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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 31, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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walls are immoral. if walls are immoral, maybe we should take down all of the walls. you will see a mess like you've never seen before. i only say this -- i was elected partially on these issues. not as much as people say, but partially on this issue. it's a very important issue. nothing to do with elections, the thing to do with votes. only to do with common sense and only to do with security. if we don't put up a barrier or a wall, that is strong and looks good -- in the old ladies, these to bill them, though terrible now we both them and they look really good. if we don't put up a physical barrier, you can forget it. our country would be an unsafe place. people are coming in, tricks or command, human trafficking is coming in. which is so horrible. things are happening that won't happen after the wall is constructed. so we are building a a lot of wall.
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we are building new sections and starting at about two weeks we are building some brand-new sections, large sections, and the wall is getting billed. i would like to build it even faster, but it's getting billed and it's getting billed very substantially. as some of you have seen, because he been there. yeah, please. >> reporter: you have an agreement with north korea on the time and place for the next summit? >> president trump: yes. >> reporter: can you share? >> president trump: we are going to very soon. we will announce it early next week. >> reporter: okay. and you also said -- >> president trump: and they very module of the media. i think they really want to do it. we will see. again, remember, north korea was a whole different story. when i came into office, many people thought we were going to war with north korea. i would sit and listen and i would read people saying, "go to war with north korea." well, you would lose potentially hundreds of millions of lives.
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it's literally right off their wall, by the repair that wall works, i can tell you. >> reporter: you see people make that up be a bigger deal under election that it really was. >> president trump: i do. now, they say it's the wall. it has accomplished practically everything else. i accomplish the military, i accomplished the tax cuts, i accomplish the regulations, i accomplished so much that the economy is the number one economy in the world. we are the number one economy in the whole world. not even close. companies are pouring into our country. i've accomplished so much. so now they say, "oh, he doesn't get the will!" they make a donation. it doesn't work because they are building the wall. the walls have happening right now. >> reporter: are you closer or farther apart on immigration deals now that you have opened the government? >> with respect to the committee i would say we are the same. because i'm hearing they don't
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want to do wall. for political reasons. i think it's bad policy. frankly, i think of them fighting us on what everybody knows has to be done, to have proper security. and you can have the other things, but the other things only really work if you have a physical barrier. without the physical barrier, when you have drones flying over people, you have them doing circles around the 12,000 people that are walking in from honduras and guatemala and el salvador? no, you don't want that. i want to do real things. like the deal with china. i wanted to be real deal. people will say, "isn't that wonderful?" we have to open to china. they have to be open to us. it would be so easy for me to make a deal china, but it wouldn't be a real deal. i could get them to buy more corn than they have ever bought, and more soybeans than they have ever bought. they would be so happy if i did that. but they will do that an even
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higher numbers, but we will do a lot of other things. just remember, we are taking in billions and billions of dollars from china. we never took in $0.10 from china china is being charged tremendous amounts of money for the privilege of coming in and doing what they do to our country. they are being charged a tremendous amount of money. we are going to make a deal. i think we are going to make a deal with china. it's going to be a very conference of deal. we will cover everything. okay? >> reporter: why is the financial debt increase in increasing customer >> president trump: the tree deals won't kick in for a while. number one, the usmca hasn't been approved. has to be before congress and get approved. nafta was one of the worst deals ever made. during the campaign, i said i will either terminate nafta or negotiate a new deal. and we negotiated a good deal. when you go back to before and
