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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 5, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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just playing. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day. rob: this is a fox news alert. and up close look at devastation in the wake of that deadly tornado outbreak in the deep south. jillian: we take you live to the disaster zone where rescuers are ramping up a search for those who are missing. >> are you going to cooperate? >> know collusion. jillian: democrats launch a sweeping corruption probe targeting donald trump as the nation mounts over robert mueller's report. rob: is the new investigation legit or is the left looking to save face if bob mueller comes up empty? jillian: election day déjà vu. jillian: rob: what hillary clinton said about our 2020 run. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ ♪ i just want to use your love tonight ♪ i don't want to lose your love tonight ♪ jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. a nice seen out there today. rob: thanks for getting up early. we begin with a fox news alert, the search for people missing. at daybreak after the deadliest tornado outbreak in six years. families returning to destroyed communities, reduced to rubble. jillian: 23 people dead.
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officials identifying fourth-grader taylor thornton, armando hernandez, 53-year-old david wayne, his wife grieving his loss. [sobbing] >> he was the reason i lived. it was a special bond. he completed me and i completed him. rob: the storm comes in and take somebody away like that. the names of all the victims expected to be released by the sheriff department today. jillian: a heading to the disaster zone, live on the ground in beauregard in the next few minutes. the white house now accusing democrats of attacking the president to distract from a, quote, socialist agenda. rob: leaders in the house launched a series of wide-ranging investigations with potentially impeachment on the horizon. griff jenkins with how the president is responding.
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>> reporter: chairman of the house judiciary committee jared nadler is not holding back, launching a wide reaching investigation, beyond the scope of the mueller probe demanding documents from 81 people associated with the president from the white house to the campaign and family business saying the clear loss hasn't broken. >> our goal is to hold the administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, abuse of power and corruption. our goal is to vindicate rule of law. >> reporter: donald trump said he would cooperate. >> are you going to cooperate with nadler? >> i cooperate all the time. no collusion, it is all a hoax. >> reporter: chairman nadler says it is too early to talk about impeachment before they
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have all the facts. other members of his party disagree. maxine waters tweeting for the faint of heart who have been waiting for every t to be crossed and i to be dotted now is the time to demonstrate your patriotism, support impeachment. republicans see this as nothing more than democrats plan b. kevin mccarthy blasting nadler's probe. >> they know there's no collusion. we don't have to worry about that. throwing but anywhere they go. >> reporter: new attorney general william barr announced he will not recuse himself from oversight of the investigation which is believed to be wrapping up, no verification of when we may see it. jillian: anticipating seeing that. rob: democrats hedging their bets with the latest investigation anticipating bob mueller's report will show no evidence of collusion and no charge of conspiracy. jillian: kristin tate says they
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are causing more problems for themselves and for the president. >> now that very few people expect a russian collusion bombshell, democrats are prepared to investigate trump endlessly to find anything to remove him from office. the trump russia probe has pretty much existed behind-the-scenes, these new efforts will be a lot more public. and this could be damaging for trump. this will be more politically damaging for the democrats because this just reeks of a political effort by the left to remove trump from office as vengeance for him winning in 2016. democrats are obsessed with removing him from office. they've become the identity of their party and i have to think at some point the constituents of these democrats will demand something from them other than just resist trump. it doesn't seem like a great plan moving into 2020. rob: there is no specific date set for the release of the mueller report.
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jillian: the illegal immigrant charged with killing molly tibbetts wants's trial moved to somewhere more diverse. christian rivera's attorney arguing the county does not have a big enough minority population for a fair jury pool. they want his confession thrown out claiming rivera wasn't read his rights. rivera pleaded not guilty to murdering tibbetts last summer. the trial begins in september. and urgent manhunt underway for a dangerous inmate who escaped from jail. deputies say john grayson through a crawlspace and got her a razor wire fence with another inmate in mississippi. marcel martin who is charged in his wife as murder is in custody. deputies are searching for gray. he was being held on burglary charges and probation violations. rob: the president falling on state attorneys general to comply with his efforts to protect the country despite a
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flurry of legal battles aimed at blocking an emergency declaration on the southern border. >> america's southern border must be urgently and strongly secure. i urge everyone here today to make sure states and cities are fully cooperating with the department of homeland security in their life-saving mission. rob: six of 16 attorneys general that are suing attended white house event honoring chief legal officers from around the country. democratic leaders claim the president's declaration is unconstitutional. the lawsuit keep coming as 20 states file suit against the trump administration avenue abortion policy. california attorney general suing to stop the new rule which prevents taxpayer-funded clinics from referring women to abortion providers. critics worry this will redirect millions of dollars in funding from places like planned parenthood to clinics with religious affiliations.
