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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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heather: everybody goes down. all wraps up this hour, "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, stay warm if you're out there. "fox & friends" continues right now, bye bye. jillian: good morning, march fourth, fox news alert, 2 dozen people are dead after massive tornado outbreak tears a path of destruction and devastation throughout the southeast, live with the urgent search of survivors. rob: tracking the winter storm that has much of the east coast. >> i know i am an american citizen, i have no other citizenship. >> also hours from now attorneys for the american isis bride will make her case for coming home. jillian: serious security reasons for the trump
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administration's fight to keep her out. >> we are living in full-pledged crisis in our democracy. rob: how she and also some 2020 hopefuls used the somber day in selma to go after the president. "fox & friends first" continues right now. jillian: thank you for starting your day was, let's get straight to fox news alert. tornado carves a path of destruction in alabama, powerful twitters tearing apart homes in parts of the south. rob: take a look at some of the video on your screen, unbelievable. more on the very deadly devastating in the south.
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>> that's right, rob and jillian and the number of victims expected to go up today, had to pause last night because it was too dangerous to do in the dark, the damage catastrophic with homes destroyed. take a look at that. southern alabama, 100 miles southwest of alabama, the sheriff of lee county says the tornado traveled along a state road leaving a path of destruction at least a mile long and a quarter mile wide. local mayor there says this was a very powerful storm. >> we had elderly people trapped in the house but words cannot describe it. trailer homes turned upside down. damage is unbelievable. >> yeah, it is, listen to this woman here.
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>> i grabbed the dog and went into the closet and i'm holding the door and a few minutes later i could hear the wind and the house moving. >> and president trump tweeting about this, take a look at this, he says to the great people of alabama and surrounding areas, please be careful and safe, tornadoes and storms were truly violent and more could be coming. to the families and friends of the victims an to the injured, god bless you all. violent storms also ripping through parts of florida, south carolina and georgia where a twister tore through a church, listen to, this incredibly left the pulpit standing, unbelievable. in the meantime back in lee county officials are using drone equipped with heat-seeking device to scan area for survivors, that search resumes this morning at daylight, guys. rob: okay, we will follow it, aeisha, thanks so much.
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jillian: local pilot was also killed, the u.s. embassy has identified 3 of the victims as andrew burke and the chopper went down in remote island in national park, the crash comes less than a month after 3 americans were killed in another plane crash in kenya. today the woman who left to join isis could learn if she can learn to the united states. former army specialist. >> if this happens, heather, we tell the world that in the united states you can betray your country, fight for a terrorist group and you can kill americans and you can come back and find some people that will are reinforceful and will help you out, it's ridiculous.
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>> the trump administration says muthana is not a u.s. citizen and the family claiming she's a citizen and has the right to return. >> a dual u.s. saudi citizen has been held captive for 2 years, u.s. officials confirming walid is detained after the family claimed he's being tortured. gained citizenship while studying in the u.s. before returning to his native country to fund a hospital in 2006. state department urging to treat prisoners and detainers humanly and to ensure that allegations of abuse are investigated quickly and thoroughly. american diplomats have visited in the past.
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jillian: griff jenkins live in washington with more of the president's response. >> here come the newly empowered house democrats and investigations expanding russia probe and raising obstruction of justice. nadler will be requesting documents today, trump organization cfo, nadler wasn't shy of end game but says they are not there yet. >> impeachment is not along the road. >> lack of production, their probes will show direct evidence of russian collusion. >> there's abundant evidence of collusion. >> i think there's enormous amounts of evidence.
