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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 7, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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bream. good night from washington. getting his rest, see you tomorrow. >> it is thursday, february 7th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast, state of chaos, third virginia democrat lawyers up with the defense team. the governorship comes down to a coin toss and politics of revenge. adam schiff tossing donald trump's message of unity in the trash by opening another russia probe. >> i came to say thank you.
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heather: jumping into action after coast guard member faints on stage. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ time for a lockdown ♪ breaking silence ♪ >> a rainy start to the day but feels like spring out there in new york city, not the case in other portions of the country. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. appreciate you starting the day with us. let's begin in virginia.
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the state of virginia and political turmoil, the embattled lieutenant governor lawyering up to fight back against an explosive sexual assault claim in virginia's attorney general is now under fire for admitting to wearing black face. todd pyro joins us with new scandals rocking the state. virginia. >> reporter: what should will drop today after a whirlwind day and the soap opera of virginia politics, the lieutenant governor justin fairfax responded to sexual assault allegations writing in part this allegation has been surprising and hurtful i also recognize no one makes charges of this kind lightly and i take it and the situation seriously. fox news later learning fairfax retain the same law firm that represented brett kavanaugh. his accuser coming forward with her statement too graphic for morning tv writing in part what began as a consensual kissing quickly turned into a sexual assault as she hires doctor
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christine ford's attorneys, can't make this up. and mark herring posting a statement that he donned blackface during a college party in 1980 in 1982 look like a black wrapper. he writes, quote, because very parents and glib attitudes and we did not have an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others we just up and put on wigs and brown make up. always follows controversy surrounding governor ralph northron for denying a decades-old blackface photo with him. >> friday to now, when bit of bad news after the next and it has all been shocking. we look for any silver lining is virginia and i think clearly and loudly the behaviors are unacceptable. >> next in line to lead virginia is the republican speaker of the house of delegates. he rose to that post following a
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drawing out of a ball to break a tie. if you sent the script to hollywood they would reject it. >> he would be number 4 if you keep going down the list. probably nothing happens to him today. the virginia controversy highlighting the hypocrisy of the left some say. chris stierwald say democrats are playing their own game and if they don't play it well 2020 is sure to be a loss. >> democrats are the moral majority against racism against sexism and me too and instead of ensnaring republicans who dismiss this stuff, you are snowflakes, we don't want to hear about it, these aren't the real issues, republicans don't make themselves subject to the rules, democrats are subject to the rules entertaining themselves apart. if they do this with their own nominees in the 2000 cycle they
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will leave the door open for donald trump to walk into a second term. >> northron's administration is working to bring back, quote, normalcy of government. donald trump and congressman adam schiff going to do as democrats open a new russia probe. schiff, chairman of the house intelligence committee, announcing he will lead a wide-ranging investigation into the president's foreign business relationship and russian election meddling. >> we will not be intimidated or threatened by the president, the american people have a right to know and need to know the president is acting on their behalf and not for another reason. >> the committee voted to hand over several transcripts to robert mueller, donald trump reacting going after shift. >> he is just a political hack who is trying to build a name for himself. that is fine for that is what they do but there's no reason to
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do this. no other politician has to go through that. it is called residential harassment. >> robert mueller's investigation is thought to be winding down and maybe. and senators expect a report in a month and we expect more with tom fitton of judicial watch. tensions rising on the southern border as a once sleepy texas town faces an influx of thousands of migrants, border patrol agents only allowing 20 people to cross into the us per day. griff jenkins joins us from the shelter and mexico were migrants applied for asylum. good morning. >> if you take a look at is pretty calm and quiet, we are not seeing as strong a security presence but there are guards, military police and on the other side federal police. migrants giving them cable tv for a big soccer game.
