the fact there is an awful lot to learn, a lot of complexity and you have to rely on the advice and judgment and the wisdom and just the experience of people who have been in these positions for decades. they're the experts. that being said people from the outside bring a completely different perspective. you can get caught up in the same old same old way of doing things. i think it's valuable to have people from the private sector to bring a different perspective. but you have to be knowledgeable.
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>> bill: the commander-in-chief has made the point he believes that the past leaders have gotten us into messes we haven't been able to get out of. >> to a certain extent that's true. we do make mistakes. we aren't perfect. i think america is a great force for good in the world. we do need to lead. when we aren't leading, the world experiences voids and vacuums filled by very unsavery characters. most of the nations in the world even if they don't declare it publicly really do want american leadership. they see what happens in our absence. again, from my standpoint i think america is a great force for good in the world and we have to lead and be present. >> bill: i should have said the trump tweet came before the schumer tweet. on the wall lindsey graham saying the wall will get done last night. following that here is the latest tweet from president on the wall. >> let's call them walls from now on and stop playing political games. a wall is a wall. what clues are you now getting
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-- that's the wrong tweet, guys, a wall is a wall is the one there. what clues are you getting from inside these negotiations as to whether or not there is progress from the outset starting yesterday? >> i think pretty uniformly in the republican conference we don't want to see a shut down. we hope they can come to accommodation to satisfy everybody to move beyond this current debate. i agree with the president. we need better barriers. we work. illegal immigration has declined by 90 to 95% where we have them. we need more. we have laws and legal loopholes that incentivize children and families to take a dangerous journey to come to this country illegally. it's an exploding problem and growing problem. democrats who minimize that are being completely disingenuous. they've also supported barriers in the past. >> bill: will they give him part of what he wants, yes or no? >> i hope so.
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they supported it in the past. they're being hypocritical not to provide funding for better barriers. but we also need technology. we also have to change these very broken laws. >> bill: thank you for your time. ron johnson, republican from wisconsin. thank you. 12 past the hour now. >> julie: mitch mcconnell breaking from president trump on u.s. troop withdrawals from war zones but not everyone in the senate agrees with that assessment. we'll have senator rand paul who supports the president's decision and he will be here to react. >> bill: the v.a. moving to expand healthcare choices for veterans. plus there is this. >> what i believe is capitalism with serious rules and that means rules where everybody gets a chance to play. >> julie: well, you heard it there. presidential candidate elizabeth warren saying capitalism needs to be controlled. doesn't that go against the entire free market system we have?
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>> julie: sweeping new rules proposed at the department of veteran affairs. the new policy allows veterans to get private healthcare if they have to wait more than 20 days or drive more than half an hour for a v.a. appointment. nearly four times as many veterans will be eligible for private healthcare under the new proposal. handing president trump a major victory on a campaign promise. >> i believe in capitalism. i see the wealth that can be produced, but let's be really clear. capitalism without rules is theft. encouraging companies to build their business models on cheating people. that's not capitalism. what i believe is capitalism with serious rules and that means rules where everybody gets a chance to play.
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>> bill: she wants to be president. elizabeth warren on bloomberg touting her proposal for a wealth tax to even the field. maria bartiromo on fox news, good morning to you. how do we define capitalism without rules? >> i don't understand what she is talking about in terms of without rules. there are rules in this country in terms of structures on how to do things. but the whole idea of capitalism is you are given an opportunity. an opportunity to work so that you can work hard and achieve your own success. i don't understand -- >> bill: as a senator she had regulations on the banks, she ran the consumer product safety commission and so she had a lot of authority when it came to regulations from government over business. >> it's an important point you're making. she was running the cftc in terms of the rulemaking that
6:18 am
all banks and financial services companies had to follow. so i'm really not sure what she is talking about in terms of cheating. i do know that her ideas of putting a tax on wealth sort of smashes the whole idea of a person's dream that they can come from nothing and, you know, ride the ladder and higher to success. that's why howard schultz has resonated in some corners because here is a guy who comes from, you know, the projects in the bronx and has actually built his own wealth and become successful. why do we criticize that? why do we attack someone who just comes from nothing and is able to work hard and achieve success because of this capitalist country? >> bill: you point out schultz. an interesting debate about future economic policy for the u.s. during the primary campaign that eventually the battle for the white house in 2020. schultz is saying throw it at me. i came from -- i grew up in
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federal housing here in new york city. now on china we have this tweet a bit earlier today. negotiations continue at the white house. i will be, says the president, meeting with their top leaders and reps today in the oval office. no final deal will be made until president xi and i meet and agree on some of the longstanding more difficult points. apparently the chinese are open to that. what is your sense right now? clues to these negotiations? >> julie: my sense is nothing has happened just yet. the talks continue today. right now we know that china is willing to open up its market to financial services. we talked yesterday in terms of at least one bank having the opportunity to own 51% within three years and 100% of its own bank within china. financial service companies in the u.s. want to get their hands on that 1.4 billion population in china. those people would need credit cards, mortgages, etc. china is willing to open up that market. the question is what is that going to do for the president's
6:20 am
manufacturing base? is that good enough to open up your markets to just financial services and not buy more goods from our farmers, soybean. and how do we know they're going to keep their promise? this is a big deal. the president is saying everything is on the table. some people are looking at that as saying that means maybe you will lift all tariffs. if you lift all tariffs and then they actually do not follow through and do not open up their markets to all industries and buy enough product from the u.s. to actually make a difference, then where is the leverage? it is gone. >> bill: i remember what kudlow told you on monday. i don't know the outcome of the talks. >> i think there will be a deal, though, by the march 1 deadline. >> bill: on the fed, are we growing or slowing? >> we are growing. look, we started the year talking about a synchronized growth story now a slowdown. things are slowing. there is a shot to get 3% economic growth for 2018 but no doubt the fed has told us
6:21 am
they're on hold in terms of interest rate hikes for now. they may even change their behavior in terms of the balance sheet as well. we're growing but things have slowed down. china slowed, european markets are certainly much slower with everything going on from britain, italy and france. the u.s. is not in a vacuum. we're slowing. >> bill: this administration thinks they can get 3% this year. we'll see if that's the case. >> we'll see. thanks. >> julie: news from south of the border. griff jenkins witnessing this chaotic scene in mexico city as migrants scramble to get on a bus as they continue their walk to our border. we'll be live on the ground coming up. >> bill: police discovering a secret underground tunnel that they believe could be a plot to rob a bank. stay tuned. >> i don't know how they did it. i would like to put it in words for you. it is so cramped in there and
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by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> bill: many members of the latest migrant caravan arriving in mexico city. officials say more than 2500 have shown up from central america with more expected later in the week. this as the trump team implements it's new remain in mexico policies for asylum seekers to wait in the country while their claims are processed. our own griff jenkins is traveling with the caravan and witnessed this scene as many tried to scramble and get on board that bus. to try to continue the journey north. live from mexico city top of the hour coming up here shortly on "america's newsroom." 25 past. >> julie: the f.b.i. in florida investigating a case right out of a hollywood script after the
6:26 am
discovery of a secret tunnel leading to a bank in pembroke pines north of miami. investigators are urging anyone with information to come forward. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the tunnel was meant to do. what a fascinating story. >> absolutely fascinating and straight out of a movie. a bungled would be bank heist gone bust discovered before completion. no cash was stolen. whoever was digging the tunnel had yet to make it all the way to the bank. the entrance of the tunnel -- this is the critical part where they were able to get away with what they were doing is hidden in a cluster of trees in grass that goes underneath the two-lane road on the other side of which is the chase bank. police found a generator, stool, muddy boots, digging tools and homemade ladder. the tunnel is 50 yards long, two feet wide. the digging has been going on a while. this was discovered after a
6:27 am
driver on the street hit a pothole, what the driver thought was a pothole. the road collapsed in that spot due to the tunnel underneath the road. only one foot deep. the would be bank robber or robbers haven't been caught and nobody was there when police arrived and so far nobody has been arrested. >> i would like to say i saw something like this in movies. this hole is so small that -- yeah, it's unique. >> police say they were using pick axes and wagon to dig and haul out the dirt. thanks to the fact the entrance to the tunnel is hidden by the cluster of trees the digging and dirt removal was concealed. tunneling into a bank is not a new idea. in 2011 in argentina some thieves rentened an office by a bank and they dug into the balk vault getting $7 million.
6:28 am
this case in florida the caper was too shallow in planning as well as digging. >> julie: all right. thank you. >> bill: what a story. trump administration now taking new action to support the opposition in venezuela. live report out of caracas in a moment as that country continues its fight for freedom. will there be bloodshed? an answer from steve harrigan coming up. >> julie: a bipartisan committee racing with the clock to strike a deal on border security. what have they accomplished? senator shelly capito joins us next. >> we owe it to all of these families to do something about this crisis and we also owe it to the american people to get this right and get it done on time. nly precious metals company led by a former director of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide.
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>> this is a once-wealthy nation with enormous natural resources and yet we have a
6:32 am
humanitarian crisis. three million refugees leave venezuela. this is a catastrophe by the maduro regime. we're intent to help the venezuelan people correct it. >> bill: the position from the trump administration bolstering support for the opposition leader juan guaido, $20 million in aid against the current maduro regime. steve harrigan in live in caracas, venezuela. what is guaido's next move, steve? >> he still has freedom of movement inside venezuela. juan guaido hasn't been arrested. he gave a speech this morning at a university in caracas how his team will make the transition to power. it is really just talk at this point. he does not control the real levers of power here in venezuela. they still belong to disputed president nicolas maduro and some venezuelan dissidents say the world might be underestimating the staying power of maduro.
