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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 2, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> battle lines drawn over border security. the president not backing down threats to close mexico. hundreds agents head south to deal with the crises. that's a big story. look who's back. >> good morning to you. i'm sandra smith. >> sandra: homeland security security secretary or thing 50 more agents to the border. the president is not bluffing. federal officials continuing to say they're at breaking point. >> the president need to increase awareness to the issue. he's weighing all options.
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>> we need to patrol that border. we need to have an immigration system. every part of the system is overwhelmed. >> the idea that my president of the united states would ever suggest we should shout down our ports of entry is moronic. >> i do not want to see the border be shut down. congress should act on border security. they should take this crisis seriously and quit playing politics with it. >> sandra: white house correspondent kevin cork is live from the north lawn. what's the white house saying today? >> reporter: from their perspective the cost of inaction is far greater than an economic or political fallout that might come from shouting down the border. that's how seriously the president is taking this issue. we're not just talking about couple hundred people here we're talking about tens of thousands and more than a million people could make their way across our southern border at one point or another this year. that's why he is tackling it the
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way he is. she said we not stand by while congress fail to act. all options are on the table. we will immediately redeploy hundred of cbb personnel to the bored per she -- border she called it an emergency and economic crises with implications from who pays for the housing and general welfare to how long will these cases have to go on before we know who's in this country. by the way, lot of children carried across our border by migrants other than their parents. on capitol hill democrats are questioning wisdom smithing down
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-- shutting down a border. >> the idea that you would close the border or cut off aid to countries where people are fleeing coming to the united states is down right stupid. it's the wrong thing to do. if you close off the border, you're going to hurt jobs in the united states. >> reporter: as you well know, the president will make his way back to the border on friday. >> sandra: we'll watch the latest on the boredder . that's the top story this morning. what's the president saying this morning about obamacare. >> reporter: this is one of those circumstances where sometimes you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. the president in the white house saying, he's not punting on idea of tackling obamacare. as you know, when republicans were in control over on the hill, they tried to end obamacare. they've been chipping away at the law by way of the court. they will table the issue effectively until 2020.
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let me share what the president has been saying about this over on twitter. he's been talking about this idea that this is a recognition of a need to have more people on ural side. he said republicans are developing a really great healthcare plan with far lower premiums cost and deductibles than obamacare. it for a less expensive and will be taken right after the election when republicans hold the senate and win back the house. that's the thought for 2020. they'll take another swing at it then. that's the white house strategy. there are plenty of gop lawmakers on board with it. >> we have to tackle this issue. we can't run from it because it's a political potato. donald trump is a leader. >> reporter: great congressman from tennessee. we expect to see the president
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as he meets the secretary generality of nato and then tonight he speaks to a republican congressional committee event. that should be pretty raucous. back to you. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: the former vice president joe biden under more scrutiny as second woman accuses him of inappropriate behavior. this on the hills of similar allegations over the weekend from a former lawmaker in nevada. >> me walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that and pulled me in and started rubbing noses with me. >> bill: we have this now. byron north here to analyze. good morning to you. joe biden put out a statement. it says you may not recall these moments. we have arrived important time where women should relate to their experiences and men should pay attention. i will. how is he handling this thus
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far? >> reporter: this is taking on the characteristics of kind of classic washington brouhaha with another woman coming out with allegations to add to the original allegations and in in case, amy says that joe biden inappropriately touched her at an event few years ago, rubbed noses with her. the first i ever heard such an incident that involved rubbing noses. adding to the lucy flores story who said joe biden inappropriately touched her at an event in nevada in 2014. biden made this blanket i never had bad intention statement. this is having repercussions in the democratic race. >> bill: let me show you few things here that we found on amy
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lapos. her facebook page. she says with a statement concluding, we're not a minority, we're the majority. it's time we are represented after 25 male presidents. lucy flores interview with cbs network yesterday was asked whether or not she still support joe biden. here's how that q&a went. >> when the context of his entire history, yes, he's not someone i would support in the primary. that's going to be a decision that everybody else is going to have to make. >> if he's the democratic nominee and he's up against donald trump who's own history with women is as we know, pretty clouded, who would you support in that kind of matchup? >> that's not a question. of course i would support biden. >> bill: so much of this is viewed in the metoo movement.
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it's starting to catch heat. >> the biden people wondering who is behind this. do you have one accuser who a former bernie supporter and another accuser who supports one of the women in the democratic primary. biden people are viewing this, if not political hit job as politically motivated. it is having repercussions. just this morning, we've seen reports that michael bloomberg might be considering getting back into the democratic race after initially declining it because bloomberg would occupy that centrist lane in the democratic lane. that can be an opportunity for bloomberg. >> bill: you getting lot of coverage on the border. here's a piece you write, how bad does the border have to be before democrats admits it's an emergency. some of them have and some of
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them no longer in office. >> that's referring to jeh johnson who was president obama's last secretary of homeland security who says there is a crises on the border given the high-number of crossings. the story is, remember back in the mid-2000s, there were huge numbers of people being apprehended crossing the border illegally. 1.3 million people a year. the fact is, it went way down for a number of years and now it's going back up. we reportedly had about 100,000 crossing the border illegally in march, 76,000 the month before in february. these could be getting back to the numbers of those bad old days in the mid-2000s. >> over last two years, i've
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been accused different type of things. all those things turned out to be false. the president done a phenomenal job identifying what our national security priorities. he had great team in place in are helping implement it. i hope i played good part pushing those forward. because of the president's leadership, the world is safer today. >> sandra: that's jared kushner defending himself at a rare interview democrats are issuing new subpoenas threats after a whistleblower claims the white house overturned 25 security clearance denials despite disqualifying issues. doug is kushner name named in ts whistleblower complaint. >> reporter: he is not among 25 people claimed granted security clearances despite red flags. reuters is reporting that he and ivanka trump were given clearances against advice to do so. "new york times" reported back in february, president trump ordered kushner to be given top
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secret security clearances despite intel community recommendations. who complaint was realized monday by chairman elijah cummins. kushner defended himself against the security clearance speculation. >> it's harassment of investigations, we'll make a decision case by case. >> reporter: he added he has come played wall the additional investigations in the senate and house. he stat for 20 hours of interviews. he described his relationship with the media. >> number of times i seen things about me i say that's not true. they say well, we have a source. it is what it is. i hope going forward everyone would look at it and have cooler heads and focus that we're on the same team. we're all hear for america. >> reporter: kushner told ingram prior to come to washington, he disclosed all holdings to the office of government ethics.
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they told him what to devest, what to keep and rules to follow. >> sandra: in that interview, he weighed in own the mueller report? >> reporter: he people's hatred for donald trump overtakes their rational ability to look at things objectively. >> i think when the dust settles and this whole administration is over, i think people look back on all these historic things achieved. >> reporter: he said that the media has been to distracted with russia and conspiracy theories that the administration actually been able to operate underneath the radar screen. >> sandra: thank you. for more on all of this, we will have white house press secretary sarah sanders will be joining us 11:00 a.m. eastern time. lorder talk, security clearances. >> bill: meanwhile, we got fierce fighter making the mueller report public. now one of the leading democrats
6:13 am
on that charge is criticized for saying the opposite in the late 1990s. we'll play that for you. >> it's dr grand jury material. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses all kinds of materials that will be unfair to release. >> bill: this hour, congressman mike turner, andy mccarthy will react to that. >> they can fine me or hold a contempt hearing to further this argument along. i think nip of those possibilities are out there. >> sandra: that sheriff saying he's willing to go to jail over an enforcing a controversial new gun law. colorado sheriff steven i'ms is on deck >> bill: new details in the murder of samantha josefson after she got into the wrong car thinking it was her uber ride.
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about eliquis. >> this is all about a narrative a narrative that the democrats had for 22 months that went away that because their lies were not born out in the mueller report. what they trying to do is change the narrative and pick and choose little parts of they can go after the president once again. >> bill: there's mark meadows slamming the democrats to issue a subpoena for the full mueller report. we expect that tomorrow at this hour. mike turner is on the house intel committee. sir, how doing? good morning to you. simple question here. democrats going to push for this subpoena for the full mueller report. can they succeed on this front? >> there have been courts upheld redactions. when this information shows, it would put our national security at risk and the processes of
6:18 am
investigation. it's possible that the report would be redacted. i think the greater danger here, portions of the report being released to congress and not being made public. we see already what has been made public. the mueller report quoted in the barr report say there was no finding of collusion. they did not find any coordination between the campaign. you have democrats one after one coming before you saying, they found collusion, they didn't find criminal collusion. they didn't find probable cause. they will tell you untruths about things you can read yourself. >> bill: you're making the days, everybody gets to see it or no one gets to see it. >> absolutely. >> bill: let's go through few things in the bill barr letter on friday. lot of people might have miss. he said they're working with the special counsel to assist them in the redactions. sounds pretty much on the table.
