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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 25, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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report should be made public and the reaction was mixed. deon on facebook said released it and carl writes, ag is spot on, only way it gets released if the law allows, he must follow the law regardless and that -- excuse me that wraps up our hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now. have a great day. >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction. >> the report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. >> i don't want a summary, i want the whole damn report. >> this was and illegal takedown that failed. rob: happy monday. march 25th, fox news alert, what a busy weekend, robert mueller's report is signed, sealed and
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delivered. >> ag to find no evidence of collusion and as president trump takes legal victory lap, his administration says it's time to investigate the investigators. rob: but democrats still are not done yet with collusion insisting the door is still wide open i should say with obstruction. >> that's right, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: a lot to get to. [laughter] rob: there's a lot. jillian: good morning. rob: interesting weekend. a lot of news.
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a really good weekend. jillian: absolutely and it continues, all the breakdown throughout this hour, you're watching "fox & friends first" i'm jillian mele. rob, president trump declaring victory after mueller report finds no collusion with russia. jillian: but democrats already pushing back saying the special counsel's report doesn't fully exonerate the president, doug luzader live in washington where the fight is really just beginning, doug. >> jillian and rob, good morning, this report landed with the big thud here, the president certainly found this two-year process, almost 2 years endlessly frustrating but he declared absolute victory yesterday. >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction. it was a complete and total exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this to be honest it's a shame that rowr president has had to go through
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this. >> we've only seen a 4-page summary of the mueller report put together by the attorney general but on the question of collusion with russia, there's not much wiggle room on this, the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election but the second question, did the president obstruct justice, on that point, the special counsel essentially punted saying that there was evidence on both sides, the special counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion one way or the other as to whether examined conduct constitutedded obstruction. that is a decision that democrats are questioning. >> we will ask attorney general to testify before committee and
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ask release of full report, american people are entitled to full accounting of the president's misconduct referenced by the special counsel. >> you're hearing that a lot from democrats releasing the release of full report, it looks like that's going to happen minus redactions, we don't know a timeline for when the portions of the report will be released. rob and jillian. jillian: we will have it. rob: doug, thanks. outcome may have you asking or why it started in the first place. jillian: todd piro here to break down in case you need refresher. >> this is really some of the absolutely key dates in saga filled, starting in 2017, january 10th, buzzfeed published the unverified since discredited russian dossier alleging that russia has compromising information on president trump.
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march fourth, president trump asserts that trump tower was wiretapped by obama administration. june 14th, mueller is investigating trump for possible obstruction of justice after comey testified that the president asked him to end the fbi's investigation into michael flynn, october 30th, mueller's first indictment result in 12 counts against paul manafort, former campaign chair including conspiracy, tax fraud and money laundering. december 1, flynn pleads guilty to lying and agrees to cooperate now 2018, mueller indicts 13 russians and 3 russian entities on charges of interfering in the election. the feds raid apartment and hotel room of michael cohen, trump's personal lawyer.
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mueller indicts 12 russians in 2016dnc hacked accusing them of conspiring to interfere in the presidential race. september 14th, manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate. november 20th, trump submits written questioning to mueller avoiding sit-down. roger stone and informal adviser to trump's presidential campaign, indicted on false statements, witness tampering and on friday, mueller delivered his report to doj ending the investigation. guys. jillian: all right, todd thank you, no evidence of collusion, where do we go from here. rob: joining us to talk about constitutional law attorney and former prosecutor jenna ellis. even at cnn, jeffrey, it's clear it's vindication on collusion but there's this hanging, you know, mystery about obstruction that democrats are still hanging
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onto, what do you say? >> yeah, this really isn't an open legal question and what the democrats are disregarding is the full page of barr's report and his summary that clearly established that this is not going anywhere legally speaking and so what a lot of the mainstream is reporting, it's twait -- actually cutting off and saying that the investigation was not sufficient to establish that there was no evidence and evidence is not sufficient to establish obstruction of justice charge, what that means is that there was not enough evidence legally speaking, this is a completely closed issue and barr goes onto lay out the legal -- the legal construct that he has to go through to make this determination and because there's no underlying collusion, there's no underlying act, then