6:33 am
>> economic sanctions in cuba, they were not enough in cuba to get castro out of power. it may result not to be enough to get maduro out of power, either. >> guaido is calling for a massive street protest on saturday. it will be a test of his support. how many people come out and do they make their way to the presidential palace, bill. >> bill: what is sense how the government in power is controlling media coverage and reporting in that country? >> complete state control of the news on television. you see nicolas maduro over and over again meeting with the troops, shoring up his support among the military. as for guaido, he has to rely on social media and whenever he gives the speech the internet sometimes slows down or crashes. there might be some censorship there. as far as foreign media, six journalists have been arrested over the past 48 hours from
6:34 am
chile, spain and france. the journalists from spain were taken at gun point by security forces overnight from their hotel rooms. >> guaido has a piece in the "new york times" today. how real is the possibility of bloodshed, steve? >> i think it's very real. maduro has hung on for seven. he doesn't want to go anywhere. he is preparing this country for war and warning of a u.s. invasion and he is with the generals and soldiers day in and day out. he publicly is not giving up and it will take more than mega phones and signs to get him out of power, bill. >> bill: thanks. caracas, venezuela, thank you. >> julie: negotiations resume today as a bipartisan group of lawmakers work on the border security deal that will avert another government shutdown.
6:35 am
senate majority leader mitch mcconnell urging the two sides to get together on this. a major sticking point, funding for the wall. here is something of what went on yesterday. >> every dollar spent on ineffective proposal means one less dollar invested in measures that actually keep us safe. >> comprehensive approach is necessary. an approach that includes technology, infrastructure, personnel and physical barriers. >> we'll continue to support border security but for smart border security. >> we need a wall, a physical barrier where the barrier works. if the choice is between shut up or shutdown, we have to do our constitutional responsibility and avoid a shutdown. >> julie: west virginia senator shelley moore capito chairs the appropriations subcommittee and she is working on a deal right now. i want to talk to you about the
6:36 am
deal behind closed doors. a lot of pressure on people like yourself, richard shelby to cut a deal with democrats on border security over the next two weeks. mitch mcconnell says to get it done. as an insider in the committee meetings do you think it's headed in that direction. >> i think we're headed in the right direction. we had the meeting where we expressed the desire to reach a conclusion, to have congress, the house and senate work its will for the american people and that means border security. there were a lot of doors left open on both sides, i think. enough that we can find a sweet spot with the president and others to be able to create barriers, technology, more people, more personnel. all the things that we agree on. i think we took a good step forward yesterday. we're not easily stopped or impeded. so we'll keep working hard. >> julie: the president tweeting this morning, i'll read a couple of them.
6:37 am
large sections of wall have already been built with much more either under construction or ready to go. renovation of existing walls is a big part of the plan to finally after decades secure our border. the wall is getting done one way or the other. let's call them walls from now on and stop playing political games. a wall is a wall. we know where the president stands. we know where senator lindsey graham stands. last night he told sean hannity that if president trump backs away from his demand for the 5.7 billion to fund the wall it could mark what he calls the end of 2019 in terms of him being an effective president and probably end of his presidency. what do you say to that? >> i don't think any one thing ends anybody's presidency. the president has been very, very firm on this because the data backs up the realization that walls and barriers do work. where walls have been placed the over 600 miles that we have, the influx of illegal immigration has gone drastically down. there are portions of texas
6:38 am
where people are flooding over 1500 a night because we don't have any impediments, whether it's a wall, a levy, a barrier, a vehicle gate, all of the different options i would put under the category of a wall is very much needed there. the professionals have a 33-point plan. the customs and border patrol. they know where they need physical structure and we need to listen to them. >> julie: so democrats as graham put it are telling the republicans to go to hell. those are his quotes when it comes to getting a compromise on the wall. i want to talk to you about more options on the democrats to get a deal done. one compromise graham told hannity he would support in exchange for wall funding would be to give three-year work permits to 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children. under the former obama administration's daca program. will three years be enough to satisfy democrats? >> i would point out that one
6:39 am
thing in most -- in all of the conversations we had yesterday, daca as it's called was not part of the discussion. i think that we need to focus on what is in the homeland security bill, my bill which is things like tsa and coast guard but also the wall, custom and border protection. what you do with detention centers and those sorts of things. i think as time moves on, we may get broader in discussions but right now i think if we stay focused on the issue at hand and wrap this up and keep government open we can live to fight another day on things like daca. i've voted in favor of this. i'm not opposed to it but i'm not sure that's the icing on the cake. >> julie: it won't be enough to push it through is what you're saying. >> i don't think so. >> julie: let's talk other options. graham said people from 10 countries with temporary protected status shouldn't be given a pathway to citizenship. a lot of people are concerned about a path to amnesty, if you
6:40 am
will. this would not necessarily mean amnesty by rewarding those already in the country illegally correct? >> no. i think there is a great many of us, me included, who oppose amnesty or the pathway to citizenship. that's clear that won't happen. there are all kinds of peripheral issues around this. settle the main issue, the border security issue and begin to -- if the will of the conference is to discuss all these other issues, because other things thrown in are debt limit, budget caps, immigration reform. those are issues that we could maybe look at later but if we don't get the central issue buckled down, we're not going anywhere. >> julie: senator shelley moore capito, thank you for talking to us. thank you. >> bill: well, the commissioner is speaking. nfl commissioner roger goodell talking about the controversial
6:41 am
no call from the rams/saints game from a week and a half ago. >> whenever officiating is part of any kind of discussion post-game it's never a good outcome for us. technology is not going to solve all those issues. the game is not officiated by robots. it is not going to be. but we have to continue to go down that path. >> bill: saints coach sean peyton revealing how he recovered from the loss. he ate ice cream and watched tv for three days. security checks are underway in atlanta before the big game at 6:30 on sunday night. rams and pats. who do you have? >> you are going to ask me who i'm rooting for? you will never say that on tv. >> bill: i don't know how you can bet against the patriots given what they've done. >> julie: i'll say it patriots, all right? >> bill: that won't make rams fans. >> julie: sorry, i lived there. >> bill: i try to make the
6:42 am
super bowl every year. >> julie: you are going out this year. >> bill: i love football, number one, the only place in the world you can find 70,000 people all happy at the same time except at the end of the game. i hope we get a good game on sunday. >> julie: we'll have to find out who you are rooting for. stunning video showing crews battling a huge fire in the midst of a deep freeze. >> bill: mitch mcconnell urging the president don't pull u.s. troop out of hot spots around the world. my next guest doesn't see it the same way. senator rand paul strongly supports the president. he will give us his take on that. plus there is this today. >> she has physical signs that she is about to give birth. would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified? >> my bill would allow that, yes. >> julie: that have bill reigniting a heated debate on late-term abortion. several other states are
6:43 am
following suit. next hour we'll be speaking to a conservative virginia state senator very upset with the move. ♪ hey, saved you a seat. this round is on me. hey, can you spot me? come on in! find your place, today, with silver sneakers... included with many medicare plans.
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steak and lots of lobster. so hurry in and see how you're going to lobsterfest. >> julie: new jersey bravest working in bone chilling temperatures trying to put out a massive fire at a paper factory in bergen county. no one was injured in the fire. the cause of it is now under investigation. >> bill: police in chicago with an update releasing photos of two persons of interest they want to talk to. this after the assault on a well-known actor. empire star says he was walking near the chicago river early tuesday morning when men shouted racial and homophobic slurs while pouring a chemical on top of him and tying a rope around his neck. police are hoping to find more surveillance video of the assault which they're investigating as a possible hate crime. more on that.
6:47 am
>> julie: president trump nominating three new judges to the ninth circuit court of appeals which he blasted in the past for having too many liberal leaning judges. senators feinstein and harris are sounding off against the president's move. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles to explain. >> good morning, julie. president trump's move was prompted in part by a brewing conservative rebellion over a compromise deal he had been considering with democrats for judges on the san francisco based ninth circuit. a frequent target of conservative anger because of a perceived liberal bias. the white house announced the president wasn't negotiating anymore and will nominate three for the ninth circuit. he had originally submitted collins' name last year to the opposition of feinstein and harris. the democratic senators issued a statement in response to the
6:48 am
new nominations saying they are quote, deeply disappointed and adding, quote, we made clear our opposition to these individuals and told the white house we wanted to work together to come to consensus on a new package of nominees. conservatives predict have the opposite reaction with the judicial crisis network's chief counsel telling the washington times, quote, we're relieved to see the white house has decided to move forward with a list of extraordinarily qualified nominees. president trump, of course, has repeatedly criticized the ninth circuit which has ruled against him on immigration and other issues. >> every case that gets filed in the ninth circuit we get beaten. the ninth circuit is really something we have to take a look at. because it's not fair. people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly circuit and file their case.