6:19 am
does it not? >> sure. there are things -- this is why we hope for the mueller report to go forward. they had access to the congress to, intelligence and communications and human intelligence. all of that to use to confirm what they'll be finding. none of that should be public. >> bill: you got "new york times" jerry nadler saying, we're done waiting for mueller's report. when i go back to the bill barr letter, he said our progress is such anticipate we'll release it by mid-april it not sooner. what's the difference if 10 days? >> democrats trying to paint a picture there are republicans preventing this from becoming public. we unanimously voted for the mueller report to become public. the next day, you had nancy pelosi saying the republicans frying to prevent this from being released.
6:20 am
this normal process. everybody wants as much as this information out there. the risk is just too great for people like adam schiff to tell you things are not true about information that's behind closed doors. >> bill: i don't know if you caught this. here's the tweet. there was no amount of testimony or document production that can satisfy jerry nadler or adam schiff. it's now time to focus on properly running our great country. that's from the president. i go back to the barr letter, who said there are no plans to submit the report to the white house for a privileged review. what does that tell you? >> it tells you everybody doing this above board. everything else that you hear people saying it has to be faster, it has to be more complete. just plain politics. >> bill: thank you for your time. the republican from ohio, thank you sir. >> sandra: police identifying a service in the murder of of grammy nominated rapper afterral los angeles vigil ends in chaos.
6:21 am
what sparked this stampede? plus growing backlash over a controversial bill aimed keeping guns away from those deemed a threat. sheriff steven reames said he will not force it and willing to go to jail. >> the issue who's having their guns potentially confiscated isn't aware of this hearing. they find out about the hearing after the facts. nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
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yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ >> this is a monumental day. he really took a step forward protecting the public trying to prevent future gun violence. >> sandra: colorado controversial red flag gun law is heading to the governor's
6:25 am
desk. the democrats sponsored legislation would allow law enforcement to seized guns for those deemed threat to themselves or others. it's opposed by gun advocates who said the bill goes too far. our next guest explains why he falls in that colorado. colorado sheriff sheriff steve reames going join us. the governor pledged to sign it. what do do you know? >> the bill is going to become law. it really doesn't change the perspective that i've all along. i think this law is unconstitutional for many reasons. it's going to cause us to push this in the judicial realm and get at higher court ruling. >> sandra: for the time after it's signed, it becomes law. do you enforce it?
6:26 am
>> the bill will become law january 1, 2020. we have little bit of time to work through the judicial process if possible. i don't have the option to enforce this. i think it violates the constitution and that intern would force me to violate my oath of office. >> sandra: that would then be not enforcing the law it's on the books. that would mean you would go to jail. are you willing to go to jail over this? >> obviously that's not what i'm hoping to do. that would be the last line of resort. what i can see happening is this, if one of these orders are issued to my agency or me, i want to have camera view with the judge and explain the difficulties. that could result in a contempt charge from the judge.
6:27 am
contempt comes with penalty, fine, confinement in my jail or can be the judge saying you're in contempt and that furthers the judicial process. >> sandra: there are other sheriff who side with you on this. we went on to look up where this red flag law has been enacted. in 14 states so far and washington d.c. it's been proposed in 21 states. more than 200 counties across nine of those states were the laws has been enacted have vowed to not enforce the new state measures to restrict gun access. 132 of them declared themselves to second amendment sanctuaries. do you see that happening in your county? >> in my county already declared themselves second amendment sanctuary counties. my community stood strong alongside me. what's ironic in the state of colorado, the red flag bill that you're seeing passed in other places in the country, aren't
6:28 am
nearly aggressive. it's one here in colorado which is a whole new breed of red flag bill >> sandra: could you be more specific on that? how specifically this bill goes too far? >> in red flag bill requires or provides ex parte. hearing. the person gun removed would not know court proceeding was happening until law enforcement serves a search warrant issue by a judge simultaneous to the order. not only law enforcement will be showing up to a person's home to serve them an order, they would also be conducting a search warrant simultaneously to remove all the firearms that that person possesses or could have possession. that's a big overreach from the red flag bills passed.
6:29 am
>> sandra: the state attorney general says he's a democrat he said sheriffs who don't want to enforce the measure, should resign. why not leave your post if you do you think they can carry out the laws they signed into the books there? >> i'm well aware of the attorney general's comments. bless his heart. he's entitled to his comments. i'm doing what what i think is right. i'm standing fu -- up for their constitutional right. if i walk away from this position and walk away from my office, what i'm saying is, i won't have uphold my oath and protect the constituents and their constitutional rights. if the attorney general wants to defend the bill, he'll have that opportunity. >> sandra: it does seem like there's an effort to get the sheriffs involved here.
6:30 am
the state rep co-sponsored this bill. he lost his son in a mass shooting. he believe that this the answer to prevent tragedies like that from happening. house majority pleader your state has called on sheriffs critical of the law to help craft protocols regarding it. are you willing to do that? >> i'm happy to be on that committee to try to figure out if there's a way to make this red flag bill work in favor of the citizens. i don't know if that's possible. the tragedies that have affected the representative who sponsoring this and many people in colorado, their tragedies no doubt. many of those tragedies based in mental health concern. this bill doesn't address that. i don't think any protocol will add to that factor. >> sandra: we appreciate your time this morning? we'll see where all this goes. we'll follow up with you. thank you. >> thank you.
6:31 am
>> bill: homeland security sending hundreds more agents to the southern border. the president followed through in his threat to shut it down? the vice president of the national border patrol counsel will be our guest. >> sandra: whole foods is set to get whole lot cheaper. tomorrow 20% price cuts. we'll explain what that means for you and your family. run with us. on a john deere x300 series mower. because seasons may change... ♪ ...but true character doesn't. ♪ wow, you've outdone yourself this time. hey, what're neighbors for?
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6:35 am
>> i think this is third time he threatens to shut down the border. that's not the way to get cooperation with us. >> any idea any president of the united states suggest that we should shut down our ports of entry is moronic. >> sandra: democrats coming out in full force against the president's plan to potentially close the border. hundreds of agents will head there to assist with the surge of illegal immigrants streaming in our country. vice president of the national border council. you just heard from some democrats critical of the president's move here as he continues to threaten shutting down the border all together. you heard one democrat say that was moronic and another saying this is stupid. let's look for compassion versus cruelty. >> i haven't seen them down here working with us and asking to speak to us. i have an open invitation.
6:36 am
>> sandra: what will they see? >> we are getting overrun. our facilities are over capacity. we have agents that have been removed from certain areas that are patrolling the border so they can do some baby sitting duties. we are definitely at a crises. it's an emergency. we welcome more agents coming down here to the southern border and assisting. in the end, something needs to be done about the overflow of these individuals coming into the country and if there's other countries that are facilitating this invasion, they are obviously need to step up to the plate and start doing something about it. >> sandra: you hear democrats continue to slam the president's plan. he threatening to close down the border. would this be a good move or good strategy on the part of the trump administration?
6:37 am
>> we support whatever the president is able to do. at this point, when you have a country that's facilitating these individuals to come through, what else do you have an option? they need to step up to the plate. you can have a bunch of individuals saying it's the wrong thing to do or saying it's moronic, using their verbage to slam the president. in the end, they're not down here. they haven't bothered to come to speak to the agents and boots on the ground and ask what is it we need. it's an extreme measure, right now, because of what we're seeing and the emergency and the overrunning in our facilities and the agents being removed from certain law enforcement positions so they can do processing and take care of overcrowded cells, that seems to be one of the best options now.
6:38 am
we need fema down here. >> sandra: i want to get that in to get you to respond. this is mark morgan he's former border chief under president obama on the crises that we're seeing at the border. >> they are not playing persecution or violence. the stat show that by the amount of asylum claims. they are found not to be violent. incentives to? here are overwhelming. they're willing to take the dangerous trek. to remain here, unchecked. >> sandra: you do hear from some democrats this is a manufactured crisis at the border. final thoughts, art? >> when you have individuals that were here before, they could have made a difference before and now they themselves
6:39 am
are noticing that there is a crises. that honestly ought to open people eyes. >> sandra: art del cueto thank you for your time. >> bill: he sent his tweet yesterday. telling fans i'm retiring in my spare time. i'll be tweeting. for those not paying attention. -- tom brady showing no times soloing down. that was april fool's. >> sandra: everybody so thankful it's over with. there was so many of those out there. >> bill: james comey standing in the middle of the road suggesting americans looking for someone in the middle of the road. >> sandra: democrats ramping up their fight for the full mueller
6:40 am
report. attorney general barr works to redact sensitive material. >> bill barr is following the law. he wants as much transparency as possible. >> sandra: why some republicans r slamming democrats who had a different view on releasing the report back in the 1990s. former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy will join us. >> bill: check out this ride in a hot air balloon. the balloon hits a power line. tell you what happened and what came of that.
