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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 7, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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philadelphia eagles knocking his team out of the playoffs, the bears are expected to release parky. there you have it. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> dangerous for americans, dangerous for migrants, not a manufactured crisis, that is truly an emergency. >> thursday, march 7th, big hearing yesterday, 1 million illegal immigrants expected at the border by the end of this year. >> that staggering statistic falling on deaf ears for some democrats who still plan to block the president's emergency declaration. we are live from washington. >> it seems there is confusion among your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? todd: rob: congresswoman omar silent when fox news confronted her
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about her controversial comments. a high school student saved up for two years to buy his friend a big gift. >> "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ >> something going on out there. no rain or snow, we will take it. rob: it has to be getting warm soon. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us.
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1 million illegal arrivals expected at the southern border just this year. that eye-opening and somewhat shocking claim from homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen. >> the fierce backlash from democrat to call the emergency declaration fake. >> reporter: what a hearing, the chairman of the house homeland security committee began by admonishing the secretary for what he called they nonexistent emergency on the border and grills are on the humanitarian concerns. >> we are still using cages. >> never purposely put a child in a cage. >> purposely or whatever. are we putting children in cages? as of today? >> children are processed at border facility stages you have been at. >> i have seen the cages. i want you to admit the cages exist. >> they are not cages. >> reporter: secretary neilsen painted a picture of what's to
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come. >> projections are dire. of the current pace we are on track to close to 1 million illegal aliens at the southern border this year. our capacity is already severely restrained but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. this is not a manufactured crisis, it is an emergency. >> he defended the president's national emergency declaration which the senate will soon vote to block in the case of gop defections. donald trump took to twitter saying this. the republicans are not voting unconstitutionality or precedent but on desperately needed border security and the wall, the country is being invaded with drugs, human traffickers and criminals of all shapes and sizes. that is what this is about, stay united. in a caravan has reached our border, a freight train carrying border migrants arrived in the border town from southern california.
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rob: a big day yesterday, thank you so much. jillian: congresswoman omar was questioned about what some are calling anti-semitic comments. >> there is confusion among your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? >> ignoring peter doocy. democrats delayed their resolution to condemn her again. tensions rise over what to do with the minnesota democrat. >> democrats are pumping the brakes on punishing the congresswoman, some saying she is being targeted. her tweets just politicians who support israel -- we have seen bipartisan outcry over this and now there's a resolution that would condemn anti-semitism and republican pressure is mounting to remove the congresswoman from
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the foreign affairs committee but looks like some democrats are pushing back on any sort of punishment. nancy pelosi said she did not think her comments were intentionally anti-semitic and bernie sanders said we must not equate anti-semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing netanyahu government in israel. what i fear is going on in the house is an effort to target congresswoman omar as a way of stifling that debate. that is wrong. we asked congresswoman omar point blank if she supports a bill that condemns anti-semitism. watch this. >> would you support this resolution condemning anti-semitism? >> reporter: last we checked that resolution is not on the official schedule for today and as far as being on the foreign affairs committee the chairman of the committee says he is nowhere close to removing her from that committee.