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after, that would frankly be okay with me. or the new deal. but i won't allow nafta. nafta was a horrible deal for this country. you look at the scars all over our country, where you go to new england, ohio, you go to pennsylvania, you see what happened in north carolina. you have factories that are still empty. from what happened with nafta. nafta was a horrible deal. the usmca is a great deal. but prenafta, we had huge surpluses with mexico. with nafta we have huge deficit deficits. we lose $100 billion a year on trade with mexico. does that sound good? that's been going on for many years. so i stopped it. >> reporter: you said it's been held hostage by the democrats. but >> president trump: could have done it different the? no, not really. i think by having the shut down
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we have set the table. for where we are now. if i didn't do the shut down, people wouldn't know or understand the subject. now they understand the subject. they realize what a humanitarian crisis it is. it's called in dealmaking, setting the table. or setting the stage. we set the stage for what's going to happen on the 15th of february. i don't think they are going to make a deal. i see what's happening. they are all saying, "let's do this," but not giving one dime to the wall. that's okay. if they don't give money for the wall, it won't work. if it doesn't work, than the politicians are wasting a lot of time. [reporters asking questions] we have money, just so you understand. we have money, we are building the wall right now. a lot of it. people don't look know that noy reports it but that's okay. it's not very exciting. let me just tell you, we are building the wall right now. it's going up fairly rapidly. we are renovating tremendous amounts of wall, which is good
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stuff that is in very bad shape with massive holes in it and fencing coming down. it's being beautifully renovated. in some cases we have to replace it. we renovate some, we replace them some comely belts on. but the wall is going up right now in all different forms. thank you very much, everybody. >> lets go, we are finished! at >> president trump: we will see what happens on february 15. i'm not concerned. >> reporter: you still don't think there will be a deal, but he won't declare it now question what do you think it undermines -- >> president trump: excuse me, i didn't say that. i said i'm waiting for for very 15th. unsavory 15th, the committee will come back. if they will have a wall i don't want to waste my time reading what i don't like they have because it's a waste of time. the only way it works for security and safety for our country is awol. when you couple the wall with sensors and drones and all these other things, that works as a
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combination. if you don't have a wall, they are wasting their time. it's just politics. thank you all very much. >> harris: the president of the united states, talking very clearly about what it will take to get a deal to go forward to keep the government open, to keep him from not pulling on that executive order emergency hatch to get the wall built. he says, "i don't even want to waste time if it has no wall in it." he's waiting until that february date. just 14 days from today read and what will that look like for the negotiations that are going on with that bipartisan conference? how is this affecting that, with the with the president of the united states very plain-speaking what it takes to protect america? he says, "we are already building the wall. beautifully renovating it, right now. in areas where it can be
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renovating it, are replacing it. i want to bring in joni ernst, vice chair of the senate g.o.p. conference preach also sits on the armed services and judiciary committees. right on time with this. we are having conversations on the hill, you have this bipartisan conference going on. how do the words just now from president trump affect that? >> i think he has made it very clear all along what he expects to see the peace negotiations. so i'm glad that we have a conference committee established. they have been working diligently on this. but, bottom line, the president has stated what he expects all along. i do hope that we can come together, and realize what's needed to secure our border and move forward. >> harris: just a short time ago we heard from house speaker nancy pelosi. look at, they are oppositional on this issue, but they are on opposite sides of the planet when it comes to the wall. let's watch and listen together. >> it doesn't matter what congress does?
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i knew that he wanted it all to him -- really, a president who wants to have congress be completely irrelevant and how we meet the needs of the american people? no, come on. >> harris: she says no money for the wall. i will be go forward? >> well, i think we go forward with this conference committee. i hope that they are independent thinking and enough and listening to their constituents that they will understand that the american people have spoken. president trump is their voice. he wants to secure our nation. we know that we have to do that. the past four administrations have been able to erect barriers, walls, whatever you want to call it. so why now are we seeing our democratic colleagues basically throwing a fit over with the president has made very clear is important to our nation? >> harris: why are we seeing that? we don't have a lot of time left. we are hitting a two-week point after the longest government shutdown, a partial one, in american history.