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>> but the president was blasting back over twitter calling all of this presidential harassment by crazy democrats at the highest level in the history of the country, like wise the most vicious and corrupt mainstream media that any president had yet to endure yet most successful 2 years for any president, we are winning big, the envy of the world but just think what it could be. the president's former lawyer michael cohen will be back on the hill this week behind closed doors and finally, we still have no idea exactly when we can expect the mueller report to be submitted or released although we keep hearing we are getting close, rob, jillian. rob: next week, every week. while democrats ramp up own collusion investigations, the president is trying to push forward with his agenda. >> house oversight ranking member jim jordan has allowed the president to stay successful in the face of adversity. >> what i know is what the president has done 2 years as president of the united states,
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the democrats never want to talk, the press never wants to talk about. think about the 2 years of president trump's leadership, lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, gorsuch and kavanaugh on the court, embassies in jerusalem, hostages from north korea, nafta agreement coming. that's what i tend to focus on, the amazing record we have seen under the leadership of president trump and you guys want to talk about a lawyer that worked for him for 10 years and came in and tole all kinds of lies, six lies which he said on the witness stand. rob: new protests expected in venezuela as opposition leader juan guiado returns to the country, guiado recognized by the united states and many other countries as interim president has been traveling lout latin america building support against the regime of disputed president nicolás maduro. violent protests turned deadly
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last month as humanitarian crisis intensified. maduro has been blocking united states aid from coming into this country. the u.s. and china are closing on deal to end costly tariff for the two nations ending tariff agreement to ease restrictions according to wall street journal, beijing reportedly offering to lift tariffs on u.s. farm, chemical and auto products, president trump and chinese president xi jinping expected to meet in mar a alago. jillian: democrat reportedly filing candidacy to sec this morning, hinting at presidential run for months and has visited early voting states, he's expected to kick off campaign at an event in denver on thursday. rob: all right, he's famous for coaching the clemsen tigers team, the coach is taking a
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swing at baseball, check this out. >> that's it, that's it. [laughter] [inaudible] rob: national champ taking batting practice. wow, from both sides. jillian: yes. rob: with the st. louis cardinals in florida, spring training. jillian: he also spoke to the team about the culture of championship. i don't know if he's a lefty in real life. rob: strange birds. 10 minutes after the hour, i'm kidding, 4 republicans set to vote against president trump's emergency declaration giving the senate snuff votes to overturn it. former acting ice director tom hogan saying congress fail to go
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because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. rob: welcome back, president trump's emergency declaration facing backlash from both sides of the aisle, 4 republican senators will follow the house and vote to block the president's order. jillian: but what message does this send to border agents that are fighting to protect our country from serious threats every single day. here now to weigh in former acting director of ice and fox news contributor tom homan, thanks for your time this morning. what's your message to those who want to block this? >> well, once again, the
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president is proving he's a great president and they have a president who is trying to fix the problem, congress is not backing them up. the whole reason there's an issue on the border to begin with is because congress has failed to close the loopholes that causes these groups to come to the united states. before i retired i was with the secretary, 2 or 3 things you can do that's going to secure this border and stop this, you know, this surge of families coming. they failed to do it. congress likes to point at the congress' ratings, 45% approval, 40% approval, i guaranty their approval rate is a lot less because once again the president is on his own and they fail to do their job. rob: let's look at the four senators that are going to flip and probably force the president to use veto. you have rand paul, murkowski and collins are the moderate and
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tom from north carolina are worried about democrats doing the same thing. the president said democrats will do this anyway. i might as well do it. what do you think of that? >> they have proven it. president obama, how long did he say he could not fix the daca situation. it's illegal, he hasn't got the authority to give people status but he did it and the dems are okay with it and he was sued over it. this president tried to end it and the courts say you can't end it, so they have shown, it's ridiculous argument and, again, what people need to understand is the president's failure on the border is america's failure, if the president does not get the security he needs on the border, the country is less safe. i don't think if republicans or democrats, there's no downside on securing the border, it's a threat to american people.
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jillian: let's talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez for a second here, yet again we are seeing attacks against ice, this is a tweet from her march second over the weekend, if you're mad that i think people should know and people vote to extend ice powers, ice is a dangerous agency can zero accountability, wide spread reporting of rape, abuse of power and children dying in dhs custody, having a d next to your name doesn't make that right, your response. >> ice isn't dangerous, what's dangerous you have a congresswoman that does not follow through. she doesn't know fact from fiction, she said 3 things that ice was injecting children with antipsychotic drugs, never happened, there was an allegation that hhs did something like that, but she failed to mention those were unsubstantiated.