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rob: rank-and-file democrats are demanding better leadership from nancy pelosi but the voices are being drowned out by the party's new superstars who are defending congresswoman omar. >> the watered-down condemnation shows the true colors of the new democratic party. >> we have to step back and look at the big picture. the level of anti-semitism being tolerated by the democratic party has risen to a level of a national emergency. we have a foreign relations committee which is responsible for defining and executing and shaping us foreign policy, someone sitting on that committee who is a racist whose views are more aligned with islamic jihad than with the us constitution. we have democratic members of government connected to the palestinian front for liberation of palestine, a designated
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terrorist group and now we have a democratic party that has been hijacked to the extent that it cannot even pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism without being forced to water it down and make it meaningless. >> nancy pelosi was originally supposed to take floor action on that resolution yesterday. now to a fox news alert. a travel warning for spring breakers to mexico, the us embassy in mexico city cautioning people about assault and unregulated alcohol. officials are urging people to travel in groups and that family and friends know what they are doing. is a warning was issued for the bahamas last week due to increased crime there. all the missing people in the deadly alabama tornados accounted for. two of the 23 victims will be put to rest. these wooden crosses set up to memorialize their lives as anonymous donors pledged to play for all the funerals. the family of the victim a jay
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hernandez is speaking up. >> i love them and i wish i got more -- he was here just the day before it all happened and not even expecting what is to come. it happened so fast. >> donald trump will tour the devastation tomorrow. >> embattled singer r kelly facing new allegations that he assaulted a 13-year-old girl. police in detroit want to speak with that woman who is now 30. or claims coming on the same day r kelly spoke out in an exclusive interview denying similar accusations from other women. >> have you ever had sex with anyone under the age of 7 -- >> i'm fighting for my life! [bleep] >> you are trying to kill me!
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>> that interview was really something. i kelly has pleaded not guilty to 6 assault charges. but he's waking up in jail in chicago this morning, taken into custody for failing to pay $160,000 in child support. the air force is responding after martha make sally revealed she was sexually assaulted by a superior officer in the military. >> i stayed silent for many years but later in my career as the military grappled with scandals and their totally inadequate responses i felt the need to let some people know i too was a survivor. >> never spokesperson saying in part, quote, when you are appalled and deeply sorry for what senator make sally experienced and we stand behind her and all victims of sexual assault. >> an american journalist detained in venezuela is expected to fly home after being
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released. he was taken into custody at his apartment but freed 12 hours later. it is not clear why he was detained. this comes amid venezuela's escalating political turmoil. he was living in venezuela for four years. >> incredible moment at a high school hockey game. >> a recording of the national anthem stopped and this happened. >> the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> the massachusetts teacher who shot the video says the crowd never skipped a beat. he calls a real special moment. 10 minutes after the hour. 1 million illegal immigrants to push across the southern border this year, a new record surge. if this had been a crisis than what is? the president of the national border council says we are entering uncharted territory, he joins us next. >> taylor swift broker political silence in 2018 it is just
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a big number. most republicans say if this isn't a crisis, what is? we are joined by brandon judd. the democrats hate the president and everything he says and doesn't want to resist this issue. is it harder after what we heard yesterday? >> it is. let's put that into perspective. we are talking about states in this country that barely have 1 million people. i lived in the state of maine, barely has 1 million people. i lived in the state of montana, barely has 1 million people. wyoming. we are adding to the population in one year of illegal immigrants the size of states. that is astronomical. when we talk about a national emergency if we are bringing in people illegally into the united states the equivalent to the size of a state that is an emergency.
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jillian: look at situations at the border, just this week there was a border patrol agent sitting in her car in calexico and illegal event through a partial lawnmower blade at her window. the window shattered, caught her face, caught her arm. the point allegedly was he wanted -- he had an extensive criminal background. that is a problem. >> it is. if you look at this, when we are dealing with 1 million people, these individuals come emboldened. they know they can break the laws with impunity, there will be very little consequences to them breaking the law. i worked in calexico, california, at the beginning of my career, when we are dealing with numbers we had never before seen and they become very emboldened in the way they deal with law enforcement and frankly just don't care.