6:49 am
>> so now president trump has taken that look he promised and appears to be moving to try to alter the court's political makeup setting up yet another showdown with democrats. julie. >> julie: all right. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: chaos as migrants try to board this bus en route to the u.s./mexico border. it happened two hours ago. a live report in mexico city coming up in mexico city coming up. stand by. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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6:52 am
>> i would acknowledge the plain fact al qaeda, isis and their affiliates in syria and afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to us here at home. recognize the danger of a
6:53 am
precipitous withdrawal from either conflict. >> bill: sober address from the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell breaking from the president withdrawing troops. senator rand paul is on the foreign relations committee and disagrees with senator mcconnell. you have the president's back on this. why is mitch mcconnell wrong? >> you know, i support the president on this. i think to call it a precipitous withdrawal after 17 years is ludicrous. we've been there 17 years. we need to learn as a country how to declare victory. we got bin laden, disrupted the people who attacked us. i was all for that. we need to continue to have surveillance of the region. i don't think we need soldiers there forever. we need to learn how to declare victory and we're spending $51 billion a year in afghanistan. let's spend some of that money at home. we have plenty of money for a wall if we weren't building roads, bridges and everything else, gas stations, hotels,
6:54 am
we're building $51 billion worth of stuff in afghanistan every year. i'm for spending the money at home. >> bill: seems like there could be a shift on tuesday night's state of the union. he was suggesting this administration will give a significant announcement on tuesday night and talked about the resurgence is real for isis and we cannot take that lightly. did you see a shift from pompeo, senator? >> not with the president. i talked to the president last night and i think the president is steadfast that we need to do things differently. the foreign policy swamp that says we should stay forever in afghanistan, they're wrong. in syria we did defeat isis. 99% of the land has been taken away and it's like welfare at home. we can give people a helping hand but we can't be there forever. we have to teach people self-dependency and people becoming independent again. same with syria and all these countries. they need to step up and stamp
6:55 am
out terrorism and radical islam will be truly defeated by other people of the islamic faith. having americans do their work for them, i think it's time these countries step up and do some of this themselves. >> bill: like to get more on that, too, about the conversation you had last night but i'm limited on time. you were awarded $580,000 in damages on behalf of a neighbor who attacked you from behind. what is your feeling on that now as you try to put that behind you? >> you know, my wife and i have had a tough year. me in particular physically. i'm still healing. we're glad to have the court case over. to us the court case wasn't really just about us, it was also about all of us in the sense that it's to send a signal that violence isn't the way we should resolve our differences. we all have differences and you get on the internet and the hatred is so awful out there. political differences and religious differences and
6:56 am
day-to-day differences with the people who live around us. we need to resolve these things peacefully. a mark of america and our civilization. the message from the jury we won't tolerate violence in our community. >> bill: senator, rand paul, from bowling green, kentucky. >> julie: breaking news as we head to our next hour. arctic blast gripping the midwest. turning chicago into an ice city. we're live on the ground. are big government and medicare for all leading democratic messages for 2020? the a-team picks that up. and governors in three states pushing late term abortion bills. we'll take that up next. should a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. and we're usaa members for life. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone.
6:57 am
i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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>> bill: 10:00 here in new york city. sudden shift by mexico opening the floodgates for central american migrants heading for the u.s. border. new hour of "america's newsroom," hope you're doing well and hope you're warm. i'm bill hemmer. big welcome to julie. >> julie: if you're warm you aren't outside. so mexico shutting down a fast track program for temporary asylum allowing migrants to stay in mexico. instead mexico deciding it will no longer discourage or block their movement as thousands make their way north. >> bill: the president tweeted this on the topic. more troops being sent to the southern border to stop the attempted invasion of illegals through large caravans into our country. we have stopped the previous caravans and we will stop these
7:01 am
also. with a wall it would be so much easier and less expensive being built. >> julie: how are the migrants responding to mexico's reversal? >> good morning, julie. let me show you those migrants behind me. we're on the outskirts of mexico city trying to catch buses moving north and they're part of the 12,600 migrants who received the temporary asylum and work visas from the new mexican president administration but had to cap it. i've been talking to it. many are disappointed because they haven't all taken an opportunity to register for that yet. we talked to one of those migrants just a little while ago named juan. he says it's not going to matter to him. he wasn't interested in the first place. take a listen. >> mexico has now stopped giving the temporary asylum visas. what do you think of that? >> a lot of people do for that
7:02 am
actually not me. not me. no, i don't -- really, i don't want to stay in mexico. i want to cross to the usa. >> you don't care they stopped the program. doesn't affect you? >> no, not for me. >> so that's sort of what they're learning this morning about that decision, although it clearly is going to be a problem if there are thousands on the way to the guatemala/mexico border who will learn that offer is not available to them when they get there. julie. >> julie: what is the status of the current caravan that you are following and how many more are there? >> so this is roughy what you're looking at behind me is part of the 2300 12 that left the stadium in mexico city continuing north about 2 1/2 hours north of here to a city there. all of them say their final
7:03 am
destination is the united states. they are headed to the border likely to tijuana. there are two additional caravans, julie, that we're told will be gathering in san pedro, honduras. the same location where the current caravan you saw originated january 15th. >> julie: what is mexico's government saying about the migrants? >> that's a good question. we've been talking to them since early this morning. the institute for national migration, which is the authority that's running all of this, we wanted an interview with the director. not available right now. folks were a little vague saying they're trying to find ways to accommodate the thousands in their words of migrants still on their way when they learned that fast-track visa is not available. they are also saying that they're asking migrants to apply for asylum in mexico.
7:04 am
the mexican embassy in the countries they're fleeing. >> bill: back on the hill border security talks are underway. the conference committee charged with striking a deal is showing apparently little sign of real progress we're hearing. watch here. >> every dollar spent on ineffective proposal means one less dollar invested in measures that actually keep us safe. i know that the american people are counting on us to come to a reasonable and responsible solution. >> our border patrol professionals, those on the front lines, tell us that a comprehensive approach is necessary. an approach that includes technology, infrastructure, personnel and physical barriers. >> the president may be disappointed if we don't give him everything he asked for. if this committee did that it would be a first in history.
7:05 am
>> bill: our headliner is chairman of the democratic policy committee and vice chair of the progressive conference senator cicilliney. what are democrats willing to give the president in order to get a deal done? >> well, i think we should really expect great things from this conference committee. these are people who are committed to finding a solution, democrats have made it very clear that we support border security. we think it should be done in a way that actually achieves the objective. let's fill the 2,000 unfilled positions at the border. make sure we're rebuilding the infrastructure at the ports of entry where so many drugs come into the country. let's make sure we use technology, sensors and radars and that kind of technology. >> bill: everything you are saying the white house offered two weeks ago. all of it. protection for dreamers, deportation.
7:06 am
800 million humanitarian. i'll let you finish. >> you asked me about border security. >> bill: let me make the point you talked about detection technology. 2700 more border agents. on and on the list goes. what are democrats willing to give this white house in order to cut a deal? >> again, you interrupted me bill. democrats are prepared to spend -- we've already offered an additional 1.6 billion for infrastructure at the ports of entry, additional personnel. good use of technology. repairing barriers. we want to secure the border in a way that's fact based. let's use the best evidence about how we secure our border. what we aren't willing to do is write a check for $5.7 because it was campaign promise of the president. we haven't heard how that would be used. but there is a path forward here because democrats and republicans both i presume support border security.
7:07 am
support border security but want to do it in a way that actually achieves the objective. there was -- yesterday the worldwide threat assessment was done by the intelligence community. the southern border wasn't even mentioned as a threat to the united states. we need to tone down the rhetoric. let's work together on a plan that actually achieves the objective and secure the border by being smart about the way we invest taxpayer money to actually achieve it. we have 700 miles of border wall or barrier at the border so the notion that we don't have a barrier, we do. >> julie: i have to jump in. first of all you're saying work together and we need to come up with a compromise. that has been hammered out and it isn't getting anywhere. >> it hasn't benhamered out. >> julie: daca they believed democrats would maybe come to a compromise and say look you get three years to allow children born in this country to remain in the country over the former obama administration's daca
7:08 am
program. that didn't come up in yesterday's meeting. isn't that part of this negotiation and what democrats want to get to compromise? >> the conference committee is meeting. there hasn't been a resolution of it. the original offer made some months ago from the president to exchange daca protections for some border security. the president withdrew that proposal. i think the conference committee right now is looking at what are the best ways to secure the border, to use fact-based evidence to make determinations what's the best way to spend taxpayer money and achieve the objective. i have confidence they'll get to the point but do it in a way what we're saying it does. let's fill 2,000 unfilled border positions. >> bill: sounds like you have work to do. i did not hear come prom aisles in any of the answers you just gave. i remain -- >> there are compromises. we have to work together to find common ground. >> bill: we've gone over it. let's move on. >> we want to do it in a way that works.
