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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 8, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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pulled in by the current. witness says he survived but experts have their doubts but i hope he did. the ugly. things got off on the wrong foot with these lawmakers in india. lawmakers hitting each other with their shoes during this argument about community projects. let's not let it escalate to that in our country, what do you say? have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: friday, march 8th, fox news alert, dramatic 6 hour standoff into the tragic murder of illinois police officer and father of two. jillian: we just learned about the accused killer and his violent past. the 1-time right-hand man to donald trump's siding with democrats. rob: john kelly says don't build the border wall. >> i do not believe she
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understood the full weight of the words. >> people need to understand any cynicism is not just about rhetoric and nancy pelosi has her hands full with some of these young democrats. rob: the house passes the resolution to condemn racism but democrats give omar a pass for controversial comments. jillian: and their fundraising off of him too. "fox and friends first" continues right now. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" friday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. we begin with a fox news alert, the man charged with murder, a sheriff deputy could face the death penalty. floyd brown shot and killed jacob keltner after jumping from the third story of a hotel while trying to avoid an arrest
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warrant in illinois for burglary and probation violations. brown leading a high-speed chase which turned and whisks hour standoff before he was finally arrested. the deputy spent 13 years on the force and was known for chasing the worst of the worst, he leaves behind a wife and two young kids. jillian: donald trump will see the devastation several tornadoes left behind in alabama. 23 people were killed, ten from the same family. the president will meet with victims as many continue to dig through the rubble after the 12 tornadoes struck the state sunday. rob: the house overwhelmingly passes a resolution condemning anti-semitism and racism. the bipartisan measurements to condemn comments by minnesota congresswoman omar but it never mentioned her name. jillian: the response from both sides of the island there's plenty of response. >> reporter: good morning.
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those republicans say the resolution should have called out congresswoman omar but democratic leadership says it is not about her. she is facing backlash after making controversial comments am calling to submit a. after several days of infighting over how to address this, democrats came up with a resolution that condemns all racism and bigotry. if past with an overwhelming majority here, but these 23 republicans voted no and they said this is watered down and they are calling it a sham. here is house speaker nancy pelosi explaining why omar's name was not included. >> one resolution addressing these forms of hatred does not mention her name because it is not about her. i do not believe she understood the full weight of the words. i feel confident her words were
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not based on any anti-semitic attitude. >> it is very concerning that she continues to make these anti-semitic comments questioning people that support is really the american israeli relationship. the question is posed to nancy pelosi, is she going to keep her on this committee of foreign affairs? >> we told you yesterday the foreign affairs committee chair says he was nowhere close to removing her. >> fox news contributor mike huckabee says anti-semitism is not just about rhetoric. that's why he says congresswoman omar's words did so much damage. rob: is clear nancy pelosi has her hands full. >> people need to understand anti-semitism is not just about rhetoric. there is a long history of people being brutally and savagely murdered in cold blood, not just talking about military combatants, we are talking
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innocent men, women, children, older people. it is a horrible thing and it needs to be addressed and i think nancy pelosi, i give her some credit, she's trying but she's got her hands full with some of these young democrats who don't understand what i call basic playground manners when it comes to getting in public office and it is creating some problems for the democrats. as a republican i could take some glory in it and some joy in it but i don't. this is bad for the country and that's not good for anybody. >> congresswoman omar was epicenter of anti-semitic controversy for comments she made last week suggesting groups supportive of israel pushing members of congress to have allegiance to a foreign country. >> for trump campaign manager paul manafort sentenced to 47 months behind bars. the sentence coming as a shock to some as federal guidelines suggested he could have gotten 24 years in prison for bank and tax fraud. the judge overseeing the case
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call it excessive. manafort will be sentenced for an unrelated conspiracy case which could put him behind bars for another 10 years. jillian: michael cohen suing the trump organization for millions of dollars over unpaid legal fees. trump's personal lawyer claims the company breached an agreement by stopping payments to his attorney while cooperating with robert mueller as russia probe. he goes to prison in may for lying to congress. rob: a surprise here, john kelly speaking out about the border wall for the first time since leaving the white house. his comments as an republicans rally support around the national emergency declaration. jillian: leland joins us with a plan to pay for the wall. >> reporter: good morning.