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6:44 am
public classified information. you have the chairman of the judiciary committee saying make public grand jury material. that's scary. this is where they're at because of mueller report was not the bombshell that they hoped it would be. >> bill: jim jordan, the ohio republican calling out house democrats. big day tomorrow. house chair getting ready to vote on subpoena for the full mueller report. they want it public. andy mccarthy former assistant u.s. attorney with us sir. how you doing and good morning to you. here's the letter that went up yesterday. the american people deserve to be fully informed about the issues, extraordinary public interest and therefore need to see the report and findings and special mueller counsel's to the full length possible. signed by jerry nadler. let me take you back to 1998. 21 fresh years ago on the ken starr report, jerry nadler said the following about keeping it private. >> as a matter of decency and
6:45 am
protecting people's privacy rights, people who maybe totally innocent, third parties it's grand jury material, it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses. all kinds of material that it would be unfair to release. >> bill: what's the difference in 2019 andy? >> i think, bill, it's amazing. it's politics. of course, hypocrisy runs rampant. grand jury material is likely to be the least important, least significant stuff in the mueller report. all of the important witnesses to the democrats who are trump
6:46 am
administration people, cooperated with the special counsel and voluntarily sat for interviews. their material is more than likely not covered by grand jury secrecy rules. they didn't have to testify in the grand jury. if everybody would just take a deep breath and let barr take a few days to finish his work, he's in a position where he can't take the position that they can just have the grand jury material because the justice department is currently litigating a case before the federal d.c. circuit court of appeals. the justice department is taking the position in the case that a judge doesn't have authority to disclose grand jury material outside the rules of 6e. 6e does not provide for disclosure to congress. if they wanted to do something
6:47 am
useful instead of all this nonsense about issuing a subpoena, which is probably going to be completely unnecessary, if they are that worried about it, i don't understand why they don't propose an amendment to rule 6e which allow -- congress to get the grand jury material. >> bill: you're saying the most important interviews were done voluntarily? >> right.byron york has a terrific podcast. he interviewed john dowd who was one of trump's original lawyers. john explains that the trump people actually cooperated with the special counsel. they gave him well over million documents and to me, unbelievably they allowed white house counsel to sit for extensive interviews with the special counsel, they turned
6:48 am
over the contemporaneous noted. that's the information i think that people are most curious about. i'm betting that it's far more consequential. >> bill: even if they go forward tomorrow, they legally succeed on that? >> they can issue a subpoena. they're kidding themselves if they're going to get -- they will compel attorney general barr to turn it over. they can try to hold him in contempt. you hold him in content for following the law? >> bill: thank you andy mccarthy. very interesting point. thank you. >> sandra: breaking news from washington right now getting brand new reaction from speaker nancy pelosi after a second accuser comes forward against joe biden over inappropriate behavior. >> he's affectionate person to
6:49 am
children and senior citizens to everyone. that's just the way he is. that's not the way -- >> sandra: she's not only one from the democratic party giving joe biden benefit of the doubt. our a-team will be here. >> bill: university of south carolina announced new campaign to address fears and safety concerns after a student was murdered after getting what she thought was her proper uber ride. details on that next. this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. -it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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>> guys have to travel together. somebody else in the -- car, tha chance. i don't want anybody else to go through this again. i can't tell you how painful this is.
6:53 am
>> sandra: that's the father of college student samantha josephson who was killed after she mistakenly got into a car thinking it was her uber. the family calling for new safety measures. pat, good morning to you. this is a horrific story as we learn more detail about what happened there. she did what so many do when you order an uber and a car pulls up. it's exactly where you ordered it car. it's open door and you get in it. there are safety measures one should know before doing that. what is it? >> it goes to show this monsters out there. the problem is the uber car is the perfect trap. it's the perfect wolf in sheep clothes. there's ways to mitigate it. when it come down to eight words. tell me my name and tell me your name.
6:54 am
that's it. you don't have to go around to check the license plate and check the app photograph to coincide with the driver. tell me my name and tell me your name. if they don't have the right axuanswer, do not enter that vehicle. >> sandra: surveillance video that day shows her entering the car. it was after a late night out with friends. it was around 2:00 a.m. friday. that suspect is now in custody. he's facing kidnapping and murder charges. this is horrifying for parents who have kids away at school. so many depend on this uber service. are you suggesting that that would have prevented her from ever getting in that car to begin with? >> very likely. it's really so fundamental. to check the photograph of the driver on the app, versus the person behind the vehicle, to check the front plate against that, lot of times it's late at
6:55 am
night. it's dark, there may or may not alcohol be involved. that font is tiny on the phone. they will not know your name and they certainly will not know the name they supposed to have that's on the app on the phone of the person who's getting the vehicle. that's the ultimate fail safe. tell me your name. >> sandra: i know you have daughters and you tell them to live by the same precautions when using these ride sharing services. you don't have to look far to see the reports coming out the university. universities across the country, we're getting phone calls for worried and concerned parents. if you could pat leaves off with comfort for parents. in this case, it was too late. she got in what was she revealed, she had no chance. door safety lock was on. >> it's a nightmare. what happen has to happen, the
6:56 am
public consciousness has to take the maximum see something say something and integrate that same one one liner, tell me your name, term tell me your name. >> sandra: he remains in jail. worst story for any parent out there. thank you for your time. >> bill: back to washington a moment. house holding a hearing on investigation of white house security clearance. sarah sanders join us 11:00 a.m. eastern time. come on back. termites.
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just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at >> sandra: new political fight taking shape in the nation's capitol. the house oversight committee set to hold a hearing. as it considerses subpoenas related to security clearances at the white house. a whistleblower claiming 25 security denials were overturned at the trump white house. we'll have a lot more for you in a moment on that. >> he walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that and pulled me in and started rubbing noses with me. it wasn't like an it's kiss, it
7:01 am
was for a good 15 seconds. >> sandra: a second woman come forward accusing joe biden touching her inappropriately. welcome to new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm sandra smith. >> bill: former vice president denies wrong doing by a woman who attended a connecticut fundraiser back in 2009. moments ago, a speaker nancy pelosi addressing affectionate communication style. >> i think it's disqualifying what your intending. i do think this is bad communication. i known joe biden for a long time. these affectionate person to children and senior citizens. that's just the wait it is. >> bill: peter doocy is live in washington today. good morning. >> reporter: second biden
7:02 am
accuser was a staffer for the democratic connecticut congressman and decided to go forward. she does not think the former vice president apologetic enough to his first accuser lucy flores. >> i was more offended by his statements. i feel like that is not accepting any responsibility. we all know he does that. >> reporter: biden haven't addressed amy lappos. his spokesman is expressing dismay of flood of photos of biden and women over the years including some that are photo shops that spokesman bill russo says this. the smears and forgery existed if a while. to this day, right wing trolls and others will exploit them.
7:03 am
house speaker nancy pelosi said these stories shouldn't affect his chances and she's suggesting maybe he needs to adjust his style to include less physical contact with strangers. >> beyond this, i'm a member of the straight arm club. i'm a straight armer. you have a cold and i have a cold. >> reporter: pelosi is the highest profile democrat to defend his behavior >> sandra: now to battle to homers security, homeland security kirstjen nielsen saying criseses at border is worsening. we will not stand by while congress fail to act yet again. all options are on the table. we will immediately redeploy hundreds of cbp personnel to the
7:04 am
border. president trump threatens to shut the border down. >> reporter: good morning. now as president trump plans to visit the border in california on friday, the feeling of anxiety in cities like el paso continues to grow. not only with shutting down the border block shipments of fruits and vegetables but it would disrupt lives people who cross the border everyday. they need these entry points to commute to their job and schools. we've seen many people go to mexico with their grocery bags with food. they don't want it see the border shut down, they don't like the wave of central american migrants overwhelming processing facilities. we saw this group cross into el paso yesterday. they were looking to turn themselves over to border agents to begin the asylum process.