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they are on the path to get asylum. if they don't have a little record they will get their one year temporary visa card. 139 have been given it. on the other side, the us side, border patrol taking every preparation they need, the border patrol chief, sector chief says not only is he getting ready but he is sending a message to do it the right way. >> we have increased our presence between ports of entry along the area in eagle pass and increase the amount of border patrol agents and support from our partners, the texas to permit of public safety and want to make sure the message is clear that there is a right way to see country into this country and that is using a lawful port of entry. >> reporter: the pentagon announcing 250 troops moving from arizona to eagle pass will help things as well but on this
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side they are taking it seriously. we spoke with the man in charge of reparations, josé corona and here is what he said americans to take to heart about how hard they are preparing to secure the area. >> it is important to us that week stay safe. that is why we have them here, respecting human rights, respecting all the needs, giving them all the support. >> reporter: here is the kicker. a new caravan set to start this morning in hunter us. that is where this caravan began on january 15th. >> we continue to follow the caravans, another one popping up. thank you. the illegal immigrant charged with murdering police corporal
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ronald thing --ronil singh shot him on the day after christmas, they are indicted on federal charges, hiding from police and lying to investigators. we will hear from his brother in the 8:00 hour of "fox and friends". a marine veteran killed in the line of duty, the milwaukee police department mourning the loss of matthew whitner, shot while serving a warrant. how officers, firefighters and the community saluting a fallen hero. >> it is a hard thing to watch. >> police officers are doing their job and look what is happening to them. >> one person is under arrest. he is the third milwaukee officer killed in the last eight months.
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milwaukee bucks honoring him with a moment of silence before last night's game. he received several awards throughout his 17 year career and leaves behind a wife and son. he is the seventh officer killed in the line of duty this year. the man accused of kidnapping jayme closs and murdering her parents appearing in court for the first time, jake patterson's hearing only lasted three minutes. he will be arraigned next month. patterson was arrested after 13-year-old jayme closs escaped activity after 88 days. he admitted to the kidnapping and the killing. he has not entered a plea. let's talk about the weather, some parts of the country not feeling like spring, they are dealing with freezing rain and snow threatening millions as a deadly storm sweeps across the nation. look at this turmeric video showing the moment a school bus flipped on its side after hitting a patch of ice, no
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students were seriously injured. in michigan dozens of people were forced from their homes after floodwaters turned into chunks of ice. in wisconsin traffic coming to a crawling stop thanks to a jackknifed semitruck and janice dean will be up with much more on that. and if you are as donald trump will speak at the national prayer breakfast in washington. the event gathers religious leaders and diplomats from around the world, the third time the president will address the breakfast and we will bring you his remarks live, stay tuned for that. ivanka trump set to be a new program helping women around the world, the women's couple developed and prosperity initiative will be unveiled today, the white house says it will promote job-training and economic growth for 50 million women. ivanka, senior white house advisor writing wall street jalopy, quote, by investing in women we are investing in a
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future in which countries can support themselves by unleashing the potential of their own people. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and donald trump says isis could lose all of its territory within a week. how realistic is that timeline. dan hoffman says the fight won't end even after our troops leave syria and he joins us live next. and outrageous rainy day fund. one state wants to tax the rain. ♪ ♪ ♪ hoo
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- want to take your next vacation to new heights? tripadvisor now lets you book over 100,000 tours, attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world like new york, from bus tours to breathtaking adventures. tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip monumental. read reviews, check hotel prices, book things to do, tripadvisor. >> the united states military, our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all the territory previously held by isis, it should be formally announced sometime next week that we will have 100% of the