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he also talks about how there's not even a sufficient nexus for president trump being obstructing anything to begin with because he's not charged with anything. open and check case, the democrats are grasping at straws here. jillian: let's read this joint statement from pelosi and schumer about barr's letter that at this point we have all seen, given mr. barr's public record of bias, he's not a neutral observer and not in a position to make objected determinations about the report, i'm curious what you think about that and i'm curious on what you think about criticism going on that barr has come out after just 2 days when people are saying, well, it took mueller almost 2 years, so this timing is -- is, you know, they're arguing about it. >> yeah, well, as to barr's unbiased nature, let's not forget that he has -- he's not
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new to game here, he was attorney general under bush 41, he's had a long track record, he had all of the senate hearings in which he promised to be transparent, promised to look at, this he has a very clear track record of being an independent prosecutor doing his job, so i think that that's a ridiculous talking point on the left, but second, when we are talking about his determination and what he's looking at here, i mean, his -- his summary even indicated that there were multiple conversations throughout this 22-month process that the special counsel had with the department of justice, let's not forget that this is a summary, there were 19 lawyers under mueller, there were so much that was going on, this isn't something where attorney general barr is just doing flippantly. rob: if there was anything wrong with the summary, you know, the special counsel didn't say a lot during the investigation but when the buzzfeed story came out that was incorrect they jumped out and said, hey, this isn't
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right, if the summary would have been in question, somebody from mueller's office would have come out and said something. we have to switch it, we have second thing to talk about and that's the beginning of this, how this all started and there was new york post op-ed that said maybe obama, maybe clinton should be probed about how this all began, maybe comey. >> yeah, absolutely and i think that the american people deserve to have parity, equal protections and means that you don't get investigated just because you are an r after your name, that's not what law enforcement is supposed to do, so if we are actually looking into the 2016 election and we do have indictments that russian government officials and others have been charged and have actually pled guilty and found guilty of these crimes, we need to be looking at everyone who might be involved here not just the people with r's after their names, so i think entirely appropriate for the american people to have -- to have legitimacy in law enforcement and to make sure that everyone
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including hillary clinton, barack obama, anyone else is fully investigated with the same vigor as the mueller investigation and especially from mainstream media, why is this only hatred towards president trump because as he said yesterday, this is a bias investigation so simply targeting him from the very beginning. rob: jenna thanks so much. appreciate it. jillian: have a good day, 11 minutes after the hour, president trump reelection campaign wasting to time using findings to its advantage. >> the evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. jillian: well, did the democrats just gift to the president an early 2020 win and ryan has called the probe a fairy tale from the start, he joins us live next. rob: how is james comey handling the no-collusion news? very oddly. we will show you this coming up. stay tune.
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>> the evidence is pretty clear this there was collusion between campaign and russians. >> plenty of evidence of collusion and conspiracy in plain sight. >> we have strong evidence of collusion. >> so we know that there was collusion with people in the campaign. rob: well, you had to expected, trump reelection campaign pouncing on bob mueller's report releasing video slamming democrats for all of those claims about collusion. jillian: are they helping his bid for reelection, big question there, here to weigh in republican strategists and ceo of american majority ned ryun, good morning, ned, you're getting chuckle right now 5:15 on the east coast anyway, what do you think this does to the president going forward? >> well, i think it absolutely helps him, guy, the reelection
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bid, even if mueller probe was continuing in 2020 and now i think he's been cleared of all collusion and i think all obstruction thing is complete joke and democrats will have a run time running against him if economy continues to be strong and policies continue to be success but the thing about it too that people aren't really i think though cussed -- focused on too much, do you think i'm so glad that we cleared misunderstanding and move on, heck no, the next 2 years would be problematic for the democrats. i would like to know where all of this started, i want to see the original memo laying out the scope of the investigation, i want to see fisa investigations and every last-bit of investigation that has been used to undermine president trump and i really think destabilize for democracy in the last 2 years, we will not simply go, hey, we are done with this, heck no, let's continue on and get answers we deserve.