2:18 am
massive report of rape, let me make something clear. a child has never entered a family residential center and died. it's never happened. a child never died in ice custody. rob: when i hear the arguments usually from the far left when they say things like this, reminds me on attacks on police, they take one or two bad stories from massive agencies and try to paint the entire agency bad ignoring all the great work that police and that ice does in the country. >> excellent question, let's give aoc a couple of facts, number one, ice arrest dangerous criminals, 266,000 criminals, 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sexual assault, ice rescued 310 women from trafficking, they are not raping, they are rescuing them. ice rescued over 800 children from predators last year, they found them, rescued them and put them in safe hands, they rescued children and not kill them.
2:19 am
they arrested 2,000 predators and put them in jail, we took 5,000 criminals off the streets of new york, so, you know, we arrest dangerous people and ocasio-cortez should be saying thank you to men and women of ice who definite the nation and put lives on the line. rob: all the stories. jillian: a child in front of a train as it barrels down the track, the stunt that is stunning commuters. >> truth, facts and reason are under assault. we are living through a full-pledged crisis in our democracy. rob: and hillary is back marching in selma and slamming the trump administration and she did not come along, and 2020 presidential democrats walking along side
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. jillian: welcome back, deadly ms13 gang driving police officers out of el salvador, according to washington post, cops fear for their lives after 9 officers were killed in the central american country in january alone at least 21 cops have been resettled by the un or given asylum in the u.s., now some officers are considering a police-only caravan, last week the nypd put out a warning that ms13 is looking to target cops at their home. rob: hillary clinton says our democracy is in crisis during weekend of events remembering the civil rights movement. >> this is a time, my friends, when fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts
2:24 am
and reason are under assault. we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy. rob: there you have it. former secretary of state making comments in salma, alabama as the country marks 54 years since bloody sunday. hillary clinton did not mention president trump but says the current administration keeps racist views alive. jillian: top democrat in house oversight committee, the president overruled concerns by intelligence officials to give son-in-law and senior adviser clearance, democrats are threatening to subpoena if the white house does not send the documents. rob: adviser to the president ivanka trump is shedding light on success of first 2 years of trump administration.
2:25 am
ivanka continues to lead education and work reforms saying these are policies that help all americans. >> very little opportunities for someone who wants to go vocational route, technical route because all the money is into a 4-year college system but one of the things we are working with congress on doing is higher education reform. we want to unleash innovation, we want america to be the best place for entrepreneurs, for companies to open and run their businesses and that will create jobs. i think fundamentally if you ask yourself the question are we better today than we were yesterday or we were 2 years ago, the answer is undoubtedly yes, that's what we want in a leader and the president has proven ability to execute on that mission. rob: ivanka has led the charge on one to have key figures behind the administration initiatives. jillian: 25 minutes after the hour, she thought she was applying for school right up the
2:26 am
street but maybe she needs geography mistake that's going viral. >> all of a sudden they are trying to take you out with bull shit. we believe in the american dream, not in the socialist nightmare. rob: if you didn't catch the speech saturday night, you missed the 2-hour show, president trump in 2016 campaign form during fiery cpac, would that help him win in 2020? we will debate next
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around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. jillian: good morning, welcome back, a look at top headlines, at least 23 people are dead including children after tornado carves a path of destruction across alabama. officials in lee county are now using drones equipped with peep-seeking devices to scan
2:30 am
area for survivors, the storm system with violent weather. today the woman who left america to join isis could learn if she can return to the united states, attorney for hoda muthama are expected in court today, trump administration says she's not a u.s. citizen and she can't come back. the family sued the administration claiming she's a citizen and has right to return michael cohen to lay the ground work for impeachment. democrat jerry nadler says former lawyer implicated the president several times. documents from donald trump, jr. and others named by cohen in public testimony last week. snowstorm pounding the east coast overnight shutting down schools and causing major problems on the roads, all