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jillian: milania trump is headed to las vegas b best tour, she was in the townhall event on the opioid crisis one day after visiting a school in oklahoma. this is the advice she gave to students. >> come on. >> you don't have homework? you study. jillian: we all hate homework at some point. the first lady visited microsoft hq in seattle to learn more about tools, screen time for children, she will return to the white house today. rob: early in the morning, the party winding down, people walking around courtesy of earth cam. today marks the final day of mardi gras, the final day of lent notice that tuesday. celebrations wrap up at midnight tonight after days of parades and parties.
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jillian: fans bitter about that no call nfl playoff, robin ref. rob: they have a right to be angry about that. after donald trump's big election when democrats decided they wanted to change the. >> we might want to take a look at the whole electoral college. >> i think it needs to be eliminated. i would like to see us move beyond that. jillian: banding together to bypass the electoral college but could the effort hold up in court? the next guest says the founding fathers didn't make a mistake. rob: the story a lot of people are talking about. a teen gets vaccinated against his parents wishes. he prepares to share his story before congress. ♪ ain't going to live forever ♪ i just want to live when i am
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>> nearly 3 million people voted for hillary clinton more than donald trump. >> we might take a look at the whole electoral college, in which case, is seating command for president who did not get the most votes? >> i think it needs to be eliminated. i would like to see us move beyond it. rob: democrats attack the idea of the electoral college after donald trump winning in 2016. jillian:. state ending together to bypass it altogether in 2020 but is it legal. here to discuss is constitutional attorney, thank you for joining us, this is something that could actually happen? >> this is going to be challenged. if it was successful among these states that are gathering
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together to bypass our current way of voting you will see a constitutional challenge on multiple fronts. the important thing is the starting place. if you think about our founding fathers, the system is no accident. the way we elect the president was one of the last things, very last things decided during our constitutional convention. think about it, a national popular vote seems like a pretty obvious choice. the system the founding fathers envisioned, would have been cited on day one or day to. rob: there were fears of straight democracy and a straight popular vote. can you tell us a little bit about what the thinking was. >> one thing a lot of americans forget is the primacy of the state is important players in our government system. even the way the united states
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senators were originally elected and the states as important players, primacy, elements of the government even above the national government so this, the electoral college is one of the means the founding fathers used to ensure that states had an enhanced vote over a populist system of government, the national popular vote would effectively entail. >> let's look at the interstate compact including rhode island, vermont, hawaii, dc, connecticut, maryland, massachusetts, washington, new jersey, illinois, new york and california. if this were to happen to you think it would happen by 2020? are we looking at 2024 or not at all? >> it is not going to happen by 2020.
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as you list those states, obviously those are states that voted for al gore in 2000 and hillary clinton in 2016, highlights the partisan nature of this effort but right now even with colorado announcing they are going to join the compact, 181 electoral votes, they have to get to 270 votes before this contract takes effect. they have to recruit a lot more states right now before this goes into effect and they have a long way to go. rob: if estate vote for one candidate and their delegate since their vote for another person. i feel like that -- that would be an outrage. >> you hear these days a lot about constitutional crises. i can't think of one worse than
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this. if you talk about problems, risks between red states and blue states, just wait until rural voters are at the mercy of the big urban areas of the country. this would set a constitutional crisis in our country. rob: it is interesting. jillian: thank you for your time. rob: 17 minutes after the hour. a judge blocking ice is bright's request to fast-track the case to come back to the us. her attorney says she is in danger. the trump administration is responding. >> chick-fil-a. jillian: the president serving up another fast food feast, how social media is heating up. great news, liberty mutual customizes-
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this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> what you did to those two nimrods back there was great. i just don't believe in winning through intimidation. unless of course i am doing the intimidating. rob: a sad story from yesterday. luke perry died days after suffering a major stroke. he was best known as bad boy dylan mckay in beverly hills 90210. jillian: he suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. carly shimkus has condolences flooding on social media. >> fans and fellow actors flooding social media with tributes following news of his passing.