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caliphate. >> donald trump making a big prediction that isis could be completely decimated by next week. how likely is that timeline and is that what he meant by that statement, here's the former station chief in moscow who is about to join the intelligence advisory board. thank you for joining us on this important topic. let's begin there. you heard the president speaking, by next week, 100% of the caliphate. is that possible? >> yesterday was a powerful moment with the president addressing representatives from 79 nations altogether in the coalition, the global coalition to defeat isis in the president saying he was honored to be among them, thanking them for the work to destroy the so-called caliphate but reminding them there is work to do going forward for many years to find and fix and eliminate
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what he called remanence of isis. heather: you can compare january 2015 the area ice is controlled and compare that to december 2018 and it is pretty dramatic. how have we managed to do it? it is a team sport. >> it sure is. to highlight the importance of illuminating the so-called caliphate we know from 9/11 the most important lesson is when terrorists enjoy ungoverned space they will plot against the homeland. we laminated a magnet for jihadists to travel to a place where they could fight illuminated isis, the value for isis of having the so-called caliphate, the propaganda boom for them. we mount a lot of air attacks against them and a credit to our
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military and intelligence, something that requires boots on the ground and intelligence collection on where these guys are and how to get at them. it is painstaking work but our team is outstanding. they deserve all the credit the president gave them. todd: 1 way they've been able to recruit people is the use of the internet and the president talked about that as well. so in terms of the internet usage. >> yes, he did, absolutely and it is important we were able to eliminate their access to the internet which was important for them in terms of propaganda. we struggled with this for years in iraq. denying them cyberspace angiographic space is key to a limited in their ability to recap, region and beyond and the other thing the president
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highlighted was how many innocent civilians we have rescued from this brutal isis rule. heather: still a lot to do that we have to locate the isis leader. >> he still at large. we eliminated many of his leaders but there is still more targets out there and more work to be done but that is why yesterday's be was important. heather: we appreciate your expertise as always, have a good day. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and mike penn sleeping into action after a coast guard member faints on stage. >> i came to say thank you. >> the praise pouring in on social media. i'm a veteran
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my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. jillian: former espn jamal hill facing back lash following a deleted tweet alluding to assassinating donald trump during the state of the union. carly shimkus with fox news headlines serious xm 115 here with the full scoop, what in the world? >> reporter: it started when hill posted a sweet suggesting alexandria ocasio-cortez yellow the phrase get your hand out of my pocket during the state of the union address. that is the same phrase an assassin yelled before malcolm x was murdered in 1965 so after that tweet started getting unwanted attention, hill deleted
1:24 am
it and apologized saying let me be clear. i have often disagreed with many of the president's policies, his behavior and rhetoric but i would never call for violence against him or any person. i apologize for breathing life to such an absurd assumption. he posted some old tweets that show she used the phrase in a lighthearted context before. donald from junior responded in a tweet to her current employer the atlantic saying is this acceptable for one of your writers? do you condone it or will you the visual your inevitable in action speak for itself? asking for rational americans. the atlantic has yet to publicly respond. >> so a ocl that out? >> he was making a joke on twitter and suggested alexandria ocasio-cortez yellow that, the same phrase yelled before the
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murder of malcolm x. >> instagram craziness, apologizing to kaylee mcinerney for removing a post saying she was bullying. >> instagram is apologizing for suspending kaylee mcinerney after she posted elizabeth foreign's registration card where she identified as an american indian, kaylee mcinerney says instagram accused her of harassing, bullying and blackmail. now instagram saying it was a mistake, we incorrectly removed this image for including personal information. on secondary review we confirm it included an office address and not a personal home address. the content has been restored and we apologized for the mistake, kaylee is understandably not happy. >> look at her social media and what she has to say about it.