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john kelly isn't just the former chief of staff but the former dhs secretary and he is giving democrats new ammunition as they try to get more it republicans to defend against the president. we don't need a wall from sea to shining sea, kelly said during a public interview at duke university. politico quoting him saying we are overwhelmingly not criminals, people coming up here for economic purposes, i don't blame them for that. donald trump's declaration on southern border freed up and billions of dollars to build physical barriers for preventing illegal immigrants from coming across. democrats universally opposed the measure and there appeared to be enough republicans in the senate, to force a presidential veto on a measure limiting his power. that vote coming up in a week or so but as of today there are not votes or the senate or the house to override the veto. >> i believe we do have a crisis here. i believe the president is absolutely right. i wish we could have addressed
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all of it and funded what we need to protect the country, protect the border legislatively but politics is involved in now. >> reporter: democrats will seize on kelly's word, places a wall would be effective. this was kelly's first public appearance talking about his time as white house chief of staff and pass unanswerable more explosive questions including whether the president interfered in the security clearance process for his son-in-law. rob: thank you so much. jillian: hundreds of people arrested in a large crackdown nationwide. >> it is despicable because the people involved are vulnerable. we have to prosecute an all-out attack on this kind of crime. jillian: 260 people face criminal and civil charges for cheating 2 million americans
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over the age of 60 according to the justice department. $750 million taken from victims including former cia and fbi director william webster. rob: federal officials racing to spend less of their annual budgets and what they bought, sure to raise some eyebrows. the defense department shall doubt $2 billion on lobster tails in september. and $10,000, single leather chair. and $60,000 on paintbrushes. >> and unmanned space capsule undocked from the international space station and heads back to work. rob: the space x dragon expected to splashdown 80s:45 this morning. jillian: a successful return would be a huge step forward as
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nasa and space x prepare for the first pilot and flight thoroughly scheduled for july. rob: the dragon is the first space x capsule designed to carry humans. would you do it? jillian: maybe. would you? rob: yes. 9 minutes after the are. the plot thickens on the jussie smollett case, police launched a new investigation into the alleged hate crime hoax. jillian: bernie sanders bringing his 2020 campaign to iowa. will his socialist message be embraced by voters there? one sanders staffer says he faces a bigger challenge than that and explains the hurdles ahead. ♪ do you want ready to wear clothing without all the hassle? you can, with bounce dryer sheets. we dried one shirt without bounce, and an identical shirt using bounce. the bounce shirt has fewer wrinkles, less static, and more softness and freshness. bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static.
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that seem so radical at the time, those very same ideas are now supported not only by democratic candidates for president but by democratic candidates all across the board. jillian: bernie sanders kicking off his presidential campaign in iowa. rob: the self-proclaimed democratic socialist have a shot in this critically important state? figaro is here to share thoughts on that. >> that was a good memory that reminded me of being in iowa last year. he certainly has a shot at the democratic caucus. in 2016, won by a couple points, to hillary clinton, no name recognition, organizing over the last 21/2 years. he certainly has a shot as the front runner but the problem
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will be convincing republicans in the general election if they want a democratic socialist to be the country. that is where he will run into issues. trump won iowa in the general election. that will be his biggest problem. jillian: the democratic party has taken a turn, much different democratic party than it used to be. a lot of the presidential candidates are adopting these socialist views but it seems even though bernie is the one that spearheaded that socialist idea it seems like he has some catching up to do. >> he does have some catching up to do. last time, still being new on the national stage, this time he will be vetted a lot more. a lot of candidates have proclaimed themselves, quote, progressives, we will see who is the real progressive in the end. i'm not a socialist, i signed up with bernie sanders because he was against the establishment. when you have people like joe biden getting in that is where
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he will be confronted with the middle-of-the-road democrats as well as the republicans. rob: the republican party of i want, socialist sanders radical agenda calls for $32 trillion takeover of healthcare and $93 trillion green new deal which would destroy i went to rural economy and -- not the sanders way. the lowest unemployment rate in the country, something like 2.7%. capitalism is working well for iowa. it might not be the strongest state for bernie to start off. >> everything they said, whatever goes in iowa goes the rest of the country. he has no choice but to organize their but you are absolutely right. when you talk about business owners and even myself, something the far left doesn't talk about, how do we continue to keep the economy growing, something democrats particularly all the way left including bernie sanders has yet to
2:17 am
include in the platform and that is where trump has the advantage. jillian: you mentioned joe biden. what do you make of the fact that people are waiting to hear what he is going to do? >> i was critical of sanders the same way. either run for office or stop running for your mouth, same with joe biden or beto o'rourke, sitting back and waiting and taking things for granted thinking people will get on board with joe biden is a misstep. sanders raised $2 million and over 1 million people signing up to his campaign, joe biden wants to do something he needs to do it now and i think he's good to run. not that i will support him but it is good to have a center democrat that is running and standing on those principles and not leaning so far left. rob: people jumping into the pool. let's look at a quick poll to wrap things up, joe biden at 37%, bernier 21.