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rob: the frenzy whipped up by all of this, i mean, the last 2 years nearly talking about this, i mean, other networks, this is all they've talked about and their viewers are so invested in this idea at this point. >> yeah. rob: i mean, how do you take people like that and say hey, get ready to vote in 2020 because you we need them to trust them. >> problematic for a lot of people in mainstream media, i thought they already had credibility problems coming into this administration, i think the last 2 years they literally poured gasoline on themselves and let themselves on fire. i don't know how they will get people to trust them moving forward because they have forced one of the greatest conspiracy theories we have seen in history not only with mainstream media but members of congress like adam schiff and all the others that have been pounding the table, claiming they have proof and evidence of collusion, i'm not sure how any of the american people can take members of congress seriously moving, but the problem is you're right,
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rob, a lot of resistance and hard left, they have been promised, they have invested so much time and energy and emotional energy into this. i don't know where they go from this except they will have to spin up something new or simply not going the walk away, i think they will try to hang on obstruction of justice and claim to some sort of hope instead see this go up in smoke in flames. jillian: democrats not accepting the result of the investigation, you already heard pretty much all of them saying that they want to see the full report, in fairness both people on both sides saying they want to see the full report. i'm curious if you want to see it or have you seen enough at this point and what you would say to democrats that are pressing this right now. >> well, first of all, i have to say jillian, i think democrats are handling 2016 loss so well, they have finally come to that conclusion, they lost, i'm being sarcastic, one of the greatest political tantrums ever, this is all about nullify the 2011
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elections, they cannot accept that donald trump is in the white house and i would say he's going to be in the white house for another 6 years, punishment by process, they're not going to accept the results and find something new and continue to pound away at him and hope they can weaken before 2020 election, of course, i want to see every last shred of evidence because it would help trump's cause, jillian and made the argument that i have been making for 2 years, fairy tale, there's no evidence, there never will be evidence and i want people to fully understand that what was being done by people like john brennan and james clapper and james comey and andrew mccabe was nothing short of silent coup to take down donald trump, it is a shame and miscarriage of justice and as your previous guest said, the american people have to understand if we do not protect the rule of law and equal application of it, that has very, very detrimental problems for our republic moving forward. we have to come to the point where we can trust our legal system again and right now we
2:20 am
have serious problems with it. rob: ned, appreciate your time as always. 19 minutes after the hour, adam schiff not shifting on collusion saying this just hours before that report's release. >> there's significant evidence of collusion and we have set that out time and time again. rob: we have to hear from him after reading the report. if he had evidence all of this time of collusion, he said it over and over again why didn't he hand over the evidence to bob mueller? jillian: calling it a career, new england patriots star who just announced retirement
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jillian: good monday morning, welcome back, israeli reinforcing gaza border, rocket destroyed a home north of tel aviv, came from gaza strip, no group claimed responsibility, prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowing retaliation as hi cuts trip to the u.s. short, he's in dc as the president normally recognizes israeli control. rob: new caravan of 1200 migrants is heading toward the u.s.-méxico border, the group of central america and cuba actually is in southern méxico right now, no word yet on when they will reach our border, president trump declared a national emergency to fund the southern border wall last month. people in alabama could soon use tax funds, senate bill to opt to donate part of state tax return to pay for construction of the border wall, lawmakers say it's
2:25 am
a great way for people to support for the president and border security, the bill moving to the state house. jillian: interesting. first wave of defendants accused in massive national college admission scandal will face judge today, 12 of people 50 charged expected in boston courtroom of paying and accepting bribes, 7 of 9 coaches will be presented including water polo coach. rob: after blowing uc irvine, dusks vesting the ant eaters. jillian: surviving scare from central florida in final seconds .
2:26 am
jillian: duke advances with 77-76 win. rob: i would have loved to have seen duke blown out of this thing. nail-biter over iowa, 83-77. jillian: how about this, not really surprising many people, new england patriots star ron gronkowski retiring after 9 seasons, tight end says he will go forward with new smile after new england organization will be part of any heart. you don't know if you live under a rock, greatest of all time. it's unclear what gronk plans to
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do next. rob: i think that's an insult. you think you're a goat. [laughter] rob: haven't you met me before? 26 minutes after the report, mueller report finds no collusion, is it time to investigate the investigators and go backwards on this thing, our next guest follows the inner workings of the justice department and he says the fbi and hillary clinton could be next. jillian: we have a lot of questions that are not answered in this letter. >> the four pages that bob wrote, they don't have a full sentence quoting the mueller report at all. this isn't getting resolved in the country until november 2020. jillian: bet you can't guess who can't comes with terms, what the left-leaning media meltdown.