7:05 am
border patrol said they have no choice to release some migrants into the community. seeing up to 4500 refugees released every week. >> we met with border patrol. they explained to me, they did not have the ability to transport people out of el paso that the releases would have to take place in el paso. that then became very concerning to me. >> reporter: the trump administration says it may pull as many as 2000 inspectors from border crossing to handle the surge of family arriving at the border. the fear among people here is that fewer officers at the check points will mean even longer delays. we're hearing it takes sometimes takes 3.5 hours to cross the border. >> bill: bringing our a-team n
7:06 am
now. nice see you all. secretary nielsen is our headline. tackling the border emergency the source. this is why the united states will hold the northern triangle countries accountable. if they do they'll find a partner in the department of homeland security. the real life emergency unfoiledding before our eyes will get worse. how much worse what we've seen already? >> it could get worse. lot of the people on the border saying it will be worse. hundred thousand people a month. that's over a million people a year. what's extraordinary is now you have obama officials saying that this is a crises. jeh johnson former head of dhs said, couple of times it is a
7:07 am
crisis. this president is ahead of the learning curve. but the fact is, he said it was a crises. month ago all democrats and some republicans were saying, he's getting way ahead of himself. he wasn't. he was ahead of the curve and we've got to do something about it. honestly, the money that we're spending on the immigrants on arresting them on housing them on feeding them on dealing with their medical issues on adjudicating them, it's so much more than the $5 billion we would spend. >> bill: what point do we say enough? >> what's really missing here is a comprehensive approach. what's happening is that we are putting band-aids. if we send bunch of cpb down there, that's fine but it's no sustainable solution. secretary nielsen said we're
7:08 am
holding these countries accountable. we've cut off aid to these countries. if we cut off aid to these countries, we are creating a bigger problem that is going to motivate them to go further. i've never been anti-wall. we have fence. i do think that we need comprehensive immigration reform and we are partners with these countries that are in jeopardy so they don't have a motivation to come here. >> bill: when is enough enough? >> this is huge crises. it's probably going to get worse. there's no political will in congress. comprehensive immigration reform has been the holy grail. we've gotten close couple of times. that's when we had good relations in congress. democrats, their solution to this crises, trump is flailing around trying to come up
7:09 am
pressure and do other things. democrats, they have no answers to this. they are not offering anything. you have presidential candidates, beto o'rourke saying immigration makes us safer. >> you can be pro immigration and pro immigration reform at the same time. >> i covered the region for 12 years. most of that money goes to the well-connected. it doesn't go to the people who need it. it goes to the people that are well-connected and send it right to switzerland. we wouldn't be hurting central america. >> they need to be better vetted and we need to strengthen the government structure. >> he's facing continued accusations of inappropriate behavior. perhaps the highest level reaction we've seen it this yet from his own party, nancy pelosi responding to what she
7:10 am
referenced this is joe biden. a lot of defense coming out on behalf of joe biden. this from "the view" yesterday. >> i don't know that we will see any more smelling a pair and kissing. that pisses me off. >> i don't want joe to stop doing that. >> you don't either. in certain kind of retail politician that loves people, i would put bill clinton in that category and i would put joe biden in that category. he's only politician other than my father to go into the crowd and shake everyone's hand. >> sandra: as far as what this means, nancy pelosi's words, i don't think it's disqualifying. it's what your intention is. she weighed in on that few moments ago. >> you met vice president biden a number of times. i think that he is what she say
7:11 am
an affectionate communicator. that's accurate. kini think really what this is emblematic of is the shift within the democratic party in this post metoo era. there's an attack on joe biden. he's not fit for the modern-day democratic party. we also need to remember that we need somebody to beat president trump. we may be undermining our opportunity by sort of taking on joe biden. >> it's simple. he's not left enough. he's not left enough. the biggest attacks on biden -- lucy flores the first woman to say this couple of days -- we've known biden was affectionate. she was a bernie supporters she was criticizing his annext
7:12 am
gnat ways. she criticizes anti-abortion policies. this is an attack. i think that's why the thing is coming down. >> flores worked for bernie's campaign in 2014. amy lapos you look at her facebook page, she looks at every woman on the democratic side. you to look at it through a campaign primary that's getting hotter by the week. >> flores is at a beto o'rourke rally. there are lot of different angles played here. the thing for biden is, peter doocy mentioned this, where are the obamas? to say for joe biden, look, get him past this. if this campaign becomes apology tour, it's going to be a disaster for him. >> he needs to focus on the work
7:13 am
on violence against women act. it's the single most important piece of legislation. >> huffington post said seven reasons progressives may want to avoid joe biden candidacy. the lot of is not going to let up on him. >> "wall street journal" framed it like this morning. biden's identity reckoning. in that piece, they write, he's act like the handcy joe biden. >> they want to emphasize the old part of that. here's a guy who has 40 years of experience. he's somebody that didn't handle the anita hill hearings appropriately when he was chair in 1991. all going back to the fact that to your point that he isn't woke enough for this party.
7:14 am
you are not win and beat donald trump. >> bill: i think it's line the day. david, thank you, thanks for coming back. we'll get to sarah sanders next hour. >> sandra: we're watching the stock market not in the hour in trading. it's been sort of a mixed action since the opening bell this morning. the dow is down 78 points. kicking off the second quarter yesterday, earnings looking pretty good. we had a rally on friday. what is driving the stock market. charles payne will lay this out for us. japan i >> bill: in a rare interview, jared kushner dismissing issues about security clearances. house oversight committee is ready to hold a hearing that could bring more subpoenas.
7:15 am
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7:19 am
election for mayor to choose between former federal prosecutor mary lightfoot and tony. the winner would succeed mayor rahm emanuel who announced last year he will not be seeking a third term. >> bill: u.s. stocks rebounded in big way on monday. starting off the 2nd quarter on a strong note. common man has answers now. charles payne over fox business network. >> 1st quarter was mind boggling. best quarter in the s&p in a decade. good news was good news. manufacturing data was phenomenal, construction data was phenomenal. also starting to feed on itself. yesterday forensic after all economic data came out, our gdp
7:20 am
estimates for the 1st quarter, two weeks they thought it will be .2 of one percent. now it's two percent. we may have economic momentum going big time now. >> sandra: are you bullish on the stock market? >> i'm extremely bullish on the market. i'm individual stock kind of guy. i'm bull urban on this -- bullish on this market. >> sandra: you're an individual stock kind of guy, how do you feel about whole foods? >> amazon bought them. i'm not too excited about whole foods. they are lowering prices. amazon promised this when they made the acquisition. break it out so that more folks can shop there. here's the problem, whole foods has this reputation for a reason. there was a reason that it cut such a wide swath in the grocery
7:21 am
industry. you wonder if you want amazon in there, our promises low price and inconvenience. that's not why people went there in the first place. people were thrilled. you came out of there, the ambience, the kind of things you can have access to. it was a refreshing shopping experience. amazon, how far are you going to? when you cut prices 20%? >> sandra: they trying to offer more to the amazon prime customer. if you check out at whole foods they ask if you're a member. >> to your point when they made the acquisition, that was the goal. amazon prime, they've done some estimates. amazon prime members goes to the
7:22 am
website, 65% -- >> bill: this woman was downer when amazon took it over. i won't make prediction about the quality of whole foods. >> you can't have it both ways unless you take losses. you can't say i will cut 20%. they were known for quality. they were known for uniqueness. are you going to sacrifice what they were known for wider swath of the population? >> bill: bitcoin is back baby. it's huge. >> it's over 5000 now. by the way, the peak well over 18,000. that's long ago. it's one of the things, it shows for me i like to watch bitcoin. it's a good way for me to gather the pulse of millennials. this was the ultimate investment. the economy is doing well and stock market is doing well. >> sandra: that will be the first time i ever heard bitcoin
7:23 am
being reflection strength in the u.s. economy. >> when millennials feel like the economy is strong and they think about investing, they don't think about i will buy ibm. they think, i'm doing pretty good. my wages are going up. they are default investments are two things. bitcoin and weed. i think it's great. they want to invest. maybe broaden out their horizon little bit. >> sandra: what was your answer on the weed stock? >> there was a one weed stock called charlotte's web that went from 8 to 21 in the last three weeks. a guy on my show kept recommending it. be careful but there will be some winners in weed. >> bill: i bought one share of bitcoin. >> just say you bought some weed. [laughter] you bought one share? >> bill: i wanted to understand what was going on.