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rob: democrats argument is it is not an emergency, the numbers were higher during bush 2 roma, 15 years ago. look at numbers from the testimony, 50, 260,000 migrants each month is what nielsen is saying, 30% increase in january and february. that is an increase. 75,000 apprehensions in february, 75,000 and one month. 80% increase, expected 1 million by the end of this year and i want to listen to this sound like, the senate was having a similar briefing, here is lindsey graham. >> bottom line, if this continues is like adding a congressional district every year. the average congressional district is 600,000 people. this has to stop. rob: it is higher than that now, we are hearing 1 million versus 600,000. congressional district every year. >> when we compare eras of illegal immigration the
2:18 am
mid-2000s although we were arresting, although we were making over 1 million arrests at that time it wasn't 1 million people we were dealing with. we had a great deal of recidivism back then. we would catch somebody and send them back across the border and they we cross again. we would catch one person 3 different times. we were only dealing with 500, to 10,000 people. now we are dealing with 1 million people. when we catch somebody we don't send them back, we release them into the united states so there is no recidivism. you can't compare errors unless you look at what happened back then. you are dealing with something we never dealt with before in this country on the border. and to talk about this for years and years to come. jillian: thank you for your time, appreciate it. amazon raised the minimum wage for whole foods workers.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> democratic candidates, bernie sanders and kamala harris, coming to the defense of congresswoman omar to delay a vote on anti-semitic -- jillian: carly shimkus here with what everyone is saying online. >> we do not know when the house
2:23 am
will vote on this resolution condemning anti-semitism and that is because progressive democrats are siding with congresswoman omar. three of them running for president, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, responding in a statement yesterday, saying anti-semitism is a hateful ideology which must be vigorously opposed. we must not equate anti-semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing netanyahu government in israel. senator sanders is jewish, kamala harris responding with we have a responsibility to speak out against anti-semitism, islamohphobia, racism, and the congressional black caucus. i'm concerned the spotlight on congresswoman omar may put her at risk. this whole situation bleeding into the world of twitter, when
2:24 am
user says anti-semitism has no place in thoughtful debate. steve on twitter chiming in saying she needs to be held accountable for her statements referring to congresswoman omar, politicians don't sugarcoat and give her cover. what seems like an easy resolution to pass is becoming a major problem with the democratic party. jillian: we can expect a lot more from taylor swift. >> he is going to become more politically active, telling l magazine i am finding my voice in terms of politics. invoking racism and provoking fear through thinly veiled messaging is not what i want from our leaders and i realize that. my responsibility to use influence against that disgusting rhetoric. you can see that as a shot at the president and she did famously endorse tennessee democrats in the midterm election and a big spike in voter registration.
2:25 am
a lot of her fans live in deep red state so you're also going to cease reaction like this. that is exactly what democrats need. more celebrities. another twitter user chiming in, another start telling us how we should think. some people have bad blood with her but others are shaking this off. rob: the tremendous (of our celebrities. they must have an opinion. you got something about my favorite new pants. >> don't look. a family photograph. this is a family show. that has folks doing a double take. a lot of people on social media talking about the use, on
2:26 am
instagram, and they are more revealing. the less clothing, the more they charge. >> in this one. what is going on? >> only $23. rob: money more spent. >> very cold now. always in trouble. thank you so much. jillian: 26 after the hour. students as young as 12 could have planned parenthood's phone number in their wallet. the controversial proposal has parents asking questions. >> democrats pushing a green agenda but still living very un-green lifestyle a very lavish lifestyle while pushing for socialism. kristin tate said what drives average americans crazy is the left not practicing what they preach.