2:18 am
bernie is running an impressive campaign and a lot of energy. >> that energy was continued over the last couple years. absolutely a lot of energy. still has to be vetted first. everybody's not automatically onboard. still a long way to go. jillian: thanks for joining us. have a good day. rob: 18 after the hour. campaign-finance violations, alexandria ocasio cortez with a new ethics complaint. >> ash wednesday, and it is inappropriate, take it off. jillian: this 9-year-old forced to wash the cross of ashes by his teacher. carly shimkus with the outrage that is growing this morning. ♪ holy holy holy ♪ on loving you ♪ and loving you ♪ here ya go, hon.
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rob: alexandria ocasio cortez urging the house measure condemning anti-semitism to fund raise. jillian: carly shimkus here with online reaction. >> they were represented in this next story. of congress was voting on the anti-hate resolution alexandria ocasio cortez's reelection campaign hoping to capitalize on the moment by seneca fundraising email saying help us build a progressive movement fighting for the honest conversation, inclusiveness and the $27 contribution. they hope everyone would donate $27,000 to the reelection campaign but a bit of irony in this.
2:23 am
one person saying who is all about the benjamins? chuck on twitter chiming in the irony of beating your chest about fighting the influence of money in politics literally in a fundraising email is too rich. jillian: ash wednesday everyone gets the cross on their 4 head and that is something most people keep on their 4 head all day long. >> a fourth-grade student in utah ran into trouble when his teacher asked him to remove the ashes on his 4 head. take a listen. >> the teacher walked over and said what is that? it is ash wednesday and i'm catholic. it is inappropriate, go take it off. >> the teacher apologized with a handwritten note and some candy. the school is investigating.
2:24 am
a lot of praise for the little boy on social media, so much for religious freedom says one is to graham user, sam on facebook says he was brave enough to speak out for what he believes in. we can all agree on that. rob: what was the teacher thinking? does she live in a box? crazy. good luck trying to get the cheese onto the head of the dog. >> remember the cheese challenge that had parents throwing cheese at their baby's 4 head to see if it would stick, sentence i cannot believe i said. people are throwing cheese at their dogs and the outcome is much better. look at this. it happened every single time. do you think tyler would participate? >> tyler has cataracts. i tried to throw him cheese last week not because of the cheese challenge but it went past him.
2:25 am
>> we can all agree the dog version of the cheese challenge is better than the baby version. rob: i still eat cheese. thank you very much. jillian: 25 after the hour. chelsea manning is begging americans to pay for her mistakes. rob: after a slew of security mishaps mark zuckerberg outlining a new privacy strategy for the social media site facebook, to explain how this would work.