2:31 am
travel actually, new york city getting several inches of slushy snow. the storm already canceling more than a 100 flights out of the area. snow falling from new jersey up to new england before it pushes offshore, janice dean joins us live on fox, under winter weather alert, this is a big one, janice. >> it is, jillian, same storm system, cold front that brought tornadoes across the southeast, we had over 95 reports of tornadoes yesterday, let's take a look at it where we had, of course, devastating damage and, of course, tornado deaths which is just so tragic unfortunately but this is because of the cold front of this powerful winter storm and there's where we typically see tornadoes this time of year, so not a surprise that we see tornadoes in this part of the country but we have been low so far in tornado reports this unfortunately makes up for it. okay, so the cold side of the storm bringing several inches of snow, close to a foot of snow in
2:32 am
parts of northeast, snowfall totals that i gathered last hour, connecticut, over 10-inches, parts of connecticut getting close to a foot of snow, in new york, interior section got over 6-inches, new jersey over 7-inches and the storm system is exiting but i must caution that the temperatures are going to be very cold, record cold over the next several days so any wet streets, wet roadways, potential for freeze is very high, so that's going to be the next danger as we go through the next couple of days even though it looks like it's melted it might not be. rob, back to you. rob: serious blizzards down south. the president igniting cpac with what many conservatives are calling his best speech yet using the same passionate rally cry that is worked so well in
2:33 am
2016. the collusion delusion, all of a sudden they are trying to take you out with bull shit, okay, we will always defend america's borders. our immigration system is so broken, folks, the new green deal, whatever the hell they call it, we believe in american dream and not in the socialist nightmare. rob: the kinds of speeches worked well getting him elected but will this fiery rhetoric be the key of winning in 2020, can it work for reelection, here to debate senior vice president of america rising alexandria and democratic strategists kevin chávez. kevin, i want to start with you. i know you probably hated the speech but it's hard -- to go for 2 hours and keep people into it the way he can, he has something very special when he connects with people that way, what do you think? >> i agree the speech at cpac
2:34 am
threw plenty of read meat to the base and got great reviews as you mention and a recent poll shows that president trump is still very strong among his base, but in some ways that's his problem too because he hasn't really expanded beyond the people who are hard-core supporters of his. in recent poll that came out that almost 4 in 10 people would not vote for the president, he does have headwinds he has to face as he prepares 2020, but the speech felt like campaign kickoff speech, felt like the first official campaign event frankly. it's going to be interesting but i do think he has headwinds with russia investigation, the public doesn't trust him on that and some of the other issues so we will see how independents and people in the middle respond to it. rob: alex, kevin raises a good point, the president's diminishing base, according to
2:35 am
some polls it's not that big anymore. can he get it back, can he get to a point where he can win in 2020? >> i think what the cpac reminded me of 2015-2016 rallies that he used to do and the reason why is because he has spoken away to the american people and the voters sound to be authentic and spoke in such a creative way that ended up breaking through the traditional sort of editorializing that went on, you know, in news rooms across the country and i think that, you know, he's rised a new cycle, that's for sure and conventional candidate on the democratic side i think giving himself or herself really playing catch-up. rob: kevin, second topic, we want to talk about electoral college and the movement in the country. we will show you a list of states that have either passed or introduced what's called a national popular vote bill, kind of gaining steam and you'll notice that these are all blue
2:36 am
states here, but democrats have come up with this idea, what do you make of this, kevin? >> well, has gotten steam in like you mentioned some of the blue states, colorado, governor indicated he just signed the bill which would bring i believe the total number of electoral votes who are in the compact to 180, 181 something like that, well short of the 270 that would be required to make sure that the popular vote winner would win the 270 electoral votes required to win. rob: i'm sure you will say you don't like the idea as republican, the reason the electoral college exists is because the founders from what i've read didn't necessarily trust pure democracy in purest form. >> sure. rob: but i guess the other side would be if you're a republican living in a blue state or democrat living in red state, why do you bother to vote, you know what's going to happen?