7:09 am
>> bill: kamala harris wants medicare for all and with peter doocy on the hill when he caught up to her with our fox cameras. >> thank you, thank you. >> bill: well, that is clearly not kamala harris. do we have it, guys? kamala harris is making a proposal to change insurance for at least 160 million americans. is that a winning issue in 2020, sir? >> i think what a winning issue is in 2020 you'll hear the democratic candidates talk about how do we expand access and drive down the cost of healthcare? we want to make sure everyone in america has access to high-quality healthcare. there are a range of proposals from buying into medicare, to expanding medicare, providing medicare for all, creating a public option, building on the success of the affordable care act. democrats have lots of good ideas. we're united in the core principle of increasing access
7:10 am
and driving down cost compared to the republican reproach. 32 million people would lose health insurance. i think we just begin at very different places. we'll have a lot of debate what's the best way to expand access to drive down costs and the american people will have a chance to hear different ideas. >> bill: we have the sound bite cued up and play it for the audience. kamala harris. >> the bottom line and most important is everyone have access to healthcare. that is the goal. that is the purpose for me supporting the policy of medicare for all that everyone has access to healthcare, period. that's what will happen under medicare for all. >> bill: let the debate begin. see where it goes. >> julie: you are from rhode island and we need to ask you about the abortion bill become a nation-wide controversy with virginia making changes in its laws and now rhode island doing very similar action. why is it that the laws need to change in rhode island? >> well, i trust women to make
7:11 am
decisions about their own healthcare. i have always supported a woman's right to make decisions about her own body. roe versus wade is the law of the land. i think there are states across the country that are codifying the law of the land with the hope that it will remain the law of the land. there is a lot of anxiety about the direction of the court and people appointed to the court maybe committed to undoing roe versus wade. i think states are putting into statutes protections so the law of the land today remains the law of the land going forward. >> bill: you've heard some of the december money out of virginia this week i imagine. i imagine you followed the new york state law signed and codified tuesday here in new york. >> i haven't. i've been focused on my work in washington roe versus wade is the law of the land and -- >> bill: a bit of testimony that americans are taking in on this and the president weighed n. he says about the democratic party. democrats are becoming the party of late term abortion, high taxes, open borders and
7:12 am
crime. just respond to that if it were to come to a campaign. >> the democratic party is the party of fighting for the people of this country that are committed to driving down healthcare costs, driving down the cost of prescription drugs, raising family incomes by rebuilding the crumbling infrastrauk tour and corruption in washington we won the house back because the american people want us to get to work for them to raise family incomes and drive down the cost of prescription drugs, take on the corruption in washington and that was the first bill we introduced. we are beginning to work on those policies. >> bill: no apologies on the progressive march? >> i respect women's right to make decisions about their own healthcare and believed that roe versus wade codifies that. many states want to make sure that remains the law of the land. >> julie: i understand it's the law of the land, the woman has the right to choose and male congressmen, senators, lawmakers shouldn't be making a decision. when it comes down to late-term
7:13 am
abortion that's a completely different scenario. we aren't talking about the first month or two of a pregnancy. we're talking about essentially an infant that could live outside of the womb. in virginia the law is that three physicians and the mother need to make a decision. they want it to be -- come down to one physician and a mother. >> i know roe versus wade is the law of the land in this country. rhode island statute attempts -- a woman's right to make decisions about her >> do you think it's okay to abort a fetus fully developed? i'm asking you. >> well if you let me answer. roe versus wade is the law of the land. the legislation rhode island attempts to codify that. i respect a woman's right to make a decision about her own healthcare. my focus is i'm here in washington fighting to end the corruption by the administration and republicans in congress. drive down the cost of
7:14 am
healthcare, fighting to rebuild the infrastructure to raise family wages. those are the priorities of democrats and we won on that and deliver on those promises. >> bill: come back, the democrat from rhode island. much more to discuss and debate soon. 14 past, julie. >> julie: another big story life threatening arctic air continues to be in the midwest. the polar vortex blamed for several deaths with the windchill dropping to negative double digits. flights and trains remain canceled. people trying to cope the best way they can. >> the word cold is not a proper way to define it. it's unbelievably cold and the windchill is just super brutal. >> best thing to do is stay inside. if you have to go outside wear a lot of warm clothing and come back in when you can. >> layers, good layers. invest money in the really good stuff and wear good layers.
7:15 am
>> it's pretty freezing. nothing that i haven't been through before but, you know, it's all good. it's part of living in minnesota. we like it cold up here. >> julie: ray live from minneapolis. you are taking the advice with plenty of layers. it's supposed to warm up today. i don't know what that means. have conditions gotten any better? >> you know, it was supposed to warm up today and go to about 0° but it did not. it stayed in the negative 20s. at one point it was negative 30 degrees. i saw a picture of the thermometer of the national weather service in minneapolis. it's about the same temperature it was yesterday, it feels colder with more of a bite to it. the reason is there is a lot more humidity in the air. as you see me speak there is a lot more mist coming out of my mouth. there has even been tiny icicles. i've been standing outside for
7:16 am
15 minutes and these tiny icicles started forming around my hat. it is really cold out there. people are hoping it will get warmer. >> bill: including you. thank you, ray. you look great somewhere out there. ray well wrapped there. >> julie: minus 24. have you ever been in temples like that? >> i attended the coldest football game, 71 below windchill. the bengals won the game. >> julie: that's a memorable game. >> bill: back to one of our top stories of the today. governor northam facing backlash by republicans after he said this. >> the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and family desired. and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> bill: more on this growing debate over late term abortion and similar bills proposed in another state. >> julie: trade talks with
7:17 am
china continue. president trump says he will join in this afternoon. how will this affect the markets. charles payne will be here to answer. >> bill: community in brooklyn on edge after two separate attacks on jewish men in their area. a live report what we're learning about that coming up today. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans.
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7:21 am
>> third trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of the mother with the consent of the physicians, more than one physician, by the way. and it is done in cases where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus that is non-viable. so in this particular example, if a mother is in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> julie: the governor of virginia facing a backlash over his comments there on a bill that could allow women to terminate a pregnancy right before birth. similar bills are being debated in other states as well. joining us now judge andrew napolitano, rachel campos-duffy, fox news contributor. we begin with virginia state
7:22 am
senator who opposes the bill. we talk about late-term abortion. we heard the virginia governor talk about how after the woman gives birth to the fetus we keep it comfortable is how he called it. now the baby has been born but still debating whether or not to keep it alive. >> julie, this is extremely heart breaking for me. i can't explain to you enough that as a former army ranger and police officer i spent the entirety of my adult life protecting life. it was mother teresa who said a nation who kills its children in the womb has lost its soul. we're past that point with the governor's statement and now he is talking about outside the womb. i'm appalled by it. i think it goes to the greater issue here the systematic approach from the democrats what the previous congressman said in the previous segment was codifying roe versus wade. this goes way beyond that. we're talking about something
7:23 am
totally different than roe versus wade and those issues. we talk going outside that. i think it's ironic my colleagues in the house put this bill in at the same time the same day she puts in a bill to save caterpillars and what i think american virginia's need to know. we're one seat away from this becoming law. it's important. >> bill: this bill failed in virginia, correct? >> it did fail, bill. but it failed by one vote. one vote in the senate. we heard it last week. one vote in the house. that's the difference. here is the thing, bill. you have a governor that's willing to sign the bill and try to take it a step further. all the protections that were in there i think there was some three out of four americans by a poll, 75% support substantial abortion restrictions. and so i think this goes to the notion that we're just not codifying. we'll exceed that and to me
7:24 am
that's offensive. it's genocide. >> julie: murdering infants is offensive to many. i want to ask you about late term abortion and roe vs. wade. a lot of people argue the law it is a woman's decision. roe versus wade was written long before the medical community is where it is today. we have ultrasounds, genetic testing, all these things to prevent the mother from getting to that very last couple weeks of a pregnancy to not know that perhaps her child has physical malfunctions, okay, deformities as the governor says. so there are ways to prevent this and to excuse it because of roe versus wade is a really low blow. >> i think it's a weak argument. where the democrat party is today and i think it speaks volumes to them. here in virginia we've elected our first socialist into the
7:25 am
general assembly last year and seen a radical change from the left and they are taking a systematic approach to doing this. there is a big effort to take back state offices and state assembles so they can control voters turnout and all those things and redistricting after this next year and so let there be no mistake, this is part of their agenda. it was in both chambers of our legislature here. it is moving across the country. that's boilerplate language that places like planned parenthood and all those groups are pushing out to these legislaturess and they'll get it passed. we defeated it by one vote here. you lose that one vote and it is over. >> bill: senator reeves out of virginia. thank you for your time from virginia. that's the perspective.
7:26 am
the legal perspective in new york. >> roe versus wade is silent on whether or not the baby in the womb is a person. i have argued that the baby in the womb is a person. if a mother is murdered while carrying a baby it is two homicides and the baby can have a guardian appointed and a fetus in the womb can own property and the guardian can make decisions until the child is born. what the governor of virginia said is so troubling legally and constitution nallly. he took an oath to up hold not only the virginia but the federal constitution. that means the fifth amendment you cannot take life, liberty or property from a person without due process. whatever the baby in the womb is, the baby postnatal, whether natal comes about about a forced abortion or natural birth, that baby is a person. his suggestion that a doctor and a mother could allow the
7:27 am
baby to die either passively or aggressively like the former doctor in philadelphia is a profound violation of his oath to uphold the constitution, directsly rejects the equal protection of all persons and makes him in my view unfit to be the governor of a state. >> julie: if a baby has been born the late term abortion is out the window. once a baby comes into this world a physician in the room, their number one concern at this point is that baby. >> to keep the baby alive, correct. otherwise they should be charged with some sort of criminally negligent homicide. >> bill: rachel campos-duffy is with us. you've been listening. your reaction on this when you hear about it there in wisconsin. >> first of all i'm a mother of eight so i understand very much this issue. it's very close to my heart. i think what you are seeing is the desperation on the side of the left. they are trying to set a precedent that somehow the mother and the doctor get to decide the fate of a child and the reason they're doing that is because of exactly what
7:28 am
julie was saying. before ultrasound, the technology and science we now have in development and advancements are making it untenable to deny the humanity of a child inside the womb. of course outside the womb that's ridiculous. they know viability is moving further and further back. there was an iowa family, they gave birth to twins who were four months preemie and they are surviving and thriving. they know, the left, the pro-abortionists are on the wrong side of science and losing the argument and trying to create precedents outside of the moral compass of where america or humans are. that's what this is about. frankly, i think that this is just as the republican party was on the side, the moral right side of the issue in slavery and giving women the right to vote, democrats are on the wrong side of this and i think history is going to judge
7:29 am
them just as harshly on this issue because it is really hard to see a 4d ultrasound and not know it's a tiny baby, a defenseless human. >> julie: developed its entire nervous systems and it has feelings of pain. >> of course. >> bill: thank you for the commentary and the senator and judge. what these states are concerned about if roe versus wade would be overturned they would have a way to codify it within their state boundaries. >> their fear is that roe versus wade will be watered down and up to each state. as rachel just said, i don't know what the democrats gain by this. this is so radical and so extreme. i think president trump is right. this helps republicans when democrats dive this deeply into extreme moral depravity. >> bill: thank you. we'll see where the argument goes. healthcare looking like a hot button issue for 2020 already.