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rob: paul manafort sentenced to 27 years for bank and tax fraud which came as a shock to some last night. up next manafort faces sentencing next week in an unrelated conspiracy case that could give him 10 more years. jillian: the house passes and antihate resolution meant to contest comments by congresswoman omar. 23 voted against the resolution. rob: traveling to north korea with nuclear talks with rashida
2:30 am
tlaib -- kim jong un. the 94-year-old no longer travels, he said he would go to north korea if the trump administration wanted himself. nuclear talks stalled at donald trump's summit with kim jong un in vietnam. carter could build off of a plan he signed with kim jong un's grandfather back in 1994. jillian: scott israel suing to get his job back accusing ron desantis of using political power to kick him out of office. israel was suspended over his handling of the parkland massacre that left 17 people dead. it is up to the senate to decide if israel would get his job back. rob: chicago police looking at a leak or to determine how the press got certain information on the justice -- jussie smollett case. is accused of staging a hate crime against himself and filing a false police report. he could face 3 years behind bars.
2:31 am
jussie smollett maintains he is innocent. jillian: tim cook is poking fun at donald trump for botching his name during the workforce meeting. >> put a big investment in our country, we appreciate it, tim apple. jillian: cook changing his twitter name to tim apple using his company's logo to his last name, it only shows up on apple devices. rob: facebook shifting its focus away from public posts to encrypted messages. jillian: mark zuckerberg, a more privacy focused platform. rob: joining us to discuss what users can do to protect their privacy and what this means, kurt the cyber guy. mark zuckerberg, ceo of facebook saying we are going to be more private and think of things to make things safer. it is like a robbery or from a bank telling you give me your money. maybe a little bit.
2:32 am
the guy is onto something. he has 3200 giant manifesto. he sounds very innovative but if you take a closer look, what we are talking about is facebook pivoting in a direction copying china. there is a giant apps in china called we chat. the 800 million population in china, facebook doesn't come close to that. mark zuckerberg is banned from working in facebook. combine it, make a messenger apps, copies what china is doing. >> it includes private interactions.
2:33 am
reducing permanent safety. >> interoperability -- >> what does permanence mean. this is a was everybody relates to. on the left side of your screen, it is really remarkable. this is the guy controlling everything we are doing. we are talking about a guy who has good intentions for facebook and we need to keep our eyebrow raised. will this be a good thing? sounds like it. will react on it as he is talking about? not always but he could this time. investors in facebook saying what about the ads? i wouldn't worry about that. he's really good at getting your money.
2:34 am
so -- more recently this stuff raises -- facebook yet again more and more privacy failed, at some point, authentication, when you put in your password facebook will push back, let me text your phone. it is great for security but when they took the phone number from you they never said they would make it public but they did. go to settings on facebook, click on privacy settings, scroll down to the thing that says who can look you up by using your phone number and that default is to everyone. you want to change that to friends. you could deactivate or delete facebook. even though facebook is
2:35 am
experiencing 50 million fewer people online guess where they are going? the other platforms like instagram. jillian: operability. rob: mark facebook, thank you so much. jillian: 35 minutes after the hour. howard schultz punching back against the democratic establishment, the biggest boiler of the 2020 race. >> organized effort by a group of people trying to do what they can to stop me. jillian: exclusive sitdown with a former starbucks ceo who says the real spoilers are in congress. rob: a coach draws up play students never saw coming. that is good. the story behind this emotional reunion coming up.