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the vice president leaping into action. >> coast guard work every single day tirelessly to protect us, now mike pence is giving back in a way, he sprang to action when a coast guard member fainted during the recent speech, watch this. >> it became close. >> what are the odds of after situation? the vice president being praised on social media. mike pence is a class act, once we thing good job, amazing you move so quickly to help someone. heather: the person is okay, appreciate it, have a great day. the time is half past the top of the hour, live look at capitol hill, congress battling over the border wall with another
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shutdown looming in just eight days, the possibility of that, tom fitton calling out republican leaders for not ending the gridlock and joins us live up next. forget illegal immigrants, one mayor wants to build a wall to keep out teslas. the joke that has fallen flat this morning. ♪ i want to ride it all night long. ♪ if you are going our way ♪ i went to drive it all night long ♪
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has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at >> welcome back to "fox and friends first," 4:30 on the east coast. a look at top stories this morning. democrat from the state of virginia and political turmoil, the embedded lieutenant governor justin fairfax is lawyering up against expose of sexual assault claims as mark haring is under
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fire for admitting to wearing black facing college intentions rising on the southern border, thousands of migrants, border patrol agents will only allow 20 people to cross into the us today, migrants could stay in mexico for 3 months as they wait for asylum. another caravan will leave for the southern border today. donald trump calls adam schiff a, quote, political hack after the california democrat and chairman of the house intelligence committee announced a new investigation into the president's foreign business relationships and russian meddling. i democrat led investigations biased against the president? the president of judicial watch, thank you for joining us early in the morning, we appreciate it. what about this? we need another russia investigation? >> this would be an extension of
1:32 am
abusive investigations that began with again democrats, the democratic national committee, hillary clinton campaign manufactured this russia collusion unicorn theory. mister schiff is taking it up and will keep on his party's abuse of power to target donald trump. you can issue fbi essay warrants but he and his administration will start fishing around in his personal finances which would be outrageous and looks like mister schiff is going to be political opposition researcher for whatever democrat candidate chooses to take on donald trump. it is not about the public interest. heather: he said he would do this but the day after the state of the union where the president talked about economic miracles happening and saying the only thing that can stop at our
1:33 am
fullest wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations and adam schiff the very day after announcing this. >> that was a charitable description by donald trump of what he is facing, they want to overthrow him and democrats have this fever dream of impeachment and adam schiff is setting the groundwork for it. >> let's talk about james comey saying 0 chance hillary clinton will be prosecuted for emails based on facts. i want your response to this. >> there is 0 chance, 0 chance on the facts in the hillary clinton case that she will be prosecuted and you are out of your mind if you -- the facts were not there. heather: what do you think of that? >> according to recent testimony, his top lawyers
1:34 am
brought a case, mister comey will not confess he let hillary clinton get away with the crime, he will not confess that he ignored putting information on her server in violation of rules against handling classified information. is not going to admit he destroyed evidence or much of her team lied without consequence, he's not going to admit that and everyone of the for the half-million americans with security clearances know she should have been prosecuted but what is problematic about what comey said is what about this justice department and this fbi, do they still concern or ratify comey's position here. it speaks, extraordinarily disappointing and outrageous this justice department and this fbi haven't taken up the issue of whether hillary clinton should or shouldn't have been prosecuted and as far as
1:35 am
judicial watch is concerned, they have been opposing her from for this. we've gotten discovery from a federal court judge in these email questions will be coming up again at least in the civil case. the fbi -- heather: i mentioned this several times, republican congressional leadership, how responsible are they for the gridlock on the border wall, securing the border, eight days out we could have another shutdown, the president possibly going to declare a national emergency to get funding for portions of this barrier but what about republicans and how responsible are they for this? >> if it were up to republican leadership on the hill we would never have a border wall, never would have had a major vote on
1:36 am
it. republicans controlled congress for two years in the border wall was not a priority for them. the $5 billion donald trump wanted which is only a portion of what is required for a full border wall was only put in at his insistence that the last minute as congress was leaving town last fall and so paul ryan specifically in the house did not have this is one of his priorities and the reason we are in this fight is donald trump insisted congress handle this issue and it is inexcusable that the republican controlled congress didn't give donald trump a border wall or the voters that put them into office, which was something many voters were concerned about. >> voters put him in office on one of his key issues and roadblocks all along the way, not just the border wall but all things, thank you for joining