7:30 am
here is elizabeth warren on that. >> we need to attack head on the costs that hard working families face every day. we need to tackle them together. the high cost of healthcare. >> bill: so is medicare for all a prescription for victory? we'll have a look at that coming up. also there is this today, check it out. >> you are saying you might want to run as an independent. why you feel that you couldn't run as a 2ke78 democrat. an independent, you are not going to win as an independent. that does not happen. what you are going to do is have us have another four years of president trump. >> julie: howard schultz not feeling the love. is he just a spoiler? the a-team is on deck next.
7:31 am
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7:35 am
>> i think if congress votes in a way that reflects the values and the desires of the american people, then congress would vote for a policy that gives everyone access to healthcare regardless of their income, regardless of their wealth. that's what medicare for all will do. >> what we're trying to do now is pass a medicare for all not just for the elderly. so that every child, every worker, every person will get that healthcare. >> we need to attack head-on the rising costs that are crippling middle class families. healthcare is a basic human right. >> bill: so they have democrats throwing their support behind medicare for all. a 2020 rallying cry. charlie hurt, washington times, fox news contributor, mo,
7:36 am
executive director and brian brenberg at the kings college in new york. we have ourselves a campaign, charlie. >> yes, we do. it is getting hot and heavy early. you know, you listen to these. i want everybody to have healthcare obviously. we all do. this idea of medicare for all, this notion it is not only -- it is not only disingenuous but outright dishonest. medicare as it is, as run by the federal government, is set to be insolvent by 2026. the idea that you are going to be able to sort of wave some fairy dust around and have unicorns come in and give everybody health insurance on medicare under this program is absolutely not true. but it is selling, it's winning in the democratic primary. i don't think it gets passed. >> bill: the key word was
7:37 am
dishonest. >> a lot of the arguments people are making against the proposal are the same arguments they made against medicare when that program was first introduced in the 1960s. >> bill: medicare was not suggesting changing the insurance for up to 200 million people. >> but i also think in a debate in this day in age, the way people feel about healthcare and the insurance industry, if the argument is about giving everyone access to healthcare or protecting the insurance companies, that's a political winner for democrats. let me say this, i think this is a fantastic debate. i think this is exactly the debate we should be having about the future of healthcare in our country. the details are important and we have to work through the details. but this is a value-based discussion that we're about to enter into and i think it's an important one. >> democrats don't want the debate. they have howard schultz saying
7:38 am
wait a second, guys, let's talk details on this thing and democrats are saying you need to be quiet, you need to go away. you will destroy this whole process. we want to talk about rights. they don't want to have the debate around the details. you're right. the details matter, cost and access matters, what happens to my health insurance matters. nobody wants to talk about it. >> julie: you mentioned costs. this costs money. i want to know where the money is coming from? where do the democrats believe -- great idea healthcare for all. >> the same place, thin air and borrowing. mo, you are too honest to actually suggest that this could work. it can't work. if a private entity ran a private insurance company in the way that the federal government runs medicare the government would arrest these people and put them in jail for running a ponse scheme. the money comes from adding new people into it just the way a ponse scheme works and it would
7:39 am
be illegal if anybody tried it privately. >> bill: it wasn't just schultz. bloomberg said it was talking about pie in the sky and medicare for all and the green projects. >> if it's really about a debate it has to begin. they say no, this is dogma. >> howard schultz is a different animal. he poses a threat to democrats' chance of winning the white house. that has nothing to do with this debate. bloomberg is an interesting figure in the conversation. if he runs, he will be run within the democratic primary. you'll see debate where this issue will come up and i'm glad it will. >> bill: "wall street journal," karl rove writes this. he says the rush by democratic presidential candidates to embrace medicare for all and measures like free college, guaranteed jobs and universal basic income may make the
7:40 am
election between promise them anything democratic socialism and free enterprise. the stakes don't get much higher than that. >> julie: compared to the republicans who healthcare was top center, right, and it didn't pass. how are the democrats using this, i suppose, to try to do what they believe the republicans didn't do. how does it compare? >> republicans ran on a platform of repealing the affordable care act. actually taking healthcare away from people. democrats are running on a platform of increasing healthcare access for everybody and taking more and more decision -- power away from the insurance companies. that's a pretty good comparison for democrats. >> julie: taking the mandate away. not force people to pay. >> they didn't have a plan. but they didn't have a plan to actually take care of the people who would lose their insurance as a result. >> like democrats don't have a plan right now for how to pay
7:41 am
for the promises they're making. how to execute the thing they're talking about. that's the common factor in all of these healthcare plans. nobody has a realistic plan to do it. as soon as somebody asks, guess what? >> the republicans voted. >> bill: let's hear from the potential spoiler when he was asked about it yesterday. howard schultz. >> i think president trump is unqualified to be the president and no one in america trust me, wants to see him removed from office and not reelected more than me. i can promise you i am not going to do anything to be a so-called spoiler in all this. >> bill: how do you rate his roll-out, charlie? >> again, mo is too honest to say anything. >> he has a habit of that. >> the problem with howard schultz is he is going to hurt democrats. that's the problem they have with him. but in addition to that, like michael bloomberg, he understands that this thing is pie in the sky and if -- and
7:42 am
the idea of pushing private insurance out of the -- pushing people out of private insurance, that in no way expands healthcare. it does the opposite. takes healthcare away from 150 million people. >> bill: as mo stated, the debate is on. we'll see where it lands. >> i think schultz is an interesting character now. democrats do know he is going to hurt them but what is interesting is he is spending as much time attacking democratic candidates as he is the president. i think what schultz is trying to do is make a play for -- to win over disaffected republicans. the never trum per republicans even more than democrats. >> schultz is asking democrats to think about this and their answer so far is we don't want to. we just want to go forward. >> bill: thanks. go hang out with mo more often. >> i'll keep you honest, buddy. >> bill: thank you, guys. >> julie: will the u.s. get a
7:43 am
deal with china in the midst of this trade war? president trump will be personally joining negotiations today. the remaining roadblocks and a looming deadline. money man charles payne straight ahead. >> bill: it's cold outside. deep freeze gripping millions again today. we're live on the ground at the top of the hour coming up on how long it will last. >> julie: the growing crisis in venezuela and u.s. efforts to find a political solution next. >> the quest for freedom is on. we have a humanitarian crisis. three million refugees leave venezuela. a manmade catastrophe by the maduro regime and we're intent helping to venezuelan people correct it. put money in the ban. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value.
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7:47 am
at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. >> julie: president trump pushing trade talks with china forward meeting with top leaders and negotiators in the oval office. charles payne host of making money on the fox business network joins us now. the president has remained strong being tough on trade, tough on china. the presidential promise he intends to see through.
7:48 am
how are negotiations going to go? >> apparently the word is they're going okay. but there is low hanging fruit. it is closing that trade deficit. i think china certainly has already made massive overtures toward that. the more complicated thing is the intellectual property protection and verification process and this morning both leaders want the meet face-to-face. there is talk about perhaps when president trump meets with kim jong-un, maybe sometime after or adjacent to that. >> bill: chairman kim from north korea could be the end of february. >> what about the clock to 25% tariffs, right? that's what a lot of people are worried about. i think the best we can get from this is some sort of conciliatory joint statement that suggests those additional tariffs could be held off and if they really feel good about it president trump could remove the 10% tariffs in place. >> bill: i get the sense the
7:49 am
chinese are dealing with the short term and the long term stuff is untouchable. >> we don't have any problem with their goals. it is how do you achieve your goals. will you steal all our intellectual property to become the number one country in the world? we can't stand by and allow that to happen anymore. they have certain goals and they'll always have the goals. they want to be the preeminent country in the world. we respect that. we won't respect it happening with us sending you $600 billion aier in return for plastic stuff and stealing all our intellectual property. we'll level the playing field on both of those things. >> julie: in the midst of negotiations, tariffs, is that something that can be compromised. does the president back off? >> i think he will at the least see the 25% tariffs held off for another three-month extension is my thinking right now. i think the market would be down more if they didn't feel
7:50 am
positive. >> bill: we'll see what happens at 2:00 today. the jewish community on edge. police investigating two separate attacks that took place within minutes of each other. >> julie: it appears the wall is still a dividing issue as a bipartisan committee continues to try to hammer out a deal. senator james lankford and deck next hour. >> he has all the power in the world to do this. to my republican colleagues, stand behind him.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:54 am
♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, $1 delivery fee. >> bill: another alert now. two jewish men viciously attacked in brooklyn, new york. a volunteer patrol group releasing surveillance video of one of these incidents. three men are charged with hate crimes. laura engel is watching that story in new york city. what happened? >> these attacks, one of them caught on camera in brooklyn, were as sudden as they were shocking. no words exchanged. only fists and feet that went flying in two separate attacks all directed at two jewish men who were simply walking down the street. watch here on the surveillance video released by a local neighborhood patrol organization that works to protect residents in this area. this from the first attack. two men appear to be lurking and waiting for the victim.
7:55 am
a 51-year-old. once they have him surrounded. they kifp and punch him while on his back. a third person runs up only to join in. police say the same three men allegedly attacked another jewish man a 22-year-old on the same block 15 minutes later with the same m.o. statistics show anti-semitic hate crimes are not going away and several have been reported this year. in new york city 108 attacks in the first three quarters of 2018. 2017 there were 151. f.b.i., national hate crime totals show 938 in 2017 and 684 in 2016. the news of these recent attacks prompting jewish leaders to speak out. a rabbi wrote this happened last night in crown heights. no in charlottesville nor at the hands of white -- time for
7:56 am
a serious and possibly uncomfortable conversation about the face of anti-semitism in america. if you think it came to america in 2016 have a talk with someone visibly jewish. the men were treated for minor injuries, the three suspects ages 18, 20, 21 were all caught and have been charged with hate crimes and criminal mischief. >> bill: thank you for that story here in new york. >> julie: deep freeze in the midwest getting even deeper now bringing the coldest temperatures in decades. we're live in the arctic zone next. >> freezing, very cold. >> the windchill is probably the worst of it.