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rob: that's right, attorney general bill barr releasing initial review of the report. >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction, it was a complete and total exoneration. this was and illegal takedown that failed and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side. jillian: report also revealing there's not enough evidence to find the president obstructed justice but still not enough for democrats. rob: yeah, some are saying they want the full report released and they want bill barr to testify, even bob mule the other testify on capitol hill. >> the decision about that evidence in under 48 hours, the conclusion raise for questions than the answer. jillian: another top democrat house intelligence chair adam schiff isn't backing down, he's been claiming for a while now to have evidence of collusion for more than a year.
2:32 am
>> have democrats found any evidence of collusion? >> yes, we have. so there's clear evidence on the issue of collusion and adds to body of evidence. that to me is direct evidence but there's also abundant circumstantial evidence and there's significant evidence of collusion. there's ample evidence and, indeed, there is of collusion. rob: small sample of how many times that was said, mueller spent 2 years investigating obstruction of justice and found evidence that does not exonerate trump, barr took two days to set aside the evidence, the entire report must be published and evidence provided to congress so american people can judge for themselves. jillian: even the president has said in the past, make it all public. findings of no collusion trigger a media meltdown. >> there's a very big difference between trying to get enough evidence for criminal charge president or not and making a political determination on capitol hill.
2:33 am
>> we have a lot of questions that are not answered in this letter. >> in this summary from barr tonight the clear outlines from donald trump's hand-picked attorney general, the other key thing the know the four pages that barr works they don't have a full sentence quoting the mueller report at all. politically the truth is out of the tube they say, this isn't getting resolved in the country until november 2020. rob: certainly appear that is many familiar faces in the media are grasping for a different outcome claiming that there's still smoke, still a possibility of charges for obstruction. aisha here with more. jillian: yeah, rob, jillian, $25 million, you thought report would put end to speculation, think again, mainstream news media trying to come to terms with the no-collusion headline now, some still looking for smoke as you said, now suggesting it's time for the democrat-controlled house to decide whether or not the
2:34 am
president obstructed justice and if impeachment is still on the table but not everybody is buying this, white house press secretary sarah sanders taking to twitter here writing this, democrats and their liberal-media allies for two years slandered president trump for, quote, conspiring with russia. it was all a malicious preposterous lie given wall to wall media coverage despite zero evidence, there should never again happen to an american president. >> this gets to the problem we have with the media in america today, if you watch msnbc, if you watched cnn for the last 2 years, constant diet that donald trump colluded, for 2 years two networks have led the american people to conclusion that it must be collusion. >> the question now will there be any apologies, accountability, we will see, rob, jillian. jillian: thank you. rob: nearly 2 years, 3,000 subpoenas and no evidence of collusion and now it appears the tables are turning.
2:35 am
jillian: what do we know about how the probe started and is there a case to be made against investigators, joining us to discuss former deputy assistant attorney general john, thank you so much for your time this morning. i'm curious before we dive into general overview of what you make over news that came out of the weekend, this has been nearly 2 years, this has disrupt sod many people's lives. >> certainly has and certainly been upsetting for the american people, cast a shadow over last election. obviously the house judiciary committee is going to continue to investigate the president but they are not going to uncover any new facts that bob mueller has not uncovered. i mean, bob mueller had 19 attorneys working for him, hundreds if not thousands of subpoenas, interviewed 500 witnesses, the man of upmost integrity, he's very thorough, anybody who knows him or knows reputation knows that and adam
2:36 am
schiff and nadler will try very hard and present all sorts of inuendos. rob: you see numbers on the big screen. president trump's attorney saying there needs to be another investigation, there has to be full and complete investigation with at least as much enthusiasm as this one to figure out where did this charge emanate, who started it, who paid for it, so the names being thrown around even barack obama, hillary clinton, the people who were running the show when this came into focus. >> well, hillary clinton was out of secretary of state, barack obama was certainly president, nobody is going to investigate him. one thing i wish they would look at is the unmasking issue involving people in the intelligence community who were working at high level for him. look, i think that the house judiciary committee is going to
2:37 am
continue to look at the president and i think that the senate judiciary committee is going to look into these matters of how the investigation began, the department of justice has decisions to make, they're deciding whether or not to i diet andrew mll cable, they have to figure out what to do with bruce ohr and investigator general is potentially looking at abusesover -- abuses of fisa process and perhaps looking into the investigation in the clinton foundation, there are people looking at this where it will go is hard to say but the department of justice and inspector general is thorough man and investigation is clearly ongoing. jillian: question first one involving department of justice, putting doubt in people's mind, divide in the country that people speak about. i want to get your take on that and why do you say they wouldn't investigate obama? >> because i think the president