1:37 am
us, we appreciate can, lots to talk with you about today, time is 20 minutes until the top of the our. he was nearly shot to death during congressional baseball practice in 2017. i can't believe it was that long ago and now steve scalise is calling out democrats for refusing to hear his testimony on gun violence. >> we renew our resolve that america will never the a socialist country. >> many are calling that the line of the night including our next guest who says the state of the union was one of donald trump's best speeches. james comey joins us live next. ♪
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shannon: brand-new images just released appear to show an
1:41 am
iranian satellite launch. this was obtained by the company digital globe showing what appears to be rocket up the country's space center. the picture on the right was taken the next day showing no rocket and what could be burn marks on the launch pad. they have been criticized for helping ballistic missiles, iranian media has not commented on a launch. nicholas madero using the military to start much-needed aid from entering his country. a fuel tanker and cargo trailer blocking a bridge on the colombian border. juan guaido without to bring in food and medicine. the trump administration promise $21 million in aid. mike pompeo tweeting and part the madero regime must let the aid reach the starving people. donald trump vowing america will never succumb to socialist agenda. >> we are alarmed by the new
1:42 am
calls to adopt socialism. we renew our resolve that america will never be a socialist country. >> now the progressives pushing those policies are accusing the president of using scare tactics. joining us to discuss is james comeare. let's look at those comments. alexandria ocasio-cortez off camera, one of the things she said, i thought it was great, he is scared. he sees everything closing in on him and he is losing the battle of public opinion. do you agree? >> the only people that are scared of socialism is everybody over 30 years old in america
1:43 am
that studied socialism and the few countries remaining across the globe that are still socialist countries. donald trump said what he needed to say and reassure america despite democrat gains in the last election and despite the fact that bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez are the spokespeople for the democratic party, the united states will never be a socialist country. >> to hear them still touting that when we heard the president go through a number of successes, specifically economic successes, it is interesting that people don't pay so much attention to that. you are a farmer from kentucky with a soybean farm, correct? >> soybean, corn, we do everything in kentucky. >> i have the economic policies impacted people you know? >> kentucky is like every other state, we are in an economic boom because of the president's
1:44 am
policies, the policies of congress over the past two years, we have illuminated the job killing regulations obama put around our economy, lowered taxes, you are seeing massive growth in jobs which is important. the case for a lot of countries for socialism was that economic times but in america we are experiencing good economic times especially in kentucky, the president did a great job talking about his accomplishments with respect to the economy and had a great vision for the future. shannon: in terms of the trade agreement with china, what needs to be done and what would you be willing to accept? >> the president is right on, we needed to do something, you mentioned agriculture. unfortunately for farmers in america we are on the front lines, we had a good relationship with china, we had
1:45 am
a surplus in agriculture with china but every farmer strongly supports the president because farmers are patriotic, they realize if we don't do something to bring back good paying manufacturing jobs a lot of the children from our families will not be able to stay in rural communities because there will not be those opportunities, we are going to revitalize rural america for manufacturing, donald trump realizes that and what he's doing with china is forward. heather: you were a front-runner on the farm bill so we should listen to you, you know what you are talking about. one comment on this, donald trump taking a dig at ridiculous partisan investigations in the state of the union address, adam schiff announcing another russia investigation. what are your thoughts on that? >> i'm a member of the oversight reform committee. we will be on the frontlines of
1:46 am
the intelligence and judiciary committee but i think the president is right. the american people are sick and tired of the mueller investigation. the overwhelming majority of people in my district in kentucky believe it is a witchhunt. i believe the democrats need to focus on things that are important to americans. we have an immigration crisis in america, we have a border security crisis in america and we need to focus on the economy. as good as the economy has been we can do better but unfortunately democratic congress are obsessed with donald trump, they are with his investigation and it is very unfortunate. shannon: we can do better, for sure. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, elizabeth for apologizing once again, put on blast over her latest claims of being an american indian and forget illegal immigrants. one mayor wants to build a wall
1:47 am
to keep out teslas. the joke that is causing flak this morning. ♪ hit the road jack and don't you come back no more ♪ hit the road jack
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heather: congressman steve scalise slamming house democrats for refusing to let him testify -- testify at a gun violence hearing. >> they think they can silence conservative voices that they can silence our voices. i will get this message out, taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens to have a gun. if the bill had passed it would not have stopped the shooting that happened. >> shot and killed -- nearly killed scalise in 2017.