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they've got to get something done here, senator. what needs to happen in order to get the two parties who were speaking today -- the president of the united states and the speaker of the house -- on the same page? >> well, i think when you talk about pages, there is a list of priorities that have been outlined by customs and border patrol. they have a 33-point plan already put down on those pages. when our democratic friends across the aisle are doing that, they haven't seen the plan by experts, we have it. let's have the congress take a look at it. let's see what parities can be funded and make sure we are working with president on that. >> harris: i will have to lean on you with a question you raise, whether those 17 independent 17 are independent enough. half of them are democrats. whether they are independent enough or nancy pelosi when she says there won't be any wall money in this legislation. >> the point of a conference
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committee is to bring individuals together to discuss the issues and collaborate. there should not be hard lines drawn by anyone later on with the direction of the conference committee should be. that's why we have the conference committee. i hope that speaker pelosi understands that. she would be a conference committee of one, but we don't have that. we actually do have an established conference committee that should be collaborating. let's find a path forward. we don't want to see another shutdown. >> harris: we've heard from intelligence chiefs, for the president on twitter, just expressing that they are on different pages. to borrow that term again. then today he says in the oval office meeting that he just was signing a bill on strength in america, he was asked about a host of things by reporters and he said he respects a lot of people in intel. i do want to say this, though -- he has said that he will be proven right on iran, isis, north korea, one day after the intel chiefs. what you make of it? >> i hope, again, that we are
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bringing these discussions forward. i have disagreed with the president before on certain issues. one of those is syria. i do think we have a presence of isis there. the president has acknowledged that there is a presence. we may differ on the numbers and strengths and syria, but we want to see isis and al qaeda eradicated. i would like to see that done before we withdraw troops. i am taking information from the intelligence community, and i will portray it as i have heard it. as i see it. but i hope that we can come together again, collaboration is key. discussions are key. and move forward in the right direction. >> harris: why do think they see it so different the customer cast met with the knowledge that we could be, according to secretary of state pompeo, looking at another north korea summit. so it's important, is it not? as the u.s. intelligence chief and the president see think
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similarly customer graham i wrog about that? >> it is very important. that we are hearing the message that the intelligence community is delivering. and then acting on it, making informed decisions. part of an informed decision is what we are drawing for my life experiences. as a veteran of someone who has served during a time of war, i may see some things differently than the president mind. those actions and ipads have informed the decisions as i move forward. i know it informs other members of congress. it does inform the evisceration differently. again, we have to have those discussions and understand where everyone is coming from, what they see, and how they see it. again, i would just advise the president to move cautiously, to please listen to his military commanders. on the ground, as well as the intelligence community. i think he will make the right decision. >> harris: senator, you're reacting to some of the breaking news coming out of the oval office with the president on illegal immigration and
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border and whatnot. this is the specific day for you to be reacting to that, because of sarah's laws. would you ever introduced. give me the latest on that, if you will. >> absolutely. three years ago today, sarah groot, one of my constituents from council bluffs iowa, was killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk three times the limit for blood alcohol. he hit her car. he was not detained by ice. he was released on bond and has not been seen in the last three years. to her family will likely never see justice. serra's law would require that ice and the authorities detained any illegal immigrant who has injured or killed another perso person. i think it is common sense legislation why it hasn't been put into law already. it's a mystery to me. >> harris: keep us posted on that.
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>> harris: fox extreme weather alert, the midwest is grappling with another day of dangerously cold temperatures causing power outages, flight cancellations, school closures, and many communities are still without mail delivery today. windchill of ring and the negative double digits. the high in chicago is still minus one. that's colder than fair fairba, anchorage, moscow, nc petersburg. the capital of iceland, and parts of antarctica. mike tobin is reporting. i can't take mass off your reporting right now. >> [laughs] it's funny when you get into the negative double digits in the sun comes out, the wind died down a bit. what will become comfortable to you. people are out playing around in the elements right now. you can't get over these visuals. i don't want to undermine just how dangerous these conditions are. but if you look out over
10:21 am
lake michigan right now, look at the steam that is coming out over the relatively warm water. some canadian geese in the foreground, some ducks are playing in the areas of the lake that have melted. as we look back in the north no now, there's a skyline, the city of big shoulders. we normally don't get sun this time of year. it's always cloudy in the midwest. we have this beautiful view of the skyline. speaking of beautiful, take a look at this. this is caused by the mist coming in off of lake michigan, he got of the street. it looks like the heat miser lives here. it's created like a fortress in the middle of the shorelines of lake michigan, complete with a cave. the bad news -- [laughs] that if god truly come it's going to get worse before it gets better. that means it's supposed to snow this afternoon or this evening. we won't what dom asked her to see the tippers get above 0 degrees until about 8:00 p.m. this evening. so we still have hazardous conditions.