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rob: the time headlines this morning, urgent one from home integrated, 1 million illegal immigrants will arrive at the southern border by the end of this year. donald trump:a republican senators to keep supporting his emergency declaration as another caravan arrives just south of california with 400 migrants. funerals begin today for 23 victims of the deadly alabama tornadoes. all of the missing people have been accounted for. donald trump will tour the devastation tomorrow. house democrats delay the vote to condemn anti-semitism, seen as a review on congresswoman omar who made comments about his
2:31 am
real, now expected to be expanded to include all bias, not just anti-semitism. it is unclear when the house will make that vote. jillian: the house intelligence committee plans to release michael cohen's capitol hill testimony sometime soon. donald trump's former lawyer wrapping up 8 hours of questioning about possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. he gave the committee documents claiming to show edits were made to his statement to congress in 2017. democrat adam schiff called the testimony productive. cohen goes to prison for lying to congress in may. the man charged with punching a conservative at uc berkeley pleads not guilty in court. the victim's lawyer doesn't know what sparked the alleged assault. >> he was on the campus studying in the library but not as a berkeley student but studying somewhere else. there is a lot yet to be known about what motivated him. he has anger issues. jillian: suspect zachary
2:32 am
greenberg is charged with several felonies. he once had his guns confiscated due to a restraining order filed by a former roommate. fox news and the president speaking out after the dnc bands the network from hosting primary debates. tom perez claims fox would not be a fair and neutral forum for democratic candidates. fox news is urging the dnc to reconsider saying our moderators, quote, embody the ultimate journalistic integrity and professionalism. the president tweeting democrats just lost fox news from holding a debate. good. i think i will do the same thing with the fake news networks and the radical left a democrat in the general election debates. the president does not have the power to make those decisions. said news, jeopardy host alex drabek stunning fans i revealing he is fighting stage iv pancreatic cancer. >> i plan to be the low survival
2:33 am
rate of this disease. troops told i have to because under the terms of my contract i have to host jeopardy for three more years. help me keep the faith and we will win. jillian: thoughts impressed him. the 78-year-old plans to finish jeopardy's current season. fans and celebrities offering support included ken jennings who held the longest winning streak tweeting one thing i know for a fact alex is very aware how much he means to millions of people and how we will be pulling for him. i hope that the comfort as do we all. 33 after the hour. time for a check of the forecast. it has been mostly sunny, janice dean. i love how you are working in the book club. you are amazing. >> mostly sunny with cool, let's look at the wind chill, it is-9 in green bay-9 in fargo, feel like 7 in new york, 29 in
2:34 am
memphis was very cold across much of a country. we are going to spring forward those clocks this weekend. our next storm system is developing across the west spreading snow across the upper midwest to the central plains, several inches of snow and cold temperatures for the next couple days. i want to point your attention to this energy that is going to move across the south. we had tornadoes last weekend and potential for more severe weather this weekend. around the same areas of mississippi, alabama and georgia where we think the ingredients will come together for another severe weather outbreak on the mississippi river valley. keep in mind we will keep you up-to-date. there is the precipitation forecast for the next couple days. lots of snow across the west and we watch that system, severe weather, heavy rainfall as well. rob: do you see warmth in the
2:35 am
long-range? >> there is at some point. rob: thanks so much. democrats in congress promoting ideas like legalizing pot, well 3 distribution and other things but when you look closer the same members of congress don't live up to their own teachings. why don't many politicians but we will focus on some democrats, practice what they preach? the contributor for the hill, kristin tate. thanks for coming on this one. we start with alexandria ocasio cortez, one of the loudest voices and one of the most typical. one of our producers caught up with her, keep finding right airport after releasing the green new deal and wanting to get rid of airplanes. listen to this. >> telling why you're flying today. >> because i need to go to work.
2:36 am
>> what is the difference between a flight and a train? >> a couple hours of my constituents time. rob: that is just new york to dc. everyone take that train. she takes the plane. how do you do this? >> unfortunately this kind of hypocrisy is very common on the left. democrats display hypocrisy on nearly every issue. they tell middle america the we must impose a oc's $90 trillion new green deal while they themselves enjoy lifestyles that lead them to burn tons of coal. they oppose execution of criminals convicted of committing heinous crimes yet have no problem killing babies who have survived late-term abortion. they real about the greedy 1%, many progressive leaders likely lauren are worth millions of dollars. and champions of the public school system sending their own kids to these expensive elite
2:37 am
private schools like where obama and many politicians send their kids, the list goes on and on. we can sit here all day. rob: we also have a lot of evidence for using a car instead of the subway, living in a building, luxury building in washington dc when she is pushing for the end of gentrification, she doesn't limit a building that allows low-income residentss. there are a lot of examples but the second one, a number of democrats doing well financially, bernie sanders and the list, elizabeth warren at 4 million and nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren. bernie sanders a socialist who owns three homes. in a socialist society how many people have three houses? >> it is crazy. >> working-class americans have a hatred for so-called elites, they are a little misguided. what drives working-class americans crazy is not wealth and success of others like bernie sanders with a
2:38 am
condescending lecture and hypocrisy of what the left-wing leaders say compared with how they actually lead their lives. a politically correct agenda of the left seems like basically lipservice to mask their actual privilege. obama elected as a couple years ago about you may too much money, but he collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for short speeches and million dollars book deals. americans don't have a problem with his lucrative postpresidential deals. the fact that he never subject to the ramifications of his own redistribution ideology. rob: what you are supposed to take from society what you need, bernie sanders doesn't need 3 homes, don't know about anybody else. let's talk about kamala harris. the da in san francisco but a lot of people in jail for smoking pot, marijuana is cool and popular, here she is. >> have you ever smoked? >> i have and i inhaled. i did inhale.