2:37 am
>> i think the democrats willingness to change the rules when the rules no longer benefit them. rob: right. >> good example of this other than the popular vote is that the democratic socialists of america are talking about abolishing the senate. i think it just so happens that the senate happens to be under gop control pushing through all the judicial nominations and in doing so they are undermining our republican system of government. this is exactly what the founders feared and my colleague colin reed pointed out in column in, the bills that are to embrace democracy, it's not like nebraska and maine are doing it proportionately by congressional districts. they are trying to build the blue wall that was tored down in 2016. rob: political reason behind everything that happens in washington. guys, thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. rob: congresswoman omar, talked about her lately, slammed by
2:38 am
antisemitic comments. how she's responding coming up. a question that's taking over everyone's timeline, what is this? why are parents throwing slices at cheeses on kids faces, carley will try to explain this, although i don't know if anybody can. that's coming up
2:39 am
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2:41 am
rob: congresswoman omar known for comments of israel is now being called by her own party. jillian: carley shimkus fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115 with what everyone is saying. carley: after she apologized for making antisemitic comments she's once again being accused of making an antisemitic comment, let's see if we can get this right here. this time it happened during an event in washington, d.c., omar
2:42 am
suggested that proisraeli lobbyist groups are pushing politicians to pledge allegiance to israel. many says this promotes stereotype of loyalty that jewish americans are more loyal to israel than to america. democratic congresswoman from new york nida she's upset over this, lawmakers must be able to debate without prejudice and bigotry, i'm saddened that congresswoman mischaracterizes support for israel. well, congresswoman omar responded in series of tweets, i am told every day that i'm antiamerican if i'm not proisrael, i find that to be problematic and i'm not alone, i happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks. well, social media now weighing
2:43 am
in on this latest controversy, one person tweeting this at congresswoman loey saying, thank you for being one of the few democrats to stand up for what is right and david on social media chiming in, waste of time, twice admonished by fellow democrats which tells me she doesn't care what they think, she now has a national stage to spread anger, disguise, a lot of backlash on this one. rob: this one was one of my favorites on the weekend, aoc wants us to go emission free in 10 years and i need to preface this, we live in the a, few city where is you don't need a car and the subway is better and a car is a burden here and yet she still uses a car. >> yeah, that's exactly -- according to new york post, since declaring her candidacy she's taken over 1,000 car service rides and spent over
2:44 am
$29,000 on those rides even though, rob, like you say, her queens headquarters was about a minute from the subway, so this bombshell report came out and she responded to it on twitter saying, i also fly and use air-conditioning, living in the world as it is isn't an argument against working towards a better future, the green new deal is about putting a lot of people to work and developing new technologies, building new infrastructure and getting up to 100% renewable energy. is this going to fly on social media? well, not really, liberty on twitter says, when someone tries to tell others how to live, they should set an example and then another twitter user chiming in saying, hypocrite to the core, so she is facing major backlash and also seeing leaving parade yesterday and she got into a mini van. rob: that's right. jillian: are people throwing
2:45 am
cheese at their kids' faces, what the heck is this? carley: yeah, this is the latest challenge to go viral on social media, parents everywhere throwing cheese at their babies faces to see if it will stick. the story hitting close to home because our own peeing -- pete hegseth took part of challenge. got it on the top of her head, social media loving and also very confused by this challenge. jillian: we could have tried it on rob today. rob: throw cheese at me any time you want. jillian: appreciate it. thanks a lot. rob: the president vowing to fight for free speech on college campuses and giving our next guest shout-out on cpac. candice owens. jillian: first let's check in with steve doocy.
2:46 am
good morning. >> coming up in about 15 minutes we are supposed to go live to alabama where the sheriff in lee county who is probably going to have a press conference to talk about the close to 2 dozen people that were killed yesterday by this tornado half a mile wide. terrible scene down in alabama and we will take you there live. also, we will be speaking to a whole litany of guests, dr. alan dershowitz, greatest legal minds will talk about how omar with more antisemitic comments. and the majority of americans are uncomfortable with supporting a socialist strategy here in the united states. trey gowdy, how democrats cling to russia-collusion theory. 14 minutes from right now, rob and jillian in the channel that everybody trusts for their morning news.