2:22 am
former 90210 star shannon doherty responded to the sad news saying i am in shock, heartbroken, devastated by the loss of my friend. i have so many memories of luke that make me smile and are imprinted on my heart and mind. perry died after suffering a stroke, he was 52 years old. take a look at the statement, my heart is broken, i share deep sadness with the family and loved him, such a terrible loss. look at this tweet from leonardo the caprio who said luke perry was a kindhearted and incredibly talented artist budget was an honor to work with him. my thoughts and prayers go to him and his loved ones. leonardo the un perry appeared together in the soon-to-be released movie once upon a time
2:23 am
in hollywood. you will still be able to see perry on the big screen one more time when the movie comes out in july. rob: something nice, you can watch all these episodes on who lou if you want to relive it. jillian: forever on the small screen, people love that show. rob: let's talk about this teenager whose parents didn't want to vaccinate him. rob: a pretty interesting story, the teenager who went viral for a social media posting he wasn't vaccinated because his mom thought vaccines were dangerous testified before congress today about the dangers of misinformation. his name is ethan lindenberg are. he got vaccinated when he turned 18 despite his mother's warning. check out the social media reaction. a lot of passionate feelings on this was one person on twitter
2:24 am
says not vaccinating his reckless child endangerment. this message speaking volumes saying i was one of those unvaccinated kids. as and as i got to college, and away from my parents, i started round of vaccines and i'm so relieved. michael on twitter says fighting your parents for your health is sad but he has a happy ending, helping others. youtube will start the monetizing anti-vaccination videos as well. jillian: who could forget when the president served fast food to the clemson tigers in january during the partial shutdown because there was no kitchen staff to make some food? he did it again. >> we like american companies and chick-fil-a, you knew better than i knew. >> chick-fil-a was on the menu. the president served up some
2:25 am
fried chicken to the winners yesterday saying he could have had the white house staff cook something fancy but who would want that when you could get fast food. a lot of folks on social media loving this moment, would love to have that on the buffet. another twitter user saying i can't think of anyone who would pass up chick-fil-a. i certainly wouldn't. lauren said considering how good chick-fil-a is it is a great idea. the boys would rather have that than a formal dinner. this is becoming a trend for the president and this will be one of those footnotes in the history books, the first president to do this. rob: we should get some chick-fil-a for the meeting after the show. >> that is one way to get me to a meeting. rob: it has got to be that way. thank you so much. jillian: congresswoman omar back in the hot seat over her
2:26 am
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jillian: the search for the from still missing in alabama set to resume at daybreak after the deadliest tornado outbreak in six years. rob: and inside look at the disaster zone in bora guard. what is the latest? >> reporter: to see the devastation in person is absolutely horrifying.
2:30 am
you can really get a sense for what is happening on the ground. we are in lee county and one of the areas hit by the tornado and i can give you some perspective. back behind this tree line left standing where you see the flashing lights, behind were some homes and they are gone. there is nothing left. you can see the debris left behind by those homes. i want to zoom in on a dryer on the side of this county road and what looks like a dishwasher and you can see siding all over the place hanging off of tree limbs. i want to show you some other things to get a perspective how strong these wents were and how far this is gone. pretty large trees, you can tell how strong the winds were and over here, look to the right underneath this tree, some kitchen cabinet doors from the
2:31 am
homes across the county road and up here some siding and back there if we can put the light and zoom in that is a fostered from the bathroom. it is insane how far it traveled. you see siding all over the limbs, tree limbs all over the ground and pieces of the roof, things are just a mess everywhere. think about all these families, haven't been able to see their homes a what is left of the more have to go digging through their homes to look for pictures and sentimental items. it will be so difficult to find anything because things have been thrown all over the place. that is the scene in lee county. rob: that is 170 mile-per-hour winds, thank you so much.