10:22 am
the roads are treacherous, the trains are still shut down. thousands of flight delays and cancellations. if you have the option to not travel, what you're getting from leaders out here in the midwest is to give yourself a netflix day. like a sick day without being sick. and it's posted warm up to about 40 degrees by the end of the "oh my cameraman, thomas vasquez, is going to term the "bi polar vortex." harris? >> harris: you put such a fine point on the danger out there for people. when you sit in a cave of ice. [laughter] all that water has to go someplace when it starts to warm up and we are very familiar with that in that part of the countr country. so that will be the next story, no doubt. mike tobin, thank you very much. stay warm. dramatic video to show you now of briefing the subzero temperatures to fight the house fire and of an indian appeared this happened in the city of hammond, south of chicago. the woman who lived there is
10:23 am
missing. now she is presumed dead. it's 24 degrees below zero with the windchill of minus 50. those first responders going to work. god bless them. another fox news alert, some stunning new information about nellie ohr's work for fusion gps. a source telling fox news that she testified last year that she did opposition research on the first lady, melania trump. all of the trumpet children. this, days after he learned that she and her husband, bruce, a justice department official, met with the author of that anti-trump dossier in 2016. contradicting democratic claims that significant contacts did not occur into after the election. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge if you're from washington. what we would love to hear from catherine is that context to give us some perspective. >> thanks, harris, good afternoon. a source familiar with the closed-door testimony confirms with fox news that nellie ohr
10:24 am
told house investigators that she was tasked with doing opposition research during the 2016 campaign on melania trump as well as the president's children. on capitol hill, they say it came from fusion gps, the same opposition research firm that was paid by the dnc and clinton campaign for the unverified trump dossier that was later used to secure a surveillance warrant for trump campaign aide aides. "as i recall, i did some research on all of them, but not into much depth," ohr said. "how about donald trump jr. was directed to do more research on him then some of the others?" "i don't like it was relatively superficial. looked into some of his travels. and ivanka trump's travels. the goal was to see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had any suspicious past." congressional testimony also revealed a july 30th 2016 breakfast meeting here in washington, d.c., at the mayflower hotel, with nellie
10:25 am
ohr, her husband, justice department official bruce ohr, and former british bikers to steele who research the dossier. in one of his business associates. almost a meal after, bruce ohr went to senior fbi and justice department officials about steele's dossier work. on tucker carlson last night, the ranking republican on the house committee that investigated the ohrs in the dossier says he wants the next attorney general to also investigate. >> i think until there is a new ag in there and start to clean this place up, i think it's going to be tough for the mega people to have confidence in what is happening. >> i agree. >> and here is the context -- the ohrs are like the connective tissue in the whole surveillance abuse allegation, the connective tissue between fusion gps, glenn simpson, the british spy christopher steele, the dossier, and on the other hand fbi and senior justice department officials. we ask nellie ohr's attorney if you wanted to provide comment or context for our reporting, but
10:26 am
there was no response, harris. >> harris: that's fascinating. i wrote down that connective tissue that you just laid out. thank you so very much, catherine herridge. now let's bring in texas republican will hurd, a member of the house intelligence committee who previously sat on the house oversight committee during the time nellie ohr testified. right on time with his information. great to have you on the program, thank you. i don't know if you can hear catherine talking about that connective tissue between that anti-term dossier, fusion gps, and senior doj officials. from that testimony, is it possible, do you think, that nellie ohr shared information with her husband bruce at the doj? >> i think a lot of this is not necessarily new. i think it's been very clear that the steele dossier was known to be funded by campaign money, well in advance of the request for the fisa request.
10:27 am
and in that fisa request, there was circular reporting being used to act as if the steele dossier had been confirmed, which it had not. i don't think any of those things have changed, which is why using uncollaborated information or circular reporting is not something that should be used to do a telephone tab or to do surveillance on an american citizens. that is the crux of the argument. >> harris: certainly with you at the time sitting out oversight, a lot of this wouldn't be new. i just wanted to delve into what potentially is new for everybody else, and that is learning the close of look that she took at melania trump, now our first lady. and the children in the trump family. >> i think that is fairly standard for political research or opposition research, or oppo
10:28 am
research as it's called. i'm not clear on the dates of the event. and, yes, i was on oversight and government reform. but the broader question here is what type is being used to give that telephone tap were to be able to conduct surveillance on american citizens. and it should be validated information, not uncorroborated info connected by someone that was funded by a political campaign. >> harris: right. any breakdown that broader issue. also, at issue is the mark in public's trust of these very large and important agencies inside our federal government. when you talk about potential bias against this president, does it all fit into what we know to have been happening? it kind of in the consolation of these? bruce ohr, married to nellie ohr, she gets information on the trump family. does that somehow work its way into any investigation?