7:24 am
>> sandra: all right, thank you. answers could be coming soon about the because of that deadly crash of boeing 737 max 8 jet in ethiopia. >> bill: there's a growing problem over the mueller report. house democrats demanding full document exposure from the ap william barr. subpoenas could be on the way. if the trump administration legally required to release it? our headliner has that answer. former deputy independent counsel will be live next. >> people maybe totally innocent and third parties. it's grand jury material. who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures, ♪
7:25 am
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>> bill: if you're watching house oversight committee will vote authorize subpoena of a stormer white house personnel security following new question about why clearances were
7:29 am
approved. moments ago, we heard from elijah cummins who praised the whistleblower for coming forward. >> this brave young lady, the whistleblower, came forward at great personal risk to warn the congress and the nation about the grave security she's been witnessing. >> bill: that's happening moment ago. this is jim jordan live now to counter. >> after interviewing one witness, that's how we're going to do investigations in the oversight committee? talk to one person and then issue a big press statement so you can get some headlines? first a saturday, deposition, then yesterday, a press release after talking to just one
7:30 am
witness where you hand pick a few parts of her testimony and now today. now today we're going to subpoena a guy who sent us a letter who said he'll come here voluntarily. i been on this committee 10 years. i never seen anything like this. i haven't. tell you what else i never seen. i've never seen a witness come if front of this committee and lie to us several times. won't do anything about -- >> no more statements please. >> we won't do anything about a guy who lied to us, seven times but will schedule a deposition on a saturday of a week we're not here, notified the minority the day before, do a press release yesterday after talking to just one witness and then subpoena somebody who's already
7:31 am
agreed to come voluntary. that's how this committee is going to operate? >> bill: this is going to well. there's a lot more to come on this hearing. you want to bring in our headliner to talk about this and let you know what's important. >> sandra: former deputy independent counsel under ken starr. you were listening in with us there as we learn more about this whistleblower claim brought to the attention by elijah cummings over president trump's security team and their clearances. their security clearances there was some questions reportedly. they were overturned. what were you thinking? >> it's a political issue. it's policy issue. the whole system of security clearances ultimately derived decades ago from an executive order. it is entirely in the discretion
7:32 am
of the president. there's no legal issue at all. the president's authority here is supreme. who knows whether or not this woman has a point to be made. it's striking out against president trump. who knows. that's something that congress has the right to get to the bottom of. the president has the authority. you can't have -- >> bill: it is his call. it's his call. let's get to the subpoena today deadline to see the mueller report. maybe you get a 10 days from now or maybe it's 15 days or littleless. can democrats win on this subpoena that we expect tomorrow? >> i don't think they can. the first question is, what is barr going to do?
7:33 am
is barr going to ignore the subpoena and risk contempt or is he going to challenge it in court? my feeling is hee going to challenge it in court. that will tie the process up for a while. he's going to be submitting his 400-page partially redacted report. that could totally change the dynamic. if we go to court, i believe he wins. i don't think any judge is going to let congress force the executive branch to go get an order from a court releasing grand jury material. under the statute, it is the executive branch that applies to the court for an exception to 6e. i don't think nadler is going to win that battle in court. >> sandra: how does this compare when bill clinton was investigated? the top democrat here jerry nadler falling for the full release the report. it was different back then.
7:34 am
is it fair to compare? >> i'm absolutely shocked that a member of congress would be so hypocritical. it's obviously fair to compare. there's total -- there's a lot of hypocrisy on both sides. it was congress that made the decision, decision that we were all shocked by to release it to two days later publicly without ever having read it. we went a different way. he had a statute that basically said if you reached a trigger where you thought you had to file impeachment report, that report had to be filed with congress. we had that statutory background which barr doesn't have. i personally think barr should have gone to a court to get exceptions to succeed. but their arguments on the other side. when people go to the grand
7:35 am
jury, they are told, your testimony is going to be secret here. they are told that. >> bill: that wasn't the case ken starr and jerry nadler 21 years ago. he's on the charlie rose show at the time in 1998 talking about all in evidence should be made public to them. ken starr was independent counsel, he was working outside realm of department of justice. bob mueller is not. he works for rosenstein. >> i had to turn over the report directly to congress. not to the attorney general. not to the three judge panel certainly not to the white house. what chairman nadler was crying for then really was a process. what the regulations that bob mueller operated under and bill barr is bound by, contemplates the kind of process that i think now chairman nadler was urging
7:36 am
then. >> bill: sol just to quote ken starr, if that was the law today, congress could leak whatever it wants to leak. ultimately, what decision do you expect here? >> i believe bill barr, the attorney general, is going to make as much of the report public as he can he wants to do it without getting a 6e record -- record. he wants to protect the privacy of third parties. almost all of it will be released. i hope people will be satisfied by it. >> sandra: to your point about it being political, jim jordan echoing that. on it, he said, they're at this point because the mueller report was not the bombshell they hoped for. we appreciate you coming on the program this morning. more on the muler report with
7:37 am
the white house press secretary sarah sanders will be joining us to dive into immigration and obamacare and white house security clearances when she join us live top the hour. >> bill: meanwhile report on the ethiopian airline flight. >> reporter: that report much anticipated. boeing are not be submitting it software fix or boeing 737 max 8 expected. the hasn'tment to the install system has been tested if months and will be submitted to the f.a.a. by end of week. in that statement, boeing said, safety is our first priority. we will take a thorough approach to the development and testing of the update to ensure we take the time to get it right. the new plane's anti-install system is suspected of the
7:38 am
ethiopian crash. it was the second deadly crash of 737 max in less than five months. there have been several reports that the jet's system was engaged and pushing the nose of the plane down just before the crash. those reports are unconfirmed. repreliminary report on the cause the disaster is expected any day now. boeing fix involves two major parts. it requires two sensors, not just one come to the same conclusion that the plane is climbing too quickly and is in danger of a stall. the second part is when a pilot turns the system off, it will stay off. according to a bloomberg report, an issue came up during the company final audit, it's an issue with integrating the software fix and the plane's existing flight control system. boeing delivered 376 of the 737 max planes to customers around the world. all are grounded and big headaches for head -- airlines
7:39 am
yesterday, the federal aviation administration issued a statement staying, time is needed for additional work by boeing as a result to ongoing review of the 727 max flight control system to ensure that boeing has identified and appropriately addresses all issues. the f.a.a. has been under fire for certifying the new plane while relying heavily on boeing's own engineers. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: our partisan politics holding up disaster relief? president trump said democrats plocked a bill -- blocked bill to help states in dire need. >> the republican party is still trying to take away the healthcare of millions of americans. they are just sick and tired of being blamed for it. the blame fall right on their
7:40 am
shoulders. s. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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>> bill: so from the house side democrats pushing back against court case to get rid of obamacare. house plans a vote today against the push to overturn the aca. republicans rejecting calls for total government control of healthcare in america. georgia republican senator david purdue with us. welcome back to our program. you want to share with our viewers late night tweet last night from the president. vote will be taken after the election when republicans hold the senate and win back the house. it it will be truly great healthcare that will work for america. we're not going to see a plan after election day. >> first of all, any solution to healthcare requires in this
7:45 am
environment of split government, a bipartisan effort. so far we have not seen any willingness of the other side particularly in the house to approach that. let's be clear today, what is called the affordable care act is unmitigated disaster. what the president saying, we need to have what the republican solutions are. let's be very clear about this, what's out there now is untenable. in my state bill, 96 counties only have one carrier. in 2014, obamacare fined 8 million people over $2 billion because they didn't sign up for obamacare. it was about $25,000 a year. this insurance packages that being offered to most people is so expensive they can't afford it. they claim they are covering preexisting conditions, if you can't buy insurance, you're not protected of anything. >> sandra: how specifically do you want to see your party proceed on this issue? >> i think it's time republicans put all the infighting away in
7:46 am
our own caucus and tell america what we stand for. let me be very clear on this as well, i think right now, what we see we wasted the last decade talking about insurance. there are some things we need to fix, but real thing that's killing us now is the driving cost of healthcare delivery itself. we have not addressed that here. we spent $34 billion a year with our nih and other researchers on some of the most costly diseases. we know that cancer and diabetes and alzheimer's in late life, are really driving these healthcare costs. we need to get at those drivers of healthcare costs. >> bill: let's get to topic two. this topic we'll talk about for two years. i think you probably agree with that. tweet from the president, democrats stop fighting, senator david purdue's disaster relief bill. this has not yet passed. on the floor of the senate, i don't know you were present for
7:47 am
this, senator feinstein votes yes and we'll watch what happens in between here. >> mrs. feinstein, aye. >> bill: you heard that. senator schumer and senator feinstein have words in between each other. looks heated. they come back for this response. >> mrs. feinstein, no. >> bill: can you explain that vote? >> no. what you just saw was the ultimate political hypocrisy. senator fin feinstein voted no o $6 billion of aid for her state for the victims of those wildfires out there. this is ultimate political hypocrisy. this is what the reason most people out here in america are so furious with the senate now. these farmers in the southeast have been devastated. not only that, you had
7:48 am
$6 billion of benefits that need to go to wildfire victims. president trump, this is a compromise bill that was offered up. president trump supported this bill, negotiated it and was totally willing to sign this in law. that's only reason we had a vote. >> sandra: we have heard from so many democrats and saying they want to help puerto rico. then to have this vote against this disaster relief? >> it's political hypocrisy. it's nothing but partisanship. if you were nancy pelosi or chuck schumer, this president have any victory on any issue now. it's same thing we saw on border security. democrats say it's an emergency and it's a crises. now the president trump wants to do it, all the democrats saying, it's terrible. nancy pelosi called immoral.