2:32 am
a judge denies and isis bright's request to bring her back to the united states. she is in danger at the syrian refugee camp where she is staying. the judge said there is no sufficient evidence. the family suing the trump administration claiming she the citizen and has the right to come back. the trump administration doubling down saying she's not a citizen and cannot return. >> trump is determined she will not come back. we don't need that, we don't need people like her to threaten the lives of americans. rob: she left alabama when she was 19 years old to join isis, she promoted killing americans. it will be months before this case goes to court. jillian: house democrats introducing a resolution to condemn anti-semitism in the wake of controversial comments made by congresswoman omar. several high-ranking democrats are involved in drafting a resolution introduced tomorrow.
2:33 am
the endowment for middle east truth is one of a dozen groups calling on the minnesota congresswoman to be removed from the foreign relations committee. the president and founder joined us earlier. >> he lacks the objectivity and demeanor to be able to serve on the all-important committee that she will have access to classified infmaonma jillian: this weekend omar doubled down on anti-israel statements with major back lash from her own party. rob: the president stopping veteran suicide, the trump administration creating a task force known as prevent, new community outreach grants for mental health support, 20 veterans take their own lives every day. jillian: this brings a new meaning to higher education. a college offering a 4-year degree in chemistry.
2:34 am
hundreds of students at northern michigan university majoring in the suspect, growing marijuana but learning how to measure and extract medical compounds and apply those skills to pot. and similar majors as the cannabis industry continues to grow. janice has a check of the weather. we saw what happened down south we generally start to tornado season. >> reporter: the worst tornado outbreak in oklahoma. we are off to a busy start and a deadly one and our hearts and prayers go to alabama and florida, all the areas that were hard hit. i want to talk about the fact that it is cold behind that system. feel like 25 in mobile, 17 in memphis, 5 in tulsa, 12 in new york city. we have freeze warnings in effect from texas to the florida panhandle.
2:35 am
that is where temperatures are freezing and that will remain in place for the next couple of days, way below average. we will set some record lows across much of the country over the next 24 to 48 hours, sadly the misery shows a quieter pattern, a little cold front moving through over the last 12 to 24 hours but it will be dry. we will watch potential for another storm system across the south this weekend. there is your satellite radar image. the next storm system moving to the west bringing more rain and mountain snow. i'm very nervous today, nervous butterflies. >> i have been reading a book, this book you see on your screen right here called mostly sunny by our own nervous butterfly janice dean, now out of breath. i just gave it to rob who can do it in a couple hours.
2:36 am
rob: this is going to be a good read and it comes from pictures. >> i thought it was important to document with photos some of the big events that happened in my 48 years. i was on a to be asked to write a memoir. i write children's books. i told people over the years the stories in the book and people saying that would make a great story for a book someday but to actually have it done in final book form is incredible. the moral of the story is i've been through some storms, some you know about, my diagnosis with ms. i had some challenges in my life but if you have a sunny outlook it can help the overall weather pattern in your life. jillian: i have talked to you every morning since you gave me this book and i got to a certain
2:37 am
point and it was inspiring to me and gave me a lot of hope. it is a book that can give people hope and inspire people across all different generations. the lessons in it are incredible. >> them and told me they wanted to give it to their 17-year-old daughter. i wanted to be a book i would like to have read in my early career days even a few years ago when i was diagnosed with ms i was looking for hopeful book about the diagnosis, people living their best lives despite an illness and i wrote the book for myself in the stages that i went through, the main learning lesson is it is about the journey, it is about the people you meet along the journey that help you and i had so many angels in my life i was blessed to be able to thank in print. rob: she's nice, sweet weather lady with the family and everything, she has a wild streak in her. there is a wild streak in this woman. >> there are some interesting
2:38 am
thoughts that you might be interested in. >> funny party would not expect when talking about ms, doctor delightful, you give him all different names. >> i am so appreciative of the fox news channel for helping me tell my story. rob: thank you very much, big day, we will be right back. ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ well ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ well ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ well ♪ and don't it feel good ♪ is like... first kid ready here we go by their second kid, every parent is an expert and... ...more likely to choose luvs, than first time parents. live, learn and get luvs
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2:42 am
>> that expert is joining us this morning, why he's taking aim at the far left climate policy. thanks for coming on this morning, you stand in the face of a lot of science and a lot of evidence that suggests we are heeding this planet up and doing irreparable damage. give us your perspective. >> that is a great way to frame it because there is a scientific consensus we do heat the planet when we burn fossil fuels and theyy this harmless pollutants called carbon dioxide but it is a bait and switch going on and has been for 15 years, probably made most famous by al gore. there is no scientific consensus that time the amount of warming of far less than 1 ° over the last 120 years which is due to carbon dioxide is having any damage on the planet whatsoever.