2:47 am
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rob: back now with fox news alert, tornado in the south leave nearly 2 dozen people dead and several more people hurt overnight. you can see the destruction. mark from fox affiliate in atlanta, two hours south of atlanta where many homes are completely destroyed, mark. reporter: yeah, really terrible situation, we are at the end of the 65-mile long-stretch of devastation caused by the deadly tornado. ly step out, you can take a look. this is what's left of a house, that's an actual house, a woman lived in the house for some 30 years, luckily she wasn't home when the storm came through and devastated it this morning, we
2:51 am
were out here and she was simply crying out in anguish of her loss. you could see vehicles, one of them turned over on its side, all of them obviously complete lost, further off in the distance that white house that you see there, it's been picked up and thrown off of its foundation into the street, it's going to take quite a bit of time for the folks to be able to pick up the pieces in talbotton, fortunately no one died, i'm marc for fox news. jillian: president trump now vowing to defend free speech on college campuses after the assault of a conservative student in california berkeley. >> i'm proud to announce that i would be very soon signing executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want
2:52 am
federal assistance. i love young americans, speaking of young americans, candice, stand up. jillian: so what does this say about his support for young conservatives? here to weigh in communications director at turning point usa candice owens who the president as we just heard personally praised at cpac, thanks for joining us, what was the moment like? >> it was unreal, i mean, look, just to get a mention from the president for all of the hard work that we have done at turning point usa it did feel surreal and i can't tell you what it meant to me, i almost cried where she said he would defend us on college campuses and the right to speak. people don't know what we go through. there's entire gang organizations like an tiffa that threaten to harm us and throw things at us and we have to raise money to have a serious security team to follow us around that's incredibly difficult. for him to stand up and say, no more, you can't tell conservatives they can't speak
2:53 am
and capitalism on campus, tremendous moment in american history. jillian: move forward, candice, do you think it's enough? >> i think we will have to continue to fight, these kids are not exposed to conservative principles. what are my message when we go with charlie kirk, i say that i believe in black america, i believe that we can do it without government handouts, why is that controversial? we can't figure why that requires us to have security, why i have 100antifa protestors outside of every event trying to shut down our speech and the truth is because we make so much sense that people are afraid, that if we deliver ideas, they will follow them and they want a piece to have american dream as well. jillian: candice, you were confronted in a coffee that i've been to in philadelphia, what do you say to students on the campuses, the conservative students who might be afraid to
2:54 am
actually go out and speak about their beliefs because of what could happen to them? >> i want them to know that we are sending reinforcement. charlie kirk we do as much as we can to make sure that they are not alone, the time is now, we have a commander in chief that's in there defending us, yet people like me that are finding our voices and refuse to give up, i will never stop speaking on college campuses and we have tons of events all year so they can find each other so they don't have to hide and they can come out and they can say i'm proud to love this country and i'm proud to love america and i support free markets and capitalism. jillian: is it disappointing what is happening in college campuses and the responses from colleges? >> it's terrifying, i wasn't in college too long ago and what's happened over the last 10 years, it's a different space. when i was in college i was a democrat, i had republican friends and that was totally fine. today it is just absolutely polarizing, the kids get chased in bathrooms, they get things thrown at them, if they're wearing a shirt that they love
2:55 am
america, they are actively learning from the communist professors that they should feel ashame for loving the country. i don't know what happened. someone said that a lot of people become less intelligent when they come out of the university and i'm seeing that myself where they are being taught to hate this beautiful country and that's completely wrong. jillian: you have been fighting this fight, we know that, you have been talking about it here on fox and now as you can see the president is taking a step in that direction, candace, thank you for what you're doing and thank you for your time. appreciate it. . 2 bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static.
2:56 am
we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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jillian: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly first we start with the good. two sisters found alive after two days in the wilderness crews finding the 8 and 5-year-old more than a mile away from their california home after wandering away on fry day. tracked them down by following a trail of granola bear wrappers. a little kid surfing on a still moving train. passengers looking on as this boy clung to the back of the train in manchester, england. he looks to be 11-year-old. there are no reports he didn't get hurt or anything like that. finally the ugly, a louisiana student goes viral after applying to the wrong college. the woman tweeting i just applied to slcc for summer class only to realize it's
3:00 am
salt lake community college instead of south louisiana community college. those schools are more than 1,000 miles away. rob: at least she didn't pay tuition. jillian: have a good day. rob: happy monday. >> words cannot describe it, trailer homes turned upside down. damage is unbelievable. gore at least 23 people are dead including children after a tornado carved a path of destruction in alabama. >> this was a tornado outbreak. but the cold star of the side is what brought snow conditions across the northeast last night. >> we will do everything we can to get that evidence. we will do everything we can to get whatever evidence. >> i think congressman nadler decided to impeach the president the day the president won the election. >> but the president was fighting back over twitter. presidential harassment by crazed democrats at the highest level. >> truth, facts and reason are under


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