7:49 am
the same hypocrisy is applying here on this disaster relief. in 2013, behind hurricane sandy, the federal government appropriated $50 billion for the victims of sandy. mostly in new jersey. in 2017, $136 billion was appropriated. this was a very compromised bill in we felt like it should have been passed. >> bill: can it come back. >> we're still negotiating. we got to get it pass the house. we're still working on it. >> bill: natter, than -- senator thank you for your time. >> sandra: the rolling stones set to postpone nine weeks worth of shows. what mick jagger said the reason for that and what he's telling all the fans out there. ♪ no matter where you are in life or what your dreams entail,
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>> sandra: rock legend mick jagger set undergo heart surgery forcing themly to can -- them to
7:54 am
cancel. >> he's expected to be okay. not so good news, he needs valve replaced in his heart. if you have tickets to their tour, keep them. they are postponing some tour dates those tickets will be valid. mick jagger was so bombed about this, he posted a tweet about. in the guy never tweets. he apologized. he said i'm so sorry to fans in america and canada with tickets. you hate letting down like this. i'm devastated to having to postpone the tour. i will be working very hard to be back on stage. huge apologies to everyone. it breaks my heart. keith richards tweeted, big disappointment for everyone. things need to be taken care of. we will see you soon mick. little health setback. >> bill: it's amazing they're still on tour. jagger 75 and he's going to get
7:55 am
a full recovery. >> he hat eight kids. his youngest one is two or three years old and his girlfriend is 32 years old. >> bill: doctors are amazing in a case like this. you can catch something like this and do the procedure in matter of months. >> he has been touring. they've been on tour for almost 50 years. what a historic career. sending him all our best. >> sandra: only couple of years ago they performed at the half-time show? >> yeah. it's funny about the half-time show -- >> bill: come on. >> look at all of them there. >> bill: it was detroit 2006. hang on. pittsburgh steelers versus the seattle seahawks. check my record. i remember that. >> shot out to them at this super bowl.
7:56 am
it was adam levine who had move like jagger song. he was sort of represented. >> sandra: i thought it was so much pressure to get that answer for you. >> bill: security intensifying by the hour. will the president follow through on the threat to close the border? house democrats moving ahead with their plan to subpoena the entire mueller report? will they win? white house press secretary sarah sanders is our guest live coming up.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
call newday usa now. go to or call 1-833-844-6703 >> sandra: a new order from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen with hundreds more agents deployed to the border to deal with a surge of migrants there. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> bill: hour three, you missed it. president trump standing firm on threat to close down the border with mexico. secretary nielsen boosting u.s. personnel there. the white house set to be considering appointing an immigration czar. here's art del cueto earlier today with us. >> it's an emergency. we welcome more agenting coming down here to the southern border and assisting. in the end, something needs to be done about the overflow of these individuals that are
8:01 am
coming in the country. if there's other countries that are facilitating this invasion, they are obviously need to step up to the plate and start doing something about it. >> bill: we'll talk to white house press secretary sarah sanders about that. chief white house correspondent john roberts begin this hour there from the north lawn. >> reporter: good morning to you. lot going on this hour. dhs is update us on the situation at the border. we may hear more from president trump this afternoon when me meets with the nato secretary general about whether or not he plans to close the border. there's a belief among people in the administration, that unless mexico makes significant moves in the next few days, the president could close the border before he goes to california on
8:02 am
friday. the president tweeting after decades, mexico was apprehending large number of people mostly from guatemala, honduras and el salvador. the white house believes closing the border may put the pressure on mexico and congress that had will take to make changes. listen to what jared kushner said last night on fox. >> i think it's to pressure everybody. this is something that needs a solution. he doesn't let people hide from problems. when there's a problem, he makes people confront the problem. he's very creative about ways he'll look to find the solution. >> reporter: in a statement, the u.s. chamber of commerce is warning against closing the border. closely border will inflict severe economic harm on american families. even threatening to close the border to legitimate commerce and travel creates degree
8:03 am
economic uncertainty that compromise gains in growth policy the policies of the trump administration achieve. the president is considering cutting off aid to guatemala, honduras and eluvia doerr unless the-- el salvador. listen here. >> the idea that you would close the border or you would cut off aid to these countries where people are fleeing and coming to the united states is down right stupid. it's the wrong thing to do. if you close off the border, you're going to hurt jobs. >> reporter: the white house chief of staff mick mulvaney say it will take something significant.
8:04 am
mexico is making changes to overseas -- visa system. we don't know how far down that road mexico will go. u.s. officials are hopeful this could be the start of something bigger. >> bill: john roberts from the white house. >> sandra: before more on this lits olet's bring in sarah sand. white house press secretary join us now. good morning to you. great to have you on "america's newsroom." first up immigration, the president still threatening to shut down our border. is he standing firm on that threat? >> the president is not threatening. the president taking his job as commander in chief very seriously in terms of protecting the american people. evenly obama's own department of homeland security cabinet secretary this past week has said there's a crises at the border. we're glad other democrats and people in the mainstream media starting to understand the crises that the president has been talking about for the last
8:05 am
two years. we have it take action. democrats in congress are leaving us no choice. this is not the path the president wants to take. they're leaving us no choice because they're unwilling to fix the problem. they're too busy playing politics. >> sandra: one can makes case it does sound like a threat. members of congress including senator kennedy who said this is not a good idea to shut done the border. he said this would hurt gdp. you heard that across the aisle. democrats making the case this would be really hurt the job situation in the united states. i want to ask you what we heard from john roberts our reporter there at white house on mexico and new plan to take action to apprehend large numbers at mexico's southern border addressing its transit visa program. can you tell us more about what mexico doing to slow this down? >> that's a big part of this
8:06 am
process mexico stepping up and helping the united states do more by helping stop people from coming across our border by stopping them in mexico. also offering a asylum in mexico while they wait on asylum claim to be processed hero in united n the united states. these are things we've seen them do over the last several week. they are taking a greater sense of responsibility in this process. that's a great thing. we needed them to continue to do that so we aren't forced take drastic actions like closing the ports of entry at our border because we have no choice. everyone wants to talk about the cost of doing that. that is certainly not something we want to happen. the president is the one responsible for the last two years of economic growth, economic boom and number of jobs that we have. we don't want to see that hurt. but at the same time, the president number one responsibility is to protect major life. democrats may not care about
8:07 am
that, they maybe perfectly fine watching women and children exploited as they make the journey up from the south. they maybe perfectly fine seeing babies killed. to the moment of birth. this president takes his job seriously. he's going to do it what it takes to make sure that happen. >> sandra: we'll watch for more development on that as we learn more. on to house democrats, moving ahead with a subpoena for the full mueller report. they do not seem to be letting this issue go. where does it go from here? >> i think it shows again what sore losers the democrats are. they got beat in 2016 because we had a better requeste -- candidh better message. now we're seeing they've gotten beat again when it comes to the mueller report. they were convinced, they went out and lied about what they expected the mueller report to
8:08 am
tell america. they got it wrong. they got it wrong in 2016. >> sandra: what was the like to see happen here? he's been full disclosure of this report from the beginning? >> the president has been transparent throughout this process. but at the same time, the president wants to allow the attorney general to do his job. he is letting him do that. we'll see what happens from this point. >> sandra: meanwhile, on to obamacare, president said this is going to be a republican issue. the president saying, no obamacare vote until after the 2020 election. what is the president's goal on healthcare now? >> certainly the president wants to be the party of healthcare. it's an important issue. it's one he wants to address. he loves to address it now. we know that democrats are controlled by the farad call left wing of their party. they are at total contrast to what we need and what the president wants to see happen. they want it to see this
8:09 am
medicare for all government takeover of healthcare. the president wants to see healthcare return to the power of the patient. he wants the people that are receiving the care to get to make decisions about it. they want individuals to control their own decisions about their healthcare while the radical left want the government to tell you what you can and can't do, what doctor you can and can't see and what procedures you can and can't have. that's unacceptable it this president. it should be unacceptably to every single american. >> sandra: how does they make this a winning issue for his party in 2020? >> i think we do we can administratively in the meantime. the president has fought to lower prescription drug prices and he's been successful. it's the first time in nearly 50 years that prescription drug praises have gone down. the president fought to make sure that we have more affordable care, more competitive care.
8:10 am
we have implemented associations healthcare plans that allowed more people to have options. we're going to continue looking at ways we can do that. we're going to lay out principles like protecting preexisting conditions that we want to see in a healthcare plan. if democrats change their mind and decide to get serious about fixing problems instead of playing politics, we're here and we're ready to work with them. >> sandra: how does president respond to concerns shared within his own party about this move and about making an election a referendum on obamacare without something solidly there to replace it? >> i don't think that the election has to be about referendum on obamacare. it needs to be a discussion about what works on healthcare. what's that the president is doing. he's laying out the things we need to see in a good healthcare system. whether that's more quality care or affordable choices. that's bringing those costs down. the president wants to lay out those principles.