2:43 am
that is the bait and switch, the scientific consensus does not relate to climate catastrophe. there's been no statistically significant increase in the number of storms, the rate of sealevel rise, the number of droughts, all these end of the world predictions are not the scientific consensus. i agree with the scientific consensus and so do my physicists in our coalition that there is a slight warming because of carbon dioxide but climate catastrophe justifying the end of our fossil fuel economy is simply not a scientific fact. >> if you were face-to-face with alexandria ocasio cortez what would you say to her? >> i would say, i've asked her to be with me so she can hear the same thing i said to my statistic students at american university for 15 years. what do you believe about the effect of the slight warming on climate variables like storms, droughts, hailstones and other
2:44 am
catastrophic events and why do you believe it? she will be unable to because the very studies she cites like the un warning we have only 12 years to live, in the footnote the studies they cite show so far there has been no statistically significant increase in the number of these catastrophic events. rob: you saw 60 minutes sunday and they had a story about climate change in this lawsuit kids are filing against the federal government and it had a lot of bad news for climate change deniers, basically the federal government has enforced to admit they have seen this evidence for the last 50 years, since lyndon johnson's administration that there is damage being done to the planet. i wonder what you made of that story. >> i saw a series of claims of what the federal government has said which were false. the federal government's own data show the terrible tornadoes
2:45 am
that occurred yesterday if you look at those over 10 year periods for the last 100 raids, it was as high in 1920 as it is today. people confuse the weather and the climate. climate is what happens over decades. you can have a storm, you can have a flood, you can have a hurricane, climate statisticians like i do, look at the average over those decades and compare them to 120 years ago. that is why i say we have these extreme weather eventss that are not attributable to the earth being warmed by carbon dioxide, just a tiny amount. rob: thank you for coming on, we appreciate it. jillian: 15 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump's approval rating on the rise. what does it mean in 2020? former poster for the trump campaign says the president has the right opponents.
2:46 am
rob: brian kilmeade with what is coming up in 15 minutes. >> looks similar to yours. i have to review this tape later. over the next 3 hours we will be doing this, doctor oz was outside, i swiped him in, he has got to do the show now. he doesn't need makeup, geraldo rivera, and charles payne. charles payne talking about the surging economy and the new -- the unfairness of the plethora of requests and documents, people under scrutiny because they met donald trump in a subway or saw him in an elevator. we will talk about that and rookie problems with two congresswomen on the democratic side. of the democrats having problems with them and actions, one of which in a ocs case a problem with her chief of staff and a transfer or missing million dollars. i have one request, all of you get dressed. ♪
2:47 am
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome.