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rob: the booming job market putting more americans to work than in the past three years. jillian: tracy carrasco joins us to explain. >> reporter: more people jumping into the labor market which is why we are seeing the participation rate rising. from the most recent jobs report the share of americans working or seeking work increased to 62.3%, up a percentage point from a year earlier. participation falling as the number of women getting into the workforce, the number of baby boomers retiring at greater number. looking at the jobs report for the month of february, this is an important one, jobs expected to be added, 180,000, the
2:40 am
unemployment rate expected to take down to 3.9%. jillian: the philadelphia the first city doing something that has been reviewed. >> philly is the first city to ban cashless stores. all stores must accept cash. this new law goes into effect in july. mixed reaction, there are concerns it will stall retail innovation stores like amazon go but lawmakers worried not everyone has access to a credit or debit card and they are not able to pay with cash, they are not able to buy anything so there are other places, new york city council and pushing for similar legislation. they passed the bill with the same intent as well. there are a few exceptions, parking garages, where you've got to have a membership, car rental and places like that are
2:41 am
going to accept credit cards. rob: much easier to launder money in philadelphia. jillian: billionaire howard schultz, a 2020 white house run. rob: the former ceo talks with jillian turner about his potential independent campaign. >> if the democrats decide in their wisdom to nominate a far left person who is professing policies that resemble that of a socialist, that will be the spoiler. >> reporter: howard shultz is punching back against the democratic establishment. they've been blasting his flirtation with an independent run calling in the spoiler to winning the white house in 2020. >> and effort by a group of people trying to do whatever they can to stop me. >> reporter: the former ceo of
2:42 am
starbucks describes himself as a centrist independent but an independent of the face any stripe has never won the presidency. it is far from clear americans are dissatisfied with donald trump who jumped ship and vote for another billionaire businessman. >> running starbucks is not a proxy for being president of the united states but what it demonstrates is a level of leadership. >> donald trump's leadership has been a dismal failure, he, north korea summit a sham, the troop withdrawal from syria and afghanistan a disaster. >> we will suffer a great deal for having russia in control of the middle east today. >> is not afraid to make unpopular decisions like sending americans back to war if necessary or confronting ugly, divisive issues. >> a 61% increase in anti-semitic activities in the united states today. at the jewish person i find that horrifying. >> in san antonio shultz is on a 5-day swing in texas. he says he welcomed joe biden's
2:43 am
entry into the presidential race. is moving forward by hiring seasoned political operatives from both sides of the aisle for his team. 's final decision will come this summer. rob: 42 minutes after the hour, rolling stone cheering on liberal lawmakers they say are shaping our future. what about conservatives? joining us live with other women we should be celebrating on international women's day. >> let's check with pete exit at the maple city diner to see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> we are feeling the burn up here. bernie got into the race a week ago. save thousands at maple city diner. if you're in burlington vermont area, we will be around morning
2:44 am
and we are talking about bernie, democratic socialism. is that where the democratic party is going? do they like these policies in vermont? donald trump says america will never be a socialist country, a contrast between those two, should bernie be the nominee but bernie has big roots in the state. is running for office since 1972. he won his first race for mayor of burlington in 1981 won by 10 votes. in 2016 trump did not win vermont but he did well in some areas of northern vermont. an interesting conversation about what is going on in washington and vermont. there is a tear rolling down my eye. >> there is a larry's between bernie and donald trump. they share some odd things. >> they are populists. they talk to the people and say i want to deliver for you. >> very interesting comments you will get today.
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rob: the trump administration asking the pentagon for space to house 5000 migrant children. the military will help identify locations to place these unaccompanied minors through september. the move will cost the country $400 million, more than 11,000 children are reportedly being housed now. alexandria ocasio cortez hit with the new ethics complaint connected to her boyfriend. conservative group claims she gave riley roberts the house email address even though he was not employed by her congressional office. she said she needed to give them access to her calendar.
2:49 am
she faces campaign-finance violations, one of those violations is tied to her boyfriend. rob: rolling stone celebrating international women's day with a cover featuring four female lawmakers they say are chasing the future but not one of them as a republican. if the future is female does it have to be all liberals? former press assistant says no it has other names to add to the list. thanks for joining us this morning, definitely next reaction if you are for the democrats and socialism you like it and if not you don't like it. >> rolling stone think these women are more models for women, alexandria ocasio cortez thinks airplanes should be banned and we should go to hawaii, omar
2:50 am
tripping of anti-semitic remarks, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house but the only vision she has the democratic party is in this investigation into the administration. searching for a crime and these are not wall models for women. jillian: let me ask you what this does in terms of nancy pelosi. look at the cover, is nancy pelosi going to be the new face of the socialist party? seeing them together like that is bizarre. >> it is bizarre and she's associated with it and the problem with the rolling stone other, right off the bat half of the women in this country, it ignores half of them and ignores republican women with real accomplishments, people like kellyanne conway, the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign and you don't hear about that. had she wanted democratic presidential campaign that is all we would be talking about. there are few women that could do the job she does and do it as well as she does.