7:57 am
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go to or call 1-800-406-6926 >> bill: 11:00 in new york. 10:00 in the central time zone. there is a deadly deep freeze underway. record breaking cold closing schools and businesses in numerous states and grounding flights in chicago. halting mail service. it's that cold. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> julie: a bitter morning. i didn't bring the cold. i'm julie banderas for sandra smith. millions of americans braving the cold for one more day from the midwest to the northeast. readings of negative 30 degrees in some areas and that's without the windchill. >> very cold. freezing. >> pretty miserable. >> not good for the animals or elderly. >> the roads are bad, slippery and everything is freezing up. >> staying in the car and layering up.
8:01 am
>> doesn't look like i'm getting out today. you don't want people out there in this kind of weather. >> bill: mike tobin is live in chicago. where are you now, mike? >> i'm out on a pier on lake michigan. sometimes it's so cold when you blink your eyelashes freeze together. i might have one eye shut before the end of this live shot. we warmed up to negative 17 and the wind is not that bad. it feels like negative 25. not to undermine the seriousness of it but i want to point out breathtaking scenery when you get the mist coming off lake michigan it forms formations. we look off in the distance you can see with the warm water all the mist coming off it. you look down at the city skyline there and see mccormack place in the foreground and skyline with the john hancock, sears tower. now in a serious point in this kind of weather a lot of people do things to heat their homes. a case one person who put a
8:02 am
charcoal grill in their garage and it caused a house fire. a lot of people do things with space heaters. that causes fires and in these conditions the cold compounds things exponentially for the crews fighting the fires. here is what some of the fire chiefs have to say. >> one of the worst fires we could have had in the village and put it on one of the coldest nights and it made a real bad situation really worse. >> these weather conditions make it hard for us to do our job. >> just heard the wets -- weather has warmed up to negative 12. transportation is a big issue in these conditions. all of the bridges have frozen up. if you have the option of making it a netflix day, go ahead and do that if you're within the sound of my voice or in the midwestern region. it is like a sick day without
8:03 am
being sick. 2500 flights canceled, most of the metro trains have canceled because the rails can crack in the cold. one more thing to show you, some of the construction along the shoreline at lake michigan. more of this dramatic scenery we get with the mist freezing to the structures. >> bill: amazing just to look at. really amazing. minus 12, minus 19, who is counting? thank you, mike. >> it all feels the same. >> bill: be warm. thanks, mike tobin in chicago. >> julie: fox news alert on a call for an intervention with president trump. senate minority leader chuck schumer urging the leaders of our intelligence agencies to educate the president on national security threats after he called them out on twitter for contradicting him on iran, north korea, and isis in senate testimony. schumer writing this to the director of national intelligence. i believe it is incumbent on you to impress upon him how critically important it is for him to join you and the
8:04 am
leadership of our intelligence community in speaking with a unified and accurate voice about national security threats. joining us now bret baier anchor of special report. the president is getting this intelligence information from someone. he is not the one gathering it from the ground. the president then you would believe would have verified information. why the contradiction between he and intelligence officials? >> i just want to start by saying it's a little chilly in the studio here. i feel for mike tobin. listen, the intelligence is -- the president is tweeting out about defending his different points of view on different areas of the world. north korea where he says the relationship has dramatically changed. they haven't been firing missiles or testing bombs and he has a discussion with the north korean leader. now, it does not mean that north korea is still not doing
8:05 am
things and that is what the intelligence community was testifying to and that also testifying to their belief that north korea is not in the business of getting rid of its nuclear weapons. that's how it sees its existence as a country. the difference there may just be focus. on iran, the president is saying that there is a lot of threat from iran that the intelligence community was not highlighting in that hearing and when he tweeted that perhaps they should go back to school, that really sent off alarm bells on capitol hill and that's where you are getting chuck schumer and others saying there needs to be an intervention in their words. >> julie: i think some of the concern might be the message it sends to these countries. so if he is basically instructing his intelligence officials here in washington, d.c. to go back to school, then what does it say to iran or north korea, for example, on the cohesion on dealing with
8:06 am
the countries. >> it may be the president wants to emphasize that iran is still funding terrorists throughout the middle east and a destabilizing force. the intelligence chiefs were asked specific questions whether the iranians are building a nuclear bomb currently. the answer from gina haspel was no. but that doesn't take away the threat from iran. so perhaps it's -- the emphasis here the president is trying to highlight. i point you back to now secretary pompeo who as c.i.a. director said at the reagan defense forum where i moderated a panel that the president was a big absorber of information and that he did not see any time where he presented c.i.a. director intelligence that the president was not in the game so to speak listening intently. >> julie: first of all i want to go to president trump insisting the relationship with north korea is the best it has ever seen.
8:07 am
first of all the relationship the united states and north korea is on a completely different playing field than it has in past administrations. there is something strong to be said the relationship with these two considering the first time a sitting president has sat down with kim jong-un. >> right. and kim jong-un is playing the game well. he is answering letters and he is -- has this relationship via letter currently with the president. they are setting up this next summit which they will meet at again after singapore and from a standpoint of contrast to where the relationship was, where there was talk about nuclear war, yes, it's come leaps and bounds and he is not firing missiles or testing nuclear bombs that we know of. but that doesn't mean they are stopping building out and it doesn't mean they're stopping their aspirations to be a nuclear power. the president just has higher hopes for these negotiations and his ability to change their ways.
8:08 am
>> julie: bret baier, thank you. the first time i've seen you by the way. my prayers with you and your family through that whole thing. >> everybody is doing answered. we're blessed, thanks. >> bill: stay inside, bret. fox news alert. president trump strengthening support for venezuelan opposition leader guaido in trying to oust maduro. we're watching it from caracas where people are protesting. what do you have today? >> it's interesting when you talk to the people out at the protests yesterday and a very big one headed for saturday why they're out there. most don't say anything about an illegitimate presidential election or the constitution. most people will tell you very directly they are flat out desperate. >> we don't have the materials to work in the hospitals. the children are dying. there is no food to give them
8:09 am
to eat. there is no medication for them. >> that's a doctor who works in a hospital. a hospital that not only is short on medicine but that doesn't have any food. i think the real question for these people who are coming out to protest against the regime of nicolas maduro is under these conditions how long will they keep coming out? do they have the endurance to keep it up to try to drive him from power? >> bill: any sign the government is running out of money, steve? >> well, these oil sanctions put in place by the u.s. could really change things for the maduro government. that's its key source of cash. gets 90% of its money from oil sales and sells 40% of its oil to the u.s. we could see a real tightening of the belt with their government. one side effect, we could see gasoline shortages here. venezuela has to import gasoline from the u.s. if you have hungry people and gas lines we could see real sparks in the weeks ahead.
8:10 am
>> bill: the disputed president barred the opposition leader from leaving the country. any chance he will take further action on that, steve? >> he has been warned by the u.s. not to take further action. maduro has been warned there would be serious consequences if they try to arrest guaido or worse. maduro might have missed his window. he threw opposition figures in jail in the past and solitary confinement. he might have missed his window with gado with the backing of 50 countries. guaido is now at an economic conference and writing op yesterday and talking to the newspaper but no real power. i think these people who are desperate and coming on the street want to see some action from him, too. he has a window to make changes and that window is growing short. >> bill: thank you, steve harrigan live in caracas, venezuela. >> julie: president trump casting doubt on any deal coming out of capitol hill on border security.
8:11 am
why the president says republicans are just wasting their time. we'll hear from senator james lankford who serves on the homeland security committee. >> controversial abortion bills gaining momentum including the state of virginia. the democratic governor and doctor is facing a backlash over his stance on this. >> it has cast a bright light on the agenda of our democratic colleagues, not just in virginia but across the country. we remain horrified at the implications of what might happen if they ever get to chance to make that the law of virginia. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors, so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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8:15 am
>> julie: president trump says he may ask the f.b.i. to review its policies after the highly publicized raid and arrest of his long time associate roger stone. the president telling the daily caller, quote, i'm speaking for a lot of people that were very disappointed to see that go down that way. to see it happen where it was on camera on top of it was a very, very disappointing scene. stone this week entered a not guilty plea in a seven-count indictment stemming from the mueller investigation. >> i think we're headed in the right direction. we had the meeting yesterday where we all expressed the desire to reach a conclusion, to have congress, the house and senate, work its will for the american people. and that means border security. there were a lot of doors left open on both sides, i think. enough that we can find a sweet spot with the president. >> bill: that's west virginia
8:16 am
republican senator shelley moore capito. senator james lankford. welcome back to our program. trying to dip in and get bits and pieces from potential progress. can you report any, senator? >> can't report any progress now. keep everyone on focus on something small and straight forward on border security. if we focus on that we can find common ground. its *r hasn't been a partisan issue in the past. multiple issues of bipartisan work. the last five presidents have built fencing. fencing and border security hasn't been partisan. let's try to get it into the realm where we can focus and solve it. >> bill: we had a democratic congressman on last hour who wasn't giving much ground but you have a different take after
8:17 am
hearing democratic senator chris coons earlier today. what did you hear? >> this morning he came out and said the same thing that is said by republicans and democrats. let's look at the officials out there and the professionals and the priorities that are there. there will be some areas with fencing, technology and additional personnel. the president asked for fencing on a 2,000 mile long border. it doesn't seem an unreasonable request for a part of that. he said all this han studied. the priorities done by officials that are not him and the vice president. career folks who looked at it and said where we need greater security and replace fencing or add fencing. it's a reasonable statement. >> bill: it appears the open negotiation from yesterday, the opening bid let's say was that not one zero dollar for a barrier which reflects nancy pelosi's position of several
8:18 am
weeks ago. that may not be final but it's the initial step here. >> right. they can make that initial statement and unless someone puts a camera on the border and says look at the fencing that's left over metal from the vietnam era that doesn't stop anyone. this needs to be relaysed. areas of fencing need to be replaced if anyone were to look at it. other areas to say we have a big city on one side and a big city on the other and we need to have a barrier. when you go down to the rio grande valley, the highest drug trafficking that we have along the whole 2,000 mile border why would you not want to slow down drug trafficking coming across the border? there are folks that can say not one single inch of barrier until you look at the facts. the vast majority of the american people say let's have common sense and put barriers where we need it. why would anyone say there is not a need for any when you look at the facts? >> bill: did you see what the
8:19 am
president said about your committee this morning by way of tweet? >> i did not. >> bill: he says republicans in the homeland security committee are wasting their time. democrats despite all the evidence, proof and caravans coming are not going to give money to build the desperately needed wall. i've got you covered. wall is already being built. i don't expect much help. if you are hearing that for the first time how do you react. >> the president has funding from previous years. the last two years we've made sure there is funding to do fencing. there is construction going on and a good thing. legislative branch we have a job to try to find resolution on that. the president has things that he has to do as well. but in our best effort let's try to make the effort and see if we can't get it done. at the end of the day if the democrats who told us reopen the government for three weeks and then we'll make a deal on all this border security. if they were lying or not telling the truth in that time period that will be obvious to all the american people as well.