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>> donald trump's approval rating on the rise after taking a hit from the most recent government shutdown and emergency declaration. rob: what does this mean in 2020? jillian: joining us to break down the results, thank you for joining us this morning, let's dive in and look at the first poll numbers study with the president's approval rating, we are up 3%, february 2019. >> this -- the government shutdown is over but he has a record of success and able to talk about the record of success in the state of the union
2:51 am
address and the interesting part of that was after the state of the union address we saw the numbers go up, he talked directly to 50 million americans and that helped. he was allowed to talk about his successes on the economy and social security. rob: this was an impressive one. 45% for bill clinton, 40% for barack obama in his first 2 years and look at donald trump at 46%. if you watch mainstream media coverage you would think he would be at 6%. to see him hanging in especially with bill clinton who ended up being a great president is pretty impressive. >> very similar numbers. he kept his promises out there and because he had that record of success. we see those moves with the economy coming up, hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, created 5 million new jobs. the other thing you are seeing
2:52 am
is talking about things like wages going up. 15 years before he became president wages were stagnant. they were not going up and in some cases going down so that is helpful. rob: talk about the midwest states, the president has a bit of a boost, 46% compared to democrats with 40%. what happens to that number as we move on? >> i've got to be honest with you. i've seen better numbers for him in the battleground states after the state of the union address. jillian: why the shift? >> the reason we are seeing the shift is the government shutdown was over people said it was okay. even though it might have heard him in the short-term, in the long-term it helped because immigration reform is important to americans and you have this
2:53 am
president doing what they want. your typical american. i'm not saying leftist democratic primary voter, they understand the first step to border security is securing the border and the president is right on that. the other thing that is helping is look at democrats running for president, calling extreme radical socialist democrats, elections are about choices. what you are seeing is the president being perceived in those battleground states as the better choice for america. rob: the final one is the bad news, the sun belt, florida, arizona, a couple other states, those are important states, 50% for any generic democrat, 39 for trump. >> i've seen recent numbers in florida, job approval ratings over 50% in florida. that is very important. the other thing is he's not
2:54 am
going to run against a generic democrat. he will run against a democrat that probably when all is said and done, taken socialist positions, the only way they can win a democrat primary. probably coming out for open borders, higher taxes and those are the issues he can win on and beat the democrats, great contrast. rob: losing primary for democrats with all those people beating each other up pretty good. >> 54 after the hour. drivers flipping out over a new billboard. jillian: capturing everyone's attention this morning. ♪ ♪ . .
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jillian: good morning to you, hillary clinton is putting 2020 rumors to rest. >> i'm not running, but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understanding i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere. jillian: clinton says she isn't planning on running for office in her home state of new york either. rob: lawmakers in arizona demanding investigation into high school disciplining students for wearing maga gear. g.o.p. officials in the state want the state's attorney general to investigate whether or not the school violated these students' first amendment rights. jillian: they say they were asked to leave campus over the shirts hats and accessory on a party in the u.s.a. spirit day. school officials say the student's maga flag was offensive. >> parents and students
2:59 am
protesting outside the school in support of free speech. the school insists the students weren't punished for political views but causing disruptions and safety concerns. we shall see. rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. a small town in colorado has its first legal snowball fight after a 9-year-old boy overturned a 100-year-old law that banned the fight. dain making his case to town leaders in december. lawmakers unanimously agreeing with the 9-year-old. and changing the law. jillian: next the bad. people are hurt when a united express jet slides off a snowy runway tearing off landing gear in maine. passengers and pilot treated for minor injuries. rob: finally the ugly. flipping the ring finger. at first glance it might look offensive but it's not that finger. the ad offering a lower price for divorce. jillian: there is a lot of billboards these days you have got to get people's
3:00 am
attention somehow. rob: well said. jillian: thanks for watching. rob: everything has to come to an end marriages and the show. jill gizelle we will be back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now, bye-bye. ♪ >> [crying] >> the search for dozens of people missing in alabama after the deadliest tornado outbreak in six years. >> our hearts go out to everyone awskted by the devastating storms. >> a judge denies an isis bride's request tore fast track her case to bring her back to the united states. >> president trump has determined she will not come back. we don't need people like her who threatened the lives of americans. >> we have to, this is not a dictatorship and the rule of slaw respected. >> you know the beautiful thing is, no collusion it's a hoax. >> i'm not running. i'm going to keep speaking out.


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