8:11 am
he's been in a hard court advocate protecting preexisting condition. we know that democrats aren't serious about getting anything done. they want to play games. they want to attack the president. they want to play investigator instead of legislator. they need to decide what they were elected to do. we've seen over the last hundred days that's little. >> sandra: jim jordan is now speaking house committee hearing happening on capitol hill now. you see chairman cummings there. jim jordan was teeing off earlier in response to a whistleblower coming forward and the details of that was brought forward about the white house overturning 25 denied security clearances. we heard jared kushner defend this last night on an interview on fox news with laura ingraham. what more can you tell us this morning about this?
8:12 am
>> you know i can't get into a discussion on individual security clearances. democrats are acting in bad faith throughout this process. they're asking for personal confidential information that they know they have absolutely no right to see. we have worked with democrats. we've been cooperative in this pross. we have shown them security process documents over the course of the last couple of weeks. we've invited them to the white house to sit down with government officials to discuss that process. we've been cooperative on that front. we're not going to put this three million people that hold security clearances personal information at risk because democrats want to pretend and play game instead of doing their jobs. >> sandra: can i ask you, 18--year white house employee. she's the whistleblower. she and other career staffers
8:13 am
denied security clearances for 25 trump administration officials which were three senior officials? >> i don't know the individual and i can't get into talking individual security clearances here at the white house. unlike democrats we want to protect people's personal confidential information. three million americans have security clearances that worked for the government and by exploiting one, you're exploiting all their personal information. democrats know that. what they are doing is dangerous and what they are doing is sad and shameful. >> sandra: sarah sanders at a busy morning at the white house. we appreciate you coming on this morning. >> bill: 13 past now. battle lines drawn tonight the mueller matter. democrats getting ready to subpoena the report. plus second woman now accusing
8:14 am
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8:18 am
>> sandra: former congressional aid amy lappos describing what happened to 2009 fundraiser in connecticut. she's accusing joe biden of i believe appropriate behavior after similar allegations by former nevada woman lucy flores. hugo, he's not even in the race officially yet. still the front runner if he does. what happens now? >> reporter: sandra, i think the fact that he's not in the race is significant here. he's leading in polls even though he hasn't announced. i think that the particularly the first accuser flores really needs to be looked at. she's been a bernie supporter and bernie sanders is second in the poll. if he can make sure biden doesn't enter the race, he can pick up the supporters going to biden. we can see this as a political move. it's a canny one too.
8:19 am
not because joe biden's supporters might go to bernie sanders. because, as he's not in the race, joe biden doesn't have the machinery of a campaign. he's more vulnerable for not being in the race now than he would be if he was in the race. >> sandra: i know that you say the truth is demographic -- demg it tie themselves in pretzels to keep up with the left wing factions of their party. >> joe biden is in a real pickle here. he's been pandering to the metoo voters. he was talking other day about the anita hill and clarence thomas hearing. he's one the people who's been digging this trap. all the other presidential candidates sort of making sure
8:20 am
they are in line with the latest fads of intellectual thought on the democratic side. goings to get them in trouble particularly when you have someone like joe biden who's in politics for 30 or 40 years. >> sandra: here's some fresh reaction from nancy pelosi on the fresh accusations against biden this morning. >> i don't think it's disqualifying. i think this is a bad communication in general beyond. i'm a member of the straight arm club. i'm a straight armer. >> sandra: that's fresh reaction from nancy pelosi on the issue. i can tell you want to respond. do that first. >> it doesn't sound very convincing. there are people up on the hill who worked with joe biden. he's been a handcy guy all his
8:21 am
career. he does touch people and his friends up on the hill say this is none sexual. >> sandra: elizabeth warren, lucy flores, joe biden needs to give an answer. reaction continues to pour in at those accusations are now out there. hugo, thank you. >> bill: another alert. authority releasing cause of death for this college student murdered after getting in the wrong car after a night out with friends. we have new information on the suspects of the latest on that case in a moment. >> guys have to travel together. i don't anybody else to go there this again. i can't tell you how painful this is. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck.
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8:25 am
>> sandra: wisconsin driver arrest forever drive under the influence after cutting straight across a round-about. video showing the car speeding through with sparks flying you can see there. slam into a sign. police say he was going about 8. the car hit a taco bell taking out a chunk of the building along with the drive through menu. aside from the driver, no one was actually hurt. >> bill: investigators releasing the cause of death of that 21-year-old college student by the name of samantha josephson. her bodies found in a wooded area hours after she got into the wrong car mistaking it for an uber. >> reporter: investigators have determined that multiple sharp force injuries what caused samantha josephson's death. they have yet to reveal what type of weapon was used.
8:26 am
21-year-old university of south carolina student suffered wounds to her head, neck, face, upper body, leg and foot. columbia police confirmed when they arrested 24-year-old nathaniel david in connection with the homicide. there was a female inside the suspect's car. they released in further details other than that to say she cooperated. usc president is asking students to honor samantha josephson's memory by taking a pledge to never use a ride share service without first verifying that the vehicle's make, model, color, license plate and driver match the description provided in the app. he writes, asking what's my name must become automatic for you as putting on a seat belt in your own vehicle. please promise that you will pledge to do this. police believe samantha got into the wrong car when she requested an uber. >> this could happen to anybody.
8:27 am
we have to be vigilant. we have to stick together and be determined. we have to teach the young people how to be careful. we have to remind the seniors among us that we have to look out for others. >> reporter: seth rose is brewing legislation to require ride share vehicles to care illuminating lights. it is named the samantha j. josephson ride sharing safety act in honor of the victim. >> bill: that's in the southeast. thank you. >> sandra: gun advocates pushing back against a controversial bill in colorado. allowing authorities there to take guns away from people deemed a threat. why some critics say this goes too far. >> bill: another alert republicans calling out the house judiciary chairman jerry
8:28 am
nadler for hypocrisy. as democrats move the entire mueller report. doug collins reacts. >> democrats trying to paint a picture there are republican who are preventing this from becoming public. we all went to the house floor and unanimously voted for the mueller report to become public.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> sandra: democrats stepping up callcallscalls for the full muer report to be released to congress. the house judiciary committee preparing a subpoena. >> reporter: democrat have been pushing to get the full mueller report today. they sent warning letter to attorney general william barr writing on april 3, 2019 house judiciary committee plans to begin authorizing subpoenas for
8:32 am
the report. we hope to avoid resort to process, if the department is unwilling to produce the report to congress in unredacted form, we'll have little choice but to take such action. the six committee chairs and their allies say they are correct in demanding answers. >> look at every prior case in independent counsel and special counsel. they've turned over the entire report within a day or two. what's taking place here is a sharp break from precedent. >> reporter: leading house conservative says the plans by these six committee chairs issued -- subpoenas is totally unreasonable. >> this is where they are at because the mueller report was not the bombshell they hoped would be. when you have the head of the intelligence committee, the head of the judiciary committee
8:33 am
saying make public material that's not supposed to get public, that's not consistent with the law, that's just wrong. >> reporter: jordan and other conservatives say democrats are getting desperate because robert mueller's report did not diver what they were expected. >> bill: mike thanks. >> bill: let's get reaction from doug collins with us sir. good morning to you. what's your expectation tomorrow? >> it's amazing. when you you have your dreams come crushing down and you start setting arbitrary deadlines and asking for stuff that's firmly not legal to be put out and saying that you have to have that. read what bill marr said. there was no collusion. nothing was there. they're having a reading problem or, they're having a base problem. they can't let their base realize they don't have anything to tear down this president. >> bill: let's go over them. jerry nadler 21 years ago, this
8:34 am
is ken starr report, this is monica lewinski, bill clinton on charlie rose. >> as a matter of decency and protecting people's privates rights, people who maybe note totally innocent, what must not be released. it's grand jury material. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses, all kinds of material that it would be unfair to release. >> bill: 21 years later, you're working with him now. >> i would put that under the dictionary of hypocrisy. that's what that is. the problem is, he's wanting to go back and say, illinois saying one thing because i was protecting somebody. the problem is we have to go back. everything is has been released before. remember it was the janet reno department of justice they came up with the regulations we're
8:35 am
following now. bill barr is following to the law. they were the one who changed it back then. it doesn't fit their narrative. this is the sad part major public having to do through after this was cleared. they -- >> bill: by law, ken starr had to give his report to congress, correct? >> the way that was set up for that report to come out and it became everybody new sensation. after this, threatens when they looked at the special counsel regulation, here's how we're going to do this. that's exactly why they changed the regulationings. everything should be released. it should have everything that bill barr promised. i believe it will be. it should not have classified information. they should not have grand jury information and it should not have the ongoing investigations of things that will be detrimental to other people. this is what needs to happen.