1:51 am
the are in c wants elizabeth warren disciplines over her newest controversy, the creatures is worn's claim of being, quote, american indian on her texas bar registration violates moral character and fitness standards. the presidential hopeful is quickly backtracking. >> he is and campaigning, she's apologizing. >> an apology from the heart. >> reporter: she saying something she wrote in 1986 when registering for state bar of texas that her races american indian. >> this was 30 years ago and i am not -- >> that contrite tone is a contrast from a month ago when a defined warren release dna test results. >> suggests you have native american ancestry. >> reporter: it reveals was 1/1024 american blood but no amount of blood determines a person's tribe.
1:52 am
>> i should have been more mindful of the distinction with tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty. >> reporter: why claim to be american indian in the first place? cherokee nation pointed to this recent op-ed by their secretary of state explaining, quote, every day people make claims of native heritage and cherokee ancestry across the country to take advantage of laws intended to level the playing field for indians. she said she didn't like to get ahead. >> nothing about my background ever had anything to do with any job i got. >> reporter: the president of the navajo nation says she appears eager to be an advocate for american indians. >> it set the tone for what she wants to do, helping out indigenous people throughout the united states. >> reporter: this >> this races about issues and i urge us to look at the issues. >> reporter: in the last week is with worn has offered apologies to the cherokee nation and
1:53 am
voters on capitol hill. peter doocy, fox news. heather: the time is 10 minutes until the top of the our, residents concern watch their hard-earned dollars go down the drain with the rain. a toddler clause his way into the toy machine. how does he get out? ♪ hoo
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>> saving up for a rainy day could take a whole new meaning in new jersey. democrat governor phil murphy must decide whether to sign a rain tax into law. this would allow towns to collect fees from homeowners and businesses with paved surfaces to upgrade drains and stores. supporters say it is necessary since rainwater can mix with pollutants and cause harm to the environment. a rain tax. a california mayor is under fire after a joke about keeping teslas out of his city falls flat. >> you heard about the wall along the southern border. this is the wall around cupertino. >> the mayor making those comments in his state of the city address attempting to make a joke about traffic when
1:58 am
talking about housing, critics say it wasn't funny and he needs to focus on the area's housing crisis. new calls for the ways apps to stop telling drivers about police check points, the nypd is demanding google pool the feature from its navigation apps. that the provinces it puts the public at risk since it could allow impaired drivers to avoid the checkpoints meant to stop them. police warning people who post the information online those who post it could face, no charges as well. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. a miracle on ice. a doctor saves a hockey player when his heart stops in the middle of the game. look at this incredible video showing the doctor performing cpr after the man collapsed on the ice in north carolina. >> gratitude comes from how fast, he's my guardian angel.
1:59 am
. >> the player made a full recovery. scary stuff. now the bad. look at this toddler in alabama, got stuck in a claw machine, the boy's parent say he climbed into get a toy while his family was having pizza. >> my daughter came running over to me, i didn't think you could climb into that game, never a worry about his. >> first responders had to take the machine apart because no one had a key. the boy was free 20 minutes later it is okay and barely got a toy too so that is good. the ugly. kfc pulling out all the stops for valentine's day, offered a chance to win this, the colonel sanders burke skin rug. the contest also includes kfc themed date night for a year. look at that. that is creepy. that is really creepy. i have nothing to say about that. that wraps up this hour of "fox
2:00 am
and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. what do you think of that? shannon: at the top of my list. interesting. it is thursday, february 7th. another plot twist in virginia's political crisis, the state attorney general embroiled in a blackface controversy of his own. >> what is next for 3 democrats at the top of virginia's political.? a live report on some bombshell developments coming up in the latest caravan has arrived in new reports that another is heading north. >> congress has a week to find a solution, can they do it? coming up, the fight to keep the government funded in the border secure. >> we got to bust through some walls to make changes. >> is what i think of the front wall. >> a democrat breaking down barriers by running right through.


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