2:39 am
it was a long time ago. rob: now it's cool, let's legalize it for everybody. >> just a clear flagrant attempt by kamala harris to try to make herself seem cool and like one of the people, people see right through this. i want to highlight that the left's problem is in elitism itself but the left's habit, exempting themselves. we will see how this works out in 2020 but the voters see what is going on. rob: a lot of the media is on your side. jillian: 40 minutes after the hour. facebook ceo claims its new mission is to focus on securing your information but are people buying it? >> i would like to complain about a howling dog.
2:40 am
jillian: a new jersey down barking up controversy for dog owners. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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>> the woman at the center of the viral go fund the scam could spend 20 years in prison. she had a homeless veteran who came up with the scheme have just pleaded guilty. they admit to scanning people out of more than $400,000. they made up a story about bob giving his last 20 years to pay for the woman's gas. bobbitt faces 10 years behind bars, a third person is facing other charges.
2:44 am
it will cause immigrants and latinos to be underrepresented and we will hear the trump administration at the appeal of the ruling next month. rob: facebook is focused on a privacy focused future in the wake of several information sharing scandals. jillian: tracy carrasco joins us with the social media giant's new mission. >> reporter: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said he is all about privacy but a lot of people wondering, he wants to shift the focus of facebook to more private conversations rather than publicly shared content. people are more cautious, having a permanent record of what they are sharing online. is promising the same privacy as what's apps which has to do with facebook, end to end encryption. that is going to be across all facebook platforms. he plans on merging a messaging
2:45 am
system, for one central place. >> cutting workers hours. >> this is according to a report in the guardian, amazon put it in place, $15 minimum wage for all workers which amazon owns, a reduced number, hours are being shut. the number of reduced shift cancels out all the wage gains. the people are not happy about that. jillian: calls for impeachment nothing new for the left. >> will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. >> a former clinton adviser warned not to do it about the midterms the democrats control
2:46 am
the house, he has a much more urgent warning. >> brian kilmeade coming up. >> you pretend to be surprised, you memorize the rundown. i will tell the rest of the people. i urge everybody to get dressed, there's not much time. eric trump will be live talking about a plethora of requests for documents and appearances on capitol hill. will he join other trump people in the administration and campaign and drug organization who say i am not going to shop? john bolton, north korea to venezuela. will telling us the latest about both those countries and hotspots and north korea moving long-range missiles to the launchpad. is that true? marco rubio is trying to push forward our agenda in venezuela. how will he vote on the emergency action? he's joining us live and
2:47 am
democratic president a candidate telling us how he feels about fox not getting a single democratic debate, as we open up, doing most of the work. chris gets to know this and the daily news is all about and here is ainsley's stuff. going to be great, believe in your self. get it down. you heard me.