10:29 am
>> we give so much response building to federal law enforcement. when i was in the cia i was an undercover officer for almost a decade. i worked side-by-side with many folks within the fbi. these are folks that are doing everything they can to keep our country safe. but when you give great responsibility and authority to federal law enforcement you've got to make sure that they are being done in the right way. one of the hallmarks of our government is civilian oversight of our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement. when there is a concern about how they are executing those duties, should concern all americans. that's part of congress' oversight, is to explore those things and make sure they aren't being done so we have complete trust in the men and women that have such an important role in keeping our country safe. >> harris: having your undercover cia background and breaking it down in that way is new or if he and valuable. i appreciate your time, congressman heard from the great state of texas.
10:30 am
>> always a pleasure. >> harris: president trump says he will maintain a hands-off approach to the new investigation, letting the doj decide how to handle the final report. is that the right move? we will talk with -- or i will come i should say, a former federal prosecutor on what should be next for president trump. ♪ [ doorbell rings ] janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer.
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and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-236-1855. >> harris: fox news alert, democratic virginia governor ralph northam is firing back after facing criticism for his comments on the third trimester late-term abortion bill. this, so for other democratic-led states have passed new laws expanding abortion access. fox news reporter gillian turner with more on this. jillian? >> good afternoon, harris. the abortion debate reignited earlier this week with a virginia bill that seeks to ease restrictions on late-term abortions. it was defeated, but its drafters garnered heavy criticism when they admitted it would allow women to seek abortions all the way through labor and delivery.
10:35 am
yesterday, virginia's governor, ralph northam, dove head first into the fray. take a listen. >> third trimester abortions -- these are done with the consent of, obviously, the mother. and with the consent of the physicians. if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that is what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion with ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> northam itself is a pediatric neurologist, and says, "i have devoted my life to caring for children, and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting." his comments, though, garnering swift pushback from a dell micro public and lawmakers and pro-life groups. "this infanticide, quotes quote tweeted wright's life. and even the president weighed in. >> it's ripping the baby of the
10:36 am
whimpered that's what it is, that's what they're doing. it's terrible." but planned parenthood is stepping in to defend him. >> when we look at when late-term abortions happen, the vast majority of abortions in this country have been quite early in pregnancy. if it happened later, it was almost exclusive because of women's health is at risk. >> this virginia bill similar to one passed last week in new york commence part of a growing trend that kicked off last year in left nephew meaning legislators across the nation. new mexico, massachusetts, and rhode island have also considered new laws to strengthen abortion rights in 2019. this, despite the recent poll that finds that 15% of americans believe abortion shouldn't be available at any time during a woman's pregnancy. on the other side, we've got north dakota, kentucky, louisiana among the states currently seeking to restrict abortion. ultimately this issue may rise to the supreme court, harris,
10:37 am
but even with conservatives' solid 5-0 majority, there are signs they might not be ready to revisit roe v. wade just yet. >> harris: thank you for that full report on a topic that is heating up today. gillian turner, we appreciate it. fox news alert now. amid news that the miller investigation could be wrapping up, president trump is telling "the daily caller" that he will lead decisions on how to handle the report to the justice department, including whether to release it publicly. the president also reiterating that he could have gotten involved into the molar doug mcmillon probe if you wanted to, but didn't because he hasn't done anything wrong. i want to bring in now federal prosecutor john seo. great to have you on the program. the president saying he's going to stay out of it. and he is leading it. i've heard you say that's what chapman along. >> hi, harris. there are two parts of this. first, the president said he should tell mike a shut down if you want to. he's right. under article two of the constitution he has.