2:38 am
is removed from all of these things, i doubt that somebody camed up to him we have phoney ups doe but we will sneak into a fisa warrant because we want to have insurance policy to make sure donald trump wins the presidency, if there was such evidence, then perhaps you could look at barack obama but i would be shocked if such evidence existed. i think that this is all being done by people below the president. look, you know, we will now have to see what general barr releases in terms of the mueller, all of your guests are coming, he needs to release the whole thing, i actually think that the president would -- would like the whole thing to be released but general barr has other things to consider, he has to determine whether grand jury material which is supposed to be secret is contained in the report, he's already said that there's grand jury material in there, the department of justice does not typically smear people who have not been charged with a crime or cooperating as witnesses, so he's going to work with the special counsel to figure out what can be made public and what can't be, he has said that he's going to air on
2:39 am
the side of transparency and i believe in him. rob: i feel like, though, with the investigation if you try to go and investigate how it all came to fruition, there's not going to be nearly the energy that rudy giuliani is calling for, i don't think the media will have much interest in it, i think it will fall flat, what do you think? >> look, everybody will try to score their political points and montage leading up to introducing, chuck todd said this isn't going to be settled until 2020, he's probably right about that, people are appealing to their base and folks undecided on what they want to do in the next election, this is very good day for the president which bob mueller very thorough investigation came to the conclusion that there's no evidence of conspiracy or conclusion, -- collusion. i have no doubt that he would be able to back up his findings. rob: interesting, we appreciate
2:40 am
it. >> good to be with you. jillian: 2020 candidates using the mueller findings as spotter on the campaign trail, how the big names in the crowded democratic field are responding. rob: how is james comey handling the no-collusion news, carley shimkus is here with picture and tweet and everyone talking about it.
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>> welcome back, despite bob mueller finding no collusion the 2020 democratic hopefuls appear to be refusing to accept the special counsel's opinion. jillian: carley shimkus, fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115 here with what everyone is saying online. carley: complete and total exoneration, democrats are hoping the devil is in the details and demanding the full report be released. >> the mueller report must be
2:44 am
made public. >> i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report. >> our democracy was attacked by foreign power and we have to see if it's attacked to somebody from within on somebody who is sought to assume power. carley: congress voted 400 to zero to release full report and not hand summary from attorney general ag barr, former mayor congressman, not releasing report sends message to russia that they'll not be transparency as it relates to efforts to interfere with election. new jersey senator cory booker weighing on twitter, american public deserves full report and immediately not just the in-house summary from a trump administration official at a
2:45 am
time when both democrats and republicans disagree on so much, one thing is clear here they agree with this because president trump has also called for the full report to be released, guys. rob: okay. jillian: greg gutfeld always has something interesting to say, doesn't he? carley: some members of the media go too far in pushing the russia collusion narrative, our very own greg gutfeld seems to think so, he tweeted this, cnn asking the hype over collusion has been an overdrive pretending as if they're simply spectators, their blind spot is so large it swallowed them whole, one person on twitter responding to tweet, john says cnn has been overdrive more than any other network. some woman described the end of the beginning, so much more will come from this, given the fact that we heard already that more hearings are being called, more investigations being called for as well, it does seem like we will be talking about this.
2:46 am
jillian: for sure. rob: james comey with the weirdest tweet, i think i saw weekend. >> shortly barr released summary of mueller report, former fbi director james comey responding by tweeting this picture that shows him looking up at the sky standing in a forest of tall trees, he wrote that with the caption, so many questions. well, south carolina senator lindsey graham responded to that with this tweet saying, could not agree more, see you soon, clear sign that republicans are interested in investigating how this whole thing got started, guys. [laughter] rob: i thought it was so weird. all right, thank you so much, carley, appreciate it. jillian: time to check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends", i'm sure you have opinion on james comey tweet, bryan. >> we want to know if james comey got out of the forest to see the trees, we don't know.
2:47 am
they moved me downstairs and gave us a desk, that's how serious it's going to be, a lot of hoopla, ron gronkowski, career and goofy antics much like what rob did over the weekend, besides that, try to squeeze something about the mueller probe, kellyanne conway said about the president and paraphrase, they just don't get you, spend with us live with us today, rudy giuliani, they said he was crazy, what kind of strategy, client got exonerated in mueller probe, how great does he feel today, he will be with us live and when 75-page report is released in any form, believer in the president's authenticity, mark meadows, where do we go from now, time to probe the people who started the probe to begin with.