8:20 am
they said publicly we're willing to negotiate on these things when the government is open. now it's time to prove it. >> bill: a deadline two weeks from tomorrow. come back. thank you for your time. >> julie: fox news alert. senator from oregon wants president trump to take action saying saudi arabia helped students to get out of the country that were charged with serious crimes. >> bill: still talking about the blown call. brian kilmeade at his take in a moment on that and a prediction or two for sunday coming up next. >> technology won't solve all those issues. the game is not going to be officiated by robots but we have to continue to go down that path. and at that point i just made up my mind, i said i'm calling newday usa tomorrow. 70 more dollars over my rent,
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8:24 am
>> whenever officiating is part of a dwution post-game it's not good. the game is not officiated by robots. >> bill: no robots. that no-call controversy looming with the super bowl days away. goes down sunday night. roger goodell defending his referees after a missed call in the nfc championship game may have cost new orleans a ticket to the super bowl in atlanta come sunday. the feelings are still raw you could say in new orleans. many suggested they should file a suit against the nfl. don't think it will go very far. brian kilmeade is taking the pulse on his radio show and with me now. good morning to you. i thought goodell's position
8:25 am
was interesting. he didn't dismiss the idea of not looking at it so it doesn't happen in the future. >> i laughed when the sports people. i flipped on the sports channels to get their take. a lot of former athletes why doesn't he answer the question? welcome to our life. none of these politicians and people in charge never directly answer the question. they give clues to what they believe. roger goodell is from a political family. dad was a senator. he answered the question the way he should saying they'll look into it. they have a competition committee to look at the stuff. player representatives and owners, the commissioner supervises that. the most interesting proposal i saw is come playoff time you put one official in the booth with the power to override within two minutes. an official making the call from other officials i can buy. but when people out there who are saints fans or haters of the rams whatever that want the commissioner to come in and replay the last two minutes or make some type of decree.
8:26 am
this commissioner can't win. he has one challenge after the other. if he made a speech now he will be obligated on every controversial call to give his position on a controversial call. >> bill: he had to weigh in before kickoff on sunday. sean peyton, a picture he was wearing a t-shirt with a comment directed toward the commissioner. his quote. i sat and probably didn't come out of my room and ate ice cream and watched netflix for three days. when you know things aren't changing you get wrapped up in a new episode and it comes back again. it meaning the blown call from sean peyton. >> i know he is crushed. he got a call from the league and blew the call and apologized. bill, you are a sports guy. they still had a chance to kick a field goal. they could have stopped the rams, they didn't. they go into overtime and didn't stop the rams.
8:27 am
the rams win on a field goal. you still had game to play that wasn't the final game. payton could be disappointed. for the most part welcome to sports. life is not fair, sports is not fair. there are a lot of things that happen that are unfair. grow up. >> bill: i thought clock management with 1:59 was how they lost the game. they could have run the ball twice, ran out the time-outs. run more clock down. kicked a field goal and they would be in atlanta on sunday. rams or pats. >> i'll have a chance to speak to several players tomorrow. then marshall faulk and others. i will tell you on saturday, are you going to the game? >> bill: i'll see you in atlanta. >> you are going? wave to me. say hello. >> bill: i love the super bowl and football. see you in atlanta. >> julie: leading republican lawmakers warning the president not to withdraw u.s. troops too fast from syria and afghanistan.
8:28 am
congressman mike waltsz, the republican from florida joins us next. >> bill: heated debate over late term abortion. several states introduce bills to remove restrictions. we're live with details next. >> how many nations in the world allow abortion on demand after 20 weeks which is the fifth month? seven. seven nations in the entire world allow abortion on demand after 20 weeks. they are talking about abortion during the actual birthing. we ae things we don't want to do. but when it comes to colon cancer screening... i'm not doin' that. i eat plenty of kale. ahem, as i was saying... ...with cologuard, you don't need an excuse... all that prep? no thanks. that drink tastes horrible! but...there's no prep with cologuard... i can't take the time off work. who has two days? and i feel fine - no symptoms!
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8:31 am
to help support digestive health >> they're having a negotiation of it in there. there won't be any wall money in the legislation. however, if they have some suggestions about certain localities where technology, some infrastructure about the
8:32 am
ports of entry, we might need more ports of entry, some roads, that's part of the negotiation. >> julie: negotiation, that was nancy pelosi moments ago. the house speaker telling reporters there will not be any wall money whatsoever in the spending deal the bipartisan committee can come up with. joining us now congressman mike waltz who serves on the house armed services committee. it's interesting she uses the word negotiation, usually that means that two sides come to the middle. nancy pelosi just now painting a very grim picture for the president's wall saying there is no money to be allotted for that and talks about opening new ports of entry and all these other things which don't seem like a solution. so at this point there is no movement for any kind of compromise. >> yeah. and let's contrast with that. i think the president has been very reasonable in his speech last saturday he stepped -- he
8:33 am
stepped aside from the wall rhetoric and said if you want to call it a barrier, fence, steel slat, whatever you want to call it. we have all on both sides of the aisle voted for this for years, a secure fences act in 2006 which clinton, obama, and schumer all voted for. come on, let's get away from the rhetorical games. the president is trying to compromise here. he is reaching out and last week we heard just radio silence while people were suffering, federal workers were suffering and now we're back to speaker pelosi saying i won't give you a dollar before or after the shutdown. all of them said we will negotiate once we reopen the government. the president stepped forward on that, too. now this is what we get. >> julie: the president tweeted let's call them walls from now on and stop playing political games. a wall is a wall. you mentioned steel slats had come up. the democrats have said maybe they could have some sort of smart wall, which is a bit
8:34 am
ridiculous if you think about fact a smart wall is not a barrier. i mean, that's no better than let's say a fence you put around the backyard to keep your dog in your backyard. the dog could walk through that fence. >> like you just said it's ridiculous. we need a full system. we need judges and technology and barriers where they make sense. the president said in strategic locations where border patrol is asking for them. that's common sense. we're seeing political games and pandering to the left and not wanting to give this president an inch. i think it's ridiculous. >> julie: mitch mcconnell says the government won't shut down again. he made it clear he does not like shutdowns. we had the longest shutdown in history. so then if the democrats are refusing to come forward. lindsey graham last night on hannity said if he doesn't get
8:35 am
this wall there goes his campaign for 2020. this is everything for this president. so then where does this leave us? another government shutdown or republicans having to fold? >> i appreciate why senator mcconnell is. i don't like shutdowns, either. i didn't take pay and i stayed here. at the end of the day the president has to sign the bill. that's our system and democracy. if he saying he want sign anything without some type of funding for barriers which he said he is willing to give on. who is really losing here that he also extended a hand on is the daca recipients. legal reform, which is also apparently dropped from the table. this is really unfortunate. let's cut a deal. compromise can't be a dirty word. i'm certainly willing to talk to anyone. seems the president is, too. let's let these folks -- let's let the committee that is working this out do their job. >> julie: i want to switch gears quick before i let you go.
8:36 am
mitch mcconnell plan will go against president trump on syria and afghanistan in the drawdown on those two countries. gop to vote on an amendment that would warn against a precipitous withdrawal from those two countries. he could put at risk hard won gains and national security. >> look, i want to see us stay on offense. in order to do that we have to have a small presence there. we're not talking hundreds of thousands. i want to keep our foot on isis's neck. i'm convinced they will be resurgent if we leave. the turks don't care about isis. they care about the kurds and don't have the capability to do so. that said on this intelligence issue, look, intelligence has been wrong many times. the president has the right to question and should. we all should question the intelligence community. it's a series of best guesses. i don't like doing it in public. when we're looking abroad with the enemies we have out there
8:37 am
we're all americans, let's keep it in house if we have disagreements. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: fox news alert on the debate over late term abortions. rhode island takes on the issue. the governor backs a bill to remove restrictions on abortions after a similar measure was passed in the state of new york. gillian turner watching all this now from washington gillian. >> that's right. rhode island's governor pledged to support the new bill introduced this week saying it is time to codify women's access to healthcare in her state and no one should get in the middle between a woman and her doctor. the abortion debate ignited with a virginia bill that seeks to ease restrictions on late term abortions. it was defeated by drafters garnering criticism when they said they could seek abortions through labor and delivery.