10:38 am
but it would be a political disaster for him if he did it. we only have to turn to water gate. i was part of the watergate prosecution team. when president nixon tried to do this, he tried to kill the investigation and it was a gross macau miss graduation. before he tried to do this, president nixon come as there was no serious talk about impeachment. but after he did it, the impeachment train started and never stopped until it left the station. the report, we have to turn to mr. barr. i just wrote an article that is going to appear next week and they will. i argue that mr. barr is the right man for these times. as he said, he is in favor of transparency regarding the release of the report. but that's going to be subject to the rules and the regulations. and there are a number of rules and laws that may prohibit disclosure of the congress and the public wants. >> harris: i just heard you say the president is red but a couple things.
10:39 am
one is that the article two of the constitution allows him to shut down the mueller probe but he isn't. and if so that his pick of william barr is the right man for attorney general. we have been in a delay a little bit, of a confirmation process for him. we will report the news on barr as it happens. meanwhile, then-fbi director james comey calls hillary clinton's handling of classified information "extremely careless." let's watch that, and i will get your thoughts. >> although we do not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws of running the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they are extremely careless in their handling a very sensitive and highly classified information. in looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support a bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> harris: so, could the same thing happened a president trump?
10:40 am
william hurd, congressmen of texas, just told me that formerly he was undercover cia. he says that if you give this much power, and in some cases autonomy coming up to make sure you have great oversight. it james comey projecting something happening to the current present? >> i think james comey made a couple of major mistakes. first of all, he talked about that she revealed all the evidence, which is unheard of for the fbi to do in a press conference. and then he took it upon himself to make a prosecute of decision, which is really up to the justice department. it's really hard to compare what connie did with what is going on here. under justice department regulations, the president cannot be indicted. so the real issue, again, is what happens with the report. and the report may be very disappointing, because under the charter he only has to report the reasons that he has prosecute people and reasons he has declined to. everything else, we really don't know what mueller's report is
10:41 am
going to contain. >> harris: john sale, thank you very much. former prosecutor. we appreciate time. we are awaiting done my possiby deliberations in the del taco el chapo trial. by the discovery of a mysterious sinkhole has not prompted an fbi investigation. stay close. ♪
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10:46 am
you know what it was? it appears to be a man-made underground tunnel headed straight for a chase bank. phil keating on the story and ime. >> harris, the bank heist caper bungled for lack of a smart engineer. but the master plan seems pretty obvious. you tunnel, get inside the bank, and read the vaults by the fbi as well as local authorities are back on the scene, digging up the tunnel and looking for more evidence. the entrance of the tunnel is headed in the cluster of trees in the grass, which then goes underneath the two lane road on the other side of which is the chase bank. police found digging tools, a homemade ladder, a generator, a stool, and muddy boots. the tunnel itself is about 50 yards long, so the digging has clearly been going on for a while and presumably by more than one person. the tamil was discovered after a driver on the street hit this pothole, or what the drop down mike trevor thought was a pothole or sinkhole. it turns out the road just
10:47 am
collapsed in that spot due to the shallow tunnel underneath the road. the would-be bank robber or robbers so far have not been caught. >> i'd like to say it's like movies, but the whole is so small that -- yeah, it's unique. >> police say they also are using pickaxes and a wagon to to get all of the dirt. since the entrance to the channel is hidden by the cluster of trees come all of the digging enter removal could easily be concealed. tunneling into a bank has been done before, in the movies and in real life. there was this huge heise and buenos aires, argentina, back in 2011 where thieves spent six months digging a 100-foot tunnel from a neighboring office space underneath the building and into the bank vaults proper. pulling out 100 safety deposit boxes, containing the equivalent to about $7 million. the florida tunnel was only about one or 2 feet from the surface. clearly not deep enough to go
10:48 am
undetected. and that is ultimately what collapsed this plot. harris? >> harris: that is amazing. phil keating, thank you very much. former starbucks ceo howard schultz's potential presidential run as an independent is raising some questions about whether there is room for a centrist democrat in 2020 port or have democrats were urged to far left? the power (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes,
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. virginia governor's comments about late term abortion bill, morally repugnant paid the senator will dream you live to tell me why. plus, a major announcement about the largest fentanyl seizure at the border in u.s. history. apparent new reports out about the cigarettes and heart disease that affects half of the people that you know. stick around for the daily briefing. >> harris: is there really any room for a centrist democrat in 2020 question a former starbucks ceo howard schultz says no while discussing possible independent run for president. but several moderate democrats could run, including former new york city mayor michael bloomberg, former virginia governor terry mcauliffe, and former vp joe biden. "the new york times" wrote this. "if they run some of these democrats could test whether there is a large audience for primary voters open to promises of incremental change and
10:53 am
political compromise, or whether the liberal wing is now fully dominates." let slide to the power panel. let's start with you, doug. this is a different day for democrats. is there room for a centrist, a more moderate cost to mark there is. the electorate as i've seen in the public pulse shows about half or 55% wanting a moderate candidate, about 40 or 45%. a liberal or progressive candidate. the problem with lubricants freeze this all the energies on the far left. some of the programs they've taken are so far left that they had it can be as socialist. speed when i can only imagine how frustrating it would be for someone like you. we did a special during the convention, and you said, "we are tilting left." does it help republicans? >> it showed. i've written a lot about this.