2:48 am
alan dershowitz calling out the media saying there's hell to pay, how does he feel now, probably no different, probably elaborate on that and man who put together probe similar to this starr and why they didn't investigate anything after the ken starr came out, that's the story coming up in next 3 hours. [laughter] rob: all right, thanks so much. jillian: see you then. >> you got it. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising.
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rob: all right, welcome back, now that we know that bob mueller has ruled trump-russia collusion in 2016, do democrats need a new message ahead of this election coming up in 2020? can any of the democratic candidates compete with president trump on the actual issue here, how will that fair, here to debate partner holy
2:52 am
turner and former consultant for the department of homeland security gutafa, thanks for coming this morning, gustafa, for your party this was a rough weekend, what do you make of of how this will fair in 2020 as you guys move in that direction? >> well, i disagree, i think it's a good day when the nation's most respected prosecutor can say that the president of the united states was not involved in a criminal conspiracy with russia, noted adversary. rob: it is a good day but bad day for your party. >> i think it's good day for the country and that's most important. from a political standpoint we still don't know by 17 members of his campaign met with russians over 100 times, putting that aside, i do think that the president is still in significant trouble because he's polling way under 50% and sometimes under 40% and the
2:53 am
sugar high from the trillion dollar tax cut in our economy is about to run out, we have the highest trade deficit that we've ever had, we had the highest budget deficit that we've ever had and the economy that is doing well that we were told that was going to be 3, 4% gdp -- rob: he's talking about the economy, i mean, a lot of people say 3.9% unemployment is not a sugar high, there's a lot of good news about the economy, if the economy stays strong, how do these 2020 guys, how do they handle the president coming up because now he's not under the cloud of investigation? >> right, the 2020 candidates have got to be reconsidering why they even entered this race in the beginning, you know, they were not the only ones that were deceived by this collusion lie along with the american public, they assumed that all they had to do was get out of primary and slam dunk against the president in the general election so now they will have to come up with real policies and it's tough because we are living in trump economy, lowest unemployment,
2:54 am
highest wages, great time, most prosperity many of us have seen in lifetime, what are they going to bring to the table to offer to the american people, it's going to be a tough road for them. rob: let's take a look at numbers, fox news polls comparing the candidates, if biden and trump went head to head, biden about 7% right now, we even have bernie sanders beating the president at this point if the election was held today and you have liz warren and kamala harris both losing to the president by a point or two. mustafa that seems good news for your party, but, again, polls don't always tell the full story and you guys thought you had slam dunk in 2016, sounds like a lot of candidates think they might have it again in 2020. >> look, i mean, it's very early, there's a lot that can happen but the fact of the matter is that the president has not made attempt to expand beyond his base and his base is not enough to get him over the finish line.
2:55 am
rob: can i jump in -- are you worried about how -- are you worried about how far left your party is moving right now because that could be the detrimental factor? >> i'm worried about -- i'm more worried about where the president is headed with his policies that are detrimental to our nation, look at what he's doing in north korea, rolling back the sanctions that the rest to have bureaucracy, the rest of national intelligence say we should have in north korea, he is rolling it back because he's in love with kim jong un, that makes no sense. rob: we are out of time. i understand a lot of people who say and disagree that the economy and country is not going in wrong direction, i do have to say that, we will be right back. thank you so much. . .
2:56 am
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rob: nearly two-year long investigation. >> total staff. rob: total witnesses and subpoenas 2800. the result 3700 indictments. none of them for the russian collusion which was the hard sale that it all started with. jillian: we asked if you think the full mueller report should be made publi public: >> only what's consistent with laws and regulations try to go through the courts to force the issue. i think it's important to get the rest of the story by investigating its origin and players for violation of law. rob: want to see this come to a resounding end and full
3:00 am
of disclosure of full amount of wasted dollars and time spent. it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media will react to this. jillian: far from over. also beginning "fox & friends." have a good day. steve: the mueller report is in. the special counsel's finding no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. brian: all right. and in his initial review, attorney general william barr says mueller didn't find enough evidence that president trump obstructed justice. the president declaring victory. >> it was a complete and total exoneration. this was an illegal takedown that failed. and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side. ainsley: republicans say it's a great for this


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