2:51 am
marsha blackburn in the house, one of the few women that came out and tried to call out the names of her colleagues to release their names in the sexual-harassment husband scandal. ivanka trump is an entrepreneur and businesswoman and author in her own right. the list goes on. people at rolling stone ignore the names of these women because they don't fit the mold of what a woman should look like in their eyes. jillian: women on the cover, they are all fighting really hard for what they believe in. who's to say the way the future has to be democrat, what message do that send? >> it is not a very good one. there is a message of extremism the media continues to push and through the left-wing media and rolling stones and issues like this continuing to push this extremism whether it is socialism or anti-semitism, they
2:52 am
cheerlead it and what is going to happen is they will likely cheerlead the democrats right off the cliff in 2020. jillian: it would be a unifying message to have republicans and democrats on the cover together, women who are fighting for what they believe in. >> absolutely. there are plenty of republican women who have accomplishments in their own right and been successful. it should be unifying and we should include all women. jillian: thank you very much, appreciate your time. happy international women's day. >> you too. rob: not to me. 52 minutes after the hour. she leaks americans are secret and chelsea manning is begging americans to pay for her mistakes. her new plea has people fired up and we will share some of the comments. jillian: a coach deployed in
2:53 am
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♪ beautiful morning ♪ i think i'll go outside a while ♪ and then smile
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rob: ain't she pretty? jillian: gorgeous. rob: beautiful building. beautiful morning cold but it should be nice and clear for most of us on the east coast until some storm moves in tonight a snow storm maybe? did i say that? i might be crazy. senator sherrod brown passing on a 2020 white house run. best place for him is in the senate and vowing to make sure a democratic president is elected. brown is the fourth democrat to rule out a 2020 run just this week. the field remains crowded though with 14 declared candidates. former vp joe biden very close like 95% sure he is going to announce a decision. the irs needs more money to help you file tacks according to an agency tchdog urging congress to improve customer service for taxpayers. >> it is stretched so thin that things could go very badly wrong or technically that taxpayers will give up trying to reach the irs and not the assistance that they
2:58 am
need. rob: love sending more money to theist. the irs only answered 18% of calls from taxpayers this year according to the watchdog. the agency says it's working on improvement. jillian: chelsea manning is asking to pay defense. refusing to testify before a grand jury. it's unclear exactly why manning is being subpoenaed. manning was convicted in 2013 of espionage for sending classified information to wikileaks. prosecutors pursuing a case against wikileaks founder julian assange. so we asked you if you thought anyone should be giving manning money? and most of you seem to agree. donna on facebook says no, she made bad choices we should be finished paying anything for her. rob: no never. and chelsea should pay for chelsea's own defense. if people are gullible enough it is a free country. throw your money away if you must. good, bad and ugly. first, the good. a sweet homecoming for a
2:59 am
utah soldier. take a look. that's awesome. high school coach surprising his football and basketball players. the students bursting with excite when army national guard captain walked into the room. he served five months in afghanistan. jillian: next the bad. happy hour started early a semi carrying cases of modello beer crashes on a california freeway spilling the beer everyone. the trump tumbling over exit ramp while trying to avoid a collision. thankfully nobody was hurt but that is a waist of beer. rob: destroyed. lottery winner's ex-wife says 270-million-dollar jackpot isn't enough to take him back. >> she just called me today to to tell me she is taking me back to court. rob: the new jersey man has
3:00 am
been out of work for 15 years. exapparently supporting them up until october divorce and says she is still paying spousal support. jillian: that's an interesting one. rob: i will making him 273 million bucks come get it. jillian: have at it. have a good day, everyone. the house passing a watered down resolution that calls out all hatred. >> one resolution not mentioning her name because it's not about her. >> people in the democratic party don't hold her account for her anti-semitic remarks then others are going to feel they can do the same. >> former trump campaign manager paul manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax and bank fraud. >> sort of like when they wheeled hannibal lechter in silence of the lambs. i have very little sympathy for paul manafort. >> today president trump heads to alabama to tour devastation from the worst tornado outbreak in that area in decades. >> first


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