10:54 am
i think that if the democrats had a strong candidacy from someone like a joe biden or even we talked about scholz, but think about michael bloomberg. he's essentially trying to do from within the democratic infrastructure what schultz is trying to do from the outside. he's trying to run that middle-of-the-road, "i was a fiscal mayor, i've got a business back on," but i just don't -- i think there's too much noise from the alexandria ocasio-cortezs and the others that are taking advantage. taking advantage of this season to do what they want to do. >> harris: you mention the pole, i want to pump this one up from gallup. 35% of americans consider themselves moderate. you throw some other numbers that support that. with the party clearly going left, and that was all americans, not just democrats, how do you wrestle that from the hands of people who might take it to a place where you might not get enough votes? especially if they run as an independent? >> if you give to give them real reasons to vote for you. >> harris: who has the real
10:55 am
reason among the people who have been listed? >> i'm working for mike bloomberg, so i'm obviously biased. >> harris: that's good information. >> certainly come a vice president biden is the front runner in the polls. he's a moderate, he connects with working-class voters. he -- >> limit breakups of the he's talking about. trump took some of their briefly with restful voters. that's what they've lost. you don't have the counterbalance. however he forgot to buy plane tickets. but if they can appeal to that working-class group, if they can recapture that base, then they have a chance. >> harris: how do you recapture that. dominick-based? >> with programs and ideas that appeal to working people. fundamentally, unless the democrats -- >> it will be tough, that group once a wall. >> i understand. people who don't have jobs or need to get training or retraining, get their kids educated, they are not worried about a wall. >> harris: that group once in a while, that is the current discussion, democrats don't have a lot of time.
10:56 am
they have 40 days to figure out -- >> harris, what would you rather have? a job or a wall? >> harris: it's not up to me. >> trumpet gives them both. >> they will say no good jobs exist. it's hard for her kids support themselves. >> wages are hitting record highs. you're talking about jobs and wages and a wall. >> harris: i need a longer show today. thank you, i will be right back. after watching the admiral and at that point i just made up my mind, i said i'm calling newday usa tomorrow. 70 more dollars over my rent, i'm actually owning my own home now. because newday usa focuses on the va home loan benefit, that's their expertise, i felt like i would definitely get a better shake. the admiral said that my service is, my down payment. for us, that was important not to be able to have to put anything down. i was aviation in the marine corps, 30-something-million-dollar aircraft. if the country and the american people can put that kind of trust and confidence
10:57 am
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>> harris: the president speaking from the oval office bringing us so much information about what he says is necessary to go forward. he wants a wall. speaker of the house, still nancy pelosi saying no. where will it go in the next 14 days? i'm harris. here's "the daily briefing." >> dana: fox news alert. it's 2 p.m. in new york and we're following several big stories. life threatening arctic air continues to sweep the u.s. a major drug bust as u.s. officials seize a record breaking amount of fentanyl at the southern border. nebraska senator calling virginia's governor comments on a proposal on late term abortion morally repugnant. he will join me live. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first, president trump claiming house speaker nancy pelosi is playing games with border security, warning about the dangers of not building a wall. all this as the deadline looms for anoth


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