2:48 am
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>> i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. >> i will stand here in the well of the congress and call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> how i would vote in terms of impeachment. >> democrats opening up on their push to impeach donald trump but are they were of the consequences? rob: a former bill clinton advisor warned his own party against the idea of impeachment before the midterms. he joins us live, thanks for coming on. you really think? a lot of people think they want to be the president up a couple years. you think they are trying to impeach. >> they like the idea of beating him up. if they could get him in a trial in the senate the more left-wing members think that could help remove him. i obviously think differently based on my own. with bill clinton and impeachment in 1998. the democratic left is a different kettle of fish. >> what are the dangers here?
2:52 am
>> they were elected to legislate, not just investigate. we will see from the mueller report what the follow-up is but from what i see with the 81 individuals and massive numbers of subpoenas, chairman nadler has issued, maybe the message hasn't penetrated. rob: if the mueller report ends up being disappointing to the left meaning we have seen what it will reveal, will that change any of the attitude and appetite for more? how much adam schiff can people put up with if the report doesn't turn out to be much? >> if the first report doesn't show collusion by the campaign, in particular the president, it will be difficult for the democrats to go forward.
2:53 am
that being said, the democratic base, particularly the new left-wing members that were elected in the midterms last year, will make them redouble their effort and democrats in the house will morph into the successor to mueller. jillian: if it is disappointing to be right, we talked about this in the commercial break, to this really change the conversation we are having now? >> i think it will change it only if there is collusion. vincent trump will declare victory as he did with michael cohen and he will go on to talk about what he believes are the extraordinary accomplishments of his administration. democrats have no answer to that other than investigate, no agenda of their own, then they will be the big losers. rob: we talk impeachment but they have no realistic shot of getting the president out of office. it would just be impeached. >> that is almost certainly true. i'm not going to be a democratic pollyanna and say there will be
2:54 am
something that will emerge but that is the only way. there's got to be some finding that even the republicans say this is bad. over the last couple years we have seen absolutely nothing in that. jillian: does america want impeachment? >> america does not want impeachment as a whole. the democrats and left-leaning voters absolutely, but i don't think there's any clear consensus among the electorate to impeach the president. rob: a warning for the democrats. we will be right back. .
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. students as young as 12 could soon have planned parenthood's number in their wallets. california assembly man jesse gabriel wants schools to put the information on student id cards. rob: critics say it's unconstitutional planned parenthood publicly endorsed $2,400 to his 2018 campaign. we asked if you thought this was a good idea. a lot of you seem to feel the same way. jillian: caroline on facebook says this is so wrong. government and schools need to stay out of kids personal lice. rob: what in the world they've totally lost their minds. god help us. jillian: no it isn't a good idea. it's horrific. that's the schools and faculty just pushing pp. jillian: two years saving for two years to bay friend
2:59 am
electric wheelchair. kenneth wilson wanted to help his friend who struggled every day for years using a manual wheelchair. he said he just wanted to do his friend a favor for always being there for him. rob: you can hear from those two in the longer story there it's just really really great. rob: next the bad. a new jersey town barking up controversy for dog owners. >> yes. i would like to call in a complaints about a howling dog. rob: one town proposing fine for dogs barked for than 20 minutes. face community service if their dogs act up. jillian: some dogs are harder to control than others. this giants spider on the car. can you see it slipping into the trunk in australia. experts believe it's a huntsman spider which isn't deadly but it does bite. that is disgusting. i hate spiders so much. rob: i don't think anybody likes spiders.
3:00 am
jillian: i'm sure. yeah. rob: we have 10 seconds left i have nothing to say. jillian: you have nothing to say. rob: today is thursday. tomorrow is friday. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you back here tomorrow. bye-bye. >> this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. >> the president wants to build a wall so there is something to point to. there is no emergency. >> their hatred for trump is more important than their responsibility to protect our nation and protect our borders. >> democratic party can't get enough votes to pass a resolution condemning hatred against israel and judicial people. >> would you support this resolution condemning smeavment? >> are you smeat? >> she is not being tough love they are denying it's anti-semitism. >> zachery greenberg facing three felonies including assault. >> president trump says he will not be happy if reports that north korea is rebuilding


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