8:36 am
know can't accept the results. >> bill: two more points here. bill barr's letter friday afternoon just reading one one. we're prering for the report to be released. he adds special counselor assisting us in this process. that indicates bob mueller guys are in the room with him. >> they are doing what they supposed to do to make sure the american people can see the confirmation are. >> bill: will bill barr fight a subpoena? >> i have no problem he would have no problem talking to this committee about anything he has done. what is sad here, my chairman is calling a hearing tomorrow to issue subpoenas before we get out of town, before retreat next week. so they can claim they are doing something. the problem is, they have
8:37 am
nothing to do accept the finding of the report and they don't want to do that. they're just having a sugar fit. >> bill: last point, i got 100 questions and only so much time. if there's redactions on page 41, what will be the claim? cover-up? if that is the claim, how do the american people, how do the public react to that? >> i think it's really interesting right now that i can give you an answer. i don't know where it's redaction. they didn't like the ruling. they didn't like that mueller came out with this report and barr passed that information along. we're going to have a fight to see what is actually happening here. mueller investigation they put up, it didn't come out what they want. now they're trying to find anything to fit a narrative a failed narrative of two years.
8:38 am
>> bill: thank you for your time. see what happens tomorrow. things could be flying. we'll be here. >> sandra: colorado red flag gun bill on its way to the governor's desk. the bill little allow officials to take guns from people deemed a threat to themselves or to others. colorado sheriff steven reames told us he is not happy about it. >> i don't have the option to enforce this. i think it violates the constitution. what's ironic in the state of colorado, the red flag bill you're seeing passed in other places aren't nearly aggressive as one here in colorado which is a whole new breed of red flag bill. >> sandra: she's live in denver with more. >> reporter: sheriff reames said he's willing to to be put in his own jail it comes do down it.
8:39 am
he insist he will not enforce this measure. it will allow judges to order the temporary seizure of guns of persons danger to themselves or others. family, friends and law enforcement could petition to remove that person's guns. >> this a monumental day, colorado really took a step forward in protecting the public trying to prevent future gun violence. >> reporter: sheriff reames calls this overreach. he says he does not people who are deemed mentally ill should be weapons, he says this bill doesn't truly address mental illness. >> it doesn't mention mental illness a hand full of time.
8:40 am
at this time not ordering someone to seek treatment. >> reporter: 14 states if the district of columbia have a version of it law and 21 have proposals. more than 200 counties nationwide have vowed not to enforce with 132 declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries. in colorado, half of the state's county have said they will not enforce it. colorado governor democrat said the pushback from sheriffs they are not in law making position but in law enforcement position. the colorado attorney general said they expects court battles where this ultimately may be settled. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: you know where the border battle is now. more agents are heading there as president shettens to shut it down. is that the solution? the president national border patrol counsel is our guest coming up. >> we are getting overrun. our facilities are over
8:41 am
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8:44 am
to help the world keep advancing. >> bill: breaking news of of campaign. this will raltly your head -- rattle your head. bernie sanders with some fundraising muscle. his campaign announced raised more than $18 million in 41 days. this brings his total for quarter 1 to $28 million on hand. that is a lot of money. zero fundraising events held. they reported majority of the donors 39 years old or younger. report 99% donated $100 or less, 99% of the money came from online donations and 99% of those donors can give yet again. bernie sanders right now in his primary competition is on fire. big crowds, we saw him out in california. they were packing the joint.
8:45 am
now we got number like this. $28 million on hand, $18 million from the past 41 days. match that anywhere. >> sandra: they're looking back at the 2016 campaign. they are saying with these numbers, the average contribution is even lower with a higher number of contributions. read into that what you will. they say that it outpaces their own record of hitting 900,000 donations in just 41 days. >> bill: three years later, bernie is in it for the long haul. just like three years ago. watch out the money means a lot. 15 minutes now before the hour. >> president is taking his job as the commander in chief very seriously in terms of protecting the american people even obama's own department of homeland security cabinet secretary this past week has said that there's a crises at the border. we're glad that other democrats and people in the mainstream
8:46 am
media starting to understand the crises that the president has talk for i -- the last two year. >> sandra: that was sarah sanders here on "america's newsroom" as homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen orders more agents to our southern border. the president stands firmly on potentially closing the border all together. joining us now is brandon judd president the national border parole counsel. what do you make of the president's strategy here and continue threats to shut down our border? >> the first thing you have to look at the democrats have an immigration problem. the reason why it's a problem for them is this is going to be something that will continue to get brought up over and over again because they refuse to take the action necessary. their leaving it to this president to look at the authorities that he has to cut
8:47 am
congress out of the process in order to secure the border. that's exactly what he's doing for that reason, we appreciate the work he's putting in. >> sandra: what do you think happens? >> if you look at this, if he does shut down the ports of entry, he's going and he's targeting the bottom line of the mexican economy. there are third largest trading partner. it will hurt their economy greatly if they shut down the border. which will force them to secure their southern border and stop caravans from coming up through mexico up to our borders. >> sandra: sorry, just getting news here. as i take that second to digest that, here's art del cueto from earlier. >> it's an extreme measure. right now, because of what we're seeing and the emergency and the overrunning in our facilities,
8:48 am
and the agents being removed from certain law enforcement positions to do processing and take care of staff and overcrowded cells, that seems to be one of the best options now. >> sandra: the president responded to that interview earlier. your thoughts. >> if you look at what we're dealing with. the number of people that we have in our custody now, this is the worst crises that we've seen in the history of the border patrol. we've never dealt with this many people. when we send more agents down, when the president talk about close down the border, we're looking at taking extraordinary measures to deal well an extraordinary circumstance. >> sandra: you want to give you the breaking news i'm getting here. this coming in our newsroom. the department of homeland security is saying that we are facing a systemwide meltdown at
8:49 am
the southern border. senior dms officials saying the u.s. is facing a meltdown. the rest of the world is now waking up that we are in a crises. this is dhs official talking on a conference call to reporters. i can tell you that much as i continue to go through this. your thoughts as we hear that. >> the problem that we're looking at up and the reason why it's a system meltdown, we're literally looking at having to release in mass all these individuals that we have in our custody. we do not have the capacity to properly put them through the system. again, i hope that there's solutions on the way that we can cut congress out. i do know that policy advisors they are looking at specific solutions such as giving border patrol the authority to do interviews and that will put people through the process
8:50 am
quicker. potentially it would allow us to deport them in 10 days rather than 2 to 5 years. >> sandra: you want to finish with this. dhs said our first priority is to demand congressional action. they're reporting wait times at the brownsville port of entry where 180 minutes twice the peak from last year. there's a a -- there's a rot moe coming in on that. brandon judd thank you. >> bill: trial of police officer charge welled -- charged in the trial of murder of a shooting death of a woman after she called 911.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
touching. some democrats are defending him as an affectionate guy. others worry if he makes a white house run, biden would have plenty of explaining. >> democrats ready to authorize subpoena if ag barr doesn't turn over the full mule refe -- muelr report to congress. the president says no amount of testimony will satisfy congressman nadler and schiff. we'll congratulate debate that one. >> all that plus the guy in the middle top the hour. >> bill: thank you. jury selection under way in the trial of minneapolis police officer who was accused fatally shooting unarmed woman. he was convicted second degree murder. >> reporter: this case drawing international attention because the woman who was shot to death is australia-born and white. officer accused of killing her in minneapolis is a somali
8:55 am
american who was black. he was killed her just one month before her wedding. they called 911 to report she thought was a woman assaulted her neighborhood. norris partner testified there was a large bang as he approach the squad car startlying norah who shot the woman to death. he completed not guilty to second degree murder. >> we would have been on the airplane now heading to our hawaiian destination. there will obviously not be a wedding. >> reporter: today attorneys reviewing jury questionnaires. potential jurors were asked if they have any bias for or
8:56 am
against police or positive or negative experiences with somalis. there's so much media here on this case. there's a petition for the judge to move this trial to a larger courtroom in minneapolis. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: house democrats taking action to get their hand on the full mueller report. what wil will the attorney genel do? more on that coming up. by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections
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9:00 am
at the super bowl in 2006 detroit. get better, make. soon. >> sandra: that's it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 9:00. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new reaction to a second woman coming forward accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriate touching as democrats are forced to grapple with the issue head of 2020, and biden's potential presidential run. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner harris faulkner. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy yourself. joining us on the couch, executive vice president and chair of business and finance at king's college in new york city, brian brenberg. and he is "outnumbered." >> brian: i'm so glad. >> melissa: did you just make that up? >> kennedy: no, he's a regular


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