8:38 am
yesterday's the governor of virginia dove head first into the fray. >> third trimester abortions are done with the consent of the mother with the consent of the physicians. if a mother is in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and family desired. and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> julie: pro-life groups like national right to life are responding with calls of infanticide as are republican lawmakers. ben sass saying what is shameful you're too cowardly to say it's wrong to leave babies to die after birth. senator marco rubio. i never thought i would see the day that america would have
8:39 am
leaders that promote infanticide. this virginia bill is part of a trend that kicked off last year in left leaning legislatures across the nation. new mexico and massachusetts in addition to rhode island, virginia and new york have all tried to strengthen abortion rights. on the other side indiana, kentucky, north dakota and louisiana are among the states currently seeking to restrict abortion. bill, governor northam who is a neurologist tweeted in his defense last night saying he has devoted his life for caring for children and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting. >> bill: the latest from washington more this afternoon with senator sass. he will join perino on the daily briefing. he will talk to her at 2:00 eastern time on fox. >> julie: one senator from oregon ramping up pressure on the trump administration to
8:40 am
take action against saudi arabia after reports the government helped several saudi men studying in oregon flee the country. they were facing charges for rape, manslaughter and child pornography. dan springer is live with the story. >> over the last five years the saudi government helped five citizens charged with serious felonies and facing long sentences avoid justice in the u.s. they were all college students in oregon when they were charged with crimes and evidence the saudi government assisted the men by posting bail and then perhaps issuing them a new passport so they could fly back to saudi arabia. one man was charged with vehicular manslaughter speeding recklessly down a portland street in 2016 when he hit and killed a 15-year-old legally in a crosswalk. she was about to start her sophomore year of high school. the saudi consulate wrote a $100,000 check for his bill and
8:41 am
two weeks before his trial he was driven away in this s.u.v., given a passport to replace the one he surrendered and flown back to saudi arab. two were facing rape charges. saudi officials paid $65,000 for one man's bail and helped him board a plane in portland the same day even though he surrendered his passport. he have is back in saudi arabia a free man. >> if you do the crime like this, you need to stay and face up to what happened no matter who you are. and so for a country coming in and paying the bail for somebody to get them out of the country, that is disgusting. >> oregon senator is demanding answers from the state department and homeland security and just introduced two bills requiring a tough response. >> there is evidence that a foreign government, the government of saudi arabia,
8:42 am
abused their diplomatic privileges. >> the u.s. does not have an extradition treaty with saudi arabia. consulate officials did not return our phone calls. >> julie: thank you, dan springer. >> bill: there is a revolution in the air. many in venezuela protesting as the country's disputed president refuses to step down. and there is a new bipartisan effort here at home now underway to protect those who are seeking refuge in the united states. that story up in a moment. >> united states is prepared to support venezuela people to achieve the freedom, democracy, three million refugees leave venezuela. it's a manmade catastrophe by the maduro regime and we're intent to help the venezuelan people correct it. about newday's operation home. operation home lets veterans buy homes with no down payment and no closing costs. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no.
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8:46 am
demands that maduro not be the president and the united states is prepared to support venezuela people to achieve the freedom, democracy. >> bill: secretary of state pompeo. the opposition leader said he met with the military. we are joined by the democratic florida congressman soto co-sponsoring a bill to grant protected status to venezuelans coming to the u.s. what is the reality on the ground in venezuela today? >> certainly everything is in flux. you have protests going strong. you have a serious consideration by the venezuelan people to make sure that guaido could become the interim president and the illegitimate president maduro is feeling the most pressure he has in years by both at home and in the international community. >> bill: why do you feel the reach-out is necessary to those
8:47 am
in venezuela to welcome them here. what is your sense of that demand from those people? >> first there is murder going on in venezuela. the economy is trashed, even though they have some of the best natural resources in the world. no freedom of press and over three million people who left that country including over 233,000 here in florida and over a million throughout the united states. it's on our doorstep. >> bill: he has destroyed the wealth in that country also. did you see the piece in the "new york times" from yesterday. strength is in unity. guaido wrote it. i would like to be clear about the situation in venezuela. mr. maduro's reelection may of 2018 was illegitimate as since acknowledged by the international community. his original term was set to end january 10. by continuing to stay in office nicolas maduro is usurping the presidency. i know you agree with that and
8:48 am
european allies have our back on this and some of the same familiar players on the other side as you know. how real is the possibility of further blood shed there do you believe today? >> well, certainly bloodshed is already going on. you've had hundreds of protestors killed just over the last couple weeks but the hope is that the military will see the light of day. this was an illegitimate election, that canada, united states, brazil and most of the country throughout the americas are now recognizing the interim president guideio and make the right decision, there needs to be new elections in venezuela that are accurate and we need to make sure we have democracy throughout the americas. >> bill: what if maduro survives? what's the outcome then? >> it would be disastrous. he is already a dictator who has gone to the most gruesome and murderous means to stay in power. one of the critical things is the new sanctions particularly against billion else of dollars
8:49 am
in revenue propped up the administration are now cut off and available potentially for an interim government. that's one of the biggest things that happened so far along with recognizing guaido and of course humanitarian efforts to get directly to the venezuelan people. >> bill: last point. how real is the possibility of military action? how real is the possibility, can you forecast for us that the u.s. will be involved? >> a lot of democrats and republicans on the hill would have concerns about military action, which is why we're focusing on the main things where there is common ground. sanctions, recognizing the current president guaido and also humanitarian aid. if the money runs dry and the military isn't being fed and families across that country are starving, we're hopeful they will make the right decision. >> bill: you are dealing with an administration unrepentant in opposition of maduro. i know you're aware of that. the democrat from central
8:50 am
florida, thank you, sir. >> julie: so a mystery in florida. what police think is the reason for an underground tunnel. it happens to run the length of half of a football field. >> we don't know who is behind this at this time. they could have been here a week ago, last night. we don't know at this time. but it is an extensive hole. the latest innovation from xfinity
8:51 am
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this is it guys. you ready? to have epix? absolutely. woooo! you'd laugh. oh, ow. [ chuckles ] you'd cry. look, look, look, look, look, look, look,. maybe even laugh while crying. what the fertilizer? sounds pretty great, right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! just say, "add epix" and it can all be yours. it's easy to upgrade. and you don't want to miss out on everything epix. >> julie: the f.b.i. asking the public for help solving a mysterious case in florida. what looks like a pothole sitting in the middle of the road wasn't. it was connected to a hidden tunnel leading to a base. phil keating is live in miami with the details. >> it's a caper too shallow in the planning and too shallow in
8:54 am
the digging. a would be bank heist gone bust discovered before the tunnel had been complete. also before any cash had been stolen. it's really straight out of hollywood or in this case west of hollywood, florida. the entrance of the tunnel is hidden in a cluster of trees in the grass which then goes underneath a two-lane road on the other side of which is the chase bank. police found a generator, stool, muddy boots, digging tools and homemade ladder. its he 50 yards long and one foot below the street. that's the huge flaw in the plan. this was discovered after a driver on the street hit the pothole. turns out it was a chunk of street collapsing into the tunnel. no one so far has been caught. >> i would like to say i saw something like this in movies. this hole is so small that it's
8:55 am
unique. >> police say they were using pick axes and a wagon to dig and haul out the dirt. thanks to the fact that the entrance to the tunnel is hidden by the cluster of trees, all the digging and dirt removal was easily concealed. tunneling into a bank is not a new idea. there was a huge heist in argentina back in 2011 where the thieves spent six months digging a 100 foot tunnel from a neighboring office space underneath the building and into the bank vault pulling out 100 safety deposit boxes containing $7 million. in the florida caper the f.b.i. assumed there was more than one person involved. a lot of work probably went on for weeks and months and clearly none of the would be robbers is an engineer. >> julie: all right, phil keating. good assessment. >> bill: the deadly deep freeze could thaw out fast.
8:56 am
record low temps causing a lot of problems for many people outside the frozen zone. we'll take you live to chicago for more on what you see there. that will change that. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? newday's operation home is real. so spread the word! go to or call 1-855-623-1397
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>> bill: sliding in from the newsroom vault, baseball legend jackie robinson born on the state 100 years ago. the first athlete to break the color barrier in the majors begin playing for the brooklyn dodgers here in new york in 1947. number 42 quickly racking up awards, including review of the year, national league mvp, before helping his team won the world series in 1955. robinson also a vocal civil rights activist. his decade-long career and inspiring life the basis of the movie, "42." if you haven't seen it, check it out. it's great. it all started 100 years ago today, one century ago. jackie robinson. good stuff. >> julie: very good. >> bill: how did it feel? >> julie: it was good paid was that three hours customer can
9:00 am
went by like it was nothing! if it like 3 minutes. you're headed to the super bowl. have fun! >> bill: rams, pats, here we go. enjoy the game as they warm outside. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts now. thanks for joining us. >> harris: a lot going on the server. we will begin with a fox news alert. if your new back and forth between president trump and the democratic leader of the house. through the 24 hours after the first meaning of that bipartisan committee of lawmakers working to reach a deal on border security, and now we are awaiting new remarks from the president of the united states that would likely come inside this hour. we will bring it to as it happens. this is to is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, cohost of "fox & friends," jillian mele is here. fox news contributor morgan ortagus. fox news contributor jessica tarlov. and in the center seat, former arkansas governor and fox news contributor, mike huckabee. great to see you. this >> governor huckabee: thank you very much, i was going to wear spiked heels, too. but i decided not to.


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